Sunday, October 21, 2007

A Week of a Few Surprises!

  • Blandie wasn't really shot by Ryan. (Duh.)
  • Aidan catches Kendall breaking into Greenlee's apartment. (Doh!)
  • Krystal and Adam make out. (Damn!)

I have to admit it, folks. I'm starting to get that nagging "Dag-I-gotta-watch-my-TiVo'd-episode-of-AMC-even-though-I'd-rather-be-watching-The-Salt-n-Pepa-Show" feeling again. So I'll rephrase my question from last week: do you like the show right now? Is it getting better, at least? Please share your thoughts (I need them), here.

10/19/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I am liking the show better, although I still feel as though everything happens too quick and a lot of it seems out of nowhere. The writer really need to focus on both plot and character development, otherwise the show is just one dimensional (SAVED BY THE BELL!). I am hoping that they will start to draw the storylines out, because I feel just like you do Ashley...I would have loved months and months of trying to figure out if Richie is good or evil.

Anonymous said...

The only thing good about AMC right now is the Pine Valley Podcast and Ashley Mendoza! The show can't get good until The Frons gives up his delusion of Ryannie being the "breakout supercouple of 2007". Puh-leeze! Give us Adam and KWAK, give us Julia and somebody, anybody, give us Josh and Hannah having hot sex, give us juicy storylines not last century's recycled hack jobs. The show can't get better until Greenpea, Aidan and Annie are dearly departed.

Terry in Toronto

lucyb24 said...

Please post podcast on itunes.

Ashley said...

It should be up there shortly -- I just saved the podcast to a different location, so maybe that will help iTunes "find" us.

I'll check iTunes 2nite - hopefully it'll be up by then.

ash :)

Anonymous said...

i totally know that feeling ashley!!
story of my life, girl.

I did enjoy Krystal and Adam this week though. But what was Adam talking about with the needle point and pillows? Haha I was a bit confused.

great podcast!

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley, I love your new sidekick for the week, I thought he was hilarious and I really enjoyed the two of you together, I hope he will be back often, I was cracking up at your guys. As for the show, lately I'm so sick of Blandey and Ryan and Kendall too. I'd actually rather see Greenlee and Aidan than Kendall or Ryan, I'm starting to like Aidan's role right now, and I like Richie because it's something kind of entertaining. Otherwise it's been pretty boring lately. Kendall needs to get over this stupid revenge plot that involves typing, talking to yourself, and talking to poor spike like your evil.. I was hoping she was gonna do something good but it's just dumb, i'm rooting for greenlee at this point.

Anonymous said...

They said that they would do something to REDEEM Greenlee..I guess this is it. I feel sorry for her too. come all of your "costars" sound like the same actor????

Ashley said...

I can assure you that Bobby Bento, Pedro, Jordan Hudson and Taylor are *not* the same person!!! The show keeps me VERY busy from week to week, and my friend Bobby was really helping me out by coming on the show and having some fun. It's very hard to get people to "watch so you don't have to." So please, folks -- keep showin' your love!

And I hope you're enjoying the boys -- they are so awesome!

ash xo

Anonymous said...

I love all of the co-hosts and YOU! I have started watching again but I can't help but turn the channel at times. THANK YOU ASHLEY AND COMPANY!!!! Keep these podcasts coming, please. You deserve some sort of Nobel Prize for the service you provide, watching so we don't have to!