Monday, October 29, 2007

In the Boom Boom Room...

  • Kendall takes off with Spike – and a gun!
  • Krystal takes a night off – with Adam!
  • Tad has a night out – with Hannah!
  • Blandie has a date – with a bottle of Clairol!
Dag, people! Just when I thought my dislike of Blandie would keep me going – you know, give me something to rail against when I watch my beloved show taking some tumbles – the girl goes out and does something, well, interesting. She goes and dyes her hair brown. And I hate it, because I love it! She looks (and I never thought I'd say this) hot! And her acting has improved too! What do you think about Blandie's hair? And what the hell am I gonna call her now? (I mean, people, her hair is anything but bland.) Tell us what you think, here.

10/26/07 Podcast



Little morphin' Annie is HOT! I thought she was attractive as a blonde, but she is downright SULTRY as a brunette! Talk about eye cANNdIE! She makes me rANNdIE! I'd engage in shenANNIEgans with her any day! Girl is on fire - a veritable ANN-ferno! OK, enough with the bad wordplay. My point - and I do have one: Thumbs (and other appendages) up for Brunette Annie.

Now if they'd just do something about Ava's NO-hawk and JR's Dracula backsweep.

Ashley said...

You are AWESOME Belinda! Your nicknames rule!


Anonymous said...

I don't know what y'all are seein'. I still think Blandie looks BUSTED.

Ashley, love the podcast. We, the fans, can discern the amount of preparation that goes into each wonderful episode. Thank you so much!

Oh, and I don't know if you get a ton of feedback on this, but your Krystal impression is a riot.

Props to Pedro, Jordan, and Bobby Bento, too!


Anonymous said...

Great show Ashley and Peter/Pedro, Pedro/Peter! LOL you guys manage to do the impossible make this show enjoyable!

Ashley love ya but HELLLL NO to Tad/Kungfulia! i'm so tired of the predictable/contrived route...oh she has Kate-thy let's put them together, i so hope that does not happen! also IMO they have no chem, it would be like Zixie(Zach/Dixie) last year, just enough to be friends and that's it. i mean i've tried to see if i could see it when she inappropriately ran her fingers in his hair one time while still dating Jamie...nothing, when she was sitting next to him force laughing at all the jokes from the vets(his parents) on his b-day...nothing and finally during this talk i fell a sleep. i guess mini hands Julia or the way they are writing her now is so boring, that she kind of drains Tad's personality when w/ him. the only time i see her shine is when she's w/ Josh other than that, yeah i have no use for her! as for Tad/Hannah it's okay it's better than him and Mini hands Julia as well as KWAK *blech* that's for sure, only problem is her strong build physique, beautiful woman but those man hands...whoa! anyways just my thoughts on how i feel about that contrived pairing just because she ended up w/ his kid! sorry long rant but i just want some originality/spontaneity not something you see coming a mile away!

BTW, LMAO "Brown penny, Brown penny..." also i too love MCE (Annie's) hair, still don't care about the character but i love the hair!

side note: i hope those rumors in SOD are in ref to Cady:

"An actress who recently returned to ATWT’s front burner is unhappy with the story’s direction and plans to leave soon."

and w/ what i read from her blog it could very well be, at least it seems that way to me!

From Cady's blog:
"I’m sorry the story on ATWT isn’t grabbing you guys. I know a lot of thought goes into it, but I can’t tell you more than that. I am just a gun for hire, and I don’t have any say in the story. I really appreciate your caring." (her s/l does suck i have to say! they took Ro's strength away and made her into a pathetic mess, doing everything to hold onto a man that doesn't want her and is clearly using her. all to prop a boring couple on that show that mostly no one gives a damn about! it's time for her to go back into that coma and *hint* awaken from the other in PV where she belongs. *hint* ;o))

here's hoping, i say pair Tad up w/ Hannah for a while or how about bring Milla back or any other chick just as long as they don't make it too serious but bring back Cady/Dix, that's all!it's the only way the Kate-thy s/l will be salvaged and have a satisfactory conclusion IMO!

Anonymous said...

^^^oh i forgot to mention that Cady/Dix is on recurring for ATWT so she could get out whenever since she's not on contract. therefore, more possibility!


Tad and Mini-Hands? No, no, a million times NO! I'm finding them boring enough individually ... together, they'd cancel each other out. I like both characters, but they need some fresh meat and fresh storylines.

Greenlee ... "needs to go black," you said. If she does, will she never go back? Bwahaha! Greenlee, Schmeenlee. I got a big ol' pimp-slap just dyin' to grace the side of her head.

BTW, I LOVES me some Pedro!!! Jordan is the stuff, too, and Bobby's cool, too, but I'm all about the Pedro. In the words of Napoleon Dynamite, "VOTE FOR PEDRO!"

kim said...

are you guys all aware of the writer's strike, and does anyone have any info? i just read that whatever hasn't already been filmed won't get written and soaps are gonna have to be replaced by sports or news shows until the strike is over. hope it doesn't get to this. =(

Anonymous said...

Info on Strike it's official!
from FOXNews article:

"Writers said the guild board would meet Friday to formally call a strike and decide when it would start. They said guild members would be told Friday afternoon."

for more here's the link:,2933,307491,00.html

Ashley said...

Basically, from what I understand:

AMC is about 4 weeks ahead of schedule (taped shows), and they have up to about a month's worth of scripts on hand (although realistically I think it's closer to two weeks). So that gives them about 6 weeks to two months before they are completely dry. But if they got even CLOSE to that, they will still be completely backlogged, and would have to play some SERIOUS catchup!

And I think this is particularly bad for AMC -- the writing is weak to begin with (IMHO), so if they have to come up with stories on the quick, you mark my words that we're gonna see more stolen babies, more twins, more desperate "I'm nothing without a baby" storylines. Cross your fingers people.