Monday, November 12, 2007

Trust Me

  • Aidan busts Greenlee out of jail.
  • Kendall discovers that she has a conscience.
  • J.R. rediscovers cheap scotch.
  • Krystal and Adam are PDA-in' all over the place, and Tad doesn't like it one bit.

The writer's strike is in full swing, and this will pose special problems for the soaps. And I'm bummed, because like I said, the show is finally starting to get better. New writers could really put a wrench in the works, but if the strike doesn't end, they're comin'. Any words of wisdom for the scab writers? Give them your tips, here.

11/09/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

How the heck do I use this thingy??? Help??? Brooke!

Ashley said...

you've got a coupleof choices, Brooke. you can right click on the podcast link, and save it to your dektop. then once it's downloaded, just double click on it to launch it. you can also find us on iTunes (just do a search in iTunes - we're free, of course), or you can just double-click right on the link on the page, and it should load. it's a big file, so depending on your download speed, it might take a while.... let us know if that helps.

ash :)

Anonymous said...

AMC ratings at the all time lowest?
Bring back some beloved characters and write some captivating s/l's nothing like the last 2 yrs.
Bring back Dixie, Brooke, David and Trevor and maybe AMC could get a Christmas Miracle: Viewers back

Anonymous said...

well as always great job Ash, very much appreciated!;)

as for the show, yeah i just can't get into it at the moment. sadly nothing/no one interests me ...not couples, characters, or s/ls. it's just become so boring.

anyways as for Cady/Dix that's at least glimmer of hope and something different from everything that is tied to the 'Crash' s/l. but we as fans are not sitting on this possibility, we are going to be proactive to try to make this happen by writing into TPTB as well as Cady (all sides need to be convinced). therefore, if you guys would like to join you can go to the TnD site and join our campaign to get our Cady/Dix back!

you can also go into the message boards where we discuss ideas in ref to this as well as in the opening page that says in yellow 'Campaign Central' where it gives you tips on how to go about writing and who to contact; TPTB/Cady! here's direct link:

the mod Claudine even made it easy w/ just one click you can send an email to all TPTB w/o having to copy/paste over and over to each one.

hope TnD/Dix/Cady fans consider doing this and thanks in advance for all/any help and efforts you provide! Let's make this happen!:)

Anonymous said...


I totally agree with you. The last week on AMC was so GOOD! I watched the Tuesday and Thursday episodes twice. It's the relationships on the show that I love to watch: Zendall was intense (love the way that Zach tore into Kendall but then beat down Ryan for attacking "my wife"). Plus, Krystal and Adam were amazing!

Then there were other perks. Every word out of Erica's mouth was a lie - so great! Plus Opal came back! And the focus on JR and his women - hehe. I like sleazy, boozy JR!

I am loving AMC these days. I even tolerate the Aidan/Greenlee romance. It's sweet.

Thanks for your hard work and excellent insight, as always! The podcast is the highlight of my week!


Anonymous said...

I like your sense of humor and some mild teasing about the actors/characters, but remember that we listen to you because we like the show. When you complain too harshly, it's not fun and it seems like you should stop watching it if you don't have fun. Please just remember your audience.

You provide good insight into the characters and I mostly like your podcast.

Ashley said...

dag! i really *liked* the show last week, anonymous! you must be a new listener becuase I've been *way* harsher! ;)

i work hard on this podcast because i love AMC and have a 25-year history of watching the show. it's because I care that I have such strong opinions. but i welcome your thoughts. that what this blog is about.

also, i assume that all of you care about the show. why would you tune into my podcast if you didn't? and I do try to balance stuff I personally hate with stuff I love - and I loved more than I hated last week!

that being said, i'll keep your opinions in mind for sure. thanks for listening!

ash :)

Anonymous said...

Please don't EVER stop complaining about the show. I can't tell you how often (okay, about 10 times an episode), I say, Ashley is reading my mind! It brings me solice to know that there are others out there that adore the show, but see its flaws. I am a lot like you, I have watched it forever and always will, but that doesn't mean that I have to be quiet about what I see as major problems with the show, i.e. lack of character development!!!!! Keep up the great job.

Anonymous said...

I am actually to see what scab writers can do to and for AMC. OTOH, I would absolutely LOVE to see some moldy oldies. Some AMC classic would be fun. Something from the days of Jenny and Greg, Jesse and Angie, or Palmer and Daisy. Would really love to see some Brooke and Benny. From later days, how about Leo and real Greenlee?


Anonymous said...

Ashley, I seriously hope there is a reconciliation between Krystal and Adam. I don't want to see a hookup between Tad and Krystal. I think it's a joke that she and Thadeus are living under the same roof. And what about Colby? Why no storylines lately? Are she and Sean still an item?

Ashley said...

this Blandie/Ritchie, Greenlee/Kendall stuff is really taking it's toll on our beloveds.... Colby had, like, 10 minutes the other day (and she was amazing, I thought) and Josh got a storyline today -- as Kendall's toilet paper, pretty much. That's all he seems to be good for these days, which is a shame.

Don't forget to bug the hell out of Brian Frons! (See the post above.) I heard the folks on Daytime Confidential, and all of us are thinking the same thing: just have Dixie step out of the shower!!! No questions asked!!!!


Anonymous said...

Was I dreaming last night, or is it real? Is Zack gone? That would be the one thing that AMC has done right in ages. I hate that he is portrayed a hero, when he is sneaky, lowlife scumbag. I am going back to sleep now, in the hopes that when Richie gets to his destination, Dixie opens the door instead of Tom!

Anonymous said...

As far as bitching and moaning about the show goes, well hell, I B & M way more than you do, Ashley. I find your podcast quite balanced, and chock full of yummy insights and other goodies. It's funny and full of info, esp. when Jordan is there (where does he get all that behind the scenes history?!).

Anyway, I've been watching AMC since 1971 (yeah, I'm old) and won't ever give up on it and listening to your podcast for over a year.

What I love: Zach (talk about a yummy goody), Tad (though he needs justice), Erica, Krystal, Adam, and the rest of the old timers.

What I don't love: Greenlee (too screechy and loud), Kendall (too stupid), Ryan (too hypocritical)

What I don't understand: Aiden ('nuff said!)

Thanks for all your hard work Ashley, it shows in your podcast.

PV podcast fan

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley! question: have you heard the blind item from Raven Beauty at SOC who has a column?


*the gist* for this particular blind item is that a leading lady is set to leave because she wants to strike while the iron is hot and do other things. she also said that this would cause a riot, will even take a vacation if this occurs because of the backlash she knows would come from this so she doesn't want to be around for that if it happens and made it clear that it's not Susan L. (Erica) however, all signs seem to point to Lish (Kendall) wanting out...i mean if this is true who else would generate that type of response from who's left in the cast now? if not Lish who has a huge fanbase not to mention couple fanbase. therefore, since i don't put too much stock into what Raven B. says i was wondering if you heard anything through the grapevine?! i know if you do/did you can't come out and say it but please try to *hint* in ref to it if you could/know anything! thanks in advance!;o)

Anonymous said...

Hi, I just started listening to your podcast, it is hilarious. I caught an episode of the show for the first time in ages on the Soap Network today. Oh my god, what has happened to J.R.??? I used to think he was the hottest thing ever, but his hair looks so bad. What is he thinking? So disappointing. Can't wait to hear the next podcast!