Monday, November 05, 2007

Strike While the Iron Is Hot!

(Pun intended.)

  • Tad and Hannah have sex!
  • Ava and Jonny have sex!
  • J.R. and Babe have sex!
  • And - oh yeah - Kendall frames Greenlee for kidnapping.

Okay, so the writer's strike has begun. This means that the All My Children writing team will not be reporting to work on Monday, November 5th, 2007. With scripts written only until about the middle of December, this could put a serious damper on (what we all have conceded is) the improved writing we've been seeing from the AMC team. I, for one, would much rather see old shows rerun when the well runs dry. A little Greg and Jenny, Angie and Jessie, maybe even Leo and Greenlee... What about an "interim" (read: scab) writing team? Oh, this is all so confusing! Tell us what you think of all this, here.

11/02/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I think it's unfortunate that the writers are going on strike, but OMG I would love to see reruns!!!
great podcast keep it up guys!!!

Anonymous said...

hey ashley, i just read this on the and thought i'd share it with you, and all.. it's a little reassuring. =)

"ABC's daytime dramas -- "One Life to Live," "General Hospital" and "All My Children" -- also are set through the beginning of the year.

"ABC's daytime dramas are written well into the new year, and we will continue to produce original programming with no repeats and without interruption," an ABC Daytime spokesperson said."

Ashley said...

Hi Kim --

Not sure that I trust Brian Frons' word on this. :) The "New Year" is les than 8 weeks away, and they may be covering their butts in case they wanna use scab writers. I do have an anonymous source that confirms that AMC would likely use scab writers, but don't quote me on that.;) Disappointing, to say the least, if that were true, and so disrespectful to the new head writers, who have been working their butts off.

Anonymous said...

you probably saw this already but...



I have sad news. TPTB are wrapping up the Rosanna storyline early. I was slated to work through February, but the story took a dramatic turn that will alter that plan. I have always been open to all possibilities, even this one, but I will be sad to have to say goodbye so soon.

Folks WRITE ABC NOW! The addresses to write are on the profile page! BRING BACK DIXIE!

ahhhh!!!!! Just like you guys always say, have Tad wake up from this awful dream with Dixie right there next to him and I would never look back!!