Sunday, December 02, 2007

Apologize to Me

  • For putting Greenlee and Zach in a bomb shelter.
  • For making Kendall crazy with grief -- again.
  • For having Mini-Hands Julia ask Jack out for coffee.
  • For having Richie's shrink be just as evil as Richie is.
  • For Jack-ass' annoying harshness to Erica whose behavior, after 20 years of romance, should not be a surprise.
(Good stuff, though, with the J.R. back-on-the-booze storyline, Emma meeting her Grandpa, and the old-timers coming back for Thanksgiving.)

What was your favorite moment of the week? Did you have any? Tell us (and cheer me up, please) here.

11/30/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

well like always great show guys; Ashley and glad to have you back Jordan!;o)

as for the show, if i hear 'Apologies' one more time i'm going to scream LOL, man is it annoying. yes apologize to not just you Ashley but us! anyways what did i like? seeing the vets, seeing Tad/Kate-thy together since we hardly get any of those scenes *sigh* as well as MEK/AG have fabulous chem as father/daughter...adorable (hopefully w/ Cady/Dix possibly coming back they pick up on that...maybe that's why they are still holding it off hmmm), having Opal mention Palmer/Petey being together. all in all that ep although it lacked in tradition and barring Joe's inappropriateness *OYE*, wasn't so bad. now i wish i could say the same for the rest of the week but sadly can't. as for Julia/Jack like i said *yawn*...they need to pair her w/ Josh plain and simple! both need a s/l anyway and are hot together IMO. also just imagine what they could do w/ bringing up the Madden mess; how Josh knows it was Tad. could bring some interesting conflict in ref to the Kate-thy situation and could actually address that mess since having it swept under the rug as far as Tad is concerned is doing major damage to the character from what i've seen...who knows maybe it could be undone. heck i'd find a way to pin it on Ted O. (yes Tad's jealous doppelganger from before) have him as being tied to Madden all this time. possibly go even further and say he had a hand in Dix giving up Kate,did something to the car resulting in an "accident" as well as took advantage of his resemblance to Tad in order to convince (actually scared her to do it while pretending to be him) a very drugged up Dix to give up Kate. yeah if i had my way believe me i would address all points and fix this damn mess...oh the ideas!therefore, yes ICAM we need new execs; fire The new HWs, Frons,and Carruthers...a clean slate. people who actually care for/know about daytime! in fact we fans are so tired that we are trying to get organized in order to get daytime back on track, little by little. for more details/info check out:

as for our Cady well she updated her blog 11/30/07 and here's part of what it says:
"I seriously don’t know what’s going to happen in 2008. I have some sneaking suspicions, but it’s all in the dream stages at the moment."

here's hoping!

once again if anyone wants to join the campaign in getting her back:

thanks in advance you guys for any/all efforts on both matters i left a link to!:-)

oh well hasta pronto, thanks again guys...very much appreciated!

lisa said...

I can't believe the podcast numbers are going down! Even if I quit watching AMC all together I would STILL LISTEN to the podcast! I look forward to it every Monday morning!

Azgal said...

Ashley, I also can't believe the podcast numbers are down. I am such a devoted fan and listener. I don't know what I'd do w/o the PVPC.

And, Damn! Jordon, you are a freakin' walking encyclopedia of soap knowledge.

For me, the brightest spot of the week was Jack telling Erica he didn't love her anymore. The only way that would have been better is if Erica had said that to Jack. It is soooo time for them to move the heck on! End it already!

Sending you hugs Ashley and thanks for the hard work you do on the PVPC.


Anonymous said...

I have stopped watching AMC and I still love the podcast. Please continue, as long as it's not too painful. Maybe if you keep doing it, someone from AMC will actually listen and get an idea.

Superposter said...

Short and sweet -- I love the podcast Ash and Jordan!


(BTW, you mention about your numbers going down. The podcast used to be simple to listen to - by clicking on the date of the 'cast it would start to play in a matter of seconds. There may be some who don't know to now right click, save, etc.)

PVPC fan said...

If you use Itunes for the podcast, it's still a piece o' cake. And, Jordan, WTF??? You are totally an AMC savant. I have watched faithfully for about 90 years now - since Erica and Tara were in high school - and I so don't remember those faux Ninas you mentioned. I only remember Taylor Miller.

It was GREAT to see Myrtle. The scenes with Myrtle and Erica and Kendall actually brought a few tears to my eyes. I could really feel the genuine love between Erica and Myrtle. It was a real, genuine moment in the midst of the quagmire of b.s. We need more of that, the core characters, as Ashley says.

Anonymous said...

Ick, Julia and Jack? Ash, I hope you are wrong. Julia and just anyone else? Hell yeah. Hows about Julia and Ryan? After watching Cameron on DWTS I have become a fan. Time for Ryan to get his balls out of storage and I think Julia might be the right lady for the job. Ryan and Annie? They generate no heat at all.

OR Julia and Josh. Lots of potential there.

Love the idea of bringing Petey back. About damned time we had Brooke back. Julia Barr is missed.

Hang in there Ashley, you have many loyal fans.


I think they should age Petey to his mid-30's and cast Sean P. Hayes (Jack of "Will & Grace") in the role. OK, not really, but the kid who played Petey always reminded me of Jack.

Speaking of Jack ... Montgomery, that is ... no, he shouldn't be surprised by Erica's behavior, but I was nonetheless glad to see him MAN UP. I like both characters separately, but as a couple, they bore me to zzzz ...

Of course, they'll probably get back together and break up eleventy-million more times 'cos they're SOUL MATES, y'all! Whatevah. I might be able to stomach yet another "Jerica" reunion if Jack laid down a few ground rules: "Now listen here, Toots, here's how it's gonna be: You're gonna shut yer yap, keep your nose out of our GROWN-a$$ children's business and for God's sake, let them babies start callin' you GRANDMA! Now GO MAKE ME PANCAKES!"

Just kidding. Except for the part about pancakes. 'Cos pancakes are yummy.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Brenda, Jack did the only sane thing. He grew a pair and told that itty bitty little tiny lady he didn't love her. Harsh, but she needed to hear that. I think it's about damned time Erica got a bitch slap from someone.

Another thing, bringing Petey back would create some airtime for Palmer and Opal, two seasoned veterans whose presences are sorely missed.

Topher said...

First off - thank you for continuing to do the podcast! Whether you're alone or with any one of your wonderful guest hosts, the show is always enjoyable. I will admit that this one made me cry a little - especially the Brooke/Tom/Adams clip at the end! - but enjoyable just the same!

Second - I feel your pain, I really do. I have watched AMC religiously since July 1992; about a month ago, I finally called it quits. I tune in about once a week now, just to be able to keep up with the podcast! Honestly, ABC owes you not only an apology, but a big thank-you for keeping people like me tuned in even just a little bit!
This show used to bring me so much joy; it was such a great guilty pleasure. Now it just makes me sad, thinking of how awesome this show used to be.
It's like you have said for quite some time now: I don't care about most of these characters. Why on earth do we have stories about Blandie and her brother, about Aidan, and fakeGreenlee, and all these other people with no ties to the show, in stupid, illogical storylines? It's like they took Susan Lucci, Michael Knight and David Canary, and tossed them into some bad spinoff. What they're airing now at 1pm on ABC is NOT All My Children. I don't feel like I've abandoned the show; I feel like the show has abandoned me and all the other faithful, longtime viewers.

As for One Life To Live - I have also watched that show since 1992, and right now it's better than it's been in YEARS! OLTL really is the best show on ABC Daytime right now, because they are actually honoring the show's history, telling (mostly) good stories about characters we have watched and loved for years. Sure it's not perfect, and not everyone loves every character, but it's a heck of a lot better than the mess that is AMC. You should TOTALLY do a OLTL podcast! Or if you don't want to abandon AMC, or don't have the time to make 2 podcasts every week, why not do an hour-long podcast devoted to both shows? That way, whichever show you are enjoying the most that week can get the most attention. Just a thought. ;+)

Anyway, thanks again for sticking with it. I can't speak for anyone else, but your podcast is ALWAYS the highlight of my Monday!


Anonymous said...

I guess I'm the minority because I love Jack and I love Jerica as a couple. I can't wait until their reunion story.

Julia is one big bore. The only chemistry I ever saw her have was with David Hayward and Josh. Otherwise she is a snore.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, honey!

Don't give up, girlfriend! I'm still watching the show -- mostly so I know what you iz talkin' bout when I listen to the podcast!

I adore you! I love the great job you do! Give Taylor a big smooch from me!

Hugs and kisses,

Anonymous said...

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