Monday, December 24, 2007

A Season for Miracles

  • Father Clarence helps Tad deal with a colicky baby -- and a stubborn momma!
  • Greenlee and Zach get out of the bomb shelter, but only one of them comes out alive! Will Father Clarence save the day?
  • And what about Junior? Will his alcohol-fogged memory come back in time to save his hide?
  • And what of Josh and Mini-Hands Julia? Maybe Father Clarence can save their storylines!
Speaking of storylines, it's the end of a wacky year for All My Children. With lots of big returns and heated buzz already for AMC in 2008, what are your New Year's wishes for the show? Or have they already come true? You can guess what mine are, people, but you tell us what you think, here.

12/21/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

i agree BRING BACK DIXIE!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

I was surprised at myself for watching this week lately I have just been listening to the podcast, but I think that 2008 has some good stuff in store for AMC and I'm looking forward to see what Rebecca Budig brings back to the show.

I have to say that my all time wish this year for the show is to BRING BACK CADY MCCLAIN. The show needs her, badly.

Happy Holidays guys!

Anonymous said...

loved the podcast...I'm still laughing my head off. Thanks for the good job! Merry Christmas/Happy Holidays!!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, you are stellar for working on xmas eve! My wish for the new year is more humor. Lighten up already AMC! TPTB need to balance all the melodrama with some moments of relief. I'm tired of all the manipulative heaviosity.

And, a question. Ashley, you mention U5s on your podcast occasionally. Do extras gets paid for every word they say? Was noticing that frequently Doc Joe gives orders to nurses and other docs and they just nod. Is that because if they said something, even if it was less than a U5, they would get paid more? just curious.

Happy holidaze.

Anonymous said...

did anyone else notice how julia just randomly showed up at the hospital christmas party on today's (wednesday) episode? wasn't she at Tad's house before? I just thought that was a little weird.

Anonymous said...

So Jordan Hudson, you think Ritchie can't be redeemed because of his dirty deeds? I love you Jordan, but gotta disagree. Working on that principal, there would be no room in PV for Tad, Adam, Zach, Babe, or practically anyone else on the show. They are ALL felonious characters who, by the grace of God or plain old dumb luck, are not behind bars. Derek should've locked up have the town by now!

Happy new year!

Anonymous said...

I must say...ABC's advertisement for "the REAL Greenlee" is an insult to Sabine Singh. Not only did she work her ass off trying to be the character (though I thought she was too whiny), Greenlee is a fictional character. There is no "real" one. Saying "old Greenlee" would have been just fine.

On the other hand, someone over at Super Poster's blog suggested that the "real" comment was because Sabine wasn't leaving, rather, she was some sort of "impostor Greenlee," much the way Di was the "impostor Dixie." That's not what's happening, but...I would've had a ball with that idea. :D

My real concern is that I can't see Aidan and RG's Greenlee together. In fact, I can't see her with any current character they might try to put her with - except maybe Ryan. Would be a good excuse to get rid of crazy Annie. Have Ritchie and Annie kill each other so Ryan is free - kill 3 birds with 2 stones!

I was quite surprised at Jordan's dislike of Father Clarence. I can't get enough of the guy! I cracked up when he made Adam's safe open up..."Oops!" I will say that Father Clarence seemed to have a very different demeanor this year, as this was the first year the new writers dealt with him.

And why was Ashley's sound so much quieter than Jordan's this week? Might want to check your audio levels. You should even be able to boost one voice to match the other's volume after recording, if it comes to that.

Anonymous said...

I hear ya WMD, I also can't see RB with Aiden. There is no chemistry there. I think TIIC should pair RB up with Josh. There might be some sparks there and Josh needs a story!