Monday, April 14, 2008

Jenny, We Hardly Knew Ye

  • Jenny Junior gets a lesson on Jenny Gardner Nelson courtesy of Jesse, and we here at the PVP feel like we're in heaven with her.
  • Kendall prepares to tell the actual, real, no-joke-I-ain't-lyin' truth to Zach.
  • Blandie fails to hide the divorce papers from Ryan, only to have him ask her for more time. Huh???
  • Greenlee gets "the love of her life" back. (Uh oh. Excuse me for a second. I'm feeling sick again.)

Lots of rumors and innuendos this week, folks. We here at the Pine Valley Podcast love a little harmless gossip ourselves, so feel free to add your AMC insights here.

4/11/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hi Soap-cyclopedia Jordan Hudson!
Welcome to the blog!

Anonymous said...

1. Hmm, kill Opal? I can only come up with one storyline worth that: Tad, after seeing Dixie's ghost, asks Opal to use her psychic powers (or whatever) to keep her around. Opal attempts some crazy psychic thing to bring Dixie back to life, killing herself in the process. Unless AMC is going towards the supernatural, leave Opal alone.

2. Leave Hayley alone. For good.

3. Cheers for talking to kids normally! Come to think of it, in a few years little Adam will be old enough to do something with. They should have him bully one of the other kids (Spike?) for comic effect.

4. I didn't recognize Liza in the old footage. :o Showing my lack of experience. For some reason those tapes (1983?) looked better than some newer old episodes they've showed.

5. Kendall can spill all she wants, but...I still hate her. Waited much too long. Luckily by buddy Zach seems to know already...can't wait for how they play out that one.

6. I hate Greenlee too. Her and Kendalll are perfect friends. I have college finals coming up soon, so I don't have time to write all about it, except: the psuedo-noir scenes weren't funny OR well-acted.

7. And finally...leave Colby alone! :p She is 18, not 16, and Frankie is can work. Who knows, maybe their parents won't like the idea, and that's their next story.

jordan hudson said...

I like you. I too think we need to not over analyze the age thing. I love Frankie and colby.

Yes its hard to recognize Liza, that was when the beauitufl Marcy Walker had that short 80's hair do.
Thank you for also commenting on the fact that the old way of filming the show looked better, couldnt agree with you more.

And if you guys want soap camp at its worse check out Viva Hollywood on VH1. It was just horrible and yet I could not stop watching it.

Jordan Hudson

Anonymous said...

If Colby is 18 and Frankie is 24, I can see that working. For some reason I thought she was 16.. Maybe b/c the actress looks so young. As long as she is 18+ we're good.

The only way I see Kendall getting away with the Aiden affair is really playing up the whole "I thought you were dead" thing. She should have told him sooner, but I can understand it being a hard topic to bring up. Still, she has been lying for so long it will be hard for Zach to trust her.

Anonymous said...

Colby is 17 (although without SORAS she would be like 6) her sweet 16 was in September 2006 so that would make her 17 now

Anonymous said...

Hey guys...great job as usual.

now as for those Opal rumors...i don't know exactly how much this is worth because i don't trust this woman but JHC "Craputhers" denied in SOD all the rumors in ref to Opal. not to mention the ABC ad announcing Greg's return made it seem that whatever brings him on, affects JnA more than includes him but he's not the main one this hits. therefore, if it were Opal's so called would affect Tad directly more than JnA and that's not how it's worded in that ad. she also said she doesn't know if Leven (Lily/Ava) will be staying on the show.

now there was a May Sweeps rumor due to info about the show finding a location for a fire which it will result in two fatalities. now i'm starting to wonder if that scene being talked about was the one w/ Zach/Kendall-after ONS reveal in spoilers. if that's so then this rumor went too far in speculation because nothing happens due to that scene. however, this is just speculation...a guess on my part.

Anonymous said...

oh yeah and Ashley i kept thinking of you as i watched the show Jordan mentioned...Viva Hollywood. know due to that podcast from last week w/ your mini telenovela as the intro.

Anonymous said...

I usually agree with you totally but the j.r./babe thing is huh? to me (scratching my head). I feel like nubabe is a butterface and there is zero chemistry

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I totally agree with you about Colby and Frankie. They should put Frankie with Amanda. (now that would be hot)

Kate said...

I'm listening to this podcast right now. I don't remember hearing Angie say the word 'rape' when honeymooning with Jesse. But I looked it up... On TV Megasite they post transcripts for every soap opera. According to them, Angie said, "Come on over here...before I rape you." You're right Ashley! Here's the link to the full transcript:

As far as the Beth Ehlers being Hayley... Like I said before, I have mixed feelings. I do not think Beth is overrated; I think she is one of daytime's most talented actors. I think she'd do a good job on AMC, but maybe Hayley should be left alone. I don't know.

Glad you're blogging now, Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Welcome to the blog Jordan Hudson!

Great podcast this week Ashley & Jordan.

Why hasn't Opal clued in to Robert's true nature? I agree that Opal's psychic powers would be a good way to bring back Dixie as a ghost. I'd rather Dixie be back though with Tad and Kate in the flesh.

Love the way the Zach and Kendall infidelity storyline is playing out. Monday's episode opener with all the inner thoughts and flashback realizations was perfect. Zach is a fascinating complex character and it is a testament to his great love for Kendall that he knows she slept with Aidan and still he is there for her and hasn't ditched her or started plotting revenge. Makes her guilt even more deserving. Kendall has always been spoiled and gotten whatever she wants so it's time she learnt a real lesson about how her actions can affect others.

I also love Greenlee's selfcentred nature and Jordan was so right that she can't help herself. That's what makes her interesting. I want to see her marry Aidumb while trying to keep Ryan. That would be classic Greenlee.

I guess tptb heard the comments about Livia's hair because it did look much better on Monday when she had it up to visit Annie at Fusion. How about Livia and Frankie? That would be an interesting storyline.

AMC needs some poor or middle class characters. Everyone on the show is rich or at least livin large. I want to see someone who has to cut corners to make the rent and who doesn't hang out in a fancy club like Fusion and who really does shop regularly at the Bargain Bin. Opal needs a new emporium catering to people on fixed incomes.

Terry in Toronto

Unknown said...

Ashley, I had to rewind my DVR a couple times too! Angie definitely did say come over here before I rape you!

Anonymous said...

> Colby is 17 (although without SORAS she would be like 6) her sweet 16 was in September 2006 so that would make her 17 now

No, not quite. Technically, Colby should be 9 years old (1999-2008), but a few weeks ago she commented that she was finishing high school this year. That would make her 18, meaning the writers aged her again, slightly. Her name escapes me, but the actress is 20.

Ashley said...

Thank you, people!!! I *knew* Angie used the word "rape" in trying to seduce Jesse! Not the sexiest thing I've ever heard a soap star say, let me tell you. I still *heart* her though.


Anonymous said...

i could not believe that angie said rape, i was totally shocked, it was so random and akward.. and jordan i watched viva hollywood too, it was terrible but i'm sure i'll keep watching!

Anonymous said...

Whether or not Colby is 17 or 18 isn't really the point. She is really still too young for Frankie, even if they have anti-SORAS him. They have re-written this character, and that bothers me more than anything.

I was disgusted when Angie said the word RAPE. Not funny, not cute, not sexy, NOT romantic.

Anonymous said...

Ok Ashley, I have to say it. Leave Aiden alone. Yes, he's hard to understand sometimes, but we ALL have an accent, and are difficult to understand occasionally out side of the area we were raised in. I like Aiden, and enjoy his scenes with Greenlee, though I think he had more chemistry with the other one. I do enjoy the podcast, and look forward to listening to it each week, but please stop making fun of accents. You are distressed when Latin Americans are presented in a stereotypical way, please consider that others feel as protective of their style of speech.

Anonymous said...

Petition TPTB to bring Dixie back to life!

I heard a rumour that Dixie as a ghost is only a test to see if viewers really want her back. If lots of people write in they will bring Cady back to AMC as Dixie in the flesh.
Write now:

Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer;

Barbara J. Esensten & James Harmon Brown

at the following address:

All My Children
320 West 66th Street
New York, NY 10023

Email works too, although it is not as effective as good old-fashioned snail mail:

Brian Frons, Pres., ABC Daytime:

Julie Hanan Carruthers, Executive Producer for All My Children:

Audience Relations, ABC TV:

Tad and Kate need Dixie and so do we!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I am love love love loving Frankie and Colby. Ooh, the age difference only makes it more fun.

AND Adam and Krystal. Please, that scene over the baby blanket was, as you would say Ashley, per-fec-tion.

AND Zach and Kendall. Always only... They've already made me cry twice this week.

I even kinda like JR and nuBabe a little... super embarassed about that.

Who to put Ryan with? I've been thinking about it a LOT, and I can't think of anyone. Maybe the writers should make him bisexual and he can hook up with the new Jake? It's hard to think of another way to make him relevant.


Anonymous said...

>No, not quite. Technically, Colby should be 9 years old (1999-2008), but a few weeks ago she commented that she was finishing high school this year. That would make her 18, meaning the writers aged her again, slightly. Her name escapes me, but the actress is 20.

if her birthday is in September then she would be turning 18 in Sept. a lot of people with late birthdays graduate High School at 17 (including myself) so I'm assuming she is in the class of 2008 meaning she was born in Sept. of 1990

Anonymous said...


but that is with the SORASing considering her sweet 16 was in Sept 06'

-- didn't Frankie date Simone (who dated Tad) and have a baby with Mia, become a doctor, and fight in iraq

wow thats an ambitious 25 year old

Ashley said...

Frankie had a baby with Mia? Did I miss that?

And to the viewer who was offended by me making fun of Aidumb -- sorry, chum. I am not making fun of Aidan's accent, per se - I LOVE ACCENTS! I love to hear them, I love to do them, I love having one!

But Aidumb's accent is just too delicious! I'm having fun with it, and I never mean to offend. I sure as heck don't consider my imitation of him as "bashing" or "anti-Cockney," or else I wouldn't do it. He's Aidumb, people! And the PVP is an equal-opportunity show! He's just way too much fun to stop imitating. Sorry, folks.

I assure you that it doesn't mean I love the Brits any less! In fact, I gawt a spayshull plice in me 'art fawr 'em, and fawr awl a' yew!

ash xo

Anonymous said...

Didn't frankie and mia have a kid that was put up for adoption or am I getting him confused with someone else...

Also... What dose anyone think of an annie/jr paring. If you think of it the have a lot in common: people they love that don't love them back. Issues with their respective fathers. And issues with ritchie.

I just think it would be a refreshing change from the same relationships we have seen over and over again

Anonymous said...

Breaking News!!!

I just saw this on Daytime Confidential...


Arizonagal said...

Ambyr Childers is 20 in RL, not sure how old Cornelius Smith Jr is, but he looks young. I adore Colby and Frankie as a couple, such a cute chemistry. So hear this TPTB, don't blow it w/these two!

Killing our beloved Opal - BAD IDEA folks. What are TIIC smoking? If they want to kill someone off, how about Aiden, Dre, Jackson, Richie, Blandie? All of these are so much more disposable than a core character like Opal.

Jordan, Ashley, who do ya'll think is the most disposable PV citizen these days?


Ashley said...

I think Blanaidanjerk. Dre is way too nothing to even deserve a mention on this blog, and Richie? Well, I like the actor so much, I kinda wish they'd give him a brain tumor like they did with Special Johnnie.


Anonymous said...

ashley's not trying to make fun of british people, she makes fun of the way everyone on amc talks, i don't think she means to offend anyone, it's all in good fun. she's making fun of aiden.. not the way british people speak.
p.s one life to live is awesome right now!!!

Anonymous said...

Kendall is the worst liar EVER. Shouldn't she be really damned good at it by now? I'm just glad the truth is finally out about the *big indiscretion*. Wonder if Zach will forgive the little cheater. I'd love to see Dixie return and take some action on that flirtation she had with Zach a couple of years ago. Kendall is too stupid to be in a relationship. Sorry Jordan, I'm just not a fan of the way TPTB have written this character.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Why arent people saying anything about Frankie & Amanda, they would be so hot together and plus, it would finally give chrishell strause some real screen time(she is so fabulous)

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny,

I agree with you. I think they have killed the character of Kendall. I mean she is in her early 30's and is saddled with TWO kids. Soaps don't know how to write anymore. Where is the next Erica, Dorian, Tina my god I would even settle for a Sammi from DOOL. Where is the soap vixen, the bitch we love to hate.

Dead weight, people that can be written off. The list on AMC is endless. This show needs to clean house, Annie (sorry the character has run it's course. Unless they did what AW did; when a hurt good girl Ceciel decided she was tired of being a doormat. Then became the biggest bitch on the show.)Richie, Dre or Trey or whatever Samuel Woods son's name is, Samuel Woods (what started out promising has fizzled) Lily and her sister. Aidan and I know Im going to hear it for this but Jackson. After over 20 years if they can't be happy then he is not the love of her life and Susan needs a new leading man. I would rather see Brooke or Dixie over Jackson. the only time Jackson was interesting to me over the last few years was when we had Mary Smythe (PTB bring her back) and Barbara (her too) that is what makes Jack and Erica interesting. It's all about Erica going up against someone to get her man.
Jordan Hudson

Anonymous said...

Jordan, you're right. Erica shines when she is fighting for her man; competing with another woman. How many times in years past did Erica, Brooke, Tara, Natalie and Babs do battle for the affections of Adam, Jackson, Jeremy and I'm sure others whom I've forgotten? I'm sure this is Kendall's destiny. That's why I like the idea of bringing Dixie back and having her and Kendall do battle for the affections of Zach. That's just good suds!

Brown Penny

p.s. Isn't it great that Jordan has arrived?!

Anonymous said...

> I think they have killed the character of Kendall. I mean she is in her early 30's and is saddled with TWO kids. Soaps don't know how to write anymore. Where is the next Erica, Dorian, Tina my god I would even settle for a Sammi from DOOL.

Say what? It doesn't matter how many kids Kendall has, she's rich...that Rachel girl does everything for the kids. Plenty of old soap characters have kids...but they could turn Greenlee into the "next Erica," since she can't have kids and she's usually mean anyway. Just make a few minor adjustments, and you're off!

Anonymous said...

Unless AMC is canceled, i don't think we need to worry about Erica leaving anytime soon

Amanda would make a GREAT bad girl vixen though

IMO the next Erica/Mona combo will be seen in the form of Miranda/Bianca

Anonymous said...

I was so happy to see Josh today even though his screen time was so brief. Glad to know that he's still alive. Why isn't he the one who's flying to Darfur to find and bring back Jake Martin? He is a doctor after all and a pilot. He's learned his lesson and won't crash anymore planes.

I'm so worried that they're going to kill Julia off in an explosion in May. We haven't seen her in forever. She was such a great character with a strong history on the show.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Spoiler alert!!!

This is about the topic of colbys age. I just read at that the part of colby has been recast by an actress who is 25. The audition script called for the role of edie but it was really a colby recast or so I hear. I hope this isn't true.

Laura said...

Aidumb is so dumb. Why would you want to work for someone when you slept with his wife. A sure way to get fired when he finds out. No-No don't let Colby go. Love this Colby with Frankie.

Laura said...

Oh no it is true Colby is leaving.

Welcome Jordan.

jordan hudson said...

Well the PTB screw it up again. Frankie and colby worked because of the actress playing Colby. We have seen her grow from the spoil brat who flew into town to someone who has matured with the experiences that have happen to her. AMC is asking a great deal of us to just accept a Colby recast. I'M NOT AMUSED. Especially because we know how Ms. Wilson is when it comes to recast.

On a happier note todays Daily News Soap section announced Larry "Greg nelson" Lau coming back for Jesse and Angie's wedding which hopefully means Opal will not be killed as rumored.
Yet the lovely Terry from Toronto made a comment above that maybe Julia will bite the dust. That would sure clear the way for Tad to be with Katie and no custody battle. I would not be amused about that either. Since Julia's return Sydney Penny has been given nada (nothing to really do). Hardly the way to treat an actress who at one time was a leading lady on the show and part of a AMC Super Couple.
Jordan Hudson

Anonymous said...

OK, you all, you must say something about the prisoners in the background WIPING DOWN DETERGENT BOTTLES in the upcoming podcast or I will FREAK OUT. That was dumber than poison pancakes. Like there wasn't something else prisoners couldn't do? Don't they make stop signs anymore? ;-) Loving the podcast each week, and big shout-out to Jordan "Soap-cyclopedia Hudson!"

Also can't wait to hear what you all have to say about the re-SORASed Colby. Just when I was beginning to like her.

Anonymous said...

OH YEAH, and I much did you LURVE when Angie told Frankie, "Ok, now you just want your butt whipped." This is why I LOVE me some A&J with a little F on the side! More stuff like this, writers! More stuff like this! Just people hanging around being PEOPLE!

Anonymous said...

Colby recast? NOOOOOoooooo! I wonder what the age difference really is between Ambyr Childers and Corny Smith? IMDB doesn't give an age for Mr. Smith.

Ashley and Jordan do not sing the paises of Judy Wilson in the casting department. Be afraid, be very afraid.

Wow, shaking my head over this bad news.


Anonymous said...

i don't get it! what's the point of recasting colby so she's 25 when she was talking about going to college.. obviously the character isn't going to magically be older if she's talking about college!! i'm really upset and like jordan said.. NOT AMUSED! also i must say, this must be the most comments ever on the pvp site, over 40!!

jordan hudson said...

LMAO Yes Crs17 I too was wondering why those ladies were cleaning the same bottles for almost an hour.
Crs17 You and I are so there. Because that scene with the A&J and frankie was just adorable. This is what I wnat to see to real charcter driven moments. Angie was so Esther Rolle on good times. Loved it.
Jordan Hudson

Anonymous said...

Why is Ambyr Childers leaving AMC? She has worked so hard and put so much into making the character of Colby interesting and multidemensional despite some really crappy writing over the past two years. We've also gotten to see her grow and mature as an actress. This sucks. Once again TPTB set up viewers to invest themselves in a character and actor only to kill the character, recast or give them no screen time.

Thorston Kaye was AMAZING as Zach this week! Such a fine line to walk in showing the extreme pain Zach is feeling while still being strong and in control. Wow! is all I have to say. and more Wow!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

CACKLING over here about your Angie-as-Esther-Rolle comment, Mr. Hudson! You are so right! As Ashley might say, "How as-TOOT!"

I have been hearing more Beth-Ehlers-as-Hayley rumors today, y'all. Sigh... If they would like to bring on Ms. Ehlers, please just make her someone else. Better yet, just do something with the people you already have. Amanda, Josh, Hoolia...I hate that Hoolia hasn't had a decent storyline since she's been back. What happened to building back the Santos? With Carmen on here now, bring on more Latinos. With Angie, Jesse, Frankie, Livia, Derek, (and Dre and Samuel, deadly dull as they be), then we would truly have a Rainbow Coalition on this soap. Let's look at who's out there watching soaps, TPTB.

Anonymous said...

man what a shame...i wish Ambyr all the luck in the world.

BTW, here's what she said in her blog about this.

also i read that in SID it was reported that Larry Lau will be on for 3 episodes beginning May 20th. therefore, i doubt Opal is going to be killed off. i mean 3 days? it would be more if Opal was killed. now from what i read Greg comes for JnA's wedding and that there, something major will happen.

i'm guessing the explosion rumors. Rob will set a bomb and someone will most likely die (could be Julia w/ rumors) or get hurt (could be Tad or Kate-thy). also could be how Dixie's ghost reunites/meets up w/ Tad...possibly w/ being critically injured between life/death. just like the blast from the tornado in "95" where he meet up w/ Jenny, Ray G., Nola and yes even Jesse. *this paragraph is just specs, nothing concrete.*

Anonymous said...

They denied the Colby recast rumors so I wouldent put it past TIIC to kill Opal becauae they are denying those rumors right now. The next thing you know they will make Erica Kane do laundry