Monday, April 07, 2008

Love vs. Honor

  • Carmen wusses out on her revenge plan, which means that Erica Kane better do some more quick thinking!
  • Blandie seems ready to throw in the towel with Ryan, whilst a babbling Aidan (who is no stranger to babbling) blows it with Greens.
  • Jessie and Angie renew their vows, and we're glad they did.
All My Children, or Todos Mis Hijos? Jordan and I begged to differ a little on the, uh, direction of the Erica Kane/Carmen Morales storyline, but y'all tell us what you think, here.

4/04/08 Podcast


Jason said...

I tunes please!

Ashley said...

working on it, j!


Jason said...

Thanks :D
It's been awhile since i've watched the whole week of AMC

Anonymous said...

Todos mis hijos! Erica y Carmen a la fuga! KaDOOOS to you Ashley for a great telenovela podcast. Jordan is right, this is good camp! Susan Lucci is a natural at light comedy. I can’t remember EVER enjoying Ms. Kane as much.

Is the current crop of latinos stereotypical? Maybe a little. I’m a Latina and no one in my family has ever had furniture like that. And I would call Opal more of a caricature than a stereotype. There is a balance of white people in PV from all stations in life. And, all the white folk in PV, no matter what their origins, are wealthy, or at least well off. But in the end, who cares? AMC is just damned good right now and I am grateful for that.

I know this is way beyond PC but I just love it when Jordan slaps Ashley around, but Ashley, girl, you gotta fight back!

One last thing, ENOUGH of the Ryan show, sheesh. Ashley, what do you think of all the Ryancentric story lines?

Brown Penny

Anonymous said...

I know Jake is coming back to town in the form of Ricky Paul Goldin. He is a guy who can have chemistry with anyone. Ashley and Jordan, who do you want to see him paired with? I think he and either Amamda or Greenlee would be fun. Is Amanda leaving the show?

Bring back Liza!


Ashley said...

Don't freak on me, people, but the word on the street is that Beth Ehlers from Guiding Light is coming back as HAYLEY - WITHOUT MATTEO! - and will be Jake Martin's new love interest!

The only other coupling I'd love to see is Josh & AMamDa!


Arizonagal said...

Wow, Beth Ehlers as Hayley? I guess I thought she was quite a bit older than Kelly Ripa but a quick check of IMDB says she's only two years older. She's a terrific actress. I could see her as Hayley and this might be fun. Ironic that BE and RPG were a couple on Guiding Light and perhaps will soon be a couple again on AMC. They do generate some heat.

I agree about Josh and Amanda. Are they still on the payroll at AMC? Where the heck are they!

Anonymous said...

Love your podcast. One comment about Ashley's comments about La Lucci's appearance in the 70s--she was pregnant with daughter Liza. And her face did change during her pregnancy--breakouts, weight gain, etc. And of course, she wasn't as skinny then before preg. as she is now, so that's why she looked not so good. Having been through one pregnancy where my skin went bonkers (the other, it didn't thank god) there is nothing they can really do otherwise you'll give birth to a mutant...

Anyways, I'm a rocket scientist, 50 yrs old in Phoenix, and have watched AMC since I was a college student. I listen to your podcast while working.

jordan hudson said...

Jordan Hudson I did it! I think. Thank you Thank you Thnak you. Yes how could I forget that Ms. Lucci was preggers twice during her run in the early years that explains it. Thank you Take that Ashley LOL love ya.
And since someone asked. I think RPG the New Jake should be paired with Greenlee.
I hope that the Beth Ehlers thing is onyl a horrid rumor ash. While I can deal with RPG. I think Beth Ehlers is one of the most over rated actresses on daytime. Amc would be better off stealign Beth Chamberlain for the role of Liza. We need Liza more then we need an older Hayley. Dont care what IMDB says what matters is how they look and BE looks years older then our "god I miss her" Kelly ripa


Ashley said...


Okay, people! NOw I feel *terrible* about baggin on Erica's bad skin and chubby face! But let's be honest: they are a LOT better at covering up these things NOW then they were then! They just slabbed some nasty old grease paint on the poor woman!!!

We got a lot to talk about, Jordan -- I'm hearing LOTS of rumors, and one of which includes some kind of sweeps stunt that WILL kill off Opal! Why why why?????

ash xo

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan, THANK YOU!!! for the Erica speech reenactment. I got goosebumps all over again! And do you know, I canNOT find that speech on youtube. So when I want to be inspired, I'll have to listen to y'all do it!

As for your comments about Erica's appearance, Ashley, I think they had to be made. However, I also agree with Jordan that the clips (however unflattering) were important to show. One, as Jordan pointed out, they corresponded with the speech. Two, they underscored the point of the speech: Just keep going! Believe in yourself! When I saw that Ms. Lucci was at one time plump and pimpled, I thought, "Wow! Maybe when I'm 61 years old I'll suddenly look fine and foxy, too!" :)

Y'all are the best!


Anonymous said...

OMG, I'm back because I completely forgot to post my thoughts about Rendall/Zendall. I wanted to say that I agree with you, Ashley, that Rendall has crazy chemistry, and I agree with you, Jordan, that they never really got a shot. Man, I remember when he rode off on that motorcycle. I was devastated. He didn't even wait for Kendall to explain WHY she was topless at the Pine Cone with Aidan. (LOL) Then Chris Stamp came to town, and all he could talk about as Ryan, Ryan, Ryan, and he wouldn't tell Kendall where Ryan was or what he was up to... It was torture! Rendall did belonged together then.

But here's my beef with them now: It's a totally different time. Back then, Ryan had only loved one woman (Gillian), and she DIED. When he told endall he loved her, we could all believe that it was true.

But that was a long imte ago. Since then, Ryan has hooked up with Greenlee (never made sense to me either, Jordan) and set down the tiresome road of becoming a wussy boy. Please, he's also been with Blandie! (Ew!) And since both of these passionless and tired relationships are recent, I can remember him claiming to love (and making love to) these women, who are both very much alive and slinking about Pine Valley.

What, now I should accept that Ryan only has eyes for Kendall? Kendall should accept that? PLEASE. Ms. Kendall can do better than Blandie leftovers. The writers should not sacrifice Zendall just because Ryan has no testicles without Kendall. That's not her fault! And as a fan, I'm not gonna buy it!

Phew, that felt good! I'm out.

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

If they kill off Opal, I am done completely with AMC. I have taken breaks over the years, but I can not sit by and watch them kill off one of my favorite characters and have Tad have to deal with YET ANOTHER death. That would make it, Jenny, Kate, Dixie (2x) and now Opal....too much for one person. I would be done forever.

Anonymous said...

Oooh Jordan, I am so glad to see you here. I agree, Ehlers looks so much older than Ripa, I can't believe they are nearly the same age. I also can't believe you think Ehlers is overrated. She's at least as talented as Ripa.

And yes indeedy Jordan, AMC needs Liza way more than Hayley. Perhaps TPTB are reluctant to bring back Liza because she is a more mature character and AMC is fond of hiring the young and gorgeous. Look what happened when they brought back Barbara. What an insult to the actress. She was on screen for about five minutes and then poof, she's gone. What a waste!

And, a comment on Becky's post; I don't know why the image of Kendall topless makes me giggle!


jordan hudson said...

Hey you all this is fun. I just have to proof read. I'm the worse typist. KILL OFF OPAL, I will send a curse down on Brian Frons worthy of Angelique from Dark Shadows that will go down the generations of Frons.

Yeah it's just me . I just don't like Beth Ehlers. Better to get Martha Byrne as the new Hayley after the way she was treated by Chris Goutman. So dissapointed in him.
Yes how horrible was Susan (Barbara) Pratt treated. Especially with her son on the show at the time a great deal of storyline potential. But you hit it on the nose. AMC is like Logan's Run sometimes. Thank god for Jesse and Angie.
You think they could have at least brought Marian and Ruth on for that one epsiode were Jesse was welcomed home but at least we got Stuart.

Anonymous said...

Death to Pine Valley and AMC if they kill Opal! Kill Aidumb! I love the character but am a bit confused as to why her psychic powers warn about Richie's true evil nature but she was so royally hoodwinked by Robert.

Amanda looked great on Wednesday in that gray top that accentuated her tiny waist and ample bosom. Her hair looked terrific too! Now if only we got to see Josh. or Amanda and Josh getting it on.

Why is Frankie kissing Colby? and so far no mention of his relationship with Simone. Does he even know she's dead and how can he not care?! Colby needs to stay with Dre or someone her own age. When I connect the dots it's scary that Tad slept with Simone who was involved with Frankie who's been set up with Colby. Too few degrees of separation between Tad and Colby!

I love the way Zach handled the whole Erica save scenes. He was the one who pointed out the stolen goods and who really saved the day. What makes the character so great is that he's all man. No wussy boy there! Sensitive and caring but an all around man's man. We haven't seen him with Myrtle lately. I miss their chemistry.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Regarding the old folks, Ruth is always home with the flu. You'd think, being a nurse for about 100 years, she'd get a friggin flu shot!

I mean seriously, how much does it cost TPTB to get Ruth or Marion on screen for a few minutes? Sometimes they just need to throw us, the viewers, a bone. Many of us enjoy seeing the old core family characters once in awhile.

Which reminds me, did TPTB ever address Brooke's absence or are we just supposed to forget her like Bobby Martin?

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan, have you guys heard the rumor that Greg Nelson, as played by Lawrence Lau, is coming back to Pine Valley? Wondering if this is true.

Laura said...

Jordon, welcome to the 21st Century. I was in Dubuque yesterday to pick up my daughter from college and I thought about Taylor. I hope he's not stuck in boring Iowa still. Too busy to watch lately, so the podcast is my connection. I heard about Greg returning too. Everyone is coming back. Tina's going back to OLTL.

But they need Brooke. She can console Tad, after Krystal reunites with Adam.

Anonymous said...

You know what would really be interesting? As Laura says, Krystal reunites with Adam. Meanwhile an older Hayley returns to town newly single. She catches Tad's eye. Tad, eager to get back at Adam, pursues Hayley. At first it's just a revenge thing against Adam, but then he falls for her. Classic soap stuff.

And yeah, bring back Brooke!