Monday, July 13, 2009

There Goes the Neighborhood...

Hello everyone! Glad to be back home after a wonderful beach vacation. I’m still tying to catch up on all the episodes I missed, but thanks to your ass-toot commentary here on the blog I’m not totally clueless about all the shen-Annie-gans that have been going on in Pine Valley while I was soaking up the sun. I still have two weeks of old episodes to wade through. From what I have seen so far, I would borrow a phrase from Ashley and request "less shit, more shinola please" from TPTB. Remember when Pine Valley was a nice place to live? It's been a long time since people could just lounge around privately in their living rooms without getting killed, have a private conversation anywhere, or enjoy an afternoon drink at a trendy bar without getting shanked in the bathroom. One minute you're swilling a Cosmo and the next you're bleeding out your ass. And wherever you go, something or someone could strike you in the head at any moment! Crazy people are everywhere! With guns and ammo! The town is riddled with pimps and ho's. And *do not* have sex with people in Pine Valley! Seriously, you may think you're privately shagging one person, but soon the whole town will be pregnant, everyone's on Montel taking paternity tests, and you find out somebody else made a videotape of the act! And don't even try walking around naked in your own Pine Valley home because the entire town may be peeping in your windows or walk in unannounced at any moment! That is sooooo embarrassing! Enid and Phoebe would be horrified at what our little community has become!

Ok, I know you were all hoping to find a new podcast with Ashley and Jordan, but instead you got a blog post from me—sort of like finding a nice little half shell on the beach instead of the massively beautiful conch shell you hoped to discover instead. (I really did have a great time at the beach!). Honestly, JordAsh planned to do a podcast this week, but just couldn’t quite make it come together in time. I’ve got my fingers crossed that next week they will return from hiatus. I’d type more, but it’s hard to do with my fingers crossed. Let’s hear what you have to say, right here.


Crystal said...

Did I miss a day? I know there were some issues last week and one day I thought was a repeat. Plus maybe I fell asleep, ha ha.

When did Randi tell Frankie she was PG. When did he get out of the hospital? When did they tell Angie?

Shadow said...

You didn't miss anything. Just commenting on the State of Pine Valley generally at any given moment.

Shadow said...

And BTW just what we need in PV--more baby drama. What is it about AMC writers and sperm? They all just love sperm!

discodan said...

I never actually watched Melrose Place, but did Chuck Pratt focus in on the title of the show as much as his does on All My Children? Was town affairs a central topic, the way that babies, sperm and family dramas are on AMC?

Norn Cutson said...

ok, i watched today to see Darbi!
this was the first time i plugged my teevee in since March!


ANGIE brought a mac 'n' cheese casserole. RANCID doesn't appreicate it.

tsk, ZACH switched her off.

ok, here's the first i'm seeing Jamie Lunar. what a drag.
speakin' of drags, who's the sadsack with DAVID?

AMANDA is lookin' pretty.

i like JAKE's haircut.

look @ RANCID's "acting".

there is not really much goin' on on with this show...not even anything to make fun of.

hey, there's BROT!

i see ZACH is still an a-hole.

WHYZA is a bore.
her voice & delivery are pure valium.

this blonde lady calls JESSE out on everything & all he can say is "RANDI is *not* a hooker!"

this show sucks.

why is AMANDA *still* talking to DAVID????

Minshew's workin' the tears, well done!!!

here's a-hole ZACH again.

i give up, i cant even make it thru the whole 38 minutes or whatever.

i unplugged my teevee again til Darbi's next episode airs.


Shadow said...

Everyone was having sex with everyone on Melrose so there was a lot of sperm swapping, but there was no baby drama. No stealing, misplacing, losing, donating of the sperm on that show.

Speaking of Melrose, according to, he only has writing credits in 42 of 227 Melrose episodes. Melrose was entertaining, but it didn't build on history. It was all about the shock factor. The first season when it was just 90210 Light, it was a bust. When Heather Locklear joined and started bitching up it got popular. It was all about the shock factor--like when Dr. Kimberly Shaw revealed her scar. It was about short skirts, girls wearing impossibly tight short skirts and vamping it up, their boy toys and an off the chart schlock factor. It was shocking and it was different at the time. Melrose wasn't drama. It was camp rather than the type of relatable serial drama viewers look for in a soap. Titles of the episodes were like "Asses to Ashes", "Saving Ryan's Privates", "Where the Hookers Grow", Devil With a G-String On". I'm not making this up. And this compares to Agnes Nixon how?

He only has 1 credit on Ugly Betty.

He has credits for 2 eps of Sunset Beach. Guess what? That show sucked.

One credit for The Colbys which was a spinoff (I think) of some 80's night soap that sucked. Surprise!

On Google I found some articles that said that he was the scribe for Vanished, a failed Fox drama from a few years ago.

I know he wrote a bunch for GH which is probably why I've never liked it.

He wrote a bunch for Santa Barbara. That only pisses me off more that he missed the mark so badly casting Liza. He should have known from knowing Marcie Walker that JaLu wasn't a good choice for the role.

He created Models, Inc., a Melrose spinoff with Linda Grey of Dallas fame that sucked and tanked the first season.


Shadow said...

N69N--it's always fun to see a post from you. We miss you man!

Anonymous said...

Miss the podcast!! Can't wait!!!

Michael said...
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Arizonagal said...

I have been catching about 1 episode a week. Watching Monday's and guess what? I am not missing much. Annie looked grrrreat in that bikini and I am loving MCE's performances.

Not sure what day it was Rancid was rockin' the hair turban. Then she opens her mouth and, well, I wish she'd stop trying to act. Come on now folks, she's been there long enough, if she was going to improve, somthing would've happened by now.

Further ruination of the Jesse character. No way Jesse, the COP, would have hidden that body. And Angie, would she be so accepting of Rancid? I think not. A mom like Ang would never get over the fact that her son, the DR married an ex-hooker. Randy would never be good enough for Frankie, not in a million years.

Ash, take as much time as you need girl!

discodan said...

As much as it pains me, I think everyone needs to step and back and take a breath of acceptance to Randi. She's here to stay people. It's not like she's going to be offed after this storyline plays out...actually, it's only the beginning for her. After all, she's having Frankie's baby. She's not going anywhere. It's the same reluctance that we have had towards Colby, but that's seemed to blow over a lil bit.

It pains me to say it too, but I've decided to lay off Randi. She is geting better, despite how terrible she's started and getting better isnt saying much, and she's tied to the canvas now.

As far as Jessie, he's loyal to a fault and he looks out for his family. He did it when Pupel was after him. He did it when he didn't wanna hurt Angie with the truth about Rebecca and Natalia. He did it when Frankie needed him when he and Greenlee were poisoned. To me, it's not really that far of a stretch to assume that he would risk his neck for Randi, considering that he's been the most supportive of Randi joining his family out of all of the Hubbards.

Robin C. said...

I had left a comment on the discussion before this one about Ryan's camel toe that was so lovingly shown via the camera-person's slow panning up Ryan's body on Monday's episode just after he picked up the baggie with rice and a cell phone in it. After posting about it, I was informed by Mart on that the male version of a camel toe is known as a moose knuckle. Ain't the internet grand? ;-)

Shadow said...

Happy Harry Potter Day!!

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

It's weird how Chuck Pratt has taken some actors who were so-so before and brought out their amazingness (Annie, Amanda), and yet Randi is god-awful and getting storylines focused on her. GET IT THROUGH YOUR HEAD TPTB: WE DON'T LIKE RANDI. I'm not even kidding: I'd rather they bring Del back as a frontburner character than tolerate a Randi story.

And as I expressed last week, I AM SO SICK OF BABIES ON SOAPS!! Couldn't Randi have gotten a puppy instead?

Ryan and Erica are flat out disgusting. Sorry. It's so creepy and I personally see zero chemistry.

Jack and Amanda are the only reason I tune in. Well them and this messageboard. If it weren't for PVP, I'd be watching OLTL or Y&R now, but I just don't have the time for 2 soaps on top of all my nighttime shows.

Shadow, I must admit... I loved Sunset Beach. Hear me out though: I was like 14 and it was outrageous and Eddie Cibrian is eye candy like no other.

Harry Potter tonight- VERY excited! Of course, this throws my SYTYCD watching into a tizzy.

Shadow said...

Maybe I only caught the two SB shows he wrote and they were shows that sucked! It has been a long time since then.

Crystal said...

OMG I am so excited! I can't wait for Ryan and Erica to finally get together! When they got stuck in the sprinkler together, I just about died! It was so hott!

I can't believe Randi is preggers!!! OMG OMG! Do you think she will have a boy or a girl? Maybe triplets, there haven't been any triplets on the show, that would be so awesome. Randi is going to be the BEST MOM EVER!!!

Just kidding...I want to gouge out my eyes and stick them in my ears. ;)

Mel Got Served said...

Crystal, you gave me a heart attack. I thought I'd have to bite my tongue!

Shadow said...

Wow Crystal, I'm with Mel. You scared me there for a minute. Seriously, a sprinkler? I keep thinking about when Ashley said "Erica is not a lady you have sex with, she's a woman who lets you f*ck her", or something like that.

Mel Got Served said...

Please, no one can f Erica. She wouldn't even let Jack open-mouth kiss her.

Gene said...

The actress who plays Randi is beautiful, but can't act. Charles Pratt is a hack and needs to never write for a show again. Turn off AMC and just watch OLTL. It would be better for your sanity.

DancingElf88 said...

I tried watching AMC today...I couldn't do it. I admit that Randi is getting better...tre tre slowly.
Ryan made me throw things at the television.
I love Jake/Mandy still.
Thank Jesus for OLTL and Y&R.
I wish I could go see Harry Potter...but sadly I'm poor.

Crystal said...

hee hee
You guys should know me better than that!
I was just kind of wondering what they think people must think about their writing.

Also, wishing there was a new prattfalls episode.

I want to see HP too but, I have a 3 year old and for some reason Dh wants to go with me this time so I have to wait until I find a sitter. Which will be never. argh. I hear there is lots of cool knitwear in the movie which excites me to no end as I am a knitting freak. (yeah, this time I am being serious)

Laura said...

Congratulations to Tamara Braun according to DC she is going to be on Saving Grace. Holly Hunter I think is even smaller than her. She is a very good actress and deserves much better than AMC.

I watched Randi yesterday and she showed as much emotion yesterday about getting caught for murder as someone does when they are trying to come up with their grocery list. She sounds so monotone. She is pretty, and a pretty bad actress. I don't ever see her improving. I hate what they are doing to Jesse.

Speaking of Jessie wouldn't it be funny if Ashley's son Jesse grew up to sound like her impression of this Jesse. Hearing it in the womb, his first word in a deep voice is ANGELA!

Mel Got Served said...

Harry Potter was great. They did make some changes from the book, but I wasn't upset and still enjoyed it (ok, one thing I was bummed they changed, but I'm over it!) But there are lots of little things from the books that you go "So glad they included it!"

Shadow said...

I wish I could agree that Randi and Colby were getting a little better, but for me Rancid is still ho'rrific and Colby is still a turd. I just think the most critical problem is Pratthole's shitacular writing.

We saw HP6 yesterday too. I thought the opening deatheater sequence was spectacular and there were similarly nifty moments throughout. The burgeoning romances were cute. Just at the end of the movie it didn't feel like much actually happened and I didn't think they did a great job with Draco's part. The movie set the stage well enough for Deathly Hallows though. It's a must see for any HP fan, but I enjoyed Azkahban and Goblet of Fire much more.

Mel Got Served said...

I just want some darn Dobby!

INAHAM said...

I Flove Beeker! He's right, Stuart has become a footnote in this dumb a** story. Also, thanx to whoever wrote this episode for aknowledging that. I mean, the rest of it sucked, but thanx for that at least.

jordan hudson said...

I'm back !!!! Sorry we were suppose to do a podcast this week but I was getting over a cold and did not want to risk going over to Ashley's and getting the twis sick. She is away this week and we should be back for next week people.

Maybe it's for the best because I would not be winning any fans with what I have to say. So forgive me for this but AMC is disgusting. The only thing I can say is that after watching yesterday's ATWT. AMC is still in better shape then ATWT.

The reason being AMC has some cast members that no matter how wretched the material, can actually still move me. Alicia and MCE deserve special Emmy's for always giving 200% to the material no matter how inane it is.

ATWT has great actors but even such a talented cast can't make sense of the garbage Jean P. is giving them. How she has destroyed my favorite couple Meg and Paul. Roger Howarth must be wishing he never left OLTL.

That does not excuse AMC. How Denise Vasi still has a job is beyond me. She is the new Aidan Turner. She is not getting better people I'm sorry. The fact that she is being put in a front burner storyline while Debbie, Darnel and even Cornelius are supporting her. Again feeling like I'm in some alternate universe.

JaLU as Liza is just too much for me to watch. She will never be Liza Colby, never, no matter what they do or who is writing the show. It is out of her range as an actress.

The one good thing I like is Beeker and Ebabe and they don't show him. They seem insistant on putting her with Jacob "young Susan Flannery" Young.

I cant deal with the fact that characters are acting out of character. Erica is being written like some school girl mooning over her time with Ryan. Nauseating.

Adam putting Annie over Little A.

Jesse who in the past year subjected his wife and his step daughter to facing Justice because he is so moral, would now cover up a crime. One that can easily be dealt with because it's self defense but Im suppose to believe that he would cover it up and in such a fashion as sending the corpse over a ravine to burn in a car crash. Sick!

No one in Pine Valley cares about life. Someone pisses you off ..... kill them.

As Kendall dealt with Liza this week. I realize... does Kendall not find it weird that Zach had a one night stand with an 8 month pregnant woman. Yuck!

Stephanie as Madison is so much fun but they wrote her into a corner now. Well this is Pine Valley Tad killed someone and he is roaming around and has never payed for his crime. Why is Taylor even on the show still. Her ship has sailed. The character just doesn't fit at this point.

No follow through either in Pratt's writing. What happened to the fact that Someone else supposedly killed Dixie...Hey maybe who ever killed Dixie, killed Stuart.

Then I watch OLTL yesterday and I see some great storytelling. See you don't just ignore what happened a few months ago. Jessica is still dealing with what she did and yesterday she faced Starr and Cole. Great scenes were two old friends, Tea and Christian caught up and vented to each other. And while most people are over the doner storyline you can't deny this is what we have been suffering for.... the payoff as it seems Stacy is about to be busted.

Y&R is delicious! It makes me remember the days when AMC was this great. Were you had generations on the show. To see Katherine, Nina and Jill together is just mesmorizing. Then Having the two local whack jobs unite. I could not get enough of Mary Jane and Adam. They cracked me up. When he thoguht her cat was alive and then the next day when he relaized it wasn't....priceless. It's old school, Daytime drama 101 and it works people.

discodan said...

Jordan, does it make me a bad person that I would rather watch the last half hour of Y&R (which is the first half hour of AMC) and actually keep CBS on for B&B...(Rick Hearst was set to debut actor in daytime, in my opinion)?

Because I would rather see the botox bunch of the Forresters than watch Erica run around town trying to figure out what the hell to do about the fact that her daughter is facing murder charges, Jack dropped the case (THANK GOD JACK DROPPED IT!! HE DOESN'T DESERVE THIS CRAP), her "enemy", Liza is now representing Kendall, Kendall's maried but loves but not loves or maybe loves depending on the weather, her mood, her caffine status, Zach, and on top of it all, Ryan's been sniffin around her decayed corpse and likes what he sees.

What the hell is wrong with this picture?

As far as Jesse, I have to go to bat for him again. Like I've said before, it is within his character to defend his family and protect them regardless of consequence. Yes, I's Randi, but whether we like it or not, she's here, she's pregnant, and she's getting her own storylines. Jesse would do the same if it was Natalia, Cassie, or Frankie.

Shadow said...

Yeah, but he arrested Angie! He was a big dick to Cassie when she was in trouble over Richie's death. He didn't make any cover ups for them and if he wouldn't do it for Angie, he wouldn't do it for Rancid. Actually he should recuse himself and let Dereck handle it. The problem with Jessie is suckwas Chuck Prattt!

Shadow said...

Suckwas Chuck Pratt. Or Suckass Chuck Pratt. Doesn't matter.

Shadow said...

SuckwaD Pratt. Dang.

discodan said...

At the same time though, during RIchie's murder, he also had to make a decision to press the issue or not and he decided to leave the case open, which worked because it gave them enough time to prove that it was someone else...and besides, Dre was driving...not Cassie.

As far as Angie being arrested, you know he was regretting every step of it. And besides, Angie was diliberately messing with hospital stuff...Randi was getting's a little different.

Laura said...

Discodan I agree with you. I used to be upset Y&R overlapped with AMC in Chicago. That's when I quit watching Y&R years ago, now the good news is I only watch half an hour when I do watch AMC. I wonder if this impacts the ratings at all. Chicago does weird stuff, like showing Jimmy Kimmel an hour later, after an Oprah repeat. Guiding Light was on at 9:00 against Oprah. Chicago is all about Oprah!

But AMC's ratings probably have more to do with the fact that Chuck Pratt sucks!

I agree with Jordan that Randi is horrible. I think she is worse than Colby if it is even possible. Plus she makes Aidumb look like he's doing Shakespeare. Come to think of it, I haven't seen him lately. That's one good thing.

I just figured out that application allows me to watch Y&R on my iphone. Yeah. I did watch it online sometimes. My iphone is my new toy. I love gadgets

Michael said...

I could possibly see Jesse disposing of the murder weapon or telling Randi to leave and never say he saw her there, but putting a dead guy in a car and rolling it off a cliff? There is no foundation for this—anywhere.

Erica and Ryan is another entry in the “Pratt Hall of Shame”. I might buy Erica using her feminine wiles to trick Ryan so Kendall would stay with Zach, but she would never fall for that high-pitched thong model—never ever.

Shadow, I love and appreciate your humor and your posts. You have been a great steward for this site, BUT please don’t hate on The Colby’s. It was the most unbelievably campy primetime soap in history. Stephanie Beacham as Sable Colby was truly sublime. When Soapnet first started, they ran the show. Cheesy? Certainly, but Charlton Heston and Barbra Stanwick, Ricardo Montalban and John James were great. Actually you should say whatever you want; a Shadow or Jordan rant always has me ROTFL 

discodan said...

Yeah Laura, Guiding Light never stood a prayer in Chicago...Oprah is king...and yes, I said king.

I still would defend Jessie even regarding the situation that he created by making North's death look like something else that it isn't. Zach's killed people in cold blood. How bout Tad? Bianca? Adam? Erica? Common thread (besides Erica's Netherlands), is murder.

This is what it comes down to...

Jessie covering up someone's murder to help a family member is no different than if Erica did it for Bianca, or Zach doing it for Kendall.

The reason that people are getting angry with this is because they hate Randi. It has nothing to do with his actions or any type of questioning of his character.

Period. And discodan has spoken..haha

jordan hudson said...

DiscoDan we seem to always disagree. It has nothing to do with me hating Randi. Jesse's actions goes against what has been established with his character. When Angie's daughter was involved with the car accident that supposedly killed Richie. Jesse did not cover for her. When Angie broke into David's house he arrested his own wife. Both of these crimes were not on the same level as what happened with Randi. She took a life, a human life. If Jesse believes that it was self defense then he should in charcater convinced her to tell the truth. That would have been true to the character that has been established. Sorry but to me this is just Pratt again sacrificing character for plot.

On a good note I enjoyed AMC today thanks to my lovley MCE. I think JR and Annie are more interesting then JR & Ebabe. I also liked Beeker with Annie. Oh Adam Mayfield is so hot.

OLTL was amazing today. From the young kids to the veterans. Bo/Nora/Clint were so raw powerful scenes. Todd/Tea/Blair just fing amazing. Strong character drivcen storytelling with intelligent deep dialogue. Matthew finaly showing that this situation is not alright with him...that's reality. he has been putting on a brave front but the truth is out. Loved it.

jordan hudson said...

Disco dan your own words lol

As far as Jesse, I have to go to bat for him again. Like I've said before, it is within his character to defend his family and protect them regardless of consequence. Yes, I's Randi, but whether we like it or not, she's here, she's pregnant, and she's getting her own storylines. Jesse would do the same if it was Natalia, Cassie, or Frankie.

But he didnt do that for Cassie or Angie hence my point. BAD WRITING CHUCK PRATT MUST GO!

and Amphi I'm with you I loved THE COLBY'S (except for Emma Samms she was as much Fallon as JaLu is Liza)

Shadow said...

I seriously love this blog and how thoughtfully everyone expresses themselves. It's a unique, refreshing place full of characters Aggie Nixon would be proud of! This debate about Jessie is such a good example of how soap viewers pay attn to detail and history and character consistency and don't just accept whatever is put in front of them as JHC inferred a while back. Bless you PVP bloggers! Whatever the topic of the day may be, you make me smile everyday. I appreciate that!

Shadow said...

Ok Amp and Jordan, I will concede that maybe I should reconsider The Colbys. Pratt only has one writing credit for it so maybe it was better than I remember. But I bet that one episode really sucked!

Shadow said...

And Dan, I think you have been hypnotized by The Eyes of Stone.

DancingElf88 said...

Just caught up on OLTl and all I have to say is BRILLIANT!
I am officially in love with Tea Delgado. The same way Ashley has it for Amamda...FL will be the woman I turn for if ever it was to happen.
Bo/Nora/Clint stuff was so good. And I love Matthew. He is so good.
I'm feeling for Greg. I think there's more there than just the arrogant surgeon. I loved his scenes with Destiny who was working that hat something fierce.
Matthew + Destiny= Precious!!
I'm over the donor storyline...but I love that there is an actual conclusion and it's playing out. Stacy best not be preggers.
Off to catch up on AMC...wish me luck

DancingElf88 said...

Ugh...I hate this version of Erica. She makes me want to throw things at my television and I don't want that. Ms. Kane is too perfect to make me that angry. I reserve that for Ryan. I love how they keep insisting on the circumstancial evidence against Kendall and how that should be able to get her off but yet are so adamant about Annie's guilt. She had no motive to kill Stuart, her prints were not on the murder I don't get it. Isn't Liza being everyone's lawyer a conflict of interest? I'm glad Jackson dropped that case like it's hot.
Little Emma...are u just lying to protect Mommie? Hmmm... I liked that she didn't hug Ryan goodnight. Is it bad that any torture that man gets I relish in? Does that make me a bad person?

Jordan I like Beeker and Annie too. I agree with Beeker about Stuart becoming a footnote. I've kind of wanted JR/Annie hate love for a while now. I love MCE she keeps me watching. No Annie/Adam romance..just no. I like them interacting but I can NOT get behind a romance.

The Jake/Mamda stuff is kind of interesting too. I'm glad that JaLu doesn't have her baby. The scene at the end was sweet. But does this mean that Mamda wants to get her baby and raise it? What about David? These are issues that are just waiting for PRATT to ignore them.

discodan said...

LOL all I know is that if Nelson Branco's suds report is any indication....we might have to suffer a lil bit more Randi just to prevent disaster...just saying.

AMC was pretty good actually least when I watched it on soapnet...something about that noon timeslot that makes me not wanna watch. Annie was spectacular and hot and I actually bought her attraction/manipulation to Adam, which is a tough sell...MCE = gold. I also liked her trying to brew a friendship with Scott. Nice touch, there.

On OLTL, Daniel Cosgrove is coming as nuJoey...just an FYI

Why do we always end up disagreeing Jordan? I don't know hahaha.

I still would think because of who North was, what he was going to do to Randi, and because of Randi's past, that these other factors add to the explaination that was given. I think, in a way, Jessie kinda sees himself in Randi....wrong side of the tracks-esque. I think that's the angle that's being taken.

Shadow, as far as me being hypnotized...that'll never happen. I still don't like Randi, but I'm a realist when it comes to AMC. We're gunna have to sit through crap. It's a fact of life if you watch AMC. Sad, but true

Shadow said...

Blanco keeps writing stuff like this about one of the east coast actors:

"Which east-coast actor has been loving the extra attention from the studio after an extra-large blind item ran in Suds?"

Who's he talking about?

His title for AMC this week was: "All My Children, A/ABC — The Vortex Of Suck continues …. Wish I'd thought of that one.

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree Jordan that OLTL has been amazing this week. I loved how Blair and Todd just couldn't resist and then Tea's reaction when she caught them.

The Marasco fiasco just keeps getting worse though. I was hoping that it would get wrapped up but after catching Stacy, Rex lets her get the bag of blood back? C'mon! Puh-leeze! He's a professional conman/detective and he can't handle Skanky Stacy?! Why can't they just put her in St Anne's and everyone else can move on with their lives? The whole thing is just tiresome.

Really hoping there's a podcast this week so Ashley can catch us up on all the goings on in the Mendoza household.

jason said...

I'm back after a 5 day cruise to Cabo. It was great, and I loved being away from everything and not having a worry in the world. Now back to reality. I have a lot of tv shows to catch up like True Blood,In Plain Sight and OLTL. I didn't tivo amc when I was gone. I'm exctied to check out Drop Dead Diva. Has anyone been watching the Wendy Williams show? I love her!
Anyone watchin Big Brother? It's been great this season, so much drama!

Mel Got Served said...

Big Brother is INSANE this season. Too many a-holes in the house though. Casey for the win!

I'm very stoked because I put in my time off request for a September trip to Disney World! Very stoked! Now I have to start planning- schedules, where to eat, etc.

Luis Merino said...

I miss Ashley & Jordan! I miss the PVP!!!!!!!!! They watch, so I don't have to!

Crystal said...

Mel, OOoo cool! Let me know if you have any questions. (You didn't say if you have been before.)
I am a Disney expert :) My Ds is 3 and has been to WDW 3 times and DL once. Yes, people thinks we're nuts, ha ha, good thing they don't know we are going back in November.

Mel Got Served said...

Awesome Crystal! I actually have a million questions (mostly food related, haha!) While I've been to Disney before, my friend coming along never has so I want to make sure we get the best food. You can email me at and I can forward you a long list of questions- LOL!

Laura said...

Dumb question - doesn't blood spoil?

My vote on Randi, worse actor than Mr. Kitty on Y&R!

discodan said...

Laura, leave kitty alone...she's a scene stealer.

Mel Got Served said...

Better actor: Randi or Precious the Oraguntan from Passions?

I vote Precious- she was a scene stealer and had amazing costumes (and now she lives with Bubbles the Chimp in Florida!!)

Laura said...

Dan, I love Kitty, not Randi. I just read my soap opera digest, my treat to myself for having a bad cold and I am not liking what I am reading about Stacy. Frons has to be behind this Morasco Fiasco.

Laura said...

Harold the dog was my favorite pet on AMC, a way better actor than half the cast on there now.

Crystal said...

Mel, Precious, hands down. Her fantasy scenes about her and Luis. Emmy caliber, I'm telling you! ;)

jordan hudson said...

Mr. Kitty on Y&R rocks. When Adam and Jack questioned Mary Jane about Mr. Kitty I was laughing my ass off. Stacy Haiduk is amazing.

Bxgal said...

Jordan, like I said before, you got me HOOKED on Y&R, and I am SO thankful!! haha! I too, am loving Kitty Benson! "is that cat dead?" lmao!

I also love Michael Muhney (nuAdam). i've loved him since Veronica Mars. he is so devious and smart, and i love it!!

and on OLTL... i am so happy that the Morasco fiasco is almost over. and Brett Claywell is my new favorite soap actor, he is so versatile after coming off of OTH and Dollhouse. Go Kish!!

and ughh... on AMC, they've really written every character into a corner that there is no practical way of getting them out of.


Terry in Toronto said...

Sorry BxGal but I don't think the Marasco Fiasco is over. I heard that Stacy could be tied to Rex for a very long time ... or at least connected if the storyline I heard rumour of is true. I really think that Crystal Hunt is a one note actress who delivers every line as if she were reading it off cue cards.

Why can't they drop her and just give us more Brody & Jess and more Rachel & anybody? More Matthew & Destiny!

kim said...

ugh i have 4 episodes of amc on my tivo and i can't even watch.. i can't stand anything to do with kendall, zach, ryan, randi... can't watch.. can't take it. kendall used to be one of my favorites, but i can't even listen to her speak anymore, i'm so sick of this show AHHHHHHHHH!!!!

discodan said...

Muhany is definitely growing on me, but he's still no Chris Engen.

Unknown said...

Kitty is my performer of the week on Y&R! Kitty gives better performances than a lot of the cast of AMC. I was dying when Mary Jane put Kitty in a bag and took him on the run and then told Kitty that they had to get dressed up!!! OMG Y&R is amazing right now. So much better than watching Randi and her drama!

Terry in Toronto said...

Randi has drama? Pray tell, how did you know? What does it look like?

I still need someone to watch so I don't have to. I'm lost without Ashley, Jordan and the PVP!

Laura said...

Kim don't watch AMC, read the recaps somewhere. It will save you time and frustration. The only 2 soaps worth watching are Y&R and OLTL. GH has gotten better with the Soras'd Sonny kids. But I don't bother to tape it.

I just got an iphone and the best news is there is an app called that I can watch the previous day's Y&R on. I watch it sometimes on my laptop, but now I have no excuse to miss Y&R.

Has anybody seen the new HBO drama Hung. I have been sick all weekend with a sore throat and watched the first 2 episodes on Demand. So far I like it. Anne Heche is crazy in real life, but a pretty good actress.

Laura said...

AMC Trivia. The talk of the moonwalk has me remembering that Kate Collins father was on this Apollo mission to the Moon 40 years ago.

jordan hudson said...

500 Days of Summer RULES! Hit very close to home for me ...kind of like my life story. Loved Joseph Gordon Levitt is so hot!

Laura I love HUNG! Anne Heche I knew from her AW days when I was a photographer she was always off but sweet. She is a great actress and Rebecca Creskoff who has a supporting role I have always loved. I'm glad she is going to be recurring. With Secret Diary of a Call girl done. I need a hooker show fix lolol

Was not a fluke saw 2nd epsiode of Drop Dead Diva and loved it. It has such heart. It's so much more then I thought.

Just caught up on Entourage. So behind on Weeds.

Saw Dark Blue with Dylan M. It was entertaing. No Closer or Leverage but better then HawthoRNe.

Casey Shamless where are you.

We should if all goes according to plan be back next week with a podcast.

Melissa said...

Wow, I missed you guys! Shadow, I think you and I were on the beach at the same time... different beaches, though. I was in Florida visiting my brand new baby niece, and loving every minute of it.

Ashley, it was so nice to get your post, sleep-deprived though it was. We all miss you and our man Jordan (and Pablo, btw... how is he?). Taylor too.

I just had a marathon watching session of OLTL (excellent) and AMC (yawn), and I'm caught up. Can't say I had my hopes up very high, but still... Annie was deliciously wicked this week, though. Love her scheeming to marry Adam. I hope they keep her on as the new bitch on wheels. Kendall's gone soft, and JaLu doesn't cut it for me.

Randi's preggers. Do we REALLY need more babies on the show??? I think someone else said that several babies ago!

Melissa said...

Oh and thanks to Laura and Jordan for Hung - I've just set it to record on my Tivo. I'm missing my good HBO shows, especially No.1 Ladies Detective Agency.

Anyone watching Nurse Jackie on Showtime?

Weeds is fab this season!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I caught Drop Dead Diva while bored and flipping through On Demand this weekend. You're right- it's a cute show with a lot of heart. The lead on the show- not sure of her name- is a future TV star in the making.

Yesterday I referred to watching all 5 AMCs as "finishing my chores." Yes, I watch only to keep up with the board and podcast. So sad. However, I got through the week fast, as I now FF anytime Zach, Kendall, Ryan and Erica are on together.

Arizonagal said...

First of all, I love Alicia Minshew, BUT she's gotta stop shopping the Jaclyn Smith collection at Kmart. She has some ugly ass dresses. Not only are they not flattering, but they look cheap. Someone mentioned she's 35 yrs old and at this rate, she is never going to have the elegance and the class, the style that her mom has and always had.

Speaking of Looch, she looked smashing in that red ruffly dress and she is as gorgeous as ever.

Annie is getting foxier every day, that hair, wow. When MCE first started I thought, here we go, another boring blond. She sure has made up for those days nitial impressions!

So I've heard some GL rumors, not spoilers, just rumors. Gina Tognoni may go back to OLTL as Kelly (woohoo!).

Crystall Chappell is being romanced by the YR execs. I swear, I will watch is she goes to YR.

Daniel Cosgrove has caught the interest of OLTL execs, cant remember who he'd be, a Buchanan I think.

I hope, I hope.