Monday, July 27, 2009

Something is Really "Rancid" in Pine Valley

  • Randi is constipated? Has a really bad headache? Has to really, really go the bathroom? Oh, right! She is having abdominal pain and may be having a miscarriage.
  • Adam does a little safety dance because InsAnnie is giving him regular doses of her hey-nanny-nanny.
  • Emma gets the Gitmo treatment.
  • The Ghost of Stuart Past visits Kendall (and you know it's him because he is too simple to have ever learned how to completely tuck his collar into his sweaters).
  • We still don't care about this dumbass murder mystery, but we do like Madison's hat.

We're back! A shorter 'cast than we usually do, but a cast nonetheless. We had fun, in between babies crying. (God, it's hard to record a silly show when your newborns are crying.) We missed you all, we hope you like it, and we hope to be back again soon. In the meantime, take a listen and feel free to interject with your ass-toot observations on anything and everything your pretty little hearts desire here.

7/24/09 Podcast


Bxgal said...



Anonymous said...


Now I can get thru my work day....


discodan said...

Jordan, I don't like Randi. I just think of her like Colby....if we have to deal with her, then i guess u gotta accept it. There's not much else you can do about it.

Anonymous said...

Jordan - I agree. If it wasn't for this podcast (and blog), I wouldn't be watching AMC either.

With OLTL and Y&R....AMC is becoming a task, and not an enjoyable one. But I just can't give it up completely.

Nurse Jackie ROCKS!!!


Anonymous said...

Jordan - PLEASE tell me you watch Big Brother!!!


Mel Got Served said...

The first week I DON'T watch and there's a podcast. Darn it! We all know the only reason I watch AMC is to understand the podcast.

In non-AMC news, I accidentally read the ending to the movie Orphan and holy crap, I can't decide if it's the most ridiculous thing I ever read or complete genius (probably #1). I am bummed I didn't see it before I got spoiled b/c I might've peed my pants in the theater over this one.

Jenny, Big Brother is killing me. Looks like my favorite (Casey) will be out this week. This might be my least favorite cast ever.

Anonymous said...

Mel - BB not being the best season seems to be the consensus. Hard core fans are all saying this is a very boring season. And this is the first time I have gotten the live feeds...and yes, kinda boring. But I still love the show. Jeff is the BEST!!!

Ashley - you are EXACTLY right on Farrah Fath. She slouches and can't pick up her feet. Very lazy.

LOVE Tea & Todd.

Why does everyone love Destiny? She annoys me and can't act. I think I am the only one that thinks that!



Mel Got Served said...

I fear Jeff will be gone next and the season's eye candy will be gone. I've had feeds since I think BB7 and after the first week (which was awesome chaos) it's just been painful watching one side dominate. That's no fun.

Chima made a comment once that Jeff was on a soap. I wonder what one...

Mel Got Served said...

Attention Mad Men fans! Afternoon time waster:!!

Here's what I styled myself into:

jason said...

Opened up my itunes to my find a new pvp!! Yay Can't wait to listen!

Michael said...

Hallelujah, the podcast is back and it is sensational! I downloaded it in no time and it just flew by on playback. You two are out of this world.

jordan hudson said...

Sadly I never got into Big Brother guys..... I try not to wtach reality T.V.

OMG AMC was just....I can't even express how wretched today's episode was. It's like Chinese Water Torture. I can't believe that Pratt is a writer who actually paid a salary for this crap. Zach's behavior today and what he did at the end was the most annoying thing. I'm so over this inane storytelling on this show. Who am I suppose to root for. Characters are forced together. There was a time when A Tad/Taylor pairing might have missed the boat because right now they are a snooze fest.

Shadow said...

I don't see the new podcast in the directory on ITunes. The last podcast I see was the one on June 3. Anybody else have trouble finding it?

Melissa said...

Oh. My. God. Frankie. It. Hurts. So. Much.

Somebody call the Emmy people, I think today's performance was a winner!!!

INAHAM said...

I have a Y&R related question posters. Is anyone offended by the Adam is gay storyline? I am, but not because of the whole sleeping with Rafe crap. No, I'm offended that all the freakin Newmans thought it was there job to out him. Yeah, I know he's not really gay, and yeah, he's a manipulative bastard, but still, that story beat irked me. I just was wondering if anybody felt the same way. It's okay if you don't (It's just an opinion after all) I just found it irresponsible and in poor taste.

Something else that's in poor taste is setting up your former friend for murder so you can continue to bang your skeleton, I mean wife. Zach Slater and his horrible Saved By The Bell squish name need to go! Thorsten Kaye, you need to go back to OLTL and save Susan Haskell's Marty from that bore John Mcbain. As a bonus, you wouldn't have to act opposite red-headed, pornstar acting lawyers. Just saying.


Melissa said...

Yes Shadow, I can't find it on itunes either.

DancingElf88 said...

A new podcast: YAY!!! I've missed you JordAsh. I loved the kitty reference because Y&R is indeed smoking. I couldn't find it on iTunes so I just downloaded from the website and opened with WMP. Haven't seen AMC today yet.

Anonymous said...

Could Stacy's baby belong to Fish? Or was that too long ago to be feasible?


jordan hudson said...

Thanks to DC. I found about the We love Soaps site. They had an interview with one of may all time favorite head writers Harding Lemay who wrote my beloved Another World, during what soem consider the Golden Years of Soaps. He was a writer and playwrite first. And so many people felt that when you watched AW during his tenure it wa slike watching a great piece of
theatre. I 'm going to post a quote from the article. When I read this I thought of Chuck Pratt and how he and his horrid writing team need to read this understand this and live by it.

I built from character. They would call me “Mister Why?” because my first question when we were discussing what was going in the scene was, “Why? Why are they doing that?” If you can make sense out of the “why” then it’ll work. And if you can’t then it doesn't work, it doesn’t come from character.

Mr.Lemay you are so right.

Norn Cutson said...

OOOOH its soooo goood to have ya'll back!

I've missed ya!

hey, is anybody going to Ilene Kristen's show this Thursday @ TRIAD?
I'll be there!

jordan hudson said...

Norn exact info on Eillen Kristens show I might want to go

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Hey Glad to see you back! Anyway sorry Jordan I stand behind Zach. Look if I were Kendall and facing the death penalty little lying Emma would be on the stand. I would tell my lawyer to do what they have to get me off.

I am not falling in the poor Emma line. She is a mini psycho in trainning. Plus the actress doesn't really sell it. I saw it done better on GH when Robin was cataonic

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Annie is playing Adam so I am not feeling sorry for her. Also Kendall is far from a skeleton. Zendall is what keeps me watching and without them I wouldn't watch this show.

Unknown said...

OMG Jordan! I loved the Kitty bit!!! And you are so right...Kitty is a better actor than half of the cast of AMC!

Arizonagal said...

Woohoo, welcome back JordAsh. Thanks for tearing yourself away from those precious little babies to do a podcast Ashley.

I just keep thinking how much better this whole "who killed Stuart thing" would be if it was Kathy instead of Emma. Emma is not feisty enough and seems too complacent and almost like she's in a hypnotic state. It'd be more interesting if she was on the bratty side. We need some eviliciousness in our little girl.

Oh yeah, and this ticked me off. Angie tells Jesse that God would not allow Randi to miscarry because she doesn't deserve it. Gimme a break... This is a doctor talking. Statistically, miscarriages in the first trimester are quite common. She's young, she can get preggers again. Stupid. I can't imagine a doctor saying something that idiotic. And most women who miscarry don't deserve it, but it happens anyway.

The dialog is just plain corny.

I'm just shaking my head, why is this soap so consistently bad?

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Arizona gal I agree Emma is sleepwalking

Bxgal said...

Have you all read this?!?!????

Arizonagal said...

Wow BXgal, just read that DC article. Would Looch make that move? Would Alicia? Interesting. I can't believe what a world of hurt our soaps are in.

Anyone know how many soaps are shot on the left coast?

Michael said...
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Michael said...

Y&R, GH, B&B, DOOL film in California and OLTL, AMC & ATWT (GL too but not much longer) are in NYC. I read the article, thanks for the link. I too got a sick feeling about the fate of OLTL if AMC goes west.

Jordan, that article on Harding Lemay is gold. Mac/Rachel/Iris is one of the best things in soap history. I have seen some YouTube clips recently, and the writing is stellar.

INAHAM, I have never watched Y&R, but watched the Rafe/Adam scenes because of the major hubbub. I cannot add a new soap to my life. The show and the actors are all gorgeous, but it struck me that this Rafe character was hot on the trail of saving a family member from jail and one caress on the cheek and it’s so long sister—hello mister. Not judging the show, it’s been the top soap for 20 plus years but it struck me as odd. Rafe is also played by someone named Gellman (like the guy on Regis and Kelly) great-looking and talented, but I know there are more than a few Latinos available for that role in Los Angeles.

jason said...

Wow that Rancid scenes...horrible. Even those porn actors were better.

Norn Cutson said...

here's the info for Ilene's show!

Thursday, July 30, 2009 at 8:00pm
The Triad
158 West 72nd Street
Triad recommends making reservations
$20 cover/2 drink min/cash only


Jordan, i would love to meet you!
i know all the WE LOVE SOAPS guys are gonna be there, its gonna be fun!

Mel Got Served said...

So I watched 6 minutes of AMC this morning before leaving for work, and holy ****... Randi's "acting" in the hospital was SO BAD. Just horrible. I think I'm glad I missed all last week.

I LOVE FAME. I saw Fame when I was maybe 7 and have loved it since. I do an amazing impression of Shirley, the girl who brings along Leroy for her audition and then he gets in. "This was MY audition, not yours!" "Who wants to go to school to learn to dance anyways?!" Classic.

Ash, so psyched you're on Twitter! Look forward to reading your tweets whenever you have the chance. And the babies are ADORABLE!

DancingElf88 said...

Caught up on AMC:
Those Randy scenes...horrible.
Jesse/Angie/Frankie turned it out but the dialogue was horrendous.
I feel bad for little catatonic Emma I think she could do better but I still feel for her.
I still love Annie...always will. What Zach did was wrong. I find it amusing how all of these people who have murdered before and plotted to murder get to judge someone else. Annie was mentally unstable when she committed those crimes...were they? I'm so sick of this whodunnit storyline.

Bxgal said...

hey jordan... just checked my e-mail. thanks for the heads up on whats going down.

i also loved Rebecca. that maid was scary just to look at!

brtedi said...

Before the today's episodes of AMC & GL come on where I'm at...

7/27/09 GL: Shayne, Dinah and the roof! And, this time they're not trying to jump...Yay! Dinah said, "Yes!" Now that's what I coming full circle. For Shaynah fans, the writers couldn't have done better...:-)

Kim Zimmer-That woman acts her face off! :-)

7/27/09 I wish I could be just as enthused about AMC. Here goes:

As always: Melissa Claire Egan!-Yay!

I think, somebody got Lucy Merriam an acting coach...Considering she just turned 7, she's on a roll--imho.

Loved the scene with sleeping baby Trevor and Amanda!--

Now here's a thought, the two scenes I liked the best, yesterday, had small children and basically no dialogue...I can't decide if that's really funny or really sad!

brtedi said...

"Wow BXgal, just read that DC article. Would Looch make that move? Would Alicia? Interesting. I can't believe what a world of hurt our soaps are in."

AZgal--Here's another one. Would Thorsten Kaye move? Susan Haskell is on OLTL...Does OLTL have plans, of its own, to move as well?

Shadow said...

So good to hear your voices! I'm smiling through the whole thing. I know it's hard when the babies cry so it just makes me appreciate the podcast that much more. Even though it's hard at first, it's good for you and them for you to take a sanity break now and then and for them to have some bonding time with Carlos.

Ugh, AMC. The stories have no momentum. They just lag with no direction. And Pratt treats everyone as if they are the same age which just makes everything monotonous and awkward. Poor Emma is under attack from all the adults as if she were just another PV retard. Erica and Adam are snogging with Ryan and Annie like there isn't 80 years difference in age between them. Erica is chatting up JR at the Fusion bar as if they are old high school pals. (As if all alcoholics love to sit at bars and drink sparkling cider and lemon water.) But for the fact that you see the faces talking, if you shut your eyes and listen, everyone sounds the same. Generic, ageless, bland. Except Annie who is doing her best to snap up the drivel she's being given. These characters should act their ages and have dimension like those on OLTL. Instead they are all on a horizontal age line. Erica and Adam are dating the same people as their kids. If Erica was so shocked by Bianca's lack of foresight in accepting Zach as her sperm donor, how can she not see a relationship with Ryan as an equally poor choice?

The answer, of course, is that Pratt is a moron who cannot write a plausible story that in any way resembles what this show or these characters are all about. The reason why it's hard to tell what Adam's intentions with Annie is because Pratthole doesn't know yet. When he started this whole thing, Amanda was going to be the murderer and Annie was having sex with Aidan at Oakhaven. Somewhere along the way he changed his mind. So how is any of this supposed to make sense to anybody from one moment to the next? If the writer(s) don't know where a story is headed and they are pulling it out of their ass(es) as they go, how does a director direct the actors? How do the actors on any given day know how to play the scene? What are we as viewers supposed to take away from the story every day?

Chuck Pratt is the cancer in this show. Nobody can do their job well under these circumstances. Contract negotiations aside, he still should have his stories mapped out before they start airing any of it, and he ought to be able to stick with it for the most part.

Chuck Pratthole is an anal cancer on the butthole of AMC which Frons or somebody must excise before it becomes a terminal infection and ruins the show forever!! Anyone Pratthole is responsible for hiring should be removed as well to prevent any possibility of recurrence!!!


The healing can only begin after he is gone.

Ginger said...

I'm SSSSOOOO glad you are back!! I don't really have time to read the blog so I missed the podcasts.

Congrats on the twins. I'm so clueless, I had no idea.

Thanks for coming back. If you can't do AMC, I would listen to you two discussing any subject.

INAHAM said...

Sigh...All I have to say is Asa's ghost is stalking around the Buchanan lodge and it's still more realistic than AMC. That is all.

Luis Merino said...

Just a little clarification, Ashley & Jordan, about Mormons...

I am an active member of the LDS Church and have been my entire life. And while the overly generalized statement "Mormons don't like gay people," is true for most members of this church, it is JUST that-- an overgeneralized statement.

I really have absolutely no problem with gay people, and am actually not against giving them the right to marry, in the least. I think the entire idea and concept of being gay is grossly misunderstood by most Mormons. They don't understand, and they don't want to understand-- which is why then become construed as "not liking Gay people."

Truth be told though, most Mormons are very good people, and what other people mark as "hate" is rooted in, like I said, misunderstanding.

Anyway, I want you to know that I wasn't really offended by what was said (mainly because I love you guys so much), but I just felt like I needed to make that clarification-- that just because one is Mormon, doesn't mean they "hate Gay people." (or are racist.. hahaha.) :)

(for those of you who don't know, I'm latino)


Arizonagal said...

So, Ashley, now that you are the mom of twins, have you become a laze chankleta walker? LOL

Because AMC and Mr. Suck Pratt bore me to tears, I'm gonna talk OLTL.

I'm no Geej fan, but I loved it when she got back in Stacy's face and decked her. Finally Geej shows some grit. Stacy falling down the stairs in a fur coat and red lingerie was too funny, including those noises she made. BTW, I am not a Stacy hater, I get a kick out of her. She has good comic instincts.

Feeling bad for Clint and not sure I'm buying Nora and Bo - again.

Shadow said...

Ashley said, "You can pray to an earthworm if you want...".


Shadow said...

Looks like Jackson's on his way to Europe for a while in a Brooke English sort of way. I read the spoiler about Marian and can confidently say Pratt is a dickhead. Good news: Opal's going to get more screentime. Bad news: So is Natalia.

We have to come up with a nickname for Natalia. For the record, I'm not a fan of hers.

DC says there's a rumor AMC may be moving from NYC to LA. I can only imagine the hell that would wreak on the show. Hopefully Pratt is upside down in his mortgage and can't afford to move. James Mitchell aka Palmer already moved there so who knows.

Biggest news of all and surest sign that things aren't getting better any time soon: Nurse Chuckie is coming back in August.

I see a donut hole coming up soon.

Ashley said...

Luis - thank you for the ass-toot clarification on the LDS church and Mormons. I felt like an a-hole when I made the statement, because Lord knows I hate generalizations myself, me being a fiery Puerto Rican and all. My apologies.

That being said, I still have a feeling that here may be some truth to the rumor that that they got rid of Teen Colby #1 due to some pretty effed up ideas she had. They husked her away way too quickly, and her replacement wasn't all that much older. Ambyr was popular, talented, and her character didn't even end up with Frankie anyway.

Ah, this is all moot, because Chuck Pratt sucks anyway! FIRE CHUCK PRATT!


Mel Got Served said...

But why did it take Ambyr so long to leave? She was sorta paired with Dre for awhile- even kissed him. I don't know what went down and after I saw the blind item in Suds Report, it made sense, I just wonder what broke the straw's back if she had already been involved with another black castmember.

Laura said...

Oh I think this weeks podcast was just the thing I needed to make me feel better. I had a throat infection, then caught a throat virus, and I am on mucho medicine. I've been down for a week. Planning to go back to work tomorrow.

Ashley I can remember that new mom feeling when your baby is crying. Sometimes they just cry and it's good for them to bond with Daddy, otherwise you will be stuck in the house forever! I can remember getting up at 5:00 AM to run to the store before hubby left at 6:00 AM, and so glad to be out of the house for 1/2 an hour. The only time I liked grocery shopping.

Brian Frons and Chuck Pratt are on facebook. Judy Blye Wilson disowned me as a friend, I see she is still friends with Ashley. I tried to become their friends, if not I am setting up another facebook page and sending them nasty messages about how I hate what they are doing to ABC Daytime. Not too mature, but I am frustrated.

I think Pratt is probably LA based. Maybe Frons too. Probably the evil master plan is to move AMC to LA, cancel OLTL, GH is in LA, and get the view to move when Barbara retires. Then Frons can micro manage in just one spot.

I hate those idiots!

Everyone has to look at Ashley's adorable babies. If you ever off one up at E-baby, let me know!

Thursday is Ilene's birthday, she was friends with our cousin who died. The cousin left me my persian cat. One day I was petting her, and I looked up and saw a similar looking cat on Y&R. I had a creepy feeling while petting her while Mary Jane was petting a dead cat. I agree that Kitty Benson can act circles around AMC.

For those who care there is another another AMC podcast, nowhere as good as our little favorite podcast. But it does a good job recapping, better than watching the show for sure. Smart All My Children Podcast. That's an oxymoron if I ever heard one. The guys name is Joe Negron.

I don't know if it is up to date, only 6 episodes are posted. I would have quit after 1.

JordAsh, glad you enjoy Hung.

Anonymous said...

I was struggling to watch the show today, and then, joy of joys, I checked the website and saw a new podcast was up! Thank you,thank you, Ashley and Jordan, (and Carlos for watching the babies!)You have been missed!
I'm only 1/2 way through the podcast, I think I will savor the rest of it at work tomorrow, but I wanted to comment on the age difference with Adam/Insannie and Donna/Palmer. I checked my AMC "bible", The AMC Family Scrapbook, 25th Anniversary Collectors Edition, for some insight. Palmer came to PV in 1979, was the father of Nina and later, Ross (Adam's nephew), and, I think a generational peer of Adam's. That he married Donna and had a baby with her when he was presumably in his late 50's is not such a stretch, because I think at the time Donna was probably in her early 30's. So I think there's a huge difference between the two couples, age wise! Adam is, at best, in his mid 60's. Annie is not yet 30. Additionally, Donna and Palmer becoming a couple and finally marrying was preceeded by months of interesting storytelling, the former hooker being taken in by the wealthy widower, a love/hate relationship that blossomed despite obstacles.
Having just written that, I am struck, once again, by how unhappy everyone in PV is nowadays. No love, no joy, no relationships. Just lies, revenge, homicide.
Everything else that I feel was stated very elegantly by Shadow, in his 12:22 post.
Barb in MN

Laura said...

I can live with AMC moving to California, if they don't tell the usual suspects where the new studio is! Rancid, Aidumb, Coldby, JaLu, Ryass

Crystal said...


I didn't watch the show this last week. Not a single scene. I deleted them all. I didn't have much time this last week and I just couldn't take it anymore.

I am sad I missed Madison's hat. LOL

D-Money said...

Glad to hear you again, Ashley and Jordan! I've so missed the podcasts.

Ashley, the twins are cuties! Can't wait till my sister-in-law has her twin girls in the next couple of months.

You guys mentioned Gloria that was married to Adam way back in the day. That was nurse Gloria Marsh played by Theresa Blake. The only reason I remember that is because my husband and I met her in Las Vegas when she was on the show. Very nice girl and stunningly beautiful.

I don't generally pay much attention to Randi but she was SO horrible this week that I couldn't help but watch. Kinda like a train wreck, you know?

Thanks again for the podcast this week!


Melissa said...

I was at the gym today, and my elliptical machine had Who Wants to be a Millionaire. The cast of AMC did a promo - Sabine Singh was there as Greenlee. Sorta seems like she's coming back. Anyone know anything?

Crystal said...

Jordan, don't call my man a punk! LOL

The new DA is BORING. Maybe he is used to being a stage actor and is trying to pull back too much so he doesn't overact. ???

Crazy Daisy, oh no. "I created Rhapsody in Red!"

jason said...

Just started watching AMC they would start with "You are leaving over my dead body." "Thats a dangerous thing to say to a killer." Poor Alicia and Susan.! and Emma writing Mommy on the wall is over the top. I hate Ryan and Zach.

Bxgal said...

well they said in the DC article that if they have to move the to LA, they will be prepared to have some actors leave the show if they don't want to move to LA.... hopefully, Denise Vasi, Brianne Moncrief, JaLu, and Aidumb will refuse to leave NY!! fingers crossed!!!

Oliver said...

Welcome back and congratulations.

Thanks for another highly entertaining podcast (love the Fame shout out)

Jordan, I also listened to the Pete Lemay interview, and I love his subtle digs at Doug Marland and Jackie Courtney - very juicy.

As for AMC, I still don't understand the Liza and the baby story. Did she come to town with the plan to fake the pregnancy? If so, why didn't she wear the belly when she showed up in PV? Also, if the plan was to impress Colby, why isn't Colby involved in raising the baby? And if Tad and Zach both know that she wasn't preggers, why don't they tell other people?

Arizonagal said...

hmmm, looks like Emma is on the road to crazy town. Still wishing it was Kathy, who already had the coordinates and was halfway there!

FYI, a quick trip to IMDB, Palmer and Donna were 30 years age diff. Adam and Annie, 42... ewww. Look I'm a lot older than Annie and the thought of swapping spit with Adam still grosses me out. Love DC but rather see him with someone more age appropriate.

jordan hudson said...

Crystal I wish I deleted last weeks AMC. The show is just unbearable to wtach. Who thought I would be wishing for the Mctavish years. Shivers.

Anyway as wrong as AMC is OLTL and GL are so right. Oh to see two veterans , age appropriate with history reconnect. Everything about Nora and Bo I'm loving. One almsot forgot how great they were as a couple. Unlike Erica and Jackson who kept breaking up and getting back together. Bo & Nora have been apart for so many years since their initial break up so yeah for long time fans this has a been along time coming. ( But then I still want Clint and Vicki back together).

GL is killing me. Kim Zimmer was showing why she has won so many emmys. Monday's was outstanding. The continue announcements of past cast members coming back before the show ends is beyong exciting. GL will be over in Sept. But it will leave with it's head held high and showing that they still have it.

My god Dylan and Bridgit are returning. I loved the two of them.

GaeaGoddess said...

Hey guys – so glad you're back! I haven’t listened to the podcast yet, but I’m very much looking forward to it! Just a few quick items:

1.Has anyone noticed that Ryass has been walking around with a split seam on the back of his jacket? I first noticed it on the show last Friday, and as of yesterday’s show, he’s still wearing it. It appears that the costumers are as attentive as the writers. I can’t believe that no one has either fixed it, or given the man something new to wear!

2.Is anyone a fan of the NY Times Crossword Puzzle? Susan Lucci was one of the clues on Sunday’s puzzle! Who needs an Emmy? She’s a clue on the puzzle –how awesome is that?!? :)

3. Has anyone thought of a nickname for Natalia yet? My first thought was “Scrappy”, but that reminds me of the annoying kid on this season’s Big Brother. (What a snorefest!) Then I figured that it should be something closer to her character. Something like “Spawn” comes to mind…

Michael said...

Spawn is good or SpawnJess, I like Robocop or Dodocop because she always has that uniform on every time I see her. The character’s defining moment was when Erica was ordering her around the police headquarters and she was scraping and bowing like an indentured servant, but Natailfly McQueen is a mouthful.

Mel Got Served said...


Crystal said...

I LOVED Nora and Bo. Those are the days I used to watch OLTL before and I always loved them together.

I think Natalia is the miraculous 33 year old-17 year old. I don't know what kind of name that could be.

Mel Got Served said...


Esther... see Orphan or google "Orphan twist ending"

GaeaGoddess said...

My girlfriend suggested "No-tail-ya", but that's not exactly true. She's got a little junk in the trunk...

I just looked up the meaning of the name "Natalia". It means "Born on Christmas Day". It should be more like "Spawn of Jesse, with a mouth like Steven Tyler, destined to be a Dodocop".

Shadow said...

Shitalia. Shatalia. Present or past tense?

So I've redone my office. Today I installed the pièce de résistance-- WinTV so I could get HD on my desktop. I scanned and got loads of channels--FOX, NBC, CBS. I saw Special Johnny on there. I get several shopping channels. Man they sell some cheap shit on the TV.. Got all the foreign language channels, PBS, the scary televangelist channels. Saw somebody slap somebody on the head for Jesus. I clicked over at the right time to see AMC and it's the one damn channel I'm not picking up. WTF?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Chrishell just tweeted "Just read a new script that won't air for about a month-a little worried. Calling all Jamanda fans-show them your support!!Can't say more :("

GaeaGoddess said...

Hmm…I’m intrigued. I’m wondering if Chuck Pratt’s genius mind is crafting something amazingly twisted. I’ll bet that he’s going to have Emma take an axe to Jake and Amanda because they actually have a plot that somewhat makes sense. (And we ALL know how he loves plots that are unreasonable and uncharacteristic!) Then, he’ll have Emma stalking the gigantic hole in her dad’s jacket with a Rambo knife between her teeth.

Crystal said...

*Movie spoiler*

Mel, only she is reversed so maybe we should call her nahpro, ha ha.

Eric said...

I am Loving the older posse on OLTL right now, Vicki is awesome! and Nora & Bo so good!
also, peep to my fav Bree Williamson, and seeing her with Brody so cute, the scenes when he would just hold her by the waist! swoooon.

not going to lie, i like Insannie on AMC. Love when Kendall and Erica are in scenes together, even when the dialogue is :s

oh, Jordan... it was so cool to hear you guys talk about Ontario, Canada! we love you guys here ( well i do) Anyways, you should really plan a trip to Toronto, Ontario! it is a beautiful, welcoming city, with many sights and attractions. It even has it's own LGBT community and street full of restuarants, bars, shops. As well as many other gay friendly areas in the city!

So glad you guys are back!
Congrats Ashley!

Ps. What is going on Y&R!! i am torn if i like this or if it is all just too much, but i am entertained so i guess that's what matters

Arizonagal said...

You know I don't get all this hatin' on Natalia. Don't get me wrong. I don't love her, I don't even like her. However, in comparison to Rancid, she is not that bad. On the days when Ehlers isn't reciting Shakespeare, I'll take Natalia over Rancid. Oh who am I kidding, I'm fast forwarding thru all that shit.

And if Rancid wasn't good looking she wouldn't be getting these craptastic storylines. Has nothing to do with talent, obviously. The episode I saw yesterday, when Angie tells Jesse that Rancid miscarried, Jesse's reaction was so pained, but you could tell, it wasn't pain over the miscarriage, it was pain over the b.s. script. Oh Jesse, I feel your pain! We hurting too.

I'm sitting here in my office and typing this and shaking my head. There is so friggin much wrong with this show, ugh... it's all bullshit. If it wasn't for GL and OLTL. OOOH, forgot, on GL, thank god, Jeffrey is alive and looking delish.

Somewhere I read recently that KimZim wants a Reva/Josh reconciliation before the show ends. I can't think of anything I disagree with more than that. After the first dozen breakups it all gets a bit silly.

INAHAM said...

Natalia's nickname should be Bucktalia. I know it's a little racist, but she so reminds me of Buckwheat from the Little Rascals.

Shadow said...

Nastalia isn't even hot. She wears that stupid police hat with the hair sticking out of it and she runs like Phoebe on Friends. I hate the character and what she represents in the Hubbard clan and I don't think she's much of an actress. I can handle Bucktooth Boogerface because she had a little spark. Nastalia or NoCass (Not Cassandra) just needs to disappear. She isn't going to grow on me because it is too freaking stupid. Even dumber than Frankie, the promising surgeon, marrying a really attractive hooker who gets an STD checkup twice a week and has lawyers and doctor begging her to marry her. I would love to be able to type all this, have some of TTIC read it and possibly curb the storyline before they waste too much film on the character.

Mel Got Served said...

My gripe with Natalia is she shouldn't even exist. I didn't even watch AMC back in the day, but there is no way Jesse fathered a daughter mere MONTHS after "dying" and going on the run. If the child were more like 13 or so, maybe slightly more believable, but they wrote her to have been conceived as soon as he peaced out of Pine Valley.

Natalia isn't a character; she is a plot point.

Shadow said...

Exactly Mel. So I want Natalia to just disappear much like Bobby Martin. I don't need to know where she went or why she's gone. Just *poof*, vanished. I don't want to see her or think about her ever again. I don't want TIIC to spend a penny trying to get me to care about her. I'd rather they use that money on characters I like. Rehire Brooke. Build a home set for Erica. Hire a new writer. Hell, give the money to Robin Strasser. Just stop pushing this idiot of a plot on me. The only storyline I want to watch with Natalia is the one where we find out that the brain tumor that killed her mother was contagious and hereditary and in which we discover that she has a pituitary gland problem that makes her tumor grow spontaneously and rapidly killing her in an instant.

Laura said...

I am calling her Naptalia. Mostly because when I see her, I want to take a nap. But some days her hair does look a little nappy. But that's because they don't hire hairdressers for the women of color.

Speaking of hair, I heard or read a long time ago that Kassie DePaiva highlights her own hair with Joleen Cream Bleach that women use to lighten up facial hairs. She says she's been doing it herself for years. I highlight my hair and I leave it to the professionals.

There was some interesting comments on DC about AMC moving to the west coast. My favorite was, same shit different coast!

AMC was so boring today. Nothing held my attention. I'll watch and wonder, why is JaLu always in black? Doesn't Ebabe remind me of Olive Oyl? What kind of lip gloss does Annie use? Is Alicia showing yet? and on and on. I know I have ADD but I can stayed glued to Y&R. Does this happen to anyone else?

Just put me out of my pain, move a few good characters to OLTL and have Ron C write for them all. This is not my AMC anymore.

Shadow said...

Does Naptalia even have a last name?

jason said...
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jason said...

I'm finally sick and tired of the Marsco Fiasco storyline on OLTL. They're not doing anything new with Stacy. She needs to go to prison, it will give her a new storyline. She's a broken recored.
There's also a great new interview with Farah Fath who comes and says that she hates the Stacy storyline and basciclly says that Ron C and Frank V. are not responsible for the storyline. I also find it interesting that she didn't show no love for Crystal Hunt, who I like and I think Crystal plays a great bitch. I love Farah now. Not many people speak out on how they really feel about their storylines. Here's the link:

So Kendall really killed Stuart right? Thank god! So happy the writers did have Annie do it.
Naptalia! Haha Laura! I agree. She's so goofy and a joke. Why the heck is she still on the show? Make her interesting by writing her as a Lesbain. Though we know Pratt-Hole can't handle minority storylines.

Here's another interview with Fish and Kyle from oltl. I can't wait for this s/l to unfold. Kyle is beyond sexy.

jason said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
jason said...

The link for the Farah Fath interview didn't post. Here it is again:

DancingElf88 said...

I just caught up on the Annie scenes for AMC. I don't know if I can take watching the whole show so for now I'll stick to my favorite characters. I kind of want a Scott/Annie that wrong?
MCE is so wonderful. She and SM are the reason why I'm still watching this ridiculousness.

Mel Got Served said...

I've been loving an idea of Scott/Annie. I always thought the actor playing Scott could also have been a good Special Johnny recast (Eventhough I think he bears a striking resemblance to Adam/Stuart Chandler, so this works)

GaeaGoddess said...

I slept through most of yesterday’s episode, so I hope I didn’t miss anything earth-shattering. (I’m going to guess that I didn’t.) I was only awake long enough to see the rip in Ryan’s suit jacket make another cameo, and to see Naptalia the Dodocop doing a bad Charlie’s Angels impression on Adam’s terrace. C’mon…even her dad thought it was stupid.

Look, I know that plenty of y’all have a lot more time logged in with this show than I do, but I actually remember the old days of Jesse and Tad, Greg and Jenny, etc. I only recently started watching AMC again and I’m trying to figure out if it was always this bad, (but way back when, I was too young to know the difference), or if it’s just been a suckfest as of recent years. I tend to believe the latter.

This said, since I was a Jesse fan from years past, I find Natalia’s character completely absurd. Mel explained it best – why on earth would Jesse have fathered a daughter immediately after “dying”. He loved Angie with reckless abandon! There’s no way his character would’ve done this. Again, I agree with Mel…if Natalia’s character had surfaced being a young teen, that would’ve made more sense. They could’ve even had developed a Frankie/Natalia sibling bond to help get through the grief of Natalia losing her mother, and Frankie working through his issues of abandonment with his father. ANYTHING, but the DBTE plot they have him doing now!

Crystal said...

Also, don't forget, Jesse said he had been with 'other women' who helped him some but, he just kept wandering around until he had to go to the institution where he met Natalia's Mom. So, he slept with even more women before she was conceived. He is a fast worker!

Laura said...

I loved Billy Miller today and Y&R. He can go toe to toe with Eric Braedon. Let him go to CBS was like when the Cubs let Lou Brock go. Fire Frons

On the bright side, my favorite dead behind the eyes actor Kitty Benson is scheduled to make a return.

Today was a bit better on AMC, but we had to deal with Naptalia, Jerkson, and Aidumb. A trifecta of suck.

But my Insannie rocked it in that hot outfit and her bangs.

And JaLu wore cream today! I do like the characters of Tad and Taylor together. But I love JR Martinez. How great would he be with Carmen! I can just hear Frons saying, we already have the Latins on another show, AMC has the blacks. What a moron. Fire him now.

Crystal said...

JaLu looked so weird today and then I figured out it was because she was not in black.

Jackson's tie looked like it was up to his chin as if they are trying to keep his bobble head from moving.

Norn Cutson said...

i just got back from Ilene's show!
it was a LOT of fun! & PACKED!
The Triad is a teeeny tiny club!
Jordan, your husband Adam Mayfield was there! you coulda used the tight space to your advantage!
Kristen & Eddie Alderson, Ron Carlavati, Brian Kerwin, Tika Sumpter, the girl who plays LANGSTON & my husband Jason Tam were all there!
Plus Ilene's mother, who is sooo cute!

Ilene's music is all like kind of cuban-jazz-funk, most of the room was dancin' in their seats!
At one point, Ilene got too hot & poured a water bottle down her cleavage! & DAMN you should see her shake it!!!

After the show, it turned into a party, with Ilene's mother handing out cake to everyone...there was cheesecake, chocolate cake, red velvet cake, a key lime pie..
Ilene's mom was handing cake to everyone & she wouldn't take no for an answer!

Adam Mayfield is so tall that he had to be stooped over the whole time, the ceiling was regular height but it was too low for him!
He was just hangin out eatin' cake with all the rest of us!
You could have totally worked your magic, Jordan!

I sat with the WE LOVE SOAPS guys, they got a lot of good pix that i'm sure they will post tomorrow!

Everybody had a good time!

Arizonagal said...

Hey Norn, could you please post a link to the pics when they show up? Wish I was 2 thousand miles closer. I adore Ilene Kristen.

Arizonagal said...

one of the things that bug me about the Stuart story is that there is no air of mystery, no suspense. A lot of peopleare talkig about it, a lot of people in PV are talking about the list of suspects, talking about the babies. That's it, a lot of people are standing around talking, pointing their fingersa at others and nothig is happening.

We have Zach, the aging rebel, talking tough and it's not working, he's boring and rude as ever. Kendal's talking about how she did it. Annie is talking about how she didn't do it.argh,

DancingElf88 said...

The return of Aidumb--dang it! He is one bitter man. I love my InsAnnie. I liked the Kendal/Annie scenes...those were good.
JaLu was in somethign other than black: shock and awe!
I loved everything about OLTL. I love that little Matthew. Rachel is the best. More Jess/Brody!
I'm lovin the whole Cole going undercover thing. It amused me to no end that Vicki had a picture of all of her husbands. I had no idea she had gotten married so many times.
Markko and langston: YAY!

GaeaGoddess said...

The thing that I find most odd about Aidumb is that he actually becomes LESS attractive when he smiles. How does that happen? Most people look better when they flash their pearly whites. He just looks uncomfortable as if using his smiling muscles is overly taxing.

JaLu looked decent in something other than black. But again, the costumers were remiss…they should’ve given her some nipple daisies when wearing that color. I swear that I could see all of her nipples in that dress!

At least Ryass had a different jacket on. As far as I could tell, this one didn’t have a big rip in it. Maybe the costumers can only handle one thing at a time…

Anonymous said...

I have a new name for about NOT-AT-ALLia? As in she is not at all a good character? Or GENItalia, cause I am not sure which genitals she has. J/K

Also, I am reading some really messed up rumors on another site. They are posted by that bitch ass Nelson Branco, but sometimes he is right. It claims that they are considering moving AMC or OLTL to LA to shoot the show there permanently.

I am also hearing that Jackson(Walt Willey) and Erica(Susan Lucci) are going to be phased out, similar to the way John and Marlena were on Days. I hope this is just speculation. If AMC has to fire Susan Lucci, I say it's time to cancel the show.

Crystal said...

Tyrone, I LOVE that name! LOL

Shadow said...


Thanks for the nip-tip. I will definitely check that episode out! At least that is *something* worth watching on AMC.

Ms. Kane:

Haven't seen you this week so I hope you see this. Great job on the podcast closing! That was fun to hear! The more participative we are, the more fun it is to be part of the PVP family.

I don't love Jack, but I don't loathe him either. I just got really tired of him and Erica back and forth. Considering how the familiar faces are disappearing these days, it's hard for me to take much pleasure in his absence. I'm ready for some recognizable faces to come back. I was happy with Marian, but they're going to f*ck that up soon. We'll probably never see Brooke again which makes me tremendously sad. She and Erica could carry the show like Viki and Dorian do OLTL. But what about Ellen, Greg, Livia, Derek, Tom, Janet, or some other character played by an actor who is still around and not busy at the moment? Instead some dumbass murder of our beloved Stuart, why not some sweet, syrupy, stupendous send fall send off for Palmer with lots of returns-Nina, Daisey, Ross?

Arizonagal said...

phase out Looch? phase out Strasser? REDIC!@!$*^!!

See this is why this blog is so important for peeps like me. I can't bitch to my husband, he doesn't watch soaps. My BFF watches GL but not AMC so she doesn't care. My other BFFs don't watch soaps. This blog is my only sounding board for AMC. Why why WHY do TIIC think that if you're over a certain age you should be disposed of and totally disrespected like Julia Barr? I don't tune in to see eye candy, I want to see amazing characters in great storylines. I don't want to see the likes of Randi and Colby delivering lines in monotone with glazed eyes, drooling, and no expression. I tune in for Looch and Strasser and KimZim and all the other pros who make our soaps thrilling, exciting. I watch for DePaiva, Cosgrove, Chapelle, Ryland, Wmsn, Lozano, Tognoni, Branson, and so so many others.

And another thing. Watching DBTERandy is torture. If she is in a scene, there is nothing anyone sharing that scene can do to save it. She brings everyone around her down and they know it, look at their expressions, you can see it on Darnell, Debbie... Why aren't we getting them front and center instead of this model trying to act. She has nothing to offer, she is boring, she hasn't sold one storyline, one scene she's been in. We get NADA from her. And now she's in a front burner story. Suck Pratt, you Chuck!! And further evidence that TIIC are really idiots, they hire Stephanie Gatschet and they effed her character up when she could have added so much depth to the canvas, she is an amazing talent, she can play anything.

This is what bugs me about the current situation on AMC. There must be literally thousands of gorgeous and talented actors in NYC, waiting tables, struggling to find a job. There is surely a wealth of talent available. If Judy Blight - JuBLY - feels the need to cast based on looks, that really does little to limit the pool of actors from which she can select. So Denise Vasi is gorgeous - BFD - so are a thousand other young actresses who could have pulled this role off and given Randi a pulse.

Ugh, so frustrated...

TGIF and have a great weekend ya'll

Melissa said...

Natalia irritates the hell outta me, but she looked the best she's ever looked in today's episode... gotta give props when there are any :-)

Melissa said...
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Bxgal said...

Does anyone here watch true blood? On sunday i saw the last 10 minutes of the episode "hard-hearted hannah" as i was waitng for hung to come on and it was amazing!!!!!! I imediately watched the first 8 episodes of seasone one in a row!!! I didn't get any sleep that night. I really need to discuss it with someone on here!!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

I looooooove me some True Blood! Feel free to email to discuss anytime:

WMD said...

Here I am, Ashley! :) I didn't realize you and Jordan missed me so much...perhaps I would've made a better effort to post. In any case, I was trying to juggle work and summer classes at the same time, and to prioritize, since the podcast was not in production, I stopped reading the comments. I did read Shadow's postings and watch AMC, though. The last day of the summer session was yesterday, so I listened to the podcast at work today.

To sum up everything I would have said...AMC is mostly a load of crap. The only thing keeping me going is the Stuart "murder-mystery," which despite being highly implausible in many ways, has its moments. We still haven't established everyone's wereabouts. Personally, I think AMC is gonna copy off the Simpsons...Emma killed Stuart. (The only other good candidate is Annie, and adding Stuart to the Insannie Body Count is dumb even for AMC.)

Oh yeah...and I still hate Stacy Morasco. :p She's like the OLTL version of Insannie, but without any backstory that would allow us to sympathize with anything she does. That story's been a flop. End it quick, Ron!

Michael said...

Okay MelG, how do you get those links to post in your comments? My links just post as text and I can't get the HTML tags to work. Yes, I am stupid, and if it’s a trade secret you can't share, I'll understand.

jordan hudson said...

I have to get this off my chest, so forgive me. I'M NOT AMUSED! The rumors are back on the internet that in the next few months either AMC or OLTL will be getting the axe to make way for a talk show with Aishea "ZZZZZZZZ" Taylor. Also that they are considering moving AMC to L.A.

The reality is that it's true what I heard a middle age daytime Diva say a few years ago. In the next five to ten years all the soaps will be off the air. She was right at this rate.

This industry is dying and to me it seems that the networks executives are assisting in the process. No real effort is being done to save daytime with the exception of Y&R, OLTL and I hate to say it DOOL. These three shows have individuals who are trying to produce a quality program.

I grew up watching soaps. My mom was a young stay at home mom. I was her first born so what did we do all day watch the soaps. As I grew up it was a family thing. My friends and I would go down to the soap studios to meet the stars. I became a paparazzi, yes I made some money but I was really a soap fan.

A young Latin boy growing up in the Bronx who never did drugs or drink, was poor, but rather stay home watching his soaps then be out on the streets. I learned from watching Soaps. Yes they were entertaing , they made me laugh, cry, but they did enlighten and educate. How could you not be moved by Cindy Parker Chandler's story on AMC. When a nation was so afraid of AIDS and the lack of knowledge, Agnes Nixon and her show AMC gave us a face to put on AIDS. It wasn't a homosexual, a prostitue or a drug addict. It was a single, straight, young mother.

This storyline opened our minds and our hearts as we saw the characters learn to deal with the situation and as Jesse and Sky learned and grew from Angie and Stuart. Hopefully so did America.

This is the power of this medium. Nightime shows come and go. Samantha Who which I enjoyed canceled after one and half season. Not given a fair shot and few will even remember it in a few years.

Now soaps are a different animal. No matter what Pratt does he can never take away AMC history. He will never destroy the memories that we all have of our show when it was at it's best. Because make no mistake when AMC was on it was on! Phil, Tara, Chuck, Ruth, Joe, Phoebe,Tad, Grandma Kate, Opal, Jenny, Greg, Jesse, Angie, the Real Liza Colby...He can never take that away from us.

They may be trying to kill this industry to make cheap talk/reality shows but they can never kill the love affair that we all have with soaps. I know people are still out there watching. What is funny is that only here in America is it dying. In The latin world. Novelas are the highest rated programs. The UK has eastenders, Australia has Neighbours and so on and so on.

They are making no efforts to bring in talent and new blood behind the scenes. They are hiring models not actors. As I read The lates instalement of Harding Lemay's interview. It brought me back to that era of AW. AW was NBC'S AMC. As I watch Ryan's Hope I realize how much the quality of daytime has gone down. The actors may not have been beautiful and not all of them were great actors but boy when I saw a scene recently with Louise Schaffer's Rae and Nancy Addison's Jill go at it. Intellligent writing. No need to use the word bitch or to get physical ( not knocking Tea and Blair's recent battle, I loved it) just two women who dislike each other go at it with words as their weapon. Clair Labine is an amazing writer. Why is she not working, Lorraine Broderick who to me gave us the last time AMC was at a creative high. Mr. Lemay he may be up their in age but from this interview the man still has it.

I have ranted enough. I apologize, I'm just frustrated. GL is done in a few weeks. and now OLTL may be on the chopping block. It's a world gone mad!

jordan hudson said...

I love you guys. You make me laugh so hard with your comments and observations. Even more so is that we can all feel free to express out likes and dislikes and respect each other, even if we dont always agree.

We all have a love for the arts, for this genre and this show. AMC brought us together and it's because we love it we are so mad right now about the condition it's in. The opposite of love is not hate but indifference.


I had to work that night. Wish I was there. I have seen Adam Mayfield on the street. He is straight. I tried to catch his eye. Sigh! I thought I was the only one who thought he looked like David Canary.

I'm beyond disgusted with what will happen to Marian Chandler after the incident next week. When I heard my stomach turned.

As far as Farrah Fath being vocal about her dislike with the storyline. Honey get over yourself. Her and JP only want to work opposite each other. This is a classic soap storyline. I can see how some people don't care for Stacy and Crystal Hunt it's an acquired taste. I'm being serious not snide. I do see how you guys don't care for Crystal, Stacy or the storyline. Especially when you compare it to the other great powerful storylines on OLTL. It is the weakest link but it is entertaining and I think GiGi has more chemistry with Schuyler then REX. That's just me. The way Farrah and JP go on about how wretched it is. Hey JP...Farrah watch ATWT or AMC. See what they are giving to Meg and Paul or anyone on AMC. Then thank your lucky stars.

I'm behind on True Blood but when I catch up we will talk BXGAL.

I hope my fellow GL fans are watching because GL is really going all out. I'm going to miss it so.

Also I love the WE LOVE SOAPS site. So mature and well written. It's obvious these men love soaps and know what they are talking about.

Mel Got Served said...

To post links as clickable and not just text, use the following code (remove the replace the [ ] with < or > marks)

[a href="LINK URL"]Name of where ever you want link to go[/a]

Here's a quick tutorial too: How To Make A Link - HTML Tutorial

Mel Got Served said...

PS An Aisha Tyler talk show? What a sound investment. Remember when she killed the original Talk Soup???

I am reconsidering dabbling back into Days and Salem. They're bring back Carly, Vivian Alamain, and Lawrence Alamain. They were sort of around during a crazy time, but I'm glad another soap sees the value is delving back into the history of the show... and finding a REAL third part of a love triangle and not some of the lame-o's as of the past few years. If anyone could steal Bo away from Hope, it's Carly (NOT Billie).

Was going to try to start my AMC marathon tonight because I have a wicked cold, but I realized watching AMC right now is as bad as the stuffy nose and sore throat I had. I will instead invest in my Psych DVDs or sneak in one more episode of Drop Dead Diva (thank you for the recommendation Jordan- it really is a quirky, fun show. I love having a show focused on a strong female character that isn't so annoying- that's why I loved Samantha Who)

Crystal said...

NotAtAll-ia = super cop


GaeaGoddess said...

Y’know…all good things come to an end at some point. But to replace AMC with a talk show?!? Like we really need another hour of television to fill our minds with lame opinions from a person no one cares about. Oh, the blasphemy! I don’t even know who Aisha Taylor is. I had to Google her, and I STILL don’t know who she is. Either she’s not that famous, or I don’t get out very often. (Maybe a little of both!)

Laura said...

Gosh I hate AMC, but I love this group. Jordan you almost had me in tears going down memory lane. Showing my age, but I loved Julia Barr as Reenie Szabo on Ryan's Hope. A lot of good actors came off that show. Like our wonderful Ilene Kristen. She sent me a lovely note after I sent her birthday wishes.

Norn, I think you and Jason would be so cute together, and you have OLTL and Broadway in common!

I know some people don't like Nelson Branco, but he's hot and in Canada. Maybe he could be the guy for our dear Jordan, or at least introduce him to some Canadians. All the couples on AMC are boring, I just want to fix up our dear friends.

jordan hudson said...


I want more details about Ontario , toronto....I'm dead seriosu about trying to get up to Canada before the years out. Canadians are hot. Luke Mcfarlane my dream man is Canadian and I also have the hots for the Ashmore twins, Rachel Mcadams, Michale Mahoney from Avonlea who played Gus Pike, Sarah Polley...everytime I look up a hottie on IMDB they are canadian lol.

Nelson Branco looks kind of hot but that pic he has is like a drawing or negative. Hard to tell. He is very opionated, I like that. The only issue I have with him is that he keeps referring to Judy Evans as the real Beth Raines...... I will fight him over that. No disrespect to Ms. Evans but she played the part for what three years. Don't care if she won the emmy for it. Ms Chamberlian has played the part longer and made the character three dimensional. She is the only Beth Raines to me. That's like me calling Gillian Spencer the real Vicki. or Dorthy Lyman the real Opal. After time the next actor puts their stamp on a role.
Judy is the real Adreinne and Paulina. She is one of the Beth Raines but Beth Chamberlain is the better Beth heheheheheheh!

jordan hudson said...

Laura I tell you I'm enjoying Ryan's Hope 1979 a hell of alot more then ATWT and AMC. When I started watching RH Roscoe was Mitch, Sibohan was Anne Gillepsie, Mary was dead. So I'm enjoying watching stuff I only heard about over the years. Nancy Addison was always so nice to me. I thought the world of her and her acting ability and to see her in her prime as Jill giving an Oscar caliber performance. Randall Edwards Deliah was different then Eilllen's but just as strong. I like the orginal Sibohan and Joe. o

jordan hudson said...

More words of wisdom from Harding Lemay. The third part at WELOVESOAPS.COM

We Love Soaps: Had the pressure increased by then to make stories for younger people?
Harding Lemay: Yes. They wanted younger people on the show. And it doesn’t work. There’s no way of making it work. Younger people are interconnected with older people. And the conflicts all come between the older people and the younger people. Not only the conflicts, but the warm moments come from the older people and the younger people together. And you can use that. You can use all kinds of variety if you have generational stories. But you can not do it if it’s just young people. And it’s silly to limit yourself that way. They think that young people in the audience only want to watch young people. And that’s not true.

discodan said...

Just got caught up on the blog kinda...

I have to say some of my favorite scenes today were those between Natalia, Scott, Adam, and Jesse. Yes, the character of Jesse would never ever be working with Zach, and yes, he would never pin a murder or attempted murder on someone who didnt do it.


I loved Adam calling him out on the whole thing. And I love that Natalia and Scott arent giving up the case.

I think I personally was a bit too harsh. I know that the Rebecca story was really ridiculous, but I think that once they flesh Natalia out, I think that she can be a more viable character. I know Shadow had mentioned that he hates what Natalia means for the Hubbard family. Well, what about what Kendall or Josh mean for the Kanes? What about what Sean meant to the Montegomerys? Ross to the Chandlers or the Cortlandts? This is just another example of illegit children, and yes, it's out of character, but it's what we have to deal with, so accepting it seems to be the best option. (Plus word on the vine is that they might pair her with Brot, which means keeping Brot around which should be first priority)

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

No Jason, Kendall didn't kill Stuart the most likely candidate is Emma. She is crazy like her mom

Arizonagal said...

Oh BXgal I love Tru Blood... Anna Paquin is perfect, as is Bill and where did they find that amazing actress that plays Tara?! She is so awesome, great show. Love vampires, was a big Buffy fan.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, just read your amazing post and I so get it. I think most of us here share that type of history, growing up on mom's knee watching GL, running home from school to catch Dark Shadows. Here's a question for you.

Is the current soap crisis purely an economic issue or are the soaps really losing viewers?

Does the current desired demographic no longer have any interest in serial type drama? Lets face it, the content of television has changed drastically in the last decade, not for the better.

or AW or whateve

Shadow said...

Disco, I really appreciate where you're coming from. You're attitude is great and I've been there. I thought the same way for a while--that maybe I should ease up on some of these sticking points of mine for the good of the show and just generally to be a positive, happy force for AMC in general.

Personally, I'm just way past that point. I can't equate Naptalia with Ross or Kendall. Those characters for one thing have been played by genuinely talented actors. Ditto Josh. Josh's character was one of the most ludicrous, stupid creations ever--as big a stretch as Naptalia. Just like people rightfully took the show to task for rewriting a piece of brilliant AMC history with the unabortion, they stamped all over the glorious memory of one of the greatest love stories ever told when they introduced Jessie's other family. I just don't think it was necessary. It was one thing to bring him back from the dead, but quite another to learn that he spent the last 20 years in a loving relationship with another woman and that they had a child almost immediately after he left. It's a bad story. Bad casting. Bad everything. And Naptalia isn't an electic personality. The only thing that saved Josh was the actor who perfomed him. He rose above the shitacular story with an earnest performance. This chick playing Naptalia is nowhere near as gifted IMO.

This show is in the toilet. Rancid sucks. Naptalia sucks. History is being disregarded. Vet characters are being cast aside. Our investment in this show is being disregarded completely. Enough is enough. I don't want to be negative, but if I rollover and don't speak out against poor storytelling, bad acting and lazy execution, it certainly won't get any better. I should make an effort to point out the positives when there are some, but knowing what is coming down the pike, it's hard to find much to praise. 3 things you can bank on though: I don't accept Naptalia. I hate the character of Randi. I think Briann Mongrief is a shockingly bad actress. The more they try to push these three on me, the more I'm convinced the show is hopelessly headed for the boneyard and the more apparent it becomes to me that they really need to


Your awesome Disco. I want TPTB to know that there are fans out there who will forgive, maybe forget but definitely try to overcome the rough patches in the show's history. I see you extending an olive branch. Now I'd like to see them give some acknowlegment that they hear us and take some action to address some of these concerns and make some course corrections. Some good places to start would be to just drop Naptalia, send Randi back to Center City, and for pete's sake, recast Colby.

The one GINORMOUS thing they could do that would make be try really, really hard to accept these 3 dolts would be to pony up and rehire Julia Barr. Then I'd make the effort to work through my disdain for Naptalia, Colby and Randi. I don't see that happening. Not with news of the show possibly moving coasts, the snub of Jack, the rumors about Lucci, the shabby treatment of Robin Strasser.

I wish great things for this show, but something Rancid has come our way, and it's time to scrub it down and clean it up. Look at Ryan's Hope. It didn't have a particularly young cast or big cast or lush sets or CGI effects. Just good storytelling with good actors. Moving to LA will just move the problems across town so to speak with production by people who have even less experience with the show.

It's late. I'm rambling. Very interesting posts this week. Norn, how fun! Jordan, yours makes my heart ache for what these shows have meant to me in my life.

Hope you all have a great weekend and make some wonderful summer memories with the ones you love!

Norn Cutson said...


Mel Got Served said...

Discodan, I think the biggest issue with Natalia is the timing not lining up and going by Natalia's age (which they said was 19 or 20), he died and like 2 week later slept with Rebecca and conceived this child. If Natalia was a bit younger, to me it would make sense and be a bit more acceptable because yes, that's a fact of soaps, but in no way do I believe Jessie Hubbard would have slept with another woman so soon. I'd say a few years would have made more sense.

I actually agree, the actress isn't too bad for me and I enjoy her jesting with Frankie, etc. It's just EXTREMELY poor writing that I don't think fans can get past. I should add, while this board embraced Josh, most other sites couldn't get past Josh even if he was a phenomenal actor. I mean, even Daytime Confidential doesn't like Annie, which we all love her.

jordan hudson said...


Yes the soaps are loosing it's audience but so are nighttime shows. The Nielsen ratings are no longer accurate. People watch online and On Demand and on Soap Net. Soaps still have a core audience of people watching. Some amercian soaps are bigger over seas. Right now the issue is money but that does not excuse the fact that all the networks are doing nothing to make the shows stronger. When Lorriane and Francesca were at the hlem of AMc an the ratings dipped because of the Gay storyline they were dismissed a.s.a.p. despite the fact that the show was creativley at an all time with a solid cast and the industry was applauding what these two women were doing with the show. Now all the shows are at an all time low and there is no change in guard just the usual supsects jumping form show to show. No originality. Nobody taking chances. Again no disrespect to the dead but James Riely DUMBED down the soap industry with his antics on DOOL and the worst piece of garbage ever on television "Passions". Because the ratings were there all the soaps followed. GH is a perfect example. Phelps and Guza have bene reigning terror on that show for years. The ratings are going down, fans are dissapointed. Yet Frons does nothing. Samt hinh with ATWT. Procter and Gamble decides to cancel a show and they choose GL whcih is on a creative upswing but ATWT which is unwatchable gets saved.NBC has given up the gener altogether and every time DOOL is up for renewal their is doubt. The networks just want to save money they have given up on soaps. They look at it as a liability. An old family memeber they wnat to put in a nursing home. No respect for it because if there was they would do what Frank V and Ron. C are doing putting a quality program together. Somehow Frank is able to budget so they great sets a full cast. Maybe he and his team are more focused on storytelling then stupid special effects, like tornados that take up two seconds of air time but cost the show their yearly budget. I'd rather have Julia Barr on air then see a torndo.

jordan hudson said...

Norn sigh Adam Mayfield......sigh lol I see that Christopher Cass was there and aging well.

Okay finished Amc for the week just now. It hurts people it truly madly deeply hurts me to wtach what Pratthole is doing this show. If this is not Frons determine to have this show axed......

I know we have to suspend disbelief when watching any television program even so called reality shows but come on.

What is he doign to JESSE HUBBARD. A man who was so about the law he arrested hiw own wife a few months back is now covering up crimes. Look I will give you the Randi thing Discodan even thou I still don't agree with the choice. You can justify that Randi is his duaghter in law carrying his grandchild but Helping Zach fram Annie. Disgusting! They have destroyed Jesse with this move. Liza helping defend Stuart's murderer.He was married to her mother and her brother in law. This makes no sense let alone the conflict of interest with her defendign Annie and Kendal. What about livia. Liza can't be the only attorney on the show. Tad and Krystal seriously. She cheated on him with David. Let's not forget stories that go nowhere. Who really murderd Dixie? What happend to Jake in Dufur and what went down between him and his wife? He came back changed and his past was never explained or how he came to terms with it and is now the hero. Frankie and all his issues. We are suppose to believe that this man who came back form war and went into the woods rathere then reunite with his family saw a hooker in the E.R. and everything is right with the world. Tad just didn't call anyone and stayed at Taylor's for the night. He just felt someone will look after my two daughters. God knows there are enough people in that house. When Kwak told him friday you never came home it just annoyed me. Simple solution. " Jake told me you were not going to be home last night and to watch Kathy and Jenny where were you?" Also how is it that in the last scene Ebabe is waitigng for JR at the Chandler mansion to warn him about Annie. Did I fall alseep or did this all happened during the commercial. STUPID ! STUPID! STUPID!

discodan said...

Shadow, I just wanna keep watching, and its so damn hard sometimes when I see Adam Chandler dancing or Emma Lavery being verbally abused by the citizens of PV to the point of catatonia. I just wanna try and find the good that I can and if that means accepting somethings as inevitabilities, then okay fine. It really stops me from turning of AMC all together....heck the podcast stops me from turning it off and I'm not even on it LOL

I think that the problem with the history around Natalia seems to be her age and I think there is a good way to equate this. I personally believe that the character was SORAS'd at some point, because it's almost physically impossible for her to exist otherwise. Plus, it's a lot easier to digest that way. I actually like Shannon Kane who plays Natalia. I think we were a bit harsh on her because of the fact that we had to deal with Rebecca, the revelation, Randi, Colby, and bad writing by Pratt all at the same time and we needed a place to put the blame...enter Natalia!

BTW, you're awesome Shadow. Oh, and speaking of "pete's sake", where the heck has Petey been?

Mel, I hate how people hated Josh. It got me so angry. Just because the almighty "Kane woman" suddenly gained a brother, you wanna punish the actor and character? That is sexist and ridiculous.

Jordan, Marissa and JR...I don't even know where to begin. I guess I should start with something I did recently. I read the Wiki article on the supercouple that was JR and Babe..

It really made me remember how fantastically deep and complex they really were. All of the hurtles they had to overcome to get to a point in their relationship where they could really be considered soulmates. JR's drinking, Babe and Jamie, JR and Kendall, Babe and Josh, Dixie's pancakes, attempted murder, Paul Cramer, baby switch with Bianca, Bess, Richie, Amanda etc.

And now we have to deal with JR going after the twin, who I love the character of Marissa, but she needs to be with Scott. End of Story.

discodan said...

On the flip side, did anyone see the barfight at Jake's on GH yesterday? Fantastic! Spencer boys v. Dante aka Dominic! Ethan and Lucky beat the crap outta him

Terry in Toronto said...

Welcome back Ashley & Jordan,

I just got back from five days on a camping/canoeing trip so I had to wait to get the new podcast. I'm just dying to hear how you guys are and what you're up to and what you think of AMC.

Shadow said...

I'll say one thing for Natalia. She's got us talking!

I hope Julia Barr follows the blog and knows how fondly she is thought of and how much we appreciate what she meant to AMC.

Disco, big things are ahead for you in your life. I hope my kids are as thoughtful when they are grown.

Norn--how totally cool!

Everybody: I've been catching up on Nurse Jackie. Consistently fantastic. Perfect example of a show on a budget. A cast of all types, ages, shapes. Simple sets. Tight, smart, funny, moving storytelling with good production, direction and dialogue. About the same runtime as AMC. It can be done Pratthole! Rather than shit all over the cast of AMC and OLTL, I wish that ABC would start holding the writers, producers, directors accountable for their part. Meryl Streep and Robert Deniro could take over the leads of AMC and work for free but it wouldn't make it any better if the writing and production continue to suck ass!! Who at ABC is brave enough and has enough intergrity to make a change for the better and put these shows back on track? There is an incredible, irreplaceable amount of goodwill and brand value in these shows to capitalize on that should be guarded with great care. Without them, the networks are just one of 200 other pitifull cable channels with nothing more than lose game shows, Law & Order repeats and infomercials. 2-4 million may not be as great as the audience of yesteryear but it's a shitload more than what most of those cable channels are getting during the day. Don't kid yourself. Those faces-Erica, Dorian, Adam, Palmer and yes some young ones, Jess/Bess/Tess, Annie, JR, Kendall, --those are valuable assets you shouldn't piss away so easily. With proper care, you should be able to market these programs and restore your brand. You lost the news to cable. Late night is fading. Primetime is too competitive. Daytime is where you should be able to crosspromote yourself. Who anymore is loyal to ABC, CBS or NBC programming? If any audience still identifies with a network block of shows, it's the daytime viewers. Whether by brand (the ABC soaps, the Bell soaps) or just by genre, ours is an audience that is loyal to the core. Rather than cancel these shows, they should be building around them, propping them up with better lead ins, making the local channels air them on time at the right time rather than tape delay the next day.

As with any business, when the accountants take over and start calling the shots, the business is doomed. You need informed accounting, but they shouldn't be there to watch guard and stifle creativity. They should be an equally integrated part of the solution and find ways to make the budget work-to re-allocate dollars, to wring out savings without killing the end product. It's here that I think Frons has gone askew. His branding idea is good. His implementation has been devastating. This is such a bigger problem than any one person and it's an issue in many more businesses. The point is that some body has to have the nerve, the foresight and the diplomacy to change how things are done.

My fingers are crossed that somebody will see an opening and go for it.

Erica Kane said...

Hey all, sorry I have been so lax in posting, work is horrible right now. Three people got fired and two quit, so we are all having to cover extra shifts, and everything is crazy, and state is due at anytime to do our yearly survey, and the administrator is going batshite...I have worked more hours these last two weeks than any of the other staff, aye aye aye!! But I digress sadly I have to admit AMC has become unbearable for me. I watch the forst five minutes and if it sucks I jump ahead to OLTL. So needless to say I haven't watched in weeks. I missed the Adam dance, I wish I had seen that one. I am so into Y&R and OLTL right now, that I really am not missing AMC or ATWT. I still watch ATWT some but if I am bored I FF like the dickens. I agree with Jordan Kitty Benson on Y&R is a better actor than most of AMC's cast. I seriously think we need to start a real write in campaign to ABC headquarters. I was thinking if we all went and bought some of those pre-posted post cards from the post office that are like 10 cents a piece, I would be willing to buy like ten dollars worth, and address them to the head of ABC and simply put on them FIRE FRONS and FIRE PRATT, before they ruin ABC Daytime and send them in. Imagine if they got like 1000 or more would get someone's attention don't you all think??? I think if we flood the offices with letters or postcards instead of emails (something tangible) it might help. We all know Frons is the root of all of this, if we want some real change we need to get rid of him not just Pratt-hole. I grew up with these shows, and yes as someone said all good things come to an end, but I am not ready to lose my soaps. Ok I have ranted enough, I hope to hear from some of you all about some ideas as to how we can get some change to come to pass.
Ashley thanks for using the song I sent you it was quite a surprise to hear it!!!
Miss Kane/Christopher

Erica Kane said...

OMG Just a quick note...Just got done watching an old season 1 episode of NCIS with Jamie "Turbo" Lunar. She was a man baby...She was a guy transitioning to a was so funny....

GaeaGoddess said...

I’ve heard of some shows that have been revived due to the fans writing in to the powers that be. Unfortunately, I can’t think of any off the top of my head at the moment…I think one was a vampire show called “Moonlight”? Is it worth it to engage in this endeavor as a group? I’d be willing to send a few postcards. I send letters to my senators/congressmen on a regular basis (no - not to keep AMC on the air, but for support on certain bills, etc.). I’m just not sure who to address this type of letter to, and if it’d be effective. I’m not really sure my letters to politicians are effective either, but it makes me feel better to send them…

Crystal said...

I want to put my 2¢ in about Natalia.
I think the actress is good (not great, but good.)
I just find it ridiculous that she is as old as she is.
It would be much more interesting to put in a younger teen as Jesse's daughter, let's call her Janette.
(Get it? Natalie/Janet Natalia/Janette ha ha ha, ok that was bad.)
I would have loved to have Natalia be Jesse's daughter's half sister or something. Jesse would basically have been her step-father and would want to be in her life and take care of her.

Mel Got Served said...

I will give Natalia one thing: she believes in my Insannie's innocence!!!

I wish if SORAS was the case they brought her on originally as like a 14 year old for a few weeks THEN SORASed her. It's one thing to SORAS a kid offscreen if we've known them, but it's harder to buy it if they've never been around before.

discodan said...

But doesn't that sound much more plausible, Mel? And it's a helleva a lot easier to digest.

jordan hudson said...

It's mu husband Adam Mayfield's Birthday today.

Shalimar said...

Jordan mentioned knowing a couple of actors who were born again Christians and they wouldn't take certain roles because of it. This is an interesting take on actors and their religious beliefs from Vincent Irizarry who plays David on AMC.

"I sometimes hear this from other Christians, how can you be an actor in soap operas and be a Christian? .... I ask people, what movies are you seeing, what books are you reading that don't have antagonists and protagonists? Every story, when you boil it down to its bare essence, is the story of the battle between good and evil."

The interview is several years old. But if anyone is interested in reading the whole thing here's the link.

Irizarry interview

And congrats on the twins, Ashley.

Mel Got Served said...

The thing for me is, even if she was SORAS, it's not plausible. The fact that history was re-written just to give us an alive Jesse was pushing it enough. If we knew early on he fathered a child and she was X age it would be different than introducing a girl who is defined as definitely 19 and therefore conceived immediately after death. While I will work on accepting it, part of me never will because it was just a plot point created to drive a wedge between Angie and Jesse. But I do hear and completely understand your side Discodan! Glad we can debate nicely. :)

Laura said...

Thanks for the pics Jordan. Hmmm Roscoe Borne was there? Does this mean anything for the Mitch Lawrence story on OLTL. I can't remember if those 2 were on Ryan's hope at the same time.

I was at the White Sox game today, Discodan, the New Yorkers won today. But we got them 3 out of 4. Of course they loose the day I was there.

I can't wait for another podcast, along with this murder mystery to end. Boring, AMC.

Crystal said...

I still think a younger teenager would cause more problems than Natalia. They could do the whole "You're not my mother!" thing.

From now on I am pretending she is 16 and doing the take your daughter to work day. ;)

discodan said...

yeah but Crystal, we already got the angsty daughter from Cassie... two would be pushing it.

Laura, the Sox are hittin their strides and winnin games. Happy to see Peavy there too...he's going to be fantastic.

Mel, I'll always argue peacefully...even if I don't agree with someone's take on something, I'll try and present it from another angle that nobody had thought of.

Anonymous said...

OMG AMC is moving to the west coast! Who will move out there? Will the show be recognizable at all w/o vets? Is this the beginning of the end for the show?
Next podcast should be a doozy!