Thursday, June 17, 2010

Some Spicy Sh&t is Happening!

Besides Jordan's adventures with sexy lesbians, All My Children is showing some heat! Between J.R./Annie/Scott (and eBabe?) and Liza/Tad/Damon (and Colby?), and maybe, just maybe, even Greenlee and Ryan (but definitely not David!), we're loving our love in the afternoon. A tad more sex, please, and we'll be very happy lil' soapers!

We must admit, though, that this podcast was a bit hacked together. Another PC mishap, and I'm now permanently divorced from that nasty platform. I'm still learning how to Mac, so the sound quality is, uh, off, but hope you enjoy what we were able to piece together.

What are your thoughts, dear viewers? We know you'll chime in (and we hope you do!) here.

6/11/10 Podcast


Ashley said...

My sincerest apologies to Jordan Hudson, who busted his ass to tape with me on Monday, and due to technical challenges and non-sleeping twins, I was not able to upload this thing until today.

Love and miss you all!

Ash xoxoxoxoxooxox

Ashley said...
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Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for the new podcast Ashley & Jordan! I can't wait to listen.

brtedi said...

I have a few, brief comments reguarding Thursday's AMC...

While she's no Edwn Riegel,this new "Bitchianca", so far, seems to be holding her own and isn't dbte--and that alone puts AMC ahead of the game. JMHO

Is it just me or could MCE look good wearing a burlap bag tied at the waste with a rope as a belt? That woman makes clothes look good!

Boy, howdy! I think, were in for a real treat with the Annie,Scott/Annie JR storyline this summer. I find the sweet, gullible (almost) honorable Scott quite appealing.

Did anyone else notice, Little A’s/AJ’s legs were shiny? Were they trying to spray tan the kid, or what? LOL!

I just had a scary thought. What if Michael Nouri’s character returns, at least temporily to Pine Valley and evolves into Krystal’s boyfriend???????????!


Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Have to say all 3 ABC Soaps are working for me right now. Not flawless but alot of good stuff happening.

NuBianca is okay. It's hard Eden really made an impression. This girl is okay as an actress. Especially when you consider Judy Blight Wilson's other castign choices. Mongrieff, Vaseline...etc etc. Thou I did think the first line out Greenlee's mouth was going to be "Bianca you got a breast reduction". She looks a little like the love child of Susan Haskell and Kim Ravers.

The Scott/Annie/Jr triangle keeps getting hotter. Scott declaring his love for Annie was just so romantic. Jacob Young is doing some nice work with this storyline.

I wouldn't mind a Caleb/Erica/Jackson/Krystal thing happening.

Thought it was tacky for Tad to tell Liza; If Damon was bothering her, he could get rid of him and no one would find the bod. Uh new head writers Dr. Madden.

Like that Opal commented she is no longer into the occult that had to be Lorraine. Whoever it was Thank you for that.

OLTL has been heaven with very little of G-Rex and Snatchalie.

Love that Todd, Blair, Tea have grown in their realtionships to each other. Hope that the writers will keep moving them forward. This new dynamic is so much more fascinating.

Kind of dissapointed that Matthew did not do the deed with Fawn. Thought it would have been realistic to have him just make a hasty choice.

Hate to say it but the newest Ford is okay. I mean he won't be doing Madea on Broadway anytime soon but he is okay. I like the storyline fun teens on the fun. Dani and Nate with the money. I will still want Starr to get back with Cole thou.

Glad that OLTL updated the opening. They were heading into AMC territory. Destiny looks awesome in the opening. Loved seeing Starr,Dani and Tea in a row.

There was ond day this week where the actress who played Tea looked exactly like Florencia. Uncanny.

GH is so on a role. Still can't believe that I'm back to watching it.

Anonymous said...

I don't know if anyone has noticed this but it's been bugging even lately. It's one thing to have Greenlee come out of her coma as a brunette but now she's been sporting long curls lately. Very reminiscent of Kendall's trademark. If I didn't know any better I would have thought Greenlee was trying to be Kendall Hart in her absence. I can't stand that Greenbug.

DC said...

Jordan - I totally hear you on wanting Marcy Walker back as Liza, but....and it pains me to admit this...have you seen her lately? She has really let herself go. She gained a lot of weight and looks every bit of 48 and then some. Not that any of that should matter at all, but you know ABC would never ask her back even if she were willing.

Shadow said...

Ilove Marcy Walker as Liza as much as I love Julia Barr as Brooke. Some actors just embody the character and it's tough to get comfortable with a recast, especially when the writers totally reinvent the character and ignore history. Pratt made it impossible to accept Red Liza, but in his absence, with better writing and JaLu stepping it up, I've accepted it. She certainly isn't dull. My one gripe is that she just should not be the town lawyer. So stupid. You can't get a law degree hiding out opverseas. Her tenure in media was much more interesting. I'd rather have Livia as the town counsel. I could buy Liza as Mayor though. The whole Liza/Tad/Damon s/l would be infinitely more impactful with Marian and Hilary on canvas, even if only temporarily so.

To me, so far, Caleb is a fat pig and I don't get it I'm behind, so maybe I'll come around. Jackson is the first person Krystal has been paired to that I find plausible since Adam and the first person Jack has been connected to that seemed plausible aside from Erica.

I gotta get over Adam & Brooke. I just miss them insanely. I like Scott/JR/Annie and even Colby, but it seems like Chandler Mansion has turned into a co-ed dorm. The family needs a guiding, strong patriarch or matriarch.

And thank God Opal has hung up her tea leaves-a sign that maybe plot devices will have less of an impact and relationships will play out more meaningfully.

And how about a collective "Hell Yeah!" For the return of The Weave! Talk about a great comeback! But Angie better not be pregnant. I'm sorry but Angie, Krystal, Erica, Opal, Ruth-they can all put the diaphrams away and save their copays on birth control.

Yay for the podcast. Ashley & Jordan moved mountains for this one!

Mel Got Served said...

Yay podcast!

I am so glad I am not alone in my Mamma Mia hatred. I am a HUGE ABBA fan and saw this play in high school many moons ago and loathed it. When someone asks the plot I say, "Girl finds out her mom was a slut- doesn't know her dad. Invites them to wedding. Hijinks ensue." The only positive is it makes awesome use of "Lay All Your Love on Me".

I know everyone is on Team JR in terms of the triangle, but I'm more Team Scott. I think it's moreso because JR is an a-hole despite their slammin' chemistry. But I still want to see both sides played out.

Shadow, I too applaud the return of the weave and feel Angie's recent sickness is the weave returning and fighting back for being abandoned.

I'm also seconding Shadow's opinion on Caleb. He sucks. I know he's going to end up being some powerful Cortlandt, but he's just an annoying stereotypical cranky and sloppy lumberjack.

What I'm loving about the Colby/Damon stuff now is that Liza is kiiiiinda right that he just wanted to get laid by Colby. I'm sure he has real feelings, but he also wants to do some feelin'. Will be interesting to see how this plays out.

Not that I care about Natalia and Brot, but it's kind of crazy they weren't at the wedding, especially since Natalia was Amanda's friend and bodyguard.

I'm behind on this week so I have seen the new No-booby-anca. I'm also kind of excited about Krystal/Jack because I kept saying if you're doing nothing with Krystal she's useless and dump the character. Pairing her with Jack, a character in need of something new since he's been a drip for years, should be good.

And finally, in non-soap TV, how f'ing great was this week's Treme? The John Goodman stuff was amazing and apparently paying attention in my high school AP English class paid off. I do agree the show started slow and was more like an "I love New Orleans" homage but the past 3 weeks have been outstanding, emotional, funny, and excellent. Can't believe season 1 ends this week!

Shadow said...

Ha! "New No-Boobianca". I love PVP.

Shadow said...

Ok, I've driven across the state to my second funeral of the week. Best day ever for a new podcast!

I'm boiling outside in a navy suit wishing I'd gone commando, singing Amazing Grace & thinking about a slurpee. Hey, that could be a great country song! Oh shit, I think someone saw me playing with my phone.

Arizonagal said...

The straight poop on Iron Eyes Cody, the Native American with the single tear in the "keep America beautiful" campaign. He was in fact Italian and died in 1999.

I remember that commercial like it was yesterday.

DancingElf88 said...

LOVED the podcast. Always do it from the car...I love the random interruptions. I laughed so hard during this.
Mel I'm with you...I'm on Team Scott too. Although when Annie and JR share those smoldering looks I get torn again. But Scott is just so sweet and JR just acts like he's too good for Annie knowing he ain't no prize pig.

I so didn't know Jason Tam was leaving. I love my Markko.

Has anyone caught the new ABC family series Pretty Little Liars? It's actually really good. For you Y&R fans...ex-Colleen plays a blind girl and if you loved Charmed Hollie Marie Combs (ex-Piper) plays the mother.

Shadow said...

Ok, you know you're in BFE when your blackberry can't find a satellite, you've u-turned on "Gilmer Rd." and the only thing in sight is "Chicken Express".

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Great new podcast guys, thank you for busting your humps to get it up.

I am really enjoying AMC right now, every one is playing their parts pitch perfectly. Aside from a few nitpicks on story lines here and there I really have no complaint.
NuBianca is good. I'm accepting her. However, every time she is on screen I find myself thinking, "I wonder how Eden Riegel would play this scene?", but that is to be expected I suppose. The true test will be when she is on screen with Ms. Lucci. Susan and Eden had a special chemistry as on-screen mother and daughter, so it is going to be interesting to see how this new actress works with LaLooch.

And DacingElf, I am LOVING Pretty Little Liars, I tuned in because the commercials were just so damn intriguing, but I figured the whole show was going to be a letdown and luckily I was wrong. It's definitely a must watch for anyone who enjoys the soap genre. And also Jenna looked familiar to me, now I know that she was Y&R's Colleen, so thank you for that info!

Shadow said...

Ok, I worship Debbie Morgan and can fart with greater inflection than anything Vasi can emote on screen, but be serious, sex? Denise Vasi all the way.

And Crishelle Staus listens to the podcast. Pretty sure Vasi & a few others have too.

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh I disagree that Madison is not redeemable. What about Tad? He killed Greg Madden. How about JR who nearly killed Kendall when he was trying to kill his wife, Babe? Or Annie, who bludgeoned to death her bro Richie? Or David who has blackmailed and/or drugged nearly PV citizen? Lets face it, everyone in PV gets away with murder, mayhem, rape and assault. It's one of the prime laws of Pine Valley!

I know Maddy is not a great character - yet - but there's something about Stephanie Gatschet that is so appealing. If she was playing opposite anyone but Ryan (hell how about Frankie) she'd be appealing. As it is, Madison makes Ryan almost tolerable. I would love to see Madison steal Frankie away from Randi. They would really heat up the screen, yum.

Really busy week at work so haven't seen any episodes, but, I gotta say I'm with you Ashley, I love Damon. Consider what a one-note bore he was when Pratt-written. Now he's got good material and he delivers!

Oh sh*t, Vasi is listening to the podcast? Even if she's only caught a few, rotfl. Listen, this chick can take all the acting lesson she wants, and I'm sure she has, and she is always going to be boring, DBTE. She could make a fortune as a model, she's gorgeous, so why do something she stinks at? She's out there, she stinking up the screen, she deserves all the criticism she gets.

Ashley congrats on the macintosh, have one, love it!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Arizonagal you are right. Madison is redeemable, it is the way they are handling it that doesn't ring true. Look I know the Hubbards are good people and the bible says Turn the other cheek but come on. She has doen way to much to this family personaly for them to welcome her into the fold as my daughter from another mother. Also those other characters were connected to core families on the canvas so we are suppose to forget what they did due to bad writers.
I love Stephanie from GL and think she is a good actress.

Thanks for the info on the Indian I do rember reading that somewhere about him being Italian.

Shadow we are going to have to disagree Randi is pretty to look at but I think she would not be good in the bed. Any hooker who charges $50 and hour......

I have to admit I'm watching Pretty Little Liars..... The first episode was like road kill...I couldn't help but look. Then just like a reality show I continued watching because I had to know what happens. Unlike Happy Town on ABC were I could care less.

Yes the acting is horrendous. The writing on a 4th grade level. The girls look old enough to be playing their characters mothers. Yet after the second episode I realzied this is camptastic. I was laughing my ass off. It's so bad it's good. I was crying when they were in the cafeteria and they got so freaked out when they heard the tap tap of Jenna's walking stick. That was classic. Then the horny over the top Detective. This show is like original Melrose Place JR!

Jessica Leccia started to day as Inez on OLTL. WHY THE %$#@ IS SHE NOT ON CONTRACT. I think Llandview can handle two Latin women in town.
The thing about Jessica as an actress that is so appealing is she radiated such truth, honesty in her performance you are captivated by her. She has such a strong and different energy then the rest of the women on the canvas. Keep her and Florencia OLTL!

Ms. Pat B said...

From Ms. Pat, wife of Radio man Mr. Randy

Thanks for the new podcast! Also thanks for the call out regarding the mac. So proud of you for stepping into the light and taking advantage of your beautiful new computer. Now we need to see what kind of microphones you are using... Have you heard of the "snowballs" They come in different colors that handle different applications. Randy owns all of them and uses the one that fits the recording situation. He even pointed out a microphone at the Apple store the other day and said that it was one of the best known ones but not a very good one. I can't remember the name now but I can get that info for you if you want.

Since you have stepped up to the Mac, and the fact that my teenage daughter is in Ireland on her graduation trip and I am having to use a Blog for the 1st time to communicate with her, I thought I would venture to the Pine Valley Blog and have been pleasantly pleased. See, even us "old dogs" can learn something new.

It is weird, in reading Jordan 2.0 I too was thinking that Krystal/Caleb/Erica/Jackson "rectangle" would not be too bad. I really was enjoying the short chemistry between Krystal and Caleb outside the cabin. I really like those 2 together better than Caleb and Erica. I think with their sharp "southern" tongues they could have some of the same chemistry that made us enjoy Palmer and Opal sparing matches and the "rectangle" would allow the PTB to abandon this crazy Erica and Caleb wreck. Also, I think that the K/C union would make for interesting Chandler sparing. It could even start by Jackson getting Krystal to help him get Erica away from Caleb.

I agree with Ashley that I am liking Damon. I think that the actor is actually starting to show some of the mannerisms of the younger Tad. I am also liking the little "gift" (photo) that he keeps giving to Liza. She was so hurt as a teenager over her mother with Tad that I like that Damon is able to make her "remember" that sleeping with your daughter's boyfriend is still not a good idea. Throughout her entire life, Liza has always had a little I'm smarter, better, more cunning than you attitude and I am liking the change of positions. It's kind of nice to see her being put in her place. That said... I love seeing him sweat when Colby mentions commitment. That way, she is actually the one holding the reins. She is making her mother and Damon dance to her song. Tad on the other hand is appearing like a "chump". His "girl" is too slimy and his son is not treating him much better yet. Tad has gotten to be such a "sweety" that I would like for him to find a "good woman" and take over as the "Joe/Ruth" moral compass of the town. They could still have some interesting story lines themselves (like the old Joe/Ruth) but they always pulled themselves back to each other. You know what, maybe that would make Opal the southern version of Kate. No matter what, this newest writing is separating the got it (Liza, Damon) from those that don't (anyone mention Randi).

As for the new Bianca, well we have not seen enough of her yet but at least she didn't stink like many of the other newbies out of the box (and some have never caught on).

Scott has been so slighted all of his life regarding love and living in JR's shadow, I hate to see him taken advantage of by Annie but I also don't want to see JR with her. I think that Jr deserves a Marissa "Hayward" lesson. I don't want David to step in but I want her to develop a backbone and nothing is better than a good claw bearing cat fight. If Marissa develops a backbone, then she can give Annie a run for her money...

Ok now I'm rambling... promise not to always go so long.

Ms. Pat B said...

From Ms. Pat, wife of Radio man Mr. Randy

Congratulations!! I am so glad that you have completely come into the light and are taking advantage of your beautiful new Mac. Now we need to check on what type of microphone you are using. Have you heard of the "Ball" microphones? They come in various colors and they are each for different recording applications. Randy has all of them and uses which ever one applies. He was showing me a microphone at the Apple store that he said was one of the most popular ones but isn't really a good one. I can't remember the name on it but I can find out. I was so glad to see the new podcast posted last night... I listened immediately!!

Since you have taken a step forward, and my daughter is in Ireland on her graduation trip where I need to learn to communicate with her via blogs, I decided to check out the Pine Valley Blog.

I too have been thinking that I would not mind a Krystal/Caleb/Erica/Jackson "rectangle". I really enjoyed the quick interaction between Krystal/Caleb outside of the cabin and thought the chemistry was much better than Caleb/Erica. With their strong, southern personalities and sharp tongues, they could remind us of the Palmer/Opal. I also think that a Caleb/Krystal team would be fun to watch with the Chandlers.

Speaking of the Chandlers, I hate to see Scott with Annie because he should be the moral conscience of PV, taking the place of his father but I don't want JR with Annie either.. If Marissa truly becomes her father's daughter, then Annie still in the Chandler mansion would make for a great cat fight. But that is only if she becomes a Hayward.

I like the way that Damon has been able to put his thumb on Liza. I think that I told you by email that I don't like Liza and Damon together romantically because I can't imagine that Liza would want to put that on her daughter since she went through it with Tad. I am also seeing more of Tad in the actor that is playing Damon. BUT, I am even more pleased with the fact that Colby is really holding the reins of both Damon and Liza. I like the strong Colby, not the wimp. In the meantime, the new writers have allowed the cream to rise to the top of the most recent cast additions. Their writing is helping the true skill of those like (Liza, New New Colby, & Damon) while allowing the weak ones to to keep sinking (shall I say Randi).

I so like the actress doing Madison and as long as they move on carefully I think that she can be saved. I women are abused and have to pick up their life all the time... they just don't all kill their husbands. But the story line could be used to keep the Miranda Center in the headlines as the Greenlee/Fusion mess is cleaned up. I can't remember the name of the place that Brooke use to run in town but I think that the Miranda Center is the replacement for that and it can also be used to keep the problems of abuse in the forefront and that there is help and you can go on. I do think the shoe thing was goofy.

I would like to see Tad find someone the become his partner that could make the new couple the replacement for Joe and Ruth.... I guess that would make Opal the new Kate??? They could still have interesting and complicated stories but their love would ALWAYS bring them back together, through thick and thin.

Well, I will try not to make any further entries this long (I always have a tendency to ramble) but rest assured that this one is not as long as the previous one that I lost because I did not have my account set up.. (Sound familiar)... We all make technical mistakes...

I have enjoyed

Shadow said...

Ms. Pat B-loved your post! Good to hear from you.

Jordan, ITA Randi the hooker is a nasty thought. I think the reason we never see Frankie is because Rancid gave him a bad case of the itchy scratchies. Denise Vasi is smokin' hot. She's no actress and bugs the crap outta me on amc, but rhe conversation was "who would you rather". I gotta go with Vaseline on that one. That's all I'm saying.

Shadow said...

And now for my 75th entry in two days: Just wanted to weigh in on NuBianca. Best recast in years. I would love to snark a little about her over annunciation. I guess it's a stage thing. I won't do it though. Not yet. She's under too much pressure. So many people scrutinizing her and she's barely been on a week and the writing has only been marginal. I love Eden but the character did need to evolve. Glossing over all the rotten treatment Eden received, I think that sometimes a recast offers the chance to push a character forward. Eden's doey, tearful eyes just make me melt in a fatherly way. Someone offends Eden's Bianca and I want to punch the offender. At this point, Bianca needs to toughen up and prepare to be the central driving force of Pine Valley. She resembles Larkin Malloy who played Travis. She resembles Erica in her youth-esp the hair. She has a frame more like Alisha's. The physical stuff helps. More than anything she can act. How easy would it have been to hire some Hollywood wannabe dingbat or Denise Vasi the 2nd? Instead they got a theater girl. All my fave amc characters over the years had theater training and stylized speech. Certainly Phoebe did for example. So no snarkiness about her speech. Just a big "Whew!" And wipe of the brow that Judy B Wilson didn't effe this up. I keep thinking that Lorraine Broderick's involvment, however limited it may be, is paying off in spades. I do think there is a lot to enjoy about the show. The stories are interestingg. The characters are fine. I don't truly detest anyone. I'm no Vasi fan, but even Randi is less offensive. Someday maybe she will grow into something interesting as a character. Pratt did her no favors throwing her into a front and center story with no formal training as an actress. We'll see. But as pleasant as it all is, it's not enthralling. For a while all I wanted was normal. I just wanted the show to stop sucking ass. Now, my expectations have notched up a bit. I would like for lightning to strike either with a couple, a socially relevant storyline, a a character, a really powerful, long term return. I certainly don't minimize the return of Bianca. Christina Linda's assumption of Bianca is HUGE and probably one of the most critical things AMC needed to address. Regardless who plays them, there must be Kane children on canvas. No Kanes, no AMC. Ditto a strongly defined Martin clan. You look back at history and realize how few families were needed at one time. The key is that they were fully developed, complete families, not a rag tag collection of disassociated third cousins by divorce. Anyway, AMC is pleasant. Its reformation has been spectacular (I give Lorraine Broderick 95 percent of the credit). But I really do expect a lot from this show. I love it. And like all things I love, I'll show it patience to an extent, but I'll never stop expecting the very best from it. Welcome Christina. I hope you kick ass. If you don't, I caN Be kinD of a SnarkY A-hoLe.

Ms. Pat B said...

See!!! I told you that I was just learning to blog... I didn't realize that I posted twice. Hope I made some since.
My response to the NuBianca is waiting on her chemistry with Jack and Erica. I agree that Erica will be the best test for her. I just hate that Lucci is going on vacation so soon after she arrives but I also agree that Bianca is better than no Kane on the canvas.
I am not sure what I want to see with Greenlee. I kind of like her with David but am not sure that I want to see her turn into as bad of a sole as he is. I do however think that he will help her return to the old, conniving Greenlee that we all saw when she 1st came to town. I also kept hoping that she could help reel in some of David's worst deeds. You can have shenanigans without trying to kill or poison people. Mind games are a lot more cunning. You know, gas lighting folks and etc. without putting lives in danger.
As for Scott, he may never be the simple guy like Stewart but I really liked seeing him as a good guy over JR's manipulations. You don't have to be ruthless to be successful in business.
Also, I don't care what they have to do, I want them to save Brot (J.R. Martinez) for someone that had no acting experience, I have always been impressed with his work. I don't even mind the Natalia connection if it means that we get to keep him. I think that with real life being the way that it is, we all need our "hero" and not only is he a "hero" in real life but he is a true success story. I actually don't even mind the sparing between Natalia and Brot. We all need a little lightheartedness in today's world and I think that the moodiness that we have been in with the Pratt Era that a levity is a good thing... It makes things light without making them stupid. I think that is what the Madison shoe quip was about.

Jen said...

Jordan Hudson, Ashley should slap you in the face when you sit there and tell her you can't tell who's hotter w/ Annie. Yes Ashley, It's JR. We all know that, I think even the Scott fans know that.

Ok I'll keep this short on JR/Annie as I can, they are who we are waiting for, the whole point is what makes them finally give in to ea. other, I hear Annie telling Scott how special this or that was, I guarantee you Ryan/Madison's first time will feel more special than that. There was nothing as a viewer for me that felt special, oh shyt Scott got laid. And in the process is getting played. B/c everytime the pull is stronger w/ JR, I can't even, ok simply put what had more of an impact Scott telling her he loves her or that last scene w/ JR erasing the photo on his laptop then the next day revising it b/c he had to see her...or JR angsty looking at the door open and her looking at him and him looking at her like they were the last drip of water for ea. other and then JR told her 'goodnight Annie' Ashley ask him again who's hotter w/ her and put a lie dectector that shocks him when he saids IDK. Like 'Dirty Dancing's theme song' they look at ea. other w/ 'Hungry Eyes' HUNNNNNNNNNNGRY! there's nice, and then there's Hunnnnnnnngry! to the point someone wants to rip something off.

On the Madison front I love what they are doing w/ her, b/c I think Ryan is gonna fall for a con-artist and he will accept her and that will be Greenlee's karma, losing her marriage, her friends, her father and her ex. for a long while. Madison throwing it in her face in the process as a young girl who use to be called Greenlee Smthye would do.

And as for Demon I mean Damon I don't hate the actor, I don't think he looks bad or anything, I just don't know what Colby sees in him, although last epi. when he saved Liza w/ the needle showed he has some good in him. And gave Colby some wonderful thoughts about him, now we all know he's gonna hurt her, even Tad does, while Liza sees Colby wants someone that will stick w/ her to fill the void her dad left her, Tad sees that Damon doesn't want anything serious, he even told Colby to basically have fun, disreguarding anything she was feeling..he's all about Damon and not really much about Colby. So that tells me she'll get hurt and the question is when big brother JR finds out, what will he do to that kid? There is a reason he nor Scott have ran into this kid.

Randi, she's been improving.
NuBinxs rocks, she has the attitude and is no longer giving the vibe of a pushover.
Jake needs to shave that shyt off and apparently Jamanda is the only couple that can have thier fun moments, so it sickens me how propped they are, not to mention Chrishell Stause's acting is no longer up there. I'm sorry but that is not JFAP's daughter, that is a Martinized cookie cutter girl and she CS has just not been the same actress.

Love the new mayor, I got a feeling she has ties to someone.

Amphitrion said...

Shadow, you hit the nail on the head when saying one always felt protective of Eden’s Bianca. I remember watching in the waiting room of a medical office when “Special Johnny” approached Bianca and Miranda in a threatening manner and an older woman in the office yelled at the TV: “Don’t you go near that baby!”

Her coming out, her father’s death and that gut-wrenching baby swap saga made us love the character and the performer. I will give the new actress every chance. She is off to a good start.

Re Greenlee and Ryan, the way he used to treat her like used chewing gum when she was obsessed with him (until she found real love with Leo) and then staged his death to avoid having children with her when they were married and then slept with Kendall before rigamortis set in when he thought Greenlee was dead —those are the reasons I will never buy them as a couple. A believable, evolved Greenlee would never give him a second look. Soaps being what they are, I am sure they will reunite. I wish they would bring in someone dashing and new to sweep her off her feet. To me, she is the future of the show, and Budig is a white-hot superstar!

I am enjoying AMC—it is making sense; that’s all I ask.

I do not get Madison. I am not sure why she isn’t in jail for killing her husband, but that is a new Pratt-caused donut hole for me. Her dad used to slap her around and so it’s okay that she blackmailed the Hubbard’s and 86’ed her hubby? Characters can be rehabilitated, but the motivation needs to be a little (or a lot) clearer here.

A million thanks for the new podcast! You guys are fantastic and incredibly entertaining.

Ashley said...

Ms. Pat - I got the pix of your daughter - she is gorgeous! You must be sooo proud! It made me tear up a little - my daughter's only 1, but someday, she'll be (almost) all grown up and going to Ireland and doing us all proud! Thank you for sharing.

Yeah, I gotta get those Mac mics. Are they $$$?

Shadow, I hear you on NuBinx. I also hear NuBinx - very, very well. She's the only one on the whole show who says "go-ing," and pronounces both g's. Every time. Hard.

I will say this - she EMOTES. And that does bug me a little. She plays "I'm worried!!!" "I'm concerned!!!!!" "I'm frightened!!!" And Ashley is hoping that NuBinx lightens up a bit. She's got some TOUGH shoes to fill, I get that. And I get that she ain't complete;y DBTE. But I hope she finds some nuance quick. I can't take an hour of grimacing. I get enough of that with Cameron Mathison.

Meow! (Okay, I got that out. I'll give her a chance now.)

Love y'all!

A xo

Shadow said...

Man time flies. Hard to belive baby J & E are a whole year old!! I hope Carlos had a great Father's Day. What lucky little kids to have two such wonderful people for parents. And the podcasts from the car have been hysterical. Isn't it interesting how kids challenge you to do things in ways you never imagined? You gotta get creative to get things done.

Speaking of kids, we saw the new Karate Kid. Good flick to pass some time away, esp since we rewatched the original and could compare. Will & Jada's kid has a presence. Jackie Chan can sort of act. Did I just type that?

I had promised my girls I would take them to see Wicked, and we saw it too this weekend. They were entralled. Even the boys like it. There was some dude in it who had #amc credits, but I haven't figured out who his character was. Probably an u/5.

Hope you all had a great weekend and the week is off to a good start!

Ashley said...

So glad you had a Happy Father's Day, Shadow! You should get a Father of the Year award - I don't know how you do it all! You're the best.

And to all our other Daddy bloggers - Happy Belated Father's Day!

A xo

Ms. Pat B said...

Shadow, "Wicked" is my daughter's favorite show (she is 19). I think that it appeals on so many levels. Adults think back to the story of the "WOO" (Wizard Of Oz) that they could probably quote in their sleep, Teens relate to the high school dynamics, and little ones relate to the fantasy story, whether they know the "WOO" story or not.
Ashley, Miranda was 3 when I took her to the ballet for the 1st time (Nutcracker) and 5 when I took her to see "Peter Pan" with Cathy Rigby that traveled to our hometown. I had to apologize to the adult that was sitting beside her because she kept trying to tell Peter Pan where Captain Hook was. He happened to be a school principal who said that he was really enjoying seeing the show through the eyes of a child.
By the way, for Randy's 5th Father's day, I made him a photo frame with photos of Miranda and him doing things together and he loved it (sleeping together in the recliner after her 1st bath, in the ball pit at some play yard, her 3rd birthday with him wearing a wolf nose and her wearing a pig nose as a clown told the story of 3 Little Pigs and etc.) As she has graduated, I have gone back through photos and even have others of them asleep together. (One of her and Randy asleep in the recliner after dinner on her 18th birthday and sleeping together laying on a hospital bed in our den, while Randy was recovering from a near fatal accident 4 years ago... It's wonderful to see that things come full circle. Take lots of photos and also, don't wait 19 years before you start arranging and dating them. My favorites are not posed and I have photos that were taken the 1st day of school each year with her elementary teacher.
Looking forward to a new week on AMC and hoping that things continue to look up.
The ball microphones are in the $70 - $100 range but Randy has bought some from ebay &/or Craig's list with very good success.
Check out the podcast demo at
Take care,
Ms. Pat

Mel Got Served said...

I was watching Design Star on HGTV last night and Del was one of the male models they had on the show. I laughed a lot.

I still have Friday's episode to watch, but AMC was really good last week and I only had to fast forward like 3 times (and since I've been on this board long enough, I'm sure you can guess which scenes I skipped- coughMADISONANDRYANcough). Jen, I think that Scott/Annie could've had an amazing love scene, but the show chose not to show it and merely show the beginning and end. I'm not disagreeing that she's hotter with JR, but I think that Annie and Scott DO have heat, the show is just playing it off more to make Scott the easy/goodie goodie option and JR the sexier option.

Man, how fast is Damon going to run from Colby now that she seems to be babbling about wanting to be married and have kids? When I was 19 the last thing I was thinking about was having kids and getting married, and I was moreso thinking "Why is this Boone's Farm so tasty?" and whose apartment would I watch The OC at.

I too am liking New No-booby-anca. She sort of has that prim and properness that Erica has. She's a little cold at times, but she really lit up in the scene with her phone call to Miranda. I think she will be a good addition. But GMAFB with this avoiding calling Erica grandma business. "Do you want my girls to grow up without my mother?" Bianca asks. GRANDMOTHER! GRAMMY! NANA! MAMA! Anything! I think some people think it's an inside joke with the writers, but I seriously think there is a rule that says Erica can't be addressed as a grandmother.

Shadow, first off, happy father's day! I'm glad you and the family enjoyed the Karate Kid, but I refuse to see it ever and I'll explain. I'll give it to the kid that he has talent and presence, but he's a little pretentious. But that's not my gripe. This movie was solely made to bank off the nostalgia of those of us who loved the original. It's called The Karate Kid but contains no karate; it's kung fu. In every other country in the world the title of the film was changed to "The Kung Fu Kid" EXCEPT in the US and that's because they were banking on Gen X, who are in a phase of starting families, etc. would bring their kids to remember the good times but then it doesn't even compare. has an awesome list that sums it all up. As someone in marketing, I just hate when a movie/studio does obvious maneuvers that show they don't care about anything but making a buck (and thinking we are gullible). I guarantee you the movie studio that put out Sex and the City 2 said "ignore the reviews, women are desperate for another Sex and the City movie and will pay to see it" and they learned their lesson because their box office was much lower than the last film. Ok, off my movie high horse/Monday morning rant.

Ashley, happy birthday to the babies! They are growing up so fast!

Jen said...

Mel, I don't even think it's so much that I get what they are doing there, it's so they don't piss off the JR/Annie fans. B/c it is summer, ppl stop watching you know? Scott and yes I remember his fantasy scenes w/ her when he was doing the pool thing..again he is nowhere in the league of JR if he were to have the same scene. Jacob doesn't have to strip down to generate that heat, he doesn't, Adam Mayfield does. It's funny b/c we're suppose to want Scott for her but it's a Dylan/Brandon/Kelly know Kelly was better off w/ Brandon, but Dylan McKay was just that much more heat inducing. Scott it's just hard watching him try to be something he's not when he acts doesn't swoon or make you think WOW, it grates it pisses you off b/c he's not even being the bigger man, he's going into the childish antics to tick off JR on purpose and I still haven't seen WHAT THE HELL HAS HE DONE FOR THE FAMILY, Scott that family you talk of, whens the last time anyone has seen him w/ AJ or talking to Colby? WHAT IS HE DOING? NOTHING!..JR is all of that he does the badboy/good heart thing. Even w/ the limited scene AM had w/ MCE..take him out and put JY in his place saying those same words..feels different now doesn't it?

Another words if JR/JY has one of these

w/ Annie/MCE, it's over.

Jen said...

BTW when I hear Scott talking about doing things for the better of the family and notice he hasn't done a damn thing for them, what am I suppose to feel? Colby doesn't want to be there, the big dumbass nearly told JR to leave his own home..he sounds like he's ripping that family apart to me. Lets call it like we see it.

Shadow said...

Mel, ITA they should have changed the title. My son is really into Kung Fu & thought that was odd. My youngest son is constantly trying to "control my mind" now like the Kung fu warrior did the King Cobra. "Dad, can I have icecream?" I turn around and he's standing on one leg with the hands up in that snake stance. Pretty funny.

As for amc, I think Annie is the one generating all the heat, and JR & Scott are the lucky benefactors. MCE is smoking hot!

Jen said...

Shadow, agree on MCE, we'll disagree on the heat drawer, maybe b/c I'm a woman & understand the little things, but JY has the heat in this. You prbly don't look at his eyes, lips and body or listen to the tone of voice he uses like I do...but yeh, I'd say he generates his part of the heat too.

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, I think it's different strokes for different folks. As a female, I find myself drawn more to Scott and his hotness. I think JR's gotten better looking as of late, but if you're asking who I'd chase after, I'm going with Scott.

And THIS is why this is AMC's money story because it has 2 strong fanbases. Don't get me wrong, if you pair JR and Annie I won't be upset because I love that side of it too, I'm just saying I kind of like Scott a little more.

brtedi said...

I just watched Erica's speech to Jackson from Monday's show---and I honestly don't know if what I'm about to say should be taken in the negative or not. The only thing missing from her hospital bed declariation was , in the words of Scarlett O'Hara, "As God as my witness, I will never go hungry again!" LOL!

As far as the mountan man goes, does anybody else think he's a 'lost' Cortland, or maybe Ross Chandler? Is the second idea even possible? (I wasn't watching the show, that far back.)

Shadow said...

For purposes of the show, I think all this debate is great. You are right though, I'm not paying attention to all that stuff about JR or Scott. In my head I'm more in an imaginary happy place with MCE's lips.

BTW Jordan, any chance the bisexual lesbian you made out with was named Reese?

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey all,

So sorry that we have not been posting, but life has gotten in the way. Jordan, you SO have to come to Toronto! Do not come before the 27th, as the G20 summit has Toronto on lock down. Ash, it is very easy to say lovely things about your beautiful children. Ok, I have to tell you that my mom called in to “Tune in Tomorrow” it’s a soap show on blogtalk radio. She gave you guys quite the shout out and the host knew all about this show, it’s hosted by Soaps In Depth executive editor Richard M. Simms, so you two really have a place in the All My Children fandom that goes beyond the group of us…congrats. BTW, it was the Friday show and she is the last caller and if you want to you can download the podcast version of the live show on iTunes. Now, on to All My Children, the best compliment you can pay soap IMHO is that it goes by quickly. When it was really bad from the middle to the end of Pratt’s reign of terror it seemed to drag on forever. Now, like is has since LoBro came back it speeds by. I do want to clear up a misconception about the ‘Pratt period’ the show sucked! We all knew it, and I personally call ABC in NYC many times as well sent e-mails. All my point was back then was as much as a mess it was, there was still something good you could find to try and enjoy it, a thread of hope if you will, an example was Thorsten's beautiful face ☺.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hi it’s us again, apparently we have to break this up it’s too long to post.

First off, we love the Chandlers and hope that Marissa and Scott hook-up to stick it to JR and Annie for the little dance they are doing. We like Marissa, she has potential and the girl is doing a good job, love seeing her being David’s daughter, even if it is only glimpses. And no we don’t just love her because she a Canuck, if that is what your thinking. Now to NuBix, she is no DBTE, but is Bix lite. There is hope, she is not in an enviable position I would say this is worse that what Sabine steped into because Eden WAS Bianca, but she abandoned us and we must try to move on. Since, we are on the subject of the Kane women, how about Erica. We are bored of mountain man (I, Elyse, HATE HIM)! Susan and Michael Nouri do not have any chemistry, however he might be interesting for the Krystal/Tad/Liza orgy. Speaking of Liza, JLu is growing on us much like a summer rash. She is not Liza, but they are writing Liza as Liza and it works so much like with Bix Lite, we accept it and move on. Liza is so going repeat history doing to her daughter what her mother did to her, but will also impact Tad and that is what makes it interesting. Again, Damien is growing on us much like that summer rash.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Once more hello, it’s us … again.
The Hubbard’s, Angie will defiantly have come type of disease but according to Simms, it not fatal, we hope he is right, anyway it will give them a front burner storyline. It will be a disease she contracted though David’s cutback and mismanagement of the hospital, when she saved that boy, this is NOT a spoiler as anyone with eyes knew this was coming when she had blood on her and no one said anything. Madison is not ruined character, they need to strike a better balance, we don’t mind her with Ryan, as it is another damsel in distress he can save. Will they ever stop with the white knight complex? And BTW where are all the children? BTW the only person that Madison ahs real chemistry with is Frankie. Yes we know it is touch but they can a play a forbidden love story where he has to get past what she did. Imagine what Angie and Jesse’s reaction could be. Thus Randy has to go, bless her heart. Where are Emma, Kathy and Jenny? How did Krystal up and leave the girls to go scaling mountains with Jack? We like Jake and Amanda, we like happy and boring, even if we know it will not last long. Brot and Natalia, as so cute it is a shame they have been hung out to dry and all but forgotten, who cares that she wants to be a detective. That major is swarmy, hate her! Wish we had real actors from NYC again. After this rant we’re sure you’re all sorry they asked where the hell we’ve been.
Remember even if we don’t have the opportunity to blog we listen regularly and whenever we get a chance to promote you guys we do. Also, we hope you entered that Oprah contest.

P.s. Jordan, get your ass to the Wendy Williams show, when she is back to taping live you can SO do the opening announce. You’ll rock it. Besides the audience is filled with hot gay men.

Jen said...

I still never saw anything between Frankie/Madison...Ryan/Madison have "it" I never saw that and I love interracial couples. Must be just me.

BTW didn't anybody when they saw Trent's wife wish she were recasted as Marissa? or did anyone of you feel the need to say

Go! Go! Power Rangers!

Scott literally doesn't think this out, like no one was going to notice the tall rich looking guy walking out w/ a suit and backpack..if you wanted to get this done, you should have went in that 4 way convo. while Annie snatched the bag. Ugh! for the life of me I'm thinking how Stuart is watching him in that very moment.

Arizonagal said...

WTF is Erica wearing in the hospital and why is she wearing a bullet bra? That fugly lingerie is really aging`, looks like something she got from Gloria Swanson.

JR vs Scott, definitely a personal preference. I'd go with Scott way before JR, and it has nothing to do with looks. Scott is sexy, smart, well educated, and he's not an addict. JR, did he even get a HS diploma? IIRC he left PV to become a merchant marine on a tramp steamer (rotfl) so I guess he got "learned" at the school of hard knocks.

Newbie-anca, good recast, but was it Ashley who said she's trying too hard? Nevertheless, she'll settle into this role and be great.

Why does Marissa go to Hayward to discuss her problems? I mean really, why would anyone discuss their personal problems with David, PV's resident mad doctor??? I'm sure he'll be giving her sound advice >;-)

Anonymous said...

LOVED Annie and JR getting their freak on in the grass!!!! I love you Jordan but Annie and Scott cannot compete with Annie and JR. I had to LOL when she asked him what the heck they were doing going at it like that in a public place. Wow, those two are smokin'. I would have loved it even more if Olive Oil had walked by and caught them. Even SHE couldn't deny their smoking hot chemistry if she saw it up close and personal, ROTFL.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Trent's wife should have been cast as Maggie who came to support Binx since her mom was missing then rekindle their relationship and you can get rid of Reese and horrors of the Pratt years. Even if Gabby remains, they can come up with a way she is not Zack's kid.

Laura said...

Loved the podcast, but I from reading the blogs I am worried about Shadow. He says Denise is improving and Jackie Chan can act?

Shadow I am worried about you, did you bump your head.

I am watching the other AMC. Young and the Restless and Special Johnny is there to protect Boobianca.

Jen said...

Shadow may have been getting jealous of Jacob tonight Wowwwwwwww, I wanted to be Melissa, I'm watching the show not even 1 sec in, I'm like is this AMC really? I mean we started off w/ a summer scorchy scene, I shouldn't be surprised anymore w/ JR/Annie those two naturally are adventurous...was LOL when she knocked Marissa saying she's safe, stable, how there's no ups/down w/ her and again not exciting. Later on she returns to the park w/ Scott/Emma on the way home & she keeps looking at the ground of the same spot.

Aside from that JR w/ the grass stained shirt saying the leaves were blowing, Annie telling Ryan while putting her shoe back on how she's in the car on her way.

Damn David drugs really?? he and Greenlee have some bad times coming.

Loved Madison/Erica... and Emma! I'd take that little girl home, she's so lovable.

Norn Cutson said...


Norn Cutson said...

i love my li'l Jason Tam.
I wanna make a dozen babies with him.

Ashley said...

It's not so much that JR is hotter with Annie or Scott is.... I just think that Annie (played brilliantly by MCE - Holy cow! Did I just say that about Blandie??) is *consumed* by JR. It's that once in a lifetime relationship where you want to LIVE inside the other person's skin, and you almost can't breathe when you're around them. You can't live without him, but you will DESTROY each other if you stay with him.... And the sex???!!! Damn, I gotta stop! It's too early in the morning for this kinda talk!

This sh$t is HAWT!

A xo

PS - Any coincidence that my Blogger "Word Verification" is "sweata"?

PPS - And did I call it or what? I *dreamed* of a Special Johnny/Annie/Ryan triangle so, so long ago... The "brother" triangle we got goin' now is SMOKIN'!

Shadow said...

I have been falsely accused by Laura who has egregiously taken my comments out of context! I have no choice but to defend myself (since nobody else is taking up for me- Ahem).

OK, about Vasi, here are my comments to date:

"I can fart with greater inflection than anything Vasi can emote on screen." That ain't no love poem Laura!

"How easy would it have been to hire some Hollywood wannabe dingbat or Denise Vasi the 2nd?" That isn't going to get me elected President of the Frandi Fan Club.

"I don't truly detest anyone. I'm no Vasi fan, but even Randi is less offensive...I just wanted the show to stop sucking ass." OK, "less offensive" is no ringing endorsement, and if your name is mentioned anywhere near or around "sucking ass", that isn't good. Nothing in that blog entry speaks of improvement per se. My point was not just that Vasi has less screen time or suddenly does nothing that requires more than monosyllabic speech (hence "less offensive"). My point was that the show, as a whole, is a better. I was just trying to put some positive energy out there lest anyone accuse me of being too negative lately about the show which honestly I sort of am not enthralled by right now.

Now, about Jackie Chan...

Jackie Chan can sort of act. Um, well, ok, you got me there Laura, but I can't help it. I'm a dude! I like Jackie Chan! Especially when he is kicking ass!

Arizonagal said...

Hey, JR or Scott aside, isn't it wonderful that we actually have some smokin' scenes to discuss? A couple of years ago I remember JordAsh bemoaning the fact that there was NO SEX on the show. During Pratt's reign, we got a lot of moon shots, a lot of Opal mysticism, and a lot of malarkey, but no sex at all!

Mel Got Served said...

Good news OLTL fans: Brandon Buddy ISN'T leaving. Check out Daytime Confidential. He said his Twitter was hacked. Glad to hear he's staying because while I'm not a Coldsore fan (muhaha I'm mean), I DO like both Starr and Cole separately as actors.

Shadow said...

And thanks for the Dad's Day shout out Ash! it was a blast of a day.

BTW some new guy named Trent Garrett who sort if looks like a cleaner Damon has been hired on contract as the new teen who will come between Colby and Damon. my thought was, "Contract, really?". His name will be Asher Pike and he airs in August-the second new character by the new writers. My second thought was, "stupid name".

Sorry, I tried positive but after being blindsided by Laura's defamatory remarks, I'm back to being snarky.

Having said that, I'm so happy to see posts from Norn! He comes up some pretty funny stuff and is the artist who drew the animated Ashley and Jordan that you see on the blog's front page. He's a very gifted artist!

Anonymous said...

Boy, do I have some (positive) things to say about Wednesday’s AMC!

First things first: Erica in full tilt diva mode. Susan Lucci’s hair deserves an Emmy. LOL! And the little black, off the shoulder, dress—Erica was ready for a full on smack down with Greenlee…BTW, don’t you just love Greens in all of her high octane, bitchy, glory?—And, then, there was the elevator!...” 'nuff said. Kudos to Rebecca Budig.

Then, there were my favorite scenes of the day…This will take a bit of explaining. While I’m an unapologetic, unabashed, “Ryan” fan I quite enjoyed when Madison told him off, for trying to “save” Erica. (I’m also sure there were, at that moment, there were some non-Ryan fans, somewhere, doing the wave. ;-) ) Even with the best of intentions, Ryan does do stupid things. I think, we all like to see our favorite characters, having flaws. If well written flaws make characters more interesting.

When Madison returned, with tire iron in hand, for me that was like icing on the cake. Aside from the split second when I wondered if tire irons and fire place implements had special contractual consideration with the show (Ha!), it made me laugh when Madison admitted she did need help, after all. This, in spite of everything she’d just said.

Finally, I actually think I’m warming up to Damon—twisted, manipulative, little twit, that he is. Tell me; was Tad originally like this in his earlier days?


Anonymous said...

I think MCE is being rewarded for all of that hard work she did all last year to sell Pratt's BS. She had to be in the mental institution with Aidumb and Ashley's "bucktooth boogerface Bianca", then on the run kidnapping her child and breaking into mansions, then she had to marry someone old enough to be her father, and she had to sell a bogus story where she was getting a six year old to lie about a murder. The woman took all of the crap they threw at her and made it gold. Now she is being treated by having two gorgeous men fighting over her and getting to make out with them on a daily basis. Work hard and you will be rewarded!!!! The MVP of AMC circa 2008-2009 is finally getting her due!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Starting Thursday on ABC the folks who brought us Johns Hopkins last summer have created "Boston Med". Basically the same show, different hospital. Sounds like it will be just as good.

Shadow said...

OMG I'm so glad someone remembers Bucktooth Boogerface Bianca besides me! I swear that was one of the funniest things we came up with during the Pratt year, and it still. makes me laugh out loud. (I so wanted her to get the recast as NuBianca.)

Jen said...

You are so right Ashley, I see what you mean w/ the once in a lifetime thing. Anonymous I also remember those horrible SLs they gave MCE, I agree she is finally being rewarded, and I also think in some ways JY is too, b/c that show hack writer literally got him to cut off all his locks (NO ONE SACRIFICED MORE THAN JACOB! HE LITERALLY RISKED GOING BALD!) and he tried to muster every bit of sexual heat he could w/ Marissa..and got nothing in his scenes w/ her, NOW literally he looks, sounds and feels rejuvenated in his SLs.

RB also isn't mailing it in anymore. Didn't it feel like that to anyone? Watch her scenes now and YT 1 yr. ago there is more life in her speeches and movements.

I got to add, I love what they are doing w/ Emma, she has had so many women in her life via her dad mostly, but ea. one of them are giving her advice and love. Like Ericca the other day telling her the bear story and how there are snakes in life, that girl is going to be so spoiled in the future. Wait till Mimo meets her.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan, did you submit a video for the Oprah "Get your own show contest?" I wanna vote for you but I can't find yours!!!

discodan said...

HEY GUYS!!! Long time no visit. I miss you guys so much. I've been busy I don't know if I have told you guys but I am now officially interning with Daytime Confidential and Pop Confidential, and I actually just published my first article. Check it out and leave comments.

Speaking of AMC, I can't wait until the will reading next week, but I hate the idea that Caleb is just a nephew... THEY SHOULD HAVE MADE HIM ROSS!!!!

OLTL... meh lately... It'll get better, I hope.

GH is fire! Can't wait till Franco and Brenda come back and kick off what sounds like a fantastic storyline

Mel Got Served said...

Congrats Dan! Looking forward to seeing your work on the site!

discodan said...

Thanks Mel... I also have a second article up... it's AMC!!

brtedi said...

Hi, I hope all of you will forgive a bit if indulgence. While I this blog is predominately about ABC soaps---I would be remiss if I didn’t mention the week long tribute devoted to the passing of Francis Reed/”Alice Horton” on Days Of Our Lives. OMG, that was the way tributes (on daytime )soaps should be done! I have to give credit, where credit is due. TPTB did an excellent job at finding as many original cast members as they could. Apparently, they even found the actor who originated the role of “Bill Horton”. (Something I noticed when SOAP net aired the original first two episodes back to back, to coincide with the show’s 40th anniversary). Not to mention, it’s always good when Bill and Susan Hayes make an appearance as “Doug and Julie”.

Believe me, I’ve probably been conscious of this show for 40 of the 45 years, or so, it’s been on the air. There have been times when the show has been extraordinarily good, such as, the 20 year long secret of Mike Horton not being Mickey Horton’s son, but rather his brother Bill’s child. Or, times when it became utterly unwatchable---The day a possessed Marlena caused a church chandelier to drop, during the renewal of Bo and Hope’s wedding vows. Then, if that wasn’t bad enough, the town Christmas tree burst into flames! (That was the day my mom and I officially quit watching)

Whatever the highs and lows , in storytelling throughout the years, during this past week everyone involved rose to the occasion. Both the cast and the writers did an outstanding job, memorializing one of the show’s founding characters and veteran cast members.

Terry in Toronto said...

Congrats DiscoDan on your internship. I'll look for your byline online.

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm so glad that Billy Miller, ex-Richie on AMC, won an emmy for his work on Y&R. I'm glad he got some recognition for his considerable talent. I was so sad to see him leave Pine Valley but clearly when one door closed another opened.

Same for Stacy Haiduk. She was terrific as Hannah on AMC and they gave her the boot only for Y&R to pick her up and give her amazing opportunity and lots of airtime. Too bad she wasn't recognized for her work this past year.

Will Eden Reigel be next?

Anonymous said...

Cathy in Vegas here, coming to you from my dinner break at work. I tried to get some pics in my vey short visit to the "red carpet" at the Emmys at the Hilton today, but the actual area they were walking at the entrance was pathecally tiny....and due to technical difficulties I ended up with a ver nice video of me leaving the Hilton and getting back in my car. Sorry guys. Back to work for now, more later on the detais

Arizonagal said...

AMC the good and the bad

bad - Here is Madison telling Ryan off about being a freakin rescuer and white knight and I'm going, "Yeah Maddy, you tell him girl!" Two seconds later she's sheepishly asking him to change her tire and he's smiling at her with that condescending smile. TIIC are playing mind games with the viewers and I was not amused! I can't tell you how insulting that shit is - not funny, not rom-com, not cute, just insulting to women.

good - The battle of the tiny titans with Erica cornering Greenlee in the elevator, loved it! Loved everything Erica said, she was right on.

bad: I know ya'll love Greenlee, but she is such a miserable character. She's mean and on the warpath, which is fine, we expect that, but in her marriage to David, she also seems miserable and cranky. No layers, all one note, she's just angry all the time. Who would want to spend time with a person like her in RL? She's a total buzzkill.

bad: Tad smugly telling Damon's dad Paul he wants to adopt him. Granted the dad is an SOB but who the hell is Tad to tell this guy how great Damon is when Tad has been the father figure for what, a few months? What nerve.

Okay, where in the heck is Hillary. This Tad/Damon SL is screaming for her!

Mel Got Served said...

I am really liking this Angie storyline. It's realistic and what I like about it is that it's playing both angles of this hospital drama. Angie should've used gloves and taken the precautions needed, yet the hospital also didn't have everything needed. I think this is going to be a great story, especially if Angie really does lose her vision. Debbie is doing a great job.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hey guys,
I wanted to let you know I called in to blogtalkradio's tune in tomorrow. I gave the PVP as many plugs as I can and I spoke to him for like 25 minutes, you can download it from itunes. it's the Post-Emmy maddness episode from Monday June 28.

Mel Got Served said...

OMG, I'm dying laughing. Dlisted posted a little bit about the Daytime Emmys (mostly around Marie Osmond singing) but posted some pictures and said like Susan Lucci, Michelle Stafford, and "a mid-priced call girl who got lost while making her way to the hotel bar." Who is that you say?


I'm dying here! Michael K is hysterical and this comment made me think of you Jordan!

Anonymous said...

In the new SID the new writers request to hear your feedback at (818)460-7477 and and click "comment abc" at the bottom on the page. So let your voices be heard.

Amphitrion said...

Ha! I have to say (and I know Ashley would disagree) I think Mellissa Archer is gorgeous, but that outfit is an insane, dominatrix wardrobe malfunction waiting to happen!

Discodan – wow-- congratulations! A young, bright and articulate writer interested in writing about soaps gives good home to the medium.

Elizabeth said...

OMG! I don't want to spoil today's show for anyone who hasn't seen it yet, but I just have to say, in the words of Jordan Hudson, "Melissa Claire Egan, you amuse me!" I want Ashley to reenact today's scenes with her voices that she does!


Mel Got Served said...

I like Natalie/Melissa Archer cause she's a normal shaped woman and really looks like a normal person. But I hate the character of Natalie and that dress she wore was horrrrrrrible. I know it's a special night and all, but do you have to share that special night with your ta-tas?

Arizonagal said...

Woooshit, that was one heck of a tacky dress for Ms Archer, but the twins looked good.

Congrats DiscoDan, we can say we knew you when!

Norn Cutson said...

I still think of BUCKTOOTH BOOGRFACE all the time too, & i thought she's be a perfect BINKS recast!

Jen said...

Annie: If you weren't such a boring little mouse, JR never would have had sex w/ me.

Annie: to prove that he is worthy of your extra special pink flannel love.

Arizonagal said...

Elyse, it was so great to hear your voice on Tune in Tomorrow. You brought up numerous good points. About David drugging Binx, exactly right, here we go again. I can’t believe Richard, the host of the show, disagreed with you. He says it’s okay, it was just a little drug. Sorry, wrong, drugging someone is never okay. The host has no problem with Randi and says Denise Vasi has grown as an actress. I can’t disagree with this guy more - Randi and Jesse? I’m with you on Fusion and ConFusion, lets blow it up. Elyse, another good point about how any idiot can work at Fusion and their career suddenly blossoms. I, like you, disagreed with almost everything Richard said, though he is a soapcyclopedia of knowledge.

I loved it when he talked about empty box syndrome! Tell me Elyse, did this guy piss you off just a little bit? He had to argue with everything you said!! You’re one feisty chick and I enjoyed your point-counter point. Great plug for the PVP at the end.

brtedi said...

"to prove that he is worthy of your extra special pink flannel love." (Thanks, for the quote Jen!)--Go, Annie, go! ROTF!

Gotta love Annie in her version of the 'little black dress' and the tastefully, small, veiled, hat--MCE even looks good in faux, sarcastic, grief!

And on on a Y&R note, "Special Johnny" has long since left Pine Valley. But, "Ronan Malloy" has hit Genoa City--This makes me one happy soap fan!--I'm looking forward to seeing Jeff Branson's work with Elizabeth Hendrickson, Eden Riegel.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

New Podcast is coming. Don't know when Ashley will put it up but it has been done and saved so soon

Terry in Toronto said...

Yah! New Podcast! Fireworks anyone?!

Elyse in Toronto said...

Happy Canada Day!

Hey Arizonagal, I agree with everything you said. Thank-you for listening to it. he did make me angry a few times :) LOL. This is the second time we called in, my mom called in last time and also had an extensive conversation. Both times we have given the PVP shout-outs, the soap world needs to know that Jordan and Ashley are representing the voice of AMC viewers and fabulous and that they have created an amazing community of loyal listeners.

Side note: How did Ebabe in make-up yesterday make AJ cry? she did not look like a sad clown. Funniest part of the show.

Bxgal said...

^^^ I know!! when AJ said he was scared, i was dying!!! the only good thing about having E-Babe on the show is that we (and annie) can make fun of her!!

brtedi said...

Randon thoughts reguarding Thursday's AMC:

David & Greenlee in bed-- Geez, I hope everybody brushed their teeth. LOL!

Madison sees Ryan jogging (shirtless) in the park--

Madison quit ogling the dude! (Well, I guess, if you didn’t notice his torso, you wouldn’t have a pulse…But, still….: 8 } Tee Hee! )

Jen said...

I actually appreciated that oggling' scene. Ryan Lavery hasn't taken his shirt off since January. Welcome Back :)

Oh god, I understand the show pushing DaLee and Jamanda, but RPG and VI need to hit the gym and still I'm getting grossed out by both thier RLs, if it were me I'd pair David w/ Liza just saying, since we know her and Tad prbly won't work.

Why are my JR & Annie only on like twice a week? :(

P.S. show please FTLOG stick w/ Ryan/Madison. It works, they have it, if DaLee breaks up stop putting Ryan in the middle, and he's been super tolerable these past mths. don't damage it w/ promos.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG OMG OMG OMG OLTL TODAY OMG. NO!!!!!!! As much as I hate the twist. It's good soap people.

Bxgal said...

I know exactly how you feel Jordan!! I won't spoil it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet by saying exactly what the twist is. But it was definitely a good twist!! I rewound my dvr like 5 times cause I didn't believe what I was seeing! I haven't been watching regularly like I used to, but after watching today I'm hooked again (at least on this story).

By the way, Jordan I've been meaning to ask you if you've seen the Broadway play "Next Fall"? Since you seen to like theater I thought I'd suggest it. I saw it 2 months ago and loved it! I definitely recommend it!!!

Terry in Toronto said...

I know Jordan!

I went "WHAT!" but it is good soap and while I want to direct how this proceeds, I'm willing to wait and see. Still asking "why? why? Why?" but letting them do their thing.

David and Ford as dueling himbos showing off their patriotism was amusing.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

BXGAL I did the same the same thing lol rewind my dvr because I couldnt believe it. Yes Next fall is on my list especially because it's closing soon.

Terry I agree I'm letting it play out because it was such a twist and the fact that no one broke it anywhere it was truly a surprise.
The battling himbos was incredible intelligent well written humor. OLTL at it's best

Crystal said...

OLTL - GASP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I am in severe shock!
Also, I love it when David is on the show. He is so much awesomeness!

Mel Got Served said...

I missed OLTL- what's the twist? Tell me, tell me!

Also, watching Thursday's AMC- Borissa's sexy fashion show is hilarious. But I will give the show credit for acknowledging that her boring, plain nature is part of the character.

Crystal said...

Mel, I sent you a message on FB about it. I didn't want to spoil it in case some people hadn't got to it yet.

Terry in Toronto said...

Mel, you can likely get Friday's OLTL on youtube. Thank God for the good folks who put stuff on there or I would just get committed to St Anne's on the days when my DVR inexplicably doesn't record OLTL.


Shadow said...

Hey everyone! Happy belated Canada Day to our fellow Canadian listeners and bloggers and Happy 4th of July to our American PVP gang! If we have any British fans out there, well, I hope you're having a nice weekend too. I hope everyone is able to spend the day relaxing and doing something they enjoy with someone they love. Or find hot. Seems fitting that we should all celebrate these occasions today with fireworks and love in the afternoon as theysay on ABC. If the beer and pretzels have already begun to cloud your ability to reason, I will simplfy: Have fun! Get laid! Or whatever makes you happy! But take just a second to remember how lucky we are to live in the magnificent world we do, wheeeee can freely express ourselves and reach out to a friendly, loving community with just the click of a mouse.

I can tell you this- no hotdogs for me. I'm at the beach on vacation with people who cook things like steak with bleu cheesy goodness on top and all sorts of French inspired fancy, extra caloric deliciousness. Thank God! Who knows what random crap they grind up and put in those hotdog weiners. I'm off for a run and then a frozen margarita. As a drunk relatve of mine likes to say, "It's 12:00 sonewhere"!

Happy Day Everyone!

(And I'm caught up on Amc--all good stuff these days. Really liking Damon now and Liza. Love the way they have been shooting Angie although this s/l has so much potential for snarky commentary. Herpes in the eye? Somebody needs better aim. Ha! Get it? Tacky, I know. )