Monday, May 24, 2010

Love in the Afternoon?

We're not getting much love in the afternoon, but we're getting some good drama, people! ABC is delivering the daytime goods, and we hope you're enjoying it as much as we are.

This month's (!) podcast is extra long, since we've made you wait an extra-long time for it. The twin's first birthday is coming up on June 4th (!!), and I've made it my personal goal to devote more time to the 'cast and our awesome lil' community. Wish me luck!

Hope you enjoy, and, as always, please, please, please (!!!) join in on the conversation here.

5/21/10 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

Woo hoo new podcast, I am so grateful! perfect timing, monday morning, back to work, and a new podcast to soothe the pain! thank you Ashley and Jordan

Mel Got Served said...

I'm behind on AMC, but did watch all of OLTL last week which was totally excellent until Rex and Gigi re-appeared Friday.

But I just have to say the Lost finale was AMAZING. I get getting verklempt thinking and talking about it. What a beautiful end to a series.

SOAPFAN said...

New podcast! Yay! I can't believe Ashley's babies are gonna' be a year old soon...time goes so fast!

I have been enjoying AMC lately, but I still think the show is kind of "off". Actually it became off. you can tell LBs writing is phasing out, and the two hacks are starting to undo every good thing she has done.

I really don't like Jake and Amanda. I don't think they have any chemistry. I think the character of Amanda was ruined the minute they decided to pair her with lame Jake.

Maybe it's because I just don't like Ricky Paull Goldin as Jake. I feel like the character is not needed on the canvas. He was brought back so that RPG could be attached to the show in a major way, they were afraid to make a new character. I FF scenes with Jake and Amanda now.

I was happy to see Janet, but I am soooo over JFAP. I had hoped the show would make Janet come back better, and just be a meddling mom, but they decided to go the whole crazy route.

I will say I am glad Lorraine Broderick decided to have Janet and Amanda deal with that happened with Trevor. There no doubt had to be some issues there. The problem is, while Lorraine set the storyline up, KrAPzman and SwaJOKEski are probably going to drop any real storyline dealing with this.

Lorraine set up a lot of things, and K&S are going through one by one and destroying them.

I like Finn Wittrock and Damon. I have to say though, they are writing him a little too stereotypical teen. Too much fake angst. If you recall, Tad was a sort of cool character. Damon is just an angry angsty mess! It almost comes across as fake. And the actor looks a bit too old to be acting like this. Finn W has a big face, I think that's what bothers me about him. People keep clamoring for the show to cut his hair, but if you did, his face would be in 3D. He has a big face! I recommend something with bangs.

I just wish they would not pair him with Colby. Sorry Jordan, but I'm just not liking Natalie Hall as Colby. Sure, she is not boring and slumped like Briane Moncrief, but she seems too amataurish to me. She is like someone you would find on the new 90210 or a Nickelodeon show.

From her lisp, to the annoying way she repeats words 4 times before she gets a single sentence out...I think she is not a great actress for daytime. Maybe she can do musicals, but she ain't doing it for me.

Funny that you mentioned Scott stealing from Cortlandt industries. I would say now is the time for the show to bring back Nina and Petey. Nina could take over Cortlandt industries, and she could even be a romantic rival with Erica for the new "Mountain Man". It's a perfect opportunity that LB wanted to explore, but of course K&S probably will scrap it and focus more on Marissa(who they seem to love already).

Marissa needs a whole new personality and actually, they should start with a complete MAKEOVER. Lighten her hair and cut it in some kind of style. Ditch the librarian sweater vests and boring FROCKS. She needs to be styled and made over.

They could even write it into the story. Marissa gets a makeover to try and keep up with Annie. Then they could make Jr sleep with Annie again, and Marissa becomes vengeful and actually goes and lives with David. They could be the father daughter wrecking crew in PV!

So much potential on the show. I hope the new writers don't kill the show like they did ATWT.

I'm still not caring much for Madison(Stephanie Gatschet). The character doesn't FIT on the show. It seems like they are forcing certain people into the storylines. A few characters need to go:


AMC has a lot of dead weight right now. A lot of missed opportunities, a lot of potential wasted. It's better than with Pratt, but I fear it won't be for long.

Arizonagal said...

Haven't seen the Lost finale yet, can't wait to see it!

OLTL was great last week, up until Rex and Geeg showed up. I'd totally forgotten about them during their absence, it was a slap in the face seeing them on friday. I'm still thinking, who gives a rat's ass about these two losers? Go away G-Rex

Okay this Ford guy is starting to creep me out. Can ya'll imagine how many bodily fluids have been splattered around that apartment? They gonna need to hire a gizmopper, eew, sorry, gross, but seriously haven't we all thought about that? And those sheets of his, well ick. God I hope someone mops that sticky floor.

Jordan, bingo! You said it about Gina Tognoni, Kelly on OLTL. The writing for her has been beyond crappy. Her SL sucks and TPTB have only succeeded in making me FF thru all her bullshit. It ain't working writers! TIIC have taken a talented actress and just made her an annoying needless presence. What a waste.

I have to echo Ty's sentiments about Jake and Amanda. I loved RPG on GL as Gus, but as Jake, he is totally annoying and misogynistic. He acts like a total buffoon. He has really been getting on my nerves with the wise cracking and I don't feel any chemistry with him and Amanda. Amanda is just stupid when she's with him and I hate the way she lets men control her.

And earlier in the week, Greenlee walks in on David admitting his devious plot to Ryan and Madison. Greenlee walks in and questions David. Well DUH Greenlee, it's David. You knew it when you married him that he's a big liar and can't be trusted. Don't act surprised when he acts like who he really is. God sometimes these people are written so stupid.

Unknown said...

Happy early birthday to the twins! Another great podcast guys. I haven't been watching many soaps lately b/c I just graduated from law school and I'm studying for the bar, ugh. Anyway, I'll try to get caught up on my Y&R in August when this is over, but from what I heard it went downhill fast! Tune into AMC a little here and there whenever J.R. and Annie are on. Thanks for the laughs guys. You really help me get through tough study times like this!


brtedi said...

Hi, Ashley! :-)

Just to let you know, when I click on the latest podcast link, it says,"Opps! Page not found." My Windows Media is running. So, I'm stumped.


Terry in Toronto said...

I just got in and am exhausted after a long day but now am totally energized by the prospect of a new podcast! Ashley and Jordan, you always brighten my day.

Sandy said...

I love the podcast and I've been listening for a while now but have you ever explained why you both hate Natalie on OLTL so much? I like both of the Buchanan twins, especially Natalie and I think that overall she is a rather popular character. The sex scene with her and Brody was HAWT!!! I do wish that they would keep her away from John because I hate that guy. He's just so unemotional and boring, it's rediculous.

I will co-sign Ty and Arizonagal's Jake and Amanda hate. They kind of gross me out. I don't get their chemistry. It's just, ugh??? That coupling is rather cringeworthy for me.

The one thing that bothers me most on AMC is the character of Damon. I hate this kid with the fire of 1000 suns. He has absolutely no redeeming qualities and I am tired of the writer's shoving him down my throat. I don't care that he is Tad's kid, he has ADHD or that his step-father is a jerk because none of those things excuse his abhorrent behavior. This kid has had every opportunity in the world handed to him several times over and he just pisses them away. And Liza was RIGHT, he is a complete LOSER and he belongs in jail. This storyline is making me dislike Tad and Colby for enabling this loser, delinquent. I think the guy is an okay actor and I like his hair (as least he's not rockin' that stupid emo/Beiber hair) but I just hate Damon and I don't see anyway the show could make me like him.

Terry in Toronto said...

Uh Oh. I can't download in itunes. Help Ashley.

Anonymous said...

I can't download this from iTunes or the sight. HELP! I need my Ashley and Jordan fix!!

Terry in Toronto said...

Yaaahh!!!! It finally started downloading. Like Anon above I am so like a junkie when it comes to the PVP. ... and I am unashamed.

BetseyD said...

Hello All,

I downloaded the Podcast on iTunes, and it shows that it is only thirteen minutes long.

Is this an error, or is the Podcast really only thirteen minutes long this month?



BetseyD said...

Never mind!

It must have been a glitch of some kind with iTunes.

I deleted the thirteen minute episode, and re-downloaded the podcast. I finally ended up with the full (almost) one hour episode.

Yay! Now I have this to listen to, while working out tomorrow.

Really looking forward to it! With a month in between podcasts, you start to go through withdrawals, you know!


brtedi said...

I must have missed some of Friday's AMC...Do we know what Palmer actually wrote to Erica? Or, are we supposed to infer what he said in the letter?

I think, I like the grumpy character, who found Erica in the plane wreckage.

Mel Got Served said...

Started listening to the podcast on my commute in. Happy early birthday to the twins!

In terms of the Emmys, I think one thing we need to know are the episodes submitted for show and acting. According to Nelson Branco, he said OLTL submitted an episode that dealt with Matthew's paralysis and Shane's cancer (not Grey Gardens which was originally reported). 2 kids in horrible situations? Maybe not nomination bait compared to the "intrigue" of shooting Stuart. Don't get me wrong, I think OLTL was robbed, but it may also be them not submitting their best material.

I'm so behind on AMC because of OLTL last week. I need to find time to fit it in but it's so hard with all my other shows wrapping up.

Any Ugly Betty fans, they are auctioning off show props at VIP Auctions on eBay. They have a lot of show props so check it out (for years I tried to get something amazing from Arrested Development and I definitely missed out by not bidding).

Jen said...

OLTL has been amazing, then Rex/Gigi show up on your screen and you remember how some of it sucks.

Jen!? J-Hud you needed to go to your ass blaster class. LOL, I never said I didn't like Damon, I don't like how the ppl around him like Tad and Jesse and Colby just submit to everything. In Colby/Damon's RL dynamic I see one thing, Colby is desperate, b/c she's rebelling against her mom and last I saw before getting really involved w/ Damon was Scott telling her to go get her freak on and not to worry about us grown ups. So everything from that point screams to me desperate girl out for ass blaster workouts. I agree Tad is an idiot, he lets that kid do what he wants and Damon is just taking advantage of him. Liza has so much reason to not like him..we don't even need to explain that. BTW I totally see history repeating itself only Liza doesn't want to screw him, but she can always hire someone, never know.

David/Greenlee just have no romantic chemistry, love in the afternoon is not there w/ them is as sick as Borissa going after JR, you know stealing thier sibling's life? B/c David was never meant for Greenlee, unfortunately everything that she's doing is prbly going to drive her to Ryan who will be in love w/ Madison, who I'm starting to love on this show, I'm sorry but Henry could always be alive and come back. SG's Madison has layers and has done the one thing I didn't think was possible... make Ryan rootable. I actually watch the Ryan/Madison scenes, I wish the show would move Scott to that scenerio in the future where he becomes the other man drawing the lust, it'd be nice to see that little rivalry reignited between Scott and Ryan.

JR and Annie I love everything about them, J-Hud I know you love Scott's body but he has to get naked to create the type of lust I see between MCE and JY and Jacob has been looking edible, they give me HAWT flashes on stares alone. I definitely think they are going to end up in love, these are the two screw ups that will find common ground and love in the afternoon. What I don't like is how Scott although nice to see him grey, is really a hypocrite in all this, claiming he has the family in mind, he could give two whats about JR's marriage problems, hasn't checked on Colby, disobeying Adam's wishes and is stealing ideas from Palmer..Stuart would understand that? and then his reasoning of trying to prove JR wrong over everything makes me just not understand him, what part of Adam is JR's father and they are messed up partly b/c you took that position doesn't he get? what part of Chandler Ent. was never meant to be ran by him doesn't he get? Adam would beat that into JR's head on a daily basis how this all that is Chandler Ent. will be yours to run, now he gets the son he's wanted but turns on him and gives his position to the Chandler that's cost them most of the problems financially and sorta family wise.

Scott's company went belly up, Chandler Ent. loss money, JR had to cut it off... Scott's tube that he didn't get checked nearly killed Kendall's daughter, in turn Chandler loss money, Adam had to clean it up and live in pressure that led to alot of crap after that, now your stealing plans that aren't yours? and dare say JR doesn't deserve your spot? WHO ARE YOU TO SAY THAT?

Eventually what I bet happens is Scott is blackmailed by someone or he's outed costing Chandler more money than ever and JR in turn has to save it.And I'm betting what Palmer gave Erica in that box has Scott's ass in a whole lot trouble, B/c Pete Cooney if he were to ever trust a Chandler it'd be JR before Scott, since he knows it would irk Adam and he's seen Adam and JR not getting along before.

Anonymous said...

thank you for another podcast!!!

Y&R is not as good as it used to be...sadly. I rarely watch it anymore.

B& is a horrible show, but it has the most viewers worldwide. They are more popular overseas than here. Different tastes.

The Grey's Anatomy finale was the BEST! Lost was okay.

Terry in Toronto said...

Great podcast! I loved that "man on the street" interlude.

Sadly Canada also produces some mediocre actors,remember Cameron Matheson? Please don't hold Ryan or Marissa against us.

Can't wait to hear what you think of the OLTL new murder mystery. It just can't be Marco ... and they haven't even solved the who killed Melinda and pseudo-mute guy yet. Could it be the same random serial killer?

Ass Blaster! You guys are too much.

Good luck with Oprah.

Crystal said...

Oh awesome they are going to change BJs name. I hope they don't change it to Krystal's BJs. That would be worse, ha ha.

I am not loving the whole Erica plane crash/wilderness thing. Ridic!

Arizonagal said...

Oh the pain of Rex and Gigi. Hildy and Walt they ain't, Nick and Nora they ain't, Tracy and Hepburn they *really* aint! If they were, this might be an interesting SL, but Farah F is so DBTE she can't even fake it. When I see train wrecks (train rex?) like this, or John and Natalie, or Kelly and Reed, I just have to wonder if TIIC really care?

BTW Vicky has been wandering about the house in her robe. Where is Charlie?

Even though I like Colby and Damon, I'm not really buying their relationship, yet.

I can sympathize with Liza. I don't approve of every guy my daughter dates, and I've made that clear, even though it always comes back to bite me.

Poor Amanda, she's just getting dumber and dumber and I HATE IT! This story is not working.

Jake is an idiot. WTF happened to this character? I think RPG drove him in this direction.

Greenlee and David are a snoozefest, no chemistry, nada

The plane crash and ensuing luggage fiasco reminded me of "all my luggage". I have been praying for years that Looch would give up the ageless diva act and get real, but this is further confirmation that Erika is destined to be a lifelong teenager, and that's sad. Imagine how fun Erika would be if she had just a little of Dorian's sass.

Oh I could go on and on, but now I'm going to say something positive:

I'm loving Blair and Tea so much. This is what happens when real talent is in front of the camera. It feels so real. They make me feel all warm and gooey inside >;-)

I'm enjoying Annie/JR/Scott. This is a win-win triangle people. All of them sexy and talented. I really don't care who Annie picks, and I hope she test drives both models.

I know Madison bores a lot of folks, but I'm starting to like the character and always have liked Stephanie Gatschet. Heck, I like her enough that I genuinely feel sorry for her having Ryan as her love interest.

I'm glad Ford got the snot knocked out of him.

is it friday yet?

Anonymous said...

The podcast was awesome as usual!
I'm also loving the show, it's not as good as when Lorraine was writing, but it still rings true to the feel of the old show.
How awesome would it be if Daemon went after JaLu? It would add a nod to history, something the show really needs. I really hope they bring back Hillary and some older Cordlandts like Nina, instead of bringing newer Cordtlandts in,
I think OLTL should've had Brody cheat with Layla and not Natalie. It would've made more sense, since both Layla and Brody had to deal with their partners caught up in the whole thing.
Ashley, I know the feeling of doctor's treating you like an idiot and if were you, I'd give it back to them with both barrels. Afterl all, they're the ones doing you a service not the other way around.
Thanks so much for the podcast, guys!

Jen said...

dariclone, nah b/c MESSICA or SANGANASSICA need a kick in the gut, and Layla would never do that to Christian, she's in love w/ him so much. They deserve that. But Jess's sister aka the human landing strip, she would, I'm just pissed they weren't that drunk. B/c Brody was somewhat sane screwing her. Not that it wasn't hot, it was but that ho-bot needs to stop moaning on my HD. Plus it brings me pleasure watch McLame find out how stupid he was for letting Marty go for the human bull rider.

trish-la said...

I loved the podcast!! And SOOO happy that someone else was disappointed with "Langston" and her reaction to finally getting caught w/ Ford. I am surprised that experienced TV directors let an actress fake cry like that in scene after's so distracting and it's not like we're a bunch of idiots -- we can tell the difference between someone who can cry ("Jessica", "Blair", Tea") and someone who can't: "Gigi", "Natalie", "Langston". It's NOT acting!! And I would guess that it makes the actor self conscious, too - to know that they are being expected to "emote" in a certain way and can't - Anyhow... I was appreciative that someone else caught that.
Totally enjoying OLTL these days (sans Rex-Gigi).
HAve to say, I am a long time AMC fan...go back a LOOOOOONNNNG way - but I am not really clicking with any of the stories. I find Damon almost impossible to watch. I love Tad and happy for his story - but Damon is just too much with the hair pulling, overly dramatic stuff. Was kind of excited about David/Greenlee - but agree with you, Jordan, they missed an opportunity to here and they are making it just kind of creepy.

brtedi said...

Hot off of Twitter via SON: "Breaking... Disney Drops SOAPnet; re-named Disney Junior. ABC Television Network next?
2 minutes ago via web"

To use Jordan's words, "I am not amused."

OK, now for what I was originally going to blog about: I know, we've all said it, but that poor actress playing Ebabe needs a major overhaul/makeover...Somebody, help that girl, pronto!

jason said...

Thanks for the podcast this week! I can't wait to finish listening it.

WOW at Soap Net being over in 2012. This doesn't make me feel about about the future of ABC soaps. Even though Soap Net stayed away airing traditional soaps, it was still great that we had a network that aired over 12 hours of Soap Operas every weekday.
A smart thing for Disney to do, would be, to air 12 hrs of pre-school'er shows during the day and 12 hrs of Soap Programing during the night. Very disappointed and I'M NOT AMUSED.

Jen said...

Jordan, you still was wrong for that comment on E-Babe...

'Canada, you can take this one back...she makes me want to go back to men'

You know that was wrong.LOL

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Dariclone...I so would have loved to see Layla and Brody go at it and then join in for a hot three way lolololol. At one point a few years ago they had the two of them have some scenes and I was like they are hot together.

I have to say Jason Tam is so doing it for me. He reall is tearing this material up and shining. I so believe him as this wronged man, thats right man not boy his scenes with Layla and Christian... excellent.

Trish...... Langston was a tad better with Star the next day but not as much....I'm really surprised with her lack of ability to carry this off excpect more from her.

Jen I know Im sorry ebabe but you don't do diddly for me.

I agree with you all...This Erica storyline would have worked more if Erica was written as a woman who has grown instead of writing her as if she was 16 again. I still think Barbara and James wrote Erica the best with the Carmen/Jail storyline. They allowed her to grow. I will say Michael Nouri is surprsiign me thou. I'm liking Mountain Man for Erica. He reminds me of the real Mike Roy.

Yes Soapnet is gone I heard this months ago but did not say anything. Let's face it Soapnet has been gone for some time. I'm sorry but original 90210, OC are not soaps to me. LOL I love OTH.

Okay too hot in the room with the computer have to get off xoxo

Anonymous said...

Hi, everyone!

JordAsh, thanks for the new podcast. Being a dumbo, I didn't see the Damon/Liza possibility until you mentioned it, and now it is so obvious to me! She protests too much.

Speaking of JaLu, two things...

1 - They are dressing her so much better! Love the soft green, soft purple colors.

2 - Her scene with Tad yesterday, when she told Tad that as mature as NuNuColby is, there's no hope for her with Damon in the picture. Tad replied that he's sorry, so sorry that he hurt her - why can't she get over it and leave his son alone? Props to both Jamie Luner and MEK. Powerful acting. MEK especially was so angry in that scene, and JaLu didn't back down. I rewound to watch it again.

Annie/J.R./"Scotty" (as she calls him) triangle - please please please!! Totally agree with you two, JordAsh. J.R. is a hot mess, and Annie and Scott have some kind of understanding. First I want her with one, then the other. I want to watch this all day.

Love-love-loving Damon. So right, Ashley: "Make love to me" was NuNuColby's line, delivered like someone who's never been made love to(bless her heart). Then Damon made me believe it. Amazing find, this actor!

Loving AMC, loving the podcast. Yay!

Becky :)

Terry in Toronto said...


you said "too hot in the room ... have to get off"

Dirty birdy.

Ass blaster. Still cracks me up.

brtedi said...

Something I always wamted to see On OLTL, not!:

"Gigi" in a big 1070's Loretta Lynn wig!--LOL!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG LMAO Terry I just read what I wrote and it so did coem across dirty. LMAO LMAO, the room we have the computer in has no windows or ac or air so when it is hot like this heatwave we had in NYC yesterday it is unbearable to be online. Just now Im sweating up a storm just typing this.

I swear goot look at classes for NYC ASTOR and you will see the ass blast class you cant make this stuff up lol what a name

Arizonagal said...

I think if Langston has any tears at all it is because she was wronged by Ford, not because she lost Marko, who she was going to dump anyway. I think she stopped loving Marko a long time ago, as teenagers do. How many of us ended up with our HS sweetheart?

It was just gross the way that guy was sleeping around and I'm surprised he didn't receive a bobbit along with the head bashing, that would have been poetic justice.

Langston was stupid, but she's 18, she thinks she knows it all and she knows nothing, she hasn't lived long enough to spot the snakes in the grass.

And Roxy, shut up you busy body. How annoying was it when she was grilling Jessica and Natalie about the prom evening.

Natalie is a bad liar, she does that wonky thing with her eyes.

Gigi looks good as a brunette w/o greasy lips, but that story was torture. I always get the sense that Farah F is way more concerned about her hair and makeup than she is with her lines ("it is better to look good than to act good, no?").

Jordan, I too like mountain man, but really, would Erika ever look at this guy twice? Unless he cleans up good, he's so not her type. Has Erika ever dated an ugly dude? Certainly she's never dated a fat guy, and this one's kind of chunky and in need of an ass blast intervention.

Jen said...

LOL, I like Roxy she throws it all on the table.

'If that was me..I'd be sleeping w. the next...' LMAO at Natalie's face there. I don't have much a problem w/ the human landing strip boarding Brody, it's her damn orgasm that's pissing me off, look hefer it's enough that Brody is making you see stars but do not moan on my HD, I get it ok.

Arizonagal said...

Completely OT, but for God's sake, BP, PLEASE stop this huge oil spill disaster. It breaks my heart what this is doing to our environment and the gulf coast area. This has gone on too long and it is just appalling.

Crystal said...

Soapnet is GONE!!!! ACK! Say it isn't true. I think I might puke.

Jen said...

BP? Jordan's Ass Blaster class has a better shot at stopping that than BP.

Shadow said...

AZGal said "ass blast intervention". Tee Hee. I needed a chuckle.

Sorry I've been scarce. Last week I saw Jack and Erica's sex scene, and I've been in intensive post traumatic stress therapy. I start to relax, breathe calmly and then Shazam! Jack's nipple! Erica relaxing in the wet spot! OMG, I gotta find a paper bag...

Shadow said...

I just watched this week's Idol. The one moment worth mentioning: Ellen's comment to Crystal: "If you make a salad, I will eat it". Almost Paula-worthy.

Michael said...

Shadow, I am still howling over your observations about Jackson and Erica’s passionate romp. LaLucci is a goddess, but I never got that pairing. If he was really Erica's great love, they would have killed him off years ago.

Jordan, I loved the Cecile DePoulignac reference. I think Bob Gentry played the gigolo that Iris hired to spurn Cecile. Of course it was the recast of Susan Keith that made the character one of my favorites. Nancy Frangione was fantastic.

I loved the OLTL musical. Sadly, I read some harsh things online. But the worst moment was when I called my mother and casually asked if she liked it. “Oh yes,” she said, “I had no idea they all could sing and dance so well…...isn’t it funny how some people have so much talent, and we don’t have any?” Thanks mom.

Ashley you are the funniest and sweetest person on the planet!

Thanks for the podcast guys!!!!

trish-la said...

I am still laughing about Shadow's commentary on Erica and Jack....hope you found that bag! I agree, Amphitrion, I have never really understood how they are the "great loves of each other's lives". I have not been paying too much attention to the press so I don't know if the Michael Nouri "Mountain Man" character is going to be her new love interest. But, it's clear something needs to be done to refresh Ms Kane's character -- I feel like we've seen it all before.
I was trying to remember the circumstances when she was in the car accident with David and her face was badly injured -- she wore that crazy Phantom of the Opera mask thing!! I always kind of have a lurking hope that she and David will make another go of it.
Happy long weekend, everyone!!

Shadow said...

I'm trying to catch up on AMC. Erica reading Palmer's note was so sweet. Erica going down in a plane crash was ok. Erica and Caleb are ridiculous. The plane crashed into a house and nobody knows. He rescues her and doesn't speak. She goes back to get her luggage out of the wreckage ti carry as she hikes down the mountain. Am I a killjoy. Don't think so. I just hate this over the top, stupid as hell bullshit. Suddenly, I love Everything about Damon's story and wish it was on the entire 42 minutes.

DancingElf88 said...

It's hard getting back into watching AMC regularly again. But I love me some Annie...still not feeling Colby though.
OLTL added some more color in the shape of that sexy ass detective.
Happy Memorial Day all.
RIP Gary Coleman

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm going on vacation and as excited as I am about that I'm worried about missing OLTL for almost two weeks! I hope I can tear my mind off Marco, Brody and Tea & Blair so I can enjoy my time in the sun!

Shadow said...

Have fun on you vacation Terry!

Um, I still think Caleb is absurd. He's no Mike Roy.

I like Damon a little more. Thank Gid Stuart isn't his and Bailey is history. Liza screwing him around is entertaining. It was great when she walked in on him dry-humping Colby. Here's the thing. Damon and Colby are living in a mansion with virtually no real adult supervision. In reality these two would be way past petting and humping. By now the would have fucked on the roof, in the pool, the stairs, the kitchen, etc. That new furniture in the parlor would be ruined by now from all the sex. They would have parties constantly with peopl all the way from Llanview. Kind of ridic.

brtedi said...

"...Um, I still think Caleb is absurd. He's no Mike Roy...."

Shadow--Who's Mike Roy?

While, I'm on the topic of AMC, "Grenlee" in her designer frock, looks like a vision in blah! Brown hair. Brown dress. Somebody better keep her away from any brown walls; we won't be able to find her. LOL!

On a more positive Greenlee and David note, inspite of all of theie demented doings, RB and VI have given ther characters a certain vulnurability, imho. Bravo! Opon considering "Erica's" possible death, RB's apoplectic reation was perfect!

An odd ball observeation reguarding GH abd the cooking scene with Dante and Brooke Lynn (Spelling?) Was it my inagination or did the actress properly cross chop those tomatoes?...Apparently, the young lady knows someging about cooking, irl. :-)

For any Y&R fans here at the blog: Is anybody else loving "Victoria Newman" and "Billy Abbott" Somebody, please, pass the rum cake! :-D

--And why is it that 'refugees' from AMC fare better on other shows???--Things that make you say Hmmmm.

brtedi said...

Apparently, today isn't my day, for blogging...Sorry about the typos.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Brtedi,

Mike Roy was Erica's first real love. He was supposed to be writing her biography when she feel for him and Adam was producing the movie Raising Kane based on the book. Adam sent Mike away so he could marry Erica then pretended he was dead to see what Erica would do. ... she of course married Mike but then Adam 'came back from the dead' and proved that Erica's marriage to Mike was not valid.

Those were the days.

brtedi said...

"Mike Roy was Erica's first real love..."

Terry in Toronto:

Thanks for such an indepth reply...Wow! So that's why alot of fans aren't necessarily big on Jerica. That explains a lot.

I've only been watching for 6 yrs--and it's been all about Jackson, being with Erica. Personally, I could take or leave him, in a luke warm sort of way. Except of course, during the Lilac Ball, when Jack emotionally decimated Lily, in public, for becoming involved with Jonathan.(I was a diehard Jily fan)

Mike Roy sounds like he was well written, well rounded, and far more intreguing when involved with Erica.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Sorry I have been away working on a project. Terry I hope you enjoy your vacation , wish I was with well Doesn't look I will make Canada's gay pride :( but I'm on a mission to get to Toronto before the year is out.

Yeah Caleb is no Mike but then Erica isn't what she ...oh that is the problem she is the same. I still am enjoying this storyline more then Erica and Ryan but not as much as Erica and Carmen. Still looking at the glass half full when it comes to AMC. After years of the glass not onyl being empty but shattered into a million pieces.

OLTL is okay, still some moments that dont seem to ring true when you consider the consistent streak of quality,innovative storytelling that Ron C. and his posse gave us for almost two years.

The show that is realy amazing me is GH. Never thought I would be able to get back into it but they are on fire. Don't get me wrong there is some dead weight and characters that are floating but GH has them on the backburner as the storylines are being played out by the characters on the front burners. The fact that everyone gets the moment to give an emmy winning performance. Still would have rather have Laura back then Brenda but whatever. Loving having My Brook Lynn Ashton back.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

and then there was one. Well they always go in three. Goodbye Rue thanks for being a friend.

Arizonagal said...

Ashley and Jordan, don't know if you guys listen to the "this american life" podcast. This week's cast contains a story by two Newyoricans (sp?), and you guys have to listen to it. It's #102, Roadtrip. It so reminds me of you guys.

Shadow said...

I'm really saddened by Rue's passing. She was a great lady and so funny on Maude and Golden Girls.

Mike Roy was cool, a guy's guy. He met Erica writing her biography-something genuine and in the moment. Star biographies, especially unauthorized ones, were the rage. Think Kitty Kelly in her prime. Authorized celeb bios and self help books (Fonda) were growing in popularity too so The story was fitting of Wrica's celebrity stature. Remember this was all pre-Internet and pre-Perez. Who crashes their plane into house and starts dating the homeowner? Staring down a bear is one thing, walking out of a crashed plane with your shiny tote bag and some mute Neanderthal is dumb.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Arizonagal I will check it out. OMG I'm so happy guess who added me as a friend Beth Chamberlain. Omg I'm such a fan boy right now. My night was going great and this was the cherry on top. I sent her a message wishing her the best. She should only know how I rave about her on our podcast and want her to be Liza on AMC...sigh she is also on the women I would go back for. If you have not seen Steamboat check it out she is on it with a whole bunch of GL stars. hysterical

Mel Got Served said...

Watching yesterday's episode a little bit before work and I just wanted to break the TV. Erica tells the Brawny Man that she has 2 beautiful daughters. Erica, just say you also have F'ING GRANDCHILDREN!!! Even Brawny Man dodged the question saying "You must have 30 kids." When they SORAS those kids, what are they going to call her? What will she call them? You don't see Blair shying away from the g-word on OLTL. Grow up, Erica. It's about time.

Jen said...

LOL Erica's dream w/ Greenlee tied up. GOD I've been waiting yrs. for that!!!

Ok, so let me get this straight...JR kissed Annie to prove he doesn't want her, in turn goes upstairs BTW bless the asson that man..and he's being working out something fierce!..but anyway he goes upstairs and offers Marissa to go w/ him to the shower to screw, b/c he wants to relieve what happened w/ Annie a few secs ago. In turn she turns him down. Even though I'm glad she did, b/c he just would prbly picture Annie in there w/ him instead of her. He just bumped her to priority #2 or 3 or 4..on that day.

Brian said...

Did anyone think it is a little strange that Madison works 2 jobs to afford bills, yet can somehow manage to pay for seeing the doctor at the hospital? Please someone explain how can can afford this?

Speaking of Madison, I think she would be a perfect girl friend for Amanda to confide in. They both need a friend to talk to. Either that or Amanda needs a guy friend in her apartment building to talk to.

I'm always wanting new characters on the show to come in like they do in real life: a neighbor you haven't met before, a doctor at the hospital, or someone working at your job that you didn't notice before.

Anonymous said...

The Hubbards have a mini-interview on the amc website talking about Angie's story.

Mel Got Served said...

And to think, I just thought The Weave was fighting back.

Arizonagal said...

Finally caught up on last weeks suds.

OLTL - David Vickers! God I love it when he drops in, how adorable is this guy!?

Reed is cuhREEEpy. Who is this actor? Hope he's not on contract.

The bits with Nora and Bo were way OTT but I enjoyed them anyway. Wish I could remember some of Roxy's malaprops - priceless.

Poor Matthew, gonna get heart break numero uno.

I liked the fact Daniella wasn't going to two-time him. How is it that she's more mature than the cheating adults?

gotta meeting in 10, more later.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, Looch outta be ashamed of herself. Oh the chills, the fever, the sprained ankle, poor Eek? Nah, poor us, the viewers. This isn't cute or funny. Frankly I feel sorry for Michael Nouri for having to play Caleb the icky man-beast. I know he's better than this material, but not so sure about the delusional Lucci. So tired of her refusal to grow the heck up and play a real woman, and (shudder) a grandmother. Plus, damn am I sick of this damnsel in distress bullshit. Looch, your old, give it up, get some sensible shoes and comfy clothes and get over yourself honey, you're eligible for retirement and social security.

Other nitpicks - WTF was that "food"? Spam? This guy doesn't have any real food around? Looks like he's been eating well.

Since when does Erica want to have a meal. I realized this is the first and only time I've ever heard Eek say she's hungry.

I think Lucci can do comedy very well, but not this time. She's not even trying' here.

I never thought I'd say this, but I am enjoying Colby and Marissa, and timidly, I'd even say I might almost enjoy Ryan and Madison, but that just depends on whether Ryan is huffing and puffing about something in that irritating whiny voice of his.

Have David and Greenlee consummated their marriage?

Mel Got Served said...

I wouldn't know if Ryan and Madison are interesting because I FF through them. Pairing 2 characters I have absolutely no interest in? Saves me like 10 minutes an episode, at least. The actress isn't DBTE but I have no care for her, nor will I. It's obvious that former GL writers are putting her front and center.

oltl freak said...

Any GH viewers on here............Vanessa Marcil (BRENDA) will back in August

Brian Frons must be craming in his pants

Unknown said...

OMG Annie and JR were fiyah today! I haven't seen that much explosive chemistry between a couple on this show in a LONG time. They were both visibly shaking after those kisses!!!! Give us more AMC!

Arizonagal said...

I agree Mel, not watching Ryan saves valuable time and aggravation. I'm curious, if this writing is the old GL writers, then why so much suckage on the show? GL was so good at character development, so good at portraying the working middle class families, and of course, Natalie and Olivia. I know they can do better than this crap.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I may be in the minority here, but I am enjoying the Erica and Caleb story line. I think LaLooch is at her best when she is given a campy and comedic story line to play out. This whole scenario is kind of reminding me when they first introduced Carmen to the show, both instances had Erica and another character essentially secluded from the rest of the canvas forcing the two to form a bond and I really like that.

As for Madison and Ryan, they are boring-that is true. But I am holding out my complete opinion of them until I see them make out. That is the true test of everything lol.

Also, is anyone finding Jake and Amanda nauseating? I can't stand these two. They both are just insufferably annoying and I really can't stand them.- Now they are a couple truly deserving of the fast forward treatment.

Last, but not least. Annie and J.R. are HOT! 'Nuff said.

Jen said...

What JR and Annie did tonight on my DVR left me ........ there's a big 'O' somewhere there. If they aren't a supercouple IDK what is. Srsly JR hit it on the nail, Annie love and devotion isn't your thing, not w/ your history, and she has Scott b/c he's her self defense from JR, that's why she didn't want to admit it. If she does what does it say about her, it's funny to me how JR said it's torturing his wife, no sweetie it's torturing you. And then Jamanda did thier cameo and explained a simple thing, he's not happily married, he looks at them and immediately flashed to how Annie makes him feel and Annie immediately drops what she was going to do w/ Scott b/c again JR effects her. Go ahead you can sleep w/ Scott, but you don't really want want to want him like you do JR, you want to shape and mold him into a perfect version of JR, but he just isn't that.

The stark difference in when JR kisses Annie, she quakes, her knees bend, she's left flustered wanting more and combating him at the end to stop before they do something we know they want to, in an instance on that wall the last thing she was thinking about was Scott. Then Scott enters and he's safe, her head said Scott but her heart is JR.

Shadow said...

I don't know what is going on with Blogger, but it's giving me all kinds of hell. This is a test message.

oltl freak said...

what if Erica Kane met Sonny Corinthos?...........check out the preview of what could happen if our favorite characters from our ABC soaps met.

Jen said...

To Jordan and Ashley ...IDK why but Ryan/Greenlee are looking rootable, I don't want them to go there, I'd prefer him and Madison b/c literally Greenlee's character is what destroyed Ryan's rootability. Atleast that's what I've noticed and I just don't want him being the reason why DaLee is broken up.

The show has no romance, there is no rootable love, Jamanda? fun but boring and annoying at the same time. I've given the writers enough of my time and they manage to take the lust between JR/Annie and add unnecessary factors. So by mid July honestly if I don't see improvement, I'm so serious about this I'm just going to drop the show altogether.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I really can't bitch about AMC after almost ten years of horrid material. I have to look at the glass as being half full and just appreciating the good that is happening. It is not perfect, If I was E.P. I would still go further to make it as powerful as it once was.

Remebering how awful the story was for Jake and Amanda. I rather see them happy then David having sex with Amanda in the back of a car or Jake running into Wildwind with guns a blazing. (RPG should cut his hair thou. MK did and he looks ten years younger).

Nice to see ABC is still cheap. When they were in NYC we always saw Doctor Joe because they were to cheap to pay for Lee to fly in as Ruth. Now it will be the exact opposite sigh.

While I wish Erica was written more mature ala they way Babs and James were writing her during their tenure, there is something happening with her and Jacob.

My favorite stuff is still the shenanigans at Chandler Mansion and the whole Tad/Liza/Damond situation.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OLTL has me worried with this so called new direction. Bo & Nora's wedding was so so. Some stuff worked for me some did not. I will say they are stupid if they write Hannah off as the one behind all this both the actress and character are great and the chemistry between her and Kristen are like a young Dorian/Vikki in the making. I also will say as hot as Younger Ford is and I will admit he was not as bad as I thought he was (heard he is a model) I rather have Cole and Markko then the Ford brothers. This whole straight, white, cookie cutter, A&F look is annoying. Sad that we are going backwards rather then forward.

The only thing that is making Kelly and dirty dishwater Reed, (seriously who did he blow to get this job) tolerable is that we get to see my beloved Sean Evans. Spekaing of write Doctor Evans off and put Sean on contract.

Loving Destiny glad they wised up and put her on contract.

Brody is the man. Sigh!

If they write Florencia off I will hunt Frons down.

Matthew gets props for calling Dani out.

The less of G-Rex and Snatclie the better for me.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I'm surprised you didn't comment on David performing the wedding ceremony in his technicolor dreamcoat. Yeah it was silly, but Tuc Watkins is so friggin adorable, he makes it all work. So now that the old "Bukes" are married, is David gone again?

Mel Got Served said...

I don't think I've ever been so uninterested in a soap wedding. The fact that Liza and Greenlee are Amanda's bridesmaids is a sad fact. It kinda would've been nice for maybe Amanda to bring up her dead best friend Babe and wishing she were here (even if Amanda banged JR).

Now talk about deaths done right, please everyone tune into Days because they are playing the passing of Alice Horton beautifully. Flashbacks, returns of EVERYONE, believable story- SO GOOD.

And in final news, I just closed- I'm a homeowner! Wahoo! Time to rip up the carpets and pull down the terrible wallpaper borders and get paintin'!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Uh I am going to have to find a new picture because, dare I say, I am liking Greenlee and Ryan...

brtedi said...

Chrishell Stause, looked gorgous, in her halter style wedding dress, during the wedding scenes today!...She struck the perfect balance between 'bride' and 'wow'! :-)

As a side note, I loved how Damon has turned the tables, on Liza.

Michael said...

Congratulations MelG and the very best wishes for you in you new domicile!
I grew to hate Days during that unspeakably bad James E Reilly years and never went back, but Days was one of the first soaps I watched and I was really sad to hear about Frances Reid. She deserves a great tribute!

Amanda is gorgeous and the wedding was fine, but making an event out of a non-event is slightly tiresome. I kept yelling at the TV: “YOU”RE ALREADY MARRIED FOR GOD’S SAKE--WHO CARES?!?”

Plus, RPG has never been Jake for me. I like the actor and have been watching him since his Another World days, but he doesn’t fit the role and I am s over the telenovela references.

I am curious about the “What If” videos, and looking foreword to them. Also, I appreciate the promotional spots ABC does to promote daytime drama.

Click here to go to the "Heat Wave" video.

Mel Got Served said...

Fun fact: I started watching AMC when Days lost me because of James E. Reilly's post-Salem Stalker story. It was the Binx/Babe baby switch that got me hooked and I never went back to Salem.

Jen said...

Is the wedding over? srsly aside from Jesse/Angie in the wedding and Ryan/Madison *yes them* cuteness w/ the shoes and the Damon/Liza/Colby/Tad SL..what a boring wedding, and it dragged for a week.

To think they took a 6 week arc to do this. This?

Amanda's wedding had nobody from Amanda's life, this girl is so w/o an identity.

Opal, Ruth, Kwak subing for her mom..Greenlee a maid of honor? damn not even I bought that one. Her mom not there, Tim not there..nobody from her past, I doubt she even remembers she use to screw JR, Mel ...BTW why wasn't he at the wedding, I guess Tad/Kwak/Jake don't find him Martin-ish anymore.

Casey, I have no idea why I'm liking Rylee, like srsly I have no idea why. IDK why..not that I want it, but they look rootable for some reason.

Aside from all that, wake me when the wedding is over and I liked the guitarist. And Tad is srsly majorly sucking up to his son. And someone explain to me how does Erica know about this wedding or cares about it when she's ducking possibly bears?

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Totally agree Jen! I have no idea exactly what it is about Rylee, but I am diggin' them. Here's to hoping, if they do go that route, they do it in a timely and appropriate fashion and allow Greens to keep the essence of her character (ya know, as opposed to turing her into Stepford Greenlee like they did the last time she was with Ryan.)

However, I am also enjoying Ryan and Madison, so I hope they allow that to play out first before they do anything with Ryan and Greenlee (which is inevitable since Fronsie obviously loves them soo much).

Regardless, I'm still searching for a new picture.

Jen said...

You know hit on something...and it makes me wonder will they be smart and let him and Madison play off ea. other only to have her cheat on him and in SL he gives her another chance, giving off the he's too good to her vibe and then maybe you revisit Greenlee & him, you don't just shove'em together.

You see, Ryan and Leo, same personality when they were rootable, especially know what it was that made him rootable. Is b/c he had control of his own, he didn't throw himself for sex at every turn, infact the woman had to nudge him into it. But the biggest aspect is that women like Gillian, Kendall..had him whipped, he started out strong w/ them b/c he didn't know them, then turned softy. What ppl loved about Leo/Greenlee was that Leo was a pussy. When they were searching for her next interest it was Ryan and they tried writing him supermanly w/ her..and struck out b/c no he needed to be a puss, that's when Cameron shines also and only punch ppl when you have a legit reason. So far Ryan hasn't struck any face since Jan. I think.

So far Ryan hasn't gotten laid since January, sin Jan. that shirt has not come off. He's made friendships w/ Tad, Jake, Frankie, Brot.. defended reasonably the honor of Kendall and helped Annie who was in a rut and hasn't done anything stupid to her and has been a loving father.

Now w/ Greenlee fighting for her soul I don't see him leaping tall buildings, I see him letting her make her own mistakes, now we get a scene w/ her and I've been thinking this..her and David's personality doesn't match, Liza/David would but not her..Leo was peppy, charming, David isn't that. Yet you see Greenlee w/ Ryan, searching for the ring, the wine tasting, the rehersal dance..and you see fun Greenlee w/ no stress about getting arrested or leading a life w/ no one in it, she knows to live w/ David you have to cut out whoever is w/ you..guy friends, girlfriends b/c it's not realistic for them to like him, but Ryan not pushing her into having fun, just accepting what she gives but not all sitting and waiting actually showing signs of non obsession, maybe that's it, maybe that's what's making him and her rootable, I actually understand the little glances, and I don't have to see the f'n moon either to see there is always gonna be something there.

With that said he needs to choose Madison and let her run his life for Rylee to be anywhere near having a chance to be liked by the audience and in a reasonable way, not w/ Madison ending up crazy, bitchy w/ Greenlee yes b/c she shouldn't like all of this closeness and I have a sneaky suspicion Greenlee will go the route she went when Leo was w/ Laura, lashing out at Madi and then learn she's an opponent like Gillian who fires back, all the while sucking up to Ryan pretending to be an angel like she did w/ Leo.

Shadow said...

Sorry I haven't been around much guys. Mel, congrats on the new pad. Very exciting!

Casey-Ryan and Greenlee,seriously? I re-read that 3 times.

Gotta admit. I'm behind on AMC and find it all a little boring lately. I am seriously interested in NuBianca's premier. Hard to imagine anyone but Eden in the role, but at least she's not a redhead.

Watching Drop Dead Diva tonight. Is it possible that Jane got fatter since last season? Not that there's anything wrong with that. Maybe it was just the red shirt. Ricki Lake is guest starring. I actually like her better when she's fat. Skinny Ricki bugs the crap outta me for some reason. Love the show though. Lots of heart. Glad to see something fresh on. Hope they can keep up last season's momentum. Did anyone else watch?

Shadow said...

Okay, so I think I'm watching last Monday's episode. WTF happened to Crishelle's hair? Not good.

Liza and Colby were sort of cute together.

Opal is starting to look like she got some of her money back. The exotic dancer was waaaayyyy hotter than most of the girls on the show.

Bummer, Janet's gone. Amanda crying just kills me. Ruth looks really pretty. Lee Meriweather is a good actress. Since Joe really doesn't want to act anymore, they should kill him and bring her back on full time. We need a strong older matriarch on the show.

Uh, the SoapNet Heatwave promo is horrible. Aside from Annie looking smoking hot, the singing made my ears bleed. Bree W and Bob Woods should never, ever, ever do that again.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Shadow, I know! I feel dirty saying it, but yes I am liking Ryan and Greenlee. lol Granted, this is for the time being, I am sure I will see the error of my ways shortly and move back towards the light.

Jen said...

LOL.. On the Heat Wave video, srsly if Melissa, Chrishelle and Jacob weren't in it I wouldn't care, but I LOL'd how they didn't even let him sing, like you do know he use to be singer right?...god that video was so horrible, I mean horrible, graphics, interlude, pairings..I still wonder what the hell did Jacob jump into w/ the green screen, b/c he did one hell of a cannon ball into that imaginary water.

Umm..Shadow..I'm also like Casey, somewhere Jordan Hudson has to be throwing up, IDK what it is but I'm liking Rylee too, I have never felt that way about them, prbly the closest was the first go around before the marriage when she tried seducing him..again if he plays a big puss.. for some reason it comes off natural. With that said he needs to get w/ Madison b/c this show is lacking the romance..the butterflies feeling, the passion.. I'd keep David w/ Greenlee, go Madison/Ryan w/ Greens trying to throw forks in that RL, Jerica...JR/Annie

And w/ Frandi you show them happy but add a problem...Scott you're on b/c right now you're making me wish you were dead. And it will continue this week too. So either after you lose to JR b/c lets face it you better lose, BTW JoHud! JEN IS NOT A SCOTT FAN! *now that one you can quote me on* we know he goes after unavailable women, I doubt they saddle him w/ Marissa b/c they'll put us all to sleep, so...that leaves Randi or Madison. Get her Chunk.

Shadow said...

Ok, I admit Ryan & Greenlee were flirtatiously cute at the rehearsal. I think it was because they were free of the absurd s/ls they've had to labor under for several years. It was just natural, sensical flirting and they are good at that. Why is it so hard to just write some normal interaction for these characters. Normal works for me. It also helps that Kendall is nowhere in sight. I know this sounds treasonous, but I don't miss the Kendall show even slightly. Glad Zach is gone and the show is free of that family tree.

As for Frandi, I don't like either actor. He overacts. She can't act. Woth that said, I would bite my tongue and give Scott and Randi a shot. In theory they would be a smoking hot interracial couple, and AMC could stand to blur the color lines a little.

I wasn't much of a Scott fan, but now that they are giving him some real material, he's growing on me fast.

I'm ready to get on with the Courtland/Chandler thing. Obviously, at least in my mind, not spoiling, Caleb is some sort of Courtland. Bring Nina back and let's figure this shit out!

Shadow said...

I would find it impossible to believe that there could be any major PV Courtland drama that Nina wouldn't come back and deal with. They should get the originals back or just recast Nina, Cliff, Pete & Ross. They should bring Daisy back once or twice a year, and Brooke back to helm the Chandler empire. If Erica marries Caleb, it could be the ultimate Erica v. Brooke smackdown.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow I've been thinking the same thing about Caleb. Definitely has to be a Cortland.

Ryan and Greenlee still makes me want to go all Oedipus on myself. I can't stand Madison, especially since I feel the new headwriters are making her front and center since they wrote for her on GL. And maybe that's just me overthinking, but that's the way I see it. This girl TORTURED the Hubbards, and now Frankie wants to hang out with her, Randi is kinda nice to her... it's ridiculous.

Now that I've finished watching last week, I liked Jake and Amanda's wedding because it was just like the weddings I've been too. Just people partying and having a (mostly) good time. However, this buttinsky Amanda who wants to fix everyone up needs to end.

Also, I LOVE Liza. The Liza/Damon/Tad stuff is what is keeping me interested. I do still love Annie/JR/Scott, but it needs to get some momentum instead of the same thing every week (JR/Annie fight, she confides in Scott, repeat). I know most don't like Scott, but I do (maybe it's because I think he's dreamy), so I'm interested to see where he/this goes.

Jen said...

Srsly Mel, Scott as a character is making me wish for his death. I don't hate Scott, but I don't like him in this. And put yourself in JR's shoes when this is done how he bragged threw it in his face 'I have Annie and Chandler and your dad's approval'...Do you think he's gonna keep Scott around the house? or premises? IMO he's getting a one way ticket to a hotel or an apt. near Frandi or Jamanda the way this SL is going. And I for one will break out in random backflips when he does get hurt. I like Madison and Ryan, b/c I know she's not going to be 100% good girl, I know there is something about her Ryan will likely find out and cover up b/c he falls for her. She's Ryan. She's a con-artist.

Arizonagal said...

All this Ryan Greenlee banter has made me realize that the reason I've never liked them is that they go from one frantic moment to another, Ryan is always going batshit, Greenlee is always in a tizzy. In order for the viewers to identify with these friggin idiots, we need to see a few normal human moments. That's what I liked about Ryan and Greenlee last week.

The deal with Madison's shoe, yeah I could relate to that. Who hasn't gone out with two different shoes? But, it fell a little flat for me, though I really like Madison. Ryan was too sympathetic over the shoe mix up and missed his chance to chide her about it. This guy has NO sense of humor and I know TIIC in charge can write that, they do it for most of the cast, but with Ryan, he's either plotting revenge or he's in a snit or he's acting like friggin Prince Charming. He's not a real man.

Funny thing, I don't remember Jake and Amanda's first wedding. Did they have one? I admit during the Pratt years I missed quite a few "important" events.

Arizonagal said...

things I forgot in the last post.

Congrats Mel on your new home purchase. So exciting! The best thing? You can paint the walls purple if you want, hell just go crazy, its yours!

Damn it's great to have Sookie, Bill, Lafayette, Tara and the rest back on True Blood. Sooo missed that show. Love Jessica, there's something very appealing about a newly minted vampire who doesn't quite know the ropes yet.

Great season finale for Breaking Bad. Jesse Pinkman blew me away, so good. Walt has become such an iconic character.

Really miss hearing from Jordan and Ashley!! Hey Ash, life must be nuts with two kids who are probably walking around by now and getting into everything. And Jordan, you must be busy ass blasting yourself to perfection.

Shadow said...

I looked down at my feet yesterday at the gym and realized I had on two different running shoes. Yeah, that was embarassing. I've done it with dress shoes and glenplaid suits too. It's always a horrifying moment when you realize you're actually that dipshit.

Sadly, Ash and Jordan did a very long podcast, but the PC ate it and Ash couldn't recover it. They are both sick about it. Hopefully, they will get a new on up soon. In the meantime, please keep commenting on the blog. It really helps them plan how they work through each podcast, and it's fun to see how everyone perceives what is happening on the show.

brtedi said...

Reguarding Monday's OLTL, at the very end of the episode when the hookers showed up to go out with David Vickers and Mathew, was one of those actresses Sabine Singh?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

A new Podcast is a coming in 24 hrs. We talk about Rue, AMC,OLTL's New Direction, a bit of GH, The Lovely and Talented Beth Chamberlain and The TONYS. We got a little naughty too so be prepared.

Mel Got Served said...

@bretedi, I think so. I read on Daytime Confidential that Sabine Singh is joining OLTL. Good for her, though I'm surprised she took another role on Brian Frons' network considering he treated her like shizz.

Shadow said...

Sweet! Guess Ash recovered the file!

Yay! Fake Greenlee is coming to OLTL!! I'm kind of surprised by that one too. Guess a girl's got to work. At least this isn't a recast.

Shadow said...

People in Pine Valley always use the same red laptop and carry really shitty cell phones with the text set to a ginormous font size. Like everyone is near sighted. I swear Erica had a JitterBug phone.

Mel Got Served said...

HAHAHAHAHAHA Shadow, I'm dying here. Jitterbug! It's amazing people don't get caught more often with those giant text. Adjust your font size, fools!

Arizonagal said...

So Sabine is still hanging in there eh? I guess I didn't see friday's episode, I don't remember hookers. Truth is some nights I take an ambien to sleep, I have really bad insominia, i'm talking like 3am bedtimes some nights which sucks because I work full time. Anyway, if I take an Ambien, whatever I watch on the DVR an hour after taking it, I do not remember the next day, total amnesia.

Curious, is David going to be on OLTL for awhile? I just love this guy. He makes me smile.

Jen said...

Arizonagal, I could PM you some JR/Marissa scenes, that seems to do the trick for alot of ppl.

Bxgal said...


Bxgal said...

sorry i totally messed up her name! Kassie DePaiva

Shadow said...

Bxgal, how did she do? It's about time OLTL got some crosspromotion from ABC Studios & The View. I would think Cassie was a smart choice-articulate & warm.

Anonymous said...

Sabine is one of the "hookers" that David got for Matthew to cheer him up!

Bxgal said...

Shadow, she was great! She was basically how you described her. She was opinionated and funny! She also handed the mini-fight between Kathy Griffin and Elisabeth very well considering she was sitting between them. What sucked about it was that there was absolutely NO promotion for her appearance!! When I looked at the info on my cable for the episode it said that Tori Spelling was guest co-hosting. Kassie was probably a last minute replacement, but still ABC can do better. They should continue to feature OLTL people on The View considering they are literally in the same building! When AMC was there, someone from AMC made a surprise appearance on The View every week!

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey BxGal,

I saw Cassie today and she was great on the View. She looked really comfortable even when Kathy Griffin was making mincemeat of Elizabeth Hasslebeck. I would watch regularly if Cassie was on there instead of the former Survivor contestant.

Michael said...

When will the commercials touting the return of “The Real Prostitute #2” start?

Erica mentioned the loss of her son as one of the tragedies in her like today…which is a nice touch. The Lucch was ahh-maze-zing today: vain, self-absorbed, confident and frail-- all while wearing flannel and wielding a shotgun. I have been starting to miss the “out of the park” LoBro stuff—but I loved today’s episode.

Can’t wait for the new podcast!

jason said...

Can't wait for the new podcast! I already hate the new Bianca! lol

Jen said...

Love the new Bianca, she's mature and actually has the threatening tone in her delivery.. love Eden too but Binxs could never be someone I'd buy w/ anger through her w/ her voice. And that sucks b/c I loved Eden's portrayal but so far this girl that just walked onto my screen yesterday, brought it and w/ good reason.