Monday, August 02, 2010

The Kids Are All RIght

I think most of our dear bloggers/listeners are feelin' All My Children, but some just aren't there yet. (Don't count me in on that pool, baby - I'm a lovin' my AMC!)

Our friends over at present a measured argument for both schools of thought - take a gander at their thoughtful analysis. Then take a listen to Jordan and I for some more thoughtful (and some not-so-thoughtful) thoughts. We love sharing them.

And, of course, even if you don't end up loving AMC, we still love you and thank you for hanging out with us. And when you're done, we hope you'll tell us what you think here.

7/29/10 Podcast


jason said...

Yay new podcast! Can't wait to listen!

jason said...

Um looks like we missed some real life Drama between DC's Jamey Giddens and TV Guide's Nelson. Jamey went OFF on Nelson, on twitter. Go back and read the tweets from Aug 1.
it's juicy lol

Bxgal said...

jason, i read this yesterday! i wonder what Nelson Branco wrote!! does anybody know???

Elizabeth said...

Awesome podcast guys! It's so great to hear you both so excited to talk about AMC again and to act out the scenes like you used to! I agree with you that it is amazing lately and that the other bloggers who are putting it down are crazy!

Jordan, I think you are right about MCE inspiring Jacob Young. She's inspiring me too. She's inspiring me to go to the gym and to get a tan so I can wear cute little dresses like she does. The woman looks fabulous in every scene. It's not hard to see why JR is falling hard for her.

The Tad and Liza stuff has been amazing and it was SO GREAT to hear the two of you talk about it. Even Daytime Confidential is still really down on AMC, so it's nice to get on here and hear you two raving about it with the enthusiasm it deserves.

Still want to launch Greenlee and Ryan out of a canon though. It's such a shame because Greenlee was my favorite character on the show during the Greenlee/Leo days. Now, every time I see her come on and whine and mope about David and Ryan I long for the old feisty Greenlee. She's really been replaced by Annie for me. Annie has all of the feisty, spunky qualities that Greenlee used to have.

I do agree that Snarky Marissa is much more interesting. I call her Hotmessa. She and Scott actually have some chemistry so it will be interesting to see where that goes.

Debbi Morgan is ASTOUNDING. The scenes with Jesse and Angie on Monday were incredible. So heart felt and believable.



P.S. I agree with you Jordan that Kristen Stewart is trash. Also, HATE that I share a first name with Elisabeth Hasselbiotch. YUCK!

Terry in Toronto said...

Yah for a new podcast! I'm so looking forward to listening. Have missed you guys.

BxGal. Now I'm curious about what Nelson Branco wrote and will have to look it up. Can someone post here please if they find out.

Elizabeth said...

Line of the Day:

David: "No Ryan, I shanked her in the shower."

I was LMAO!!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

OMG so agree with you Elizabeth! But it was not the line of the day it was the AMC line of the year, I wonder how many times they had to rehearse that line not to crack up, Budgid look like she might lose when she took that LONG pause afterwards.

Can't wait to listen to the new podcast.

Must say that Monday and Tuesday's episodes of this week were flawless! This is all classic good storytelling I hope they keep it up.

Mel Got Served said...

Wow, I just wrote an amazing, long post and the blog had an error and I lost it all. Here it goes again, though I might cut it down.

-Love the Tad/Liza/Colby/Damon stuff. Colby's clingy, but makes sense. Also, ABC did promote it in the newsletter as C losing her virginity, so they definitely forgot the past. Something to remember about Colby's spoiled behavior is Colby slept with Shaun to ultimately one-up Sydney so that Shaun would pick her. Also, I never saw the Marci Walker years so I can't compare the Liza stuff, but I like that Jamie Lunar is getting to play the manipulative role without it being the femme fatale she usually is.

-I really enjoyed the Angie SL.... until they made her pregnant last week. GMAFB. I already stretched my imagination with Krystal had Jenny 2 years ago, so this is like C'MON. I don't see why Angie's going blind alone couldn't sustain this story and another baby had to be thrown into the mix. And I'm sure the show won't bring up the potential issues with over 40 pregnancies (which they did with Krystal and then she DECLINED THE TEST, which always angered me).

-Emma... listen, the kid can act. She's taken lessons and has a knack for cheery. HOWEVER, Emma should not be this ray of sunshine, always wonderful. This little girl was on the run for years, witnessed murder (did she see Di get shot too?), dad got shot in the head, mom locked in a mental institution... you get the idea. This kid should be messed up, not babbling on about her Cinderella dress and loving every person that steps into her life.

-I don't want the kids aged, only because I can't buy Annie as the mother of a teen. And making the kids teens would age Ryan, and this should can't do anything to St. Ryan.

-Overall, I'm enjoying the majority of AMC, but sometimes I just think it's a little slow and it makes me sleepy. You don't have to tell me over and over in an hour that Greenlee is being blackmailed by David- one time will do.

Jason, more details on the Twitter beef! I saw it going on, but had no idea who the other party was- had no idea it was Nelson. Though now the tweet regarding how this person thought Farrah Fath was amazing made sense, since Nelson is friends with her and always praises her.

Courtney said...

First of all..what did Nelson say? Jamey WENT LEFT!!!!

Now to the podcast. It was great. I still haven't come back to AMC...but I am quite gun shy right now.

To OLTL - I love Janet Hubert. She was on TvONE, on a show called "Life After". When speaking about "Fresh Prince.." she said "If you want me to kiss your ass, put it in my contract". Needless to say, she and Will didn't get along, but Will has admitted that their ratings never recovered after she left. She has been great on OLTL.
I hate the double pregnancy story. I like StarrJam. Eli is creeping me out.

Y&R - Blech

Primetime - HOT IN CLEVELAND IS HOT!!!!!!

Arizonagal said...

Oooh, Nelson and Jamey got down, the insults were flyin' and I have no clue what started it. Anyway, though I do like Nouri's Caleb, I must agree Jordan, Robert Newman would have been absolutely friggin' terrific as Caleb. I miss Newman so much, damn!

Marissa is so growing on me. Remember when the actress (what's her name?) first came on and she grinned with that toothy smile thru every line? That is gone thank god. IMHO non-professional opinion, rather my insight, my gut, she's grown as an actress. You don't see the wheels turning any longer, her performances are much more genuine. And as for being the cuckold, hell to the yes, she'd be insecure, angry, falling apart. She should even be more pissed off. She needs to make JR pay, big time.

Wow, Tad and Liza! JaLu has won me over totally.

Dorian and Vickers with the myface stuff - laaaame. I'm embarrassed for them and really glad Tuc Watkins can move on. They are being wasted, this isn't even comic relief.

ITA with the preggers twins comments on OLTL. Jessica looks like she got a license to eat, gaining a lot of weight with this baby and I can say that because I did the same thing with my first kid! I could eat five tacos at one sitting AND dessert.

NatFatSnatchalie - who cares. Tho she's a better actress than FarahF, she is just not likable. Is it just me? I can't stand her, she bores me.

Todd and Tea - awesome. That whole wedding thing was flawless, the performances so terrific, esp Florencia. This woman just blows my mind, she's so good. Also loving the budding relationship between Todd and Daniella.

I am so rooting for Hannah! This is great soap, as Jordan said. Tho I love Eli and didn't see this coming, the bad guy twist isgreat and really heating up.

TnT said...

Loved the podcast. Thank you Ashely and Jordan! AMC is awesome right now. I especially enjoyed the scene when JR took the phone from Annie to talk to Adam. And then after Adam hung up, the way Annie looked at JR while she was becoming a little teary-eyed, was intense.

I agree with Jordan that if they could just make the characters delve into other SLs besides their own, that would be the icing on the cake for AMC, like JR knowing about Colby and Damon.

And I also agree with Ashely's assesment about the way Damon and Colby opened up the door to the hotel room. They didn't know who was at the door, they thought maybe it was room service or MAYBE it might be Adam. I was thinking, Oh my goodness, Colby and Damon, get out of bed, put on clothes before you answer the door. It might be your dad! Like, "Hey, dad, come on in to the and see the room where me and Damon just did it."

I mean really?!? I wouldn't even do that, being the old married lady that I am, if that were me and my husband, and I thought maybe my dad might me knocking on the door, I would be scrambling to get dressed and make sure my husband was dressed too.

But that was only a minor glitch on the overall superb storytelling. AMC is not only watchable again, but it's addicting.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

Ashley is so right. Six Feet Under is one of the best shows EVER. It was complex, funny, demanding, and filled with characters who never failed to reveal how nuanced the human animal is. You should definitely see it.

Arizonagal said...

Terry in Toronto, Six Feet Under, YEAH GIRL, definitely one of the best shows EVER. Loved it, love black comedy. The guy that played Adrian Sword on AMC played Keith on SFU and it was friggin' amazing how good he was on SFU and how bad he was on AMC. WEHT him? And Michael C Hall - superb, just like he is on Dexter.

Shadow said...

Jordan, ITA with your assessment of Big Fat Caleb. He has to add some depth and dimension to the character. He needs to put down the Ho-ho's, put the Smith & Wesson in the closet, shave, ditch the flannel and start acting like a Courtland and someone Erica would have sex with.

Okay, guy walks into a bar and chats up Debbi Morgan and Denise Vasi. Guy has an equal chance with both. Unfortunately a 3-way isn't an option. Guy has to pick. Debbie is all smart and saucy and clever and hair is sort of hypnotic like a Medusa. Denise speaks only monosyllabic 4 letter words, has hypnotic eyes, and what she lacks in articulate speech, she more than makes up for with a great rack, tiny mini-dress and tongue. Result: No contest- Denise. Next day guy sobers up, slips out, calls Debbi and asks her for a date.
Whoopie Goldberg? She makes Big Fat Caleb look like a ballerina. I don't get that one buddy.

I agree Marissa has become more interesting but only slightly. I don't think she's necessarily unattractive, but amc hasn't done anything to help her with the goofy clothes, bald spot and Mr. Ed vibe she's had going on. I hope they don't make her crazy. She just needs more attitude and a life perspective more complicated than being than faux-Babe.

Great podcast Jordan & Ashley. As usual, hilarious, smart commentary.Love you two!

Shadow said...

Finished the podcast-so funny. I gotta agree with Jordan about Colby. The current s/l fits this actress perfectly. Finally she isn't being written too bratty, too matronly, etc. It's much more realistic. She's a kid with Daddy issues. Whe's never had anyone in her life who she can truly rely on. JR is an addict. Liza is a liar. Adam is a control freak. She had a line the other day about how "nobody stays, everybody leaves" and I thought, "that's exactly the point of view this girl would have about life". It's very credible and you can tell the emphasis has shifted from "good hair, white teeth,stupid plots" to character driven scripts that assume the viewer has some knowledge of the show's history. I think the show has been great. Really great. For a while they threw some nice bones-Julia Barr's return, Palmer's memorial. The proof is on how the stories play out now that things are settled down. I was skeptical because I see the current cast as one of many excellent secondary characters. The big hope is Big Fat Caleb and I just haven't been impressed with him. I have been waiting to be wowed back into the show though. I've noticed subtle great things. Lorrained and Addie are still in the credits. Esensten & Brown returned. The dialogue and pacing are so much better and wittier. The actors have started to evolve into front burner characters with Tad and Liza rising to the top. I think amc needs Tad, Liza, Jessie and Angie to be forces to reclon with. But the thing that has always bugged me is Angie. Angela Baxter Hubbard is a woman of faith, conviction and principle. It drives me nuts how wishy washy they were writing her, but the day she sat down in Krystal's BJ and came unhinged emotionally questioning God and lashing David with the strength of her faith was the day the show really won me back. It showed me that maybe the cuurent team gets what made the show so incredible for so long. And I thought it was brave to show a woman who isn't afraid to express her faith in a time when that seems almost un-PC. But faith is what the Hubbards have always been about and that characteristic is what makes the unlikely events that occur in their lives seem believable to us. So ITA the critics have it all wrong. The show is better. The performances have been stellar. The balance of character time on screen, pacing and writing have been quite good. What they need is an infectious storyline now--something takes it from the slow rebuild to must see tv. Angie's performance lately has been close, but the s/l is trite. I'm equally excited and skeptical of Kendall's return. I dread a Greenlee/Zach/Kendall/Ryan replay. We'll see. And as always, I wish for Julia Barr's return. She said she is ready and willing so I can't understand not bringing her back. It's a great show, but ABC wore me out with Pratt, and they still have some convincing to do.

Shadow said...

Finished the podcast-so funny. I gotta agree with Jordan about Colby. The current s/l fits this actress perfectly. Finally she isn't being written too bratty, too matronly, etc. It's much more realistic. She's a kid with Daddy issues. Whe's never had anyone in her life who she can truly rely on. JR is an addict. Liza is a liar. Adam is a control freak. She had a line the other day about how "nobody stays, everybody leaves" and I thought, "that's exactly the point of view this girl would have about life". It's very credible and you can tell the emphasis has shifted from "good hair, white teeth,stupid plots" to character driven scripts that assume the viewer has some knowledge of the show's history. I think the show has been great. Really great. For a while they threw some nice bones-Julia Barr's return, Palmer's memorial. The proof is on how the stories play out now that things are settled down. I was skeptical because I see the current cast as one of many excellent secondary characters. The big hope is Big Fat Caleb and I just haven't been impressed with him. I have been waiting to be wowed back into the show though. I've noticed subtle great things. Lorrained and Addie are still in the credits. Esensten & Brown returned. The dialogue and pacing are so much better and wittier. The actors have started to evolve into front burner characters with Tad and Liza rising to the top. I think amc needs Tad, Liza, Jessie and Angie to be forces to reclon with. But the thing that has always bugged me is Angie. Angela Baxter Hubbard is a woman of faith, conviction and principle. It drives me nuts how wishy washy they were writing her, but the day she sat down in Krystal's BJ and came unhinged emotionally questioning God and lashing David with the strength of her faith was the day the show really won me back. It showed me that maybe the cuurent team gets what made the show so incredible for so long. And I thought it was brave to show a woman who isn't afraid to express her faith in a time when that seems almost un-PC. But faith is what the Hubbards have always been about and that characteristic is what makes the unlikely events that occur in their lives seem believable to us. So ITA the critics have it all wrong. The show is better. The performances have been stellar. The balance of character time on screen, pacing and writing have been quite good. What they need is an infectious storyline now--something takes it from the slow rebuild to must see tv. Angie's performance lately has been close, but the s/l is trite. I'm equally excited and skeptical of Kendall's return. I dread a Greenlee/Zach/Kendall/Ryan replay. We'll see. And as always, I wish for Julia Barr's return. She said she is ready and willing so I can't understand not bringing her back. It's a great show, but ABC wore me out with Pratt, and they still have some convincing to do.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubs said...


Due to the second coming of Jesus aka Brenda "the original Snatchalie" Barret on GH, SoapNet is preempting our Ryan's until at least August 20th! During this time period they'll be showing classic GH episodes all this time...

As of right now, they have not released whether or not Ryan's is totally gone or ever coming back but as of now it's not looking good.....

REALLY NOT AMUSED....this is the only "soap" I'm even following these days!

Frons is an a-hole with no ideas except bad ones.... His and daytime's idea is that only 20 somethings watch the soaps and that's who they want..... as a 20 something, I already saw this GH garbage 15 years ago. I wasn't around for Ryan's Hope! I want to see that for the first time...FRESH...CLEAN...NEW!!!! Besides that, yes GH was in a golden era during this time period 1994 - 1999 so why would Frons want to to remind current watchers of the garbage they see today as opposed to the classic tv that soaps use to be.

Idiots.... I'm going to go through my little Kimberley withdrawls...and scream out at night "Rose Alaio!"

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Verla Grubbs

I know I know and I'm NOT AMUSED! This has been a big fear since the announcement that Soap net would be done. I was happy when they said they would air Season 3 of Being Erica before they pulled the plug on the network but was always fearful that they would not air RH to that time.

I started watching RH in the 80's after Claire had left. The character of Delia and Joe were gone and Marg was playing Sibohan. I watched RH to the end. When Claire came back to write it at the end and Eileen came back as Deila you could see the magic. While I enjoyed RH the last years with Claire were amazing. It took the Bronx forever to get Soapnet and when we did it seemed as if RH was gone. I did not know they had banished it to the wee hours of the morning.

I have been amazed at the storytellign and the acting. While the directing and set may be dated. Nothing can compare to the intense and intelligent work being done by the writers and actors. RH is so real. The characters are so complex. There are no good/bad guys. They are all human with imperfections. I can never guess were the storylines are going and how they all connect. This current storyline of Joe framing Jack has been exciting and the thought that I will not see the end result is pissing me off. Don't understand how Jack and Rose did not wind up together. I too love Rose Alaio. Her goodbye to Jack this past week had me bawling.


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Hey Jordash,
listened to the new podcast and it was amazing. I have to let you know I was laughing so hard, listing to it while driving in the rain that i narrowly avoided being part of an accident that took place in front of me.

So agree about AMC, it is HOT right now. Though this is considered a miracle turnabout, we always had faith and it's nice to see it paying off in spades. They do need to get rid of Randy, she is dead weight. Madison and Frankie are hot even if she did kinda kill his baby, but I digress.

Caleb is just mountain Zack to me minus the charm.

The line to be Emma's new mommy forms to the right of Ryan's hospital room, as hot chicks clamor to visit him.

We love blind Angie and her Miracle baby, she has the Emmy in the bag and I think jess just might too. This will put Tad in the supporting category AMC will SWEEP!

Where is the love for Kendal and Zendal? I hate that we have a preempt tomorrow for GH, how heinous!

Oh BTW I was on Tune in Tomorrow Again and pimped out the PVP shamelessly! Gotta represent LOL

jason said...

Loved Tea and Blair today. But they aren't really killing off tea right!? Right!? =(

I hope Kendall's return stirs up some shit in PV! I don't want her to be there just to prop rylee.

jason said...

BTW, everyone HAS to listen to the Ilene Kristen (aka Roxy from oltl) interview she did with daytime confidential. I love how honest she is about abc and one life to live. Basically she hasn't been asked to come back for the past three months except once. Ilene is being kept in the dark about it. It's sad how they're treating her!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Elizabeth congrats on taking the bar. I know you will ace it unlike Marissa.

Elyse and Susan thanks for all your support and letting people know about our little old podcast.

Jason I can't even begin to tell you how upset I'am regarding the shabby treatment that actors are getting on OLTL. Ilene was mistreated years ago when she was taken off contract. Roxy was and is still a very interesting three dimensional character. Ilene has given 120% no matter what they gave her. I said before that I would have rather see Schuyler stay and see the story play out of mother and son reunite then more G-REX.

I hate to say it but if Florencia goes so will I. She will be the final straw.

Thou I heard a rumor that a big name diva from a show canceled just awhile ago was spotted at OLTL. Don't know if she is joining for the long term or just a short term. This is a favorite actress and I would stay to watch her. Keep checking DC and We Love to see if they can confirm what my source told me.

OLTL is good even thou I fear for the future. The Elijah storyline I'm enjoying because it reminds me of my beloved Edge of Night. Thanks to the stunning and talented Jessica Leccia I'm loving Mama Inez and her three sons.

Still have no use for the horrendous Farah Fath, JP and Melissa Archer. Sadly Kelly is the most obnoxious character on daytime. Gina can't make this work, no one can. It's as if they are doing it on purpose so the audience won't like her. Bizarre.

AMC rocks! The way yesterday ended that was like a Friday and thanks to annoying Vanessa Marcil Gonzogola ( so over taking the husbands name) AMC will not be on today and it seems that my beloved RH is being axed because Frons thinks it will be more interesting to show reruns of the same 3 Brenda episodes of GH for the next year and a half.


JSpear8 said...

Anyone know why AMC and OLTL did not show today? They are showing old episodes of General Hospital! :-(

I know Brenda is coming back but geesh.

JSpear8 said...

Sorry Jordan. Just saw your comment after I posted. Why force us to watch GH when in all honesty I cant stand GH. I love my AMC and could care less Brenda is coming back. GH is GH and AMC is AMC, so why push us out of the way to make room for them?!

TheGhostofVerlaGrubs said...

That's it.... goodbye Ryan's Hope! :(

Zydeco said...

Where else but in Pine Valley could Ryan have brain surgery without a hair on his head shaved? ; D

brtedi said...

" why push us out of the way to make room for them?!...."

Justin, I have a theory on that. Wasn't there an article, be it at or Nelson Braco's column or where ever, that said taped episodes in daytime were to be reduced by 20? --I don't know if it's per soap or in daytime overall on ABC. But, there you go. We may have seen something a kin to the "Brenda! Brenda! Brenda!" marathon shown on SOAPnet a few years ago. Unfortunately, this time, the largest motivator may have been saving money.

If ABC 'sneeks in' repeats during soap hours, under the guise of a big promotion, such as the return of an actor, they think we won't notice--imho.

JSpear8 said...


That sucks. I hate to miss my AMC for no good reason. Im sure people are happy to have Brenda back, but hell I want to see my Kendall back and they just messed that up today.

brtedi said...

"I want to see my Kendall back and they just messed that up today."

IA, Justin--While I am a fan of GH, at the start of the "Brenda-thon" today, I had a similar reaction. Heck, yesterday, when Kendall stepped out from the curtain, (I'd actually forgotten Monday was AM's return) for a split second or two I spontaneously started to aplaude.--If anybody can kick David's butt Kendall can! :-D


brtedi said...

Wow…Beaker & Olive Oil… ROTF!

Anybody taking bets as to how long it will be before Marissa finds out she’s pregnant, but not with JR’s baby?

Annie to Kendall & Greenlee: "Ryan's special fanclub..." That's why alot of us on this blog, enjoy :"Annie"/ MCE.

Ryan, Kendall and Greenlee are originally what started me watching AMC---and there have been times MCE keeps me watching the show. Bravo!

Elizabeth said...

Brtedi that was awesome today!

When she said, "Who am I kidding, of course you will still be here...." I was dying. MCE is awesome. She can go from dramatic and tense passion with JR in one scene (I was amazed that they were both in tears) to snarky and hilarious in the next. They need to keep this girl as long as they can. She rocks!!

Also, Hotmessa will DEFINITELY end up pregnant. That is SO obvious. I can't wait until this quad is busted up and JR and Annie can finally be together again. It's been FOUR MONTHS since they had a love scene. I had to laugh that Scott and Marissa were kissing in one scene and putting on clothes in the next. You can really tell which couple the writers are trying to showcase here.

Ashley said...

Anyone hear about Lady Zimmer? Some rumors are flying that Miss Kim Z is heading over to OLTL. Crazy, right? Right??? I'd pay cash-money to have her and Vicki in an act-off! Maybe a little "Perfect Diction Battle" action peeps!


Ashley said...

Oh Miss Elizabeth - I LOVE HOTMESSA! (The name, not so much the character.) Can't wait to see the eppy!

Much love girl!

Ash xo

Jen said...

I just heard this one browsing today Ashley, how about Flannelicious?

Jen said...

I was shocked Marissa went there! especially in JR's bed!? they are so screwed when he finds out. Oh he will, question is will JR or will Annie or JR and Annie destroy them.

JY and MCE deserve early emmy nominations for what they are doing w/ thier SLs and thier character. I cried, when JR told

'You tell Scott......*voice cracks on cue* that he's a lucky man'

*teary eyed defeated hug*

He so loves her, but he's trapped.

JSpear8 said...

I absolutely agree with you brtedi! What I do not like so far is how Kendall is not pissed off at Greenlee right now.. The first thing I would have done when I saw her would be to go off on her. You do not mess with family! For her to put it off to me isnt realistic.

Olive oil and Beaker sleeping together seems awefully like Kendall sleeping with Ryan when she thought Greenlee was dead. Dont know how I feel about that.

brtedi said...

"...Anyone hear about Lady Zimmer? Some rumors are flying that Miss Kim Z is heading over to OLTL."

Oooow, Ashley! I have to read DC more often, I guess! :-D I'd watch KZ read the phonebook--Needless to say, I'd be watching OLTL more closely. Now, if they could only work in Robert Newman I would be delighted...I know it probably won't happen but a soap fan can dream can't she?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Justin have to disagree with you. So bought the Scott and Marissa doing it. This is classic soap and why I'm loving the Chandler and Martin storylines because the possibilites are endless and the writers keep it moving forward and you never know what to expect.

Marissa was so scheming to do this. She was no innocent that look she gave when Scott hugged her at the beginning. She wanted revenge. Scott was hurt that his belief in Annie was all for not. The look on his face when he heard Annie's message..... Also this now makes JR and Annie. The true star crossed lovers. Especially Annie will be in the right because she held back from anything with JR. This is an awesome turn of events. When this truth comes out a few months from! Especially if Hotmessa (love it Elizabeth) gets preggers and tries to pass it off as JR to hold on to him. Oh this is so my AMC. Sex Lies and pregnancies.

Kendal's return....aye caramba. I will save my comments for the next podcast. But I will say this of course I want the character and actress back but to have her playing the same 8th grade storyline that she was doing under Pratt. Her mother is missing and presumed dead she doesnt come bak but Greenlee and Ryan are up to their old drama and she drops Zach and the boys like a person of color or mo on OLTL. Come on.

Elizabeth said...


I completely agree, Hotmessa is a schemer, even if she's just a subconscious schemer. She has been itching to get back at Annie since their fight at Palmer's will reading. When Annie called her out on not being sexy enough to hang onto her husband, that dig got to her big time. I think that in some way she is trying to remedy her own insecurities by nabbing Annie's man. She probably thinks this is the ultimate way to stick it to Annie and show her that she was wrong about her inability to be a seductress.

Another nice point I noticed yesterday was that Scott and Marissa were having a physical affair while JR and Annie were having an emotional one. You have one couple kissing and ripping each other's clothes off and another crying because they don't want to stop hugging each other. This shows that there are two distinct kinds of affairs. This stuff is so good and so much meatier and deeper than anything Pratt or McTavish ever did with these characters.


Love you too girl! Glad you like "Hotmessa"! :)

JSpear8 said...


I dont disagree with you, but Im just over the whole cat and mouse thing... The whole forbidden love thing. Im ready for this particular storyline to wrap. I guess what took me back to what Kendall and Ryan did was how Marissa and Scott had "sympathy sex" with each other. That just turned me off. Not saying anything ill of the show because I LOVE the new ways the show are going, its just this one thing...

I dont know about you but I am ready for David and Greenlee to get what they have coming. They never really paid for what they did. What Angie and Jessie are going through breaks my heart (a sign of good acting if you ask me). Poor Madison is trapped in the middle of Ryan's need to save Greenlee.

All that being said, I love the show. :-) And this is just my two cents.

JSpear8 said...

Oh and in my book, an emotional affair is by far worse than a physical one. Physical ones are just a nut (excuse the language please) and emotional ones go to the heart. Emotions become mixed with thoughts of love. Its horrible. Neither one is great but at the end of the day, if I do not have your heart and soul, the rest is really pointless.

Again, just my 2 cents. :-)

Shadow said...

Justin said: "Physical ones are just a nut" and then apologized for it.

Justin, you are always so polite. I laughed out loud when I read that.

I love this place.

Jen said...

5 bucks saids by the end of the mth. JR/Annie will know. Why b/c the marriage will likely never happen, Marissa reguardless doesn't want JR back she made her decision, she saw how JR looked at Annie, she knows, plus the hints w/ JR telling Annie about driving Scott out of her life if he wanted to.. I think the Chandler home will implode soon. This is to clear the players while Scott's Nano Tech secret will be a power card for JR over him. It's simple, he's established he doesn't give a damn about Scott, JR's gonna set him up for the fall, while after or during the fall Marissa will find out she's pregnant w/ Scott's kid.. only she won't want Scott in her baby's life b/c he'll likely reject her for Annie before all this goes down and that won't set well w/ her.

Daughter of David is borned in Marissa keeping the kid a secret from Scott. I don't see her passing it off as JR's, again she wants out, JR would be controlling it makes no sense to stay in plus they haven't had sex since last yr. that's why JR was setting up the wkend. getaway, it's been sahara desert w/ her. Another reason I see her keeping it a secret b/c she wants to be lawyer and Caleb will likely not keep her employed while pregnant, she doesn't want to stay at home, that was the point of her rejecting JR's wishes for a baby.

So in short

1. Chandler home will implode
2. JR/Annie will know
3. Scott will be in trouble
4. Marissa will turn out pregnant and hide it from Scott

Michael said...

A certain forensic crime drama should consider a new franchise: CSI SNATCHALIE where a confident, zaftig redhead lugs a heavy forensic kit around town to crime scenes for the sole purpose of talking about her love life. Oh yea, three weeks ago she was a high-level executive at a Fortune 500 corporation.

Two things: I have been watching Jacob Young for years (starting when he was a sub-par Lucky Spencer on GH). Lukewarm liked him and Babe—except every other month when he plotted to kill her, but with this MCE pairing—I cannot take my eyes off him. It just goes to show you that the right chemistry can make or break a character.
And… I love, love, love Greenlee and like, like, like Kendall, but Annie owned the two them in that hospital scene.

The show is missing only one thing--a little glitz. We have the great character-driven real stories of old, but need that extra little glamour that the divine LaLuch used to truck into the studio.

Shadow said...

Well said Amphitrion. The stories are great. The chemistry is great. It's all greatly improved. I'm a bigger Greenlee fan than Kendall fan as well, but happy to have them all back. I still think the Bianca thing is awkward. Caleb is coming along, but needs to skip a meal, shave, and burn the flannel and the Columbia wardrobe. Angie is a force on and of herself and the perfect balance to Electric Annie and the Chandler possee. Tad and Liza I find quite interesting from a historical perspective, but it feels incomplete without Hilary and Marian. It's all really fine. But it NEEDS Erica and Brooke for an occasional kick on the ass and a great cast if recurring players. I'm still waiting for something to just knock my socks off.

Arizonagal said...

Coupla comments.

Wonder if the Drs will release Ryan with orders to not carry women up the stairs for 3 months.

I didn't like the Scott/Marissa sex romp. Was Marissa wearing a training bra? I would have liked to see them both knock back a few, get silly, and laugh about their failed relationships, that was not hot sex.

Beaker and Olive Oyl, what a long faced, string bean of a kid they are going to make.

Okay Shadow, I'll admit, Caleb needs to lose a few lbs. There, I said it!

Ashley, I hope to G you are right about the Zimmer, my god what a casting coup for OLTL.

I'm probably the only one not enjoying the return of Kendall, it only served to remind me of how little I like this character, and with her in the SL everything becomes just more and more Ryancentric.

Speaking of Ryan, it's creepy (and lame) when he's lying in bed pretending to be out and secretly listening to all his wimenz pour their hearts out. Eewww.

Kelly on OLTL usually annoys me but I loved the look on her face as she checked out Eli while hiding under his bed.

So Tea is getting ready to go off to hospice and die and she decides to play Monopoly?

MCE, love her to pieces. The chemisstry between her and JR is amazing and as someone else said, she really does make him better, more interesting, more human.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Our ms. goodie two shoes Marisa has turned a corner and embraced her Hayward DNA. I agree with jordan she so planned to sleep with Scott. IMHO I think she'll get pregnant and how will JR react that she cheated on him? This is harkens back to the golden age of Wildwind when Edmund (before he lost his mind, the man not the character), Maria, Erica and Dimitri all lived there. Good SOAP

Elizabeth said...

How funny was that scene today when Tad was reprimanding Annie and JR. They looked like two grounded kids. Awesome stuff!!

Jen said...

About time Rissa embraced her vengeful side. She was so full of it and smug, she wanted to do it, and she wanted to tell JR, she wanted to shout it to the world. Now all I need is in a few weeks when she finds out she's pregnant w/ Scott's seed to keep it a secret from everybody, including David. And work w/ Caleb to shut Scott out of the kid's life. Then the full turn becomes interesting w/ her.

Stacy said...

Just an FYI for anyone interested. I have been "friends" on Facebook with Matt Borlenghi aka BRIAN BODINE for quite a while now. Today, he has posted the most hateful rants against ALL Muslims, basically saying that each and every one of them is "TERROSIST S*IT." I sent him a personal email and he got even more hateful. Just thought people who are fans of his would like to know.

Elizabeth said...

My question is how is Annie keeping her hands off of this man when he says lines like this:

"I'd take on an army of Caleb Cooneys and it would be a million times easier than being this close to you and not being able to touch you."

"It would be too hard for me to watch you walk down the aisle to another man."

"Scott doesn't deserve you, he never did."

Annie: "What should I tell Scott?"
JR; "Tell him he's a lucky man."

JR: "Even when we're fighting and I'm saying horrible things to you..."
Annie: "I know, it's still there...."
JR: "Sometimes I just physically have to get away from it."

"All I can think about is grabbing you and throwing you on that bed."

How she can resist for so long is beyond me!! I'd die to have a man that fine say those things to me!!

Brian said...

Anyone else go crazy when they showed Alexa Havins picture on Friday's ep of AMC? Does this hint to a possible return of the actress? In my opinion, she IS Babe. I would love to see her return to AMC to go up against MCE's Annie. She would be SO much better than Marissa, who I still don't believe has gotten better since she began.

Bxgal said...

Hey everyone!

Sorry if i'm repeating what has already been said on here but SoapNet will stop airing Ryan's Hope on October 1st. So it will be back after the Brenda/GH marathons.

DancingElf88 said...

Long time no blog! I'm watching All My Children again and Ashley I'm with you...I'm in love with Damon. I love that kid so much. And I'm even liking NuNuColby more. Her and Damon are adorable.

Ok so I was so Team Scott and now I'm torn again. Because now I can totally see Annie and JR past the sex. Marissa is a schemin ho...even if it's only subconscious. That is really good soap that Scott and Marissa slept together.

The Hubbard family stuff is breaking my heart to pieces. Love me some Jesse and Angie.

I can do without the David/Greenlee.Ryan/Madison kerfuffle. Kendall came back for this? Meh. And I never really liked Greenlee and Kendall is alright's not horrible at least.

Oh and Jordan Friday Night Lights is hot!

JSpear8 said...


You are so silly. lol I apologize because I have not been here more than two days to chat with you here on the page (thought I subscribe to Ash and Jordan on iTunes and hear the show everytime) and Im using that type of language. lol You must think I am some kind of know kind of Pratt-ish. lol

Shadow said...

Justin, I think you're a crack-up. Always good to see your posts my friend.

Caught a little bit of Friday's episode. What an interesting turn things have taken at the House of Chandler. JR & Annie trying to be good. E-Babe slutting it up with Scott. You know Scott's looking at her bald spot now and thinking "WTF was I thinking?".

Why so little Opal time. Considering that Caleb is cooking up a big Courtland-Chandler smackdown, shouldn't she be getting all up in his business? In fact, what if Erica fell for Caleb but Caleb fell for Opal for a change? How romantic and hilarious could that be? Then Jack can do his thing and settle with Erica and the Kane-Montgomery dynasty can be restored.

Speaking of Caleb, how sweet of KWAK to give him a make-over. As unpleasant as he continues to be, I wish she had given him a happy ending. And a treadmill. And maybe some Man Spanx. She's lucky she didn't lose an eye to one of the buttons on his suit.

And poor Bianca. Can't she just get laid? Park the girls at Opal's and go on a big lesbian bender before she spontaneously combusts from lack of sex? She's more like a lesbian nun. I suppose it's an overcorrection for taking Zach's spunk, but give the girl some joi de vivre already.

Count on Debbi Morgan to bring home the trophy, although it troubles me they are turning renowned infectious disease specialist Dr. Angela Hubbard into a blind pregnant woman shuffling around the kitchen. Oops, but this IS ABC Daytime. Now it be makin' all kinda sense why she be down wit da herpes, fo'gettin her birth control pills, and mak'in pies fo' her man.

Jen said...

Brian, we saw the hefer die, WE SAW THIS! beam + bloodloss + total unconsciousness..JR does not need his life ruined for another Carey woman. we went through 5 plus yrs. of watching him stuck w/ Babe, propping the Careys as good ppl and making JR a disgusting individual. We went through that and ruined RLs w/ the Kanes b/c of it, ruined RL w/ Amanda which had supercouple potential but was ruined for Babe #2.

Everytime JR has it together they throw a Carey at him.

Babe, Kwak, Babe#2, Kwak, E-Babe, let the bitch stay dead, b/c SHE IS DEAD. And I'm loving JR and Annie too much for Babe to return unrealistically and..just no.

Elizabeth, I really don't know. In D.C. JR massaged her shoulders gave her a look and told her you what they say.. 'Cold hands..warm heart' and that got her sexually aroused..that and the compliment to her dress (really her & the black number)

so beats me, she has more resistance than I would have had that's for sure. Either that or she's been blue walled so much that she thinks if she starts JR will stop it again ala the wall kiss at the hotel.

Shadow said...

Jen, I'm with you. Nobody bleeds outta there ass for a week, dies, gets dragged around for another week like Weekend at Bernies and comes back to life. Except maybe Dixie, and Babe ain't no Cooney. Now if they were to trade the actress portraying E-babe for a brunetter Alexa Havens, I'd be down with that. At least it would be an improvement.

And seriously does everyone have to be a lawyer, it's becoming like LA Law-Jack, Marissa, Caleb, Liza. Liza hasn't got the ethics. She needs to go back into journalism. Media is so much more suited to her way of thinking. Her ability to frame a story for a televised audience fits her so much better than the law. Get Livia back or give the legal roles to day players.

Anonymous said...

Longtime lurker, first time poster. I freaking love the podcasts. Please make them more frequently!!!

I totally agree with you guys -- I am loving AMC right now. I took a big old break from AMC in the mid 2000s and only recently got back into the show b/c of Jannie. I've started watching the entire show again and everything is really clicking for me (with the exception of Rylee 10.0). I love that the show is trying to get back to basics in its storytelling. I love the Angie storyline and I don't care that it's been done a thousand times. The writers are taking time to establish the bond b/w Angie and her child and to explore the anguish Angie is experiencing as she loses her eyesight and, thus, her career. I would take a rehashed but well executed storyline over a stunt storyline any day.

At this point, I'm on the side of Colby and Damon. I am itching for a David/Liza pairing but am enjoying their friendship and want to see more of an unMartinized Liza. Caleb isn't annoying me too much and I think cleaned up Caleb will drum up some much needed drama in town. The only storylines that I'm really worried about are Rylee and Frankie/Randi.

There are so many possibilities for this show right now.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

BX GAL Thank you for the info on RH. Hey I would rather have at leats one more month then nothing at all. Hopefully in the short time they plan on showing it The current hot storyline of Joe's revenge on Jack cna be wrapped up. It hurts loosing RH again. This time hurts even more then when I said goobye to it back in 89.

Arizonagal said...

Friday's AMC was perfection, it was so good. I loved every moment of it. The SL with JR/Annie/Scott/Marissa has really grabbed me. These four actors are bringing it in every scene. It is great soap and I love the fact that all these actors can really act.

I can't wait for today's AMC and that feels so good!

When Krystal gave Caleb that pic of Babe, I was wondering which Babe it was gonna be. Not surprised it was Alexa.

Shadow said...

Welcome to the Blog Long Time Anonymous Lurker! We're very glad to you decided to share your thoughts. Debbi Morgan spins gold out of everything they give her and thank goodness they are finally giving her something. I almost don't care about the storyline. Her performances are just that fantastic.

Michael said...

Wow, I guess if I was Hindu, I could safely assume that the actor playing Asher is not the reincarnation of Sir Lawrence Olivier! Holy cow, the kid was sooo much better in that Hot Pockets commercial.

Shadow – an overdue gut-busting laugh for the ballerina comment!!

Brian, I could get behind an Alexa recast of EBabe, but I think I read she just gave birth a few days ago and it might be a while before that can happen.

Happy Birthday (belated) MelGotServed!

Ashley and Jordan-thank you so much for the podcast! You guys are remarkable.

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks Amphitrion!

Sorry for the lack of posting guys. To be honest, I've really fallen behind in AMC. Half of me really likes the show, but half of me is so bored and I don't know what it is. I know a lot of people hate the idea of less episodes, but 5 hours has been a lot for me lately, especially when there are so many other shows I love to watch. That's just me of course cause I know lots of you are loving it. God, part of me isn't tuning in because I dread the return of Kendall and the soul-sucking Ryan/Greenlee redux.

Bxgal said...

Anyone think that Asher is Adam's lovechild? I don't know... just a hunch. If he and Colby get together, I guess not.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

My source was right they just announced Kim Zimmer is joining OLTL reprising her old role of ECHO . This means Clint will have a storyline . YEAH!

T said...

Wow! What does that mean for the rest of the divas on OLTL? Will the other women have to take a back seat to KZ? Is Marty even on the show still? I hope Greg gets shot when Shawn goes back to rescue Tea. I can't believe they're going to kill Tea Delgado off.

Unknown said...

I am happy that Kendall is back and wish that Zach will stay. I hope the writers advance Kendall story beyond Greenlee and Ryan. I am glad that they are writing a romantic storyline for when Zach comes back

Jen said...

Bxgal I doubt it, if Asher is related to anyone it'd be Caleb or Annie. B/c eventually he's going after Damon's girl. (Wow never thought I'd say that about Damon/Colby)

I wonder what Pratt aka The Darth Vader of Pine Valley writing would have done w/ them.

Jen said...

BTW I just saw the SoapNet promo from the soaps. Srsly it's going to be sad when SN gets dropped, they do more promotion for AMC than anything. But while watching it I figured out what I want for the Bianca character.

I actually would love to see a long arc for her love life, a gay triangle SL. Why not bring Sarah back, remember the girl Bianca first loved when she was in rehab?

I mean if done well I could see a good SL arc between her NuReese/NuBinxs/Sarah. Ofcourse this shouldn't be rushed, it should be well casted and thought out. My 2nd thought would be if not Sarah or Reese, making Natalia gay would make sense and add dimensions to her character. But a triangle where everyone's heart is in it would be interesting to watch.

Brian said...

Jen, I get that we saw Babe die. But that was NuBabe. Completely different character than Babe (in my mind). But seriously, we have seen plenty of character die before and have been brought back. We saw Jesse die and great Gillian in heaven. He also spoke with Tad in a comma or dream (something like that). Heck! If they could get Cady, I'm pretty sure they would bring back Dixie. It's just a matter of coming up with a soapy storyline.

On the topic of Bianca, I've been a longtime advocate of TPTB making Natalia bisexual or a lesbian. It would be interesting if she came-out to Brat and told him that's why she hasn't moved further in a romantic relationship with him.

I also think it would be interesting if they put Natalia and Madison in an apartment together. Maybe with Frankie's help we could have a new friendship form. Plus, it would give Natalia and Madison a strong connection to the town (and get Madison out of Frankie's apartment).

Arizonagal said...

I'm a few days behind, but the idea of a Kendall Zach romance makes me cringe almost as much as a Greenlee Ryan reunion. I really enjoyed the K/Z break, did not miss them one bit. There are so many things I love about the show right now, but TIIC's refusal to separate Ryan and Greenlee just makes me want to effin Scream. Why why why are they so stuck on stupid with these two characters? IMHO it just makes them so boring and predictable. When Ryan was doing the casual dating thing with Madison, he was as close to tolerable as he's ever been. Greenlee's current incarnation makes me doubt Rebecca Budig's commitment to this show. I've hated Greenlee/Ryan from day one and that's not going to change. Why do TPTB continue to torture me with this couple. WHY. It's like when Julia Roberts keeps making nauseating movies and we have to see them advertised on TV. Why do TPTB think in every Julia Roberts movie we have to see a clip of her laughing?! I'm sure she's a nice lady but she needs to go away and stop making movies, and she can take Tom Hanks with her. Sorry for the OT rant, she just drives me nuts.

OTOH this is the same show that is bringing it with JR Annie Scott Marissa. I would love to see Alexa Havins return (heard she's preggers) but not as Marissa. Marissa is supposed to be skinny gangly unsexy. Alexa is none of that - she a hot little mama.

Loving everyone's posts and so stoked to hear Kim Zim is returning to the suds. That makes my day!

Back to work for now, instead of just pretending to be working!

Shadow said...

The only thing I've ever liked sbout Zach was his relationship with Myrtle. Never been a Zendall fan, although I do like Kendall. Apparentlyhe's a draw for people though. I like the idea of having strong recurring players, but only if they're given material that is interesting and integral. At this point, AMC needs familiar faces so I see the benefit of his presence and I appreciate his flexibility and the show not writing him out stupidly like they did with Aidan. OTOH, he isn't cheap and his strory arcs don't amount to much. Tough call, but there's a lot of talent out there for the dollar. I will say this about Zach, his presence garnered a post from NATASHA here at the blog, and that is a very good thing!

Jen said...

Brian, I'll say it again, Babe can stay dead! (and Babe wasn't even loved by AMC fans) And I flove JR & Annie too much to start that same nonsense again. Babe is the main reason JR's character never grew. Now it's totally different, he has a woman in his life coming that will not only love his job but love everything even the power and not care about anything else other than thier family. Do you know how rare that is? Can JR have that please. It's gone on long enough how JR and Annie's character literally have no true soulmate, no Babe wasn't one to me and neither was Ryan. That's where I'm coming from, even evil, disgusting, manipulative ppl need thier other half.

Shadow, I know you're peeping Denise Vasi today.

Michael said...

If Jordan is happy, that’s good enough for me, but I do remember when Kim Zimmer joined Santa Barbara. She ate that show whole and passed it through her colon!! The show has two divas of a certain age already; is there room for three? She is a great actress and if she gives a ratings boost to OLTL without taking away any Dorian screen time, then it is good, good, good. If they make the same mistakes they made in re-introducing Kelly (injecting her as a but-in-ski to established character plots and giving her an insincere obsession to champion) then—I’m worried.

I do not like the show becoming the daily saga of the Ford boys and their slightly older mother. If I get that doe-eyed, moon face from Ford once more, I will be sick. It has become his “go-to Snatchalie raised eyebrow acting move.” I’m not saying the character is unredeemable, but he is not close to being redeemed and I think rushing it would be a mistake.

Jessica Leccia is great BTW, but why not make her a Vega of a Delgado?

Shadow said...

So there's some Frandie love on our show today? Haven't seen it yet, but I'm assuming since it's on TV it requires her to act. That could be a problem. I'm assuming she isn't up to any of her fun hooker tricks or anything. I'll check it out and opine later!

So is everyone pleased with Caleb's makeover? I'm surprised Jordan hasn't weighed in on the subject after Ashley gave him a ribbing on the podcast.

As for Kim Zimmer, you heard the big news from the PVP first! I wonder if Kim Zimmer is still rubenesque? Last time I saw her she was appeared rather generously proportioned. I've always liked her though. She has such a pretty face. She's a huge talent! With her on canvas the cast will be much more well rounded. That really is a big fat deal.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I know what your sayign I think the difference between Gina coming to the show and Kim is that with Gina it was about snagging her before another show does. With no real storyline or reason for the character to return to the canvas. Kim coming on as Echo I hope means that they have an actual storyline that will have to involve the adult cast memebers and not a moment too soon. I like the teens but not when they own the show.

Brian said...

I will agree with Jen that JR and Annie seem to be perfect for each other. These two are actually better than Annie and Scott (which I'm getting tired of).

So do we know yet who this new kid is that seems obsessed with Colby? My guess is the extra Chandler. I would prefer him to be a Cortland, but whatever.

Jen said...

Brian he more than likely is Miguel, hence the cash in the bag, and snooping around Chandler, only my guess is he will be Caleb's son.

I know I'm not the only one thinking this, Jordan is gonna flip his ever lovin' mind but Randi's SL is right now reminding some people of a certain model/diva.. I'll give ya a cluuuuue IAM(___).COM think about it long and hard.

Shadow said...

I watched yesterday. Something is still bugging me. I haven't been able to put my finger on it. The Chandler stuff is great. Surprisingly Marissa and Scott are getting interesting. Scott still cones off a little hokey to me and Marissa is still kind of awkward at times, but they all looked great yesterday and did their scenes very well. Marissa's bald spot was even under cover. JR and Annie, AMC hasn't seen chemistry like this in years. It's even nice seeing Zendal. Zach actually has a believable enough presence to credibly take on David Hayward. Ryan just seems like a thong wearing little twit by comparison. Rebecca Budig, KWAK, Hubbards- all seem fit and on their game. So it's just been eating at me why I'm not more enthusiastic. Today I saw Susan Lucci as Erica hawking her faux blog and it dawned in me. As great as all these folks are doing AMC without an occasional dose of Erica (and just a bit too much NuBianca) just isn't as enthralling. I miss the old gal and her quips. I miss David Canary too. Seems like he and Julia Barr should be dropping in soon. I even miss Jack, the old bobbkehead himself. I don't like Caleb. They made him over but he's still sort of a schlubb. I get the idea, but I think they miscast.

DancingElf88 said...

So caught up on the episodes for the week.The JR Marissa Scott Annie thing is fire. I still don't like Marissa and want her away. But JR and Annie keep breaking my heart.

I want Angie and Jesse on EVERY SINGLE DAY. Today's episode it took Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams all of 15 seconds to get me crying. And they just kept at it. They're hitting it out of the ball park.

Do not All My Children I repeat do NOT put Randi and Brot together. Send Randi in Italy and have her stay there. FOREVER. I kind of like Madison and Frankie.

The Ryan Greenlee David Kendall stuff can go away. I don't like any of these characters so I could really give a crap what drama they have going on.

Who is this Asher kid? If he's going to end up being a Courtlant why didn't they just make him Petey or something?

Shadow said...

Seems like we're headed to some sort of Ryan/Madison/Frankie thing. The writers don't seem to particularly enjoy writing for Randi. Maybe it's the beginning of the end for Randi. I could see where she hooks up with Brot and their modeling/inspirational speaking gigs take them away from Pine Valley freeing up Natalia for a biracial lesbian gig with NuBianca.

Mel Got Served said...

Suds Report says Tea Delgado is officially out at OLTL once Tea dies. Well, I'm done with that show.

Elizabeth said...

Has anyone read the spoilers yet for next week and JR/Annie/Scott? In the words of Jordan Hudson: I AM NOT AMUSED!!!!!!

brtedi said...

Line of the day, for me at least: “Like talkin’ to a chunk of cheese.”-- David Vickers to Kelly Cramer, reguarding her wordrobe choice for the double wedding.

I loved the Angie and Jesse scenes in the park today! It was so nice to see characters appreciate what they have, together, even in the midst of adversity.---- And then, came David. Now, that’s good soap! Bravo, Debbie Morgan, Darnell Williams and Vincent Izarry.

Now for a special mention about GH’s Julie Marie Berman & Dominic Zamprogna --and the real life "Ludante" cupcakes...

Some time ago, on the GH fb page, there were pics of the actors promoting the "Ludante"/"Lulu and Dante" cupcakes from Amy Berman's "The Vanilla Bake Shop" in Santa Monica, CA. The cupcakes were the same kind of "Dante" brought "Lulu" as part of his appology. If you look closely, you can see the name of the bakery, partially, hidden by the flowers Dante had for Lulu.

brtedi said...

After watching Friday's GH, I finally, saw the entire the context of why Sonny (looking like an extra from Miami Vice-LOL!) and Brenda were running around jumping on a tram and a speed boat--In a flashback, Sonny rescued Brenda from a kidnapping...

Moving on to more current GH stuff--I think, Dante lost a few more brain cells from being drugged, than he realizes---, How could he not realize Brook Lyn didn't drug him?, --Pretty much every body else figured that one out--Duh!

I just a little more to say about AMC, while I'm at it. Bravo to whoever said Randi should go off to Italy in pursuit of her modeling career. Then, Madison could pair up with Frankie. JMHO

I think, the rest of my fellow pod casters figured this out long before me: JR and Annie really have fallen for each other. Apparently, their situation is no longer just about "the urge to merge".

Jen said...

Liz, I trashed my SID issue, well first congrats to JR/Annie hitting top 8 in the couples poll already. Dear Scott I hope you DIE! I still LOATHE you w/ a passion. (that's the inner soap fan in me talking)

Elizabeth said...

I agree Jen. Let's just say that I understand where Annie is coming from but I am sick of waiting for my couple to become an actual couple. I totally get what Jordan said in the last podcast about the journey being where the fun is, but there is such a thing as dragging something out so long that it becomes frustrating to watch. UGH!!!!

Jen said...

Liz, Jordan watches Ryan's Hope...(no offense Jordan)

I do get Annie's choice but WOWWWW you got to be kidding me if that even makes sense. I'm gonna be besides myself watching it. Glad Adam Mayfield is happy I could give 2 sh!ts about Scott's you know what right now, but right now this is dragging and taking steam out of the situation, IMO it now needs another addition.

Elizabeth said...

I'm hoping that there is something more to this story that the spoilers aren't telling us, or at least that the dialogue and the scenes will explain to us why things unfold like they do. I'm just getting impatient with all of this slow burn.

I was rooting for Hotmessa last week which never happens. She was telling JR the truth about their relationship and how they need to just end things. JR ticked me off on Friday telling Annie that she was worth fighting for and then trying to get back with Hotmessa again. Heck, he kissed her on her cheek and it was 100% more hot than a Ryan and Greenlee full on makeout!!!! I just can't take it anymore.

Elizabeth said...

I can't believe Hotmessa confessed today! That secret didn't take long to come out in the open. Tomorrow's show should be AWESOME! Can't wait!

Crystal said...

The Blair and Tad What if is hilarious!

brtedi said...

Scenes from Monday’s AMC were so good, I wanted to squeak!

JR to Annie: “You’re not married, yet.”—Was it just me, or did Jacob young’s voice actually crack with emotion, when he said that line?!

Adam Mayfield played “Scott” with such sincerity, when he went off to find an alternative site for the ceremony.

Angie, Jesse –and Evil Dr. Dave. Superb!

Rebecca Budig with Vincent Izzary (and Cameron Mathison)—Scenes like these are what got me watching AMC 6 ½ years ago—The days of Ms. Budig ‘phoning it in’ with Aiden Turner seem like an unpleasant, sometimes, gag worthy memory. :-)

Episodes like this, tell me one thing: Give these actors good, or even better, material than they’ve had in the past and they can, indeed, do the work.

Jen said...

Damn you JR/Annie, setting me up for heartbreak, Marissa is a f'n mess, like a mess mess. I did feel for her when she told JR how she felt.

Ryan finally sees Madison is too good for him and is finally sounding and acting appreciative of her. Greenlee sees this, it's like a dagger. LOL at her reaction when he said

'It's only Greenlee'

JR racing to the alter of doom, pouring what's remaining of his heart out. And the EPIC PUNCH! that I've been waiting for. I hate you Scott, every single fake do-gooder thing about you, you had that punch coming, now I just hope it's not the last one JR gives you. (UGH! Te odio Scott!)

When JR told Annie

'You belong w/ me'

I was wondering what more confirmation does she need? ofcourse she'll do the stupid thing and choose Scott and JR will likely watch it and who knows what he does after or who?

Elizabeth said...

Today's show made me so furious!! All of the actors sold it, but the Scott/Annie wedding made me throw up a little in my mouth. Let's hope this doesn't last too long because I don't know how much longer I can stomach it.

Jen said...

Well now.. that I got through that nauseating wedding..oh man I don't even know where to begin, her stupidity in marrying him or the fact that this like killed so much momentum of the show. Or how cheesey it was to have Emma again focking cheerleading! YAAAAAY! my god STFU! Do you disapprove of any parent for your mom or dad?

I'm gonna guess she'll be mean to JR b/c that's his luck, that's just my guess for when they put JR/Annie together like people have been waiting for. It's amazing how they took an awesome scenerio that could have made it an epic union and ruined it.

I literally don't know how they get back the momentum. They literally killed it w/ the bogus marriage.

brtedi said...

I'd say, Annie and Scott's wedding is the setup for the eventual downfall of the marriage. Events will build to the point where Annie can't 'stay good' forever--JR and Annie will succumb to their mutial emotional heat. What do you wanna bet, they will find some reason, be it real or imagined, to be at the beach house?...Looks like that's where the writers may be headed.

GH has it's infamous supply closet and apparently AMC. now, has its eqivalent--the Cooney/Chandler beach cottage.

Anonymous said...

My take on the wedding...

Annie wants to be different, her ideal.

Annie really believes that she can choose a different life, for her and for her daughter. That belief doesn't change just because of one revelation.

"What are you offering, JR?" So true!

I understand why she married Scott.

Becky :)

P.S. JordAsh, in the next podcast will you comment on David and the way he is being written now?

Personally, I hate the blackmail storyline. Seems very unlike David to me. (I mean David when he was with Finola Hughes, not David as Pratt wrote him.)

I imagine David as ruthless, and the stuff with Angie makes sense in that regard, but he should also be loving and vulnerable.

The idea that David planned ahead to set up Greenlee makes no sense to me. If I were head writer, I'd have them part because he decided to let her go, hoping she wouldn't but letting her. Then he'd retreat to his old cabin and a bottle of scotch. After all, this is the situation in which he and Greenlee became close in the first place (so many years ago)...

DancingElf88 said...

I understand why Annie chose Scoot over JR. Annie. all her life, has been seeking that unconditional love and since she never got that from her family she always looked for it in a man. And so far every time she thought she found it it was always taken away from her. Like she said she needs complete that it won't disappear. So with Scott Annie thinks that she's found that. She puts Scott on a pedestal just like JR put Marissa on a pedestal.

When JR came to Annie I think she believed that he was only there because his marriage just broke up. She wasn't sure if he really meant it because it happened so soon after Marissa rejected him. So I get why she did it.

I don't think this story lost momentum. Annie said herself Scott makes her want to be good...I think she's going to try too hard to be what she thinks he expects and that is what will make their relationship crumble. I'm loving this storyline. I'm even loving Marissa...which I never EVER thought I would say.

So Asher is definitely related to Caleb right? He has to be. I like him. He should have been a recast Petey. It would've meant more.

The Angie going blind storyline continues to make me wibble. Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams are brilliant.

The Greenlee/Ryan/Madison/David saga can go away.

Arizonagal said...

Oh I totally get why Annie would choose Scott, though the heat is most certainly with JR. Come on folks, JR is an effin' lunatic. Of course Annie is not exactly lunacy free herself. But still, JR has proven himself to be violent and vengeful. Scott, is more of a white collar crime guy. Annie would not have to fear for her physical safety. JR can be just plain scary sometimes.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

New Podcast is coming, a tad long and a bit naughty but fun. love ya

Shadow said...

Are you guys watching Project Runway? They finally had a decent episode. As evil as Gretchen is, Ivy is worse. She's a mean-girl henchman. Gretchen told the judges to be "mindful" in making their decision who to send home and then Nina Garcia ate her. Don't tell Nina Garcia anything. Don't even look her in the eye or she will eat you with beans and a nice chianti. Cassanova diva'd out in yellow elf slippers and SPOILER won the challenge because Heidi wanted to wear it. Team Luxe tried to resist the cutthroat BS of reality TV by refusing to name the worst designer on their team. They all dogged Michael C who conveniently had immunity. When that failed, Gretchen's head started spinning and she spit green pea soup in every direction. "The collection really sucked! I had to help everyone! Michael is an idiot! Nina stop biting my ass!" And then while everyone was marveling in the backroom over how fast Nina devour a carcass, the doors swung open and Sheriff Gunn burst into the room with guns ablazin'. He read them the riot act for being bullied by Gretchen and everyone had an epiphany. Finally, a Bravo-worthy episode from Lifetime (albeit without the good design skills).

Mel Got Served said...

I know I'm in the minority, but I'm glad Annie chose Scott. JR is a doucher; he's horrible. I think the acting, IMO, is a bit off too and JR always comes off as aggressive and crazy. I do agree JR and Annie have amazing physical chemistry, but the rest of the time I'm just "meh." It might moreso be my dislike of the character of JR, but I'm glad Annie picked Scott. Like she said to him, he makes her want to try and be a better person and harness the crazy. I like Scott, even if he slept with that total drift Marissa. If you tell me to pick one, I'm picking that dreamboat Scott like Jordan would. I just love the actor. The character has been written kinda poorly, but I hope they improve him. And 4 marriages in what, 5 years on the show? I smell some Erica Kane number marriages in Annie's future.

And a new Emma. I know I thought the other little girl was a bit overeager/precocious but this new one... yeah maybe I spoke too soon. Sorry little girl!

Elizabeth said...

Yay for a new podcast! Can't wait to hear it!!

Michael said...

Jordan-We like those podcasts long and naughty!

Shadow, Yes - Project Runway Baby! I have no taste; I thought Christopher’s outfit was pretty. I also thought Crazy-Egomaniac Gretchen was going to get whiplash from that 360 and Ivy IS mean. It was amazing to see how Casanova’s English improves when they compliment him. He must have been sick in ESL class when they taught all the critical words, because he starts squinting and turning his head like the judges are talking backwards to him! When they loved his stuff they were tossing out all kind of polysyllabic observations and he didn’t miss a beat.

I still have to catch up on AMC for the week. I saw one scene where Annie left her wedding to go pick flowers for half an hour and everybody was fine with that. I mean, she had like six dozen roses in her hand but……

Shadow said...

Annie grew up in crazy and turned crazy. She was a powerful victim turned helpless victim turned perpetrator turned manipulative opportunist. She knows right and wrong. She wants stability for Emma and respect for herself, but after so many years of crazy she's addicted to drama. She still chooses the wrong things for the right reasons rather than put take the chance to open her heart for the biggest challenges and put in the work, grant the trust and hope for the best to make her dreams come true. In classic soapy form, she's a product her past doomed to repeat her mistakes because she isn't brave enough to accept what she knows in her heart to be true, and everyone around her continues to suffer eventually.

As for Chris on Project Runway, that guy is a dick! He's the third man in the mean-girl trifecta.Talented , yes but hardly original and certainly no mental giant. One of these guys may win, but I don't see anyone capable of running a business. This is quite a collection of brats this season. It would be nice to see 2 or 3 designers rise above the fray and get to work at taking advantage of the extraordinary opportunity they have.

And are we talking Mad Men? I can't get enough! Absolutely the best drama on TV in my opinion. I hope it wins everything it's nominated for. The sets, the performances, the stories, the use of pop history--smart TV at its best. And hardly a likable character on the show.

Shadow said...

BOO YAH! Mad Men = Best Drama. Emmy said so!

Terry in Toronto said...

Looking forward to the new podcast.

Mel Got Served said...

7 out of 11 in Emmy picks - if I went with my who I wanted to win, could've gotten 9 of 11. But seriously, Kyra Sedwick? Who besides my dad when he gets bored watches The Closer? (no offense Closer watchers- just bitter I got it wrong!)

Now as Lost fan, I would've loved to see it take home a trophy for 6 amazing years, but c'mon, this past year of Mad Men was AMAZING. "Sit Down, Have a Seat" was one of the best hours of television ever. It can't be denied.

Shadow said...

Did you notice that virtually everyone in the opening Emmy number danced better than Kate Gosselin? Jon Hamm, Jimmy Fallon, Tina Fey, all of Glee, all more agile than Kate. Is there any other way she can squeeze a few more minutes of fame out of her womb? Good number though.

Shadow said...

WTH was with Julia Ormand and January Jones? Both used to be smoking hot and looked like they ran all the way to the auditorium. And I could never hear another Jewell song. She has "a hole in her heart" and now I'm bleeding out of the holes in my eardrums. Primetime or Daytime, the Emmys should have included James Mitchell.

Shadow said...

There is no way JR and EBabe could stay together. Way too much damage there. Irrespective of Scott and Annie, Marissa and JR are a total fail. And wow, Scott has a really good camera fun. My Blackberry camera is a POS. Pine Valley must have a really awesome cell store.

Shadow said...

I usually hate outdoor soap scenes but amc has been doing a decent job with them. The wedding was great. I rewatched it. Annie chose Scott at that moment because JR is a shit. He lies. He cheats. Only AFTER Annie dumped him did he choose Annie, and she realized Scott would never have selfishly showed up and ruined her wedding moment. Had it been the other way around, he would have kept quiet rather than hurt her. JR is a raging angry selfish prick who can't commit. How could she know if he really loves her or just wants to get back at Scott? I still think my prior post applies, but I can see why at least for now she resisted JR and felt she made a better decision with Scott. Man, the dialogue was fantastic. The emotion so raw and the intensity was so thick. Everybidy's eyes are wide open. "It's you, Scott...I love you". Wow. I'm curious how it works out, if Scannie can match the heat. To have a hot girl CHOOSE you even after you screwed up. That's amazing. I thought it was truly touching, well executed, perfectly produced and directed and very well thought out by the writers. It's nice to see people find out awful things and yet still talk it out reasonably with no less passion. I totally bought the whole thing. I'm ready to see what they can do and how Scott steps up. And this should forever

Shadow said...

...forever solidify the rivalry between Scott and JR.

Mel Got Served said...

My Asher theory: Asher is the kid that Adam had tested months back for JR's bone marrow, the child he supposedly had with that woman. In actuality, Asher is actually Caleb's son (since Caleb mentioned Adam stole his wife away or whatever). His face kinda reminds me of Marco on OLTL, but man those tight khakis/light colored jeans have gotta go. Oh boy, those were awkward.

Jen said...

Ok WTH I'm in a bitchy mood, had my coffee and I'm so ready to rip on the Shadow's and Mel and etc... so we are talking about the same Scott that lifted property from a dead person, same Scott that has put the family in a hazardous situation stealing, keeping quiet and then singing his 'JR that's not the moral thing to do', we're talking about the same Gumby/Gilligan looking prick who would have stood at that alter and pledged forever union all while keeping that secret of him screwing JR's wife had it not been for JR showing up? F' Scott Chandler, all he is a hypocrite Chandler who tries to act good when he isn't.

He screwed JR's wife for one of two things, atleast Marissa had the you know what to admit her real reason, but that prick told Annie it was a misunderstanding, this man's love for his wife is so solid that from word of mouth he cheated on her, out of word of mouth...not even hours had passed, not even days, we're talking about in mere minutes he banged Marissa and it was b/c of one of two things. Either he wanted revenge, which then makes him a bigger prick, b/c a man that loves this or any woman so much wouldn't do that, or here's the second scenerio he actually wanted Marissa. Which not only makes him a prick but an even bigger tool and an asshole b/c soon after he told Marissa what they did was a mistake. He wasn't talking about mistakes w/ her mins. before screwing her on JR's bed. He told her don't you wish you could go back? before this and that, they exchanged words and deep, true thoughts wishing they never had taken in two people like JR and Annie.

Now to Shadow b/c I love ya, but GMAFB with that bullshit, Annie saw JR, and if JR pulled out a ring, we know what she would have decided, if he would have said 'ILY' which at the moment it wouldn't have made much sense to her or him she wouldn't have gone through w/ the wedding. Like she logically shouldn't have. You talk about how JR came off as an ass ruining her day.. JR went there to prevent her from being hurt, if he was an ass trying to ruin it he would have let her marry Scott then after the honeymoon broken the news and that would have been a guaranteed future lay and made her wedding day one of the worst experiences ever, b/c she would have been the fool being lied to. Annie asking why JR was there and comparing the two doesn't come off so well, JR even told her this is complicated, he knew it was her wedding day, he told her it took this to happen to finally wake up and how they needed to find out what they have, but that they had to move slowly, SLOWLY was the key term, no not Annie she jumped to the I need a rock now scenerio.

Shadow said...

Jen, I actually love your passionate response. It's been so long since our show had a s/l people could debate so feverishly. Listen, what you're saying makes sense. I'm not defending Scott. He's obviously got some inferiority issues and what he did with Marissa was wrong. Up until recently, I haven't cared much for this Scott. His character still lacks definition. In fact, he hasn't acted much like Scott and Cindy's son at all. What I think could be interesting go forward is for Scott to see what his involvment has wrought. Personally, it has cost him his integrity. He got the girl, but not without compromising his values. How's he going to deal with that going forward? He'll lose Annie and probably blame JR for it because it's easier than admitting it was a flawed relationship from the start-built on lies. To me, it's more interesting looking at it from Annie's perspective. Her whole life has been a drama. Sure she loves JR. She could run away with him for a while, but at what cost? JR is an addict, a rage-a-holic, a narcissist. He's unreliable. Whn the passion settles down, Annie wants to be safe. And she does love Scott, something hard for JR to wrap his head around and it will consume him. Something always does. The question to me is whether or not Annie can make it work with Scott and be satisfied with a relatively calm life with a husband who may not be perfect, but certainly loves her. Or is she just too dependent on the crazy in her life? Sometimes you have passionate chemistry but not much else for sustaining a relationship. However you see it, it's the best, most complex quad on amc in years. Choosing JR would have been obvious to me. Choosing Scott sets up some classic soap possibilities going forward. Again, just my opinion. Scott's thievery aside, JR has never earned anything least of all the love of a good woman. He needs for people to tell him they aren't going to take it anymore, that they CHOOSE for their lives to be different. That they opt for more than just his brand of crazy. And then maybe JR will evolve a little and earn some respect in his own right.

Elizabeth said...

Jen and Shadow,

I can see strong points to both of your arguments. I definitely agree with Shadow that it is about time that we had a storyline that we cared this much about and could intelligently debate over.

Initially, I was heartbroken last week when Annie went through with the wedding. I hated having to stomach it because I want JR/Annie together so badly. I just want them to explore their chemistry more since we've only seen one love scene and a few short kisses here and there with them since April. I thought back then that by now they would be together and we would get to see if they can make it as a couple.

But, after taking some time to digest it all, and especially after today's (Monday's) episode, I have realized that this was an excellent twist. Annie has a complex psychologically because of how men always leave her and let her down. First dirtbag Terry turned out to be someone she didn't know he was, then Ryan left her Greenlee, Adam left her for Brooke, and she felt like JR was leaving her for Marissa. She told him over and over again that she felt a connection building between them but he constantly rejected her, called her a whore and a walking disaster, and blamed her for everything wrong with the Chandler family. She trusts Scott because he chose her first. Yes, he slept with Marissa, but that was only after he thought he had lost Annie. In her mind, Scott is hers and hers only. She doesn't have to worry about an ex-wife or an ex-lover busting in to break up the party. Scott represents safety and security for her.

But, I get why JR didn't make some lavish declaration of love. He JUST ended his marriage. He and Annie haven't even been on a normal date. He couldn't just come in and tell her that he loved her and he wanted to marry her. He couldn't promise and pledge things yet because they haven't explored their relationship enough. She thought he was just propositioning her for sex and that once they were together again, he'd leave her just like every other man in her life had. She couldn't bear to run off to a hotel room with him when Scott was there offering her and Emma a life.

Now, she will have to live with her choice. She will have to live in marriage without passion. I think that on some level she does love Scott, but not like she could love JR if she allowed herself to love him. She's scared. She's scared of how dangerous and destructive a relationship with JR could be. Plus, she can't trust that he wants her for her. He didn't man up and leave Marissa and the only reason he came to her was because Marissa told him things were over.

This storyline could (and probably will) go in so many different directions before JR/Annie are together, but the way that it looks right now it will end up that way. It's just going to take a while to get there. I give a few months tops.

Shadow said...

I just don't think JR deserves ANNIE yet. It's not like he ditched Marissa and went to claim his love. Marissa dumped him. He brought it all on. She was never his to begin with. She was Adam's wife when it started. He could have dealt with his lack of feeling for Marissa early on but he was too much of an emotional lightweight. Their chemistry if HOT no doubt. But he flinched. If he loved her and was capable of satisfying her need for both love and devotion, he should have put it all out there. It was a total fail. It was a speak now or forever hold your peace moment and the best he could do was rat Scott out. Sure I'd rather see MCE and JY play tonsil hockey, but I think the way it played out made for a more mature, complex story for a change. Maybe eventually she will run away with JR, and afterward maybe she'll realize what she had with Scott. Who knows. But if she picked JR, the story would be over.

#1 Daisy Fan said...

I am loving the debate on here. You have all written very compelling arguments. I think this storyline is so great because it is so complex and because we can see it from so many angles. Best of all, I love that everyone is having a passionate debate about our soap with no hostility or name calling. You guys are the best!

Shadow said...

Wow, people in Pine Valley are actually having sex. With other people even.

Did Madison really just pull up her panties and go to work? Who does she think she is, NuLiza?

Scott looks weird w/o a shirt & is he making Stuart faces on purpose? And why does Marissa always look like Project Runway roadkill?

Clarissa said...

I agree with Jen, in a way they totally took away the steam between JR and Annie, not really beneficial for this show. I know why Annie didn't run off w/ him, I mean he didn't even consider Emma who was w/ the sitter or anything else, but that is who JR is, he takes action and thinks later when it comes to women. Annie is the same way, but this story just comes off annoying now. I saw yesterday a scene with Scott and Annie and just wanted to walk out of the room because I have no investment in them. What the story needs is a kick in the pants, unfortunately the one person that could give it that is eternally tied to Ryan Lavery, yes I'm talking about Greenlee Smythe, if they insist on dragging Scott and Annie and boring me in the process atleast add the spitfire Greenlee with JR, have them find common ground and have Annie see what she lost in JR.

Because at this point, JR and Annie lost thier steam, Scott and Annie have none, Marissa is ok as a hot mess. But it's just going nowhere. I feel like they'll do something incredibly stupid like have Marissa pregnant w/ JR's kid or have JR fall off the wagon again or a WTD story, but yeh Shadow has a great point, I think the best thing out of this story is that JR is turning into the Chandler to watch. How Damon spoke about him, how everyone is starting to say he is dangerous and toxic, how he easily can shake your nerves w/ one insult and isn't backing down. He's the next great Chandler. Scott... well IDK, I feel like Colby would be better suited as JR's wing not Scott.

Altogether the story, the journey of JR and Annie could have been great but now it's just good, and the writers have thierselves to blame for it b/c w/o Jacob or Melissa's chemistry this would be another failed story arc for AMC, and lets be honest, they haven't had a successful story since Greenlee and Leo.

Jen said...

Wow good points Clarissa, Jen, Shadow. I do feel w/o JY and MCE this SL goes nowhere, I do feel it's missing something b/c they did take the energy away from this SL, they took the meat away and cheapened Annie's character w/ the wedding, cheapened JR/Annie's SL.

Oh and note to Mayfield watch the elbows, he nearly hit Natalie and clocked Finn in the mouth. I did like the fight scene, I don't feel JR and Scott can ever be family, I wouldn't want it. Scott is an ass to me, more so a hypocritical blind one.

I agree about AMC's SLs, the last great journey was Kendall/Zach, before that it was Rylee, b/c at first Rylee was popular, it's the bullsh-- we had to watch after that wasn't. How Greenlee took Kendall's man at that alter and then we had to watch them tell us "THEY ARE FRIENDS" AMIGAS! in what world should Kendall have liked this woman, they should have been like Brooke and Erica, the fact Greenlee stoled Ryan away from her, stoled HIM! and I could have enjoyed it, had they not written her as some focking saint, but yeh and before Rylee was Rendall, Haley/Mateo, Edmound/Maria, Gillian/Ryan and Greenlee/Leo were the AMC good days for me.

Anonymous said...

OMG. I can't take how boring every scene with Brenda is on GH. Who really cares about this person?

Shadow said...

I think the answer to that question is Brian Frons. He is keenly gifted at determining what fans vehemently oppose and/or find utterly boring and then throwing the full weight of ABC Daytime's promotional budget behind exactly those things.

Anonymous said...

Are they really mailing invitations to Palmer's party in black envelopes?

I have never in my life seen a black envelope, and if I had I would hope it were for a Halloween party.

Black envelopes for a dead man's party? I wouldn't go. But then, maybe Palmer dictated this in his will? "Erica and Caleb are to partner together. JR gets the beach cottage. And I'd like one hell of a party. Invitations, black. Flowers, daisies. Music, world beats."


Becky :)

Anonymous said...

I've got a fever, and the only cure is more podcast.

Jen said...

Oh another day, another night, another couple of scenes that makes me wanna punch Scott Chandler in the balls. Oh I wait till the day JR breaks you. Oh how I wait for, you piece of sh.. now talking about AJ/JR's RL..F-CK YOU!

I'll add more tomorrow.

Michael said...
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