Friday, September 03, 2010

May Tomorrow Be a Perfect Day...

Okay people - some days it's freakin' GREAT, and others? Not so much for me. But All My Children, as Jordan says, is by far a much better show than it has been in YEARS. So, yes - AMC *sucked* for me this week, but there are moments, folks, moments of incredible greatness and hotness. This AMC is still must-see for me, and I couldn't say that for a very, very long time.

I got a new microphone. The Yeti. (Jordan calls him Diego.) Still figuring it out, so we're not there yet. But we're sounding better. We think. Hope you like it.

And do your thing, as you always do, here.

8/27/10 Podcast


Karen Kaye said...

Woohoo new podcast! Can't wait to listen at the grocery store as usual. Its not a normal shopping trip unless I bark with laughter in the checkout line. Thanks you two!

Terry in Toronto said...

I'm so looking forward to the new podcast episode Ashley & Jordan! You have just made my long weekend.

Michael said...
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Shadow said...

Great, so where is everybody supposed to get their Libidizone now?

Who's going to save Kendall the next time she lapses into a coma?

Who is going to troll around the Chandler tunnels playing peek-a-boo with JR?

Who is going Erica going to take turns with tying each other up in her unfinished, one chair apartment?

I like the idea if Dr Dave, but I can't say I'll miss Hayward too much. Pratthole ruined him by making him omnipresent. See ya Dave. Wish Randi & Ryan went with you.

Shadow said...

Big hug for the new podcast--a great treat for the long weekend!

Shadow said...

Fake Breaking News:

#AMC's Vincent Irizarry Joins the cast of CBS' Young & Restless in love triangle with BAM!!

Elizabeth said...

First of all, thank you for the props! I'm glad you guys enjoy Hotmessa and Blind Angie! I love you both and this new podcast was awesome and hilarious just as I expected it to be. :)

Second of all, Ashley I do have one note for you. That Brianna Moncrief imitation had just a little bit too much emotion. She would not be saying "venti or grande" with any inflection or hint of humanity in her voice like that. LOL

Jordan, I don't have ADD, I just would rather see JR and Annie going at it then having to endure a long ass love scene between Ryan and Madison. It's been since April and we STILL haven't gotten a decent length love scene with one of the hottest couples on soaps right now. I hope when they finally do get together again they give them the screen time they deserve.

LOVE YOU TWO!! You both ROCK!!


DancingElf88 said...

YAY new podcast! Jordan Hudson I so disagree with you about Nuke (and it may have to do with my being biased.) That storyline IS HORRID. It gets hardly any airtime and and it's supposed to be a triangle and Noah (WHO I LOVE...the show takes no advantage of his hot bod!)is never there and we don't see the moments. It had so much potential and they EFFED it up. Believe me Jordan you would not like it regardless of your Nuke dislike. It's like Chuck Pratt material. I used to be the biggest NUKE fan ever and I still love them but at this point I want Noah to move to LA and find a guy who wants him and Luke to just DO SOMETHING with his life...ok sorry had to get that out.

Ashley I agree with you. I'm only interested in the Martins, the Chandlers, and the Hubbards. But everything else is pffftt.

Jordan Hudson you're saying everything I feel about the JR/Annie/Scott triangle.
OMG Jordan! I'm so glad that you're ok.

brtedi said...

Ashley, you and Jordan crack me up! I’m right there with you. Back in1976, as 10 year olds, my former best friend and I considered “Donny and Marie” must see TV. 

As far as AMC goes, I have to say I thing or two about the wardrobe choices, on last Friday’s episode Where was Tim Gunn, of ”Project Runway”, when Stephanie Gatschet wore that black dress with the white floral sash across the front? Were those supposed to be gardenias? (White gardenias remind me of funerals) The actress is far too attractive to look like the grand martial of a funeral procession!—My favorite part of her ensemble was her running shoes. That’s a sad commentary, considering some of the wonderful wordrobe seen at “Caleb’s “ fund-raiser.

Bobbi Eakes looked gorgeous in her white gown…And, Alisha Minshew looked beautiful in that Grecian styled gown of hers.

Ironically, Y&R featuring former AMC & GL cast members, had me “glued to the tube” on Friday. “Ronan” and “Cloe” (Jeff Branson & Elizabeth Hendrickson) are one wonderful, complicated “hot mess”, as you and Jordan like to say. John Driscoll’s “Chance” (“Ronan’s” brother) needs some one to “go NCIS” (and slap him) upside the back of his head, before he unintentionally unravels his brother’s federal investigation.

Billy Miller and Amelia Heinle play “Billy Abbott” and “Victoria Newman” Their characters are an off beat, quirky, couple from rival families. They get drunk and marry (invalidly) in the Bahamas after crashing a wedding. The two, then, decide they are in love, buy a house, get pregnant and get engaged –much to the consternation of their families.

Overall, I wonder why AMC didn’t put all of their former actors to better use, when they had the chance.

TnT said...

David? really? I wasn't expecting that. It should have been Randi!

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Not that I loved his storylines or plots, but James E. Reilly once said stories, triangles in particular, took 3 years to tell. That's why people kept tuning into Passions: the Gwen/Theresa/Ethan saga was constantly in turmoil and Luis/Sheridan/various 3rd parties kept you begging for a "Shuis" pairing that took FOREVER to get.

trish-la said...

Thanks for another great podcast!! It was such a treat to see it pop up on my i-tunes download update yesterday...Woo Hoo!

Couple thoughts -- kinda sad about David H. I hope maybe it's a fake death thing, I like him and feels he just needs a break and come back with a good story maybe? I really liked that he and Greenlee were always friends and they totally messed that up now. Frankly, it would be kinda fun to see Ryan go down for Dave's "murder"... Ryan is such a bore these days!

That said, I am really trying to feel the love for Damon but it's not happening. Anyone else feel this way?

Kind of makes me laugh when they set up, for an entire week, the "big party" that Caleb was throwing, the social event of Pine Valley and yet, there were so many regular Pine Valley-ites who were missing!! Must have been trying to save a buck by not having Jake and Amanda, Scott and Annie (hard to believe she'd miss a PARTY!), Erica, etc.. Looking forward to Susan Lucci's return -- and I have to say I"m enjoying "Fat Caleb" as Ashley would say... he's squishy, for sure, but I'm curious to see where he's gonna go .....

OLTL -- I am wondering if Roger Howarth's "Todd" or whatever he would come back as, is actually behind the Tea death and disappearance thing....would be a great way to bring him back by way of Tea, I think. I LOVED the David and Clint stuff, felt like good ole' time soap stuff. Baby drama seems a bit boring at this point... but hoping they can keep up the good energy they've mustered with the Blair/Eli/Tea/Todd - Dr. Greg stuff!!!

SOOOOOOOO glad you are okay, Jordan!!! That's the best news of all -- thanks to you both for all that you do.

Unknown said...

I think AMC is okay could have been better and the party scene wasn't bad. What is bad on ABC is OLTL the Eli storyline is really Pratt material. This show used to be good but now it is laughable. The are no couples and I can't wait for Cole to leave

Crystal said...

I hope David comes back and gets his revenge! Been seeing that he is still in negotiations possibly??

IMO he is one of the best actors ever to be on AMC. If he doesn't come back I will miss him.

Arizonagal said...

I'm feeling snarky today. Thursday and Friday sucked. Can we please just move on from this Ryan/Greenlee bullshit? Geez, it sucks the life out of this show. Kendall is back, and why? All she does in meddle in R & G's lives. One observation about Madison. She has such low self esteem that she is willing to tolerate this crap from Ryan. If she ever had a healthy relationship she'd realize his obsession with being the white knight is sick sick sick and she is not his top priority. She needs to drop that dude fast, he is a waste of oxygen.

I'm so not enjoying the blind Angie SL. I know Debi Morgan can turn it out but this writing is crap and she's playing it like Bette Davis in Dark Victory.

So Liza's the new DA. Will she use her powers for good or evil? Oh and that Wilma Flintstone dress was strange.

Colby rocked the little black dress.

NuBianca has child-bearing hips, she's got to watch her fashion statements, that flapper dress did not help.

Krystal looked stunning and damn, I really like her with Caleb.

I find it hard to believe that old Caleb would so readily change his name to Courtlandt.

Oh man Jordan, hiring Tom Pelphrey as Jamie Martin, that is such a great idea, though I don't really need a Pelphrey/Gatschet reunion.

And in case I didn't make this clear, I hate Ryan and I'm so tired of him being PV's only resident over-30 hunk. For years now Ryan has been the center of the PV universe, so over him. He's a friggin' asswipe.

Shadow said...

I'm with you AZ. I love Ms Morgan too and dome of her work has been astounding, but the storylne is stupid. The disease is real, but I don't think it necessarily works the way they are playing it. What renowned Infectious Disease MD is so careless? I think they think we forgot that was her specialty. Of course, it was a Pratt thing so maybe nobody at AMC paid attention to anything Pratthole did. I don't even remember her treating any infections. Apparently she only catches them.

I think AMC is suffering from actors contract negotiations and leaves of absences, and that's why some of the stories are dragging and inconsistent. I don't think they can commit not knowing when or if Irrizary will be back. At first Greenlee was a spitfire. Once again she's stuck in limbo and all the energy has drained out of the character and her relationship. Even evil Dr Dave has gotten sort of wishy washy. One day he's a sinister prick, the next he's a sentimental softy. Stause is a part timer. When she's away Jake just covers for Angie. While Denise Vasi has been in Europe, Frankie has pretty much been side-lined. Kendall is back after a long absence, but she can't do much but meddle in Ryan's affairs while Lucci is on vacation and Kaye tries to make up his mind whether or not he wants to be on the show. Clearly certain people like MCE, Young, Knight, Eakes, Morgan and a few others are their to work and turn it out, but the rest of it is bullshit. Show up and do the job or hit the road! Right the story first. If the players aren't going to renew, recast! Just like Ryan's Hooe used to do. If it doesn't work out, recast again! Just like Ryan's Hope used to do! But for Heaven's sake, don't hedge and wait till the last dang minute and kill somebody that you know you're going to bring back later.

I'm also making the assumption that Lorraine B writes the good stuff and the others write the crap. Clearly the new guy is writing Angie's s/l because he wrote it on GL. The Quad is old school soap, and the dialogue has been so masterful. That has to be LoBrow. The rest of it? Who knows? How can anybody write a decent story when they never know who will be there in 3 months to pay the part.

NuBinx is totally treading water without Reese. Recast and bring Reese back or send Reese and Gabrielle down in a plane crash or kill them in a terrorist attack in Europe or something to free Bianca from the chains of Pratt. And stop trying to make her look like Eden! She isn't Eden! Those frocks she wears are goofy and make her look squishy. Get some trendy clothes, a butcher haricut and do the nasty with Natalia already.

And if anyone needs a vacation it's us, the viewers, from Ryan.

Shadow said...

Please excuse all the typos. Auto-correct is so annoying.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey PVPers,

I'm so busy that it took me a week to listen to the whole podcast even though I had it at the top of my list even ahead of work projects!

So glad that you're doing well Jordan and made it through that rough patch. Are you writing it all down somewhere? There must be a storyline in this at least and possibly a mini-series.

Wish I had the time to check out AMC to see what's up and so glad that you guys watch and keep me posted. I totally know what you mean Ashley about missing KWAK and Adam as I often think of their golden days and never really accepted the Tad/Krystal pairing.

Am not missing Ryan/Greenlee 8.0 What part of "Nobody Wants Them Together" do the writers and producers not understand?!

Thanks again for a wonderful podcast that lights up my day.

jason said...

Hey pvp family! Long time no talk! How is everyone!?
Loved this weeks podcast. I've been listening since to the pvp I was junior in high school and now I'm a junior in college. lol, love you Ashely and Jordan!

I'm enjoying Amc and Oltl right now but I have to say the whole ryan beating david to death would have been good, but ryan "foregetting" he did is lame.
I hope Kendall gets her own storyline soon and I agree with Jordan and Shadow, I miss Erica.

So are the rumors about Tea really true, that she's not dead? I try to stay away from spoilers, but I really hope this one is true!

Brian said...

Am I the only one who is annoyed with the David story already? I've come up with a theory on this whole thing. I'm guessing (No Spoilers for me) that the vials that David had put in his jacket were ment to slow down his heart (ala Juliet in Romeo and Juliet) and he is going to fake his own death. They even took him (assumably) to his own hospital where he can fake his autopsy. This way he set up Ryan to take the fall and he can test Greenlee's loyalty.

If the writers decide to kill David off for real, it will be the Mayor. She has a new show this fall and has no ties to the town. Maybe she was tired of being under David's thumb.

Shadow said...

If David lives, it'll all be a hoax of either David's alone or David and Greenlee and then they will become a villainous duo. If he doesn't renew, God forbid, then it's back to Everybody Loves Ryan and they will reveal that Either Greenlee or Madison killed him in self defense or because he scared Madison or Madison stepped in to save Greenlee thus setting up the new Ryan + 2 we've all come to expect. Then Madison's murderous past will allegedly magically be redeemed in the writers minds and Ryan will be faced with a choice between the girl who plays dead and the girl who kills people. I'm sure Kendall will be there telling us who he should pick.

Xanderdash said...

I don't think V.I. is coming back. He said the talk of him staying was premature. I really think, if written well, that David's death could be a good story, as long as it affects the canvas for years to come.

I figured David was a goner when he was threatening a blind pregnant woman. You just don't do that on soaps. LOL. As far as who did it? Whoever it is will get off because of some tired defense. The repercussions, though, should be long lasting.

Either way AMC has been falling off. It's becoming a snoozefest like Guiding Light used to be at the end. I'm still watching though.

DancingElf88 said...

I hope Ryan really did do it and he goes to jail forever. I felt nothing when Greenlee was crying her I just a cold, emotionless person? Cause all I wanted was for them to get back to Annie and show more Damon.

Michael said...

Thank you for the spectacular, long and naughty (as promised) podcast.


How many times has the Ry-guy had amnesia? Didn’t he wake up one day and think it was ten years ago? It is understandable since the Ryan storylines have, pretty much, been playing on an endless loop. The show has got to permanently derail RyLee. Take a lesson from your own history: Erica Kane has maintained a four-decade front burner status because she changes partners. Each new romance has a freshness that leads to a slow burn and a resolution. Ryan and Greenlee are played out. Dedicate huge effort toward finding a great match for Greens, and sparks will fly! This show needs a dose of adrenaline.

Re OLTL, A new college drinking game where you take a shot every time OLTL has a flash back to the Snatchalie/Brody romp has me so drunk that typing this is difficult.

Yesterday’s show was great. I loved the Dani and Jack scene and Blair was PHENOMINAL.

Do not love - One Life to Live: The Saga of the Ford Brothers. James is waaaayyyy to clean-cut and average to have been forced into a life of crime by an abusive father and abandoned by his mother and brother. Where is his edge? Where is his emotional complexity? I do not care one lick about Ford. I do not believe that he can pass as a college professor. And, a note to the writers: not a lot of young, working-class heterosexual men spend their days talking about their problems with other young, working-class men while naked in a steam room. How exclusive is this LLanview Country Club? Billionaires do not hobnob with employees with day passes.

GH --Do not get me started about this love/hate relationship! Love the actors; love the daily writing of the show-- Hate the shows twisted perspective. Maurice Bernard is a daytime genus, but when Sonny shot Dante point balk in the chest with the sole intention of killing him, the character was written into a corner for the sake of one excellent Friday cliffhanger. I can never believe (as they are now selling him) as an innocent man wrongly accused of shooting Johnny without provocation. He tried to murder Johnny a week before. He is innocent of nothing. Shadow pointed out that Mad Men offers a great show with despicable characters. A show can have a twisted perspective and be great, but daytime needs light and shadow. Sonny can be evil and corrupt and charming, but Dante cannot defend him while speaking of a higher truth when he lied to free him in the first place. Don’t be average or appeal to the common moral conventions, but for God’s sake make sense! Plus, Brenda’s much-hyped return has been a scene-chewing snore fest.

Shadow said...

So much great participation again this week!! Karen, Terry, Elizabeth, DancingElf, brtedi, TnT, MelGotServed, Trish, Natasha, Crystal, AzGal, Xanderdash, Jason, Brian, Amphitrion!! So good to see all your posts.

Now, where are CaseyShameless, LauraKoni, DiscoDan, beatchik, Crazy Daisy Designs, n69n, Elyse and Susan, Ty, Alejandro, Kate, Bxgal, Erica Kane, Ghost of Verla Grubbs, Belinda, and you others we haven't seen in a while? I know you're out there watching. What do you all think about our show's status? Like Ashley, are you a tad disinterested? Like me, is something hard to define still missing? Or like Jordan are you happy enough that the show is so dramatically better than it has been in years?

Occasionally, I like to re-read and peruse our old posts. There is some really funny stuff in there if you are ever so inclined.

I don't know if I've said it in a while, but thanks to all of you for the smiles. Jordan, I'm really glad you're OK and sorry you had to go through that rotten experience. You are correct about this being a special community. It helped me through a rough patch. I'm glad it helped you too. You and Ashley have made something very unique that is a joy to be a part of.

trish-la said...

I, for one, am feeling ambivalent about AMC, at best - and this is my show!! I've watched it since I was a kid. I'm bored with "blind Angie", Ryan/Greenlee/Madison/Kendall, Jake/Amanda... I've said before, I cannot get excited about Damon and I know I'm in the minority here -- I have ff'd through all of the scenes with that new teenage guy, too -- Asher?? Yawn. I get that they have painted the David character into a corner with his evil-ness, but we have no real vets, no real villain --- I guess the thing that I feel is missing is direction! Where are we going? I like that Jordan mentioned how old soap story telling is S L O W ... I think that's true and I can appreciate that -- but I, for one am BORED with the JR and Annie scenes -- I love you, I hate you, I love you, I hate you -- it's getting tiresome. I think there are ways to play out the story, but they need some more creativity here -- maybe her marriage to Scott will shake things up and maybe we are watching JR be transformed into a villain of the true Chandler variety....
I don't think Dr. David is dead, btw -- or Tea on OLTL for that matter -- but I guess we'll have to wait and see!
I'm fairly new here -- and really loving the pvp blog experience!!

Arizonagal said...

Been so busy at work, haven't had much time to read the blog!

Anyone here think Nurse Gayle is either responsible for David Hayward's current predicament or assisting him with this?

Jordan, thank God you are all right. I'm sure more than a few of us here have either had the Big C or have had the Big C scare.

Reminds me, anyone watching Laura Linney in the Big C? She is so awesome.

Jordan, your description of Diego almost made me blush! Damn JordAsh, if I didn't know what one looked like before, I sure do now! So Ashley, you "blew" $100 on the new Mike.

Terry in Toronto said...

Florencia is in the New York Times. She has a whole article and photo!

Did you guys know that she wrote a play! It sounds challenging on many levels. I'd go see it if I was in NYC.

brtedi said...

Are we really sure the evil Dr. David is dead or did he take a drug to make it look like he died?---After all, he did have it in for Ryan & Greenlee...What's Kendall gonna do with Liza's breifcase?

Y&R was, imho, really good today... Ronan/Aiden accidentally shots Chance. John Driscoll is such a good actor, But "Chance" was such a wuss!--Buh bye!

Ronan looks on horrified...Nina, Cloe and Heather arrive and become hysterical.

Victor sends the GCPD to arrest Victoria at her own wedding! , Nice going Dad. :-( If she had to be arrested (but, not before being pronouncedd legally married to Billy), at least dhe looked lovely in her 1950's inspired wedding dress.

The Ghost of Verla Grubbs said...

Awww, thanks Shadow for mentioning me. I haven't commented much but always read up on this fun and welcoming community.

I gotta say that personally, I'm feeling Ashley in which no soaps are really exciting me anymore....except my Ryan's Hope which I just can't even talk about cause I live for it so much. Fun part is I was able to pinpoint an episode a couple of weeks ago that aired on the day I was born in 1981. Lame but fun!

As for AMC, I was in a deli and they had it on without sound and it was when I think Miss Bobbie Eakes was telling Hotmessa about David's death.... I just couldn't get into it. Without sound it looked like Mirabella was getting a weather report.

OLTL WAS my show (since 93) but then I gave it up after Kish left and the whole Schuyler is Roxy's son reveal just cause it was STUPID. I'm starting to watch again for Zimmer's arrival as Echo on Oct 1st. I still have to stop myself though from hitting the fast forward button.

Getting my DVR ready for some good fall shows coming up.... Nikita, Castle returning, Hawaii 5-0, Lone Star, and many others.... nothing like bundling up with some good TV!

Michael said...

Now that Blind Angie is legally blind, we won’t have anymore scenes where her eyesight goes in and out like a puppy with a weak bladder every time she’s alone with a child or doing something important or something catches on fire. Debbi Morgan is flawless, beautiful and ageless, but I am not a big fan of the “disease of the month” storylines.

brtedi said...

Call me picky, but when I post or blog, I try to be as accurate as possible, when it comes to plot—I rewatched the scene where I thought “Ronan” accidentally shoots “Chance” on Y&R (SOAPnet). I thought, how the heck did one shoot the other? While the two brothers did stand there for some extended moments with guns drawn on each other (like an intense version of the Keystone Cops), it was that dufus chief of police that eventually aimed his gun at “Ronan” fully intending to shoot him. “Chance”, positioning himself between his newly found brother and the shooter, took a bullet for “Ronan”. When “Chance” hit the ground, bleeding, that’s when “Nina”, ”Heather” and “Chloe” showed up with “Paul” and the three women, understandably, freaked out.

brtedi said...

"...puppy with a weak bladder...."

Thank you, Amphitrion--ROTF!

Elizabeth said...

I'm still waiting for us to explain how Blind Angie has perfect hair and make-up every day. Is Jesse a wardrobe consultant and a cosmetologist now? May that's what he was doing when he got suspended from the force.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Just want to thank all of you so much your warm wishes. I'm fine and healthy. It was just a long summer waiting for test and results.

Terry I did see a reading of Florencia's play earlier this year at the public. It was amazing . I'm looking forward to seeing a full on production of it. I met her and she is even more stunning in person. Would have dropped downon on eknee and proposed right their. What a woman. So beautiful and talented.

Elizabthe you know I aodre you. Was only kidding about the a.d.a. Working on a project this week so have not been able to be on here but will catch up here and on facebook this weekend.

brtedi said...

No Y&R today…Darn tennis!

On AMC, did anyone else notice the brass plate on the back of the bench where ‘dead David’ sat in the park: “In memory of Leo Dupres” :-D

JR is a pompous butthead—The thing is, I think, most of us like , this current incarnation. Kudos to Jacob Young—and the writers for that matter. It was the height of arrogance for JR to assume Annie returned to Pine Valley solely for him. And what does Annie do? She asks the pompous, arrogant, butthead for help, , regarding Ryan. That’s good soap, imo.

Ashley---Oh, I hope you got some good Jesse stuff from today’s episode! (Friday, 9-10-10) I think, it’s no accident that I hear your take on Jesse, every time the character has a major scene. My hat is off to you!

Today’s Liza scenes with Jesse were among the first I’ve enjoyed, for their own merits, without having to imagine the awesome Marcy Walker interpretation.

I know some of you may want to throw something at me for typing this, but I like Cameron Mathison, Alisha Minshew and Rebecca Budig have major scenes together—especially when their characters are kind of snarky and fun with each other. These three actors/characters are what first got me hooked, 6 ½ years ago…I can’t help it. ;-)

I love the scowl on ‘dead David’s ‘ face as Greens was determined to help Ryan.

Little A is going to have a complex about all of his relatives dying. (Is it just me or does that little actor need a haircut, desperately?)

Arizonagal said...

Oh I am so on board with the Blind Angie (Blangie?) criticisms. I love Angie too, but that vacant stare drives me nuts, not just on her but any time I see someone on the tube who is acting blind. Even talented actors like Debi Morgan seem to blow it when it comes to acting like a blind person. Just put on some sunglasses and get over yourself Debi Morgan.

Arizonagal said...

Brtedi, I know you love Cameron Mathison, and hey girl, go for it. Hell, I like Caleb so I know what it's like to feel alone sometimes! When Erica's plane crashed into Caleb's lincoln log cabin, I thought "ick, another boring old fart." I'm not sure when he started to grow on me, but now I find him entertaining. Ya never know what's gonna float your boat - or not.

Shadow said...

Brtedi likes Ryan. Big Fat Caleb is growing on Azgal. What next--Jordan posting that he is starting to like Denise Vaseline? Personally, I gotta have Brooke back and I'm ready for some sexy Amamda.

Jen said...

As short as I can make this. I've been watching AMC since I'd say 1993 part time and then moved on to fulltimer in 95'

Right now other than JR's transformation to JR Chandler. Everything on this show is stale. Everything is frustrating, everything is at a non-rootable/lifeless propped feel.

I continue to say the worst thing that happened in that JR/Annie SL is that she married Scott, and from then on the momentum in this SL has died. The indecision on what to do was the carrot in this SL and the HWs blew it. I don't think I even want JR/Annie anymore.

MCE w/ AM..go ahead ask me what Annie told Scott or Scott told her, I've been FFWD her for sometime now. I never use to do that w/ her but that's how annoying her character has become w/ the propping for Scott's character, so far I FFWD Colby, Annie, GreenMe, Amanda, Emma, Randi, Madison, Ryan, Jake.

So at this point

JR/AJ/Asher/Damon/Frankie/Angie/Kendall/Liza are the only ones that I enjoy watching. Thank you new HW staff for making my decision so easy, you obvs. can't write for shit any couple that the AMC fan base actually wants, the SLs are stale, honestly w/o the Chandler SL this show would prbly be on the brink of being cancelled. I'm not a yo-yo, you fuck w/ me and my interest I reach a point where I make a decision and say enough. So this AMC fan went from DVR'ing to just watching on YT and now I can say since 93' I've watched this show, been w/ it good/bad/crazy/disgusting times. Now I can say, I'm done.

Jordan/Ashley/Shadow etc. keep the blog fresh and going, good luck w/ everything. And I'll be checking in every once in a blue to this blog, but not for AMC. My patience is done for this show.

brtedi said...

"...I gotta have Brooke back...."

Shadow, I think, all of us would do the wave, if that happend. :-D

Now that you mention it, Jake and Amanda are long overdue aren't they?

Terry in Toronto said...

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Elizabeth said...

I love you Shadow but I can't take anymore Jake and Amanda love scenes until Ricky Paull cleans up the hair. That man needs a trim and a shave baadddd. I guess Blind Angie must have cut him for him.

Give me some shirtless JR and I'll be pleased as punch. :)

Arizonagal said...

My cat Spike died this morning. He was only five, but he was the best cat he could be. Damn it hurts to lose such an important member of the family. My hubby and I have 2 dogs and 2 other cats and each one of them is special. RIP Spikey, you earned your cat wings little guy.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Arizona my prayers go out to you for your loss.

I must either be blind or the critics here in New York are smoking something strong.

Both Hellcats and Nikita got like 3 to 4 stars. I wont say that either show was garbage but really must see t.v. ...I don't think so.

Shadow said...

Elizabeth, RPG is a tubby, unkempt mess. I've never understood why he and Zach look so greasy. Having said that, I don't pay much attention to Jake in an Amanda love scene. She is sooo hot.

AzGal, I'm sorry to hear about Spike. A cat named Spike had to be special! Just the name makes me smile.

Crystal said...

Just saw a preview for a show called Chase that had 'Di from the streets' in it. Got a good chuckle thinking about that.

Arizonagal, sorry about your cat 8(

SOAPFAN said...

Wow, I have been gone a long time, but great to see the board still a poppin! Thanks Shadow for all your hilarious posts.

RPG looks like a dirty, doughy mess! The wardrobe team goes out of its way to make him look like a homeless person.

I hate RPGs Jake. Jake has always been a manly, strong, guy when others were portraying the character. Now with RPG in the role, Jake has become a buffoon, a shady, sleazy, dirty looking, punk b!***! Pardon my French. Next to Ryan, Jake is my most hated character on the show.

Ima steal Jordan's catch phrase and just say that I am NOT AMUSED with JHC killing off David Hayward!

I didn't realize at first, but I think David was my favorite character, as well as one of the only REAL MEN left in Pine Valley.

Not only will we no longer see Dr. Dave, but we now have to endure 24 hours of Ryan/Greenlee, and the KENDALLBOT3000(this Ryan loving, Greenlee-obeying fembot is NOT MY KENDALL!)

The same shiz that plagued the show in 2004-2005 is happening all over again. Greenlee was good with David, but thanks to Fronzy and JHC wanting Cam with Rebecca...Greenlee has once again been ruined.

Kendall has no purpose other than to serve Ryan. Bianca has no purpose at all. I think they recast Bianca to stick it to Eden Riegel for getting another job. Erica is M.I.A for now...she needs to come back pronto, but I fear Erica will jump on the bandwagon.

What will Erica say when she finds out Kendall helped Greenlee, the woman who sat by while David tried to kill her? She will probably thank Kendall for being so loyal. Kreiszmann's Erica...

I never thought I would say this, but I CANNOT STAND THE HUBBARDS! Jesse has become unbearable. They write him as an idiot and a moron! I can't even stand looking at his face. I FF all the Hubbard scenes. This is good, because Jake is in scenes with them, so I can kill 2 disgusting birds with one stone.

I'm already sick of Blind Angie Calhoun. Has her blindness also made her stupid and irresponsible? Any responsible physician would have excused herself LONG AGO. Instead of thinking everyone in town is an idiot like her husband.

I can't talk about only the bad stuff, I am enjoying some things.

Rebecca Budig is really bringing it with the grief scenes. Loving JR/Annie/Scott triange, although I don't think Scott has much of a chance. Poor "Hotmessa" continues to need help in the wardrobe hair, and makeup departments. They go to swanky boutiques for the other female cast, but they get Marissa's clothes from The local Food Lion. She needs a MAKEOVER. I would make her a blonde, and give her some body to her hair. Lighten and cut the eyebrows, and put her in more stylish clothing. She looks like she has been raiding Opal's throw away pieces.

I am liking the Liza stuff. I like how everyone is dumping on her, and she is giving it right back. I still am not feeling Natalie Hall as Colby. She can't talk, and she has a lisp. She is also quite annoying. I know Colby is supposed to be bratty, but she is overdoing it a bit.

I like Asher, only because I like how he is kind of a bad boy. Already you can see that he is a bit messed up. I have a feeling that Killer Kreiszman is gonna rip off GH and do a domestic abuse storyline.

There hasn't been much of Damon, but I do like him a lot.

All in all, I am good with AMC. I just am not thrilled to go back to 24-7 Ryan/Kendall/Greenlee. The Tragic Trio...the Unholy Trinity,.

Ryan in Jail
Kendall schemes to free him
Greenlee and Ryan get together
Kendall sleeps with Ryan
Greenlee vs Kendall..
blah, blah, blah

I hear rumours that David's killer is a woman. I think they are gonna do a copout and make it the Mayor, Nurse Gayle, or Madison...

Why can't Lorraine write the show by herself? Why do we need 2 show killers to continue to hack up our soap?

Mel Got Served said...

I deleted all of last week's AMC's off my DVR last night when I saw I was up to 80% and figured I wouldn't watch them.

Courtney said...

Hey Shadow....I told Jordan on FB that I haven't gotten back into watching the show yet. Considering the writers right now, I am hesitant about jumping in too deep. With that said..I am sad that David is leaving, so who will be the new villain? And is Greenlee going to be good again? Ugh.

I started watching OLTL because Jordan and Ash said it was hot...but by the time I was convinced enough to watch, it wasn't hot anymore. Yet I continue to watch for the few storylines that I like and i love me some Destiny.

Y&R is still rather blech for me.
I am loving GH (but I have an inappropriate affection for Maurice Bernard). I never watched GH after Mo left AMC for GH....but after all this time I have given in......ahhhhhhhhh.

Courtney said...

I want to make sure I didn't say things incorrectly. The JordAsh recommendation was great..I was slow to the punch.

Mel Got Served said...

I wonder if the culprit of who killed David will be treated like the town pariah Annie. Remember how Annie killed Richie when EVERYBODY wanted him dead and they keep using that against her? I mean, I know it was her brother but they also all knew the truth about the crap he did to her as a kid.

Mel Got Served said...

They slow clapped Angie's speech to the hospital board. GMAB. This story is terrible now, not to mention predictible. I guarantee Angie has that baby AND gets her site back by February- TOPS. Juding by the speechs, Angie should become a counselor not Chief of Staff. I get that she can manage staff, etc. but she can't practice medicine. Maybe I'm wrong and there are plenty of blind doctors, but I'm skeptical.

How is Angie supposed to practice medicine with no vision? I think I'll let someone else intubate me or perform surgery.

Shadow said...

Angie will be really fun at kids parties with things like "Pin the Tail on The Donkey" and "Marco Polo". Who needs the blindfold? Not Angela!

Actually, I think Chandler Enterprises is going to use it's nano-technology to save Angie's eyesight. For a while, she'll be wearing special glasses resembling the pair Levar Burton wore in Star Trek TNG.

Ok not really. But the thought of Angie, the Weave and those glasses cracks me up.

SOAPFAN said...

LOLZ! Angie LaForge...Angie LaWeave!

Mel Got Served said...

Now to get those photos of the suspects in David's murder did Jesse walk to the local Glamour Shots and demand those photos of Ryan and Greenlee?

Michael said...

That is hysterical MelG! I thought the same thing. Also, I read you got a tweet from THE One and only Veronica Mars—I am almost sick with jealousy; I would never wash my Twitter again!

Shadow said...

Is anybody else having a hard time getting that damn Donnie & Marie song out of their head? "May tomorrow, be a perfect day...". Ugh. At least you spared us "I'm a little bit country, and I'm a little bit rock and roll...". Crap! Now I'm gonna be stuck with that in my head all day. I guess it's better than Marie's "Paper Roses". ACK!!! I'm trapped in Osmond Hell!

Mel Got Served said...

Big news from Daytime Confidential: Marissa and Scott are OUT.

Laura said...

I am so sorry for Jordan's loss. Adam Mayfield. Britney I can see, but not Adam. Watch Frons bring in his pet Crystal Hunt! With ATWT ending there is no shortage of actors. If Roger Howarth doesn't got to OLTL, I would love to see him on AMC. As far as these characters go, they are not that important.

I am actually back watching more than before. I have to get caught up on the podcast. Sorry I haven't stopped by lately. But I enjoy this podcast as much as ever. Hope everyone is doing well.

Elizabeth said...

I would like to join Laura in giving you my deepest condolences for your loss of Adam Mayfield. Don't resist the temptation to lock yourself in your room, turn on "Don't Cry Out Loud" and eat tons of ice cream!

Love Always,

Arizonagal said...

That thing Levar Burton wore in Star Trek was a banana clip (hair clip). If I see that on Blind Angie I'm gonna lose it!

Elizabeth said...

Leo's photo outacted a lot of people on today's (9/16) AMC. It made me think of the podcast years ago when Ashley said that Myrtle's photo showed more depth and range than Aidumb, Randy, Colby, and Natalia, LOL.

Norn Cutson said...

Arizonagal, I'm sorry about Spike!
He knows how much you love him!

I thought Adam Mayfield's giant penis was his job security!

SOAPFAN said...


Well, we know Brian Frons is an insatiable pig bottom, but still I think that the only thing Frons loves more than a Jimmy, is MONEY!

I think that the firing of Brittany Allen and Adam Mayfield had more to do with the show being on really thin ice again.

The show is STILL not making any money, because Craputhers is a really bad producer. So now that ATWT is canceled, Frons sees it as a Golden opportunity to hire ATWT ex stars and put them in PV, in hopes of bringing in viewers.

We see how well it worked with Icky Paull Golden (Fake Jake) and Beth Ehlers...trying to bring old Guiding light fans by recreating an old pairing bombed harder than a Klansman at a Bar Mitzvah!

So you see, the house of mouse, and Frons is hurtin for money. Frons still had Cameron Mathison to molest in the meantime.

Mel Got Served said...

Lindsay Hartley and some hot dude joining the cast. I would've preferred her as a Santos, but I'll take Lindsay any way because she's great. Frons made a smart move hiring her because when she started on Days, they took a big jump in ratings.

Anonymous said...

Jordan & Ashley should be excited both new cast members are Latin.

SOAPFAN said...

I love Lindsay Hartley! I have never seen Jordi Vilasuso, but I hope he can act.

If they are bringing him on for Kendall, then I guess Zach's days are numbered. Yikes! If they make Zach David's killer, I'm gonna' be so upset. Even though I hate Zach.

Crystal said...

I haven't been wanting to watch AMC lately. I am so far behind. Totally caught up on OLTL.
Do you all think Marissa and Scott are out or are they recasting? Is that who Lindsay and hot guy are going to be?

Sorry, I don't agree with you all. I am not into Lindsay. I think too many days of watching her cry on Passions has scarred me for life. DH and I still talk about when she put on a blond wig and everyone though she was Gwynn and Ethan said she was "hot and spicy, the best ever" LOL I think I need to go watch my 'best' of Passions video tape I made.

Elizabeth said...

I am SO EXCITED!! Jordi was amazing on Guiding Light years ago. I loved his character and was so upset when he left. I'm so happy we are finally getting some new blood on this show to mix things up with people.

Shadow said...

The new guy got a Daytime Emmy for whatever he did. The new girl was on Passions for 9 years. She apparently has a big following and she looks hot. She is or has something to do with Jake's Ex. Rumor has it Marissa and Scott are being recast. Hello FirstBabe.

Shadow said...

I never watched Passions though. Something about a witch and a talking doll made AMC sound downright Shakespearean.

Brian said...

I'm I the only one with a bad feeling? I get replacing Marissa (my dream would be with AH) but why Scott? Not the greatest actor, but he could get better. Now we get two new actors while Bianca and Kendall have NO storyline. Nice, AMC.

My wish is to have Greg Vaughn on as Amanda's brother Tim. He is old enough to play her brother and could be paired up with any female on the show.

And why no gay characters? Bianca has no gf and doesn't seem interested in finding one.

Michael said...

I know some people liked the show, but Passions was the worst thing ever on television. I had to sit in a Sears Automotive waiting room and endure the torture of Passions for nearly forty five minutes. I wanted to go out to the garage and ask them to lower the car on me so I didn’t have to watch anymore. Some woman was running for her life and these two other women were talking to her on her cell phone the entire time? They could hear the guy chasing her and they were all exchanging bon mots with one another. I was not completely mystified because I had just quit DOOL for the same insipid crap a couple of weeks before. The show was hysterical when going for drama and achiving real pathos when trying for comedy.

But the new girl is married to Green Arrow from Smallville, so I’ll give her a shot.

Mel Got Served said...

Passions might've been terrible, but the talent on the show wasn't. A lot of them in interviews now discuss getting scripts and being like WTF?! Days of our Lives has Galen Gering and Eric Martsolf, both doing great on the show. They had Lindsay, but they let her go. Mary Elizabeth Winstead from Scott Pilgrim, Grindhouse, and a rising star - Passions! Captain Awesome on Chuck- Passions! If it weren't for Passions I doubt we'd have the amazingly talented Natalie Zea from Dirty Sexy Money )and her and the angry priest brother stole the show) and Justified, who played the 2nd Gwen (a role originally played by Susan Lucci's daughter). Hell, even Robin Strasser and Andrea Evans (some of this blogs favorites) did their due diligence there.

So yes, the show sucked and I admit I watched it for awhile (hey, I was in high school), but actors are just doing a job and can't be faulted for it.

And Green Hornet was on Passions too :)

Mel Got Served said...

Green Arrow I mean- not Green Hornet!

Michael said...

Kathleen Noone and Juliet Mills are two of my favorite actors. Sorry Mel, I did not mean any disrespect to the cast. I just have residual anger at James Riley for killing DOOL. I loved those actors too. Plus I watched almost every episode of Sunset Beach, so we all have our guilty pleasures!

brtedi said...

I think, the “Ronan”/”Aiden” storyline involving “Nina” and “Chloe” is really going to be quite a ride for the audience in the weeks to come. First of all, kudos to the actors involved. IMHO, this is good soap! Considering ”Chloe thinks “Chance“ is dead, means that “Aiden” has a tough row to hoe, if he even expects Chloe to consider forgiving him.

That said, “Chloe” must also come to terms with her conflicted feelings for “Ronan”/”Aiden”, as well. Just exactly who is the man she became involved with? Which is the man and which is the professional persona he created to do his job, as a federal agent?.

As any fan of daytime knows, neither secrets nor the dearly departed stay buried for very long. Someone eventually is going to going to spill the beans about “Chance”.

Lastly, it’s going to be interesting watching the family dynamics between “Nina” and “Aiden”. Up until the 9/17/10 episode, “Nina” considered “Ronan” to be a loathsome individual, bent on interfering “Chance’s” investigation. Now, she has to come to terms with not only ‘loosing’ Chance, but coming to terms with the son she’s never known, except as a man she’s hated.

BTW, I love the whole "Billy" and "Victoria" storyline, too.

A footnote on AMC:

When did Biancha start designing her blouses from the tableclothes in Krystal's restaurant? ] : )

While I'm disapointed Adam Mayfield is leaving AMC(I still wonder just how that skinny dipping moment got passed the censors. : 8 } )

I ask you: Did "Babe" really evewr need a twin?--I think not.

brtedi said...

Opps!--Most of my above post refers to Y&R.

" having My wish is to have Greg Vaughn on as Amanda's brother Tim...."

Brian, that would be excellent casting, imo. :-)

Mel Got Served said...

So do I Amphitron. I was actually a loyal Days watcher until JER ruined it and that's when I started AMC.

You didn't offend me at all- just saying, Passions got talent!

Mel Got Served said...

PS I loved Sunset Beach first.

Jen said...

So let me get this straight, I quit watching the show, I think it was a week ago? and now they make all these moves.

They finally get rid of the dead weight in BA and AM and bring in semi-vets that have a fanbase and alone could make a supercouple. Well I don't currently know what's going on in AMC so I can't say anything much to SLs other than what I remember. So I'm guessing Lindsay will play Carolyne Finn, Jake's ex. wife again RPG's Jake isn't sexy anymore stop wasting sexy actresses on him when he looks like shit. You wanna surprise someone, pair her w/ Frankie, now you got something.

New doctor Jodi (Griffin) I guess goes to Kendall ...amazing they wait for me to quit watching AMC to make those much needed moves.

This is what is called an upgrade people. Have a good weekend.

Shadow said...

I loved Kathlene Noone's Ellen with Erica's bro Maek and with Ross Chandler. Ah the good 'ol days. Ellen crying used to wreck me!

Mel Got Served said...

If AMC wants to get the TRUE stars of Passions, they need really negotiate and get PRECIOUS THE ORANGUATAN!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

We have not posted in a while, so bear with me while I get all our thoughts out. My mom is latterly just getting back on her feet after months of being bed ridden, but we very much have enjoyed reading all the posts and listening to the podcast, jut taking care of the garden, working on my blog, and taking care of my mom and house had left short on time…except for baseball (Go Jays) and AMC. Let’s hope your not hardcore Yankee fans.

David or WTF are writers smoking? Like never in the history of the Internet has something been kept so secretive. Yes, there were warning signs; Vincent didn’t move his family to the west coast etc… But I certainly hope they realize the loss. Though he had been pained into a corner as of late, he still could have been redeemed and he and Greenlee could have been a super couple, if only Jordan wrote the show *sigh*. I hope his salary goes to bringing Thorsten back as Zack, though I know not all of you feel the same way.

Blind Angie→ They should not even bother having the Emmy awards this year, just hand Debbie the damn trophy! She has such a command of the very predictable storyline but she is making some tired, trite and recycled interesting.

Mountain Zack, oh sorry I meant Caleb, it slightly more interesting of late. However his gruff curmudgeon attitude is wearing thin. I think he and boring Scott might be an interesting duo as it will be his way of getting to Marissa.

JR &Annie→ JR has never been this on point. Jacob has growing into JR’s skin, and JR had become his father’s son and dare I say rightful heir. You know when Mount Zack and bording Scott team up, it will Annie that saves him.

This is NOT a SPOILER ALERT, but I think everyone who is paying attention knows who killed David. It is quite obviously that pilot David hired killed him, because he didn’t want to live under David’s thumb. Also, Ryan is not sharp enough to pull something of this level off, I mean he shot Special Johnny in the gut and mountain fell on him and he lived to tell the tale. Thankfully for Ryan the harem has gathered and are protecting him.

Greenlee and Ryan, boring, I HATE THEM TOGETHER!!!! However, it is nice to see pictures if Leo again.

Madison, bland with Ryan needs to be with Frankie, they have ALWAYS had chemistry. Madison might also make a good match for Binx, though I liked the Natalie idea.

They have to get back to core families again, we want to see people eat, cook, live and spend time with their kids and stay the hell out of Krystal bar and the park. We know it’s sunny LA get over it!

How did little A.J. cut a kid that he needed 11 stitches, was he packing a shiv? Did he learn that from Annie? Also, have you noticed that no one has a conversations with him without mentioning cookies and ice cream? These people are horrible parents.

Asher is hot but boring. He has potential, but they need to movie this along. Again not a spoiler just opinion he is obviously either Mount Zack’s kid, or the product of Adam’s affair with Mountain Zack’s girlfriend.

Colby is still a stage five clinger and I am SO done with her and Damien.

Erica is truly missed, but why would Jack not return for David’s funeral. This is where creditability is called into question.

Kendal, give our girl something to do but play second fiddle to Rylee. Who is going to believe that she could go to jail and Zack wouldn’t know and now she’s in for a second time?

Also Thorsten should make the move because Marty’s days are number (I think, my mom doesn’t watch OLTL) because she has no SL and serves no point.

I have to say over all the sixty minutes it takes to watch the show (not really with TiVo it’s really forty-four minutes) is starting to drag. Not a good a sign; however we are still light-years ahead of those dark day’s under Pratt’s Machiavellian reign of terror.

I hope to participate more but I’m always reading and listening.
Love you all.

Susan and Elyse in Toronto said...

Happy Sunday Everyone!

I just read that both Scott and Marissa were let go, as of last Thursday. Not sure if the characters are gone or being recast. Thoughts anyone?

Shadow said...

Ok, the location shots in the park were better than the ones in the fake park with the one bench, but enough already. Isn't there a gym, a mall, a museum, something else besides that damn creek for these people to meet? And who goes to a park dressed in a suit or a dress or work clothes? IF I go to a park, I'm in Nike shorts and a tech shirt that wicks moisture away from my pits. These people are sauntering around in wedding apparel, couture, Brooks Bros. I didn't know Brooks Bros & Barneys made clothes out of CoolMax. And it's like all the buildings in PV open to that park. Leaving Krystal's turn left and walk into Fusion which is adjacent to the hospital and next door to Angie's-all of which must be within walking distance to the Yacht Club. Maybe that big skyline out of Jackson's window and Erica's old Enchantment office was really Llanview in the distance.

Crystal said...

Passions was awesomely awful. It is very missed around here.

Mel, lol Precious!!! My fav was when she imagined she was married to Luis. Awww good times. I would say they need to get the girl that played Beth, but she's doing porn now. For real.

Elyse & Susan, Ha ha ha poor Little A (oops AJ) should be about 200 lbs. by now with all those cookies they feed him.

Yay! Téa is alive! And my sexy evELI is alive too. Hot dog!

trish-la said...

Stage Five Clinger always makes me laugh!! Thank you!
Glad I am not the only one feeling a bit bored with AMC. Still holding out hope that Dr. David will live.

Shadow - I live in LA, have for my whole life, and I am stumped to figure out where they are shooting these park scenes with a creek (we are in a multi-year, horrible drought) ... Has to be some place where they can park all their trucks, trailers, load in fairly easily, etc.. I, too, would be glad for some other "remote location" at this point.

I have to say, I was a little happy to hear that Scott and Marissa are being let go (for the time being)...seems like re-cast, for Scott at least, is definitely in the works. I found Adam a little dull and felt like he acted with his chin and his eyebrows only.

If Kendall and Greenlee are so worried about protecting Ryan why don't they just throw the stupid vial of digitalis (so perfectly labeled, btw) ... now both their fingerprints are on it, anyhow! But, no, let's carry it around, frame someone else, blah blah blah.

Anonymous said...

The actress who plays CBS Daytime's most infamous villain heads to "All My Children" in an entirely different role.

An "All My Children" spokesperson confirms to Soap Opera Network that Kimberlin Brown is indeed joining the ABC Daytime soap. Brown will be playing the Judge in David Hayward's (Vincent Irizarry) upcoming murder trial and will begin airing on Monday, October 18.

Brown, of course, is famous in daytime for the role of Sheila Carter on CBS's "The Young and the Restless" and sister soap "The Bold and the Beautiful." The actress starred in the popular role off and on from 1990 to 2006. The actress who excels at playing evil has also appeared on ABC's "Port Charles," from 1999 to 2001 as Rachel Locke, and on "One Life to Live," from 2004 to 2005 as Dr. Paige Miller.

Brown's role is recurring and the length of her stay on "AMC" is to be determined.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Everyone,

Just saw Di from the streets in her new show. The TV was on but not really watching yet noticed she was in almost every scene. How does that happen and Cady doesn't have a job?

Crystal said...

EWWWWWWWWWW today's show. Frank & Randi in the hospital bed. GROSS. Why do they keep showing this. Does one of the writers have some weird fetish or something?

Jen said...

Shows like today, which I haven't nor intend to watch are the main reason why I quit watching AMC a week or so ago. So far from my understanding they can't give you any couple that fans want, the SL are eh...the top SLs really is JR becoming his father and Angie's blindness, aside from that, what's there to watch?

I can't think of a show w/ so many beautiful ladies, from Alicia to Rebecca, to Melissa, to Denise, to Chrishell, in SUCH LIFELESS RLS..what is there to say people? srsly? IDK where to begin?

Did anyone catch 90210 the other night, it's getting better, Glee starts this week. Well AMC could be worse, they could be Y&R but that atleast have a power couple on that show and sense of history.

Arizonagal said...

So Lil A gets into a fight at school and JR throws money at it. Typical. He's such a douche. I liked Marissa's reaction to the fight and JR's solution.

Why aren't there any pets in Pine Valley? Damn in my neighborhood there are about two dogs per house.

Just read that stuck up beeyotch Gwyneth Paltrow may be on a few episodes of Glee. This bums me out. Glee was a nice little show when it started, now every star that thinks they can sing/dance wants to ham it up on the show and it's going to ruin Glee. So not interested in seeing so called A listers like Paltrow showing up on the Glee canvas, and she's so not needed.

Ryan and Greenlee = TorCHARRR. Man, get these two off my screen. And now, oh man this is so annoying, Kendall and Greenlee are talking about protecting Ryan? God help us. These three people are more effin' mentally ill than JR. If I was Zach I'd get on that yacht and sail far far away from the Pine Valley ocean.

Asher needs a coon skin hat to complete the young Fess Parker look. He's almost there.

Elyse everytime you write "mount zack" in your post, I'm seeing mount as a verb, not a noun and I have to stop and smile.

Are there toilets in those jail cells? I think of that when Kendall's cell faces Ryan's and I'm sure you all do too.

Kendall is currently AMC's answer to OLTL's Kelly and that is not a good thing. Give this chick something to do except meddle.

Wonder if Blind Angie can draw blood? I mean *intentionally* draw blood, like a phlebotomist.

Jen said...

JR did what? LOL

They showed a school on this show? I'm lost, somebody who watches the show please fill me in.

Arizonagal said...

Totally OT here. Watched DWTS last night. Not a Jersey Shore fan, thought the Situation (what's his real name?) was channeling Sly Stallone. Is he always such a tool?

Stacy said...

Okay, I have not been following the blog, so forgive me if this has already been brought anyone seeing the resemblance between Asher and Jaimie Martin? Kind-of similar looks and acting styles. Both computer geeks and Asher is even wearing Jaimie's signature leather bracelet!

#1DaisyFan said...

Trish-la> I grew up in the Glendale area, where AMC shoots. There is a great place nearby called Disconso (I am sure that is not how you spell it) gardens. I am wondering if that is where they are filming. Either that, or maybe even Griffith Park, since they are so close by.

Anonymous said...

Stay tuned to tomorrow morning for an exciting AMC casting announcement!

Ericka said...

Maybe somebody mentioned this but yesterday on amc Tad mentioned that if he killed somebody like Hayward he would be ok with it. Did he forget he killed Dr. Madden?? Even if it was an accident he still killed him

Mel Got Served said...

I thought the same thing Ericka. I bet this writing regime, and any writers going forward, have been told to never bring up the Maddens again.

Anonymous said...


Mel Got Served said...

No one saw that coming (sarcasm). Blah. I never saw him as Scott, but I remember him from 90210 and he's a dullard to me. I can't seem him having chemistry with Annie.

SOAPFAN said...

Daniel Cosgrove...ugh. The most boring actor in Daytime. How is this an improvement over the charismatic Adam Mayfield? At least Adam Mayfield was eye candy.

When I look at Daniel Cosgrove, I think Metamucil and Pepto Bismol.

I am so disappointed that they did this, though it was probably to try and get some of ATWT ex-viewers.

I never understood what people saw in Daniel CosBORE.

My new name for Scott is S'nott
...because it's NOT Scott.

Jen said...

LOL... and they miss on casting too, when Forbes March is available? Here's my thoughts, it makes sense if he's going against Ryan for Greenlee or Madison. Not JR for anyone, there are too many fan girls of JR and Jannie, this weekend there's an event here in LA for Jannie. So.. IDK what they are doing, but again you're the people that watch the soap, I'm on strike until they cut the BS w/ Jannie and break Jamanda (are they still together?) and Frandi (too bored to know or wonder) and stop pimping Rylee (Frons get a vibrator) so much..till then I just read your comments.

Cosgrove is better than Mayfield, but this is just SORASing him.

Arizonagal said...

Daniel Cosgrove was pretty damned good on GL. I actually like this recast though I don't think it was necessary, Adam Mayfield was just fine.

I'm loving our old Will Courtlandt in the Mad Men-style Suave ads. I wish AMC would find a way to bring this guy back.

Arizonagal said...

You know I just don't get the casting people. Why ax Adam Mayfield and keep on the likes of Asher and Randy? All of a sudden they care about talent?

Arizonagal said...

Maybe I'm just old, but didn't GUI used to be gooey? Are the young'uns these days saying G-U-I? I was surprised Asher didn't correct Colby when she said g-u-i but what do I know?

Okay, break's over, man am I glad it's Friday.

Elizabeth said...

Has anyone read the spoilers for the next few weeks yet? It's looking VERY good for us JR and Annie fanatics!! So excited!! I hope the fact that they are bringing in a new Scott doesn't mean they plan to break up my couple. If that happens, in the words of Jordan Hudson, I'll have to say: I AM NOT AMUSED!!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Did anyone see RPG on Rachel Ray? Some of this AMC cast mates had a baby shower for him and Greta. As you might know Greta is a frequent guest on Rachel Ray. They are expecting their first child.

Shadow said...

Denise Vasi is a mystery. I'm guessing she came pretty cheap comparatively so they will run her contract out. Mayfield's Scott never really, truly clicked. Decent guy, decent actor, but they need someone electric in these Chandler roles. Cosgrove is good. Jacob Young has stepped up. But let's face it, none of them are on par with James Mitchell and David Canary. Neither were classic heartthrobs but they owned the screen when they were on. David Canary was intense. Of course, the writing was awesome, the actors were fantastic, the sets were glorious and budgets were big, but I digress....

Brian said...

Arizonagal, it is pronounced Gooey. I have a background in computer science and this comment by Colby annoyed the crap out of me! I'm guessing it is that same thing as when the cops on the show "follow procedure." If Jesse were chief-of-police, he would not be on the scene for minor crimes. And would NOT be collecting evidence. And don't get me started on Liza's DA skills.

Shadow said...

@PineValley101 went to the fan event and collwcted autographs and pics. She met Walt Wiley. He alluded that David Hayward isn't really dead.

Shadow said...

Denise Vasi looked pregnant in Friday's episode.

Crystal said...

Shadow, I agree. I noticed it too. It was a very weird outfit to be in not PG. She hasn't announced anything as far as I know so, maybe it was just an unfortunate clothing choice.

Arizonagal said...

Thursday episodes of OLTL and AMC were so friggin tedious. I just don't buy Gigi as a student, and now she's an artist? Most talented people know it way before someone else tells them. The girl is a tool and a bore. It's not Oui Oui Gigi, it's Oy Oy Gigi.

Too much teen angst on OLTL last week and not enough real action. Enough with the Fords, they are boring.

At AMC, don't we all really know in our gut that David is not dead? So here's what I hope: If Ryan and Greenlee reunite (gag), it's short lived because a resurrected David totally effs up their romance and causes them to separate forever. This all sets up the return of Leo, who David has been nursing back to health during their absences.

Shadow, you gotta find a way to get on the podcast. I'm sure we'd all love to hear from you!

So damned glad Dexter is back.

Anonymous said...

**Susan Lucci will be on The Wendy Williams Show tomorrow if you're interested, check your local listings.**

Elizabeth said...

AMC Today: How hilarious was the double date with Jake & Amanda/Annie & Scott? I really hope Amanda and Annie become friends because we could use some more friendships on the show. Also, loved Opal's comment that she gives Annie & Scott's marriage three months!!!!

Shadow said...

Apparently ABC Family has picked up a soap by Chuck Pratt and the authors of Pretty Little Liars. First of all, who gave Pratt a pen? He's probably updating the classics. First up? Little Women or as Pratt calls it, Little Bitches.

So far these Working titles have been rejected 4 the new Chuck Pratt series: The Big Wang Theory, Father Knows Breast, Texter, Big Brothel, Young & Really Misogynistic.

Anonymous said...

Is there a podcast coming soon?

This is very unprofessional....LOL

Isn't these podcast supposed to be weekly instead of monthly!!

brtedi said...

I really don't have a whole lot to say about AMC, except I really liked the scenes between Tad and Damon (OK Ashley, you convinced me. I officially like Damon, now--LOL!--Seriously though, those 'small' scenes where Tad tells Damon he is good enough for Colby were very good and the actor playing "Damon" kept up with MEK step for step.

I also liked how Angie and Tad made jokes about her situation. Between good friends, jokes like "Hey, I've always wanted to try out a handicapped parking space." would be totally acceptable. Depending on who says it, and how it's meant, humor is a coping mechanism. Whatever the situation, it's good to be able to laugh at oneself...Now, as for that ignorant waiter, who spoke louder to Angie, once he realized she was blind, he was just a fool! Depending on how remarks come out and how they are received frequently dictates if one chooses to respond or not...Tad and Jesse handled the situation well, imo. "She's blind, not deaf!" :-D

I would be remiss if I didn’t mention Y&R…

Patty Weaver, as “Nina”, rocked the house, dealing with “Chance’s” ‘death’. And, I’ll admit it. In terms of Jeff Branson as an actor, I’d watch the man read the phonebook. He and Elizabeth Hendrickson/”Chloe” did a wonderful job in the scenes where Chloe confronts Ronan regarding Chance’s shooting.

I can sum up my thoughts on OLTL in one word: “Tea”!

As far as I’m concerned, boy was Wednesday’s GH good, as well!
Between Lucky’s scenes with Shavonne (spelling?) and the brief return of “Stone Cates”/Michael Sutton-I was hooked!—If I’d have been watching GH back during the “Robin & Stone” years, I would have been a big fan of theirs.

Elizabeth said...

AMC Today (9/30):

UGH...."That Stupid Bar ConFusion" as Jordan used to call it, is BACK!! Those bright lights and fake-ass boxes of grass are back.

I can't wait for Kendall to get her own freaking storyline instead of following Greenlee and her drama around. I used to love Greenlee but they need to wrap up this fake murder mystery storyline pronto, bring a new man in for her and move it along. Why not put her with NuOldScott when he comes?

NuEmma looks like a deer in headlights in every scene, like she's shocked she's on camera and is waiting for someone to tell her what to do. She's a beautiful little girl, but I prefer NuMiranda. When NuEmma brought in that picture today Scott "helped her" with I was thinking, "Wow, they sure are laying the guilt trip on thick for Annie, because you know she isn't going to stay in this farce of a marriage for long."

Hotmessa must be on crack thinking a judge is going to give her full custody. JR hasn't done anything nearly bad enough to warrant removing AJ from his care. So, he's a pompous ass, that doesn't mean he's endangering his child.

I'm pretty sure Madison killed David at this point, but I don't really care. She actually helps me to tolerate Ryan so I hope she's not off the show.

Annie and JR were hotness as usual. Loved that towel scene yesterday, hysterical. But, WTF was Annie wearing today? Was that a shirt, a robe, or a dress, or all three?


P.S. That laptop Asher hit Big Fat Caleb with was definitely my Performer of the Week last week.

Shadow said...

Shadow's random tweets;

Shadow: The new writers suck? Frons is a dick? RT @UrAllMyChildren: More Than 2 Wks Have Gone By Since Hayward's Death. What Are Your Thoughts Now?

Shadow Yes, as long as Frankie is remarried. RT @UrAllMyChildren: Would U Like To See Mr. & Mrs. Franki Hubbard Have Their Own Bundle Of Joy?

Shadow: The Ho' in Housewives, yes. Lucci? No. RT @dcconfidential: Danielle Staub: "I've Been Called Susan Lucci of Reality TV"

Shadow: I can think of a lot of great places to have sex. Suffice it to say that behind a pullsheet in a non-private hospital bed isn't of them.

Do we know for certain that Barb Bloom isn't really Chuck Pratt or Frons in drag? She's a horse. And now this tornado redux?

Or a 2 year warning. RT @dcconfidential Is ABC Daytime About to Announce a Two-Year Pick Up For One Life to Live?!

Randi reminded Natalia she was able to change. Randi used to give blow jobs for $ and f•ck on the net. Now she's a model. Of course! #amc

@danpearce42 I mean, how does Angie know for sure she got ocular herpes from that kid & not from drinking out of the same glass as Randi?

Nope. She's just blind. RT @soapsindepthabc Nice to see Angie as a strong pregnant woman not felled by fainting spells & morning sickness..

I just heard a radio commercial for a product that "beautifies stretch marks". That's some serious bullshit right there.

Jen said...

Elizabeth, from what I read from your post nothing has changed. I bet Asher is still not added as a threat to Damon. Srsly Cosgrove vs Mathison would be too smart, the show isn't that smart, plus Frons would never allow anything to get in between Ryan/Greenlee..anything. So what they'll likely do is have Annie continue this farce marriage, when they lose more viewers they'll realize they killed the JR/Annie element. And have Rylee happily together killing the rest of the other viewers... I had so much high hopes for them but srsly called quits on the show a few days before JV and LH were added, I still was shocked AMC got them. But are you shocked at all w/ JR/Annie? it's a SL they want to milk and likely drag out until thier in danger of losing more viewers. I'm gonna guess the only independent SL working right now is JR becoming his father. That's so w/o watching the show for about 2 or 3 wks. right now and just reading poster comments.

Judging by your post I'm betting Scott buys a house, Annie doesn't want to leave, him and Emma prbly finger paint a pic of thier new family, Marissa last I checked was going after custody of AJ, prbly still is. See how I can read this show. I bet Brot/Natalia and Kwak and Caleb can't even get to 1st base, and Ryan/Madison prbly are the only couple showcased b/c god knows no one cares about anyone else currently other than Jesse and Angie.

In the hey day AMC had atleast 3 or 4 couples that would strike the interest and fancy of the AMC fanbase, right now they have 1 and that one can't be put together b/c it won't be allowed to, or the prescribed notion is "then what" but we don't "then what" anybody else, see how it makes sense.LOL

Shadow said...

ABC announced officially that it's cutting back airing original episodes of ABC soaps and announced the first repeats for Oct. 27. ABC will re-air stories from the past that enhance the new stories currently airing. Guess what AMC chose? Or shall I say Frons chose? If you guess Ryan professing his love for Greenlee for the very first time 6 years ago in 2004, then you are right. We've been watching the same damn story since 2004 people. 4 sets of head writers have come and gone and some how we're on an endless loop of two people who are so commitment phobic they both fake died. Hey, Ryan, maybe she's just not that into you. Hey, Greenlee, Bitch get a clue. He's faked his death and remarried like 3 times. Maybe he's not that into you. Frons, we aren't that into them! You complain of viewership and yet you're airing the same damn shit! I love Rebecca's bitchy, note BITCHY, take on Greenlee. I hate Real Greenlee and Fake Nu Greenlee's wimpy frothing over Ryan. Ryan DECIMATES the character of Greenlee. They have NO chemistry. Ryan was tolerable earlier this year without Greenlee. Everytime I see a scene start with those two I FF or bail. You gotta stop with this. Show me Greenlee and Leo. Leo was David's brother. That relates to David who was also recently married to Greenlee and is the subject of a major storyline. Close enough anyway. Geesh!!

Shadow said...

Just in case you want to tweet your love for Randi and Frankie (sound of crickets): @FrandiForever @LoveFrandi

Jen said...

LOL... don't shoot me but I actually liked that episode. I liked the profession, but Greenlee turning podlee I didn't care for. So even though I have ummm... quit watching, I will tune in to see that epi. in HD so I can also get some caps. I do think they are setting it up for Rylee fans, and unfortunately there are some out there, they are setting up November or December to reunite them, me personally I'd throw DC's Scott in there and make one heck of a SL arc, but they aren't smart enough to do that.

BTW Shadow, why in the world, what benefit do they get of airing a Leo/Greenlee epi. when you know damn sure they aren't bringing that character or JD back. Sometimes common sense is your friend, there is obvs. an agenda.

Oliver said...

Due to the numbers of writers over the years certain parts of history get lost. However, with Erica I feel that an important part of her character has been lost to the past.

Mona used to judge Erica's behavior, but Erica knew that Mona was a bit of a hypocrite. Mona was friends with Nick, and she met Erica's father on the "cabaret circuit." So, Erica knew that Mona was a little trashy in the past. Then, Charles left Phoebe for Mona and this really had an impact on Erica. Although, she was in her 20's and no longer interested in Chuck, Phoebe's poor opinion of Erica really effected her. She started the disco because she could never join the country club, and even as a model, Phoebe really prevented her from being invited to many society events - like Nina's wedding - because there was unwritten agreement that Phoebe didn't want to be near Mona or her daughter.

In reality, it was probably an easier way to write a story so that one half of the town was in one place and the other half was in another place.

Later, after Mona's death Phoebe obviously forgave Erica and they were close in the later years of Phoebe's life. But, being an outcast of the more established society was a through line of character for years. She knew her place.

Now, everyone in town could be invited anywhere. But I think it was more interesting when Erica raged against the establishment before she became part of the establishment. I think some of that fight would still be there, but I never see it.

Anonymous said...


Shadow said...

That's my point Jen. There is an agenda. I just gate that it's Ryan & Greenlee. Yes, Leo and Greenlee serve very little point to the current storylines, but it would reward the longtime viewers. It would remind a generation that many of the current favorite Hollywood actors started in soaps. It would just be a treat for people who have followed Greenlee through the years. It would just be fun to remember. But Frins doesn't do fun. Or reward viewers. He just tickles Ryan's sack and offers his daily sacrifice to the Budig Totem Pole by rehashing this tired story over and over and over.

DocP, you're reflection is one of the best I've seen in years. That was the deal about AMC in the day. The show had a structure, a point of view, and history that carried through. It was so much more than a string of plots loosely strung together. Characters didn't morph as dictated by the writers plot. The characters responded to the plots as they did as a result of the experiences over time. Because of the connection we had with the characters and their history we made deep connections to the characters. When the characters don't behave as they should or out of character it invalidates that special relationship. All the familiarity and bonds we share disappear. It makes the show less special and reduces my incentive to watch. .

Shadow said...

Catching up on this week's episode. Wow! Big Fat Caleb is really starting to throw his weight around. Ha! Get it? Throw his weight around?

Shadow said...

Randi & Madison need more exciting storylines. Like where they fight to the death.

Marissa's head is going to pop off from stress. I hope they recast her with a fat girl. She needs to go from waif to OCD binge eater.

brtedi said...

"...BTW Shadow, why in the world, what benefit do they get of airing a Leo/Greenlee epi...."

Hi, Jen--

I gather that Cameron Mathison and Rebecca Budig apparently do enjoy working together. Just out of curiosity, one day, I did a youtube search for Greenlee and Leo clips---Wow! I think, it was the writing and the way the characters were interpreted back then. Some of those GreenLeo scenes were awesome! One didn't necessarily need to know all of the plot details to really enjoy the work.

IMO, part of it involved Leo being aware that back then Greens was a little, spoiled, snot--and he loved her anyway. I'm only speculating, but maybe the writers set it up so Leo had never known anyone like Greenlee, and a small part of him loved her because she did have an attitude...He just took it in stride.

Jen said...

brtedi, you lost me, help me understand your post more, b/c you were talking about Cam/Rebecca and then went on talking about Greenlee/Leo, the writers right now aren't setting up anything for Greenlee/Leo, all they are showing was how she hurt his brother, that was the point of the pic scene, JD isn't coming back and Leo is not being recasted after signing 3 contract players already.

Atleast that's what I take from it.

Shadow, welcome to AMC 2010 and on.

Michael said...

Leo and Greenlee was the perfect daytime match: two terrific actors playing flawed characters that tried to improve themselves because of the goodness they saw in the other person…Greenlee and Ryan—not so much. I would watch a spate of Greenlee/Leo clips over a Ryleepalooza any day of the week. The best thing though, would be for the writers to move on and find a great new guy for Greenlee. Think of how “Haley and Mateo” completely rejuvenated the character of Haley. When the writers choose as their highlights scenes to stress an important continuing story, it’s a little scary that they are picking Rylee stuff. That means more, boring endless loop garbage. Plots won’t advance and stale material will get staler.

I also hate (as was brilliantly pointed out) that every single person in Pine Valley knows every other person, and they are all on every guest list for every party that is thrown. I loved when Erica had her own existence in New York and would pop back into PV from time to time. She had friends like Olga who never rubbed elbows at The Goal Post with Ruth Martin.

And (also brilliantly noted) every child character being lured off the set with the promise of “fresh-baked cookies” is becoming laughable!

I had some surgery to remove a 9 pound mass from my right thigh last week. Sympathy please! Okay that’s enough, I’m fine and I finally have some time to watch soaps for a couple more weeks of recovery! Take care all!

Arizonagal said...

This has been driving me nuts for awhile. Asher is a total tag along in the colby / damon relationship. Why does he always just assume he can walk in on these guys, or tag along on every date, it's kind of getting embarrassing for Asher... and creepy. (my mind went blank, what's it called when someone horns in on a relationship, all I can think of is "three's company" and I know that ain't it!).

I loved the scenes with Annie and Marissa, good sparring and great performances from both. but for some reason when there are two women in a scene these days I find myself really studying their hair. Seems like all the long haired ladies had these two thick strands of hair hanging in front and Annie's hair is so thin, there's nothing left in the back. Marissa needs to cut her bangs so she can comb over that bald spot. Amanda's hair is perfect, volume volume volume!!

Friday's episode was good. I do like this enticing little bit between Natalia and Brot.

Damn, can't wait for Erica to return, she's been gone way too long.

Ryan and Greenlee, god what torture these two are, please make them go away. Ryan is one sick puppy.

On OLTL, damn, Kim Zimmer made an entrance, calling Charlie Chuckles. She looks great and I am so glad to see a diva back on day time.

Amphitrion, my god, I am so glad you are okay! Sending you healing hugs.

Shadow said...

Jenn, I'm not following your point. It may the Benadryl. It may be that AMC is just generally boring me right now. It could be that I'm doing 3 things at once. I was just being snarky about the repeats. I don't mind encore airings, especially if they re-air something we haven't seen in years. I don't care if it relates to the current storyline. They could re-air a golden oldie or they could edit some special episodes like "Krystal with a K" or "Erica Thru the Years" or "All About the Martins" or Greenlee and Leo. Just anything to give me a fun walk down memory lane and break from Ryan and Greenlee who apparently haven't been able to get it together since 2004.

Amph, how cow! 9 pounds from your thigh? Ouch! What the hell was that, a baby? I hope you are OK and recovering swiftly.

Shadow said...

Amph, that was supposed to say "Holy Cow" now "How Cow", although at 9 pounds that could be considered a small calf.

Jen said...

Dixon's ex. Sasha from 90210 needs to DIAF, first I see her in the previews, and if that's not enough that BITCH! might have given Dixon AIDS, seriously she came back to give him an STD?!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, we may disagree about AMC but we're totally in sync with 90210. WTF is this horrible storyline which was so obvious the minute Sasha returned?? Also, show is already running out of ideas because Adrianna had an HIV scare season 1.

Arizonagal said...

Jen, does DIAF mean "die in a fire"??

Brian said...

Shadow, I like the idea of doing "greatest Hits" clip shows. It would be interesting to see some stuff that I may have missed over the years. (Or a way to bring back old storylines that were never finished.)

Mel Got Served said...

When the rumors about the episode cutback and the airing of re-runs first came out they said they'd air CLASSIC episodes of the soaps. To me, that would be really old episodes- things you can't see. I thought maybe I'd get to see a Greg and Jenny or Palmer and Opal/Daisy. I never defined "classic" as Ryan and Greenlee from 6 years ago. The show has a real potential to make fans' days by showing the AMC many loved, or the AMC they never saw. Hell, wouldn't you rather see all these run-off episodes as epic Erica Kane marriages or stand-offs?

Crystal said...

sorry havent been around. i have bad tendonitis in my wrist so it takes forever typing w my left hand :(

Unknown said...

I miss the podcast. Yesterday's AMC was good. It was the best episode in a while. A lot of that was because there was no Ryan, Greenlee, Kendall or anything related to David Hayward. I am ambivalent about the trial, but we will see what happens. My money is still on Nurse Gayle as the killer. I think it stinks that they killed David Hayward when Erica was out of town; she could have been a suspect too.

My new favorite couple is now Asher and JR. They have hot chemistry. Cousins be damned! Didn't Kreizman write the Jonathan/Tammy storyline on Guiding Light? They can do it again. Jacob Young and his inappropriate chemistry with actors that play his male relatives is legendary. I posted this on TWOP, but I swore I saw JR check out Asher's ass when he left the room.

Why is Jesse being so buffoonish? Is this a new thing? The blindfold stuff was painful. Everything else related to the Hubbards was good. I LOVE Debbie Morgan. She is great as a blind person. Didn't she play blind on Sanford and Son or one of those other 70s sitcoms?

Erica returns today. I am interested to see how she is. I have missed her.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Just finished a new podcast, will be up as soon as Ashley finds the time to edit and post it. It's a long one. We talk about AMC, OLTL, GH, the new primetime season and my love life or lack of. Enjoy!

Stacy said...

Okay..I need your help. Am I crazy or was there no AMC on Monday? I DVD it on SoapNet and my Monday version was a rerun of Friday? Did I miss anything?

Anonymous said...

OMG how hot were JR & Annie today? I needed a cold shower after that scene. MCE needs an Emmy people. This girl can switch emotions so quickly it's amazing. I was watching it with my jaw dropped today wondering how this woman could be the same one who we all called "Blandie" years ago!!

Something that did crack me up though is that they started when Scott came in the door and they were done by the time he got up the stairs, lol. That was a quickie if I ever heard of one.

brtedi said...

"brtedi, you lost me, help me understand your post more, b/c you were talking about Cam/Rebecca and then went on talking about Greenlee/Leo..."

Jen, I basically meant that even though RB and CM enjoy working together, from what I've seen on youtube, the Greenlee & Leo years were generally better wrtten.

Brian said...

OMG! If we are getting a new podcast I better get caught up on AMC. I'm 2 weeks behind! Have I really missed anything? My guess is no. :(

Jen said...

BTW DIAF, yes means Die In A Fire!

"Jen, I basically meant that even though RB and CM enjoy working together, from what I've seen on youtube, the Greenlee & Leo years were generally better wrtten."

brtedi, well no sh!t Sherlocke. Rylee vs Greenleo..Greenlee and Leo were like a soap super couple/Teen couple back in those days. But I won't lie here, if Gillian were never in the picture, Ryan/Greenlee/Leo would have been one hell of a triangle back in those days, especially in those days.

My gal pal said I had to watch the JR/Annie love scene from this past week, I told her I gave up on AMC so why should I waste my time... then she PM'd me the YT video, like forced me to click on it by tell me some lie. Jeeeeeezussss when JY put MCE at that door step, but it was not just the love scene but the kiss at the stairs step and the breakdown, why can't they do this for the rest of the show? I'm lost about the party, why was she having a party in the mansion? oh F' it I'll see if the newest podcast can convince me to give it another go and catch me up. IDK, AMC to me is like being in an abusive RL, you tell them not to hit you but they do instead of hugging and caring about you, I'm trying.

Shadow said...

Catching up on Mad Men. Holy crap! Just saw Will Courtland in a Mad Men-esque commercial. And Joan telling off the boys? Holy shit! Where is that on daytime today?

Anonymous said...

@Jen i think you should put the show back on your Dvr list. Everything came full circle this week. Erica was the missing puzzle this whole summer and now that she's back the show feels right their we're so many treat's this week.

Shadow said...

Lucci goes on vacay and the show just coasts. She's back and it's starting to zing again. Erica aside, it's the MCE Show. Annie was on FIRE this week.

#1DaisyFan said...

So sorry, but I do not find a man breaking down a woman emotionally and then F-ing her to be hot. I heard all week how on fire JY and MCE were this week and when I finally watched it, it was sad and disturbing. JR treats women like possessions and it is wrong...this felt like rape to me.