Saturday, January 01, 2011

Out With the New, In WIth the Old

Happy New Year, people! And with a new year comes new... I mean, old? I mean, new? characters on the canvas. Yes, it's all a little confusing - lots of new folks on the screen, some old ones have come back, but it's all still interesting, at least, in our humble opinions....

Hope you enjoy the new podcast - still having sound problems, but maybe that will be our New Year's Resolution! Thanks for being a part of our little family, and Jordan and I wish you all the best to your and your families in 2011! And you know what? As always, you can share all you want - we'll listen! - here.

12/30/10 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

What a wonderful way to start the new year - a new podcast! Thank you Jordan and Ashley. I can't wait to listen in.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Woohoo! Can't wait to listen! Thanks Ashley and Jordan, and Shadow for all that you do!

Terry in Toronto said...

Happy New Year to one and all!

Can't think of a better way to start things off right than with Ashley and Jordan and everyone on the Pine Valley Podcast Blog.

Here's to a terrific 2011!

SOAPFAN said...

YES! Happy New Year to everyone on the Podcast! Thanks Ash and Jordan!

Anonymous said...

Thank you guys, so much for this wonderful podcast! I agree with you *one hundred precent* about Damon. By the way, it was Daytime Confidential that said he wanted out. All I can say is I hope he finds some work and soon!

Anonymous said...

So happy to hear a new podcast! The only good part of those horrible AMC Thanksgiving episodes was seeing someone beat the crap out of Ryass. And now there's talk that SPOILERS Erica is covering for Kendall, and that the new widow shot the evil Dr. David. STUPID!

And I do love Jessica Leccia, but half the time her performance as Inez on OLTL is drippy. When she's in a rage is the only time the character works. Still a hell of a lot better than Melissa Archer and that horrible thing Farah Fath, though.

Mel Got Served said...

A new podcast?! A happy new year indeed!

Also, does anyone have a screencap of Natalie's wedding dress on OLTL? I heard it was extremely whorish. I must see.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Yes! Current Faith on RH is a Klingon! Did you catch the two episodes when Bucky got her on the Ryan's "dance floor"? Now I'm a white boy from So Cal, so I probably have no room to talk...but poor Faith looked as if her right side was paralyzed from a wayward injection while her left hand flailed widely above her six-head as if she was on fire.....

As for Pat Ryan, he just looks like a walking veneral disease....

MabelMay said...

Exciting! You inspired me to watch seven episodes in one night. I don't like to listen to your podcast before I'm all caught up. Tomorrow is my first day back to work in two weeks and the new podcast is the only thing that will get my butt out of bed. Can't wait to hear your thoughts about the holiday episodes.

A highlight for me was the Kendall/Greenlee reunion, despite the hackneyed Father Clarance AND Greenlee being stuck in that damn elevator.

And why were these people flitting all over on Christmas Eve? And who leaves their kid alone with a ghost/angel? Poor Ian. Still playing second fiddle to Spike with Kendall.

Jen said...

O-M-FUCKING-G the latina in me is coming out on this one. Tell me Jordan Hudson did not just go there? tell me he didn't and Ashley Mendoza shame on you for going w/ that shitty arguement. Oh let me 3-2-1, 1-2-3 this. That was some bullshit defense on Scott "being a better man" if I ever heard one. You see how you flipped this crap and laid all the blame on Annie. 'He was doing doing it b/c he loved her' and he went to jail because he loved her right? but the EVUL Snatchannie made him go to the dark side, like he had no mind of his own.

See that sh!t doesn't sit well w/ me, we all know well when JR irked Scott about belonging in the company, he passed those Nano Tech plans as his own, he decided, not Annie! he decided to take 50% of the stock backings and invest it into the Nano Tech project. NOT ANNIE! that's just some bullsh!t excuse a man makes for a man and his decisions! HIS DECISIONS, instead of saying how he got caught up, and fell into bad habits of his own actions and for his own purpose, I LOVED how as soon as he did those things he laid that on... all of it on Annie's influence, yes JORDAN you and Scott.

You know the difference w/ JR and Scott, JR would do those things but never lay it on Annie. This is why this excuse is bullsh!t to me. And I love ya Ashley but I can't believe you let Jordan off on that one. I would have been right there saying. Then his ass never should have gotten involved w/ Annie! because he was in love w/ POD-Annie, the goody goody masked girl, you know that fake girl she was presenting herself to be, but her true self, what she wants and etc. he never saw that Annie, and if he would have which one day it would have happened, then he would have left her. To think Scott laid the blame on Annie for going to this path, looked JR and Annie up and down like they were some sinners. You know atleast JR would have been a man and lived w/ it, he wouldn't have ran away, b/c that's what Scott did, he went to jail to run away and while someone else was cleaning it up for him (Marissa) now he wants back into society.

You know what I continue to say this and echo it till the cows come home, FUCK Scott for even getting into a war for Chandler w/ his cousin. He knew damn well JR wasn't going to like that. Chandler wasn't Adam and Stuart's company, I'd understand if it was like that but Chandler was Adam's, JR was always the heir, not dissing adopted children here, but JR should be fucking pissed w/ him, he wasn't no Chandler heir, he was some kid that Cindy god rest her soul, dropped into Stuart's life on his door step and he was loved unconditionally. I'm not saying Scott wasn't a "Chandler" but Chandler heir my ass. But F... him for even laying one bit off this on Annie's influence or the Chandler house, you knew who she was, subconsciously you dirty rotten hypocritical rat bastard, you knew what type of girl she was, you either accept her for who she was or move on, and what he did was whine, lay blame then move on. F... You, JR may be 10 yrs. younger than him but you know what JR didn't turn his back on his family, or run, Scott did.

Jen said...

Now on JR, Jordan papito, Ashley mamita, what is he doing wrong? how is he playing Annie? b/c he can't be seen in public w/ her? HELLO did we forget Marissa? *YOU SEE HOW EASY YOU FORGET HER* you know the evil Snatchalie looking b!tch that is using his kid as a war tactic against his social life w/ Annie. Here's what I see, JR isn't playing Annie, he's playing Marissa but feeling guilty that he has to hurt her in the end. JR is fighting for his right to be the man Annie needs/wants. JR knows what this is doing to Annie, but he wants that life w/ Annie, selfishly he wants her, he hasn't pushed her aside, he's making sure she doesn't cost him his son, b/c she nor he can deal w/ that, she's fragile right now and JR can't risk it.

Like it or not that's what's going on. This isn't b/c JR is all about the chase, I know he was that, just like his dad, but no Jordan that's not what's going on at all, when Annie was in the resteraunt JR cut what he was doing w/ Marissa just b/c she was there, even text messaging during meal, when she was about to call herself a ho, JR wouldn't let her go there, he told her "you know how much you mean to me" he made sure flowers that weren't hers were hers, he got her a room to stay in, bought her a tree, bought her canary gold earings, a prechristmas gift, that sh!t ain't cheap Ashley Mendoza, the next day she's making a big deal of an ugly ornament over her canary gold earings, you know how crazy that sounded? she got a canary gold bracelet too, but that's JR right now, wanting to spoil her, he wants to give her everything she wants and everything she doesn't ask for, when did he ever do that for Marissa?

Thank you, Amanda for pointing out how crazy she sounded for thinking it's more than what she sees or makes it out to be. I don't see her going crazy, she's just unjustly insecure/jealous w/ JR, b/c she's weighing herself w/ JR, she's all what makes me better or more important than Marissa? JR keeps coming home to Annie, JR keeps telling Annie what went on or what he has to do, the kiss on the cheek means nothing b/c JR isn't even thinking about it or flashing back to it, Annie is, so what that about? jealousy. She loves him, told him that, but JR hasn't said it back, he doesn't even talk about it, b/c to love someone like she is to him, someone who knows you? someone who gets you? someone who makes you feel like your worth fighting for? but makes you want to not only fight for them but against them and w/ them..that's deep and the last person he let in like that hurt him repeatedly, told him his son was dead and tried to run away w/ him and he hurt her, nearly killed her, and she died via that beautiful tornado of justice. JR is scared of going back there. It's easy to tell someone you love them and not mean it really and purely, JR w/ Marissa did just that, but to really mean it? feel it, know it. He's scared.

Ashley said...

Uh, I think I agree with you, Jen, on the Scott thing. Should have held my ground on that one. But I still think JR is a dolt for playing coy about not realizing that Annie would expect a ring in the box... I just can't root for them as much when they're "good" vs. when they're "bad." They're just smokin' hot when they're naughty, and snoozeville when they're all nicey-nice. Bleck.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Jen lol we are going to have to agree to disagree on Scott. The fact is Scott was attracted to Annie the minute he hit PV. He allowed her to play him. The whole skinny dip business and all that. When Palmer passed away and he wanted to tell the truth it was Annie who suggested to him to keep quiet. That is a fact I saw the scene. Yes you are right the bottom line is Scott made a choice a bad one and it is all on him but Annie played him. She married him knowing that she did not feel the same way. So the fact is no one is an innocent in all of this except Marissa. That is what makes it so much fun. These characters are human beings. They are not perfect they are flawed.

One of the reasons I'm enjoying RH so much right now. Jill and Frank are the star crossed lovers but Frank has a wife. It would be so easy to say Delia is the villan but she is not.

I hope I'm wrong but it seems that the writers are toying wiht the idea that JR may fall in love with Marissa. The way the scenes are being written.....I don't know but that again is why it is so much fun.

Jen said...

And there I will agree w/ you. They aren't in character right now, well actually JR is at times w/ Annie, Annie is stuck in after sex glow. She IDK how to put this, JR made a body feel very great, so great she couldn't hide the giggles from her daughter coming back from DC, and looked at that mirror in the hotel like he turned her into gold and was about to polish it all over again. Now the last epi. she's getting back to herself.

I don't see JR and Annie staying "good" saving the world, because they just aren't that. You can't good girl a somewhat crazy, bedhopping, killer. Just like you can't sell a good boy w/ a sane somewhat maniacal, possessive, rude-ass, ruthless cold-hearted at times to people SOB.

I think the whole point right now is that they are learning ea. other but aren't being fully honest, being careful b/c they are scared, well more in Annie's case is she is scared if she does the wrong thing or says something wrong JR dumps her like yesterday. And she told him she hates this plan, she told him she loves him that was the first few steps she took. JR it's all about being a coward to his real feelings, b/c that's commiting to someone, Chandler kryptonite.

And Ashley we know what happened there w/ the box, ofcourse JR had to somewhat know, I can't believe he just didn't know, we aren't that naive. Just like I didn't believe Erica was the shooter, I don't believe JR's gift was those earings, how about this, I think he chickened out. I think engagement ring was on his mind, he just chickened out.

Caleb w/ Erica is gonna add a new position called 'the pancake' b/c that's all I see possible. Poor Jackson, such a doormat.

Ryan/Greenlee/Madison = UGH!

I love Cara, I think Amanda has serious trouble coming.

And Griffin, I need to see more emotion from him, he's hot, he's latino but where is the feeling for this character, like Asher he's just there.

Jen said...

Jordan, he got played, but not blindly, his eyes were wide open. But I agree about no one being innocent here, not even Marissa who holds the Carey kids for hostages card w/ her.

I hope you are wrong about the Marissa/JR thing b/c that's just gonna upset people even more. JR fans have been wanting Marissa out of JR's life since she walked into it. The fact that Marissa is pushed as angst for Annie when there is Kendall & Amanda on this show, hell even Greenlee. It's just frustrating. But you know what, atleast there is possibilities.LOLs

I think 2011 will be a waaaaaay better yr. for AMC and I love the idea of Kendall the sinner ripping the priest collar off the holy one, and conflicted Dr.Magic.

Mel Got Served said...

Ashley, I'm so glad you liked my Christmas card, even if it scared the bejesus out of you!

I'm not completely through the show, but have some feedback.

The woman torn to the sworn-off love of a priest was one of my favorite Sunset Beach storylines. Gabi was engaged to Ricardo, but found herself falling for his hot priest brother, Antonio. When Gabi and Antonio found themselves near death, they gave in and made sweet sweet love... but it was caught on tape by the evil Francesca! Then Antonio and Ricardo's mother used the tape to blackmail Gabi into leaving Ricardo at the alter. They got married at some point anyways, but it was a hot story!

Damon's appeal, besides his great acting, was he brought Tad front and center and gave Tad some meat. This show never appreciates the talent of Tad anymore. No, we just get stupidass Caleb.

And as for New Bianca, the reason why you can't grow to love her and she's so dull is because she has no story. Why does she have no story? Because the poor actress was a revenge cast. Eden Riegel took a job at Y&R and then AMC decided the character should return, clearly out of spite because Eden kept saying she was done with daytime.

I love Cara aka Theresa Lopez-Fitzgerald.

Anonymous said...

It seems the rumours were correct. Kendall shot evil Dr. David. Ridiculous. And Erica making out with Fat Caleb? Disgusting.

I would still prefer Binks hanging out with Asher, rather than Caleb. Give him more ties to the show than a Cortlandt we barely know and Colby. And Binks could use some friends around her own age. Sure, Asher is young, but it'd be nice to see a lesbian that has a young, straight guy for a friend.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Jordan,

S'aana Latham is the actress in "Something New" with Simon Baker. I also liked that movie It was cute and sweet AND very real about the whole black girls-dating-white-guys thing.

I have bags under my eyes today from staying up way too late listening to you guys on the latest PVP episode. Jordan's work drama is so much more entertaining than AMC right now.

Thanks for the wonderful New Year present.

Terry in Toronto said...

"Something New" trailer

Shadow said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR PVP!!! Thanks for making me smile and laugh through a not-so-great 2010. Last year can Kiss-My-Ass. Here's to a successful, fun, rewarding 2011 for us all. And especially for AMC. I Floved the first couple of months of last year's AMC. Of couse, those were the months that Lorraine Broderick wrote featuring the Vets & Legacy characters-Brooke, Adam, JR, Opal, Erica, Tad, Liza, Hilary (at least conversationally), Come Back Jack, Palmer alive & dead, Bitchy Interesting Greenlee, Amanda, Jake, CSI Angie, Real Jessie (not Derek Frye Jesse) with a smidge of Nina & Daisy, and some smoking Annie (all that good stuff that led to the wedding was Lorraine), lots of historical references to Liza, Marian and Tad and other stuff. And icing on the cake-LessRyan and LessAnnoyingTeethNashingRyan (again thanks Lorraine) and NO-RANDI.

As soon as the Krapsman and Shitowski took over they blew it for me. Sure, it's better than Pratt but he's a total idiot. Who couldn't write a more coherent story than that effin ballhair Pratt! Right away all the fantastic legacy stuff Lorraine was writing was dropped. Tad the Cad turned back into Tad the Dad. David lost his smidgeon of humanity and started twirling his moustache again. Rylee returned in all its twisted hairy thonged Glory complete with WussGreenlee and TeethNashingRyan. Damon all but disappeared as did any reference to Hilary. Liza morphed into a boring WhiteLivia with nary a bleached dread for spice. Erica started over Big Fat Caleb. Asher and his nipples took over the Chandler estate. Krystal went from interesting coinhabitant and ex-wife of Tad~complicated~and potential love interest for Jack AND Big Fat Caleb to the Wanda Wolek of Pine Valley. And don't get me started on blind pregnant Angie flipping flapjacks in the dark in her apartment or dispensing Meds blindly at the hospital. Let's face it, K&S HAVE to write for Erica, Angie & Jesse. The characters are being written better than in recent years, but they aren't drawing on history or acting too much like themselves. I mean at what point will TVs first abortion recipient finally speak up and say "Kendall, did I go thru all that for nothing?? Freaking get on the pill. Buy a sponge. But stop fucking the town without protection.". And then Bianca. Could they have any less of a clue what to do with her? They totally don't see her relevance. Why is she living with Big Fat Caleb again? I have to put it out there. I'm bored. Lorraine got it. In fact, she fixed it. She even redeemed Damon who originally wasn't going to be a Martin or a focal character. That was Lorraine. Pratt was going with Bailey/Liza angle which Lorraine mercifully killed. K&S said they didn't know what to do with Damon. They didn't get it because they don't get AMC. What they are writing could be Any Soap-B&B, Days, whatever, but it isn't truly All My Children. So, I'm hopeful. I want to love it again. I like Griffin and Cara. Big Fat Caleb I was starting to like as a friend of Jerica, but I don't want to see him ball Erica or screw Jack over. As for Kendall, she needs to get it on with Friar Fuck not Griffin. Give Griffin to Amanda. I'd like to see Cara, hell anybody, put the moves on Binx before her box cements shut. And for God's sake, BRING BACK BROOKE FOR GOOD. We shall see my friends. Here's to 2011!

Anonymous said...

You are so right, Shadow.

There are so many people on this show that even I, a semi-new viewer, don't recognize. And there are so many people on the show floating around with no connections to anybody. Madison, anyone?

Speaking of Madison, didn't she come onto the show terrorizing Randi and Frankie? So why has she become an honorary Hubbard? She doesn't fit in with the show at all.

And we've spent a year watching Brot and Randi circle each other, and the relationship (are they together?) is nowhere to be seen. I actually think both actors are decent. But I'm not invested in their story when I only see them for one scene a week. If that.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yay! A new podcast so glad to hear from both of you, Ashley and Jordan. It's always a treat when you two take the time out to record a new show.

I have really been enjoying AMC lately. The Castillo's (sp?) are fabulous. I love Cara. I have never been a big Jake fan, but I want to see Cara and Jake get it in. Sorry, Amanda, but you are no competition for Cara. And Griffin is gorgeous, I don't even like men, but his face is just something out of this world. Kendall and Griff are going to make a great couple, if they go that route.

Asher is growing on me. Him and "Fat Caleb" (I can't get over how much I love that nickname Ashley) have good chemistry. He just needs to step his cookies up in the acting department, but all in all. He's not terrible. I liked when him and Colby made out, but once Damon is out of the picture I just don't know what the conflict between the two will be. Maybe, that's why they are setting up the whole "Adam is responsible for Sonya's death" story line? If played out correctly, that could be interesting. However, AMC playing a story line out correctly would be the most interesting thing of all.

New Marissa is good. Although, she looks more like Madison ginger twin as opposed to Babe's twin. Getting Alexa Havins back would have been a great coo for All My Children (no doubt they were trying), this girl is good enough for right now.

GREENLEE AND RYAN... Just please go away. I don't understand the constant need of TPTB to shove and stuff this sleep inducing couple down our throats. I pray Ryan cheats on Greenlee, with anyone. I don't even care with who at this point. It could be Tad and I would be happy. Just throw a wrench in this couple and move on.

That being said, I was enjoying AMC until today...
Today, I felt like I was watching All My Inceptioned Children. Seriously, I was more confused by today's episode than I was by the movies Inception for Mulholland Drive. Nothing made sense. Where did this come from. It makes me wonder if they were planning on doing this from the beginning of the story line. It just seems so sloppy. And WAY TO GO NotBianca for incriminating your sister with that dumbass jump to the left on the rooftop. Eden Riegel wouldn't have jumped to the left, she would have found a way to shoot from where Erica was standing because she is a Kane women and that's what Kane women do. Just kidding, but serioulsy, that was so stupid.

Sorry for the rant. Can't wait for the podcast to become weekly or biweekly, but in all honesty, I'll take what I can get from you two.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...
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Ms.CaseyShameless said...

PS- Jordan, I know you love music, so I want to get your thoughts on Nicki Minaj. Are you a fan?

Shadow said...

Now wait a minute Casey, "Big Fat Caleb" was mine but your "NotBianca" is genius!

Did Erica really take a swig today? Wouldn't it be great if her brother Mark could return as her sponsor to help her out? At this point without Mona and with all her kids woes and her confusion over Jack & Caleb, it's too bad she doesn't have a peer like her sibling to watch out for her, somebody who loves her unconditionally and can hold her accountable but who isn't having sex with her--someone she can reminisce with like Mark. Besides he could hookup with Krystal which would rekindle Erica's disdain for her.

Jen said...

The only deal w/ NuBinx is, she has no S/L. This is wasted talent b/c CBL can act, I'll go as far as saying she's the best current re-cast they have but you'll never notice it until they give her something other than playing the support bra.

DancingElf88 said...

Just listened to the podcast. YAY for a new one. You're thinking about Sanaa Lathan Jordan and I love that movie. I like Daniel Cosgrove as Scott too Jordan and Ashley. I like that he has a sense of humor and those scenes with JR were hot. As for NuMarissa I feel like she's trying too hard to be spunky or something. IDK...I'm not feeling her and I still don't care at all for the character at all. I still don't see the point to the character...she's not a valid character to me. Jake and Amanda are boring...I'd rather Amanda with Dr. Castillo. I just started watching AMC again this week so I haven't seen much of the Castillo twins. AMC just bores me...they focus on people I don't care about. I want Kendall to hate Greenlee and now they are friends again. I hate that they reunited.I want my Annie to go a little crazy again...she better not get pushed to the side for JR/Marissa 2.0. I like Scott...I've always liked Scott. I like NuBianca also...they need to give her a storyline. I actually like Brot and Natalia...they are adorable.
Still catching up on OLTL.
Ms.CaseyShameless I love Nicki Minaj. Sometimes those face contortions she does throw me off but it's her thing and I love the girl.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

LMAO @ Shadow... Krystal IS "the Wanda Wolek of Pine Valley"....

Mel Got Served said...

Good thing she's not in the credits or they'd be dated already: SOD just reported Shannon Kane AKA Natalia has opted to not renew her contract and will leave in February.

This better not backburner Brot- I've been enjoying their relationship.

SOAPFAN said...

Thanks for the spoiler MelGotServed! Wow, you can bet that Brot will be backburned, if not ejected all together.

I hated Natalia anyway. But good luck to Shannon Kane!

@Shadow...almost wet myself upon reading WhiteLivia..lolz

I have to say that while I don't love AMC, I don't despise it. Surprisingly I am liking Cara a lot, but mostly cause I love Lindsay Hartley.

I always hated Daniel Cosgrove. Thought he always looked old and bloated, and that he was boring. Surprisingly, he looked so slim and young in his scenes, and he had a LOT of chemistry with Jacob Young. They must have given him some Midol and Botox. Did anyone else get a sexual vibe from Jr and Scott's scenes? lol!

Really not liking the disgusting chem test between Erica and FAILeb. Their kissing was awkward IMO.

Sarah Glendening...I have two words. BO-RING! Why replace one weak actress with another? She has beady dead eyes, and she seems like an under five who just got a lucky break. My new name for her is NOrissa. And why the hell did they make her a redhead? It only makes her eyes look even MORE beady!

Loving the Cara stuff, and I even like JAKE(gasp). Lindsay Hartley can turn shit into sugar. Now would be an excellent time to bring back Kate Collins as janet to help take care of Cara for messing with her baby Amanda.

Loved the podcast, and Y'all better STOP messing with my Faith Catlin (Faith Coleridge). Yeah, she had a head like a dolphin, but I thought she was the most realistic as Faith a DOCTOR, and not one of those Beauty Queen barbies that played her before. Though I did like Nancy Barrett.

I don't know what is gonna happen to our AMC, but I'm glad to have more podcasts in 2011. Thanks Ashley/Jordan/Shadow/WMD

Anonymous said...

Today was another not bad day for AMC. Unless you count the Ryan and Greenlee stuff. Why the hell did he go to the hospital just have NuBinks tell him to go away? What was the point of that scene?

And according to Rumours/SPOILERS Liza and Damon will do the deed right before he leaves town. It's better than nothing, I guess, but what kind of fallout will it be when only one of the participants is still in town?

And I liked Shannon Kane. Didn't see enough of Natalia to care about her, but the actress was actually pretty decent. She'll be in a TYler Perry movie in six months, just wait and see.

And was anyone else excited for the return of David Vickers on OLTL? Just when you thought the show couldn't be any better!

Ashley said...

Okay, so I've beeen hopping around my AMC epys, and I just saw Monday. Dare I say it, dear bloggas, but I'm starting to like me some Fat Caleb and Erica! Good ending on Monday (although the twist is just twisted. Stoopit!!!!), and I liked me some Erica writing to our beloved Mona. That's gotta be LoBro. But cripey - you said it, Shadow! Erica takes a swig o' booze, and the world doesn't stop revolving? Tehn we get La Looch's best Bette Davis or Madea or whatever Jordan Hudson would observe. Chills, people. I felt dirty watching it - like bad porn. That shit need be reserved for the likes of Robin Strasser or Kim Zimmer. Serioiusly, Lo Bro, you gotta leave that stuff to the professionals or somebody could lose an eye.

Michael said...

Ah the PVP - the one addiction I have not made a resolution to conquer in 2011!
Ashley & Jordan, you guys are so genuine, so funny, so UH-MAZE-ZING. If loving you is wrong, I don’t want to be right. Thank you for the podcast!!

Shadow, I loved that last post. You bring such wit and joy with all your posts, the Universe owes you a year free of adversity at the very least.

Re AMC: I like Caleb, but the character was crafted as a low key bumble puss and it’s hard to see him getting so much screen time while veterans act as window dressing. The Asher kid is getting worse. He acts with his eyebrows to the point where he must have to ice them after a long shooting day.


Griffin is a ridiculous name irrespective of any ethnic background. And, it is not “quirky ridiculous” like Greenlee (or most of the cast of Santa Barbara) It is tired, 90’s Harlequin Romance protagonist silly. The actor is great though and the he is best new addition to the cast in years. His sister looks like the lead character in some video game aimed at horny teenage boys, but she is a solid performer.

Happy 2011 to All!!!

Jen said...

Greenlee continuing this lie is making me love! her again That's my Greenlee Smythe, it'll cost her Ryan but who cares 98' Greenlee is returning! WOOT! WOOT!

I actually did like Caleb/Erica, and Jackson in the dark.

Oh and the reverand vs the doctor, the battle to save Kendall.

The Priest vs The M.D.

I'm am god vs I'm god's messenger

I can save you vs No I can save her

Sex vs Confessionals

The stethoscope vs The holy cross

El tratamiento contra La Bible

I said 2010 was meh, but expect a waaaaay better 2011.

Annie and JR if they were written in character they'd have sex on Ryan's couch while Emma is sleeping. But right now it's angst so they probably won't.

Shadow said...

Watched the first Christmas episode finally.

Man, they give some crappy gifts in Pine Valley. Daddy Zach gave Spike his old hat. Daddy Ryan just took the lead.

Instantly I liked NuMarissa better than OldMarissa even though E-Babe is still an ill-conceived character.

This Father Clarence looks like Chester the Molester.

Really? The new Mexicans showed up at Christmas with tequila and tamales? I guess the Hubbards are en route with Collard Greens and Malt Liquor.

Speaking of the Hubbards, Madison reminds me of Steve Martin playing Navin Johnson in The Jerk. He was raised by a poor black family, but didn't realize he was white. "I was born a poor black child..."

Shadow said...

The next day...

Father Clarence looks like a Fat Old Billy Clyde Tuggle. Well, sort of. 

"Aye ya kno' Keyndall wat would make ya feel behta? Ticklin' the ol' kitty cat."

Erica talking about Kendall to Caleb was sort of cool. By the way, how many chins does Fat Caleb have? Or is it just a gobbler neck? 

Lucky for Asher Colby gives decent gifts. Adam gives certificates which sounds like him--efficient, impersonal. 

Father Clarence reads Erica's tweets. Ha. 

I would never get in a Fusion elevator or pee in a ConFusion bathroom. You'll get stranded in that brokedown elevator or shanked in the pisser. 

Rebecca Budig finally stepped it up for the elevator scene. She needs to lay off the Juvaderm or whatever makes her upperlip do that weird duck bill thing. And she needs to eat something. 

Wow, Erica is worked up. Jack's gonna get a hummer!

Jen said...

Asher got some horrible kicks from Colby

Madison got snow in her face

Greenlee got a tree w/ cards

I think Annie and AJ were the only ones that got good gifts.

AJ got those virtual reality race car wheels, Annie got some/earings/bracelet

Yeh I think the jerk JR was the only one who gave some good gifts to his ladies and kid. Step it up Pine Valley men.

Shadow said...

Erica cracks...

I love that picture of Mona behind Erica. In fact, I adore Mona period. I always wanted to hug her. She was so good at being exasperated with Erica. 

This Erica episode is shockingly good with a rewarding use of history, a bravura performance, tons of dialogue, nice music and good writing. Very different. Very good. 

Who needs plane crashes or CGI? Just give me episodes like this. And how nice for Walt Wiley to get some respect after Pratt shit on him. 

Thank goodness Erica finally got her own home again. 

I wish Erica would just thump David's breathing tube out of spite That picture of Kendall with the pillow is priceless. How convenient that Liza just had that file laying on David's lap. 

Sometimes I think Jamie Luner is a dude. 

Jack is going to screw this up talking to Erica like that. She gets around fast too. Hey, she isn't Bedazzled now. Guess the Bedazzled broke. 
In a few more years after a few more donuts, Fat Caleb can play Father Clarence. 

Holy Crap. Erica knocked on Kendal's door! Nobody knocks Pine Valley. That is so civilized. 

"So many hats to wear. Family leader..corporate Titan..inspirational icon..sober role model". --Erica Kane. (Honestly I was just impressed she could still lift that big bottle.)
Monday was a really great episode. Susan Lucci can still work it out. Very impressive. 

Norn Cutson said...

here's what DRS WITHOUT BORDERS really look like.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

OMG... this morning's Ryan's Hope.... Maeve and Mary's very frank yet open discussion about religion, losing one's virginity, and birth control... and this was 1975!

Such simple little scenes, in a dingy kitchen with two hysterics, no explosions, no Father Clarence.... perfection!Writers just don't know how to write...keep it simple, Stupid!

And no, the best Faith was Karen Morris-Gowdy...when she became the assistant in the treatment center, that profession fit that actress to a T.

Arizonagal said...

Damn you Jordan Hudson, after 35 years of never having even a minute interest in Ryan's Hope, I dipped my toe into the water when you said it was starting up again, and... I... love... it! I almost did not recognize Justin Deas, what a treat to see him that young. Wouldn't it be great if they started AMC and GL from the beginning?

Mel Got Served said...

As they say on Toddlers and Tiaras, GET IT GURL! Alexa Havins is going to be on Torchwood season 4. Big gig!

Arizonagal said...

Verla's ghost, that virginity conversation was like nothing I have ever heard on any soap, ever. It was so frank. I never had that discussion w/my mom (RIP ma), but I've come close with my daughter and it's just not that easy or comfortable! Ashley, wait until that time comes, it's so not fun.

Shadow you make me laugh. I too miss Mona. I cracked up when Erica told fat Caleb that she had Kendall at 14. That would make Eek about 44, no? I'm amazed Looch can still remember all that dialog at her advanced age. Unlike JordAsh, I do not always think she's aging gracefully. Too many nip tucks.

Arizonagal said...

Get out Mel! Alexa Havins on Torchwood? I will tune in for that, haven't watched it in awhile.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Arizonagal, I have to agree... never having been a part of a convo like that EVER, I'm only use to seeing those awkward moments played way too over the top and for laughs. Kate Mulgrew was just a phenom (I think I heard in an interview with Ilene Kristen that Kate was like 18 but playing 22...). I never understood my viewers HATED the other actresses who played Mary but having started this show with Nicolette Goulet (RIP) and now seeing Kate I can see that the recasts were trying to play Kate playing Mary...they weren't making Mary their own character (much like NuBinxs).

I officially hate SoapNet... my DVR doesn't record two channels at once so I've relegated taping OLTL on Saturday nights during their "marathon". Well last week with the holiday there were only 3 new episodes (Mon, Tues, Wed) and 2 old ones (Thurs, Fri). So since my DVR is inching closer to 96% I only taping the first three marathon shows (silly me thinking that if you have a Marathon you will show all soaps in order Mon-Fri). So why did I get the two repeats and only Monday's episode? Is Fronzie running SoapNet out of his garage? Is Randi his executive assistant? No wonder it failed miserably, they can't get their shit together!

Shadow said...

I used to watch Ryan's Hope just before AMC. It was a perfect 30 minutes. I was so young. I was alwas sort of bored whenever Maeve & Johnny were on. Not hot. But I was head over heels in love with Nancy Addison Altman who played Jill. She had those beautiful blue eyes, great hair, great voice She was gorgeous. I liked her Roger, Frank, Siobahn and a certain aristocratic air that totally turned me on. And I was so intrigued by Delia. Honestly I didn't always understand everything because of my age. Ryan's Hope didnt screw around. I think I thought Delia was retarded, but she could stir the pot like nobody else. Whenever it came on it was my cue to start

Anonymous said...

thanks for the podcast guys...hope we can get another one soon

hey jordan what bar do u work at , i would love to check it out

SOAPFAN said...

Just watched the New Year's episode, and lol..Oh Man...FatCaleb doesn't need to be eating french fries. Caleb, let Jr. have the fries, and share some carrot sticks with Miranda and Gaby!

Anonymous said...

Today was a pretty good day in Pine Valley. Binks FINALLY called her Mama out on Fat Caleb, and Chrissy showed she earned that part, and didn't get it just because she looks like Eden.

I'm enjoying Reverend Ricky and Dr. Griffin sniping at each other, and am coming around to thinking Kendall could do worse than sinning with that Holy piece of ass. I just wish they'd have him interact with some of the other cast. And today's scenes with Kendall and Griffin talking about Dr. David was good, and loved Erica walking in at the end.

Shadow said...

I was fell asleep in the middle of my last post about Ryan's Hope which is why it doesn't make much sense. Think I was just trying to say that Jillian was hot. Sadly, the actress died a few years ago.

Was Tuesday any good? I saw 15 minutes. Not bad but not like Monday. My favorite thing about Monday was that things didnt just happen to Erica. She showed perspective. She spent most of life seeking love and validation to cure the sting of being abandoned by her father. Erica didn't really begin to understand her mother's sacrifices until she had kids of her own. Now that Mona is gone & Erica has matured she's affected less by her daddy issues, and more by her a nagging insecurity that she isn't as good of a mother as she now recognizes Mona was for her. THAT kind of character revelation is great soap to me and far better than a fake sex scene, murder trial, headwound, babyswitch or other soap contrivance. I love the vets because they have the history to have those moments. I so want AMC and Frons to see all the glorious reviews and "get it". Funny I was just bitching about how unhappy I am with the show and unexpectedly they produce Monday's show. I feel the need to emphatically emphasize how great that was!! That was an episode worth repeating.

Jen said...

I have a question for the blog and I sorta need this answered by Jordan/Ashley on a future podcast or here.

I just finished reading something and had this discussion w/ my family and some friends. I read that if you ask any actor, happiness is the kiss of death to a couple. I found it a bit disturbing. And that makes me wonder if the age of supercouples and powercouples is over.

How is it back in those days soaps could write for a couple w/ heat and chemistry and not just destroy them in the usual 6 mth. arc limit that we have nowadays. It's an actual serious question. Marriages we like w/ a couple nowadays are broken w/ drama, marriages we hate drag on. I look at Angie/Jesse I would guess they are the exception to this on AMC 20+ yrs. and still going, I can't imagine anyone on the current canvas even going past 3 yrs.

Look at Jarissa, people can't stand that marriage, hate Marissa for it, yet that marriage drags on for JR. Since October 2009, still going, now we can't stand it, I'm telling you JR fans rip and let this poor girl that plays Marissa hear it over and over again, I know b/c I also can't stand Marissa.

Then there is David/Greenlee, not many people had problems w/ that couple, loved it but 6 mths. later kaput...I just IDK, am I the only one that feels that way? and an evil couple, especially those evil love to hate ones are always said to be wrong for ea. other, or never last and w/ fan backing, then what follows is some idiot writer comes w/ a cheating arc, a deception arc.. they can never have a happy moment b/c to root for evil on soaps is wrong.

I don't get it. Can someone add two cents about this, is there a type we are suppose to like and endure. So another words

Greenlee/David = No
David/Liza = No
JR/Amanda = No
JR/Annie = No
Bad Damon/Colby = No
Adam/Bad Brooke = No

Jake/Amanda = Yes
Ryan/Greenlee = Yes
Tad/Dixie = Yes
JR/Marissa = Yes
Kendall/Zach = Yes
JR/Babe = Yes
Tad/Good Brooke = Yes

The bad = person that doesn't know you, never does your life good

The good = person that does know you, accepts you *GAG ME!!*

I'm sorry it just doesn't sit well w/ me.

Jen said...

By the way, a fun thought here for your minds. Ricky vs Griffin.

Griffin hates him.

Lets think why Griffin would have so much anger towards a priest yrs. later... what possibly could a priest do to damage such a young Griffin before his adult hood. :D

Anonymous said...

Jen, I like the cut of your jibe, but I know that Kreizman doesn't have the writing chops to pull off a socially relevant story like that. Nonetheless, I would still love to see soaps deal with a molestation victim in a real manner.

donna said...

From Daytime Confidential and Jamey Giddens:

RUMOR REPORT: Is Brian Frons Courting Megan McTavish For All My Children?

Looks like the brass at ABC Daytime are just as frustrated by the state of All My Children as we are. Mouse House sources have told Yours Soaptastically that Brian Frons has allegedly already contacted controversial ex-AMC scribe Megan McTavish several times about taking over the reins of the show when David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski's contracts are up.

I'm hearing the former Guiding Light head writers' deals expire in March. I never thought I'd say this, but I wouldn't be opposed to a McTavish redux. Unaborted fetuses and poisoned pancakes aside, her stints at AMC proved much more watchable overall than anything Chuck Pratt or the Peapack Refugees have come up with and from what I gather ABC is really desperate to get a handle on AMC's writer situation.

At the very least, McTavish knows how to write the Kane women and Greenlee (Rebecca Budig), as my boy Luke Kerr has pointed out often on the DC podcast. Now you know the drill, ABC will deny every single word of this, but come on, how many times have I been wrong about The Mouse House suds (*coughs* Lucci's paycut, AMC moving out West, Jonathan Jackson's return as Lucky) ;-)

Jen said...

Shadow, the creator of Blandie and the worst family unit in the Careys might return. Your thoughts, you know how I feel about any Carey clan card carrying member. Miserable waste of screen time they are. On the other hand she knew how to write an evil JR Chandler that made Pine Valley look on w/ fear. I still hate her.

Anonymous said...

I've never seen any of McTrash's work, but I've heard the horror stories. Why is she always Fronsie's go-to-gal?

Terry in Toronto said...

I can't believe I'm saying this but I'm totally rooting for bad things to happen to Natalie, Fatalie, Liar, Cheat on OLTL. She has no redeeming qualities whatsoever!

Jen said...

armless-phelan, Because she's the only one that knows the history of Pine Valley. She knows it but has the ability to destroy it also.

Her worst destruction came w/ propping Rylee w/ Greenlee turning super homemaker on fans. And She created Zendall, JR and Amanda but threw that away for Babe/JR who someone in the know admitted she hated that union and that's why JR went all maniacal on that bitch. She wrote good family unions, but it was blown to hell propping that Brittney Spears and her mama to all of Pine Valley men and ruining RLs left and right.

Jonathan Lavery under her tenure was a wierd character, she kept teasing fans w/ Babe's death, hated Cady McClain personally b/c she had a grudge w/ her demands, then she killed off Dixie via poison pancakes. The Kanes were a wreck under her, Kendall lost her edge, she started the Kenlee union.

She's a buzz maker, but can ruin a ship for suspenseful arcs. Ryan nearly hitting Greenlee, all her version of his exit drama S/L in becoming his father. JR's off/on w/ booze. The bb switch S/L the S/L that just was too f'n much.

Oh and Jonathon 28 yr. old or so, killing Edmund Gray, Sam's father and then they thought it would make fans love Johnny even more if he and Lily, Jackson daughter w/ autism spectrum disorder, had a RL, Sam lost his dad b/c of Ryan's brother and lost his gf who he loved to a guy who came off as a child molester.

So much hits and misses w/ McTavish.

Arizonagal said...

Mctravesty eh? WTF, at this point I don't even care, whoever can make a good show, that's all I care about anymore.

When I'm watching the tube I find myself wondering "how did this person ever get a job on TV?" There must be a million more talented better looking people, how is this person employed? (Asher, Gigi, Rex, Fatalie, Randi to name a few) That's pretty much how I feel about TIIC on AMC. Is this the best we can do? Why do the same few dreadful names keep coming up and recycled. They get fired, then two years later they are rehired. None of it makes any sense to me.

I am catching up with AMC right now and loved the last few episodes. I loved Eek's mini breakdown at Kendall's, so true about having to be perfect all the time, exhausting!

Liked JR blowing that little horn at Caleb. It was only about 5 seconds, but it rounded out JR's character, gave him a little impish spirit of fun and lightened him the hell up for a minute. Any drama is better with a little humor thrown in and we get precious little of it these days in PV.

On OLTL, ahhhh, a delightful little morsel of David Vickers.

Anonymous said...

Thanks, Jen. I didn't start watching AMC until around the time Lorraine came back, so I've lost a lot of history.

Is she the one responsible for Zarf? Because everything I hear about the storyline comes off as highly offensive.

Nonetheless, if she can at least make the show interesting, I'll reserve judgement and give her a chance.

Jen said...

Zarf, was under the Satine Slayer S/L so yes. She was behind that. Terrible S/L altogether. But she he had some good S/Ls Ethan/Simone, Simone's friendship w/ Greenlee, Dani and Reggie's RL and how Dani's father thought Reggie was some punk kid. She created Trey, Leo and David's 1/2 brother. She made Vanessa Cortlandt. She has hits and misses, but her misses are just too much, she needs a bb sitter to her madness.

Jen said...

I got to say AMC this week was good TV not great, but so much more better than 2010.

Monday we had FatCaleb finally make his move on the scared Erica.

SL and AM in that breakdown to the bottle scene was interesting to watch.

Erica vs Liza is becoming a pleasure to watch. I'm wondering if we should make Jackson a love interest for Liza, and have her conflicted w/ David and him while Erica is not happy w/ it. They just have that Brooke/Erica feel.

Annie and JR shared some strong scenes this week.

Tuesday, she's sitting thinking NYE is a waste, JR texts her and tells her to open the door. I still remember JR telling Annie as the first make out is out the way.

I just came.. to say hi

Then later on that week she's trying to buy some time w/ him, goes to her Crazy Annie antics stops lying to JR.That convo. most of you didn't see.

Annie (carefully worried): I know... you don't have to tell was stupid

JR (holding back tears of frustration): Do you know how worried I was about you?

Annie: baby that's what I wanted... you to take care of me for a change...I'm sorry it was really selfish... I just wanted to have a second of alone time w/ you

JR: So you fake being sick?

Annie: ... please forgive me... I just needed to be w/ you

At that moment I realized how deep she loves him. Also you realize how JR does but doesn't get it.

That would have been my fav. scene until we got that Damon/Colby scene on Friday.

Damon (pissed): Right that's suppose to make me feel alot better.. he was, you were kissing him back!

Colby (defeated, crying): What?! no I wasn't

Damon: I was standing right there!... before you were all, oh he was kissing me I wanted nothing to do w/ him

Colby: I didn't want anything to do w/ him!

Damon: ok..but this time..

Colby: IDK it just happened

Damon: because you wanted it to!

Damon (at his peek giving AMC's head of ops the middle finger): Everything I have done! waiting tables..getting my G.E.D., taking that job w/ Liza, IT WAS ALL ABOUT YOU! to make you proud of me, to convince you that I was good enough for you! that us dating wasn't a mistake!

Forget about Colby and Ashley M.

Damon I'll take you.

See that is a guy that did everything for his gf not to spite (Prison rat Scott) people but for the woman he loves. Asher/Colby can not be bought right now. I still can't believe TPTB would let that kid walk. Hopefully they bring Finn back in the summer, it can happen, but that kid is needed back in Colby's life in a future date. I don't even want to hear another flipping word. He needs to be back.Asher can say anything and everything and still that can not touch Damon.

Anonymous said...

All My Children was great again today! Well, aside from the "was Zach murdered?" stupidity. Does this show really need another murder mystery? Ugh.

If nothing else, I think today showed that there might be a division in how AMC is handled by its two head writers.

There was the great Tad/Damon/Liza/Colby/Asher stuff in which you see all of these people that are hurt and feel bad for hurting each other, and then there was the Kendall/Ryass/Greenlee/Madison/Scott stuff, which was trite and forced.

There was obvious care to the Damon and Liza scenes, in which both felt bad and, rather than blaming each other like soaps often do, they both blamed themselves. And watching Liza try to convince Colby that she (Colby) had done nothing wrong because "things just happen" was heartbreaking.

It was also ironic, amusing, and a little sad all at the same time when Tad congratulated Damon at first for being a "playa." When he realized Damon had slept with Liza, though, I saw the guilt flash in his eyes. Michael E. Knight is a treasure and I can't wait for him and JaLu to play off each other tomorrow.

The less said about the other half of today's episode, the better. Madison is NOT a match for Greenlee, and they have to dumb Greenlee down so much it's ridiculous.

Mel Got Served said...

armless-phelan, I was just coming on to the say the same thing. I've finally caught up on AMC and just watched today's episode. The Damon/Tad stuff was amazing. It's a shame we're losing such a talent just to watch Asher (stupid f'ing name) walk around Pine Valley in skinny jeans.

Anonymous said...

Mel, you are right. Losing Damon was quite a blow to the younger storyline. What story is there going to be for Asher and Colby now? A recast of Petey, maybe? :/

I really do wonder if Finn left the show because of Brittany being fired, or because he was frustrated by his lack of story.

This show focuses on the same characters, and doesn't give the others anything to do until they leave. It's very disappointing.

Mel Got Served said...

IMO, his girlfriend leaving was strike one, but the writing was on the wall when Asher came and was tied to Caleb that Damon was being phased out and that was strike two/three.

Anonymous said...

Asher and Caleb have eaten the show, I agree. That's something I have to blame the writers for, though. Kreizman has a really bad habit of focusing almost solely on the characters he created.

On GL, he made it the "Harley and Jonathan Show" for a couple of years. I love Beth Ehlers, but she is no Kim Zimmer and cannot carry a show on her back. And I'm not a fan of Tom Pelphrey. I think he has a bad habit of overacting.

Kreizman writes only about what he wants to see, much like Guza from General Hospital. What the fans and actors want doesn't really matter. That's why there are so many new characters on the show in the short time he's been writing.

Still, Trent Garrett is a decent actor at best, but he's still league's better than Denise Vasi. I'm troubled that she's been popping up so much lately.

Jen said...

armless-phelan, I agree on Tom what's his name...I know JHud wants AMC to cast him, no hunny you don't. This guy is eh as an actor, he's good for 6 mths. of looking and then you got nothing.Now Daniel Goddard returning as Anton, that would be interesting.

You can totally see and feel which S/Ls are handled by the chip&dale squad (Marissa/Caleb)and which is LoBro and her contingent, Liza/Colby/Tad/Asher that was LoBro, I love how Colby mocks how Asher reacts and talks, Liza telling Colby we all make mistakes...oh sitt, when she finds out, god help hah' they need to bring that kid back. FW he needs to return 3-4 mths. from now. You can't leave it like that.

I actually liked the Scott/Madison/Greenlee angle, Greenlee is a bitch, Madison's dad is at the same prison, he was sent to Fed. prison. Nothing OOC there. Greenlee knows Scott, and now he's useful to her. We need a daddy to madison's bb, enter Scott for job. This is so scandalous and it hasn't even begun yet.

DK/DS are out the door soon, so these S/Ls right now, sit down, grab some some popcorn, prepare for angst, drama and some BS w/ Ryan but in the end it's gonna be scorchy.

Shadow said...

Here's the deal. There IS a division. There's the brilliant stuff Lorraine wrote and then there's all the shit the other two wrote. K&S didn't understand what Damon was about. In their defense, Damon was a terrible character until Lorraine took over from Pratt. Sure, she did some creative historical re-writing which I usually hate, but they had just given him a contract so she had to do something. Tying Damon to a legacy clan and mining history created a shitload of organic, genuine fan buzz. Everybody was talking and speculating about Hilary returning and talking about Tad's affair with Liza's mother years before, but while Lorraine was spinning Pratt's shit to shinola in less than a month clearly K&S were too busy pulling Fat Caleb and Asher out of their asses to notice or to study up on AMC history and appreciate what Lorraine was setting up. The instant they took over Damon died and JR and Annie lost their heat. It almost makes me wonder, if Lorraine wrote Greenlee and Ryan would it work? It's so obvious when she works. Had K&S written Damon/Liza they probably would have blamed eachother which is paint by numbers predictable. Suddenly Liza is so nuanced. For weeks she's been all one dimensional Alice the Goon hovering over David. But when there us a special arc or episode to write-Palmer's memorial, Adam's departure, Erica's letter to Mona, Damon boning Liza, Lorraine takes the helm and it's sublime. How Frons and Carruthers continue to be involved in AMC is truly a great mystery. They are the constant from McTavish to Eisensen to Pratt to K@S. Stars and writers have come and gone. At what point does someone say, "you two sort of suck at this so we're going in a new direction without you".

Susan and Elyse in Toronto said...

Happy New Year!

Jordash, lets hope that this year brings either or both of you to Canada for a visit. Loved the podcast and you certainly are moving up in the world with your new studio space. We are very excited about the prospect of weekly if not bi-weekly podcasts, it’ll be nice to back full time. You have built such a strong community of people you had to see that dissipate. The podcast was great, funny and irreverent as always.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

We are happy with nuScott (Elyse’s favorite Scott) but dislike nu melba-toast Marissa. The girl is either so bland she bores you to sleep or she is so over the top with her facial expression and heavily lined eyes it’s distracting.

I have to disagree that Jacob Young seems lost in the role of JR, he is in command and powerful finally Adam Chandler’s heir. Like Adam he wants to have his cake and eat it too and somehow it’ll never blow up in his face.

We do agree that there are many characters on the canvas that they are not writing for, ones we only see snippets of but never enough feel invested in their lives.

As far as Kendall goes, like it or not and we don’t she STILL has palpable chemistry with Ryan more so that he and Greens will ever have. Rylee part 455 is just beating a dead horse. Also when did the door prize for living in P.V be having one of Ryan’s kids- everybody has one.

LOVED Damen and Liza, sorry to hear he’s gone, but he is an incredible actor that will go on to bigger and better things. Can’t wait to see today’s episode where Tad will confront Liza.

They have to address Frankie and Madison, who are VERY hot together. He needs to dump Randi and hook-up with Madison, he can be yet another man to raise one of Ryan’s kids, Daddy Frankie anyone.

BTW Zack deserved the title Daddy Zack, because he was more of a father to that kid than Ryan ever was. He fought for that boy at every turn, where as Ryan just went on to spread his seed elsewhere.

Enough of my musing I have to go to work now. Love you all. Jordan and Ashley enjoy your latest snowstorm.

Jen said...

Elyse and Susan, TY for reminding me. JHud, man where the hell are you & Ash. I had to do a double check and finally remembered. You said Jacob Young looked lost out there? or was slipping? DC was owned in that scene in jail, had fire w/ JY after he was eh w/ SG.. but JY was not rattled at all. There was a point in that convo. JY improv'd JR's smugness and did that suit sniff, throwing the "me and Annie over?" card and Daniel was literally rattled. I can't explain the disgust he had in his face that he actually went there.

He is finally Adam Jr. there is so much darkness in him, and JR is embracing it. Still vulnerable but very smug/powerful, he's in control and deep down inside he loves it. Even if it blows up in his face he knows it's his choice.

So not only did JR make Annie a human being w/ strength but vulnerability, but he gave the character of Scott Chandler some balls, b/c now I can actually see Scott causing trouble for Greenlee. I can see him falling for both Greenlee and Madison, and he injects life into them, including Ryan.

Marissa is a lost cause, I don't see much in her, but again it's too early and IDK what's her point.

Anonymous said...

Another good day of AMC. Not as good as yesterday, but still much better than it has been. I even liked the scenes with NuMarissa! I think Sarah is settling into the role nicely. I still don't get why Marissa's on the show, but if she's going to be here I'm going to have to try to enjoy her.

And I thought she did a fantastic job getting smacked in the face by the door. :P

Watching Annie go crazy is a little iffy for me. MCE is doing great work, but the writing is nowhere near the level of Marty's on OLTL, so I have to wonder if Annie is always going to be a hair's breadth away from snapping over petty jealousy. It's seems like a weak reason to regress a character.

Tad was great, and I thought his scenes with Cara were nice, but I was distracted wondering why she had medical supplies in a restaurant/cafe. It didn't make much sense. I do appreciate her burgeoning friendship with Kendall, though. They're doing with her what they've kind of failed to do with Randi, Madison, and (kind of) Marissa: they're giving her relationships outside of her primary storyline.

The only real complaint I have is with Asher. Trent seems to have gone to the Michael Easton and Trevor St. John school of acting by having the same facial expression in just about every scene. While Colby was throwing all kinds of emotions at him, he could barely keep up. He really is the lost Ford brother.

As for OLTL, I was very nervous about them taking Marty from bitchy crazy to batshit crazy, but Susan Haskell is really selling it!

SOAPFAN said...

I have to say, the show has not been bad the past few days. I have been riveted by the Tad/Liza/Damon/Colby material. Jamie Luner knocked it out of the park, I just wish she would lay off the botox.

Melissa Claire Egan does crazy pretty well! I hate what they are doing to Annie, but MCE can sell it to me!

I cannot stand NuMarissa. I was cheering when she got knocked the eff out! Put that door on contract!

I am hearing that Brot (Jr. Martinez), and either Annie(Melissa Egan) or Krystal(Bobbie Eakes)may be out soon. AMC is trying to hire a big name actor as a stuntcast and 2 people will be let go/quit.

Jen said...

MCE isn't going anywhere. JY and MCE's S/L is developing, thier pairing is being promoted by SN.

BE has no S/L and there are rumors of VI leaving and DM not wanting to return b/c of S/L. Lately they showed Jackson w/ Liza, they might leap Krystal/Jackson for Liza/Jackson and do Liza vs Erica.

VI is said to be undecided. DM just took a leave and might be getting courted by Y&R for all we know.

Door hitting Marissa, Chandler door = my fav. on set co-star for Marissa.

Anonymous said...

Debbie Morgan would be crazy to go to Y&R. Their black folk get even less airtime than Opal!

Besides, Real Andrews from General Hospital just got a job on AMC, though whether it's a contract or recurring is up in the air.

As for Bobbie Eakes, if she does leave, Brad Bell would probably take her back on B&B which is duking it out with OLTL for best soap. She had a pretty big role before moving to Pine Valley, and her character ended on a pretty vague "did she die or not?" note.

NuMarissa is getting better and better, actually. She's never going to be of the same calibre as Alicia or Debbie Morgan, but Sara seems to be finding her niche in the show as the bitch that isn't insane. I'm liking her.

Today was another decent day. I'm shocked, because we might make it a full week without me wanting to punch someone other than Ryan. But punching Ryan is pretty much mandatory at this point.

And I heard that McTrash really isn't interested in coming back because of how she was let go the last time. I'm just hoping that they let Kreizman go and Donna has the run of the show, or they hire one of the out of work Head Writers from the 90's. Or promote from within! OLTL did that and Ron Carlivati has a wonderful show full of history running!

But if things keep going the way they are, Pine Valley might just be safe for a few more years. The show is good, and the holidays gave it a nice little ratings boost. And I don't see anymore ABC soaps getting cancelled until Soapnet goes off the air, at least.

Jen said...

Debbie Morgan on Y&R would get more screen time. On AMC she's said not to be happy w/ the whole blind Angie S/L and that's why they granted her a long hiatus.

As for AMC they still have some things to work on.

1. This Marissa is annoying me, it's making me wish Annie finished her off. And JR is too soft on that woman, the woman that played tug of war w/ his kid and cont. to be a character completely hated by every board in strong numbers yet David Kreizman has this fetish w/ this actress and the sh.. that she saids in interviews do not make people like her any better. Denise Vasi's Randi is loved more than Marissa, fix it AMC.

2. Annie & JR I have an idea after watching tonight where this S/L is going. If it goes there it's the birth of a potential supercouple if it doesn't and does the exact opposite ABC might as well drop AMC because that would be a huge blow to a real fan fav couple w/ potential staple gray characters, we're talking rebirth of the Chandler dynasty at risk here if they do the stupid option.

3. Scott via Cosgrove whether it's Madison or Greenlee, like I said this S/L has so much juice and intrigue but it is in the early stages. And why isn't Marissa in this equation? here is where it would make sense down the line. Her character is that of a Becca Tyree, a pest in her own normalcy.

4. Jake/Amanda finally this is going to be interesting, in the end I think Amanda loses Jake and her sanity. It's funny b/c Cara is not over Jake yet Amanda is not viewing her as a threat. And he's rekindling thier past behind Amanda's back.

5. Liza/Colby that mother/daughter relationship is gonna be shaky.

6. Jackson/Erica/Caleb and eventually Liza or Krystal will enter this mix.

Possibilities but com'on AMC get it right. Feb sweeps is on the way, you either gain more fans or lose them w/ the next 3-4 weeks of S/L. AMC has not been renewed people, it's the only ABC soap not renewed. This is serious stuff.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I am sure a lot of you have already seen this SNL skit, but I saw it for the first time tonight and found it absolutely hysterical. It's from when Susan hosted the show in 1990 and I think she does an impeccable job in this particular skit (probably because she is basically playing Erica Kane, but whatevs). Anyway, for those who haven't seen it or for those who have and want to see it again here is "All My Luggage".

Jen said...

I have to say this, the insider that leaked DM being courted by Y&R and not liking some of her S/L on AMC also revealed that's going on but Debbie's leave of absence is health related. (cross your fingers)

Anonymous said...

Ugh, new AMC spoilers seem to ruin all of the good will the show earned this week. Now I want to punch Ryan so hard he hits Evil Dr. David, and then ricochets into Kreizman so all three are taken out!

Jen said...

LMAO, you know I know 1/2 this blog is like in fear of Megan McTavish, but I'll say this, she atleast knows how to write romance. No one can say that these GL hacks right now know how to do that. I laugh my ass off when I read thier previews about not having wrote new romances yet, when have you written romance at all in 2010? they don't, they are hacks! show hacks!

Jessie/Angie have no romance

Scott/Annie were painful to watch

Ryan/Madison were the only thing close and that was ruined

JR/Annie are being saved by JY & MCE's hot chemistry w/ ea. other.

Frankie/Randi are nonexistant

FatCaleb/Erica don't even get me started

Damon/Colby had 2 or 3 days and it was blown up and he's on his way out

Liza/Tad were eh

David/Greenlee were destroyed

Ryan/Greenlee is unbearable

Jake/Amanda are disgusting together

Asher/Colby past looks aren't anything special

I know some people don't like MC T..but she can write romance. See Reggie/Danielle, see Ryan/Annie, see Zach/Kendall, see Gillian/Ryan, see Leo/Greenlee, see Ethan/Simone... so again I ask would it really be that bad? Where is love in the afternoon? where the hell are they going here? it's running around, and running around and running around.

Fire these hacks already. Let Lorraine take over or Addie and let them choose thier HWs. Some of this is horrible.

Jen said...

And before Jordan compares it to Pratt, yes Jordan I understand that it's better than Pratt, but that's like saying Lindsay Lohan is a better bet than Brittney Spears not to pop.

There are possibilities, but they can't reach what we need. They can't give you what you need. It's a like a so so RL and then you realize they just can't give you what you need. They give you promises, possibilities but will never ever satisfy you like you need.

You're doing all the work not them.

I look at the possibilities of romances

Scott/Madison, Ryan/Madison, Scott/Greenlee, Annie/JR, Kendall/Griffin/Ricky, Colby/Asher
Jake/Cara, Amanda/Griffin, Jackson/Liza/Krystal Erica/Caleb...w/e it is these people need to go. Thier plans to stretch out a SL is the only thing that should stay, but besides that no, they can not write my 2011 possibilities. Consider me one of the cork poppers when they finally get released.

Stacy said...

okay, admit it...who here cried their eyes out at the flashback of Stuart and Scott on Friday? Me, me, me!!!

Shadow said...

No way! AMC used a flashback? I gotta catch up. Or maybe just FF.

Stacy said...

not JUST a flashback, a Daniel Cosgrove/David Canary one! I was actually hoping that now that he was back we could also see some more. He was on during my donut hole, who was he linked to?

Arizonagal said...

Daniel Cosgrove is puurrrfect as Scott! He generates steamed heat with everyone in his orbit - Annie, Greenlee (did I just say that?), Marissa, Madison... He's the right guy at the right time. So sorry to see Damon going. AMC has been great this week. JaLu brought it. She's not Beth Chamberlain, but she's pretty damned good.

Ashley you were right, she would have been a great cougar in a real SL with Damon.

Is it just me? I can't stand Asher, he's not just boring, he's a doofus.

It's been a sad week in Tucson. I know these things happen everywhere, but when it's in your back yard, when children are hurt, when it's so random and senseless, it hurts. I appreciate this blog so much, people here get so involved, so many different POVs and yet we all keep it pretty civil, full of humor, and respectful. HUGS to you all.

Shadow said...

"I wish there was something I could do" Liza says pulling Damon's head to her breast. Is she gonna let him motorboat?

Damon looked so panicked after having sex w/ Liza. It was less "Crap, I had sex w/ Colby's mom" & more "Holy shit Jamie Luner really is a dude!". Then Liza was so apologetic like, "I'm SORRY Damon. I should have told you about my penis first".

Shadow said...

I'm watching Colby pouring her heart out to Liza and thinking about "There's Something About Mary". Too bad Liza's bangs weren't spoodged up in the front.

Shadow said...

Granted Adam was a crappy father, but he never had sex with JR's girlfriends. This thing with Damon made the Liza & Colby dynamic much more interesting. Tad & Damon were great too. Tad gave Damon good advice, but I kept waiting for Tad to ask Damon if "Liza did that cool thing with her tongue".

Shadow said...

Too bad ABC didn't re-air Tad, Liza & Marian from 25 years ago. That was amazing.

Shadow said...

NuMarissa is StillAnnoying. CosgroveScott is a much better
fit than MayfieldScott.

Stacy said...

Oh made me laugh so hard this morning that I sprayed coffee all over myself! Liza as a dude...I feel a new nickname coming on....that is a a challenge to all of you bloggers out there! I'll go first..."Guyza?"

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

A new podcast should be up Monday night where we talk AMC the Brilliance that is Florencia and Laura and the insanity that is my job at a legendary gay bar that lives up to it's name.

Anonymous said...

Stacy, Guyza makes me think of Guza, which makes me think of just how hot a mess General Hospital is these days.

And I know Jordan and Ashley love Glee, but that show did NOT deserve to win a Golden Globe. Kreizman is a better writer than the hacks helming that disaster.

Shadow said...

I just wish award shows would quit encouraging Diane Warren. Her songs are the worst!

Shadow said...

How's about our man Brot scoring on a virgin? Didn't see that coming. I guess I'm glad they didn't go all after-school special on us, but she basically told him she's a virgin and immediately dropped trou and assumed the position. I wonder if on Monday she'll be walking kind of funny?

Shadow said...

Brot should just be walking around with a stupid grin all week. You know Taylor didn't give it up--That girl was ice cold. Poor Brot was hurtin'.

Stacy said...

I did not understand that storyline at all. You admit you are a virgin and BOOM, just go for it? No talk about what her fears are? How he will be gentle with her? How maybe it would be better to just rip off that virginity band aid all at once? and on top of it, she is leaving? Any ideas if they are recasting the roll? I still can't get over the fact that Jessie was gone 20 years and came home with a 25 year old daughter.

Mel Got Served said...

Stacy, you're giving them too much respect. Jesse was gone 20 years and returned with a 19 year old daughter. Meaning, he basically banged another lady as soon as he peaced out. Stupid Pratt.

Shadow said...

Knowing AMC Natalia is pregnant- because nobody in Pine Valley uses birth control or practices safe sex, and all single PV women must breed which is ok because all PV men pay their child support and group parent their children just like Daddy Zach & Daddy Ryan. Remember when PV bore some passing resemblance to reality?

Jen said...

That Brot and Natalia S/L was such garbage. I'm sorry but...

1. They had no chemistry
2. They were boring
3. They were super backburnered
4. I really didn't care
5. She's leaving any way!

What in blastery was great about that S/L? they missed the best oppurtunity to reveal that Natalia was in the closet. You're a 25+ yr. old virgin? ok and you jump in the sack w/ a guy you've known what 6 mths.? Such bullspit. Angie had to cheerlead, Jesse did the,'you think it's because of your scars?'

Scarface? you think it's b/c of that? I love JRM's acting but the S/L was such blahhhhhhh

Anonymous said...

If AMC were smart, which they're not, they'd keep the money freed up from losing Daman and Natalia and use it to play the vets they have more. Instead, we'll probably get a storyline where we find out Randi is actually Erica's long lost black daughter. O_o

The show is in LA, can they PLEASE bring Skye Chandler back? Erica needs a good rival, and JaLu isn't cutting it.

Anonymous said...

I loved AMC today, even if for all the wrong reasons.

First of all, Opal was back in all of her over the top glory, and I loved it. What I didn't love was Erica and her talking about how hot Fat Caleb is. Unless they were talking about him roasting over an open fire during a luau.

And I couldn't help myself, but when Ryan was on the beach, sitting on a rock and we got that shot of him from behind, I kept looking for his thong's glorious return. Sadly, he seems to be avoiding any of that as he seemed to be wearing shorts under his jeans.

I did cut out halfway through to watch B&B, but there was no Madison or NuMarissa today, which was surprising. Most of the characters were of the legacy variety. It was rather nice, even if the overall stupidity was its usual self.

Unknown said...

What I want to know is if Ryan was sitting on a beach in California after investigating the crash, how did Greenlee get there so fast from Pennslyvania especially with the 5 1/2 hour flight and time difference and arrive the same afternoon?