Monday, November 29, 2010

Comings and Goings

First of all, thank you, Sir Shadow, for your recent post. If I didn't have a new podcast to share, I'd be piggybacking off of you, my talented friend!

And whilst Jordan may not be agreeing, I, dear Sir, wholeheartedly do! Our All My Children has bit a bit dreary for this weary mom of toddler twins. (Can you believe that Jesse and Essie are 18 months old?) *But* - an this is a big but! - it's getting better, people.

I loved the new hot guy entrance (can't remember his name for the life of me, but dag! I remember that face, and Jake's punch!), loved David bustin' into the courtroom (horribly contrived, yes, but fun), loved me some Damon lending an ear to our hot-mess Liza, and really, really still love Annie and J.R. (though I needs me some more Annie crazies. Don't need any more "Greenlees" on the show!).

Jordan finds lots more to love about our little show, but you'll have to listen to find out. Still a few hot spots with the sound, so y'all are officially warned, but we're getting better, I think.

So happy to be with you post-Thanksgiving, and hope you'll stay with us as we talk anything AMC (and anything else your little hearts desire) here.

11/26/10 Podcast


Elizabeth said...

Hooray for the new podcast! I missed you guys more than I can say! I'm so excited to hear that you might be going to the weekly format again. Love you both!


Shadow said...

Ok, so I flew through a week of episodes. Alicia Minshew was great with her great big ugly breakdown. Nice use if Chrissie Lind too. They need to give her some good material of her own. Marissa is good with the water works and snot bombs too, but I'm not going to miss her much. Nice to see Jamanda have some issues. Seriously though, like she's really going to let some random dude work on Jake's car. Lucci was giving her all and really trying HARD to close her eyes! I still don't get Liza crying so hard over Zach. She was squalling so hard I was afraid she was going to fart. The best scene for me was Liza pushing back at Opal and Opal telling her off. Forget Kendall. Griffin needs to hookup with liza

Ashley said...

"She was laughing so hard I was afraid I was going to fart." LMAO!

BTW - I thought I *heard* a fart on my hi-def television. So ASS-toot, Shadow!

Arizonagal said...

The only bright spot last week was Alicia Minshew. Loved her performance. IMHO she was the only who got it just right. Lucci just doesn't do drama very well, not since her ma died.

Discodan said something interesting about Zach finally paying for Josh's death. For a moment I was thinking "who's Josh?" But when I remembered I thought maybe there was a little karma.

RIP Frank Drebin.

Stacy said...

"Discodan said something interesting about Zach finally paying for Josh's death." Well, you know, Josh WAS a pilot...maybe his ghost helped steer the plane!
Oh, what I wouldn't do to hear Taylor's impression of Josh again!!! Seriously though...does anyone REALLY think Zach is dead?

Elizabeth said...

After watching yesterday's episode I seriously can't wait until you guys go to the weekly format again. I could just imagine what Ashley would have to say about them having a children's Thanksgiving pageant in bar. That stupid Confusion set should have stayed in NYC. That was just REDIC!!!!!!

Shadow said...

It seemed to me that Lucci wanted to sob and all that but couldn't outwit the botox. When she and Ryan were telling Kendall about Zach's death there was a weird line across her forehead and her eyes seemed to actually get bigger the more she tried to squint out a few tears. She looked more tired than anything. I think she just exhausted herself trying to blink.

Ya'll know I love her. I say all this with love and affection.

So my point about Griffin was that he and Liza should hook up. I can see the character of Liza going for a respectable doctor--sort of a Greg type that Enid would have liked with the hotness Marian would have liked. Liza and Griffin just look like they could get it on. If we have to have Jamie Luner in the role, than she needs to be naked more. She's too stuffy and controlled. I don't want her to whore around on craps tables, but she needs to move past Tad. I'd prefer it if Kendall stayed unattached for a while and returned to her uber-bitchy single self.

Shadow said...

Not a great day. I blew out my knee over the weekend and it was killing me on the way home from the office. I was listening to the podcast and just spit out laughing when Ashley mentioned BFC aka Big Fat Caleb. I think he's lost a few pounds--like maybe he's getting the gravy on the side now. And u still don't get the potty Boo Boo Kitty lip thing he does when he's sad like Laverne & Shirley used to do. He's just not a leading man and Erica wouldn't go for him. He has no charisma.

Jack was a crackup today. Did y'all see him try to throw that table? He opened his eyes wide, yelled "Auurrgghhhh" and moved the table about an inch. Let's just say that Hayward didn't look too worried.

Why did Erica have to shoot Hayward?. Why was Hayward even out of the jail transport? Nobody gets to keep their belongings in jail so how did he get the cash to pay someone.

Shadow said...

Just seems to me that Jack should have shot Hayward or Jack could've been shot accidentally when the gun went off. And how about that acting job ad Hatward fell to the ground? I thought it looked more like an epileptic seizure. I can't believe they just brought Hayward back just to kill him again and piss off Irizarry fans all over again. I'm not one, but there are plenty!

It didn't seem like there was much to the school performance. It's as if Emma and Spike are the only Kidd at the school. Plus, what bar does fundraisers?

Shadow said...

What bar does fundraisers for private school-ish kids.

GhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Jordan, are you watching the Ryan's Hope rewind?

Great podcast guys, already listened twice! :)

Terry in Toronto said...

Welcome back Ashley & Jordan!

We missed you and I'm so glad for the new episode. I was in heaven when I saw that something was downloading from you guys.

Thanks for brightening so many days with your warmth and wit.t

Arizonagal said...

Okay, I admit it. I sometmes watch the Millionaire Matchmaker on Bravo. And, every time I watch I keep thinking that Jordan should be on the show. Jordan, go for it, you are the total package with your charming personality and hunky bod and knowledge of all things pop culture and otherwise.

Shadow said...

Verla! Yay!

How about this for stunt casting? Bring back Carol Burnet as Verla for some reason that involves Brooke and Jamie. I would love that.

Lisa Richards said...

hi guys. thanks for the new podcast. still listening to it right now but just wanted to comment that ashley wondered where the cave scenes with ryan and greenlee were supposed to be and how he can be wearing a tshirt. it was off the west coast of california on "some island". i assume the Channel Islands. it's totally within reason for tshirts. i live at the coast in california and we are still wearing shorts here, lol! the fire at night would be necessary though for sure.

I have to disagree with your remarks about caleb's weight though. he looks "real" to me. there's enough eye candy with rock hard abs on that show. in fact, there needs to be more characters with heft, lol. maybe not totally obese but "real". to me kendall is not "real". in real life she looks like she would be in treatment for anorexia. but if there is room for a super skinny character why not someone who is more average?? i noticed in one life to live there are "people of weight".

also, i am one of those who enjoy david although they have really screwed up his character. so glad to see him back but don't know how in the world they can redeem him.. all i know is i HATE ryan and greenlee together..ughhhhh


GhostofVerlaGrubs said...

Hey Shadow!
Oy! I loves me some Burnett but I gotta agree with Ashley about her recent Glee stint. It was just bad, and not only her performance but the writing I think let her down too... and yes, she has had a pull here or there.
BUT get LoBRo to pen it, and I think it'll work. Something like a lost will was found in the abandoned Wallingford Mansion (after Damon and Asher get into a brawl and the place goes up in flames) and it summons back Brooke, Jamie, Verla, Lincoln, and dun dun dun Hilary!
The will actually leaves the Wallingford fortune to Damon (due to langley's wish to provide more for his daughter's children then he ever gave to her).
In the meantime Verla and Opal can get into some hijinxs before she flies back to Paris to her french husband.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Verla of course I'm still wtaching Ryan's Hope I never saw the show from the beginning. That queen Elis was right thou that first Faith is I wont say what he said. lolol. I did admit that Carol was not 100% on Glee. Don't know if it was the materail thou. I think another problem is Jane Lynch is on top of her game and when your working with someone who is on you ahve to bring your A game.

Okay after rooting for AMC in the new podcast I have to say I'M NOT AMUSED. What the &^%$ was up with Mon and Tues episodes. It was so Mcprattish. I felt like we took four steps back. While yes it was fun watching Susan find her inner Pam Grier and rock out with Foxy Kane. They honestly couldn't give us a holiday episode with out someone being shot.

GhostofVerlaGrubs said...

Jordan, Faithless (Faith #1) on RH must be the mother of Brianne MonGRIEF with that 6 head she's got going.... from what I hear she'll only get worse before being replaced with my Carolyn Stoddard from Dark Shadows....

Eric said...

thanks for a new podcast guys!
so excited, christmas came early!

Ashley said...

I'm with Shadow - I seriously thought we were being punked this week on AMC.

Love you too Lizzie! (And Eric, Verla - you two makin' me blush!)



Ashley said...

So good to hear from you, TnT -- Hope you had a Happy Thanksgiving!



Mel Got Served said...

Still haven't watched the show... I might be taking the Terry in Toronto route and just sticking to the PVP and blog.

Mel Got Served said...

I also need me some Good Wife. Withdrawal!

brtedi said...

Is it just me, or was that one scrawny, bouquet of flowers Kendall tossed into the ocean? And, just how did Greens and Kendall get to that California beach so fast anyway? Who flew them in---the Spirit of Christmas Present? LOL!

Echo de Savoy & Reva Shane: the slut of Springfield and now the slut of Llanview…The more things change, the more they stay the same.

Dani Austin said...

Hello, this is my first time posting here. I love your podcasts more than AMC but I still keep up with it. JR and Annie are my favs. Alicia was okay in the "this is your Emmy reel" crying scenes post Zach's death. They were just okay not powerhouse to me. Rylee is horrible and Frons really needs to let that pairing just die already. Wish they would give Jesse and Angie a better storyline since they are the ONLY black supercouple in soaps. Still love Damon and Colby although Damon and Liza would be interesting. Shades of Marian, Liza and Tad. On to OLTL which I keep up with but am not a huge fan of. But I love your rants on Snatchalie and Gigi. They are horrible characters and the actresses are two of the absolute worst. Melissa Archer is awful and I watched Days when Farah was on and she stunk there too. I think the problem with Inez is that Jessica will always stand out as being miscast. She's too young. Heck she should be doin' Bobby Ford instead of playin' his momma. As you indicated Jordan, Jessica is an understated actess. I understand that as a viewer but I think the problem with her is she is understated all of the time. Sometimes you need to be boombastic. The scene you referred to where she saw the father with the boys and told them to pack their stuff they were not staying there would have resonated alot more to me if she was more emotional and I felt her sense of urgency. This is a mother protecting her kids from the abuser who hit her and threw her out when she was pregnant, who she knows beat both of the kids she abandoned and she should have emoted more to me. Not just comNot necessarily screaming and ranting but something to make me feel the fear in her as a mother for her babies. Anyway, my favorite line of the podcast was unrelated to any of the shows. It was Jordan describing his return to his job at a legendary Manhattan bar. You said "different cast but the same horrible Chuck Pratt script." I laughed because I am now using that to describe all bad workplace scenarios from now on. Love your podcasts and I want more.

Longtime Lurker said...

Love the podcast! Thank you guys so much for taking the time to do it. Please get another podcast out as soon as possible!

As for the show...

The good stuff first: J.R. and Annie are the best things on right now. I think Jacob Young and Melissa Claire Egan are doing excellent jobs at playing really messed up, but lovable characters.

An Asher/Damon/Colby triangle could be good, with a little Slutty Liza thrown in the mix to get it on with Damon.

The Griffin/Cara/Jake/Amanda stuff is promising. Jake and Amanda need some drama. Lindsey Hartley might turn some viewers off, but I can't wait for her to get to Pine Valley and cause trouble.

I'm hoping that David and Kendall can get out of the Rylee vortex of suck and get their lives back.

Now the bad...

RYLEE! So bad. So unrootable. So boring.

Caleb sucks. The Chandler/Cortland feud is dumb b/c I have no idea why I should care about Caleb or his hatred of the Chandlers. Michael Nouri is a good actor, but this is a trash character.

Marissa still annoys the hell out of me. Maybe the recast will be good. I'm not betting on it.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

Yes we're still listening. I know that I am. I have been savoring the podcast trying to make it last as long as possible to I rationed myself and listened in bits over the whole week.

I agree with you that Destiny getting a serious storyline is a great thing, however I see it already being overshadowed by Kelly and Joey and all that jazz.

I LOVE Good Wife! It's one of the best written shows on tv right now and they've been really good with bringing characters back, weaving them in and out of the show's fabric in ways that are so true to life.

Glee is up and down for me right now. I'm not sure that they have a clear idea of where they're taking things. Bits and pieces have been good. Quin and Sam singing don't really do it for me but loved Santana having a solo and thumbs up for giving Brittany some screen time. Also liked Tina and Mercedes getting to finale. I think they don't use Jenna Ushkowitz enough.

And I do think John Stamos is hot. Always have and he's kept the burners turned on over the years.

Looking forward to the next ep of the PVP!

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Is Father Clarence ever going to come back to PV? Give Kendall some latin lovin' in her time of need?

crs 17 said...

OK, you guys, I was loving me some AMC when Dr. David walked into that courtroom. For the first time in forever, my jaw dropped, I gasped at what was happening on my screen, and couldn't wait to see the next ep. And I KNEW it would probably happen (been staying spoiler-free for almost a year now and loving it).

And then in one fell swoop, or should I say gunshot and silly fistfight, it all fell away...and then Madison gets shot by the stray bullet?! And she waits all this time while Ryan hashes it out with the police on the roof to go knock on his door and fall into his arms?! I just need someone to wake up and go to the shower and retcon the last week or so of this show.

OK, we can keep the Griffin and Amanda scene at KWAK's restaurant.

As for Glee? Not quite feeling it this season. There are moments. But that's all. Moments.

And Modern Family? I agree that it's not quite hitting the highs it did in its first season. It seems to be turning the corner again, though, esp. with the Manny's b-day ep.

I'm liking me some Event so far, but I'm still a few eps behind on that one.

Grey's was on a turnaround but has fallen back to par for me. Private Practice has been pretty good, esp. the "very special ep" a few weeks back.

And I'm liking me some Cougar Town.

Still get giddy, though, when I get a new podcast. Crack myself up when I think of the two of you hunched over a microphone in the car commenting on the passersby. And tell that queen Ellis to hush up!!

crs 17

crs 17 said...

Oh Wait!

I need to know what everyone thinks of Damon's haircut...?

Shadow said...

For what it's worth I think he looks 100 times better without that mangy greasey hair he was sporting before. I never bought him as a bad boy, and now that he's got "The ADHD" under control, it was time he noticed the hair needed some attention.

What about Big Fat Caleb's upper lip? Does it bug anybody else? He just doesnt look healthy to me. And what about Bianca living with him? That bugs the crap out of me.

I'm watching Erica talk to Jack, who she's sleeping with, after shooting David, who she slept with, to save Ryan, who she she let effe her all summer.

donna said...

Bad news for Damon lovers from ABC Soaps in depth:

Exclusive: AMC's Wittrock Is Out!

AMC Stars Together On Stage!

As last Friday came to an end, Soaps In Depth began to hear rumblings that ALL MY CHILDREN had let go Finn Wittrock (Damon). So we went straight to the source over the weekend at a performance of the actor's play, The Laramie Project, and Wittrock confirmed exclusively to In Depth that he indeed will be leaving the soap "in a few weeks." The Juilliard graduate, who seems to be taking his exit in stride, added that with the shooting schedule, he should air through January. A source shares that ever since the new headwriters took over the helm at AMC, they haven't quite known what to do with Damon, as they brought in a character of their own creation, Trent Garrett's Asher, and reportedly have big plans for Caleb's son. Wittrock and his theater company, The Mechanicals Theatre Group, wrap up their production of The Laramie Project this weekend.

Mel Got Served said...

F*** that! That's TERRIBLE noise. But as soon as Asher came on it was totally obvious the writers wanted to write for him and not Damon.

Stacy said...

This is exactly why I am struggling so much with this show right now. EVERYTHING is so unrealistic. Why in the world would Bianca move herself and her two young daughters in to a strangers home? Why is it that Jessie and Liza seem so intent on whether Erica called out a warning - haven't they heard of imminent danger in Pine Valley? Who can call and charter a plane at a moment's notice whenever they feel like it? I just feel so disconnected to everything, because it is all so out of touch with reality. Oh..and speaking of being out of touch...what in the heck was up with those Madonna gloves Marissa had on????

Arizonagal said...

AMC - It's a bitchfest AND a snoozefest! I don't know about ya'll but last week's AMC IMHO was a snoozefest. Too much Ryan and I never like the show when it's Ryancentric. It was all about Saving Primate Ryan. Now Erica's involved so we have three women rushing about trying to protect Ryanderthal. GMAFB please. This crap is so 2005. Plus with David back it's more of the SOS, recycled tired ass David-bashing crap. TIIC must be recycling scripts. Is Lorraine involved with this show any more? Does VI have any integrity at all?

Why would they let Emma have pumpkin pie before dinner? These people are constantly shoving sugar down those poor kids throats. When I saw Emma and Lil A together I immediately thought Hanzel and Gretl.

Where TF is Damon? Colby and Asher bore me to tears. I didn't like Asher from day one, but now I just hate the guy.

Bright spots? I perk up any time Jordi's on and I'm curious about his story. Kendall is a fresh story dealing with Zach's death, not dealing with Ryan. JR and Annie hit NY, that might be fun. Just gimme something to hang on to here.

Arizonagal said...

Holy sh*t, just noticed CRS17 is back. Welcome back and where ya been dude?

Mel Got Served said...

I hope they give Damon a proper send-off with something positive: let him go off to college or something. Don't make him go out like the a-hole he came in.

Maybe he can go to basketball camp with Reggie.

Shadow said...

AMC SuperSpoiler!!! Liza spontaneously charters a jet so Damon can enjoy some R&R at 'SPAdhd', but engine trouble over the Pratt-Kreizman-Swajeski Triangle causes his plane to crash on a mysterious island where his remains are eaten by recently zombified Zach Slater. Back in Pine Valley, Asher counts his nipples. Ryan... grimmaces. Kendall talks to objects in her apartment. Angie shouts at God.

Shadow said...

BREAKING NEWS!! Frons finally Rylee coming to an end; announces new supercouple "RAsher", i.e. Randi and Asher!

Shadow said...

Next Week on a Very Special All My Children: Blind Angie gets lost wandering around for a bagel and isn't seen for a period of time. As Pine Valley braces for the worst, a man called Father Clarence who doesn't look like Father Clarence organizes a search party. Rylee and RAsher take a break to make sweet relations in a nearby cave.

WTH People?? Damon is out and Debbi Morgan is taking some bullshit leave of absence?

Lorraine Broderick worked miracles early this year bringing AMC back to something resembling its glory days. She gave Brooke AND Adam the send offs they deserved. She restored order and harmony to the town and gave the characters their voices and points of view back. She salvaged JR and Annie. She ditched Randi. She reunited Jack and Erica and made them respectable, mature adults again. She split the cast up and corrected the pacing. She salvaged Damon with the promise of him being a Martin and started a frenzy of the possible return of Hilary. She brought back Nina and Daisy for one of the most thoughtful tribute episodes I've seen in a long, long time. And now that's all slowly fading away as Kreizman and Swahili shift their focus to Asher, Big Fat Caleb, pregnant Madison, Rylee, Rylee, Rylee, Who Shot Who Redux, and the same crappy shit Pratt put out during his tenure. The only real difference is that Pratt didn't have Broderick providing some historical punch and thoughtful pacing. And Pratt didn't have as many posh sets. I can't help it friends, I'm feeling rather pessimistic again. The ratings went up with Lorraine and hit the skids with these dorks except for last week when Zach died. It's been about 6 or 7 months and we've had 2 plane crashes (which rarely happen in real life) and another stupid murder trial with a lame twist (Adam killed Scott/David faked his death/endless courtroom boredom). Maybe David's entrance was classic soap, but I still thought it totally sucked. I hated it. I like Vincent Irizzary but I'm fatigued from David. I was FINALLY just starting to like Damon. He finally got a decent haircut and BOOM! They let him go. I cheer for Debbi Morgan to become the show's focal point and they make her blind, pregnant and now she takes some kind of vague leave of absence.


#1 Daisy Fan said...

So...let me get this straight..David "returns" from the dead and admits that he faked his death and tried to frame Ryan, BUT....Liza and Jesse can not make a decision until David wakes up and they get his side of the story.......ARRRRRRRRRGH!!!!!!!

CRS 17 said...

Saving Primate Ryan?? I LOVE IT!!

It's been a long strange year that started with a computer crash and continued through my marriage breaking up...

and through it AMC.

Damn, what does that say? Just know I've checked in on y'all from time to time, but been pre-occupied with not much to say. Plus, all the Pratt-tastic happenings. I love my LoBro back, but I need a little more of her touch in this show like earlier this year.

And my Jordan Soap-cyclopedia Hudson and my Ashely Bust-out-my-speakers Mendoza have kept me laughing, (however infrequently ;-) through it all.


trish-la said...

Great podcast!! Thanks so much. Glad to know I am not the only one who was BORED by AMC of late. Frankly I had had enough of each episode ending with a longing look between Ryan and Greenlee... who is enjoying this? Really. I mean it. Who? It's got to be boring for writers to write this same s*&T for them over and over. There's nothing new to do there at all. Doesn't seem like any of the viewers are particularly excited by them hooking up again. I basically missed about 2 weeks worth of episodes and didn't miss a thing. I was SOOOOOOOOOOOOO excited to see David return. I kept hoping he would but figured it would have leaked out if he was. Great secret keeping -- kudos to TPTB on that one!
Maybe he'll have amnesia when he wakes up and he'll be a do-gooder now. I am really liking Griffin. Won't shed a tear about Damon leaving - hope Debi makes it back soon though!

I have to say that HD is no friend to the aging actress who has had "some work done" ... Erica looked so strange -- truthfully she probably gets maintenance work done regularly and we didn't notice as much b/c we weren't watching in HD-- she's a beautiful woman, no doubt. And we need to remember she's supposed to be in her 40s or something ridiculous like that if you read the official BIOs for the characters.

Jordan--sorry to tell you that I have it on VERY good authority that V won't be back after they air their mid season shows --- they've let the cast, crew and writers go already. So enjoy it while it lasts!!!!!!!

Happy Tuesday everyone!

PS - LOVING OLTL and crazy Marty! Loved how she went off on Starr!! Could care less about Natalie & John , though --- liking Kelly better now and NuJoey is okay so far.
LOVE Dorian and Echo and Vicky all being front and center, though Charlie seems like a tool.

Arizonagal said...

CRS17 so sorry to hear about your bad year. I hope 2011 is better, in fact the best. Missed your snarky comments here. Been thru the marraige breakup thing and it can be a blessing in disguise.

Shadow, please get yourself a job writing for AMC, you would be a miracle worker.

Love Damon's haircut, hate what's happening to the character and it makes no friggin sense at ALL.

I wonder why TIIC in charge don't see what is painfully obvious to the viewers? RyLee? Puhlease, stop it now.

Jen said...

I forgot to add, I'm gonna miss Finn. From what he said Damon is leaving not getting recasted. Also I don't want to hurt anyone here, but Colby and Asher have a bigger fanbase, and more heat. I love Damon/Colby, I thought he'd always be her true love but when Brittany was let go, I kind of knew Finn would go w/ her, that's his offscreen girlfriend according to ppl in the know.

This is the perfect time to bring in an ex-girlfriend of Asher's or Sean or Ava. I think Petey would be good, but keep that until the summer.

Mel Got Served said...

I'll take the beating: I liked Scott and Annie and that's mostly because I loathe JR. I've never liked JR since I started watching- that's just me. I think I've talked about it enough in the past to not go into it again. HOWEVER, with Adam Mayfield gone I have no Scott allegiance so I'd prefer they don't go down that road again only because I'm bitter about losing a talented actor just to try and gain some GL viewers. Adam Mayfield is a dreamboat- so maybe that's my bias. I'd much prefer recasting Marissa as Alexa Havins and playing off that side of the triangle, but that's obviously not happening.

Besides, it might be less of a triangle and more of a revenge plot on Scott's part. Maybe he became evil in the slammer.

But one thing we do agree on Jen is bringing back Sean. Jack needs someone else in this town to bother besides Greenmemememememe.

Shadow said...

Lot's of comings and goings. I didn't know Finn & Britanny were an item. That's interesting. I still can't believe we sat thru all that Bailey BS then watched Lorraine work her best magic to reinvent Damon & ditch Bailey only to have the new writers ditch it. Again, in an effort to force feed us new characters we care little about they miss an opportunity to delve into history and do something powerful with Liza Damon Tad Marian. That storyline would have helped Jamie Lunar make her mark as Liza. The best part is that all the chemistry was there amongst the cast. It was the kind of easy, fiery, natural chemistry the generates buzz. And there was excitement about the possibility of Carmen Thomas returning. Chat rooms and blogs were blazing about it. But these two Tools ignore all that to focus on Rylee, Big Fat Caleb & Asher. Rylee who I've not seen a supportive word about printed anywhere. Caleb & Asher have no buzz and do far just font matter.

Jen said...

See I'm so opposite, I loathed despised, and consider Scott a poor excuse of a hypocritical family member. Putting family first was his excuse to his actions, which he acted holier than thou.

Srsly this man started a virgin Victor website to hurt Becca Tyree, ran away after that.

Comes back, sucker punches his cousin on day 1.

His braniac test tube that nearly cost Ian his life and costed his friend the inventor his life.

Theft of Nano from dead Palmer's hands to spite cousin JR.

Tries to mess w/ his uncle's wife b/c he wanted her, and couldn't man up till his uncle left and JR was rebelling.

Then waved it in JR's face.

That son of bitch got everything he deserved. And the nerve to push Marissa to war w/ JR over AJ. And then turn around and criticize JR and Annie for things he did. Screw that hypocritical rotten jailed up basterd, who has the nerve to collect call JR. I'm glad JR didn't accept the call.

On Sean, yes I agree. Alexa playing Marissa would have been to wierd, they don't have to look 100% alike and I don't even know many ppl that want Marissa on the canvas. Scott doing the evil thing, just never made sense, especially if we're suppose to like him. I would guess Scott in jail realizes being in the Chandler core corrupted him and he doesn't want to be that anymore, that's the sense I got from him.

If the rumors about Scott (played by DC) and GreenMemememe are true, than that fixes and makes an angle interesting. Ryan/Greenlee/Scott and it looks like that could be very interesting, I think at this point Brian Frons to allow this rumor and let that casting happen, he must have let loose on his fixation w/ Rylee especially w/ CM and RB talking to the media about it.

Jen said...

Notice how many spelling mistakes I made. Could all of you tell how pissed off during that rant I was? Well usually talking about Snott, I mean Scott does that to me. It's funny how he made Ryan come off as a saint to me, then ofcourse Ryan proved he was Ryass and broke Madison's heart.

Shadow said...

I watched Cara's backstory. She looks interesting. The actress seems capable. There. I said something sort of positive.

Jen said...

Shadow and then you realize they are likely fighting for Jake. Dampers your mood doesn't it?

Mel Got Served said...

Jen, rumor is Cara is going to be very friendly with Bianca ifyouknowwhatImean.

I LOVE Lindsay Hartley, which is why this week I'm making more of an effort to watch. It'll be interesting to see if viewership goes up because when she arrived at Days they had a pretty huge lift.

Jen said...

No Mel, you mistook that rumor. LH said she would want to play Bianca's lover, but in casting they said her and RPG clicked, so she will be trouble for Jake/Amanda.

I'd rather she'd be a lesbian too, but yes two hotties are fighting for Jake.. sigh... I even know what to say there. Here's my guess, Cara's brother owes her, so she causes trouble for Jake while getting her brother to seduce Amanda and break them up down the line. Eventually that'll be what makes him gray for Kendall while the new latin reverand seems like the better choice.

Mel Got Served said...

Awww lame. Poor Bianca pining away for a new-arriving-Tamara Braun-as-Reese (and sorry to the Reese fans, but I'm not one of them.)

Shadow said...

Anything is possible. They also told us David was dead. Maybe she thinks she loves Jake but she's just not come to terms with her lust for one eye sex (as the PrattFalls ladies say). Once she sees Binx a spark may fly. After all, Binx has to be going broke on batteries.

Stacy said...

OMFG....SHADOW!!!! You had me on the floor with that one!!!!!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, you are one of the funniest mofos I know.

Jen said...

Shadow, no offense, but you know what's shocking to me is how long it's taking for her to land a girl. I mean if anyone can land a girl it's Binx. I mean if anyone can turn a straight girl out it's our Binxs. Unfortunately she's aiming it at the wrong people, you know like her sister and mother?

donna said...

Jamey at DC mentions Frons already wants Kreizman and Swajeski out.

Shadow said...

Thank God. You know at some point, you'd think Ann Sweeney or somebody above Frons would notice he's picking loser writers and losing ratings despite the heavy investment in all the shows. Maybe it's not "the shows" or "the genre". Maybe it's "the Executives" in charge of managing the shows. mismanaged budgets, selecting multi-time loser writers, interfering with the creative process, dictating storyline, lack of promotion, treating cast like shit, blaming cast for the show's failures and so on. On the one hand Frons seems committed to the shows, but he's killing them on the other with his meddling and destructive management style. Why oh why won't ABC take notice? I wish ABC would just give the damn show to Lorraine Brodderick, pay her what she's worth and she will reinvent it in all it's former glory. Part of the reason we don't see Jannie I think is because K&S don't know what to with them and are scared to effe it up. It seems like we're slipping back into limbo land. K&S first big arc is over and was a dud. Who is surprised? Not me. I'm not saying it's not better than Pratt. It certainly is. But it isn't Aggie's AMC and it isn't even Lorraine's AMC from earlier this year. Caleb sucks and they know it and that's all K&S has now. They want to move him and Erica together, but fans say they want Jerica or single Erica. Maybe after Rylee blew up on them and Caleb isn't flying, somebody above Frons will get involved and help find a better, smarter, talented group to helm this network asset.

Michael said...

I think fundamentally, the biggest problem on AMC is the misplaced two-pronged focus on “Rylee” and Caleb. I do not need to elaborate on the repetitive debacle of not freeing Greenlee up for a fresh romantic pairing…. but the Caleb concentration may be a bigger (Shadow & Ashley feel free to insert any fat joke here) problem.

Caleb was clearly meant to fill a void left by Palmer’s passing. Palmer was one of the most dynamic characters in the show’s history, but he was not a huge front-burner presence on the show for almost a decade. So when a nearly polar-opposite, contrived, uncharismatic character (even one played by an extremely talented actor) was forced into the limelight, the result was some tepid, less-than-compelling storytelling.

Adam was a huge part of the show, and his loss was a bigger immediate impact. JR does not replace Adam, because JR and Adam co-existed. There is still an “Adam void” on the show.

The dialog is 200% better. The Pratt years had me scratching my head about the motivation of the characters. Why did Zac kiss Reese? Why wasn’t Erica furious with Adam over the controversy with the heart valve? Why wasn’t Scott even a tiny bit miffed that Adam killed his father? Why was Jesse doing whateverZac told him to do? Why did Kendall think she killed Stuart when...well..she didn't? Nothing made sense. The show is so much better now that I hate to complain. Those few LoBro weeks were heaven…Palmer’s goodbye and the Brooke and Adam reunion as well as the JR and Annie pairing---all great. She gets the show.

Shadow said...

I agree with all if that. Clearly there is an effort to make The AMC stories work. I dont have any problems with the dialogue. It's fine. Most of the show IS fine, but fine isn't helping the ratings. Hopefully, they can deliver with Griffin and Cara. They seem lively enough and people seem excited to see them. Maybe they'll bring some new viewers with them, but it won't last if the stories don't get better. Truth is, the dialogue is way better than the actual stories fir the most part. And while I appreciate the new writers desire to stamp the show with their own signature character, they shouldn't forget the characters who made the show famous and go back to the well with the characters we love like Erica's brother Mark, Reese, Livia & Tom, Mary Smythe, Brooke, Joe & Ruth, Hilary, Jamie, Nina, Ross, Skye, Tim, etc. I just haven't seen anything from K&S that shows they can helm the show. My 12 year old could write a nice story about ADHD. If they cant figure that one out, I dont see them doing much with any really serious ailments. With any luck they will prove me wrongly.

Unknown said...

Okay don't flame me but I like Natalie on OLTL over Jessica and here is why. Natalie is more a Buchanan. She is a fighter and devious to boot. Jessica is more a wimp she whines and whines like Brenda on GH. I liked Natalie today when she threatened Marty. The old fire was back and it showed she is more like Clint and Asa

Jen said...

Shadow your 4:30 post I co-sign like Buzz Lightyear saids, to infinity and beyond!!!

FWIW these HWs had one impactful moment in writing but the HWs that wrote the impactful Jannie epi. the wedding, the big fight that led to make up sex and destruction of the Scannie wedding, which I'm hearing Lorraine did not want that. Anyway the HWs for those epis. were hand picked by Ms.Broderick, Kate Hall and Rebecca Taylor those are her people. DK/KS 1/2 of this pair works the other is too ridiculous, we know who, guess who.

This is what I was pointing out long time ago. How they were screwing it up, it's not about the dialogue, LoBro's ppl do a wonderful job w/ the characters, defining ea. of them, but when you get a summary of what you want these characters to accomplish by the end of the month, that's where DK/KS continue to fail. It's an understatement to say this show has been carried by JR and Annie, b/c the rest of the SLs lose impact, or are stored away and then we have it turn into the FREAKING RYLEE TRAIN SHOW, more Carey propping, and stop if you heard this one DAVID IS EVIL! which why the fock is this character back on the canvas? he should be dead w/ Ryan, no one really misses him.

Anyway for what it's worth, I bought an issue of SID and following SLs coming up, sounds 100% Lorraine Broderick pushed. If the rumors of DK/KS being shown the door is true, Frons would be an idiot, but he is one, he'd be an idiot not to hand the reigns to LoBro or atleast to someone she trusts w/ it and has her vision.

See Jordan/Ashley it's not bad, that's not what we're saying, but it can be waaaay better, it's starting to get there b/c the HW team that is doing the planning into the start of 2011 is Lorraine's staff.

Norn Cutson said...

DAMON is an actor.
ASHER is an model.
end of story.

Jen said...


Asher is improving.

Damon is choosing to leave w/ his offscreen gf.

End of story.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Does anyone watch on SoapNet... was just going through my Ryan's Hope when the commercial "15 Seconds with..." came on (it's a one camera close up interview for 15 seconds with an ABC star). In the past it's been like Michael E Knight, or Natalie Archer, Erika Slezak.... this week was GEEE-GEEEE Farah Fath and she was asked what her "career" would be if she wasn't an actress. The girl had the gall to say she'd be a hair stylist or a makeup artist (cause she's artistic) and that she does her own makeup on OLTL. NOT SOMETHING TO HAPPILY ADMIT GIRL!

Jen said...

Who is that girl j'n to keep her job. We'll never know.

Shadow said...

Verla-I meant to tell you how much I liked your idea about the Wallingford fortune, Brooke, Hillary, Lincoln, Jamie, Opal. That would be classically good soap worth watching. Maybe we'll get lucky & LoBro or somebody that matters saw your post and will take up the idea. So many good ideas floating around yet the writers can't get it together.

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Thanks Shadow... my dream job since I was 10 was to become a writer on a soap but since I'm under 30, led a successful business career, and actually believe in pleasing fans and honoring history, I think I've been blacklisted from such a career.

Arizonagal said...

Ya know we can all analyze AMC writing, acting, etc. but to me it is so simple. The show is BORRRINNG. There are excruciating moments of tedium and mediocrity followed by a few seconds of electricity, rinse, repeat, SOS.

Doesn't mean I'm going to stop "watching" but there's no way I could watch in RT, I gotta DVR it.

Rylee, just kill me now, those two suck beyond my ability to assign adjectives to their sorry asses.

Can't wait for Daniel Cosgrove's Scott to return. He's a man, JR's a boy. Looking forward to some heat and an interesting Scott/JR/Annie triangle. That could be fun. Also find Castillos interesting. Nice havin a little flavor in PV.

Stacy said...

Arizonagal, you are so right. The worst thing they are doing to us is BORING us to death! I am not enjoying the new characters...yet. I feel Ricky was just thrown into a heavy storyline and he seems to be sinking already. it me, or are these three some of the most watered down "latinos" on tv? Looking forward to Scott's returns, especially if he is working with Marissa...that could be interesting! Now...let's just get our Binks laid! Remember that time she had the one night stand? She is WAAAAAAAAAAAAY overdue!

Anonymous said...

Well, I guess I'm crazy, because I have been enjoying AMC.

First, the Zack memorial. I had two problems with it: 1, it was in Kendall's house, around the sofa, which I thought was weird. 2, Caleb and Asher interrupted it.

Other than these two complaints, I absolutely loved it. The moment between Tad and Kendall at Krystal's was so amazing. I was never a Tad and Dixie fan because I never liked Dixie, but now I feel like I can understand Tad's and Dixie's relationship in a new way because I understand how it somehow compares to Kendall and Zack. I am wondering if anyone who didn't care for TK or Zendall feels the inverse.

Next, the service. When everyone spoke, there was all this stuff mentioned that I wish had never even happened: the bomb shelter, Zack fathering Gabrielle, Erica in Vegas, but I was glad that all that was mentioned because it did happen, and I thought it was mentioned tastefully and well done.

And then when Kendall spoke, I love that she spoke to Zack's picture for most of her speech. And I loved that at the end she said she would be waiting for him to come back.

I cried so much! It affected me the way that a memorial or funeral does in real life: it made Zack's death real.

Elsewhere on AMC, I am loving Doctor Griffin - love, love, love and can't wait for him to get with Kendall. I also love Cara. Great actress!

The only thing I'm really upset about is Damon. Why?! I read that the actor went to Julliard. Great call letting him go, AMC. I wonder how many weeks will pass before he shows up on Y&R.

Thanks for podcasting, JordAsh, and thanks for showing AMC love when it is deserved, which I think it is recently!

Becky :)

Ashley said...

No offense, but if Finn (Damon) is really schtoopin' that girl who formerly played his girlfriend who he thought had his baby.. then dag! I've lost a little respect for the man! That dude is an actor with a kapital ACT, and she sucked bigtime. Eek.

BTW - I have NO history with the actress that plays Cara, so y'all know better than me, but to me, she looks like a porn star. Did you see her sweatin' on them big saline-balloon boobies when she was back in "Africa" with Jakie-poo? On Carlos' hi-def TV, I could see a brown streak where her self-tanner was running. I actually think she's probably a good actress, but I dunno.... So plastic to me. Weird.

Shadow said...

If i understand correctly, the word is Finn is dating Marissa not Bailey. Marissa as in Olive Oyl, Horse Head, Gumbi, Bald Spot, EBabe. She got cut first, then he alledgedy declined to renew. His play closed. Who knows. They will both be playing immensely popular new characters on Y&R in a month.

Stacy said...

"Can't wait for Daniel Cosgrove's Scott to return. He's a man, JR's a boy. Looking forward to some heat and an interesting Scott/JR/Annie triangle. That could be fun. Also find Castillos interesting. Nice havin a little flavor in PV."

There's a triangle? I noticed a woman who settled for a guy b/c she was scared of the one she really wanted b/c she couldn't control him. If a reboot triangle proceeds w/ Cosgrove in between Annie/JR, the fan base will probably not respond well to him, and all it does is frustrate JR fans, Chandler fans, Annie fans, and Cosgrove fans, b/c what's the point of it? The writing for Scott is not favorable for the Chandlers, he's a smug ingrate acting like his shtuff don't stink, now if there is hope, you know an actual brain working for this show? JR/Annie are set to take on PV in 2011. Scott, it's real simple, make him bitter, involve Ryan & Greenlee somehow, and have him putting the moves on Ryan's girl, that's where ppl want him.

Do people here know Ryan and Greenlee were voted the worst couple in daytime soaps? one would think a triangle needs to start there and someone should whisk her away from Ryan in a long arc of deceit, not aim a long triangle to a potential supercouple in JR and Annie, who have already had that and proved they to the core are meant for each other.

It's wierd how I didn't want to love them but I do. I guess right now they are the only couple on AMC I like. I'm a GH fan and caught up to thier story through YT. Watched AMC here and there but love Jannie. More Annie than JR.

Stacy said...

For the record, I did not write the last post, not sure who did. Whoever did sure has some hostility towards Scott! I wish I could muster up that much feeling towards AMC right now!

Shadow said...

Here are the NEW AMC CREDITS:

All My Children New Opening December 22

Brian said...

Ashley, I think the problem with Cara is she is too made up. If she really lived and breathed Africa, I wouldn't think she would have time to have her hair made up and wear the most fashionable close. It is the same thing that did with Taylor a few years ago. She started as being a tomboy and then suddenly dressed high-fashion all of the time!

BTW, any thoughts on the new AMC opening? It is posted on We Love Soaps! I like it. A new style of the opening, but I still like it.

Shadow said...



Mel Got Served said...

Of course Asher is shirtless in the intro. And new Dr. is too. Christ, AMC knows how to be subtle in promoting their hunks.

Interesting to note that Natalia is not in the credits. Is she recurring? Amanda is out too (besides a shot with Jake), also assuming because she's recurring.

Shadow said...

I don't think people other than longtime fans will get the significance of the book at the end, and I'll miss seeing Ruth Warrick in the opening. Lucci outside in the beginning looks out of place. Seems like Debbie Morgan got slighted a bit at the end.

Favorite moment is Jessie hugging Frankie with a football. Nice touch.

Other than that I think it's a slick update. I like the moving shots and probably looks GREAT in HD. Sort of reminds me of Knots Landing and Dallas. If I was a new viewer, it would catch my eye. Thank God they were smart enough to keep the music. Overall, it is still the best opening in daytime (or night for that matter).

Shadow said...

They should have opened and closed with Amanda. That girl is stunning.

Stacy said...

LOVE the new opening! Miss having all of the old timers and it sure would have been great if they had found a way to incorporate them, but I enjoyed it and am so happy it ended with the Kane women, instead of Dr. Evil. I can't believe I am saying this, but good job AMC!

Shadow said...

History aside, I like the #AMC opening better than the new GH opening. But poor OLTL-that shot of Bree with her hands in her hair, for example, is so pitifully cheesey. Actually, I would have used the town shots & moving pictures for OLTL because it's closer to the popular 80's OLTL visual cues and given AMC an updated scrapbook of some kind or at least incorporated it. Interesting that they show a more generic, urban looking setting. "It's not the corner of Hollywood & Vine". I still prefer the bucolic country club version that belonged to haughty Phoebe & Enid and the working class Martins & Hubbards to the bitchy hi-rises of the Fusion era, but hey, even Dallas grew up. Sort of.

jason said...

haven't really had time to watch amc the past couple weeks but wanted to stop in and say hi =) and i loved the last podcast.

not a fan of the new amc opening. they could have at least included the book!!

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and the podcast! Thanks for all that you do, Jordan, Ashley, and Shadow.

I would love to get people's take on whether you think Annie is headed back to Crazyland, Pop. 1.

The 12-15 scenes of her were kind of chilling and slightly reminiscent of Annie's batshitcrazy years.

What would you all think about a return of Crazy Annie?

Shadow said...

Thanks Anon! You're sweet to say those nice things. Everybody here is part of the reason this community is special, and Ashley & Jordan are just uniquely gifted for this venue. I've never heard a more entertaining podcast or enjoyed a more thoughtful and ass-toot group of bloggers.

As to question of Annie, I enjoy a dose of InsAnnie sprinkled here and there. It keeps us guessing a little. I like knowing a character well enough to be able to know when somebody has pushed the right combination of buttons to set off the crazy, but not murderous, felonious crazy--just get in your face & maybe " fuck you up a little" crazy. My concern with Annie is that Krackhead & Swahili didn't create her & are going to sacrifice her to prop up one of their creations like Cara, for example. They will write Annie back into a corner and we'll lose her. My other concern is that they will dull her down and she'll morph back to Blandie. All the former bad girls have been so defanged and declawed. Erica, Greenlee, Kendall, Krystal, Rancid, White Randi (Madison) have all lost their bitch factor. Not throwing chairs lunacy, just the snarky attitude or unabashed independency. Funny thing is none of them are really any nicer since having been unbitched. So to me, I hope Annie keeps some crazy fire in that head of hers, but I hope K & S are replaced soon by better writers who care as much about history and characterizational consistency as they do about just making their mark on the show. Pratt left his mark too, but it's more like skidmarks on a pair of underwear. Just saying...

Crystal said...

Women in PV must lose their minds when they get pg. Madison sitting at a BAR where Greenlee walks through constantly reading What to Expect... is ridic! It's almost as bad as Kendall walking around with that test in her purse spilling it out all over the place. ;)

Shadow said...

The stick that she urinated on! Can you imagine? "Hey Kendall, do you have any gum?" Kendall replies, "Why yes I do. It's right here in my purse. Let's see here. Oopsie! Oh, could you grab that stick that fell out of my purse while I dig around for your gum? Yes, it does. Because I peed all over it last night. Ok, here you go."

brtedi said...

Tea's comment on OLTL: "T.M." LOL! Hey, I forgot Llanview is supposed to be approximately 2 miled away from Pine Valley...Maybe Tad did kill Eddie Ford and he's harboring Nora in the Martin's attic, until she recovers from her ordeal. ;-)

Crystal said...

Yeah, love that Téa mentioned Tad!

Stacy said...

okay, so the new "backstory" video on Cara is up. A few thoughts. Why is AMC trying to drag out "who" Griffin is to Cara, only to have it so clear on the webisode? Secondly, love the woman who plays their mom...will she be on AMC? and finally, WHY are these webisodes so much better than AMC????????

Lisa Richards said...

I'm not sure about the new opening yet. Happy they finally changed it though. I guess I'm an old fuddy duddy since I still like the original theme best but it wouldn't exactly go with the modern feel.

Oh, and since I am visiting at my daughter's this week and watching AMC on her 55" HiDef I was shocked to see how big/wide everyone looked! Dang, no wonder you all say Caleb is fat. Kendall actually looked normal sized, lol.

I am liking the chemistry between Cara and Jake. It seems so natural. I don't like the idea of breaking up a family though.

May I say again how much I hate Rylee?


Michael said...

I like the expensive feel of the new opening. I wish everyone could keep their clothes on though. Even the increasingly homoerotic OLTL keeps the Ford boys and Brody clad for the credits (thought they rarely ever wear shirts during the actual show).

Totally off topic, but I have to vent….does anyone find shopping at Costco as aneurism-inducing as I? Between the elderly who stop dead in front of me to stare at the ceiling, the maniacs in those motorized cars backing into me, and the lemmings flocking to the free food sample table, I almost lost it today!!! They were giving samples of PACE! Pace Salsa for God’s sake!!!! Hasn’t everyone who wanted to try PACE had a chance to do so by now?

Happy Holidays Everyone
Peace, Love and Bulk Buying for All!

Stacy G. said...

Stacy, I'm so sorry, that's my name too. Yes I can not stand that Chandler rat named Scott. From what I see w/ Annie I think they want us to think she's going nuts, when she's really just jealous that JR's ex.wife is going to steal him back. JR doesn't want Marissa, he just wants the joint custody and is resorting to tricks like his daddy use to do. I think Annie is going to crack just a little bit on Marissa and when she's at her peak off anger, that's when JR will prbly tell her he's in love w/ her. JR in this SL has seen every degree of Annie, and as much as ppl are like they are disasters, which maybe they are, JR is the only man that will accept her for all her faults, goodness/badness/wackness/sadness/freakyness (which I blame JR for that one), any other thing you can add, for JR, Annie will be the love of his life. She's in his blood, he gets under her skin unlike any man in the world.

Stop the presses but I think we got our Greenlee Smthye back, at odds vs Kendall and Madison, that was so amazing, and Madison gave it right back, you know they are setting up a heck of a rivalry here. This could be like a Sharon/Nick/Phylis type thing. Greenlee really hates her, I now get why they broke DaLee aside from BF's eternal love for the worst soap couple on daytime, b/c the rivalry is being built between Madison/Greenlee and whether it includes Ryan is besides the point..Greenlee is now starting to remind us of Erica Kane.

Shadow said...

Amphitrion I hear you about Costco. I suffered the misfortune of having to enter a Bed Bath & Beyond the other day. 'Beyond' Hell I guess. They have shrines to the 'As Seen In TV' products in there. People ogling every type of random plastic doo-dad. I overheard a lady say "Isn't this squeegee cute!". Squeegee's aren't cute. Who wants one of those for Christmas anyway? And what about the holidays makes these stores stock up on "personal massagers"? The worst is that they have demos for people to play with so there's a whole aisle of people hanging around, moaning and ooing with a bunch of vibrators. Honestly with people tooling around in the aisles and all the moaning it was like The Walking Dead in there. When I finally escaped I exited to the ginormous big box parking lot it was like being transported to the Land of the Lost-a sea of mini-vans, shopping carts rolling around hitting cars. I have a knee brace on and don't move too fast but managed to save my car from a hit and get the heck out if there.

Crystal said...

LOL that is why I am doing my Christmas shopping online!

I would love for Madison and Kendall to become friends and team up against Greenlee!

Shadow said...

Ryan had a vasectomy. I'm counting on the baby being Frankie's and Madison having a beautiful baby boy with a giant Afro named Ryan JR who everyone in Pine Valley can tell is not Ryan's baby, except Stupid Ryan--just like "My Name Is Earle". When Rancid finds out she could (a) disappear back into the streets, (b) leave for an exciting modeling career in Paris, or (c) take a horsehead bookend to the noggin, fall out a window into a fire pit, and be eaten by a swarm of ants so that nothing organic is left to justify ever being resurrected by any of future writers if AMC.

Stacy H. aka #1DaisyFan said...

Stacy G - No problem, I'll just try to always remember to go by my AMC "code" name - #1 Daisy Fan. I just didn't want people to think I hate Scott (well, at least not as much as you do!). I don't hate him as much, I just don't think the writers have been true to who the character is.

Also..>OMG!!! I forgot that Ryan had the vasectomy. He didn't do anything stupid like have it reversed did he, or is that something that our lovely writers will have had happen off screen, sort of like Erica's unabortion?

Excited to see any type of rivalry between the women, or men, or anyone. I am really bored with everyone getting along.

Norn Cutson said...

you can see some of my art hanging up in Erika Slezak's dressing room in this video (if you want)

Jen said...

Stacy G. I love your post. Totally agree, although I think you're stealing my material b/c I called Scott a hypocritical lying rotten rat basterd, I've been saying that since the summer. #1 Scott hater is me. Let that be known on this blog.

Jen = #1 Loather, despiser, hater, wants to smack the sh!t out of the Scott character, b/c he's a basterd to me.

Rant over. But I too think Annie is just jealous and we're seeing the makings of the return of Greenlee "THE bitch" vs Madison "not cookie cutter" and Kendall "Ms. I won't kiss Rylee's ass anymore"

Michael said...

Way to go Norn...that is too cool!

Shadow, you make me laugh!

Crystal said...

Norn, how cool!

I know Ryan had a vasectomy but, he is just SO MANLY he can't be contained. snort

#1 Daisy Fan said...

Okay, am I the only one who was totally confused about Randi's role at Fushion? She is their top model, but books and sets up meetings? That is just dumb. arggggh

Anyone hating GREENS as much as I am right now?

Terry in Toronto said...

That's amazing Norn that La Slaze has your art in her dressing room. You really are a talented guy.

Happy Holidays to one and all.

I love that OLTL has brought back "on the next One Life To Live" at the end of the episode. I can't wait to see Vicki and Echo fighting over Christmas dinner although why doesn't Vicki just throw Echo the hell out of the house?! I would never have my man's ex in my house much less staying at my house. Great soap though.

Merry Xmas and Happy New Year to one and all!

Jen said...

LMAO, am I suppose to forget this flucking twit in Marissa was holding AJ hostage? calling the Chandlers evil, the mansion toxic, resenting JR's RL w/ Adam, so they think I'm gonna watch this as JR easily does the "You're right Marissa" routine...I'm gonna love her?

WHY IS THIS CHARACTER STILL HERE!? It wasn't established already how she ended things w/ JR, banged his cousin, tried to steal custody of his kid. GASLIGHT this bitch already! WTF is Frick and Frack doing here? this is not ATWT, you can't just make us WOW no wonder thier job is on the line.

So we're revisiting the JR/Marissa angst angle? gag me already. He can never get rid of these Carey hos. And Sarah Glendenwhateverhername is, is not the ideal actress for this role. Ex. Lucy would make sense, b/c then that would be trouble, dead eyes and low voice Lucy is not gonna make me want Jarissa.

DancingElf88 said...

Jen I agree with you. I CANNOT STAND this character. I know she adopted him but every time she says AJ is her son I twitch a little. I didn't watch much of the actress that's going to replace Brittany Allen...the only reason I know who she is is because she was half-way part of a Nuke storyline on ATWT and she was meh to me. I gave up AMC again...I'm so bored with it...the only ones that interest me are Annie and JR.

Jen said...

DE88, I cringe, literally want to throw up in my mouth when Marissa talks about being AJ's mother.. this sh-t makes me cringe. And they make AJ even worse refering to her as mommy, never looking at a real pic of his real mother, never talking about her, it's funny b/c Annie knows more about Babe than her own sister, and it pisses me off how every time JR Chandler is becoming the man fans have been yearning for him to become, they regress it with that FOOOOCKIN' Carey clan. His RLs have always been w/ those Careys. Not one of them were worth a sh-t to this show!!!

Hey go back to the tornado scenes, when that building thankfully fell on the character Babe, watching over her was Jenny, Kwak, Angie, Annie, JR and AJ. Yet this show wants to cont. w/ the same same Carey crap.

Jen said...

And I just read an issue w/ Sarah G. basically adding when asked about her taking the Marissa role.

"Oh I add more fierceness to this role"

"Jacob Young gave me his soul!"

Basically insulted BA there. And propped her ass in the process.

Arizonagal said...

Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas, Happy Kwanzaa, Happy hanukkah, and a festivus for the restofus. Hope you all enjoy the holidays. Looking forward to the new year and seeing you all here on the blog. Looking forward to the melodious tones of Ashley and Jordan.

DancingElf88 said...

Happy Holidays everyone!

jason said...

Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays everyone one =)

Norn Cutson said...

I'm at my sister's & watching AMC.
CARA keeps saying "long time ago" & "all that time we were married"...

what, was she a child bride?!?!?!

Arizonagal said...

On AMC, i'm not a Marissa hater, I actually kind of like her. Other than Rylee, I don't really hate anyone on the show right now. Can't wait for Cosgrove to start. I think that's really going to shake things up. Does Cara remind anyone of a chihuahua? It's the eyes. She does have great hair. If I see one more scene with someone talking to coma David I'm gonna scream - to TIIC, been done to death. Can we please move on? On the glass half full side, it does save me time because I ff thru all that crap. I'm still catching up but damn did Ryan chaff my ass when he was trying to take charge of Madison's life. Who TF is this asswipe? Who writes this crap, and is Ryan supposed to annoy the hell out of us? I hate this guy with the white hot intensity of a thousand suns. God, when I watch this stuff I just think they are all mentally ill and codependent. Ick. Erica Kane, your plastic surgery is showing. Loving Dr Castillo, genuine heat with him and Kendall or Amanda. He makes me realize how much chemistry there ISN'T with Jake and Amanda.

On OLTL, Joey reminds me of the tin man. I never saw a guy get so worked up about an ornament. Are guys really like that? My hubby would just shrug and get out the dust pan if his clown ornament broke. I recently had a milestone birthday (no need to reveal which one) and I asked my hubby what the day was and he said, excitedly, the Terminex guy is coming today, and he was serious. Anyway, loved the scenes with Vicky and Dorian. Love the way Echo is manipulating Chuckles. Bree Wmnsn must have had her baby in RL and dropped a ton of weight cuz she looks fantastic. Dying to see what dark Marty's latest plan is, she's delish. I seriously hope TPTB don't break up Bo and Nora, that would make me sad. Wish Blair would open that damned box!

Norn Cutson said...

another thing:
does anyone at AMC know what DRS WITHOUT BORDERS is about?!?!?!

it ain't about thousand dollar haircuts, I can tell you that!

Arizonagal said...

My 2010 sh*t list. Since one of my new year's resolutions is a kindler, gentler Arizonagal, may I just take this opportunity to say a few not so nice (and nice) things?

Cara - is this actress a speed freak or what? all the gesturing and slapping Griffin, waving her arms all over the place. Sheesh, there is a lot of frenetic energy here. Perhaps just too much caffeine but I actually started getting hyper and nervous from watching her. This actress just screams eating disorder and stimulants.

Why does every new doctor on every bloody soap have to be young and brash?

Did not like the chemistry between Jake and Cara, they bring out the worst in each other.

The Kelly/Joey story on OLTL is so childish and high school. These are people in their thirties, grow the f**k up.

Anyone notice the chairs at Confusion? Damned uncomfortable looking.

Worst story in 2010? The dreaded death, resurrection, and coma of David Hayward.

Worst character in 2010... drum roll.... Ryan, duh

Best resurrection, Tea on OLTL

Best recast, Cosgrove as Scott Chandler

Biggest waste of a good actor/character - Damon

Most annoying couple on AMC - RyLee, on OLTL - G-Rex

brtedi said...

I just saw Marissa 2.0. Who hasn't even gone much beyond giving JR joint custody papers--and I think she has more potential than the last one--At least the actresss doesn't ammoy me, on screen.

A note, reguarding Daniel Cosgrove: I'm taking Jordan's word that DC is a seasoned actor. During the months I watched GL, "Bill Lewis" was probably my least favorite chaacter. I've only seen his work on GL. But, that could have been due to the design of character--Not the work of the actor...So, I look forward to see what these two actors bring to their respective roles.

brtedi said...

Good grief!...I really need to proof read my comments more carefully...My appologies for the spelling snd style errors.

Jen said...

I like SG but she's pissing off alot of JR/Annie fans in her interviews and the fact they are toying w/ trying to present JR w. her Marissa and forget why JR should despise this woman that used AJ as a chip in her 'Don't date Annie' world.

BTW how many more fucking Rylee promos will AMC air before the start of February sweeps? WTF is this the only promo they show week after week after week! after WEEK!

Longtime Lurker said...

Count me in as someone who is not going to watch daily if TPTB decide to turn J.R. back into a Martin and have him all of a sudden fall in love with Marissa again. Gross.

I stopped watching daily a while ago and came back b/c of Jannie. If they blow up that storyline (b/c, let's face it, AMC won't let bad characters fall in love with one another and rule the town) what else do I have to tune in for? Rylee dominating the show? The Hubbards trotted out once a week to prop Stepford Madison and her demon Ryan spawn? Erica hitting on Fat Caleb?

No, thanks. I'd rather watch grainy bootleg copies on YT on my own time than watch live. I'm not against throwing a wrench in a couple that I like, but make it worthy of the storyline, people. J.R. suddenly getting a boner for Marissa when he's got Annie on call is not believable or rootable.

Norn Cutson said...

Watched some more AMC with my sister.

I like KENDALL'S hat.

LIZA sure looks surprised with those MAGIC MARKER™ eyebrows.

Anonymous said...

I found the PVP (which, when abbreviated, sounds like some kind cervical cancer) a couple of months ago and have listened as far back as the podcasts about the tornado.

As a new AMC viewer, I don't have a history with the show. Unfortunately, I do with the two head asswipers as I watched them kill Guiding Light and As the World Turns, but that's another story.

Even so, I can tell that while the show isn't good, it's much better than it could be considering what Kreizman has done in the past. He is of the same line of hackery as that bitch killing Days of Our Lives.

Even so, I do enjoy the show. I like that Kendall is still grieving over Zach, even if it did mean two weeks of nothing but crying scenes. I'm enjoying Annie and JR, as well as the Jake/Amanda/Cara/Griffin story. Since I started with the show, I've yet to find a reason to like Ryan or Greenlee, but Rebecca Budig did make me aware that she can act when Greenlee had her breakdown in the elevator.

As for Madison, unless they find some way of tying her to the canvas (making her the daughter of Lynn Carson, that woman Devon fell for in the 80's, would be out of the left field and potentially interesting, provided she had another mother as well, which could also make her friends with Binks), I see no future for the character. Making her yet another of Ryan's baby daddies is stupid.

And say what you will about Melissa Archer on OLTL, but Denise Vasi makes her seem like Robin Strausser. Why is this thing on contract? Randi is pointless, and these scenes where she's trying to console Madison are awful.

But like I said, I am enjoying parts of the show and think that it's infinitely better than General Hospital.

I'm also looking forward to the return of the podcast! Ashley and Jordan, you make this white boy from Ohio want to start screaming random Spanish insults at my TV any time Farah Fath is on! :D

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

I'm back

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay so after illness and a snow storm a new podcast was made and should be up very soon and we are going to try to go back to a weekly schedule.

Mel Got Served said...

I hope they write out the jokes for Scott cause this dude can't deliver them. Unless the point is for Scott's terrible puns to make you shudder.

Anonymous said...

I don't even think they're writing for Daniel Cosgrove as Scott. This is the same writing he had on Guiding Light.

Just goes to show Kreizman really is a hack. :/