Saturday, February 12, 2011


(Gotta thank Dancing Elf for that title.)

I'm in Florida with the babies, and Jordan is doing battle with the Queens of Gay-Bar-dom, so this will be it until March. We had so much fun recording this, but not so much fun watching AMC before doing so. I dunno - I just think Julie Hanan Craputhers and crew are counting the days until cancellation. (And what the hell is up with Binx's mumus? I swear, they should make a springwear collection of them called All My Mumus. Seriously, wardrobe? Seriously?)

We're behind a week or so (taped this on February 4th), so the sucky-ness relates to all things All My Children prior to that date. Is it getting better? Worse? Is this all worth it? What the hell do we all do with ourselves once the show gets the ax?

(And did anyone tape the Oprah Soap Stars eppy? The bites on YouTube suck, and I missed it 'cuz I'm in Florida!! I would pay y'all to send me a DVD copy. Seriously. Or if anyone knows how I can get it, I'm all ears. I've heard from my Titi that it was awesome, and the two clips I saw - the Susan Lucci stuff and the "Luke & Laura" stuff - were great.)

Anyway, lots to discuss. Missing you all already, and hope you'll keep up the convo here.

2/4/11 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I found the episode on this link:

Shadow said...

Hope you're having some fun in the sun Ash. Hang in there Jordan!

Here are my notes on this past week:

How much crap can they pile on to explain why Cara left Jake in DWB? Secret leukemia & now a Mexican drug the Sudan?

Jack was too angry. Erica didn't mean to hurt anybody. It's ok to be mad, but shredding her in public was OTT. She was exhausted & just kept wailing on her.

Colby has the bladder of...some kind of animal that has a really huge bladder. She was handcuffed overnight, drank a bottle of water & never had to pee. And was that table made of concrete?

How come Griffin has a distinct Mexican accent and Cara sounds, like totally Valley Girl? Like seriously not Mexican.

So Annie handcuffed his sister to a table, ran an ambulance off the road & nearly killed a few people, but before getting help JR slept w/ Annie for the road.

When did Ryan and Jake become friends? And why is Amanda so nice to ? Greenlee was a bitch to her at Fusion.

Remember when Dixie welcomed Palmer to Heaven? I'd love it if when Annie goes to Oakhaven Janet opened the door & welcomed her inside. It would also be great if as InsAnnie arrives at Oakhaven, we saw Marian being released.

That's a pretty teensy wedding present that Erica gave Rylee.

WTF was Bianca wearing at Krystal's? All she needed was a Habit with wings. Reese isn't going to like the Sister Batrille look Bianca's been working. Has Bianca ever just worn a football jersey, sweatpants, pony tale & a pair of thongs?

Greenlee looked awful for her wedding. The dress is dowdy. The hair is limp. Not hot. It looks like she is wearing pajamas or Erica's nightgown. Like they said, "What's the ugliest thing we could put Rebecca in to make the fans hate this more".

Does Marissa have a tumor? Blood clot? Anemia? Low blood pressure? Who passes out that easily? Annie could hock a loogie on her & she'd hit the floor.

JR is no Adam. He's too weak to be as vengeful, lacks the wisdom that comes from knowing his own faults, & has no real rival to motivator him like Adam had in Palmer. Bring back Pete or Ross!

Bianca 1.0 looked very Boobianca in Friday's repeat. Seeing Reggie in the family mix always cracked me up. Jack was oompa loompah orange. The old opening on Friday's AMC raced thru the photos b/c the cast was so large. I miss Brooke, Livia, Boobianca, Special Johnny & Lily...How did Leven not crack up reading those absurd lines all the time? You could always tell Lucci, Eden & Minshew had genuine mutual affection for each other.

Jack's house. I liked that set. They should bring that back. And fun, bitchy pre-mom jeans Kendall! They should bring that back too!

The music playing as the yacht was pulling away on Friday's AMC repeat was the same music playing when Dixie greeted Palmer in Heaven.

Mel Got Served said...

New podcast- hooray! I have a nice 40 minute drive today so this will be an excellent car ride accompaniment.

Shadow, I think you forgot to wonder why the Pine Valley Hospital allows a surgeon to wear jeans everywhere. Scrubs are like $20 compared to those designer jeans.

Jack needs something in Pine Valley besides getting used and abused by Erica and hearing Greenlee whine. Recast Reggie, make Reggie a love interest for Colby. Hell, even Randi. On Oprah, Darnell and Debbie joked that the black folks always stay together on soap. Dear god, don't let the same be for Frankie and Randi who are NOTHING compared to Jesse and Angie. They are so boring, they need a third party thrown in.

I'd prefer a facade of Annie's crowbar to welcome her to Oak Haven. <3 you, crowbar!!

Mel Got Served said...
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Norn Cutson said...

omg, I am SO GLAD ya'll went off on the post office and DUANE READE!
People don't understand when I tell 'em that goin' to the post office is an all day thing!
the people at DUANE READE feel like customers get in the way of them doing their job!

Ashley said...

OMG Shadow - I'm LMFAO! I missed the whole week - guess I'll need to try and YouTube.

Hey Anon - I saw that link to the Oprah Soap Eppy too, but you gotta give them your email or something shady like that... Don't like it....

If anyone else has other links, I'd LOVE to check the show out... Torrent works too. :)


Ashley said...

BTW - LOVE LOVE LOVE the idea of Janet welcoming Annie to Oakhaven - especially now that Mandy is Annie's BFF.

Anonymous said...

Ashley, this website has streaming links to a bunch of episodes. The soap one is under season 3, episode 50. Love your show!!

Jen said...

AMC has one shot.

First off you do know it's bad when losing Annie is a death blow. That means writing has screwed this show up so much. Shadow I totally missed that, this staff had JR knowing his sis' was hancuffed w/ the sex cuffs to some table, thinking Annie's breaking down and going pyscho, in tears that night, and then JR just slept w/ her all on the same night?

That's what I understood when she said "I always sleep well when I sleep next to you" they don't just sleep in a bed. Not them.

Any way, This show is in s/l trouble after Annie/JR are closed on 3/21.

Think this what s/l are you investing 6-8 mths. as a fan?

Tad/Cara? Liza/David? (I'm not investing 6 mths. to that) Ryan's next star crossed lover wife?)
Jake/Cara? Amanda??
Kendall and Ricky/ life maybe.

This is my thoughts, the show has one hope, one... where does JR go after this.The time where he's undecided, trying to live up to Tad's expectations, that needs to end, losing Annie that needs to trigger something in him. He needs to not only be the bad seed, live it, breathe it, accept it, and wave it around. That's where we are at. The only chance the show has left is JR. Because I'd actually watch 6-8 mths. seeing him turn Withering Heights on PV.

Even better Ryan isn't going to like him, he has Cambias, let JR go one further and break Rylee down. They are the real original reason why Annie is damaged. But again this writing staff needs to go.Pronto.

Jordan may a dominican shove a platano up your ass.

Jen said...

And the worst thing is, this all could have been avoided had these writers paid attention to what worked and cut characters that made no sense. I agree w/ Ashley, this Sarah Glende..

SHE CAN'T ACT! she has no take on this character! WTF IS SHE STILL ON THIS SHOW! or Asher! or Caleb! IT DOESN'T WORK! cut them!

Do you really want to invest 6 mths. in a Marissa arc? DOES ANYONE CARE? She should have been gaslighted or something that sent her off canvas. There's no point to her! or Asher w/o Damon! or Caleb!

Do ppl know, characters like Marissa is why CS's Amanda isn't on full contract.This character shouldn't be getting more ties to PV, she needs to exit ala Bailey's ass. I agree w/ Luke from DC, this show is just UGH!!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Amanda's not on contract because Chrishelle wants to try and make it elsewhere besides AMC. A contract would tie her down.

Marissa is SO boring. I fast forward her each time.

Shadow said...

Mel is right Chrishell declined to go contract which really pissed ABC off at the time. That all went down in the middle of the move. Unlike most, Stause won't screw them over. She really promotes the show. Smart girl. Not losing the paycheck for something that may not happen.

MCE bailed 7 months ago about the time AMC decided to clean house and ditch Damon, Marissa and Natalia. They only decided to keep & recast Marissa after MCE quit. I think there wwas a mutual agreement for Kane to go recurring a la Chrishell to cover for Angie while Morgan's on leave. Part of the reason for the Mona ep and so much Rylee is the state of disarray the cast is in. Who can write for this? Why else are Brot & Nat frontburner? There isn't anybody else! The cast is too thin.

armless-phelan said...

Downloading the podcast now.

Until I can hear Ashley and Jordan, all I'll say is this: All My Children is far from perfect right now, but it is worlds better than General Hospital or Days Of Our Lives.

Mel Got Served said...

Great episode! I know you said to make it last for a month or so, but I couldn't!

First off, thank you for the reality shoutout. It would be an honor to podcast with you, Jordash! (even if Jordan hates reality). In regards to reality, I haven't watched Idol yet really because I realized I am so over the audition process. I plan to tune in during Hollywood week where it's talented people who need to lay it all on the line. It's like the beginning of Fame or A Chorus Line. Bring your A game and sometimes your A game isn't enough.

Now I don't watch GH (I do read summaries, etc), but I do watch a LOT of A&E's Beyond Scared Straight and I applaud GH for depicting the truth of what happens in prisons. Scott was in jail/prison and came out roses. That's not prison. A family friend of mine works for a prison, it ain't roses. The fact is a young, good looking kid in prison WILL get attacked. Heck, old ugly ones will too. That is the truth of prison and I am glad GH addressed the truth of what happens there. I saw a lot of people online (not here) pissed that this happened and Michael has been though a lot already. IT WAS PRISON, what did they expect? Finally a soap portrays this prison isn't just hanging out in the visitor's room all day scheming to date a pregnant woman.

As hot as Dr. Castillo's ass is, the man should be rockin' scrubs in the hospital. Cara needs some under-eye concealer. I LOVE Lindsay Hartley, but gurl needs to pull it together, or at least the AMC hair and makeup group. Marissa looks frightening, Cara's makeup sucks- work it out people.

Mel Got Served said...

PS If we ever podcasted together, I could satisfy both Ashley's love for reality and Jordan's for drama. Maybe we should just have a Good Wife podcast where I drool over Matt Czuchry for an hour.

PPS I COMPLETELY agree about the Golden Globes and best show. I did in fact watch Boardwalk Empire and while it is a good show, it was by no means the best show this past year. Personally, because it's obvious the Golden Globes detests its television counterpart, I think B.E. won because of its Scorcese connection. If anyone from B.E. deserved an acting award, it's that crazy IRS dude Nelson, who was nucking futs.

PPPS I've only seen half of The Big C since I can only see Showtime at my parent's house, but I got so verklempt while driving and hearing about the gifts. Will need to find a way to finish watching it.

Shadow said...

The "Pine Valley Got Served Podcast", or "Serving Pine Valley", or "Get Real Pine Valley Podcast", or "Reality Bites Pine Valley Podcast".

armless-phelan said...

Finally listened to the show. And finally glad to hear Jordan acknowledge GH has A LOT of story problems. I too love Laura Wright, and great acting can save some really bad writing, but the rape story is already becoming less about Michael and more about the usual suspects. So glad I stopped watching. (Still get twitter updates, though.)

Jordan, I am VERY surprised you didn't mention all of the stripping bachelor party on OLTL, but that could've been after you guys recorded. It was around the same time, anyway.

AMC is pushing just how much hackery I can take. Someone must've let Kriezman out of his cage. Any time Rylee is off the show, it is a bland to good day. But then those two show up and I want to punch my TV. And the only stories they have involve an actress off the show for medical reasons, a couple that every fan of the show hates with a passion, and the headline story has one half of it already out the door.

There is no substance to Pine Valley. Somebody needs to slap Kendall, remind her that she's over the age of FORTY with two kids, and to settle her ass down. And get Binks some lovin' already! Augh!

And Erica should have gotten in Jackson's face and told him "I would rather Greenlee be unhappy than have Kendall be DEAD!"

Frons needs to go, Kreizman needs to go, Crapputhers needs to go, and Denise Vasi needs to go because her stupid ass has been on far too much for my tastes.

Ashley said...

"But then those two show up and I want to punch my TV." - ARMLESS PHELAN YOU ROCK!

Terry in Toronto said...

Love the new podcast. Hope you enjoy your trip Ashley and good luck Jordan dealing with your job.

Terry in Toronto said...

Can I just say that OLTL is on FIRE! Even John McBain is bringing it so you know there's something in the Llanview water!

DancingElf88 said...

Happy Valentine's Day everyone!
I loved the podcast (and the title). I stopped watching AMC as soon as I found out MCE was leaving. I just...can't take it. I'll catch up on her last scenes at a later date.
Ash..I'm so sorry about your incidents. I hate rude people...that's the one thing that makes me snap. I hope the Florida sun brings the happy back to your life.
I'm kind of iffy about OLTL right now. While I do love it. There are some problems:
1. The Ford Family. Seriously. James aka WHiny McAngst bores me and is making me FF right thru Starr. I hate that big!Ford is now Jess's baby daddy. WHY? WHY R U TYING HIM TO A CORE FAMILY?!! And I think Tess is coming which I'm not really feeling. Why can't Jess just be a bitch on wheels without it being a breakdown? It makes her character seem weak.
2. Where are my black people? They gave us a Matt/Des kiss which was random and then they vanish for almost two weeks. WTF
3. I like Aubrey better but I have no use for her...she needs to leave.
4. This influx of new characters...meh. I'd rather they utilize the characters they do have. I don't need more newbies.

I'm starting to watch GH

armless-phelan said...

In regards to OLTL, this wedding drama made me realize why JPL has a job there. The boy can act when he wants to. It's just a shame he doesn't.

And there's a rumour going around that the show is cutting Brody and Gigi. While I'll miss Mark Lawson, if it takes losing him to get Farah Fath off my screen it's worth it. But, again, this is just a rumour as my sources source wasn't sure if it was true or not.

Everyone has stepped up their game for this wedding except for Farah Fath. I even thought the oldest Ford brother did a decent job. I hate that they're trying to make him a wonderful guy, when he pretty much raped Jess who was clearly suffering mentally when he bedded her.

As for AMC, I loved the scene where Cara told Jake that she left him because of a drug cartel. The backstory is utter bull, butter there was some real soapy goodness when she told Jake she still loves him, but that she knows he moved on and is happy with his wife and son. And it was such a long scene, like you used to get in the 90s and long before that.

RPG even impressed me. And that's saying a lot, considering he was pulling a Rebecca Budig for awhile and putting in just enough effort to not be accused of phoning it in.

And the McTrash rerun was actually pretty good. I liked Reggie and want him back. A recast can't be that hard. Just make Rebecca take a pay cut and let Cameron Mathison go co-host live and that'll open up quite a bit of money.

And I try to rock, Ashley, but snark is so much easier. ;)

armless-phelan said...

Butter should be but there.

And I feel the need to add that I still think Sarah Glendening is doing a good job considering she's been given absolutely nothing. She turned Marissa from a smile-even-when-fighting drip to a bitch who would protect her son.

And I know everyone keeps saying AJ is Babe's kid and not Marissa's, but I appreciate that for once Soaps aren't doing the whole "blood makes you more of a parent than the person that raised the kid" thing they're so fond of doing. Then again, Babe dying from a bloody ass might be why they're not doing that.

Anonymous said...

check-out kendall awesome new promo.

Ashley said...

Thank you, Anon, for the Oprah link. That one worked without a problem.

Just finished watching it, and it was awesome! Thanks again --


Ashley said...

Kendall preview is good - looks better than what the actual show will deliver, I'm sorry to say.

I am bummed that the reverend turns out to be a douchebag, though. True Blood/Twilight hair and all, I was digging him. (My latino brother needs to get out in the sun.)

Shout-out to Ms. TNT! Love ya', girl!

Ash xo

Jen said...

I'll keep on saying this like SOC, DC, SON has been saying.

MARISSA SUCKS! when Annie leaves, go back to the original s/l w/ this character, Dixie's killer. That's it.

Whether it's jail, tripping on a wire, stabbing, a shooting, a fire, suicide, falling off a cliff, GET THIS FREAKING WASTE OF SPACE OFF MY SCREEN. Y&R is on your time slot AMC, I can tune out at any moment.

DE88, I feel you on that. Seriously is everything that is wrong in soaps. Pimp slappin' fans left and right w/ baby powder in thier hands.

Jen said...

DE88, I feel you on that. Seriously *AMC* is everything that is wrong in soaps. Pimp slappin' fans left and right w/ baby powder in thier hands.

Happy V-Day from Frons and the soap Nazis in DK/DS.


Yay, a New Podcast. I feel bad for you Ashley, seems like you had a rough go around. I picture you as this tiny girl, and some big mean dude yelling at you. You should carry mace and pepper spray people like that! Also, pepper spray those mean old queens who think they are special or something! Too bad Jordan wasn't with you, cause I'm sure he would have snatched that old queen for messing with you!

Ooh, I would LOVE IT if Janet welcomed Annie into Oakhaven. They can't hire Kate Collins for like 3 episodes? Come on! They can't be spending the money on Rebecca Budig's wardrobe,hair and makeup, cause she looks toe up in every episode.

They must let Blind Angie style Greenlee. That ugly ass butter creme wedding monstrosity! Ugh. You have to work HARD to make Rebecca Budig look ugly, but these stylists are doing it, piece by gaudy piece!

Every other soap has proper weddings with the bride in a decent dress and a CHAPEL, but no, not All My Children, they have a wedding in a BAR that doubles as an office, and a place to hold children's plays. Ridonkulous!

Seriously Carruthers? You mean to say you can't bring in a church set for one freaking day of taping?

Shadow, The writers have to keep thinking up stupid reasons why Cara left Jake, but they don't want to say the real reason...HE IS A LOSER who needs a shave, a bath, and a MAN...problem solved.

AMC is all but toast, thanks to Frons and Carruthers insistence on making Ryan and Greenlee the focus of the show...among other things.

OLTL has been decent, but I am still not wowed by it. I will say though, that I can't take the Fords anymore! They ate the show singlehandedly. These guys RUINED Starr and Langston...turned them into mindless bimbos.

I'm also sick of rehashing storylines. Do they really NEED to bring Tess out? Rumor is that Tess will lead to Brody exiting Llanview. Why can't they write something fresh for Jessica?

Dancing Elf, the Black people in Llanview are not real, they are actually Life-sized puppets that they bring out ever so often when the other cast has days off.

Why do people like Rex? This character I feel is useless. I just don't understand his appeal past the whole shirtless and White phenomenon that Ron Carlivati and Frank Valentini seem to swear by these days on OLTL. John Paul Lavoisier seems to phone it in every episode. Why is Rex such an important character to Llanview.

And once Farah Fail(Jhee JHEEE!) leaves, there will be even less reason for Rex. Oh, I know, let's make him a Buchanan so he won't be a total waste of a character! Yeah, that's the ticket!

Why wasn't Roxy at Natalie's wedding?! Roxy would have bounced Vimal and Rama out of that place with the quickness!

Did anybody catch Michael Easton (John McBain) and his one tear falling from his eyes, lol! Was it real, or was it glycerine?

Stacy G. said...

How long does JR have to kiss Marissa's ass? they can't kill this character already?

AMC really you can't kill her off?

AMC you can't rid AMC fans of this character no one really gives a damn about?

Poor Sarah, she's just doing her job, but fans aren't suppose to hate her, but they do. They are irate at this character.

She's in the pentagon of doom.

JR fans hate her.
Annie fans hate her.
Babe fans hate her.
David fans hate her.

I'm pretty sure Bianca fans will hate her too.

MCE we're going to miss you, srsly I do not know how AMC recovers s/l wise, I agree w/ Jen, stop writing JR as some pussy////// cat.

Georgia said...

"FLying" I loved your comments - especially about OLTL! I cringed when they showed Tess in the mirror. And, WHY did Jessica go to Foxy Roxy's?? And she broke in ??

It cracked me up all the people that WEREN'T at Jessica and Natalie's wedding. Starr, Todd, Roxy, Blair, Kevin..-- and yet there were a bunch of extras.

John's tears were a bit much for me... and b/c Bree Williamson can cry so convincingly it made NAtalie and John look like amateurs. CAn't figure out how they are going to work their way out of this mess.

I am liking OLTL better than AMC - though Crazy ANnie has been delightful - but we all know that's coming to an end.

I, too, wondered why Greenlee and Ryan got married with none of their friends there and in a restaurant.. and had it catered by another restaurant! Nuts! BORING BORING BORING

The rehash of Charlie's gonna drink is getting old. The cheating on my partner (natalie, john, jessica, brody, ford, aubrey, charlie, echo) .. I realize it's a soap staple -but it's getting out of control here at the moment.

I am hoping that this new story with Blair and Tomas ends up with Roger Howarth returning as "TODD"!

Georgia said...

Oh... Jordan, I read that Melissa Claire Egan taped her last day on January 11 -- So I guess she'll be on screen for at least 4-6 more weeks?

armless-phelan said...

@Georgia, MCE's last day on screen is reported to be March 21st.

I recognise the flaws OLTL has, and can't stand Gigi, but I don't mind Rex when JPL tones down the stupid faces and body jerking.

Being a newer viewer to the show, I am enjoying Tess's return. but I could very easily see why long time fans are upset.

As for the Fords, I hate them. All of them. Even mama Inez, and I LOVE Jessica Leccia. But the actress/actor doesn't always fit the role they're given. I fear we're stuck with the Fords for awhile, though, because Fronsie probably stares at pictures of them while Cameron Mathison fucks his fat old ass.

I didn't watch AMC today, because of flu-related reasons, but I am so pissed at what is being done to my Reverend Ricky. I love that Holy Piece Of Ass so much!

As for Cara and her valley girl accent? Lindsay Hartley is NOT a Latina. The girl is Greek or Italian, but can only get Hispanic roles. Go figure.

And I second Flying Negro's notion of Jake Martin needing a man. RPG can make babies with Rachael Ray's friends all he wants, but there ain't nobody buying what he's trying to sell.

A good juicy story would be for Jake to fall in love with Griffin. A man caught between his wife, his ex, and his ex's brother while Amanda and Griffin have their own little fling, as well. Good, soapy drama with a bisexual twist.

I mean, if Guiding Light can make a maneater like Olivia Spencer into a carpet muncher, it wouldn't take much to turn that big ole nelly queen Jake into a cocksucker.

And it would be infinitely more interesting than what's going on now. :P

Amphitrion said...

Walt Willey is a medical miracle. How a human brain can withstand a concussion after that much violent shaking of the head is astounding.

Maybe that’s why a frantic Jackson had to scramble and drive across town in order to find food for seven people at a wedding reception. Hey genius, you left a restaurant to go find food!

Hope you have a great Vacation Ashley! Thanks again guys for the great entertainment!!!!

Stacy H. aka #1DaisyFan said...

Not only was Greenlee's wedding in a restaurant, but in a restaurant that SHE OWNS! Why in the world would Jack have to run to Krystal when little miss, "I created Rhapsody in Red, " could snap her fingers and get her employees to whip up a couple of appetizers....come on writers...this stuff is not that hard.

Shadow said...

Haven't watched this week, but you guys are entertaining me! I did manage to watch Idol today. Some decent singers. Like the new judges & the more positive vibe. I'm getting a soft spot for the fat kid that got booted from his first group. Can't imagine being 15, overweight, and in that position at 3 in the morning. Glad he made it. Sweet kid. Generally, I seem to dislike the ones with bizarre hair, bizarre glasses or that cry excessively irrespective of vocal talent. And the Glambert shrill thing annoys me. The frizzy blonde girl who sang to Steven & made it thru w/o the rest of her team may be my early fave. I was digging the dude with the paraplegic girlfriend but he was sort of moody last night. The spastic girl who almost quit but didn't but cried the whole time seemed like a wild eyed crackhead. Nice to hear them singing current hits. I thought it was unfair for people to have their stage moms there helping them. Curious to see what tomorrow brings. For now I don't seem to be able to remember their names.

Anonymous said...

Maybe if Dr. Battaglia would answer his phone they could get through the patient load at Pine Valley Hospital a little faster. That doc has more pages than a phone book. Time to update the background track.

Thanks for entertaining us--the podcast is a treasure.

Jen said...

IDK if I can take Ashley & Jordan serious, b/c I'm trying to find any type of good acting from Jordi Valisucio and can't find one bit. WHAT DO YOU SEE! Yes I know Cam is bad! THIS GUY ISN'T THAT MUCH BETTER!

What scene has he stood out with? all they do is every second drill how every girl in the world, the nurses, the old women, the single ladies, lesbians, thier dogs..all love Griffin.

GMAFB. What a waste of money, Cara is a keeper, LH makes you root for her, JV like TG's Asher he's candy for 6 mths. and gone. Yes he was emmy nominated, won one yr. like Natasha Livingston, he is not a good actor. HE IS NOT.

So far the poor actors

Sarah Glendalwhateva
Jordi Valisucio
Micheal Nouri
Denise Vasi
Trent Garrett

Just cut cast, these characters don't even make sense.

armless-phelan said...

I finally watched AMC today. And loved it. The show is getting really good again. I have a feeling Kreizman took a nap and Ms. Swajeski took over. I would say Lorraine, but it's not THAT good.

There are a lot of unneeded characters on AMC, I agree, but I think a few of them are still salvageable. Marissa is still undefined enough that something can be done. I mean, we know nothing about her other than she's an E-Babe and used to give handjobs to old men for money. Plus, I'm hearing talk even on Daytime Confidential that she's hooking up with Binks.

I agree, though, there is no need for Fat Caleb or Asher. Get rid of Caleb, buy Dimitri some new teeth, and fly him out to LA. Voila!

And I only want Randi on screen long enough to die a bloody, violent, and most importantly artistically SILENT death!

Lorraine didn't have nearly enough time to fix all the damage that Pratthole did to Pine Valley, and Brian Frons is probably helming more of AMC than even we realize. Whenever that fat old closet case gets directly involved with his shows, they shed viewers. I personally still think Frank and Ron were just the fall guys for Fronsie jealousy over Kish. Those two boys were getting some loving on his show while Cameron Mathison was holding out on him.

Damned Fronshole.

Jen said...

And everyone that watched AMC knows, they know Jerica was never meant to be. Dimitri & Erica were.

Caleb, I have no use for him, or his son. You could use that money to bring back Dimitri and station him at WildWind, his home.

Marissa, is and always will be E-Babe, she's an error, a mistake, character created and yet to be used to close up a long and painful story, Dixie's real killer. Does anyone believe a girl sold at birth would be so happy, and a lawyer? no, infact she might want to kill some people. Let someone tell you after your parents died, THAT YOU WERE SOLD BY YOUR MOM! BECAUSE SHE DIDN'T HAVE ANYTHING FOR YOU, BUT DID FOR YOUR SISTER.

Get this mistake in the right arc, hey AMC needs a good s/l, why not have Amanda uncover Marissa is Dixie's real pancakes killer. It's so better than the latter.

No one really cares about Griffin, for this I could have thought about many more characters that would be better, lets see

Tim Dillon
Anton Lang
Jamie Martin
Bobby Warner
Trey Canyon
Sam Grey

Just endless pointless stuff. I'm trying w/ AMC but it slowly is turning into the Kendall/Rylee show, Frons keeps pushing them as the next generation's answer to Erica/Dimitri & Brooke, THEY AREN'T!

BTW losing Marissa could open up possibilities. Like recasted Laura, Maggie, hell Anita Santos! she makes a hell of alot more sense, she was a good actress, she's not doing anything why not her? Natalia Cigliuti is a beautiful woman, she'd be hot w/ anybody and have the good girl you root for quality.

AMC is such UGH!!!

Shadow said...

armless-phelan cracked me up with these two gems:

"Get rid of Caleb, buy Dimitri some new teeth, and fly him out to LA."

"Brian Frons is probably helming more of AMC than even we realize. Whenever that fat old closet case gets..."

Only on the PVP.

Anybody watch idol tonight? Yay! The fat kid & blonde Stephen Tyler groupie girl made it through. The redheaded girl whose ex-boyfriend went home & Sharpay look-a-like roommate got sick didn't deserve to advance. The dude with the paraplegic girlfriend is really getting cranky. The Cowboy with the deep voice needs to man-up, stop crying & learn a song. The manic depressive bipolar dude with the bandana and faux hawk needs to bring it down a notch. And the crackhead girl made it through somehow-that surprised me. There were some good, attractive blonde girls tonight. The blonde surfer guy seems fun, but he isn't a great singer. I still think the mean guy with the glasses who shit on the fat kid is a punk. The really pretty black girl who sang 'I Am Changing' in the red dress seemed genuinely talented, classy & comfortable performing. She strikes me as maybe the only 'normal' person in the entire show. The Cello Guy (aka Dude who reminds me of Seth Rogen and/or Fozzie Bear) is awesome talented. I liked that they didn't drag out the 4 rooms as much & that they were nicer to the losers. Once we near the top 12 I will start remembering their names.

Shadow said...

Today's AMC casting news:

Elena Campbell-Martinez, formerly of Passions, joins the cast in a recurring role as MaMa Castillo-the matriarch of the Castillo siblings. She will have definite opinions about Cara, Jake & Tad. Too bad AMC lost Elizabeth Rodriguez's Carmen Sugar Morales. She was fun (before Jack). I wouldn't mind seeing some Latin love shared by her and Griffin. She was fun/not crazy & could provide some of the spark we're losing when Annie leaves.

armless-phelan said...

Shadow, I used to be such a nice person. What have you guys done to me! I kinda like it...

I don't know this new woman. I liked the one they had in the little web spin off with Cara and Griffin. She was from some Nickelodeon show.

All I know is, all of the younger people on Passions that could act have jobs, and the older ones disappeared.

I always wondered whatever happened to the guy that played Julian Crane. He was VERY talented. AMC should bring him in as a recast of one of Erica's ex husbands. I mean, he worked for Passions, the man has to be used to shows with no money.

Mel Got Served said...

Since Stern is on re-runs all week while he's on vacationing, I'm keeping up with AMC while I'm at work. BUT, since it's a TV show and I'm working and don't watch TV at work as much as I'd enjoy that, I basically keep up with AMC old time radio style. It's still good but I'll tell you, you can tell the weak actors when it's audio only. Who am I referring to? MARISSA. Holy horrible. Her acting is about 3 steps above Lisa in cult classic, The Room (

Longtime Lurker said...

Thanks for the new podcast!

Jordan, I'm proud of you for admitting that Sarah Glendening isn't working. I'll agree that she's trying very hard, but Marissa is such a worthless character that it would take a master thespian to make this character catch on with fans. Hallucination Marissa is fun but the character in "reel" life is a dud and a half.

I'm loving the insertion of Cara into the show (Griffin not so much). Cara and Tad are so darn cute! And MEK is looking damn good these days. He got a haircut, I love the silver hair, and he might have dropped a couple of lbs. He's still not Tad the Cad but at least he's not Tad the Ewww! anymore.

armless-phelan said...

So, it seems Rebecca Herbst is staying with GH after all. #BeckyNation pulled it off. And I have a feeling next up they're going to try to get rid of that fat rat bastard Brian Frons and replace him with Frank Valentini.

Let's hope it's true. I've already given them my word that I would do whatever they need to get rid of Fronsie. When they get back to me with plans, I'll share them here.

armless-phelan said...

I'm hearing good things. Come on, people. Take to twitter! Call in! Send an e-mail! We could be rid of that Fronshole! People are really getting together on it! #FireFrons

And now, anti-Frons organizing aside, I can say AMC had the best cliffhanger of all the ABC soaps today. I'm genuinely torn between between Amanda and Cara, but I'm proud of my Mandy for fighting dirty, even if it did kind of backfire.

And there was some screen testing between Sarah Glendening and Chrissy Lind. And I saw a spark. It was just a brief scene, but they could work together. Maybe they'd address the whole "Bianca was in love with Babe" thing I keep hearing mumbling about. Probably not, but it'd be interesting.

brtedi said...

I haven't watched AMC for a couple of days,now, Ryan or not,somehow washing dishes is more interesting...Has Annie been committed, yet?

On a more upbeat note, I could like John and Kelly together...He even emotes. However, that could become a problem if he runs out of empty beer bottles ;-).

---One thing is for certain, John can't 'throw stones' (much) at Natalie & Brody.

Aside from that, it's just good to see Gina Tognoni with a bit more substantive materal/scenes, rather than with that snooze fest of a Brit-- whatever that character's name was.

brtedi said...

Oh, I almost forgot...Kudos to Tomas, for consoling Langston. That scene came off classy--and kind of sweet. I hope Ted King sticks around, for a while.

Anonymous said...

Okay i just got caught up on AMC, and, i was pleasantly surprised how much this show has improved, this is the best it's been since early 2006 IMO. The cast is finally getting the chance to shine, Erica and Jack actually had to ACT the other week, JR given character-development, Jesse and Tad having a light moment with Angie on the phone, Ryan behaving like a true father and explained to Spike why Emma was on tv, great family interactions between Kendall/Bianca and Cara/Griffin and The Hubbards for Natalia last scenes, Triangles that aren't one-sided, and please tell i'm not only one to notice more history nods in the daily dialogue.

What i liked most about the ambulance crash is that it felt like it HAD to happen to push story along. The biggest stories (Kendall and Annie) collided and affected every story and couple on the canvas. It's giving me sweeps the right way, from evil Rev. Ricky to Cara still being in love with Jake.

Kudos to David Kreizman and Donna Swajeski for successfully introducing a new family that i enjoy to watch! Cara backstory is a bit heavy handed but i am intrigued by her, she's becoming my ISANNIE replacement.

As far as new exciting pairings go, Amc is hitting it out of the park for me. I like Scott/Madison, Liza/David, and Cara is great with both Martin man. I see Cara being my replacement for INSANNIE!

Erica also is dressing more her age, she even covered her neck LOL!

I hope the rumors about the writer's aren't true, because just like James Harmon Brown and Barbara Esensten, once things start heating up they are replaced!

Ashley, I don't understand how you can not be enjoying AMC right now. It's easily becoming ABCs best soap opera and doing it without any huge stunts or any cliche baby switch.

Brian said...

So I must start by saying that I fell a month behind on the soap. So I started FF'ing through the boring scenes (ie anything without Annie or Cara). But, as I got more caught up, I noticed I was watching more scenes rather than zipping through them. I think this says alot to how the characters are overlapping with each other and how the story is becoming interesting. I'm glad that AMC is actually giving character's exits as well; rather than just a metion that they left PV. The Damon and Natalia exits were pretty good. Now if only we can get the Randi exit, I would be happy.

Stacy H. aka #1DaisyFan said...

I never understood the concept of Marissa, it seemed to me like Bianca was already the sweet, nice, good hearted "daughter" on the show. Now, we are going to put the two of them together? Talk about self love! Can anyone picture ANY heat between these two? It will be the most tame pairing ever. Oh I get it, we can have lesbians, so we can seem 'topical' but we will make the couple so boring that no one could possibly be offended...yawn. I would rather have Greenlee devastated because Ryan dumps her after he finds out she lied to him about Madison's pregnancy and we see her drunk in a bar and then waking up in Binks bed the next that story could go places!!! Just think, Ryan would be pissed at Binks, it could possibly reignite the Kendall/Greenlee feud after we learn that Greelee is leading Binks on, Erica HATES Greenlee, etc.

Longtime Lurker said...

Today's episode was such a dud for me.

My hatred of the Marissa character and the destruction of J.R. Chandler really affects my enjoyment of this show.

Dear writers -- Marissa is useless! SG has no chemistry with VI and JY -- two of the most magnetic men on this show. Marissa and David seem like strangers and it's not doing J.R. any favors to have him appear to be over Annie so easily that he's asking this terrible character to move back in the mansion. Why did we need a recast for this character?

I loved the Cara stuff. Lindsey Hartley is a gem. She makes RPG/Jake ten times more likable that he is with Amanda these days.

I didn't like that Amanda cracked so easily and told Tad the truth. I wanted her to cover up her secret and return to her wicked ways. I can't wait to see how Annie is somehow blamed for Amanda's decision.

Ryan is...Ryan. I really wish he and Greenlee were not on my screen every single day.

Courtney H said...

I still haven't come back to AMC but I did hear them discuss JR on Daytime Confidential. They said that JR is like Adam in that he sent many of his significant others to the loony bin.

To what I watch..

LOVE OLTL!! I hated the double pregnancy and buildup but i LOVED Clint going off about Rex. Talk about soapy! Charlie can drink himself off of the Brooklyn Bridge for all I care. I am really being entertained right now.

GH is okay. The Balkan story has so many holes, and the baby will be yet another hole because I think he is alive. Brenda was in the public eye and no one saw a baby bump? Riiiight. Laura Wright is a goddess, and I have dreams about what I can do with Maurice Bernard's dimples....ahhhhhh.

armless-phelan said...

I think our AMC is in serious trouble. :(

If DC is reporting it, then it has to be true. Fuck that fat queen Brian Frons! And not in the ass like Cameron Mathison does!

I'm really liking AMC lately. I think Donna Swajeski is helming the show. I just don't understand why Crapputhers still has a job. SHe's been a terrible EP. They do multiple takes per scene, which I find surprising considering many of the performances are still lackluster.

Marissa is growing on me. The character, that is. I've liked SG since she came on the show. It's not a popular opinion, I know, but it's true.

And why do people keep saying Annie kidnapped Emma? We all know that what she really did was RESCUE her daughter from the vortex of suck that is Rylee.

donna said...

From DC:

SPECIAL REPORT: ABC to Make "Major Decisions" About Daytime Lineup in Coming Weeks

Don’t shoot the blogger. Remember all those talk shows ABC started developing last year? There were the two from ABC Media Productions (one a Will & Grace-esque talker with Tori Spelling and Jeff Lewis, the other a cooking show with Danny Boome) and one, a “male View” from Barbara Walters and Bill Geddie. I’m hearing, in the coming weeks, ABC will be deciding if one or more of these projects will land on The Mouse House’s daytime lineup come fall of 2011.

“They have to make a decision by the end of the First Quarter of 2011 in order to get one or more of the shows on the air by fall,” says a source. “Affiliates are getting antsy with Oprah leaving the airwaves with no clear cut successor. The decisions ABC will be making will have ripple effects throughout the ABC Daytime lineup and yes, the soaps will be affected."

As to what exactly all this means for ABC Daytime’s three soap operas, that isn’t so easy to decipher.

“It’s no secret the soaps aren’t as profitable as they once were,” says one industry insider, “and two of the ABC soaps have been over budget in recent years.”

In the fall of 2009, ABC Daytime decided to uproot All My Children and move them to Los Angeles in a cost-cutting effort, however sources tell me the 41-year-old sudser has continued to run over budget since relocating in January of 2010.

“Julie [Hanan Caruthers, All My Children’s executive producer] just can’t seem to bring it in under budget,” says a source.

Reportedly, whereas most of the soaps left on the air have gone to a production model of getting scenes in one take, AMC allegedly still does several takes for each scene and boasts other financial risk factors that concern the powers that be. Meanwhile, ABC’s most popular soap opera, General Hospital has also run into budget woes of late.

GH, which premiered in 1963, reportedly saw its budget slashed significantly recently, resulting in the firing of actress Rebecca Herbst, a move that has since been rescinded. However, sources say more cast cuts are forth coming.

“General Hospital isn’t in any immediate danger,” says a setsider. “It has the strongest brand by far.”

That leaves All My Children and One Life to Live—the latter being the only ABC soap to reportedly come in under budget consistently— for ABC to determine the futures of, and while reps have maintained the shows produced by ABC Media Productions won’t necessarily end up on the ABC channel, numerous sources have confirmed to me that the programs were in fact specifically developed for The Mouse House’s daypart.

Keep checking back with Daytime Confidential as this story develops.


Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Courtney H,

I agree that the payoff on OLTL when the $hi+ hit the fan at the double wedding was terrific. I'm still not sure where things are going and I love that.

I just saw Tuesday's episode though and I am not amused by the new Jack. That kid actor who used to play Jack was so talented, straddling the line between smarta$$ and rotten kid yet still making you love him. First impressions of the new teen Jack are that he doesn't have a clue who this character is and it's being written like one of those throwaway teen bullies that come and go on OLTL. Matthew's shift to the dark side was well done and nuanced but this is just a 360 degree turnaround and doesn't make sense.
Why is Shane such a wus? It's pathetic. You almost want them to punch him around.

I can't believe Snatchalie's chutzpah, daring to be indignant that John slept with Kelly. She keeps insisting that Liam is John's son. Which part of the DNA test does she not understand. Does she really think that if she says it enough times it will be true. I hope to God they don't have John forgive her because if they do I will stop watching the show for sure.

Amphitrion said...

Hey Terry, you have to remember CSI Snatchalie is the one who didn’t understand what Dr. Evans meant when he said: “Tea is alive.” “Hmmmm…” she mused for days about what that could possibly indicate. So, I guess the poor thing is a little slow on the uptake.

Also, I think Dr. Cara Castillo left her native Mexico when she used up all of the eye makeup there.

Re that “special announcement” I have no idea what that will bring. I am more worried for OLTL than AMC. I agree with the omniscient Shadow; I think the move to LA and the cross promotion with shows like Oprah and Hot in Cleveland makes me think, if any soap is in trouble it could be One Life. It is the older of the two and comes in under budget, but it also has less cache with the public and is the only show left filming in NYC. Honestly, I would hate to lose either soap. I have watched AMC longer than any other soap on air, but I have enjoyed OLTL much more for the past few years.

Austin Peck? Really, LLanview is one town that does not need another HimBo!!!

armless-phelan said...

I think Austin Peck should go back to Days, personally. I hated him on ATWT. The man is not a very good actor. :/ And I think OLTL might go, and Frank and Ron will start running AMC. That's the most likely scenario, if a soap does get cancelled.

And I don't remember whom it was, but THANK YOU to the person that recommended Downton Abbey. It is easily the best show I've seen in years. And the DVD/Blu-Ray is dirt cheap on Amazon!

Shadow said...

I wish I was a bit more 'omniscient' today. This week has been a real bear and I wish I knew more.

Trying to keep up with AMC. It seems that it is only 'Sucking One Ball' at present. I'm seeing signs of hope. The major changes at ABC could be scheduling, i.e. The View to 4:00 in Oprah's slot, new show before it, all the soaps move up. Guess we'll see, but trying not to be a doomsayer. My bet is AMC is ok. They haven't invested a cent in OLTL. It's ratings aren't any better. Crapputhers could be replaced. Frons could always micromanage more, not that it ever yields the intended result. Here's hoping the Soaps stay put.

Shadow said...

There was so much negativity and such a backlash (deservedly so) after the way Bianca and Reese were played out under Pratt that I can't blame the new writers for wanting to burn some time, let the memory fade, quietly dissolve the union with little fan fare. Still, couldn't they have come up with something sort of original? Remember when carrie Bradshaw got dumped by a Post It? That episode of SATC had heart and a biting social comment despite its absurdity. No singing telegram from Zarf? Is marriage dissolution not even worth a Skype conference? As guess that just undermines the effort to quietly bury the whole matter. So, I'm perfectly content to blame the entire controversy on Pratt and Frons. I actually kind of feel sorry for the current writers. It was a no win for them. But what happens from here forward is on them. If Bianca is to be finally resurrected as a strong character central to the PV community, it is time to shit or get off the pot so to speak. Give her a real relatonship with a real lesbian who has no lingering desire for a man's love. I don't care how much lesbian action we see at this point, just give the girl an honest, thoughtful relationship that moves the character forward. I'd like to see Binx with a confident, successful power executive who happens to be lesbian. Not militant. Not crusading. Just happy, well adjusted and, like a lot of happyan well adjusted, confident, successful women, dealing with the issues every woman like her has to address-glass ceilings, bitchy reputations, etc. From that relationship I'd like to see Bianca move beyond the supportive, sentimental sweet kid, to a strong Kane Woman who actually has integrity & is a true force to reckon. And, incidentally, she has successful relationships with people of all types.

armless-phelan said...

I loved AMC today. Everything worked. Ryan was even less annoying and douchey than usual!

I think what worked the best was the comedy. It was genuinely funny. Especially the Lucci and Malick stuff. Soaps need to realise it's okay to be silly sometimes. And Liza grilling Tad was hilarious. I giggled through most of the episode.

And I really think Jake and Liza need to start hanging out. They can compare penis sizes and talk about what kind of boys they would like to sleep with. You know, like all high school girls do.

Elyse in Toronto said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet. Real life is getting in the way.

I just wanted to know what did Cara say to Griffin, she said something in Spanish and I'm not sure what it is.

armless-phelan said...

I have 2 things to say.

1. AMC has been on fire this past week.

2. RPJ's ears have really been turning me on lately. Is it just me?

TheGhostofVerlaGrubbs said...

Today was the day that the pre-nominations came out for all soaps:

I really think the Emmys are a joke. There needs to be category placement rules..... OLTL's Gina Tognoni as a LEAD actress for 2010???? Jonathan Jackson on GH as a SUPPORTING????

Now for AMC....I think Finn has a good chance for an actual nomination given his competition. If long-in-the-tooth Olive Oyl e-Babe gets a nomination I'll be unpleased. I'm sorry but Jacob Young and Melissa Claire were LEADS in 2010, not supporting. On the opposite foot, Debbi and Alicia were both SUPPORTING. Heck Blind Angie all but disappeared towards the end of '10.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Armless,

Glad you liked Downton Abbey. They're in production for a second series. Can't wait.

Praying that OLTL doesn't get cut because so much good stuff is happening on that show right now.

armless-phelan said...

Hey, Terry, the news about a second series of Downton Abbey? Best totally made my day.

If OLTL got cut over AMC, it would be because that Fronshole. OLTL usually does better in the ratings, and a lot better in the 18-49 women demo Fronsie loves so much.

Still, I really don't want either one cut. I wouldn't care about GH, though. I hate that show.

Norn Cutson said...

I saw the middle FORD brother at the gym yesterday morning.
he looks blank, like a catalog model.

Amphitrion said...

I just took Thursday’s AMC off the DVR. Wendy Malick was sensational. It seems like forever since Erica has been written as Erica. I need to see her masking her insecurity with vanity and self-delusion from time to time. Yes, she has grown, but she still is who she is. The comedy was refreshing.

What was with Ryan stammering through that conversation with Kendall? I am used to him spitting out his tired catch phrase: “Yeah…I get that…” every third line, but he was stuttering so much in that scene I thought I was watching The King’s Speech!

Norn, I do not love any of the Ford brothers, but the middle one is the weakest link for me. Inez must have escaped from a forced breeding program for Hollister models. James and his corn-fed “Ah, shucks guys” personality does not mesh with an abandoned and abused car thief. I don’t hate the actor, but the character should have and edge.

DancingElf88 said...

Amphitrion I'm with you on that. I feel like all he does is whine whine WHINE. It grates on my nerves. I seriously don't want that baby to be big!Ford's. And while I am loving Tess...I just wish she hadn't run and hid...I was hoping the Tess side of her personality would come out but she would still be Jessica. And WHY is everyone babying Natalie...except John? Seriously. Has Joey always been this dumb?

Also...starting to watch GH and I am liking it. Except this whole Balkan thing...that can go away. Shawn and Carly are HOT.

armless-phelan said...

AMC was wonderful today. Aside from Colby and Asher, it was very vet heavy. I loved it.

And the Erica/Krystal back and forth was awesomely funny. AMC is my #2 soap right now, just behind OLTL. I don't understand why more people aren't watching.

armless-phelan said...

You know, Liza and Rev. Ricky's pal Diana show that Pine Valley really has become a much safer place for transsexuals than if was when Zarf was around.

I do have to wonder why Liza hasn't gotten the surgery yet. Diana looks like she may have, but Liza is still running around flashing her junk to all of the teenage boys in town.

Still, two days in a row without Ryass or Greenlee. It's been wonderful. I liked Greenlee with David, and she's cute when trading barbs with Scott, but whenever she's with Ryan Lavery I want her dead.

And just because it needs to be said, Denise Vasi needs to go, and Randi should die. Horribly.

armless-phelan said...

Just popping to say the unthinkable:

AMC was the best soap opera I watched today. Even if Rylee were on in all their needing to be murdered glory.

Donna Swajeski is doing some good work. (I will NEVER compliment David Kreizman or give him credit. The man killed my GL and ATWT!)

Jen said...

armless-phelan, you don't understand why more people aren't watching AMC? are you serious w/ this?

DancingElf88 said...

armless-phelan: I tried watching AMC again but honestly I couldn't get into it. The only storyline I was really interested in was with Annie and knowing she's leaving and reading the things they're having her do just annoys me and I can't get invested in the other stories.

Stacy G. said...

Well it's not just that. I promised I would let you guys know some things last month but I couldn't..... remember? what's happening on AMC is the book is about to close. I'll let you guys know more details later on this mth. and some comments and reactions to certain scenes.

Stacy H. aka #1DaisyFan said...

Did anyone see the clips of Kathy Bates and Erica in prison from 1983 when Kathy was on THE VIEW this week? It got me watching a bunch of clips and after watching this one (, I am so confused! How is it that Tad is a young man and he is introducing himself to Erica?

armless-phelan said...

Jen, I started watching AMC at the tail end of Pratt's reign of terror. I watched the beautiful stuff LoBro wrote, and I stuck with it through the shakey first few months of K&S's run.

I hate Caleb, and dislike Asher. But I am enjoying the Erica/Caleb/Krystal/Jack quadrangle, because right now it's more about Erica/Jack/Krystal than Erica/Caleb/Jack. And the scene where Opal went to Caleb and told him her history with the company made me swoon. Pine Valley is using a lot of its history as of late.

I still hate Ryan and am neutral where Greenlee is concerned, but I like that David is involved with the Annie story, and he still has chemistry with Greenlee and I like her when she's sharing scenes with him.

Scott and Madison are inoffensive, but I have to wonder if every Scott gets an almost nude scene because Thursday was WOW!

Pine Valley has been a much more racially diverse place than it was as recently as Thanksgiving. Cara and Griffin are wonderful additions, and while I wish they used the Hubbards a lot more than they do, I take comfort in their backburner status with the knowledge that there isn't as much Randi as there could be. Sadly, I think they don't really know what to do with Jesse while Angie is gone.

But the Cara/Tad/Jake/Amanda story is what is really making AMC for me right now. It is pure, classic soap. I just about died when Tad looked at Jake and asked "So, why am I in love with your ex wife?" And this last week the story gave us screentime for Opal, Krystal, and Tad's two girls. It's become a widespread family drama.

I don't like Mama Castillo, though. I really don't know what was wrong with the first one they had for the online "backstory" series. She was great. But I enjoyed the new one crushing Tad's testicles with just one look.

All I know is, AMC right now is a hell of a lot better than it was, and even outshone OLTL a couple days this week. And it's a hell of a lot better than Days of Our Lives and General Hospital.

Jen said...

You're crazy if you think AMC is out shinning OLTL, OLTL is the top show on ABC. The Buchanan s/l is on of the best. The teasing of the two Todds, when LoBro had AMC, it was rebounding, AMC hasn't been using much, it's been demolishing it via newbies. Who lives at WildWind?

Why is JR continuously written as a Martin? Amanda is a bimbo, Don't even get me started w. the new Dr.

Marissa's freaking continuous propping, ruining the Chandlers, pointless w/ her mother, pointless w/ her dad, ruining Reese even more. It's so much garbage I don't even know where to begin. I'm actually hoping Stacy's info is correct. That's how bad it is. And we could get into the ratings, but lets not go there.

armless-phelan said...

I have no history with AMC, so I have to judge it based on what it is, not what it was. And right now, it's the second best soap opera.

OLTL is still my soap, and is regularly the best, but it did have a few TERRIBLE days last week. So far, this week has been great, though.

Shadow said...

I loved Jack & Erica last week. She was classic. She didn't throw a tantrum to hang on to her man. She recoiled, brought the sexy, and Jack fell for it. She still very much in control even though he thinks he is. The tantrum comes later when he realizes again that she's played him. Of course at that point she'll probably be ready for Caleb anyway who may or may not have moved on.

Colby's meltdown is pretty believable. At least they haven't gone with the formulaic drunk Chandler thing again. She's an insecure teen with 2 absentee parents. She's living her life in the aftermath of the accidental click and social media humiliation. Nobody to turn to. Isolated. I'd love to see her going to her therapist to work out all her mommy daddy issues.

Tad is fun and I love that he's central to a story now. In fact, I'm impressed that Erica, Jack and Tad are all key at the moment. Tad though is quite entertaining with Cara. They have a funny, relaxed chemistry.

Amanda kills me. So much history in that character. The insecurity she feels about her relationship with Jake is palpable. It's no wonder she has a hard time trusting her feelings and Jake's commitment. Her mother was JFAP. Janet smothered her and did crazy things when she felt threatened. she doesn't know normal.

JR is living a pipedream. He lives in Adam's house. He runs Adam's company. He's still living in Adam's shadow.

Seeing Joe was awesome.

The Kendall - Ricky storyline is losing me but I'll give it the benefit of the doubt.

No Randi!

Bitchy Krystal and sarcastic Opal have been excellent lately and moving away from bar maid and babysitting fraus.

Bianca is finally moving on. Rylee is getting less screen time.

I'm mostly interested lately.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...


armless-phelan said...

Yay to the new podcast!

Norn Cutson said...

I saw Kassie DePaiva on the 2 train this afternoon.
She was beautiful, radiant... even people who did not recognize her could feel her vibe.
She was wearing a long white coat with white pants.
She got off @ 96t st.
I had the sense she'd had a long day.

Terry in Toronto said...

Can't wait for the new podcast!
Yah! Yah! Yah!

Anonymous said...


armless-phelan said...

Hmm... There is nothing set in stone, but I'm hearing that rather than cancel OLTL or AMC, ABC daytime is considering moving some AMC "vets" (Rylee was on the list, but Bianca wasn't) to OLTL and having a combined show to save costs. Very interesting, thought, even though I think cutting them back to half hour and an hour long GH might be a better idea.

Mel Got Served said...

I'd much prefer a 30 minute format for soaps rather than cancelling, ending, or moving characters to other soaps. Unless it means never seeing Rylee or specifically Ryan again.

Stacy H. aka #1DaisyFan said...

Is Llanview big enough for Dorian, Vicki and Erica...Yikes! the idea of a Tea and Tad hook up!