Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Hold On!

Our little show is hanging by a thread, folks.

I'm back from sunny FL, but things couldn't be dimmer for All My Children. From tired storylines to abysmal ratings and overblown budgets, things aren't looking good for our beloved sudser. I hope the insiders are wrong, but if they're right, Susan Lucci will be looking for a job for the first time in 40+ years.

But the hell with what we think! What do YOU think? Tell us, dear viewers, here.

3/11/11 Podcast


Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

Excited for a new podcast. Welcome back from Florida Ashley!

DancingElf88 said...

Welcome back Ashley! So excited to listen

T said...

Yah Ashley's back! Can't wait to hear about your trip and everything soaps for the podcast.

Ashley said...

Hope you're not disappointed, T. We kinda strayed from soaps a bit more than usual on this 'cast.

Missed y'all too!!! xoxoxox

Mel Got Served said...

I wrote a really good comment and it got deleted. I've had approx 30-45 minutes of podcast time so wanted to leave feedback.

-Jordan, ITA about Melissa Leo and Kandi Alexander for Treme. Their performances dealing with the respective losses, while also intertwining with each other, was amazing work. It's not surprising they were snubbed though because the TV academy never acknowledges David Simons' brilliant work.

-AMC's hair and make-up is horrible lately. I don't know what they are doing to Amanda's hair, but it looks like a lion's mane and not in a good way. Tone it down, yo!

-I like Cara and her big eyes. I like Griffin too except the fact that they still can't put him in a pair of f'ing scrub pants.

-Kendall is a moron.

-For a good campy nighttime sudser, I found all of the amazing British show Footballers Wives online. Tanya Turner is a goddess. http://www.youtube.com/user/soapydrama#p/u/84/73659UsAlkE

More coming once I hear more podcast!

dariclone said...

Hi guys, I'm glad you're back!
Listening to the podcasr really remind of how much I'm *not* enjoying the show, lol. I'm on;y really liking three couples and that's it. [Tad and Cara, Scott and Madison and Bianca and Marissa.] The show *is* somewhat better than Days Of Our Lives though. That show's really gone down the tubes! I'm loving OLTL though.
Thanks for a great podcast!

armless-phelan said...

I would disagree with Jordan and Ashley about AMC, but I can't. As much as I'm enjoying it, and I am, I know that it could be so much better. I think the reason I like it so much is because I'm trying to. It's still better than Days of Our Lives and General Hospital, though.

One Life to Live is great most of the time, but when the teens take centre stage, it's HORRIBLE! And Terri Conn getting the job because she's white?! That is disgusting. Why is Daytime not being called out on their shit?

Fronsie is such a racist asshole.

Norn Cutson said...

What's SO TRAGIC is that viewers have been sending in liferafts of ideas about HOW TO SAVE THE SHOW for over 5 years now, and it has all fallen on ARROGANT DEAF MOUSE EARS.
Even poor ol' Aggie herself tried to jump in & save it from drowning.

At this point its like the friend who goes back to the abusive bf for the 89th time; you have to walk away.
If they don't want to save themselves, we can't do it for them.
And we've MORE than given them the tools they'd need; they did not want our help.

Mel Got Served said...

From my viewing guide. I don't know who Grendall is, but hopefully they are the downfall of Fusion.


armless-phelan said...

AMC was actually pretty good yesterday, but today it was terrible. I love Alicia Minshew and Kendall, but does she need to be on everyday? She's the only one getting more facetime that Rylee, it seems.

But at least Annie is back for a little while. :)

Amphitrion said...
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armless-phelan said...

HAHA! ABC is denying it right now, but it looks like Bob Guza was fired from General Hospital.

I know Jordan likes the show, but I think it's terrible. It falls right above Days of out Lives in terms of being horrible.

Still nothing about Kreizman and Swajeski, though. -_-

Stacy H. said...

Amphitrion...I would be devastated if AMC ever gets cancelled. I can not imagine my life without the residents of Pine Valley in it, to be entertained by, laugh with, cry with and make fun of. no matter how bad it gets, I would never ever wish for it to be over because as long as it is on, there is always hope for it to get better.

Terry in Toronto said...

Loved the podcast as always!

Ashley and Jordan, you can talk about anything and it's still interesting and funny.

So glad that Jordan has found love. You so deserve to love and be loved in return. The distance makes it all soapy! There's drama, there's suspense, there's legal ambiguity ... Hey! it's way more than we're getting from AMC right now. Will Jordan and the Italian reunite or will their love blossom long distance? Will the Italian return or will Jordan engage in an illicit affair with a PVP listener? What does the future hold for Jordan now that he's no longer working at the bar? These and more questions will be answered on the next episode of The Pine Valley Podcast.

Maybe the time is ripe for Ashley and Jordan to start thinking about creating their own audio web-based soap opera.

Stacy H. said...

Say it ain't so!!!


Courtney H said...

I just wanted to comment on Glee. i find it completely ironic that the one show that is supposed to be diverse and for everyone STiLL can't find a storyline for the black girl. Nothing at all about Mercedes or from her point of view in the show since day one, and I think she can sing better than most of the people on that show.

So it is on its way off my DVR. I like other characters, including Santana...but not enough to cover for that glaring omission.

Mel Got Served said...

Courtney, I'm not defending the show because I think the lack of Mercedes is complete BS and I bring that up everytime I gripe about it, but allegedly she's getting a story when the show returns.

brtedi said...

I don't know. Maybe, I'm just in a mood. I haven't watched AMC all that much, lately--dur to other commitments. But, if you ask me this afternoon, I'd rather have a warmed over cheese burger, than a warmed over soap. It's not the actors. I'm just going through a point where I don't care all that much about the show.

As a character, a could even smack "Ryan"--a la NCIS Hey, writers! Who forgot the dude got a vasectomy?

Ironically, I am looking forward to seeing RB & CM on Castle, tonight-- somewhere else, besides AMC.

Trying not to be so negative, I will say this: I like Cara & Tad--and I like that Colby is trying to find her own voice, much to the chagrin of JR.

On an entirely different note, while I have no idea what 'shake ups' are occuring at GH, all of the actors associated with little "Jake" are knee deep in Emmy territory--imho.


Terry in Toronto said...

There's a Susan Lucci profile in the New York Times announcing her book signing in Huntington NY on March 30.


Anonymous said...

Sign the save amc petition


Shadow said...

Megan McTavish returning! Debbi Morgan quitting! The 'Merge'! Fat Lady sings Pine Valley! Guzman out at GH! Lots of bullshit out there. Watch it! Record it! Tweet positive things about it! Swarm the soap blogs about it! Write to #ABC about it!

Shadow said...

But DON'T just accept it!

Stacy H. said...

PLEASE email Anne.x.Sweeney@email.Disney.com let her know...we want AMC on the air!!!

Christine said...

I don't post often but I want to say "Thank You!" again for the podcasts. Always enjoyable, soaps topics or else!

Natasha said...

I actually enjoy AMC more than OLTL. Here is a post to vote

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

What's going on with your girl Chelsea Handler and 50 Cent?

armless-phelan said...

I honestly want #OLTL and #AMC cut back to half an hour and airing at 2 so there's no competition. The era of daily hour long dramas may be over, but that doesn't mean soap operas need to die.

And I only caught the first half of AMC today, but I'm liking this Colby/Erica mentorship story they're setting up.

Mel Got Served said...

armless-phelan, ITA. I don't see why they don't test the waters with half hour soaps. It can't hurt for a trial run to see what happens. I feel like ABC Daytime just isn't willing to experiment a little to keep soaps going.

armless-phelan said...

@Mel That's because Brian Frons is an idiot. I really do not understand how he still has a job.

And I took an informal poll on Twitter, asking if people would rather see the Pratthole return or have AMC cancelled outright.

Everyone chose to have AMC cancelled. I think today, I'll ask about Megan McTrash.

Also, Days of Our Lives might be doing a gay love story, and people are wondering who it could be. I've heard teenage boys (retch, Nuke sucked), and I've heard middle-aged women (one of whom is Crystal Chappell). But Dena Higley is still writing, and she's the one that almost killed OLTL. :/

Anonymous said...

Bobbie just Tweeted this:

"AMC is not being cancelled . But now is a great time to let the network know you'd like to keep it that way. Thanks for all the support!!"

Guy's right now is the time, to let TPTB know who/what you want on the screen! There is a sound off section on all my children's website that i have used to voice my opinion about a current story and now i notice a change in that story.

Anonymous said...

Sources tell Digest that AMC EP has reassured cast: "Cancellation rumors are just rumors."

Courtney said...

@Mel...I have heard the rumors that she is getting a story when the show returns too...that's why the show has one more episode. My issue is that they said the EXACT same thing before the second season. One of the newbies was supposed to be an interest for Mercedes.

Not only did that NOT happen, they added people and fleshed out the story of everyone else..INCLUDING the girl that replaced Kurt on New Directions! That ticked me off.

brtedi said...

I just finished reading a two scoops column over at soapcentral.com, reguarding the death of "Jake Spencer" I thought, like me, some of you would think it made some very good points--especially about the killing off of a legacy character.


Like the author of the article, I too, thought that "Jake would one day confront "Lucky","Elizabeth"--Or hey, here's an idea--"Jason" about his paterity. Possibly, he would have wanted to know why he was so 'different' from "Cam" and "Aiden"

Better yet, through the "magic of soaps" if "Sam" and "Jason" somehow did concieve a child, what would that mean for "Jake" years down the road, as he grew to maturity. Would he some how feel cast aside, at least initially? With the demise of Jake, the fans will never know.

If there is a bright side to this storyline,imho, it does bring to light thie issue of organ donation and how the passiing of one can be a blessing for any number of transplant reciepients.

On a far less serious note, GH fans have gotten to see some downright extrordinary performances from Steve Burton, Jonathan Jackson, Rebecca Herbst and Laura Wright.

Shadow said...

Well thank goodness. Crisis averted for now. Nice to see Bobbie Eaks, Jill Larson, Ricky Goldin & some others tweeting support, signing the petition & joining the facebook page. The Pine Valley Exposer did a GREAT job pulling all that together. Still, ABC. Has to decide what to do with the current team of writers. I think AMN & OLTL each have a year or so before decisions get made. I'll say this though, that was the biggest outpouring of love and concern for a soap I've seen in years. Just try o rebuild that fierce loyalty with Tori's Talker.

Shadow said...

AMC, not AMN.

Jen said...

What's been averted? that rumor isn't a lie. And now they are just misdirecting the public. Ofcourse they would make the actors/showrunner deny it.

Do you see anyone signing extensions here? I haven't. Honestly and I'm a rare one, the way they keep ruining the show, why keep it standing? this isn't AMC, characters like Griffin/Marissa/Kwakerdawl/Caleb/Asher that's not AMC. It's amazing how some settle for that trash. Nevermind it's one of the worst rated soaps on TV today. What's left to save?

Anonymous said...

OMG! Have u heard what's coming up for the hubbards?!

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hey all sorry I missed the last podcast, I've been recovering from surgery. I came here to share some new information in the fight to save AMC. This is Brian Frons' president ABC of daytime's direct office number (818)460-7020. His message says he'll delete any message about programing and they want you to call audience response. line I saw screw 'em let's flood voice mail. If we get 50-100 calls to his voicemail I think it'll make an impact. Please call and pass the info on.

morningstar78@optonline.net said...

My sister sent me this. SAVE AMC PEOPLE AND DAYTIME DRAMAS.This is Brian Frons' president ABC of daytime's direct office number (818)460-7020. His message says he'll delete any message about programing and they want you to call audience response. line I saw screw 'em let's flood voice mail

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

So over trying to leave comments. It is easier to call brian frons then to log on to this.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

So The Dark Shadows Movie is happening can't wait but wow Michelle Pfeiffer as Elizabeth Collins Stoddard. This will be the sexiest Elizabeth ever lol

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay so let me get this straight they tape GH weeks in advance so its possible that The stuff airing this week was tapped befor they decided to give Becky the axe. So this performer gives an emmy award winning performance and you think yeah we can get rid of her. JILL FARREN PHELPS The only thing that saves you from being the worse E.P. in the history of daytime t.v. is Julie Craputhers.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

OMG let me find out that James Ford was married to a sista. OLTL is going to really go there... about time. She seems to be able to act and is already on contract Holla! Now they need to fix this Jack Manning situation. He must be Frons is grandson. How else can u explain him getting cast and now he is on contract. FRANK VALENTI ARE YOU HIGH!!!!!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

That is it FX you are my new ABC! First you cancel Terriers and and now Light Out. I'm done with you. Tired of invetsing in shows just so the network cancel them before they even have a chance to tell their story. UGGHHH!

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Don't call her a cougar....she is a hot blooded woman. A woman of a certain age. That is why Dorian Lord can get with Cutter and David and it's hot. Robin Strasser is one of a kind. While they are not the original ho's and I'm still not crazy about Aubrey, Rama needs to stay. Bad ass Clint. Why all the hating...Tess is like a tornado, loving it in Llandview

armless-phelan said...

@Jordan you can't comment? But you just left a comment...

I really think ABC has underestimated just how many people watch the soaps. The Neilsen's are notorious for being outdated and incorrect.

An easier way would be to have the cable companies monitor what people are watching through their DVRs and cable boxes (provided viewers sign release forms), than rely on a system developed decades ago that relies of esitmations and guesswork.

But I am SO calling the Fronshole's number. Everyday.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

Okay for those of you who dont follow me on facebook...I'm gone from the bar...with an exit that was just like the soaps. The Italian is no more. Sadly I had to realize that he was not ready to deal with the connection. I don't doubt what we felt but you have a choice when you meet someone who you conenct with and makes you feel alive you either run to it or run away from it. I always run to it sadlt the guys I fall for run away. Then they spedn the rest of their lives doing what the Brit does stare at me longingly like a Jane Austen novel....enough I want a man and I want SEX!

"If you bore me then I'm comfortable. If you interest me then I'm scared" Gewn Stefani love you girl so true of people.

Living for Being Erica.

NOT AMUSED ABOUT THE AMC AXE RUMOR. I know you guys think Ash and I were very flippant(is that right) about it on our last podcast partly because I didnt believe it still thoguht it would be OLTL.... and while AMC is no longer AMC to me right now and Im frustrated that they refuse to get the show up in quality because ut is possible if you get people in charge who fing care. If AMC gets axe its another nail in the coffin for daytime drama as a genre.

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree 200% Jordan that the new Jack on OLTL is wooden and awful especially compared to the old Jack who was so wonderfully nuanced. I know it's incredible to say that about a child actor but he was way better than many of the adults like Farrah Fath! Yes I said it!

Looking forward to the chocolate drama that is coming Starr's way.

armless-phelan said...

Sigh, if Twitter is anything to go by, it seems now that the heat is off AMC, it's back on OLTL which is doing better in the demos, households, overall viewers, and budgets.

When is that stupid bitch Anne Sweeney gonna wake up and realize that Fronshole has killed ABC Daytime?

Georgia said...

AMC is just a disaster. With the exception of the Castillo family -- I am B O R E D to tears.

FINALLY a character acknowledges the fact that no one works at their office (unless it's fusion or the hospital). Jake said to JR 'Must be nice to work from home". I know they are watching their pennies..but did they think we weren't going to notice that there is no Chandler Industries or Courtlandt Electronics offices? Caleb works at Krystal's. JR in his living room!
And.. cracks me up how Madison is crying poor but she's NEVER at work!
OLTL is so great right now -- a little bored with Ford & Tess and the whole Tess story in general. Seems they are setting Vicki up for a split with her alters as well -that might be fun. REALLY liking Tomas -- and "bad ass Clint" as Jordan calls him. And couldn't be more delighted that Dorian and David are back together. Soooooo glad they didn't drag that reunion out over weeks, which I totally saw coming. Yay!
Thanks for another fun podcast!
And always enjoy a shout out to YO GABBA GABBA a personal fave.. Thanks Ashley!~
And, Jordan -- sorry about the Italian. Glad you dumped the crappy bar job. Your good awaits...

Stacy H. said...

okay folks...I have a question. I was catching up on AMC today (I was about a week behind). At the end of one day, Kendall was in Griffin's room, all dressed up, saying she was going with him. On the next show, it started with Griffin walking into Tad's house all beat up. Did my VCR miss an episode?

Elyse in Toronto said...

Vote NO ppl

People Magazine Poll. Should All My Children be cancelled?http://www.people.com/people/article/0,,20475552,00.html


trish-la said...

Stacy H
No you didn't miss an episode. I thought the same thing. After Griffin blows Kendall off (he's going to go meet the casino people and doesn't want her to know) he goes to Tad's to say the casino people cancelled his meeting but he's going to go anyway -- Tad says, "bad idea". Then the next day Griffin shows up all beat up.

Anonymous said...

Georgia, Have showed Chandler Industries recetly back oct/nov 2010. Caleb pushed asher down the steers there and their were alot of jr/annie scenes. Kendall invited annie to thanksgiving dinner there. the show doesn't have money to waste like that!

Stacy H. said...


brtedi said...

Jordan, if we were to leave comments at B. Fronz's comment number, are we shooting for something specific--Any suggestions?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

brtedi...you just say what you feel. Okay everybody guess what a new podcast is coming. Hopefully Ashley will get it up sooner then she did last time.

armless-phelan said...

Sorry about the Italian. But congrats on ditching the bar.

Also, so looking forward to the new podcast!

Anonymous said...

Did anyone see the interview with Susan Lucci today on Good Morning America?

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

For those who say Daytime drama is dead, watch today's GH! This is D.D. at it's best and why soaps are still relevant. Everyone finding out not just who was responsible but why.....It will change everything forever and the incredible love story of Michael and Abby. Powerful performances. Thank you GH for showing that it is possible.

Anonymous said...

So...did anyone catch Jake grabbing on Angie's boob as he kissed her in today's show???

Miss you guys!


Anonymous said...

Yes! I saw Jake grab Angie's boob. I replayed it twice to make sure!

Anonymous said...

Not that I want to take away from General Hospital, but are they not taking a page from AMC's book by having a child get hit by a car? Laura, Brook's daughter, was run over by a drunk driver in the 80's. Just saying.

armless-phelan said...

Actually, Guza from GH is ripping off a lot of Claire Labine's GH work from the 90's, and doing it nowhere near as well.

Today's episode was mostly good, but you can't count me in as an Abby/Michael fan. I find them to be a little bit gross.

But the Luke/Lucky stuff was BRILLIANT! In fact, all 3 ABC soaps were good today.

Jordan Hudson 2.0 said...

They that every story has been done. It is how you put your twist on it that counts. Yes Laura on AMC was hit by a drunk driver but it was not her grandfather. I'm enjoying this for what it is, not for what has been done before.

Anonymous said...

Yah new podcast!

scottchandler said...

I don't believe luke hit jake, i thinks a twist is coming.

donna said...

We Love Soaps is reporting that Susan Haskell has been let go from OLTL.

The Fords remain, however. :(

I'll miss Crazy Marty.

armless-phelan said...

I really think ABC Daytime is in freefall right now. And they won't do the one thing that makes the most sense:



And as amazing as GH was yesterday, today it was just stupid. And can someone explain to me why everyone hates Marissa and is suddenly shouting Babe's praises on Twitter? It's confusing.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Some new info, e-mail and call, tell them we want to Fire frons to save our soaps.

Anne Sweeney
Co-Chair Disney Media Networks,
President ABC Television Group
500 South Buena Vista
Burbank, CA 91521

Phone: 818-569-7700
Fax: 818-569-7678
Email: anne.sweeney@abc.com

Robert Iger
President and CEO The Walt Disney Co
The Walt Disney Company
500 S. Buena Vista St.
Burbank, CA 91521

Fax: 818-560-1930
Email: robert.a.iger@disney.com

Jori Peterson
VP ABC & SOAPnet Media Relations
c/o ABC - TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Phone: 818-460-7736
Fax: 818-460-5204
Email: Jori.Petersen@abc.com

Marianne Fleschman
Director, ABC Daytime
c/o ABC - TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Phone: 818-460-7277
Fax: 818-460-5204
Email: Marianne.Fleschman@abc.com

Penni Ellington
ABC Daytime Coordinator - LA
Phone: 818-460-6456
Fax: 818-460-5204
Email: Penni.Ellington@abc.com

David Haslett
ABC Daytime Coordinator - NY
Phone: 212-456-6558
Fax: 212-456-6846
Email: David.R.Haslett@abc.com

Mitch Messinger
GH Publicist
c/o ABC - TV
4151 Prospect Avenue
Hollywood, CA 90027

Phone: 818-460-6532
Fax: 818-460-5204
Email: Mitchell.C.Messinger@abc.com

Michael Cohen
AMC Publicist
Phone: 212-456-1429
Fax: 212-456-6846
Email: Michael.A.Cohen@abc.com

Lauri Hogan
OLTL Publicist
Phone: 212-456-6358
Fax: 212-456-6846
Email: Lauri.L.Hogan@abc.com

scottchandler said...

Amc was hands down the best soap today! Debbi & Darnell got some emmy reels early in the year and i can't wait until she finds out or whatever comes next.....

brtedi said...

I don’t know whether to laugh or not…Honestly, I haven’t decided. Like probably most of us here at the pvp blog. I just saw the “Ellie”/”Ellie 2.0” storyline unfold. I really want to hear everybody’s tale on this one.One thing I can say for certain, however, what ever material Debbie Morgan and Darnell Williams are given the act their faces off!

brtedi said...

A moment for GH:

Uh oh,Suzanne just gave new meaning to the term "close shave"--Looks like she 'done in' her hubby, Theo Hoffman with a straight edged razor.] : )

I think, it was Friday's episode when Lucky asked Luke if he'd been drinking before Jake was hit with the car. During the course of the conversation/tears/fury--I believe, Luke said, "...My drinking never bothered you before...."

Well, duh! Lucky never had to grieve over a dead toddler either! Good heavens...What a week for GH! Some of these actors are bound to be nominated for Emmys.

armless-phelan said...

I'm enjoying the "Baby Ellie" story, even with the baby swap. It's good old fashioned soap. And when Jesse realized their daughter was stillborn? My heart broke.

Unlike GH and baby Jake, I really do believe this was a storyline dictated move. When a woman of a certain gets pregnant, having a child be stillborn becomes a lot more likely.

I still want Madison to miscarry, too, though. This show has enough damn kids.

And wouldn't it be awesome if Jesse and Angie's baby-in-a-box is Reggie's? Jack could be a grandpa!

armless-phelan said...

Could Pine Valley, and the world, handle TWO Erica Kane's?


It's Jamie Giddens, folks, and he confirmed it on Twitter. Though whether he was joking or not I can't say...

scottchandler said...

If the baby father doesn't turnout to be william frankie's son. Then madison's baby betta be frankies so angie could help raise it. But regardless this storyline is very soapy and the first time a black couple has gotta something on this level!!

I like the evil erica idea!!!

Mel Got Served said...

I am all for a good baby swap, but this story is sick. The idea of "just give Angie another baby- she's blind, she'll never know" is horrible. That's how I feel.

Not to mention you KNOW in 6 months, the real baby mama is gonna show up and try to take the kid. So obvious.

Also, the fact is they give us this emotional storyline of Angie giving up her sight just to have this baby and then set us viewers us for the slap in the face of her delivering a stillborn. These writers are sick and I don't know what ABC Daytime has against kids lately.

Not liking it. Act the hell out of it, but that doesn't mean it's by any means good or something I will give kudos to.