Monday, May 06, 2013

We Are the Love We Give

Welcome Back, All My Children.  We missed you so.

We missed you, dear viewers and listeners, even more!  So please, do your thing, like you've always done, right here, right now.  We're so excited to hear from you all, we might burst.

PS - Another shout-out to our beloved Luis2K for our amazing new Pine Valley Podcast theme song!  You continue to amaze us with your generosity and talent.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.

So good to be together again, yo'!

5/3/13 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Finally! Can't wait to hear your thoughts! I can't wait to listen to it tomorrow morning at work. You will help me get through my Monday morning. Love you guys

brtedi/Lori said...

Hey, Ashley & Jordan! :-)
Thanks for the inaugral podcast for both AMC 2.0 and OLTL 2.0...Great Job! I'm glad I wasn't the only one who had comments like mine,below:

What happened to Tad?--- Check out the current cast list for AMC at Michel E. Knight isn’t listed, at present…

Ashley, IA about Francesa James. Who is “Evelyn”?—I don’t have a clue.I wasn't watching AMC back then, either.

I am not really big on “Shelter”, myself. While I realize, the set is a gathering place for various characters,try giving the actors material worthy of their talent, rather than dancing as filler…

brtedi/Lori said...

I just watched the AMC recap episode...I think, it either needs to be revamped,Or it just has to go. Period. It was stiff (the host) at best.Or,just odd (the therapist.--Don't couples, in long term relationships know that stuff already? Somebody was there to promote her book-That's all. It was simply rather wierd. JMHO

Shadow said...

The More episodes need to keep the cast engaged in the product placement segment. The bikini segment on More OLTL was absurd. The host is married to one of the producers - natch.

Norn Cutson said...

I was looking at Griffin's arms - He must spend a fortune on waxing.
If the stagehands get to poke Corbin Bleu in the ass, I need to apply for that job!

I'm tryin' to get Darbi to go after that Recap host's job!

sandy said...

can't wait to listen to your thoughts on 2.0. Even though La Lucci is absent, can we still get Ashley's Erica impression every now and then? I love it!! Keep doing your thing guys!

Stacy said...

Hey all,
I am going to be a part of a live web "hangout" tonight hosted by Michael Fairman and we will get to chat with and ask questions with Eden Reigel aka Bianca! I am super excited and hope you all get a chance to watch it. If you can't watch live (9pm est), they will post it once the chat is done. Here is the link.

Wish me luck,

brtedi/Lori said...

I just finished watching today's OLTL:

At first, I didn’t know where Victor was when we saw the maid. I rather like Todd’s mancave/office/ hotel room. Before pouring himself a (poisoned) drink, wouldn’t Todd have taken his jacket off?

I wish Todd or Blair would have mentioned Carly, when Blair spoke of how hers and Todd’s relationship with her (Blair) went wrong-too bad!

Dani’s clothes and makeup: I know she’s supposed to look older, but her clothes and makeup are a bit overdoneShe's a lovely girl; somebody's giving her potentially bad advice,imho.

Is Michael Eastman set to make an appearance, as “John”?

Shadow said...

I didn't think Easton was going to appear, but who knows. It got so confusing. Anybody see the GH preview with the OLTL3? Alderson darker hair. Looks nice. Howarth has giant earlobes. They look they're swollen or something. I've never noticed the big ears before. Easton's hair was slicked back and he was wearing a Mr. Cleaver type sweater. I don't get the effort going into this. All the contractual stuff aside, GH has so many other characters and actors they could pull back to the canvas. This is a goofy thing to do for 3 actors whose absence I don't thing has made any difference to the show IMO.

Norn Cutson said...

I'm angry & hurt with Miranda!
I wanna give Binks a hug!
... & a little confused... It's not like she JUST came out...
Binks was out before Miranda was even BORN, so Miranda should be used to it by now.... If I was writing this, it would've been a big scene of Miranda standing up for her Mother!
I'm impressed with AJ.... He's a good guy.
Curious what ya'll thought of Jane scolding everyone.
Loved Angie telling everyone to SHUT UP!

This episode seemed kind of messed up, like scenes were missing. And things that should have been working, like David hanging with Todd, were falling flat.
Still, we had a little realness with Todd & Blair.
Dani is still the breakout star... She can't wait to get her hands on some pills!
SHELTER is a fine dining establishment as well as a nightclub?!?!?
That makes my head hurt.
If they kill off Todd after all this....
......& by "all this", I mean the last 30 years....

Shadow said...

Y'all know I'm no prude and hard to offend but the Sopranos was less profane than today's AMC. And who says anything foul in front of Viki Buchanan? My 1st genuine criticism of AMC: Before the intro credits rolled we heard pussy, asshole, 2x hell (Jane!), bitch & 'piece of shit'. Poor entrance for Jane-an adult. They need to not get carried away like a 6th grader learning to cuss. In and of itself the cussing isn't edgy. Bianca should have snatched Miranda by the lobes the minute she said 'shit' and never let her finish the rest of the tantrum!

Shadow said...

I read an interview with the PP Producers in which they made it quite clear we weren't going to see "back from the dead stories" on AMC and OLTL. My theory is that they didn't realize how far in the writers were with Victor's back from the dead return. When they found out about I bet they cut the scenes as much as possible, shuffled the rest around and reshot some. I seriously got the impression their worst nightmare was to have a long drawn out back from the dead reveal. I also think that's why Viki expresses more curiosity about his being held captive by Alison Perkins and quite possible why one co-head writer is no more. All speculation, but it explains the reactions, inconsistency and matter of fact return of Victor.

Michael said...

One million thanks for the podcast Ashley and Jordan!

And, another million to Shadow for keeping us updated on the best information leading up to the Prospect Park premiers.

I started watching GH again because of the LLanview 3 (actually the Llanview 2 of Starr and Todd—I liked his campy Caleb, but the “hoarse whisperer” McBain could fall off the planet for all I care). I have not seen a single episode since AMC and OLTL returned.

I pulled an episode off the DVR to watch and turned if off after hearing “Pickle Eddie – Pickle Lila” so many times I thought I was having a seizure.

Shadow, I hate the use of vulgarity in language. Eloquence is a difficult thing to achieve, but if you have had a conversation with a twentysomething lately, you know they all talk like they stepped out of a David Mamet play. Stuff you previously heard only in prison yards and sailor bars is the vernacular of today’s youth. I wish Victoria would rebuff anyone who uses profanity in front of her and the writers would tone it all down.

Miranda should have defended her mother, but even the best teenagers rip out their parent’s hearts for sport, so I am okay with her doing the wrong thing for now (as long as she regains her senses and apologizes eventually). BTW, anyone else think Miranda looks very much like a young Brittany Spears?

Norn, I have to agree about the David/Todd scene. Those two have history and mutual disdain for each other. It should have been amazing. The scene was flat.

Shadow said...

Watch Riff Raff Play a Sleazy Club Promoter in His One Life to Live Debut @vulture

Shadow said...

MS, I'm just being practical. If AMC wants a solid audience or wants to build an audience, they have tone it down a tad. Collectively it seems too much. Like the blowjob at Shelter. Ok, but don't be doing that every week. My girls won't see these shows. My boys won't either for that matter. I don't want the girls thinking it's acceptable behavior to strip in front of friends who don't get wood or the boys to think it's normal for girls to blow guys in public. Does it all happen? Sure, but I don't really want THAT much reality in my soaps. If they alienate the core audience with this stuff, they are screwed. I tend to be lenient, but there is a point when as and adult you have to say 'clean it up kid'. And the cardinal rule is "no cussing in front of other people's kids". Jane is a total fail.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh my goodness! I haven't posted here in forever and I never thought that I would again! I have missed you Jordan and Ashley and I am so glad that Prospect Park has given us a reason to speak once again.
As for the All My Children reboot. I liked it a lot. I am going to saved "love" for when the characters are more developed. But, all in all, it was much better than anything McTrash or Pratt ever gave us and I am thankful for that.

However, a little off topic and weird, but does anyone think that Miranda kind of looks like Liz Hendrickson... a little awkward casting... But I think she is great and definitely has a little LaLucci in her.

Last but not least, I am so glad to be back at the PVP!!!

Norn Cutson said...

Petey's friend is a douche... We don't need another douche!
SO GLAD Miranda apologized to Binks!
Loved their scenes today.
Liked Adam being proud of AJ, but AJ' potty mouth could be a drinking game.
So now we officially know Tad is alive... & a Kathy mention.
If Petey really has been a player like his douchey friend says, I'm grossed out.

This "Riff Raff" person is disgusting.
I am sure who ever Matthew is chatting with is gonna turn out to be a guy.
Destiny is so underwritten, there's no point in even calling her "Destiny"..... Even Jane gets more lines.
Both shows had such a strong first week, but OLTL is really stumbling this second week... For me, at least.
And you KNOW I want it to succeed!!!

Did anyone else have trouble with their feed today?

Norn Cutson said...

SHELTER is Douche Central.

Mel Got Served said...

I've had the new OLTL theme stuck in my head for two weeks now.

Anonymous said...

If only the image of Bo doing his "shimmy shimmy" dance wan't burned into my retina I could take the theme song on an endless loop.

Not since The Cosby Show has bad dancing been so glorified.

I think the AMC theme should be called "In the end the love you take is equal to the love you make." Oh wait I think the Beatles already sang that - FIFTY YEARS AGO!

Shadow said...

Russian Mob meets Billy Clyde! It all makes sense now. Am I in AMC Heaven cause this is almost too good to be true? BILLY CLYDE TUGGLE.

Matthew Cowles Brings Billy Clyde Tuggle Back to ‘All My Children’ via @SoapOperaNetwrk

Mel Got Served said...

Wait, did I comment last week about the embarrassment of the Natalie/Cutter dance battle???

Shadow said...

Sorry Jordan. Tea's finger pointing thingy in the Cosby dance screams middle age dork. The OLTL opening is the one thing ABC did better and I never expected that to be the case because it wasn't great. I read somebody describe the AMC intro as resembling a PowerPoint presentation which it totally does. It's workable though. They just need to soften the edges around the photos and fade them in and out. The way the come across the screen now always reminds me if the TGIF sitcom block on ABC years ago. I always think of the Growing Pains theme song.

WMD said...

Hey! A shout-out to Jordan Hudson, to make sure he knows I'm here. :)

Indeed, this is the best AMC has been in a really long time. I started watching in '96, and I remember it being pretty good until 2002 or 2003 or so, and it never came back from that. Hence why I stopped watching in 2010. But no more...this is the show I remember, the one worth watching.

I noticed something while watching the past few weeks... since the ABC cancellations I've tried to fill my soap time with the Bill Bell shows, but something was missing. I think I know now - it was AMC's sense of family and the emotions that go with it. Even OLTL was better at this; I found the Ron C. era often emotionally draining on a daily basis. Y&R is usually sterile by comparison, and B&B is filled with miserable excuses for human beings as characters.

OLTL has some pacing problems but otherwise is pretty good. I was just plain giddy today with the Todd vs. Victor scenes. This is what we should have had before!

I would say more, but I usually take notes during the show...and today I didn't. So that will be all.

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL ch. 2 pt. 2—

Bo and Nora: What can I say, they are a delight! Right now, I can’t find a thing not to like about these two. They’ve been married, divorced and married again. For me, they’re best friends, who love each other—and are still drawn to each other. They can be themselves (so far) and still find things to laugh about…a relationship trifecta. In vino veritas. Kudos to Robert S. Woods and Hillary B. Smith.

That creepy guy in the VIP area of Shelter is just that…Creepy. Props to the actor.

Florencia Lozano, Trevor St. John & Kelly Missal. Wow! Victor checking to see if Danni was sober,,,The expression of fear, concern and anger: “I love you…Sometimes, I hate her.”

I’m glad Rama went home to Vimal. ‘nuff said.

With all due respect to the actress, I think, it’s going to take a blow to the head for me to like “Destiny 2.0” I’m just not there.

Todd: Just how is he going to regain consciousness, so he can return to Port Chuck? ;-)

Norn Cutson said...

You know she never thought she'd have a job again!
I liked AJ with David.
So Miranda doesn't know how she was conceived?!?
Cara's not a very good liar.
Another drinking game: take a sip every time Miranda rolls her eyes.
Dixie's face when JR says "Mom"!!!

Ok, so that's SUPPOSED to be a wig Dorian's wearing.
Wooweee, Jeffrey in panties!
I really enjoy Dani.
Viki: "How do you make the transition to the digital age?"
Now I can't stop looking at Todd's earlobes.
LOOOOOVVVEEED the scene with Clint & Mathhew!
I REALLY like this storyline of THE BANNER being in financial trouble.... I've had so many freelance jobs where they WANT to bring me on full time.... But they just can't afford it. I got a little tear in my eye when Jeffrey told Viki he'd stay anyway.
I do NOT want to see Todd die... I wish PP &ABC could work out this foolishness.

Have I mentioned how much I appreciate this 30minute format? Much easier to commit to.

Unknown said...

So happy to be back here! Yay!
I can't believe no one has noticed Todd's ear lobes and ears, for that matter, before -- I've been obsessed for years.
LOVING OLTL for the most part - appreciating how they are using the vets a lot and tying them in well with the young cast. My greatest fear is that both Todd and Victor are going to be really short-lived stories (Todd we know for sure will be coming and going) -- I'm assuming they won't kill Todd since he's in the opening credit dance number (ugh).
AMC seems to be picking up (for me at least) I'm a little bored with the MIranda/AJ thing - seems like they are getting LOTS of air time and I'd like more vets, for sure.
CANNOT WAIT for Billy Clyde!! Maybe he's in with the Russian white slavery thing...
Finally, JR looks pretty great for being a coma for 5 years! Gotta love soaps!

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL: Ch 2. Pt.3

“It’s not like you to skip school and lie about it.” Blair to Jack. Says, who! Jack was a total, snot in the original series, how is he any different, now?

Danni merely burst in announcing she was moving in with Matthew and Jeffery: Where was the transition, for this? It was as if a scene introducing this idea was missing.

“Be a Buchanan”—Go, Clint.  Maththew needs to “man up.”, indeed.

Roger Howarth Trevor St. John—together in a scene—wow!

Print media vs online: I like the idea that Viki may loose The Banner-very contemporary!

OLTL: Ch. 2 pt. 4

Robin Strausser needs to ditch the wig…I’m sure her real hair is just fine.

Wouldn’t Todd appear sicker by now? He was all but passed out, previously.

“Da bomb digity”—LOL!

Bo has an office!  Bo and Nora are so darned cute!

AMC Ch. 2 pt.1

AJ’s got Miranda’s back-yay! That said, she definitely needs to handle bullies/idiots better…

Cady looks great!

Ashley are you ready for some “Jesse” moments?

Miranda cussed at her mom--- Not good, not good at all!

Norn Cutson said...

This Cassandra story in context of the real life horror in Cleveland is freaking me out.
"You're the new girl. Pretty.... I was pretty, too....So pretty..."

JR: "Sure, you're Angie ... Hubbard...."
Ok, I'm a sap, I got a tear in my eye.

I like Petey better when he's upset than when he's all cocky & smiley.
But I do NOT like the idea of Opal's son whorin' around!

The Chief of Police can't get an ambulance there sooner?!?

AJ, this is a bit much, too soon.....
But I guess it's working.
I'm old.

Celia NOT giving in to kissing Petey makes me like her even more.

On to OLTL...

I LOVE Dorian in a politics & business story!!!
But why is Jack shouting?

Dani is so entertaining... She's selfish & bratty, but it comes from an organically hurt place, so we can empathize.
Still, I'd like to see Tea be a bit more of a disciplinarian.

I wish Todd would buy me a new computer!
Ooh I like that little owl vase on that table.

PP needs to work on editing a little bit... I'm getting whiplash with how quickly everyone gets across town.

Victor should not be letting Dani get in a car with Todd.
He knows Todd's driving must be impaired from the poison in his booze.

I like Dorian's necklace.

This Bo & Nora scene is fun, but it feels a scene is missing that led up to it.
Still, I like where this storyline is going.
Bo is a good husband, encouraging and supporting Nora's dream. I like that a lot.

Did you all feel the electricity in the room when it was Viki, Clint &Todd together? It felt like when I was a kid, getting a peak into the world of adults.
Would love more scenes of them working together.

Dani: "That moisturizer... It's not... It's not for self-love..."
Well, they each have their own rooms, so they SHOULDN'T be jackin' off in the common bathroom!
That would just be rude!
This ain't Grandma's OLTL!

Arizonagal said...

I posted this on FB also, not sure where to post these days!

I can't explain to you how much the opening of your podcast provoked such strong feelings of nostalgia in me and I so wasn't expecting that. Little ol' stoic me got a lump in my throat. You guys are just special. xoxo

Arizonagal said...

JordAsh, what you guys said about the Destiny recast is right on! Worst recast ever, missed it big time, this chick has no spunk, no attitude, no... Destiny! Ash, I loved what you said about Blair and her rather pointless existence at this sad little club.

Melissa Archer, wuh??? She looks fantastic.

Excessive profanity, just 'cuz you can doesn't mean you should. It's tacky.

Dani is really turning it up.

Damn, I am just so excited to have my soaps/pvp back!

Anonymous said...

you guys are right about AJ. I don't know what it is about him but I'd be pregnant if I ever lived near him. You guys better podcast about that scene with Miranda and him after the fight.

Shadow said...

What do y'all think about Michael Nader and Matthew Cowles returning? I can never get enough Billy Clyde Tuggle. I'm ambivalent about Dimitri, although I like the storyline overall. They're both 68. Cowles looks much the same aged a bit. Nader looks rough. I don't want to pick on him because I know he had issues, but I'm just sorta meh about it.

Norn Cutson said...

I have to admit, Griffin has sexy forearms.

Angie is doing some of her best shouting today!

I just don't see how they could've kept Michael Cambias a secret from Miranda.... Surely they have GOOGLE in Pine Valley.

These Cassandra scenes are horrifying... & horrible.

Wouldn't ya'll have liked to SEE the scene of Viki & Victor's conversation, instead of it happening off-screen?

I hate to say it.... but this the first time ever that I've enjoyed AMC more than OLTL.

Matthew really IS an asshole about Drew!
Makes me sad.

sandy said...

I am stoked for Dimitri! I know he had issues, but I'd so much rather they bring back older cherished characters than make up new/younger ones (like Celia, although I like her). And speaking to a point Jordan and Ashley made in the podcast (I'm pretty sure it was you guys...), I would love to see a Santos in PV again, maybe Anita played by Guiding Light's Jessica Leccia.

Can't wait for the next podcast!

Shadow said...

Angie is fixing to take some Russians out! I find it interesting how much I like Zach without Kendall. They were so played out, but I'd watch to see what the new powers can spark with them. I do miss Kendall. Hope Minshew's back with a longer gig soon besides her one day deal. Wouldn't it be great to get InsAnnie turned exasperated mother of a teen back with her completely nuts SORASd daughter? I bet she grows up to be the Mean Girl.

Podcast Update: Putting the final touches on a new one and will post it asap!

Shadow said...

Angie is fixing to take some Russians out! I find it interesting how much I like Zach without Kendall. They were so played out, but I'd watch to see what the new powers can spark with them. I do miss Kendall. Hope Minshew's back with a longer gig soon besides her one day deal. Wouldn't it be great to get InsAnnie turned exasperated mother of a teen back with her completely nuts SORASd daughter? I bet she grows up to be the Mean Girl.

Podcast Update: Putting the final touches on a new one and will post it asap!

Norn Cutson said...

Poor AJ!

I hope this Cassandra story resolves soon, coz its too creepy... Angie is getting some great scenes, but I need something happy mixed in!

"Sinnamon.... with an S...."

Dang. Here we are back at SHELTER....

Dani is slammin' those shots....
She is very convincing as a party girl.

If Todd & Victor are leaving anyway, why can't they just leave peacefully?

Wow, look at Blair's boobs!

"WHITE GIRL WASTED" ..... Okay, everything that happens at SHELTER disgusts me.

San Fran Jason said...

was anyone else mildly offended by that white girl wasted song? I don't even know why. I just...was. It sounded like a dime store Ke$shia (and the real one is bad enough).

Shelter is ridiculous but loved the scenes with Todd & Victor.

AMC: I too hope they wrap up the Cassandra sex slave storyline. It's grossing me out in light of what happened to those poor girls IRL. Of course Zach misses Cassandra on the pole by SECONDS both times. So soapy.

San Fran Jason said...

Sinnamon with an 'S'. Of course that's your name... LOL

Shadow said...

I just can't believe they showed some nasty chick UPSIDE DOWN pole dancing on All My Children, but then I was reminded of the Fusion Pole Dancing Episode and suddenly the sex slave pole dancing episode didn't seem so bad.

Unknown said...

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