Tuesday, May 14, 2013

The Good, The Bad, and the Dumb-ass

As we head into week 2 of the online return of All My Children and One Life to Live, Jordan and I are in clear agreement on some (and not so clear agreement on other) stories, performances, etcetera, etcetera.   But heck, that's what makes the Pine Valley Podcast the Pine Valley Podcast

What's really important, though?  It's what you, dear viewers and listeners, think.  So go forth and do your thing, here.  You know you want to.

5/10/13 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

So JR wakes up, 5 yrs in a coma and no bedhead? I wanted some dishevelment!

Angie did some Tea Delgado-like scenery chewing when she found out about Cassandra. I was uncomfortable with the Cass scenes in the strip club, is it just me?

Another podcast, I am filled with glee!

Anonymous said...

You guys are hilarious, and both of you make some really good points, I love your podcast...cat wait for the next one :)

Shadow said...

No bed head, ulcers, halitosis, 5 o'clock shadow - nothing. From the looks of him, I'm guessing Dixie probably kept shaving his sack the whole time too.

San Fran Jason said...

So where are Destiny's parents and her brother? I'm pretty sure none of them would let her struggle alone raising a baby.

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, it's called manscaping, dude!

I just have to comment, on GH, does anyone else think new Morgan bears an unfortunate resemblance to the Boston bomber bros?

Destiny's family isn't around because this ain't Destiny! Not even close.

Shadow said...

Manscaping sure. Momscaping? Hands of the hedge of you know what I'm saying...I think it'd be funny if he would ask who has has been mowing his lawn for the past 5 years.

Norn Cutson said...

Is Opal trying to cause trouble or is she just bein' a blabber mouth?

I don't have anything to say about Lia but.... "boobs".

Zach: "You've got a great ass."

Ew, I don't like that at all... Creepy.

I did not think I was a prude, but I feel uncomfortable with all this Matthew & Dani stuff... I still think of them as little kids.
Jordan, I'm sure you are loving it, but its too porny for me!

This Destiny is beautiful... but she ain't Destiny.
In fact, this character has no distinct voice of her own.

Shadow said...

I think AMC had a brainstorming session on ways for Zach to mention the back door. Did you catch when Lea flashed her badge? Really a boob shot. Lea infiltrated the sex club but doesn't get kidnapped? That all seemed a bit unclear to me. I know she said something about money laundering but...

Norn Cutson said...

Nobody's talking about the news here?

Ok, I will just go ahead with my notes & enjoy our stories while I can.


Aw, I can't take notes.... Too sad.
We opened our hearts to PP....
I just feel hurt.
I feel foolish to invest anymore.
Damn it...
I said I was gonna enjoy it while I can....

At least we got some LIFE out of Bianca today.

Tsk, if we had not had that news today, I would be SQUEALING about Billy Clyde Tuggle.
As it is, I just wanna cry.

I'll cry for Tea.

Matthew is goin' crazy from horniness.
I know how he feels.

Ok, all this with Viki & Clint is romantic.... They are making me smile in spite of myself.

This whole scene about Victor's tattoo should be WAAAAAYYYY more dramatic.
These PP people do not understand suspense.

Shadow said...

This is a pretty stunning PR fail. Two weeks ago watching any time was the whole marketing thing. Now watching anytime is a problem. To try and spin this like it's a viewer accommodation is absurd. And just so viewers don't balk they threw in a subtle cancellation reference. Now THAT was offensive. The More episodes will never be a draw with fake long island horse whispering medium lady. Cut that shit first - THEN cut the shows.

sandy said...

The folks at PP are seriously trying to reinvent the wheel. I'm a daily viewer so I feel shortchanged by this whole thing, especially since we're only 3 weeks into the relaunch. I just don't understand how this is helpful.
BUT I am still sticking with it, because I am very much enjoying AMC, and some of OLTL.
But, I have to say, this sudden schedule change isn't a great sign.


Norn Cutson said...

If they simply said, "Look, we are a small crew, doing this on a wing & a prayer, and this pace is unsustainable."
I think we would all have their back.

But this spin is bullshit, and I'm worried about them using Debbie Morgan, Jill Larson & Cady McClain as spokespeople... That doesn't feel right, to throw them out in front to defend PP.

Shadow said...

Shadow here. Apparently FX Canada dropped AMC and OLTL without notice to fans. The shows aren't showing on FXC schedule grids and although listed on the FXC website, clicking on the show leads to an error stating the specified shows do not exist. No official word has been released. Canadians are reporting that the shows are available now on iTunes Canada. That's great unless you spent $100 switching from one cable provider to another just to get FXC which now appears to have dropped the show. Yes, this is a grand Internet experience. Unfortunately, it seems to be at least in part at the expense of some fans who can't afford the luxury of purchasing equipment and changing out equipment on a whim. How do you ~instantly~ kill good will? Waste people's hard earned paychecks and money. Who knows what's behind this latest thing--assuming it's all true, but whether it's desperation or arrogance, it's not cool. Love the shows. Love the stars, but being a fan of these shows is proving to be far from a walk in the Park because of the knee jerk reactions and lousy communication.

Mary Lou said...

Just a comment on Cassandra. You were saying that she was too light skinned to be Angie's daughter, and I agreed until (head slap) I remembered that she was adopted. So she could be any color at all.

As far as the news, I'm disappointed, but I'm also grateful to have the shows back at all, so I will support them as long as they're on, no matter how many days.

brtedi/Lori said...

Generally, what I like about AMC, lately:
1.) Pete & Celia-They go down like a plate of brownies and a glass of milk. Sweet. Dependable. You know what your getting. Compared to the storylines we used to get over at ABC, it’s a pleasant change.
2.) AJ & Miranda-They’re growing on me.
3.) Angie & Jesse- Debbie and Darnell could read the phone book and I’d still watch—I’m just glad they’re on the show.
4.) I like the guy playing JR—At least, JR isn’t ‘just a drunk’ anymore.
5.) I actually like Zach (currently anyway) Prospect Park actually gave him something resembling a sense of humor.

Somebody please fill me in on who Billy Clyde Tuggle is. I'd appreciate the input. :-)

Shadow said...

We love to share milestones with our family here at PVP. Please join me in congratulating our dear friend and long time listener and blogger Dan Pearce (DiscoDan42) on his graduation today from The University of Missouri aka Mizzou! Our own Alex P. Keeton is all grown up!

Shadow said...

Susan and Elyse confirmed the shows are on iTunes Canada: 9.99 you get 20 episodes.

Norn Cutson said...

Well done, DiscoDan!

Norn Cutson said...

One good thing... I'm noticing on HULUplus that they are placing ads for real products like BOAR'S HEAD, rather than things like ANGIE'S LIST and EARTH JUSTICE.
They must be getting good numbers to attract real advertising accounts.

Norn Cutson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

"We want to air shows with producers who promise to change production and release schedules frequently." -- said no TV network ever.

sandy said...

Just watched todays AMC and I came here directly to say (in Jordan's voice) IT WAS HOTTT!! Eden slew me, Celia and Petey were ridiculously cute, DAVID AND ANGIE were ridiculously cute (and I'm getting super excited at the prospect of a triangle there), and MIRANDA AND AJ OMGGGG!! I don't want to be hasty but those little guys are a super couple--I was screaming when AJ went tongue first!! LOL!!

The only thing off about the episode for me was the pacing; it was very fast. Makes me believe that this 2 eps per week deal isn't such a bad thing for the sake of the show.

brtedi/Lori said...

I'm playing catch up w/ OLTL, so this is what I have up to now:

OLTL Ch 3 pt 3

“Step Nora” and David—so make up for Matthew, Danni and the peanut butter—Really? Did the show have to go there? Ick! Oh, yeah, on first thing someone does is put up pics of questionable taste on their social media page—not!

Literally, I'll take Bo any day of the week, over that hot mess. :-(

Norn Cutson said...

First I wanna say, on a terrible day like today (Oklahoma), I am SO GRATEFUL to have Our Stories.... We need that safe world of Pine Valley now.

I LOOOOOVE Angry Bianca!!!!
I LOOOOOVE Billy Clyde Tuggle!!!
I wish HE had kidnapped Cassandra instead of the Russians... That would have been much more entertaining!
Petey's abs..... What can I say?!?!?
He & Celia are hokey but they are pure old school AMC!
So JR is still bad news... That was a thinly veiled threat of blackmail to Cara, wasn't it?


They have used the word "amazing" 5 times in a 24 minute episode. I hate that word, it's always overused.
It makes me wanna rip my hair out,

Warmth to Oklahoma.

Shadow said...

I'm still laughing about the signs at Billy Clyde's faux protest. 'Save Your Soul From The Pole'. 'Turn The Other Cheek'. I don't know who came up with those, but I'd drink beer and hang out with them. Billy Clyde advanced the trafficking storyline for me. He's all snarling, spitting completely bizarre BCT. Kind of brilliant using Jesus to further his plot. Loved the old school character actors.

I don't think the trafficking a/l oogs me out as much as David Hayward foundling Angie's arm and gazing at her. I'd have an easier time asleep with the Russians watching me.

Norn Cutson said...

Vicki's upset.

"Don't think, just drink"

She and David are fun together!

Ads for MICROSOFT (funny, because all characters on the show use MAC)

I like that economic trouble has come to Llanview.

PSAs during the commercial break... Not a good sign.

David: "Let's move this to a boobs, I mean, booth"

Dani spilled her gnocchi.

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL:Ch. 3 pt. 4

Normally I like the color peach.. But, Dorian has a really ugly sofa—especially interms of that patterned, mauve wallpaper!

I like the conversation between Vikki and Jack about 'good' and 'bad' DNA.

Shadow said...

I can't figure out Dorian's house. The parlor just isn't right. I'm not sure of it's the spacing, color, wood versus paper or what, but something about it is awkward.

Norn Cutson said...

It's too dark & monochromatic.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hi Shadow,

I can confirm that I looked at the fx schedule and there's no AMC or OLTL to be found. There are photos on their website. Not sure what's going on at all.

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL: Chapter 4 pt 1

Rama loves “The Boy with The Chipmunk Tattoo”—and is enamored with David “Vickerman” Vickers –David noticed Rama’s tatas… LOL!

I know some 20-somethings use profanity as if it were verbal punctuation, But it seems as if the writers are adding it in just because the can, IMHO.

AMC: Ch.4 pt. 1

Is it true that Billie Clyde Tuggle was once married to Erica? !Aye Carumba!...Bianca cusses…Somebody call CNN—LOL!

Angie & David: Now, that’s an interesting alliance… I can see it, though. Bonding over lost/dead children. Smart move for the show!

Pete & Celia: genuinely, old-school cute…The only thing that’s missing is “the walls of Jericho” (Claudette Colbert & Clark Gable in “It Happened One Night”)

Opal In the previews for Wednesday: “That little vixen….” The peanut butter is going to hit the fan, once Pete and Celia return to Pine Valley, from NYC.

Miranda & AJ: AJ is a goner over her—and Miranda’s reaction to the kiss was, imho, was spot on. The first blush of emotion: she realizes how he feels about her—and more to the point, he stirred her emotions as well. Overwhelmed, she flees, needing to process what just occurred. It’s quite a good setup, considering Bianca forbade Miranda to see AJ---and so it goes. :-)

Shadow said...

Hi Terry. Thanks for checking. FXC did dropped them. The change in the release schedule voided their agreement with PP. The shows are both on iTunes Canada now. Totally frustrating to Canadians who went to the trouble and expense of switching providers just to get FXC.

San Fran Jason said...

Any guesses who the mystery person or group is that sent the threatening note to Todd today? Why is he watching his family on video feed? Is he afraid something will happen to them?

Shadow said...

think Viki's story resonates for a lot of people feeling outdated and struggling to keep up w/ change. Many family businesses today are struggling to adapt & reinvest in their companies at the exact time when they wish they could retire or sell. Problem is there's nobody buying. In some cases no kids to pass off to. They can't get their money out and don't want to turn long time employees out on the street. The OLTL kids are floundering like a lot post-grad debt laden kids trying to find their way in a tough job market--living together, testing personal boundaries, wondering how generations before them ever got any momentum going in their lives. Even Dorian is stuck in a quagmire of sorts she can't quite sort out. Blair seems ill at ease in Shelter which IS a shaky venture. Even the open marriage shows a certain discontent with the sacred institution of marriage. OLTL seems to be tapping the mood that nothing is quite like we expect it to be right now. The nagging doubts & concerns we have make life a little unsettling and slightly dissatisfying. People in Llanview are so distracted they barely notice when you come back from the dead. Problem is, a real soap story needs to break soon on OLTL. I feel like we're spending a lot of time hanging with people and catching up, but not really going anywhere. I don't mind Shelter. It beats Confusion. People seem to fairly sensibly run into each other in Shelter although Bo, Nora, Viki, Clint ever being in there is absurd. So, while I spot some interesting thenes, good characters, decent actors & witty dialogue I'm struggling to see a real integrated visionary story. Conversely on AMC I see great storylines moving around canvas & people acting more true to historical character, but Im not getting quite enough of the little moments with people just hanging out, talking about stuff - just getting to know people. Jane? Don't know. Evelyn? Needs to get laid. Celia? Not sure I'm feeling ya. Pete? Kind of a big hairless overenunciating ego. I don't dislike any of them. I just don't have great reasons to care about them yet. Ace in the hole? Billy Clyde Tuggle. Missing? The age bracket with Kendall, Greenlee, Aiden, Annie, Ryan (I know). As much as I'm sort of confounded by it, to many that generation was AMC-Bianca's age just under the Hubbards and older than Miranda & AJ's gen. I think not having a stronger inclusion of those actors is costing PP a bit. Greenlee with or without Jack or Mary Smythe would be smart add.

Shadow said...

Vincent Irizarry's post about the scheduling changes:


Shadow said...

AMC scared the bejeezus out of me when it started today!

Billy-isms AND Opal-isms today!

Great camera work today - especially with Brooke & JR.

Ruby Marie Deelite is a classic. Cracks me up. Why did ABC stop casting fun, campy character actors like this? Oh yeah, cuz ABC sucks.

Seriously. Evelyn. Sweetie. Get a man. Or buy a Jack Rabbit.

By next Friday AJ will have severe acne, patches of back hair, testicular atrophy, male pattern baldness & mood swings.

Great episode today!

Shadow said...

Does anyone else think it's weird Urie says things like, 'You've put us in grave danger' when everyone else in PIne Valley says 'You fucked that shit up!'

brtedi/Lori said...

AMC Ch 4 Part 2

Speaking as a person with a physical disability, I love how fast JR is recovering from a 5 yr. coma LOL!

Loving the look on Angie’s face as she confronts Billie Clyde!..He must be a total piece of work..

Aww…Miranda took a pass on first love with AJ, for now at least

Pete & Celia- I’m really starting to like these two.

Anybody looking for Dr. Tony Jones (GH)? He lives in Celia’s nightmares ;-)

Norn Cutson said...

Opal: "Wavin' her plaid-clas caboose!"

PP has a problem with people coming back from the dead... No one ever seems surprised.

We see some personality from Cassandra... She won't be playin' MEDEA anytime soon, but she's no Denise Vasi.

"Inject it into your ass muscle"
Didn't I just see this on MAD MEN?

"Ruby Delight"

Jesse: "Keep yo' ugly ass away from Pine Valley!"

WHOA, they just aged Drew two years!!!!

Jack: "I became a vegan... YESTERDAY!

Blair needs her OWN story.

It makes me feel all creepy pedophile to see Matthew all nudie.

Shadow called it right about the whole situation with Viki & THE BANNER, and that is why that storyline is the one that interests me most: it's REAL.


Shadow said...

All My Children & OLTL get new Head Writers. --> http://www.welovesoaps.net/2013/05/amc-oltl-writing-staff.html?m=1

brtedi/Lori said...

Vikki and Natalie: Am I the the only one who is a little wierded out to hear Natalie cuss while she talked to her mom on the phone? It all seemed so casual, imo.

The last time my mom heard me cuss, I dropped a Costco-sized tub of butter on my foot...Luckily, the pancakes, we had for dinner, fared better than my foot--LOL!

I'm glad Bo and Nora are genuinely concerned about Matthew's utter disregard for Drew...Matthew needs to get it together.

I know Destiny is trying to be independent, but I think, she hurt Bo's feelings, a bit by insisting they're "not family". True. Destiny and Matthew aren't legal. But, Bo and Nora are Drew's grandparents--and they treat her like family, because they feel she is. They've got her back. She needs to lighten up.

Shadow said...

I go back and forth between being repulsed about Cassandra's storyline and laughing inappropriately. I don't like the name calling, hitting and belittling, but then they're scratching the naughty bits in the computer screen and Im laughing out loud at the moaning. Then I see Billy Clyde and Im delighted. Then I see Vlad and Urie and I'm thinking "How many times can he hit Vlad before Vlad loses it - ridiculous." I dunno.

Shadow said...

Am I the only one who dislikes Milo? He annoys me to no end. There is something so bizarre about him. I don't know if it's the man child thing or that it seems like he's a serial killer on the down low.

And NuLulu I'm struggling to like. I hate when they reshoot old scenes with new people.

Laura bores the Hell out of me.

That Chew BS was painful. I wouldn't be surprised if Chew ratings actually fell after that.

Why would they bring back Franco? Ugh. And how many rape related stories can we have going at once?

Just about the time I want to bail on it, Tracy Q does something extraordinary and I'm hooked.

Norn Cutson said...


Zach is tryin' to be Todd....

More commercials than usual... That's a good sign: it means the ratings are good enough that they can sell more ads.

I'm bored with the Cassandra story... It just seems like the saaaaaame scene over and over and over....

Good use of DR. Joe today.

Petey mentions The Bowery Ballroom.

Bucktooth Boogerface makes friend with Miranda.

I liked JR realizing he was repeating the patterns of distrust.

So Jesse, Zach & Lia go through all that detective work, and Billy Clyde Tuggle STILL gets there before them!!!!

Rama's boobs are their own show!

Everything that happens at SHELTER is DUMB.
and LOUD.

I don't understand this between Natalie and John... But I know the writers don't know what's goin' on either, so I don't care.

What alternate reality has Tea been living in where Jack is "grounded"? He's the biggest brat in Llanview!

Viki said "DAMN"!!!!!!!!

Loved Clint confronting Bo about Matthew during the poker game.

I like Dani with less makeup.

Poor Blair, she only gets to sing in her own club when the power goes out.

Shadow said...

Sometimes Norn I swear I watch just to laugh harder at your recaps. I love them!

I wonder which departed soul came up with "Lick It, Click It"? Agnes must have almost stroked out on the spot.

Shadow said...

Has anyone noticed that in the last 2 - 5 years Llanview and Pine Valley have been inundated with hookers, the overseas mob, druggies and public sex exhibitionists? I wouldn't go inside Shelter unless I was wearing a condom from head to toe and carrying disinfectant--which would be hard to get to if I was wearing a body condom, but hopefully it still makes sense.

Shadow said...

On OLTL Matthew thinks his cyber date is a hot girl but it's more likely a bearded, 48-year-old Polish computer programmer. AZGal says that's what you call 'being catfished'. I learn something new everyday.

thecourt said...

I am so far behind, but I just heard the podcast and I wanted to comment on the Angie/Jessie story on AMC. I get Ashley's point, but I think they attempted to clear it up. They didn't know that she was from PV, or who her family was. Since she came in on an international flight and was looking for a driver, instead of family picking her up, they thought she was just an international visitor. International visitors are kidnapped all the time. Think of the many US cases where a girl went abroad or even on a cruise and came up missing. Doesn't matter her stature, but once you leave the country, there is another level of danger. So I think they made it more real, to me at least.

I love AMC way more than OLTL. OLTL is so disheveled. Dani is a drunk, and they are spending alot of time establishing that shes a drunk that wants Matthew. They said in dialouge that she is friends with Destiny, but you never see that. They are building Matthew's story..they seem to be building everyone's story. Nothing is moving forward at all.

Norn Cutson said...

It feels like NOTHING HAPPENED on OLTL last week.

Brooke has a new venture, TALK TEMPO.

Billy Clyde Tuggle: "I merely provide a cervix...er, service..."
"A beautiful young lady for horizontal refreshment"

Cassandra yelled & cried some more.
Oh, and she somehow found the time to carve a message to Angie & Jesse in the motel room wall.

Jane is givin' David a little flirt.

Why isn't Jesse tracing this call?

Next time we get Colby!

Norn Cutson said...

Also I have to say, I was looking forward to hearing the new theme song all weekend.

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL: Chapter 5 pt. 2

The Buchanan poker game-Funny. I wonder how they made those cards stick to their foreheads--- double face tape?

I think, it’s cute that Mathhew is watching Casablanca with his online “mystery date”. I used to watch tv and movies with my best friend all the time. The question is she really who she says she is?

Roger Howarth—Yay!

Will I ever be sold on “Shelter”? I doubt it. I understand tptb feel the younger characters need a place to gather…But, it’s so lame!

Now, when it comes to Bo & Nora, I can’t help but smile.

Todd convincing Blair to sing, now that’s a way to “flip a scene”—No dumb dancing. Just vets!

Hey! Who turned out the lights? –LOL!

brtedi/Lori said...

AMC: Ch. 6 pt. 1

Bille Clyde is kinda creepy, imho.

Celia has serious anxiety attacks-The actress is good at conveying Celia’s stress and turmoil.

Cassandra’s message to Angie & Jesse—Awww.

I wonder if JR Martinez will reprise his role, one day?

Norn Cutson said...

Dorian is gonna have A Day Of Beauty...
That sounds promising.

I've lost patience with this Destiny.

Tea is chatting with who she THINKS is Victor.

Viki's face when she hears about The Pellegrino Fund!!!

So are they all gonna smoke out with Snoop Lion?
"I gotta get me some jelly beans"

walkr said...

Just found this hilarious podcast with the re-launch. When's the next one?

Arizonagal said...

Oh Norn, I feel your pain, this Destiny is just sad, no spunk, no sass. Actually is it just me or do so many of the women on OLTL seem lackluster and slightly depressed? I'm talking about Viki, Blair, Natalie, Destiny. And poor Dani just has no direction at all.

And in PV, little Petey is having a mantrum and freaking out poor Celia. Actually his profanity laced tirade was really bad behavior and if I was his girlfriend, he'd be history. So far I'm not feeling this guy. He's no AJ.

Oh a bad joke I saw today:
Why does Snoop Dogg (Lion) carry an umbrella? Fo drizzle.

brtedi/Lori said...

OLTL:Ch.6 pt. 1

Cutter and the in-house rent a cop—running their own investigation? Yeah right! “Officer Moonlighting” comes off like an arrogant lightweight…

Owww…Victor sends Tea a high tech note, needing a trace—Does Bo have Spinelli’s number on speed dial? LOL! The “Dark ‘Net”—maybe, they really do need the assassin of cyberspace. ;-)

Destiny has a right to be angry at Matt (the dip!) But, should she react so in front of Drew—although the kid does seem a tad bored. HA!

brtedi/Lori said...

"Fo drizzle."--Good one, AZ! LOL!

Norn Cutson said...

Today we get Colby!
Already she has heat with Petey.
This is an actress who ENJOYS acting.
Though I think Liza's daughter would dress a little more classy & a little less LEGALLY BLONDE, but that's a minor minor quibble.

Jane got some lines this week.

Francesca James is just wonderful.
She really anchors this in CLASSIC AMC.

Colby: "do you think you could spare 20 grand?"
Brooke: "I have an idea for you...."
Colby: "I'd RATHER have the money!"

My friend Lizz just said, " Colby is a breath of LIFE into this show!!!, How can you have a soap opera without a RAGING CUNT?!?!?!"

Our Beautiful Debi Morgan EARNED her check today!

Norn Cutson said...

Ooh Rama.......

Snoop: "Couldn't smoke at your parents' house; your Mama'd kill me!"

Nora "even has her own hashtag".....

Dorian: "how about getting crazy with your WIFE?"

At least we are gettin some romance with Rama & Vimal.
I like them.

Shadow said...

From Robin Strasser's Hotline about the early hiatus:

"I got the news that the show was not going to tape today, Thursday [June 6] because of a union dispute, International Alliance of Theatrical Stage Employees, the small local [chapter] in Connecticut," she says. "I listened to some really smart people during the day who were saying, 'Well, there's going to be a problem when we come back from the hiatus.' Now, I was already in a state of deep concern and I've been tweeting about feeling off-center but trying to keep it obliquely upbeat. Not untruthful, but just, 'Okay, this seems a little odd, two weeks ago we were told we would close down production on June 15 and then not resume until September 8.' Now, if it is to fine-tune and make the already existing shows that Prospect Park has made of ONE LIFE TO LIVE and ALL MY CHILDREN and make them better and better and better, well that's wonderful and I really look forward to that possibility…. I want to take every opportunity I can to thank the people who've been involved in making the revived ONE LIFE TO LIVE episodes. When you watch them on Hulu and iTunes and they're edited together, they look like movies. They look like these groovy regeneration of the concept of the multi-generational storytelling…. Prospect Park spent a fortune and enormous energy making those shows. So anger placed at them is misplaced. Absolutely misplaced, alright? Those two wonderful men [Rich Frank and Jeff Kwatinetz] have a set up where they can produce shows, entertainment and create jobs and let's all say 'Thank you'. I'm gonna and that's my recommendation."

For her full report, call 212-414-5300.

Shadow said...

Welcome Walkr! Our podcast schedule is rather random. We were shooting for every week again, but have had scheduling conflicts. We'll get one up soon. Keep checking back here! You can also subscribe to our free podcast on iTunes (if you use iTunes). Whenever we upload a new podcast to iTunes the show will automatically download to your ipad/pod/phone if you enable it to do so.

brtedi/Lori said...

AMC Ch.6 Part 2

Line of the day—

Colby: ”Find that inner a**hole and embrace it.” She’s a pistol!
Debbie Morgan rocks! (I like the Hubbard’s patio)

Jesse is behind the 8 ball; At least, he’s not buring babies in the park. ((Sigh))

Shadow said...

I like that Jesse isn't able to control everything. Police procedure was in place before he arrived at the scene last Wednesday.

Sooooo.....the big news is that one of the AMC actresses is pregnant and the pregnancy has led to a major rewrite and the show backing off a frontburner romance. Any ideas who it might be? It ain't Opal!

Norn Cutson said...

Today on AMC...

I know Lia is on contract, but she's a non-character... Just like Jane.

I like AJ defending JR.

Oh, Colby, bad girl!
... & if Celia's naive enough to fall for it, good riddance!

Opal is wearing a box of melted crayons.

BuckTooth BoogerFace likes to party!

I wish Angie would tell Dixie to just SHUT THE HELL UP!

Colby is crackin' me up.

I don't get why those girls who were mean to Miranda are now at her party. Did I miss them being friends again?

I liked Ruby Delight diggin' around in her bra.

I couldn't see what was on Miranda's iPhone.

Billy Clyde Tuggle just had a loud, public and apparently, very satisfying orgasm.

Who is at Brooke's door?!?

Shadow said...

A new Pine Valley Podcast is underway! Brace yourself for Ashley & Jordan's unexpurgated thoughts on recent events in PineValley & Llanview. Suffice to say it's no holds barred. Jordan ain't having the PP BS. Ashley tried to plays devil's advocate for me, but ultimately she ain't having it either. Don't miss this one folks! Stay tuned!

Norn Cutson said...

Let me tell you, we are DYING over here about the Ezra Klein references on today's ONE LIFE TO LIVE!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

I actually enjoyed all of today's OLTL...
Though I wish that dinner party lasted the whole episode!

Norn Cutson said...

Nora: "I'm giving ADVICE, not Happy Endings!"

Shadow said...

The happy endings are on today's AMC. Today's 'All My Children' Previews & Spoilers: Colby gets a mouthful.

Shadow said...

Agnes was either horrified & locked in her room or was there the whole time yelling 'Cut!' & 'From the top!' repeatedly as Colby was getting a taste of Pete.

Unknown said...

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