Monday, December 11, 2006

Who Knew Yoga Could Kill?

  • Simone Torres: death by Downward Facing Dog pose.
  • Krystal inspires a new line of pleather maternity wear.
  • Real World: Pine Valley debuts.
  • Hey Sean & Colby - Aruba sure is nice this time of year!

A serial killer? Seriously? Air your grievances here.

12/8/06 Podcast


Anonymous said...

This week's song ROCKED Taylor. I was laughing out loud on my commute to work. I'm glad you guys enjoyed my Real World Pine Valley. Here's hoping they vote Puck out of the house.

P.S. Seriously, why are people always at Confusion? Aren't nightclubs closed during the day?

P.P.S. I saw Sean Montgomery on an old episode of Scrubs as an intern- how old is this kid??

Anonymous said...

LOL mel, i was thinking the same thing like why the heck are all these people living together. I thought of making a brady bunch photo but calling them the Useless bunch! Im not really down with the serial killer thing yet, esp if its gonna come to the same fizzle ending as the Kemma storyline

Puddin said...

We can only hope that the Pine Valley Serial Killer will leave the rest of the Fusion girls alone and start targeting the Pine Valley teenagers. After they're out of the way, then the Serial Killer can move on to Real World Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

I think part of the reason that I am struggling with these deaths is that both girls were the most alive looking corpses I have ever seen!

Anonymous said...

hahahaha seriously i bet part of the serial killers trademark is doing their eyemakeup before he leaves.

Anonymous said...

I really hope Special Johnny *snaps* and "goes rogue" to find the killer.

If anyone can get away with murder, it's Special Johnny!


PS--I hope for more bloodshed!