Sunday, December 17, 2006

A Whole Lotta Stuff Happened!!

  • Erin dies.
  • Josh works out.
  • Special Jonny freaks.
  • Kendall, Bianca, Babe and Dani work.
  • J.R. complains.
  • Zach hallucinates.
  • Ryan cries?
Who will the killer get next? Anybody got any spoilers? Read at your own risk here.

12/15/06 Podcast


PVPFan4Ever said...

I hear Janet Dillon is coming back to town. We all know she is capable of murder. Think on it!

Stacy said...

My bet is that Janet is coming back to help Derek solve the murder, like Clarice Starling going to Hanibal Lecter in prison. Too bad they killed off Trevor...we could have used some of his humor nowadays. Yet another major flub by TPTB.

Anonymous said...

i have the mac-daddy of all spoilers, but i don't have the heart to even repeat it.... all i can say is, get ready to lose another good one!!

Jillybean said...

i hope "anonymous" in the previous post is a hardcore Colby fan and shes gonna be next. haha but that would be in a dream world. if they kill off brooke im going to start jumping the writers and if her 3 effing lines on wed. was her last apperance that is just sad!!!