Sunday, April 01, 2007

CSI: Special Lily!

  • Escape from the looney-bin!
  • Ethan's Mom is back!
  • Josh tries out a third father.
  • Annie says yes, moves a lot of Quaker Oats.
3/30/07 Podcast

Time for another Emmy David?


jillybean said...

taylor i thought you did a great job by yourself this week. its hard to make jokes when your the only one there but u did it and i was laughin along with u. theres no poll this week so im gonna take the liberty to answer my own. haha. since AMC isnt giving us any action (except zyrtle) the two people i would like to see hook it up again is Amamda and Jonathan. the one single person i would just plain like to see is Ruth...Joes excuses about her having the flu and not bein able to make it...i think he has her locked in a closet, haha

Anonymous said...

I totally forgot to mention the Jackrica flashback where he's reclining and feeding her the BBQ rib! SO HOT!

- Taylor

Anonymous said...

Great job Taylor! but you did leave me wanting the Josh impersonation! LOL Hope Ashley's alright w/ her housing situation! as for the show well Ryannie ZZZzz boring and Jarica flashbasks hot but sad because that's all they are for now! the Tad and Adam battle funny until today. Adam (although he may have sent someone) crossed the line burning down TnD/JR and Jamie's home growing up or should i say TAHIC(The A** Holes In Charge) did! anyways like always thanks for the hard work and dedication you put into very much appreciated!;O)

jillybean said...

SERIOUSLY. burn down all the memories of Dixie! UGHH!!!!!!!!!!!! thats messed up! cant Cady McClains ghost come back to burn down the chandler mansion?

Anonymous said...

What's going on with Tad? Why is he drugging Adam and keeping him locked up? Didn't he learn his lesson the last time he did that to someone and ended up killing Dr Madden? I hope we're not being led down the path of Tad killing again. Just loving Janet and her quirks especially her wonderful art.

Topher said...

Taylor, thanks for going ahead with the podcast on your own! As jillybean said, it can't be easy just to talk by yourself for that long, without someone to react to! You did great though! Trust me, "truncated" or not, your listeners appreciate the effort - at least I do, and I'm sure I'm not alone.
I hope Ashley's alright, and I'm looking forward to this week's podcast!