Monday, May 21, 2007

A Week of Sexy Suggestions...

  • Special Jonny & Ava?
  • J.R.& Amanda?
  • Ryan & Greenlee?
  • Krystal & Derek Frye? (Well, not yet.)

So Hannah will be off the show soon, and New Greenlee is very much on. Why are TPTB getting it so very, very wrong? (And can Jonny and Ava make it right?) Your thoughts, here please.

5/18/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Great job like always guy!
first and foremost:
true loves, matter what writers say or imply:
Tad and Dixie
Ryan and Gillian
Leo and Greenlee

now onto show: ok i understand Greens has every right to be angry but what's w/ the dialogue? *GAG*
Nulee: "Hey there, butterfly. Why'd you go and do a silly thing and fly away from me? You belong with me. I've come to take you home."
i mean comeon that's not Greenlee-like.they are really making her into a pathetic, sniveling, groveling idiot.i wonder if Rebecca B. was back if they would have went that route w/ her.
Ryawnnie, man what a misopporunity w/ the asthma.they could have gotten rid of her finally.*sigh* also how stupid that whole scene was all they needed was some black coffee which i'm sure could have been unfortunately found on board.
then there's the Martin scene first w/ the "Circle of Lies" necklace. name given because all couples on all 3 soaps promoting the necklace, are deceiving their pair in some way well KWAK did it at the beginning but she stilled was deceitful and deserved nothing.the the scene w/ Josh was weird because he knows what his uncle did to his adopted father but because of the baby all is good! whatever!
Erica and Opal/ then Jack, Barbara,Tad even Del great stuff! Look how Tad is shown in a better light when OUT of the Carey's orbit.
as for pairings JR and Amanda. it's ok just for a fling and glad he's taking a break from Babe for once. KWAK and Derek just ewww how about KWAK w/ safari Jeff(BTW,where is he?) and nuPam w/ Derek?
goings:Stacy H. Hannah. yeah what a waste of potential. they could have tried her w/ Adam for a bit or continue w/ Josh which i hear will be paired w/ Nulee soon!Oy! but i don't think that's the last of Hannah though. the way she leaves is left for intepretation whether after she ask Zach to get her preggers it's not clear whether or not he slept w/ her.possibilities because of how open ended it's left off are: she may come back pregnant saying it's Zach's when really it's Josh's or maybe she fakes a pregnancy.another possibility is that she comes back November sweeps and kidnaps Zendall's baby so who knows but i think she'll be back although will it be by the same actress who's too expensive by TIIC to keep or a recast? hmmm
last note: Head Writers named;Barbara Esensten and James Harmon Brown. who some say are the kiss of death to soaps since 3 of them have been cancelled already w/ these 2 on board. oh well we shall see they may surprise us, hopefully there's no vampires like Port Charles for AMC's future *shudders*! also Alexa H. and Justin B. i hear they are in talks to try to convince her to stay. well from this viewer i hope it's not accomplished and we are rid of Babe. as for JB well he says he'll go w/ whatever AH decides but if he leaves Jamie is an integral character to AMC;Brooke and Tad's son so there needs to be a recast if it happens.

finally,like always thanks for the recap!:o)

Anonymous said...

the show is getting BORING!!! i'm nervous after reading about these new writers being the "kiss of death" especially when amc is on thin ice as is. i have no problem with the new greenlee, that's all we have going for us right now besides ava.. how dumb is the reality show? ava is getting cheesy. adam is sad.. plus why is everyone treating greenlee like shit for coming back?? if you can't see her point of view than that's just fake. for babe to be such a bitch to her as soon as she walked in was dumb, she doesn't deserve those shares if she's gonna be ungrateful. she doesn't have to pick sides between greenlee and kendall.. she's on her own side, it's not like anyone's been nice to her in the past. really dumb. i love this show and i've supported every stupid plot but i'm getting worried, if it's gonna be like this.. although i'll keep watching.. i'm gonna start falling asleep. i'm really disappointed, everything's been resolved and nothing's going on. after getting rid of so many classic characters and unused characters.. they can afford to bring on one or two new characters for the summer. we should all come up with some ideas for stories and send them to the show.

Anonymous said...

Great podcast..especially the Ryan and Gillian excerpt at the end...boy..does that show how BAD the show has become!

The show is so boring now...every character is acting "in the minute" as if there is no history or no future..probably due to the writers being in limbo. Now that we have new writers, maybe they will go back and read the characters history before saying stupid things, like Ryan being the love of Greenlee's life!

Also..just wanted to point out, Annie has had asthma attacks before. Again, it was a plot filler, but I think that was when she ran into her ex-Terri at the hospital.