Monday, May 28, 2007

Speaking of Rewriting History...

  • Greenlee grovels.
  • Ryan whines.
  • Kendall comforts.
  • Di gets air time.

In the spirit of "positivity," is there anyone out there who actually likes NuGreenlee? Put it out there, here. (We won't hold it against you.)

5/25/07 Podcast


jillybean said...

i dont like her as of now, but she is growing on me more than when she first appeared.

Anonymous said...

Nulee/Sabine S.-ok she does better w/ scenes where she uses attitude like the ones at Confusion and calling everyone on their(special-Johnny,trashy-Babe[who is always crying],and can't-land-a-man-duh) BS or Fusion and telling them how it's going to go. On the other hand, we have the Rylee scenes where she says words like green butterfly and dynamite kiddo when referring to her and Ryan, literally begging on her knees...just pathetic then it's too sad and puke worthy even worse then dare i say it the book; Sir Ryanovich w/ Queen Anabelle and we know how gag worthy that already is. dialogue has to definitely get better for her to have a shot w/ the audience and they need to stop those fake flashbacks, huge disservice to her when people already saw those scenes w/ Rebecca B. and could compare them especially if you go to youtube.

Sopiler alert: did you hear Julia will be preggers soon by Jamie? huh? What the f**k? especially when you consider the fact she's about to pop in real life so she'll(Sydney P.) come back from maternity leave then gets padded for months after giving birth in real life? that's if the baby makes it in the storyline. then we have Alexa H(Babe) and Justin B.(Jamie)possibly leaving and if they do it's planned that their characters will be written off together. where does that leave Julia? Kate-thy? then let's say the baby in the storyline makes it and they hook her up w/ Tad. it will be:Jamie and child;he would be the father/ step bro?! then Kate-thy would be aunt/ step sis?! Tad grandpa and step dad?! nastyyyy

anyways thanks guys for watching this sinking show for always great job to the both of you!;o)
By the way, LMAO Ashley: "i created rhapsody in red!"

Anonymous said...

NuGreenlee is so wrong on many levels. I loved Rebecca Budig so there is strike #1 against NuGreenlee. Strike #2, she's ugly. I know that isn't PC, but I don't want to watch ugly folk on my soaps. Stike #3, the new actress doesn't seem to have a grasp on the history between herself, Kendall & Ryan. Thank goodness for DVR so I can fast foward through all of her scenes.

Anonymous said...

nugreenlee is kinda growing on me.. but not so much anymore. i only watched about a half hour of the show this week because it was the exact same as last week!!

but you guys brought something to my attention this week: greenlee keeps freaking out about fusion shares, but where the heck does aldino fit in there?!
she just like randomly shows up everyday... "i'm important". =]


as always, thanks for the recap and the hilarious role playing this week. you guys rock.

Anonymous said...

I don't like NuGreenlee at all, but to be fair, I didn't like the original one either. She is just a mean spirited bitch with no redeeming qualities. Besides, Rhapsody in Red is just so last year. The best I can say for this, or any other Greenlee, is that AFAIK she is not an axe murderer. I see no need for this character at all. There are plenty of other nasty PV residents already! If they intend to keep her, I think she needs to move on, forget Ryan and go after some other PV guy. How about Greens and Josh?

Cat said...

So is Rebecca Budig so busy that she could not come back as Greenlee? What the heck has she been doing since she left Pine Valley? Just curious. If we have to have Greens around then why not Budig? Assuming she was not available.

Anonymous said...

well supposedly rebecca was to be in a new show on fox but i don't think it made it into the line-up.

so now that she's probably available it's too late... we have to deal with nulee. ugh.