Sunday, May 06, 2007

All You Need is Love

  • Josh makes love to Hannah (we think).
  • Amamda needs someone to make love to her.
  • Adam needs someone to love, period.
  • Maura Jenny Charlotte Colby Chandler needs
    a cold compress.

It's the Pine Valley Podcast's one year anniversary! Help us celebrate (or ruminate) here. (And if you want to join us in Blandie-bashing/New Greenlee-hating/Ava-eyebrow-raising, feel free to do that, too.)

5/4/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

****Feliz Primer Annivesario!****

Congrats you guys; Taylor especially w/ the Josh impersonation ROTF..., Ashley,Jordan and even Carlos a year can't believe it. hope to enjoy many more years to come!thank you for all the laughter and most importantly sacrificing yourselves to watch AMC for many of us!

as for the show eh ZZZzzz
well except for HASH. thank you Taylor for supporting that smush name as for Ashley it's all good still luv ya!
BTW, if you read Cady's recent blog "Secrets" which is very cryptic in my opinion she is going back to ATWT. DAMN The A-holes In Charge! oh well AMC's foolish/senseless/ridiculous lose is ATWT's gain! haha LMAO if those ratings go up for ATWT, it's just so STUPID all of it...they really are idiots and every name in the book ---> ABC/AMC's suppose high execs. anyways Good Luck to our Cady McClain who is a very talented actress and deserves the best! like always thanks for all your hard work and i'm looking forward to many more! ;o)

PS: May 7th: Happy B-day to MEK(Tad)!!! you still look good and keeping getting better w/ age!muah

jillybean said...

happy 1 year anniversary guys! dag, time goes fast. it seems like only yesteray i was CRACKING up listening to "Tad to the bone" hahaha So yeah, congrats Ashley, Taylor, and Jordan, Carlos and even Gucci. haha wish u guys many more happy years of podcasting! just hope the coming year gives u guys more to work with than the previous.

Eleah said...

congrats! I listen to your podcasts every time they come out. Happy Anniversary! Congratulations. I cant wait to hear more of your podcasts. Hey whats up with Janets thing that says Dixie Lives on it. Please talk about it in your next podcast. Anyway happy anniversary!

Anonymous said...

hey you guys see what you can hear or find out about what's going on w/ Dixie. i just read Kate C.(Janet) was told specifically by the idiot higher ups to write DIXIE LIVES on Monday's eppy! yet she doesn't know whether or not Dixie will live. now are they thinking about a recast? the reason i say this is because Cady's blog secrets which she puts is cryptic in my opinion is really pointing to going back to ATWT/a Rosanna return so i don't know what the hell is going on but i hope this is not some tricky sick ploy to gain ratings for May Sweeps by peaking the viewer's curiosity by the a-holes in charge! also many don't want a RECAST it's either Cady McClain/DIXIE ALIVE or they need to forget about it! anyways see what you guys can find out and thanks in advance for any info you can come up with!;o)

Anonymous said...

^^^ By the way, you guys LMAO we have been acting like "special" Lily trying to piece clues from a screenshot of that piece of paper that Janet From Another Planet wrote down so this better not be a trick!

jillybean said...

hahahahaha what do you mean? im not acting like special Lily......BUT- if Janet used 27 letters on her pad with 25 college rule lines, and has been off her medication for 6 days 11 hours 42 minutes and 13 gonna solve this mystery!!! hahahaha

Mel said...

Thanks for a year of hilarious entertainment! You keep me laughing an hour every week!

P.S. On SuperPoster's blog I left a "good" reason why the Slut Metric is broken.

lisa said...

Did anyone else notice in yesterday's, 5/9, show how uncomfortable the "new beginnings" audience looked? They were also really quiet.

Also, how well choregraphed Jame and Julia standing up at the wedding was? He put Kate-thy down on the chair just as Julia was standing and you never saw her bump!

lisa said...

Oh and Happy Anniversary!

Anonymous said...

well guys mystery solved at least for me because if it's for a recast the a-holes in charge can go to HE double hockey sticks! BASTARDS they had evryone going w/ the Dixie lives crap but today Cady confirmed she's going back to ATWT as Ro Cabot! Take your Dixie lives and your possible recast in mind and you know were you can shove it ABCD/AMC a-hole in charge!!!