Monday, June 18, 2007

All I Have to Do is Dream....

  • Kendall & Greenlee -- together!
  • Blandie & Ryan -- together!
  • Krystal & Adam -- together!
  • Jamie & Babe -- together!
  • Colby & Sean -- together!
  • Special Jonny & Special Lily -- together!
  • Jack & Erica -- together!

(If only the real show had this much togetherness.)

We here at the Pine Valley Podcast are always happy to give ABC some tips for the show. What are your tips for ABC? Post 'em, please, here.

6/15/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Ashley, speaking of the HDTV, can you see the botox injection sites on Erica's forehead? The other day watching Erica and Jack I noticed from the nose up, her face does not move at all. I am surprised she can even blink anymore. Sheesh, enough is enough Susan Lucci.

I loved the dream sequences, finally AMC gets it right. Maybe a bit too much of Bobbi's singing, but a lovely voice and a creative episode that gives me a glimmer of hope that this soap is heading in the right direction.


Anonymous said...

I know it's a different show, but since it was in the podcast, I'm guessing it's fair game. Did that Prom the Musical number remind anyone of High School Musical? (I watched it on YouTube. Great idea Taylor!) I have an 8 year old girl so I have watch HSM many times. It is as if ABC is trying to capture the success that they had with HSM on the Disney Channel and maybe appeal to and gain the tween/teen audience?!?

Anonymous said...

I think abc need to give Tad a storyline that takes up the amount Greenlees does. He can act when given a good storyline. Oh and bring back Simone (maybe have her have a twin sister with the same personality). Put her with Tad. I dont buyamc trying to "get the teen crowd in" because I am a teen and my favoites are the vets (like Tad, and Adam). So thats not working. I agree I like Sean and Colby kind of. I loved the dream sequence (expecially join the martin family). I think amc needs character related storylines.. more real romance, and bring back Simone and David and Dixie and more Opal. I love Opal.


Anonymous said...

Amanda and JR have hot sex - Onscreen.
Greenlee and Josh have hot sex - Onscreen.
Krystal and Adam reunite.
Livia returns to handle a big controversial groundbreaking civil rights case.
Lilly investigates a mystery a la Nancy Drew. (The original character created by Carolyn Keene not the awful new movie personality)
Let Erica meddle and be bitchy with everyone.
More Myrtle, Palmer and Opal.
Bring back Dixie even if just to reunite Tad and Kate.

Ashley said...

i couldn't agree more, anonymous!!!! every single tip you gave is RIGHT ON THE MONEY! (although I thought AMAMda was pretty hot with JR today, but -- OF COURSE -- the sex was offscreen!!!!)


Anonymous said...

I love how every week, it never fails, there's always people saying ''Bring back Dixie!''

I mean, don't you think AMC would listen? There has been a ton of people who have stopped watching the show when Dixie was killed. Sure, Cady MCclain might have been a pain in the butt to work with, but from what I've gotten from her blogs, she's really not. The people at AMC should learn to deal with it. That's life, right? She is an amazing actress and a beautiful person and she drew so many people to the show with the T&D story lines. Who doesn't love Tad and Dixie? I just wish there was SOME way to have her back on the show.

As always, you guys rock. Keep it up!

Anonymous said...

Nah, no more Dixie, she is over and done with. Dead, gone, resting in peace. And puhlease, enough with the Greenlee flashbacks. Sheesh, it just drives home how much Sabine is NOT like Rebecca Budig. Frankly, Greenlee has always been such a bitch, does AMC really need this character? All she does is whine, bitch and moan. If TPTB are going to keep her, let Josh occupy some of her time - if you know what I mean!

Anonymous said...

Dixie may be 6 feet under, but in NO WAY is her character over and done with!!!!!!!!!!!They killed off Dixie with SO many unfinished things yet to solve.

Anonymous said...

Does Di have the authority to ask people to move in at Wildwind?

Anonymous said...

The podcast made me wish I hadn't fast forwarded thru the Dream show! I'ts been so *(^^*(!@# boring lately!

Ashley, darlink, I love your Erica and Greenlee impressions. And Taylor...omg your Di and Josh impressions are terrific! I want Josh and Di to get together just so I can hear you do a recap of a love making scene they could do! Di: "It's hard living on the streets...everybody looks down on you. . " Josh: "I could have looked down on you from my airplane. I used to have one...but I crashed it. . . "

Love, love, love, love LOVE you guys!

Peg (too lazy to figure out what my sign in is so I'm sending this anonymously)