Monday, June 04, 2007

A Week of Bad Omens

  • A torrential rainstorm hits Pine Valley!
  • The roof caves in on Krystal!
  • A tidal wave floods Greenlee's car!
  • A vile clown visits Spike!

This week is a free-for-all. Post anything you want (within reason, people) here.

6/1/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

What's going on with JR's hair and the sneering creepy looks and voice? Are they prepping for a satanic posession and subsequent exorcism storyline?

Anonymous said...

i forget who said it, but they are right...he looks like Clay Aiken!!!

Anonymous said...

I can't believe it, but I actually think the show is getting better. The writing is better and the characters are begging to show more depth. They are also paying attention to history and I am not just talking about Greelee. I mean, how about JR mentioning not only Hayley, but Skye too!!! Now, if we can only get Adam to remember that he also raised Ross!

Anonymous said...

i seriously can barely watch the show anymore, if it wasn't for you guys i don't think i would have anything to do with it!!

bring back Dixie!
bring back Hannah!
bring back Rebecca Budig! - she would never play Greenlee like this, it's rediculous!!

Aprillian said...

I found this on ABC's web site. I thought Greenlea fell down that mineshaft on her on, Jonathan didn't push her.

She exposed Kendall in court (she ripped off her dress), proving Kendall's pregnancy a lie. Ostracized by the town, Greenlee discovered that Kendall's duplicitous actions were all to protect Bianca. Guilt ridden, Greenlee fell down a mineshaft. Ryan found her near death and nursed her back to health. Greenlee vowed to repair the damaged relationships in her life, all the meanwhile growing closer to Ryan.

Anonymous said...

Different mineshaft, different timeline.