Monday, June 11, 2007

Get Ready for your Flashback, Sabine!

  • Greenlee starts a cosmetics company!
  • Greenlee has a miscarriage!
  • Greenlee and Kendall get "pregnant!"
  • Greenlee exposes Kendalls's scheme!
  • Greenlee leaves town!
Haven't we seen this all before, people? (And, with all due respect, it was better the first time.) I don't know about you, but if the writers can't find something new to write about, I just might have to pull out my bat. You hanging in there? Tell us how, here.

6/8/07 Podcast


jillybean said...

another hilarious week! I'm glad YOU guys respect our intelligence because lord knows TPTB dont. haha

Stacy said...

Ashley..I could not agree with you more. TPTB must think we are stupid! Here is my pet peeve of the week. It was less than a month ago (May sweeps) that Alex Cambias terrorized the town with envelopes and packages. Now, Kendall, Ryan and now Colby (yesterday) just accept packages, no thoughts or feelings about what happened at all. I know Alex is gone, but don't you think Kendall of all people would still think twice whenever an envelope came that she wasn't expecting????

rhapsody in red said...

i'm really sick of these flashbacks too.. first of all, greenlee always had really short hair, then when the new greenlee came back she said .. oh i look different, it's the hair! so that's just dumb, we all know what happened and even if you've only been watching the show for 2 weeks you know what happened. i have been enjoying the show but they need to move forward with this greenlee story. i am excited about the martin song and dance dream tomorrow, but other than that the show's been a little boring. i really do like the twist in the greenlee storyline with annie seeing her point of view. annie is proving to be a strong character and i like her more and more.

Anonymous said...


Hey all, don't forget to watch "Prom - the Musical" on OLTL right after AMC.


Anonymous said...

Groan... these flashbacks are torture. Gotta FF those. T&A, what do you guys think of Sabine's version of Greenlee? Frankly I am wondering why TIIC even brought this character back. So not enjoying her. Funniest thing all week? Pucker up Erica! Erica and Jack and their tightly closed "lip lock" actually made me laugh out loud. Dryest kiss ever.


Anonymous said...

Loved the Martin song and dance! Hilarious. Colby and Sean in the eighties jailhouse music video takeoff was pretty funny too. Krystal has such a beautiful voice I wish they'd let her sing more.

Anonymous said...

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