Sunday, November 18, 2007

A Confluence of Events

  • Zach gets hits by a car driven by
  • Richie who has been driving like crazy in Vermont, where
  • Greenlee happens to be on the run, when she falls into a gulley in which
  • Zach lies unconscious, after he was tossed out of a moving vehicle and into that same gulley by
  • Richie who is, by the way, almost certainly evil. (Darn.)
Taylor's back this week, people, and actually is one of the few folks looking forward to seeing what scab writers might do. Give Taylor, and the rest of us, more of your ideas here.

11/16/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

first off, what a treat w/ Taylor back, even if it's for a are missed and it was definitely great to have you back! hopefully it's more! now as for Ashley, i respect the other opinion but respectfully disagree IMO i think you are doing a great job, you bring balance for both the negatives/positives! in fact there are times i wish you b*tched more on the negatives. although that's just me, i understand you need balance, LOL so it's all good!

as for the show, some think that woman w/ Zach was a Fr. Clarence type. it would make sense i mean look what happened after he meet w/'s such a Fr. C MO. a nice moment then *BAM* disaster. LOL. then there's Kate-thy. how cute was she to Ryawnnie: "A movie? it just sounds kind of boring right now!" so adorable and very TnD! BTW, the show will be a repeat on the Thurs. 22nd :Tad's B-day party then on Fri. 23rd no show!

onto your suggestion: i flove that TnD fantasy s/l(hopefully reality)...i wouldn't mind the 5 days of being in bed making love. in fact they have to make up for 6 years of none together, right? *hehe* sounds great to me. also i flove MEK but i know what you are saying. i even think that is why they don't show his scenes w/ Hannah! who knows maybe he gets prepared for when Cady comes back(it's going to happen, i just know it). anyways like you say here's a little something for you:
description: WARNING Caliente/Hot!
they need to show those young bucks how it's really done! here's hoping we get more of this in the future!

Reminder to fans: again in order to please help in getting our Cady/ an ALIVE Dix back!

how/who to write, it's all there!

like always thanks guys, great podcast!;o)

Anonymous said...

oh i forgot something s/l wise, some seem to think they are headed for a Julia/Jack pairing...what do you think about that possibility? i say before hand because of the characters involved, being both very low key types IMO that's a snooze fest waiting to happen. oh well even though i do prefer w/ Josh because they are hot, whatever! just as long as she stays away from my Tad in that way/sense w/ her boringness, i'm cool!

Anonymous said...

I personally think AMC is getting much better. I think it started to get better last week, too. It was worse about a month ago. And Greenlee is growing on me too.

Oh and BTW just wanted to mention, yesterday I met JB (Jonathan) at a mall near my house, for this event they had there. But it was just one of those things where you only get to talk for a couple minutes, but it was totally worth while to go, at least I thought so. He was REALLY nice and down-to-earth. And what you said is right, he said that they have scripts until January right now. (He actually said there was a writer's strike in the 90's and it lasted 8 MONTHS!!!! And producers had to start writing) But, yeah I just wanted to say that.

Anyway, you are still doing an awesome job with the PVP and I look forward to it every week! AND IT WAS SOOOOO GREAT TO HAVE TAYLOR BACK, AT LEAST FOR ONE ( :( ) WEEK.

Anonymous said...

well LOL it seems i may have to make a correction for one of the days...don't know which source is right but now SOC is saying they will air AMC on Thursday w/ a new eppy then Pine Valley Bulletin is saying no it's a repeat. therefore, i guess checking your listings will have to be the plan.

Anonymous said...

Welcome Back Taylor! and Terrific as usual Ashley!

Loved the latest episode of the podcast. You're making me think I should be watching again. I'm going to have to tape AMC this week and see what all this buzz is about.

I vote for bringing Dixie back by any means necessary. If scab writers are what it takes then so be it as long as Tad has his Dixie so he can have a meaningful storyline again. Maybe that will be an incentive for M. E. Knight to drop a few pounds too so that he's not pushing dainty Cady off the screen.

Still finding it hard to believe that you're liking Greenlee and Aidan but can't comment til I see them in action for myself.

Keep on keepin on.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Taylor... LOVED the podcast. I had a root canal last tuesday and before I went I updated my Ipod with your latest. I was able to listen to you guys while the dentist was drilling away. Best trip to the dentist... ever!

pv podcast fam

Anonymous said...

Okay Ashley, is it just me or is JR a dead ringer for Billy Ray Cyrus? With that mangy haircut, he is a total doppelganger.

Anonymous said...

I was just saying the same thing!! I am so sick of JR's hair. I saw Billy Ray Cyrus on tv and I was like... "is that Jacob Young?" I am so sick of JR's hair. It just makes him seem more sleazy than he already is. GET A HAIRCUT ALREADY!!!!

LOVE the podcast. I was so happy to have Taylor back last week. :] I hope Bobby comes on more often, he was hilarious!!

Laura said...

Nice to hear Taylor again, and So nice to see Myrtle today.

Anonymous said...

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