Monday, January 07, 2008

My stomach feels about as good as Ryan's bleeding head.

I'm a little under the weather after the holidays, folks. Got that dang stomach retrovirus or whatever is going around.

I was hoping to be back in full-force this week, but it may not happen. I'll try to put a show together tonight if I can. Probably solo, but I miss you all and there is lots to talk about.

For now, the real question is: Hannah's rock hard abs -- fierce or frightening? Discuss.

Hope y'all had a Happy New Year!

Ash xo


Anonymous said...

Hope you feel better Ashley, and I just watch Mondays episode and I have to comment about Ryan. When asked why he saved kendall's life he said something like zach would've done the same for annie and i was like wat about the fact u 2 have history, and are freidns and u once LOVED her. (Yes, im a rendall fan lol) I hate the fact that it seems like history has been erased on the show.


lisa said...

Get well soon Ashley!

jill said...

ughhh Ashley i had that! its going crazy around NY it leaves u MISERABLE! get well soon

Hannah naked- frightening

Anonymous said...

frightening! I really don't like how their turning into a crazy woman because that is NOT how she was before she left the show. And I'm really sick of all of Richie's anitcs.

Get well soon Ashley!! PVP rocks :]

Anonymous said...

I was hoping things would get better after the bomb shelter...but no - things are still getting worse. Does anyone know when does AMC run out of scripts? Has it started happening already? The dialogue's horrible!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, feel better and take another week off!! Take care of yourself, girl.

Anonymous said...

just got back from vacation and listened to the last podcast...great as always. I have 2 Dillon issues. The first is...I thought Janet HATES Babe...if so..why has she been a no show every time Babe is at the hospital to see Richie. It seems like that would be a great scenario for some good banter back and forth between the two. Once again, AMC writers only focus on "in the moment" and forget to acknowledge the history of the characters. Also, I think Jordan made a mistake (which I can't believe, since he knows more about AMC than anyone I ever met). He suggested that it is time to bring back Tim Dillon, as he was a friend of Frankie Hubbards. I thought that it was Jamal and Tim who were buds? Do I have it wrong? Keep up the great work and feel better!

Lucy said...

Did anyone else catch that Kendall didn't want any alcohol when they all got back to Greenlee's apartment to celebrate? I dearly hope this is not a foreshadowing to an Aiden/Kendall offspring!

Robin said...

I also noticed that Kendall did not drink. I wondered briefly if she was pregnant, but I think it might have to do with breastfeeding Ian, not that she knows who Ian actually IS or that she spends any time with him, but she did pump milk for him while he was in the NICU.

Robin C.

Anonymous said...

My dear Ashley, I love you and hope you feel better.

Anonymous said...

Get better soon Ashley,

I think Hannah is another great wasted character on the show. Finally a sexy, smokin' hot babe to spice things up and she gets no play on the show. Now they're making her psycho again and a killer which is so stupid. I heard that the actors who play Amanda, JR, Lilly/Ava and Josh have all asked to be let out of their contracts. Why don't Aiden and Annie want out? I love Richie if only because he hates Annie. AMC needs a good complex villian to replace the void left after they got rid of David and Richie fits the bill.
Can't wait for Jessie & Angie.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

no! Josh?
I hate how all he's been on for is to be Kendall's nanny. He is one of my favorites on the show and if he leaves I'm not sure what I'll do.

Here's to hoping RB, Jesse, and Angie will bring a new light to AMC.

Keep up the great work Ash! You deserve a few weeks off, girl.

Ericka said...

Feel better, Ashley.
I had to do a double take when Hannah's abs was on the screen. I wasn't watching on my dvr so I only saw a little but they didn't look good to me. SHE looks good but her abs looked bad.
Hope everyone is watching/watched the classic episodes of AMC on Soapnet. It was good to see all the good ol' characters.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...
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