Sunday, March 30, 2008

Why You Gotta Give Me The Run-Around?

  • Erica and Carmen are connected at the wrists and on the run. (Good thing neither one of them has has to go the bathroom.)
  • Greenlee gives that ol' Blandie what-for! (And I think Ms. Blandie is gonna give it right back.)
  • Baby Ian appears alive, whilst Josh and A-Mam-da should really have the Pine Valley Police looking for them.
It's a free-for-all this week, folks. I'm liking things well enough on All My Children right now -- let's just say that I haven't thrown any shoes at Carlos' high-definition television in a while. Tell us what you think about AMC these days, here.

(And don't forget: if you haven't had the chance to tell TPTB that we need Dixie Cooney Martin alive and well on our show, go to for instructions on how to e-mail them all.)

3/28/08 Podcast


Erica Kane said...

Love the new podcast!!! Speaking of new opening credits...they were updated just now!!! A new Babe pic and the Hubbards. I wish they would re-do everyone's pics. But anyway keep up the great podcasts!!!

Anonymous said...

About the opening credits, it took so long to update them because they have to wait until the 13-week contract cycle to run out. Rebecca Buding was added right away because she was a "recast" (even though she is the original) and i guess that the cycle just ended cause it was updated MONDAY!!

love your podcast!!

Anonymous said...

Ashley, I look at a lot of spoiler websites and i don't know if you are interested in spoilers but i was reading the AMC spoiler commentary at and i think you should check it out because it was hilarious... i'm about to email that writer to check out the PVP too!!


Anonymous said...

Don't you mean past with Prego??? lol! Cambles product placement

Anonymous said...


i want to know your opinion

Annie: Physco like Ritchie or women scorned

there has been a complete shift in her attitude and I was wondering what was behind it

oh and I Loved the song for this week Run-Around So good!!

Anonymous said...

I checked out that eyeonsoaps site, pretty cool. Loved loved loved the commentary. Also am loving Erica and Carmen, even though, as a latina myself, I find Carmen to be too stereotyped. I think as the character evolves, we're going to see more depth. And Ms Lucci, you are at the top of your game, girl! TPTB need to find more humor for Erica, she has great comic timing and I've never enjoyed her more.

brown penny

Anonymous said...

I can not believe that there haven't been any comments so far on the fact that Jessie and Angie are living in Josh's apartment and the show (well as of Friday, I am a couple of days behind), hasn't even mentioned why that apartment would be available. Once again, my biggest issue with this show is the lack of attention to details in the storylines/characters.

Anonymous said...

Everytime Carmen starts flapping around that cuffed arm I keep waiting for the snap when Erica gets that compound fracture of the scaphoid. She gotta be a little more gentle with grandma Kane.

And Ashley I agree, Sledgehammer needs to be more ambiguous in terms of his character. Less Snidley Whiplash mustache twirling evil, more uncertainty. And did his accent get stronger? He was sounding a little Billy Bob Gardner at the end of last week.

Laura said...

I think Jack or "Jerk" my name for his jerking head has aged but look at Larkin Malloy. Oy

Anonymous said...

How about "Jerky Jack" as a nick-name? I feel a little bad though because what if Walt Willey has Parkinsons like Katherine Hepburn? They could write it into the storyline. That would give him something meaningful to do and at the same time make his acting more believeable.

I do have to say that I've enjoyed the flashbacks and Jack/Walt did look hot back in the day. I think I'm more accepting of Erica referring to Jack as the love of her life when I see the scenes from when they were younger and he was hotter. How does La Lucci manage to look as good if not better than she did 30 years ago? The scenes from the Erica's nightclub era were hilarious when you could see her bad skin through the makeup!

I hope that Dixie's reuniting Tad and Kate don't mean that Julia's days are numbered. We need to mount a "save Julia" campaign. I don't want her to diappear like so many others have recently.

In a similar vein I'm not missing Ava but I do miss Lilly. She would be a better love interest for Frankie and Colby can stick with Dre. Double interracial storylines. The could be a fearsome foursome campaigning for Obama for president and racial harmony across the land.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Ashley, a request for this week's podcast... Please please pretty please reenact with Jordan Erica's "I never had it made" speech to Carmen from Tuesday's episode. It was so amazing. I was SO inspired. It was just like when the nun sang "Climb Every Mountain" to Maria in the Sound of Music, only instead of dreaming to marry a handsome man and flee the Nazis, Erica's dream was to be rich and famous. Still, so incredible!!


Anonymous said...

Like Terry In Toronto, I am also wondering how the Tad/Kate/Dixie reunion will affect Julia. I don't want to see a reunion at Julia's expense unless this is a way to get Tad and Julia together, and I"m not sure I would want to see that either! Bottom line, don't want to see Julia lose her kid.

And, unlike others, I just can't EVER forget that Tad is walking about while Greg Madden is in the ground. Why is this fair?


Anonymous said...

Okay, here goes: JackyBob? Jerkson? BobbleJack? Jackson "DaBob" Montgomery? BoJackMo? Spotted Dick? Oops, wrong guy.

This just made me think of Bob Loblaw (sp?) on Arrested Development.

Anonymous said...

How about Jerkson. Its a combinatiob of Lauras fabulous name Jerka and Jackson.

Anonymous said...

I listen to your podcast every week. I love it. You are very entertaining and I love when you do the character voices.Is there a way I can see what you look like Ashley. keep up the great work.

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, your impersonations of Annie, Greenlee, Erica, Kendall and especially Krystal, are spot on and totally hilarious. Do you do Carmen? And, Taylor's Josh and Di were priceless. Does Jordan have any characters he likes to mimic? And where the heck is Taylor. I miss him and his snarkiness.

Come back for a visit Taylor!


Anonymous said...

Loving me some Jordan "Soap-Cyclopedia" Hudson! I am much more excited to hear the podcast when I know he is on.

Kate said...

Hey, guys! Love the podcast! I've been watching AMC for over ten years, and the Dixie pancake thing made me stop watching for almost a year. But I've been watching again for a couple months. Most of the show is boring, and you can check out my blog ( to see how AMC can be fixed.

Anyway...I also watch Guiding Light but not for much longer. I love Ricky Paull Goldin and Beth Ehlers on there. I'm excited to see Ricky on AMC as Jake. He's gonna be SO GOOD! I'm wondering if he'll have chemistry with Annie. I do not want Liza to come back at all because I've never liked her, but I do agree with you guys...Beth Chamberlain fits the role perfectly. The rumors are that Beth Ehlers would play Hayley. What do you think of that? I have mixed feelings about whether she'd be a good Hayley. And would it be right for Jake and Hayley to hook up? 'Cause you know that's what would happen. If Beth Ehlers follows Ricky, then AMC's Powers That Be have to see if their magical chemistry works. Can't wait to see what happens!