Sunday, May 18, 2008

Contrived Plots and Foiled Protagonists

  • Adam conveniently gets himself committed when he conveniently doesn't hear the team from Oak Haven enter his home.
  • Fusion conveniently gets a shipment of hooker dresses that Babe can use to scm Richie's gal-pal.
  • Jackson and Kendall conveniently get their cellphones switched, and Jack conveniently answers the phone when Erica calls to say just one more thing to Kendall about her affair with Aidan.
  • Ryan conveniently never had a vasectomy. (Actually, that's kind of inconvenient for Ryan, considering how many women in Pine Valley he's had sex with.)
Can you spell C-O-N-T-R-O-V-E-R-S-Y? A brouhaha is arising over the rumors that have Beth Ehlers from Guiding Light taking over the beloved role of Liza. We've got some pretty strong opinions already brewing -- some that even jeopardize the future of our little podcast! (Are you listening to your fans, Jordan Hudson?) Weigh in on the recasting -- and save Jordan Hudson! -- here.

5/16/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Maybe we can get B5 to write a song about jordan to save him,
Or perhaps I could start a website, Just have to check and see if that domain is available LOL

Anonymous said...

Opening song was fab!!!!

Is it me or does the new Colby seem younger and less mature than the previous one. When she put the backpack on in Friday's episode she seemed like a little kid.


Kate said...

I am all for Beth Ehlers coming to AMC, but please, NOT AS LIZA! I'm with you, Jordan! She isn't suited for Liza, though it does make sense for Liza to be back. There are lots of reasons that Liza should return even though I've never liked the character. But Beth Ehlers should not play her! No way! Hayley seems better for her.

I love Beth Ehlers & Ricky Paull Goldin; they were brilliant on Guiding Light. They made magic as Gus & Harley (the best couple on daytime, IMO). So, I have strong feelings about them leaving GL & joining AMC. I was sad about Ricky leaving GL, but it's exciting to watch him as Jake. It would be terrible for Beth to to leave GL (she's been on there for, like, 20 years), but GL is in such bad shape right now. So, I feel she should get out of there while she can; I can't even watch it anymore. Ricky couldn't stay, so how can she? I'm sure both see how bad GL's change is. Thus, if Beth joins AMC, I'll be happy. She'll be with Ricky, and she'll probably be happy there. But she should be either Hayley or a new character (just for Jake). I'm hoping they got good chemistry on AMC. It can't be the same 'cause they are playing new characters, so here's to a fresh, steamy dynamic.

Ricky is doing such a great job as Jake. But it is a difficult adjustment because I keep looking at him and seeing Gus. And I have to tell myself, "IT'S NOT GUS ANYMORE. IT'S JAKE!" LOL! Anyway...I am loving him as Jake. He's wonderful. And I agree with Ashley, he is SO sexy! Today (5/19) Jake was released from the hospital, and he's wearing a green hoodie. I was drooling over him in that hoodie/sweat jacket, LOL! He is so hot! Here's to many beautiful years of Ricky Paull on AMC.

Keep up the entertaining podcast!

Anonymous said...

There is a rumor thst Amanda is leaving.The rumor is that tptb wanted to drop her to recurring but she decided to pursue other projects while she is still young enough

Kate said...

Also wanted to say that I am loving Cady McClain's return! I'm a huge Cady and Dixie fan, so I wish Dixie was alive instead of a ghost! But I love that Dixie's haunting Adam, and everyone thinks he's crazy. It's SO funny! I LOVE IT!

We saw her talk to Jake, but he wasn't awake. So I'm looking forward to more Jake/Dixie scenes because I love those two actors.

That episode with Dixie watching JR and Little Adam broke my heart. All the "You Are My Sunshine" and the love Dixie still feels for her son & grandson... I was crying that day.

Hopefully we'll see some Dixie/Tad scenes even if Tad can't see her.

Erica Kane said...

I keep hearing that Richie is getting that Richie is getting killed off, and that Annie will be leaving the show shortly there after. Anyone else heard this??? I agree Beth Ehlers should not be Liza Colby, I would accept her as Hayley. Another great show you two!!!
Miss Kane

Erica Kane said...

I don't know what happened on that last post, LOL, but I also wanted to say that I too was crying when Dixie and JR were dueting on "You Are My Sunshine"

Anonymous said...

I am completely convinced that Dixie is astral projecting. I think Dr. Madden is alive, and is going to turn up with comatose Dixie to use for leverage, reveal that Josh is really not Erica's son, and after a short trial for kidnapping will fall down a well and disappear. At least that's what I hope happens.

Anonymous said...

Jordan don't leave! I've never seen Beth Ehlers act but maybe she will be good like the girl who plays Cassie. And if she does turn out to suck just Fast Fwd her scenes. Thank god for tivo!

Brian said...

Love the podcast! I am so annoyed that they only just now decided to bring in Liza Colby. She has been away from the daughter that she ran away with for two years. It better be explained.

And where is Josh? I never thought I would see the day that I miss him. They need to either bring him back in or just write him out. Do we even know where Josh is living? Aren't Angie and Jesse living in his place?

Anonymous said...

You should talk about how good Tad is looking. It looks like MEK lost a lot of weight.

Anonymous said...

I thought Babe looked terrrrific in that short dark wig. She is really taking ownership of Babe and making me totally forget Mr Havins. And, I too, noticed that Tad is less bloated these days. Makes me wonder why he still hides behind those jackets. He always has one on.

Anyone know when Ehlers is coming on board? I've had enough of Gus and Harley. Hope they don't immediately pair her with Jake. I'd love to see Jake steal Greenlee away from Aidumb.

Oh and Jordan, you said something about watching actors when they don't have any lines. That's exactly what I was doing when nuColby was at Adam's and they were all discussing his trip to Oak Haven. She didn't seem to know what to do with herself. You could almost see her thinking. It was odd.

Brown Penny

Ashley said...

You people have the best observations! (I forgot to mention how I *loved* Dixie's "you people!" joke last week!) Yeah, Miss Kane, I may have neglected to mention in the podcast this week how much I cried when Dixie talked to God (I think it was God) and she screamed, "Why didn't you tell me that I could still feel! My heart is breaking!" I was crying BUCKETS at that part.

I wouldn't blame Amamda for leaving. She is so pretty and so talented - AMC bringing so many new folks on board is pretty insulting to some of the talented folks we want to see more of. I don't blame her.

Thanks for the support, Brown Penny! (I still giggle evry time I read that - is that from TK's poetry?) I thought Babe looked really pretty in the black wig, too. If she's going for trash, it ain't working.

I'm taking a little trip this week, folks, so I won't be posting much, but I'm sure Jordan Hudson will fill my shoes better than I can.

Thanks for your brilliant input and suppport!!


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

We don't want you and your co-hosts to ever shut up. Even after AMC is dead and gone I'm sure you'll find a way to entertain us.

Enjoy your trip.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

another thought on the writer's inability to use AMC history. If Aiden and Zack are supposed to be Annie's friend, why aren't they helping her come to grips with Ryan's memory loss, since they both had to deal with Maureen's memory loss/return?

Anonymous said...

As much as the vasectomy plot is stupid and a lazy cop-out, there is a possible explanation for Ryan not having 8 kids: despite being sterile, he might have kept using condoms to protect himself against STDs - what with all those women he's done.

BTW...Colby DID say that she recognized the elephant as Cassie's. You guys weren't paying attention!... but then again, NuColby is hard to listen to for more than two seconds at a time. I still love how that elephant is in perfect shape after 20 years. I have a stuffed rabbit that is almost that old, and rest assured, it does not look like that.

jordan hudson said...

Wow some new people blogging. Cool.

Well you all know Ashley is away so no podcast this week.... She sais she will post a classic.

I thought it would be fun if we all discused this week shows on the blog. So I want you all to post your thoughts, what you like, what you hated. We both love hearing what you all think.

Monday was all about Adam/ Dixie/ Tad. As much as I hate that they are making it impossible for Dixie to be alive. I'm so enjoying watching her with david and Michael. The three of them were just excellent.

And another "Under-whelming performance by NuColby. Could she care any less that her dad might be going insane. Her performance or lack of really makes me hate the PTB even more why recast with an inferior actress.

On the other hand I think Ya ya kicked ass with her performance Monday playing someone who was drugged. I believed her 100% and that shows a good performer. One who can make crappy concepts look good.

Jake was another winner Monday as RPG showed he will have chemistry with everyone. Love watching him and Michael. You would have thought RPG had played Jake always. They just work so well off each other. Yet come on one effing scene with Jake and his parents you have to be kiding me. Your paying them for a days work then work them. I just could not believe that. I think Ruth was an U/5 (that's a performer who has five lines or less). I wanted to see more of Joe & Ruth with there son.

Tuesday was all about J & A for me because of the performance by Larry Lau. Not only did he have the same portrait done as Debbie Morgan ( the man is in his mid
50's and looks great,) he acted his tush off. I would rather see a great actor like Larry on contract then AIDUMB any day. When he was talking to Jenny and said "the world will be a better place with you in it." I was a wreck. Again if your going to show flash backs show them. Those nano second scenes of jenny and Greg not enough I wanted more. Yet I kept waiting for J & A to take Greg to the comeback; so he can see Tad his ex-brother in law. No Opal seeing Greg. If I came back to town after 20 years I would want to see them as well as J & A.

Which leads to my realization about our new head writers.
While I do give the new writers props for turning the show around so fast from the disaster that M.M. left it in. They are very week when it comes to telling a good story. Everything is rushed with alot of moments, beats left out.

I do think this is a new daytime trend thou. They all think we have a.d.d. and were morons.
Never the less it leads to a rush job, balls being dropped and character devlopement sacrificed for plot driven storylines.

Robert Gardner could have been so much more. Now when this ends what will they do with Jesse and Angie put them on the back burner. I miss the old days when writers had us waiting months even years. We kept tuning in for that. It's not about the destination people, it's about the journey. For me this has been to quick of a ride. How much more interesting If Angie was still with Jacob when she found out Jesse was alive. The months of agonizing what to do when the man you love comes back from the dead. Do you just leave the man you were with and love for the last decade. Yet see, in order to write deep material like that the writers would need to actually think and its much easier to be lazy.

Thank you Ron C. for being one of the last soap writers who are actually giving us rich deep storylines. Tune into OLTL people it's great.

nivlekbrad said...

Since when did Jenny's grave move to the same spot as Mona's and Phoebe's? Come on.

Anonymous said...

What is up with Amanda's granny clothes? They have here pretty much naked one day and then the next she's all old looking! I LOVE Amanda! I wish they would use her better.

NuColby kills me. Luckily she wasn't on today (Tuesday) She is terrible!! It actually hurts to watch her.

Ashley and Jordan, you two freakin crack me up!! Keep tellin it like it is. I could listen to you two all day. :)

Anonymous said...

Jordan I totally agree with all of your observations. You and Ashley always speak your minds. And the by the way OLTL is the best show on daytime! I wish that yall could do a podcast about it because its what a real soap should be.

jordan hudson said...

so nice to hear from another GL fan. It hurts me what has happened to the show. I'm someone who truly respects Ellen Wheller but I have to say I just don't know what she is thinking. How she can think that the show is looking good is beyond me.

People as much as we are not happy with AMC as a whole, trust me it could be worse. Talk about uneven writing. I love how one scene outdoors its raining and in the same day & epsiode the next scene will be all sunny. We could be watching people have converstaions from miles away or just see the back of there heads.

So see AMC fans it can always be worse. It saddens me to see GL and now ATWT take a nose dive in quality.

you are so right where the &%$# is Josh. See people, lazy writing. Josh could have been a sounding board for Kendall in regards to Aidumb. Would have loved to see Josh be a brother and have a sit down with Aidan warning him to leave Kendall alone, that if he opens his mouth and says anything that could ruin her marriage, he will have to answer to Josh.

Why is Josh not visting his mother and that way we can have Carmen have meet him and well....

The story possibilities are only limited by the writers lack of imagination.

Have not heard anything about Amanda leaving . I do now that my source told me Richie will be going to jail not dying...yet as far as my source knows.

yes MK has been looking trimmer and more put together. I told Ashley that and she thought I needed my eyes check. Glad you felt the same way.


Jenny, Mona and phoebe take turns and they are right across from Dixie and Jesse. For a town that has lost so many people it sure is a small cemtery.

Guys do know we love AMC...we just want to see the show back to it's former glory.

Seeing the Jenny and Greg flashbacks just reminds me how great AMC was and could still be.

This show was always about family friends and realtionships. I use to love the holidays and special events because it was one of the few shows that would bring back ex characters to help celebrate like when Linc, Kelly, Chuck and Donna would visit Phoebe at Christmas.

They challenged American to deal with issues. The first legal abortion on daytime TV ( until Megan &*^%$ it up). Vietnam vets. The first gay character Donna Pescow as Lynne. The first African American (and only still) super couple. Brooke and tom loosing their daughter to a drunk driver. The first inter racial couple Angie and Cliff. Incest, rape, addiction, hate crimes, HIV and aids who can forget Cindy Chandler. We have loved , laughed and cried with these people, they are like family so how can we settle for anything less then the best. We need a new E.P. who will respect and honor aggie Nixon's creation we are ALL MY CHILDREN.

Sorry another Soap Box speech but damm thoses old scenes get to me.

Anonymous said...

Wow, how well has Greg aged! Damn! He is looking great and I actually think he's a better actor now than he was last century. Those scenes with Jesse, Angie and Greg were so nostalgic and sweet. It felt like they just picked up where they left off. Very nice.

So first we have an unabortion and now we have an unvasectomy? Doesn't anyone bother to check out their docs? PV is rife with quacks!

Ashley, enjoy your little trip and come back safe!


Erica Kane said...

Breaking News!!! The writers have been fired!! James and Babs whatever their last names are. Charles Pratt has been named Head Writer. He does not have the best reputation...I think Frons is trying to kill our show!!!
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

hey fellow amc fans! I have been listening to this podcast for a while and I am so happy it is doing well! Ashley,
you need your own TV show. And Jordan, Pedro, and Taylor need to join you.

Okay, here's the part you'll hate... I feel so bad for Blandie!! I can totally feel for her character. She loves Ryan, and always has. Can you imagine finding the love of your life, getting married to him/her, then finding out he/she never really loved you? What a knife in the heart. I am almost rooting for her.

I know you will both disagree, but I had to put it out there. BTW, I am so happy Jordan is participating in the chats now. You always have such great input, Soapcyclopedia Hudson!


jordan hudson said...

You are so wrong. I actually agree with you. Unlike Ashley I like this turn of events . They are finally giving Annie something to play. I don't find her bland. I always said she has every reason to turn into an A Class bitch. Which the show needs now that Greens and Kendel have been a tad defanged.

Erica Kane
You are so on point. Pratt is very hit or miss. And being that his last run on a show was miss, Gh and second season of Desperate Housewives (yes that season we all want to forget). I just hope we wont have the mob, a crazy killer greek family and a woman with her son lock in the basement coming to town.

Ehlers as Liza and now Pratt it sure doesn't seem that he has the best interest in the show.

For Wednesday's episode I give them an A for effort and a B for execution.

I still think the whole story is being rushed but J & A are just so good. I was crying with them and when Darnel had that tear stream down his face. I almost think he ad-libbed a line because everyone's response was so genuine.

There were a great deal of excellent moments.

Greenlee finaly learning the truth was classic Soap. Their is going to be hell to pay. What a way to end the show.

Dixie watching was heart breaking. Yet here is my problem what really got me invested was so brief. They just dont get that this is what we want to see more of. Greg seeing Opal and Tad. Jake and his parents. Miriam Colby my god Miriam Colby was actually on and you couldnt give us a scene were she actually talked to her granddaughter. She had one scene again your paying her for a days work use and make her earn her pay. Greg did not get introduced to colby.
No one aksed Greg about his life did he remarry.

I did like that Minister his voice was so deep and regal. I was digging the wedding in the round. I guess AMC couldnt afford Alicia Keyes. Rather have her then Neo (is that his name) Kind of hard to believe that he would be Angie's favorite but okay. Why was he still singing when everyone was reading, I was straining to hear them over his vocals.

Colby is so goofy. She is like so not a rich girl. I kept waiting for her to snort when she laughed. Yuck.

I did like classic Soap moment as Dre was checking Cassie out. yet that only matters if you are going to actually give them a storyline together. She looks like way too much woman for him and well he looks soft...."How you doing?" If you know what I mean.
And if you all know where that ref. is form you knwo what I mean.

Love you guys

Erica Kane said...

Jordan who is Miriam Colby?? LOL I loved todays eppy and was crying along thru almost the whole episode. I just wish that the episode had been all J & A !!Greenlee could have found out tommorrow. I wish we had not had all of the cutaways to Greens during the ceremony. All in all the last two days have had me a mess with the tears. I need to roll to Wallyworld for some more kleenex. TTFN
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

OMG! I just read a report saying that James Harmon Brown and Barbara esensten are out as headwriters and Charles Pratt is replacing them!

Anonymous said...

Ok, I finished listening to the podcast in my car and was rushing home to "blog it in," as Jordan was saying (and I lurve!) when I remembered it's Idol finale tonight. So here I am now after having watched the finale...and did you all see Melinda Doolitle in the audience??? One of the things I was coming home to tell you was that shortly before Easter, I saw Melinda's face on a billboard around here. SHe was performing at a local church for Easter. Not a corner church, mind you, but one of those Hour of Power Deals, lest you think she's fallen THAT far off the radar! Ok, I'm not trying to turn this into an Idol blog, y'all, but I know you mention it sometimes on the podcast, and I'm excited my boy won, but...

I paid four bucks a gallon in gas on the way home and I AM NOT AMUSED!


Anonymous said...

So now to the podcast:

You two were too-silly this podcast and I LURVED it. Comments:

Ricky Paul is Golden as Jake. Yes, pun intended, people.

Dixie and JR scenes were touching. What can I say? Ms. McClain is bringing it home with this stint. And when there were flashbacks on the plane to Dixie in the asylum, it only reminded of how great the writing on AMC once was. (Dixie being gaslighted was shortly before I started watching)

LOL, I was wishing/hoping/dreaming that when Cassandra did the Flop, Drop, Roll that Ashley would do a VIDEO podcast and treat us to her re-enactment! She is so good with the voices (ANGELA!) that I just was dying picturing her doing the flop.

Are they TRYING to make nuColby unattractive? I am so glad you mentioned her green pants and that awful top, Ashley, because they were hideous. (And I see what I think you two were trying to avoid saying a few weeks ago in the podcast about her looking like...well, let's stay nice, people) You two just let it rip this week, though, and it was a hoot! Instead of Colby, Colbleed? For her bleeding scalp?

Mr. Hudson, if you stuck with this show through Proteus and that horrible JR, and the Dog-Boy story (the Culliton/Cascio/Rayfield era, which for me is hands-down the worst it's ever been, including McTrashit), then you can most certainly stick around for a possible Ehlers-as-Liza. (Although some rumors say otherwise) She may be miscast, in your opinion, but nothing could be worsing than Vanessa and all that heavy breathing as Proteus. (And I won't bring up Anton Lang for all the harassment you two give Aidumb.)

Still wishing we could redeem Richie, as Billy Miller is so good...

I'm still with Jordan; I'm indifferent to nuBabe. But of the "nu"s (nuBabe, nuColby, nuGreenlee), she's the best so far. I'm just curious since I wasn't listening then...did you two enjoy Ms. Alexa Havins as Babe?

Julia...why? If it's true, wouldn't several people have to attend her funeral that I'm POSITIVE will not come back to the show. And if not, not only is this lazy writing but it's nextastupid as well.

Speaking of lazy writing, Colbleed did have a short scene where she said that the elephant looked like her friend Cass's elephant before she asked Stuart to take it over there.

So we're back in schizophrenia territory again where one set of writers wrote the last two weeks and they brought in the B Team to do this week with all its laziness and contrivedness.

By the way, I hinted at this in the blog several weeks ago, but is Agnes Nixon consulting? I saw a CNN video cast of Agnes Nixon and Warren Buffet during his last visit to the set. I don't know if she was just there, because that is their connection to Buffet or if she's behind the scenes now. With some of the Jake stuff, I feel she's working her mojo somehow. Maybe Jordan and Ashley can talk to their sources? ANd I wanna know if these are DIRECT sources or friends-of-friends. :-)

Does anyone else find themselves:

1. Telling people who notice something they are A$$-toot! OR

2. Talking about stuff they hate and saying, "I am NOT AMUSED."

You people are getting to me.

CRS 17

Anonymous said...

By the way, I am still hoping for a summer podcast with all FOUR of you; Ashley, Jordan, Taylor, and Pedro. I like to imagine you all live in the same apartment building like on Good Times and hang out on the fire escape like Jenny and Jessie.

THAT would be a little something just-for-me.



Anonymous said...

Look at all these posts from me? I guess I'm making up for last week when I didn't catch up on AMC until too-late-for-podcasting.

I did wanna say that my daughter, who half-watches, said to me that she thought Ryan already had his vasectomy reversed? Is this true? Did they just talk about or did he go and have it done?

And as for impregnating Pine Valley, I don't think is lazy writing. Ryan got the vasectomy before he fake-killed himself and went to Canada. Other than Greenlee and Annie, who else did he sleep with in the intervening years? So it's not surprising that the town wouldn't be full of little Ryans.


Kate Schmidt said...

Oh, good, I'm not the only sap who cried through the last two episodes! :)

The scene yesterday where Greg walked into Jesse and Angie's apartment was fantastic. He walked in the door and I just burst into tears.

And then today when he met Opal, and then Tad? I actually had to pause and go get some Kleenex. The look on Opal's face was heartbreaking.

Great wedding. I though Angie's dress was slightly hideous, but I didn't mind because she looked so damned beautiful. (Krystal had the best dress of anyone, IMHO.)

Arizonagal said...

Hey CRS17, I think you're right, Ryan did have his vasectomy reversed, didn't he? Or am I misremembering this?

Anyway, Jesse and Angie's wedding was BEAUTIFUL and emotional and, damn, Darnell Williams and Debi Morgan are just the best actors. I felt every emotion they were projecting. I can't believe what a difference they make in the quality of this show. It really does feel like the old days sometimes. And, can we keep Greg? Where is Enid?

And Frankie and Cassandra are gorgeous and talented and perfectly cast.

Not to mention the new Jake. I love RPG as Jake. He just stepped into that role so quickly and comfortably.

Like Ashley, I am liking nuBabe. She had a rough start, but she has made the part her own. Could she and JR be any blonder?

It's like Jordan always says - "character driven" - and I think AMC is getting back to that. Personally I have to feel emotionally invested in a character or I don't give a rats' a$$ what happens to them.

good stuff!

jordan hudson said...

Erica Kane
You got me typo. I meant Marion Colby..... lol

Well today found us with another uneven episode.

Erica Kane hit it on the nail with the comment about letting one epsiode be about the wedding itself.

Yet when you have lazy writers who are just trying to rush through everything and not really give it any depth. All you have is surface.

Today, no Stuart and Marion. She was ill. Ruth had no lines, if I'm not mistaken. Greg had a few. Why have these people on, if your not going to give them something to do. Yes it would have been nice if Marion saw Greg and asked for Enid.

I will start with the good. As always the Hubbards were amazing watching there family scenes are just beautiful. Angie telling Frankie " She feels like this all a dream and she will wake up soon" . Jesse and Cassandra bonding. Writers we need and want more scenes like this. The Martin brothers.

The big Pay off Greenlee has her say and boy did she let them have it.

Yet more important are you sitting down people after almost 7 years Aidumb finally acted. I actually understood him and believed him when he realized that Zach sent him to Darfur to die. I had to rewind the DVR to make sure I wasn't going to wake up and that scene was a dream.

Now I know what you guys see in Zach because the way he took care of AiDumb when he confronted him was just superb.

While I do feel the Gardner storyline was rushed. It was a nice twist that our Hero Jesse had been putting the pieces together all this time and got the upper hand. To many times on Soaps the heroes of the shows are clueless. Not this time and I like it like that. Go Jesse.

Sadly the explanation to why 20 years of Jesse's life was lost was just not meaty, indepth enough. Scenes could have been written with more angst and pathos. Writers think of the gravity of the situation. I do give credit to Jesse and Robert for making the most of the material.

Again pushing Dre and Cassie but all they do is dance. We see no scene where they are talking to each other while dancing. That way we can start feeling them as a couple. I say she needs more of a man let Josh take a crack at her. We know he likes women of all heritages and virgins ( remember Dani Frye). Dre does not look like he can handle her.

NuColby is more Dre's speed. Again is she on ritlan. How can the PTB not see what a collosal mistake they made and get Aymber back.

Is this Neo guy signed to Disney. why was he on again. The song for the bride and groom's first dance as a married couple....uh....lmao and no one was looking at J & A dancing they were all glued to this Neo guy and you know most of them didn't know who he was. I guess I should be happy the dancers were dressed some what tastfully. That opening scene today was bizarre to say the least. I felt like we were listening to the extended remix. Not for a wedding in my opinion.

Seeing Julia was breaking my heart because we know she will be killed shortly. Dixie was breaking my heart because we know she is now a ghost and will be going to heaven soon.

Jill Larson proves that she needs to be on contract.

Robert is the new David Haywrad the way he keeps drugging people.

Nubabe didnt annoy me for once. I liked her and JR today. Yet JR how sleazy were you when asking for that room ...ewwwww.

Crs 17
my sources are direct and I mean direct when I get scoop it is 100% accurate.

Can't speak for Ashley but when Alexa joined the show I was instantly taken. It had been so long since I had seen a young leading lady make such an impression so early on. Loved Alexa.

Word has it Brian Frons did not like the proposal the current writers had given him for the long range storyline. So Pratt submitted his and bam he is the new head writer. Pratt scares me. He is sort of like Mctavish. Very over the top. This show needs a Lorraine Broderick or Claire Labine.

Once again the future of our show is in dire straits.

Anonymous said...

> I did wanna say that my daughter, who half-watches, said to me that she thought Ryan already had his vasectomy reversed? Is this true? Did they just talk about or did he go and have it done?

They talked about it, but that was it.

Anonymous said...

The Hubbards were beautiful at the wedding but I was thinking the same thing as Jordan: Nobody Jesse and Angie's age knows who the hell Ne-Yo is and why did they let him sing over the friends and family doing readings, through the Minister and even when it was Jesse and Angie's turn to say their vows. I wanted to stuff the mike down his throat! The first dance song with the backup dancers was also grossly inappropriate. Who ever chooses a club mix for a first dance?! Even 19 yr olds don't do that. It should have been romantic and the focus should have been on the newlywed couple.

Nu-Babe and JR were sweet reconnecting between the sheets. Loved Alexa but Nu-Babe is growing on me. JR though hasn't worked out enough to be allowed take his shirt off again yet.

Zach was AMAZING when Aidan had the nerve to challenge him. He's a REAL MAN and there are so few of those left. Trust good old Greenlee to dish it out old school. Good writing the way she found out with everyone misunderstanding what everyone else knew.

RPG is doing great as Jake and seeing him briefly connecting with Julia and Katethy made me wish the writers hadn't been lazy and had given them a chance together. Wouldn't it be terrific for Jake and Julia to become an item and then Tad finds out Kathy is Kate and begins a battle with his own brother for custody of the child?! Sydney Penny looked so beautiful I was sooooo sad to think that they're killing her FOR NO REASON!

Cady as Dixie always is first class and loved Opal's outfit. Why didn't her psychic powers clue her in about Robert? Why? Explain that lazy @$$ writers!

KWAK did win best dressed and Colby and Dre should be a 'summer teen' couple. Cassie and Josh would be a great 'challenging the status quo' couple and those two getting busy would be HOT HOT HOT! We'd get to see Erica be challenged yet again by her kids choosing an 'unconventional' partner. She's best when she's a busybody.

I'm already in anticipatory withdrawal because there'll be no podcast this week. We need you Ashley & cohosts! We NEED you!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Monday's episode:


THere was such potential with Mr. Gardner when he first came on, but it has been squandered. I'm hoping he takes that D@MMN stuffed elephant and hides it behind some skiis in the attic, if you know what I mean.

Yaya can do groggy pretty well...I could almost smell that morning breath on that girl it was so good.

This is the first time I have seen Ms. Minshew actually EAT the food placed in front of her on this show! And she musta been hungry because she was going to TOWN on those donuts.

Dixie and Adam are really providing the energy in the show at the moment for me. Waiting to read Superposter's interview...

Line of the day:

"Just remember they are MY children, not part of your Hee Haw Nursery."

more later...


Anonymous said...

One note from me. (Jordan, you'll hate it.)

ZACH SLATER. What a man!


jordan hudson said...

Look above I agree with you . Thought Zach was excellent putting Aidan in his place . He got my vote.

Lovley Terry
I'm so there with you on all your comments. Like the idea of Jake and Julia...but again lazy writers.

Another ball dropped. A scene were Jake is introduced to Colby. I give RPG points for playing some subtext when he came to rescue Colby from Adam being hysterical. Yet the writers should have had a scene were Jake met Colby. For those who were not watching back then for the first several months of her life Jake thought Colby was his daughter.

Unknown said...

Take heart there is always a way to bring Dixie back. She is on the screen I am loving it. I see there are a few GL fans here yall know how many times they brought Reva back frrom the dead. It can be done.

As for Beth Ehlers I love her have always loved her but I have to agree I don't see her as a Liza they would have to do a Mega make over to make her fit. Now the woman can act her but off so she has the talent for the role so don't go crazy until we see it happen. Maybe the pine valley Gods will hear our prayer and make it work. Hey they made Aidan at least watchable (a little) as long as he is in a scene with someone that can act.

Anonymous said...

No podcast this week NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO (LOL) I am so gonna miss you guys.

After this week I have many comments:

1)How did Jesse get the diamond? How did he find the time to cut it open take out the diamond sew the elephant back up and figure out who Robert really is? or did he switch the elephant. BTW they must have brought cases of these elephants, as there is never ending supply. Also, where would AMC be without stuffed toys. I mean JR had his giraffe and this elephant kept Jesse away for 20 yrs.

2) Greenlee and Kendall: How did Kendall not say to Greenlee I forgave you for almost KILLING BOTH MY SONS. I mean I think that is MUCH worse than sleeping with Aidumb, but that is only my opinion.

3) Jordan: I heard that Marcy Walker, turned down coming back as L.C. However, there is still hope that Beth Elders, may be Caroline and not Liza. Word on street is that TPTB might have heard our cries.

4) For the first time EVER there was a disclaimer on before every segment of AMC. I mean I understand why but if happened after every commercial break it said "This program contains scenes of violence, viewer discretion is advised." Did this only happen in Canada? Also, violence for violence sake like today (Friday) losses it's impact. It was terrible. I have to say what i hated most was when Robert hit Angie, I mean shooting Julia is terrible but why hit Angie? it seemed too much also shooting the poor helicopter guy was wrong. This is AMC not GH (which from what i have hears is very violent). Are we in for more of this because a writer from GH put in a proposal like Jordan did and now he is coming in as Head writer, it is at

5) Adumb is the worst person ever to have on ur side with a gun. I mean why could he not shoot Robert in the head or in the back? WHY? he had a clear shot and is supposed to be a trained profession one of the very best as they keep saying. PROVE IT special ops. it would have given the story a twist to have him be the hero and not predictably Jesse?

6) Does Jesse have super powers? I mean from the last scene today he clearly believes he does and might need to go to Oak Haven as he either believes he is Spiderman or Neo from the matrix.

Can we start something grass roots, like or the zendall ppl to save our show on behalf of the PVPC! because their is power in numbers and our dog in the fight is the show and not one person or couple. WE need to do something before it is too late and there seems to be A LOT of passionate viewers here much better then the AMC message boards. What can we do ?????

Anonymous said...

Ok I have an idea we should all go to the link is
and press e-mail all, and balket these ppl with pelas to save our show. I will do my part and try and send them a message every day till they fix things and do not always take the easy way out.
Please ppl come up with other ideas to save AMC

Anonymous said...

Fridays episode got AMC back on track. The cliffhanger was awesom!! And the CGI stuff was better then I thought it would be and used nicley in the story ... Unlike on. GH

Wedding fashion! What did everyone think
I thought everyone looked great except Colbys candy cane dress and Opals (love her) dress made out of what looked like condoms
Little kate-thy was just too cute

Oh and ITA with jordan about annie. I love the character and never thought she was bland. Jordan, do you think she is just as pshycho as her brother cause you always have great storyline theories

Love the podcast!!

jordan hudson said...


I hate to admit it but I enjoyed todya's show overall. I was on the edge of my seat and I cried. I was entertained.

yet like D
I agree the unnecessary violence was...well for a minute I thought I was watching 24. No need to shoot the helicopter pilot. Thou his reaction was great when he realized what was going on.

I like when the supoorting players can act. When they get stiff or monotone actors it takes away.

No need to hit angie either. A stern threat could have shut her up.

I loved those, what is it CSI, Cgi, special effects. It was great on GH and great so far here. I know Jesse was superman but I loved it. Thats the love of his life.

It was just unbelievable how they choose to kill Julia. He just shot her, to show that he meant business' again is this AMC or 24. He is a very bad guy. We got that. One thing for her to be hit as a bystander. For him to just choose to assassinate her. What did she ever do to the writers.

I just want to give props to Sydney Penny for going out with a Bang. No pun intended. When Alexa was leaving both Ashley and I felt she was texting in her final performances. Not our Sydney she made them realize what a dynamic actress they were loosing. I applaude her for giving it her all and giving T.P.T.B. more then they deserve or ever gave her. I was crying. She went out a star by acting her little mini hands off.

Everyone was giving a 100% in there acting . I even liked NUBabe for a second.


What I don't get is Jesse telling Robert this seems personal. He says it is but never elaborates. I don't get it. His hate on for Jesse. Why he thought Jesse even knew about the diamond when it was Remy that double crossed him. So many things unexplained.

Why was Dre treating Greg's wound . When did he get gradutae Med school.

I think it's hard for Greenlee to forgive because A) everyone in town knew but her. B) The way she found out.

People make mistakes. We are all human, but after a certain amount of time, it no longer is about " you did this to me" it becomes you kept this from me, and you lied about it. Also in this case she knows they would have never told her.

Which again Jackson and Julia. Why does he talk like he raised Greenlee. I'm beginning to think the head writers are not aware that Jackosn became a father four years ago.
I finaly realized why I don't like NuColby besides that she can't act. When Colby first came on she was annoying to say the least. Tt wasn't because of Ambyer. It was just the way the character was. Over the years we have seen her grow up. Nu Colby is not taking any of that into her performance, the character has gone backwards.

Well the podcast should be back next week guys. It has been a blast chatting with you on the blog and hearing your thoughts and opinions.

Pratt be scared be very scared. We do need to unite to save our show. Pratt is on par with Mctavish guys. He and Guza tore apart everything Claire Labine did to make GH an Oustanding Daytime Drama. I shudder to think what he will do to AMC all on his own.

Anonymous said...

All the violence on Friday's show was annoying and infuriating because it was all so SENSELESS! Robert shot at JR and Babe without giving us any indication that he knew they were there. They didn't make a sound or anything. He just turned and shot at them. He shot Julia for NO F$%@&)G reason! No reason whatsoever! Shooting Greg? ... just as pointless. Shooting Tad? C'mon! Puh-leeze! How much money did they spend to get Cady's image superimposed over MEKnight to prove that she's really a ghost? TPTB should have spent that money on making sure the writers were coming up with a tight script that wasn't like a stupid paranoid drug-induced dream. This all made me so mad because the storyline had such potential.

And now with the confirmation that Pratt is on board as head writer! Lord Help Us! I can understand why so many soap fans are conspiracy theorists. Frons is doing his utmost best to kill AMC but doesn't want to have the responsibility for being pulling the plug. These ABC execs are determined to make the show as awful as possible even when it starts to improve.

I loved Dixie holding the bathroom door closed to protect Kate-thy and whispering to Jake to stay.

I'm mad at Jesse for being such a wuss once Robert had Angie. He didn't even try anything until the final seconds when he made that dumba$$ leap like Arnold Schwarzenegger. A fistfight in a helicopter in midair?! And the copter doesn't crash? If I wanted to watch an action fantasy I wouldn't tune in to All My Children! Jordan's right. That was a cheap 24 rip-off. Soaps are supposed to be about emotion and family dynamics and hot and sweet romantic moments. I was so disappointed today. The tension was there alright because I knew beloved characters would be hurt but I feel as traumatized as the show has been by this episode of cheap, trashy, LAZY writing!

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...


I love you. While I did enjoy the would not have played out like this if I was in charge. Sometimes less is more. Sometimes ceratin things need to be left to the imagination and other times you need to explain and justify why things are being done. I didnt even know it was Greg who got shot it happened so fast. You hit it on the nail thou....Lazy writers.... and I think these might be the writers who took over the old soap Port Charles when it wen t form being a classic Soap to Melrose Place but Im not sure. All I know was that was the first sign for me that Soaps were going downhill.

Anonymous said...

You know...I don't get it. Why the F didn't they have Clolumb-dumbo shoot Robert in the back. He had ample opportunity to shoot him.

Besides, wouldn'tRobert be out of bullets by the time he shot Greg, Julia, and fired ALL of those shots at Aidan, Tad, Jake, etc.

These writers are (to quote Millie Jackson) "DEFINITELY OUT TO LUNCH". I'm tired of them killing off characters that I LOVE and keeping sh!tty a** actors like Aidan on the show.

When can this STOP?!?!

Kelvin in Dallas

BTW, have you guys ever heard the Live version of "All The Way Lover" from Millie Jackson (from the Live and Unsencored album)? It is some funny stuff. It's from the 70s/80s, but still reigns true today.

Anonymous said...

So many things from Friday's ep make no sense.

Why wouldn't Aidumb shoot Gardner? Especially after shooting Julia and Greg? Does his lame ass always have a gun on him? If so, what's the point if he isn't going to use it? Or is he such a bad shot that he was worried he'd hit Angie?

I don't understand why Jesse didn't shoot Gardner. He was a cop. He should know how to shoot to not kill if that's why he didn't. Shoot him, call 911, make sure the bastard doesn't get up, then be the big hero who brought in the Big Bad Guy. Or just kill the bastard, especially in the moments after Gardner grabbed Angie, before he dropped the gun.

How did Gardner know when the helicopter would arrive? How convenient that he knows how to fly one. What is it that Jesse plans to do once he grabs hold of the helicopter? Unless he also knows how to fly one, it's not like he can just knock Gardner out or kill him or whatever, assuming he's acrobatic enough to climb up from the helicopter leg as it flies through the air.

I agree with the comments about Ne-yo. I had no idea who he is; how would everyone in PV know? And talk about horrible 1st dance songs! What is it with ABC and musical guests lately? Jesse knowing Ne-yo, Ericka Kane knowing B5, Clint Buchanan knowing Snoop Dogg? Weird.

Every time I see that stupid elephant I can't get over how stupid it is. There is no way that anyone touching that stuff toy would not notice the lump and weight of a rock that size. Maybe Mr. Trunks looks un-loved because Cass couldn't stand cuddling up to something with a giant, hard lump in it? Whatever. There was a scene with Greenlee sleeping with Alphonso, the stuffed tiger from Aidumb. It looked way more loved than Mr. Trunks.

NuColby is terrible. The only scene where her acting was better than what I could do was when she was with Kathy in the bathroom.

NuBabe is starting to grow on me. I'm not sure if she's grown into the part of if I have just finally forgotten what OldBabe looks like.

You totally need to start a podcast for OLTL. I tried listening to the Llanview Lowdown but it was just no PVP.

Anonymous said...

Thoughts on Tuesday-Thursday:

Boy, Ashley picked one HECKUVA week on this soap to go out of town. We have the culmination of several stories plus A&J's daGORGEous wedding.

What a nice touch for Jesse to have figured it all out and be waiting in the room. I did NOT see that coming, and it's pretty hard to fool me.

I would've liked to have heard all of Stuart, Greg, and Tad's readings. But when they showed Angie in her dress and Jesse clutched his heart....well that was it for me. I swear I could've watched a whole episode of just the camera going back and forth on these two trading vows. I agree that the culmination of twenty years being this dumb diamond (D@MMN that Stuffed Elephant!) is nextastupid, but at least we're seeing it played out by some fine and worthy actors (and I'm including Snidely Whiplash Sledgehammer).

Was that a touch of Pratt when Zach said to Aidan if he wanted him killed he'd be dead already? And did you see the look on Kendall's face when he said that?

(Psst, don't tell Jordan, because I am STILL totally indifferent to nuBabe, but she actually had a bit of fire with JR in the bed. Shhh.)

I like that Jake came out to protect Colby, but I do not like the way he looks in that suit. It makes him look constrained or something.

What was the drug they used on Cass and Opal again? ;-)


Anonymous said...

I didn't want to read anyone's comments on the show until I had posted mine, but I just read Jordan's "state of the industry" post.

Here is what worries me...a lot of people say OLTL is brilliant right now, that RC is doing everything correctly, from using vets, to playing the beats, to showcasing intelligent teen storylines...and yet OLTL's ratings are in the tanker too. What does this say to TPTB? You cannot blame them for the decisions they make if the SMART ones make no difference where it counts!! I am NOT defending them...I'm just saying.

Where this takes me is where Jordan has mentioned in a few podcasts...will soap operas be a viable genre in the next five years? Not if excellent writing still nets you around a 2.0 in the ratings. They can put on reruns of Full House and Step by Step and get those numbers.

I personally think that more than 2 million people watch AMC (which is about what a 2.0 comes out to). I just don't think Nielsen is counting all the ways people watch soaps. I cannot TELL you the last time I watched AMC live. (Which is why I was amazed when I came on here and posted for Monday and you all had already posted for the week!) I always tape AMC off of ABC and watch on the weekend. I know people who watch or tape on SoapNet too. Do those people count? AMC isn't on iTunes yet, but DOOL is...I'm sure a lot of younger people are watching it that way. I know at one time AMC was the most VCR-recorded program on television. But what does this mean for the state of soaps when Frons, Craputhers, and Disney are looking at AMC and OLTL and 2.0? I'll tell you I'm afraid what it means...McTavish, Pratt, Labine, Broderick, or Nixon will be a miracle if AMC's (or any soaps's) ratings rise. What we need to watch is how much erosion of viewers there have been compared to other soaps.


Anonymous said...

Terry in Toronto,

Your thoughts on Jake, Julia, and Kate-thy are BRILLIANT and could play out the rest of this entire year...all three would play the heck out of it too.

This is what I enjoy about listening to the PVP and blogging which y' know the show can pull some nextastupid moves, but everyone here has an underlying respect for AMC. I do NOT feel the same when I go to the actual ABC boards for this shows. First, I feel the people who post there may be younger. I also think they are more hateful and whiny. Finally, I'm not sure how long some of them watch when someone posts about Greg and someone else says Who is this Greg? (I've only been watching since 1990, but even I know who Greg Nelson is and what he means to the show).

So, long story short, thanks all you podcasting and blogging people, for giving me an outlet for intelligent conversation about this show.

And now if Terry and Jordan would just join the writing team, we'd be set.


Anonymous said...

Okay, so I watched Wed-Fri of AMC on SoapNet yesterday.

My thoughts:

- LOVED the "Wedding in the round". BEAUTIFUL! What a neat concept.

- Colby looks 13 in that frilly dress. Give the woman an evening gown! She is supposed to be 20-ish right?

- Really enjoyed the action scene. It was like a movie! Really cool.

- Kate-thy looks like Dixie. A lot like Dixie. I will miss Julia. She looked beautiful and I would love to see her and someone be in a custody situation with Tad.

- I wish i watched when these characters were around the first time. I miss having history to draw upon.

- If it wasn't for this podcast I wouldn't still be watching this show. It's like a support group with Ashley as our leader and Jordan, Pedro, Taylor, (Gucci and Carlos, too) as our sponsors. Helping and guiding us through the really tough times.

Thank you!!!


Anonymous said...

I wanted to clear something up -- when Adam had Dixie committed just after JAR was born, she was committed to LAUREL HILL Sanitarium, NOT OAKHAVEN! This has been a source of confusion for many people for many years, but it's true. I just verified it from a Youtube video at:

About 3min & 11sec into it you can even see a SIGN, so there's no mistaking it. Well you can ALMOST see it -- the video is VERY poor quality :-)

I think even AMC showed a flashback recently where someone SAID it was Laurel Hill, but in the present tense, people on the show are saying it was Oakhaven.

You think they could get the names of their looney bins straight!

Anonymous said...

hey guys!

well what a great week for AMC for the majority of it! but Friday was amazing. yeah it did have the huh? moments; Rob and the miracle gun, Opal not telling anyone she was drugged by him and put in a closet. Babe and JR, after being shot at...not warning anyone right away who were still at the reception/in the casino, casino security MIA, ambulance arriving but no cops, and special ops Aidumb having clear shots at Robert and letting him just shoot away. just a few LOL. then of course there were the very unnecessary things; Julia's upcoming death and the quad drama ONS crap-no place for it. however, the rest def made up for it because it still gave drama, action and even romance...i was in shock watching it and it just didn't hit me, until i saw Dix trying to save Tad and realize she just couldn't even if she wanted to. WOW! boy was i bawling. Dix just rocked in those scenes..protecting the girls, getting Jake to stay. she knew she couldn't intervene directly, but she tried to help in her own way.

of course there's still an unanswered question and there has been many theories, which is what could have Adam prevented or was he suppose to prevent anything? what are your thoughts?

also Jordan KUDOS on the astral projection def fits if Dix is found in a deep sleep...meaning coma and since it's of the paranormal's not completely defined (there's not even really a clear cut scientific's basically from what some have experienced, mostly during life/death situations. seriously you look it up and it could fit as an explanation for Dix) as one thing...many elements attribute and could even explain all the strange things w/ Dix like the magical powers etc. could be that Dix is so connected to her loved ones that on some level, her soul wanted to protect her fam. as for her knowledge about Adam/the adoption certificate etc. well from what i read astral projectors could even gain past/future knowledge...have experiences of heavens and hells, things that happen in the afterlife...all this while still being alive. see many levels to this...very interesting. there you go can't keep us down. we could work around it. therefore, so could you...just go w/ it!

BTW, even Cady seems to be saying she's willing, even in a way campaigning for a return, in her blog by telling people to write in and tell them how you felt about upcoming scenes w/ TnD...

a "What if.." day set to happen this week on Thursday or Friday or both days not sure. details/article and adorable/precious pic:

man what a tease! Craputhers thinks it will bring closure and that the TnD/Cady/Dix fans will just move on and let it go. seriously, Craputhers? what are you smoking? um wouldn't you/they think we would want more? because that's exactly what's going to happen so it's a dumb move on your/their part. wouldn't even surprise me if those who never saw TnD in all their glory, written to true form would want more of it.

anyways let's continue w/ our efforts... it'd be even great if you mention the astral projection idea in your letters, emails etc...would be a way to tell them how we really view Dix at the moment, not their interpretation of a ghost, but ours w/ her being alive and her body traveling while she's in a coma.

Anyways thanks for yet another great show. also everyone enjoy your Memorial Weekend and BE safe!;-)

until then....


jordan hudson said...

Well people read a quote from Julie Horrid Corroded. Where she admits to making a mistake by allowing her headwriter to kill Dixie off....uh DUH. She needs to be put to pasture and a new E.P. needs to be brought in.

New Soap Digest...Sydney talks openly about her dismissal and how her return to AMC never really hit where it was suppose. I still say she left with her head held high by giving it her all to the bitter end.

Well one good thing with the shift in head writers it seems the direction of the show will be changing and that Beth Ehlers may not be Liza Colby after all (Please Father Clarence make it so).

For you OLTL fans from another one of my reliable sources it seems I might have found out what the big storyline is thats coming up. It seems we will be treated to many returns as OLTL will revisit one of there classic storylines from the 80's during Paul mad man
Rauch's tenure on OLTL. All I will say if this is true. I loved it when it was done in the 80's and I can't imagine what it will be like under Ron C.'s keyboard

Anonymous said...

Mama Santos
Hayley and Mateo (with little Enzo)
Bobby Warner
Di Henry
Jon Lavery
Del Henry
Dimitri Marick

Just a short list of people that I KNOW TPTB will not be able to bring back for the funeral that WOULD DEFINITELY ATTEND.

Jake and Julia
Josh and Julia
Frankie and Julia

Just a short list of possible couples she had chemistry with that WILL DEFINITELY NOT HAPPEN now.



Anonymous said...

but see Jordan the other problem w/ Craputhers' quote is the backpedaling when compared to what she had said to SOD when explaining killing off Dix's character/firing Cady. she said(yeah Claudine [mod/creator] had it pinned at the TnD site so it's right there to remind us of this mmmmm ( let's leave at that) words.

her exact quote from SOD article: Why Dixie was killed:
"From a story point of view and a business standpoint, I absolutely think it's the right thing for the show - the right decision at the right time with the right character."

HA! and now she has the nerve to pin the blame on someone else when she basically said she agreed w/ the idea! YEAH SHE NEEDS TO GO LIKE YESTERDAY!

also man do i feel for SP...treated horribly just like many before her. i wonder how or if Spinner Craputhers spins this one or BS Frons.


Anonymous said...

It was a great week on AMC and even though the Superman Jesse scene was a bit of a stretch :-), why couldn't we have a little suspense for a change? As Jordan has pointed out so often, story lines are brought to resolution too quickly. At least give us the weekend to wonder rather than showing the resolution on the previews for next week. Yes, I know I don't have to watch the previews...

Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan certainly proved the brilliance of the decision to bring them back. I had to mop the tears off the floor after watching their vows (when Neyo finally stopped and I could hear what they were saying!).

jordan hudson said...


Thank you. I thoguht I was in bazzaro world. How they could have not realized it was taking away from the moment to have him singing as the ceremony was going o. Still pissed about that.

I just hope that this doesn't mean back burner for J& A.

And what a waste today was. They are so stupid. If they were going to show a rerun give us a treat and show a classic episode. J & A's first wedding. But oh then viewers will realize how great the show was and how it has slipped. Aggie Nixon help your baby.

Anonymous said...

TPTB could easily bring Dixie back if they really WANTED to! This is the show that gave us the Dumba$$ chimera reason for why Annie could give birth to Emma who does not share her DNA. If they think we can swallow that then we certainly can accept ANY half-witted explanation for Dixie still being alive if it means that we get the character and Cady back in the flesh where everyone can she and interact with her in Pine Valley. I'm convinced they don't really want the show to succeed because the good actors keep getting fired (Cady M, Sydney P and Vincent I before them)and the awful actors (Aidan T, Melissa C E)keep getting storyline after storyline on the frontburner. All the backstage politics makes me sick.

Terry In Toronto

Unknown said...

I have been listening to the podcasts for about 2 months now and I love it! I have been watching AMC since day one, but Jordan, you are the man when it comes to the details that I have long forgotten.
I can't believe that there will be no podcast after all that action last week.
PLEASE, make the next podcast twice as long, I am having withdrawals already. I was up at 6:30 am waiting for a download on itunes.
Ashley, you are hilarious & wonderful. Are there photos of yourself online somewhere? If not there should be.
You all keep my cracking up! I love it. You brighten my week and my drive to and from work. I listen to you guys on Mondays rather that Wendy Williams (LOL).
or the "Quiet Storm" . I work evenings, so I watch AMC from 1-2 and then leave for work and listen to the podcast on the way to work.
BTW Ashley, leave "Blandie" alone. She is a gorgeous woman and she is doing the best she can with the lines they give her.

Unknown said...

To CRS17
They will probably ship Julia's body to California after she donates her organs to science like the good nurse that she is (was) and the hospital will have a memorial service.
Also, she will meet up with Dead Dixie and understand that Kathy is Kate and be able to rest in peace knowing Tad is going to be united with his little girl. Then she can go find Noah.
Just my intuition, I may be wrong.

jordan hudson said...


Tacky as it is Zach will ship Julia's body fed ex to maria in cali. Good going Julie Horrid Corroded

Erica Kane said...

Terry in Toronto there really is a medical condition known as chimerism. It was far fetched but grounded in truth. As far as the Memorial Day re-run.Why could we not have had a classic episode with Greg and Jesse and Angie??? That would have made so much sense!!! Oh yeah Julie Craputhers does not have any common sense.

Arizonagal said...

Strange singer and dancing girls at a wedding, and yet, it was still great! I don't know my singers, so this guy was news to me, he sounded like a girl. It was corny, but the rest of the wedding - WOW!

I know some of you think it was corny, but I loved the way they left us with a cliffhanger Friday, just like the old days. I know it was extreme, but, hey, I was glued to the tube like I haven't been in a long time.

Was it just me, or was Aidan stopping to chat with everyone whilst he was in the middle of this hot pursuit of the baddie?

My only small beef with the show was - come on Cassie. You have this HUGE diamond in your little stuffed elephant and you couldn't tell something was inside it? You couldn't feel that craggy diamond when you were cuddling w/your little pet?

So, wonder whose taut, muscular arms Greenlee is going to run into now that the truth is out? Certainly she will rebound quickly. Hoping it's Jake.

When JerseyRican said Dixie was "protecting the girls" I had to wonder - which girls? Wink wink, nudge nudge.

How great to see all the old timers at the wedding. We want more of them! But, hey, where was Angie's mom? And does Jesse have any living relatives? What about Frank and Nancy?

Missing your podcast this week JordAsh!

Anonymous said...

Thank you Arizonagal! The whole diamond in the elephant storyline was driving me crazy! Small stuffed animals shouldn't weigh that much.

- Jen

Anonymous said...

One thing about the dancers at the wedding. why didn't the wardrobe people cut out and stitch up the front pockets in their pants? the gigantic pockets were showing through their white pants. very distracting.

Anonymous said...

One thing about the dancers at the wedding. why didn't the wardrobe people cut out and stitch up the front pockets in their pants? the gigantic pockets were showing through their white pants. very distracting.