Monday, May 12, 2008

The Witching Hour

  • Dixie's sexy ghost is haunting Adam, and we're loving every minute of it.
  • Aidan and Jake magically make it back to Pine Valley from Africa in under two hours.
  • Blandie clearly isn't making any magic with Ryan. (Too bad she and Richie are related, because together, they'd be hot!)
  • Warren Buffet makes Opal's heart sing, but he doesn't do much else for our girl, Erica.
  • NuColby is a dud. Period.

Taylor's back for what is probably the PVP's 100th episode! He's had fun this week with Miss Dixie, Miss Erica, the Hot-Shot Doctor and the Doofus, and I've had fun having him back this week. Show Taylor some love -- and give your fellow bloggers some of those ass-toot opinions we know you have! -- here.

5/9/08 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

WhooHoo, Taylor is back! Taylor I loved your intro song. Your lyrics, as usual, as so right on, and you, Mr Taylor Crawford, are as snarky as ever. You know, hearing you and Pedro in the same room, I can definitely tell ya'll are two different dudes. I just can't picture Pedro wearing a feather boa with his birkenstocks. Visit more often Taylor.


Anonymous said...


what do you mean by "Campy"


Janet From Another Planet said...

Hey Ashley

Loved this weeks podcast

just one question, what was the clip from the end from, i want to youtube it and watch the scene


Anonymous said...


Welcome back Taylor, we've missed you. The intro song was brilliant! You always bring it right on point. Is there a grammy for best podcast intro song? There should be so you could win it. Taylor and Pedro in the same room huh? Is that the same as Adam and Stuart both being in the opening credits of AMC? ;)

Loved the show. How come you didn't pick up on Dixie's "hold on it's going to be a bumpy ride" line being a nod to Bette Davis?

You guys are so right about Richie and Blandie. A messy relationship between the two of them is the only thing that could save those characters. More's the pity since Richie had so much potential and Billy Miller is a really good actor. Maybe they're not really related. Maybe they're both Madden spawn created with stranger donor material.

Why did Warren Buffet have more lines than Josh?! Where is Josh? Why don't he and Amamda go swimming in the lake and make out on a blanket? That would be an exciting way to start the show for sweeps!

Thanks guys for the laughs! I was listening while riding my bike and people kept looking at me strangely because I was smiling and laughing all around town. PVP makes AMC worthwhile.

Terry in Toronto

Janet From Another Planet said...


will you PLEASEEE do a Spoiler Alert and tell us what will happen to Julia

Pretty Please

also, do you think Annie is secretly a psycho, she has been acting kinda strange and more Ritchie like each day. must be that Novack blood

love the podcast!!

Anonymous said...

I am liking the new Blahndie. And think about it, is she doing anything more deceitful than Kendall, Greenlee or Babe have done in the past? Heck no! We're just used to the Pollyaanna Blahndie - PollyBlahna? She's got a long way to go before she pulls even half as many stunts as her contemporaries in PV.

Also, Ashley, loved your explanation for Ghost Dixie. She is Adam's hallucination. Perfect! Now bring her back.

Oooh, Taylor, welcome back you sweet thang. We've missed ya.

Blue Skies

Ashley said...

Hmmm... Campy. Let's see:

Having deliberately artificial, vulgar, banal, or affectedly humorous qualities or style: played up the silliness of their roles for camp effect.

That sounds about right!

BTW - that clip was from when Julia was injured byt the tornado that hit Pine Valley in 1994:

I loved that it hit her face, and as the poor woman is bleding and crying, Maria demands that she needs a plastic surgeon!

Anonymous said...

hey Ashley and((((TAYLOR))))...great to have you back, even if it's for a little while. the song was so apropos and as usual fantastic!

what can i say...i continue to enjoy most of the show especially Dix (who just keeps looking even more beautiful/sexy [save some of that for Tad, Dix] in every scene she's been in. i always thought Cady was the classic beauty type and now i think i'm not the only one. w/ how they are dressing her) /Adam scenes. yesterday was great w/ the flashbacks and not to mention the balance. i love Dix, but i loved that Adam got to throw in her face what she did because it gave her a chance to show where she's coming from. then to top it's scene (which was like a special for Mother's Day)w/ Dix, JR, and Lil'A, had me bawling! OUTSTANDING job, done by all..they showed why they are Emmy winners. yeah Ashley it's a bit of a bummer because JR is sensing and Lil'A is seeing Dix so we can't go w/ Adam's hallucination anymore. but there are still ways...she's a [tormented] spirit (i think that's the first that AMC has done that...the not only focus on the living, but this time on the spirit, what they feel etc...KUDOS!] in limbo between life and death. then she's willed to go back into her coma until she's awaken or Dix's dreaming while in a coma. i don't just needs to be done!

also Ash it was not me who gave you that Jake info.

as for the Julia scoops...LMAO that has become mission impossible like top secret gov. info or something. they are really keeping it under wraps. no matter what site i turn to for a scoop, there's nothing. come on, Ash. just do that turn down the volume and spoiler alerts, you do. you could be the first to crack it out in the open. LOL

anyways thanks for another great show and until then...


Anonymous said...


OLTL had ANOTHER lovemaking montage today (that had a hilarious ending buy the way with rex and adrianna) and AMC's got nothing (although we MAY get a ryannie scene)

love the podcast

Anonymous said...

FINALLY a scoop in ref to Julia's exit.

from SOD, here's the link ***WARNING*** this is a SOD summary w/ many spoilers/scoops for other characters as well so if you don't want to read what in store for others... DON'T GO TO IT!:


Anonymous said...

JerseyRican, I could not stand it and headed straight to spoilersville. Yeah, it's pretty much what I expected. And another comment, Jerkson is dumber than a bag of hammers (regarding another spoiler). Sounds like we are in for the SOSS (same old soap sh*t), pretty predictable and contrived.

We need more Erica and Carmen!

brown penny

Anonymous said...

Alexa Havins (old Babe) hasn't gotten any major acting contracts in Hollywood and I heard a rumour that she wants to return to AMC. What does that mean for nuBabe? Will she get bumped like Sabine did when the "real Greenlee" returned? and just when Ashley was starting to warm up to nuBabe.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

here's a a little bit more on Julia.

from SNS posted on SOC:


crs 17 said...

Just finished and LOVED the podcast this week. Thought it was great when Ashley, Pedro, AND Taylor were all there. Now I think you should all FOUR (adding in Mr. Hudson) do at least one podcast this summer together. Is it possible? Can you swing it? That would be one Zaftig podcast. ;-)


janet from another planet said...

Omg did u see daytime confidential!!! Spoiler alert

They are killing off Ritchie Novak... This is so upsetting I love him!

Also they are sorasing Petey Corldhart for Colby...what was the point of the recast again

Elyse and in Toronto said...

I just wanted to say that I hope Kendall and Zack got Rachel a GREAT mother's day gift, I love zendall but bet their kids call rachel mommy since they never see their parents LOL

BTW I love ur impression which are now party of my psyche, when i watch i can gear u imitating erica/ Opal/ kwak/ Ghost Dixie/ Adam/ Aidumb etc... we can only imagin how much effort is put into ur weekly podcast as we appreciate it.

Also I have to say that Taylor made me like him this week making him my SECOND fav co-host, Jordan still RULES!!!!

Finally, Eden did a phone interview with Amanda from Soaps up in Canada re: her new web series Imaginary Bitches. She was asked about coming back to Pine Valley to visit Erica in jail and said she was open to it, she loves coming back. She also said she watches almost daily and is happy they are correcting the Tad and Dixie error and loves Angie and Jesse with the shows return to its roots not just teenagers who look good in a dress.

Anonymous said...

Wow, commenting on Janet from another planet's earlier post, if they are recasting Petey, then WT* was the Colby recast for? I am glad to see Petey returning, although I doubt it will be that cute little redheaded hoofer. It was only a matter of time, but it chaffs my a** if they are redirecting Colby. Perhaps there is a grain of truth to Ambyr's statement that she was moving on and it really was her choice. Sometimes I so don't get TPTB and their lame decisions.

So Janet, what planet *are* you from?


Janet From Another Planet said...

>>So Janet, what planet *are* you from?

why i come from the planet of Long Island lol

my name is Janet and also JFAP is my FAVORITE character on AMC EVER!!!

Anonymous said...

Hey Taylor, great to hear from you, and your music is stellar, as usual! Just curious, do you still work in a knitting store?

OMG I am loving the new Jake. He just ooozes sex appeal, and it is effortless. I liked the scenes with him and Frankie. I think those two hunks are so talented they can have chemistry with anyone and everyone (well except maybe Frankie and nuColby).

keep up the good work podcasters.


Anonymous said...

Quote of the week

Stuart: I've known him all my life you know, since we were little teensy peensies.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Well it was officially announced in today's Soap section of the New York Daily News Beth Ehlers is joining AMC. If she is playing Liza Colby then I will have to stop watching the show. That would be the most hideous recast. If ever an actress was wrong for a role it would be that.I can only hope that is not the case.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, if Beth Ehlers is coming on board, I totally agree, PLEASE not as Liza. She's a great actress, but she is so wrong for that part. I don't really see her as Hayley either, but that would be the lesser of two evils. Maybe it's just all the years I've seen her as Harley, she's kind of rough around the edges and not nearly as frosty and upper crust as Liza should be. Holding my breath on this one. She *could* be a great addition to AMC if she's matched up w/the right character.

Hey Taylor, how come you never post here. That goes for you too Pedro.

Anonymous said...

Bad news or good news for Ashley and Jordan:

"... Guiding Light star Beth Ehlers is bolting the CBS soap for ABC's All My Children. She'll be assuming the role of Liza Colby Chandler, the part most recently played by Marcy Walker (who played Tangie back on Guiding Light in 1993).

Anonymous said...

Ashley, are all your friends of the male persuasion? Doesn't Carlos get jealous? I think you must be a babe magnet!

I think it will be nice to have Liza back.

Susan in Toronto said...

I am not familiar with Beth all I know is she has chemistry with RPG, they were a super couple for years, i trust ur judgement Jordan but i want to know why?

elyse in Toronto said...

There is still hope Jordan Ravenbeauty says :
"Beth Ehlers is indeed coming to AMC. I was told that this looked good to go from the day they began talks. Now keep in mind that I am given tidbits, not a complete play by play. I was lucky enough to be told that she was coming to AMC. I was not told what character she would be playing although the name Nina Cortlandt did get batted around. I also heard the names Skye and Hayley, but again changes happen daily. There was also talk of her playing a completely new role. There's been lots of confusion over who she is set to play, with even the magazines stating that they think they got things wrong when they said she was coming to play Liza (now you know how I feel trying to keep up with the many changes). It's not inaccuracy. It's called change and even the magazines have a hard time keeping up! Bottom line and most importantly please welcome Beth to our ABC family. "

Erica Kane said...

Is it true they are killing off Richie Novak??? I wait with baited breath to hear that they are indeed killing him off. I will rejoice from the rooftops if this is so. He is a good actor, and he is nice to look at but the character stinks!!! I cannot wait until he is gone!!!!!
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I hope you were kidding when you said you'd stop watching AMC if Beth Ehlers is playing Liza. Please say you'll give her a chance. Your legion of fans would be devastated if you left the podcast. Stay Jordan, stay.

brown penny

jordan hudson said...

Well according to the new SOW she is coming on as Liza and I will most likley give up watching AMC. I'm just disgusted by this.

I will tell you why she is not right for the role because she is NO LIZA COLBY!

Beth Ehlers is a decent enough actress but this character is out of her range. Liza is blue blooded, sophisticated and well a bitch. She is too young and physically too small for the role.

Beth Chamberlain from GL ( You tube her) She would be perfect for Liza.

Beth Ehlers I dont see with David Canary let alone Michael Knight.

Why am I so pissed off, because yet agian Julie Horrid Corroded shows how inept she is at her job. She thinks by forcing a RPG & BE reunion that GL fans will come to watch and ratings will bump up.

A) She is not thinking of what is right for the character of Liza. To stay true to the history of the character.

B) GH tried this twice with Stephen Nicholas & Mary Beth Evans and Lane Davies and Nancy Grahn. It does not guarantee that lighting will strike twice. It is a different show and different charcters unless the two fo them intend to turn Jake and Liza to
Gus and Harley.

C) You are missing out on a potential super couple. Is it just me who sees how Jake and Greenlee were literally shooting sparks out of the screen.
The only thing going for them is that Liza and Jake have a romantic past so they can push there agendea. It will work for those who don't know Liza at all.

Alas for me Im sick of not having Cady on the show when she obviously wants to work on it. Im sick of them killing off old time characters for no reason. for not having air time for Josh Opal amanda.
I'm leaving Pine Valley and moving to Llanview folks.
This has really just been the last straw for me.

I wanted Liza back and open to a new actress but put somebody in the role that is right for it. I would rather see Liz Kiefer, Gina Tongoli Nicole Forrestor even Sabine Singh over Beth Ehlers.
I will miss you AMC!

Janet From Another Planet said...


are you really going to leave PV

at LEAST watch next week (spoiler alert: with the wedding) its supposed to be REALLY good

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I agree with you about the casting choices. Hiring Ehlers to force a Gus/Harley reunion seems like a desperate gimmicky act, typical of TIIC. Ehlers is too young to play Liza

BUT... there is so much good on AMC right now. I do believe Dixie will be back. And look at the rest of the show. We have Jake back, we have J and A back. Greg will be showing up for a visit. Rebecca Budig is back. AMC is attempting to return to its roots. The show is more watchable now than it has been in years.

And why would Liza returning put a hitch in a Jake/Greenlee pairing? That could happen anyway. They do sizzle.

Give it a chance Jordan, this may not be a bad thing.

Ashley, do you have an opinion about this latest development?

Anonymous said...

sorry arizona gal but i disagree, i think amc has been sooo boring the past few weeks i can barely even watch anymore. oltl is amazing right now and you can't even compare shows, amc is terrible right now, sorry guys.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Take a deep breath
I don't want to say it out loud but I may be joining you if the rumors are TK leaving Amc For OLTL .

However, we need to give them a chance, and hold out hope that Liza ( one of my all time favorites) will not ruined and Beth will come on as someone else.
Has no one though of the possibility of BE coming on as this wife of Jake's who was possible on one episode years ago, that they all keep talking about? As I said before she might even be Nina.
So Jordan hold out hope because u are my favorite co-host and we need you and ur views on the PVPc

P.S. the TK rumor is because his partner susan is returning to OLTL in June.

jordan hudson said...

Hey arizonagal and elyse,

I will be around as long as Ashley wants me but I will never watch or comment on Beth Ehlers scenes.

Sadly it was on the cover of the new Soap Opera weekly that she will be playing Liza Colby. So unless Weekly got it wrong ( with Mimi Torchin no longer at the helm that mag has gone down hill.

I do think AMC has some great things but it seems that for every step we take forward they take three steps back.

The Gardner storyline had so much potential and they have dropped the ball and rushed it. Tad finding Katie; they had endless, heavy, heart wrenching ways they could have executed it. They took the lazy way out, by killing Julia. Now the return of a much needed character, that never should have been written off to begin with and they drop the ball by placing an actress that is not suited for the part.

It just gets so frustrating. How do they expect me to care when they show that they don't.

Meanwhile Frank and Rob are going out of there way to make OLTL fans happy, Pamela, Tina, Cane and rumor has it they are planning to bring back Joey and Kevin somehow. The original Marty. Drama, comedy, history and the old timers like Dorian, Bo, Clint , Nora front and center. A diverse cast for Daytime. Realistic teenagers dealing with real issues. Starr and Cole on the run pregnant. Todd accidentaly shoving starr, will she loose the baby. A major character soon to die. Dorian soon to trump the Buchannons once and for all and lets not forget the baddest bitch on daytime right now Adrianna. As she becomes her mother's daughter. Hopefully they can convince her to stay because I love me some bad girl Adrianna.
Ron writing storylines with a beginning, middle and end, that involves the entire canvas. Storylines that are character driven and flow into the next storylines. All leading up to big plans for the 40th Ann. this June .

What is Amc giving a discounted Liza Colby and Moesha? yes now they are saying Brandy is coming on. Why are they going to age Cassie? A love interest for Frankie because they are to scared to dive into an interracial romance. 20 years and nothing has changed since Cliff and Angie hooked up. Soaps are dying not because people dont want to watch. It's because we are tired of being insulted.

Anonymous said...

Okay Jordan, you talked me into it, I'm going to starting watching OLTL! I adore Jerry Ver Dorn and have always been curious about how he's doing on OLTL. Miss him on GL. If ya'll do an OLTL podcast, let us fans know.

As for killing off Julia, it sucks. What a waste of potential. I have never thought Tad deserved anything good since he turned into a self righteous murderous jerk. I have a feeling he's going to be redeemed by further ruining Greg Madden's character and we're supposed to end up thinking Tad is a hero. He doesn't deserve Kate/Kathy. Erica gets the slammer for a white collar crime and Tad, a murderer, walks the streets. bleh.

Blue Skies

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hey Ashley
Is everything ok? Where is the new podcast?

Anonymous said...

age Cassie, Jordan? what? how could that what does that mean YaYa is out, already?

also there's another model/actress set to come...her name is Denise Vasi. beautiful girl, but is it necessary, really? anyways she's said to be a hooker named Randi and is coming on as a love interest for Frankie. the article also states this is suppose to be a take on one of AMC's great couples' history...Chuck and Donna w/ a twist.

LMAO at the title..."All My Children" and the Happy Hooker. *sick*

also i see the idiots changed the fact that they mentioned Agnes as the "late" [God forbid..knock on wood] creator in the article...idiots.

well, guys i have to say i'm so tired of so many it ones w/ little experience or crossed over, cast offs from other soaps/networks. Come on, a-holes! WRITE for the people you have on the show already and STOP firing or making them want to leave due to lack of s/l. not to mention, BRING BACK the ones you never should have written off in the first place *cough* Dixie [ALIVE], Brooke, and David by their one and only portrayers; Cady Mc., Julia B., and Vincent I. in other words, use the little of a brain you have left.


Anonymous said...

BTW, Cady/Dix already finished taping last week. :*(

however, guys don't give up, even she thinks anything is possible know the drill. if you choose to...stress to them how you wnat her back [specifically...have to be w/ TAHIC] Cady/Dix ALIVE: