Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Jesse and Angie Can Barely See Straight!

(What with dangling on helicopters and all!)

I can barely see straight myself. I was away -- far away -- for a week with my man Carlos, but with no computer, no internet access, no television, nothing. So a) I'm truly sorry I didn't post sooner, and b) I HAVE NO IDEA WHAT'S GOING ON ON ALL MY CHILDREN SINCE LAST TUESDAY!

So, loyal viewers, I will be hunkering down for the next 192 hours with your posts and my DVR, and will be feasting on what I'm told is a very, uh, turbulent Pine Valley. I can't wait.

Whilst I'm updating, I hope this PVP classic makes you giggle, and please -- keep those opinions flowing here.

7/13/07 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ashley!

Did you go visit Maria? ;)

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ashley, we missed you but Jordan did what he could on the blogg to keep us company while you were gone! (LOL)
Back to the show, the writers are lazy once again! When Kendall told Ryan about sleeping with Aidumb he should have made a comment about how her affair (a one night thing in Erica's under construction penthouse) with Aidumb was one of the reasons why he left her THE FIRST time which is a PRE - memory loss memmory!

Anonymous said...

You're so right Elyse. These writers have no sense of the show's and the character's history whatsoever. They're the ones with amnesia although it's not amnesia because they never knew that stuff in the first place.

How did Robert Gardner survive that fall from the helicopter? I heard him hit with a THUD! Is he an android or something? The show may as well have gone there. It was just ridiculous that he could survive a fall like that and then fight with young, strong, in-shape Frankie.

Sydney Penny showed her serious acting chops with those final scenes which made it all the sadder for me. The show's lost a brilliant actress and character because the writers chose to focus on mindless, piddling fare like Aidan and Ava. I hope this soap veteran finds a show that respects and nurtures her immense talent.

Ruth Martin had a line! OMG! When was the last time that happened. Do you think she'll get another one this week?

Terry in Toronto

Brian said...

What a great week we have had. Of course, I have complaints, but I have to say that I was more pleased than previous weeks. I'm actually glad that they got rid of Julia, only because they weren't using her. It is annoying to have her just pop in a scene for a second, just to remind us how underused she is. Her death scene was great, but I was kind of hoping that she would mention Noah.

I see that people didn't like the action and violence this week, but I actually think they didn't go far enough. If they were really looking to get the fans in, they should have moved the camera behind of Julia and splattered blood on the guests behind her. It would have been much cooler and more shocking.

And this week I actually saw NuColby act! It was only for two scenes, but she made a comment about watching the flowers wither (I think to Crystal) and when she was talking with Kathy in the bathroom. Although, she still isn't acting with her face. Her expression is completely dead.

I loved Opal's condom dress and her crazy hat. We need to see her more often.

And Finally, I actually liked NuBabe this week. This is the first week that I actually like her, and it was when she and JR were up in the hotel room. Although, JR was nasty when he went to get a room. Seemed like he was getting a cheap motel room.

Anonymous said...

Sydney Penny did such a good job dying! My only problem with it was...she knew she was dying and yet she couldn't pick up a phone and call her family to say goodbye! What happened to familia Santos being so tight?

Anonymous said...

I am loving the show, flaws and all. We have the romance with JandA, bromance with Jesse and Tad, bad guys, shoot 'em up violence, heroes 2 many 2 mention, daring escapes, sheesh!

I liked Sledgehammer getting up after the fall, just like all the corny movies I've seen where the villain is seemingly indestructible. I did find it odd that ol' Sledge was arrested instead of killed off. To me, that means TPTB are leaving the door open for an occasional villainous return. Will he actually make it to prison, or will there be an escape along the way?

Some of the best scenes were Jesse and Angie smiling and laughing with relief after Jesse gained control of the helicopter. If I didn't know better, I'd swear those two were a real couple. Their acting amazes me.

Julia's death scenes were truly sad, but did anyone else wonder why Krystal was with Julia and not at the casino inquiring about her hubby?

It's been ages since I have actually watched an entire episode without wearing out the FF button!

Gonna miss you Sydney Penny :-(

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, finished watching yet? Let us know what you thought of last week's episodes.

I felt really sorry for Opal. She thought she was gonna get her groove on w/Rob Gardner, and instead, she gets a needle in the arm. It was a sad moment when she realizes she's been duped and she's been a fool. She just played that so honestly. Jill Larsen is a gem. I am so glad to see her getting screen time again. Where's Palmer?

TPTB, please keep the old timers around. They are what makes us feel warm and fuzzy about AMC. Opal, Tad, Adam, the Martins, the Hubbards, Greg - they are the heart of Pine Valley. I found myself way less interested when Kendall went to talk to Ryan about Greenlee. Who cares?

I did like the scenes with Zach and Greenlee. There is a genuine chemistry there and I liked Zach handing Greenlee the pen to throw. I wonder, though, is Zach ever going to get tired of high-maintenance women?

Anonymous said...

Wow, I got so teary when Dixie was standing over Julia and said something like, "You took such good care of our little girl." So sad :o(

This week has been exciting so far. I agree with you, brown penny, I barely used the FF button at all!! A nice change of pace, let's hope it keeps up.

Anonymous said...

I found it odd that Julia was looking so beautiful and antiseptic in her hospital bed. I must admit to being a TLC trauma/ER junkie, and on those shows, there are so many docs and nurses running around, so much tension, blood, moaning, groaning, so much medical equipment. Heck, Julia looked like she could be laying in the lobby, not an ER. They really gave up on her in a hurry. It didn't seem realistic at all. Any docs and nurses out there agree?

Also, I know nothing about lac livers. Why is this fatal?

I don't know if I was supposed to feel sorry for Greenlee, but I didn't. Karma was smacking her in the face. Boo hoo.


Anonymous said...

Sydney Penny was amazing yesterday! It's a shame that there killing her off when there is so much more they can do with the Julia.

Brian said...

Read today that Leven (aka Lily/Ava) is leaving AMC. No real shock, but I'm sad anyway. One more actor that is leaving because of the lack of creative storytelling. God I hope the new head writer is better than the last.

Anonymous said...

I know that I am in the minorty when I say that I never really liked the Tad/Dixie storyline. Sorry Folks but its the truth. I do like TAD and I am looking forward to him surviving and uniting with "Katethy". The dynamics between Tad, Adam & Krystal will be electric when the truth comes out. But I think Adam & Tad will eventually learn to co exist peacefully, at least for a while.

Now Why would these get rid of Julia or Opal or Eva/Lily? What is up with this character purge? Can't people just move away to go to school or jail like in the good old days? Brooke (Julia Barr) exited, stage left and hasn't been heard from since. Not even a letter to Erica in Prison (hahaha).
Will she come for Julia's memeorial since her son Jaime is out of the country?
Doubt it.
Like you say Ashley...No respect for the actors or the audience.



Anonymous said...

Instead of bringing on Beth Ehlers and other new actors to play new characters why isn't Julia Barr back as Brooke. Oh, I forgot. These writers aren't up to the demands of writing quality scripts for strong female characters who are over 25. Instead we get more of the Blandie and Kendal/Greenlee tiredness. I like Kendal but I'm just tired of seeing her on every episode. (Sorry Jordan I know she's your #1).

Who was that new chick/patient they brought on obviously for Frankie? Why isn't Amamda getting hot and heavy with Frankie? Why aren't Josh and Frankie outdoctoring and outflying each other (since both are doctor/pilot par excellance) for Amamda's affections? Why not really make it interesting and form a quadrangle with Colby after Frankie but he's into Amamda who's torn between him and Josh?! It's so infuriating that the storylines are right there plain as day waiting to be written and these cognitively and developmentally impaired writers can't see them!

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Where the F&*^ are Ashley and Jordan? (Instead of Josh and Amanda?)

SEriously, you two get on here and BLOG IT IN, because AMC is hot hot hot this week. From the helicopter ride, to julia (tears, people, tears!) to everyone hanging around for tad, ruth opal, and joe getting serious air time...yes, y'all even the sextet action has been good. I can only hope that everyone is telling everyone, because there needs to be a serious spike in the ratings these past two weeks to prove that with GOOD and EXCITING writing, acting, and directing this show can be all it's supposed to be.


jordan hudson said...

Okay well I was going to save my comments for the podcast.

I will say this even thou I have enjoyed most of this week. I still feel alot was overlooked.

With a new headwriter coming abord storylines will be changing.

I hope that does not mean the end of Carmen "sugar" Morales.

I do like the new girl who is playing Randi the hooker with a heart of gold. Frankie will believe to be his one true love. Yet again this is the current H.W.'s storyline. It could all change.

Josh was a fing Extra the other day with no lines. Stuff like this annoys me.

The fact that...and yes Bobbi Eakes acted her cute tush off ...but when did her Julia become B.F.F. that she was there balling her eyes out.

And could Doctor Joe and the other doctor be any more "whatever" as they tried to save Julia. The only person showing any concern was the nurse who looked like she actually knew Julia.

I could not, I repeat not, understand a word that Aidumb said to Jesse in Today's epsiode. I was going to put it on mute but said forget it.

Zach getting thoses Fed-Ex forms to send Julia to CAli.

Some of the scenes were very uneven but with such a stellar cast they raise the material to greater heights.

Why is Larry Lau not being asked back. He is great.

Why is Jill Larson not on contract.

If Liza is not coming back then ship this Colby back to her.

Dre showed how horrible an actor he is . Poor Ya Ya it was like talking to a brick wall.

RPG superb. Cady, Jacob, David and again omg Nubabe kicked ass.

I have mix feelings about greenlee /Kendel. This we are sisters and then I hate you thing is getting old. Either they are going to be B.F.F. or mortal enemies ala Erica/Brook, Vicki/Dorian or Nora/Lindsey. Either way I feel like seems like old times.

Anonymous said...

I thought Rob Gardner's falling body whumping down in the BACKGROUND while Frankie and Jake worked on Tad on the roof was HILARIOUS. If you blinked you could have missed it. I don't know what it was about it (maybe it seemed like a Wile E Coyote fall), but it just cracked me up :-)

Anonymous said...

Okay, so if TIIC aren't pairing Frankie and Colby, then WTF was the point of a Colby recast? I just don't get this one at all.

I agree with Jordan, this Kendall/Greenlee BFF thing is getting old. Their friendship has never felt sincere, it's always been forced and gimmicky and, I too, am sick of seeing Kendall every damned day.

Okay, I'm just gonna say it, I don't like Kendall. I haven't liked Kendall since the day Alicia Minshew walked on set. I think she's a decent actress, but she plays Kendall as clueless, impulsive and dumb de dumb dumb. I know I'm in the minority, but a day w/o Kendall is like a breath of fresh air.

Bring back Greg!

Blue skies

Ashley said...

Okay, people, I am RID-DIC! I am still not caught up. I haven't even seen JNA's wedding yet!

I have kicked Carlos' ass to the curb tonight. I am curling up with my dog, Gucci and my DVR and some Chinese takeout (and maybe some Ring Dings - I love Rings Dings), and I'm having me an AMC FRIDAY NIGHT!

(Please tell me I'm not getting my hopes up for a week of great shows, people.)

And if I'm 5 pounds heavier by the time I emerge on Saturday morning, so be it!

(And no, Terry in Toronto - I will not be doing a shot of Goldschlager's every time Jesse says "Angela!")


Erica Kane said...

OK Well, I am already in tears at watching what should have been for Tad and Dixie. Julie Craputhers you suck!!! OK as for Hoolia's death..I was strangely unaffected. Normally I would have been a blubbering mess, but it just did not hit me the way I was expecting.
As for Ruth Martin I like Lee M. but it would have been so much more for me if they could get Mary Fickett to return. I still cannot get into Nu-Babe I am awaiting the return of the "Real" Babe I want Alexa back and I want her back soon!! I am one of the ones who is waiting for Levin R to be gone for good since the writers have wasted her talents. I have more to say but Tad and Dixie are back on so i am leaving for now.

Anonymous said...

Not to be a spoiler, but Ashley, by the time you get caught up to this friday's episode, you are gonna be balling you eyes out!! SOO GOOD! but so sad.

I can't help but hope that the ratings will be so high for this episode that they'll NEED to bring Cady back.

can't wait to hear what you think. :]


Erica Kane said...

Ok I am back...Again since this was supposed to make up for the "death" of Dixie and provide closure to all of us T&D fans could the entire show not have been devoted to T&D??? Would that have been too much to ask??? Really the Zendall scenes could have waited till Monday and the Adam/JR scenes could have been on Monday as well. I am just disgusted at this point.
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

I love Ms. Alicia Minshew and Kendall is my favorite but she needs to stop with this Greenlee pandering once of for all. I hate Kenlee with a passion and theRealGreenlee needs to disappear....FOR REAL.

Nuff said :)

Work your magic Ashley. We love ya!!! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm going with Miss Kane on Friday's episode. I don't think writers should be afraid of devoting whole episodes anymore. THe Adam/JR scenes felt forced to me. And redundant. I can't imagine AM or TK has pay or play contracts that necessitate another day this week. Pointless as well.

OTOH, I think that AMC fans have whined a little too much about T&D. I mean, c'mon people, I love T&D too. I think dixie and the pancakes was a clear "jump the shark" moment for this show. I also hope to hades that dixie is still astral projecting and Dr. David is keeping her alive somewhere. However, THIS IS A SOAP. There is no happily-ever-after. This is the ONLY WAY we will get a happily-ever-after with T&D, even IF they invite back Ms. McClain to reprise her role. So I think the majority of AMC fans need to get over the injustice that has been done, accept this for what it is and concentrate on some other aspects of the show.



Anonymous said...

It seems to me that Jesse's bungled attempt to arrest the crook resulted in all those shootings. Why didn't he have backup, or make sure no one could enter the room?

Anonymous said...

Welcome back Ashley! I don't know what happened to my Ipod, but the "jessie and angie can barely see straight" episode downloaded as an old Taylor / Ash podcast from last june. Actually, it was truly enjoyable - I love those T&A shows :-)


Anonymous said...

They need to bring back Greg Nelson, he is the hottest guy on the show, even hotter than Aiden, imo.