Sunday, October 19, 2008

There's A(nother) Tornado in Pine Valley

(Except this one has better special effects.)

Oh, folks. I'm not gonna lie. I've been absent from both the 'cast and the blog this week. Ever since I saw TIIC turn Carmen into a caricature with her catfight with Erica on Wednesday, I haven't been the same. Almost stopped watching right then and there. But we made a commitment to you ("We Watch So you Don't Have To!"), and we're doing our best to keep that commitment. I will hang in this week, because I do think there will be some good, old-fashioned high stakes soap moments in the days ahead (not to mention the fact that I still love doing this podcast for you). So kick back, have a glass of chocolate milk, and give us your ass-toot opinions and commentaries (as you always do) here.

10/17/08 Podcast

P.S. - The Pine Valley Podcast offers our condolences to Laura, who lost her mother-in-law recently. Our best wishes to you and your family, Laura. We're thinking of you.


Jason said...

Yeah! I missed you Ashley and Jordan! The shows leading up to the tornado was soooo boring! I already said I really liked the tornado but I forgot to add i didn't like Ryan and Greenlee. Barf! I can't stand Ryan!

BTW Jordan, Ashley what did you think of Mad Men tonight?

n69n said...


n69n said...

oooh listen to Ashley askin "what about BLAIR?", "what about Beth Ann Bonner"...

sounds like you are gettin hooked on OLTL!

Superposter said...

Ash, your "Opal" impersonation at the beginning is killing me! HA HA HA!

superposter said...

All right...still listening to this week's podcast and I agree with you Ash. The special effects are great (uh...well, not really...I mean in the midst of a tornado Greenlee's hair DOESN't MOVE?!?!?!) but it is CHARACTERS that make us interested. And, IMO, 1994's tornado was far superior (so far) to this storyline for that reason.

BTW...I am like Brooke, Jordan? (I hope I am not that boring>) LOL! Thanks for the plug. :)

n69n said...

i agree: the destruction of CARMEN as a character is one of the most disgusting things to happen on AMC...i am *ASHAMED* & embarrassed of AMC not knowing what to do with an endearing latino woman character and a powerful actress like Elizabeth Rodriguez.

they really couldnt think of *anything* to do with her other than make her fight with ERICA (her SUPERSTAR, remember?) over JERKSON????

..& that half-assed story with RANDI, that obviously no one ever thought through past both actresses' skin tones...

both the character & actress deserve more, & we as viewers definitley deserve better!

melmel said...

The problem with the tornado is all action, little emotion IMO. Is it horrible that I wish the tornado would kill more people? (I mean you Ryan and Greenlee) But at least when they're onscreen I can watch the whole week faster- FF right by 'em.

Anonymous said...

Ashley & Jordan,

Your comments are so on point. The podcast is amazing as usual. You capture how we're feeling so perfectly. I think something bad is coming and it's not the tornado, the end is near for AMC and it's not pretty.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

LOL No superposter You have her integrity when it comes to reporting news love ya. Also I was remembering the last Tornado and how amazing it was. Yeah this one is falling short BIG TIME!

n69n said...

are any of ya'll goin to Ilene Kristen's (ROXY, OLTL) concert Nov 1st?

here's the details...i'm goin!

Ilene Kristen @ The Triad NYC

Featuring Murray Weinstock-Keys, John Miller-Bass, Gary Fritz Percussion & Victor Lesser-Sax

Saturday, Nov. 1, 2008 @ 9pm

$20 Cover + 2 Drink Mininum

158 W. 72nd St., NYC 10023


i will give ya'll a full report!

Vonda Howard said...

Okay. You guys are always so on point and HILARIOUS!!

Ash, did you really ask if Corrina was slow? LMAO!!!!!!!!!!!! {chirp...chirp...}

And WHO goes out for SMORES in the middle of a tornadic storm??

Brian said...

I was reading on Wikipedia's AMC page and they have listed that Sabine Sigh is coming back in January? Now I know that these pages are user created, but is there any truth to this?

Currently listing to the podcast!

Tonjay3 said...

First time blogging, Just wanted to say I LOVE the show. Ashley and Jordan you all just make me laugh so hard. I listen to you at work on my ipod and people are always looking at me Like I am crazy. Walking around work laughing and agreeing with everything you all say. Please keep up the great work. You have the BEST podcast out there hands down. And the doorbell thing I didnt get that at all either. Jordan OLTL is my one of my fav soaps. Have been watching All my kids since 6th grade. OLTL the same. I was livin when GIGI hit Bitchy Bangs. Anyway Now I am in my 40's and still watch everyday. Please keep up the great work, hang in there like they say its gets worse before it gets better.Love you both.

Shadow said...

Skinny old, malnourished, unkempt Kendall laying in some rubble. It’s like AMC: Combodia.

There is no way a cop is going to lock a person to a gurney in a hospital. Tad committed no crime. If a twister hits and he’s strapped to that thing he is either goint to have the wildest ride of his life or he is totally going to die. Does this show have a legal consultant? “Ridic” as Ash would say.

Babe is crying and bleeding and looking very “Richie”.

That vinyl flooring in The Comeback needed to be replaced anyway. Hideous!

Considering the amount of rubble trapping Erica and Adam, the tornado must have dropped the Courtland Manor on top of the Chandler mansion.

Isn’t anyone worried about Chompers and Myrtle? Chompers is probably just pissed the satellite went out and doesn't realize the whole house is gone.

Adam to Erica: “I said sit, not strike a pose.” If only the whole show was as good as the occasional one liner.

The exterior scenes look much more realistic than any yacht club scene ever does. They should keep the green screen for future use.

Hope Zach didn’t flip that couch over on somebody!

Why does Zach look surprised Bianca is pregnant? What did he think she was going to do with his sperm? There is that word again. It’s more like “All My Sperm”.


Annie and Kat! Together. Yeah! I do wonder where Emma is. Anybody have any theories? Nobody seems too sympathetic to Annie. If my kids were missing, I’d be going freaking insane on anyone who got in my way. She’s just sitting there looking bored stroking the hair of some kid she doesn’t really care anything about.

KWAK: “The first aid kit is under the bar.” Question: Where’s the bar?

If they want to make Babe feel better, or me, they could start by wiping the snot off her nose. They say she's bleeding to death but all I see is a scratch on her head. But her face is covered in snot.


Opal looks GREAT for a woman who just had a heart attack. Maybe it was just a little tiny heart attack.

Aidumb is alive. I’m beginning to think the other death is just going to be Barry or Winifred.

Randi does DBTE so well, but where is she? This could be her *moment* to do what she does best! Picture it: laying on the bar, no breath, fingers curled, tongue hanging out to the side…and the eyes are open. Emmy time!

I’m all for understated acting as long as it isn’t too DBTE, but KWAK and JR don’t seem too terribly busted up about Babe bleeding to death. I would have thought Krystal would be losing her mind, vomiting and screaming DON’T GO DYIN ON ME BABY DAWL! YOU COME BACK!

Heh, “come back”, get it?

Where are the Martins? I’d like to see their reaction to all this. Must be scary going through this again. Especially with all the door bells going off everywhere.

OMG Erica and Adam’s banter sort of reminds me of the Old Swinger Couple at Aidumb’s and Greenlee’s wedding a few months ago. They cannot hook up again.

Let's don't drag this out, Die Babe Die!

Another tornado is after Greenlee, Aidumb and Cryan. Maybe the 3rd time’s the charm! At least knock the accent out of him.

RANDI IS ALIVE. There’s still hope for live wires and collapsing buildings.

KWAK: That angel answered our prayers and the storm payassed us right by. We’re all safe. Oh, except Babe. Dammit she’s as dead as a two-ba-four.

Kendall is in a coma. That is so interesting! I’ve never seen her do that before.

Now everybody is picking on Pratt for not understanding the characters, but I beg to differ. He has a clear understanding of Kendall. She is skinny, surrounded by flies, and goes into a coma every 4 to 6 months.

Zach and Bianca are just sitting calmly on some debris getting reacquainted while little Ian just relaxes under the end table, Spike fiddles with his cochlear implants, and Kendall catches a few winks at PVH.

Thanks for the PSA Cryan, but I wish you would die.

A quick OLTL note:
Hey, the Llanview and PVH hospitals look alike. Guess they used the same contractor.

That is an amazingly clear ultrasound picture. The baby looks like he’s giving the “Peace Out” sign or something to the camera.


Anonymous said...

Hey Shadow,

I read your whole longa$$ post and almost peed myself from laughing so hard! You're hilarious. If only you were on the Jordan Hudson (headwriter) team for AMC the show would be watchable again.

Thank God for the blog and the podcast because right now AMC sucks the big one. Do you think if we pray hard enough Kendall will stay in her coma? How about she wakes up and she's fat from being fed chocolate milkshakes intravenously? What would Kendall do if she woke up and she was 300 lbs? Now that would be an interesting storyline.

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

I actually love that idea Terry. In a few months Kendall wakes from her coma. She lays there quietly counting her fingers, wiggling her toes, and then she says a little prayer of thanks. Slowly she pulls herself up and throws her feet over the side of the bed when, horror struck, she sees them for the first time: Cankles! In a second she is upright frantically looking for a mirror when she sees "it": the badonk-adonk butt. She gasps, raises her eyes and braces for the worst to come: straight hair!

jordan hudson said...

Actually Shadow Petey had a line last week were he mentioned that he was worried about Opla with Palmer being out of town. Which is weird sicne they are not married or live together but thats Pratthole for you

Shadow said...

Just finished the podcast:

Ok, now you guys are just showing off with the podcast openings. The sound was GREAT on the opening this week. You even had the wooshing toilet sound! Missed you last week, but so worth the wait!

I was really glad you talked about n69n’s incredible talent. His rendering of the Kane women was a fantastic expression of the deep appreciation fans have for the history of the show and its characters. I’ve thought about n69n’s work all week. First of all, I think n69 is an amazing talent. Secondly, I was thinking how much I wish Pratt could meet people like n69n who have such a longevity of watching the show. I would hope that by spending time with a real fan, he would get a better understanding of our expectations for the show and who to write it.

JordAsh astootly referenced Pratt’s “Primetime BS”. I was trying to make that point a few weeks ago when I was talking about the choppy dialogue, editing and production, but Ashley said it better. AMC needed to shore itself up but Pratt is writing the show as if it were a new season of a primetime show like DH or Melrose season and the 40 years of AMC history before doesn’t matter. Obviously, there’s a significant difference between the day and primetime audiences. At night, we expect a show to sort of CTRL ALT DEL at the beginning of every season. Melrose did it the second season when the brought on Heather Locklear. The first season was like a watered down 90210. The second season of MP got its bitch on. But in the daytime, we’re invested in the history of the characters and the continuity of their development. We actually remember and care about what happened before. We expect the characters to be recognizable from one day to the next. These people are like family to us, and we worry when they uncharacteristic swings in their behavior. We’re supposed to know these people.

n69n's lovely picture of Mona is a great example of what it means to be a soap fan. Mona’s been gone a while, but she still means a lot to those of us who have watched for a while. She’s a touchstone, a guiding light. N69n remembers where the characters have come from, and the people and events that help shape their lives. He knows when a character is being truthful and when a character is astray. On a primetime show, who remembers a character from one season to the next let alone 15 years ago? Primetime shows are all about instant ratings payoff and the next big thing. What happened last season or years before doesn’t matter. If the going gets tough, they jump ahead 5 years. Daytime soaps don’t have “seasons” and soap fans remember details. The details are what make the experience. Pratt needs to advance the show, but he’s got to get to know these characters intimately like n69n does. Otherwise, it will always be just a Stepford version of AMC where everybody looks familiar, but somehow they all just seem a little DBTE.

Why is it that Erica and Carmen are ripping each other’s shirts off for no really good reason or provocation, but Greenlee, Kendall and Annie, who all have plenty of reason to start bitch slapping each other never break a sweat?

Good idea to have a segment each week about what we like on AMC each week. It shouldn’t take long, and if we keep it simple, maybe TPTB will understand it.

IMHO, the reason the ‘94 tornado was better was because it centered around the Martin family, and we were all sort of a collective Bobby Martin, the unseen kid living in the attic. We were part of the Martin family and we wanted our family to be OK. This time, we don’t have any traditional families to care about, just lots of unrelated, disconnected, emotionally stunted thirty-forty somethings who bitch a lot. They need to reestablish the core families again.

Favorite line of the podcast: Jordan to Ashley: “Is that where that’s from?” That whole exchange was unexpected and funny.

Jesse lies but the Weave knows the truth. I swear today on AMC right after Jesse left the Comeback, Angie turned from Natalia to Jesse, her eyes widened and all the curls on the Weave seemed to come alive like Medusa snakes or something. She is going to kick his ass when she finds out.

You nailed it about LaTurd Jordan. The posture, the snort, the geekiness. And how about that plaid dress?

dianne said...

Geez, Shadow! Give a girl a break. I conked my head when I fell on the floor laughing at your post. And, like Ash & Jordan, you're so on point.

Like so many on this blog (including Ashley and Jordan) I have watched AMC for such a long time-- starting from its premiere when I was in college and continuing into my retirement. Sadly, it looks as if Erica Kane and the rest of Pine Valley is headed for retirement also.

As much as Jordan has tried to warn us, I've been in denial about the network's plans for AMC. Finally, this tornado, and all the drivel leading up to and following it have whacked some sense into me. Even though she could pray away a tornado, I don't think even KWAK can stop this perfect storm. What a metaphor this tornado is!

Hurry up and die, Babe. Since TPTB announce these plot points in advance, we all know you're going, so let's just fast forward a bit, shall we? Can you imagine how the drama would have been ripped from the 94 tornado if TPTB had announced in advance that Julia would have her face shredded by a chandelier.

Doesn't anyone in Pine Valley have a clue about basic first aid? Every time someone finds a victim under rubble (Bianca, Greenlee, etc.), they just grab the person up with absolutely no concern about aggravating injuries the person may have. Oh, yeah, it was in the script that Greenlee wasn't injured, right?

This is a daytime drama that has had all the drama squeezed out of it. The actors look like the characters we've known for so long, but they sure as hell don't act like them. Jesse hiding his daughter's existence, even after she is injured? Erica falling for Adam? Erica tearing off the dress she bought for Carmen? Carmen going after Jerkson? No, no, no. None of it makes sense. You nailed it, Ashley, it's like the body snatchers have arrived in Pine Valley! The poor actors must dread going to work every day with the crap they're being given.

In addition to this out-of-character nonsense, we are constantly being required to suspend our disbelief and ignore things which are completely ridiculous and so absurd they are distracting... the Pennsylvania coast (why is this needed???), tornadoes are touching down all over town and Zach happens to find a police officer who summons an ambulance which immediately comes to pick up stick-girl Kendall. Moreover, in the midst of this crisis, the officer agrees to come back to the house to be Zach's messenger boy if he gets word from the hospital-- on Kendall's condition presumably. WTF? Does he have a big gambling debt at the casino? Otherwise, wouldn't he say, there are emergencies all over town that I need to help with.

On and on it goes. Opal is perfectly fine after having a heart attack minutes before. An officer handcuffs Tad to a gurney in the middle of a crisis situation when hospital personnel are going to be searching for every one they can find? A woman is dead in the hospital corridor, Franklin shrugs and walks past leaving Tad to cover her face?? Adam and Erica trapped in the tunnels for who knows how long and Adam guzzles the tiny bottle of water rather than trying to conserve it?? Kathy who has lost two mother figures is brought to stand next to Babe as she is dying and telling Little A goodbye?? Bianca can't have a baby in a hospital, delivered by a doctor? Something about those emergency situations induces labor quicker than Pitocin for her.

Bianca would not get herself impregnated with Zach's child without discussing it with Kendall-- nope, just wouldn't do it. And this was another extremely anticlimactic scene that Thorsten Kaye and Eden Riegel could have filled with drama had TIIC not announced it in advance.

It's quickly getting to be too much. I'm about ready to jump on the train out of Pine Valley with Terry from Toronto. And I don't see this train backing up like Jesse's did.

I never thought we'd live to see the day that a writer could make McTavish look-- OK, not good, but better than what we got in Upchuck, the hatchet man.

But let me end my ranting on a positive note. Stick girl is in a coma again, bless her heart! (Frankly I liked Ashley's idea of her being blown to China better. Could have had some good location shots out of Zach's search...). Now all we need is for KWAK to pray that KenDULL stays in the coma. (Why didn't she pray her baby dawl back to life, btw?)

Ashley and Jordan, I don't know how much longer we can ask you to watch so we don't have to-- or how much longer any of us may even have the opportunity to watch.

Thanks for another fabulous blog. We love and appreciate you both!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

I missed you too Ashley and Jordan but as a Zendall fan I must come to their defense. Zach and Kendall and really the only reason I am still watching AMC. I mean I like Adam, Erica,Tad, Jr but it is Zendall that is the real draw for me. I think there love scenes are a mix of hot and sweet they seem real. I mean really how many people have sex in the shower or tear each other's clothes off.

Also I should Alicia will be on vacation for two months not four ( come on this is ABC). The girl may be skinny but she has got butt and this is coming from a black girl who has none. Trust me I am flat as a pancake back there.

Jordan I like you was an avid OLTL watcher and could tolerate Tess but it is time for her to go. Also OLTL is losing viewers because of the romance between Todd and Marty it is nasty.

Jason said...

I didn't see the catfight but sounded gross.

Eww on David and Amanda! Part of me is happy she's getting a story but she can do way better!

I like Petey but I just can't watch colby she still can not act.

Carmen is now on contract so tptb must like her. I do but i hate her with Jerkson.

Good podcast this week

Im bored withf Todd and Marty i hope it wraps up soon. I love everything else on oltl.

David C said...

Long time listener, first time poster. I love your guys podcast. Been watching AMC since 1996 and I agree that these ratings stunts are just not going to do it for AMC. I really really fear for its future. What was once such a GREAT show that featured intelligent, well thought out stories with social commentary and warmth is now a shock-fest and a crap fest. I predict when AMC is canceled it will be under Chuck Pratt. Frons has done his best to ruin all of ABC daytime with his meddling and interfering and dictating his favorites. I'll keep listening to you guys until the bitter end though!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Trust me AMC won't be cancled before ATWT or Guiding Light

n69n said...

isnt anyone worried about AMANDA & TAYLOR?
their yacht must have been tossed all over the place!

plus you know AMANDA is passed out drunk!

notes on Monday's episode


• seems like if a basement is the safest place in a tornado, the tunnels would be even safer.

• BINKS!!!

• oh ANNIE.

• this is the first episode of the tornado to have some emotional realness to it.

• BINKS keeps saying, "the baby, the baby, the baby"...she's really drivin that "baby" point home.

• even with all the spoilers & contract negotiation scoops, its still upsetting to see KENDALL like this.

• BABE: "Where's Little Adam? I wanna see him...I need to say goodbye."

Amanda Baker is doing a respectable job in sending BABE off.

• ZACH: "Doesnt the father have a right to know?"

this is why i hate spoilers...ZACH's line should have had jaws-dropping across america...but everyone & their grandma already knows the whole storyline.

Jordan called it best when he pointed out that all the drama is being wasted by not having BIANCA & REESE, the baby's conception, etc happen on screen...instead we get BIANCA summing up what i guess is the last year of her life in 3 sentences or less.

if BIANCA & REESE met onscreen, we would have more investment in their relationship.

Sure, hype BIANCA's return, but dont blow your game!

• BABE's got me all cryin & here comes another tornado.

• KWAK's prayer was least, it was th closest we got to classic AMC.

notes on Monday's episode

• look at DORIAN, all preenin' & struttin'!!!

• oooh JANET gives TODD some bizness!

i like this JANET lady...even if she's bad, just standing up to TODD wins me over.

• i'm nervous about these MONTEZ people becoming another SANTI family.

• BITCHY BANGS has REX all installed in the living room of La Boulaise...BLAIR opens the door, sees it all and gets this look on her face like "what in the holy hell...?"

• that Beth Ann Bonner kicks ass, i wanna see more of her.

• DORIAN: "I've always been deeply involved in the rehabilitation of convicts."

that chartreuse is not a good color for DORIAN. She's too pale; she needs rich reds, maroons, dark colors.

• MARCIE's got a plan, i like that!

thanks ya'll, for saying such nice things about me & my work!

Anonymous said...

Amanda with David Hayward is the worst idea I've ever heard. Why couldn't she have Jake or Frankie or someone within 5 years of her age. David is the father of her 'best friend' in the whole wide world Babe Carey Chandler. .. or should I say her dearly departed former best friend? Why not put Amanda with Adam or Chompers while you're at it Pratthole? Adam and Palmer duke it out mano a mano over Amanda with Erica as the ringside girl announcing the start of each round. Seriously is this what AMC has come to? Amanda forced with David because the writers have some stupid idea that RPG and BE MUST be together? Ridonkulousness! I'd even take Amanda with Petey at this point. At least I wouldn't have to upchuck (get it? up Chuck) everytime we are forced to watch Hunchback Turdby in the frame with Petey. I actually think Amanda as a young hot Mrs. Robinson type would be terrific with Petey.

Terry in Toronto

n69n said...

im tellin ya, there were sparks when AMANDA busted PETEY on the loading dock (if Pratt can remember back that far)!

shadow said...

Hey Amanda hooking up w/ Chompers- there's an idea. Sort of like Anna Nicole. Amanda lost her foretune b/c of Bella so she gold digs w/ Palmer. Is he being taken advantage of or is he just a kinky old guy enjoying the view? Naked Amanda is too much for his heart, but he dies a happy man. After he dies, Amanda inherits everything . Janet moves into the Manor w/ full time care who she later kills. Pete and Opal sue Amanda over their inheritance. Amanda puts Palmer in an urn and places him in a place of honor on top of the tv.jerkson and Livia finally get a good case to litigate.
Just a thought.

Ty said...

I missed y'all! Welcome back. I feel so bad for you Ash! Don't worry, there's room at the OLTL Inn for recovering AMC addicts!

Man, ABC hyped up the tornado for weeks. Showed these great promos, and made us think we were headed for something special, and when the time finally left us unfulfilled(sounds like one of my dates).

The special effects were cool enough, but honestly, the wind blew me away more than the characters and the dialogue.

I love how at the comeback after the storm, everybody came out of their nice little cubby holes unscratched, but Babe has a giant ass beam on her back holding her wound closed. LOL! When they lift the beam off, I wanna' see blood flowing out like a Kool-Aid fountain, cause that is what they are making it seem like.

Little A reminds me of that fat little german kid from the simpsons, the one they always chase that eats the chocolate...anyway. It was a sad scene, and Amanda Baker brought it. Why is it that they only write good stuff for a character when the actor is on their way out? Boggles the mind.

At first, I was happy about Babe biting it, but then I realized that this means we may have to deal with...GHOST BABE...AAAAAAAAAAGH! Remember how annoying Ghost Dixie was? Well imagine not being able to run from HellBabe? Blessing and curse.

Speaking of blessings, Rebecca Budig leaving, and Alicia Minshew on hiatus(placing Kendall in a coma) are blessings in disguise! Greenlee gone means no Rylee. Kendall out of commission means no screechy hypocritical bad hair Kendall for FOUR WHOLE MONTHS...YAY! Now if we could only find a way to get rid of Ryan and Zach, maybe there will be some hope for the show!


And Jordan, you were right! Krystal DID say they had a basement, but then in the next scene, she said they didn't have a cellar or anything. I think the writers goofed!

For such a pivotal scene, the only people we had there were Randi and freaking Natalia(who already annoys me)? Why not Amanda? Why not Colby? tsk, tsk! For God's sake this is BABE'S SWAN SONG! This should be an important scene!

The only thing that would have made it better is if the Comeback collapsed on Babe, and then 2 feet were sticking out with green and white striped stockings, and then when Jr went to touch them, they curled up under the house like in the Wizard of Oz. That would have made it so much more rewarding!

I don't like what Pratt is doing to Jesse. They made him a liar, and a shady a-hole. Does he seem drunk to anyone else but me? When he delivers his lines, he sort of just slurs them out unless he is yelling, then he perfectly enunciates the last word! He is quickly becoming someone that I fastforward.

Angie had a busted weave on y'all. When it is longer and flowing, she looks younger, but when they give her these curly kit crappy weaves, she looks like Weezy from the Jeffersons. And they put her in those old lady shirts and bloomers not good. Some days she looks young and sexy, but maybe the wardrobe person got the wrong character sheet, maybe they got the character sheet for Ruth by mistake?

As for Bianca, I thinkthe character is done, I don't know why they brought her back. Actually we know ABC is all about gimmicks nowadays...short flashes in the pan and no real long term fixes for what's broken. Not only do they Bring Bianca back, but now they bring her back with a damaged character. In keeping with Pratt's vision of having all women on the show hate each other, now Kendall will start to hate her sister. Congrats Pratt!

Ryan continues to make me sick. He ruins all women! Now he realizes that ruining Greenlee the first time didn't really take, so now he has to make sure he finishes her off. He kicks in the door like a freaking neanderthal and she is already a mess, so he adds more garbage to her emotional landfill. Way to Go!

And then, during a tornado, Ryan leaves his kids and goes to search for his ho! Unbelievable! I love the scene where Annie is yelling at Corinna and Emma just RUNS off the stage. You can tell a producer was there telling her to run off stage. I laughed! And then Corinna stood up for herself to Annie...nice. I'd like to see more Corinna, as long as they don't make her a Latin stereotype like Carmen. I hate how soaps do this to Latina actresses. Within week they go from being fleshed out characters to "sizzling" stereotypes.

If you are a Latin actor, and they describe you as sizzling, or they say you "sizzle", that is a sign that it is time to get out! Lol! Pratt doesn't have a stellar reputation with minority characters anyway. My guess is, he is making Angie and Jesse so unbearable, so he can say "Audiences are falling out of favor with them", so he can justify writing the characters out. They are already on the road to ruin anyway, it's only a matter of time.

Sorry Rebecca Budig, but Sabine looked better in the hole with Zach. RB is too foofy to look convincing in dirt and shrapnel.

I dunno what to think about the show anymore. The only way I can describe it is...choppy. And the decisions they are making with regard to casting have me ??? Eden and Tamara only signed for 4 months?! Ditto for Laura Koffman?! What gives? I also hear that they are considering letting Michael E. Knight (Tad) go...what are they smoking? Maybe Frons and JHC got hold of some Bella? The show is just a mess!

I stopped watching OLTL regularly, cause for all the gimmicks, I think they lost focus after Spenser died. I cannot stand Rex and Gigi...they have no chemisty. Farah Fath is kind of goofy to me, and she reminds me of Janet from Three's Company. I know Rex is supposed to be silly, but they don't have heat on screen, more like "Rex and Gigi bring the lukewarm"! Woo hoo!

I have started taping the show again, so maybe I will get back into it like before. My Girl Tea is gonna be back soon! Yay!

shadow said...

"HellBabe". U made me smile w/ that one.

jordan hudson said...

I miss you guys on the blog. Holla.

Well I don't know about you but I found only a few moments in Monday's episode and it was all about Babe and the comeback.

What irked me the most was that I didn't feel the urgency. Everyone
even the comeback gang were lacking an intensity. I remember 94 and how everyone was so intense. Maria springing into action in regards to Julia. Then I compare it to the most bizarre scene of Zach and Binks talking matter of fact about the whole doner situation and Reese, as if they were having tea and scones. YOUR WIFE AND SISTER MIGHT DIE HELLO! Pratt is an ASS%(*&.

Even Cornelius who I adore was so flat when Kendall was brought in. It didn't help the tube falling out of her mouth which came across funny not dramatic.

The extras were moving around like extras from the original Night of The living dead.

Jesse still not admitting that Natalia is his kid. THIS IS NOT JESSE!!!!!!!
As for her...I'm sure she is a sweet girl but... come on now YaYa could act. This girl was so unbelievable and that look she gave Jesse was wretched. Even the cast of those MYnetwork soaps could have done better.
Tasha girl I love you. And you know I defended Alicia when Ashley called her too thin but girl I saw Ms Minshew in Manhattan last week and her hips and but are vanishing.

Ty Im with you on GiGi. I liked her as emma but I'm a Rex & Adrianna Fan . I only hope that OLTL can get Tea to stay.

n69n said...

i saw a picture this morning of Minshew & i swear her neck was thicker than her hips!

Ty said...

I love Tea Jordan. She was the only person I ever really liked Todd with. Whenever these vets come back, I get afraid, since lately the writers and EP tend to royally botch any kind of significant return. We'll see.

Again, AMC tends to favor youth and models over common sense. They hire these vapid empty pretty faces, and then expect them to give some good drama. Yaya was terrific, and pretty at the same time.

But I always say, the show will NEVER have more than 3 African American characters on the show at once. If one comes, one has to leave...a sad commentary on soaps.

I personally think Pratt's 'vision' for AMC is similar to what he did for Melrose place. First step is to get rid of the minorities, and the regular folk, then the older cast, and replace the cast with models, and then proceed to turn the show into a trash fest of pretty people doing the same recycled Prime Time soap crap that we have seen replayed ad nauseum.

Laura said...

Thanks so much for mentioning my loss, this blog is like my second family. The show, that's another matter. I am not feeling it lately.
I think that we need to do a youtube Animated All My Kids. Norn (n69) can animate it, Jordan, shadow, and contributing bloggers can write it, and Ashley you can do all the voices! A two minute episode would be better than the hour of crap they are giving us.

I am all for a Dirty Sexy Money podcast! Love Peter Krause, from Sportsnight, and Six Feet. Great cast and writing. Best prime time soap in years.

Alejandro said...

Hey all.
Jordan and Ashley thank god i wasnt the only one to feel that way about Carmen. I just listened to the podcast. I was ashamed and embarrased what they did to Carmen last week, especially as a Latino. that was something i expected from a bad telenovela on univision. Can Pratt not write for a Latina. Is AMC going to become Melrose Place now. After that scene i found myself having an ahha moment and said what am i doing, why am i watching this. I was offended. Why didnt they put Carmen with Josh instead of jerkson, that would of created drama with Erica. .

I just hope things get better and i think Babes death will be good drama. I sure hope we get a Myrtle funeral soon and bring back Skye and Linda Dano's Rae. Ive always heard great things about Linda Dano.

What happened in the last tornado of 94, i was too young back then but heard it was good? Didnt Julia get hurt then and wasnt SMG in it as Kendall. Poor Julia she didnt even get an onscreen funeral!!
Jordan hearing u reminisce about how good AMC was back in the day made me sad, i wish i saw it and was alive back then. Ive only read about those things, Brooke losing her daughter Laura must have been heartwrenching i imagine. When did that happen? Jordan and Ashley when did AMC stop being good for u guys, i heard it was pretty good in til the 90s but in the 2000s not so much! What were some of your favorite stories back then everyone on the blog. Jordan i know u know this who wrote it back then and are they still in the business, because i say bring them back!!

I read that David gets involved with Annie not Amanda. Poor David losing 2 daughters, now he has no kids. Jordan what do u think about ATWT and GL right now, what are u liking and not liking. On GH Laura wakes up this week and it should be good. Did u notice Peyton List on Mad Men ex Lucy ATWT, did u like her on ATWT. They are recasting Lucy i hear. Who would u cast for Sarah on OLTL, i would cast Martha Madison from Days or Marcy Rylan from GL, how about you? I thought Justis was terrible they need a strong actress that can live up to being the daughter of Tina Lord and granddaughter of Maria, who i heard was a real bitch.

Anyway great job and cant wait for the next podcast, they are the highlight of my Mondays. BTW when do u record these Saturdays.

jordan hudson said...

Alejandro Believe it or not Mctavish was writing back then. It was her first go around as Head writer and she did do some decent stuff the first time around. Like bringing in The Santos clan, but Aggie was also a consultant back then and I think guided Mctavish.

The problem with Tornado '08 is what Ashley and I pointed out and
seems to be an issue for some of our bloggers as well.... we just don't care. They have made so many characters unlikeable. Greenlee, Kendull, Cryin... that your glad they are in a coma or in danger.

My other problem is this is a disaster hitting a small town; why are we not seeing everyone, Where is Stuart,Marion,Carmen,Taylor, Amanda, Jackson...we heard about Ruth and Jenny. No one has mentioned Myrtle. We know Palmer left town.

The revelation about Natalia in today's episode was so flat, anti climatic. It certainly hurts the fact that ABC promots the entire storylines weeks before they air. So we know what's coming it takes the suspense out of it. The only thing working here is Babe dying and the fact that no matter how you look at it J.R. is right, Adam had a hand in it. So there lies some ramifications that will continue to play out hopefully for years to come. (If they don't cancell the show).
The fact that everyone was so inconsiderate to Annie was annoying me. It's a tornado and her daughter is missing. Little A stole the episode for me when he said he wanted to give his mama the seashell. Jacob Young looked to pretty in today's episode. Hello make up, he was in a tornado. His closeups at the end looked like he was in a porn, he looked way too hot. And why did Zach feel the need to pay tribute to The lion King. Who would hold a baby up to the moon in tribute in the night air, naked, in fall, during a tornado, when she just popped out of her mom's vajayjay.

Ty I agree with you Tea is Todd's soul mate she fell in love with him knowing who he was. Blair and Todd hooked up because they were both outcast.

Laura yes I love DSM and with Candys Cane returning as the hilarious Carmelita it is so on. Plus Jill and Donald. All for more veterans. Why I love Boston Legal and yes Betty White next week back as Katherine Piper. Holla!

Well it seems that AMC fires the people who can act and they get hired on other soaps and treated right. It seems That Jeff Branson's (Shayne) is going to be paired with Gina Tongoni( Dinah) that's HOT!. GL I'm loving me some Bill/Lizzie, Reva/Josh the problem is the rest of the cast has no real storyline. I want to see a romance with Natalia and Frank. What I do like is the Coop/Beth romance that is coming. ATWT is very strange for me right now. I only really like Paul and Meg, Thou I'm curious to find out Larry Lau's character's secret. I like Luke but hate Noah, Luke needs a real love interest. A Latin guy, part of my ATWT proposal. hehehehe

jordan hudson said...

In regards for when AMC got bad. It was a gradual thing for me. I slowly noticed changes in soaps. I enjoyed Port Charles at the very beginning. It was an old fashion Soap, what I like. Then one day in one episode ( mind you it was a half hour show), so much happened and the characters were acting strange and a main couple broke up for no reason, when the day before they were happy. I realized that soaps were a changing and not for the better.

As for AMC well the fact that they got rid of Francesca James and Lorriane Broderick did not sit well with me. Especially since I thought the show was perfect under there regime. I loved the Jake, Liza, Adam triangle. Janet and Trevor, Kevin coming out.... Maria had gone off the cliff in the airplane. Powerfull stuff...then they were let go because a decline in ratings due to the gay storyline.

The next writer rushed the triangle and for some reason Adam and Liza were soul mates and Jake was out of the picture. I thought Michael ( who played jake at the time) and Marcy had so much chemistry. It was an old school romance. They met and did not know who the other was. His nickname for her was ACE. He balanced Liza out with Adam being the obstacle. Then when Trevor and Janet were written off, I knew something was going on and it was bad real bad. Then they hired two people as head writers who never wrote a soap and Fusion was introduced with one of the most wretched epsiodes ever, what a woman wants, with all the woman having silly fantasies. Gone was Leo, Vanessa and Trey. I liked David when he had a family. The wretched Juan Pablo and Juan BoBo were introduced and for me the final straw was when Marcy Walker was let go. I stopped watching.

I only came back because of Ashley's need for a sub when Taylor needed a week off. I was disgusted with what I was watching and could not believe how far my beloved show had fallen. Brooke written off, Edmund killed off, a slayer running around town, Janet killed Trevor and no Haley. Plus Kate Collins brought back to play that caricature negated all the great work Robin Mattson did to make Janet a character we loved. Dixie killed by poisoned pancakes. It was unbearable to watch during the slayer year.

Then came hope in the form of Barbara and James. They brought back Angie and Jesse, and a great actor to play there son. I saw signs of my AMC. Did I love everything they did, no. They killed my Julia and dropped the ball a bit with Robert Gardner. Yet Pratt for me is driving the final nails in the coffin and seems to be determined to bury our beloved show.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...


Kendal is only taking 2 months off not 4 as originally reported!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

It was refreshing to see Binks and I'd take her over Kendall any day, but what was up with a 7 1/2 months pregnant woman wearing six inch heels on her "do me" boots? I agree with Jordan that Bianca and Zach creating backstory explanation in the rubble while the fire still burns in the fireplace even though a tornado has gone by is beyond unrealistic.

Why didn't a pole fall on Ryan? Why couldn't Kendall have been lost for two days and found dead because she hadn't eaten her usual ten calories a day. Why isn't Greenlee dead? Why isn't Coldby dead? Why isn't Randi dead? What was the purpose of the tornado other than to pull the show down to new lows?

The only thing I loved was the look Angie gave Jesse when he admitted that Natalia is his daughter.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Yeah alejandro has been found. I care more about you and the other folks here than the lame characters on this show. I thought maybe you fell in the Missippi River, but Tornado's are more likely to hit your area than Pennsylvania.

I watched a little today, only to think of what would happen on the So sad. This is not my AMC from the 70's.

I hate to say it again but listen to Ilene Kristen on Daytime Confidential she tells it like it is about Frons, how the head writers can only do so much, and every script idea goes through him. She stated the viewers have better ideas than the network, and they need good scenes like when Claire Labine was writing. I don't remember everything. But she does say she gets to change her lines to things like water under the fridge.

I am still watching OLTL regularly.In a recession hard to relate to people having houses so big they don't know who is in them. People eating chinese food, underground rooms, etc. Sick of the basement story.
Fed up with GH and I have watched it since 1964. Like Jordan I'll watch Genie Francis. My name is Laura, so I liked the character. I still have my original I heart Laura pin from when L&L were number one.

I am loving Billy Miller on Y&R, he can hold his own with the best, Peter Bergman, Jeanne Cooper, and the rest. I see a bright future for this young man.

The weave did look a little worse today, but it's holding on. I also agree Jesse would not ignore a kid of his. I want to scream at this. Jesse is taling stupid. Something was a hot mess one day, and something else was a mess today. Pod Jesse and Pod Angie.

At first I thought oh good catfight with Erica and Carmen, but it was so stupid!

Laura said...

Has All my children Jumped the Shark, and if so when? From Ashley's favorite source Wikipedia

Jumping the shark is a colloquialism used by TV critics and fans to denote that point in a TV show or movie series' history where the plot veers off into absurd story lines or out-of-the-ordinary characterizations. In the process of undergoing these changes, the TV or movie series loses its original appeal. Shows that have "jumped the shark" are typically deemed to have passed their peak. According to the theory, once a show has "Jumped the Shark" fans can designate the point of the show's perceived decline in overall quality with the "Jump the Shark" moment.

The saying comes from Happy Days when Fonzie jumped over a shark.

I feel AMC has jumped the shark. I think it may have happened today when Zach lifted that baby in the air to promote the Disney Lion King movie and play.

Any other thoughts.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

First off Terry that is harsh. I love Kendall and she is one of the main reasons I watch. Kendall is not that bad. Also I have a cousin who is as skinny as Kendall. The girl is a size 0 and has always been and she eats alot. She has two eggs for breakfast, toast bacon, sausage.

discodan said...

I am so frickin honored by ur shout out u dont even kno. I feel like I havent been on in forever cuz ive had a ton of hw and crap. ugh....high school sucks, lol.

I am loving this tornado. Finally, actual storylines. Granted they are plot driven and not character driven, because God knows that Chuck Pratt cant do that because he doesnt know the characters at all, but still...

I love Babe right now. AB is really turning this out. Im looking forward to David though. He's always been one of the most interesting characters on AMC. His wars with the Martins and the Chandlers are classic, but the parts that really touched me were his love for his brother, Leora, Anna, Erica, and Bianca. I also enjoyed his brother-sister dynamic with Greenlee, despite the fact that they might have dropped the ball all of those years ago, and instead of pairing her off with Ryan, it might've been better and we wouldnt be dealing with this bull.

I'm also gunna be loving me some Binks. With Kendall in a coma, Babe dead, and Greens out the door, the only two left at Fusion are Randi and Amanda, because God knows Petey's gunna get canned soon. Bianca might have to step up...or better yet, Reese. I'm pretty sure that her nickname as Reese will still be Carly 2.0.

Zach's gunna be a big hot mess right now. He's prolly gunna need a friend pretty soon, losing Myrtle and having his wife in a coma while her sister recently gave birth to his daughter during a tornado. I'm also glad that we have some realistic storylines. But this would be a good place for Pratt to throw Josh in there, if he hadnt shot his character in the privates with 20 million dollars worth of bullcrap.

MabelMay said...

I'm a loyal listener, but rarely chime in here on the blog. I just wanted to say that I can't wait to hear what Miss Ashley has to say about Zach's Mufasa moment after the birth of his new daughter, who, by the way, is also half-sister and first cousin at the same time to Miranda. Despite the ridiculousness of this whole tornado, ya gotta love family ties like that.

Arizonagal said...

Way to waste a perfectly good tornado. The quicker picker upper coulda picked up Aidumm, Randi, Kendall and OMG RYAN, why not Ryan? I am less than thrilled to hear Kendull's coma has been reduced to a mere two months. It's gonna go by like that (snaps fingers).

Ashley, I feel your pain. For the first time, I felt sad listening to the podcast, even though I ended up laughing. JordAsh, sometimes you make it sound like watching the show is making your eyes bleed.

Just speaking for myself here, but if you guys decided to quit doing this podcast, hell, I would so get it.

So many wrong moves made in the last year by TIIC - canning Sabine just so we could watch Rebecca try to breath life into a relationship with a doorknob; canning Ambyr for Brianna, who forgot to bring along her posture pal; ruining a character with such great potential and canning Billy Miller. And all the while, we had to suffer the saturation bombing of the suxtet. None of this makes sense.

Sorry to be so negative, it's been a hell of a few months and I'm so tired of waiting for AMC to improve. Been with the show forever and it's starting to feel like a bad marriage.

Shadow said...

Alright Alejandro, quit trying to make me feel like a geezer! ("I wish I was old enough to remember the '94 tornado...) I'm old enough to remember Nina's love Steve Jacobi dying in the early 80s when a tornado caused his plane to crash. Oh yeah, tornados have been killing PV for years and years.

Dang, I didn't get to set my DVR for the early airing tonight. I'll have to catch the midnight replay tomorrow.

Keep your hopes up everybody. The show doesn't suck as bad as the Satin Slayer year. I think it only sucks as bad as it did last year. Everything about the Slayer year sucked. If there was ever a jump the shark moment, it had to be Dixie's death by pancakes. The serial killer thing was so cliche at that point. The show itself as a risk taking innovator was even cliche? Zoe/Zarf had to be the dumbest storyline ever. Just the name "Zarf" was ridic. It was a lame attempt to put Bianca with a guy packaged to look socially edgey. JR trying to kill Babe and the Kane sisters was over the top and all the characters suffered for it. Remember how great the friendship was between JR and Kendall? He filled the Josh role in her life then. I miss that relationship. For a while there I didn't think they could redeem JR.

Sure things got a little better with James and Barbara, but there was no where to go but up. Bianca, JR, Babe, almost everyone had been written into corners they couldn't get out of. B & J did their share of just ignoring some of that dumb sh$t just like Pratt has let some stuff go. They had to ignore JR's near killing of Kendall. I started listening to the 'cast this past summer. All ya'll said then was that B&J were "giving us moments, not stories". There were some nice chats amongst the characters, but they saddled us with the whole "I Know What You Did this Summer" teen murder mystery. They gave us the originally Blandi, bone marrow stealing and cochlear implants. The show needs to be character driven, but some interesting plots now and then don't hurt. B & J over-corrected for the lack of character content during the McTravish years that preceeded them.

I think Pratt has overcorrected for B & Js shortcomings. Now there's a little too much plot driven material and not enough appreciation for character development. But regardless of whether we're talking B&J or Pratt, it's the same...just getting "moments" now and then. I don't think it's so much worse as it just isn't right yet. There is no balance to the show.

The show needs a guiding premise--something it hasn't had in years. Originally it was a show about caste-the very rich and the people who worked for the very rich or lived off the very rich, and the Martins (who were never really that poor). The core families who further the show's premise need to be defined and established. All these tenuously related people can't make us invest emotionally the way the Martins, Warners, Tylers, Wallingfords, Santos, Dillons, Merricks did.

I'm still trying to be positive! Maybe we aren't seeing the deep symbolic foreshadowing Pratt is putting in front of us with these very special tornadic episodes. (I've been trying to use "tornadic" every since I saw someone else use it earlier this week.) For example in today's vajayjay popping Mufasa episode, and what could be more special that an episode with the word "vajayjay" in the title, maybe Pratt and Frons are declaring the show reborn. A new dawn if you will. Fresh from the womb. Rising from the ashes...I'm getting too tired to think of anymore of these.

Well, I don't know if even I buy my own bullshit, but it's all I've got for the moment. I've stuck by
amc for over 30 years and I've outlasted every other writing team. I'll get through this too. I'm not too worried about the prospects of the show's future. It isn't the highest rated, but the demographics are still pretty good. And ABC doesnt have much else to put in its place. Game shows don't work. GMA is already a zillion hours long. And i don't see how anyone could take another hour with those blowhard sea cows on the View.

n69n said...

notes on Tuesday's episode


• is chuck pratt fired yet?

• weird, can they not legally say "SNOOPY"?

• the exterior shot of PVH is scary.

• ADAM: "Taking the high road usually leads to a dead-end cliff."

i like that line.

• why is everyone so mean to ANNIE?!?!?!

• COLBY - fail.

• i feel sympathy for Rebecca Buddig. she has nothing to work with, except her own personality.

• so is everyone from THE COMEBACK now @ PVH?

RANDI - fail.

• didja like the sound effect of BINKS's water breaking?

• i *LOVE* LI'L A, that is such a sweet little boy...& he brought the only *moment* on this episode with the magic seashell.

• aw, ZACH always wanted a little girl.

notes on Tuesday's episode

• woo, more TESS & TODD snark!
i love it!

• ROXY's got her Halloween decorations up!

• poor LI'L DAVID VICKERS has a blindfold on!

• a day with ROXY *AND* TINA!!!
i've got a biiiig smiiiiile...

ROXY's done up kind of glam today.

I'm ***TRYING*** to take care of someone here!"

• TESS: "Give us a room or I'm gonna give Marty a history lesson!"




ok, those lines tell me that OLTL *knows* their audience!

• uh oh BITCHY BANGS is talkin' bad about LANGSTON!

• TSJohn really comes alive in his scenes with he never has with anyone else.

• VIKI: "Dont worry, I'm sure he's off jsut chasing a squirrel someplace."

• this is fun, ROXY, CHARLIE, MARCIE & GIGI workin' up a plan to get into REX.

• oooh, i knew there were sparks between ROXY & CHARLIE (that must be why they glammed her up today)

• i dont get why TINA doesnt tell VIKI now!!!

ooh they are all gonna be soooooo pissed with TINA when they find out she knew all along!

• this is so fun with these little gangs of action...ROXY/GIGI/MARCIE

n69n said...

i forgot this part from yesterdays OLTL

ROXY: Ok...I gotta say this; I cant stand Adrianna!!!!
She's a royal PAIN IN THE KEISTER!

Listen, I got big brass...


and they're in my glove compartment!!!

She is *SO* gonna feel my pain...
I am kickin ass and takin names!!!!!"

CHARLIE: "I'd pay to see that!"

ha ha, i would too!

tori4rmtexas said...

I dont get all this talk of killing off of Kendall because no matter what you say, she is a legacy character and we soapfans hate when they kill off legacy characters. I mean look at GH and GL, thats all they do over there. And besides its not Alicia, she is hell of an actress and why should she lose her job, especially in this economy because of piss poor

shad said...

I don't think anyone wants Kendall to die. She just needs to eat so she doesn't die.

Now Aidumb, Ryan and Greenlee--they can all die.

shadow said...

shad--ow. Damn computer.

jordan hudson said...

so now they are saying that Tad might be on his way out. yeah AMC is going down people. If they think we don't need or wnat Tad Martin or Michale Knight they are nuts. Maybe if they gave him a storyline that isnt for two episode every other month and why bring Dixie's stupid sister back UGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!

shadow said...

The Tad thing is just a total rumor though. Are u talking about Di-Kelly Giddish? I'd be ok w/ that as long as Dell isn't part of the package. Did u ever notice she seemed kind of baldish?

dianne said...

Wow! We actually had some suspense today. Or I did, at least. I hadn't heard a spoiler about the hospital being hit by another tornado after everyone was collected there. Hmmm.....

discodan said...

well Di still is a Fusion employee, so this will definitely help in regards to the company. And her and Aidumb were decent. (almost any thing is better than Aidumb and Greenlee).

OMG Jordan, where did u hear that? If that is true, then we really really need to switch to the Llanview Podcast like right now! or maybe even the Port Charles Podcast! I dont care. You dont touch a hair on Tad's gray head, upChuck! You got me?

In fact, I would go so far as possibly bringing back a Liza or Mia. Yes, we'll never get Mia back because she's still on Y&R, as a legacy character (Another actress lost). But Liza is still a possibility. I wish Marcie Walker would come back but if not, that girl you guys suggested would probably be great because I trust you guys more than JHC.

BTW, I dont know about you guys, but im kinda wondering the same thing that Annie is wondering. Where the heck is Emma? and how did she get from the movies to the Chandler tunnels during a tornado? And does David have something to do with any of this?

Anonymous said...

Hi Tasha,

I was not intending to be Harsh on Kendall only to suggest a storyline that might be interesting versus another coma. I personally don't know anyone who has been in that many comas for so many different reasons. I think it would be interesting to see someone who is head of a cosmetics company and focussed on image deal with a significant weight gain. What if she had a hyperactive thyroid and gained 300 lbs? Would Zach still love her? How would Erica treat her? How would Kendall feel about herself? This could be a really topical story in a country where more than 50% of people are overweight.

Speaking of the overweight ... I would be so done with AMC if Tad was off the show. It's a crime how underused this brilliant actor is. His scenes glow with authenticity even when he's spewing the same garbage lines the writers serve up for everyone. Michael E Knight turns coal into diamonds with his performances on AMC and we'll know Frons is a fool for sure if Tad is written off.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...


ITA about Zendall. I am so in their corner. I want to see them happy, playing with their kids, and having sex in the afternoon. I want to see it every day!

Also, I agree with other posters that Rebecca leaving is a good thing. I am so over the character of Greenme.

On Tuesday's show, I loved the moment between Krystal and Opal. Phew, I am actually loving all of Amanda Baker's last scenes. "I want to be your wife" she said to JR. Oh!


hahaha, Mufasa moment, so true!

Love all you bloggers!


discodan said...

I just want David to show up already. Is that so wrong?

Anonymous said...

Well the Kane girls are consistent, I'll give them that. Kendall does a head trauma coma like she's done it before (oh, she has!) and Binx is a pro at the home birth (this being her second). I'm over it.

The scene between Krystal & Opal was amazing though.

Jason said...

Bobbie Eakes was amazing today! Just like she was the first time when Babe fake died last year. Can't wait to see her in the coming weeks.

I don't get how Babe is dying. They did the surgery and covered the wound so can't some one donate blood?

I want to like PetCo (petey and Colby, got it from another site) but Briana Mongrief just can't act, maybe she should of been a nerd.

brtedi said...

Just a few comments on the 10/22/08 episode:

As far as JY Bobbie Eakes and AB are concerned, they should at least get an Emmy nomination, as an acknowledgment of their work...And "Lil'A" has had more dialog than the previous little boy ever did...Good for him!

Was it just me, or did any one else chuckle when Zach said to Kendall, "Sorry, I'm late...." In my head I added, "I was busy delivering my new daughter...Um...niece. I'll fill you in, once you regain consciousness...It's all good."

On a curious and potentially silly note: I feel a little sorry for AM, right now. With that tube in her mouth, I bet ya she has to wait and swallow, once the cameras are off her..."Kendall Comas" can be tough.

Was it really wise for Zach to put Binks and the baby, in the storage room, where everything will most likely fall on them?!

Well, I just finished rewatching today's episode, on Soapnet. PVH was rockin' and rollin'!


Shadow said...

So I’m sitting here watching Babe die and she just asked JR to marry her. The camera is panning over her left cheek to JR’s smiling, supportive face. And she has a major zit on that cheek. I’m staring at it in HD. I don’t know about the CGI effects, but that puppy is the real thang. Clearasil---Stat! Maybe it was all that snot blocking the pores.

I read some interesting articles today. One asked the question if soap fans could ever really be happy anymore with their shows. There are so many choices to watch now. The prime time shows have extravagant budgets and production values. The special effects in movies, primetime and other media are so advanced. Is there anything the daytime genre can do to keep up? His answer was more of a question—Why should they try? It’s a daytime soap. There has always been a cheese or camp factor. Daytime never has had the best FX or production values. So I wonder, have our expectations changed to the point that the soap genre just will never satisfy like it used to? Have we become so overly critical that our perspective is hopelessly skewed to the negative?

Maybe I shouldn’t have said that about the snot.

The other article had more to do with the ratings decline of the genre. It noted that there used to be a sense of urgency to watch the shows. They were only on once a day. They never reran. There weren’t digital recorders providing the luxury of playback. If the network isn’t creating any urgency for the viewer to watch the show at the scheduled time, why would the viewer ever feel the urgency to watch? Would the viewer just slowly drift away from watching altogether?

I don’t think it’s a bad thing that SoapNet isn’t rerunning the show in weekend blocks anymore.

As I was thinking about this stuff today and watching Tuesday and Wednesday’s episodes, I decided that although this stunt wasn’t as great as it could have been, the show is still OK. It’s not unwatchable. In fact there are some bright spots. The special effects are as good or better than the tornado on Desperate Housewives. (that was so schlocky when the DH twister sucked the lady through the front door.) The acting has been pretty good. The dialogue was spotty at first with Aidumb, Greenlee and Ryan, but now that they are moving away from the suxtet chat, it’s getting better. Now that Adam and Erica aren’t playing grab ass, they seem more like themselves. Good! Sounds like the Fusion s/l is over. Good! Kendall has been silenced for a while. Good! Bianca is back. Love her. Good! The s/l is kind of out there, but no more so than half the crap that goes on in Llanview or anywhere else. It’s not really any less believable that Zach expressed mailed his seed to Binx in Paris than it is Tess has two people living in the cellar at Llanfair all this time without anyone finding out. Or that Bo and Co time traveled back to the 60s.

Angie found out Natalia is Jesse’s daughter. She didn’t scream. Good! Lil ‘A is the most adorable kid actor I’ve seen in a while. The seashell scene was a sweet one. Good! Is it perfect? No. Is it a Hot Mess? No.

Joe Martin is on the scene. Angie, Frankie, Joe, Jake—they’re at work saving lives. Good.

They have made lots of historical references. Joe mentioned the house was safe this time and Ruth and the gang rode it out the storm in the storm cellar they built after the 94 twister. Bianca talked about how bad the weather was when Miranda was born. Opal recalled Jenny's death. Good stuff!

One of the writers must really like the phrase, “hot mess”. They have said it a bunch lately. Maybe it’s a running gag amoungst the writers to see how many times they can work it in.

Didn’t they just renovate PVH?

The vajayjay Mufasa moment wasn’t as ridiculous as the fact that the baby was naked. The first thing the do is put a baby under the heat lamp and swaddle it to keep the temp up. The wind is blowing and it’s probably cold, and that baby was naked.

Babe doesn’t look that hurt. Where’s the blood? The swelling? She’s saying goodbye to everyone. Very “Terms of Endearment”. I wondered how long it would be until Babe sang the Sunshine song.

Don’t you know that Zach is dying to change shirts? He’s covered in vajayjay. Typing vajayjay makes me giggle.

Now Angie is screaming. The Medusa Weave is waking beginning to stir.

That hand in the tunnel was creepy.

Opal is just making loops around the hospital. I was almost pissed at KWAK for ripping on Opal, but then Opal said she knew what it was like to lose a daughter. Powerful.

Greenlee to Bianca: “You’re children certainly know how to make an entrance. Very Kane.” Good!

The storm took a hunk out of poor JR’s moob! Hope it doesn’t scar.

The outside of the hospital was a little dated anyway.

Here’s a survival tip for everybody else: Stay away from Greenlee! The tornado loves Greenlee. It’s like Jaws on the hunt. Where she goes, it sniffs her out and attacks.

Jason: PetCo. That is so funny and so appropriate.

With some of the suxtet out of the way for a while, maybe we’ll get a chance to see what they can do with Carmen, Amanda, Jake, Taylor. We’ve been asking for it. Here’s a chance.

Sweet scene with Tad and JR. A real Father Son moment. A little wisdom from someone who has lost his wife and felt what is coming for JR. This stuff is pretty good folks. IMHO.

melmel said...

Mention of a Slight (Boring) Spoiler in my post!

If Di is returning, I really hope it's Taylor Crawford in a pale blond wig doing his impression of her- it's classic!

yc1 said...

Thursday's episode:

*Oh my God, what a tear jerker! I haven't cried this much watching AMC since Binks and Kendall's sister moment before Binks was scheduled to have her abortion (which she decided against.)

*The actress that plays Babe is doing a great job. I'm so liking her Babe character ever since the tornado. Very heartfelt moments.

*Poor JR. Will he ever stop losing the women he loves in his life?

*On a brighter note, I am so glad BINKS is BACK! I love her, and I love watching her and Kendall together, even if Kendall is unconscious.

*Ryan is still such an a-hole! I can't stand him. Why couldn't he die in the tornado?!!?

*I didn't like the way that Jesse revealed Natalia to Angie. He should've been honest about her in the first place, plus why he just lounging around the hospital, he's still Chief of Police. Doesn't he have work to do, phone calls to make, something??

*When is FEMA arriving in PV? (With their track record, most likely never.)

I really loved this week in AMC, minus the stupid Ryan scenes, UGH!!!. This week was awesome, emotional and kept me at the edge of my seat. No matter what, I will always love AMC!!!

yc1 said...

I just read Shadow's latest comment and I just have to leave a reply. I so totally agree with you. AMC is not that bad, in fact, like you mentioned, I think it's getting better (minus Ryan). I mean as much as everyone keeps saying how great One Life to Live is (and I'm sure it's pretty good), when I watched little bits here and there and saw that whole storyline of people being trapped in the 60s, I was like "WHAT THE HELL? AND PEOPLE SAY AMC IS BAD, NO WAY". That was such a cheesy storyline. It was so unrealistic! So, in my opinion, we all have to lighten up on AMC a little. Yea, it's hasn't been as great as it once was, and yea, sometimes our favorite characters don't react the way we would like them to (like Greenlee or Kendall), but I'm hopeful that the writers will get it right. It's a show, after all, entertainment, let's enjoy it while we still got it. Many of us have invested years in AMC (through much crazier storylines, like Tad being Ted Orsini, Maria coming back from the dead, the stupid Satin Slayer thing, Dixie coming back from the dead, just to die again from stupid pancakes, etc.) If we've endured through those times, we can endure anything. AMC is like my baby. I watched it growing up and no matter what happens, if it disappoints me at times or annoys me, I will never give up on it! I LOVE AMC!!!!!

shadow said...

Ted Orsini. One of the all time worst s/ls ever in AMC history. And dear Aggie was on staff for that one.

Jordan Hudson said...

Hmmmmmmm Shadow
interesting article you mentioned but as someone who is a huge long time soap fan, I disagree with that article.

Yes the rest of the industry has always looked down on daytime. They never give it the respect it deserves. The team has to produce an entire epsiode five times a week. The actors on daytime have two maybe three times to get a scene out. So the actors have to make quick choices. They don't have the luxury of night time where you can spend a good portion of the day shooting one scene. Then in film where a director and an editor can make even the most wretched actor an academy award winner.

Soap Operas are the closet thing an actor can get to being on stage in the theatre. With the exception of Guiding Light now. The actors are on a set with three cameras shooting from different angles and they play the entire scene out from beginning to end. So like I said in the last podcast, no one is going to tell me that when the soaps get it right, like Brooke finding out that Laura was hit by a car, Cindy dying from aids, Ruth Martin and Marty Saybrook getting rapped, Karen Wolke admitting she was a hooker on the stand, Reva jumping in the fountain and declaring that she is the slut of Springfield, Any scene with Tom Pelphrey on GL, or anytime we can see Tony and Genie together that daytime is camp and not of the same quality as nighttime or films. There are just as many campy, wretched nighttime shows and movies.

YC1 as for your dislike of the Time travel storyline on OLTL well you can't please everyone. I will say thou that unless you are not someone who knows the history and a die hard OLTL fan, can you appreciate what Ron did my paying tribute to the show's past. He also was able to give us some insight in to the charcater of Clint and what is was like for Clint after Asa sent Maria away. To see those scenes and then go back to present and have Clint talking to Cord about Maria and what Asa did was genius. We were also able to see Clint slowly turning into his father. Also Bo was able to put closure on his feelings with his father by literally wlaking a mile in his shoes. So you see there was alot more going on to this storyline then just a bizarre sci-fi twist. It was deep.

That is the difference for me at least between AMC and OLTL. When I see OLTL I see characters I grew up with Viki, Dorian, Tina, I see there children, I see families that have been around for over a decade, like the Vega clan.

When I turn into AMC, the people I want to see are never around like Ruth, Marion, Stuart and if they are on the show I see them for two scenes like Jake, Tad and Opal. Then they introduce a character who I do like with a real storyline and where is Taylor and now Tad may be on his way out. All because the higher ups could care less about the quality of the show. And while I love AMC and have watched since day one. I wont watch when they insult and offend me as a viewer. When you have a casting Director who claims that acting can be taught and she hires on looks.

Yes they are here for entertainment. Then entertain me. Seeing Carmen and Erica go at it like they were on Gossip Girl is not entertaining. Seeing Jesse yell every scene an act like a sterotype of a black man is not entertaining. Seeing the veterans be let go one at a time is not entertaining. Seeing Dixie die by panckaes because as an actress she choose to speak out about the lack of quality in the writing on the show at that time especially when she was voicing the sentiments of many viewers is not entertaining. Just because I choose to be vocal about my disappointment in a show that I care for doesn't mean that I love it any less then you. I expect better from it and wont reward it when it's bad.

shadow said...

Sometimes they get it right, sometmes they get it wrong. Carmen and Erica the other day was all wrong. Hopefully with Kendall, Greenlee, Babe out the way, we'll get a chance to see them explore the character of Carmen and the others more.

I totally get the time travel thing and how alot of that stuff was done in celebration of OLTLs anniversary, but Eterna, the Wild West, the never ending split of personalities are all the reasons why I gave up on OLTL years ago. You guys piqued my interest on the cast, but for me OLTL is the same 'ol thing. Split personality albeit a hotter, younger girl. I don't watch for years, flip it on once and there is Nikki. Ridiculous time travel stories. Todd still raping Marty one way or another--this time mentally. Same stuff, 20 years later. Viki is still there and for me that isn't good. Dorian is awesome but was away for a while. Tina is a temp. So what? Bianca is a temp. Lots of stunt casting lately with blasts from the pasts.

My point is, it's all a cycle. Some feel OLTL is beginning to stall. How long can Tess and Tod keep this up? What happens when Tina leaves? Hopefully as these s/ls retire they will come up with something else the fans enjoy.

I think AMC may be coming out the other end of a cycle. It's been all over the map and now maybe the wrongs that have so rightfully and astootly been noted in the PVP will finally be addressed.

This week the dialogue got better. Characters are coming back. David starts today. He's a great villain. Off contract players we love have been much more involved. Opal has been on for weeks. Rumors abound that Skye is coming back. I'd love to see Brooke, but have to wonder if maybe she was just a total bitch and peed in her warm spot in her last year? Doubt it but maybe. That sucks for me but I can't do much about it.

It's tough to fix something that has been broken for so long. AMC was just treading water with Barbara and James. It was boring. Better but boring. At least now there is an effort underway to move forward and take some risks. Babe isn't a legacy character. I'm glad to see her go. Carmen was great, but she languished under B & J at the end too. Maybe she's just collateral damage in the attempt to go forward. I never got to know her well enough to care that much.

They are trying to reestablish some core families. They are trying to extend the Hubbard clan. It's hard to achieve when someone has been dead for 20 years. Do I love it so far? Nope, but it's no worse than when Josh came on the scene and he won us over in spite of it all. Maybe Natalia will too. Jake is back. Maybe now we'll see what they can do with his character. It's always good to see another Martin.

To me AMC is like the stock market. It goes up. It goes down. But I've invested for the long haul and I judge the return over time. It's been ignored and abused for so long, but I see investments being made to at least do something different. I still see faces I enjoy. Tad, Erica, Adam, JR, Opal, Joe and some new faces I'd like to know better. Sometimes a family line has just dried up. The Dillon clan for example. Trevor and Hayley quit and never wanted to come back. Tim and Harold were cute but couldn't carry the family. Janet came and went but both actresses quit. They were all keys to the Dillon clan. Who knows who will be the next family to take over. Hopefully we're done with the Laverys. It probably won't be the Tylers or Englishes. They are all dead or quit.

It's not just the family trees, it's the missing underlying premise that has hurt. Me, I don't love OLTL but for the fans who do love OLTL, I think it is because today it remains true to its original concept and premise. It's strayed over the years. Just because it's not my fave is irrelevant. It works for a lot of you. What you seem to like about the show is that it is consistent with the way the show has played out in its most successful incarnations.

My hope is that the folks in charge at AMC will tap into the concept for the show that Agnes had when she created it and that the characters, whoever they are, play to that theme in a modern, believable way. AMC can't compete or win with special effects and gimmicks. I love seeing faces I have grown to adore. It's like comfort food, but I'll accept new people. Dixie, Liza, Brooke, Trevor, Dimitri were all new once too. I really wonder what else played into Julia Barr and Ambyr Childress departures. Maybe JB had unreasonable demands considering how the market is for soaps these days. May the rest of the cast disliked Ambyr. Nobody seemed to mind when she left. I hated to see Julia go, but she didn't have any connections anymore. Jamie quit. Her entire family is dead or gone. Honestly her leaving hasn't hurt the show at all. All she ever did was take temperatures and change bedpans.

I'm looking for the positives. I want to like this show and hopefully we can give Pratt and Co. some feedback when we see progress. If all we do is bash it, if we're so quick to invalidate every move they make right now, then maybe the article asks a valid question--can we ever be satisfied anymore?

It resonated with me. If I can't accept some of what is going on with AMC or be hopeful about its future, I'm not sure I should keep watching. Seems like it's a critical juncture in AMCs path. I'm a long timer with the show, and they are starting to win me back with little moments. I love the show, it's not hard to be forgiving of it.


Jordan Hudson said...


Brian Frons is to blame for the decline in ABC soaps. He has no idea what a Daytime Drama is and is micro-managing.

Andrea was not suppose to be temp. Ron and Frank and Andrea want to continue. It is has been said elsewhere that everything goes through Brian for approval. That should not be the case. Let the writers, write good solid stories.

What you say is bashing is people expressing there feelings some in a very constructive way some not so much but again it doesn't mean they dont care for the show. If Ashley, Terry, I and the rest did not care we wouldn't bother saying anything. It's because we care that we express not just our dislikes but our likes. I have no delusions about the past. It's not that every storyline, or every recast worked over the last 38 years but the beauty of Soaps is that there is more then one storyline going on. So if you don't care for one there is a couple of others that you do.

I don't like every actor or storyline on OLTL right now but when I watch I'm entertained, and I feel something.

Today's episode of AMC was great thanks to Babe, Krystal, JR and TAD. It felt like old school AMC. So I wasn't annoyed about the fact that I don't buy Jesse's storyline. That Taylor showed up for two scenes like Wonder Woman, instead of being in the thick of things. That Adam and Erica being forced together, when Erica never loved Adam even the first time she married him. That David is coming aboard as a two dimesional villan and not the complex interesting character he was when he had his family and Anna.

As for your other comments, we are going to have to agree to disagree. If we follow your feelings on Julia then a quater of the cast would be killed off. Julia may have had no family at the time of her depature but she was an anchor for the return of said family. Enzo coming back without his parents wouldn't make sense. No way would Mateo let his son come and live with Adam but his Aunt Julia...or Maddie, Rosa, Anita. Trevor did not quit, James and Robin were fired as was Marcy Walker and Julia Barr and John Callahan. It had nothing to do other then ABC cutting corners because they rather get 6 attractive kids that can't act. Then pay for one seasoned professional.

Ambyer was very professional and well liked on the set. This is a job when someone gets fired, everyone doesnt band together and quit in protest. Thinking that the cast should have said something, they were most likley worried that they were next. The person who was a problem backsatge was Levin and that was no secret.

Also I agree with you sometimes shows play the sameold concept. It has been said in this business everything has been done before it's how you put your on twist to it that makes it different. For me I don't see a hotter younger girl doing a split persona. I see an incredible actress who I enjoy and respect playing a real character. Unlike Erika's cmapy Nikki ( IT seems that's the one thing we do agree on not a big vikki fan myself). I don't see Todd rapping Marty again. I see a man who is so lost and dark with what he has bene through in life, that he still has no concept of right and wrong. I have faith in a head writer that he will take some chances and give us an incredible deep story by the time this all done.

shadow said...

Certainly no need to agree or disagree. Lord knows I've posted my share of criticism of the show. The article just raised an interesting POV worthy of debate. Lots of us have been debating if the show is saveable and how long we'll hang in through this incarnation. It made me ask myself what I really expect from the show at this point. Is that much worse or that much better than other soaps? Like everyone, *love the podcast*, *love the blog*. Love the show. I wasn't enthralled with the tornado when it started, especially with all the Ryan/Greenlee/Aidumb stuff so the article made me think a little. It may not be "must see" for me like it has been at times, but after some consideration, I'm hopeful it has a chance to reinvent itself.

Brian said...

The only thing that has kept me watching lately is Annie. That girl is great, but does anyone notice that they have written her to be just like Janet.

Annie really needs some friends in Pine Valley, too. If even Babe doesn't want to be friends with a character, there is a problem. I would love an Annie/David friendship. They both are outsiders who will do anything to get what they want.

brown penny said...

Yeah, I agree about Annie. She is really bringing it. She does need friends. Why do a$$h0l3s like Kendull and Greenlee have so much support? Why is Annie so unlovable? And why oh why oh why is Ryan lovable? What on earth is his appeal to anyone, as a friend or a lover, he is just a loser.

Everything on AMC is too black/white. Annie went from Blandie to Insannie and nothing in between. TIIC are too heavy handed with their characters. I'd love to see some shades of gray with everyone.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Annie the great actress. LOL her crazy act is getting boring. It is hard to fell sorry for her

n69n said...

i dont get why everyone's so mean to ANNIE either!

Anonymous said...

I agree with you Brown Penny. There was very little to like about Ryan during his early years in Pine Valley other than the hot views when his shirt was off. Sadly even that has outworn it's welcome. If I never saw Ryan Lavery again it wouldn't be too soon. I'd much rather Annie any day. The writers keep pushing him as a good father which is laughable. Even they can't keep it up for more than a second. While his kid is being watched by a teenager he's off chasing a married woman. Some role model and heckuva devoted dad. Whatever. He's still the con man who rode into town all those years ago. Older and more of a loser.

Amanda Baker acted her butt off in her final scenes and so did KWAK. Props to the Carey women for bringing it right to the bitter end.

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

Ran across this today. This would be fun.

Disney ABC Television Group

Internship - All My Children
This is a PART TIME Paid Internship
Location: New York NY
Date Posted: 10/21/2008 6:16:47 PM Job Code: 182262
Details: Job Responsibilities :

Projects to be handled by the intern include:
- Write and prepare show synopses.

- Watch the show on a daily basis and track the changes.

- Update individual character histories.

- Contribute to research for on-air montages and to track the show’s long history.

While on-going duties assigned to the intern include:
- Photocopy and distribute edited scripts, show outlines and various writers’ documents.

- Assist staff with distributing packages via messenger and overnight services as well as by hand delivery (to the production and network offices).

- Prepare envelopes and messenger slips for packages regularly sent out to writers, production staff and network executives.

- Organize shooting scripts, outlines and upcoming show lay-out board.

discodan said...

AB, JY, MEK, and BE all deserve emmys for knocking this out of the park. This is what all my children is all about my friends. It is about trials and tribulations, love and loss, family and friends, hope and despair.

The performances that we are witnessing are litterally driven by the character's emotions and not the plot. JR and Babe's star crossed love story may have taken its twists and turns, its bumps and bruises, and some construction (equiptment...ha had to say it.) to get to the supercouple status that it has successfully reached through the death of Babe. I will never say again that Amanda Baker is cold and frigid. I will never look at her as the pink nurse who slept with Spinelli. I will think of her as the fallen heroin whose love for her son transcends any circumstance, including life itself.

I will never look at Jacob Young and think Lucky 2.0. I see the young man, misguided by the teachings of his father, who fell in love at a young age and embraced the passion and innocence that she offered. No matter what happened in between San Diego and now, the only thing that truly matters is the love that they share; the love that created a beautiful baby boy that exemplifies the best of them both.

Even though there have been many different writers of this Romeo and Juliet, the love will always be there, and that is truly what the fans should remember and embrace.

jordan hudson said...

Disco I agree with you. JR is Jacob's role. He wa snever Lucky for me but this is all him.

Terry I agree with you The Carey women especially Amanda brought it. It's sad that only now they give her something that showcases her talent and she is gone.

Everyone is so mean to insannie.

Ryan is a bore.

Just reda Frank Runyeon is coming aboard to play Resse's father. Exciting stuff especially if he will be a new love interest for La Lucci. Again hard to get excited about Tamara being on (and I'm very excited love her) when I know her and Binks are only on for four months. I feel cheated we should have seen them meet and fall in love on air. That's ground breaking not showing after the fact but maybe we cna see a wedding for our dear binks it would be timley.

discodan said...

I agree Jordan about insannie. Why all the hate people? She's been the brightest light in the show the last couple of month and now everyone's back to hating on her. Why? Because she's concerned about finding her daughter? That's just not fair. Any parent in their right mind would go coo coo for cocoa puffs if their child was missing during a tornado. God knows, it took Ryan two episodes to figure it out, let alone Catarina who is the worst babysitter ever.

w3w said...

While I totally agree that there is some really yucky stuff going on with the writers, I fell that our biggest problem is all the info that is out there. We know about storylines WAY in advance and have time to analyze them and form opinions about them before the fact. Back in the 80's when I started watching, there was no internet to get spoilers and no press-releases from the show announcing who was leaving the show. We just tuned in to see what was going to happen because we didn't know!! I think if we had not known all the details of this hurricane in advance, it would all be much more riveting.

I am hopeful that the writers will start writing with history in mind and that Pratt will keep/bring back characters that really matter to the fans. (Oooh - if they mess with my Tad, I am going to be mad!!)

As much as I hate surprises, I am going to try to be spoiler free from this point on.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

It is not Corina's fault that Emma is missing. Remember she was doing her job until Annie pulled another crazy act and went to the movies. Annie pulled Corina aside and yelled at her doing this she blocked Emma from Corina's view.
Remember Corina is the only sane person it appears in PV she didn't want to go out because she heard there was a storm coming but Ryan and Annie told her to take Emma to the movies since the trip to the park was canceled. Emma was being a brat. The person responsible for Emma being missing is Annie her parent. Corina is a good babysitter maybe she just hasn't been is such a dysfunctional family

Anonymous said...

I have a way to get Zach and Bianca off the hook(somewhat) for the pregnancy!!!

How about this:

Miranda is sick with a rare form of leukemia, and she needs a bone marrow transplant. Since it is so rare, she needs to find someone else who is an exact match. So her mom may not be, and since her dad is dead, this means Bianca would have to make a copy of Miranda, or a close match.

Since Zach is Michael Cambius' brother, the chances of making a similar baby as Miranda is highest, and in fact this baby could be the closest match to save Miranda's life.

^this would lessen the blow to Kendall, but it still would not help the fact that they lied to her and kept this from her.

shadow said...

Poor Corina came stumbling around the corner with that HUGE eyepatch. Looked like sign post went through her head or something. Did either Ryan or Annie ever ask her if she was OK? I know they were worried about Emma, but that looked like quite a boo-boo.

discodan said...

Poor David.
I wish Tad, Ryan and the rest of them who were cruel to him today would stop. He just lost his daughter. He doesnt need Ryan punching him and Tad kicking him out of the chapel.

Jason said...

Well the ratings are in, I got them from SON.
Monday: 1.9/2,518,000
Tuesday: 1.7/2,277,000
Wednesday: 1.9/2,535,000
Thursday: 2.1/2,725,000
Friday: 2.0/2,475,000

So the ratings did go up, but went down on Friday, when the tornado hit. The promo people at ABC are dumb, they should of promoted it happening on Friday.

Laura said...

Sad breaking news in Chicago. Jennifer Hudson's family killed. She is not there, missing nephew kidnapped. Too much violence here. My prayers go out to her

dianne said...

ROFL, tyrone!

Shadow said...

That's awful about JHud. Her success has been my favorite ex-idol story. Pretty amazing talent and transformation. She just released a new CD and has a movie coming out.

Seems like Rebecca genuinely likes Eden. RB hasn't seemed comfortable in the role but the past few days, without Aidumb, she seems more relaxed. Maybe she's just relieved there's an end in sight.

Why is it that every time the storm hits Greenlee stands in front of a window?

I'm fine with AM taking some time off. I'm fine that Kendall has fallen into another coma. I just hope we don't have to watch a lot of her "coma face" with the tube hanging out. I'm worried they have 2 months worth of coma footage. Monday the tube is on the left side. Tuesday it's on the right. And so it goes for 60 or so days.

Rewatched Opal and KWAK. Nice see Opal move past the "I knew it phase" into some real emotional drama.

I'm telling you that tornado is after Greenlee. Everywhere she goes it follows.

Still no new opening. Aside from whatever contractual issues that my be involved, is it really that hard or expensive to change out the pictures? Seems like a photo shop thing.

The way Frankie was sort of stroking Natalia's head didn't seem very brotherly.

I don't want Adam and Erica to hook up, but I wouldn't mind a deepened friendship. I think they should both find younger f-buddies.

Oopsie! JR blew that whole secret thing about Babe's death.

Bianca just got shoved in a drug closet filled with glass shelves.

They should have showed a bald Kendall, maybe a little flappage over the cap. I wonder what she was really thinking while she was laying there and they were poking her in the head.

Whoever is hitting people in the tunnels is quite adept at hit and run.

I guess bleeding out means bleeding internally b/c JR just carried her to the chapel. No drips. No mess. No tubes. Seems like it would only take this long to die if you were bleeding out from a broken tooth.

It does sort of seem like Adam should be comforting KWAK

Babe gives it up more dying than Randi does as a healthy hooker.

Man Amanda Baker is great at dying. Now someone needs to wipe her nose.

Maybe Taylor can stay in PV and get a job as a maintenance mechanic.

Looks like Annie is getting some credibility back.

Ooh. Sweetness is over. Hayward is back and I bet he's pissed.

Taylor did come into the hospital like Superwoman. She can fix generators too.

JR to Babe: Babe? You OK? What can I do for you? You in pain?

Babe: Oh I'm just bleeding out, but otherwise, I'm good.

crs 17 said...

Wow, y'all. What to say, what to say, after these one-and-a-half tornado-filled weeks?

I'm sad, not as much for the show, but for my podcast and blog. I'm sorry, JordAsh and bloggers if you're not "feeling it." I know you care, I know you do, and I'm not saying AMC is great, right now, but it really seems like it's bringing you all waaaaay down. I'm beginning to fear the end of the PVP is near.

I made a commitment right around Labor Day to become spoiler-free. As much as possible, that is. It is occasionally difficult not to see a headline screaming from other soap sites or the soap rags in the grocery. So I know about some things and not others(I knew about Babe and the return of Binx and David, but only learned about her pregnancy the day before the tornado hit.) Can I say something? It makes watching BETTER. It's more surprising and you are more anxious to see the "next day." Do not blame ABC or Frons or Pratt or anyone else for spoilers. YOU choose to read and listen to spoilers. You do not have to. Trust me, you will enjoy your decision.

Which brings me to my next request. Jordan, you have some great spoilers, but I enjoyed them more when you teased them as blind items. Now, most of the time I figured them out, but lately I feel as if you are dropping spoilers like crazy. Remember when I asked you about your Source? Back at that time, you would say something like, "My Source tells me someone is going to die and someone is going to be in a coma." We all had a great time on the blog thinking about who it might be. Maybe it's because you are so disappointed, you don't mind, but I'd love if you'd refer to the blind items, keeping me in the dark, but keeping me guessing. If others agree, holla.

crs 17

crs 17 said...

For those who think I'm not being harsh enough on the show, (wink), in the spirit of Miley Cyrus:


7. Dropping the Krazy Kathy storyline. (I realize having Kathy going after KWAK while mourning Babe may be adding insult to injury, which is why this is down at number seven)

6. The little inconsistencies, like Zack bursting into a surgical room and doctors sewing Kendall back together with NO MASKS ON. I know the soap employs a medical consultant, because they DO shout out the correct medicines, but in the days of ER and Grey's Anatomy, viewers are much smarter about medical procedures. These "inconsistencies" could be overlooked if they didn't happen with such frequency, as they do in Pratt's AMC.

5. Not enough Carmen. (Of course, if Carmen is going to be as she has been the past few weeks, maybe that's best)

4. Plot/Plot/Plot. C'mon, three tornados? What for? If someone can tell me what the purpose was for the tornado that hit the hospital, let me one was hurt, and it didn't prompt any new revelations. It was pure Shock and Awe.

3. People behaving Out of Character. When Josh first came on, he MIGHT have been an embezzler, but not after how his character developed. Why wouldn't Bianca and Zack have told Kendall? I don't think she would've minded. And we won't even go into Jesse...I'm just thankful that Frankie said to Jesse everything I was thinking. (And did it so well too). Ash, I've been noticing what you mentioned weeks ago.

2. Things Happen Off Screen. Binx shows up Prego. Amanda and Kendall start a catfight; when we return, they're "at ease?" Jesse confronts Natalia in the hall; he's at the police station the next day? I don't mind some things happening off screen (Binx is the least of these things to me), but I'm questioning whether I wouldn't enjoy seeing things happening off screen rather than things happening on.

Hitchcock once said, There's a scene in a courtroom with a trial going on. All the sudden a bomb goes off. That's SURPRISE. Now, insert a scene beforehand of someone planting a bomb under a table in the courtroom. During the courtroom scene, you are wondering when the bomb is going to go off. That's SUSPENSE.

Pratt--All Surprise, No Suspense.

Unfortunately Soaps are built on Suspense. Pratt gives good Cliffhangers, but they end up being meaningless. Why do I feel like Taylor falling down the stairs will be nothing come Monday?


1. Characters Move Around Like Pawns. Pratt picks them up and sets them down where ever he wants to. At first, I thought this provided some energy to the show; it certainly moved at a much quicker pace than B&E's AMC. However, it's like I said at JR and Babe's engagement party, why were those scenes at the Comeback inserted? Couldn't that have happened at the Chandler Mansion and made more sense? Why did Taylor even show up at the hospital? Why wouldn't David show up when Baby Doll fake-died from the hands of the SS? Why did Colby and Petey leave the Chandler Mansion, go to the hospital, and then go back to the Mansion? How did Bianca know Kendall was at the Beach House? Why does Babe show up at Fusion to work, go home for Afternoon Delight, and then everyone else at Fusion suddenly leaves work because "The day is over?" Sigh...(this ties back to #4, #3, and #2)

crs 17 said...

And in the spirit of Positivity, which is where I think I need to go after reading y'all's comments and listening to this week's podcast:


(notice I didn't say love, the jury's still out)

7. Dropping the Alcoholic Colby storyline. Wise move, as this was a stumble from the beginning.

6. Bringing back David and Binx. Two beloved characters return to the fold. Although this is going to spoil our plans for how Dixie reenters the picture. ;-)

5. Less Suxtet. I know they've been front and center during the tornado, but I think this is Pratt's metaphor for cleaning house. Although I can't say I'm in total agreement here, there are LOTS of fans who hate Babe and tuned out because she never got justice. Perhaps, letting Babe go, putting Kendall in a coma, breaking up Ailee, and RB leaving will all result in a "healthier" AMC. I hesitate to give all this credit to Pratt though, because RB's decision is her own, and AM is getting married, so...I'll take it as I can get it, though.

4. Petey. Please tell me this boy's on contract now. Petey is Love.

3. The Zingy One-Liners. AGain, I hesitate to give Pratt the credit on this, as I'm sure the dialogists are the real reasons for this. The Corrolary to this Reason is Bringing Adam and Erica to the Front. It's nice to see these two play off of each other. I'm not sure I want it to turn romantic, but it is interesting and fun to watch (I know Ash disagrees)

2. Saving InsAnnie. Very smart move, Pratt. MCE is rocking the hell out of this, now that she has something meaty to play. And the tone of her desperation is just right. It scratches OTT without going there. At this point, though, I think it's time for Annie to go mid-Burner. You can only be desperate for so long before going BSC.


1. Balance. Both McT and B&E lacked balance. McT just wanted to feature Babe and the Suxtet, and B&E overboarded on the Suxtet too. Whether it's an edict from Frons or not, focusing on the Suxtet killed the show. With Pratt, I feel like all characters are being played (although where are some of these people during the tornadoeses [sic]) I think the first sign of this has been the slow integration of Taylor into the mix. We saw Palmer, and are getting much Opal. I have the feeling we'd maybe have had some Myrtle too if the actress hadn't been ill. Unfortunately what I feel we're left with is less an interweaving, and more of a patchwork quilt, if that makes sense.

So, I hope we can lift our spirits around here. I mean, c'mon, even when AMC was really really good, people were b----ing back then too. To quote a famous song, You Take the good, you take the bad, you take them both and there you have...well...Pratt's AMC or Tootie, take your pick.

crs 17

jordan hudson said...

Crs. I promise not to revela spoliers nut honestly...I try to only mention things that have already been leaked elsewhere. The sad thing is ...I forgot who mentioned it above but ABC does allows stuff to be leaked out. They do full out publicity and it kills the suspense. The only thing that I leaked out that wasn't in the press was that it seems that David is beign put with Amanda and I apologize about that one. But from now on I will keep the podcast spoiler free on my end at least.

n69n said...

notes on Thursday's episode

i forgot to take notes.
i confess, my mind was wandering.

• TAYLOR got to PVH and she's fixing the generator so KENDALL can live.

• this should all be so exciting but...maybe its just me.

• i like TAYLOR & JESSE working together.

• i feel guilty for my mind wandering when i know they've spent so much money.

• BABE looks more like she's dying from malnutrition than from the scratches on her arm & face.

• i totally agree with the comment that if we had no spoilers or news of contract negotiations, (& this is ***NOT*** directed to PVP, but to the soap industry itself!) that this would be really exciting.

can you imagine tuning in as a kid home from school? you're just sitting there and all of a sudden BINKS shows up?!? you would be hooked for life.

...but ABC totally blew their game by issuing a press release for each storyline, plotpoint and casting decision. so there was no sense of urgency.

• KWAK: "Like he'd been on a ride in DISNEYLAND!"

• oy, it hurts my head to see JAKE diggin around in KENDALL's brain.

• BABE's breathing is freakin me out.

• i like that GREENLEE figures out what it would take the average soap character six weeks to figure out.

• everybody loves TAYLOR now, thats nice.

• thats so nice that ADAM acknowledges that ANNIE was right.

notes on Thursday's episode

• MATTHEW & SHANE are ahngin out. thats cool.

• wow, here's BRODY..strapped to a bed, mMPPph!

• TINA's got the Llanfair library all rigged up with dynamite!

She'll blow up the house to get the jewels but she wont tell anyone about TESS, NATTY & JARED?!?!?!

ok, that is too crazy!


• BITCHY BANGS: "Hey, Flo Nightengale! What are you waiting for? Lets see some ID!"


• ooh TODD pulls JANET deeper into his plan!

JANET: "I'll do anything for Marty, but I'm not gonna do a damn thing for you!"

i like JANET.

• BREE is so talkative today!
She's such a serious little girl...i can totally believe she's VIKI's granddaughter!

• these scenes with MATTHEW & SHANE are great.
i bet they make DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL's Performer Of The Week!

• ha, now TESS is gonan have the upper hand on TODD!

TESS: "This is better than TV!"

• wow, i never thought about MATTHEW still being sad about SAM.
thats deep that the writers brought that up.

• TESS: "Holy Cow! He makes me look like Mother Teresa!"

• i *love* that TINA is about to blow up Llanfair and she's telling herself that she's gonna be everybody's hero!

i love that, i *so* identify with that!

• REX opening his eyes got me all teary.

n69n said...

notes on Friday's episode

• ok, theyve got me in teas even before the opening credits.
well, i was still in tears from REX...i just watched my stories in a row!

• is JESSE sayign that this family he had was just a front? that he never cared about them? that he only had a child as a cover?

that is disgusting.

is it just me or does it look like Darnell Willaims is very uncomfortable playing these scenes?

because he *knows* his character...and he knows this is *NOT* his character.

• TAYLOR's so chipper and cheerful! she *LOVES* a crisis!

JAKE's not gonna ask her anything about AMANDA???

• JESSE's story is making him sound even worse.
you can see on ANGIE's face that he is digging himself deeper.

• DAVID's gonna get a hold of that hairbrush and clone BABE...and its gonna be the return of ALEXA HAVENS!

• I did not see the ZACH vs JAKE story coming. i'm glad to be suprised!

notes on Friday's episode

• TESS: "Suprised to see me, Wile E Coyote? Well, BEEP BEEP!"

• i'm glad VIKI's gettin out of Llanfair and down to Angel Square.

• TINA: "If you take those jewels, you are going to be responsible for the death of a sweet, innocent little animal!"

* i love BLAIR & STARR hangin out in their jammies!

shadow said...

Good stuff crs. Love the positive 'tude. I think there is some good happening on the show. Ur comment about the suspense/surprise is way astoot. Someone should email that point to Pratt!
The PVP is great. I love all the POV and debate-good or bad, the interaction makes the show more interesting. Jordan, I heard Di is being played by a different actress this time. I've never heard of her and forgot her name. She looks more Dixie like tho.

crs 17 said...


You just be yourself.

And don't shut up, just be blind! ;-)


crs 17 said...

I wish we had the ability to quote other people's posts, because some of you all have me doing spit-takes over here!

IF Di isn't coming back as Kelli Giddish, I'm po'ed. It's not like Giddish is working, is she?


P.S. I'm aware ABC releases stupid publicity spoilers, but it doesn't mean we have to read them. Hard, though, I must confess, and the PVP is not that guilty of a party. I love my PVP; it only adds another layer to the show.

discodan said...

Yeah, if no one wants them then, I guess i cant post the spoiler I heard about Di.....darn.

Anyways, I agree with you Crs. There have been good and bads. There have been inconsistancies. There have been characters acting out of character There has been more Aidumb on my screen than there should ever be. But in the end, the storylines move on. The characters move on. Everyone moves from where they were at. Even Kendall, who has been spinning her wheels by getting involved in people's business, is moving on, thanks to this coma. That's one thing I do like about Chuck Pratt. The Suckstet isnt stationary anymore. There not front and center, arguing about the same stuff for weeks on end. Yes, it took a while, but Rylee is unfortunately back. Zach has somehow turned into this dark jerk, who in lighter moments, gives away sperm. Kendall's MIA for a while. Aidumb's developing into a jealous ex. And our Insannie is pissed off, moving on, while still dealing with Ryan's BS everyday because they share Emma. With B&E, I felt like they were spinning their wheels everyday. Like Ashley said, "no more suckstet. No more of Zach's jet. I want Josh, and Jake, and Amanda Yeah!" LOL I love that song. When Leavin' comes on, I cant sing the regular lyrics.

Anonymous said...

As CRS-17 said "I'm aware ABC releases stupid publicity spoilers, but it doesn't mean we have to read them."

Unfortunately reading them isn't the only problem. I have been watching another tv show and a commercial for AMC will pop up with all kinds of information. In general I am a spoiler whore, but only when I want to be spoiled. I love the PVP and the spoilers given b/c they come with a warning and I can choose whether to listen to them or not. Those commercials don't give me a choice. ABC needs to realize that when the audience doesn't know almost everything that is going to happen they might actually start watching the show more.

Ashley and Jordan, I feel your pain. Watching AMC lately is difficult. It does have it's brighter moments, but all to often I've already seen them on the commercials. For me right now OLTL is the better show. GH is a chore except when Genie Francis is on. But there again I know more than I want to know b/c of the commercials.

Keep up the good work! You guys are the absolute best thing about AMC right now! I look forward to the podcast every week.

Kitty in Tulsa

jordan hudson said...


you dont know how much GH pains me. I, like everyone else was hook in the late 70's early 80's. Luke and Laura will always be the #1 Soap Couple, no matter how ludcrious the storyline ( saving the world from an evil weather machine right out of an episode of my favorite cartoon Josie and the Pussycats) and when Genie left I kept watching in hopes that one day she would be back.

When they killed Leslie off I was devatsted but held on. I was rewarded for my loyality by Genie returning and when Luke and Laura left for good....I left... it just wasn't the same without them.

When I heard they were coming back did I and I was rewarded with an intelligent beautiful show by Claire Labin. That I felt was not dark at was life affirming. Yes Stone died from AIDS, Monica battled breast cancer and won , and Maxie was saved by the heart of her cousin. Yet we also watched as Lois and Ned fell in love. Sonny and Brenda fell in love and Laura had another baby. Luke and her grew up and settled down. The Quatermaines were front and center and wow mother earth Marymae Ward. The incredible Wendie Rich kept Guza and pratt- hole in check with there wild storylines and I hung in there.

But then came The horrible west Coast version of Julie Crapputhers.... Jill Faren Phelps ( her who destroyed SB AW and GL)who brought with her the wretched beast Mctavish and GH was in trouble as Genie was let go and Jackie Zeman was never used and eventually fired. Then Guza came back and the Mafia took over and The Quatermaines were off one by one. Yes there are soem good things on right now. Tracy came back, LuLu is great, tranny Carly was replaced by Laura Wright who is amazing. Yet when I saw a scene where Luke told Tracy he never wanted LULU, (that is not true. That was Guza rewriting history.) and another scene were Tracy basically said that Luke and Laura were never right for each other. Well I could never watch GH only when Genie is on and when she come back full time I will come back full time so suck it FRONS!!!!!!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Someone please explain to me how OLTL is the better show when they have one of the most disturbing storylines going on with Marty and Todd. Yes, I hate the sperm storylines on any soap but I rather have them than a storyline involving a rape victim falling in love with her rapist. Go and watch youtube of Marty's rape and tell me this is a great storyline. I mean wow OLTL has sunk to deaths that only surpass Guiding Light by having two cousins fall in love and marry. OLTL ( Rapeview) is just nasty

crs 17 said...

disco dan says, "A dark jerk, who lighter moments shares sperm." ROFLPMP!!

kitty, maybe I don't notice those spoilers because I always FF commercials. I haven't watched any show live in YEARS. And I haven't watched AMC live longer than that.

jordan, I feel so sad for you about GH. My question is always, I remember as a child my mother screaming at the television when Luke was going for the lever to turn off the machine that was freezing Port question is, why did we buy that then and now it's silly? Acting?

crs 17

shadow said...

One thing I'm sure was that Luke and Laura could act and had chemistry. They weren't DBTE models. Their relationship simmered for a while too so people were invested in their relationship. Aside from that there were so few alternatives then. ABC promoted it like crazy and there weren't many distractions. Just the big 3 and some locals. No Fox and no satellite. No DVRs. No CGI or special FX to look comparatively silly. At the time there were some popular scifi shows if I recall correctly in primetime. So as scifi goes, it was escapist fun w/o much that was better to compare. Still, those two actors sold that whole storyline.

discodan said...

I'll have to disagree slightly about GH. I'm not gunna lie to you guys. GH is my baby. Vanessa Marcil was the woman who made me notice girls for the first time. I grew up with the return of the Cassadines, the transformation of Jason Morgan, Carly's wrath, etc. and I have to say, some of GH's stuff right now is definitely worth watching. The Spencers are going to be hunting Scott and Laura. Robin and Patrick are getting married and about to have a baby. Olivia keeps telling off the whole town, especially Sonny (which I'm pretty sure, is a wink to Genie Francis).

Also, Sweeps are coming, and no one does a sweep stunt better than GH. The hotel favorite. The train wreck....riviting. The epidemic.....heart-wrenching. The black and white ball......aside from having Jason on a jetski, pretty darn good.

So keep on watching. The substance will be there eventually. Patience is the key.

And yes, crs, Zach is a sperm pimp, although its hard out there for pimp....with Ryan's sperm everywhere you look.

brown penny said...

Well if Kendull is eating eggs, bacon and donuts for breakfast, she must be refunding and reloading. If the camera adds ten pounds, she must look like a walking thermometer.

I can't stand that character, but in Alicia Minshew's defense, she's a decent actress. I think it's the really bad writing she's had and the fact that she and Ryan take up about 90% of the show.

I'd love to see others in the spotlight. Seems like since Kendull came back to town she has been the center of attention, in every story, on every day, same as Ryan. It's too freakin' much!

Love to see stories with Tad, Krystal, Jake, Jesseeeee, Angie, Frankie, Amanda, Taylor. Don't like this stupidity with EEK and Adam, and very very sad about the destruction of Carmen. They couldn't help it, they just gotta do it, they gotta make her a caricature.

Shadow said...

Was Hayward giving CPR or copping a feel on Amanda Baker? Geez. Not a bad first day on the job.

Zach is being pretty harsh with Jake, and he has some valid points but he shouldn’t be disrespecting Dr. Joe! Nobody disrespects Dr. Joe!

Have I missed something with Amanda? Is she with Emma and Myrtle?

Wow, Natalia just heard Jesse say she and her mother were his “cover” from Propel. Dang, that’s rough. I like that the storm is providing ways to advance the characters, but this is the s/l that gives me pause. I’d like to forget Propel. Jordan’s idea of Angie’s father being responsible for Jesse's absence seems more plausible. Once he came back and assumed a public life and admitted to being committed, why not just come clean about Nat and her mom? He could have blamed it on the crazy or whatever but I can’t imagine Jesse just shunning a daughter that he’s known for 20 years. Not a great way to show your appreciation to the family that took care of you and kept you safe. Maybe there’s more to come that will change my mind.

OOOH, Franklin put the finger up at Jesse. Weak story but he’s bringing it with the acting.

Bianca needs a tan. Dead Babe has a better tan than Bianca.

What do you call your ½ sister who is also your cousin?

Dang Ryan punched David in backside. That freakin hurts. Dr. Joe must be thinking “why am I saving all these crazy ass people”?

Seems like every time Bianca comes back, she has to talk Kendall out of a coma.

There’s Kendall. The tube is hanging out of the left side today.

KWAK pulling the hair out of Babe’s brush. Nice touch. That is heart breaking. Glad she underplayed it. Give that lady a statue already.

JR has on a clean shirt. Guess his moob will be OK.

How did Zach find Joe and Jake in the stairwell? He’s so creepy these days.

How did Aidumb just wander into the nursery? At most hospitals the nursery is secured electronically. Nobody wanders in or out except the parents and you have to have on a wristband.

I don’t see how Annie could worry about Babe or anything other than Emma. I would be losing my sh#t.

Why did SoapNet show a Fusion commercial? Surely we’re done with that place. If one of the 6 tornados didn’t hit Fusion/ConFusion, I’ll be sad.

Hayward took DeadBabe from the morgue and is groping her in a dark room. First he was copping feels and now he’s slipping her tongue?

I had no idea that Erica was going to get hurt. Hey, a spoiler I didn’t know.

I don’t get who is messing with Emma. Zach just knocked Taylor down the stairs. Karma is a bitch Zach. Zach is a prick. Hope Taylor isn’t hurt too bad.

Anonymous said...

Shadow said "What do you call your ½ sister who is also your cousin?"

HAAAA! That sounds like a joke on a Popsicle stick.

brtedi said...

Did anybody else notice, when Taylor landed at the bottom of the stairs, there was a tray but no spilled cups of coffee? I guess, they added those in afterward, for Monday. LOL!

And,it had to be a little tough on Alisha Minshew,having that tube in her mouth--not being able to swallow, until the camera was off her.


brtedi said...

Does anyone else think Carmen, is on the gurney, under the sheet?


n69n said...

brtedi said...

Does anyone else think Carmen, is on the gurney, under the sheet?

hey brtedi
yeah, that is exactly what i think.

discodan said...

What do you call your ½ sister who is also your cousin?

A big hot mess

With all of these babies who are kind of related (miranda, gabrielle, ian, spike, emma), who's going to bet that Emma and Ian end up together because technically their not related. Ewww, this is worse than when GH was pairing Georgie and Maxie with Lucas (their cousin). Then they said, Oh crap! Let's gets some guys in here (enter Dillon, Kyle, Diego etc.)

Shadow said...

You'd think with all the Taco Bell bags and Big Gulps the stalker was carrying somebody at Chandler's mansion would have noticed him. Or smelled him.

I don't mind the product placement like Bev Hills Chihuahua as long as it doesn't get carried away. Like I don't ever want Carmen to turn to Erica and say, "Superstar, do ever feel not so fresh down there?".

discodan said...

LOL Shadow...
Jack told Carmen all about Erica's little "problem".

jordan hudson said...

girl now lol Tammy and Jonathan mother's were half sisters and they did not grow up together.
I know.... as someone who is latin and close to all my moms relatives, to the point that my couisn kids call me Uncle, even thou they are my second couisns, it seems icky. Jonathan and Tammy were great together.

As far as OLTL have faith that Ron is writing a great story. It has only begun and something tells me Tea's return will have something to do with it. I think the reason that OLTL seems to be hitting a cord with people is that for the most part the cast can act. The vets are still on the show and being used. And Ron ( you may not like all of them) is actually telling full stories. That build and flow in to the next storyline.
I know for me the stop and start at AMC annoys me. At one point they seem to be buidling an old fashion hot love triangle between Jamie, Julia and Josh. Julia and Josh were at each other's throats ( classic soap sexual tension) and then he teased her about Jaime. Then nothing!. At one point it seemed like Julia, Jackson and Erica were going to be a triangle and nothing. Soaps are suppose to have a bible which is written 6 to 12 months in advance.

The change in head writers after only six months hurt the flow of the show. The main reason Jesse's storyline is hard to swallow. Is that there was no establshing this scenario when he first came back. So you are left with alot of holes and can pick apart at the credibility.


I will agree with you GH is better now then it was a few years ago. I do think getting back to the roots of the show with Robin and Young Doctor Drake and getting more hosiptal time is great. Yet enough with the mob already, lets see the latin , russian etc have hit town. Whats next the Yakuza will return. I do think Olivia is the best new character in some time. She is like a darker Lois. Yet Kate should die, The Aussie needs to go and Sam talk about character assasination. they need to some how bring Alan and Aj back to life. Emily can stay dead, both actresses are great but the charcater has always been annoying. they have also cut storylines down before they could start. I though they were going to give us an old fashion soap traingle when Ryan Carnes was Lucas and he was straight, brooklyn and Diego and Nada. Love when Jed Allan was playing Edward and Robin Mattson came back as Heather and that ended. I do like the supporting characters like Dianne and Max. but GH needs to do two things to get me back bring bakc Jackie Zeman and even more important Genie. And i have the perfect solution. Laura has always been in good health. Helena has been having her drugged all these years and is behind her health issues. Brian Frons needs to be fired and me hired. I will get all three shows ratings up hehehehehehee.

Crs we believed everything back then because of the acting and the writing. Yes the stories were right out of a comic book. Weather Machines GH, Old west and Eternia GL, The Isis and wonderland lane storylines on EON but they were well written , thought out storylines with characters who we had a vested interest in and back then they may not have been hot like randi, but give me Tony Geary, Judith Light and Gerald Anthony and day over Randi.

discodan said...

Jordan Hudson, you can run every show. on television. ever. hahaha

While I do agree that the mob has become too much of a focal point, it's something that needs to be backed off slowly. It's so intertwined into every storyline. Patrick knows about Dante which will affect him during his wedding, and new baby's birth, the Spencers are intangled with the mob (Lulu from her interactions with Jason/Spinelli, Luke from his friendship with Sonny, and Lucky from the Great Drug Caper). It's why Liason has been stalled. again. and again. It's why the Q's have been picked off one by one. I agree with you here. I miss Alan. I miss AJ. There's just no way that you can bring either back though. We still get Alan in limited doses with the ghost s/l with Tracy. And AJ's death was a dramatic on-screen affair after he committed several haneous crimes. There's no redemption after that.

What they need to do is wein everyone off of the mob slowly. Have Claudia and Johnny move out and away from the Z's organization like they were going to, so they can start new lives. Have Michael wake up and realize that he wants to be a Quartermaine. That could move Sonny away from his current ambitions, and bring the Q's out of the wood work. Have Ric and Sonny be brothers. That's one thing I do miss. I love it when they're brothers, because when they're enemies, Ric is always painted negatively, even if it is Sonny's fault. Have Jax and Carly reconcile and go on romantic adventures with Jerry (maybe go visit Lady Jane [Jax's mom]).

While I do agree that Bobbie and Lucas need to come back, I would use Bobbie the same way that they use Mike....when in need, go to Bobbie. Lucas needs to have some scenes w/ Carly, and be in the mix of Spin/Maxie/Lulu/Johnny. Heck, they didnt even bring him out of the wood work when Georgie died. Darn writers....

As far as Sam, I love Sam, but I think that she needs to learn about her Cassadine roots and I think Helena would be a perfect person to teach her. How awesome of a clip show would it be if Helena has Sam tied up and was telling her all that has happened to the Cassadines between now and when they first came to Port Charles. Then that could bring Lucky, Nikolas, and Alexis to her rescue.

Get rid of Karpov, Trevor, Matt, and Sasha. They've been pretty useless.

Write Lucky smarter. He's Luke Spencer's son; not a moron. Lucky always jumps to the wrong conclusion on everything and is always left in the dark. Maybe its just me, but even Jacob Young was an edgier Lucky than Greg Vaughn.

Keep SKATE together. I know people dont necessarily like Kate but she's better with Sonny than Carly. She's Sonny's first love, something Carly always claimed. She's assertive. I just wish they would stop writing her protective and defensive for Sonny. He doesn't deserve your defenses.

Spinelli is my fav. He needs to find out who his parents are. I've been waiting for two years (since the spoiler was thrown out there and reeled back in) and have yet to see any hintings. I thought that maybe, just maybe it could be Sonny and Kate. How funny would that have been?

Jordan, can I join your writing staff of these shows? I know I'm only in high school, but my ideas seem to be better than Brian Frons and his Tarty love. LOL

shadow said...

Judith Light! She was fantastic on OLTL.

n69n said...

jordan hudson said...
Crs we believed everything back then because of the acting and the writing. Yes the stories were right out of a comic book. Weather Machines GH, Old west and Eternia GL, The Isis and wonderland lane storylines on EON but they were well written , thought out storylines with characters who we had a vested interest in and back then they may not have been hot like randi, but give me Tony Geary, Judith Light and Gerald Anthony and day over Randi.

i think another point is that they stayed true to character, but the events *refined* the character... and *that* was the story!

what i mean is, you had a situation, and the fully-developed characters were put into it...and JUST BY BEING THEMSELVES, worked their way through it!

the way they worked through it *WAS* the story! The new facets of personality that were revealed, the relationships that were established...all built foundation for future stories.

now, a story is set, and the characters just bend whichever way to fit the needs of that story.

so there is very little growth, no real bonding.

everything is for the purpose of a plotpoint.

& another point: Gerald Anthony *WAS* hot!!

tallytofu said...

Did anyone else think Taylor's fall was incredibly anti-climactic? I mean, they spent a whole week having tornadoes tear up the town, and then at the very last minute, they tack on a woman falling down the stairs because somebody flung his arm carelessly? Seems so pointless - why couldn't Taylor's injury have been a direct result of some tornado craziness? That would have been much more dramatic.

brtedi and n69n - I had the exact same thought! I hope it's not Carmen, but I wouldn't be shocked if it is. (Not a spoiler, just guessing.)

brtedi said...

"Spinelli is my fav. He needs to find out who his parents are. I've been waiting for two years (since the spoiler was thrown out there and reeled back in) and have yet to see any hintings. I thought that maybe, just maybe it could be Sonny and Kate. How funny would that have been?

For a brief time I thought Dianne was goiing to be Spinelli's mom,imho, that would have been great...It seemed as if they were really bonding, when she'd advise him about Maxie! :-)

Write Lucky smarter. He's Luke Spencer's son; not a moron. Lucky always jumps to the wrong conclusion on everything and is
always left in the dark.

While, I think,Greg Vaugn is a tallented actor, IA Lucky, at times,is somewhat lacking as a character. There are days when he really bugs me! He knew all about Sam's investigation, and what did he do? He stopped short of dumping her, when she was down...There's a stand up guy, for you....Bah!


Anonymous said...

Eeew, stop talkin bout General Hospital!!! Just kidding! I just saw last Friday's episode of AMC and I was on the floor laughing when Taylor fell.

That was the best fall since Krystal went off the ladder! They should have put the Benny Hill music as the soundtrack!

I wasn't too happy with the flaring nostril family(the Hubbards). I am kind of sick of Natalia already guys. She annoys me. And they are turning Jesse into such a chump.

Zach is now dead to me officially for his antics and the way he treated Jake. Kendall looked like a corpse for real...thanks to great makeup, and Alicia Minshew already somewhat resembling a cadaver in real life.LOL!

The Babe doll was propped up and flung around for dramatic effect. I laughed more than I cried. In fact, the only thing that made me tear up was before when Little A's little hand was sticking out the rubble. Other than that, the Tornado has been a barrel of laughs.

Leave it to RYANDERTHAL to be a complete d*ck to David Hayward without even having the facts. Was he worried about Emma while he was off busting down Greenlee's door? Or how about going to see Greenme during a tornado and not worrying about his kids? Was he concerned about Emma then? No, he just left her with BOREina and went off to chase Greenme. Now he is Somebody needs to shoot Ryan in the head again. Damn Hannah, why couldn't you have practiced more?!

jason said...

Podcast this week?