Monday, October 27, 2008

These Eyes... Aren't Cryin'!

  • Krystal says a (not so) tearful goodbye to Arabella Carey Chandler.
  • Jake-gyver attempts brain surgery in the dark, and what do you know? It doesn't go so well.
  • Ryan and Aidumb survive the tornado. Damn.
  • Jesse and Angie are seemingly having communication problems.
It appears as if everyone in Pine Valley is either dead, in a coma, or seriously maimed. But why aren't we here at the PVP feeling the drama? You feelin' it? So far, the reviews are mixed. Help us figure it all out, and keep on hangin' on (as you always do) here.

10/24/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I'm sorry I am so tired of AMC. I have been watching the show since I was 10 years old (i'm 32 now) and things are so dim for me. I was happy to see David back, but who in the hell does Tad think he is pulling him off his daughter and telling him to get out? ARE YOU SERIOUS? Also, Krystal BARELY cried when Babe died. She showed so much more emotion when Babe "died" from the Satin Slayer. What was this? I would think she would be inconsolable! She actually SAW her die this time! This whole Bianca and Zach baby thing is not flying with me either. I'm with Ash, I just dont give a **** anymore.

Norn Cutson said...

omg, Lynn Thigpen in THE WARRIORS...
"lets get down to it, boppers!"

Anonymous said...

You know, AMC has gotten so bad. It's to the point where it is hilarious. I find myself laughing at Babe laying "lifeless" in the morgue. They couldn't even make her look nice. Hell, they made Jenny beautiful when she died.

I want to know who Aiden Turner is F-ing at ABC? If this was any other soap, he would have been gone long before Ana left the show. He is a HORRIBLE actor. I, like Taylor, find myself rewinding constantly to see what he is saying.

I am also tired of Zack. The character has gone from the lovable gangster to someone who is bullying the entire town to get what he wants. What kind of BS is that?

I'm like you Taylor, bring me some characters that I will care about. The writers are doing nothing to build the characters for a long-term soap. Everything is sooo short term.

SizzleWriter said...

I so agree. Zack is turning into a bully. The whole threatening Jake thing....yawn.

The writing on the show is so boring, stupid, idiotic, and any other word I can come up with. I miss the good old days.

Norn Cutson said...

to be honest, i would have bailed at some point in the past two weeks if it hadnt been for PVP.

OLTL is still a treat, but AMC feels like work.

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with the "feels like work" comment.

SizzleWriter said...

LOL!!! I agree. I look forward to hearing Ashley and Taylor rip them a new one. I love Ashley's Jesse impression!!!!

I have been on the fence for weeks now, myself. Now that David is back, I think it could make thing a bit more exciting.

Anonymous said...

Why are they carrying Babe around the hospital like she's a piece of meat? This is the tackiest death in AMC history!

jordan hudson said...

OMG thank you guys for speaking up. I was beginning to think it was just me feeling this way and I was missing something. and IM Jordan not Taylor heheheheheh!!!
Kelvin I have been aksign that question for over a year now in regards to Aidna Turner still having a job. Also to Zach becoming the town bully. It's all becoming so trite

SOAPFAN said...

Like Jordan Hudson, I laughed more than I cried at last week. Everything was just so ridiculous.

Everyone(the actors)looked tired IMO. I know there was a storm, but I felt like the actors really didn't give it their all.

I think Bobbie Eakes uses Botox. I remember a scene she did with Adam once, and her face was frozen as she pushed and struggled to make sad faces, but she couldn't. I just think she could have been a little more distraught at Babe ACTUALLY dying. She showed more emotion when the Satin Slayer supposedly 'killed' Babe.

Baby Doll is now LITERALLY a doll. They propped her up, theyflung her around like a rag doll. David carried her to the roof and flung her on the ground. Blow Up Babe.

The Bianca/Zach thing kind of is a big WTF also. I am hearing some really messed up things. I am hearing rumors that the story will play out that they used Reese's egg for the baby, making Bianca's reasons for having the baby with Zach pointless.

I think Tamara Braun will stick out like a sore thumb on AMC. A lot of people think that Beth Ehlers' Taylor Is out of place, but I think that Tamara Braun won't be sticking around AMC for long.

SizzleWriter said...

Oops! Sorry Jordan! You know we love you though, right? See what exposure to fake tornadoes, secret babies, and floating dead bodies does to us?

Anonymous said...

LOL Poor Jordan,
Everyone's so mean in PV.
BTW, Frankie knows Bianca from when Frankie came back by himself in a lil bit, like in 02-ish I think. It was during the time when it was revealed that he had a son with Mia who Mia gave up for adoption. He spent a lot of time around Fusion back then, if that's the case, which explains Binks and Frankie knowing each other.

Erica Kane said...

I agree with whoever said watching AMC now is like work. I just hate what they have done to our show. I have been recording the tornado eps on DVD so I can make it like a movie, and after editing out all of the commercials, our show is now only 36 mins. It used to be 42minutes. I cannot believe it takes that long to watch 36 minutes of show. It feels like hours anymore. This whole Babe mess is just atrocious. They could just blow up a doll and wing it around the set. More later I am too tired to continue..

Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Okay, I'm not a nurse, but Babe seemed to be doing pretty well, awake and even a little animated. Why wasn't she hooked up to IVs and getting fluids? I know Ashley said as much during the podcast,but damnit she's right! If there was even a chance she could survive, why wasn't there a DR doing something? It just seemed like everyone gave up way to easily.

Kendull laying in that bed w/her head all mummied up, she looked really dead. when you get that wild hair out of the way, she really is corpse like, just skin and bone. Very convincing. Now THAT's acting!

I hope she's not as talkative and hyperactive during this coma. Remember her last coma. She was all over the place and did not stop talking.

Great podcast JordAsh. You guys really can make a silk purse out of the sow's ear that is AMC.

Anonymous said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet, but oh my gosh I cried BUCKETS when Babe died. I had to bring the tissue box to the couch. OMG, when Krystal picked the hair out of her hairbrush... I *loved* it!!

I guess I have horrible taste?

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Jordan, I know you're a fan of Chelsea Handler. I went to a taping of Chelsea Lately today! It was my second time going and Chelsea is gorgeous and very thin in person! I had a lot of fun.

Norn Cutson said...

Marlena Delacroix has posted her take on the tornado!

this ought to be good!

Anonymous said...

I will tell you one thing though, to all the people who arent buying what Pratt's tornado is selling: This tornado might just save our little show.

Here me out:
We have David hell bent on revenge. This will rekindle his rivalries with the Martins and Chandlers, bringing the heat of battle to the front burner, pushing Kendall, and the suckstet back a notch. I haven't even mentioned vintage David, and what kind of hell he could bring to these people. I would check every beverage and food in both houses from now until he decides to pack it up and leave, because the DOC IS BACK!

We have Bianca and Reese, who by look of today's promos, are going to get married, bringing a lesbian marriage to a front burner story of a major television program. If that doesnt get ratings than nothing will. I realize that we didnt watch them fall in love, but any good Binks fan or Tamara Braun fan will appriciate anything we can get, because we love them that much.

We have Zach who is dealing with his wife in a coma, having to take care of his kids, while dealing with the fact that his sperm impregnated his sister-in-law. That's a twist that prolly hasn't been seen (and prolly will never be again).

We have Erica and Adam, who are dealing with Adam's revelation of the secret that he sabataged Bella. We have the confusion of their feelings which (whether they're legit or not), are evident.

We have Greenlee leaving, which means less is more, which might just give us that breath of fresh air that we need. (espiecially since I hear Leo whispers)

jordan hudson said...

Well My source gave me some major scoop of whats coming but I cnat say anything because no more spoliers. All I will say is The two storylines are dumb and one is just icky considering that babe just died and the fourth one is actually good but the dialogue in the script...a five you year old can come up with better Banter.

OH Jason I wish I was there with you seeing Chelsea.

and Marlena that was when Soap Weekly was a must resd sigh the good old days

Laura said...

Was that the original Derick Frye on Desperate Housewives with the ambulance for the old lady. I swear it was him

katya said...

I agree with Becky. When KWAK pulled Babe's hair out of the brush, I lost it. It was such a sweet, old-fashioned gesture. My only complaint about the Krystle and Babe death scenes is that there could have been more.

And I have to disagree strongly with Ashley and Jordan about Bianca's singing. I think Eden has a lovely voice (dudes, she played young Cosette in Les Mis on Broadway.), and "All Through the Night" is a beautiful old Welsh song, perfect for the occasion...

Sleep my child and peace attend thee,
All through the night
Guardian angels God will send thee,
All through the night
Soft the drowsy hours are creeping
Hill and vale in slumber steeping,
I my loving vigil keeping
All through the night.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

I must defend AMC because it is not as insulting to women as it's sister soap OLTL. As a woman I am truly offended by the whole Marty and Todd storyline to the point I am getting really sick when it comes on the tv. My hand starts to twitch and then I feel the vomit rising in my mouth. I don't think Tea coming back can save it. The writers have gone to far. Honestly this is worse than the unabortion. Honestly give me one good point to the storyline. You can't because it sucks worse than the suctext. I rather have the suctext on everyday than Todd and Marty. Sorry I just had to rant

Anyway the tornado storyline wasn't as bad as everyone is making it when krystal broke down with opal that was sad, babe holding her son one last time. Then JR carry her to the chapel where she died. Adam thinking that Erica had died in the accident. Zach learning of Kendall's condition you could believe that he was devasted and would destroy PV hospital because of Jake's mistake. I still love AMC and I like GH but OLTL is dead to me

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

n69n how is OLTL a treat?! Did you watch back in the day when Marty was raped by Todd and what they are doing know is not a treat but a horrible trick

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Ashley Babe suffered internally injures that so she was bleeding inside. Therefore it wouldn't show it outside.

Norn Cutson said...

have ya'll been reading Tom Casiello's fan interviews?

they are so interesting and pure gold in terms of market research!

here's the links for the AMC interviews


here's the links for the OLTL interviews

PT 1
PT 2
PT 3

Norn Cutson said...

Tasha from Brooklyn, here, honey,
hold the magic seashell.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• GREENLEE is real good with that baby!


I'm tellin you, DAVID is gonna clone BABE and its gonna be the return of Alexa Havens with a "REAL BABE!" ad campaign.

• we get a quality scene out of KWAK & DAVID.

• poor AMANDA!
the wond blew her overboard and she had to swim to shore IN A TORNADO...and JAKE's like "yeah yeah tell me later"...too busy with TAYLOR.

• ERICA: "She'll wake up for me!"

• how many weeks have they been milkin' BABE's death now?

• TAYLOR sure looks made-up.



this show sucks.

• BIANCA: "Zach is the greatest man Ive ever known."

yeah, just ask ANNIE & JOSH.

• I wish they wouldnt keep tellin us what a wonderful, amazing, fantastic, stupendous, superduper & terrific REESE one could live up to this build-up.

• My Poor Amanda.
at least they are writing her smart enough to realize its over.
small comfort.

notes on Monday's episode


ADRIANNA: "You look better."

than when he was in a coma? i hope so!

• DORIAN: "It was lovely seeing you shoot him!"

oh, if DORIAN & VANESSA team up, thats gonna make me like VANESSA.

LOLA: "She takes care of me!"

uh, this girl looks plenty old enough to be takin care of herself.


DORIAN: "Don't get existential on me!"

see, AMC would *never* use a word like "existential".

• OMG that scene with REX & adult, so healing...allowing both characters growth and the chance to move on.
You never get a mature scene like this on AMC; all those characters are so reactionary.

THANK YOU, WRITERS, for giving us this scene of closure and *SHOWING* us what it looks like when two adults make peace instead of ripping each other apart.

so...CRISTIAN is getting himself put back in jail (after just escaping Columbian prison...hasnt seen his mama yet, hasnt had sex with hsi girlfriend yet)just to pass LOLA's note to VANESSA?

this is dumb.

& if CRISTIAN is this dumb, he deserves CARLO HESSER.

ADRIANNA: "You better treat him right or I'll fly back and flatten you!"

its really neat to have watched the whole arc of Melissa Fumero...she came to the show not very interesting or talented, just pretty...and she must've been studying Robin Strasser and doing her homework the whole time, because she is really fantastic now!

...& by giving her that scene with REX, they've allowed her character to move beyond BITCHY she is simply ADRIANNA.

• I'm grossed out with CRIS bein all flirty with VANESSA...he hasnt even hinted that he's breaking up with SARAH...and if he's supposed to be unaware that he's flirting...well, thats jut preposterous.

• usually NORA is such a bore-a but that was a pretty smooth move on her part.

jordan hudson said...

yes Laura that was him.

Shadow said...

Man, I don't know what Amanda did to piss off TPTB. Most people on soaps die in dramatic storylines from something like Lupus like Viki's daughter Megan died on OLTL. That was heart wrenching and I'm sure Megan uses those scenes in her portfolio when she auditions.

Several of us noted how distraught Amanda Baker looked in her final weeks. It wasn't because she got fired. It was probably because she will forever be recalled as "that character who died bleeding from her ass". And the "Weekend at Bernie's" stuff was unintentionally HILARIOUS. After she died, the way JR just propped up on the bench was a crack up. It was like, "OK, I'm done with you. Clean up on Aisle 7!"

I kept waiting for rigamortous to set in and her get stuck to a chair or something. I could just see Hayward try to pick her up and the whole bench comes with her because her hand is clenched to it or something. It's almost Halloween, maybe they are going to keep her around for the holiday.

Great Podcast. Astoot as always. Ash, you do a great doorbell too. Funniest line of the cast for me was when you referred to Colby as "poor dumb animal". It's honest. That's what makes it funny.

GREAT quote Jordan. I saw that too and thought about posting it. Seems like Pratt *generally* knows the characters-like he read AMC Cliffnotes, but he hasn't studied them hard enough to understand how out of character some of this stuff is--especially the Bianca stuff.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

I agree with Ashley, Vonda and everyone else who are just tired of AMC and just don't care anymore. I haven't watched today and I didn't set my PVR to tape. I'm done. AMC is no longer the show I got hooked on all those years ago and in which I've invested so many hours of my life. I used to really care about the characters and couldn't wait to see what was going on in their lives. Now with the likes of Ryan, Greenlee, Aidan, Colby and Randi all over the screen and beloved characters like Erica, Adam, Tad, Jesse & Angie acting like caricatures and imitations of their former selves, Pine Valley has become like a sad and unfortunate alternate universe.

The new writers clearly don't know who the characters are. I agree with Shadow when he said the writers cheated with Cliff notes. They know some of the stuff the characters have done but they don't know who these people are. I was so excited for Binks' return only to wonder who the alien in the Binks suit onscreen really is. The Bianca we love would never pull a stunt like that on Kendall. C'mon people! Getting pregnant by her sister's husband on the sly? What is that?! Who does that? Babe or Annie maybe but Bianca? NO WAY!

I could go on ad nauseum but suffice it to say I will still be loyal to the PVP and check the blog but I've had all I can take from tptb who produce and have ruined All My Children. I prefer to keep the good times in my memory; the days of Jenny & Greg, Jesse & Angie, Adam & KWAK, Tad the Cad and Erica in all her incarnations and let go of the crap that's now being shown after the AMC titles.

Can't wait to hear where Ashley and Jordan will take the podcast next week.

til then, I'll still be

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

Ok, I'm not going to start watching OLTL but I have been paying a little attention to it. I don't really understand how Clint is morphing into ASA? If I recall, wasn't the whole reason Clint came to Llanview and the Banner was to challenge Asa's shenanigans? When I watched, he and Bo were always putting Asa in check. I can't imagine that he's turned into a coniving baby snatcher.

Secondly, how could TPTB let Andrea Evans get away. On a bigger scale, why does ABC eff-up every star return? Rebecca Budig, Genie Francis? Ghost Dixie? Jesse and Angie aren't going to smoothly. Bianca is a pod person. That must be some sort of systemic problem. They bring them back and then don't do anything with them. Does Tina even interact with anyone from the old days? Whenever I check in she's just sitting around talking to herself or the dog. She's one of those people who jump off the screen. She should be out and about mixing with as many as possible!

Speaking of returns, was David Hayward the big return? i haven't heard anything about Skye lately. I don't care about Di.

Bo has "old eyes", and Dorian shouldn't wear yellow. I like that they keep Dorian redeemable. I wonder what her new project will be? I wish whoever writes for her wrote for Adam. Viki doesn't seem to age though. She and Bo must have sprinted out of the house not to hear that smoke alarm go off. They all seem infinetly more interesting than Rex and Gigi. Are they a little boring.

Like I said, I'm not getting back into OLTL.

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, someone is not doing DORIAN any favors by steering her towards the yellows & chartreuses she's been wearing the past few weeks.

she needs rich reds & lusty maroons!

Shadow said...

Monday notes:

I still don’t see how Aidumb found Greenlee in the nursery or got into the nursery. I’m tired of him being an a**hole. I don’t like Aihole any more than Aidumb. Can’t somebody on this show smile? Or get laid? Or just be civil?

Someone give Zach a clean shirt or some scrubs. He’s been in a tornado, delivered a baby and is covered in day old vajayjay ooze. If people aren’t dying yet, they will when they smell him.

Ok, I’ve debated if KWAK was reacting strongly enough to Babe’s death. Hayward is bringing it. If DeadBabe isn’t enough to rile her up, then this should. I’d like to see her just smack him.

Babe still looks pretty good. No bloating, no green skin or stiff fingers. By now she should look like a warthog.

Who has their kid kidnapped and then doesn’t call the police?

I knew it. Amanda was drunk on the boat. She was blown overboard in a storm and she survived. We didn’t see it though and that would have been more interesting than the other stuff we saw. And then JakGyver sh@t on her at the hospital. Sucks to be her. At least her makeup wasn’t smudged.

Zach doesn’t seem too bothered he just broke Taylor’s neck. He was like a 3 year old. “Well if Jake’s was an accident so was Taylor”. Like “I know you are but what am I?”. You’re an ahole.

Hayward is crying so hard he’s going to fart! Between that and Zach’s stench, the rest of the cast is going die too.

“See, this is why we need Aidan”. There’s something you don’t hear everyday.

Taylor’s foot just “gave out”. That doesn’t happen with plantar fasciaitis. It’s painful, but the foot doesn’t “give out”.

Erica just hugged Zach. I swear she just gagged and swallowed.

JR just lost his WIFE (sort of) and everyone else is in his way. JR is the one who should be agonizing over Babe.

Talk about tacky, I just saw a promo for some GH Bridezilla. Her water broke at the alter! She’s a bigger whore than Randi.

Taylor’s a great actress. Her foot and leg are numb. Hope her vajayjay is OK. Now that would be a storyline.

Amanda may be even hotter dressed down with a band-aid on her head.

Greenlee is “praying” for Ryan. Because she is so religious.

I knew it! Aidumb is gay. Did you see him stick his hand in Jesse’s pocket?

Would’ve been nice to see Bianca and Babe say goodbye. Bianca was like, “Oh no, Babe”. And that was it.

OOH Ryan, stay outta those stairwells. They are sooo dangerous.

Oh, Erica, it is a trick question. Say’s Bianca: “See, Zach was in France on business. He was so charmed with Reece that he gave her some of his sperm. He just offered to drop trou right then and there. Fortunately he was holding a shot glass and, well, the rest is history. He’s such a lovely man”.

I guess technically it isn’t the tornado that kills the second person. Maybe it’s a staph infection from a cut. Or boredom. Or the smell of Zach.

InsAnnie can always stop worrying long enough about Emma to rip on Greenlee.

They spent so much money tearing all the sets apart. I guess now all the scenes will be shot in the stairwell.

KWAK is just shuffling her feet around the hospital all so ho-hum. WTF? And did they prove or did Hayward admit to living in the tunnels? Or did they just tote him off to jail because KWAK said so?

Just saw the DWTS guy. “Sorry Miss Kane”. Cute.

At some point, someone is going to have to make Zach change his clothes. If that stench doesn’t wake up Kendall nothing will. There’s the daily Coma Shot.

jordan hudson said...

Shadow the reason your not getting Clint Morphing into Asa is because you dont watch the show.

Unlike AMC, OLTL is telling complex layered character driven storylines.

So unlike AMC where all of sudden a character wakes up after being shot and says he no longer loves his wife but his son's baby mama and then uh no it's his ex wife he loves.

OLTL has had this Clint storyline building. From Asa dying suddenly and Bo and Clint never realing dealing with the issues they had in regards to his father. Dorian stealing the family company from him was the final straw. During the anniversary episodes we got to see him reunite with Cord. Also, due to the 1968 storyline. We got to see how much Clint loved Maria and how damaging Asa sending her away was to Clint. There was more going on then Clint leaving and becoming his own man. He lost the love of his life and while she might have been a cartoon villan when Barbara Luna played her in the 80's. Ron C. has show more depth to her and the situation back then. So see there were reasons for Clint going to the extreme he did. And as Nora stated when confronting Dorian. The Feud between them has to be stopped before something bad happens.
Ron C. has not rewritten history or deconstructed characters, he was buildign on what was already estblished liek a good writer should. Pratthole should take notes from and learn so AMC can improve.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...
They spent so much money tearing all the sets apart. I guess now all the scenes will be shot in the stairwell.

haaa hahahahhaa haaaa!!!!

Erica Kane said...

I think we should have a vote as to how many want spoilers and as to how many do not want spoilers. I for one am all for spoilers.

Anonymous said...

I second the spoilers, Ms. Kane Martin Brent Cudahy Chandler Roy Roy Montgomery Montgomery Chandler Marick Marick Montgomery...

Anonymous said...

Quick Tuesday Notes:

Everyone has bathed. Even The Weave has been tamed. Chandler Mansion is all put back together. But there is ol' smelly bloody vjay covered Zach. Can somebody get the guy a sponge?

Sh+t! Jack is alive.

Poor Nat has a weak ovary. Who cares and what's the point of that? And Angie is going to treat her Mom too? "There is something wrong with my mom Angie. I don't know what it is. One day she just seemed so, so white."

Lil 'A took the loss of his mommy like a trooper. Of course, he sees dead people all the time in the Mansion so I guess it's no big deal.

Is it possible for Colby's forehead to still be growing? It's getting bigger.

Reece and Bianca are going to stay with Zach and his sperm. Why would she not stay at Erica's?

I swear the Weave comes alive! Nat's mom walk into the hospital and it went wild!

Where is all the debris from the storm? Guess they had to return the greenscreens before they lost their deposit.

Seems like they are trying to return Colby back to Ambyr's Colby but it's too bad she sucks. That gray jacket makes her looks even more schlumpy than usual.

I fear 2 months of people sitting beside Coma Girl talking to themselves.

Have you ever looked out into the backyard of Zendall's house. It looks like a prehistoric jungle.

I don't get this whole thing with Natalia's mom. Who does that?

Krystal took "the girls" to the funeral home.

There's that Chandler security again. David Hayward just helped himself to the back porch.

Zach was pissed about Ryan helping let Josh get away. I hope that it's not Zach behind the kidnapping of Emma.

jason said...
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Anonymous said...

Ashley I am so with you on Bobbie Eakes. I thought she was going to bring it, especially after Babe "died" in 2006. I was disappointed by it, and I'm a big fan of Bobbie and Krystal.

Anonymous said...

Maybe Bobbie phoned it in because she didn't feel a connection to Amanda that she felt to Alexa?

Anonymous said...

if you want spoilers, there are plenty of websites, blogs, and even superposters' myspace blog, a lot of people won't be able to participate in our pvp blog, if it's infested with unwanted spoilers.

Arizonagal said...

The good and the bad in PV today, IMHO:

Hey Tad, from donut hole, to donut roll, a moment on the lips a lifetimes on the hips.

Lil A, cute kid but so richy rich.

Kendall's mouth is open so wide, wouldn't they tape that sucker shut? what's to keep out the bugs and lint?

Greenlee is watching Kendull and tells Zach, "I won't even take pee breaks."? Eewww, TMI

I kind of like Natalia, she's got potential. She is not DBTE.

Jesse's suspicious because Ryan and Insannie are jumpy and nervous? Their daughter was kidnapped, i'd expect them to be jittery.

During the big dramatic scene between JR and Adam, there are grinning pumpkins in the back ground. Is that Stuart's touch, or Lucretia's?

Ay Dios Mio! Colby is growing on me and I give Petey all the credit. Yhey have a strange, spooky, dorky chemistry.

Jr condemns David for his felonious past behavior. Pot kettle black

Babe dies, not one tear from anyone. This was one strange exit.

I loved JR's "I forgive you" speech to Adam. Touching and real. Finally a well written scene.

I loved seeing Zach become human again Cuddling and holding Binks' baby Now that's the sexy guy I love. He's a natural with kids.

The best thing about PV this week? Monday's PV podcast, hands down!

Anonymous said...

Tasha, rant away! That's what we do here and that's one of the reasons we're here. Regarding Marty and Todd. This will all be worthwhile when Marty regains her memories and gives it all back to Todd in spades. I don't hate T and M but it amazes me that TPTB would write Todd as so narcissistic and disillusioned that he'd think he has a future with Marty.

All this romancing the anmesiac has got to have an explosive conclusion. At least it better, this has been building forever!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• so does this mean the tornados are all over now?

• i like that BINKS calls ANGIE "DR. Hubbard"

BINKS says, "I only wish everyone had been so lukcy." and ON CUE both she & ANGIE pivot their heads in perfect synch towards KENDALL's hospital bed.

i'm eyerollin' & it isnt even to the opening credits yet.


• Mongrief gives a good close-up demonstration of DBTE.

• NATALIA: "If the father mine did."

so ANGIE meets CASSIE i mean REBECCA.
REBECCA looks ill...more mentally than physically.
She's all twitchy and bug-eyed.

do you think ANGIE was suprised that REBECCA is white?

i dont remember anyone mentioning it beforehand.
• i'm glad JR & TAD are giving KWAK a hard time about springing DAVID.

it was a bonehead move.

count me as another who was suprised that Bobbie Eakes didnt GO FOR IT over BABE's death.

at first, i thought she was holding back just to let Amanda Baker have the spotlight, like as a professional courtesy thing...then i thought, maybe she's playing KWAK as being in shock and she'll have a big explosion later...

• AMC undercuts its own drama...they should have ended the episode with GREENLEE running out of the hospital room.

notes on Tuesday's episode

• REX is back to his woody woodpecker hairdo.

aww, ROXY is throwing confetti...and she's brought a piƱata!

• NO! NO! TODD is givin LITTLE GOUDA a whole box of oreos!!! she's stuffin' em in her little face and she's already having laughing fits!
ive never seen this little girl so happy!!! is it the cookies are is she one of those little girls who lights up around men?
she's gonna be on a sugar high for days!!!

• ADRIANNA: "I guess we both can go to extremes to get what we want...and hold on to it."

• DORIAN: "Maybe that's not such a bad thing."

• ADRIANNA: "It is when we lose ourselves."

• DORIAN: "But we found ourselves. Again."

i'm all choked up! thats good soap!!!

you know that warm feeling you get when your soap characters acknowledge that they actually *have* LEARNED, CHANGED & GROWN?
thats what i'm feeling, and it opens new possibilities for both these characters.

• REX is too damn peppy.
eyerollin' time again.

ooh, did you see that little extra touch betwen BO & ROXY?
i sure noticed it!!!

• VIKI can tell with one look @ TODD's face that he knows...and we can see all that in VIKI's face!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Penny said--"Romancing the Amnesiac". HAHAHA!

Norn Cutson said...

Record Month for SOAPnet

SOAPnet (October 2008)

Prime (M-Su, 8:00 p.m.-11:00 p.m.)

In Total Viewers (364,000), driven by all-time highs for ALL MY CHILDREN and ONE LIFE TO LIVE, October 08 qualified as SOAPnet's most-watched month in almost two years, or 20 months (since February 07), and third-most-watched in the net's history. Additionally, SOAPnet recorded its largest October audience ever.

In Women 18-49 (120,000), October 08 wrapped as SOAPnet's most-watched month in Prime in more than a year (since September 07), ranking as the net's top rated October on record in the target demo.

Year to year, SOAPnet improved by 27% in Total Viewers (364,000 vs. 286,000) and by 4% in Women 18-49 (120,000 vs. 115,000).


ALL MY CHILDREN (M-F, 8:00-9:00 p.m.)

Delivering its second straight month of growth, October 08 stood as "All My Children's" most-watched month on record on SOAPnet in Total Viewers (461,000), and hit October-best levels in Women 18-49 (150,000).

Versus year-ago levels, ALL MY CHILDREN improved by 44% in Total Viewers (461,000 vs. 320,000) and by 11% in Women 18-49 (150,000 vs. 135,000).

ONE LIFE TO LIVE (M-F, 9:00-10:00 p.m.)

Recording its second consecutive month of gains, ONE LIFE TO LIVE delivered its largest audience ever on SOAPnet in Total Viewers (417,000 tied June 06), increasing over year-ago levels by a substantial 38% (303,000 October 07).

Enjoying its most-watched month in over one year in Women 18-49 (150,000 - since September 07), ONE LIFE TO LIVE hit October highs in the core demo, up by a solid 34% year to year (112,000 October 07).

jordan hudson said...

Okay lets see if doing it this way works, My previous report about it looking like Amanda is being paired with david was wrong. David will be teaming up with Amanda but not in a sexual way. David is going after somone else and this has been confirmed.

Arizona Gal
I dont see it yet Natalia bores me silly. What has surprised me is Laura Koffman. I never thought she was a bad actress. Just A boring character in Cassie and the men they stuck her with Rev. Carpenter, Bo. The only time I liked Cassie was under Clair Labine. Because she reallly pushed Cassie the reporter and her and Kevin Stapleton who played kevin were great together as a His Girl Friday storyline. I liked her as Rebecca but my god Tuesday epsiode was the most choppy thing. I had to keep going back to make sure I didnt miss scenes. One minute Angie and Rebecca are talking the next she is already in the room with natalia. Instead of us seeing her entering the room. This fast chooppy pace doenst work on a soap for me. Hate it!

VincentFan1 said...

Jordan, my source says David and Amanda DO sleep together! Who does your source have him with?

Shadow said...

So I had a couple of thoughts about how to make the show better...

1. MAKE ERICA FABULOUS AGAIN. I’m tired of Jailbird Erica, Grandma Erica, Hip Hop Erica, Zen Erica. Meddling Erica. I want Iconic Erica. The girl who kicks ass and takes name all while living and looking fabulous. The one with the make it happen attitude and work ethic. The one who wears Prada and looks gorgeous while she does everything. The one who runs a successful, thriving company and consults for important types from NYC. The one who fights to overcome her humble beginnings, but never forgets and is motivated by them. The one who is surrounded by people who believe in all things Fabulous, like Erica's old friend Olga Swenson. Surround Erica with the spoils she has worked to attain and deserves. Get her out of that damn efficiency at the marina. Give her an exquisite estate home to showcase her fabulosity--a centrepoint for the Kane clan. Let her kiss and makeup with Carmen and let Carmen take up residence at the Kane estate. Let Erica rescue Fusion for Kendall, rebrand it, merge it with Enchantment and make millions. Remind us how astoot this lady is and let her show all the fusionistas how to run a company. Start by closing Confusion which is just a drain on the corporate bottom line. No more meddling granny drab Erica. And give her some suitors. No flabby loser primetime actors. Not Adam. Adam’s banter with Erica is fantastic. You look forward to it, but it loses its punch if we hear it every day. Erica and Adam should be frenemies. Bring on some mature real powerful men and let the chase begin! And give Erica a male influence from someone close who doesn’t want to effe her. She needs Mark or Josh. The lovers come and go. They ground her. Josh is already unaborted and we’re over it.

2. FOR GOD’S SAKE BRING BACK BROOKE. There is a lot we can disagree on when it comes to a show, especially AMC, but every blog, soap rag, and review I read seems to universally agree that they have got to bring Brooke back as the show’s moral compass and heart. The Anti-Erica but still with style and class. She should be a mogul herself-running a media conglomerate or something. Recast her family. Bring back a Jamie. Or some Wallingfords. Just don’t give her any miracle sperm.

3. PASS OUT SOME BIRTH CONTROL. Too many kids in Pine Valley. Cochlear implants, baby switching, sperm swaps--stop all that shit. If someone has to get pregnant, let it be legit pregnancy. It’s all boring unbelievable stuff. I have 4 kids. I don’t really watch AMC to watch other people’s kids. However, if the kid has something unique to offer the storyline or a character, like Crazy Kathy, where they have a real, tangible effect on the show, then it’s OK. But no more kids for the sake of having kids or just to stir up some drama. Too many AMC characters are saddled with little tikes.

4. BRING BACK THE FUN AND STOP BITCHING ALL THE TIME. Nobody in PV ever has fun any more. Everybody is all up in everybody else’s business. So much whining, scheming, crying, complaining, shouting and acting generally childish. They never revel in small victories. Never just do stuff for the fun and joy of getting to know each other better. Every act has something to do with some contrived, silly soap opera plot. For the most part, they have all become those friends who never shut up or do anything to make their situations better. Eventually you get sick of them and start avoiding them. You see their lips moving but you don’t hear the words. Start smiling and lighten up. Do something besides attempt bodily harm to others or get pregnant.

5. BRING IN SOME NEW BLOOD. Aside from Brooke, the other universal truth appears to be this: Get rid of Aidumb and Ryan. Good job getting rid of Babe. It was time. I know they have some fans, but I think most of the reviews I read acknowledge that they are dead weight. The last vestiges of the McTravish years. Let Y&R have some of our less talented for a change. We need some new, hot faces with fresh stories. Make it real though and have a plan. Don’t half ass it like Carmen. Or Taylor. Or Sam. Don’t use models like Ya-Ya, or Dell or Randi. They are DBTE, whiney or just not experienced enough to pull it off. Their inexperience glares in the light of the more talented cast. I don’t want a show full of snow pigs and geeks, but looks shouldn’t be the only criteria.

6. MAKE THE CHARACTERS ACCOUNTABLE FOR THEIR ACTIONS. Erica is the only one who seems to have really had to account for her misdeeds, although I wouldn’t call her time in the pen as hard. She went to jail for some light insider trade. Other people snatch kids, attempt murder, hit the police, drink and drive and barely get a slap on the wrist. First of all, jail isn’t fabulous so Erica shouldn’t be there. Secondly, don’t do the crime if there isn’t going to be some consequence or emotional price to pay. Otherwise, it just becomes irrelevant time filler.

7. SEX IT UP. This really goes with pass out birth control and have some fun. I think part of the reason everyone is in a bad mood is because they never have sex. Except Amanda. And she is always pretty happy. Proves my point. It doesn’t have to be trashy and doesn’t always have to push the envelope. Just some love in the occasional afternoon. Or an occasional hookup. I liked that Jake just got a booty call now and then. It fit his character—young single and professional. I like seeing Amanda in a bomber jacket doing her thing. I absolutely hope she gets a booty call in with Hayward. Good! It’s a soap! People should have sex. But no pink thighs, no insipid lettering on the body. Definitely don’t let Aidan and Greenlee have any more sex together.

8. SIMPLIFY THE FAMILIES. Every soap has there family lines, but AMCs have gotten too convoluted. Sort it out. Kane, Martin, Chandler, Hubbard, whatever. Define what they stand for and flesh it out.

9. WRITE GOOD STORIES. Don’t change the character to fit the story, as Jordan noted on the podcast. Learn the history of the characters and stick to it. Nothing is worse than when they do something totally out of character or stop sounding like themselves. Don’t take us for granted. We know our stuff even if you don’t. We make the time to watch so take the time to learn about the show’s history.

10. HONOR THY VETS. Look Opal, Joe, Erica, Myrtle, Chompers, Tad, Marion, Adam/Stuart, Ruth have been at this for a long time. Get their input. Treat them right. Yes, they are worth it. They have tons of goodwill. Piss them off, you piss off the viewer too. They are All My Children. People who don’t watch AMC probably still know who they are. They are your good will embassadors. A scene with them is icing on the cake. Even if their s/ls aren’t on the front burner, make sure to sprinkle them in evenly and regularly. The newbies learn from them. We take comfort in them. Don’t kill them in freak weather accidents. We want funerals with lots of old characters paying their respects. Kelly/Kitty, Linc, Benny, Donna, Chuck, Gloria, a Santos, Daisy, Tara, Charlie, Cecily, Julie, Ross, Ellen, Mark, where are all of you?

Norn Cutson said...

jordan hudson said...
Tuesday epsiode was the most choppy thing. I had to keep going back to make sure I didnt miss scenes. One minute Angie and Rebecca are talking the next she is already in the room with natalia. Instead of us seeing her entering the room. This fast chooppy pace doenst work on a soap for me. Hate it!

i agree...we learn SO MUCH by watching character's body language & faces when they first see each other...we were robbed of that when ERICA first saw the new baby, and we were robbed of it when NATALIA & REBECCA had their first scene together.

Shadow said...
Every act has something to do with some contrived, silly soap opera plot.

"CONTRIVED" was Marlena Delcroix's keyword for the tornado.

Anonymous said...

I don't know who she is, but I like her!

Anonymous said...

ASHLEY! did you see the hip-hop dance on DWTS this week? LMAO at Susan!!
seriously, the woman is amazing and I love her but she can not do hip-hop. The outfit was so cute on her though.

jordan hudson said...

Vincent I dont know if they sleep togethre but I do know that David is up to his old tricks and is going to go after a married woman, don;t know if its love or just another way of getting revenge.
Have yet to see Today. Still trying to digest yesterday and fill in the blanks of the scenes that we should have seen.

Also listenign to Funhouse PINK"s new CD.....AWESOME!!!!!!! Also loving the CD Fame by Lady-GAGA

Anonymous said...

I really hope we get a scene where Amanda finds out Babe died, she was at the hospital on Monday!

Jordan I love Pinks new album!

Norn Cutson said...

...& i got the new Patti LuPone cd today!

VincentFan1 said...

"I don't know if they sleep together but I do know that David is up to his old tricks and is going to go after a married woman, don;t know if its love or just another way of getting revenge."

Jordan, based on today's "I hate you so much I love you" HEAT, David will be chasing after Krystal and having a great time doing it, as well as "doing it"! :)

Anonymous said...

David going after KWAK would be much more palatable than David and Amanda. After all wasn't Amanda Babe's bff? It would be just too icky if Amanda was rolling in the hay with her best friend's dad even if that friend is now dead. ... even ickier. I'd just like Amanda to get some. It breaks my heart that once again she's trusting a man (Jake) and he's crapping all over her while he moves on to someone else. It was painful when she went through that with Jonathan, this time is too much especially since I don't buy Jake and Taylor together anyway.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

I loved David today!
Going after lil A and possibly recruiting Erica to help is genius.
I'm pretty sure David is the new InsAnnie and I'm loving it.
It's also making me root against JR, which kinda isnt fair because he just lost the love of his wife, but I dont mind rooting against Adam, Krystal, and even Tad in this case.

BELINDA said...

Every time they show or mention Kendall, I get the Smiths' "Girlfriend in a Coma" stuck in my head:

"Kendall's in a coma - oh no, oh no ... Zach's furiousssss ...''

Ashley, if ever Jordan, Taylor and Pedro are all unavailable at the same time, you should seriously consider bringing in Shadow or n69n. THEY. ARE. HIGH-LARIOUS.

About the Bianca/Zach babymakin' brouhaha: I keep hearing that Bianca asked Zach for a "donation" because she wanted her kids to be related. HUH? They have the same mother - isn't that related enough? Smells like a big steamin' pile of WTF to me!

Ty mentioned hearing about the possibility of Bianca having used Reese's egg (which immediately makes me think of peanut butter-filled Easter candy, NOM NOM NOM!) ... to me, that would make the "she wanted her kids to be related" explanation more logical (not that there's much logic to this storyline, mind you) 'cos they would have different biological mothers and therefore, the only way they could be related would be via the Cambias bloodline. Oh, whatever ... I've bored myself even thinking about this insipid SL.

And you're right, Shadow ... even dressed down and Band-Aided, Amanda is made of hotness!

Anonymous said...


Im guessing you heard those HORRIBLE rumors about MCE (Annie) leaving

ahh shes my FAVORITE, you got all the inside info, pleeease tell me if they are true


Anonymous said...

wow i spelled my name wrong

Anonymous said...

I am with DiscoDan. I am loving David!! He always brings so much spunk to the show. Even though I don't agree with him trying to get custody of lil A, I love that he's causing trouble. I feel sorry for David, though. He needs to be a dad. This is why I think him and Annie would be great together. He would love raising Emma as his own, plus he's probably a way better dad than dumb-ass Ryan. Plus, we'll get to see David stick it to Ryan every chance he gets, now that would be great!! (BTW, David had great lines today, I was cracking up)

On another note, I totally agree with you guys, I am still waiting for Krystal to break down. I thought it might come today when she was with Adam, but no, we were jipped again. I want to see her totally lose it. Come on, she loved her daughter like crazy, where's the emotion? I don't get it.

VincentFan1 said...

I think Krystal is going to lose it regarding her grief in David's arms! What I don't know is when!

Anonymous said...

"I'm tellin you, DAVID is gonna clone BABE and its gonna be the return of Alexa Havens with a "REAL BABE!" ad campaign."

Hi,n69n! :-)

ROTF!...If he did, I would be one happy camper...AB was very good, but probably just miscast for the role. Don't get me wrong, "Babe" wasn't the brightest crayon in the box...But, Alexa Havens had a lock on the character, accent 'n' all.


Anonymous said...

Shadow, rather than thinking Zach took Emma, as revenge for the whole "Josh thing", try Annie.

1.) She can cling to Ryan, while they search for Emma 'together'.-- She'd still have Ryan back, in a hot minute, if she could.

2.)She has EIGHT MILLION reasons for revenge against Greenlee. Now she's got it...Plus, two million from Ryan. If she ran with Emma, they'd live in high style. IMHO


Anonymous said...

I dont know about raising Emma, YC, but if they're not gunna put Annie in a Mrs. Robinson storyline with Petey, then Annie and David would be fun because they're both coo coo.

Norn Cutson said...

theres a difference between SCOOPS & SPOILERS...

SPOLIERS are what happens ON the show, in terms of characters & storylines.
(& i ***AVOID*** them, i had to quit an OLTL group because no one wanted to discuss what was happening ON the show, they wanted to talk about what would be happening on the show in 6 months!!! i wanna live in the NOW!)

SCOOPS are industry news, actors, contracts...& they are *FAIR GAME* for discussion.

for example: it is a *totally valid* SCOOP to say "Rebbecca Budig is not renewing her contract"

but its a SPOILER to say "GREENLEE gets sucked up into a flying saucer & thats how she leaves the show!"

it is Ashley & Jordan's choice, but i feel like there a million places you can get & discuss spoilers if ya want 'em.

PVP offers something unique that you cant get anywhere else: REALNESS, HUMOR & HEART.

& that is more valuable than any spoiler.


notes on Wednesday's episode

• wow, its so sunny in Pine Valley.
you'd never know there was just a tornado. CHANDLER MANSION looks just as neat & clean as ever.

• CRYAN: "FINE??!?!?! FINE?!?!?!?!"

• ZACH: "Who screwed up *this* time?"

man, what a bunch of downers. i was havin fun til i turned on AMC.

• ooooh did i just see a glimmer of INSANNIE?!?!?!

• KENDALL walking up 300 lbs would be the best thing that could happen to this show. they could get a lot of meaningful storylines out of her working her way back to her normal weight of 8 oz.

• ANNIE: "I have some savings, my 401K..."

aw ANNIE, thats sweet, but i doubt your 401k from FUSION is gonna make a dent in 10 million dollars!

• DAVID is the biggest ham!
he's earning his paycheck, plus RANDI & COLBY's!

is ERICA offering to kidnap LI'L A for DAVID?!?!?!?!!?

• KWAK sure aint playin this out like i thought she would.

• good for ANNIE & GREENLEE.

• BINKS & ZACH named the baby GABRIELLE, after GABRIELLE MEDINA!!!!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• FISH is cute.
i wouldnt object to him becoming a regular character.
he seems really sweet and he's a good help for MCBAIN.

• STARR's outfit is really nice!!!
love the taupe flourishes on the sheer fabric.

• i like JANET.
i really hope she does the right thing.

• so that was all the end of RAY MONTEZ?
there *must* be a behind-the-scenes story there...coz you dont bring in A. MARTINEZ, shoot him & ship him out like that...he mustve cost a bundle, & it seems very strange that ABC wouldnt try to get every last pennies worth.

• TESS: "Wow, move over, Jean-Paul Sartre."

another line you will never hear on AMC!

• i love VIKI goin off on TODD!

Norn Cutson said...

DEEP SOAP weighs in on the torna'der...

an excerpt:
"You know how it goes. Your brother-in-law comes to town for a visit. You introduce him to your hot new girlfriend. After a couple glasses of wine, one thing leads to another and you get out the turkey baster. Nine months later he’s delivering your baby in the midst of a tornado and you realize you forgot to tell your sister her husband is your baby’s biological father. Oops."

Anonymous said...

Jordan GIVE US THE SPOILERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

One word: Libidiclone.

Anonymous said...

There are so many ridiculous things going on in pine valley that I am getting angrier by the day as I watch my favorite characters lose there identities and desecrate amc. I always read everyone's negative comments and agreed with some, but for the most part enjoyed the show regardless.

it is completely unbelievable that she would use zach's sperm behind kendall's back, and then not tell anyone that she was pregnant. this wouldn't happen. and after she has the baby she has a long conversation with her mother, and fails to tell her that she JUST had a baby.

i'm sure the note that aidan wrote to jesse about keeping the kidnapping quiet was very clear, as aiden is a professional and i have faith in that part of his character, he's a hero. yet jesse goes yelling to ryan about it like he has no clue what's going on, hey what's up with this note ryan? he's is completely the worst cop ever, i am beginning to hate his character. not to mention that he basically ignored annie when she told him that emma was missing, and he didn't help anyone out with regards to the tornado.

the one thing we all knew about krystal was that she loved her daughter more than anything. i was anticipating her to completely lose it, yet she's handling babe's death TOO well. i don't get it.

the only characters that i can consistently count on are adam and annie. there are a few others i like, but i'm so fed up with these unbelievable plots. i'm really disappointed lately! vent over.

Anonymous said...

Jacob Young for the Emmy...

and holy crap, Colby's forehead was huge today!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I'm pretty sure the forehead and the weave are better actors than Colby

Anonymous said...

Was it me, or did Colby look as if she was reading from a teleprompter today during the scenes with Adam? She is the worst actress in daytime....hands down.

Shadow said...

For the record, I agree with n69n about the spoilers & scoops, and the humor & heart.

As for Kendall, every time I see her laying there with the tube hanging out and a little spiddle dripping to the side, I think about what a great opportunity AMC will miss if they don't have some fun with her when she wakes up.

Usually when Kendall wakes up from a coma, she just shakes out her hair and is back in action. This time, I think Kendall should have to deal with some lingering effect from the coma that she has to recover from. For example, the first time she looks into a mirror it would be great if she saw Marcie from OLTL staring back instead of her own reflection. At least give Kendall a lazy eye or something. Maybe tourettes syndrome. Not that there is anything wrong with lazy eyed overweight people who randomly shout obscenities, but you get my point.

Anonymous said...

Why is it when someone on OLTL is out scheming to gain or keep custody, it's interesting and well acted. There's the revenge, the scheming and planning, but it's all tempered by good acting and good writing and something which we never see on AMC - subtlety.

When Dorian was hatching her plan to get Langston, you knew what she was doing, but she was playing nice and it was clever and well written. I mean, I get it at OLTL, Dorian is someone you love and someone you can hate and she plays it all so terrifically.

At AMC, David blows into town, gets all blustery with Adam and JR and announces he's going to get custody of Lil A. Nothing subtle or clever about it. These actors deserve better.

And, with the Emma story we have:

Ryan the over actor

Aidumb the under actor. and

Annie, the good actor, or the creamy yummy center of this ridiculous cookie.

Oh and there's nothing funny about tourettes, but... the other day my hubby had a doc appt to see a specialist. No one bothered to tell him the doc had tourettes, scared the heck out of hubby when he reached out to shake the doc's hand and the guy barked and slapped his leg.

Erica Kane said...

To clarify I want the backstage scoops!! There are plenty of places to get spoilers. I like the people getting fired/quitting all that backstage stuff!!!

Anonymous said...

A barking doctor is funny.

Anonymous said...

Did anyone notice the new opening? turdby is out of the flyaway and 0binx is back in the flyawa. Myrtle is still in. Chompers got a new pic. No Opal though. They took Stuart out. Greenlee got a doubleshot. Babe is still in it and so is Dre? No more Josh and they shuffled the order of Jake and Taylor. No Carmen. I thought she had bee put on contract? Jordan, any word on her status?

Anonymous said...

That was the least sad funeral ever. Lil 'A was napping! People seemed a little sad but not too terribly so. Actually the saddest thing was Colby's ginormous forehead. I think that girl is really bald. All KWAK did was headbutt the coffin. I thought JR was going to climb into the coffin there for minute. And Miss Angie was escorted by Jesse and her tetas. Dayam.

Unknown said...

I just recently stumbled across your podcast on iTunes and I have to say - I love it! You guys are so funny. I listen to you on the train in the AM and PM and its all I can do not to laugh out loud (and completely embaress myself!).

Anyway, a comment on a Jordan comment about Binks and Zachs runaway sperm. What disturbs me even more than Binks & Zach not telling anyone about anything is the reasoning behind it. Why, in heaven's name, would Binks wish to have the sperm of the brother of the man that raped her. Yes, I know she decided that Miranda was not at fault and she kept the child. But, that's a far stretch to deciding to have another child from the same genetic material. I mean, come on - rapist for an uncle and Satin Slayer for a grandfather! All around, it just makes no sense at all.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• omg Mongrief is *toatally obviously* reading a teleprompter!
you can even tell where its located, low & to the right of PETEY!

you can see her giant head bendin over to read her lines!

• damn! everyone's so mean to AMANDA! those were nice flowers, too!

• didja see BINKS is in the opening?

• LI'L A loves cows.

• GREENLEE: "There *are* ways to make it blend into the bag."


• yep, INSANNIE's back!!!

• if it is true that both ANNIE & PETEY are out, that might be it for me & this show...because if i cant trust them on such an obvious casting decision, why invest any more caring into this relationship?

• KWAK just aint feelin' it.

• STUART! he painted a portrait of BABE.

• LI'L A fell asleep.

• Mongrief is lookin out the window for her teleprompter.

PETEY has pretty eyes.

• INSANNIE *looooooves* those fire escapes!

notes on Thursday's episode

• gummy frogs!


• VIKI: "Lets go downstairs see if theres some of your favorites, ok!
...I know, *I'm* your favorite!
Ok, come on...we're gonna see if favorites are there! What are they? What are the favorites?"

GODDESS, i love when VIKI talks babytalk!!!

• ooh its beginning to unravel for TODD.

• VIKI: "Come on, we're going to see MR. Turtle!"

this must be my lucky day!

• COLE's college essay is more of a tearjerker than BABE's entire funeral!

ooh this whole scene is makin me cryyyyyyyyy....

• BLAIR's tryin to get a Halloween booty call.

• TESS: "Stop trying to ruin my fun!!!"

Anonymous said...

Where are ya'll hearing that Annie and Petey are off the show? I'd give up Petey if he would take Colby with him.

Anonymous said...


OK. Today, I have a bone to pick with Charles Pratt. This may be a silly point, but didn't JR take little A, Kathy and Jenny off trick or treating, leaving Tad at home to "man the candy bowl"? I surely thought so.

Boy those kiddies in the neighborhood must have gotten their fill and went home mighty early. 'Cause the next time we see Tad he's back at the funeral home with Krystal. Babe has still yet to be buried. For a dead woman she just keeps hangin' around doesn't she?

And then, there's Angie, sweet, patient, understanding, PASSIVE, Angie. She said she was angry and sad reguarding Jesse's second family...I must have missed it...

Ashley where did you say you could get one of those high definition tvs, that show those weekeend additions of AMC, on SOAPnet, containing those essental details we are supposed to see, but don't? LOL!


Anonymous said...

I really have a bone to pick with a legendary storyline that all of these kids recasts are screwing with. Miranda looks roughly 5-7 years old with this actress. Little A, who was born the same day as Miranda, looks about 3-4 years old. Now if these two kids dont have any reaction when Miranda is back in town, and it doesnt go something along the lines of: "How the (bleep) are you older than me?"

jordan hudson said...

OH guys I'm sorry but Chuck Pratt and his team are doing an awful job. This week has been choppy sooooooooooooooooooooooooo choppy. Missing scenes. Then the scenes we do have are so horribly written. The dialogue is just dreadful. The actors go from under acting a scene to overacting in a heart beat. Except of course for Brianna "FLATLINE" Mongrief. I know it sounds like all I do is complain but it is even more frustrating because you a talented cast with history and your giving them this crap to do. As for Carmen....let me say that back in the day Jennifer Bassey was on every day when they brought back Marcy. The fans loved when they paired her with Stuart. T.P.T.B> then signed her to a contract an then they never used her. If Carmen is on contract where the hell has she been. Why is she not in the opening credits. Petey is still off contract. Annie is Auditioning for thinsg but I don't know if she is definatley leaving.

Anonymous said...

A couple of things about Friday's episode:

Babe's ghost screwing with David is ridiculous. Why do they torture him so?

Tad left the bowl on the porch. Which means there's no candy left in it.

Love me some Father Christmas (as I call him)

Frankie, grow up and listen to your mother. She had another life too.

I'm really liking Rebecca. She seems likable, and I'm getting a 'Cassie Cramer' vibe from her, but its prolly just the actress.

Arizonagal said...

I'm with you on the Carmen situation, Jordan. I almost posted that last night. Where was she during the perfect storm? What was her fate, her experience? Why don't TPTB get that we care about this character?

Might be in the minority but I loved the scene with Petey and Colby, where he said something about her needing a friend. He really does make her more interesting.

Why is AMC All Ryan All The Time? God help me, I can't stand that guy. I just have to FF through all his scenes.

N69n you're right about things unraveling for Todd, but he's so casual about it all, that just makes him so much more complex, his reactions are not normal reactions, but they are always interesting. And Cole's essay, good stuff.

Happy birthday to my son Adam, who was born on a spooky halloween night in 1974!!

Norn Cutson said...

even Nelson Branco mentions it in this weeks SUDS REPORT!

he writes:
"• It’s hilarious how Bobbie Eakes refuses to cry or emote over Babe’s death! Does Krystal even know her daughter just died? Yikes... I guess I’m not the only one who is happy Amanda Baker is out as nuBabe."

Anonymous said...

Okay, so Emma was kidnapped.

If it's a dog, then it's a dognapping

If it's a cat, then it's a catnap

When adults are kidnapped, shouldn't it be bigkidnapped? Oldfartnapped?

People who are catching my eye this week? Reese, nice chemistry with Binks and thought there were sparks when she hugged Zachy.

Petey, there's a lot more to this guy besides the nerdware. He has something I haven't seen in a lot of the younger actors - depth.

Annie, she's showing her shrewd side and I'd love to see her outsmart cRyan and Greenlee, tho I doubt that will happen.

People who didn't catch my eye this week but should have: Carmen. For pete's sake, bring the chica back. Stop wasting her talent.


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• i'm still saying they named ehr after GABRIELLE MEDINA.

• i'm impressed with Jacob Young.

• well, if this story is about thwo adult women working out their differences in a mature way, then i LOVE this story.

maybe all that deep conversation & bonding betwen ANGIE & REBECCA will be on the deleted scenes weekend edition.

• if INSANNIE is back, then i could believe that she might be working this kidnapping scheme herself.

• i know ya'll like Tamara Braun but this is my first time seeing her in action. She's kind of a mumbler. thats not a slam, i'm just saying i have to lean forward to hear what she's saying.

he's got some wild munchkinland hair.
ok, i'm a sap, FATHER CLARENCE always makes me cry.

• LI'L A needs his own fanclub.
i know hes played by twins, one is supersmiley & the other is more shy & quiet. but they are both sweethearts!

• TAD has lost some weight! look at those tight jeans! contract negotiations & tornados must be good for the waistline!

• i have to say BIANCA has never looked lovelier.


• ok, KWAK, whether she knows it or not, *wants* something to happen with DAVID, trackin him down not once but *TWICE* in the same episode!

notes on Friday's episode

• TESS: "Deathbed sex would be right up your alley! Talk about going out with a BANG"

• this is the best hairdo they've given TINA.

look, TINA is playing her scene, talking to a prop diamond.

TINA: "Oh, you are such a pretty jewel! Oh, I would take *such* good care of you! I would polish you, I would keep you safe and dry, and I would only wear you to the *BEST* parties!"

this has been so disheartening, TINA has barely mixed it up with the other characters, *especially* VIKI... please dont let this be the end of Andrea Evans run...please dont let it be the end! PLEASE!!!!!

• that restraining order hasnt stopped TODD very much.

...and no one of soaps ever enforces them!
they just *threaten* to enforce them!

• LOIS let CHARLIE in.
finally TINA gets to have a scene with another person.

• TODD is tellin poor ol' VIKI that everything is her fault!

• oh, what a happy baby that BABY COLE is!!

• i really liked that NATTY tied it all together by telling TESS that she's just like TODD.

these scenes really do have me on the edge of my seat!

...coz they are *all* in the house, even LITTLE GOUDA!!! & TESS doesnt even know it!

• TODD: "If I was a babe, I'd be in dreamland, a voice like that!"

• TINA: (wistfully) "Oh, a deposed faux-princess, desperately in need of a white knight."

• VIKI: "Tina, The Great Observer of Mankind!"

• didja see COLE's face when STARR's water broke?!?!?

it was like Keanu Reeves doing an impression of GOMER PYLE!

Norn Cutson said...

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL has their podcast up covering AMC DAYTIME.

they don't sound too pleased with AMC either.

Anonymous said...

The tornado stunt really worked for amc! From SON, it was the most watched ABC soap and it tied for third place with atwt
3. AMC 2,743,000 (+237,000/+207,000)
Monday: 2.1/2,798,000
Tuesday: 2.1/2,643,000
Wednesday: 2.1/2,818,000
Thursday: 2.0/2,621,000
Friday: 2.1/2,836,000

I agree this week has been choppy, one second we have Amanda and Taylor in the same room and then poof Amanda is gone.

Anonymous said...

The tornado stunt will not help for long. They never learn that doing stunts and shows do nothing for your longterm viewers. The people who tuned in for the tornado will tune back out now. They need to respect the viewers that are left. They are not going to gain a million something new viewers. Do not insult the ones you have left!!!!

Shadow said...

I never like kids in peril stories. In fact, I hate them. However, I do think AMC needs to let Emma go however it happens. I honestly think it would strengthen the show. It would free Annie of the the past-- Terry,
Richie, all that BS. It would break the bond she shares with Ryan. Anything that reduces Ryan's necessity is a good thing.

I had always heard that Spike was supposed to die in the tornado, but I guess Alicia's time off screwed up that storyline. Just as well, Spike's death wouldn't have accomplished anything for the show. Without Emma, Annie could make a clean break and they could reboot the character. In her grief she could hook up with a new love. At least one of the hot young women wouldn't be saddles with a kid.

Again, you all know I adore kids in real life. However they choke the life out of the show.

I don't feel a sense of urgency to any s/l on the show. For example, with the exception of Babe and David, nobody seems too bumbed Babe is dead. It's all a little dull.

I think Prathole has lots of ideas, but he needlessly complicates them (Spermgate) or doesn't flesh them out very well (Taylor and Irag). I don't know if they have the talent on staff to flesh out a meaningful story, or to edit his ideas into something great. They have an opportunity to do a classic groundbreaking AMC s/l with Bianca and Reese, but I'm afraid they will just gloss over it and focus on the contrived Spermgate s/l. They spend so much time thinking of ways to be clever in the moment, whiz bang technology, etc. that I don't see much character development. Everyone seems trivialized. Case in point: Babe's death. It was just a plot point. There was no emotional break through because of it. It was just something that happended. Wierd.

Pete and Colby would be interesting. They spent a lot of time setting up there romance. The problem is Teleprompter Turdby can't act, so it's just not happening for me.

It's frustrating. I have loved the show. I want to watch. I love the PVP and all the commentary and interaction. But the show is just boring right now. The actors, except David, just seem like they are phoning it in. I had hoped the tornado would mix it up, but it doesn't seem to be in the cards right now. And that's a bummer.

Anonymous said...

OK Shadow, I agree with you that the show was definitely better when the main characters weren't tied down with kids. The thing about these kids though, is that you can't just kill them all. They are there, and whether any of us like it or not, they're not going anywhere.

The start of this problem of kids starts at the ages of Kathy and Emma. If they age them, they could speed things up, and they wouldnt be as tied down, although with kids like Gabrielle popping up out of the wind (literally), it doesnt look that great. Another part of the problem is Miranda. I addressed this earlier. They've appeared to age her, but the actor that plays Little A (although talented), isn't old enough. Those two were the same age. Then there's Spike and Ian, which are a separate entity all together.

I think the feeling that we're all getting is the fact that the original young adult actors of AMC (Kendall, Ryan, [anyone that's around the same age], etc.) that we grew up to love at one point or another, have settled down, grown up, and had kids. Now, we have a new generation (Frankie, Amanda, Randi, [although Jake is being thrown in there, even though the ages dont add up with him being placed here]) and although there hasnt been another Ryan/Gillian moment or the drama of Leo/Greenlee, it's still the new generation. we have to accept it.

As far as Emma, I dont think we should kill her. Maybe send her to live w/ her Grandfather. I understand. We gotta get her in her own orbit where she is the center, and not Ryan.

Anonymous said...

I don't care whether she disappears for years or goes for a visit with Babe. It will just help if she's gone. Ur right about babies blow into town. Get these people spayed!

Norn Cutson said...

i had so much fun @ Ilene Kristen!!!!
i'm sketchin her now, i will report all later!

Anonymous said...

Yes but you cant kill all the babies. Certain babies you have to keep. Obviously you can't SORAS Gabrielle, but maybe sending Emma and Kathy to a camp somewhere and they come back in their teens. I personally cant wait for this teen scene. Emma's gunna be InsAnnie with Ryan's conman roots, and Kathy's got mommy issues while becoming Kathy the Cad (I had to say it...).

Anonymous said...

Alright, I got bored with the show and skipped around a little. Apparently I skipped some good stuff as I watched today and found some bright spots.

Adam, Kwak and JR. Glad Kwak didn't buy Adam's lame attempt to at comforting her. I liked David and Erica and the references to David's other dead daughter. I didn't get why David was operating and why Joe would let him.

Good use of underboob. I liked that Bianca was showing underboob, but who wears stuff like that in ICU? As far as stunts go, Underboob trumps Tornado.

Erica and Kwak. Good. The characters are acting like they know eachother's history.

Is that a plastic baby Zach is holding?

n69n, I thought the same thing about Gabrielle Medina. Another fave from OLTL.

Does anyone really believe Greenlee is just going to fork over 8 million? First, when did she become so selfless? Probably about the same time she became so boring. Didn't she just lose her company? Didn't the stock market just crash?

What was the point of David living in the tunnels? Just to spy on the Chandlers? The guy is rich. Again, needless complication.

Kwak and David are good together. David is an ass but he's good at it. I like that he speaks the truth, especially when he asked Kwak what it felt like to be a consolation prize. If they would keep this up, it would be great.

David and Joe. Revoked medical license. Baby killer.
Give Joe something meaty to do.

I like that Bianca is sweet to David, and there's at least one person he is decent to.

David talking Maria Grey, Dixie, hey some history? I like that David can take on Zach mano to mano.

Emma is missing and Annie is napping.

New day:

Colby's forehead is ridiculous. She is totally not believable.

WTF is Pete wearing? Is this a funeral for Barney? Is he going to the circus?

Can someone please be nice to Amanda?

The tornado didn't destroy anyone's home. Just business.

Taylor giving it to Zach. Good stuff. "Cut a check to God". Ouch.

Annie looks good in white.

Reese is pretty. You can tell she's a good actress. Hope Pratt actually does something with this.

I'm ready for lots of Taylor. She is heads and shoulders above the rest in terms of acting skill. Pratt is attracting the talent. Now if he would just write a decent story.

Trolby, Turdby is horrid. Huge forehead. Receeding hairline. Not sexy. Reads cue cards. How long before someone with reason says, "You know, we made a bad call on this one." She must have a really solid contract. It could be a great storyline. Pete is great. She is atrocious.

JR saying vows with a dead chick. Kissing a dead chick. Her stiff fingers were a nice touch.

If Emma does die, it's their fault for not going to the police.

I guess it's not totally out of character that Annie would go it alone considering how she was on the run with Emma from Terry.

Gabirelle is pretty but you know they're going to call her Gabby. Not so cute.

JR said, "You don't forget nothin".
I guess Babe took his grammar skills with her to the grave.

Greenlee would not go into that skanky place. She's too fabulous.

How come Reese isn't in the opening? Is she not on contract? Why is Dre still in there?

Angie and Rebecca playing card? Not buying it.

Apparently Bianca only dates hot lesbians.

JR, nice shot at Hayward--calling him toxic, telling him Babe never loved him. Pratt did his homework on David. I think he likes crazy.

Did Annie just lose $8 million? She's bleeding, but she never misses an opportunity to ream Greenlee. Kind of funny.

Angie says she likes Jessie. Jessie is going to have a 3 some with Rebecca and Angie!

Wildwind is back!

Lil'A doesn't look so sad. He's probably just sad he has to wear that lame costume.

Is Father a ghost, Santa Clause, a figment of the imagination or real? Seems like this is a conversation Zach would be having with Myrtle. Man, the thought of that makes me tear up.

Is Reese wearing Erica's green shirt? She built Bianca a fabulous new house? Man, maybe I should try to date a lesbian.

Frankie is giving it to Jessie. Deserved, but telling Angie she disgusts him? I think the Weave needs to open a can of whoop ass on him.

Tad made a Project Runway joke. Very metro. I do think he lost some weight.

The Weave needs some fix'in.

Oh F*ck. Ghost Babe. I hate the ghosts.

Hayward is so stressed. He needs a hooker. Where's Randi?

Rebecca was the second Cassie and I never liked her as well as the first Cassie. She has sort of a fake british sounding accent. First Cassie was perfect.

Wildwind looks like it needs a good cleaning.

Coma Kendull twitched her finger. I don't really care. She's just on vacation.

Anonymous said...

I find all this talk about too many kids rather silly. There's too many... but not too long ago we joked about how Kendall never saw Ian, ever. Huh? Plus, having two kids didn't stop Kendall from chloroforming herself and planting all sorts of stuff on NuGreenlee back in the day. That's just one example...I don't think having kids is stopping the characters from doing anything. Too many storylines on the topic of "Emma kidnapped," etc. is bad, but so is too many storylines about any one topic.

The show is called "All My Children," after all. Most importantly, soaps are supposed to be about core families over generations. You can't have another generation of a family if there's no kids! (Unless you bring them all on later as secret love-children, but like I said, too much of one kind of story gets really old.)

On a different note, I think the reason that Babe's funeral was so subdued was because we've seen a good one for her already...that "other" time she died. (Ack. Killing characters that "died" before? Not smart.) I love having David back either way - I've missed him since the day he left!

Anonymous said...

Of course the show is called "All My Children" but that never meant the show should be driven by endless babies in peril storylines. Erica stole a baby. Babe stole Bianca's baby. Adam stole a baby. Janet stole a baby. Dr. Madden stole everybody's baby. An aborted baby came back to life. Dixie and Tad could't find their baby. Now David is going to take a baby. Ryan didn't know he had a baby, now he can't find the baby. Bianca just had a baby and they made that wierd and it's totally out of character. Get my point? There are so many more things these people can do that have nothing to do with babies. Reese and Bianca could have a ground breaking, touching romance without the needless complication of Gabrielle. Kendall could have been hit by a 2 X 4, slipped into a coma and gone on vacation without the complication of Gabrielle. She could have woken up just in time to be the Maid of Honor. "All My Children" is supposed to be about family not baby snatching. I think Aggie meant that all of humanity are god's children regardless of economic status, race, etc. We are all God's children. I don't think it meant throw in a baby for a spicy plot point whenever you can't think of something more creative. There are plenty of other characters and generation to SORAs before we need to worry about this generation of children. When a kid has to ask herself how her sister is her cousin, it's time to pass out birth control.
Emma has been a one note plot point for Annie since Annie arrived. It would be interesting to see what she can do sans Emma. I'm not advocating that AMC not have any child focus stories, but they need to explore other sources of drama for the show. It's not like any of these stories are of compelling on par with Phil not being Ruth's son and Erica spilling the beans to Tara. I'd like to see some grown up romance, some powerful themes involving adult characters taking care of grown up issues and having some fun for a while.

Anonymous said...

I think you need to read my post again, shadow. I know it's a bad thing to have all those stories you listed: "Too many storylines on the topic of 'Emma kidnapped,' etc. is bad, but so is too many storylines about any one topic."

Just because the writers are concentrating on the kids too much doesn't mean the characters shouldn't have them. Just stop making them the focal point of everything going on! No need to make all pregnancies weird or all kids get kidnapped multiple times.

My point was really that passing out fictional birth control isn't the only solution to keeping kids on the show's back burner. As I said before, Ian disappeared for months with no problem!

Anonymous said...

We're on the same page, I just think that the children should evolve naturally out of a storyline the we participate in, and not everyone in town needs to have one. Jenny's s/l was sort of interesting. Although formulaic, it was conceivable. Ha! I mean believable. At least we were there from start to finish. They get into trouble when babies come out of nowhere. Kate was totally forced and unbelievable. Emma's only purpose was to give Annie some dramatic reason for being and was lame. Gabrielle was just unecessary. Since they can't easily undo the birth of a child, I think they should reserve it for something truly special and a storyline that is somehat believable. AMC hasn't done a good job by kids the past few years. And I don't want Amanda popping out twins and sitting in the park with spit up on her shirt and a shopping bag full of diapers between her legs. Or Taylor finding Brot's sperm on her fatigues and using it to fertilize one of her eggs. Or Hayward cloning Babe with the hair Kwak took from her head.

Anonymous said...

Ouch, this is getting heated.
Well, here's my two-cents...
Yes there are too many kids.

No we can't do anything about that now. Theyre here and unless some are sent off to live with relatives elsewhere (similar to what DAYS did to Will), there's nothing that we can do about it.

Yes there are too many baby storylines. Shadow, I was dying when you were listing them all, but you forgot about the turkey baster. How could you forget about the turkey baster? HAHAHA!!!

Yes, it is called All My Children. We need to keep some of the kids around or else the show will lose its meaning. I know we make fun of Kendall because she hasnt seen Spike and Ian in 22 years, but the kids do in fact, drive a lot of the storylines (Spike going deaf, Ian being born early, Emma's custody battle, Emma's kidnapping, Crazy Kathy, Little A swollowing a ring, I can go on all day). Besides, these characters aren't necessarily being tied down by their kids so much as becoming parents. The evolution of the characters from being the wild child to responsible parents is because of these kids. They are maturing as people and just because Ryan isnt pulling a con, or Kendall's not sleeping with half of the town, it does not mean that they arent any less of characters.

Keep in mind that I am defending the evolution of the characters and not the writing behind them.

Anonymous said...

I wish there was some heat on the show! Seriously, I hear you, and I'm all about evolution of the characters. There isn't anything wrong with characters being parents or having kids on soaps. In fact, that can all be great stuff. I'm just ready for AMC to do something interesting with the characters that aren't in the family way. Amanda, Jake, Taylor, Carmen, Frankie are all sort of languishing. They have interesting people on the landscape and so many possibilities but they aren't doing anything with them. Instead we're going to get another --ANOTHER--custody battle over Little Adam. I'm glad Hayward is back. He's awesome, but there is no way in the world a court would give an absentee grandfather who never knew of his daughter until after she became an adult custody. Not with Krystal around in a stable marriage with Tad. Besides, JR has done some awful things, but not much of it is on his record. Babe even took the rap when he ran over Amanda. But I digress, AMC give us something real and new and exciting and give Little A and the Pine Valley ovaries a rest for a while. Let Emma be seen occasionally but not heard until Christmas. Let the kids go happily to school and be carefree for a while without the threat of being kidnapped or killed in inclement weather. Keep Kathy around, but let follow up on that storyline with Krystal and Tad. Whatever the case, they can't SORAs anyone if they're on screen all the time.

Anonymous said...

That's another interesting point. The young adult actors (Amanda, Frankie, Jake, Taylor) are characters that the show needs to develop more. That's why I'm watching the Billy Miller scenes on Y&R. They are doing the young adult scene right, and that's where Richie should have been. But I digress.

They really need to be able to develop these characters within their own orbit on a front burner storyline. I would like to see an adventure. This is the reason we fell in love with Leo and Greenlee. With the mob and Vanessa after them, the adventure helped develop the characters which struck a chord with the fans. It would be pretty easy to write an adventure right now, especially since Brot is coming.

Anonymous said...

That's what I'm talking about. An adventure would be fun! As long as it doesn't involve sperm or Aidan.

Anonymous said...

Yeah I know it's really special of Reese to buy the property and build Binx a house, but just like when Aidumb did that for his five-minute wife, I find it offensive. I would be pissed off if I wasn't consulted on anything and someone just assumed they knew what I wanted.

On the plus side, I love Reese and Binx and see a lot of chemistry. Never seen Tamara Braun before, but she is really good and perfectly cast. What I like about them, is no matter what stupid things they are going to do in the future, they are so much less mean than just about everyone else in PV. They have more heart, they can be kind and normal and yet they aren't boring. Kendull, Greens, Tad, Cryan, take a clue from the lovable lesbians.

As for the PV baby boom, eh... don't care for it unless they bring back evil Kathy.

Now, where the hell is Carmen?

Shadow said...

From about.comL

'General Hospital' Ratings Sag; Guza Delays His Special Effect
Saturday November 1, 2008

For the period of October 20-24, General Hospital lost 64,000 viewers from the previous week and sunk to 7th place in total viewers. All My Children is now ABC's most popular soap opera. With the exception of GH and Days of Our Lives, every soap saw a bump in viewership. Some of the gains were huge - Young and the Restless had an increase of 328,000 viewers, and All My Children added 237,000 viewers from the previous week.

Just a wild guess here, but I'm imagining the producers of GH aren't too happy. Though head writer Bob Guza has promised an exciting and innovative sweeps period, he also has announced that one of his innovations, some new special effect, is being delayed until January. Here's hoping the "special effect" isn't the show disintegrating in front of us.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really dont see a lot of promise in Guza's stunt this time around. I know he is the master of sweep stunts but random explosions dont sound appealing to me. But who knows? GH is the one soap that you cant judge until it happens because it can keep you glued to your seat.

I've got an idea for an adventure for our potential new generation. What if a war buddy came in and kidnapped Taylor and Frankie (Frankie tries to save her and gets himself kidnapped in the process). Then, Jake, Amanda, Brot, and Randi have to go try and save them. Obviously it would be a lot better than that, but its better than having this generation sitting back and twittling its thumbs.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I really dont see a lot of promise in Guza's stunt this time around. I know he is the master of sweep stunts but random explosions dont sound appealing to me. But who knows? GH is the one soap that you cant judge until it happens because it can keep you glued to your seat.

I've got an idea for an adventure for our potential new generation. What if a war buddy came in and kidnapped Taylor and Frankie (Frankie tries to save her and gets himself kidnapped in the process). Then, Jake, Amanda, Brot, and Randi have to go try and save them. Obviously it would be a lot better than that, but its better than having this generation sitting back and twittling its thumbs.

Anonymous said...

ouch...double post.

Anonymous said...

Here's something cool you will all enjoy:

It is a site with lots of AMC sound clips. Lots of funny quips!

Norn Cutson said...

i love these sound clips!!!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Shadow, you are the best.

Anonymous said...

Christine said...

First time poster here... love the podcast btw, hilarious! I've been watching AMC for... well forever it seems. I have seen better periods of this show for sure but I still have enjoyable moments. Like this week, I looove how crazy Annie is!! Brings me back to Janet from-another-planet Green. Also it's nice to have the focus on other characters than Kendall for a change, I like in-a-coma-opening-my-eyes-once-but-don't-talk Kendall! Anyway, just though I drop a comment here since I'm listening to the podcast for the last month. Keep up the good work! and thank you!