Tuesday, October 07, 2008

Somethin' Bad's a Comin'!

  • Not sure if you all caught this, but apparently, something very, very bad will happen in Pine Valley. Soon. And it will end the world as we know it. (Didn't that happen in the real world last Monday, folks?)
  • Jesse should be fingerprinted. Seriously. He's not our Jesse, folks. Sorry. Nope. It ain't him. Don't believe it. Not for one second.
  • InsAnnie, Zach, Kendull, Cryan, Aidumb and Not-Very-Meanlee continue to make us seriously want to drive nails into our eyeballs.
  • Petey was awesome!
Yikes. I'm afraid I was harsh this week, folks. It ain't gettin' better, people, and I'm nervous. Not about the tornado, mind you, but the ratings. That's the real cliffhanger! All we can do is try to keep a sense of humor about the whole thing. We hope you'll have a laugh with us, here.

10/03/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

I found Monday-Wed Mostly BORING Thursday and Friday were good. Yeah for a new podcast!

Anonymous said...

Jordash loved the podcast. Sorry ive been away have been busy with school, college can be a bitch with schoolwork. And yes Latins are everywhere, u would be surprised how many their are in iowa, its not all country. Peteys meow deserves him a contract, but please bring back Ambyr Childers Colby.

O my god, Jordan r u watching GH still cuz Lisa Locicero (Olivia) is awesome. Did u see her talking to Kate at the wedding, priceless. Laura is coming back and Luke is on his way too.

Oltl is still on fire but i wish they would give Tina something better to do, bring back her son CJ, cant wait for Viki on Monday. I love having Adriana back, and it was nice to see Colin, Jenn, and Lindsay.

GL wow i now feel bad for the actors this show is so boring, they need a writer that makes the show interesting, where did it all go wrong. Cant wait for Jeff Branson as Shayne though, but why not bring back Marah too, someone even suggested Sabine Singh or Martha Madison (ex Belle) Days.
Did u hear that Rebecca Budig might leave after herone year contract is up, if so bring back Sabine. It would be so entertaining and we could get Ashleys impressions each week. I cant wait til she says "I created Rhapsody in Red!!!!!!!!"
Jordan did u hear Olivia and Natalia are becoming a lesbian couple, WHAT. I guess they just wake up one day and become gay. They are probably trying to get their ratings up from a deadly 1.5. They are trying to copy AMC'S Bianca.

Atwt is really good right now, its my favorite soap right now. Loving Noelles Lily, Dusty. Lucinda today, Darling. I hope they put Ali and Casey together, emily would be pissed, and put Aaron with Dani, Ali would be pissed. They are bringing back Lucy, but i hope they bring back Peyton List, Jordan did u like her as Lucy? Did u hear Scott Holroyd, the best Paul, much better than Roger, imo, will be on Dirty Sexy Money soon? Jordan what are ur thoughts on atwt, what are u liking and not liking. Thank god Pukerty (parker and Liberty) are not on.

Is anyone watching Knight Rider, it is terrible, anyone agree.

Norn Cutson said...

i'm worried about the show too!
we love & care about these characters, we have a history with them...& they are even boring us!

& i do think Lucci being on DWTS is a last-ditch effort to promote her show...& she will do *anything* to save her show..."do you want me to be a slut? i'll be a slut!"

i havent listened to the podcast yet, but i'll have more to say later.

for now...

notes on Monday's episode

• ERICA's got a new hairdo.

• EMMA's sick.

• i like the BELLA ad with the moon better than the previous designs.

i love STUART and i really identify with him...especially when he's workin on his art.

• ANNIE's depressed.

• a bunch of people @ PINE VALLEY HOSPITAL are sick from BELLA....& they *KNOW* its BELLA that got them sick!
i liked how the groom held up the bottle, like it was an ad for BELLA!

• she's a whole new kind of INSANNIE now!

• GOODNIGHT MOON, thats the same book that TESS read to BREE last week.

• tsk, AMANDA got her eyebrows done again.
i dont like it because so much character and emotion are conveyed thru the eyebrows.

• i think Susan Lucci & David Canary are bored out of their minds with this story.

• i like KENDALL in boss mode. She should be doing that more often and not waste time trying to control everyones life.

• *dont* like CRYAN talkin to STUART like he's a servant.

• JAKE should *not* be goin after TAYLOR like this while he's still with AMANDA.
he may have the best intentions, but that is total dog behavior.

• KENDALL busts in on ADAM!
i cam ***ALIVE*** for a minute there!! the WHOLE SHOW got exciting!!!
for about 3 seconds!!!

now its back to the same old drag.

• ANNIE: "Everyone thinks I'm 'CRAZY ANNIE'!"

i wonder why.

notes on Monday's episode

• DORIAN looks like she's gonna ***SLAP THE HELL*** outta CLINT!!!

• MCBAIN: "Rich people...man, they got too much time on their hands."

• oh this is good, with NORA almost gettin busted on RAY MONTEZ at the LPD.

• ooh DORIAN is playin back against CLINT!

• obviously we ae supposed to care about VANESSA & LOLA...but i dont.

• TODD & MARTY are gonna have a nice little picnic...now that its almost winter!

• E

Norn Cutson said...

omg i love Jordan singin DARK LADY!!!!!

BELINDA said...

I haven't listened to the 'cast yet; I'm saving it to relieve the tedium at work today, but I'm sure I'll laugh, cry and become one with it.

Petey = THA SHIZZ. Ya betta AX somebody!

Opal: "Sumthin' baid's a-comin'!" - Reminds me of "The Music Man" ... "There's trouble in River City!"

And yes, Latins are everywhere ... in every race, color, hair texture and ancestral combination imaginable (my cousin's name is Jesus Wong)!

jordan hudson said...

Belinda lol I know latins come in all flavors and we are everywhere Im a pr from NYC, I was just joking for the podcast.

What I was serious about was the fact that Ashley did not know Dark Lady by Cher, she knew Halfbreed but not Dark Lady or Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves and she was in grad school when those songs frist came out lmao.

Alejandro your alive!!!! No OLTL is the best written show for me. I like ATWT but the problem is they have great ideas but the writers think we all suffer from A.D.D. What in ye olden, but better days would play out for months they do in a week. Paul and Meg have been through more stuff in the last year. Then Luke and Laura have been in there 30 something run. It is way too fast and you loose character buidling and layers and complexity.

Ron at OLTL keeps the show moving forward without loosing depth. A character can change but you need to have justification for that change. Clint going to the Dark side has been amazing. And while some people poked fun at the 1968 flash back. It gave us more insight into the ramifications of what Asa did to Clint by sending Maria away and reinforcing why Clint is now becoming his father. He has issues with Asa that unlike Bo, I don't think he will ever be able to come to terms withs.

I like depth and layers, I don't like when the writers insult my intelligence and thats all daytime seems to do now.
Gl seems to be able to only write two storylines at a time and right now it's Reva and Bill Lizzie. Everyone else is just wlaking aroudn town aimlessly with no real storyline direction, life, etc. Makes no sense your paying these actors give them something to do. I did not hear abouth the lesbian situation lmao but was thinking the other day these two are getting hmmmm. I would rather see Natalia with Frank or Coop. I think if given a real storyline that Natalia can act her tush off I like her and I like E.J. who plays Rafe but all they give him is angry Latin man to play instead of making him the heir to the Spaulding Dynasty. Rumor I heard was Shayne is suppsoe to turn up gay hmmm...
AMC hurts me so much to wtach this because I had a feeling chuck Pratt was going to go to campy Melrose Place Mctavish way and now Tornadoes and earring with bugs ughhhh.

Anonymous said...


i havent been able to watch AMC for a awhile - i just started college- so i want to thank you guys for your commentary because it helps me catch up <33

your da bestttt


SOAPFAN said...

Hey guys, been a minute since I stopped by the podcast. I am glad y'all called out Chuck Pratt for his shenanigans(I always need an excuse to use the word Shenanigans).

Pratt is falling into the same traps as B&E and McTragedy...he is focusing on Kendall, Greenlee, and Ryan! I can't even call them the SUXTET anymore, cause Melissa Claire Egan/Annie has managed to successfully separate herself from those characters. Poor Zach has been all but backburned, and Aiden is just a big stick of meat for nauseating Greenlee sex scenes.

Frons and Julie COWruthers, seem hell bent on making us accept Ryan and Greenlee redux(more like backwash). But I can't wait to see those bitches scramble in January, once Rebecca Bighead leaves and decides not to re-up her contract. They better start calling Sabine Singh now just in case...not that she would come back. Oh well, how about Victoria Pratt from Mutant X? She looks sort of like Rebecca Budig.

The dialogue lately is even dumber than B&E. Does nobody read old scripts? All Pratt has to do is read the Soap Central bios, and he would see why the storyline and the dialogue they are writing PHAILS on so many levels!

RYAN: "Annie has gone to another place Zach, and I don't know how she got there"


Ugh...the dialogue and the ignorance of history!

KENDALL: "I would never use my children as BAIT!"

Uhm...if Pratt would have just watched old tapes of AMC from a few months ago, or read this podcast, or Superposter's page, he would have known that Kendall used her DEAF son as bait to FRAME Greenlee! But I guess since that was FakeGreenlee, anything that happened before January didn't happen.

Adam X Erica = Bleagh! I still throw up a little in my mouth each time Adam engages in talk of a suggestive nature. Having him and Erica act like teenagers with that ridiculous banter is probably some of the worst dialogue I had heard either one of them spew in a long time.

I also agree...too much has happened between their families for them to be all cozy. JR. tried to kill her daughters, and is a loose cannon. We all know Jr. acts out when he gets hurt. Let's see how he queens out once Baby Dawl buys the farm...I don't even wanna know what he is going to do!

I agree with Jordan about them having Angie and Jesse act like a stereotypical Bro, and Negress. He probably uses Huggy Bear as the model for Jesse. I think before Pratt came on board, the only thing he proabably saw her(Debbie) in was "Roots", and he was like "Brilliant! That's what I want!" I think they direct her to act this way, cause prior to Pratt, she has not been this loud and obnoxious. Good thing she had that "titty dress" on, cause at least we had some sweater sweets to look at, so I was able to tune out her voice for a bit.

Also, the whole storyline with J&A has to go! It doesn't make a lick of sense. Jesse stays away from his family because being around them would put them in danger, BUT makes another family, and raises a kid? STOOPIT! I have to say though, like any other couple, Jesse and Angie are still subject to many of the classic soap dilemmas(infidelity, secrets, lies, etc), but damn, can they have like a month of happiness? And Jesse would NEVER keep something like this from Angie. Maybe that is not Jesse, maybe it is Jacob in disguise or something...which would not be so odd on this CARTOON formerly known as All My Children...lol!

What are they doing to Frankie? Turning him into a shady character. Now he is a drug pusher? giving Taylor meds? I guess it is appropriate though, since Randi is a Hooker, as a crooked drug pushing MD, he can naturally be a good match for her.

She is hot BTW...so, so hot. I don't care if she is DBTE, Death becomes her. She is always flawlwss...her makeup, her eyes, always has a fresh relaxer for that lovely windswept hair...hot!

Loving Taylor. She seems like a real character. Maybe Pratt's problem is...he can make his own characters awesome, but he just can't write for other people's characters? Taylor makes you really feel for her, and since she is not one of those fashion muppets at Fusion(yet), she really has a down to earth quality about her that even I can relate to(me being the opposite of a blonde army chick).

Melissa Claire Egan is really amazing lately. She is the only thing saving the Ryan fiasco. She is a perfect villain opposite RB & AM's Kendall and Greenlee. Annie can hold her own surprisingly against those bony bitc#3s!

Sorry Ashley, but I think they should just make Jake GAY. RPG really makes my gaydar go off the charts, especially when he is in scenes with Aiden or Frankie. I dunno what it is, maybe cause he is so pretty? Plus he has this flirty quality with the guys on the show that makes him seem like he "screens his calls" if you know what I mean. Sorry to burst your bubble Ash!LOL!

Poor Amanda! So gorgeous and so VAPID! Well, this is what Janet wanted...she wanted Amanda to be beautiful and adored like her sister Natalie was. The problem is, AManda is GORGEOUS, but not adored, and while she is not blonde, is being written like a BIMBO. I know her character is supposed to be rather lighthearted, but she has the same lines and even the same marks and movements in every scene.

(Scene opens with Amanda)

Amanda walks in...says something cute to jake, puts her hands on her hips, says more cute things and puts her arms around Jake's shoulders. They kiss...repeat, copy paste into every script!

Amanda will always be the girl on the side for fun, but never be considered as a serious partner. Even Jr chose BABE over Amanda, BABE! The emptiest vessel in the sea! I am glad to see Chrishell more, but I think they need to give her something more substantive. I think she is more talented that we realize.

I dunno, I was so hoping the show was on the right track, but alas, it is falling flat...er FLATT! again! I know Pratt likes to use comedy from time to time, but to turn the whole show into a comedic cartoon, is just the wrong way to go. Also, like everyone else, he ignores the show's history and allows this horrible dialogue to be written. My hats off to the ensemble cast, because they really are doing some good work with this garbage material.

I will keep watching, but it's getting harder and harder by the day. Sometimes I just don't bother watching and play videogames instead.

Thanks for all your hard work guys! I have to say there is no substitute for Ashley X Jordan. When other guys are on, it just doesn't seem right...like a bad recast...lol! Ashley X Jordan 4 LYFE!

jordan hudson said...

Ty thank you that was something I wanted to mention on the podcast and forgot. The dialogue is atrocious. It is almost as if a third grader was writing a school play. Every one is speakign the same like if they are went no higher then the third grade and what they are writing as witty banter and comebacks ...well I hear better material in my nephew's school yard. One of the things I love about Gossip Girl is the educated witty sophistictaed banter. Adam should be talking like Chuck Bass not Bud Bundy. Also thanks for helping me because I dont really dotn blame Debbie and Darnell this was nto what they were doing under The previous writers so it is somethign that is being thrust on them by the new regime. And now comes Laura Koffman the most boring Cassie Kramer of them all. Not exited to find out that she is playign Jesse's Baby's Momma, like the idea that Jesse had some Jungle fever but with all the actresses out there Lauara Koffman ...jeez

Norn Cutson said...

seems like theres gotta be some kind of weird behind-the-scenes story on why they cast Laura Koffman (tho i have a lot of affection for her as CASSIE)

...but it is bizarre.

there were lots of rumors going around over the summer that she'd be back on OLTL this fall & would figure into the LANGSTON story.

i am glad you all are calling out the dialogue...i thought maybe i was just being cranky.

because not only do we get bad dialogue...we get it REPEATED every day!!! the exchange yesterday between BABE & ANNIE regarding RICHIE was verbatim the same lines she spoke on friday!

& they were dumb & boring the first time!

another example is OPAL...recycling the same exact dialogue day after day...after day...& its not Jill Larson's fault!(happy birthday, Ms Larson!)...she throws out her little OPALisms to try to freshen up those tired lines but the woman can only do so much!

SOAPFAN said...

^Surprised you don't like Laura Koffman's Cassie Jordan. I actually think the actress is great! Plus she is beautiful. I'm glad they chose her and not Erin Hershey.

In fact, I liked Cassie so much, that I kind of never accepted Adriana(AKA Bitchy Bangs) on OLTL. I kept calling her Fake Cassie or Broke Down Cassie. A lot of people wonder why OLTL didn't bring back Kofman's Cassie, but come on, some characters have just run their course...like AMC's KENDALL and GREENLEE! These grown women, now in their 30's keep being written into the same storyline and now at their age, no matter how fabulous the dresses, hair, and makeup are, IT AIN'T CUTE NO MORE! I feel this would happen also if Cassie were brought back. Same old story with Dorian meddling with her daughter's life, blah blah...

I wanna say, I think the writers who give dialogue to Pratt's work have no concept of subtlety. They don't know how to write fluid, implicit dialogue, so they HAVE to hit us over the head with stereotypes, and blatantly tell us what the writing is. Case in point, ADAM.

All David Canary needs now is a big moustache, a cape, and a top hat. They have turned him into a cariacature. I honestly expect him to say "Curses, foiled again!" That is how bad the writing is.

Pratt has things backwards...the IMPORTANT stuff happens off screen, and we get the usleless and cliche stuff. Also, I hate how certain storylines were dropped. Richie's murder, Psycho Kathy...I bet Kathy is using all the time we don't see her to boobytrap the house or something. Watch our Krystal! Damn, once Babe is dead...Krystal is gonna crown one of those girls as the new BABY DAWL! I feel so bad for those girls.

Anonymous said...

OK, I had to get on here, because I was listening to the podcast on the way home from work, and thought I was going to have to PULL OVER, I was laughing so hard. And I'm only 20 minutes into it! A few, (hopefully AS-TOOT) comments:

1. I am sympathizing for Ashley, because I know it is very difficult to switch from the Opal voice to the Jesse voice. Ashley sacrifices her vocal cords each week to bring us acute portrayals of the AMC characters and storylines, and as viewers we are grateful for this selfless performance.

2. I am so sorry that J&A are being called out for "AWB." Perhaps, we could bring on Livia to represent them in court?

3. I think something big and evil is coming in Pine Valley.

4. I think I'm nervous for La Looch at tonight's elimination.

That last one was a little something just for you.

crs 17

P.S. By using the word "acute" to not talk about angles, I'm hoping to prove to Ashley that they make Reader's Digest Large Print Edition out here in the Midwest.

Anonymous said...

Sweater Sweets?

Y'all are crazy.

crs 17

Unknown said...

Apparently Opal and the Web Bots are in agreement. "Something" is going to happen. The Web Bots know from cruising the web in their little nano ships. Opal knows from the cards. Stock up on canned beans, Sterno, and toilet paper. It's agonna be a big one:
Google "October 7 web bots" and you'll see, everyone on the internet is in agreement! Trouble is, it's OCtober 7th and well, nothing.
Live every day like it's your last! 'Cause it just may be!

Brian said...

I have a question: When Gillian was killed, we were told that Demetri had to leave PV because he had a secret regarding Ryan and Gillian. Did we ever find out what this was?

Anonymous said...

Jordan, thanks for the vinage Cher... ROTF!

Has anyone else noticed the "Super Soap Weekend" ads, on SOAPnet, saying this year is the last one?

It makes me wonder about the current state of soaps, for ABC daytime... :-(

Anonymous said...

Well Brian...I was pretty young when that happened, but here's what I remember:

Dmetri received a call from a guy with some sort of accent, and soon after he (and Alex Devaine) was gone, never to return to the show. This was indeed soon after Gillian's death. Inquiring my mom about this, she suggested that the call was from Duke Lavery and may very well have had something to do with R+G. I think I would have remembered if something ever came of that, but I'm drawing a blank. I don't think it was ever resolved.

As for last week: it seems that with Chuck Pratt, the stories are better but the dialogue is far worse. Jesse having an entire other family out there, however, is REALLY pushing it.

jordan hudson said...

Sorry guys Cusi the original Cassie is my favorite her and jeff fayhe as Gary Corelli Marco's brother

BELINDA said...

There's not much I can add that hasn't already been said - and said very well, especially Ty's commentary - SPOT ON! Reader's Digest might enrich Ashley's word power, but Ty enriches mine: "sweater sweets" - PRICELESS. As for RPG's "vibe," let's just say rumors abound.

LIGHT BULB MOMENT: I think the posters should do a podcast just for comments about the podcast, LOL!

Jordan - Keep it up with the golden oldies! I remember "Gypsies, Tramps and Thieves" - or as we called it back when I was *&#@ years old, "Gypsies, Chimpanzees"! And please know I wasn't quibbling with you about Latins being everywhere (I'm a PR in Ohio, of all places, LOL) ... I was just agreeing with what Alejandro wrote.

Ashley - Your Opal impression has been inducted into my mental Hall of Fame along with Taylor's impression of Josh! :-)

Keep doin' the damn thang!

Norn Cutson said...

guys, i dont know about you....but i have this funny feelin....like somethin bad is gonna happen!!!!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• JAKE & TAYLOR dance a little before TAYLOR pulls away. you can see KWAK in the background, chattin with customers, i liked that.

• i'd like to see ZACH & ANNIE get together...& i'd like to see KENDALL's face when she finds out.

• a big fat slab of GREENLEE, CRYAN & AIDUMB & some of the most god-awful STINKBOMB of dialogue ive heard in a long time. if i was watching this show for the first time, & i heard lines like:

CRYAN: "Thanks for sharing your moon."

that channel would keeeeeeeep flippin!!! & i would never stop on it again!

you know, Pratt's big vision *might* be good...but we will never know because who can pay attention thru all this CRAP dialogue?!?!?

• TAYLOR: "You know what exhausts me? Having the same conversation over and over again."

honey, try watchin it.

and why the hell is JAKE tellin her he thinks she's "special"?!?


• if ERICA was siding with ADAM just to gain his trust, that would be one thing...but now she's telling KENDALL that she's not on her side either...she's on the side of "truth".

dumb. that is messed up.

• OMG I LOVE PETEY!!! finally a spark of life!


• ERICA just sounded *exactly* like Ashley!

• tsk tsk, JAKE was just rubbin' up on TAYLOR only a few minutes ago.
now he's wrapped around AMANDA.

• now that AMANDA *KNOWS* how to throw a bottle!!! no underhanded granny toss for her!

• OMG JESSE's daughter is callin TAYLOR!!!!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• what is BLAIR wearing????

• MARTY looks cute in her little sweater and cane.

• ADDIE! she looks so good.

• mmMPPph, nice shots of CHRISTIAN's chest.
i like that OLTL doesnt play coy with flesh. they know we wanna see it and they dish it out pretty regularly.

• i like seeing MCBAIN all agitated like this.

• we get to see DORIAN drop all pretense; she is in it to win it; this is about much more than LANGSTON...this is about WINNING on her own terms and NEVER admitting defeat.

i love that.

and i think JACKIE is kind of hot.

Anonymous said...

Ty -

I loved your whole post!

"Death becomes her"... hahaha!

All this, though, and I am still enjoying the show. Hijinx are fun for a while, people! I was bored with BE and JHB writing. They would've killed off Annie and kept Kendall as a dull housewife.

Bring on the tornado!


Anonymous said...

Not a great day today. Crazy deadlines at work, stuck in traffic for hours, missed my daughters volleyball game—among other things, so I’ve been a little stressed. The podcast and blog are such a blessing. They are great diversions for me. Even though I was stuck in traffic today for what seemed like an eternity, for 56 minutes the podcast provided some much needed comic relief. The blog is always a great stress buster for me when I need to take a short break at work. I love to check the blog and snicker at all the ass-toot commentary. Thanks to the dynamic duo of Ashley and Jordan and all of you for helping making me smile!

Comments on this week’s podcast:

Ashley, I wondered if I was the only one that thought Annie needed a pair of Spanx under that green dress.

My concern about Pratthole is that so many of the characters are being written too silly. It seems like they are trying to hard to come up with funny quips or sound bites between the characters. It was OK for a while b/c AMC wasn't funny for so long. But the comedy should come primarily from the situation w/ witty banter as an enhancement to it; otherwise, the characters start sounding foolish and juvenile. Part of what made Opal a standout was the subtlety. She knew what sort of things were classy, but she could never put it together in a classy way. She is almost becoming outlandishly cartoonish with the tarot card reading, panicky Zoltar bit. When every other line is a zinger, it loses some of its bite.

The same thing happened on Melrose Place and happens on Desperate Housewives. There is a lot of mediocre dialogue and then BAM! someone throws out the equivalent of a verbal kick in the balls. It’s not working as well on AMC. I still can’t get over that line Looch threw out last week when she said something like “it’s not what’s up his sleeve that Adam wants to show me”. That’s crass. I don’t think they give Emmys for lame dick jokes.

The writers need to reposition the current cast to fit AMCs historical point of view. Jordan mentioned that Angie should assume the Ruth Martin role. I agree. They need to match the current cast with the voices left speechless by the absence of Ruth, Phoebe, Brooke and so forth. Those characters’ personalities were the touchstone of AMC that gave it its unique perspective. The need to get back to the guiding premise that Agnes Dixon set up for the show and tell stories that compliment that vision.

It appears that everyone is trying hard to make it work. God knows how much they are spending on the tornado and sets. The actors are overacting every thing. ABC is promoting the hell out of it. Susan Lucci is dancing her bony legs off. All they really need to do is redefine the show’s viewpoint, write a good stories consistent with that view and let the actors do their thang. Forget the gimmicky banter and cgi effects.

You mentioned that Jesse doesn’t act like our Jesse. Makes me wonder if this is really the real Jesse or a Di-version? Get it?

Ashley, the Opal impression was great! I’ve been concerned what will happen to KWAK after her Baby Dawl blows away. She doesn’t have a very large family tree. Maybe that is when they will reintroduce the Crazy Kathy story.

Breann or Breanna doesn't matter if your nickname is Turd. Sort of like saying LaTurd.

I’m rooting for Insannie and JR after Babe kicks the bucket. It would be nice if Petey could score w/ Insannie. He needs to grow up and have sex before his head pops off. She needs to get laid, but she's too much woman for a long term relationship with his Lil Petey.

Notes on yesterday’s ep:

Ever notice when someone storms into the Chandler Mansion and slams the door that it sounds like wobbly plywood? Hardly an estate like sounding set of solid core doors.

Annie was NEVER a bad mother. It makes no sense whatsoever that they would keep Emma from her. In fact it seems cruel. All Emma has ever known is Annie, and Annie risked her life to save her from Terry. Granted that the gun under the bed was bad, but it wasn’t loaded. Assuming there was no ammo in reach, the only risk it posed was that she would drop it on her foot. Faking an attack, a bogus restraining order on Ryan – that was all bad, but Emma was never in any imminent danger from Annie.

The Erica -Adam thing would work better if it was more clear that Erica was just playing him. And I can understand why the writers want to redeem JR and erase that whole thing where he almost killed Erica’s daughters. The problem is that Erica never forgets. I find it inconsistent that she and JR aren’t showing any sign of strain in their scenes together.

If they show the Moon again they are going to have to put it in the opening credits with the Tree. They have already given the Moon more screen time than Brooke had the entire last year she was on the show. They keep saying something big is coming.
**Maybe PV is going to be attacked by wolves.**

Bella looks like a cheap bottle of water and all the fake scratching looks ridiculous! Who knew it could be so hard to make scratching look real? I don’t see any sweats, heaving, puss, redness, swelling, choking, convulsions, accelerated breathing or greasy discharge. I thought Pete said everyone reacted differently to it? They are all just fake scratching. The groom who just happens to be a buyer married to a girl who just happens to be named Bella seems more upset than the girls with the itchy scratchies. He just asked Angie if she was going to pay for his wedding reception. Maybe he sprayed some Bella on himself and that’s what’s causing him to be such an ass.

BTW, in my 40+ years in the South I’ve met people with all kinds of crazy names. I have never, ever met anyone named Bella, but TWO of them live in Pine Valley, PA.

The s/l that bugs me the most is this damn Bella. In another context it would be OK. If it was a means to give Amanda and Babe a s/l to mature and prove their value in the Fusion workplace I would go along. It would be interesting to see Amanda try to get it together. As the backdrop for the Adam/Erica thing, the Bella thing is a debacle. Fusion is too small time for Adam to mess with. Business is business to a man like Adam. This doesn’t make any business sense so I don’t think Adam would waste his time with it. You don’t throw a company into ruin to take it over with the class action lawsuits. He was a cunning ruthless businessman back in the day. Now he’s acting like a dopey, scheming hack with his sidekick stooge Petey and syringe of itchy goo. He may have pressed the boundaries in business ethics, but he was never a terrorist and this is terrorism. I can think of so many interesting ways they could have showed how the supply chain got contaminated but Petey sticking a needle in the cologne sprayer was just dumb.

Does anyone EVER drink at work in the office? Does anyone work in an office that stocks booze in its fridge? That is not appropriate. Obviously none of the Fusion girls have ever read the employee handbook that prohibits consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises.

Does anyone know who says “Oh…my God” at the end of the AMC Promo with the fiery comet?

I like that they are taking their time with Jake and Taylor. I’m open to it but I’m not quite buying into it yet. I’m less excited about them hooking up than I am irritated that they are screwing over Amanda. She gave it up for Jake when he needed some lov’in and she gave Taylor a place to live when she needed a crib. Amanda always gets a raw deal.

What’s with Erica’s “girls” today? Usually they just look smushed but today they look extra full.

Kendall seems to know that Adam is behind the contamination so why is she being such a heinous bitch to Amanda and Babe and threatening their jobs?

Stuart has been painting for hours. Good thing he took a break to munch those lip smacking good potato chips.

Kendall just marched right in through Adam’s plywood doors. Right past the Chandler security. Right past the Chandler peeping tom. Right past the sensors. Right through the unlocked plywood doors. In fairness, if she was walking sideways, I guess nobody could have seen her.

Having said all this, I still love AMC and find it more fun to watch than it had been in a while.

Good night Moon!

Anonymous said...

Damnit, I clicked enter before i signed my name. The immediately preceeding thesis was submitted by Shadow. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the podcast, have a question: was this week's show more than 3 hours long? I've downloaded it several times and it keeps coming down as a huge file, much bigger than usual, I think.

Norn Cutson said...

shadow & ty, your posts are hilarious!

shasow, i knew that one was yours even tho it posted as anonymous!

oh, & i think Ash referred to me as a "she" on the podcast! ha!

ive noticed that the podcasts are getin shorter & shorter...as there is less & less to talk about.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys!

Love your show! I don't watch AMC anymore since they killed Dixie (did watch Ghost Dix, though), so I'm glad you watch so I don't have to.

Good show this week, but I have one comment. There is no way in HELL that Ashley is 49. Girl, I love your voice! You sound like you are in your 20's! So I don't believe it!
Hope that makes your day.


Anonymous said...

Thanks n69. I am supposed to drafting a marketing plan but I'm having a block. Of course, I have no shortage of thoughts about AMC.

Kendall is the skinniest person I have ever seen without flies all over her. I feel like I should send her a few dollars each month. According to Sally Strothers I could feed her for only 53 cents a day.

I'm less concerned about Emma and more concerned about Little Adam. His dad is a drunk attempted murderer. His parents are both kidnappers. His grandfather is a terrorist. Nobody has warned him about 'Stranger Danger' and he is obviously in great peril! He just sits there like a Little Stuart while strangers lurk about in the bushes, through the house, in and out of the tunnels. People burst thru the plywood doors constantly. Poor little guy. I guess he's too tired to notice. Chandler Mansion is a spooky place. Ghosts are everywhere. Dixie is in every mirror. Father What's-His-Name is always passing through with all his ghostly cockney gibberish. The bookcases open and close by themselves. I keep waiting for Little Adam to look at Babe and say, "I see dead people".

And then there's Opal. She can predict Babe getting eaten by a pack of wolves but she can't tell the difference between a cat's meow and Petey's voice. Even Dione Warwick was sharper than that.
If I thought that trick would have worked when I was a kid, my parents would have thought we lived in the Serengeti. They would have thought moose herds were running thru the place every night after curfew. MOO!

And talk about post traumatic stress. Taylor got freaked out by a hot chick in fatigues. What about us? I'm still having flahbacks to that Zendall sex scene a few weeks ago. Foreplay is great. I'm all for steamy relations, but spare me the clean up. I don't want to see pants and zippers going up or sweaty pink slapped thighs. After the deed is done, they can just FF to coffee and donuts in the kitchen.


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley, if you miss an episode of Mad Men, I think you can stream it free online at Hulu.com (if you don't have OnDemand)

I was wondering: are we the only message board that seems to be pro-Insannie? I feel like anywhere else I look, people still hate Annie- I don't get it!

Also, can someone give me a refresher. I was watching at the time, but just can't remember, why did David Hayworth leave town?

And spot on for whoever mentioned on the board, and on the podcast, that Pratt only seems to like the story HE created. I feel like there is one story, and then some other **** they're throwing together because they have to. TPTB seem to have no interest in anything but the Taylor/Jake storyline. And while I get Amanda picking the wrong guy, at some point, can't she get a right one?? It's a shame that she always has to be the sex object when Amanda actually is a character that could be deep. Amanda is damaged but moving on with life, yet they hardly ever touch on it. Can't-landa-A-manda is getting sad. She deserves better! (And I hate to admit it, but I think you can tell onscreen that RPG isn't into the Jake/Amanda pairing)

Norn Cutson said...

i was really hoping that yesterday, when PETEY saw how upset AMANDA was about BELLA, that that would be the beginning of a romance between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

hey shadow, just a thought and i could be totally wrong.. but maybe little a wasn't scared of the intruder because it's his other grandpa, david hayward. of course in reality it he probably wouldn't remember him, but it would make sense that they were showing us that he knew the intruder.

SOAPFAN said...

^I'm convinced sometimes that they feed Little A paint chips, cause they kind of have him doing a lot of these crazy things, not noticing anything like an intruder in the house.

I remember the previous Little Adam was like a zombie. You'd see Emma and Kathy playing around and talking and smiling, but Little A would always just stand there looking drugged up.

I hope they have a scene where little A at least says, "I did, I did see Grandpa!" But they probably will not have the kid talk, although the little actor playing him did a fine choking scene...so talented so young!

Anonymous said...

Kim that is certainly a better idea than him just being retarded, but I think we'd be giving TPTB too much credit.

Anonymous said...

I think they made a mistake with the whole Madden baby switching story line. Somehow Little Adam has to be Stuart's kid.

Anonymous said...

The only way to know if Little A is Stuart's is to see if they dress Little A in stripes a lot. That's AMC's way of saying he's different.

Norn Cutson said...

i think his collar was stickin' out while he was chokin on that ring.

btw, i caught myself singin CAREFUL WHAT YOU GIVE LI'L A on the subway this morning.

jordan hudson said...


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode


• TAYLOR & TAD finally meet.

• uh oh, i'm afraid that Taylor Crawford was right about CRYAN & EMMA. he was "kissing her belly" all night.

• god i love PETEY!

David Canary is covering his mouth with his cup so we cant see him laughing.

• Amanda Baker's nose job makes her add a "k" sound on the end of her words. i would have liked to have seen her with her real nose, i bet she had more character.

• PETEY totally spills the beans to COLBY.
ADAM should be worried about PETEY being questioned by the cops.

• i wish TAD *would* inherit a monkey.

when she said to JR, "I dont want you to go!", i really believed it!!!
i saw some life!!!
mark it on your calendars!

• Amanda Baker is huggin on TAD...she looks sooo sad.

KATHY seems to be totally adjusted & integrated into the family.
that must have been some therapist...he never even had to ssee her!

• LI'L A: "Look what Nana gave me fo' da twip!"

oh gosh this is sooooo sweet.
ADAM hugs LI'L A and squeezes him so hard that his eyes pop out...but then LI'L A mustve liked it because he goes go to hug ADAM again and f=goes "AAAHHHH!!!"

• Amanda Baker is sad, she's not even pretending to hide it.
this is a historically scary time to be out of a job. i wish her luck.

• ooooh ZACH is settin ANNIE up.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• ROXY & TINA!!!
i'm in heaven.

• NATTY's doin some acting.
and she must have some nice hair care products down there.

• if i was GIGI, i would be pushin BITCHY BANGS out of the way and bargin' on in to see my man.
sure, securrity will drag her off, but REX will at least know she was there!

• ROXY: "I'm lookin for my lucky rabbits foot."

TINA: "What does it look like?"

ROXY: "It looks like a foot.
Its blue, its furry..."

• wow, JARED put that together quicker than i thought he would.

• damn, that LPD is one *insecure* place! you can just walk right into the interrogation rooms anytime ya want!

• its gettin romantic between BLAIR & MCBAIN!

ooooh BLAIR & MCBAIN are using marmalade in bed!!!
that kind of made my mouth water!
Ashley, i hope you are watchin this!!!

Anonymous said...

Jordan I am just as obsessed with Mad Men! It's my favorite part of Sunday. You got me so excited for the next two weeks! and I'm sorry Ashley but I love me some January Jones! She's a young Elizabeth Montgomery!

Jordan do you watch True Blood on HBO?

Anonymous said...

Why was Ryan watching Stuart paint the moon on Monday? What the hell was that about? Why are they pushing con man Ryan down our throats as the new father of the year while Annie gets sidelined? Oh I guess the writers weren't around when Ryan was a con man and when he rode off the cliff and all that. I guess we the loyal viewers have to sit through this drivel that makes NO SENSE because the writers have no idea who these characters are. Erica and Adam even pretending to be interested in each other? Puh-leeze! Give the characters (and actors) some credit. I refuse to believe that Adam and Erica are that dumb ... too bad those lazy A$$ writers can't find the ability to write for intelligent conniving characters who are multi-dimensional.

I'm going to quit watching the show and just listen to the podcast because I really don't have the patience for the new lows AMC is hitting. Falling lower than the Dow Jones Average.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

So I'm watching what I think is Tuesday's episode and the damn moon is still out. For whatever reason I started thinking about the podcast a few weeks ago where Ashley was talking about the song "Nothing" from "A Chorus Line". The lyrics seem so relevant to what is going on with the show right now. Everybody is pretending to me so awestruck by the moon and fake scratching and all kinds of dumb crap I would think you would see in an acting class. Sooo...

(to the tune of "Nothing")

I'm so excited because I'm gonna go to the High School of Performing Arts! I mean, I was dying to be a serious actress.
Anyway, it's the first day acting class- and we're in the auditorium and the teacher, Mr. Pratt...he puts us up on the stage and he says:
"Okay... we're going to do improvisations.
Now, you're on a soap opera. There's a full moon out.
And there's a tornado coming...Okay...GO!"

Ev'ry day for a week we would try to
Feel the motion, hear the wind rush, feel the rain.

And I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
To see what I had inside.
Yes, I dug right down to the bottom of my soul
And I tried, I tried.

And everybody's goin' "Whooooosh, whooooosh ...
I hear the wind... I feel the rain... I feel the air."
And Mr. Pratt turns to me and he says,
"Okay, what did you feel?"

And I said..."Nothing,
I'm feeling nothing,"
Except the feeling
That this bullshit is absurd!

Norn Cutson said...

And everybody's goin' "Whooooosh, whooooosh ...

yeah, especially in OPAL's living room!

Luis Merino said...

thanks for the shoutouts ashley! We need to get started on a new website!!!!

jordan hudson said...

Jason, Yes Im into true blood big vampire fan here. Yeah Ashley and me so do not agree on January Jones. I think she is an incredible actress and so not dead behind the eyes. I think ashley nuts on that call. Yeah adam buckman from the NY post did an article and said the next two epsiodes are intense and not to be miss. and Mr. Buckmna rarley likes anything but he loves Mad men.


I love me some Stuart but just liek you I was like what the &^*( is this about. Monday's episode was bizarre and everyone in town stopping by Stuart painting the moon... lmao. Ryan has to be the most damaged character on daytime right now. Talk about writing someone into a corner.

Ashley said...

You people are frggin' nuts about January Jones!!!!!

When she made love to her husband for the first time after HE WAS HAVING SEX AND CHEATING ON HER WITH ANOTHER WOMAN, there was NO EMOTION. I would have punched him, kicked him, then rolled on top of him and made angry love, know what I'm sayin'! That man had his pee-pee in another woman's wah-wah! JJ is a DUD with a perfect face, just like our Randi!

Example #2 -- Whan January Jones tells her husband he can't come home as he is practically unpacking his bags, his face literally gets contorted with shock and frustration and ANGER. ZIP, ZERO, ZILCH, NADA! from JJ!

Brilliant actress? She's crying over her Alzheimer's dad who just felt her up, AND THERE ARE NO TEARS COMING FROM HER EYES. The family servant playing opposite her was brilliant, though!

You can't pair a weak actress with brilliant actors - their weaknesses becomes so obvious.

About the only acting partner that matched her this week was that DBTE creepy kid that is in love with her.

I'm glad JJ rejected Don Draper -- that way, he can actually move on with an actress who matches his amazing talent! So there!

Don't you call me nuts, Jordan Hudson, or I'm gonna have to virtual slap you!!!

BTW - Were we talking about AMC? AMC who?

Ashley said...

And BTW, Shadow - you almost had me crying with your version of the "Nothing" song!!!!

Anonymous said...

A little something just for you Ash! :)

Anonymous said...

I was just watching the 11:00 news before "ALL MY CHILDREN" and they said that Eileen Herile, the amazing actress who has played Myertle died yesterday from complications of Ammonia....

Norn Cutson said...

All My Children Mourns Its Myrtle

Rest In Peace, Dear Sweet Myrtle.

Anonymous said...

How sad!! I love Myrtle. May she rest in peace. Always an amazing character, and a classy lady. She will truly be missed in Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Here's a sweet article about Myrtle. I sort of understand where this guy's coming from and agree what he says about Myrtle, Mona, Phoebe and Charles.


At least it was on her own terms and not by some goofy CGI effect. I hope Pratt & Co. knows how important Myrtle was to Erica in Mona's absence and treats this with the respect her passing deserves. They may have to wait until after the tornado, but I want to see Kelly, Linc, Chuck and the whole gang back to pay their respects to this great lady.

Anonymous said...

She was so fabulous:


Anonymous said...

I found some youtube clips of myrtle... RIP Eileen Herlie

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7kde53NaXTY&feature=related -An appearance she had on OLTL when she confronted Skye

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=K6c1TIL2mx0&feature=related -Myrtle able to show she's tougher than all the other AMC women

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SfUAGUegEpA -Myrtle during ERica's intervention

- Myrtle and Palmer's Blind Date

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_21_vCRfXLI - Myrtle with Bianca

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ux6jDvwezuQ - Myrtle with Kendall

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Znqgz7j6Ytw -Myrtle at Mona's Funeral

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uir_u3lO9KE - Myrtle and Zach meet for the first time

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=MczgY6teH5c - Myrtle in flashbacks with Phoebe


Jonathan from SI

Anonymous said...

Whoops didn't notice that u posted that clip already shadow my bad

Jonathan from S.I.

Anonymous said...

^the clip with myrtle meeting zach....geez can't type today

Jonathan From S.I.

Anonymous said...

I will so miss Myrtle, especially her funny scenes with her and Zach. I loved them together!!! And of course, Myrtle and Binks, they were so cute together. She will be missed. RIP

Erica Kane said...

OMG!! I am so sad right now about Eileen. 30 plus years I have watched her...:( I was so excited to come home from work and post my thoughts on the podcast, and laugh as I read all the comments, and now here I am crying. I loved the podcast as usual, and I hope to post more thoughts later, but right now I just want to go to youtube and watch some Myrtle goodness.
Love you all
Miss Kane
R.I.P. Eileen

Anonymous said...

I'm feeling more emotion for Eileen Herlie than I've felt for all the characters on AMC in a long time. I loved her and Zach together. They had more chemistry than the whole suxtet combined. I hope the show gives her the classy sendoff a longstanding character and respeted actress deserves.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Ya' know, the only thing real right now on this show is Taylor's story. I loved all the stuff with her going to see Brot's mother, and even though it was practically telegraphed that Brot's mother wouldn't know who she was, it was still genuine and interesting, and I think that rests largely on BE's performance and her chemistry with Frankie.

Although, Jacob Young and David Canary did do a helluva job with those "goodbye" scenes yesterday.

crs 17

PS. I started going spoiler free so I'd appreciate if people on the blog would notify by typing spoiler alert in all caps at the top of your post. I've been this way since Labor Day, and I can tell you that it's made me more eager to watch. We're spoiling ourselves with spoilers.

Anonymous said...

I am very upset by the passing of Eileen Herlie, who played Myrtle. Although she was ninety, and we all knew she had been ill, the actress was a force to be reckoned with that graced our screens for 32 years, giving us the "carnie spirit," that incredible heart and feistiness. I was glad to have her on AMC as long as we did, and hope TPTB give her a fitting tribute.

crs 17

P.S. Remember when she was with Santa Claus??? :-D

Laura said...

Hi, all kind of behind. Just wanted to let you know I appreciated all the bloggers support when my mother-in-law was sick. She passed away Saturday. She was 95 and fairly alert until the end. She was interested in Susan Lucci in Dancing with the Stars.
I left Chicago yesterday, drove through Davenport, waved to Alejandro, went on to Dubuque and did a shout out to Taylor when I dropped off my daughter. Did you all see me? Iowa might be boring, but gas is under 3.00 a gallon there!

Looking forward to get get caught up, on the podcast not necessarily the show.

I did see a bit of Taylor today, I do like her. She's a good actress.

I still wondering if Frons would pick up Days of our Lives and cancel AMC. Loving Billy Miller on Y&R. They are putting him up against a lot of good vets.

Anonymous said...

I have an observation or two, reguarding Thursday's episode. I now realize why the 'paired off' characters have been kissing so l-o-u-d-l-y, lately...The acting teams were auditioning to see who would be the duo to stand infront of Greenlee's earings and kiss like nobody's business, confusing poor 'Aiduuuhn' to no end.

As for the little guy in the role of Little A, did any body else notice how he growned as David Canary hugged him? I think, the kiddo thought he was getting squeezed with in an inch of his life--LOL!

And, did you see him waving at what must have been a monitor,to the side of the stage, as JR had one of his final moments, shouting goodbye to Adam, who had made himself scarce?


Norn Cutson said...

brtedi said...
As for the little guy in the role of Little A, did any body else notice how he growned as David Canary hugged him? I think, the kiddo thought he was getting squeezed with in an inch of his life--LOL!

yeah, but LI'L A musta liked it, coz he went back for a second hug!

Norn Cutson said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Norn Cutson said...

this is dedicated to Ashley, Jordan, Taylor, Pedro, Shadow, all my friends at
PINE VALLEY PODCAST, Superposter, Shelby, Trey & Agnes Nixon.

Laura said...

Sad News From Perez Hilton
Four-time Daytime Emmy nominee Eileen Herlie has passed away.

Best known by American audiences as All My Children's Myrtle Fargate, the actress died at the age of 90 on Wednesday from complications due to pneumonia.

Eileen had a full career. She appeared in a number of films and even earned a Tony nomination for her work on Broadway.

In the late 40's, Miz Fargate was cast by the legendary Laurence Olivier for his film adaptation of Hamlet.


Eileen leaves behind a brother and nieces and nephews.

Our thoughts are with them.

I just wanted to add my sympathy from someone who enjoyed her. She was a class act. Laura

Laura said...

More news from Daytime Confidential. Rebecca Budig is leaving and Alisha is getting a vacation for her wedding. Please let Aidumb ride off into the sunset with Greenlee. Or bring back Sabine. I like Rebecca, but the writers were not that good to her.

Our local weather person just did a nice tribute with clips for Myrtle. She is a a big AMC fan, whenever a soap star is in Chicago they are on the 11:00AM news. Walt Wiley, and Nancy Lee Grahn are on alot. She has even been in a cameo on AMC. It was a rough week, losing my mother-in-law and now Eileen. I wonder what they will do with her storyline. Was she supposed to die in the tornado?

Anonymous said...

Aww man, Rest in Peace Eileen Herlie! I'm happy she lived such a full life. Now Zach will beomc totally evil without Myrtle's advise and counsel.

And oh man, Annie is really in for trouble now that Zach is onto her:

(sung to the tune of Michael Jackson Smooth Criminal)

Hid a gun in Emma's bedroom
Ryan found it, now it's your doom
Broke into Greenlee's apartment
then your water broke on the carpet

Annie are you Okay
Annie are you Okay
Are you Okay Annie

Annie are you Okay
Annie are you Okay
Are you Okay ANNIE?!

Annie are you okay
Would you tell Zach
That you're okay

Can't feel him getting nearer
But he's behind
A two way mirror

He knows you killed Richie
but Ryan thinks that
you're just bitchy...

Now he's gonna steal Emma
And you're stuck in
A dilemma

Annie are you Okay
Annie are you Okay
Are you Okay Annie


Anonymous said...

I'm sad to hear about the passing of Eileen Herlie.
She was a strong, independent woman, who told it like it was and didnt take flack from anyone. Every soap deserves a Myrtle.

Friday's episode made me very angry. How dare they break our InsAnnie and pin her into a corner? Ryan didnt even know that he had a daughter until Annie came to town, so what suddenly makes him father of the year? It certainly isnt Greenlee, the woman who kidnapped his son and crashed the car. Maybe its Kendall, the woman who hasn't seen her children since 1982. Or maybe its just his 'Reverse-Patrick Lavery' complex that Ryan forgets that he has every five years... Maybe its Zach, who disowned his oldest son, Ethan, until it was too late (we miss you James Scott). Heck, despite the fact that her mother killed herself after Annie testified against Richie and her father disowned her, Annie's a better parent than Ryan could ever hope to be. She protected her from Terry. She protected her from Richie (we miss you Billy Miller). I dont know...maybe im just complaining too much, but why is Ryan always painted as the hero? THIS IS WORSE THAN GH PAINTING THE MOB AS HEROIC!

Anonymous said...

and I'm glad Amanda Baker is out as Babe.
I just keep lookin at her and thinking "I can't take you seriously. You slept with Spinelli."

Anonymous said...

n69, thank you so much for the kind dedication. You are a true arteest and gentleman. My fave is the pic of Kendall with those big blue eyes. How much would they appreciate having something like that in their dressing rooms? Show me another show where a fan cares that much. I can't imagine the time it must take to do one of your renderings. As for the friendship, right back at you man.

I'm glad RB is moving on. She's been a dud this time around. None of the writing has been great but everybody else seems to be giving it all they've got. The way she's been performing it seems like she's just phoning it in and running with the money. I know TPTB botched her return with that Real Greenlee return but that's history. At least her leaving is a nail in the suxtext's coffin. It will leave more time for some other folks to step up. And I don't have to hear her call Jack Dad or watch anymore seizure inducing scenes with Aidumb.

I'm glad to see NuBabe hit the road too. Babe was too much of a screen hog in her heyday and AB just bores me. They didn't have to kill her, but she and JR are all played out. Poor thing seems genuinely broken up about it though.

I've said before I'm reserving judgment (although not very well) until after the twister. At that point I will hold Pratt fully accountable for what we see. Lately the stories have seemed to be coasting. The Greenlee Aidumb storyline seems like filler. Ditto Erica and Adam. Greenlee? SSDD. All of a sudden this week everything is out and everyone is coming clean. Annie confessed. Greenlee kissed Ryan. Adam and Pete confessed. Babe confessed. I guess Alicia M worked out her contract and is staying b/c she seems to have calmed down. Everyone is all zen. Poor Opal is clucking like a chicken, but who can argue with anything Jill Larsen does?

The only consistently interesting s/l that has much credible intrigue to me is Taylor. So I'm hoping after next week the show starts coming together with its own New Beginning. New storylines. New characters. New life for our favorite characters. New emphasis on the ideas and values that made the show great in its heyday.

I have to admit, the new promos for the storm do look sort of cool. I still think there was another way to accomplish this without expensive CGI effects, but since they already spent the money I guess I'll watch. That's AMC, it always sucks me back in one way or another.

The Podcast and this Blog are a whole new level of cool to the experience though. AMC has always been my little secret. That I could type a few random thoughts in a square, click send and then get to participate with a community of thoughtful, intelligent, astoot fellow admirers has been great. I'm new to this blogging thing. That I can download the podcast on Monday and LMAO for a while to the musings of Ashley and Jordan is a delight. Love the humor, love the kindness, and appreciate the friendship. Bless you and your family Laura. n69, thanks again for sharing your amazing talent with us. The characters here at the PVP are the best AMC has introduced to me in years!

jordan hudson said...

Guys I.... words escape me ....I'm so heartbroken.... I have watched AMC since I was a little boy and when we loose people it's like loosing family. We now only have James left. David to me is from the next era of Amc. Oh she will be missed and I hope that Prathole and that group of idiots cna write a proper farwell. Not the way Mctavish mishandled Mona's passing.

As for the departure of Rebecca, good I say these writers and the last did not know how to write this character. Let's face facts Greenlee has not been Greenlee since Leo died. I only wish they would have her walk in a room and go OMG Leo and have it be that Leo is alive and takes her awya from Pinevalley so they can live happily ever after. Of course they wont. As excellent as the Adam/ JR Taylor stuff is the rest of the show is wretched. What Zach did to Annie was horrible. Ryan is no more deserving of Emma then Annie. Emma has been with Annie longer. Plus I'm on team Annie. I will be honest I never liked Ryan. From his first days on the show when The great Gloria treated him with his shirt open. I knew then that my beloved Amc was heading into Days of our lives Himbo territory. The only time that I got into Ryan was when he fell for Kendall.

Anonymous said...

Gloria was hot. What ever happened to her? I don,t remember.

Anonymous said...

I agree w/you about cRyan. NEVER liked that character, though I do find Cameron Mathison to be a likable guy. He must be stuffing money in mattresses for his kids' futures because that dude is everywhere, hosting everything. But cRyan is the most dysfunctional, hypocritcal control freak.

I remember the first scene with Ryan, way back in the days when Liza Colby was running WRCW and Ryan walked into her office and bullied her into a job. I hated him them, I hate him now. For a brief time, when he was with Gillian, he was just barely tolerable.

I do hope we have a nice Myrtle tribute. Going to miss her and Zach and their wicked chemistry and genuine friendship. That was rare. Not holding my breath here. What kind of send off did Brooke get? If there is a funeral for Myrtle, will Brooke be there?

Bring on the hurricane, I'm ready to see a massive game of twister!

Anonymous said...

hey don't go making fun of one tree hill!! it is so much better than AMC!!

Norn Cutson said...

Marlena Delacroix posted a beautiful essay about Our MYRTLE.


laura, youve got my sympathies as well. i am glad that you had this blog to talk it thru. please take some time for yourself.

notes on Thursday's episode

• now FUSION has a legal department.

• didja see AIDUMB check GREENLEE's earrings when he went in for a kiss?
creepy!but i am impressed tha AIDUMB would think to include such a sublte detail in his acting.

• that little spark of life COLBY was showing on Wednesday is long gone by Thursday.

• i wonder of anyone will treat OPAL with more respect after the tornadoes.

• ya'll are right; TAYLOR is the only real story going on here.
and i mean TAYLOR, *not* "TAYLOR & JAKE". this woman has a lot to deal with before she gets in any romantic tangles.

• that is totally illegal for ZACH to observe ANNIE's therapy session.
just makes me side with ANNIE even more.

• dang, TAYLOR didnt even call BROT's mama before just showing up on her doorstep.

this is a great scene, though.
the medals displayed beside BROT's bronzed baby booties....sounds trite, but it got me choked up.

and i *KNOW* you notice how much more interesting a TAYLOR & FRANKIE conversation is than a FRANKIE & RANDI scene.

• who's the slackjawed extra in shock over BABE's resignation?

poor little Amanda Baker. i think she's gonna break down crying any moment...and it *aint* because she's such a good actress.

ok, now she *is* really crying.
omg, we are seeing real amotion!!!

so what do they do, they interrupt it to give us more GREENLEE, CRYAN & AIDUM.

• WHOAAAH, ANNIE just spilled her beans!!!

MCE is a gooooood actress!

i would have laughed my ass off if you told me that six months ago...but now she's one of the best on the show!

• AMANDA cryin is makin *me* cry!!!!

damn, that's some sloppy-ass noisy kissin!!!!

notes on Thursday's episode

• BLAIR & MCBAIN lounge in bed and then decide, "hell with it, lets do it again!!!"

that *never* happens in Pine Valley.

• ROXY's is doin voodoo with her troll dolls and lucky rabbits foot!

• ooh as much as i love TESS, i love seeing her plan unravel even more!

• i'm still pissed that they are writing TINA so weak and dumb! she's a VIXEN! she is PROACTIVE! she might not go to the cops, but she would figure out her own way to beat TESS!

TINA *MAKES* trouble, she doesnt just passively get bossed around!

TINA: "I *like* Niki Smith!"

ha ha, i do too!

• its cute seeing MARTY walkin around like an old granny.

• TINA: "Natalie, you are a great girl...and I love your hair!"

thats supposed to make her feel better about being locked in the basement!

• GIGI with a cigarette, tsk tsk.

• ooooh BITCHY BANGS did NOT just give ROXY attitude!!!
ROXY will slap that little girl down like she's been run over by Hell's Angels!!!

• sometimes they put too much makeup on JARED...and you can really see it in the RODI's lighting.

• TINA: "I'm gonna see that you get your favorite foods..."

NATTY: "I'm not your damn dog!!!"

• poor BLAIR.

• ROXY: "You better shut up and listen to me, pipsqueak!"

and later, LAYLA overhears her yelling @ BITCHY BANGS...

• ROXY: "Damn right I mind, so take your phony act and shove it!!!"

• TINA comes running into the Llanfair kitchen with a giant sledghammer, yelling, "I'm coming, Natalie! We're gonna tear down that wall!!" and runs right into TESS...who gives her THE! MOST! PISSED! look ive ever seen!

Anonymous said...

As far as Ryan, I think everyone agrees. His soulmate was Gillian. She was his princess. They were so good together. Kendall? Well, the best part of Ryan and Kendall was when he left town the first time and then his return during Alex Cambias's "will reading". Greenlee and Ryan should have never happened. She should be treating him like she treats David: brotherly. That's what the friendship between Ryan and Leo was. Speaking of Greenlee, I'm so glad RB is leaving. They've done a disservice to the character since RB has been back. I actually liked Sabine, and that's the Greens that started the relationship with Aidumb. Switching Greens doomed the relationship from the beginning (we're not going to even mention the disservice to the character, Aidumb's bad....everything etc.) To me, the real Greenlee is still avoiding getting shot while hanging around Juan Pablo (Where the hell did he go?). I feel that that was the last time that we saw the real Greenlee, not to say that there haven't been moments like giving her stock to Babe. As far as soulmates, there will never be another for our lil Greens. Leo was the perfect man for Greenlee and their chemistry was undeniable. I miss him so much. :(

And as far as Babe, Alexa Havins is Babe. Period. You can't recast her with women who dont have that strong of an accent. You cant recast her with a cold DBTE. AB was great on Nightshift and I wish her well. She's just not Babe.

Arizonagal said...

Is it true that RB is leaving? an't say I blame her. Greenlee's return was botched first with the introduction of Sabine, and then all the hype of the REAL Greenlee returning. And RB gets the crap written out of Greenlee. She's endured a year of bad writing and a watered down character who is going nowhere and stuck with Aidan, a man with whom she has zero chemistry. Bah! Time to bail.

TPTB think they are fixing something when they hired RB and they have yet to realize it ain't the actress, honey, it's the writing. It smells, smells bad, smells real bad (to borrow a Seinfeld quote).

Over at GL, I am mildly intrigued by TPTB flirting with a lesbian storyline w/Olivia and Natalia, two gorgeous, mature and talented women. What they did right is build this chemistry over a long period of time, going from obvious animosity to a begrudging but loyal friendship. With the addition of Jeff Branson as Shayne, I'm loving it!

On OLTL, they are just doing it all, and doing it right. Bravo!

Anonymous said...

I agree about Friday's episode being crazy and angry making! That shrink would get his licence taken away from any ethics board for allowing someone else to listen in on a patient's session and he is not allowed to break confidentiality unless there is information that someone is going to be hurt. Information that someone was hurt in the past and killed (can't be hurt again) would not be reportable. He did not act in his patient's (Annie's) best interest.

Greenlee is such a manipulator lying to Aidumb. She kept saying that she didn't have sex with Ryan but she left out that she kissed him. I so hate what's happening to Annie right now. She was the only good mother on the show for the past three years and now they've taken her kid away and given to the worst mother on the show (Kendall) and the can't be a mother, baby snatcher (Greenlee) and con man who ditches his pregnant finacee and fakes his own death (Ryay) who's never been a father in any sense.

All this is just more evidence that these fresh-off-the-boat writers have no idea who the characters are only insult the audience with their lame and lazy attempts to be clever and 'innovative'. Not! This is the worst the show has been since the height of McTavish. I for one can't bring myself to watch anymore. Even poor Erica and Adam can't save it when they are thrown together for NO Bleeping Reason.

I'll just listen to the podcast and relive the good old days of AMC on youtube.

Sadly Departing
Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

At least hang in there for the tornado Terry. How ever bad it may be, and maybe it will be good, I can't wait for the pcast and blog that week. U always have an interesting pov.

Anonymous said...

Did you guys hear that Father Clarence (the Christmas priest) is coming in after the tornado? I wonder if he could write too cuz God knows the mess that Chuck Pratt inherited is killing us all.

Anonymous said...

Ever notice that no matter how much Ftr Clarence visits Adam, it never really helps? Maybe that's whose outside watching. Wish tptb would stop using ghosts. This aint Passions..

Anonymous said...

"this is dedicated to Ashley, Jordan, Taylor, Pedro, Shadow, all my friends at
PINE VALLEY PODCAST, Superposter, Shelby, Trey & Agnes Nixon."


Thanks for sharing your work, with us! :-D


Norn Cutson said...

hey brtedi

the pleasure is all mine!

notes on Friday's episode

• suddenly they are trying to establish COLBY as a "typical teen" with her "loud rock music".

• aw, ANNIE & EMMA...
are we supposed to think ZACH is doing a good thing?
because i am totally on ANNIE's side.

• CRYAN's an ass.

• ADAM's playin with trains!

look @ ERICA sitting in the kiddie chair!

ADAM: "WHen is Carmen going to grace us with her prescence?"

my question exactly!

• NATALIA is just hangin out in the hall again. that is some damn lazy writing. she couldnt run into ANGIE any other place in Pine Valley?
or is it a matter of being too cheap to use another set?
shouldn't they be building suspense?
ANGIE should be running into her all over town and slowly (but not too slowly!) put two and two together, instead of just trippin over the girl every time she goes to the elevator.

i really do not think that would be too difficult to write, and that way NATALIA could mix it up with the other characters. we as the audience might like her..that would give the characters some shades of grey, and not just be a threat to ANGIE's happiness.

you've got to think of the canvas as a tapestry, you've got to WEAVE it. not just the same three characters in scenes together over and over. you've got to BLEND the characters, so we have the sense of Pine Valley as a *COMMUNITY*.

• i just realized...we never saw what happened after ANNIE broke the mirror!!! what did the therapist have to say for himself? what did ANNIE have to say when she saw that she was right, what did she do when she knew that someone had heard her confession?

we'll never know because instead of picking it up from there, they fast-forwarded to the courtroom.

all plot, no drama!

• ADAM: "I'm in no hurry."
ERICA: "Oh, well, why dont we wait to do the rest of this after dinner?"
ADAM: "You know, I'd really like to get through with this now."

that doesnt even make sense.
tell me that dialogue was written by a 5th grader with ADD & i'll believe it.

although the idea of a scene of ADAM packing LI'L A's toys is a good idea, and could be quite touching.

• stupid AIDUMB.
stupid stupid AIDUMB.
stupid stupid stupid.

i hope RB gave her resignation right after shooting these scenes.

• NATALIA runs into FRANKIE.
this could be good.
uh oh, NATALIA is a schemer.

• COLBY: "Go away."

this girl is awful. she is actually getting worse. we have witnessed this Mongrief's acting skills (which werent too hot to begin with) actually DEvolve into nothing but a paint chip.

• here's our CARMEN lookin pretty.

someone @ AMC *HATES* Elizabeth Rodriguez...the woman had TWO MINUTES of screentime all week!!!

• what i dont get is, doesnt ZACH know that he's destroying his own marriage? this is all just binding KENDALL & CRYAN closer together.
is he blind to that, or is part of some plan?

• PETEY is such a good actor, he deserves a COLBY who's just as strong! Mongrief aint gonna generate no fanbase!

• why are they having this custody hearing in Night Court?

• wait a minute...didnt ANGIE jsut leave for the hospital?!?
& in the time it takes NAˇALIA to pee, she's back home and "plannin somethin special" for JESSE?


i understand how time shifts on a soap, but you cant make time move differently in different parts of Pine Valley!

• i just dont believe this is JESSE. he would never keep these secrets from ANGIE. he would enver ask his child pretend she didnt exist. JESSE would enver do any of this.

• ANGIE's all happy & horny, so we know she's not gonna get any.

• EMMA: "Daddy, stop!"


• GREENLEE is so good with EMMA.

i'm glad that we know that RB is leaving, so we can enjoy her scenes more.

• i love ANNIE. like ive said before, if you had told me that i'd be sayin that just six months ago, i would have laughed in your face.
but now i enjoy her so much!

notes on Friday's episode

• ROXY: "You know, you better wake up and smell the garlic! He's not waking up coz you;re keepin him from seein Gigi! *SHE'S* his will to live, not you!"

• TINA & TESS are fighting over the sledgehammer!

• TINA: "Are you sure you wanna fight with me, girl? Coz I'm not giving it up!"

now *THIS* is a Friday episode!!!

• BITCHY BANGS: "Take that back!"
ROXY: "You wanna give me crap for that? You bring it on, sister!"

DAMN, two girlfights in the same episode!!! Hallelujah! i am gettin goooooooood soap today!

• BO says that MATTHEW invited SHANE to hang out after school. we didnt see it, but its sweet that the writer's included a reference to it.

• we got HEAT & ACTION with TINA & TESS! finally they are doin something with TINA. i read that brian frons wants to get rid of her, too expensive he says, but Valentini wants to keep her on the canvas.PLEASE do not recast TINA again!!! PLEASE keep my beautiful Andrea Evans & let her kick ass!!!

• sure, BITCY BANGS is a bitch but GIGI is damn weak!!!! NOTHING would be keepin me away from my man when he needs me like that! let security come & stop me!!!

• look, this show has two suspensful climaxes on the same episode. why does AMC skimp?

i am *PROUD* to be an OLTL fan. i'm embarrassed to be an AMC fan.

• i am really enjoying JARED now that he's on to TESS.

• sweet montage of EX, GIGI & SHANE scenes.

• ROXY: "You better stop being such a jealous, selfish bitch and let him see the woman he loves!"


• ok, GIGI confronting BRODY is dumb. BRODY is out of his mind, she cant be gettin answers out of him.

• i know it will never happen, but i would be ****SO HAPPY**** if BO & ROXY got together!!! that would be a brilliant way for him to BECOME REX's father!!!!

(he's hot!)

• i bet you a milion dollars thats VIKI who came in through the front door!

you know why?

coz this is a goooooooooooood soap!

jordan hudson said...

hey that was ashley big one tree hill fane here. Thou I hate Peyton and Lucas. Its all about my Nathan and Hayley and miss Sophia Bush. Monday night CVW rockssssssssssss. Terry Im there with you on Pratt. Basicallyu James and Barbara brought some life back into Amc after Mctavish and Pratt is sucking it back out which goes to my original theory that Frons is trying to KILL our beloved show

Anonymous said...

maybe its just me, but Im pretty sure that everyone's forgetting a small lil detail with Ryan, Annie, and Emma...

Brian said...

OMG! Rebecca Budig is out in January? WTF is AMC going to do? I assume with RB leaving, they are going ahead with letting Alicia go too? Wasn't it rumored that RB was only asked back so she could leave with Kendall? Is this a hint at the impending cancellation of All My Children?

If RB is leaving, doesn't this last year of the Annie/Ryan split seem like a waste? Not only are we going to lose a great character, but we are going to be set back again when Ryan is left alone. I don't know if I can stand another Ryan romance.

With Greenlee gone, will that mean that Bianca is here to stay? And what, exactly, sill tie David to PV if Greenlee and Babe are gone? Just little A?

What is this show coming to?

Ericka said...

I'm watching Friday's episode now. What happened to Annie breaking the glass at the therapist office then next thing you know showing up at court. We finally see the "mystery girl" at Jesse & Angie's a whole week later. This is just crazy. Now, the story lines they keep going, Greenlee/Aidum/Ryan & Fusion are the ones I don't care about but they seem to mean so much to TPTB for some reason. I do love how Zach doesn't hold onto info he's found out (for the most part). He gets what he needs then he lets you know. Other people would've held onto the knowledge that Annie killed Richie and blurted it out in front of everyone but not our Zach! Because he wants something!!

Ericka said...

Not sure if this has been said but the actress that played Cassie Cramer on OLTL is going to play Natalia's mother on AMC

Anonymous said...

Alicia M renewed but she's taking a vacation after the tornado Bianca Zach sperm thing to spend time with her family. When Alicia comes back she can do something new and different.

RB is out. Babe is out. All good for me. I didn't love Sabine, but the Greenlee character nosedived the day RB came back. Tptb screwed up her return just like Dixie's return. Amanda Baker seems sweet, but she isn't right for the role. IMHO, no matter who stays or goes, the Ryan/Annie split was always a waste of time in my opinion.

Hopefully that twister will level Fusion and we won't have to suffer anymore because of that albatross. Hopefully Confusion will be viciously destroyed. I'm a little concerned. I hear the Comeback is tornado central. I'm gonna be pissed if the Comeback bites it and Confusion survives.

Norn Cutson said...

more on MYRTLE

''Eileen was much loved by every one at All My Children, because she gave so much of herself everyday,'' says Eden Riegel, who has played AMC's Bianca since 2000. ''She lit up the whole studio, corny as it sounds. No one was ever more alive than she.''

Herlie joined the cast of All My Children in 1976 as Myrtle Fargate, a loving and wise mother figure to most of the citizens of Pine Valley, especially Erica Kane (Susan Lucci). ''I'm sure Eileen is lighting up the skies in heaven with her flaming red hair and lovely Scottish accent,'' says Lucci, who's also currently a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. ''The earth's loss is heaven's gain.''

In saying goodbye, the AMC cast and crew shared stories about Herlie, as well as a champagne toast to celebrate her life. ''I think she really would have enjoyed [that],'' Riegel says. ''She loved a good cocktail, loved having an attractive young man around to flirt with, loved getting her hair and makeup done, loved to act, and gave it all she had right up to the end.''

Anonymous said...

Who knows if this is true, but I read that someone overhear a conversation with Frons talking about Rebecca Budig doing NS3. didn't say if it would be as Greenlee or a new character. That show is awful.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I'm not a huge fan of NS2 either. NS1 was great cuz it was closer to GH. I think its because its missing key people that made NS1 good (Spin, Jason, Cody, Lainey, Kelly, Jolene etc.) If they bring on RB to do NS3, what's she going to do? Get in the middle of Scrubs? I dont think anyone should ever have to take that much of Robin whining. It's bad enough now. I'm sorry. I love Kimberly Mac, but theyve turned her character into an overanalyizing shrew.

As far as Zach's sperm, (I never want to hear that phrase again...)
Is she gunna come back already preggers or is David gunna have to pull out the turkey baster again? LMAO

Anonymous said...

discodan, Bianca will come back preggers and go into labor.

Anonymous said...

Bianca gives birth?
so much drama for Erica.
She's gunna have to deal with Kendall and Bianca both in the hospital, plus dealing with whatever Adam's troubles happen to be...(all of his family in danger at the comeback). These are the times where I wish they hadnt written Josh into a corner, right off of the show. Erica needs him, especially in a crisis like this. Joe, Jake, Frankie, and Angie cant handle all of these medical emergencies on their own. I also hope that Jack rushes to her side not only because Bianca is his niece, but also for Erica. I cant take any more Jack/Erica but its nice to see the co-existant family dynamic between them once in a while. Now if only they brought back Reggie...

Thank you Tori4rmtexas! If you have any more, dont be afraid to share. ;)

Anonymous said...

Hey Shadow,

I'm sticking with the PVP both podcast and blog just can't be bothered with the show anymore. They've destroyed the characters for me either by getting rid of really crucial ones like Brooke and Dixie then the botching of Greenlee, Colby, Josh, Erica and Adam being unrecognizable and the show overall just isn't what it used to be. Pratt is trying so hard to remake it in the image of Desperate Housewives. Too bad no one has told him that he also ruined that show and got fired as a result.

Love all the ass-toot comments on the blog and will keep checking in with you guys.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Check this recent interview out with Julia Barr. What else needs to be said? Geez, Mr. Pratt. This one is a no-brainer.


DS: It's widely known that you were offered to continue the role of Brooke on recurring status. If the writers were to come to their senses and write in a contract return for Brooke, would you consider a return to Pine Valley?

JB: I would love to return to the show with an interesting story.

Anonymous said...

They should bring back Liza.


Just for fun, and maybe wishful thinking, which Pine Valley (All My Children)residents would you want back?

Liza Colby (Marcy Walker). Liza left town with Colby. Except Colby has been living in PV and busy with her own curricular activities, drunk or otherwise. It just makes sense that her Mom should come back too. It was rumored that Beth Ehlers (Lt. Taylor Thompson) was going to reprise that role as a recast but Marcy supposedly has shown interest in coming back which is why AMC created a new character for Ehlers when she joined the cast.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, that explains how they were originally going to recreate Gus/Harley with some characters w/ history together (Jake/Liza).

I also heard the rumor that they were going to use her as a Hayley Santos recast, but Kelly Ripa said never.

Anonymous said...

I'd love to see Liza come back, but is Marcy Walker really contemplating a return? I'm with Jordan on this one, Beth Chamberlain. She was born to play that role, she'd be awesome. I love Ehlers, but she was so wrong for that part.

Add me to the list of people having an allergic reaction to Bella.

Laura said...

Thanks fellow bloggers for the sympathy for the death of my mother-in-law. I am still trying to catch up with the podcasts. Forget the show, why waste my time right now.

I hate the Bella storyline. I lived in a suburb where the Tylenol scare happened and it was not funny. A lot of us lived in fear of wondering if we or someone we know would die. I shoped at the grocery store where some was found. I don't like tampering storylines. Y&R had something similar, it was stupid too. In this crazy world, why give people ideas.

Like I said earlier, just seeing another black woman in Pine Valley should raise some suspicion. That show has been lacking some flavor for years.

I am wondering how they will mourn my Myrtle. I am sure they will screw it up. Bored with Pratt, giving him until the tornado I guess.

Anonymous said...

I really don't want to watch OLTL. I gave it up years ago, but some of you keep blogging it up. First they hired Roxie, the bad girl from Ryan's Hope who I was always intrigued with as a kid. Is she hot? Is she not? Then they hired Tina back. Used to love Tina, and you are right, Tina always has a plan. She isn't hapless. Still, she's different, refreshing, funny, scheming, curvy, glamorous Tina. Then at the end of every flimsy AMC recording there are those 5 interesting minutes with Tina and Tess. Tess/Jess whatever is just a force. Those huge blue eyes. The intensity in her eyes. The thunder in her voice. The seductive look in the opening sequence. I can only imagine what a n69n portrait of her would be like. Dorian still can fire it up, cussing judges, flipping tables over. I find myself watching a little, FF'd a little, recording AMC a little longer than I need to. That's how it starts, but I am strong. I will not succumb to another soap! Thankfully, Vicki will be back soon like a splash of cold water (for me anyway). Until then...

Tess: It's gonna suck to be you, even more than it already does!

Tina: God?

Pratt-take notes! Good stuff happens on this show even when they lock people in the basebent. Somewhere, Alfre Woodard is still so pissed at you.

Norn Cutson said...

i uploaded a 3-episode story-arc from Christmas 2003 that features wonderful MYRTLE scenes!

MYRTLE: "I'm gonna take that sofa, I'm gonna throw it out that door and I'm gonna SET IT ON FIRE!!!"

here's a link to the playlist, so you can watch them all in order...there are 25 clips in all.



Anonymous said...

Sorry to burst people's bubbles, but Eden Riegel, Tamara Braun, and Laura Koffman have only apparently signed 4 month contracts. Only Eden has the option of renewal. Tamara will have to be seen before TIIC(The Idiots In Charge) decide if she is worth keeping.

I KNEW Rebecca Budig would bolt again. Good for Frons and JHC, after what they did to poor Sabine. Let's see how Pratt scrambles out of this one.


Anonymous said...

God I hope that Braun doesnt bolt like they made do on DAYS

Ericka said...

I was watching nick at nite last night and I saw a commercial about the Tornado that's a comin. It looked soooo good. I believe I heard/read somewhere that the special effects team worked on Greys Anatomy & another show or two. I can't wait for Thursday. I have high hopes for that story line. I just saw another commercial and I saw sweet baby Spike alone. Hasn't he gone through enough! I was hoping that the kids wouldn't be a part of this story line at all b/c that can tramatize them all. Even if it is fake

Anonymous said...

hi i am new here

Anonymous said...

Hi, ericka! :-D

As far as your concerns for babies and young children, on the set, Cady McClain covered that very topic on her blog, months ago.

Basically, she said, there is always at least one parent or guardian on site, when the child has sceens. In addition, there is a social worker, teacher and (when needed) a baby wrangler on hand. On days when children are on set, the cast and crew are very careful, in terms of language. And finally if the child is involved in an emotional scene, that is somehow too much for them to handle, they are 'let go', and replaced by the following day.
Generally speaking, the littlest actors are very well proctected, on set--If they weren't any soap would face serious litigation.

Anonymous said...

"hi i am new here"

Well, Hello!:-)

Happy to be posting with you and enjoying the weekly podcasts, right along with you. Ashley and Jordan put a lot of work into their weekly commentary. They like to throw our thoughts/posts into the mix...So, in you have an opinion, or a perspective reguarding AMC, etc. feel free to post away! :-)


Anonymous said...

podcast this week?

Norn Cutson said...

aw, it makes me sad that ya'll dont like VIKI!

Erika Slezak is to soaps
what Julie Andrews is to musical theater!

i cant wait to get home & see her tonight!

Anonymous said...

Who doesnt like Viki?
I love Viki!
She is a strong, independent woman, always looking to do the right thing. I think television needs more of these kinds of matriarchs.

Norn Cutson said...

...& of course, part of lovin VIKI is makin fun of her!


Anonymous said...

I am the guilty one. Viki has always bugged me, esp when she she is Niki. Too bad Tina can't stay. At least they aren't killing her with baked goods.

jordan hudson said...

well Tori you told everyone about Bianca lol and I think everyone knows who the daddy is.

If Tamraa is only coming on for four moths why bother. What can you do in four moths. This is a soap opera. OMG Amc what is going on.

Hi kids. Ashley needed a break this week so she will post an oldie but goodie. We will be back next week with a lot to say as the Tornado heads our way. The return of david and Bianca and of course the passing of Eileen. I will be more on the blog this week. Was away this weekend learning about Sonnets.

I have said it before Brian Frons is out to destroy AMC. Why is it that OLTL can have real, various sets, tons of extras, old familiar characters. Even GH has a cast of thousand. Yet AMC is being treated like a step child. Lousy writers, horrid casting director, wretched producer. I don't understand, it's not like GH or OLTL ratings are that much higher then AMC.

Sorry I know some people think of her as a Queen but for me the true Diva on OLTL is Robin Strasser. She wants to be there and works. Thats why Dorian is always in the thick of things. Erika is always on a three month vacation every year. It's obvious this is just a paycheck for her. Plus she is O.T.T. especially when Nikki Smith comes in to play. She can learn a thing or two from Bree on how to handle an alter with some believabilty. The true Viki is Gillian (AMC's Daisy) Spencer the orginal Viki. Just my opinion. love ya

Brian said...

Does anyone know why Trey hasn't returned to Pine Valley? Isn't he related to Kendall? Strange that she was so protective over her embezzling half-brother, but doesn't make any attempt at talking to her ex-con half-brother.

Laura said...

Enjoy your week off, Ash, but I can't watch so you won't have to.

Jordan, I thought I was the only one who remembered Gillian Spencer as Viki. Gillian was the best Niki ever. Erika Slezak is a good actress. It's in the genes. Loved her father in Lifeboat. But the writing can be bad, plus she's gotten some stupid storylines over the years. Her and Dorian are the best couple in TV. Anybody remember Robin Strasser on AMC? She was Christina Karras Martin. Was she married to Jeff, can't remember.

Her real name is Robin Victory in Europe Strasser. She was born on V-E day in 1945. Now even I am not that old to remember that.

I miss the old days of soaps. I sometimes wonder if a half-hour format wasn't better. I am an old-timer who remembers when they went to 45 minutes and to color. I watch the old Ryan's Hope's sometimes on SoapNet and a half-hour seems good, tighter somehow.

There is a rumor Ron C may be let go at OLTL. Just a rumor I hope. I miss the Labines. They were great on OLTL and of course my Ryan's Hope.

Can't wait to watch my Boston Legal, and I like Dirty Sexy Money, that is about it.

Anonymous said...

Awww no podcast? Well, enjoy your time off Ashley. You deserve it.

As far as Tamara Braun, who knows? Maybe she'll resign. We need a 'Carly' on AMC since Kendall is gunna MIA for a while. LOL

Norn Cutson said...

jordan hudson said...
Sorry I know some people think of her as a Queen but for me the true Diva on OLTL is Robin Strasser.

oh, i love them both!

Erika Slezak may be the Julie Andrews of daytime, but Robin Strasser is the MARIA CALLAS!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

...& i meant to say, Ashley & Jordan, enjoy the break!

Anonymous said...

The only time Viki doesn't bother me is when she is in a scene with Dorian. Dorian is and always has been the fireball on that show. I heard the head writer at OLTL is getting demoted to staff. I also heard Cameron wants out of AMC for a while b/c of of all his commitments. I can only hope!.

Erica Kane said...

I tuned into the first few minutes of OLTL today and saw Viki's return. I was shocked that in her low cut blouse we saw no hint of a surgery scar from her heart transplant. Did she have the same surgeon as Maxie Jones on GH???

Shadow said...

What's with all the fake tea drinking at Chandler's? They need to quit that.

Zach is putting up homeless women and air mailing sperm all over France. Wierd, but interesting.

Aidan has a gun! Shoot him Aidan then shoot yourself!

Annie's new digs are so light and bright. Cut to Adam's back porch where it always looks like midnight. Why is that.

Is Turd getting better with Pete?

Ryan should sleep with the Nanny. She's cute.

Looch was good on DWTS tonight, but ABC should have paired her with someone with more charisma like Max. She and her partner don't have much chemistry. Who doesn't have chemistry with Susan Lucci?

Ahhh. Tess. Mmmm. Tina. Dayaam Viki! Click. Heroes.

jordan hudson said...

lol n69 could call on Robin being Callas.

How could they demote ron c. they are nuts.

Laura I too miss Labine. She could bring AMC to it's glory days. And as much as I love Ron C. and OLTL these days. I loved OLTL under Claire Labine. Nothing beat T&T , The Kramer saga and of course Dorian and Mel.

As far as Trey goes. Unlike Ashley I LOVED Sam Page as Trey and I enjoyed Kendall having a partner in crime. Kendall is good when she has a brother on her side now both are gone.

The trailer for the tornado looks horrid. Megan Mctavish lives.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• this show is boring.

i've been watching 10 minutes and the msot interesting this was IAN burped.

somethin tells me that they are just gonna kill time til the tornado.

• ERICA: "Well, what can I say, I've always been a good actress." (bats eyes)

notes on Monday's episode


ha, look @ her tribal design scarf...thats supposed to tell us she's just come back from Africa!

• BLAIR's fantasizing about MCBAIN, STARR calls her on it.

• MCBAIN's got somethin on JANET...this should be interesting!

ooooh, that JANET lady has a PAST!!!

• TINA trying to keep CAIN back with a pear!!! HA!

all this TINA & CAIN stuff is so fun!!

Andrea Evans has *got* to stay *AT LEAST* long enough to mix it up with DAVID VICKERS (the man, nto the dog)!
those two characters have a huge past, but with other actresses playing the role of TINA...can you imagine the pure heaven of Andrea Evans & Tuc Watkins together?!?!?!

• i love seein' TESS sweat!

• love BLAIR & STARR in birthing class...i wish that i believed everything was gonna be happily ever after so i could really enjoy the warmth of these scenes.

• see, TINA is so great, coz she can jsut make these hilarious faces, she doesnt even need words (tho EVERYONE needs a good writer)

TINA: "OH CAIN! Cut down in his prime by french onion dip!!!

(hugging his leg) There he was, chasing me with a sledgehammer...OH, it was SO CAIN!!!"

this was all so hilarious but even more, it shows *why* TINA keeps screwing things up with CORD...she *loves* adventure! As much as CORD is the love of her life, she just cant resist those bad boys like CAIn & DAVID VICKERS!

...& that is why i *LOVE* TINA!

Anonymous said...

I dont know Jordan. Those trailers look somewhat promising. I heard they pulled out all of the stops with this one.

Is anyone else just excited that Pine Valley's getting the crap beatin out of it? I dont know... maybe I'm excited because its like payback for all the bad stuff. For example:

Pratt: "Satin Slayer? WTF? TAKE THAT ZACH!"


Pratt: "Pancakes!? There goes the comeback..."

Pratt: "The unabortion? ....actually I really like that one. (Me too Chuck!)"

Shadow said...


Although I still say the best way to rebuild the show is with great stories and casting not CGI, I am looking forward to it. I don't know that this stunt is going to draw in any new viewers, but it should be fun for us faithful. I kept looking for the promos last night during DWTS and never saw it. Seems like a missed opportunity. Susan Lucci should be on billboards, in magazines, everywhere if they want to reach a mass audience. This is huge! I worry about how they will put it all back together.

I've been thinking, why not just take the pressure off AMC and OLTL and move them to SoapNet? SoapNet reaches 70 million homes and could use some original content and it instead of endless repeats of 90210. I wouldn't mind seeing them cross promote the shows now and then. If Bella and Fusion are so huge, show the characters on OLTL using it. If Dorian, Adam et al are such big wigs, reference their characters occasionally or have them bump into eachother on a deal. We never see WRCW so use the Buchanan paper as the media outlet for AMC. The shows need some synergy. AMC and OLTL especially.

jordan hudson said...

I don't know it just seems like the Wizard of Oz. Especially the clip of Kendall looking out. Just like Mctavish it seems that this is going to be flash over subsatnce and what this show need is a writer like Lorraine Broderick, Harding Lemay or Claire Labine to get it back to it's roots.
The problem right now is that the show is very uneven with it's storylines and characters. Carmen works for Adam but we have not seen her at the maniosn for the last few weeks. She is involved in a romance with Jackson that we the Audience are not privy to. Somehwere and somehow Colby has fallen for our man Pete. The whole Kathy storyline gone. I feel like its' been years since I seen Jake and Amanda but for some reason I see Ryan, Greenlee and he of the thick accent. Mama Hudson said it best after seeing Monday's epsidoe she told me...."I don't know where they are going with all this". It does seem as if Erica and Adam and others are just spinning around aimlessly. Rebecca leaving, Alicia in a coma for months. Best yet I heard that not everyone will be involved in the tornado. How can a town be hit and not every resident be involved.

As far as OLTL yes it was great having Viki back and in the mix. I don't care for Erika but I will say she is at her best when she is against Dorian or being mama bear to her kids or older sister to Todd and Tina. I just can't take her over the top Nikki Smith or her being romantic.

Again I watched OLTL back in it's hey day. Tina was no Dorian. Guys her schemes always...ALWAYS backfired. She was a ditz back then. Her saying Cord at the alter when she was marrying Max...hello. Either way Frons is an A-HOLE if he allows Andrea to slip away. OLTL needs it's Tina the real and only TINA. I love her new do too. Well if she goes maybe Y &R will grab her back, they seem to know how to treat ABC stars with real storylines and characters.

Norn Cutson said...

jordan hudson said...
It does seem as if Erica and Adam and others are just spinning around aimlessly. Rebecca leaving, Alicia in a coma for months.

at first i thought they were just killing time til the tornado...now i think they are killing time til the RATINGS from the tornado come in.

they've only got til sweeps to save their show!

(notice how not another word has been said about that storyline!!!)

Anonymous said...

Hey all
I have not been on the blogg in a LOOOOONG TIME life has been crazy.

But i have a SPOILER ALERT*** Rebecca is LEAVING in January, she is taking her first out***

I also have to say that Todays show TUESDAY IS AMAZING THUS FAR ( it is 1:23pm) NOT JUST MOMENTS but ALL OF IT!!!!!
It hurts me to think that u are allowing your preconceived notions of Pratt to affect the wonderful fun communal feel of podcast, just because the show was suffering does not mean that this blogg/ podcast has to.It is something that wee look foward to every week and regardless of the condition of the show I feel that this is something very special.

Mad love to both Jordash

Anonymous said...

**************SPOILER ALERT PART II**************
1)Alicia resigned but willget 4 months off where Kendall will be in a COMMA

2) Cameron wants a break and there will be a recast in for him while he is gone

3) as previously stated Rebecca is leaving as Greenlee in January, her first out.

The suxtet is dead!!!!

Anonymous said...

EVERYONE Follow this think
what do u think?
I think PRATT IS OUT!!!!!!!

Laura said...

Loved me the Carmen and Erica scenes. I need a PuertoRicanater to translate. Jordan or Ashley are you there? Some better stuff today, mostly due to Annie, and the vets.

Cat Fight, loving it with Adam in the mix.

What the heck was Aiden saying? It looks like he was trying to act. Bless his heart.

Babe and JR happy, Kendall and Zach happy, sure sign of death and a coma. Glad Kendall will be back, without the sextet.

Now that Aidumb is going off the deep end and not happy, looks like he will survive tornado. Damn! Only the happy ones will die or get hurt. But could he please go out of town to help Robin or something!

Seeing Eli Stone promos. Anyone watch this, may need a legal show to replace my Boston Legal. Is it good?

Anonymous said...

I love Eli Stone everyone should watch it.

Norn Cutson said...

YIKES i cant read all that bizness!!!
i *LOVE* livin' spoiler-free!

Anonymous said...

I have to say if you don't want to know then don't read it, they wrote spoiler alert. I really enjoy the spoilers they gave.

I mean really to say that is just nit picking something that this podcast has become all about.

I LOVE spoilers. I love when Jordan and Ashley tell us stuff because I hate when they know something and we don't.

Anonymous said...

For a fairly recent listener to the podcast (about 3 months) and a reletive newbie to the blog, not to mention a high school student, the fact that I'm conversing is exciting. lol idk...

That Kendall part of the promo with her looking out the window is dumb. I will agree with you on that, but the stuff I'm seeing with JR/Babe and Zach/Bianca looks very good. I'm really looking forward to this. You have no idea. I have it on my calender at home, circled and written in caps. LOL

As far as the show itself, the development of Carmen as a character is a huge disappointment in itself, but in the defense of Pratt, its not entirely his fault. The previous writing regime started most of those storylines, and I personally dont think that that's the way Pratt wants her to go in. Carmen and Jackson is about the same as Barbara and Jackson, when she recently came back, as far as I'm concerned (which coincidently enough also came out of no where). As far as Carmen and the Chandlers, I completely agree. She should have been there during the Bella craziness, shooing away reporters and such. And what happen to that storyline where she was going to have Adam stop drinking and getting in shape? Totally dropped. It's a shame because she's such a great actress and I hope when (not if) they write her off, that she finds success somewhere else, just like the rest (James Scott, Billy Miller, and soon-to-be Jeff Branston).

When it comes to Kathy, I'm not exactly sure that Pratt has the ability to write her so (pardon my french..) Insannie. LOL. We havent even seen her in weeks. I wonder if she'll be at The Comeback with the rest of the kids during the tornado, because when I think of kids, I think of bars. (It doesnt matter that Krystal owns it...it's still a bar).

They need to get Ryan off of my TV set pronto. That's why life was so good, when he was shmoozing Liza. And Kendall was hitting on every guy (Boyd, Aidan, etc.) And Greenlee? She had the best situation of all. Her toughest decision was Juan Pablo or Carlos...and Simone was with Tad (Slutmetric went crazy!) God, I miss those days. Now, we have to deal with the Suxtet, which is actually illegal in some Communist countries.

As far as Petey and Colby, I'm actually liking it. The Bella thing has kinda forced her to spend time with him, and she's starting to realize that he's more than a dork. And I think that they're trying to show us that Petey's realizing that Colby is more than (and I use this next term very very loosely) a pretty face. The only problem is that Brianne Moncrief has the acting ability of a box of hammers. But he does make her tolerable. I'll give Daniel Kennedy some credit.

As far as OLTL, I'm still waiting to find out who Rex's father is and what is Alison Perkins's big secret? I'm pretty sure that theyre gunna get into that soon, and I need to know! My prediction: Roxy isnt Rex's mother, and Viki had triplets, but now I sound like Megan McTavish so I digress

Anonymous said...

and as far as the looch, I think that the storyline that she is currently in with Adam isnt far enough on the Front burner to put her on the cover of the tornado promos. That would get viewers in, but not keep them because we're only getting three minutes of Erica pretending to not like spending time with Adam.

And dont take AMC off of ABC. That's like throwing away a pencil when it still has some lead left in it. Plus, that was one of the reasons that Passions died (yes i know, it was a different channel and a completely [and I mean COMPLETELY] different situation).

Shadow said...

Ordinarily I dislike talking OLTL but AMC has been coasting till the tornado.

I was on the treadmill today and watched some of OLTL. I think I figured out what bugs me so much about Viki. It's that thing with her tongue. She talks, leaves her mouth open and leaves her tongue hanging out a little over her bottom teeth. Drives me nuts.

Question: How come Tess just doesn't kill Nat and her husband. Wouldn't that be easier. Eventually Viki's going to figure it out.

Did ya'll see that quote I put up by Julia Barr when she said she would love to come back for a good s/l? How can AMC not jump on that?

Shadow said...

Kendall: Kharma is a bigger bitch than you are.

Annie: And you know how convincing I can be under oath.

Kendall: You”re a bitch. You bitch!

Me: Bitch bitch bitch. How much does Pratt get paid for this stuff?

Me again: Shoot yourself Aidan!

Aidan: I just wonder what the hold is you have on women?

Me: Being able to articulate clearly helps.

If Turd gets any better, I’m going to feel guilty calling her Turd. I’ll have to go back to calling her Trolby.

Erica: I know what you’re doing. You’re using subpoenas to get your family back!

Me: Duh. It’s Adam. BTW, Adam doesn’t cry. Adam shouldn’t cry. It’s ADAM!

JR & Babe. Nice change of pace. Sweetly done. She’ll be 6 feet under this time next week.

Aidan: Ahyyy fer ayfort!

Me: WTF did he just say? I dunno but he just pushed Greenlee. Somebody smack that prick.

Zach: I gave you a pass…threaten me or my family again and I’ll make you disappear and they’ll never find you.

Me: That’s the Zach I love to see. Tough, vulnerable, principled in a twisted sort of way.

Erica Kane said...


You can go here and leave a note of condolence for Eileen Herlie.
I thought some of you might want to.
Miss Kane

Shadow said...

Pretty good ep today.

That dress Erica gave Carmen was hideous enough. Why was she wearing her grandmother's bra under it?

Erica was right to call
Carmen out about dating Jack. Carmen was way out of line. Happy to see Carmen but tptb seem to be trying hard to make a likeable character unlikeable. On the positive, at least she and Jackie are done and they are giving her something to do besides walk around giving people the hand and acting "Puerto Rican". Her spanish hissyfit was sort of a copout though.

Zach was unsnapping Kendall's bra. He was using two hands though. I would think Zach should be able to do it with one hand by now.

All these people better get dressed and put on some clean underwear before the storm hits!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• well, at least COLBY is showing some life! i could almost believe she's LIZA's daughter!

• oh, this ADAM, JR & BABE thing is tragic.

oh, ADAM.

• PETEY's lookin goooooooooooood!

OPAL's having a showcase...if i was a little kid watchin and i saw her scene i would probably become a soap addict. or at least, the seed would be planted.

• dont hate on me for not liking spoilers, but i dont know who's being written out aside from BABE...but it looks like there's a few characters who have nowhere to go now.

• i think we know what Rebecca Buddig thinks of this storyline.

• wow, they are really layin it on thick with this BABE thing, huh?

• this CARMEN VS ERICA is breakin my heart.
i really honestly thought that CARMEN would become a second OPAL to ERICA, and that we'd be seeing the character grow for years.

i wanted to see her The MARTIN's christmas party!

i am so sad and ashamed of AMC for letting this happen to such a promising character.

• OPAL, PETEY & ANNIE together! that's the party i wanna be at!
that's a *fun* combination!
i hope we get to see a lot fo them together!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• VIKI senses somethin's up!

• TESS: "Doesn't everybody love dip?"

• STARR's goin into labor!

• VIKI: "Stability? God help us when you're the one providing stability."

• they have no security @ Llanview Hospital.

• i just noticed that BLAIR was wearing the same dress to birthing class as she wore for hootchin' up MCBAIN.

• oooh that JANET is a bad lady!

• this is what ive been waiting 20 years for... to see TINA & VIKI sititng in the library of Llanfair!

is there any set more comforting than the library @ Llanfair?

• JANET's goin for the liquor, she's real upset... til she hears MARTY and pretends she was goin for the water the whole time.

• oh, that TESS!

• this music is good and its edited so well.

• VIKI: "He sounded really emphatic!"

thats so VIKI...she's a walking READER'S DIGEST LARGE PRINT EDITION, givin the audience a little vocabulary lesson!

...but its breakin my heart that TINA isnt telling VIKI!
when VIKI finds out that TINA helped TESS, TINA will be back to being a pariah...how will she redeem herself???

Anonymous said...

Annie = Petey's Mrs. Robinson...
God I hope it happens....
It could seriously bring up a lot of different storylines. Opal and Palmer have to sit down and give him "the Talk". Kendall confronts Annie but Annie wins the argument because she mentions how Kendall has slept through 3 Cambiases. it could be good...

Anonymous said...

I wonder if they will all have to move into FEMA trailers after the storm? I guess they could move to Llanview.

Norn Cutson said...

great new interview with Ilene Kristen (ROXY) on DAYTIM CONFIDENTIAL!


she says, "the viwers are a lot smarter than the people who work @ the network!"

Maura said...

Ashley someone in the writing team listened to you!!! They let Erica rip Carmen a new one about hitting on her ex.. You don't do that to a friend!!!!

Laura said...

n69 listened to podcast from Ilene Kristen today. You beat me to posting about it. She was talking about how wonderful Claire Labine was, how the scenes are not well written now, she praised Ron C, but said all storylines must go through Brian Frons. A must listen to podcast. It was as if her and Jordan shared a brain.

Discodan, you are a teenager and so astute! I think you could take over Brian Frons job and do it better than him. I think TPTB think of teenagers as liking idiots like Coldby, Discodan I was your age when I started watching AMC and I liked the older characters. Give the young people some credit. Don't get too attached though DiscoDan, I doubt AMC will be around when you are my age!

That reminds me of all the soaps I used to like that are gone, Edge of Night, Somerset, and my favorite Ryan's Hope. That reminds me that Kate Mulgrew was just out of Walhert High School in Dubuque Iowa when she played Mary Ryan. The same Dubuque where Taylor visits and Alejandro is from. Being from Iowa she was friends of friends and only 2 years older than me. So I was a big fan. She always seemed a lot older than that on the show. I'm too the point I'd rather watch a Ryan's Hope rerun with good writing, than a new AMC.

I never watched Another World but I hear it is on Hulu.

Thanks for the shoutout on the last podcast Ashley about the strange black woman being in Pine Valley.

Interesting link about Jesse and Angie on Wikipedia. Here is a quote.
All My Children creator Agnes Nixon was able to intrigue the audience, both men and women of all ages, as well as teenage youth, by focusing on young adult romances that included not only romance and sex but their issues in growing and learning as individuals. Social issues were also applied.
This specific formula of Nixon's caused All My Children's popularity to soar in the 1980s. The pairing of Jesse and Angie, as well as fellow supercouple Greg Nelson and Jenny Gardner, were one notable aspect of Nixon's writing that prompted young high school and college students to race home just to view the soap opera.

When characters Jenny (of couple Greg and Jenny) and Jesse (of Jesse and Angie) were killed off instead of being recast by new actors once the actors decided to leave their roles, it was so that no other actors could portray them. To Nixon, these actors were the characters. ARE YOU LISTENING FRONS AND PRATT!

Also Darnell was a regular dancer on Soul Train, maybe he should do DWTS!

Anonymous said...

Well thank you very much Laura. I've been watching my ABC soaps since I can remember. My mom watched them before me, and I got swept into it.

In fact, funny story: when I was in 1st grade, during parent/teacher conferences, the teacher sat down with my parents and told them how impressed they were with my short story that I wrote. My teacher wanted to know if the main character was stolen from something, because it seemed to complex for first grade. My mom asked, well what's the character's name?
The teacher: "Todd Manning"
LOL I love that story...

Anyways, I'm actually going into the writing field, either journalism or playwrite, so who knows? LOL

Aside from me (I'm blushing), I really think that this tornado could spiral some seriously good storylines. With Kendall in a coma, insert suckstet/Erica/Bianca drama here. WIth Babe dead, insert David/JR/Adam/Krystal/Tad/Jenny/Kathy/Colby/Petey/Annie/Amanda/Jake/Taylor....holy crap...the whole town's gunna grieve. I can't wait.

As long as we don't have to deal with any more of the castration of the character of Ryan Lavery, I'm good. As far as I'm concerned, he's still in the desert, helping Alex Sr.....or better yet, still having some hot sex with Gillian (loved those two).

Anonymous said...

God that Ryan is an insufferable pain in the ass. Kicking Greenlee's door open, sheesh, he outta be arrested. I am so glad he's taking a long break from the show. Seems like for eons now he's been the center of the PV universe. I don't get it, CM is a good actor, not great, but good. Why can't he tone down this character and make him at least tolerable. So Ryan is ready to go for it w/Greenlee. Does it even matter what she wants? Ryan ryan ryan... blech

I KNEW Kendall would not touch that muffin. Does that chick ever eat?

When Kendull saw her kids, I wondered if she'd remember their names. Damn that Spike is a little cutie.

Opal had a hair raisin' skin crawlin' natmear. InSannie feels it too? Can't wait, bring on the twisters.

I hear ya about Amamda's eyebrows, enough already. She's so perfect,, why mess with perfection!

When Opal said something dark and menacing was heading towards PV, did anyone think that might also be a metaphor for David Hayward?

Petey is doing the impossible, making Colby just shy of entertaining.

Some good stuff and some boring stuff.

RIP Myrtle, you were a tough old broad!

Anonymous said...

Petey and Tad should be more concerned about the stress Opal is under. Poor thing is going to have a heart attack.

Anonymous said...

Ashley and Jordan-
Are you guys ok??
I wait all week to listen to you
guys. You make my week.
It is thurdsay oct 16th .Where are you??
Did I miss something??
I need you!!!!
Hope you both are well.
We here in Virginia need you!! :)
Thank you
You are loved an appreciated---
Raine D.

jordan hudson said...

It should be an interesting Podcast for this week. I have yet to talk to Ashley but I can say. I'm disgusted with The show at this point. A good writer builds on what has been done and is established. A bad write like Mctavish and Pratt thrown everything out and do whatever they feel like doing and have no regard to continuity. Say what you will about Barbara and James but they did turn the show around quite quickly and made it watchable again. Now Pratt has undone everything they did. I foudn the scenes between Erica and Carmen to be revolting. The incredible journey and storyline that brought these two women together. To have Erica grow as a character an dhelp a woman she normaly would not have given the time of day to before her incarceration. To have this incredible character Carmen introduce and breath some life into stuffy old Pine Valley. One would have thought Aggie herself created her. To see her grow and become a confident women. Then have them, two mature beautiful vibrant women fight over a man. Tired old Jackson no less. Revolting. I have to day guys I dont know how much longer I can watch. Those scenes were painful to watch. As far Torndao 08...well I laughed a great deal with such campy performances and dialogue.

tallytofu said...

Jordan - I just read your last post and I have to say, I completely agree about the Erica/Carmen scenes. They could have had that same discussion in a mature fashion, and maybe come out of it with their friendship renewed, but no, they took the easy way out - women fighting over a man, which seems to be a major theme on this show. It's obvious from those scenes that Pratt has no intention of fleshing out Carmen as a real character.

I haven't watched today's show yet, but honestly I'm not expecting much. I was thinking a lot about it yesterday and something occurred to me. You've been saying that you equate Pratt's writing to McTavish, and I tell you why I'm starting to agree. McTavish, in her last two stints as headwriter, wrote mostly events, not stories, and generally went for the shock value factor whenever possible. Pratt is now doing the same thing. The only "story" being written right now is the Taylor/Frankie Iraq storyline. Otherwise, we have forced "couples" (Adam/Erica, Jack/Carmen) and scenes full of circular conversations that lead nowhere (the Sextet.) The whole Bella matter also doesn't count as a storyline, because it's completely based on plot points, not character development.

Remember when Pratt took over, and he said there was going to be a big umbrella story for the fall, and then we found out it was the tornado? Here's the problem - a tornado is NOT A STORYLINE! It's an event. It's exactly what Dena Higley did with OLTL a few years ago - she wrote events, and then people reacted to those events. That is NOT the same as telling a story. Come to think of it, that's also what GH does too, and it's why I don't watch that show anymore. It astounds me that these shows can't figure out why they're hemorrhaging viewers - this is not why people watch soaps!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode:

i'm in a good mood so maybe i'll really like it today.

• maybe i spoke too soon; there's RANDI.

you know what would be a good storyyline?
if FRANKIE & NATALIA were attracted to each other and JESSE *HAD* to step in and tell them they were half-siblings!

• aw, AMANDA.
but i dont like TAD referring to her as a toy.

is she drunk?

• ive said it before; GREENLEE is the one who should get a restraining order against CRYAN.

• ANNIE's goin rooty tooty nutcakes, the doorbell wont stop IT WONT STOP IT WONT STOP IT WONTSTOPWONTSTOPWOMTSTOP!

oh, its just COLBY.

****PETEY'S JAMMIES!!!!****

oh, if COLBY's gonna be nice to ANNIE, thats gonna make me like her.

• ANGIE's got a sassy 'do.

• they are sacrificing AMANDA on the altar of JAKE & TAYLOR.
thats weak.
gives me a sour taste.

• KENDALL's *really happy*, so we know things are gonna get ugly real quick.

• I KNEW IT!!! I KNEW they would cut from KENDALL's once in a liefetime moment of happiness to OPAL sayin', "Somethin' bad's a-comin!"

kind of sad that its so predicatable.
but i *LOVE* OPAL's butterfly mask!
i want one!

• ANGIE: "Oh, you know Jesse is having such a time just runnin around the house in the buff!"


JESSE: "Look at you, trying to be all cool and whatnot."

ANGIE: "What are you talkin about, I am cool."

• i am real uncomfortable with ZACH's all "MAKE ME A BABY!" talk.
especially because he knows he's got a bun in BINK's oven.

• i dont think CRYAN deserves custody! this is a hard time for EMMA and he is *never* there for her!

• i'd say all that :love and caring" stuff about AIDUMB went out the window as soon as he pulled out that gun.

• in fact, i think CRYAN is a SH@$#**@&**TTY dad!!!!
even as a father, its *ALL ABOUT HIM*.
all about what *HE* wants, to hell with anyone else.

CRYAN sucks.

• oh, heres the first CGI shots
of KENDALL's beachhouse.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• FLESH!!!



• i love ROXY & BO! they make a great team!! i would be sooooo happy if they became a family!!!
that would be the best way for BO to become REX's father!

• RAY: "That red-haired bitch!!!"

• i really like MARKKO coming to DORIAN...and you know she likes it too! just pay the woman a little bit of respect and you will always be on her good side!

...plus he's sooooooooooooooo cuuuuuuuuuuuuuuute!!!

• i cant beleive NORA has put up with this for so long.

• wow, BITCHY BANGS has gotten *REALLY GOOD*!
she has learned from the vets, and they are teachin her more tonight!
ROXY & BO read her ass *DOWN!*

BITCHY BANGS: "I'm not a control freak...i asked for skim, damnit!!!"

Ericka said...

Did you all notice how Wednesday's episode looked at the end when Greenlee came to see Kendall? You could tell that special effects were coming because it looked really weird the way it was filmed. I'm just starting Thursdays episode but what did Ryan think was going to happen when he punched out that cop and how about the cop jumping right up after being knocked out! He's a trooper!!!!

Arizonagal said...

Discodan, are you sure you are a high school student? You are so articulate and insightful, you could be my age (I ain't tellin' but I could retire in a few years). So tell me something, as a youngun, what do you think of the way AMC portrays young people. Do you get a sense that there is even a smidge of reality in the writing and the acting?

I love Petey, but even he is written a little too silly. He's slightly less nerdy than that actual nerd (can't remember name) who offered to tutor Colby a few months ago. Too much slapstick.

Shadow said...

Notes on Thursday…

Greenlee’s fake crying is annoying. Let the 2X4s start flying!

Ryan hit a cop. Who cares why because now Annie can get Emma back.

Jesse: “I just saw Annie. She’s a hot mess.”

Somebody give poor Opal a sedative.

Considering how we’ve been hearing about this storm for months I figured they would clean up the opening sequence. Assuming this was supposed to draw in old and new viewers, I AMC would want to present the most current cast.

Thunder, lightning and dumbass Aidan is standing outside chatting.

WTF is with Tad? He walks up to KWAK on the phone and tells Ruth he loves her, but he’s a total dick to Opal all the time now. She’s panic stricken, grabbing her chest and starting to have a heart attack and Tad’s comment is, “So help me if you are pulling my leg Mama…”.

Jesse: “Whatever’s got you stuck on stupid…handle it!” I need to remember that one.

Jesse: “I know she’s safe with you. It’s the fool in you I’m worried about”. Loving Jesse today.

First it was a tornado warning and they did nothing. Then they issued a tornado watch and Jesse put the town under lock down. That’s backward. Watch means there is a possibility of a tornado. Warning means a funnel cloud has been sighted.

That dude peeking inside Adam’s window must not be getting the weather bulletins.

OOoohh. There’s the swinging swing!

Spike is the cutest kid on TV. Period.

If I were the cop that Ryan clocked, I’d be pissed Jesse let him go. Guess Annie isn’t going to get Emma back.

Colby is telling Angie and everyone not to worry about Opal b/c she’s been thru something similar with Adam. Hmm. Angie is a world renowned infectious disease MD, and Colby is um, nothing. I’m impressed KWAK has a defibulator but it’s “behind the bar”? Good “shock acting” though by Opal.
I’m glad to see Petey being sweet to Opal. Finally, a scene with Pete and Tad together.

The gang’s all together at The Comeback. They better get in the basement.

Spike isn’t wearing his cochlear implants.

So a stalker runs into the house. Adam refuses to call security and drags teensy little Erica into the dark tunnel where the intruder went. Wouldn’t most guys protect their girl by removing her from danger rather than forcing her to follow the danger?

Maybe these people weren’t there for the ’94 tornado b/c they are all just hanging outside, going out for a drive, etc.

Those clouds are menacing. The thunder is so loud! But not a drop of rain in site. Cryan and Greenlee are so hopelessly clueless. They can’t stop self obsessing long enough to look up and see the swirling black clouds of doom twirling overhead.

This should be commercial-free.

Jesse are JR don’t have it so bad. They are going to be locked in a cellar with a hooker!

Greenlee: “Look at us Ryan. God’s ticked off and it’s our fault.” Only those two are egomaniacal enough to think God would wipe out the town just b/c of them.

The effects are sort of cool. It looks more realistic than the scenes at the yacht club ever do.

All the s/ls seem to be coming together to flow into this event. The question is what will he do with it all after the special effects are over?

Anonymous said...

Haha, well thank you very much Arizonagal. My soaps are my escape from the stresses of life i guess, haha. But anyways, onto the troublesome teens..
They've really screwed up big time, when it comes to young people. They had it pretty good when it was Jamie and Reggie hangin out at the CD store (that we never see anymore), but since then, they havent done it right. By sticking Lily in the teen scene and trying to pair her up with Sam, you have set an already unrealistic situation further back in the eyes of the viewers. They had good intentions when they brought back Sam and Maddie for Edmund's funeral, but ever since Sam was the last one to leave, there has been a certain void in my eyes. Those two should have been living at Wildwind, with the gang that used to live there. (No one lives at Wildwind anymore, this is a crime that you must fix Pratt). I'd also like to see them bring back Lorenzo Santos. To think, as touching of scenes that Little A and Adam have together, imagine if they brought back Adam's oldest grandson. They could SORAS him to the right teenage years, and put them in the group with Petey and Colby. Speaking of Colby, I know, we all cant stand Moncrief, but she's been on long enough that at least, I...(cant believe I'm saying this)....accept it. Listen, Amber's gone, and it sucks but we have to move on. Speaking of the "troublesome teens", theyve really screwed up by aging them. OLTL has the right idea with their teens, putting them in HS. Even GH did it good, with Dillon, Georgie, Sage, Brook Lynn, and Lucas. By making them older, theyve missed out on a lot of potential stories.

Anonymous said...

I'm really looking forward to the tornado storyline! Can't wait to see Bianca again :)

Norn Cutson said...

shadow, will you email me off the blog?

its n o r n at norns island.com
(take out the spaces)

jordan hudson said...


I like your thoughts on the teens. The sad thing is AMC is creditied as the first daytime drama to deal with teens in a very realistic way.

Again Ashley and I had a difference in opinion. I thought Bobby Steggart was excellent as Sam Grey. His character had ties to the show not only with his Aunt Julia but he was a Martin by blood. He never should have been written off. He has been doing an incredible job in theatre here in NYC.

While you are right Dan

Ambyer is gone and Brianna is here and we need to move on. I still think Brianna (I'm sure she is an incredible person) needs to go. THe whole purpose of recasting they claim was so the character would come across more mature. That is not the case, Brianna with her horrid posture and awww shucks facial expressions and awkward
body movements comes across as a female Petey. She is indeed a female geek to the
1oth power.

Arizonal gal they are not going to go the Lesbian route on GL. While it would have seem to come out of left field. If it is done in an honest and mature way ala Grey's Hahn and Torres. It could work. Would explain why Olivia can't have a solid relationship with a man. Plus sexuality is much more fluid for women. So it is more commen and easier for women to experiment. Then to all of a sudden have Jake and Frankie fall in love.

I bet you anything I can put a proposal together over the weekend for Amc that would be better then whats going on now. How can
we invest in Bianca and Resse when they are only here for four months.

Spolier Alert

Same for Natalia's mom who as of now won't be around long as she comes to Pine Valley with a condition and I will leave it at that. WHAT IS THE POINT then. While I promise you some great moments during the tornado it's moments, a quick fix. Not a cure for the long haul. With Babe dead and Greenlee leaving why bring David back.

Anonymous said...

When Ryan slugged that cop I just wanted that cop to get his ass off the ground and start beating that jackass about the head and shoulders with his night stick, or whatever they're called. I wanted to see swelling and bruising and smuckers and blood the likes of which we haven't seen since his old fight club days. But, noooo, nothing I ever want to happen to that jerkoff EVER happens. He's still alive, he's still in PV, he's still bothering the fusionistas, and he's still annoying the bloody hell out of me. Someone please, make him go away.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan Hudson, you crazy sexy man. I'm gonna have to disagree with you about one little thing. You view the tornado as TIIC attempt at a quick fix, a flash of excitement and then back to the SOS. (no, not the salsa club).

I'm no Opal, but my rusty psychic powers envision the tornado as a metaphorical cleaning of the PV households. A way to kick off a new AMC with new stories, new characters, and a new, hopefully much improved, direction. If Binks is only back for four months, then, hell, I'll take it!

I also think TPTB are chicken s**ts for not bring back Zarf. He was so fab, and we are just supposed to forget he existed? Groundbreaking, my rear end.

And if I'm wrong for being optimistic, then AMC is totally down the crapper with a flush, not a bang; and I'm kicking my crystal ball to the curb!

It's just difficult to give up on a show that I've watched since 1791!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode


• ERICA's wearing her tornado blouse.

• the CGI looks silly behind GREENLEE crying.

• where is EMMA & CORINA during all this?

• JESSE is doing his Ashley impression again!

he called ANNIE a "hot mess"!

• they better start tying cinderblocks to KENDALL's legs coz she's gonna blow away any minute & the tornado's barely started.

• damn, if its not CRYAN himself, its people talkin about CRYAN.

• OPAL!!!


• oh, i'm already gettin a bit teary for ADAM.
all the pain and hurt, all caused by his need to control everything.

• i like tha JESSE respects OPAL enough to cite her as the reason for taking the tornado seriously!


(sorry, i was havin an ANGIE moment!)

• ANNIE would be a great detective! she picks up the paper and suddenly says "THE MOVIES!!!!" and not only does she know where & when, she knows which movie EMMA & CORINA went to see!

put that together with her webslinging abilities and nothing can stop her!

• maybe lighting will strike CRYAN and send him back to 1968.


• apparently GREENLEE & CRYAN are so important that the gods would decimate a whole town to stop their love.

notes on Thursday's episode

• VIKI just recapped the past two months in two sentences.

• ooooh hotness with RAY MONTEZ humpin his would-be assasin!

• TINA: "He loves my little neck!"


• TINA: "David Vickers has a nose for trouble!"

• VIKI makes her classic look of AGHAST!

• GIGI: KA-POW!!!!

• ADDIE's got some kind of purple extensions in, she looks cute.

• VIKI & BO are puttin it together, but of course, ol' TESS overhears them.

• that LANGSTON is a good little actress! if we still lived in the era of The Supercouple, LANGSTON & MARKKO would be a Supercouple!

• MORASCO RULE #1: Never give Up.

• that is so cool seeing pregnant STARR face-off against RAY MONTEZ!

(even cooler, the concept of Kristen Alderson facing off against A Martinez!)

• TINA is the worst liar in Llanview!


Anonymous said...

Todays show was amazing! i only hope the fallout is as good as today was.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode


• i like JR's boobies.

• KENDALL's doorbell is goin crazy.

i dont wanna see this kinda stuff happen to my soap characters!

• i agree that this wouldve been the perfect time to update the opening credits.

• these scenes with ZACH are wreaking havoc with my blood pressure...what am i gonna do if something happens to a character i really care about?

• Debi Morgan is having to play ANGIE dumb...and it hurts me.

• its amazing how well-adjusted KATHY has become.
what if she had tried to lock KWAK out during the tornado?

• LI'L A is sooooo cuuuute!
what a happy little guy!

* arent they all supposed to be doin duck & cover under mattresses in the back of THE COMEBACK?
but instead they are all standing up in front of windows WITH CHILDREN "pkaying wedding"...and JESSE, THE CHIEF OF POLICE, is playing along.

Pine Valley is ¡f@#*%~d!!!!

• COLBY< "You'll live."

omg i liked COLBY for a moment.

• SAVE LI'L A!!!!!

• the BINKS reveal is so anti-climactic...coz you cant even tell its her til ZACH says "Bianca..." and you rewind it and watch again and say "oh yeah, it is Bianca..."

notes on Friday's episode

• why doesnt DORIAN just offer to double whatever CLINT is paying?

• ADDIE in a fencing outfit.

• DORIAN's juuussssst about ready to rip into CLINT and it cuts to commercial!

• RENEE!!!!!!
Oh she looks so happy and healthy!!!
OH i am so glad to see her!!!
ive missed you, RENEE!
your family needs you.

• you'd think flights wouldve been canceled st Llanview Airport what with the tornado in Pine Valley.

• LANGSTON is smarter than a lot of the adults on *both* AMC & OLTL!

• "MEL" is appearing to DORIAN again!
i love that!
thats a good device (if used sparingly).

• RENEE: "Just like his Pappy!"

Anonymous said...

Well thank you Jordan.
I really think that we need to just accept that we're not getting rid of Colby anytime soon. She's tied to a legacy family in the Chandlers, as well as the Martins (non-traditionally). That's why it was so easy to get rid of Dre (btw, what happened to the band that lived next door of Tad's that Dre was a part of? Drop the ball, much?) and Cassie (so. much. whiny.)

As far as today, I'm lovin me some tornado. I love everything about The Comeback scenes. Poor Babe...she's gunna die a hero and a legend..and oh my God! They're turning her into Dixie and for some reason I dont object! Even though Alexa is and always will be Babe Carey Chandler, Amanda Baker will do the character justice in her death and she will die in dignity. (I still dont think they'll kill her forever....who knows?)
Annie's starting to bug me a bit. I know Emma is missing, but theres a million different tornados outside, and OMG, AIDUMB GOT HIT BY A TORNADO AND IT DIDNT EVEN PHASE HIM! WHAT'S IT GUNNA TAKE?!
Ryan and Greens was dumb. End of story.
Zach was pretty cool. The CGI was BA, and his escape from the car was plausible although why would Annie leave him there? And how did he walk all the way to the beach house? But I love the Bianca scene. WOOOOO! Love me some Binks!
Kendall = dumb. Insert coma.
I did like that Spike and Ian were in that lil crevice, safe.

Anonymous said...

Can someone please tell me how Baby Ian got into his car seat? If I remember correctly, when Kendall went to open the door, Ian was in his walker (yelling and cursing at his mother for sending his father out for smores during a damn tornado), but then when Zack comes back, Ian was in his car seat. Huh??

My theory is that little Spike was the one that did it. He, unlike his parents or the rest of Pine Valley, actually knew what to do during a tornado, and he actually hid under something. (Not like those idiots holding a stupid wedding in the middle of a tornado). Not to mention the fact that if it wasn't for his car seat, poor Spike would be dead. So, he saved his baby brother by putting him in his car seat. I say Spike deserves a medal. GO SPIKE!! You're smarter than all your parents!!

Anonymous said...

Ryan, the tornado and the whole nine yards…

I sat watching today’s show (10/17/08) surprisingly fascinated. The CGI work was good! While I’d rather, have substantive scripts any day of the week over flash and effects, if blowing Pine Valley PA off the map every six months in order for us to see some quality writing and better than normal delivery. Then by all means, blow, baby ,blow! ;-)

Not surprisingly, one of the first things I got a real kick out of was seeing “Zach”, in his car, tossed about by the tornado. What surprised me most was, I actually enjoyed TK’s performance! Gone was the silent, brooding, stoic “Zack”, And, apparently, “Zacky Coreleone” is hold up at the casino, waiting out the storm… Instead, what I did see was work, not unlike TK has done on the now defunct soap Port Charles. For that, I will give the actor his props.

Was it just me, or was Amanda Baker going for broke? If this is the case, I think, “Babe” should have ‘died’ on a regularly scheduled basis… ROTF!

Now, on to to Rylee…Wasn’t it close to this time last year,when we saw Greens in a ‘small confined space with a man’ Maybe, the writers caught amnesia, after Ryan recovered. LOL! While not being all that huge on the Rylee pairing, admittedly I do enjoy scenes where Cameron and Rebecca work together. If nothing else, Ryan can be handy, in the midst of a natural disaster. Chivalery does have its good points, after all, I guess.:-D


Ericka said...

I'm watching Friday's episode right now before work and I LOVED the Zach getting caught in the nado scene! SO GOOD! How old is Greenlee???? Why would she be looking out of a freakin window during a tornado?? Did we learn about tornados in grade school? I wish Kendall would take those boys to a closet or something and put that fire out!

WTF!!! Why is Zach Bianca's babies daddy??? Not a spoiler, just saw the commercial, it's happening on Monday

Ericka said...

Side Note: Susan Lucci's dancing partner is going to be one of the people at the hospital (in case you don't/didn't watch DWTS) He's going to be on cruches and he walks right in front of her and says "Excuse me Ms. Kane"

Brian said...

I've enjoyed the tornado so far. I know that everyone keeps saying that the wedding was lame and they should have been cowering in the basement, I have a feeling that real people don't do these things. It's this idea that it won't happen to me.

The only thing that ticked me off was when the kids were sitting NEXT TO the GLASS windows during the wedding. And, just a small note: if a tornado went through the comeback, it would have sucked the people right out of it. They wouldn't have survived. There would have been pieces of Babe & company all over Pine Valley.

Anonymous said...

Hey Everyone,

I broke down and watched this week because Ashley convinced me to give the show one more chance.

I have to say Amanda Baker went out in style and I give her props for that. No phoning in her last scenes. She's a real trooper. Opal was pretty incredible too in her heart attack scenes. I loved Jack telling Ryan to "shut up and get out!"

Other than Annie, everyone else was pretty Ho-Hum for me. Even Jesse has getten real annoying. .... and I've loved that character since he first came on the show as a teenager. They're writing him like a buffoon and Darnell Williams is playing him like an idiot. It makes me mad and sad to see this beloved character dragged down. Why would Jesse let Ryan go after he assaulted an officer? Why would he scream and yell at everyone all the time for no reason? Why would he stand around outside in the middle of a Tornado and not know what it means when the wind suddenly stops? It really hurts to see these great characters and actors being degraded in this manner.

I won't even go into what they're doing to Erica and Adam. Stuck underground? Puh-leeze! We already went through Zach and Greenlee in that position last year and Amanda and JR a few months ago. Are there no new ideas? Even the tornado is a retread. I agree with tallytofu's point that it's all events and no stories. There's very little to care about anymore in Pine Valley and maybe that's what Pratt was hired to do. Kill AMC so that we'll be happy to see it end and won't protest and start writing campaigns to the network. If his goal was to turn me against a show I've loved for decades then he's succeeded royally.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Yeah, it's here! Finally the tornado!

Nnotes on Friday...

Lots of swirly, twirly clouds.

Kendall is dead ringer for Gumbi in that shirt. They didn't need to have Bianca fill in. They could just put Gumbi in a curly wig.

Zach's car blowing in the tornado was nifty. Even more amazing is the cell phone coverage Zendall has. They never lost their connection while Zach was spinning in the air. Of course when he landed it went dead, but it probably broke on impact.

Wow the bits of dirt falling 5 feet from Erica was AMAZING!! I have never seen dirt fall more dramatically than that. AWESOME. Heroes dirt never falls like that.

Did I blink and miss the scene where the tornado hits Ryan and Greenlee outside? I watched it on hi-def and still missed it.

Where are the dead people? Aidumb, Cryan, Greenlee, Randi, Turd, all still alive. Hello, is anyone listening at TPTB?

If we are ever in a tornado I am going to place all of my children under an end table and surround them with cushions from the couch. That way if the entire rest of the house is destroyed and collapses I know they will be safe like Ian and Spike. I'm glad they are OK b/c I heard Spike was a goner, but man talk about luck. And they finally put his cochlear implants on Spike just in time for him to hear the gory details.

Buh bye Baby Dawl. I wanna see that artery squirt!

I do feel bad for Lil A. He's gonna have mommy issues just like JR.

Could Pete be any more of a dweeb? Funny but geez.

Angie is going to be so pissed when she has to save Jesse's other kid.

Trapped in storm with a hooker and nobody got any sex. Randi is the worst hooker ever.

w3w said...

I am guessing that there are some scenes that we have not seen yet that we will "flash back" to. I think there is going to be some dialog between binks & Kendull - maybe we'll see them putting Ian in his car seat and both kids under the table with cushions all around. I saw some pictures in one of the magazines at the store of kendull & binks talking at the Beach House.

I thought everything was great EXCEPT for the wedding at the Comeback. Please - this was too corny for me. Especially with all the storm fussing that jesse had been doing up to that point (lock-down all of Pine Valley).

I thought Babe did an excellent job and I'm sure there will be tears before it is all said and done. I hope they give Myrtle as much hoop-la as they are Babe.

JordAsh - can't wait to hear your take on all of this! Hope your week off has been nice.

Anonymous said...

btw, in OLTL news, I just found this picture.


God, I wish they'd bring back Paul.

Laura said...

Not caught up with all of Friday's episode, but loving the comments. Here are some random thoughts.

ABC/Disney found a way to promote Beverly Hills Chihuahua as the perfect family movie to blow you away.

I liked Zach's car in the air, only in Pine Valley can a car blow away but the weave can hold! Babe should have hid under Angie's weave. Super Weave should now be in the opening credits.

Jill Larson reminded me of her character Ursula from OLTL when she was acting nutty. Love her.

Is Cliff Barnes or David hiding at Adams. On Dallas he always had the chinese containers laying all over while drinking.

Will Kendall be found with a house on her and Ruby Slippers on her feet? Oh I forgot, the Wizard of Oz isn't a Disney movie.

With a tornado this bad, didn't Llanview at least get a little wind.

If this is a chance to clean house, they forgot a few people. AIDUMB, COLDBY, RANCID, JERKSON, CRYAN. Please send another funnel quick!

Laura said...

Watching Soapnet now. Billy Miller is chewing up the scenery with all the vets right now. Peter Bergman, Jeanne Cooper and others. I would have loved him during the tornado, tormenting everyone. ABC really dropped the ball on that.

He could have even switched soaps. He and Bree Williamson as Tess would have been perfect together.

Can't wait for this weeks podcast! I am sure it will be more astute than ever.

Anonymous said...

Laura- the Weave. I'm cracking up. I. God I hope The Tree is OK.

Laura said...

Shadow, glad to make you laugh. I can image Ashley saying, This week in Pine Valley everything blows away except Angie's weave!

Shadow said...

AMC filmed its 10,000th episode. I saw a few pictures from the party. Most of the cast was there. Colin Egglesfield was in the picture. Maybe he really is still associated with the show.

Laura said...

Which East Coast soap is trying to lure a major fan favorite back to the fold for a major special event?

Daytime Confidential has this from Nelson Branco, some think it might be Brooke for Myrtle's funeral. Anyone (Jordan) have a scoop on this?

Shadow said...

What is with the ringing doorbells? I live in a tornado area and never, ever have I heard of any phenomena like that caused by a tornado.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

First off I will take AMC over OLTL anyday. I am soo beyond sick off Tess (time to go bye bye nutjob). Also OLTL has one of the most stomach turning storylines Todd and Marty. I was either in JR or High School when the gang rape happened and trust me it was disturbing. For them to now come on with this crap about romance between Marty and the leader of her rape Todd is just low and poor writing. People might mention Luke and Laura and for me I really never understood that marriage and love story but Laura but that is way less horrible than Tood and Marty when they are on I just upchuck. It is not a romance but another violation of Marty

Anonymous said...

First of all,
The weave could save them all.
It could save Kendall's doorbell from being rung.
It could save Colin Egglesfield's job. (btw, im kinda related to him but thats another story)
Hell, it could extend its reach to save Marty from Todd, Nat and Jared from Tess, and Karpov from Sonny. What a Weave!

Laura, you read that too? I'm trying to rack my brain, but I cant even think of which soap this spoiler is for because Daytime Confidential had it under a couple of different soaps. I guess you have to try and narrow down things. But if it is AMC, then I guess its time to guess...
Maria: Nope. Eva La Rue is doing amazing with CSI NY.
Brooke: Maybe. She did do that interview.
Skye: God I hope so. Bring Rae back too. They both need to say good-bye...(Don't forget Lila Rae)
Boyd: LOL just thought I'd throw that name out there. He was close with Myrtle at some point.

Norn Cutson said...

The Weave could go back in time & rescue JENNY *AND* DIXIE!!!!

Shadow said...

I'm thinking about a "very special episode" called: The Sisterhood of the Traveling Weave.

Anonymous said...

The weave delivers Bianca's baby...while Angie is still at The Comeback.

jordan hudson said...

LOL you guys crack me up. Wait to you hera the new podcast because we touched upon the same things you guys thought were bizarre. I will say this.... The tornado does not compare to the 1994. I'm so hoping that this does not mark a last ditch effort to save the show. Like when Search for Tomorrow had the flood (thou I actually thought that was well written and well executed).

Tasha I hear you about Marty and Todd but that is what makes the story so dramatic. A good story needs conflict. I actually do find it unnerving what Todd is doing but that makes for good drama and I have faith that Ron C. has more twist and turns coming up in this dark storyline. As far as Tess well you cant please every one. My only complaint about OLTL IS GIVE TIKKA (LAYA) HER own STORYLINE. The girl is hot and can act.

Anonymous said...

That's one of the things that irks me about some of the things that Ron C has done w/ OLTL. Granted, the majority of his stuff has been good, but we've still had to deal with the One Pure People s/l, the destruction of Vincent, the lack of story w/ Layla, anything with Fish in it, putting Allison Perkins in a coma and letting that secret stay hidden this long, not knowing who Rex's daddy is, etc.

Personally, I want them to bring back my favorite villains like Mitch Lawrence and Paul Cramer, and find someway to explain them not being dead and not having to go to jail (if Jonathan can do it, anyone can.) That would be a new level of dark. Sorry if I sound biased, but I've been a Paul Cramer fan since day one when he was played by Brock Cuchna. He was actually a better Paul than David Tom. David Tom's portion of the character was when they wrote him into a corner and he did the babyswitch (with good intentions, yes I'm biased). Imagine if they brought him back at Babe's funeral. Imagine the Emmy winning gold we could get out of Jacob Young. Imagine Eden Riegel's face when she stares into the eyes of the man who said her baby was dead. It could be gold. Unfortunately, I dont see non-tornado driven storylines coming back, not too mention that Pratt's got the suckstet sucking the life out of our show.

Erica Kane said...

Laura, I loved the Cliff Barnes reference. BIG Dallas fan here, I am even going to the big 30th anniversary Barbecue at Southfork next month!!
Love ya,
Miss Kane

Brian said...

Is the doorbell ringing supposed to be a throwback to the '94 tornado? The bell rings and Tad is about to open the door before he is flung back by the door.

Anonymous said...

Brian, I think Petey's fall was more of a throwback to Tad's. I could see the symmetry. They're brothers and the door came off in a similar fashion, although not as epic.

Arizonagal said...

I've heard the Weave's contract is up and negotiations for a new contract are not going well. TPTB are considering Sabine Singh as a possible replacement.

I was so relieved to see sweet little Spike and Ian alive and well and w/o so much as a scratch.

Can't Adam and Erika just walk through the tunnels to the outside?

I liked the corny CGI effects, but why no rain? Isn't there torrential rain during a tornado?

Waiting for li'l David Vickers to appear on a milk carton...