Sunday, November 09, 2008

Another Week of Good News, Bad News

Let's do the bad news first.

Both Jordan and I had a bad week. I had the stomach flu, and Jordan caught a crazy bug as well. We're both feeling better, but neither one of us was up to a 'cast this week. So sorry to disappoint, but hopefully next week things will be looking up for both of us (and food will be staying down).

The good news? I was actually caught up in this past Thursday's and Friday's episodes! I mean, I didn't nod off once. I swear! Okay, well, maybe the Greenlee/Ryan/Aidumb appearances were an exception, but for the most part? Some real moments of greatness where I felt like, This is my All My Children. The Iraq vets support group? Astounding. Taylor and Jake? Great stuff, folks! Okay, fine - so some of Taylor's temper-tantrums weren't fun, but tell me you weren't crying when Taylor talked about making love to Brot! She's one hell of an actress, that Ehlers! Bianca and Reese? Steamy, people!!! Open-mouthed kissing and all! And Brot? OMFG - I cannot wait to see how this real-life vet blows us out of the water with his story!

I am still pissed about the Zach baby-daddy storyline, the "Jesse We Hardly Knew Ye'" crap, and I really don't know how much more I can take of Randi, Colby, or Carmen-as-hoochie-mama. Not sure these things are surmountable for me, unless they disappear. And I don't have much to say about Annie, because I'm not the fan that y'all are. (Plus, I know the end of the story, and it blows.)

Still, I'm watchin', and I'm so glad that you're still with me, listenin'.

Here's an old PVP eppy which includes mention of the Zarf support group scenes, which was also a golden AMC moment, IMHO.

And don't forget: we live for your comments, people. Keep the discussion going, here.

3/9/07 Podcast


Shadow said...

Sorry to hear you two haven't been feeling well. Our kids have had the bug too this week, so we're like deer in the headlights over here. I think it was a good week on the show and I'm looking forward to this next week. I think the 10000th show is Friday. The blog rocked last week! Blessings to you all!

Anonymous said...

Feel better, Ashley & Jordan! For me, Theraflu or Niquil does the trick... Rest up. We'll keep blogging. :-D


Anonymous said...

Get better guys!!
We miss you!

Norn Cutson said...
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Shadow said...

Sorry to hear that n69n. How are they gonna tap the Broadway from LA? Your an incredible talent. Can't imagine you won't get snapped up quickly. Your stuff is awesome from what I've seen. Ent Weekly needs a new artist. Their pop renderings aren't as good as they used to be.

About AMC, one thing is bugging me a lot. Where is Opal? She freaked out for weeks predicting the whole thing, had a heart attack and now we never see her. Did her house survive? Who is taking care of her? Has Erica been to see her? Are Tad or Petey helping her out? Was Palmer worried? Why hasn't the National Intruder ran an article publicizing her amazing prediction? She was the key to the whole reboot. Put her on contract!

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

The whole Skank this is just wrong

Norn Cutson said...

thanks, shadow!
not my illustration job w/ BroadwayWorld;its my graphic arts job with Juicy Couture Baby (the one that paid the bills!) thats gone bye-bye.

Ashley & Jordan, you've both improved SO MUCH since those SATIN SLAYER days!

when i listen to the old ones, the show was *ABOUT* AMC, wheres now, i feel like its evolved into being about ***LIFE in general***, thru the filter of AMC...and its so much more interesting!

...because what makes PVP so addicting is your personalities, & how your own experiences compare/contrast to what takes place in the world of AMC.

not AMC itself.

Unknown said...

discodan - just commenting on your Bobby Martin comment from last week's blog. I still chuckle at the brief scene years ago when Tad went up to the Martin attic and saw a skeleton sitting in the corner. He did the classic Tad-double-take. HIGH-larious!

Anonymous said...

I'm only caught up thru thursday but loved the interviews with the real life vets. Real people, not hunky hairless pretty boys, real people, talking about real experiences - it was terrific.

David brings something out in Amanda that I find very watchable, maybe it's a vulnerability. I was surprised when he kissed her, it didn't gross me out. Thought that would bother me, but not...

Liked the scene where ComaKendall tells Zach to let her go to Canada. Thought we'd have to endure a few months of finger twitching.

Don't like Taylor when she's throwing stuff around and bitching and moaning, but she and Jake were cute together on Thursday's show, just goofing off and talking. I can definitely see that familiarity, that playfulness they had as Gus and Harley.

I am just so starved for scenes like that, playfulness, humor, lighthearted moments. So tired of all the heavy, mean-spirited crap. If my life was that black and full of despair, I'd throw myself off a bridge. Which begs the question, what is the suicide rate in PV?

Sorry to hear about ya'll being under the weather. N69n sorry to hear about your job loss, hoping it's a blessing in disguise. Hope everyone here has a great week!

SusanShanks said...

"Y'all" who likes Annie? I've never been a fan. We didn't get to know her before Ryan was determined to marry her. And out of nowhere, out of however many sperm donors, what do you know -- he's Emma's daddy! And Annie's as crazy as her brother is . . . was. I say, "Begone! Before somebody drops a house on you, too!"

Brian said...

I don't know if anyone else talked about this, but why does Kendal have hair after her brain surgery? She should have been sheared.

Why would Brooke/Maria rent Wildwind to David? Don't these women hate him? Seems strange.

And, what happen to all of Babe's money and properties? Didn't Babe have the deed to David's old haunt that Jake is renting? Babe's will better be coming soon. Didn't Babe also have sole custody of Little Adam? How come JR get's him now? Shouldn't he have to go to the courts first?

Anonymous said...

While the Taylor and Jake scenes were well acted, that kiss killed me. I cringed- I thought it was so dull, lifeless, and unsexy. These two are like Ryan and Greenlee to me- better as best friends.

My gripe is, most of the show is predictable. Who DIDN'T think Annie was behind Emma's kidnapping? And do we really think David is going to love Amanda? NO- they're using and abusing the poor character again.

But I did enjoy the Brot stuff- looking forward to this development. His scenes on today's episodes were great with Frankie.

And I think I've mentioned this before, but if I were Angie I might be a little more upset about this whole second family thing because Jesse rebounded FAST. He was gone 20 years- Natalia is like 19- that means he "died" and poof, new family. And what's the point of introducing whatshername (that's how much this SL interests me) if she's just going to die? Too bad she's not just an Angie/Jesse speedbump because I like this actress and she could be hot with TAD!

Anonymous said...

PS Can someone tell me what happened at the end of Monday's episode? Mine was interrupted for some presidential stuff. What happened when Aidan saw Annie in the window? (Why I ask I don't know, I'm sure my prediction is correct)

Shadow said...


Funny you should mention all the real estate stuff. I was just wondering this morning if Marian is still in the real estate biz anymore. With Jake and Taylor and all the Hubbards moving around and now Annie needing a new place and everything blown to smithereens, the PV real estate market is hopping. It would be breat to see Marian mixing it up in PV again.

Anonymous said...

LOL well thank you Leslie. One could only dream of a return of Bobby Martin.


Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• if they gave AMANDA a real story about sex addiction & building self-esteem, i would be ***THRILLED***!!!

sadly, i'm sure thats not where they're going, and her esteem issues are just another plot device.

• LOVE FRANKIE comin to find BROT!
just seeing BROT's eyes makes me tear-up.

• i dunno where any of this JESSE, ANGIE & REBECCA story is goin.
i liked JESSE gettin a little choked up today.

• i hate CRYAN.
each day brings more reasons.
i dont understand the concept that we are supposed to view him as a hero & protagonist.
he's just a neanderthal asshole.
maybe that part of why i root for ANNIE, just coz i know she's his opponent.

tho i gotta admit she's back to one-note.

• how am i supposed to think TAYLOR & JAKE are cute when my heart is breakin for BROT?

notes on Monday's episode

• oooooh STARR's baby is CUUUUUTE!!!!

you can already see what a happy, alert & curious little girl she is!

• i think CHARLIE should be acting a little bit more panicked about that bomb.

NATTY's doin a good job, though.

• look how tight that baby is grabbing JANET's finger! thats one happy healthy baby!

• ha, it sounded like BLAIR called MARCIE "Fartsie"!

• HOPE!!!!!


i am in love with BABY HOPE!!!

• BANG!!!! my jaw just hot the floor!

i thought MARTY really shot MCBAIN.

i like the look on MCBAIN's face when he realizes how brainwashed MARTY is.

she may be brainwashed, but this is the REAL MARTY! the MARTY who stands up for herself!

• i love that BABY HOPE!

• HOT DAMN!!!!
& thats end of that damn secret room!!!

• BESS: "Simple as a qaudratic equation."

Anonymous said...

I just have one question.

What was the point of putting Di in Monday's episode?

Arizonagal said...

Jake's talk about being dumped for a delivery guy, well boo hoo, people get dumped every day. Get over it, move on. We all know what it feels like to alone, angry, hopeless. That's just life sometimes.

Brot has so much potential, I don't if this guy has any acting experience, but he seems to have raw talent. Finally a story line to get excited about.

A problem with the Puerto Rico baloney. 1/2 of the suxtet (you do the math) go into a bar and one of the 'ricans makes a joke about a whore house? This on the heels of Jordan's terrific description of the beauty of the island and the people, guess I found it almost as insulting as Ryan's neanderthal behavior. Why can't he pack his bags, his testosterone, and his massive amount of sperm and just get the hell out of Pine Valley. He's such a tool.

Oh and Jordan, here's some GL spoilage for you....

Grant Alexander is returning in January to GL as Philip. Woo Hoo!

Shadow said...

AMC - Monday

Brot has really shiny nails. I didn’t know you could manicures in the army.

The new Di is geeky. Why is she here anyway? Does she have no ties to PV anymore? I don’t even remember where she went in the first place.

Greenlee looks like she’s getting younger. What’s with the ponytails? Is she 13? Next week she’ll be in a onesy.

Why doesn’t KWAK just tell Angie was having a wild sex dream?

OMG, Amanda in panties calling herself a slut. I should have applied for that intern job.

Hayward to Amanda: “Darling, I invented twisted.” Ha!

I love the character of Tad so don’t take this the wrong way, but he has gotten really boring for me lately and a little stupid. I secretly think I’m hoping for KWAK to screw David or somebody and blow her marriage to Tad. She’s been too responsible for the past year. I think it comes with being married to Tad.

It’s kind of hard to get into this Rebecca/Jessie s/l. I like seeing Jessie be gentle rather than the Private Dick, but it’s just so odd seeing him with her rather than Angela. Besides, I don’t get Rebecca’s nobility. It doesn’t sound like Jessie was really running too hard.

Amanda may have had several ‘indiscretions’, but at least she is starting to understand herself a little better.

“Thank you sex”. We all need some of that.

Just about the time I start feeling lost in the moment with this show, they cut to Effen Ryan. At this point, instead of Cryan, he’s just Effen Ryan to me. Because everytime he is on I think to myself, “Sh*t, it’s Effen Ryan”.

n69n, I agree. Maybe it’s because I dislike Effen Ryan so much that I like InsAnnie so much. Sure, she’s a little less than 3 dimensional, but she’s fun to watch. Unfortunately I’ve grown so tired of him, that I don’t think anyone can save the scenes with him in it. Except maybe Erica.

Where is Tad? KWAK’s been in the hospital for a few hours. David told KWAK to loosen her gown and crammed his hand down her shirt. The guy has balls. She apparently just had gas.

I don’t know what Aidumb just said, but at least he hit Effen Ryan in the head. Ever notice how easily Effen Ryan passes out? Hopefully he will wake up with amnesia again and just wander off the set towards Genoa City or wherever Passions took place.

BTW, I tried watching Y&R and DOOL for comparison. I get why people like OLTL. I’ve watched it off and on for years. I hate GH but I get why some people like it. I found Y&R and DOOL to be horrendous. Cheesy production values and horrid music. Generic look alike casts. That whole France thing on Y&R was just embarrassing with the faux “French” music and fake French accents. Granted, I’m more familiar with AMC and OLTL, but YR and DOOL seemed unredeemingly bad. Almost made me feel bad for every unkind word I’ve said about AMC over the past year. The location shoot in France certainly gave me a new perspective on the CGI tornado.

I like Brot. He and Frankie are good together.

Taylor totally moved her foot when Jake grabbed her leg. Is this physical therapy session supposed to be sexy? It sort of is but seems like it shouldn’t be. I’ve had physical rehab for injuries before and there was no sexiness. I guess it would’ve helped.

I remember when they thought I was having a heart attack earlier this year. After I was released from the hospital, I went to dinner with my cardiologist. We ate steak and washed it down with a lot of wine.

Amanda to the Bartender: “I’m not here to get laid, OK? I’m here because I just did.”

David to Tad: “Yes, I saw Krystal. As a matter of fact, I just had my hand up her blouse.”

If KWAK went to the hospital and had her heart checked out, wouldn’t she call Tad and let him know at some point? Again, Tad is clueless.

Look at David talking about Laura English and ooohh. TAD SMACKED DAVID. Alrighty then, maybe Tad can get back in the game. He kind of hits like a girl though. Didn’t seem to hurt David too bad.

Angie: “If I had my way, Jessie would hear how I really feel.” I like the slow pan to Jessie. The show feels like it’s taking it’s time and getting some rhythm.

Apparently the key to waking up the foot is to stimulate the vajajay.

Alright, I had heard lots of stuff about Annie and Di and I suspected that Aidumb was involved, but I thought it would be too stupid. Now that I’ve seen it, Annie seems hotter and Aidumb seems a teensy bit less insipid.


Bess wants everything to be simple like math. They should have called her Lilly Montgomery.

Anonymous said...

Jordash, so sorry to hear you were sick, feel better.

I have an announcement I was happy with Monday's show! I have been hoping that Adian was part of Annie's plan and when it was revealed that he was, I said that for the entire week I will only call him AIDAN, NOT AIDUMB OR CLADUMBO, this is progress LOL

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...
I remember when they thought I was having a heart attack earlier this year. After I was released from the hospital, I went to dinner with my cardiologist. We ate steak and washed it down with a lot of wine.

HA! i just shot coffee out my nose!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone,

Fans of Brianne Moncrief (Colby) are welcome to email me questions for her over the next couple days ( for a Q&A, or through MySpace at:


Norn Cutson said...

actually its even funnier...coz they werent drinkin wine, they were drinkin *martinis*!

...& ANGIE said "Make it a double!"

Shadow said...

That really cracked me up too.

Superposter said, "Fans of of Brianne Moncrief (Colby)..."


Norn Cutson said...

my friend Darbi has played small roles on AMC from time to time, & she just told me she's booked for a scene with Susan Lucci next week!

Norn Cutson said...

ill type up my notes later but OMG i cant wait to hear Jordan's take on todays OLTL!!!!

jordan hudson said...

Hello kids. Yes I was very ill and actually in the hospital for a week. I'm fine now and only getting better but it was scary for awhile, especially because of the Ghetto Bronx Hospital I was in withe Nught Nurse's from Hell. Catching up on all my shows. We will will be back this week with one hell of a Podcast, I can promise that. Because I'm not amuse!!!! The fact that none of the networks wish to present the Daytime Emmy's is proof positive that Daytime is in serious jepodary folks. I still stay the genere has life if only the Heads. That's you brian FRONS leave the shows alone and stop putting in your one cent worth. See he's not even worth two cents.

Anonymous said...

HAHA Shadow!

Glad you are better Jordash! I miss you guys!

I know Daytime isn't getting the ratings it use to but what else can they put on? There's enough court shows, it's very rare for a talk show to take off, there's enough news.

Anonymous said...

AMC Monday Nov. 10- Tues. Nov. 11

Angie needs to have a drink, more often. She’s delving into the truth. “St. Angela” has left the building!

Amanda—Chrishell Strause is doing such a good job, acting drunk! As for “Amanda”, !pobre cita! /poor
baby! :-(

Taylor’s therapy regiment –rolf! There’s no way in heck, someone with extensive (albeit temporary) pararisis could lift a five lbs. ankle weight, from the start. No matter how angry they are! IRL, rehabititation is a slow, incremental, process. But, then I forget “Jakegiver” has put himself in charge of her recovery—LOL!

On a more serious note, imo, we are beginning to see shades of RPG’s and BE’s acting chemesry—Thankfully! Basically, if the writers do their job and write solid content, the actors will rise to the level of the material given.

“Randi”- not so DBTE, on Tuesday. Is it just me, or is she improving?

OLTL Tuesday Nov. 11

While I’m a diehard AMC/ ”Ryan” fan, the cast of OLTL is kickin’ butt ‘n’ takin’ names! :-D Two words: Emmy nominations!


Anonymous said...

Hey Shadow behave youself, LOL!


Anonymous said...

"I don't know if anyone else talked about this, but why does Kendal have hair after her brain surgery? She should have been sheared."

Hi, Brian!

Kendall would have had at least part, if not all of her hair shaved off--


Anonymous said...

When Aidan snatched Annie last week and used the voicebox, it was the most I've understood him in 4 years.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh. Hope you guys are okay. Ashley I'll light a candle for you.

Jordan, the nurse on OLTL doesn't have a job now, shall we send her over? Or what about Josh, he's a doctor/pilot who could fly in to take care of you!

I listened to the podcast from last week when I drove to Dubuque, looked for Taylor of course.

I haven't been too into the show lately, but loving my OLTL. It is an old story, but good acting makes it great. Marcie broke my heart today. But aren't they supposed to fingerprint the baby and weigh it. I am sure Jess's baby weighed less. What is her new alter's name? Missed that.

I am hoping Aidumb goes to jail. Just get him off my screen. And Comadell better be hooked up to a feeding tube! She could be the next Karen Ann Quinlan. Oh my gosh, that reference shows how old I really am!

Loved Westside Story you guys. Big fan of Miss Rita Moreno. She has aged beautifully. If that's how Puerto Rican's age, I am so jealous.

Glad Grant is coming back to GL. I liked him on AMC as well.

Genie Francis looks Fabulous.

Shadow your comments were the same as mine about Brianne. You just got there quicker. SuperPoster, good luck with that one! I think I better not submit my questions, I was raised to be better than that. Bless her heart!

Norn Cutson said...

you better take care of yourself!!!

i know those nightnurses are NIGHTMARES!

are you ok now?

notes on Tuesday's episode

• nobody's makin ANGIE a martyr but herself.

• so did AIDUMB count on GREENLEE untying CRYAN?
if so, i wont call him AIDUMB anymore.

oh *YUCK* to this "get our spouses back" bs. if thats the point , then to hell with this story.

• i'd rather JAKE be the heartbroken one than BROT.

• ANGIE's so tipsy she has trouble finding her coat.

• i wonder if Alexa Havens is laughing at the idea of a BABE CHANDLER MEMORIAL WING?

• i think CRYAN has too much money.

brtedi, i didnt know you were a RYAN fan, so i will try to be a little more sensitive in my criticism.

• ...& this (i'm still pissed) undoes all the "good mother" stuff about ANNIE. this is undoing all of MCE's great work when ANNIE lost the baby.

i'm disappointed.
AMC has squandered all the empathy we've built up for ANNIE.

• i dont think JESSE is in any position to be tellin ANGELA (see, you can tell i mean it coz i called her ANGELA & not ANGIE) what she "should" or "should not" be handling this. whether he's wrong or right, she does *not* want to be hearin it from him!

• FRANKIE's hair turns me on.
i wanna touch it.

• they need to rough JR up.
he looks too pretty. it looks so fake, and almost like hes wandered over from a different show.

• poor AMANDA is passed out on the bar and FRANKIE & RANDI dont even notice?!?!?!?
some friends!!!

• i'm just laughin @ these shots of RANDI & FRANKIE having a conversation with poor AMANDA passed out in the background!!!

• JESSE should just stop explaining himself. he's only diggin himself deeper. the more he explains, the worse it sounds.

• anyone gonna ask ANNIE where she got a new outfit, complete with accessories, since she was kidnapped?

• sucks that they dont have BROT actually *on* the show on Veteran's Day.

• KWAK is talkin about hoe sad she was when BABE croaked & Bobbie Eakes just aint feelin it.

oh yeah TAD, im sure DAVID is really scared of you.

• where's passed out AMANDA???

dont you think FRANKIE would have stopped DAVID from taking an unconcious AMANDA home?

notes on Tuesday's episode

• BLAIR: "My daughter, she'so so smart!"

she really is.

• Bree Williamson is having trouble keeping the BESS poker face with that cute little baby smiling @ her!

• wont Llanview Hospital want to investigate why the baby died?
they are gonna have records that show that that baby was never admitted into NIC-Q (or whatever its called)

• BLAIR: "So Todd has found him a li'l 'peace', did he?"

• MCBAIN: "Thats what made you such a wonderful monther..."


WHOA HO HO!!!!! here we go!!!

• i'm gonna throw up, i'm cryin so bad for STARR.



i'm throwing up cryin for them!!
i hate that ABC does these cruel baby-switch stories.
i quit AMC when they did it to BINKS. if they try to keep this goin on like that story, i will take a hiatus. i cant be cryin like this all the time.

• aw, VIKI shoulda kissed CHARLIE.

• MCBAIN: "You have a son."


• the cameraperson gives us one last loving look @ THE SECRET ROOM.

seriously, it is nicer than most people's apartments.

• now i'm back on another crying jag when BLAIR tells DORIAN & LANGSTON.

• JESSICA's back!!!
she just wakes up with the baby & of course totally assumes its *her* baby!

OH MAN!!!!!

Ashley, you have got to catch up on this episode *at least* to see Susan Haskell's acting!!!!

Laura said...

Tuesday's episode.

Gee the weave looks pissed!

Nelson Branco reports on Y&R that a young actress was let go immediately because they hired an acting coach and it just wasn't working. That's how you become the number one show. Cut your losses quick.

The whole kidnapping story is redick! An Ashley term. I wonder what Disney movies they will show Emma with for another plug when she is found.

Frankie cried out his heart to Rancid about Vet's and she is not only DBTE but emotionless. It's like the lights are on but nobody is home. Little A outacted her even without any lines. Beautiful girl, she would be good in a magazine. Bless her heart.

Tad is great, but Krystal caught a case of DBTE from Coldby I think.

Loving David though.

Blog question of the day, how you like to see them honor Myrtle in December?

I think Zach should play a major role, I loved them together, and of course Brooke should come back. Erica needs to be involved of course. Rae and Skye need to be there and the actor that played Linc Tyler. I know Kelly is dead, but did she know Kitty? Skye should stick around forever. Adam needs more kids. Maybe she could hook up with David. Being around Lila Rae could soften him up.

Also some old carnie extras could come in and talk about her days in the carnival.

Consiga bien pronto Jordash. Hopefully google translator worked correctly!

Arizonagal said...

So Krystal has a panic attack and Angie wants to know what the nightmare was? HUH? Does that help determine the diagnosis?

OTOH I loved the scene where Angie has a few, loosens up and some real truth was coming out of her mouth. Hell yeah, Ang, you are so right! She has every right to feel like a friggin' saint, taking care of a family Jesse spent 20 years with. Hell yeah girl, that's some self righteous and much deserved anger!

I like the friendship too, Ang and Krystal. Another real thing.

Dare I say, the show is improving? I feel it, I think it's happening guys.

Ooh, just saw our Josh on a Macy's commercial looking cute as a baby's butt. Now *that's* how to sell a pair of dockers. Colin es muy macho, hubba hubba.

Anonymous said...

i'm sorry but amc is unwatchable right now. i can't even stomach this garbage anymore, the past few weeks are ridiculous and bad. oltl is fantastic right now, you can't even compare them. i can't even believe what i'm watching. sorry, had to vent.

Arizonagal said...

Laura said: Blog question of the day, how you like to see them honor Myrtle in December?

Here's my first few sentences:

Zach gives the eulogy and begins:

Myrtle was a broad, and I mean that in the very best sense of the word. She was a tough, brassy, sexy, funny dame. She was all woman all the time. She had an amazing capacity for love and forgiveness. She could pal up with the classiest dame in PV, Phoebe, and the next day, she'd be having knockin' back a few with her old carny family, God love her. As she leaves this world a poorer place and moves on up the ranks, she takes with her a huge piece of PV's heart.

Okay, someone else want to write a paragraph?

Anonymous said...

"brtedi, i didnt know you were a RYAN fan, so i will try to be a little more sensitive in my criticism."

Good Evening, n69n!

Don't worry about it. :-D No need to put on the kid gloves....Everybody has the right to express any opinion about any character, regardless if he/she likes a character or not...I've been a message boarder for about 4 years, give or take (Even during the "I AM A MONSTER"/PTSD storyline. Ugh! I'd still like to know what possessed Megan McTavish, back then!...LOL!) So, I can hold my own--And, I have a flack jacket, just in case. ;-)


Norn Cutson said...

OH & i forgot to mention...

i appreciated on OLTL that they allowed us to see the grieving side of JANET & DR JOPLIN...even though they were doing something bad, they were genuinely distraught about the baby.

i like shades of gray.

Anonymous said...

• wont Llanview Hospital want to investigate why the baby died?
they are gonna have records that show that that baby was never admitted into NIC-Q (or whatever its called)"


I had some similar thoughts, to yours, on this. Irl,wouldn't there have to be a formal way to test/ determine exactly how a newborn dies?-- An autopsey perhaps? Especially, if a baby was left alone--and suddenly 'dies'?

Someone had to record Hope's height, weight,etc imediately, after birth. And if you want to be nitpicky, Hope was full term. Tess said, it was too early for labor, when hers began. The Jess/Tess/Bess baby would be smaller and clearly look premature, irl. So, unless, "Todd's nurse" was both drunk and stupid--She would have noticed the baby wasn't the same one, the second time she came into the room with the baby...The first time around, she talked to Hope, holding her (As we saw through the office doorway, when the door was closing, when the OBGYN went to give Marcie, Starr and Blair the "good news" about the baby initially being ok...The nurse would have to see the differences with the Jess/Tess/Bess baby...Ain't no way her vision could be that bad! LOL!


Anonymous said...

Ah yes, OLTL is making the same major mistake with its baby switch that AMC did a few years ago: they switched a full-term baby with a premature one, and NOBODY NOTICES! Please, let Viki or Clint or Natalie or Jared or SOMEBODY notice the oddness of Jessica cooking up a full-term baby in only 7 months.

Shadow said...

I sort of like Drunk Angie.

Has threatening David ever worked?

Finally, Aidan is in a s/l that doesn’t totally suck, except for the part when they show EffenRyan. I don’t think that Aidan is acting in character, but I’ve never liked him so I’m OK with that.

They should replace NuBabe’s picture in the opening with RigamortisBabe.

Tad: “This place is chock full of doctors. I think I’ll go find one who doesn’t cook his own drugs.“

Taylor is soooooo happy now. Huge goofy smiles. And there is drunk Amanda with her hair in her mouth. She should meet up with Angie. There’s Frankie. He didn’t notice Amanda standing right next to him?

There’s Angie on the balcony. I thought maybe she passed out I the hallway.

My problem with Jessie is that after 20 years, he could have told Angie anything with a free pass. Why keep this secret? As for Angie, it’s not like she became a nun after Jessie died.

“Gingo”, “Amigo”. El Lamo.

Taylor wears man-socks.

Yeah, Randi is a little less DBTE today.

Amanda: “Fun? Yes. Easy? Definitely. But nice? Not a chance.”

Wow, Aidan got to hit Annie. Annie got to hit Aidan. Who’s gonna hit Ryan?

Tad: “Krystal, where the hell you been?” “How could you let David Hayward examine you knowing what he’s done to this family”. Where’s the part when Tad says “Hey, Babe…” Scratch that. “Hey, Honey, OMG are you OK? I was so worried!” He is clueless.

Frankie and Randi are sitting right over there and Amanda is all sprawled out on the bar.

Randi to Frankie: Is that how you feel? Dead inside? Funny, sometimes I feel DBTE too!

Finally after 8 months, some confrontation between Angie and Jessie. The Weave is coming alive. Tears and spit and crazy hair flying everywhere.

How big of a dumbass do you have to be to see through this Emma thing? Is Di so disconnected from PV now that she will never run into anyone or mention that she babysat Emma while she was supposedly kidnapped?

Is Jenny still at the Martin’s?

Anonymous said...

I dont know... I kinda like this kidnapping s/l. Annie is showing why she is one of the most complex characters on the show. Aidan's actually doing something clever and something you can actually stand behind. I just think throwing Di in the middle of this is really dumb. She's suppose to be in NY, taking care of that branch of Fusion, and now we find out that that's not the case? WTF... GRRRR

So good...
I want my Cole and Marty reunion...or union in the case if you didnt believe the previous Marty because she was DBTE.

Norn Cutson said...

why even bother makin that lady DI?
why not just have it be some random babysitter woman?

it aint like DI is that dynamic a character (unless played by Taylor Crawford)

Anonymous said...

shadow said:

Wow, Aidan got to hit Annie. Annie got to hit Aidan. Who’s gonna hit Ryan?

Please let it be me ;)

n69n, wouldn't it have been great if instead of recasting Di with this chick they got Taylor Crawford with a blond wig? Maybe he came cameo his impression on the podcast this week.

Norn Cutson said...

TAYLOR CRAWFORD: "i'm from The Streets.."

Anonymous said...

why does annie think that this will get her back with ryan? first of all, isn't emma gonna tell her daddy that she was just with aunt di this whole time. and isn't this all just bringing ryan and greens closer together? i guess annie is just twisted and thinks this will work in her mind, but it's just not possible that it's gonna work out the way she wants.

other than this storyline, amc is unwatchable to me right now, while oltl has me crying everyday.

Anonymous said...

InSannie, I know she's not for everyone, but damn, the girl is ON this week. She's smart, clever, devilish and sexy. And Aidan had a moment - no, Really! When he walked in the door where Annie was staying, he gave her that mean scary look, and it slowly spread into a wicked smile, Annie returns the wicked smile - Wink wink nudge nudge, the jokes on Ryan, and I'M LOVING IT!

So Angie needs to get all lubed up before she lets the truth fly? Loved seeing her finally unload all her wrath on Jesse. He deserved it and he knew it.

All in all, not a bad week. Lots of boozing it up, lots of truth, lots of Amanda, and way too much of Ryan gnashing his teeth.

Wow, OLTL, what a week, and it's only Wednesday!!! I know there are a lot of holes in the baby switch story, but damn, the birth of Bess, plus all those other real births... Marty acting up a storm, Todd watching all the blocks tumble, the bomb in the hidden room, sheesh.

Anonymous said...

I don't love the Angie and Lesse backstory, but I do like the more nuanced performances by them. I like that Angie let her guard down and spilled what was on her mind w/o yelling the whole time. I like that Jesse listened to her and offered some compassion and reassurance and seemed to take some responsibility. He didn't make excuses or get argumentative. You can't change the way a person feels, but you can try to understand why they feel as they do and understand how your decisions wiil affect them. Hopefully the storylines will even out, but at least I'm seeing signs of people relating to eachother rather than just a plotline. Ditto Jake and Taylor. Ditto david Hayward and evryone he interacts with. I'm disappointed Annie is going to all this trouble to get back with Ryan. I guess that is supposed to keep her redeemable. If she does it for love then its not that bad. It would be better if she did it to get back at Ryan and because she really thought it was best for Emma somehow. And how many times do I have to ask? Where the hell is Opal and is she OK?

Anonymous said...

I always think of Ryan as a big dumb piece of meat, but they have been going out of their way lately to dumb him down even more. All of a sudden Aiden is the smart one. Since Cameron obviously isn't going anywhere, I wish they would give him something to do for real. Something that does not involve his sperm.

Anonymous said...

The thing about Opal is that irrespective of her status as contract or recurring, she's a fan fave and a vet. You can't give her a heart attack and then just drop it- especially after we've gotten used to seeing her again everday.

Puddin said...

Sorry I haven't posted in ages - I've been listening to the PVP faithfully, but like many others, I had grown bored with AMC. Maybe Bianca and the Baby Daddy story will keep my interest.

I'm glad that Reese is an architect - she'll be busy in Pine Valley for the next four months - she can design plans for all the houses and businesses that the tornados destroyed!!

Anonymous said...

Maybe Reese can redesign the eyesore that is Confusion.

Shadow said...

I never talk about AMC to anyone except ya'll and occasionally my wife. She thinks its stupid most of the time though. As an occasional viewer her comments can be pretty funny, but as far as any meaningful AMC discussion ya'll are pretty much it. Nobody else I know gets it or admits to watching it.

Today I got a haircut. The guy that cuts my hair is pretty cool. We watch a lot of the same stuff and talk about what we watch. Today we were talking about being a little bored w/ the stuff that's on right now. I got a wild hair (Ha!) and threw out that I watch AMC. I swear, he looked at me like I farted in his chair! Scrunched up his nose like there was suddenly a putrid smell in the air. I don't know wtf I was thinking.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• we got a little flash of MYRTLE love @ the beginning today!



& OPAL! today is a quality episode!

• AGGIE!!!!!!!!!!
omg she's so cute!!!

PETEY & COLBY found her! OMG!!!


no wonder it so quality, its the 10,000th epsiode of ALL MY CHILDREN!!!!

AGGIE: "I'm long as I have my stories with me!"

RUTH: "Thats an awfully big book!"

AGGIE: "Oh, just something I wrote!"


• ZACH shed a tear in honor of the 10,000th episode.

• AMANDA has slept in that outfit TWICE.

i like what DAVID is saying to AMANDA. i wish he meant it.

• i wanna see AGGIE talk to ANGIE!

• BINKS: "I'd love to stay in Pine Valley, for good!"

• omg, i am *thoroughly charmed* by AGGIE!!!!

i want a little Agnes Nixon doll!

AGGIE: "Follow you? My dear, this is my home!"

...& then she gives the sweetest smile!

• AGGIE: "Well, I just had to visit my dear friends Myrtle Fargate and Pete Cooney..."

• AMANDA looks totally PENNY CENTURY in that coat!

• OPAL: "It was a real big seller,it was called ALL...MY...CHILDREN."

& then after the commercial she says

OPAL: "She wants us to see that Pine Valley can rise up out of the ashes!"

• wouldnt you know, JERKSON is the first person to call the baby "GABBY"

• well, damn, ya'll, i'm just a total sobbin' mess!!!!!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• JESSICA: "This..this isnt my baby."

• MARCIE: "You shouldnt have to hear me say goodbye when you never heard me say hello..."


• look @ Baby HOPE smiling @ everyone!!! she's doin peek-a-boo!
i'm telling you, *that* is a special little baby! she is extra smart & lively!

• STARR: "Just in the few minutes she was in this room, we all just fell in love with her."

who will get the Emmy, STARR or MARTY?

its gotta be one of them!

• awww TINA.

• poor STARR is blaming herself.

you may have noticed i didnt write anything about the MARTY scenes today.

Ashley, do not cheat yourself out of some quality drama!

Anonymous said...

I loved today's episode and I loved that Agnes Nixon was on today. N69N, you are so right, she's so cute! I loved that she was walking around with the AMC book. I would love to have that book. Today's episode was very reminiscent of old episodes from the past, very family-oriented and with everyone getting together for special occasions. It was nice to have a taste of the "real" AMC.

On another note, I'm totally hating Tad lately. What an a-hole! He keeps acting like Krystal didn't just lose her daughter (granted Krystal is kinda acting like that too), but damn, whatever happened to being supportive. He's all yelling at her and getting on her case. I can't wait till Krystal leaves him. He shouldn't be married.

I was glad not to see stupid Ryan today. To think I used to like him and Greenlee together (way before), but now I hate their storyline. I do however like what's going on with Annie and Aidan, I just wish Annie was being evil just to punish Ryan, not cause she wants him back. That's stupid. How could you want someone like him back? He totally forgets you, when he does finally remember you, he can't stand you, he's totally blatant and obvious about loving other women, he's an a-hole, he's doesn't even offer to put you up in a hotel after you separate from him, even though he's loaded, then he takes custody of your kid, plus, did I mention that he's an A-HOLE???? I hate Ryan.

Laura said...

I wanted Aggie to take that big thick book and knock several people over the head with it! Some of the writers, and some of the characters. I kept thinking of how the Erica abortion was in that book. McTrash wrecked a lot of that book. Discuss amongst yourself.

I didn't see the whole episode, but Ruth and Opal in an episode was a treat.

Aggie looked a lot different than when she was on OLTL. I give the writer some credit for honoring her. He should beg her to stay and help clean up the mess that is AMC.

Jordash are you still alive? Do you all need chicken soup delivered?

I am thinking of Pedro's cold feet in the sandals right now.

Laura said...

From Luke Kerr, the head of Daytime Confidential about what to be thankful for on the soaps. He left AMC for last, no wonder.

Then there is All My Children. This is “my soap” and as such it is the hardest to write about. In August signs of hope emerged as Pratt took over, but as the reality of his era set in, things have become much more glum. It is hard to be thankful for a show that continually brings in new people to prop up other new people that no one cares about. It is hard to be thankful for CGI. It is hard to be thankful for contrivances. What I am thankful for though, is the return of Vincent Irizarry as David Hayward. I am thankful for the Chandler family, the renewal of Michael E. Knight’s contract, Alicia Minshew finally getting a vacation, Eden Riegel has returned as Bianca and that Susan Lucci’s Erica is kicking butt and taking names at Fusion. I’m thankful to see Joe Martin in the hospital and Opal popping up from time-to-time, even if it is for a tarot reading.

Anonymous said...

Talking about Krystal and Tad not even pretending to be grieving over Babe's death. It is so strange. Jordan mentioned on a recent podcast how touching and real Nicole Forester's (Cassie on GL) portrayal of a mother in grief was. There is no comparison between the two.

Cassie grieved for, what, over a year? Two years? Can't remember, but do know her grief was palpable. She never let the viewers forget about her daughter and how her life was never the same after Tammy died. Even when she was smiling and laughing, you could always feel the underlying grief and what a huge loss it was for her. Gonna miss her on GL and hope she returns.

Krystal, OTOH, barely squeezed one tear out (probably had a freshly sliced vidalia just out of camera range). And now, barely two weeks later, she is moving on and Tad keeps questioning her about what's wrong. There hasn't been an authentic moment of grief since Babe died tragically. I feel robbed. No drama, no soap opera melodrama, nothing! Bobbi Eakes is capable of so much more than she delivered with this story.

I tell ya, even those soaps that are bottom feeders right now have more real moments, real drama, than AMC has. Here's hoping Brot and Taylor can breathe some life back into the show. If TIIC get out of Beth Ehler's way, she can get the job done.

What nationality is Brot? He has an ethnic look, but not sure.

Anonymous said...

Laura, OMG, I must be old too, actually today is my birthday and I am old and another proud scorpio, but I digress. I remember Karen Ann Quinlan and that whole sad story.

Shadow said...

I only caught the last 30 minutes of today, but I've got the DVR set for the full episode. Loved what i saw. Finally some Opal time. Guess she's good as new. It was just a little tiny heart attack anyway.

It's always so good to see Agnes Nixon. You can tell what a sweet, smart, vibrant character she is herself.

Hopefully the end of the show was a playbook for what's ahead-- more family and better defined relationships. I was happy to see the Martins together, the Kane clan together and the Hubbard clan. What struck me is how small and blended the core families are, especially the Chandlers. They need to bring back Skye or Hayley or someone. The Kanes need Mark back. The Martins are in pretty good shape. AMC really needs another key family like some of the Santos clan, or the Tylers or Wallingfords (let's start with Brook!), or some Dillons.

The music during the prayer was really pretty.

So was the episode believable? Not really. Nobody other than Krystal seemed to freaked out by a ghost in the house. Krystal's expression was like funny. Huge eyes and all. However, it was a great, sentimental piece if you ask me. I liked hearing Opal say A-M-C and the others say the poem.

It's looking up!

BTW, I watched the Marty-Todd scenes on OLTL. I can see why ya'll like her. She's an amazing actress.

Anonymous said...

n69n, Starr and Marty can get an Emmy! Starr would be in the younger actress category and SH (Marty) in supporting actress.

I think they will if there is an Emmy Show at all!

So Sad!

Anonymous said...

Shadow said: "Since Cameron obviously isn't going anywhere, I wish they would give him something to do for real. Something that does not involve his sperm."


Way back when Ryan was donating his sperm in an effort to earn an extra $90,000 to pay off Gillian's debt (it takes a WHOLE LOTTA SPERM to make $90K on it, but Ryan has never been particularly bright), I used one of the following taglines in my signature on R.A.T.S.A. (addressing it to the women working at the sperm bank):

Get the jugs & put on your goggles, ladies, 'cause RYAN'S A 'COMIN'

Norn Cutson said...

i guess CARMEN's still @ music camp.

Kona said...

I am going say something good for me about the show!

Reese and Bianca.

They have been more like a real couple in a month than Nuke has in awhile. I love that they show them just like they show Zach and Kendall all over each other because that how you are when you are in love!!! I love it!

I give Pratt credit for not being afraid to show them in love. And Kudos to Eden and her husband Andrew for supporting No Prop 8 with their DVD sales.

Anonymous said...

I loved AMC on Wednesday yes it was a little over the top and campy but I enjoyed it.

Norn Cutson said...

Mona said...
I love that they show them just like they show Zach and Kendall all over each other because that how you are when you are in love!!! I love it!

yeah, i cant wait for the day when we come back from commercial to see REESE all bow-legged on the desk with BINKS wiping her mouth.

Shadow said...

Whoooaaa. Fortunately the Diet Coke wiped easily enough from my screen, but I'm still working on drying out the keyboard. Thanks n69n.

Anonymous said...

n69n, all I can say is OHHHHH SNAP! I just died laughing at my desk.

Kona said...

ROTFLMAO!!!! n69n that is equality like it should be!!!!

Anonymous said...

Oooh n69n, That was brutal!!

Shadow said...

Bianca is such a lady though. She would at least use a napkin with her pinky sticking up in the air. Mmmmgood.

Kona said...

Shadow, A lady in the streets and a...... well you know the rest!!!

Ashley said...

If we can see Kendall bony legs spread-eagled after a (supposed) romp with Zach, then why not ReesBi! Or Bireese? WTH *are* we calling them anyway!

I think for next week's show, we're juts gonna read your blog entries! I'm cracking up at work, folks, and the office bee-yotch is looking at me funny.....

Kona said...

My point exactly Ashley! Zendall get to show their "love" all the damn time. Why not Reese and Binks!

I am feeling Rinks? Breese? which ever people are calling them now! I do not want ABC to shy away from it!

2008! Yes we can!

jordan hudson said...

Hello Kids,

I have to say, as I'm catching up, that all five of my soaps gave me some hope and moments.

Of course none like OLTL, yet I have to say I'm finding AMC watchable and dare I say it enjoyable at times. One thing I like is less Meanlee, Cryin and Aidum.

Insannie is the only saving grace in this storyline that I find amusing. I'm scared that they are writing our Insannie into a corner like her dearly departed brother especially with the antics that she is going to pull in the weeks to come (DONT WORRY NO MORE SPOLIERS FROM ME). Yet I have hope. They have hired Mackenzie from Passions as Annie's Doctor. I hope that means that they will have Annie redeem herself ala Janet Dillon.

Thou again hiring another contract name as a character with no ties to PV. Why not have her come on as a divorced Hayley and dragging her hot teenage son ENZO Santos to town.

Yes it was kind of corny Wednesday but I cried like a beeyotch at the end, when they all took turns saying the AMC MANTRA.

Im still not feeling Krystal and I can't blame it all on Bobbi I dont think its really there in the writing. Brown Penny, I'm glad to know someone else appreciated Nicole's work as a grieving mother. She was so robbed of her Emmy. Yes Jeanne Cooper is old and has never received one but hell your suppose to be judge on your work for the year not because you have been on since the last supper. SHE WAS ROBBED I SAY!

Brian Frons, SUCK IT. For getting rid of Andrea Evans. For not signing Genie Francis to a long term contract.

I'm actually liking the turn of events for NUKE on ATWT very realistic. Plus I don't think Noah is the loev of Luke's life. He is Luke's Dusty. Not his Holden. They need to bring me on to be Luke's true love lolololo.

As for OLTL all I can say is they better sweep the Emmy's next year like GL did a few years ago. That cast has worked hard.

Norn Cutson said...

lets call 'em RINKS!

Anonymous said...

Rinks, Brinx, ReeBinx, BeeRinx

Jordan, you're not feeling Krystal, me neither! Not feeling JR either. You can just seem him trying to act, it's not real at all.

Carmen also be at basketball camp with Reggie, and like Reggie, I have a feeling she ain't comin' back.


Shadow said...

SOD says Josh is coming back to AMC for a while!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• REESE & ZACH are gonna get slung up, i can see it already.

• one thing i love about BINKS is that she has a real woman's body.
i'm sure in person she looks quite petite, but on screen she looks like a normal healthy woman.

& thats good!

...& i LOVE seein her with all those kids!

• ho ho ho, CRYAN's a sneak too.

• does MONGRIEF just keep gettin worse?

• ugh...if REESE breaks my BINKS's heart, i will personally climb into the teevee screen & KICK HER BONEY ASS!!!

• ANNIE's pretty much ruined for me now...if she's dumb enough to still want CRYAN after all this, i wash my hands of her.

• i ***HATE*** that they are hiding BROT's face with a hoodie.
He has nothing to be ashamed of, & it makes him look like a bad guy.

that was one of the things i was impressed with on his first day...he wore a hat, but they didnt HIDE his face or make him feel any shame about it.

• i wanna see more warmth between ERICA & BINKS.

• if they try to make BROT a bad guy for breakin up TAYLOR & JACKE, i *WILL* quit watchin.
of course i will stick with PVP, i love ya'll!
but i'm not gonna watch them turn that hero into a villain.

• REESE has a daddy fetish.

• i dont think even Susan Lucci knows where her story is going.

• damn, wouldnt you know it...dingdong COLBY is the one to find BROT!

• oooh, AIDUMB is talkin to GREENLEE like *she's* the dumb one...uh uh, that wont fly.

notes on Thursday's episode

• DORIAN is the smartest one, even if she's on the wrong track, she *knows* somethings up...

• MARTY: "Were you first???
TELL ME!!!!!!"

• SARAH: "As long as Vanessa and Lola are're not gettin' any."


• TODD: "You could have found out for yourself any time!"

OH MY FRICKIN JUMPIN he trying to place the blame on MARTY?!?!?!

F@&*$$%*!@#**&27K THAT!!!!!!

i would not blame her a bit if she blew his ass away.

• weird, BLAIR defends TODD to DORIAN...tsk, she must still have feelings for him.

• TODD: "Don't you see, a twist of fate brought us together!"

MCBAIN: "Its not fate, its kidnapping!!!"

• it took the LPD this long to figure out MCBAIN had escaped?!?!? sheesh!

• notice how all TODD is talkin about is HE feels, how HE'S changed, how this has been so good for HIM...

he still has *no concept* of MARTY's point of view...or that she even *HAS* a point of view!

he hasnt learned a damn thing.

• VIKI: "I'm not saying it won't be difficult and a painful road back, but with the help you need, you *will* get through it, honey."

i loooooooove when VIKI gives advice, its so soothing!

• tsk, i'd rather NATTY & JARED leave town & TINA stays!

...especially her leaving under a dark cloud.

i hope she confesses everything to VIKI & they make peace, so at least Andrea Evans can leave Llanview with a smile.

you know my heart is breaking about her leaving.

at least i know *i* did something to show her love, even if Frons never did!

• TODD's all "i love you i love you i love you"...he has no idea of what "love" even means.

what he means is "i controlled you i controlled you i controlled you", & he is not mourning the loss of love, he's mourning THE LOSS OF CONTROL.

i dont think he knows the difference.

MARTY: "You raped me all over again."

• DORIAN: "I'm going to get some answers...I was Chief Of Staff of this hospital and I'm not going to stop 'til I find out WHY that baby died!!!"


• i like MCBAIN beatin up TODD, but i wish he'd really go WILD...the actor is holdin back, so its not as satisfying as it could be.

• VANESSA THE SPIDER WOMAN, eyeballin' CRISTIAN naked in bed, lickin her spider lips: "It *IS* a big deal!!!"

• i admit i am kinda peeved that we're supposed to believe that all these healthcare professionals can't tell the difference between a healthy full-term baby & preemie.

• oooooh DORIAN's on the trail of DR JOPLIN! thats gonna be a good scene!!!

Arizonagal said...

Wow, Wednesday's episode was awesome, the music was evocative, the writing was good old school stuff, great acting, TPTB showed real respect for their viewers. It was great to see the old timers and great to see Aggie.

Not to take away anything from a spectacular AMC episode, but then I watched OLTL and realize, hell, they do this stuff every day! Marcie just broke my heart. Starr and Cole, again, heartbreaking. Marty, god her anger was palpable. Tina and Cain are just precious. Jordan, thanx for turning me on to this soap, it's so damned addicting.

Shadow said...

Rianca? Reeanca? SexyHotLezbos?

Laura said...

Poor Bianca, one day with four kids and mama had to get her help. I only had one, but several woman are probably at home, going WTF? I wish I had a rich mommy to hire 2 nannies for me. Also what is wrong with Reese going to work, she thought somebody was going to be there.

Eden is small but she is stacked unlike her mom and sis on the show. She looks like she is nursing for sure.

I like Taylor a lot. She is a good actress. The Brot actor is in his 20's but with his scars he could be any age. He was very handsome before the accident. I read about him on his web site. He is a hero for going out there and speaking about his injuries.

I think Carmen may be up in the attic with Bobby Martin. I thought about him when Aggie was on. Tad should have asked what happened to him.

In the promos it looks like Aidumb gets shot. Please don't let him recover. Or he can go to some clinic back in England. I could see him at the hospital when they say, he must have neurological damage or a stroke. We can't understand a word he is saying. He needs intensive speech therapy!

Oh shoot I just found out he is going to Super Soap Weekend. He lives.

I loved Dorian today too when she was looking for answers for Baby Hope's death. Susan Haskell is a good actress, but the teeth bother me. Can't pinpoint it. Kathy Brier is amazing, I don't why she doesn't get nominated.

Josh can come back to be there for Kendall when she comes out of her coma squared. I can't believe Erica didn't lean on her doctor/pilot/embezzler son.

Brian Frons is an idiot. I agree with you folks. Did you hear he is putting 3 non soap shows on Soapnet.

The economy is like a soap opera right now. My husband works in Obama's Chicago building. Very tight security today. Secret Service everywhere. They think Hillary was there today.

Norn Cutson said...

i love this picture of JR Martinez (BROT)

Norn Cutson said...

...& here's JR Martinez's myspace if ya wanna add him...

he's on facebook as well!

Norn Cutson said...

really nice interview with Laura Bonarrigo-Koffman (REBECCA)

Norn Cutson said...

interview with Erika Slezak (VIKI) about ***BEING AN ADVOCATE FOR YOUR CHARACTER***

Norn Cutson said...

i know ya'll are gettin tired of me posting all in a row, but i just googled what it was that Erika Slezak said that got Dena Higley fired...

In 2007, Slezak voiced strong criticism of One Life to Live's Head Writer, Dena Higley. In the March 2007 edition of Slezak's fan club newsletter, she states, "Dena doesn't care about the rich history of the show, which is evident in what she writes" and that Higley "wants to write stories that she thinks are interesting but nobody else does." [1] Higley was fired as head writer in June.

Anonymous said...

Hey Erika Slezak, would you mind putting in a shoutout to the bad AMC writing so Pratt could get fired and we could get someone who doesn't write Plot-driving-character SLs??

Norn Cutson said...

ok, so now im googling even more & this is fascinating!

i'm reading all the stuff Erika Slezak said about Dena Higley, the ex-head writer, the exact quotes...

this is all the same things *we* say about AMC!

Erika Slezak wasnt only being an advocate for her character, she was trying to SAVE HER SHOW!

this is all from 2007...& she went OFF!

I hate to say this but Dena will push the envelope in any direction. She needs to realize
that she is not writing for a movie – a one time thing – but for a character that has to live with the actions for a long time.


Dena makes noises of, “Oh yes you are wonderful, this and that” and then she writes nothing. She wants to write for her own characters
and she wants to write stories
that she thinks are interesting but nobody else does.
She doesn’t write stories, she writes events. It’s like
one event – let’s have a bomb, let’s have a plane crash – but there is no story.


I know that personally, as a viewer of certain shows, once they turn into stories that I’m not interested in – and I’m not interested in kids and their little teenage problems – I don’t watch. I get bored.


And I don’t know that it attracts that many young viewers. Because young viewers watch, not to see what their counterparts are doing, but to see what happens when you get older - how you behave
as you mature.


And I don’t know that it attracts that many young viewers. Because young viewers watch, not to see what their counterparts are doing, but to see what happens when you get older - how you behave
as you mature.


I am seeing airtime, but I haven’t a clue as to the future. Right now they are talking about a story coming up; however, they’ve been saying that for three years now. I don’t know. Dena doesn’t seem to want to write for Viki. I
don’t think she is interested in who Viki is, or anything about her. She has to write for her every once in awhile because Viki has all of these kids and
relationships with people in town. But she does not want to write for any of the long-term characters on
the show – she doesn’t write for Bo, for instance.


I don’t think they associate this Clint with the old Clint. I really don’t. He has the same character name but he’s a different actor – a different person. And poor Jerry knows they’ve made him dumb beyond belief. But that’s another thing that’s too bad.

For Clint to be involved with Dorian is ridiculous. It’s not a bad thing if he’s doing it for
his own reasons – just for the sex or just to piss Viki off. But that he actually cares about her and listens to her and believes her…hello?!

Especially with the history that they have, the history with Dorian… It’s all out the window. But
Dena doesn’t care about the rich history of the show, which is evident in what she writes.


But that’s what they do with Viki – they tease us. They give us 2 or 3 days and it looks like they are building up, gaining momentum
and then we don’t see her for two weeks...I think it is just a problem with our head writer, who doesn’t want to write for anybody that she doesn’t want to write for. I don’t know that it has to do with age, although I suspect that is part of it. that was all from 2007; the good news is that her ***SPEAKING UP*** led to Higley being fired as head writer, Carlavati replacing her, & the show coming back stronger than it had been in years!

Laura said...

Daytime Confidential had a lot about the Erika/Dena story back in the day. I think Dina lived on the west coast and never even went to the set or saw the actors. Dena went FICOR during the strike at days, was out, but won a lawsuit and Ed Scott (Melanie Scott's husband) was then fired.

Sometimes the backstage drama is better than whats onstage.

Watching Vicki and Tina together now. I feel robbed of some great scenes between the two of them.

Anonymous said...

HAHAHAHAHA! Judy Blah Wilson won an award for outstanding casting in a daytime drama! That is funny!

Melissa said...

Hi everyone!
I'm back from a long absence from the blog, and I'm glad to find you all here and chattier than ever :-)

Ashley and Jordan, I wish you speedy recoveries. This time of year sucks for allergies and flu.

Did anyone else notice that Brat had a MANICURE??? When they showed his hand closing the phone, he had shell pink shiny polish. I even rewound it to be sure. Now, that's strange....


Norn Cutson said...

i dont think his fingernails are real.

i know that hair & nails are made of the same cells, & he lost all his hair follicles (notice his eyebrows are drawn on) in the fire.

so it would stand to reason that his fingernails are artificial as well.

Melissa said...

n69n, I never thought of that. Good point.


Shadow said...

Melissa, I said the same thing about Brot's fingernails a few posts up, so don't feel bad. Looks like a manicure to me but who knows. It seemed odd for the character of a soldier, but IRL he certainly deserves some TLC and pampering after what all he's been through.

Good for Erika Slezak speaking up! She is right about all of it. Also, having not watched OLTL in a number of years, I was a little confused about Dorian and Clint when I started watching a little recently. Even though I love Robin Strausser, her character and certainly the character of Clint seem totally different from who they used to be when I was an avid fan. I could see how some would say Dorian has just evolved, but Clint is unrecognizable to me. That's not a bad thing, it just seems like a different character.

I know Susan Lucci has been vocal about AMC at times. I always heard she hated working with Sarah Michelle Gellar and part of the reason SMG left was because of friction between them. I've wondered why SL didn't speak up for Julia Barr or Cady McClain when they got the boot. Erica's best scenes were with Brooke and they were on for almost the same length of time, so I thought she would have been appalled by the way Julia was let go. I know some people could be intimidated about speaking up, but who's going to mess with Lucci? I was a little disappointed that she didn't intervene. At least not as far as I ever heard. That's why at times I've wondered if there was something more to Julia's and Cady's departures. Who's going to criticize the writers, Frons AND Susan Lucci? Seems like Julia and Cady took a stand on got sh%tcanned. Guess we'll never know for sure. Jordan, have you ever heard anything about any of that?

Keep posting n69n--it's interesting stuff and keeps the thought process and commentary rolling along!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• PVH trusts COLBY with keys?!?!?

• DAVID is encouraging AMANDA's drinking problem, so she'll encourage JR's.

• ooh, i'm seein some ERICA in BINKS!

BINKS: "You lied to me!"

ooh she's gettin jealous of ZACH!

• COLBY is effin' STOOPIT, BROT needs help & dingdong just leaves him in the basement.

• AMANDA: "Bubbles...I got no troubles...coz I got my bubbles!"

i dont like that they are making light of alchoholism...AMANDA has really been showing signs of a drinking problem, so it seems really irresponsible for the character to "pretend" to be an alchoholic.

• BINKS is being so ERICA, ive never seen her like this, all lashy-outy!

• ANNIE...CRYAN...dumb.

i swear this story is written by 5th graders with no imagination.

it is both devoid of creativity & the basic structures of storytelling.

• well, im glad RINKS worked it out.

...we even got some decent kisses!

• what did BROT do to get stuck in scenes with dingdong COLBY?

• i'm grossed out by JAKE & TAYLOR's romance while BROT is suffering.

• DI...boring. i quit paying attention.

• on one hand, im thrilled that Chrishell is getting to really ACT, a chance to LEARN from someone who can actually act...on the other hand, i am so sad that my dear AMANDA is gettin played again.

• i hope PVH brings legal action against COLBY for leaving an injured person in the basement.

notes on Friday's episode

• woooooo, TODD looks messed UP!

• i like VIKI's copper teakettle!

hee hee hee, TINA doesnt know how to make tea.

• MARTY's losin it!!!

• VIKI is hurt that TINA is leaving w/o spending time with her....i'm hurt too, & so is everyone else!


• i *do* wish MCBAIN wasnt all casually slouching in the doorway during this intense scene!
he shouldnt be actin so relaxed!

• i'm so glad TINA confessed to VIKI!
if TINA must go, i want her to go with love!!!

****LOVE**** this scene with VIKI & TINA!

****LOVE**** this scene with STARR & MARCIE!!

i dont have the energy to cry, after all the tears this week...but i'm gettin close.

• TINA: "Look, I know I'm not perfect..."

VIKI: "PERFECT?!?!?!!? No one is perfect, but you, TINA, TAKE THE CAKE!!!"

now you all KNOW i LOVE TINA...but i love VIKI goin off on her too!!! i havent seen VIKi *this* pissed since i was a teenager!!!

• even if it was just a little thing, i liked the exchange between MARTY & TALIA.

speakin of, they need to give TALIA more to do!


Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Question on a serious note how do you watch OLTL it used to be one of my faves but now I cringe when I see a commercial for it

Norn Cutson said...

i just clutch my magic seashell & enjoy it!

Anonymous said...

n69n, not your Dynamite Kiddo ring??

Melissa said...

Does anyone watch Prison Break? Our sexy Hannah is on the show as an agent for the bad guys.

~ Melissa

Norn Cutson said...

i keep rewinding VIKI snarling "YOU TAKE THE CAKE!!!" @ TINA!

& just laugh my ass off!
its so great to see some *LIFE* out of VIKI!

if i was just tuning in, that moment would have me addicted for life!

jordan hudson said...

Melissa HUGE PRISON BREAK FAN. I dare say between last season and now this season it has beaten 24 for having me on the edeg of my seat. Yes Stacy Haiduk looks amazing

Anonymous said...

I watched the oltl eps with Tina and Viki. Too bad they didn't have more screen time together. They are magic. Not many with that much chemistry anymore. Tina brings out the best in Viki. I love their history. I don't mind ABC bringing in vets for short term contracts, but they need to interact with the cast and other vets. AMC is doing a decent job with Bianca. I'm curious what AMC has in store for Josh this time.

Norn Cutson said...

heres the last 9 minutes of Friday's OLTL...

now *that* is a condensed chunk of satisfying soap opera!

you've got heartbreak, babyswitch suspense, family fights, celebratory sex, justice served, rescue, injustice, romantic confrontation...all climaxing in a mother & child reunion that has been building for what seems like a million years!!!

i know ya'll are sick of me talkin up OLTL when i should be talking about AMC, but AMC does not give me that much to talk about!

*OH this is AMC* friend Darbi is gonna meet JR Martinez (BROT) when she shoots her AMC scenes this week & interview him for her EVERYTHING ACTING podcast!

Anonymous said...

I don't mind the OLTL stuff. It serves as an interestingcomparison to AMC. I always think of them as sister shows. GH not so much.

Shadow said...

Does anyone know anything about the music they played over the montage at the end of the 10,000th episode? It was beautiful and moving. I wonder if was written for the show or if it was a preexisting arrangement that can be downloaded?

Anonymous said...

"I'm curious what AMC has in store for Josh this time."

Shadow---Josh??? Tell me, they got Collin Egglesfield to return! I've got to find some new spoilers!!!


Anonymous said...

If you go to, under All My Children Misc. Photoshoots--10,000 episode, Collin Egglesfield is in an informal group photo towards the back. He's standing between Vincent Izarry and the actress who plays "Carmen".