Sunday, November 23, 2008

Jeepers Creepers!

  • David creepily manipulates Amanda.
  • David creepily manipulates Krystal.
  • Brot's mom reveals her creepy reasons for lying to Taylor (not to mention that she has creepy eyes).
  • InsAnnie pulls the ultimate creepy move against Ryan (and I'm kind of glad).
  • Jessie and Rebecca are just plain creepy.
  • Colby is a creep, period.

I must warn you - the levels on the podcast this week are not good. I set my inputs levels too high by accident, and it gets pretty blown-out in spots. (What can I say, people? I don't got Jimmy Jam helpin' out!) I apologize in advance if I've hurt your ears. One other thing: do yourself a favor, and check out One Life to Live, if you can swing it. It isn't perfect, but it just feels real. Plus, they don't assault the viewer's intelligence on a daily basis. No to mention that they have actual adults on the show, and characters that have been there more than 10 years. Seriously. And all of them can act. They might not be the best lookin' crew, but who cares? Acting before beauty, we always say. (Plus, we ain't so perfect ourselves, if you can believe that.) Finally, whatever you do, please, please, please tell us what's going on in that big brain of yours. We'd love to know, here.

11/21/08 Podcast


Shadow said...

Ode to Brot's Mom:

Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Jeepers, creepers...where'd ya get those eyes
Gosh oh, git'd they get so lit up
Gosh oh, gee'd they get that size
Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Oh, those they hypnotize

(instrumental break)

Jeepers, creepers....where'd ya get them peepers
Oh, those they hypnotize
Where did ya get those
Golly whered ya get those
Where did ya get them there eyes!

Anonymous said...

Ya know something shadow, I thought it was quite strange how Brot's mom said (basically) that if she'd have acknowledged that she'd known of his and Taylor's engagement it would have "broken her connection" with her son--I thought that was odd ball reasoning and even poorer writing. HUman beings are extremely capable of loving any number of people, in very different way different ways. --I don't know--Maybe I'm over thinking it. aybe she was just 'channeling her connection', ala Shirley McClain--LOL!

jordan hudson said...


No your not overthinking it. I thought it was just awful writing. It made no sense. The fact that Beth Ehlers still played the hell out of the scene and made it believable when she told brot's mother I understand, shows what a good actress she is. I was left saying well it explain it to me.

Another horribly written scene for me was the Rebecca and natalia scene.

Natalia was like stop speaking to me like a child. Well if you would stop acting and whining like one then she would stop spekaing to you like one.

Also Rebecca's speech about death being the ultimate adventure ....ugghhh barf.

As much as I love Insannie, this week is when it goes very into Megan Mctavish territory people. I can't tell you what happens this is now a spolier free blog but...well you will see.

Shadow said...

You're right brtedi. It's wierd how the characters do something odd, then come back later and try to explain it so that it makes sense. It makes it just seem like they are making it up day by day and there's no master plan. That was the thing that struck me about OLTL. I think the writers knew where they were going with everything months in advance. Looking back, it seems like is was all very well thought out and orchestrated. Pratt just got started in August, so maybe it will come.

I just keep seeing these oddities and thinking to myself, OK, we're not in Pine Valley anymore. We've gone over the rainbow to a faraway land called Pratt Valley where nothing is as it seems. The characters look familiar, but they don't act quite right. They just do what the Wizard of Pratt Valley tells them to do when he tells them to do it.

I inadvertently found out about InsAnnie's doings this week, and it's about as exciting and suspensful as Kendall in a coma. I'll wait till it happens though before I rant about it.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Ashley & Jordan for keeping the podcast going and for watching so we don't have to. I just can't get to AMC these days so I really appreciate the podcast and all the great energy you guys bring.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Terry!!! I miss reading your posts! So glad to see a post from you.

I wonder where DiscoDan has been?

Norn Cutson said...

its a great podcast this week!

i wish that i had the glamor & style of ERICA KANE...

...but to be honest, i am somewhere between the frump of VIKI & the wack of ROXY.

jordan hudson said...

I apologize Erica and Jesse did have scnes when she went to see Sam woods and support him when dre was arrested.

VincentFan1 said...

Hi, Jordan! What's happening with David? I'm especially liking him with Krystal and hope they become a real couple! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm taking this week off from work so I'm watching today's (Monday) AMC in real time. It's been a while since I watched at all.

I really like InsAnnie and I wish she would just move on. Ryan annoys the heck out of me. Let Greenlee have him and find someone else. I really can't stand how Annie is obsessed with Ryan. He does NOTHING for me.

Episode just ended.

I don't understand this show.

Anonymous said...

Just saw the previews for what coming up. This looks interesting!!!

Melissa said...

Wow! I don't know what's coming up, and I don't know if I should be excited about it or practice my eye rolling.

Hey does anyone else think that Rebecca looks an awful lot like Jenny Gardner?


SOAPFAN said...


LOL Amanda Sefton...that's the witch character from Marvel Comics. I think you meant Amanda Seyfried.

I have started watching OLTL again, it's good again! AMC has been better too, especially Erica.

Anonymous said...

Adam to Erica - "Don't fight it, unleash your passion."

Does anyone really talk that way?

Wonder what would happen if she called his bluff? I'm not feeling this story, no chemistry.

Jesse and Rebecca reminiscing about old times together. Tacky tacky tacky and really insensitive.

I find it totally insulting that Annie is still chasing Ryan, the guy who has treated her like crap for the last year. Wish they'd write women smarter on this show.

Anonymous said...

I just stumbled upon your podcast and I still haven't stopped laughing! The only thing funnier than your podcast was AMC itself. The only thing that gets me through is Rianca (though, I try to block out the whole Zach is the father part) and sometimes Taylor/Jake/Brot (because I was a huge Gus and Harley fan from GL). BTW...Zach definitely deposited his "sample" after that kiss! I am looking forward to Kendall finding out though!

I am definitely a new fan of your podcast!!!

Shadow said...

Sh*t, ConFusion survived the tornado.

Aidan confessing to Greenlee is the most interesting part of this stupid story so far, and I can even sort of understand him today. However, if I were Greenlee I would be so pissed about my $6 million (or was it $8 million? How big was her trust fund anyway?). She should start jiggling Aidan around to make the bullet move.

(Me yelling at the TV): Oh please, please Annie, pull the trigger. Shoot him! Oh yeah Ryan, make her do it! Aw come on, hurt him just a little. Shoot him in the ass! What? Yes you can! You absolutely can to do it. At least break a toe? Pull some of his hair out? Man, Ryan started all this and once again he’s going to come out smelling like a rose and the girl is going pay. Somebody needs to bring this douchebag down. (Sorry to those who find him less douchey than I do.)

It’s about time Bianca started giving JR a hard time. Considering all the awful things he’s done to her and Kendall, the Kane women should always be suspicious of him.

Amanda is gorgeous and getting smarter. I would really like to see her rise above all this, or maybe sick Janet on David. Those two would be quite a menacing matchup.

Tad and Kwak are in bed and sort of nakedy. Someone told these people to shape up and they took it seriously. Too bad they have no heat.

I can actually understand Aidan today. Tad had to LOD: “I need my PAWTNUH.”

This PVH set is so versatile. Seems like the waiting area sometimes doubles as a patient’s room.

Nice of JR to apologize, but creepy to let himself in and sit there in the dark until she gets home. Does anyone ever change the locks in this town?

Amanda and JR would be a hot couple. Amanda makes everyone sort of hot.

Ryan is showing the most emotion I’ve seen from him in months. I think the botox is wearing off. He should really give that up. And InsAnnie? The girl done gone loco for real. At least if they commit her, maybe we’ll get a chance to see Janet.

Bianca looks the best she has since she returned. I like her straighter hair, and the powerbrow seems a little more subdued.

Emma: “Mommy what’s wrong?”
Annie: “Oh nothing sweetie. We’re just celebrating because I’ve decided not to shoot Daddy tonight! Now go back to sleep so I can jump to my death.”

ConFusion is so not cool. Do Natalia and Rebecca live on a farm? Why is Natalia wearing that shirt? What’s with all the dork dancing? Even Reese is a bad dancer. So let’s don’t dance. Just give me lots of sweet, hot lesbian love.

They are wasting Pete.

The Weave is all coiled up today, and Angie is so sad. Get that poor thing some Cymbalta. The Hubbards should just stop talking and start fu**ing. They talk way, way too much.

Everybody’s got concealed weapons on these shows.

InsAnnie: “Gotta admit I went for it. I doubled down big time….I guess I just love too much.”

InsAnnie—Over and Out. Ryan and Greenlee look all worried, but we know she can climb the exterior walls of buildings pregnant and in heals. This little fall is nothing.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• REESE: "Watch me pounce and get a donation!"

is she talkin money or sperm?

• INSANNIE: "We're a real family!"

she's doin that smile like she's a character from PEANUTS again!

• suddenly AIDUMB is speaking in whole sentences.
not only that, but he just gave a month;s worth of exposition...from his deathbed!

• INSANNIE: "I can't kill you. I love you."

this show is trash.
i'm sorry ya'll, but at this point it is.
i said this story is being written at a 5th grade level...& i was being generous. lines like "I can't kill you. I love you." make that case!

INSANNIE: "I had to do something or I was gonna go crazy! I couldn't let that happen!"

tsk, honey...

• i wonder of JESSE actually hates spaghetti & meatballs but he just says he likes it to spare ANGIE's feelings.

• INSANNIE: "I didn't shoot him...Di did!"

• whew, that REESE is scary skinny.

• INSANNIE: "Its true; I kidnapped my wn child!"

• bowls of pretzels @ CONFUSION?
low rent!

• INSANNIE: "Well...uh...I have an appointment to go to so...ah..."

this dialogue is like kids make up while they are playin BABRBIES.

• everybody has a little dance party @ CONFUSION. PETEY does the robot. NATALIA does the cabbage patch. RANDI hootches it up.

• INSANNIE: "You have my gun."

is she gonna go SPIDEY ANNIE?

INSANNIE: "AAAAAAAAAAaaaaaaaaaaaaaa."

she even jumps to her death lazy.

notes on Monday's episode

• i hate REX's hair.
he is too mature for this rocker look.

• DORIAN's makin a pie.

we're having a lull while the next wave of stories gain momentum.


• GIGI gives BRODY a picture SHANE drew for him. i got a little sappy over that.

• i like BLAIR & MCBAIN together too!

Anonymous said...

THANK YOU for aknowledging this total Tad and Krystal rewrite. Tad and Krystal married for the sake of Jenny. They're a legal marriage with some occasional sexin'. Don't get me wrong, Tad and KWAK love each other, but as FRIENDS. While she is married to Tad, ADAM is her heart- not David! It's so annoying to see this. I wanted an Adam/KWAK reunion and instead we're forcing Adam and Erica and KWAK and David. It's truly annoying.

Still not as annoying as Colby who can seriously ruin ANY scene she is in.

Annoyed that they are writing my Insannie into a corner. Go away Ryan.

jordan hudson said...

I will say this about Monday's episode . With the exception of the horirble Cryin and Meanlee adn the last confusion scene with them dancing. It was watchable. I still agree with you guys the Dialogue is pathetic. You go Debbie Morgan for actually giving a performance when you have such insipid lines as "I want to hate you but I can't because I love you." Honestly guys I really find it hard to belive that ABC is paying these writers for this s%^$. I hate that David is just being used to be the guy every one hates. At least with Jake they have history together so that makes sense. And as horrible as the Ryan storyline is, my insannie cracks me up and at least made me laugh so hard when she delivered her mini monolgue before she jumped. It reminded me of Rena Sofer in the cheerleader outfit on Melrose Place. sigh

jordan hudson said...

Oh I forgot to say also this epsiode also showed us why Michael Knight is needed on this show his scenes with Aidumb were incredible . His performance so deep and subtle. He even made Aidumb look good. What was the poitn of Randee, Natalia and petey showing. they got a paycheck for that. Yeah Natalia looked like Ethel Mertz in the conneticut epsiodes of I love Lucy with the flannel. Or maybe Natalia has a secret to share with us. Could she be a les*&^% and will come between Rianca!!!!

SOAPFAN said...

Aww man, between Shadow, Jordan, and N69N, I can't read this blog at my desk at work...LOL!

Shadow: Amanda and JR would be a hot couple. Amanda makes everyone sort of hot.

Know what would be hotter? Jr falling into hot LAVA! I kind of am sick of Jr "Queening Out" whenever something bad happens to him. Whenever it does, I always groan, cause I know Jr will start doing crazy stuff. Man up and get over it! lol!

I was disgusted by him literally ripping off Babe's clothing. Interestingly(and disgustingly) enough, remember a few months ago when Adam RIPPED off Krystal's clothes and revealed that hoe-ish hot pink bra? This reminded me of that. GAG!

Speaking of neanderthals...RYANDERTHAL! So disgusting. Douchebag is not the word. Ryan is a D*ck! Pure 100% D*ckery there!

N69N:whew, that REESE is scary skinny.
Yeah, she is rather scant, but it doesn't help that Bianca/Eden is like an amazon! It's like Bianca is in 3D and everyone else is in 2D. Zach even looks small next to Bianca.

i said this story is being written at a 5th grade level...& i was being generous.
You didn't see Lucy Merriam(Emma)'s name in the credits last week? How could you miss this?

But the show is not trash per say, but it just is inconsistent. You'll have days where there are awesome moments, but more often times where you just say who are these characters?!

Jordan Hudson: I hate that David is just being used to be the guy every one hates.
Well, if his plans were a little more adult, maybe he wouldn't be so sickening. Nothing he is doing makes sense including trying to woo Krystal. A real plan would be to tell Adam that the baby jennie is his, and that he switched the results...that would make everyone crazy. But this stuff now is just Juvenile, like an Archie comic.

I think All My Children needs a good Black Bitch. Hold on now, I am not being racist, I just mean in the spirit of equality, I have never seen a real mean Black bitchy woman on AMC. Taylor Cannon doesn't count, cause she was just spoiled...more like a Black Greenlee than a genuine nasty character. I want an Omarossa style character that just does mean things. I also want more dark skinned and brown skinned AA actresses on the show. Whenever soaps want to cast AA females, they tend to only pick the biracial or the light skinned know the type...light skinned, frizzy or curly hair, annoying valley girl attiude...etc. In this case, Natalia is Biracial, so I guess the casting was okay. I still wanna see more girls that look like Tika Sumpter or Amelia Marshal(Ex-Belinda).

But then again, this show can't be given too much credit since they have done nothing but portray Latin stereotypes (Carmen, Mondo, Luisa, etc...the ENTIRE ISLAND OF PUERTO RICO!)

The sad thing is, AMC is probably the MOST diverse soap on the air right now.

Shadow said...

Of all the nicknames I've seen us all post about the AMC characters, I think RYANDERTHAL is absolutely one of the most fitting. Love him or hate him, Ryan is a Neanderthal.

I think every week we should select a couple of the most concise, helpful comments and forward them to Frons & Co. Wouldn't you love to be in the meeting with Carruthers, Pratt and Frons when they read a line like: "I think All My Children needs a good Black Bitch." Ha!

Ty, imho you are right about that by the way.

Jordan-Ethel Mertz! Hahaha!

jordan hudson said...

TY Debbie Morgan has spoken out about this issue before. How characters of color are always either really saintly or really bad, that there is never a black Erica Kane. Thou Jonelle Allen on Generations was a Black bitch and loved her.

Today was okay. The Annie aspect of the storyline is classic AMC right down to the fantasy. Yet you know something is wrong when your rooting for the psycho to do away with the two supposed heroes. I want Annie to win and Greenlee and Ryan to go.lolololol.

The David and Jake stuff was good because (even thou they never mentioned it) have serious history that puts them at odds.

Still trying to understand what the purpose of Natalai and Rancid was.

Also missing scenes again. Bianca is on Amanda cut to commercial when we return Amanada is gone and Rianca is standing at the bar. David busts in on Annie cut to commercial and david is on the floor UGGGGHH

The Coby Brot stuff was much better then last Tuesday but the reason was because the writing was 10x better then last week.

Norn Cutson said...

i'm still cryin from TINA's farewell montage, edited to IVE BEEN TO PARADISE BUT IVE NEVER BEEN TO ME!!!!


Anonymous said...

I think that tad's looking good :) and that Krystal doesnt know what shes missing

And Dixie needs to come back alive....immediately....

Anonymous said...

Is Reese an alcohlic???

Because everytime she is on screen she is drinking or holding a glass of wine! LOL!!


Arizonagal said...

WTF is JR doing trying to rip off Amanda's (Bbe's) dress! That scene just pissed me off. Who writes this crap! There are way too many hot headed jerks in Pine Valley.

Again, TPTB think we are going to see this as a poor JR moment. But, it's not TPTB. It's JR being abusive and violent and it is so unappealing that when he takes a step forward by behaving like a rational human, he takes giant steps backwards and right back into his old JR, totally worthless human mode. This is not a sympathic misunderstood character. He's no better than David (who has come back really creepy), Ryan, Tad the murderer, Aidumb, and all the rest of the macho sh*theads on the show.

So InSannie is one of those "women who love too much"?? Blech. Revenge would make her even more interesting.

Yeah, the dialogue is very soapy sudsy and melodramatic, but not good melodrama, just very obvious and cliche, and oh so corny.

Ryanderthal, there ya go, this is the perfect name for that putz. I hadn't heard that one before.

Anonymous said...

Only caught the last 10 minutes. Is this General Hospital because half of every show takes place in PVH. AMC is too cheap to build new home sets for the major characters, so I guess someone will be mamed once a week from now.

And then Rianca were still at Contusion. Yuck.

Anonymous said...

I'm getting tired of PVH and the Chandler mansion. Adam needs to post a "No Loitering" sign on his back porch. I really dislike the ConTusion and Fusion sets. I was really hoping the tornado would blow them all away. The Comeback was actually OK. It had more personality than BJs.

OLTL-Finally, Tina looks like Tina. She even has her old hairstyle back. That weird flip 'do she sported for most of this run was bad. Still, she's just talking to herself in a mausoleum. Doesn't seem like they utilized her very well. She's talking to a dog and dead guy. "As God as my witness...." Kind of a waste of one of the best OLTL characters ever if you ask me.

How many of you ladies are shopping JCPenney this holiday season to "capture the glamour and style of the women of Fusion"?

Laura said...

I agree we need a strong black woman on soaps. Like Diann Carroll was on Dynasty.

We will have a strong black woman in the White House, why can't we have one on our soaps? Victoria Rowell is bi-racial I believe but always played a strong black woman. In real life her mouth got her in trouble, but I love her. I think OLTL is wasting Tika. I would like to see her hook up with Brot.

I am white but somebody needs to file a civil rights lawsuit on our soaps. Where is RJ Gannon, and other strong characters of color? AMC treats Puerto Ricans like Ricky Ricardo.

Our country has advanced but you would not know it from watching Daytime TV.

Question of the day? Is there enough diversity on soaps? I say no.

Chuck Pratt is not the answer. Look what he did to the only black family on Desperate Housewives.

jordan hudson said...

Laura I so agree with you . My only complaint with OLTL is USE TIKA. I think Tika and Brody would be so hot. I also wnat soap couples what ever happened to the good old afshion soap couple you root for. Like Noah and Julia, Cliff and Nina, Grege and Jenny, Tina and Cord. the last Soap couple I found myself really rooting for was Meg and Paul on ATWT. How they fell in love was old School Daytime.....but now they just keep putting them in the same miserable plot over and over again. How many times can Paul lie to Meg and Meg run back to the farm saying it's over jeez. Also now on GL so rooting for Beth and Coop. Thou it is weird but this is the same show where Reva was married to a father and his two sons so.......

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I find Coop and Beth on GL very interesting and unexpected. Damn, Beth Chamberlain is still a fox and has the body of a teenager, she is fabulous. Use her GL, she's still got it in spades! Still wish she'd join AMC as Liza Colby, she's terrific.

Laura said...

When is Josh coming back, and will he stay? I just found out he grew up by where I live. Get this, his father is a doctor and his brother a pilot! No lie. He actually studied pre-med at the University of Iowa. He designs some type of T-shirts where you can put any sayings on them. I want to get one and write "I crashed my plane" or Redic! or Kill Aidumb. It never ends. I think he should send one to our Pine Valley Podcasts hosts.

Thanks for agreeing with me Jordan about the use of color in daytime. 2/5ths of the view is black. How about some diversity in my soaps?

I finally see my girl Tika today and she's there to cook a turkey? Stuff it Frons. I think Brot becomes friends with Jess/Tess at St. Anne's not exactly a spoiler.

The Myrtle Episodes air Dec 18/19th. Has anybody heard if Brooke will be there?

Anonymous said...

Eden Riegel said:

On Bobbie Eakes's (Krystal) Waterworks During Babe's Death: "Bobbie Eakes is the Julia Barr [ex-Brooke] of ALL MY CHILDREN.... if Julia Barr weren't the Julia Barr of ALL MY CHILDREN."

What do ya'll think about that?

Jill Larson has two movies coming out:

Shadow said...

Colby should *not* wear a beanie hat or anything else which accentuates the enormity of her fivehead.

Anonymous said...

And I'm still trying to figure out how InsAnnie survived jumping off the penthouse balcony. I guess she wears Kotex with Wings or something.

jordan hudson said...

Shadow this is what I think about Eden's comment. Eden suck it. Actually I forgive you Edene because your young and you know not what you speak. I'm sorry I love Bobbie Eakes but she is no Julia Barr. The nerve.

jordan hudson said...

Im so there. I have always had a major crush on Beth Chamberlain and think she has only gotten hotter with age. She can also act which really turns me on. I hate the fact that GL doesn't appreciate her. As much as I will always want Beth and Phillip. I love her with Coop, because I think John Driscoll is another actor who is not really appreciated. They had a horrible episode last year where Beth and Coop had lost there memory due to some experimental drug and they thought they were together and I thought hmmmm they have some spark, who knew.....

Well Laura as someone who is Latin, I do wish that television would become even more diverse. While I do believe we have come along way, we have along way to go. Too many shows still hire the token ethnic for there show. It's one of the reasons, I love shows like Scrubs were they don't shy away from race. Shows like Army Wives, Grey's, Desperate Housewives were the characters of color are equal. That doesn't mean that I can't enjoy a show like Sons of Anarchy about a white biker gang in a small town. See it makes sense that in this small town the community is predominatley white.

Yet a show like Friends that takes place In New York City and the six of them are all white and never really work, date, interact with anyone that is of a different religion, or heritage....lolol that's silly.

Another sad thing is that after watching this week's Boston Legal, I was truly hurt. That this incredibly written show with three leads that are over 40 and are experienced actors. A show which is both incredibly funny and touching. A show that was not afraid to speak about hot issues and show both sides of the argument ( one of the things I love about David kellys writing) is going to be off the air in a few weeks. I wont see Candice Bergen ( dammit release the rest of the seasons of Murphy Brown) and Alan Shore deliver his closing, William Shatner say Denny Crane. Yet the Bachleor is still on the air. That ABC is putting another reality show by that idiot Ashton Kustcher and Tyra Five head Banks....... I'm disgusted! Sorry had to vent.

Anonymous said...

Jordan that was my thought too, but it does seem like that's how AMC views KWAK's character. Kwak has a deep friendship with Tad like Brooke did. They have a child together. Kwak lost a child like Brooke did. Erica doesn't like Kwak or Brooke. Kwak serves as the good friend who listens to many of the characters- like Brooke. I think that is part of why AMC doesn't think they need Brooke. The problem is that as much as I like Kwak, she doesn't have the chemistry, history, or deep family ties that Brooke had. They can't replace Erica and equally if not more so can't replace Julia Barr who was very much the heart of the show for me. IMO she is far more important than character than even Dixie. AMC would get so much publicity out of Barr's return, and I don't think anything would be a bigger draw for viewers than her return. It just astounds me that cooler heads don't prevail and work out her return. I just think about the sweet, moving promos they could make publicizing her return-the interview on The View, etc. Such a missed opportunity. I know Soaps are cutting back, but if there was ever a sure thing, her return would seem like a wise gamble.

Norn Cutson said...

i think Eden must be watching the deleted scenes & she thinks they actually aired!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• TAYLOR's scootin round the halls of PVH.

• GREENLEE: "She made it!"

dont they live in the penthouse?

• COLBY's got that whole mansion & she;s stashin BROT in the boathouse?!?

• ZACH is bein assy.

• so INSANNIE jumps off the penthouse balcony, LANDS ON HER FEET, makes a get away in her car, HITTING CRYAN on her way out?!?!?!?!?

DAMN, i hope they include *that* in the deleted scenes!!!!

oh, here we get a peek into INSANNIE's fantasy world.

i dont even understand the definition of "love" on this show.

• whenever i see CRYAN it reminds me to trim my ear hair.

• ya'll know that, after surgery, you are in no condition to be talkin to the police & answering questions.

although after INSANNIE jumpin off that balcony AND LANDING ON HER FEET i guess we should just accept anything.

• tsk, BINKS gets all heated with AMANDA, just coz she was givin REESE some truth.
"Devilish Divas" is actually a pretty gentle way to describe them.

• who had the bright idea to give COLBY *MORE* to do instead of *LESS*?

is Mongrief Frons's lovechild or something? why is she still employed? people with talent are going hungry!

• DAVID & INSANNIE, this is gonna be goooooooooooooooood!!!!!!

WHAT THE HELL?!?!?!?!?!?

they *TOTALLY CHEATED* us out of a would wouldve been a *FANTASTIC* cutting to conked-out DAVID on the floor..CHEAP!!! WHAT A RIP-OFF!!!! THIS SUCKS!!!!

damn, that *better* be on the deleted scenes!!!!
Eden says those deleted scenes are *really goood*, & i believe her!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• VANESSA THE SPIDER WOMAN licks her chops over CRISTIAN, "Happy Thanksgiving, I know what *I* wanna eat!"

• i like the print of SARAH's pajamas.

LAYLA is back with a new hairdo.
its shameful that they cant think of anything to do with her character.

• NORA & BRODY come to ST friend Janet Fanale has been playing a nun, so i'm lookin out for her in these ST ANNES scenes!

• TINA!!!!
my darling TINA!!!

• KEVIN & JOEY sent flowers to JESS.

• Andrea Evans says, "I dont even know you, and yet here we are playing our last scenes together. Why didnt we have any mother & daughter scenes while I was here? Is it bad writing or is TINA really supposed to be that bad of a mother? This sucks but I am a professional and I am gonna ***SELL*** this crap they've written me....and if that doesnt cut it, I'M GONNA WHIP OUT A PUPPY!!!!"

• REX's hair is extra ridiculous today. this is OLTL, not VELVET GOLDMINE.

• TINA: "Take care of the puppy. He means well...even if sometimes he makes mistakes....just like someone else you know."


that Justis Bolding had no bonding instinct with that puppy! if that little baby puppy was anywhere around me, *no one* would be able to stop me from cuddlin him!!!

• VIKI: "Give the baby a kiss! See the baby?"

• TINA's farewell montage: IVE NEVER BEEN TO ME

i cried double...once for the character of TINA & the world of OLTL & once for us, the people in the real world, including Andrea Evans.

I've always identified with TINA; she always has the best intentions but she always fucks everything up.

& the whole WANDERING CHILD thing..the sense that i have to leave the family & go out into the world to find...some kind of validation.

I'm very sad to see TINA go.

i'm crying again just typing it up.
its such an unneccessary loss.


oh, btw, i got my new job!
i'll be a graphic artist for Rashti & Rashti, upscale childrenswear, more $ than my previous job!

Norn Cutson said...

i recorded this as a way to welcome Ashley to the world of ONE LIFE TO LIVE!

Shadow said...

Just finished the podcast. Great stuff as usual. People wonder why I'm laughing on the treadmill. It's not because of my love for strenuous exercise!

Poor Turdby. Jordan would rather have someone stick a Q-tip up his pee hole than watch a scene with her in it. Ouch.

Ashley, I don't think most rich people have christenings in their homes, but when your only choice is a hospital stairwell, the park/cemetary, Adam's back porch, Fusion/ConTusion, or BJs, the house is pretty much the best thing going. The real trick is finding a priest who isn't a hateful biggot.

n69n said: "whenever i see CRYAN it reminds me to trim my ear hair".

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordash,
That was the funniest podcast in a long time, we just loved it.

Jordan, u should come to Canada for a visit.


Norn Cutson said...

lets all hold hands & say one thing we are thankful for in the past year of ALL MY CHILDREN.

i'll say...PETEY.

He's the most talented addition to the cast (besides CARMEN) of 2008.
I feel that we're really lucky to have him; he brings some *LIFE* to the show!

Shadow said...

I'm thankful for the more meaningful use of Opal and Joe. I love the vets.

And I'm thankful for the PVP, the PVP Blog, and all the astoot hosts and participants. It's been a lot of fun.

Oops, that was two things.

Happy Thanksgiving!


Anonymous said...

Oh, good one! I am thankful for.... The loss of Blandie and the addition of INSANNIE!

Anonymous said...

Oh, and of course thankful for the PVP, this fantastic messageboard, and Ashley's impersonation of Jesse!

VincentFan1 said...

If it were MY AMC, JB and BE would both be on it. They're both fabulous! :)

Laura said...

I am thankful for you watching so I don't have to.

Go to and download free Christmas music for the next day.8 songs in all.

Anybody watching Rosie tonight? As long as she doesn't talk politics it will be fun. Also want to see BW special with the Obama's.

Another thing to be thankful for, Bush is going soon.

I am thankful our talented n69 got another job.

I am thankful to all the support from my friends on the blog in the last year when my mother-in-law was dying.

I am also thankful I don't have to go to a hospital in the Bronx. I have federal health insurance. I am imaging this as a soap and laughing out loud. All senators and congressman need to be admitted to the emergency room without insurance and maybe then healthcare will get straightened out.

Arizonagal said...

I am thankful for:

Ashley Mendoza and Jordan Hudson (and Pedro and Taylor) because they work so hard to give us the gift of this wonderful podcast, and because they make me laugh, at times inappropriately, in my office and elsewhere.

the blog and all you crazy bloggers

InSannie, I love her over the top antics

Opal, who always makes me smile

TPTB for bringing back Jesse and Angie

Jake, so TPTB give this guy more to do

Krystal and Angie's friendship, which feels so adult and real

my hubby and our four generations of family

having a good job during these tough economic times

Kendall's temporary coma

Brooke Burke's win last night

I am thankful for our new president elect, and I would have still been thankful if McCain had won the election!

Anonymous said...

Caught just the last 10 minutes again tonight. That sword InsAnnie used to slay Erica would have cut Superstar's tiny frame in half. At ConTusion that thing had MEAT on it. Ack! Does this mean the end for our beloved Erica Kane? Will she live to marry again? So suspenseful!

Nice boob shot at the end though.

Norn Cutson said...

RERUN: "...And don't call me fat again!"

DEE: "I wasn't gonna call you fat *again*"

RERUN: "Good!"

DEE: "...You was *always* fat!"

Shadow said...

From Daytime Confidential...

This just in. All My Children and One Life to Live creator Agnes Nixon has confirmed to Advertising Age that massive pay cuts have indeeed taken place at one of her two ABC soaps!

"All the actors on 'All My Children' have been reduced [in salary]," said creator Agnes Nixon, who also created the ABC soap "One Life to Live" and is now a paid consultant to the network's daytime division. "Susan Lucci, Michael Knight and Ray McDonald have all been reduced -- substantially. And so have I, as a consultant. The ratings are not the same."

In addition to ratings woes, the article cites the pisspoor state of the American automobile industry, a one-time strong advertiser during soap broadcasts, as reason for the economic hardships facing daytime television.

"The affiliate stations are really hurting because the automobile dealers don't advertise [like they used to]," Ms. Nixon said. "It's a ripple-down effect."

Shadow said...

Ridic Moment of the Week:

Greenlee looks over the balcony and says, "She made it!"

Shadow said...

OLTL- Seems like Brodie and Jessica would be a good couple.

I just saw MCE in a commercial for Proactive. She was putting medicine on a zit.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• wow, i do like NATALIA's coat.

• INSANNIE is turning into THE JOKER. if i was an actress & a camera was gonna be all up in my face, i would have that mole removed. its gonna take more than PROACTIVE™.



• INSANNIE outwits the entire PVD.

well, at least MCE seems to be enjoying herself.

• too bad they didnt invite OPAL to this party.
i can just imagine that we would have heard OPAL shriek as the camera
zooms in on ERICA's boobs.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• VIKI's takin a crowbar to VICTOR LORD's crypt.

• LOL @ BLAIR's impression of MCBAIN!

• BRODY & JESS meet @ ST ANNE'S.
i feel some heat, what do ya'll think?

JESS: "I'm as loony as they come!"

• VIKI: (shrieking & sobbing, as she beats her father's crypt with a crowbar) "AAAAUUUGHHH!!! (CLANG!) YOU DESTROYED ME!!! You destroyed Todd and Tina and Jessie...Your poison has filtered down through all our families!
And it touches everyone...EVEN LITTLE STARR!!!!!!" (CLANG!)

oh, when my VIKI cries, i cry.

• tsk, who's ROXY havin Thanksgiving with?!?!?
shouldnt she be with REX & SHANE?

(tho i did like the little reverse psychology bit)

• i really appreciate the adult tone between BLAIR & MCBAIN.

• SARAH: "Save it for your half-naked houseguest!"

Norn Cutson said...

oops i wasnt finished...

CHARLIE redid it as the BON JOUR CAFE!

on one hand, i'm laughin coz its SO CHEAP that they are recycling this set, (that could not logically fit in the same space as the old CARLOTTA'S DINER)


on the other hand, i'm all sappy teary-eyed because obviously VIKI is bowled over by this romantic gesture.

& if my VIKI is happy, i'm happy.

on a third hand, i wonder what CARLOTTA thinks about her diner being used as a loveletter to VIKI?

Anonymous said...

Yeah, at first I thought Annie's mole was a booger! Straight on, it's a beauty mark. Close up from the side, it's a snot rocket.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad the stars were willing to take a pay cut and not end up like poor Drake and Deidre, who from what I heard, weren't even given a chance to negotiate. At least AMC understands these characters are important to the canvas, eventhough sometimes they seem neglected.

But if they're looking to cut the budget, I could name about 5 or 6 actors on the show to cut- but it's a day of being thankful and happy, so I won't go there... for now ;)

Happy Thanksgiving PVP friends!

Anonymous said...

Happy thanksgiving to all ya'll!

Special thanks to Ashley and Jordan and Taylor and Pedro for watching so we don't have to and for providing us with a solid podcast every week.

Now That's Entertainment!

Love all youse guys

Anonymous said...

Norn, just read your post. I haven't seen the last few days yet. Didn't realize Brody and Jess were at the same place. I love the idea of hooking those two up. Serious heat there and I am glad OLTL isn't throwing Brody to the wolves.

Also gotta agree about Rex's hair. He's a good actor but that hair makes me want to take him less seriously. His hair is distracting and at times he almost looks like David Vickers, the dog, not the dude. Rex needs an extreme makeover.

Shadow said...

I modified the prayer at the end of the 10,000th show...

As we gather to give thanks for our homes, families and friends, we are also thankful for new friends we have come to know through the Pine Valley Podcast.
May TPTB hear JordAsh, read our blog and know how much we love our show.
If they listen to our astoot comments, AMC will be lifted to ratings heaven by our bright smiles.
Just let us be at peace with our show.
Give TPTB the strength to find their way and the courage to make the right choices.
Let the writing be strong.
TPTB gave us a sign of hope and love with a new characters and story lines born into so much destruction.
And so we pray for characters we love to return to Pine Valley
And act like themselves again
And for the show not to suck anymore.
With grace and strength, we hope the show does better than survive.
May it rise from the ratings cellar stronger than ever.
The great and the least
The rich and the poor
The weak and the strong
In joy and in sorrow
In tragedy and triumph.
We are the Pine Valley Podcast.

Christine said...

First time poster here... love the podcast btw, hilarious! I've been watching AMC for... well forever it seems. I have seen better periods of this show for sure but I still have enjoyable moments. Like this week, I looove how crazy Annie is!! Brings me back to Janet from-another-planet Green. Also it's nice to have the focus on other characters than Kendall for a change, I like in-a-coma-opening-my-eyes-once-but-don't-talk Kendall! Anyway, just though I drop a comment here since I'm listening to the podcast for the last month. Keep up the good work! and thank you!

Norn Cutson said...

i hope ya'll had a good thanksgiving!

i saw my friend Darbi & she told me about her scene with ERICA, she plays a reporter @ an upcoming FUSION press confrence.

(she also said Susan Lucci was so tiny she could fit in her purse!)

& she told me she's booked a scene for this week...something to do with RANDI!

Laura said...

Bargain Alert
Amazon has 50 albums in mp3 format to download for 5 dollars each today. I got Jason Mraz, Coldplay, Katie Perry, and Duffy.

I am thankful to share this information with my friends here. n69 thank you for sharing your artwork. Liked your Viki picture.

Anonymous said...

OMG its been forever. I feel like a jerk for not being on here, but I've had school, and a trip to St. Louis, and stuff for a while. During that period, I finally turned 18! (Wooo!) And I've been keeping up on my soaps and the podcast. Great job this week by the way, Ashley and Jordan.

And yes, Shadow, I've missed u too. :)

But I am seeing a lot of life on-screen in a lot of unexpected storylines. InsAnnie = gold for me! She's lost her marbles, and MCE has knocked it out of the park with her performance. I am however, mad about some holes that are in the story though, such as...
When did Aidan find out that Annie killed Richie?
Why is Greenlee so quick to blame Annie considering that Ryan seems to be so far into the wrong?
And what was the point of throwing Di into the mix? Unneccesary!
As far as Annie is concerned, she can do no wrong. I watched a lot of vids from SSW and I have to say, she might be able to make Aidumb watchable if they pair them. I'm not for it, but it could happen.

David. (sigh). As creepy as some of the stuff with Amanda is, you have to remember, this is the same guy who kept Maria away from her family for years. This is the same guy that locked Erica in a basement (or maybe it was the other way around....that s/l was cloudy for me). I really wouldnt put it past him to manipulate an impressionable girl like Amanda, who's in search for attention, to screw with JR. It's not like its above Amanda. She's Janet's daughter, after all.

Brot = amazing, but what is the point of putting him in scenes with Colby....and why is Petey suddenly feeling obligated to declare his love. It's too rushed. You don't see Spinelli doing that for Maxie, and Petey shouldnt even be considering doing that this early for the human runway (and im not talking about fashion).
I actually like Rebecca, but Jesse needs to wake up and realize what this is doing to Angie. And Frankie needs to man up and quit being a panzy. And Randi needs acting lessons. Period.

Anonymous said...

so stoked that Josh is coming back!!!

Anonymous said...

And another btw,
(I just got caught up with the blog, everyone bare with me for a sec.)
Colin Egglesfield aka Josh is actually the grandson of a woman and her husband, Maura and Shaun Dineen, whom was best friends with my grandparents and also babysat my father when he was little. Colin's dad, Bill, actually delivered 3 of my cousins at the hospital he works at. It's kinda surreal. And I am so excited they're bringing him back, even if it is for a little while. Hopefully, the fan response can keep him on, and we dont want InsAnnie paired with Aidumb...why not Josh?

Shadow said...

Hey DiscoDan, good to have you back!

I saw that blurb in SOD that Josh was coming back for a while, but I haven't found any other details or references about it. He is definitely still reocurring so hopefully it will work out. Maybe part of the reason we haven't seen him or Carmen much because they were waiting to see how contract negotiations work out with the vets. You know they had to come by Rancid and Trolby on the cheap. My dog can bark with more inflection than those two turds.

Shadow said...

I've always thought of Pine Valley as sort of an upscale community, so I'm surprised a dangerous place like ConFusion hasn't been shut down. It's frequented by pimps and their ho's. People have been murdered there! One guy even had his neck snapped in the men's bathroom and died on the spot! Recently, some famous chick was gutted in the women's bathroom. If you have to go to this place, whatever you do, DO NOT PEE THERE. HOLD YOUR PEE UNTIL YOU GET HOME or you will certainly meet your death!

Mel Got Served said...

It's only appropriate Isannie's mental breakdown happens in Confusion since it looks like a mental institution with the stark white walls and bright lights. But I don't think mental institutions have that Nelly Furtado instrumental ripoff playing nonstop.

daisytex said...

Ryan looks like one of the Sprokets in his tight turtleneck! Now, I'm just waiting for him to dance...

Anonymous said... is reporting that Josh is coming back. "The banished (and unaborted) son of Erica Kane (Susan Lucci) and Jeff Martin returns to the scene in January for at least several episodes. Egglesfield was last seen in September after being dropped to recurring status."

I'm assuming he'll be there for Bianca and Reese's commitment ceremony. I wonder if Josh and Zach will catch the garners. LOL

Norn Cutson said...

here's my Thanksgivin present for ya'll...

my illustration of AMANDA.

Anonymous said...

norn ur amazing
that illustration is so awesome.

Mel Got Served said...

Norn, LOVE it! Your art is fantastic and I really hope you send this to Chrishelle.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I forgot to do my 'what I am thankful for'

I am thankful for:
My PVP fam
David Hayward
suspension of the suckstet
Aidumb was shot
Kendall is in a coma
MCE is still on the show
Josh is coming back
the soon departure of RB
Amanda's body
the rapemance is over
the writing we're getting out of the fallout
the return of the real David Vickers
the real Marty
Cramer women
real teens
Tess's body...(not Jess or Bess lol)
the return of Moe and Noelle
the Buchanan family secret (David)
the return of Asa
the departure of Tina (not the real Tina Lord Roberts)
Viki Davidson. Period.
the mob war
Sonny and Claudia are married..hahaha
the hope for Liason
Sam's body
the hope that Lipstick Jungle might be canceled and Guza can end his Brenda-bot affair
Quartermaines...anywhere I can get them.
Luke and Tracy
Spinlu friendship
Jaspin bromance
Carly Corinthos Jax
the hope for some Cassadine love?
the hope that Lucky grows a brain and stops being a moron. Your Luke Spencer's son. Quit it!
Patrick and Matt's development as brothers
the hope that after scrubs gets married, Robin finally shuts up.

Laura said...

Norn, what can I say, brilliant as usual.

Daytime Confidential is saying Billy Miller, who, along with Young and Restless costar Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe), are daytime's breakout stars of 2008. Yeah they broke out all right, from Pine Valley. But I love them on Y&R. Billy is one reason I started watching again.

Anonymous said...

I think that they are fast forwarding this whole problem with Krystal and Tads marriage. WE never see them fight. Whatever happened to Kate-thy's problems? We should see some of the psychologist working with them as a family unit and see Krystal building up each day losing herself and realizing how much she misses Babe....we should also see Tad going to his friends(which he never does) and exclaim to them his problems with his marriage and having problems fixing it and asking for help....Tad is a moral character and I feel is being written way out of character and looking like a dumb*ss and Krystal is looking like a smug jurk that is a hoebag...but written like we should love her and hate him
I am enjoying David, but do miss his relationship with Greenlee and Bianca ad wish they would show people that hes great with. I look forward to them exploring his relationship with Erica because I think that they always had a ton of chemistry (second best of Ericas relationships in my opinion....second to her and Dimitri)
I also think they need to shop more of the family how does Opal feel about losing Babe and her son dating the daughter of Adam Chandler?
Also why did ad not have a scene morning Di? He did love her for a while.....I think that there should be something there
The dialogue is not consistenly good....however the Thanksgiving episode was kind of fun to watch...I did enjoy the little fight between David and Tad and David calling him Hayweird
I noticed that Adam doesnt feel in character....he seems overly maniacle and evil....I miss those scenes between himand Stuart where he shows his softer side and feel that the writers dont know ho to really write the softer side of males..all off them seem so hard...except Zach in some scenes every male seems to be without feeling because they dont have any softer side and I think thats a problem with the writing....I dont know I guess its just my opinion :)

Anonymous said...

Eleah, Tad is a moral character? Actually I sort of agree. Tad has a strong sense of morality, but he only lives by that code when life is relatively easy and it's convenient. When he's faced with difficulties, he often resorts to short term solutions. I think he's very flawed and has poor problem solving skills. Ok now where's my nickel.

My major beef this week is Brot. I am liking this guy, and actually enjoying his scenes with Colby. Although she's supposed to be the more seasoned professional, Brot, like Petey, is the one making Colby tolerable. But I digress. Why the hell is this guy still lurking around in the shadows? Who the hell in PV is going to recognize him other thank Taylor and Frankie?

It just bugs me when TPTB bring on a character and introduce them as some dark lurking figure. How many times have they done that? It's stooooopid! Those scenes with him hiding behind the nets in the boathouse - way dumb. Not to mention, would it really be that easy to play dead if you were a vet? What did I miss? Did the military inform his mother that he'd died? If so, what's he doing at the VA? If he was really dead, there would have been confirmation of it to his family, no?

Anonymous said...

Laura, I started watching for the exact same reason too. Him and Liz Hendrickson are amazing....and I'm liking the rest of the show as well. I watch it on youtube. It's addicting. lol

Shadow said...

Hey n69-I just listened to your OLTL intro. Hilarious! Great job on Amanda. Who would ever have guessed that there would be such big talent on a little blog about a soap opera? We've got Rich Little quality impersonations, graphic artistry, poetry, LOL comedic brilliance and general all-around astootness. Love this place.

Laura said...

Discodan, just so you know. Y&R is on the CBS website everyday with the whole show, only a few commercials, good quality better than youtube. I am enjoying Y&R a lot. I watched it last a lot in the 70's. Way before you were born.

Our favorite myspace guy superposter has a good interview with Petey from AMC.

He had something on his website about an event celebrating the diversity in daytime. Ha! Had to laugh on that one. More blacks will be living in the white house than are on any soap. And they don't use the ones they have, like Tika! And WTF happened to Carmen. I've complained about this enough, but if I wanted to see a bunch of white people all the time, I'd move back to Iowa!!!

Anonymous said...

SON Spoilers 12/1


Frankie proves to be a man of his word much to Brot's chagrin. Jake confronts Brot. Brot reels at Taylor's reaction to the sight of his face.. Jake and Frankie take on the role of peace makers. Brot faces Taylor again. Taylor sees the man she fell in love with as she looks into Brot's eyes. Brot belittles what he and Taylor had and walks away.

JR's confession gets to Amanda but over-joys David. Amanda manages to cheer up Little Adam. JR's appreciation of Amanda grows, while Adam's suspicions intensify. Amanda battles guilt.

David plays on Krystal's intensifying depression. David and Krystal kiss. Angie leaves David with a warning. Tad is unable to reach a grief-stricken Krystal. David encounters Krystal and brings her to Wildwind where he proceeds to drug her milk. David lies to Angie when she calls looking for her friend.

A heartsick Zach takes his anger out at Reese who later attempts to bring Christmas cheer to the Slater household. Kendall's loved ones gather at the hospital after she's brought back home. David is the bearer of devastating news about Kendall. Zach presses a reluctant Reese to keep David’s news secret.

Jake successfully operates on Erica. Bianca covers for Erica at Fusion. Recovery proves to be a minor obstacle to Erica who handles business from her bed and insists on being taken to her daughter's room. Greenlee and Erica reach an understanding. Erica declines Jack's invitation and instead accepts Adam's.

A Closer Look: Point of No Return

Annie insists on renewing her vows with Ryan who manages to disarm her. Ryan reels as Annie comes completely unglued at the police station. Ryan rages at Zach who admits he made a deal with Annie after figuring out she killed Richie. Annie points the finger at Richie when Ryan inquires if anybody helped her pull off Emma's kidnapping. Ryan tells Greenlee he's going to make helping Annie get better his top priority. Aidan, meanwhile, tries to get Annie to admit she's faking her insanity. Ryan and Jesse grow suspicious of Aidan. Unable to deal with their guilt, Ryan and Greenlee go their separate ways. Annie freaks out during her sanity hearing and later attacks Aidan after he sneaks into her hospital room again.

http://www.soapoper anetwork. com

Daily Spoilers for Wk of 12/1
« Thread Started on Nov 26, 2008, 10:24pm »


CDN TV Guide

Monday: A deranged Annie is arrested; Zach admits to Greenlee and Ryan that he knew about Annie murdering Richie; JR admits to Amanda that he wants a drink.

Tuesday: Jake challenges Brot to be a man; Annie points the finger at Richie when Ryan questions her about Emma's kidnapping; Zach lashes out at Reese.

Wednesday: Taylor regrets her reaction to Brot's scarred face; Ryan and Jesse grow suspicious of Aidan; Angie warns David to stay away from Krystal.

Thursday: Brot pushes Taylor away; Greelee forces herself to walk away from Ryan; Randi is thrilled when Erica compliments her modelling shots for the Fusion campaign.

Friday: Annie accuses Greenlee of the being the devil in court; JR appreciates Amanda's kindess with little Adam.

Daily Listings

Monday, December 1
Ryan has his hands full with a crazed Annie;
David anticipates JR's imminent demise;
Erica's life is on the line.

Tuesday, December 2
Frankie tells Jake and Taylor that Brot is alive;
Bianca covers Erica's back at Fusion;
Zach takes his anger and frustration out on Reese.

Wednesday, December 3
Aidan wonders if Annie is as insane as she claims;
Taylor and Brot come face to face;
Greenlee wonders how she and Ryan can ever be happy.

Thursday, December 4
Zach confides his secret to Reese;
Brot pushes Taylor away;
David is the bearer of devastating news.

Friday, December 5
Annie learns what her future holds;
Adam warns Amanda to stay away from JR;
A grieving Krystal finds refuge with David.

SID Spoilers
« Thread Started on Nov 26, 2008, 10:20pm »

SID-December 15th issue

Interview with Tamara Braun-she talks about her storyline and her character and why she agreed to another daytime role after she'd pretty much made up her mind not to do another after playing Ava on Days.

She says that it's a groundbreaking character and a groundbreaking story, because two people of the same sex have never been married in daytime. They've never had a child together in daytime. That was the only reason she came back.

In Depth Story

Mackenzie Westmore is joining AMC as Dr. Reily Sinclair

The In Depth Story: The psychiatrist will show up on Friday, December 12, as part of Annie's life at Oakhaven Mental Hospital-and in light of how nutty Ryan's wife has become lately, we're thinking Westmore's taping schedule will be packed.

Will Pop forgive Reese?

Bianca and Reese's idyllic romance may hit a little turbulence in the near future when Frank Runyeon comes to town as Reese's dad, Forrest Williams. "Her parents had a hard time accepting that she is gay, and she's had a hard time dealing with being so shunned," says Tamara Braun. Could pop be coming to town to forgive and forget? "Who knows?"

AMC casting director Judy Blye Wilson recently won her 10th consecutive Artios Award from the Casting Society of America for excellence in casting a daytime drama. Her competition included ATWT, Days of Our Lives, GH and GL

Set Your DVR

Kendall's Last Chance!

With both his wife and mother-in-law fighting for their lives, Zach takes his frustrations out on Reese on Tuesday, December 2, only to turn around and share a secret with her on Thursday, December 4.

As Ryan and Greenlee fight off temptation on Monday, December 8, things at Wildwind take a very interesting turn on Tuesday, December 9.

Bianca begins to suspect her girlfriend is keeping something under wraps on Wednesday, December 10, and sure enough, Reese spends Thursday, December 11, working with Zach to make sure their secret remains a secret. As Reese deals with a most unexpected surprise on Friday, December 12, Zach goes to David and demands that he perform a miracle for Kendall!

In Depth Preview

Kendall's Dying!

All My Children's Zach can't stand life without Kendall, and this week he brings her home to be with her family. But will life outside the treatment facility be too much for the still-comatose Mrs. Slater? Could Zach's need to have his wife near ultimately be the cause of her demise?

Zach Loses Hope!

The week begins as Zach receives an autographed hockey shirt that Kendall arranged for long before the tornadoes left her unconscious. Touched, Zach talks with Reese about how well his wife knows him. Normally so self-assured, he is on unfamiliar ground as he marvels at how JR can continue on knowing that Babe will never return to him. In Zach's desolation, he even envies young Chandler's strength. His roiling emotions and fears for the future come to an angry head and explode on Reese....... just as Bianca walks in to hear her brother-in-law' s tirade! Later, when they're out of his earshot, Gabrielle's mom kiss, and Reese sadly acknowledges that Kendall probably won't recover.

Kendall Comes Home!

Binks has a heart-to-heart with Zach during which they agree to bring Kendall home from Canada. But Zach's adament about one thing: His wife will live! He, Bianca and Reese welcome the curely-haired hottie back to Pine Valley and set up a schedule so one of them is with her all the time. Reese sets a festive atmosphere by decorating the house for Christmas, but twinkling lights can't brighten up what David tells Zach: Kendall, who's got a weak heart and is still in a coma, only has months to live! Unable to bear this burden alone, a devastated Zach confides in Reese but then swears her to secrecy. Could this season be Kendall's last?

Remote Patrol

Daddy Issues

Time and again, Bianca and Zach have proven their loyalty to and love for Kendall. So it makes no sense that either-let alone both-would keep her in the dark regarding his agreeing to hand over his, um, sample(yes, it's another AMC storyline revolving around "genetic material"!) or her resulting pregnancy.
Yes, we heard Binks' explanation that it had been a difficult pregnancy, but that falls flat when two sisters who are as tight as Kendall and Bianca. We expect more of Zach and Bianca-and of the writers, who obviously forgot that it's character-driven plots that fans crave.

Can Angie & Jesse's marriage survive?
98% Of Course!
2% Of Course Not!

In Depth Interview with Susan Lucci, she talks about her time on DWTS and her theories about what's next for Erica on AMC

She said she loves the sparring that Brooke & Erica did, and says that Brooke is the one that the audience has always loved to see fighting with Erica. She goes on to say how she loved the catfights their characters had. She's been saying for awhile that Erica and Krystal could have some major conflicts.

In regards to leading men, the possibility of reuniting with ex-flame David: she says she's always loved working with Vincent, she hopes they write more for them.

Best & Worst of 2008

Shining Moment
Other than your own, what do you think was your show's best storyline this year?

Bobbie Eakes: "I loved the Angie & Jesse wedding and tragedy. The special effects on AMC have been awesome."

Fan Faves
1. Angie & Jesse Reunite
2. A Twister Hits Pine Valley
3. Rebecca Budig Returns as Greenlee

Must-See TV
What performer or storyline from another show really impressed you this year?
Melissa Claire Egan: "The Black and White Ball GH did was pretty great. The whole death of Emily was so sad. I remember yelling at the TV being like, 'Nikolas, nooo! Don't do that!"

Personal Best
What was the highlight of the year for you, storyline wise?
Ricky Paull Goldin: "I think it's the story where the guy came in to Debbi and Darnell's wedding and kidnapped her and took her on a chopper, and we shot stuff like it was a $200 million feature. It's that kind of integrity and striving for better quality that makes me proud to be here. The plans for the future-of actually using green screen technology in almost every show-that's where we're going.. So that was fun, to be part of that storyline. Not because I was in that, but because it was so intense"

Shooting Star
What peformance on your show do you think was a standout this year?
Alicia Minshew: "Debbi and Darnell. They had all of these great scenes, and you just sort of fell in love with the couple all over again. I never knew them when they were on the first time, so that was sort of my first experience with really seeing them interact as the super couple they are. I just remember wanting to cry for them!"

Top 5 of 2008
Least-Believable Plot Twist: It's a tie. We had a really hard time going along with Josh stealing money from the casino, especially after we'd seen him give Zach so much support with baby Ian. But Bianca's complete silence about being pregnant-and Zach not telling Kendall that he'd donated sperm-rang rather hollow for these tight-knit characters, which is always the result of putting plot above characterization.

Best Case For Selling Off the Chandler Mansion Tunnels: We make the plea every year, so we don't have much hope. But when David Hayward is livin in your walls for weeks on end and you don't even know, maybe it's time to head to Home Depot, no?

Best Moment That Lived Up to Its Hype: With Alicia Keys' "Like You'll Never See Me Again" on an endless loop as Jesse & Angie gazed longingly into each other's eyes, the Hubbards' trackside reunion was everything we wanted it to be.

Most Likely To Have Her Health Insurance Carrier Drop Her: Kendall was in so many life-and-death predicaments this year(complete with extended hospital stays) that she'll be lucky if anyone agrees to cover the trauma-prone mom

Saddest Exit: Though at press time it hadn't aired yet, we're already misting up over Myrtle's parting from Pine Valley. Whether it was flirting with Zach or setting Erica straight, Ms. Fargate knew what she was doing. Eileen, we miss you!

Stand Out Scene: Amanda Draws David In!

The Next Issue of SID:

Thorsten Kaye weighs in on the big secret Zach is keeping from Kendall

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Shadow said...

Eleah, we try to post spoilers here. I don't think anyone would mind if you can post a link. At least then they have the choice to read or not.

Check out this link on the salary reductions:

Anonymous said...

lol Laura
I'm not...well, I guess I am the youngest one here. Darn...
I'm really getting into the inner workings of Billy. It's literally the perfect character for me. Let me explain....

A. The character's original portrayer is David Tom. I am a huge huge huge David Tom fan, which comes from my love of the character of Paul Cramer on OLTL. I'm still holding out on the character of Paul. They can always bring him back.

B. Just reading the backstory and watching old youtube on Billy and Mac gave me goose bumps. They remind me a lot of what Dillon and Georgie had on GH: that young love essense. It was beautiful. Then when I read what they did to the couple, I screamed. I was that upset. YOU CAN'T MAKE THEM COUSINS! YOU ARE A BIGGER ATROCITY TO THE SOAP OPERA INDUSTRY THAN MEGAN MCTAVISH! I hope they rewrite that one day...

C. Liz Hendrickson + Billy Miller = hott!!!! It's the most angry flirty dialogue I've ever seen and I love it. I love that he's the father but she's making it look like it's Cane's baby. (BTW, Cane and Lily need to die...just saying)

Anonymous said...

Podcast this week?

Anonymous said...

It's Thanksgiving holidays, Anon. Ash & Jord had the weekend off like the rest of us. ;-)

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• everyone seems so casual watching ANNIE wave that bloody knife around.

nobody us even trying to get it away from her.

• ERICA: "Where am I? Is the party over?"

• ADAM: "She just invited everybody for punch and The Electric Slide!"

you can feel it....ITS ELECTRIC!!!!

so is this the end of ANNIE?

• REBECCA: "I just hope they put her in a mental health facility..."

EYEROLLLLLLL. she's kind of a pill.

• poor ol' BROT.

• COLBY is worse than usual.
maybe its coz she has more lines.

• ooh DAVID mentions LEO!!! foreshadowing!!!!

• RANDI refers to the props as "props".

• AMANDA tries to get COLBY to spill the beans about BROT to TAYLOR.

• NATALIA wants to go into law enforcement. someone a couple of weeks ago said it was "in her blood".

• We finally get to see ANGIE & REBECCA have a real conversation.
i like that....& i ***REALLY LIKE*** ANGIE's fireplace!!!!

• ADAM: "IT was *my* blood that did it!"

• nobody seems fazed that ANNIE killed RICHIE, only that ZACH didnt tell them.

notes on Monday's episode


• ADDIE!!!

• DORIAN is giving a lesson on truffles today.
& then she;s mean to LOLA for no real reason.
(maybe she just smells a rat, like i do)

• oh good ROXY is @ The BUCHANANS.
you know i was sad about her spending Thanksgiving alone.

• VIKI: "When I start making really dumb jokes, that means I'm pulling myself together."

thats me, too!

• awwww, Pamela Payton-Wright couldn't remember LOLA's name.

• VIKI: "You know everything about me, and simple, I'm not."

CHARLIE: "Yeah...but you still have the prettiest smile..."


• TALIA has commmon sense, more than can be said for most soap characters.

• ROXY invents a new holiday drink: gin & chocolate syrup.

• here's NOELLE & MOE!

• JAMIE wants the wishbone, so she can wish for a puppy.

effin' CRISTIAN flirts with VANESSA right in front of SARAH & everyone @ the Thanksgiving table.

• hey, there's JACK!

• & there's RENEE!!!!

this is like a THANKSGIVING SPECIAL!!! i wish it had aired Thanksgiving day!

BO toasts everyone in the room, one by one, even know i loved that!

OH even RENEE gets a speech!

• VIKI: "I think you gotta love a guy who makes grand gestures."

• is SARAH drunk or stupid?

CARLOTTA takes control of the situation.

LAYLAH tries to pretend she has dialogue, but she really doesnt. is it really so difficult to write for this character?

• MEL!!!!!!!


DORIAN: "Where are the chocolate-covered strawberries?"

MEL: "DAMN, they were good!" (blows kiss)


*whoah* do you see how short BLAIR's dress is...with those thigh-high boots?
kinda sexy for a family Thanksgiving!

• everyone ends up @ THE BUENOS DIAS!

i am tellin you, this should have aired on Thanksgiving, i would have been a ***SOBBING MESS***....i still might be!!

little baby SAM is wearing glasses!!!

did you notice during the montage, i rewound it because it was such a little detail, but so cool...

JACK & SAM come up to MATTHEW & SHANE; MATTHEW introduces SHANE & JACK introduces SAM!

it was so cool, such a detail that only people who *care* would notice, & thats when i started tearin' up.

seeing everyone in the same room, all together like that...that hardly ever happens on soaps, even on the holidays.

this is community. this is family, this is what soaps can be.

& when VIKI moved slowly thru the room, smiling @ all her friends & family, i felt so happy FOR her, & so proud of OLTL.

Shadow said...

Those nasty bloody footprints led Jakegyver straight to Erica. In addition to brain surgery and cardiology, I’m sure he’s a skilled trauma specialist.

Annie is acting all crazy and all I see is Colby’s shiny fivehead lurking in the background. N69n, the reactions to InsAnnie’s knife were probably muted because they were all blinded by the glare of Turd’s head.

Why couldn’t she stab Ryan?

InsAnnie: “The sun will come out tomorrow”. Ha! She’s crazy but she can still quote broadway.

Adam and Jerkson: “I’m her ex-husband!”

There’s blood all over the place from the ax job InsAnnie did on Little Erica. The knife alone was a bloody, meaty mess. You would think she cut Erica’s limbs off. Compare that to Babe who had a building dropped on her back. She allegedly bled out. Exactly where and when are still unclear since we never saw a drop of blood anywhere on her.

Awww, Greenlee got the bouquet.

Is the Electric Slide the same as the Electric Boogaloo?

ConFusion should make their guests sign a waiver of liability before they go pee.

Someone got stabbed and there is blood on the floor but hey, party on.

It would have been funny if there was paper on Erica’s shoe or she hadn’t quite pulled her hose all the way up. I still say the boobshot was a good call though.

Rebecca is dying from a brain tumor and Frankie asks, “Any headaches?”

Amanda and her amazing rack! I am mesmerized and going into a trance….

Apparently Taylor wasn’t bothered too much by the stabbing. She’s all silly and smiles. But hey, a little stab wound is nothing compared to her neck breaking hijinx.

Colby, “I’ve got to go to the bathroom”. If only she’d had to go a little earlier….

Colby is such an important character. She mixes with nearly everyone on the show. Too bad that Breanne can’t act worth a shit.

This InsAnnie thing is getting stupid.
Rebecca doesn’t look sick and this conversation between Angie, Rebecca and Natalia is so unbelievable. Rebecca has armpit stains. Shouldn’t she have a lump on her forehead or something? I hate Rebecca. The fake accent. All of it. I’m ready for the tumor to take her out and I hope it’s hereditary.

I hate these “people lurking in the shadows” stories. I’ve never known anyone who lurks the way people do in PV. What would one do all day in the boathouse? How does Brot bathe? Shave/ brush his teeth? Will Taylor think he stinks when she sees him?

All of sudden Frankie’s talking ghetto. “That don’t mean she’s over you. It don’t”.

Randi, the Happy Hooker.

David to JR: “Did you notice? Open bar.” Ouch.

YEAH! It’s a Joe day!

Nobody can give blood, but everyone on the show is quick with the sperm.

Jake: “She’s hemodynamically unstable.” According to the Google, a person is 'hemodynamically unstable' when the patient's blood is at risk of not being able to do its job which is to supply the tissues of the body with oxygen and nutrients. It is usually due to one of the following: the heart isn't pumping as well as it should, there's not enough blood, or the vessels have dilated and the blood is pooling in them, preventing good flow. Either way, it usually leads to lower pressure, which leads to poor flow. When there's poor/no flow past these tissues, they don't get the oxygen/nutrients they need, and they get injured and can die.

Adam hugging Joe?

Erica’s makeup is still perfect. I don’t get Adam these days.

Greenlee is pointless. She just stands between Aidan and Ryan or Ryan and Zach and looks back and forth. I keep waiting for her to say, “Yeah, what he said”.

Cloud Top Yogurt said...

hi ashley, i saw your post on regarding the Marais tolix cafe chair (in yellow). i have 24 of these yellow tolix chairs from pottery barn that i need to sell. i just received them in august. they are new and still in factory boxes.

i'm sorry for having to reach you this way - didn't know how else to get a hold of you. i am willing to sell each for $150 each - which is considerably less than retail.


Anonymous said...

It's Pine Valley. We'll just think of it as an estate sale for Phoebe or Myrtle!

Anonymous said...

It's Pine Valley. We'll just think of it as an estate sale for Phoebe or Myrtle!

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• ooh i like seein TAYLOR doin those crunches.

• JAKE's hair looks dumb.
it looks like its extra foofy to hide some baldness.


• wait...didnt AIDUMB just have heart surgery????
like "we dont think hes gonna make it" surgery???

& now he's up prowlin around town?

• i hate to say this, but BIANCA has been gettin on my nerves this time around. she seems more like KENDALL now, all in everyone's business.

• i like how ANGIE pronounces "DAVID" as "DAVITT"

• ZACH has lost some weight, too.
wonder if they'll make DAVID lose some.

• ooh i got all the ***shivers*** when FRANKIE was tellin TAYLOR about BROT!!!!

Beth Ehlers is good @ playing dumb..."Yes, yes, I know about Brot, but tell me, Frankie...who's in town?!?!?"

• DAVID: "You dream about me?
You know, as DISNEY'S CINDERELLA says (starts singing)


(available on double disc & blue ray this tuesday for a limited time!

& then he annointed KWAK's head with pixie dust.

• oh, Beth Ehlers is breakin mah heart!

i do hate this that everyone *except* TAYLOR gets to decide whats best for TAYLOR.

• do you think ANNIE's faking?

• DAVID goes in for the kiss.

ANGIE catches them! i wish i could have seen a close-up of ANGIE's face!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• theyre playin xmas music in THE BUENOS DIAS.

ROXY breaks it down for MCBAIN: BLAIR or MARTY?

• STARR is confronting TODD.

• they've got SHANE & MARTY in the opening now, & it looks like new shots of STARR!

• DORIAN & BLAIR are packing up all their Thanksgiving stuff for the homeless shelter. i like that.
i wish VIKI could see that side of DORIAN.

• ROXY: "...but ya know, Marty is hot, she is really hot, you'd never know her brains got scrambled!"

• TODD callin STARR "sweetie"...ugh.

these scenes are tearin me up because i am thinkin how i wish my sister could have had the chance to confront our dad once before he died.
i know she is ***LOVIN*** these scenes, i cant wait to talk to her about them!

TODD: "I couldnt let Marcie have the baby...she went crazy, remember?"

STARR: "HMM! Let's think about this... have *you* ever gone crazy, Dad?!?"


• i like how DR JOPLIN is seeing her whole life & career come tumblin down.

• i *love* how STARR does not indulge TODD at all. She *knows* that *SHE* is the adult in that relationship...& it is a f&(*#&Kin heavy burden to bear.

• which kitchen do ya'll like better, the one @ LA BOULAISE or the one @ LLANFAIR?

• oooh DR JOPLIN is steppin up!!!!

Anonymous said...

Hi, n69n!

Personally, I like the style of Vicky's kitchen, but I prefer Dorian's---Wanna know why?--Dorian's kitchen actually works! In an interview(May have been either SOAP TALK or Soapography, I don't remember) Robin Strauser, said "Dorian's" kitchen set is fully functional. The show has a caterer on staff to make food, for restaurant scenes and craft services. Everything we see is prepared on site. Cool huh? :-D

And as far as Aiden's 'recovery' is concerned, when I saw him up and about, fully dressed, talking to Ryan, I laughed and started talking to the screen!--
I must have missed the high definition,soapnet, weekend episode covering Aiden's sprint back to health...LOL!

I know, some message board posters have fun with Ryan "Dynamite Kiddo" Lavery, being 'bullet proof', and all. But, I think, Aiden trumped Ryan on this one. ;-)

I only have one question: What kind of contract must Aiden Turner have,if "Aiden Devane" can't be killed???--If it isn't ironclad, then the contract itself must be bullet proof! Ha!


Anonymous said...

My theory about Aidan and Colby? They are inexpensive so AMC keeps them around even tho they suck the life out of every scene they are in.

Norn Cutson said...

seriously, Jordan, WHAT IS THE SCOOP ON MONGRIEF?!?!?!

why is she still on contract when talented people are goin hungry?

that girl has got to be someone's daughter, niece or doin an executive, coz this is NYC in cutthroat times, no one is gonna put up with that incompetence in a high-pressure fast-paced situation like that...

there has *GOT* to be a story there!

Norn Cutson said...

TAYLOR & BROT will be on THE VIEW on friday.

Anonymous said...

Now I really feel bad for Brot. First, TPTB locked him in a closet with Trolby. Now they are going to throw him to the cows on The View. Hasn't he been thru enough horror without subjecting him to sound of Joy Behar's voice too?

Anonymous said...

DID ANYONE ELSE NOTICE RYAN WAS WEARING A THONG IN WEDNESDAYS EPISODE!??!?!!! I had to rewind it and pause it twice, and after he said goodbye to Greenlee he stood up and i saw a thong!!!!!!!!!!!

BetseyD said...

OMG Jilly!!!

Now I HAVE to record the stupid show tonight - just to check out Ryan's Thong!

I didn't know men could even wear Thongs!

Norn Cutson said...

hey brtedi!
did you see yer man's thong today?!?!?
when his sweater rode up, he totally showed butt!


Anonymous said...

LOL Jilly
I dont know if that was a thong or his briefs had a severe wedgie.

Why are we discussing the underwear choices of Cameron Mathison?

....Now if it were Chrishell Stause or Tamara Braun, you would have my undivided attention.

Anonymous said...

Lol that was NOT a wedgie, it was a full fledged THONG!

Arizonagal said...

That was one bizarre wedding. The "guests" just stood there, no one moved, everyone just stood there and listened to the vows. No one went for the knife, nothing, not even Jesse, no one moved until the vows were finished.

It sort of reminded me of when Sledgehammer had a gun on Angie and walked through that crowded room lobby when J/A got married.

Ehlers is sitting in that wheel chair at Cornfusion looking like "I left GL for this crap??"

Ryan sits at a table after the stabbing whining to Greenlee and making it all about him, as usual... gag.

Petey's in a plaid suit, isn't that TPTB's universal symbol for nerd? Only other guy that ever wears plaid is Stuart. I remember Taylor Crawford lamenting about that many moons ago.

Erica's blood is so rare, the only match is Adam? Oh and there's la Looch on the gurney looking like she just touched up her makeup, that lipstick was freshly applied. I find it annoying that Looch won't allow herself to look human for even one minute. It's "ridic".

Jeepers Creepers, where'd ya get those jugs, Erica. Them puppies is perky.

God, even when Ryanderthal is right, I can't stand him and those creepy eyes. The boy is a complete trunk monkey. Crappy writing for Zach's defense of not turning in Annie for Richie's murder.

More episodes to watch. Hope JordAsh enjoyed their much deserve break from the podcast.

Anonymous said...

Arizonagal, I think that Ehlers is lucky she left GL. I'm sure the people on the titanic would agree that a sinking ship is not the place to be....especially with the upcoming budget cuts that the soap industry is about to come down on.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! Did you see today's episode-Wed, Dec.3rd....Ryan's Thong!!!! What was that all about. I couldn't believe it. That was the funniest thing in Pine Valley in a long time.

Laura said...

OMG don't look if you have a weak stomach. Daytime confidential has a picture of John Callahan on Days of our lives. He makes our Tad look anorexic. Maybe it's better to go gray, than to have a bad dye job. The years have not been kind.

Been working all week, kind of behind on the soap. Hoping Jordash are watching so I don't have to.

But OLTL is kicking butt. Star has been great. Just like our young discodan shows young people can be great bloggers, she shows how they can act. They need to take BM over to the set one day to watch her.

I can't figure out why this girl still has a job either. Unless she is very rich and daddy pays Brian Frons to keep her on the show.

The AP is reported about Susan Lucci's paycut. Heard it on the news radio in Chicago yesterday.

I am so depressed, I am watching Dirty Sexy Money, it will be gone soon. My beloved Boston Legal will be gone soon. I hope Nathon Fillon's new show is good. Boston Legal talked last week about no good shows for people over 50. TV is so bad now, thank goodness for Soapnet. I watch my OLTL at night. I can't wait for Tea to return. A strong Latin woman that they don't stereotype. Praise the soap gods.

Is Carmen locked up in the Chandler tunnel or something, by the way?

Shadow said...

Monday’s episode recap made the show look so much more exciting.

So now I get it, KWAK has been on a long slow slide into depression. It makes sense but not great TV. She sure looks depressed. Angie looks great though. I do like their friendship. It’s actually one of the more realistic relationships on the show.

Greenlee took Emma to work. Bianca is stepping in for Erica who was stepping in for Kendall. Apparently it doesn’t take much experience to run an international cosmetics company. Just a proxy and a nice rack.

I just don’t remember these enormous Bianca Boobs. Maybe they are swollen from the pregnancy.

It’s kind of cool that they worked Thorsten’s hockey interest into the story.

Emma saw Mommy’s picture in the paper! Bless her heart.

Last week he was dying in Puerto Rico. This week Aidan is up and mumbling around.

KWAK about David: “He was her Daddy”. When was he ever Babe's “Daddy”? At least Angie is making sense of it all for her. IMHO, a shower would do her some good. She looks like she stinks.

Does anyone in PV actually receive a paycheck? There aren’t any common folk on the show anymore. People don’t really work, and apparently nobody is affected by the recession. Nobody even had any trouble collecting on their insurance. Nothing truly relatable is going on, and therein lies the problem for me. I’ve always loved the rich and fabulous on the show, but I loved the regular folks. Regardless of their economic status, Aggie always made it relatable on some level and it's a problem that Pratt can't do the same.

Brot is getting better, but Frankie is doing kind of a lousy job breaking the news. Taylor is amazing. I’m ready for this chick to get out the hospital and start making it happen-whatever it is they have planned. I’d like to see lots and lots of Taylor. I hope she becomes a core character and they build a family around her. It would be nice to have a more relatable working class family on the show. She’s a great actress.

David to Kwak: “They say dreams are wishes. What do you wish for Krystal”? Hilarious the way she said nothing but so overtly dropped her head and eyeballed his crotch. No subtlety in that scene. This show is written by some horndog who knows *zilch* about women.

Frankie is relating Jesse’s return to Brot’s return. This is what I mean about relatable. Who can relate to these stories?

Colby in a hat. It doesn’t help.

Annie to Ryan: “Prove it.” I’m guessing that InsAnnie is totally faking it. I change my mind daily on what I think about this storyline. I like MCE and she is entertaining but, again, it’s so out there. Not anything I can relate to or find any inspiration in. I would be OK if there was some other story that was less fantastic.

Shazam! Bianca was at Fusion and after the commercial she was walking in the door at Zach’s.

I love that TPTB gave this guy an opportunity, but Brot isn’t seeming very heroic. I thought this would be more socially relevant and less Beauty and the Beast. I get the feeling we’ve moved past the social commentary and into whether or not she’ll accept him with a facial deformity.

KWAK is swapping spit with David right there in the middle of the hospital where Tad’s father and brother work.

Zach slammed another door that didn’t shut. I bet he hates that.
I think Zach getting all worked up and impassioned got Reese a little moist. I really think that Zach, Reese and Bianca should have a 3some. There’s a lot of sexual tension among those three. What can we call this trio? Zeeanca?

When Aidan was quizzing Annie, it would have been great if she had just looked at him and smiled with an evil grin.

That thing under Annie’s nose is getting bigger.

If people were really truly deeply and passionately in love, they wouldn’t act like this. They would hug and cry and embrace. Taylor’s “blink” would have happened eventually, but we got cheated out of the raw emotional rush of their reunion and went straight to the the Beauty/ Beast stuff. Again, the hound dog that writes this doesn’t get the softer sides of these stories.

Ryan and Greenlee have such an awful past. Hard to believe that they have such a tight relationship now. I’d rather see Greenlee dueling with the Kanes over Fusion and Kendall than I would watch Greenlee play house with Ryan.

That was most definitely a thong. WTF is with this show?

Anonymous said...

"hey brtedi!
did you see yer man's thong today?!?!?
when his sweater rode up, he totally showed butt!


Hi, n69n!:-)

Thanks for the "thong alert". Most of you must use the pause and rewind buttons on your dvrs, because the first time around totally I missed it. --I read your comment just before seeing Wednesday's repeat on SOAPnet...Lo and behold, there it was--a total buns shot!

Now, if you asked asked me about the black briefs he was wearing during the fight club secquences, a few years ago--and that's a different story. ROLF!

Seriously though, what I did notice was the grey sweater Cameron wore. He's worn it before, during a photoshoot...Some pics are a must for my screensaver. ;-)


Kona said...

What the HEll was that scene where Zach caught Reese and they gave each other that look?

Please tell me it is NOT what I am thinking.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• ooh TAYLOR & BROT already got me all choked up!

• oh god dont be wastin my time with CRYAN, gimme more BROT & TAYLOR!!!

• BROT's got me sobbin'.

• uh huh, i saw KWAK lunging her tongue down DAVID's throat.

• i like that bong on CRYAN's mantlepiece.

CRYAN: "I've really got to focus on Emma right now."

right. book CORRINA now.

CRYAN: "Corrina's coming over to watch Emma."

HA, did i call it or what! didnt even have to wait for the next scene!

i know ya'll saw that thong!

• was moving KENDALL to Canada just a way to kill time? i dont see that it served any purpose storywise.

• i like that JAKE is bein so real about this. i really appreciate that.

• they're playing xmas carols for KENDALL.


• oh, Debi Morgan is enjoying playing these scenes with Vincent Irizarry.

• REESE wants to put up xmas decorations.
i'm guessin KENDALL wakin up will be this years xmas miracle?

• what, we dont get to see REESE's elf dance? RIP OFF.
lets hop its in the deleted scenes.

• OH TAYLOR & BROT got me a cryin' mess!

• do you believe a big oaf like CRYAN can sneak into a room like that?

notes on Wednesday's episode

• OH, heres VIKI to confront TODD.

• i like the print of NATTY's dress.

• whoah, DR JOPLIN gonna spill the beans!

oooh....TESS's baby had RH...but now STARR is gonna blame herself!!!

• c'mon, VIKI, dont hold back, GO OFF ON HIM!!!

VIKI: "You know what, you sound as stupid as Tina!!!"

TODD: "If I could change it, I would."

VIKI: "No, you wouldnt. You would do the exact smae thing, as long as it suited your needs."


that is what annoys the hell out of me about TODD's character...he never grows, he never learns, its always about him...

i have no patience or empathy for such a character.

• WHOOOOOOO & right down the hall, DORIAN is goin ******OFF****** on DR JOPLIN!!!

• MARTY & MCBAIN are makin me smile.
i like him with BLAIR but i like this with him & MARTY too!

• VIKI: "Constructing your own reality, and then lying to people to preserve it is not what I would call 'an act of love'!!!"

• TODD: "It was for me."

• VIKI: "Yeah, well, its all about *you*, isn't it?"

• DR JOPLIN is just f*@&#&$@d!
did you see DORIAN put the Evil Eye on her??!?!?!

• this is whats gonna make MARCIE snap.

• i love that little HOPE/CHLOE!!!

• oooh like this face-off between BESS & the DR!

• let me say again, i ***LOVE*** that little HOPE/CHLOE baby!!!

that is the happiest, most active & alert little baby ive ever seen on tv!
she was pullin up her little gown, flashin' VIKI & STARR!

Norn Cutson said...

my illustration of DORIAN

Anonymous said...

Hmm, KWAK is sliding into depression. I get it, finally. Thank you shadow! I have been thinking all this friction is the Tad/KWAK marriage feels so manufactured and contrived. I still think it feels that way, BUT a depressed Krystal? If that is the case, then she is pla;ying it perfectly. The dullness, the lack of emotion, the black cloud you can almost see (I've been there). I wonder if TPTB would go there? Plenty of people go nuts in PV, but how many deal with real life illnesses like depression?

Anonymous said...

omg Ryan's thong,, that was great!!! i couldn't believe it, i'm still laughing a day later. if anyone missed it, it's about 11 minutes into the show. i hope ashley and jordan got to see it too!

Anonymous said...

I saw it too! but i didn't think it was a thong, it looked like an under shirt. IDK still funny.

Arizonagal said...

Why would Ryan wear a thong? It's not like he bought new undies because he's expecting some. Have he and Greenlee had sex since RB returned?

Oh, wait, VPL... I guess guys worry about that too, no?

As for the boobalicious Ms Kane, and her artfully arranged victim-on-floor pose, I just think this speaks volumes about Looch's real life insecurities. When she was on DWTS you could really see a huge lack of confidence in her dancing. The fact that she's afraid of aging and being a grandma speaks volumes to her confidence levels. Grow up Looch, be the grand dame we all know you can be! That would just make Erica so much more interesting. Toughen up and be a broad for Christ sake, embrace your age, don't fight it!! It's a losing battle, Looch.

Norn Cutson said...

well said, Arizonagal.

we love Lucci for HER, not her age *OR* her body.

Anonymous said...

LMAO!!! We got a peek at Ryan's real ass instead of the one he calls his face!

I guess he ran out of clean underwear and just borrowed one of Annie's thongs!

Zach is so horny that he wants to get it on with a lesbian! Maybe that's what happened in France...a MENAGE A TROIS!

KWAK has got to go!! Why didn't the tornado sweep her away???

I am suprisingly liking Taylor and Brot! Beth Ehlers is acting her heart out.


jordan hudson said...

Arizona Gal you won...I laughed so hard tears are pouring out of my eyes.

"Ehlers is sitting in that wheel chair at Cornfusion looking like "I left GL for this crap??"

LMAO LMAO LMAO LMAO and Guys crap it is. Im sorry while James and Barbara were not perfect they were giving us better material then this. These last two weeks have been bizarre and frustrating to watch. I will post a new outline that I was working on for AMc and you guys can tell if you like my version of the show or what Chuck is doing now. LMAO honestly MCE saved this horrid storyline. She was a hoot and actually seems to be the only one who gets camp, soaps and the history of AMC. She was heart breaking but hysterical. SAVE INSANNIE, she is one of the bets things on the show. I lvoe me Tamara Braun but by God someone feed her. Guys it really makes me uncomfortable to see her body at times I dont remember her being like this on GH.

Anonymous said...

awww Laura, thank u. Gotta look out for the fellow Chicagoans.

Few random thoughts today on soaps in general.

John Callahan on Days is ridiculous. It's bizarre and they've literally sucked the life out of him as an actor. I guess Dena Higley really does have that effect on people.

On OLTL, I'm actually feeling kinda bad for Joplin. She's gunna kill herself over a swap that Bess made but she thought that she she was the reason for Starr's baby....and I just went cross-eyed. (Oops...spoiler alert)

I just want them to get a move on incorporating Moe and Noelle into Llanview. I'd like to see them on more. I know Moe's gunna end up at Dorians, but maybe Noelle can work at the Buenos Dias. or even funnier...Viki's. Ha!

Rex is doing his best Cameron Mathison impression for the last week. I don't know who this guy is anymore. It's like he woke up and suddenly didnt remember....hmmmm, he really is trying to be Ryan Lavery. He's already got the turtlenecks, so he's halfway there.

Todd getting his scar back is fitting, but I still want Roger Howarth back.

I just wanna see the first Starr/Tea scene. They were always so cute together when Starr was little. She used to call her tee. It was hilarious.

On GH, I'm liking the love between the brothers Drake. After Jason Cook's debut and hilariousness at SSW, Matt's really won a lot of people over. He still shouldn't be involved in Spixie, but why not give Layla a shot. She's not doing anything....or if you wanted to really make things interesting, Epiphany! LOL

I like that Sonny isnt BS-ing anymore and is just back in the mob. The problem that I have in this storyline is by having Claudia being responsible for Michael's shooting writes her into a corner and I love Claudia. She's hot and she gets what she wants no matter what. I love her with Ric, and I love her pining over Sonny's affection all at the same time.

Jolu's getting boring....they should bring Dillon in there to spice it up. Just sayin...

Memo to the GH writers....You burned down Kelly's.....and you haven't mentioned it since. Just one question: are you on crack?

Anonymous said...

Greenlee - Ryan = good day of AMC.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry to disagree but Brown and Epstein where horrible the whole Spike is deaf storyline was one of the worst ever

Arizonagal said...

hey jillybean, where ya been! BTW where is CRS17?

I loved, lurved, MCEs Insannie - she so did not text it in. OTOH I keep waiting for Jakegyver to take Greenlee's pulse. RB we can all tell you are already gone. I keep thinking about how Julia remained true to the character even when she was doing her final death bed scenes, Ambyr and Amanda Baker too. Budig is becoming DBTE. She's so obviously bored with this gig, I'm surprised she's not filing her nails while she's acting.

MCE looked almost adorable with that crooked lipstick and loony smile. It was campy and crazy and I loved every minute of it! TPTB please don't lose MCE.

Jordan you said Binx is sort of tim burtonish, and I do agree, but I think MCE was in that realm too, an that is a backhanded compliment.

Anonymous said...

Hay Jordan, what's the latest you've heard about David? I'm loving him with Krystal, despite the manipulations! :)

This is VincentFan1 posting anon, because I forgot my password, LOL!

Anonymous said...

I just wanted to say thanks so much for doing these podcast. From what i hear from you guys the show is going down hill but I am a college student and I can't keep up with the show how I used to so I really look to the show to keep me informed!
P.s. I am originally from NYC and i'm am coming home for christmas break and I got tickets to In the Heights and I CAN'T FREAKING WAIT TO SEE IT! I know you guys talk about shows all the time so I thought I would write that. I watched the Tony's and when Lin-Manuell pulled out that Puerto Rican flag i literally cried. I love to see our people doing amazing things

Norn Cutson said...

JR & Beth Ehlers did great on THE VIEW today, as soon as its youtubed, i'll post a link!

i was proud of them, & of AMC.

Ericka said...
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Anonymous said...

Friday's show:

* Yes, Tad, you are being a selfish son-of-a-bitch. How could he say he's losing patience with Krystal. She just started mourning her daughter like 2 minutes ago. Give me a break, what an a-hole.

* I like Jesse much better when he's not being a cop. He's so irritating when he's being the head honcho. I'd much rather see him having fun and talking about "crooked ass trees", LOL

* Erica is too funny. She'll never learn. Would they get her a house already??!!

* Why the hell was Greenlee even at that meeting for Annie today? She didn't even say anything. That was pointless.

* I didn't like Amanda's puffy sleeves. Weird.

* Oh, David, I see that your days of drugging people are far from over. LOL! I do love David though. He's too funny with his insults towards Tad, lol.

* For Little A's sake, I hope David's imagination is way off. When they showed grown up little A today, I started cracking up. He looked like a giant elf. All he was missing was the green hat. And that voice, what a geek. Let's hope that when Little A does grow up, he'll resemble his father, minus the squinty eyes.

* Annie's mental decline happened way too fast for my taste. I really wanted her to stay normal long enough to make Ryan suffer. Then if she wanted to go crazy fine, I just want to see him suffer for being such a selfish a-hole.

* Also, how come Ryan hasn't visited Erica yet? HELLOOOOO, it was your crazy wife that stabbed this woman, who is supposed to be a pretty close friend of yours??? Plus, it wasn't like he wasn't in the hospital this week, what's up with that?

On a side note, I hope Kendall comes back soon. I can't stand seeing poor Zach going through so much pain. She better get back soon before he attacks Reese (in more ways than one.)

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• ZACH has a thing for elves.

REESE is havin a jazzy christmas.

• weird edit! the opneing cut off GREENLEE mid-sentence.

• i really like Beth Ehlers!

• when i see JR Martinez, i think of how his mom must have felt watching her son in the hopsital....and the ****JOY**** that she must feel that her child is not only still alive, but walking, talking, feeling and SUCCEEDING!!!

thats a miracle.
just makes me cry everytime!

• RANDI is another one who...i dont want to be sexist, but...she gotta be doin someone for her part to be getting BIGGER rather than SMALLER.

• could you be married to someone that you were embarrassed to do the elf dance in front of?
i couldnt!
if i had an elf dance, i'd be doin it all the time!

• ERICA says that GOOD KING WENCESLAS is KENDALL's favorite xmas carol.

• i cant even stand CRYAN's voice.

• i very much liked ERICA & GREENLEE's scene.

• when BROT pulled out that ring, i chuckled & choked up @ the same time!

• RANDI is gonna give FRANKIE "extra onions" on his "chili fries".

• thats really crappy of ZACH to make REESE keep a secret.

• i hope wonderful things happen for Rebecca Buddig!

notes on Thursday's episode

• ha, BLAIR looks like the wicked queen from SNOW WHITE peepin thru the wondow like that!

• i really wanna eat @ THE BUENOS DIAS CAFE! it looks so appetizing!

i never noticed there was a chinese restaurant across the street from the diner before. with the new set up, we can see it.

• OH MY HOLY F*@#$&@@)(*K!!!!!

• ROXY: "You're just in a transgenderal stage."

NOELLE: "I asked for *that* one! This is not the BLAIR CRAMER BOB!"

hee hee hee!

• BLAIR's being proactive. i like that.

• oh this is good in the kitchen with CARLOTTA & MOE!
is DORIAN makin a move on MOE???

• ROXY's got NOELLE's hair all in heavy metal mania!

• oh no, TESS is pullin BRODY into her drama!

i *LOVE* seein her hands all over him!


• whoah, that is too sad & gruesome about DR JOPLIN.

(my disbeleif is suspended, but i do have to say that a dr would probably know about a million more effective ways to end their lives than with a self-inflicted gunshot)

• i love the kitchen @ THE BUENOS DIAS! i hope they use this set a lot!

• i want to state for the record that BLAIR approached MARTY with friendship, and MARTY reacted with hostility.

• oooooh STARR & VIKI got me cryin!
these scenes are soap gold.

• i dont get why MARTY is holding BLAIR responsible for TODD's actions.

did you see little HOPE/CHLOE grab STARR's hair?!?!?! OMG I LOVE THIS BABY!!!! I LOVE THIS BABY!!!!

people, i am gonna be cryin every time that baby smiles @ anyone!

Kona said...

ROTFLMAO!!! Ryan's thong was on The Soup

Norn Cutson said...

heres JR Martinez & Beth Ehlers on THE VIEW

Anonymous said...

~LMAO...Ryan's thong was on The Soup? I have to check that out!!

~Was it wrong that through all of Friday's episode I was hoping to catch a glimpse of Ryan's thong again?? That was more entertaining than any scene he was in.

~Jordan...I also don't remember Tamara Braun being that skinny when she was on General Hospital. I thought she was going to break in half when she tripprd over that box. I still love Tamara Braun...her, INSANNIE and Taylor/Brot were the only emjoyable aspects on AMC this week.

~n69n...I love your daily recaps of AMC!!! It always seems like you've written exactly what I was thinking when I'm watching the show!

~It's so obvious that Rebbeca Budig doesn't want to be there. TPTB would be doing us all a favor by letting her go NOW!!

~I am a GH fan too! I am FLOVING Carly!!! I so want her to rip Kate to shreds! I also loved my girl Maxie this week...but when do I not?

~Hope everyone has a great weekend!


Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Wednesday’s AMC

Jesse referring to Aidan’s “special ops training”…”he’s very intense”. I think he meant to say “special ed training” and “very intense-ly stupid”.

Greenlee and Reece are chatting outside Kendall’s room just before their “shifts” start. Bianca walks out and the three of them are on screen from the waist up. Bianca looks like she’s from Goon Island. She is so much bigger than the other two. It looks like she could eat them.

The return of Coma Kendall. The tube is on her right side in this one. How exciting! What will tomorrow bring? Maybe, the tube will be on her left side? Perhaps a little spittle?

Angie to David: “You don’t do innocent”. Love it when Angie takes up for Tad. Watch out for The Weave David. It’s starting to look all Medusa like.

Beth Ehlers is the best find in years. She makes everyone better and she is always great. Her scenes with Brot are moving.

Reese is all Christmas-y cute and she fell into Zach’s arms. He freaked and left. He so wants some of that.

Bianca to Kendall: “It’s almost Christmas. Two of your favorite things: twinkling lights and shopping”.

David: “Broken hearts. That’s my job -- to put them back together again.”
Angie: “Idiot!”

Ryan is a dick. Greenlee’s pouring her heart out to Kendall in a private moment and he tiptoe’d in and eavesdropped. Aside from his looks, I just don’t get why any girl would like Ryan. He shows them no courtesy or respect.

Shadow said...

Thoughts about Thursday…

Recovery times are amazing in PVH. Erica is sitting up and looking gorgeous. What’s with the porn music in the background when she called Adam?

Erica and Jackson talking about Carmen. Jack said he and Carmen are fine. Wherever she is.

That cow ornament is tacky.

Who leaves the house in a skin tight purple negligee?

The wardrobe department at AMC loves puffy sleeves even though they look stupid on everyone who wears them.

Adam to Amanda: “As you go about reeling in my son, I want you to think about Babe….Her untimely death. I’d hate to see that happen to you.” “Happy Holidays!”

Greenlee needs to get a life. Preferably her own.

InsAnnie just clocked Aidan. Now I know they meant to say “special ed” instead of “special ops”. Learning impaired doesn’t begin to describe this dumbass.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• if i was ANGIE, i dont know if i'd feel like kissin JESSE.

• ERICA's hair looks so nice like that...very flattering!

ADAM, on the other hand, needs a trim...especially in the back.

• we get smiley LI'L A today!

• i like that they are giving AMANDA some depth!

• KWAK's freaking over BABE's favorite cow ornament.

• ANNIE's doin great, i'm *almost* sure that she's faking now...or she *THINKS* she's faking!

coz someone who would go to these lengths to *PLAY* crazy...*IS* crazy.

btw, i know ya'll know that they would NEVER bring the patient/defendent to a competency hearing like that...*or* th witnesses, for *precisely* that reason!

• i really like AMANDA with LI'L A... & he is obviously in love with her!

but mutton sleeves dont look good on anyone unless they are in a fairytale.

• that was the closest thing to acting ive ever seen from CRYAN.

• i like ADAM's sweater.
that reminds me, i wanna try to work a more upscale look (without gettin too fussy) when i start my new job on monday.

• KWAK: "MAKE LOVE TO ME, DAVID! Right here on Babe's grave!!!"

does she even remember JENNY?

• AMANDA:"Should we blow a kiss to the angel, and Mommy in heaven?"

well we all know i'm a sap.

• DAVID's slippin KWAK some libidizone, & then he's gonna lead her ona "guided meditation".

• what is CORRINA wearing?
it looks like she's taking EMMA to the Cyndi Lauper concert.

• oh, my friend Darbi shot another cene for AMC this past Thursday. This time she's not on camera, its a voiceover...something to do with RANDI, but i told her i wanted to be suprised!

• this may sound crazy, but i am excited for Chrishell Stause to start a family in real life...she;s so good with LI'L A!!!

• i guess there is somethin wrong wth me...every time i see a baby (especially HOPE/CHLOE & LI'L A) i start crying, coz i guess its only becoming real to me now that i wont ever have a child.
i'm so sad for the world, as well as my family, coz i know that *my* kid would make the world a better place!

• ERICA's playin ADAM & JERKSON off of each other...whats her game?

* oooooh LI'L A looooooooooves AMANDA!!! he just stuck in his face in her cooch!


notes on Friday's episode

• NOELLE: "Tell me its The Dixie Chicks! I LOVE THE DIXIE CHICKS!!!"

• VANESSA: (pouty) "The US Government probably thinks I'm a terrorist."

well, you *did* enter the country with a forged passport & then shot a guy in front of everyone in the airport. its not like you were seeking political asylum!


if you see a guy walkin around nyc in a VOTE ADDIE tshirt, that'll be me!

• YEOW, DORIAN is bein such a *B*I*T*C*H* to MARTY!

see folks, this is what it looks like when soap vets tangle, & it is *DYNAMITE*!

i'm glad BLAIR knows that that was wrong.

• omg, they are referencing Akira Kurosawa on OLTL!!!!!
you sure as HELL are never gonna get that on AMC!!!

• is GIGI too big a star to work as a waitress anymore?

• MARKKO mentions his mom, thats a character i'd like to see!


• obviously, CRISTIAN is gonna marry VANESSA "just to help her".
i never FFWD, but if i did, this story would be first to go.

• ADDIE: (casually tossing salad) "You never know when when you're going to go on trial for murder."

DORIAN: "Uh, what she means is pays to be prepared!"

• tsk, they shouldnt be lettin MCBAIN go down to TODD's cel.

• MOE: "I want our kids to eat their school lunches on a silver platter!"

LOVE this with ROXY, NOELLE & MOE...very RYANS HOPE!


• MOE: "You're my champagne wish and caviar dream!"

• MARKKO: "She's Dorian lord; 'TOO MUCH' is kind of her trademark!"


Norn Cutson said...


"I started on the show around 1974," White recalls of his early days on AMC. "When Eileen came on and we all realized we were going to have our storylines together…forgive me for saying this, but that's when soaps — [including] ALL MY CHILDREN — were really good." White has many fond memories of his co-star. "Eileen just sort of fit in. Eileen, Francesca (James; ex-Kitty) and I, we connected royally. I remember talking to Agnes Nixon (the show's creator), and she said, 'I have to write a storyline about you guys, because you all get along so well!' That was sort of it; we just became instant family and have been ever since, which is great."

Even with his own lengthy list of credits, White is still blown away by his former co-star's talent and accomplishments. "Eileen was a gutsy old Scot broad, and nobody really knew, you know? And after reading the obituary…we [on the show] all knew, for the most part, but I don't think most people knew what her credits were. She had incredible history — from Burton to Olivier and down the line. They say you get on a soap and it's a great training ground. That's bulls--t. You have to be pretty damn good if you are going to be halfway decent on a soap." And Herlie certainly was.

jordan hudson said...

Okay kids here is part 1 of my new proposal for how to get AMC back on track. Let me know what you think and I will post part 2 soon so you can find out what I have planned for Taylor and and some long range idaes leading to the
40th anniversary. cheers.

Revamping the show for the 40th Anniversary by getting it back to its roots.

Brooke English returns to Pine Valley after a long visit in New York City with her daughter Laura. She informs Tad that both Jaime and Jeff are missing in Africa. She has all intentions of heading there to find their son. Tad is ready to join her but Jake talks him into letting him go in his place. Jake has more connections and will be able to get around with Brooke, while Tad has to think of Jenny and Kathy. Tad finally agrees. We will follow Brooke and Jake into Africa on there search for Jeff and Jaime, this will be a three month Journey of adventure and intrigue as we will follow a mother desperately searching for her son. Jake and Brooke will grow closer in the search to find out what happened to his brother and her son. Their lives are in constant danger, until they reach their goal.

In Pine Valley, Tad and Crystal grow further apart. Crystal is no longer under David’s influence, yet her behavior becomes more and more self-destructive as she begins to go out every night drinking and having casual sex to number her pain. David realizes that he needs to deal with his pain over loosing Babe and decides to finally concentrate on trying to find a way to bring back his true love. A mysterious housekeeper/ Nurse, Miss. Danvers arrives at Wild wind. Tad, looking for Crystal at Wildwind, meets the new arrival in Pine Valley and gets a very suspicious vibe. With good reason as Miss Danvers has a charge that she is nursing in the Master Bedroom in the west wing.

Robert Gardner requests to speak to Opal. Opal wanting to put closure on the situation agrees to meet him. After speaking her mind she notices that Robert is a shell of the man who terrorized Pine valley and killed Julia Santos. He has a confession to make. He tells Opal that he is not Papel and that he himself was a pawn. He also reveals that Jesse and Angie are still in danger. Before Opal can get more out of him visiting hours are over. Opal doesn’t know what to believe but the next day she finds out Robert Gardner was killed during the night. She knows she needs to find out more to protect Jesse and Angie.

Erica is dealing with her two daughters who are at odds. Kendal who was not pleased to find out Zach fathered Blanca’s daughter felt betrayed. She has kicked Zach out and refuses to speak to her sister. Zach throws himself into his business. Kendal goes back to her old ways and starts behaving in a destructive manner. Resse and Bianca get ready for their wedding day. Erica says goodbye to Jackson who has decided to leave Pine Valley for Seattle and Barbara. Erica then finds out that changes are being made to her show due to the new owner of the station. When she goes to confront him she is shocked to find her new boss is none other then Liza Colby.

Greenlee leaves town when Leo returns from the dead to take her away. He can’t explain other then it would put David, Trey and Maggie’s life in jeopardy. Greenlee aggress to leave town with the only true love of her life. Ryan also decides to leave town and start fresh with Emma. A healing Annie agrees to let her daughter go. Aidan decides to head to Port Charles and be with his Aunt Anna and cousin Robin.

Maria Santos makes a return to Pine Valley with her children Sam and Maddie. Maddie takes an interest in Pete Courtland. Sam goes after Colby Chandler. Maria is infuriated that David is at Wild Wind and sets out to get her Children’s legacy back.. A hurt Zach is excited to find out that Maria is back in town.

The missing Tim Dillon returns to Pine Valley. Amanda is excited that her brother is back but is shocked to find out that he is broke as their grand mother has swindled Tim out of his inheritance. The brother and sister team up with Frankie and Randi as it seems that Wilma was behind the murder of Trevor and not only framed Janet but also has been drugging her to keep her insane. They just have to prove it.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, Things that make you go.....mmmmmmm!

Me likey so far!


Mel Got Served said...

Ryan's thong on this week's AMC is The Soup's clip of the week!!!!

Anonymous said...

very good Jordan but I want Josh back and in good graces with his fam, also returning with a company of his own in toe and paid Zach back with interest. I want David to find real he did with Anna but I don't want Anna back. I want William to return looking for his father. (William is the son of Frankie and Mia, that Mia gave up for adoption). That would throw a wrench into his relationship with Randi and give Angie someone to fuss over for a while. I want Lorenzo to come and claim himself as the real Chandler heri only to be butting heads with the newly returned Skye and Lila Rae.

I wonder if the new PV could take this much change..... haha

Laura said...

Enjoying everyone's comments. Kitty/Kelly is coming back for the funeral of Myrtle.

Laura said...

Oh my gosh, I saw the soup clip. I had to put it up as my picture! LOL. Click on it to see.

Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel Got Served said...

Here's the segment of the Soup with Ryan and his lovely thong:

PS This is probably the only positive thing I've posted about Ryan in all my years watching- LOL

Arizonagal said...

Laura, great minds think alike, I used the Ryass for my profile, not sure how long I'll leave it there. In an earlier shot, you can clearly see that thong is wedged way up there, working it's way north.

Rats! Jordan, I was scanning the blog posts and I see BROOKE ENGLISH RETURNS, I got so excited, then I see it is not true unless by some act of God, TPTB give you the head writer job. How can we make that happen!!

Shades of Daphne du Maurier...

Glad you brought back Robert Gardner. But why not Trevor? I still refuse to believe that was trevor's head in the fridge.

I totally agree with the idea of reuniting Greenlee and Leo. To me, that is the only way I want to see Greenlee exiting the show. Can't we have ONE happy ending?

Norn Cutson said...

dang, you *KNOW* Rebbecca Buddig gotta be pissed that that thong is getting more attention than she is!

Anonymous said...

OMG Jordan, I cannot believe that Cameron and his thong made it on The Soup!

jordan hudson said...

YES as a Big fan of Mr. Mchale and The soup I was so excited that AMC was finaly on, a place that Passions held for years and then Bold and the Beautiful but AMC made clip of the week. And a tip of the hat to you Cameron and your man thong for making it happen.

Anonymous said...

I used to get The Soup off of iTunes and because the store was screwed up back then, I bought one season which is usually like 6 episodes, and ended up getting it until they fixed the store which meant like 4 months of the soup, so in honor of that, I will dance like Nathaniel on Yo Gabba Gabba. (All Soup fans should know what I'm talking about).

BTW for Soup fans, does anyone remember when he was making fun of Viva Laughlin? Classic.

Norn Cutson said...

reeeeaaallly interesting interview with MARLENA DELACROIX about the daytime industry!

she thinks that Deidre Hall wasn't realy fired, its all a big publicity stunt!

Anonymous said...

Another classic.

daisytex said...

You guys are killing me! I didn't notice the thong, but I so appreciate the fan that sent the email to The Soup. OMG that's hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

lol i just like the last line of the email...
go navy! beat army!
lmao like that would happen......

Norn Cutson said...

good piece from Sara Bibel about budget cuts on daytime...& what that means for CREATIVE & CREW, not just the CAST.

Mel Got Served said...

I wonder if Cameron Mathison realizes his choice of onscreen underwear is such a sensation...

Maybe, not to again but outdone by Ryan, Aidan will wear a G string.

Anonymous said...

So Ryan like to store his package in a banana hammock?

Crack is back ladies!

Lets all thing a thong and give a high five to CM and his bold fashion statement.

Ryan, your wardrobe malfunction is the most interesting, compelling stuff you have done all year! A subtle, yet enthralling performance, and for once, not overdone.

Norn Cutson said...

dang, i cant wait for PVP this week!

ya'll *GOT* to mention ANNIE jumping off the balcony of the penthouse, & GREENLEE saying "she made it!"

that is *HISTORICALLY* ridic.
goes in the ridic museum!

Anonymous said...

Hey JordAsh, hope you two have fully recovered.

I just saw the clip that Norn posted from the View. That JR is a really cool dude. I hope he does well in the biz.

Joy Bazarre told JR that Brot Monroe sounded like a porn name and he fired back that if the soap gig doesn't pan out, he might consider that other industry.

Shadow said...


Ryanderthal is the king of manscaping, and the thong proves it. He’s like one of those hairless Chihuahuas.

Good stuff when Taylor threw the ring at Brot and told him he was a liar and thief, stealing the best memories of her life.

Randi asked Erica how she does it, “Running Fusion for Kendall, New Beginnings”. Did I miss something? When did Erica get back on New Beginnings? And did Erica ever mention to anyone what went down between her and Annie in the bathroom?

Seems like Erica's scenes lately are designed to give Erica time to dance. They require minimum involvement from Looch—lay on floor in booby dress with small pool of blood. Sit up in bed and look glamorous…

David to Randi: “Don’t I know you from somewhere?” Hmmmm, let’s think about that…where could David, a sleazy, lonely disgraced physician trolling around in the Chandler tunnels have met Randi…? She’s a hooker, right? Oh, nobody would have the guts to out her. Certainly not David.

I love Rock N’ Roll Black Santa!!!

There’s a big gold angel on the enormous tombstone because Babe was soooo angelic.

Looch let her hair down on DWTS. No makeup. On AMC she looks fabulous even when she’s been shanked. It fits her character but they shouldn’t make it look so easy. It would be incredible to watch her come to terms with her age even if it was only shown in short, sporadic, private moments, but AMC is afraid to admit that she’s aging. It’s like if they don’t talk about it, maybe we won’t notice. Truth is, they are missing an incredible opportunity to give the character some genuine development and Looch a new Emmy.

Grown up Lil’ A looks like a pussy.

Wow, someone is actually looking out of a Chandler window rather than peering into a Chandler window! Poor Winifred must have use a lot of glass cleaner.

Amanda’s scene with Lil ‘A was sweet even though JR was orange. They would be a credible threesome. She gets the family she’s always wanted. JR gets the family he’s always needed. They both have lots of relatives and baggage for plenty of storyline.

Too bad the doctor won’t just say that it’s all Ryanderthall’s fault.

Annie: “Tell that Bitch to watch her back!” She is electric.

Everyone is offering Erica a place to stay. When is Opal, her best friend, going to come see her and offer her a place to stay? Better yet, when are they going to just build her a house already? She mentioned a penthouse. I hope it isn’t in the same building where the Hubbards live.

Jesse: “What’s with the crooked ass Christmas tree?” Jesse is a much better friend than detective.

Krystal is outside in the cold in a cemetery in a boob slip nightgown and slippers. Shouldn’t she be dressed more like a bag lady in holey sweats with cracker crumbs all over them?

Adam to JR: “You need some people around you to help you through it, and that golddigger isn’t one of them.” Poor JR. He’s never been able to trust Adam so he never knows when Adam is talking sense. There is good reason for the Chandlers to be suspicious of Amanda.

Tad wants a sense of home, but he won’t find it in a sham marriage.

Depressed doesn’t mean stupid. Kwak should know never to drink anything David makes.

Erica’s feels “disconnected from her children-especially Kendall”. Well she is in a COMA. (Ridic line of the week!)

OLTL Friday:

Caught a few minutes of Dorian, Blair, Marty and John. Marty is heartbreaking. Dorian is hilarious. It’s got to be hard to pull off heartbreaking and hilarity in the same scene. What I love about Dorian is, you get the sense that she’s a real person who lives a full day every day, and we get a glimpse into an hour of her life each day. She makes things happen. She isn’t just a pawn reacting to the next plot point.

Jordan’s AMC:

Great stuff Jordan. Brings back a core family. Cleans up years of bad writing and lazy storytelling. Julia Barr said she’d come back for a great storyline, and yours is certainly smart solution that would make good use of her journalistic credentials. I could see Krystal spiraling downward into a series of meaningless encounters before she eventually takes responsibility for herself. I like the idea of using Opal in a meaningful way that doesn’t involve tarot cards or tea leaves. I especially like the way you have cleaned up Dillon family. They need to be redeemed and Janet needs to be released—played by either actress.

Anonymous said...

Jordan...I really like part 1 of your new proposal for how to get AMC back on track. Anything that gets Liza Colby back on my screen is great!


Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...
Randi asked Erica how she does it, “Running Fusion for Kendall, New Beginnings”. Did I miss something? When did Erica get back on New Beginnings? And did Erica ever mention to anyone what went down between her and Annie in the bathroom?

lets hope thats on the deleted scenes!

OH & you reminded me....didnt ERICA have until sweeps to save her show?
sweeps was last month!

Norn Cutson said...

than you for sharing your outline, Jordan!

its really intriguing & i would love to see some of those ideas come to the screen!

& i appreciate the clever way you ditched some of the, i meant, streamlined the budget.

Anonymous said...

I just came up with an idea that we could do... to help come up with possible storyline ideas for the PVPAMC.
List characters and put what you want to happen with them.

Erica: Keep her fabulous, but give her Enchantment back. Putting her in Fusion is kind of a mortal sin in some states. Maybe bring back Mark for a couple of months and connect with her family while being in the limelight. Have her butt heads with Fusion, but still keeping it lovingly with Kendall and co.

Bianca and Reese: Keep her on the canvas. We need her to become the Myrtle of her generation. Her and Reese need their own home to establish as a place where people can go. Miranda and Gabrielle need roots, and PV is a better place to establish them. I like that they are currently toying with exploring all facets of Reese's sexuality, but they need to keep her in Binks's good graces or else, it won't work.

Kendall and Zach: Wake up, get out of Ryan's orbit, and focus on each other, Spike, Ian, and Fusion. Have her have some disagreements with Erica as they butt heads in the cosmetic world but have Bianca, Reese, and Josh to help establish the peace. Kendall and Zach could be put into the Martin family orbit, with Zach funding a new PI service that Tad could head up. Cambias is getting boring.... Maybe bring in someone to help with the casino part. Better yet, we could go with the Daytime Confidential idea of bringing in Don Diamont from Y&R as an Anton recast. Have him take Kendall to Hungary and maybe fall in love again and the whole adventure would be ten million times better than 'All Ryan Lavery's Thongs'.

Josh/Amanda/JR: Establish him. Have him help Amanda establish roots into PV and have a triangle go on there, with Amanda getting preggo and not knowing who the father of the baby is. JR and Josh could rehash old wounds and butt heads again causeing drama in between. The baby would be revealed as Josh's, and the two of them would begin to go through the various steps leading up to birth which would bring them closer and eventually in love. JR would be very hurt, but would find comfort in the return of his family....

Tad/Dixie/Brooke/Jake/Krystal/David: I really like Jordan's idea of having a nurse within Wildwind, so let's take that idea a step further. Why does the injury have to be purely physical? Her healing process physically took many years, but the emotional and mental one is still going. They could also use Annie's new shrink for this as well. David would of course be castrated for this sneakiness, but would find comfort in the spiralling-outta-control (SPOC) Krystal. She realizes his good intent and they make love in the afternoon, by the fires of Wildwind. Krystal and Tad divorce and Krystal is shocked to discover that she is once again, preggo. As far as Brooke and Jake, the adventure increases the sparks, but Jake is holding back. He realizes that he still has feelings for Taylor which is causing a rift within both relationships and is also affecting how effective he is, finding Jamie and Jeff. They stumble upon a cave where an older gentleman has been living for the last 40 years. Jake studies his face and recognizes the resemblence, as the cliffhanger Friday.


Greenlee: Her and Leo go off into the sunset or at least to Paris, where Leo has established his latest con.

Ryan/Annie: Annie struggles to maintain her grip onto reality. She is haunted by the ghosts of both Di and Richie, and her conscious taunts her with her mother's suicide. Her doctors are trying their hardest and the shrink is going the extra mile, so as to bring her father to town to aid in her recovery, but none of it seems to work. She seems to be slipping further. Ryan's guilt overcomes him and he is found in his loft in the dark, with a pistol next to him. He looks at the pistol with his eyes sharp with the guilt that he cannot handle. He holds it in his hand and feels its cold metal against his skin. He closes his teary eyes. All of the sudden, he hears Emma's voice and Spike's cries.

"Daddy, can you come here? Spike wants you."

He puts the gun back into a safe and realizes that he has to keep going. For his kids.

PV: a serial killer begins to take the town by storm. First, the killer takes Colby. Adam is griefstriken and refuses to leave the mansion. Then, the next victim is Randi. She dies in the arms of Frankie, as the killer runs off. The killer attempts to strangle Taylor, but Brot tackles him in time. The two struggle for a gun that the killer took out, and the gun goes off. Both separate and red blood appears on Brot's shirt. Taylor screams.
"Don't worry LT. It's not mine."
Brot and Taylor hug, and Brot undoes the mask, revealing Aidan as the killer.
End of episode. LOL

What do you guys think? I think me and Jordan would make a good time.

Anonymous said...


BTW, I'm just throwing out ideas, not trying to steal your thunder Jordan. I loved all of your ideas.

Anonymous said...

Discodan that serial killer idea is funny. That's how you get rid of the dead weight fast!

One thing though, too many kids already on the show. I like the idea of Amanda as young, vibrant with no attachments. I do not think she should have babies yet. Just her family.

I agree about Erica, she is Freaking Erica Kane, she does not need to be in a supercouple with anyone but herself, esp not Jack. eww. If she is this worldwide celebrity, make it for a reason. She should embody the very idea of mogul like the Big O does in real life.
And we need Brooke back!!!
Greenlee cannot take on Erica Kane, that is a joke, Kane wins hands down every time. Give her someone to go up against that is worth her time (Brooke). This woman is the face of daytime and they cannot write for her. I do not buy it.

Shadow said...

Here are my ideas for ways to improve the shows. They are conceptual at this point:

Ryan slips on something in the bathroom, gets caught up in his thong and chokes to death.

Colby's forehead continues to grow and endangers her life. She flies to Puerto Rico for a highly questionable medical procedure that could save her life but require change her looks forever. Upon return, the role is assumed by Ambyr Childress.

Rancid discovers that she has a dormant case of killer herps. She flies to Puerto Rico for a highly questionable medical procedure that hopefully will cure her of the killer lesionous disease. During treatment, there is a power blackout. Her egotistical doctor, El Josegyver, insists on proceeding with the final treatment. When the power comes on, there is a power surge and poor Rancid explodes into 1000 of pieces, never to be recast. Ever.

Saddened by the death of his lover, Aidan begins to suffer from dementia. The whole town begins to notice that Aidan's speech is beginning to deteriorate. Some think it would help if he took the thong off his head, but Aidan is non-communicative and inarticulate. During sweeps, his mother Anna Devane returns for a very special episode in which she has poor, unintelligible, thong headed Aidan committed for life

Brooke is back baby. However, whyever, but ASAP.

Anonymous said...

Shadow said:
"Ryan slips on something in the bathroom, gets caught up in his thong and chokes to death."

HA! LMAO! I have not laughed that hard in a long time!!!!

Anonymous said...

Anon, the problem with not throwing kids at Amanda is that she makes so many mistakes in relationships and otherwise, that now that theyve killed off Babe, she has no solid ground in town, which makes her vunerable to be on the chopping block. And we all want Amanda around, so throwing her in that particular triangle would work from all three angles.

I just think that the serial killer idea is very plausible. Aidan's sick of being the white knight and exposes his dark side, unleashed from years of casted off women: Maria, Julia, Anita, Di, Simone, Mia, Erin, Kendall, Greenlee, ...I think you guys get the point.

Shadow, I wish you wrote the jokes on AMC. Hilarious.

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