Sunday, November 16, 2008

You Take the Good, You Take the Bad

The good:

  • Reeanca unlimited.
  • Brot plus Taylor (but definitely minus Colby).
  • Zach (finally) shedding a (manly) tear over his sleeping beauty.
  • Aggie Nixon and the "All My Children" prayer.
  • Anything Petey Cortlandt.

The (very) bad:

  • Anything Cryan, Greenlee, and Aidumb.
  • Erica and Adam making out.
  • Jesse as a liar.
  • Bianca as a liar.
  • Colby as anything.

I just wanted to thank you all for your amazing posts whilst Jordan and I recuperated. I also want to give a special shout out to Luis, who continues to provide amazing PVP Theme Song Intros for us. (They are all his work and creation. You rock, Luis!) I don't have much more to add, because you all do it so well. So keep on with your bad selves, and do your thing like only PVP listeners do!, here.

11/14/08 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Glad you are better Jordash! I missed you guys last week!

JnA08 said...

Welcome back you two..I have missed you..
Also Angie and Jesse were wonderful, I love drunk Angie also, she played it with heart.. And Jordan I wrote to AMC

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, THANK YOU LUIS!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

thats funny that on AMC, they use GOOGLE, but on OLTL they use LLANNET!

TAYLOR CRAWFORD: "...i'm from The Streets..."

Norn Cutson said...

Jordan, i am crying again just listening to you describe MARTY & COLE seeing each other!

Anonymous said...

JordAsh, I'm LMAO right now at your Lauren Holly (blah) comments. You've heard of the Bucket List? Well here is the PVP "Suck-It List", not limited to AMC:

First two courtesy of JordAsh:
Frons, 'nuff said
Lauren Holly, ex Julie, bland, blond
Cryan, most annoying AMC character EVER... IMHO
The tornado, for not sucking cRyan up

SOAPFAN said...

Welcome back guys! Jordan, I feel you man, I once paid $80 for 5 pills. Somebody is getting paid out there off our sickness.

I am so over the Ryan/GreenME/Aidan/Annie storyline. MCE is saving this trainwreck, but why the hell did Greenlee bring like 5 changes of clothes? WTF? She looked ridiculous in that damn ponytail and upturned collar. It wasn't supposed to be a vacation, but here she is dressed up like Gidget from the 1960's waiting to go to the beach. Why is she even THERE?! Makes no sense. I feel like Chuck Pratt really wasted Rebecca Budig. She has become like an extra in the Ryan scenes, of course with fabulous hair and makeup. Once RB leaves, they can probably bring back another vet with the money they save from her hair and makeup.

The whole thing is just too cartoonish. Annie and Aiden saying out loud their plans and intentions, just seemed so 'High School Play' to me.

"If Woody had gone straight to the Police, this would never have happened"

How come people don't just do the normal thing and go to the cops? It's like in a bad horror film where some blonde chick hears a noise in the basement during a blackout and goes down there with a butterknife. Why do people do the opposite of what they should. I think if Ryan had just told Jesse and the cops, they could have unraveled the damn plot.

For the love of God, why did Pratt bring back Di Henry just to turn her into Ryankill(PV equivalent of Roadkill)? Unlike many, I liked the old Di Henry, she was a decent character. Isn't Di supposed to be in NYC heading the Fusion New York office? She has time to come to PV and babysit Emma for Annie in PUERTO RICO? Don't make a lick of sense. They could have got some random friend of Annies to come in and be the fall guy, but why an already established character?

ANGIE/JESSE/FRANKIE/REBECCA/NATALIAI loved Angie and Jesse scenes, but I have to say Jesse is a chump to me now. He has been so tarnished, there is no way to restore him. After the heroics of the wedding, it makes him seem like even more of a herb for lying and all this mess. His face even makes him look like a pathetic droopy hound dog in EVERY scene. He better be glad Angie is not Drusilla from Y&R, cause Rebecca would be under the cabinets with Brot...

"Ah don't CARE if she has cancer, she about to have my footprint on her back in a minute!"

Sorry, but I am just NOT feeling Natalia. Me and my friend fight over her 'hotness' Shannon Kane is a pretty girl, and she has a bangin body, but she reminds me of those creatures from that movie the Dark Crystal...remember those gelflinks? She is kind of goatish to me, but my friend swears she is the second coming. Truth be told though, I miss Yaya so much.

This whole love story with them feels a bit rushed. And also the kiss was nice, but felt so forced. And why did she turn from a woman who seems like she should be dating Bianca, into a giddy school girl all of a sudden? Just a bit too fast of a conversion. Does Jake ever wear clothing appropriate for work? I never see him in a button down shirt, or labcoat, or anything else but that black tshirt and jeans...I hope he washed them since he also used them to jog in many times.

I am enjoying Brot. Jr Martinez is not an actor, but he is holding his own, and even outshines Briane MonCRIEF in most scenes. The only thing I don't like about the Brot stuff is that he is clearly younger than Taylor's character. You can tell he is a young guy and we know Taylor is in her 40's. Brot is supposed to be a soldier, but then gets felled by hospital cabinets? O RLY?

I enjoy their scenes, but GAWD does Tamara Braun seem so tiny in comparison to Eden Riegel. It makes me wonder just how small and thin these women are. I have seen Eden in person up close, and she is really not a BIG girl, she is just normal size. Tamara Braun must be the size of a skittle. I figured out what bothers me about's the eyebrows. Somehow it makes her look kind of dumpy.

I am happy to see them getting some lovin finally, and I was almost in tears when Reese told Binks about her parents. Very realistic reactions on TB's part. The show should try to keep her on somehow.

I'm happy Crishell/Amanda is getting some play, but Amanda will always be a toy of someone. David is trying to teach her not to be used by men, so he USES her to do it? She is no different than a gun or a knife, she is a tool. Why can't they do something cool, like give her a split personality or something? And WHERE did Dr.Dave get all this money from to be living in Wildwind, and offering people 5 million dollars? I know he is a brilliant heart surgeon, but damn, how much does he make a year?

And Jordan, Babe WAS a saint...the SAINT OF VAGINA! Cause that is where her real power was. Her poon had the mystical power to change Jr from a douchebag into a "good man". And David and Babe's longlasting love is about as believable as Jackson and Greenme's relationship...meaning as real as Beyonce's hair. The better explanation is that David just feels bad about losing 2 daughters, or maybe he feels that this was his only chance at having heirs?


I had stopped watching the show after Spenser was killed. But now, I have started watching the show again. Can I just tell you, I FLOVE Susan Haskell, and last week she really made me tremble.

I love a woman who can do the "Angry Cry", and SH is the MASTER of the "Angry Cry". She almost makes you afraid when she plays these scenes.

I HATE Jared and Natalie. Jared killed NASH, not Dorian, not anyone else...JARED! Now, they expect us to accept this character as a hero on the show? Jared is OLTLs version of Ryan Lavery, they even look alike and have similar stories. Ugh! The only saving grace of the Jared Natalie scenes are that I get to stare at Melissa Archer's massive snowballs in tight sweaters(could they be anything other than tight with those babies?)...Let me stop being vulgar (smirk).

A sad farewell to Andrea Evans' Tina. Sad that they can't keep vets around. Speaking of, I just got word that Days just cut two MAJOR characters. You will freak out when you find out who it is. But I digress.

Tess...Jess...Bess...MESS! I hate that another baby was stolen. No baby is safe in Llanview or Pine Valley!

Almost cried when Cole saw Marty again. Seeing his little hamster face draw up and his red eyes made me tear up...sniff, sniff...Now all Cole and Marty have to do is go to Pine Valley and get Patrick Thornhart back. Now that Kendall is in a coma, it's the perfect time to smuggle him out!

Jordan, I didn't know you were a comic fan. I am too. Part of the reason I like soaps, is because they remind me of comics, and vice or versa.

Thanks as usual for a great podcast guys. Feel better Ash!

Shadow said...

Ty said...

"And Jordan, Babe WAS a saint...the SAINT OF VAGINA! ... Her poon had the mystical power to change Jr from a douchebag into a "good man"... "

I didn't see that one coming. HA!

Bringing back Di didn't make any sense to me either, although I didn't mind Kelli Giddish after they got past the whole pretending to be Dixie s/l. Seems like whenever KG was on screen though I spent more time wondering why she was sort of baldish than I did on what she was actually doing. In these days of hair extensions, that girl was follicly challenged.

The only reason I can think for bringing a recast Di back for 2 days was to afford Pratt another opportunity to declare his arrival by killing another vapid character from the Suck era. Josh was the first casualty. Then the town got scrubbed by the tornado. Then Baby Doll bled out from her ass. There was the symbolic new beginning (heh)signaled by the Lion King episode. I guess Di was another chance to remind us that a new era is dawning for our beloved soap and erase from our minds a poorly conceived character. Of course, we had already forgotten her and now he just reminding us of her.

I hope we don't have to suffer through Di's funeral and a eulogy by Dell. Dell made Ryan look really *complex*.

Seriously though, I get that Pratt is large and in charge! I need no more reminders. All I need now are some decent storylines and a lot LESS Effen Ryan.

And Ty you are right about Buddig. They must be just screwing with her now--trying to see how stupid they can make her look when she is on screen. The ponytails, that hat the other day, etc. Somebody in wardrobe hates her and is having a blast at her expense.

And the moguls in PV may have contributed to the stock market crash. Nobody seems to have lost a cent in the crash. They all have amazingly liquid portfolios. Hayward writes a check for $500,000.00. Adam paid off the class action lawsuit and FDA penalties. Greenlee, bless her heart, just pulled $8 million out of her ass on the spot! If these folks aren't suffering from the economy, you would think at least one of them would get audited.

Anonymous said...

Hi Ashley & Jordan,

I missed you so! Glad you're back. It was amazing to listen as you guys had more fun talking about everything but AMC.

Hang in there on our behalf.

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Watching Soapnet now.

Poor Brot, hasn't this man been through enough. He deserves combat pay for acting with the BM (Coldby). So stupid doesn't know what an MRE is. He is a lot younger than Taylor but she looked great today. Loved the facial expressions, and the creases. Unlike the Nicole Kidmans who people say has an LCD screen for a forehead.

When I turned on Soapnet tonight and I heard something about Puerto Ricans I thought "Hell No, Ashley and Jordan showed up on set to shoot Chuck Pratt"

But Annie was just shooting Di, from the streets, who figured out the stupid Redick story. End this soon.

I need my Janet back to rip into David for messing with my Amanda.

Oh know, they are losing Aidumb, have my prayers been answered? I doubt it. He must be f----ing Jud-Ick Blight Wilson!

Welcome back both of you. I agree the soap is a bit better, it's not like a root canal at all times.

Tamara Braun is so thin, like I said her and Kendall should have an eat off. The longest time to eat a grape in history.

This Jessie Angie storyline is stupid. Angie is a doctor not a saint. They should have kept Ya-Ya.

Oh-oh InsAnnie is pissing off the Puerto Ricans.

Sleeping around with everybody should be a way for Amanda to act like Babe. A baby switch and a magic vagina should do the trick.

Loved the Lauren Holly comments. Hated her on AMC, she got a boob job and that helped her career as much as anything. She was really flat on AMC, acting and chestwise.

Ashley said...

No song intro this week, folks, but I did get one from "Angela:" Check it out!

Hey Ashley & Jordan,

I got the perfect song for your next podcast...


Smooth Criminal = Insannie

1st Verse:
Even though the bitch is crazy
She still managed to get away with murder
First she killed her brother Richie
Killing Greenlee didn't work out for her

She was staying with the Chandlers
And she picked up Babe & Jr's old tricks
Hatched a nutty plan with Aiden
to kidnapped her own daughter

Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
Can't you see that, Ryan?
Ryan, are you stupid?
You are such dumb ass
You are clueless, Ryan
Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
She has lost it, Cryan
Ryan, can't you see that?
You're a dim wit
Open your eyes, Ryan

2nd Verse:
Can't you see the bitch is crazy
Cause she tricked you
Tried to have your baby

Just to make you love her
She'll get a gun
She will kill your lady

Act like she got asthma
She'll crash her car
Take a shot in her arm

Fly to Puerto Rico
Take a bitch slap
Then beat down Aiden

Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
Can't you see that, Ryan?
Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
She has lost it, Ryan
Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
She has tricked you
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Hit By - A Smooth Criminal

That woman should be locked up
Cause she's batty
She has lost it

Lock her up right next to Janet
Cause they're both from another planet

Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
Can't you see that, Ryan?
Ryan, are you stupid?
You are such dumb ass
You are clueless, Ryan
Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
She has lost it, Cryan
Ryan, can't you see that?
You're a dim wit
Open your eyes, Ryan

3rd Verse:
Can't you see the bitch is crazy
Cause she tricked you
Tried to have your baby

Just to make you love her
She'll get a gun
She will kill your lady

Act like she got asthma
She'll crash her car
Take a shot in her arm

Fly to Puerto Rico
Take a bitch slap
Then beat down Aiden

Annie is not ok
Insannie is not ok
Ryan, you are clueless
You've Been Hit By
You've Been Struck By - A Smooth Criminal

Luis Merino said...

You're (all) welcome for the themes!

Shadow said...

I’m catching up.


Who is curling Taylor’s hair and when did she get this positive attitude? To me, Happy Taylor acts more childish than anything. I might like Irritable Taylor better. She’s all garsh-darn now.

Tad is getting so thin. He looks great, but I expect to see him gnawing on a table in the background. And now he has that hairdo. It’s almost got a personality like the Weave.

Erica looks lovely in white. This thing with Adam is oogie. Love them both, but their moments together should be few and savored like a fine wine. Like anything too much of a good thing makes something special much less so. As frenemies and rivals, they are dynamic. All this coy banter and innuendo makes them both just seem old. I understand why putting these two together made sense to Pratt. He probably wanted to give them more screen time and maximize the bang for his buck, but I think he’s inadvertently squandering their talent by keeping them together when each can hold their own. They make the other characters so much better. He should use them as antagonists in other stories.

I still call bullshit on this homeless thing. Erica Kane would never not have a home. Her being homeless is worse than her geezer foreplay with Adam. The efficiency at the Yacht Club was bad, but having to crash at the Chandler Mansion like Carmen or Annie is just stupid. Fabulous people live in fabulous places.

She’s Erica Freaking Kane and he’s Adam Freaking Chandler. He has the lamest security on the east coast. Where’s the paparazzi?

Ever notice that Ryan shouts every so many words like he’s trying to be William Shatner/Captain Kirk.? He said to Aidan: “I think Annie PLANNED THIS, so that we would be ALONE and we would become CLOSER…The PALM hotel. I need you to GO THERE…” .

What is that green potato sack Annie is wearing? Maybe it’s just Reece’s blouse repurposed.

It makes no sense for Annie to go to all this trouble with a convoluted kidnapping story when a little oral sex is so much more effective. You know Greenlee isn’t that kind of girl.

I can totally relate to Bianca and the 4 kids. She’s not getting any sleep with the baby. At least there is something realistic in that. She looks realistically exasperated with the pony tails, nasty t-shirt and all.

How come none of the grandchildren ran to Erica and hugged her when she got to Zach’s house? She walked in the house, around the kids and sat on the ottoman while they all sat there motionless and staring at her. Most kids freak out when they see their grandparents and run and hug them. They looked drugged. Maybe Binx gave them all a little extra Motrin to calm them down.

Nobody knows Brot so I don’t think he really needs to slink around the hospital like he’s Dixie or Jesse.

Now Pratt is talking to me. Forget the sex. In my fantasy, people send us multiple nannies.

Does Bianca own another dress or does she just really love brown wool?

Amanda would fall for the jewelry trick. Erica has been there and done that. Maybe they could do something with this--two old lonely horny people hook up to shore up their self esteem. Mistaking the comfort of friendship for something more romantically significant. But at some point, this needs to stop.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, so JR decides not to take a drink in the elevator. Why couldn't he just toss the bottle in a trash can. Why throw break the bottle in the elevator and leave a bunch of broken glass behind. That ticked me off. What if a little kid was the next passenger? One of those little things on AMC that is supposed to be "drama" but instead just points out what a jerk and drama queen JR really is.

Shadow said...

Friday’s ep:

Too much Ryan, Greenlee, Aidumb and Annie. Annie isn't doing it for me anymore. This storyline sucks.

Why are they making Puerto Rico look like a third world country?

If I lost $8 million, I would so totally call the police.

What place of business uses lockers?

Bianca is overeacting--making a bad situation worse.

This is in no way a comment of Brot. I think he’s great, but he’s obviously an amateur. Maybe they thought a beginner would make Colby look less turd-like. Nope!

I’m watching the scene with Ryan and Annie and the only thing I really notice is that Ryan has hairy ears.

Colby has a bad haircut.

Amanda says all drunk like, “I live on a boat. Like a pirate. Arrrgh.” She kissed JR and he looked like he was going to throw up. Puhleeze. He would so be on that.

JR took Amanda’s car keys and told her never to call him again. How does she get her keys back? I hope she doesn’t cut herself on the broken bottle in the elevator.

Ryan is fake sleeping. Best acting he’s done in years.

Colby doesn’t’ think it’s a little unusual that she found a burn victim in the supply closet?

Does Jake have any other patients?

When the gunshot went off, Greenlee, Ryan and Aidumb jumped backward. They truly looked like the Scooby Gang.

Shadow said...

AMC Monday:

When did Di become a gun wielding maniac? Does every girl on this show have to be a crazy ass loon?

Aidumb’s shot. Di is dead. Ryan is throwing her head around. Greenlee has no purpose.

There are Taylor’s man-socks.

Shouldn’t Trolby be concerned about the safety of her patients? There is a man hiding in the closet. What if he’s a crazy person?

The Weave looks sad and tired today.

Natalia has droopy boobies.

Awww, Aidumb is trying to act again.

Effen Ryan is screaming at the police again.

The police guys are horrible. “Not unteel you are interrogated.”

Did I miss something? Where did Jesse come from?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• AMANDA: "You callin' me a bad kisser?"

• NATALIA is wearing MORK & MINDY suspenders.

• why even bother having that woman be DI? it would make more sense if turned out to be CORRINA. at least it would follow the basic rules of story structure, rather than have DI show up out of nowhere.

btw, where do you think DI was standing in that room that ANNIE couldnt see her walking across the room twice?

he's havin a nightmare..& he wakes up to the nightmare of COLBY!

isnt COLBY's first responsibility to PVH, rather than some guy in the basement?

she really is a liability to the hospital!

i feel bad enough for BROT, why does he have to suffer COLBY too?

i cant enjoy the romance of TAYLOR & JAKE coz i'm so worried about BROT.

• JESSE is droppin all his family stuff to help CRYAN & GREENLEE????

to hell with that.

• that crackerjack CHANDLER SECURITY captures AMANDA & DAVID & drags them off the estate in giant butterfly nets.

• why isnt JESSE asking ANNIE these questions? he *knows* shes the nut to crack.

everything JESSE is dumb, & it just breaks my heart because i LOVE JESSE...the real JESSE. none of this is the real JESSE. poor Darnell.

• *LOVE* ANGIE & REBECCA!!!! now they are great, & i am interested in exploring their friendship.

• look @ CRYAN outwit those "dumb Puerto Rican cops".

tsk tsk.

on muliple levels.

notes on Monday's episode

• i'm so caught up in the emotion that i dont even mind that COLE isnt that good of an actor, i'm still cryin!!

aawww...that look on MARTYs face on friday seemed to say that jsut seeing COLE brought her memory back...but today she doesnt remember him either.

...but dang when they started singin that lullabye together, i just LOST IT!!!!

• MCBAIN is fillin NORA in on MARTY & TODD and BLAIR is all skulkin' can see, she is DOUBLE jealous because BOTH of her men are in love with MARTY and the wheels are beginning to turn in her head...

• MARCIE & MICHAEL got me teary-eyed again, and this is the first time i've cared about MICHAEL.

• this is the most interesting & the most ive cared about NORA in years!

yeah, lay off the NORA love stories, they are all a snooze, give her a more LAW & ORDER-type story.


Anonymous said...

Jordan said Colby ran in looking all "special ed". I had to pull over. Cant stand her but at least she's fodder from some classic Jordash commentary.

Arizonagal said...

So the only one left is Del now?

Di Died... that's fun to say. What would be even more fun is Ry Died... OMG, why can't there be a dead Ryan?

I really don't like the way TIIC have transformed Taylor from a surly nasty paraplegic to this pollyanna-with-an-edge bubbly person. It's not the characters, people, it's the writing. No matter what kind of crap material TPTB give Ehlers and Goldin, they are gonna give 100% of their energy and talent to it.

Also, what is up with Jake romancing Taylor with french pastries (which, give me a break, she's never heard of an eclair? a napoleon?) and catered dinners? Too much contrivance. Why not turn it down a notch into something more real.

I don't think TIIC know how to do real people, real conversations, real situations, and it shows. Not just with Taylor and Jake, but with Annie, Amanda, David, Adam, Erica...

Add the writers the suck it list.

I'm getting frustrated. There are a few bright spots now and then, but still way too much crap.

SOAPFAN said...

MARCIE & MICHAEL got me teary-eyed again, and this is the first time i've cared about MICHAEL.

Ooh, I can't stand Marcie. And Michael has always bored me. I want Michael to turn into a zombie and then EAT Marcie...then John comes in and blows Michael to bits with a shotgun.

I can't believe that the Mannings are even befriending Marcie after "Crazy Velma from Scooby Doo" took baby Sam/Tommy. I wouldn't give her a baby doll let alone my baby.

Shadow said...

Maybe the purpose of bringing Di back was to use her death as a way to push JR over the edge. That's the only legit thing I can think of. I don't want to see the return of drunk JR though. That is so played out. Pratt may not have seen it before but we have 1000 times. Hopefully JR will prove that he is in control of himself and mature to a more meaningful existence. If they don't quit making losers out of everyone, there will be noone to step in for Erica, Adam and Tad when the time comes.

Speaking of Erica, IMHO you are both right. Erica is gorgeous and well preserved. I want her to be vibrant and sexy, but not sexual. She needs to settle into a satisfying, mature, sophisticated relationship and begin her ascent into the role Phoebe played. I don't want to see Miss Kane doing the bump and grind anymore. Leave that to Amanda, Taylor and the gange. I'm not discriminating against older people her or anything, but if I'm gonna watch, I don't want to see age spots. I don't want to see people reaching for personal lubricants. So let's position Erica, Adam, Tad and so forth in their rightful place in PV society in the memory of Phoebe, Charles and Mona. Restore the families around them and let the stories be told. Erica can still be vibrant and exciting honestly embracing her grandkids, running a megabrand company, being in the entertainment limelight, and meddling in PV society. But we never saw Phoebe doing the horizontal pokey with Charles or deepthroating Langley. Different people in different generations should act differently. Not everyone can be or should sex it up like Amanda and Jake.

Arizonagal said...

Got a question for ya JordAsh. What do you think of Cameron Mathison's acting, what do you think of the Ryan Lavery character?

I'm very clear on how you both feel about Colby/Brianne, but seems like Ryan/CM always escapes your radar, no? I used to think CM was a decent actor, but he is just so one-note, he has the same level of anger and intensity in every scene, no layers at all and he seems more psychotic than InSannie.

I admit I hate Ryan, always have hated him, always thought he's a jerk, never understood why he's a babe magnet, always think that women in his orbit turn stupid.

I find it insulting that TPTB are writing this lame kidnapping story as InSannie trying to get Ryan back, when her motivation should have been to punish the hell out of his sorry ass.

Is it just me?

As for Eek having sex, well eewww. I don't care if she has it, I just don't want to hear about it. I don't see Erica as ever truly growing up until the G word is used.

What, is it in SL's contract that no one ever use the word "grandma"? Her and Adam flirting, well it's just pathetic. Give SL something better to do. Damn, she's older than when Phoebe started on AMC as the grand dame. Eek has reached the point where acting like a 30 something woman is just WRONG and sad.

Norn Cutson said...

my illustration of STARR & BLAIR

Anonymous said...

Wow Norn, good stuff, that really looked like Starr and Blair. You good! Now bring us some Ashley and Jordan and the rest of the PVP crew.

Anonymous said...

How about easing La Looch into the grandma word by having Miranda say grandmere or abuela?

Erica is never going to age gracefully as long as that word is ignored. She's old enough to have great grandkids for pete's sake. She ain't no coquette, she ain't no ingenue, she's a "woman of a certain age" as Jordan likes to say, and there's nothing wrong with that. The message she's sending is that getting old is taboo. And why not bring back Safari Jeff if Erica must have a boyfriend.

A good way to make Ryan more tolerable - a bark collar. Just set it at its most sensitive position and watch the fun!

Sad to see Di go, no more "You gotta be tough when you grow up on the streets."

Laura said...

Tuesday. Oh the weave is giving it to David. He has the nerve to call her unethical. Go Angie.

If Aidumb and Ryan die in Puerto Rico that should make it qualify instantly for our 51st state. I am not Puerto Rican, but why does AMC portray these people so stupid! I know the people in Puerto Rico are not stupider than the idiots in Pine Valley. I can't wait to see what Ash and Jordan say about this mess!

Did anybody take the poll about Angie and Jessie's return on Daytime Confidential? Over half thought the return was messed up last time I looked.

Kind of a spoiler -

Who is Jake's wife Carolyn and why is she coming back? Who would you like to see play her? Amanda Hall Rogers played her before it looks like. I know Jordan likes Beth Chamberlain. Days of our Lives is a blood bath, the body count is kind of high over there. I am sure many actresses are looking for jobs. But Judick Blight Wilson will find some pretty person who can't act worth a damn.

I like Taylor with Tad, too.

Go Brot, telling Coldby or the BM off. Do what ever you do besides harass people. Is she an employee or a volunteer? What the heck is that tear on her face? Please somebody find this Brot and take him away from the BM!

Poor little Emma, how predictable was it when the curtains caught on fire?

Time to pick up the cat, under the knife this morning for her ear. She is from Manhattan and stuck living in the Chicago Suburbs now. Her owner was an actress at one time and was friends with Roxie from OLTL. If you New Yorkers ever saw a spoiled tiny white persian walking on a leash in Central Park, that was Molly, the cat. Her owner probably left 40,000 for a Vet school in New York, and nothing for this cat! Vets are not cheap.

Have to go to Iowa this weekend. I'll look for Taylor and Alejandro! Gas is like 1.80 there.

Tad to KWAK, what's wrong did something happen? Even our MEK can't deliver these stupid lines. Hold KWAK for Christ's sake.

Damn, Aidumb is coming to life! Who is this man sleeping with - Brian Frons?

Goody, OLTL is on.

Shadow said...

I thought coquette was something you ate for breakfast. Ha!

n69n: Another great portrait. I bet they would be so honored to see your work.

I only caught the last half of today's ep, so I'll trust that ya'll watched the whole thing so I don't have to.

OLTL is on and I have to say this show is wild. Todd looks awful. In fact, he looks like he was in a tornado. Funny how nobody on AMC looked that bad. Babe bled out and we never saw a drop. Somebody beat the living daylights out of Todd. That scene between him and Marty's son was creepy and intense. Seems like the scenes play out more slowly and completely than the AMC
stories. AMC still seems rushed and choppy.

I like watching Rex, Natalie, Roxy et al sitting on the couch catching up. Good use of time to catch people up on what's been going down. The characters on AMC need some hang time too. Angie and KWAK were good last week.

So about Monday's AMC:

Ashley, be careful what you wish for. KWAK looks awful. Nappy hair and a hideous turtle neck sweater. She looks and acts depressed. Of course who wouldn't be sad if they were trapped in a sexless marriage. Did you see Tad kiss her head? He's always patting and kissing her head. What is she, a labradoodle? I don't think so. And then there's those brown plaid sheets. That has got to be the least sexy bedding I have ever seen. What a boring, drab affair.

Ash was right. Amanda wasn't close to Amanda and JR. I can recall so many episodes where those two call Mandy trash. Part of the reason Janet hated Jamie, Babe and JR ws because they shit on Amanda all the time. But that was over a year ago and the last set of writers swept that under the bridge. My hope for Amanda is that she has an attack of conscience. She decides to not be victimized by Hayward and not to take the easy way out. I hope she takes charge and turns the tables on Hayward and somehow comes out the better for it. Time for Mandy to grow up. And yes, bring back Timmy. She needs some family. I wish she had to take care of Janet.

Just saw an AMC commercial: "The showdown you saw coming." (Ryan tells Annie he knows she planned the whole thing.) "And the showdown you didn't." (Greenlee pointing a gun at Annie.)

Well now we see it coming. Stupid.

I like Natalia's panic about Rebecca choosing to sign a Living Will and Frankie helping her understand. That does happen and people do misinterpret the purpose of the directive. I like it when the educate about little things without getting all preachy about it.

What's with the SoapNet JC Penny ads showing women how to dress like the women of Fusion. Unless someone sits on a pitchfork in a pair of white jeans, they aren't going to look anything like Babe. The rest are pretty easy. If someone is looking to capture the radiant glow of death like Simone or Erin, all they need is a white satin ribbon around the neck. If they want to look like Kendall or Greenlee, just stop eating and open your eyes really wide. And to capture the Amanda's allure, just go 'commando'.

Taylor does look a lot older than Brot. I like her with Tad. She and Tad should sex it up. Hard to believe Brot would spill that whole story to the retard that is Colby who, by the way, has the worst haircut ever. Personally, I don't have a problem with Brot's face. I feel bad for him. It's tragic but compared to Colby's deformity...The ginormous forehead and blunt bob flying around everywhere...I need a moment.

Whew. I panicked. I thought of the unsexiness of Tad and Krystal and was immediately calmed.

Shadow said...

These last couple of weeks at work have been kicking Shadow's ass.

Shadow said:

"Ash was right. Amanda wasn't close to Amanda and JR."

Shadow meant to say:

"Ash was right. Amanda wasn't close to Babe and JR."

Shadow also said:

"But that was over a year ago and the last set of writers swept that under the bridge."

Shadow isn't a dumbass. Shadow meant to say:

"But that was over a year ago and the last set of writers swept that under the carpet."

Alternatively, Shadow meant to say:

"But that was over a year ago with a different set of writers and is water under the bridge."

Shadow is knocking off early tonight. Peace out.

Anonymous said...

Ty, you don't like Bianca's power brows? A strong brow enhances your features and frames your face. I heard that somewhere. I do like the Binx Brows and wonder how they'd do in a matchup with the weave?

Shadow, when you were talking about Colby's deformity, I immediately thought of her dowager's hump, not the fivehead. I don't find that so distracting as her crummy posture.

Poor Brianne, I so hope she doesn't lurk here. We can be so mean and I am still pissed that she replaced Ambyr, it should have been the other way around. But really, she's another member of the "not ready for daytime" club.

"I've decided after I'm done, I'm just going to paint myself like a donkey and just hire myself out to kid parties, because I've literally been Richie the piñata for the past month." — Billy Miller on the end of Richie's days in Pine Valley

Edith Prickley

Anonymous said...

"What do you think of Cameron Mathison's acting, what do you think of the Ryan Lavery character?"

Hi, Arizonagal--I think the material given has a lot to do with it...Cameron is a good actor,imo. He can do the work.
If you like, take a look at:

"The Pain Ryan & Gillian", on youtube.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• JR bein all pouty gives me wood.
i wanna make a mess of his pretty face.

• oh now DAVID's tangling with ANGIE, *that* i could get into!

• i'm about to slap ANNIE myself.

• ANGIE: "*My* case doesn't need looking into!"

• JESSE needs to loose his badge.

• REBECCA: "Do the angels *really* sing? Are the gates *really* pearly?"

ok, i'm a sap, that was dingdong dialogue, but i still got choked up!

• BROT: "WHAT IFs arent in my ammo pack!"

• it takes two hours to fly across the island but JAKE flies to the island from Pine Valley in fifteen minutes?

• did you feel that *ELECTRIC HEAT* & *PASSION* between TAD & KWAK?

me neither.

notes on Tuesday's episode

• ROXY!!!
& she's got a new hairdo!

• JESS all strapped to the bed!

• see, thats the most life NORA has shown in a decade!
i dont wanna see NORA smoocin up on anybody, i wanna see her fighting for justice...& FOR REAL, *NOT* like JESSE.

• oooh Farrah Fath doesnt like sharing the spotlight with Melissa Archer....its not the characters, its the actresses, you can see it in their body language.

• i'm scared of JESS...i cant help but feel its another TESS trick!

• i know theres *supposed* to be a guard watchin TODD...& shouldnt he have some medical attention, or at least wash all that bloody crust off his face?

• glad to see theyre not ditching BRODY.

• ooooh tomorrows gonna be gooooooooooood (the scene of DORIAN & DR JOPLIN)...hey ABC, previews *WORK*!

Anonymous said...

You know, BRtedi, I do remember when Ryan was not so one note. That was years ago. Why has his acting become so manic? He's always whipped into a frenzy and frothing at the mouth. I agree with you, CM has talent, I'm just not sure how much.

Norn, I am so hoping it's not Jess strapped to the bed. Don't know 'bout you, but I miss Tess and her tricks.

Still sprayin' coffee on my keybored over your JR pouty wood.

I don't get why Tad and KWAK don't work. They make an attractive couple, but it's fizzle, not sizzle. They are so NOT generating steamed heat.

back to work before the boss catches me... oh wait, I AM the boss. Whew.


Shadow said...

I don't worry too much about Turdby being affected by anything in the blog. If she's seen it she certainly hasn't let any of it affect her performance. She still the same schlumpy, geeky, DBTE fivehead she's always been.

However, I do so hope Jacob Young reads the blog!

jordan hudson said...

you killed me that was my favorite woody woodpecker episode. That and Let it rain let it thunder...... OMG

Guys while the show has not been torture to watch this week it has been funny and not in a good way.

I said it before and I will say it again the writers don't know how to tell a story. The Pace is horrible this week. I loved how David used the JLA teleporter to get from Chandler Mansion to the Hosiptal. Then Jake told Greenlee he would be right there. And as if he was taking the cross town shuttle, jakegyver to the rescue.

Also have Chuck and his staff ever been to Puerto Rico. It's part of the US not a third world country. Then did I fall asleep Greenlee told Jake they were on Goon island when did they shift Islans ala LOST.....I can't keep this convulted story down. All I know is I'm yelling at the TV DIE AIDAN DIE!!!!!!!

Who ever the script writer for Tuesday who wrote Colby and Brot's Scene should be fired. The most wretched dialogue ever. Colby "I'm down with that" Down with what, you ain't from the street's. You ain't DI. Oh wait now Babe is from the streets too. According to Amanda, Babe had street smarts.... LMAO LMAO LMAO.

I love how the writers are rewriting history. Tad telling Taylor. How Krystal came into his life and got him going again. Oh please.

Thank god for OLTL. Which has given an excellent pay off to the tragic Marty/ Todd storyline and like good writers everyone is involved. Hilary Bailey Smith Nora has not had this kind of meaty stuff in years.

Then there is Robin Strasser who deserves to be nominated next year. This woman was incredible today with six scenes where she interrogates The Doctor who delivered Starr's baby. Then I watch her grill this woman...Now Dorian from the streets I believe.

lucyb24 said...

I was really surprised Greenlee called Jake to operate on Aiden. So now he's a heart surgeon too? I expected when she said she would get help, she was going to call David. Hey Greenlee, remember him, Your brother in Law, the famous, brilliant heart surgeon! (Never mind Aiden has a bullet lodged in his aorta). Oh yeah, that's right, Leo's dead so she no longer remembers David--heck she doesn't even remember Leo. What was I thinking?

VincentFan1 said...

I think David will rip Greens a new one for not calling him first to save Aidan! :)

Jordan, speaking of David, what have you heard regarding future story for him? I'm liking David with Amanda and Krystal both! :)

Anonymous said...

"You know, BRtedi, I do remember when Ryan was not so one note. That was years ago. Why has his acting become so manic? He's always whipped into a frenzy and frothing at the mouth. I agree with you, CM has talent, I'm just not sure how much."

I bet, sometimes, Cameron isn't thrilled with the stuff they give him, either--Alot of "Ryan's" scenes have him in "hot head mode", these days

Initially, I got a pretty good idea of what Ryan was 'supposed to be' in Fusion scenes, when CM, AM and AM were given the opportunity for banter.

Aside from a few scenes with Alisha Minshew, when "Ryan" first had amnesia and then dealing with the children--Cameron's only "lighter" scenes, in the last year or two involved Cady McClain. (Ryan was in Pine Valley park,recovering from the adverse affects of truth serum) Those were moments were a hoot!--The writers need to "lighten up", Ryan. Cameron is really good with that...It's a shame, that several times, I've had to go to youtube to see that side of the character. Sadly, I think,a lot of fans have forgotten how "Ryan" used to be.


Anonymous said...

That's right,Vincentfan1!--I was certain Greens would be calling Dr. Dave. He's the "world renowned cardiologist", isn't he?


Shadow said...

An Astoot observation from

"The thing I adored most about the erstwhile ALL MY CHILDREN was how it represented everybody. There was supercilious Phoebe and grasping Erica. There was the rich. The poor. The middle-class.

And back in the day, the dialog on AMC was the best. Each character had their own speech pattern. Phoebe, Langley, Opal, Ray Gardner, each had their own individualized voice. On most soaps, the dialogue is interchangeable. With precious few exceptions, all the characters sound alike. But not in Pine Valley of yesteryear."

Shadow said...

As I've said before, it's amazing how much talent there is on this show. Big name writers. Huge daytime acting talent. Supercouples from all the different soaps. ABC is throwing money at it and promoting it. It's had some great moments like the Aggie episode, but there is something missing. Regardless of whether you loved or hated the Todd/Marty story on OLTL or how silly or inspired you think Bess/Jess/Tess is, it was impressive how all the different storylines converged and spawned new ones. All the OLTL characters and stories revolve in the same universe. AMC storylines are totally scattershot. The characters and their stories are clickish and don't ever really mesh together well. I think that is in large part the problem with the sucktet. They are almost they're own show within a show--removed from the other characters. The events like the tornado may bring them all together, but not in any lasting meaningful way. I think that explains the choppiness. It's like there are different writing teams competing for airtime-Team Hubbard, Team Sucktet, etc.

Shadow said...

AMC Tuesday:

"Jesse Hubbard, Pine Valley Police
Chief." As if that means something to this island cop. It's not like Jesse is the head of the FBI. It would be so much better if Jesse took the PVU job and they brought back Derek.

AMC Wednesday:

Again, only saw 1/2 an ep:

They are trying so hard to spin Zach's baby gravy and it ain't working. He told Reese he was drunk that night and didn't know what he agreed to. As if he just decided to pull his pud and donate some tadpoles after a few glasses of wine and heavy hors de oeuvres.

Jesse just walks into another country and takes over an investigation. Jake just flies in and starts treating patients in another country with no red tape. Could this be any less believable? This is so cartoonish. Zach punching the clown out of love is dumb, but at least it relates to a story that has promise (Rianca). But everybody and everything gets dragged down in these stupid suxtet stories.

Ordinarily Pete makes Colby seem better than she is. This week, the Turd is definetly dragging him down.

Poor ian is pissed. Zach is a convincing father though.

Crap. The moon is back. Two steps forward. Five steps backward.

Anonymous said...

Here's a little ditty for our poor little BM. Sung to the tune of the Addams Family...

She's shlumpy and she's frumpy
Her posture's way too humpy
She's scaring all the comp'ny
The Ambyr Wannabe

Her fivehead is distracting
We're tired of her "acting"
We'd like to send her packing
The Ambyr wannabe

You're a thief
No relief

So exit our soap nation
JordAsh needs a vacation
We're jonesin' for a break from
The Ambyr wannabe

Shadow said...


I'm watching purely for research purposes only! And because n69n piqued my curiosity with his commentary. Dang you n69!

Dorian: "It is Dr. Lord, and you know it."

Marty: "There's something I want you to know..."

Tess: Don't ignore me you selfish little bitch...Jessica!

Marty: "I hope your sorry eats you alive and kills you".

Dorian: "Is there an autopsy report"?

Other Doctor: "You are no longer on staff here. You're not allowed to poke around the morgue or anywhere else in this hospital".

Dorian: "Poke this"...

Ha ha! Mixing comedy with drama. Attention to detail. No Jakegyver theatrics. Pratt, this is how its done! I don't love the story on OLTL, but it's written and packaged so much better than the best AMC story.

As soon as she feels better, Marty needs to bleach her teeth.

Dorian is a fiery, smart, mature, sophiscated woman who acts her age. The way Erica should be.

Continuity alert! Blair's hair has been a mess this whole episode. She's been flipping it around, folding it behind her ears. They cut to a commercial, now her tresses are beautifully combed with a nice straight center part. So even OLTL isn't perfect. But that's relatively minor compared to the some of the stuff they pull on AMC.

That Gigi girl bugs me.

Nora said "contrition". Colby couldn't even pronounce contrition.

Dorian: "And when i do, Doctor, we're going to find out exactly what was meant to be!"

I swear it looks like PVH and Llanview hospital share a set.

Bess, the gatekeeper.

Starr is going to need some meds. How did she ever turn out this normal with a father like Todd?

Todd: "Marty, I really did love you". Man, this guy just can't stop.

Preview: Jess is out and doesn't care who knows it!

And in other news:

I still can' believe DOOL fired Deidre Hall. Wasn't she the possessed one?

Shadow said...

Nice one Brown Penny!

BM = Brianne Mongrief or Bowel Movement. Fitting for a gal named Turdby.

Anonymous said...

AMC Wednesday's Episode

AAHHHH!!!! It's the crazy eyeballs lady!! She's back!!! (I'm talking about Brot's mother, of course.) What a scary looking woman. I would keep hiding from her too if she was my mom. Yikes!

Norn Cutson said...

oh, i aint sayin OLTL is perfect...but you get a lot of enjoyment along with the eyerolls because OLTL treats the viewer with some intelligence!

AMC assumes their viewers havent yet discovered things like time, distance, gravity, the legal system or the value of money ("go get me 8 million dollars!" "ok!")!

notes on Wednesday's episode

• i keep expecting ZACH, BINKS & REESE to get into a its gonna happen *any moment*.
is that just my perverted mind or is anyone else picking up that vibe?

• ADAM called PETEY a muppet!!!


• TAYLOR is seducing herself.

• BINKS: "See, Zach, this is what we call JOI DE VIVE!!! THE JOY OF LIVING....and we've got it in spades!"

could that sound any more artificial?

i love BINKS but if they are gonna be puttin words like that in her mouth, my eye are gonna get a lot of excercise rollin around.

• ok, this is *too dumb*, with JESSE standing right behind ANNIE and shout-whispering "ANNIE'S A PART OF IT!!!"

• BROT's mom's eyes are scarier than BROT could ever be.

• MRS. MONROE: "Thank you for loving my son."

well, that got me teary.

• PETEY's lookin reeeeeaaaaaalllllyyyy cuuuuuute!

• REESE is all like "gimme another baby!"

• oooh that one paramedic who brought EMMA in was HOT!!!!! MMmmmMmpppPPhh, he can be the star of *my* soap!

OH EFF YOU, CRYAN (sorry brtedi!)

didja notice how he made his biceps flex a couple of extra times for the camera?

• i just figured out who Beth Ehlers look like...MRS BRISBY from THE SECRET OF NIMH!!!!

i hate that FRANKIE thinks its his place to withhold information from TAYLOR.

• BROT: "Man, this place is a freakin' palace."

yay, finally BROT's gonna play a scene with someone who can act!

• Chuck Pratt is all about The Moon.
so....COLBY put BROT out in the backyard? like a dog?

(not that i would ever treat a dog like that!)

notes on Wednesday's episode

• omg, we are inside JESS's mind!
this is almost BUFFY-like!!!!
thats got me ***excited***!!!

• TODD: "I'm sorry."

MARTY: "I hope your Sorry eats you alive and kills you."

• DORIAN: "Poke *this*."

NICU told DORIAN that HOPE had never been admitted!
DORIAN knows a rat when she smells one and she's *not* gonna let go!
obviously, DR JOPLIN & TODD never thoughtout the plan this far!

Shadow, i love your point that ERICA should be moving more towards DORIAN territory, rather than still trying to be the ingenue.

• TESS: "Bully for you, Bessie!!!"

• NATTY: "Hey, kids bounce back."

she's sayin' this to her sister who, instead of bouncing back, shattered into at least 3 seperate personalities.

• DORIAN: "I'm going to find out what went on in those missing 45 minutes...and then, *DOCTOR*, we'll see about what's *meant to be*."

• wouldnt you like to see Alicia Minshew tackle something interesting like Bree Williamson?

• MARTY: "That door you told me to walk out of? Here I go."

Anonymous said...

Continuing my mean streak, although I do adore Beth Ehlers, I got to the point, when she was on GL, where her exaggerated enunciation was driving me nuts. She has always reminded me of Al Lewis, the way she moves her mouth, and the shape of her mouth. Sorry Beth.

Anonymous said...

"OH EFF YOU, CRYAN (sorry brtedi!)"

No offense, taken! ;-)

Sometimes, I laugh at the scenes, for Cameron. The other day, Ryan Kicked open a door, during the search for Emma. I thought, "Couldn't he have just tried the door handle,first?"--LOL!


Anonymous said...

I have a couple of coments, reguarding 11/19-11-20 AMC episodes: At the end of Wednesday's show, Reece, Bianca, Miranda and Gabrielle were all snuggled in bed...Zach was comforting an unhappy Ian.--Where the heck was Spike?! Was he velcroed to the celing? He surely wasn't hangin' out with InsAnnie and Ryan, in Puerto Rico!:-(

During the christianing, the minister was played by the actress who used to be "Frankie Frame Winthrope" on Another World.


Anonymous said...

"still can' believe DOOL fired Deidre Hall. Wasn't she the possessed one?"

Yes, shadow. And that's when I officially quit watching! Bah! BTW, there's a article about her exit, with Drake Hogasten (Spelling?) The writers have left room for their return. Heck, isn't Diedre Hall's hubby an exec. with the show?!--I think, it's a publicity stunt--more like a long-ish vacaction. (Not-unlike "Coma Kendall"-LOL!)


Laura said...

Good thing they sent Spike to music camp! So he can sing Tinkle, Tinkle, Little Star and wake up Comadull. Does the kid even talk?

I also think OLTL has great writing but sometimes dumb storylines. The writers just know the characters so well. I thought oh know she didn't when the Dr. called her Mrs. Lord. My girl Dorian did not disappoint. When Cole showed his mom his father's picture, I wanted him to say he's busy with two lesbians in Pine Valley and I think he has a hard on for one.

Glad you all like the BM nick for Colby. Did anyone read Superposter's interview with her? I talk so bad about her I kind of don't want to read it, and then feel guilty, but she needs to be voted off the island.

First time I've seen Tad without a blazer and in a sweater in years. It looks like they did a grey wash on his hair. Still grey, not so white. Like what they do with the old ladies in the nursing homes. But I just don't feel him and Krystal together. Don't know if I like her with David. I liked her with Adam.

I saw a picture of Reese's dad and he is not bad looking. Maybe he'll be good with Erica.

Why is Jesse so stupid now?

N69, loved your Blair/
Star picture. Your talent takes my breath away.

Luis, thanks for those great openings.

Arizonagal as far as Cameron's acting ability, I think he's a good host on things and nice looking. Bless his heart.

Our little blog is like the one bright spot at the end of a depressing day with low employment, stocks, and bad news. Hope everyone is handling this mess we are in. I was a government Economist in a previous life, and it's scary!

Arizonagal said...

OOh Laura, are you a former federal employee? Just curious 'cuz I'm a fed and during these bleak times, at least I feel some job security.

Tad - gray hair, fine; blue hair, NOT!

Adam - take note, I know you're putting something on that silver mane of yours. Who was it that used to call Adam the silver fox?

Someone mentioned Erica being more like Dorian. Exactly right there! Dorian Lord is nobody's fool, she's a tough, smart, shrewd woman. Erica's still to busy trying to reclaim her youth. I like Erica best when she's not letting some man make a fool of her.

Don't know about Marty's nose, but her teeth bug me a little. But, damn, the woman can act and really earned an emmy nom with her story.

I am so blown away by some of the talent on daytime, on my suds AMC, GL, OLTL. I'm still fuming about Lauren Holly's comments. She will never live to see the day where daytime actors can't act circles around her. Most of the actors on primetime have just been lucky. A rare few have as much talent as Kim Zimmer, David Canary, Michael Knight, RPB, Robin Strasser, etc. etc. etc. too many to name.

jordan hudson said...

Yes Arizonagal

So with you on that comment about daytime actors. They rule. Kim Zimmer is still amazing. She was incredible in today's epsiode and when I see her, Ron Raines, Robert Newman, Beth Chamberalin and now Grant Alexsander coming back it keeps me tuning into the light.

Robin Strasser is a force to be reckon with. Her love scenes with david Vikcer shows a woman can be of a certain age and still be sexy and vibrant it's all in the execution. I lived for her scenes with the Doctor yesterday. "POKE THIS" indeed Doctor Lord.

As for AMC.... I will keep praying.

Yes Laura I too feel bad about the Mongrief Bashing but it's about time T.P.T.B. realzie the error and either recast or get rid of the character. She is not Colby.
Cameron is not a bad actor (that would be Aidumb) but he is given really cheesy material. It's all one note, himbo, crap. The character was brought on with his shirt open, that kidn of laid the ground work for what he was about. It's sad because i think if given something good he might be okay. I mean he will never be Josh Dumal but my god he isn't Aidumb or those two spanish brothers from years ago.

Shadow said...

Okay, maybe the BM comment was too much. If you're reading Colby, I'm sorry I called you a schlumpy, geeky, DBTE fivehead. I apologize for calling you a turd too. Bless your heart.

Laura said...

Yes Arizonagal a former fed. Retired on disability when my seizures got to be too much. Thank god for my pension and my part time job. Worked for the most hated agency for several years, then went over to the Federal Courts. I was a tax collector, tax specialist, computer systems administrator, economist, and computer systems manager.

Hubby still a fed who can retire but with a kid in college he can't. Works in building in Chicago where Obama's transition team is. A lot of people were in the elevator today going to Joe Biden's birthday party. Used to run into Obama in the elevator, not anymore, secret service reserved 2 elevators for him and the staff. I worked in this building too. The government didn't used to be a great place to work, but securer than most places now. Husband works at home 2 days a week and is now hooked on OLTL. His favorite character is Natalie. He likes her large assets I guess.

Anonymous said...

Yeah too much BM bashing. Here's the thing though, I have been patiently, and now impatiently, waiting for her to improve. Remember when Josh Duhamel first came to AMC? I remember that first scene, a blond pretty boy who is unconscious and comes to and you see that face and you think "uh oh, here we go again, another talentless hunk." And for awhile he was. He also had the ability to learn his craft quickly, and no one was more surprised than I.

Brianne, bless her heart, is not improving. She needs acting lessons. She has no energy, no charisma with the screen, no chemistry with any of the other characters. She doesn't project the character we expect to see and it's disappointing, we want more.

I remember seeing some show about Kelly Ripa and she said when she first started on AMC she was awful and TPTB made her take acting lessons. Kelly turned into a phenomenal actress.

Couldn't hurt BM to do the same.

Shadow said...

I would also like to apologize for laughing when they said that Colby runs like she's in special ed. Oh, and I need to apologize for laughing at that all over again when I typed the preceding apology.

Laura said...

Deidre Hall is unemployed and BM and Aidumb are working? WTF? Also ABC is cancelling my Dirty Sexy Money after my Boston Legal, I have nothing to watch anymore. Pushing Daisies and Eli Stone also are gone too.

Yahoo TV had a blog about if soaps are dead soon after the Days of our Lives Bloodbath.

I don't watch more primetime, not a CSI fan.

Okay Jordan what shows do you recommend again?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• GABRIELLE's christening is comin up.

BINKS is lookin pretty.

• ADAM: "Unleash your passion!"

• telling doctors to "hurry up" never works.

i like ZACH's chocolate brown suit.

• SPIKE's recording of TWINKLE TWINKLE LITTLE STAR makes KENDALL open her eyes...for a moment.

• wow, all of a sudden, KWAK is grieving.

• GABRIELLE is wearing JUICY COUTURE BABY! i designed that bodysuit! i worked on that whole layette gift set!

• ERICA mentions her dear friend MYRTLE's boarding house needs rebuilding.

• i like KWAK's sweater.

• LI'L A!!!

• ERICA kickin out FATHHR LOGAN has got me all choked up.

• i love AMANDA!

AMANDA: "I need to get rich again!"

remember what i was saying yesterday about how AMC counts on its audience not knowing about things like time, distance, gravity, the value of money, etc....

• well, that was a lovely ceremony.

i cant believe someone hasnt tried to switch or snatch that baby yet.
maybe thats what REESE's dad will do.

notes on Thursday's episode

• uh oh, who took the restraints off of TESS?

JESS sees BESS for the first time!

TESS *knows* its not her baby!

DORIAN: "Todd is a psycopath!"

BLAIR: (mumbling)"I dont wanna think about it..."

DORIAN: (slamming down teakettle)"YOU *BETTER* THINK ABOUT IT!!!"

• VIKI slaps the hell outta TESS!!!

TESS: "How am I supposed to relax when VIKI is shoving someone else's kid in my face?!?!?"

this is *so* BUFFY!!! i love it!!
actually i guess its more like a storyline from ANGEL...but still totally OLTL!

...& i love how it seems that TESS is gonna accidentally do some alerting people that this is *NOT* JESSICA's baby!!!

jordan hudson said...


I dont know what to recommed my nightime shows seem to be getting canceled as quick as daytime vets are being let go.

I can't believe that ABC canceled Men in Tress in favor of Eli Stone and then go ahead and cancel Eli Stone.

It seems they are going back to trying reality shows. Which annoy me to no end. I live my own life...I want to escape life when I watch a show and get swept away and entertained. Not watch someone looking at the four walls in a room. I can turn the TV off and do that myself. Hence why I don't like Ellen Wheeler's take on GL.

Yes Boston Legal leaving is upsetting to me. I'm a huge David Kelly fan and have been watching his shows since Picket Fences 1993. This will be the first time since then that we wont have a show of his on the air with his unique voice.

Dirty Sexy Money is great I can't believe they are giving up on it. I adore Pushing Dasies but it is too quirky for network TV and doesnt surprise me. His last show Wonderfalls (out on DVD) was another Gem that Fox did not push.

It's too the point that Im tired of trying out a show because I know it will be canceled in four weeks. CW had a great show on Sunday Night Easy Money with Laurie (Roseanne) Metcalf, loved it. Just read in the paper this morning....gone!

Primetime shows need time to develop a viewership. The networks are not giving shows a chance. Seinfeld wasn't the number one show when it first aired.

It's all about taste. I love wholsome shows to twisted shows. I have a very eclectic taste. If you like period shows. Madmen on AMC, Swingtown which is suppose to re-air again On Bravo soon. SHO The Tudors. HBO ROME and Big love. Also SHO Dexter.

If you can handle the bizarre and twisted then FX shows are for you. Even thou they too have canceled shows that I like. They still have Nip Tuck. Glenn Close in Damages. The raunchy It's always sunny in Philadelhia. And my new favorite Sons of Anarchy which has Katey ( Married with Children) Seagal playing a modern day biker version of Lady Macbeth. This character gemma is a street version of Dorian Lord.

On network TV Ugly Betty is having a strong season so far. I cried last night. I was just feeling Like Grey's was getting there mojo back and they did soemthing so stupid by lettting the talented Brooke Smith go.Even thou I watch it I won't lie and say it's all that but Private Practice. For ratings ABC is behind it but it's not all that. I do adore Brother's and Sisters. For me Lost and Desperate Housewives are still good.

The show I will say to look out for is CUPID from ABC. Just saw the trailer for it. It actually was one of my favorite shows back in 1998 with Jeremy (Entourage) Priven and the gorgeous Paula( I would go back for her) Marshall. It was way ahead of it's time and ABC Did not really back it. It was created by Rob (Veronica Mars get it on DVD) Thomas. For some reason ABC asked Rob Thomas to do a remake of his own ten year old show. If it's written anything like the original, which from the trailer it seems to be, it is a romantic heartfelt show that should appeal to true SOAP FANS! Don't know why they have not released the original run.

Anonymous said...

Primetime TV isn't too compelling roght now. Nothing great on these days. That's why I think a smart exec would really build a daytime brand. Daytime may not be as big an audience but it's loyal. Even though I hate it ABC has a real shot at pulling it together on the heels of The View and success of SoapNet. They've got the talent, now they need someone with the big
picture. Writing is the key though.I give thm credit for trying,but they've got to even the story telling out. The big ideas have to play out in some sensible way.

Melissa said...

OMG y'all's hilarious ditties have got me totally hysterical. I love the Smooth Criminal one, and I can't get Brown Penny's trollby song out of my head now. Great work - this blog has some talent!

I liked Thursday's episode more than usual for AMC. Krystal's behavior is so much more appropriate now, imo. Her scene with David was heartbreaking as well as exciting, because I am so waiting to see where David goes with this. The christening scenes were also nice. Erica looked gorgeous in that black dress!!

Jordan, I'm a total 24 fan too - do you have the "24 Redemption" ready to be tivoed?? I'm excited...


jordan hudson said...

Crazy Daisy You know I will ready and waiting for Jack On Sunday.

Norn Cutson said...

my illustration of VIKI

Shadow said...

Catching up with AMC

First I thought how bad could a pair of eyes be? They’re just a pair of eyes after all. Then I saw her in the hall and they weren’t so bad—just a little baggy. Then she walked into Taylor’s room and SHAZAM! SHE’S HALF GECKO! It’s like her eyes popped out of their sockets and rotated independently. I kept waiting for her tongue to lash out and wrap around Taylor’s skinny neck! I won’t be able to sleep tonight.

Adam looks like a geezer in that robe.

Adam to Pete: Could you keep your mind out of your pants, especially since you’re talking about my daughter?...Maybe you’re just upset because she knows you’re a dufus?


Adam to Pete: “Now I know why some species eat their young.” Hello! That was a Roseanne Barr line—the most famous joke from the pilot episode of her show in the 80’s. Check it out:

The Roseanne episode was called “Life and Stuff”. Check it out at about 3:50. How embarrassing for AMC!

Wouldn’t someone who lives in a mansion set the security alarm before they go to bed? It’s Chandler Mansion, it’s probably broken anyway.

There is some sexual tension between Zach and Reese. Don’t know if it’s intentional, but it’s there.

Spermgate: Looks like we're going to get the backstory on Zach’s baby batter. He did it because he just loves Bianca. Funny, I thought he loved Kendall and took a vow to honor and cherish her which usually means not giving sperm injections to your favorite relatives.

I’m starting to hate The Moon as much as Aidumb.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, you've probably already seen this, but Lee Pace, from Pushing Daisies, starred in an amazing movie called "Soldiers Girl" a few years back. Based on a true story about a soldier (played by Jane Fonda's son) and Lee Pace plays a stunning transvestite. I think it was a Sundance winner. That's my movie recommendation for the month.

jordan hudson said...

Yes Arizona Gal I did see the movie It was so heartbreaking to know that this was a true story. I was stunned that it was Lee pace. What a transformation. He was just in an indie film The Fall that one of my co worker was telling me is a must see. He was also in Wonderfalls which was another favorite show canceled before its time.

Anonymous said...

Shadow...that species eating their young line was also a Rodney Dangerfield line from Caddyshack, in 1980. His version was "Now I know why tigers eat their young!" If AMC stole it, then Roseannne stole it too.

I'm loving this sexual tension between Zach and Reese. Have the two of them go at it, and have Bianca walk in in the middle. After a few seconds of shock, Binks asks, "Can I join in?" That should double the ratings right there. :D

Shadow said...

It shows a stunning lack of originality to me whether it was Roseanne or Dangerfield. I'm surprised Pratt would let such an obvious line like that thru. If he can't be original, what's the point? Talk about lazy...

Thursday's AMC (I think.)

Close up of JR and his bicep. Implants I bet.

When did Zach get the beard all of a sudden?

Boy, Bianca is a sneaky liar now. Calling Reese’s parents. Catching Zach’s tadpoles. Who is this girl and what has she done with our Binx?

Wow, the Yacht Club is already finished with its post tornado renovations. It takes longer than that to get cable.

So the lesson is, Canada smart. Puerto Rico dumb.

The door to Kendall’s hospital room doesn’t close correctly. The latch wouldn't catch when Zach tried to close it. It threw him off for a minute, but he recovered.

OK, so Kendall opened her eyes. And then, you are NOT going to believe this, she *closed* her eyes. Oh yeah, c-l-o-s-e-d them. This is Emmy winning stuff here.

Tad: “The Comeback, Again.” Tad typically isn't this out of touch.

How creepy and misguided is it that Hayward snuck around the Mansion peeping on Babe?

Every time Hayward starts talking to Amanda, she looks mesmerized like he’s Kaa the Snake from The Jungle Book. I keep waiting for Hayward's eyes to start spinning and Amanda to start floating. Oh wait, weird eyes are Brot’s mom’s thing.

I like Erica’s office. It’s bright, has no lockers and reminds me of the layout of her office at Enchantment. Wish she would change the Fusion logo though.

Kwak: “No you just tell me to buck up and slap me on the back.?

Tad and Kwak fighting are at least interesting. Is their bedroom a new set? Nice room but drab, small bed.

Father Logan. That was harsh and uncomfortable. The look on Bianca’s face was heartbreaking.

Erica taking up for Bianca. That’s the Erica I love. This show has so much potential, but it’s frustrating waiting for them to figure it out.

Does Hayward feel anything genuine for Kwak? If not, then he’s being an almost unredeemable assmunch. If he does, then I’m glad Kwak has him to share her grief with b/c Tad isn’t being much help. I think he’s spending too much time on the treadmill and not enough with his wife.

Tad’s hair is starting to make him look like Pauly Walnuts from The Sopranos.

Bianca looks pretty in purple.

Erica to Bianca: “You tell me what it is and we’ll fix it”. I love this side of Erica. I’d love to see her interact with her grandkids like that. Miranda never said hello to Erica because she doesn’t know what to call her.

Ian is a sleepy kid. Spike is playing with his implants.

I liked the christening scene. So simple and sweet. The Kane family all together. No theatrics.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Friday's episode

• there is no other hospital between Puerto Rico & Pine Valley that is equipped to deal with AIDUMB's injuries.

• time to update the opening!

• ERICA: "That's fantastic!"

• EMMA: "Do I still live hee, Daddy?"

• KWAK: "Kiss me like you mean it!"

• ANGIE: "I'm making Jesse's favorite, spaghetti and meatballs."

REBECCA: "I thought your favorite was pot roast!"

JESSE: "I gotta lotta favorites."

• dont the police want to question EMMA?

• ANGIE totally freaks on JESSE, REBECCA and their spaghetti & meatballs.

(i just realized, now wonder i wanted meatballs @ lunch today)

• does AMC have to pay Amanda Baker each time they use her photo?

• that violet color is *fantastic* for AMANDA!

she is such a bright spirit, it hurts to see her in this dark story.

• KWAK: "I just want you to make love to me again!"

• ANNIE had that gun ready.

notes on Friday's episode

• nothin much is happening so far today. i guess anything is gonna seem anticlimactic after the past two weeks.

• BLAIR: "I've only ever shared a beer with him..."

DORIAN: "No breakfast in bed?"


• COLE makes MARTY hot chocolate, just the way she likes it, with cinnamon & vanilla.
i wish i had some too.

VincentFan1 said...

HAY Jordan, what's the latest re. David? I'm really loving him with Krystal, so I hope that's where they're seriously headed! :)

Shadow said...

Somebody gave JR some bad advice on that shiny collarless jacket.

Aidan and Emma flew all the way from Puerto Rico to PVH. Past Miami, Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, Washington DC, Baltimore…

Erica to the rescue! I hate to say Amanda deserved it, but she’s playing a stupid, dangerous game. At least maybe Erica will be start being nice to Amanda and maybe Amanda will realize she’s making a mistake working with David Hayward.

I want to say that Annie doesn’t deserve Emma, but Ryan started all this by overreacting to the gun under the bed. That poor girl doesn’t have a chance at being normal. I hope she gets a foster home—maybe Stuart and Marian.

These commercials for “The Fusion Look” won’t stop. It’s no big secret. All you need is a surgical cap and tube stuck up your nose.

I hate AA JR so I hope he doesn’t succumb to David’s plan. Alcoholism on a soap seems so easy. There are so many interesting things the characters could get into. If it has to be an addiction, why not shopping or sex or porn or plastic surgery or some addiction other than the bottle or drugs? Alcoholism has been done to death—especially JR’s affliction.

Erica’s “having a meeting”. Pete looks great but is acting goofy. Have we seen Val before? Elizabeth and Joanna preening for the camera. This looks very Devil Wears Prada.

Erica: “Given my celebrity, I’m sure my celebrity preceded me but please don’t be intimidated”. Gotta admit I love it when she says stuff like that.

Does Erica remember that Frankie is a hooker or are we just supposed to forget?

Greenlee back at Fusion. Her fued with Erica would be so much more interesting than a lame affair with Ryan. Given the relationship between Ryan and Erica though I’m not sure how that is going to work.

Tad and Krystal kissing loudly. “Kiss me like you mean it.” She’s begging for it and he is just not feeling it. I’m trying to be positive and swallow the bile.

Becca’s pushing Angie’s buttons. Becca better hopes the tumor gets her before the Weave attacks.

I can see why Greenlee is pissed, but she has to admit the place looks better. Nice that the lawsuits are resolved but has any store taken shipment?

Greenlee pointing to Erica: “You have no right!”
Jesse’s prayer: “Dear God, please bless this saltless meal. And please don’t let my wives kill each other or me during this meal.”

Going down memory lane in front of Angie. Not too bright.

NOOOOOOOOOOOooooooooooo. Naked Tad and KWAK.

Erica to Greenlee: “You wouldn’t know an original idea if it rose up and bit you in that trust funded derrière of yours”.

**Ridic Moment of the Day**
-Has to be Randi when she told Amanda, “When Kendall and Greenlee first brought it up to me, I had just left my job…” She was a HOOKER, not a secretary! She’s talking like she turned in her resignation at the temp agency. Secretaries, attorneys, brokers, managers, graphic design artists, salespeople, waitresses, “leave their jobs”. Sperm buckets who give $60 blow jobs don’t just “leave their jobs”.

How convenient for Randi. “They out me, they out themselves.” I doubt her clients all care that much. Somebody would go straight to the press for the money.

I hate Annie and Ryan together. They blow every chance. It would have been more interesting for him to let her stay while he tried to coax it out of her. He could have set up her with a fake romance, a bedroom romp, until she admitted it. He could have gone with the “I didn’t realize how much you love me” thing until she admitted it. Instead, she pulled a gun. Yada yada yawn.

Jake about Aidan: “If the bullet moves even a fraction of an inch it could kill him”. And yet they flew him all the way from Puerto Rico to Pennsylvania with no problem.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...
**Ridic Moment of the Day**
-Has to be Randi when she told Amanda, “When Kendall and Greenlee first brought it up to me, I had just left my job…” She was a HOOKER, not a secretary! She’s talking like she turned in her resignation at the temp agency. Secretaries, attorneys, brokers, managers, graphic design artists, salespeople, waitresses, “leave their jobs”. Sperm buckets who give $60 blow jobs don’t just “leave their jobs”.

a hooker who SIGNED A CONTRACT, yet!!!!

Laura said...

Karen Wolek, Katrina, and Donna were my kind of hookers. Not these giving bj's one day and being a cover model the next day! Redic!

Where is Aggie when we need her?

Arizonagal said...

Good point! AMC used to know how to write hookers, even though they were a little too "heart-of-goldish". Damn, all of a sudden I really miss Donna and Estelle. Even their pimp had more style and more sleaze appeal than this latest pimp incarnation, who's name and fate I've already forgotten. At least old Tyrone had a nice suit and some style. If we have to have a pimp on AMC, he needs a little more Velvet Jones.

It didn't hurt that Estelle and Donna were portrayed by "actresses" not DBTE models. They looked like real women, not Carribean Barbie. They didn't have nasty attitudes and they were well written.

Have we ever come up with a name for Randi? I know Shadow would probably say something like Foxy Faux Ho.

Shadow said...

FFH, that's funny! I used to call her Rancid because of her Rancid attitude and Rancid profession. But then AMC tried to transform her into Cinderella by explaining that she is really a virtual virgin who has never known love--a veritable CinderHo if you will.

Anonymous said...

Is it just us or is Pine valley becoming a wirde parallel to the playboy mansion/Utah?

I mean everyone seems to have two or more women living with them or in love with them.

Polygamist Jesse
Ryan with Insannie and Greens
Zack and the lesbians (this is what they should be called from now on)

Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

Is it just us or is Pine valley becoming a wirde parallel to the playboy mansion/Utah?

I mean everyone seems to have two or more women living with them or in love with them.

Polygamist Jesse
Ryan with Insannie and Greens
Zack and the lesbians (this is what they should be called from now on)

Just wondering!

Anonymous said...

I think you, like Kendall, should make the move to Canada. If you were here your hospital stay would have been covered under universal healthcare and there are government programs that would have paid for your medication.
Congrats on having the good sense to elect Obama who in turn had the impeccable taste to choose Hillary as Secretary of State. Maybe he can make healthcare reality for you as well.

Arizonagal said...

Ha, Zach and the lesbians. Are they his backup singers?

Yeah, Canada's healthcare system is to be envied. Did ya'll see Sicko? I love the good old USA, but the healthcare quagmire is shameful.

I don't know how long term care works in Canada, but here I'm trying to provide home health care for my aging mom, who requires 24 hr a day care and I simply can't afford it. When the medicaid nurse found out she was along during the night, she threatened to report me to APS. Then when I told her my mom didn't have the money, she refused to come to see my mom anymore.

Like Ashley, I don't like to get political, but I too have high hopes for Obama and his ability to step in and steer this country in the right direction.

Shadow said...

It's obvious that a guy writes this show. Ordinarily that in and of itself wouldn't be a bad thing, but it seems like we're watching Pratt's college fantasies come to life. It's like it's being written in a frat house.

Girl on girl sex!

Two girls for every guy!

Painting naked girls!

The virgin hooker!

Guys throwing random punches!

Guns and Ammo!

Weekend at Bernies!

Slapping chicks on the ass!

Brawls south of the border! (because everything south of the mainland is 'Mexico')!

All women are crazy!

Girl fights!!


Shadow said...

Where is Zach when you need him? Maybe AMC can use this.

Weird News
September 11, 2006
Heat wipes out sperm bank
By Gulliver

The contents of an entire sperm bank went into meltdown in Florida, after an overheating incident.

Thousands of sperm samples were completely destroyed when temperatures mistakingly rose in a storage tank.

The University of Florida medical school's infertility division confirmed that their anonymous donor sperm bank was "essentially wiped out.

Shadow said...

And to celebrate the 10,000th episode of "All Ryan Lavery's Sperm"....

A man walks into a sperm bank and declares I have an I.Q. of 165 and I'd like to make a donation.
The nurse gives him a sealed cup and directs him to a private room.
20 minutes later the man hasn't come out, the nurse knocks on the door. "Is there a problem?"
"I'm so embarrassed, I used my right hand. I used my left hand. I poured cold water on it and hot water on it. Could you help me?
The nurse replied "I don't usually do this but you are kinda cute..."
She gets on her knees and begins to blow him.
"I really appreciate this, but I just need help getting the cap off the jar!"

Shadow said...

I'm curious what Randi's "workin' name" was. It would be hilarious if someone walked up to her and said, "Hey don't I know you from somewhere? Gee you look so familiar. I know you’re that girl from Center City. Don’t you go by the name…" (choose one)

Sum Yung Pai

Mia Sohony

Alotta Fagina

Mia Buttbeopen

Mya Gottabigen

Lenda Hand

Genna Tailyu

Sticky McDew

Anonymous said...

Shadow, how about

Sister Mary Fellatio


jordan hudson said...

Elyse and Susna trust me I have thought about moving to Canada. Not just because of the healthcare either lol . I'm so ready to come up there for vacation.
No spoliers but it does seem as if someone might actually recognize randi. Hard to say because they seem to keep changing or should I say dropping storyline's left and right.
I felt this week was just so pathetic... I just had to laught at it all. What amazes me is that ABC is actually payin gPratt and his team of writers for this manure.

Kona said...


Alotta Fagina!! Mia Buttbeopen!!