Monday, December 15, 2008

My Milkshake is Better Than Yours

  • Krystal is a 'ho for a mug of hot milk. (I love that line, Norn!)
  • Why-oh-why can't Rebecca just die?
  • Greens and Ryan continue to bore, whilst InsAnnie continues to delight.
  • Brot and Taylor are doing their thing, while poor Jake turns into a misogynistic mess.
First of all, Luis gave us another bangin' PVP intro song -- muchas gracias, Luis! Secondly, I just read the spoilers for All My Children for 2009, and I'm pissed. These folks really don't give a shit about this show -- if you choose to read them, I'm sure you'll agree. What the hell do we do, people? Do a show every week complaining about how bad AMC is? You gotta help us here, folks. Jordan and I want to keep doing this podcast, but this is getting friggin' ri-dick! Help us, please!, here.

12/12/08 Podcast


Norn Cutson said...

woo hoo!
here we go!!!!

Anonymous said...

Don’t give up ! Do not feel it is not worth it as the community of bloggers that have come together is worth it. Network television does not want good T.V, evidence of this is Eli stone being cancelled. If u want good T.V then go to HBO. At the very least we enjoy the network of people that come together. I keep writing in again and again and it means nothing. Unless we attract the people that send gifts to the actors for no reason then we will not make a difference. There is a show in Canada called Planet Soap, and they discuss soap operas (this is a half hour show on tvtropolis, for those in Canada) they interviewed this women who said she spearheaded a campaign to send Kendall gifts everyday the week that Kendall and Aidan slept together, by the end of the week she had 70 flower arrangements and other gifts. The woman's daughter (who was interviewed with her) said it was ridicules, but the mother said no we had to let her know we supported her and knew there was something her character would NEVER DO.

On another note Amanda who does the Soaps up segments (during the long commercial break) of All My children and One Life To Live in Canada, has something positive to say everyday about AMC, as hard as that might be.
So don’t give up! And like I said before come to Canada the healthcare is worth it.

Norn Cutson said...

this is the *first time* ive ever heard THE SLUTMETRIC™!!!!!

Shadow said...

Granted, some of the shows are doing a better job than others but the problem is systemic all over day and night TV. It's all a cycle and hopefully AMC will survive this one. The good news is they are trying. New writers. New actors. New promos. New effects. Realistic salary negotiations. The bad news is, it's hard to stand out in a crowd and these days the TV landscape is definitely crowded. The key to a soap is good writing and story telling and relatable characters, but that takes time to do correctly and consequently the road to ratings success will be slow. ABC seems as commited as anyone to the genre, but it requires patience. And that is something networks don't have a lot of these days. The best cliffhanger may be the survival of the show itself. I think interactive communities like this really help and are the key to the future of network TV (marketing in general for that matter). Instead of throwing money at the show and paying one individual to come up with *THE NEXT BIG THING*, TPTB would be wise to take a moment, take a breath, and take some notes from the PVP.

Norn Cutson said...

omg, Ashley, i'm cryin' listening to you talking about OLTL, i am sooooo happy you are enjoying mybeloved Llanview!!!!

Anonymous said...

Yeah the slutmetric is back!

One of the reasons why I don't read spoilers is cause I don't want to know how bad its going to bed!

Norn Cutson said...

ya'll know i enjoy every episode of PVP, but this one is especially fun.....& ya'll sound so happy!

Anonymous said...

That's cause Colby was off for a week! Lol

Anonymous said...

Did you guys see this?:

BLIND ITEM: Which New York Soap Could Soon Have a New Executive Producer?

We're hearing a former West Coast-based executive producer is in talks to take over the helm of a Gotham-based sudser. Rumor has it, the exec— who recently impressed the industry with a short-run cable series he or she helmed— will be brought on as a "second-in-command" to the soap in question's much lamented current executive producer, who will then take a "leave of absence". Don't believe the spin– if the network can get the West Coaster to sign on the dotted line, they will eventually boot their schizophrenic soap's current executive producer.

Here's the link:

Any ideas which soap it could be? Could it be AMC?? (I hope, I wish, I pray!!!)

Anonymous said...



Norn Cutson said...

you better *HOPE* it was a thong because thats the most attention ol' AMC has had in the media in quite a while.

Ashley said...

It's definitely not OLTL -- but technically, AMC isn't based in Gotham, is it?

Jordan, could it be ATWT? GL? There are only 4, so....

My mother taught me never to wish for bad stuff to happen to people, so let's pray for this: I HOPE THAT THE POWERS THAT BE BRING AMC A BRAND NEW EP! We need it!

ASh xo

Mel Got Served said...

Dr. Jake is a HILARIOUS drunk! He was so good he even made me not FF through Ryan! Let's hope for more drunk Jake and he plays it great.

If it wasn't a thong, I will maintain it was a LEOTARD!

Puddin said...

I never thought I'd say this but Boobianca has definitely taken over for Kendall in the busy-body department. The [poor excuse for] writers are turning her into a mini-Erica. The old Binx would not have called her fiance's parents. And she wouldn't have lied and told her fiance she wasn't going to visit her father. I love Boobianca, but when she was on her high horse about Reese lying to her, I think the libidozone that she drank in KWAK's milk made her forget all about the major lie she's got going on.

Speaking of Reese, please don't get me wrong - I love Tamara, and she's a great actress, but don't you think she looks a bit like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer's girlfriend Clarice? The first time I saw her with Boobianca, I was expecting her to start belting out "There's Always Tomorrow."

Shadow said...

I haven't heard about anyone being on the show Friday for the funeral other than Agnes Nixon and Kelly/ex-Kitty. Why is Kelly the only one who is ever available for funerals? Does she only work for food? What happened to Robin Christopher/Skye?

Shadow said...

I'm half way through the blog. Hilarious!

This is for you Ash:

Watch this one to the end:

Shadow said...

The address always gets cut off. The extension on the first link is .wav. I'll try again.

Arizonagal said...

It's JordAsh appreciation day! I really do appreciate all the hard work you two put into the podcast.

Jordan, I gotta disagree with you about Natalia being more DBTE than Randi. After that photo shoot, come on, she sucked and she's a model in RL. Randi could not sell that modeling session at all. And Hub making googoo eyes from the sidelines, with that foolish grin, my god, I was actually embarrassed for him.

You've commented recently about Corny Smith's less than compelling performances. It's because Randi is sucking the life right out of him. She is vacuous.

And why would anyone accept a drink from David Hayward? Krystal is really acting like a tool.

Tortured Zach is torture to watch, not enjoying it at all. He lashes out and everyone just takes it. What is wrong with these people?

Insannie is a breath of fresh air in this dung fest.

Rays of Hope? Insannie, of course. Brot and Taylor, I have hope for them. Reese and Boobianca, can't think of any others.

Anonymous said...

Breese and a drunk Jake were the only things I enjoyed today.

~ I absolutely adore Tamara Braun. I've been vocal about her being the reason I came back to AMC and I still want to know how AMC lured her. It obviously wasn't with a cheeseburger...I kid TB, you know I love you...but Sonny never would have let you get so thin! She rocked her scenes today, as usual! Some of these hair models on AMC (I'm looking at you Colby and Natalia) need to be thankful for the opportunity to watch a real actress perform everyday and take some d@mn notes!

~ Okay, why did Bink's ask Reese if she slept with her FIANCE?? That came out of nowhere! Reese probably should have told her, but this was before they wasn't like she cheated on Binks! I love Bianca, but she is becoming as bad as Kendall and Erica with her meddling! This Saint Bianca is grinding on my last nerve!

~ LOVE drunk Jake! LOVE Jake and Greenlee...they ooze with chemistry!! TIIC missed the boat with that one...Surprising!

~ Did Ryass leave poor little Emma with a drunk Jake??

~ Ryape's fantasy of public sex with Greenlee on top of the ConFusion bar was creepy and nasty!

~ I also want to say again that I love your podcast! I know it's hard to watch these inane stories, but your podcast makes it worth it. Thanks for giving me some great laughs on a dreary Monday evening! Have a great week!

~~ Chloe ~~

Shadow said...

Last Week:

In last week’s episode, InsAnnie moved into Janet’s room in Oak Haven. So where did Janet go? Any why is InsAnnie wearing Janet’s gray sweats? I guess crazy people *love* wearing gray sweats with pockets.

They need to pluck Miranda’s Unibrow. Bless her heart.

Today’s Episode:

How can Amamda not be impressed by JR pummeling Jake?

Sad Zach is a Sad Sack. Kendall’s tube is on the right side today. Pratt likes the moon, wind, trashy Christmas decorations and breathing/feeding tubes. How many minutes a week do we watch the Rebecca or Kendall lay there and drool on a tube?

OMG I can’t believe it! Rancid is *NOT* a virgin! I just can’t believe it. I mean I knew she was a hooker, but I figured she just blew or tugged. My impression of her has totally changed and NOT for the better. Do people just have no decency any more?

Reese to Boob: “You told them I have a daughter. That’s a huge decision that you took away from me”. What about the decision they took from Kendall when they usurped Zach’s baby gravy? I guess it’ll go something like this: “You took my husband’s sperm Bianca! That was a huge load you took from me”!

I do like this annoyed version of Reese though. Bianca overstepped and apparently knows no boundaries. Bianca *IS* acting like Erica, albeit the lesbian version. LesBerica?

TB is a good actress though. Jordan is so right. Tons of talent on this show. If the writing talent was as good, we’d have a winner.

Jake makes Greenlee interesting. Greenlee makes Jake less of an idjit.

WTF is that dead animal on Frankie’s chin?

Randi is so polite. Like when she was talking to Natalia about Frankie, she said: “When we first got together I had some issues, my past, whatever.” That’s much nicer than “I used to suck c*ck for a Diet Coke”.

Remember when AMC dealt with sex responsibly? Even though it’s ludicrous, Randi is unsure about having sex with Frankie, but really wants him to know how much she cares. Natalia’s advice? “Then show him.” In other words, open wide and let him ride Girl!
Bianca lied again and went to see the Dad. When did she become such a liar? Reese’s dad looks like he dyes his hair--something very Jerkson looking about him. You know, that room Reese’s dad is in looks like the same room Carmen’s boyfriend’s mother lived in—the one whose back Erica jumped on over the summer while they were on the run.

I don’t find Brot’s face that awful looking. I’d rather they let him out of the shadows.

The economy may suck, but it’s good to own a candle store in Pine Valley. You can always tell when someone is going to get laid. The place where the laying is to occur will be covered in candles. So, Pratt likes the moon, wind, trashy Christmas decorations, breathing/feeding tubes and white candles. I fear one day a candle maker is going to go on a moonlight picnic to find and decorate a special tree with horrible decorations only to have an allergic reaction and require a breathing tube for life support.

Randi: “It’s time I closed my eyes and let go”. In other words, “I’m going to do what I always do—close my eyes and pretend I’m a prisoner of war until you are done. I will tell you nothing nazi pig!”

Brot talking about Frankie holding him was pretty gay until he started talking about the smell of his burning flesh.

Oops, I fell asleep about the time
Rianca started fighting about the old fiance. Reese, man up and screw Zach already. You know you want to.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• why arent TAYLOR & BROT playin their scenes in the same room?

• that extra must be someone who won a contest or something.

• Puddin, i think you are right, & i consider "CLARICE" a compliment!

• ok, DRE is still in the credts: proof that no one @ AMC cares.

• i agree with REESE, i'd be pissed too.
& i totally agree, BINKS is bein a big pill...she's bein so ERICA!!!

• RANDI's ready to do it.

FRANKIE: "This is my kind of pizza party!"

• lovin BROT, you know he's got me cryin!

BROT: "All I could hear was your sweet voice telling me to hang I did."

• uhhh, now BIANCA is being tooooo ERICA.

i dont think REESE owes her an explanation.

notes on Monday's episode


• i think TÉA looks better than ever, not just "as good as".

• do you see what i mean about how, on OLTL, people grow and change?

i love that because *i* want to grow and change as a person.

• BLAIR: "Do *NOT* touch my daughter!"

hee hee hee!

• VANESSA: "She said I should marry an American citizen."

LOLA: "Cristian's an American!!!"

SARAH's face goes :O

• GIGI is a sucky waitress; i didnt even know she was working!

• wow, REX's credit card was denied!
that is awesome!!!
i mean, as a starting point for a *real* story, that is brilliant!

• yeah, NORA"s dumb to be tellin MARTY not to worry.

BLAIR is smart enough to know "oh sh*t!"


oh man, Bree Williamson is so goood!
she just shifted her eyes and i *knew* TESS was back!

• oh my gosh, this moment is the first time ive realized that this story is the first time TÉA and TSJ's version of TODD have been together...they are both so good i that i totally bought their history!

Anonymous said...


Hi, Ashly and Jordan!:-)

I had to comment about Ryan's fantasy secquence on the Fusion bar. For me, it was somehow, simultaneously shocking and amusing. (While it wasn't the actors'fault. They have to carry out the script) Not realizing at first, what the writers were going for, I thought, "What?! Noooo! Not on the bar! Eeeee! What is Rylee doing--Testing the maximum stress capacity of the bar's surface?! LOL!

Ashly, you mentioned "Jake" not really (open mouth) kissing "Amanda", during the podcast. I believe soaps have policy about what can/cannot be done in a love scene.--An actor by the name of Christopher Lawford got fired from AMC,several years ago, because he went beyound what was deemed appropriate, in a scene with Kelly Rippa, according to comments she has made.

Jordan: Reguarding Jeff Branson on GL, He is an awesome actor! :-D I have started keeping up with GL, because of the work he and Gina Tongnoni have been doing--Outstanding!


Shadow said...

Hi Brtedi:

Lawson was Charlie Brent, right? I didn't know he was fired for copping a feel. I always liked the character of Charlie. From the beginning, the story of how he came to know who his real father was one of the best ever. Loved Chuck's devotion to Tara despite her secret passion for Philip. I remember Ruth knowing the secret. As a kid I was fascinated by all that stuff. I didn't understand it but it was mesmerizing. They should bring Charlie and Cecily back. Charlie, as the grandson of Ruth's sister Amy, would pump up the Martin Clan. Cecily, as Phoebe's god daughter, would reintroduce the Tyler clan and set the stage for the return of Brooke--Cecily needs a mother figure.

Anonymous said...

Can just one girl in addition to Angie on this show be smart, independent and not taken advantage of by her man, or put down by her parents, or a hooker, or crazy,or crippled or comatose? How about a vibrant dynamic woman who takes care of herself and is in control of her life? Oh yeah, Myrtle died.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone find it odd that Babe is the only character who, after having died, they keep her picture around the sets? Like, David has tons of pictures of Babe around Wildwind, and so does JR, yet when Dixie died they acted as if she never existed? And you would think that perhaps Kathy would want a picture of her beloved "aunt" Julia around Tad and Kwak's house, but no? I think it's stupid that even in death, this STUPID character (Babe) is given special treatment. Get over her Frons!

Shadow said...

You always want to have characters people can relate to.What girl on this show could anyone aspire to be like? They are all victimized in some way. Considering that soaps attract mostly female viewers, shouldn't somebody be somewhat inspirational? Erica in her heyday was selfish, but people still aspired to be like the best part of her-the success, the confidence, etc. She made things happen for herself. In today's PV the girls are always reacting to everything that is put upon them by someone else. The women of OLTL all have issues to overcome, but they are in control of their destinies in spite of those challenges. Even as a guy, I don't want a girl who can't be strong and independent. No indecisive needy girls or women with victim mentalities for me. I like my lesbians brimming with confidence!

Mel Got Served said...

David, I noticed the pictures too. And what's weird, to me, is the pictures are from moments that I don't see how David would have them. Like Babe with the backwards baseball cap was from her date with "Wes"- how the heck did he get that one?

Also, I find it hard to believe that Wildwind was ever back on the market. That is the Santos' home and I can't see them ever getting rid of it, let alone to David/.

Anonymous said...

Hi, shadow!

Ironically, you know more about "Charlie Brent", than I do. LOL! Lawford's character was featured well before I began watching.

What I can tell you is, Christopher Lawford joked about being naked, under the sheet, the next time he and Kelly Rippa had a love scene...She basically said, "Yeah, right". When they did, he was-- and he was fired,imediately. Kelly Rippa talked about this on "Live" a few years ago.


Anonymous said...

Ah, David drugging people. When he started, I said to myself, well, I'm surprised he hadn't started sooner! I love it. I wonder what he's giving people this time. It's not Libedizone, because that stuff was liquid and didn't put people to sleep. Naturally, David would invent something new for his trek back to Pine Valley! He needs to grow a mustache so he can twirl it.

Rebecca comes off the machine and is back to life. This is why they need to keep shovels in hospital rooms so they can finish off these annoying miracle patients. :p I expected her to say, "Hey, didn't I sign a form?" but this being AMC, it never came up. >:(

Shadow said...

What a goober. Sounds like he wanted to be fired. The character of Charlie goes all the way back to the beginning of AMC. I don't think he's been seen since he and Cecily moved.

As for the pictures of Babe, I read somewhere that AMC's policy is to keep people in the opening for as long as they are on contract. I'm assuming if they are under contract they can continue using the actor's likeness in new episodes for the duration of the contract. After it expires, they would only be allowed to show footage from past episodes. As for Dre, that guy must have had a great lawyer and an iron clad contract. When was the last time that loser was on? Meanwhile, Carmen, Josh, and Opal are all languishing on recurring status. Now that Myrtle is gone, I hope they put Opal back in the opening. Even if she's not on everyday, she's a golden part of the PV family.

Anonymous said...

Carmen is coming back on contract this time! Saw it on Superposter!

Arizonagal said...

Hope that Carmen news is true, we need talent on AMC, TALENT!!

So here's my beef. TIIC writing this heavy handed crapola, total contrived bullsh*t, about Randi and Hub not having sex? Why can't they just write an honest story about a relationship? What is all this game playing with having a seasoned hooker acting like an innocent, revirginized, girl? This is the kind of stuff that drives me nuts on AMC. It's gimmicky and it's dishonest, it's lame and stupid. She's a hooker, she outta act like one and jump his bones, for pete's sake. I don't buy this b.s. at all.

Laura said...

I had a good drive to and from work thanks to the PVP. Loved the shout-outs best thing that has happened all year to me!

I bet the producer is the one from Night Shift. I pray he is going to AMC.

Ash, I like Frank Runyon. Not familar with him, but hope they pair him up with Erica. I think he is using Just for men, the hair is real but dyed.

I had to laugh at Beth E's View interview where she said obviously they give non-actors time to improve. How much *&#^ time! Aidum started in 2002! It will soon be seven years and I think I have the seven year itch from him. Will they give Rancid and Coldby this long? I think Natalia is better than Rancid, at least when they acted together, she won the act off. Not saying much. But the bad news is they are bringing a love interest on for her! Yuck.

Watching SoapNet now, the Weave is ragging about David Hayward.

Warning! Do not turn on the slutmetric around Frankie and Rancid. It will go in reverse and break.

I am watching today and seeing my actors and it just doesn't seem like my soap. Because the writing sucks! Can't Ron C double his pay and consult over here. I am glad you like OLTL Ash.

Ashley and Jordan - Freddie Rodriguez was on local Chicago news promoting his movie Nothing Like the Holidays that was filmed here in Chicago. It's about a Puerto Rican family. It appeals to all people. I would like to see it. Have you heard about it?

Anonymous said...

Wow, Frank Runyon looks *amazing* on AMC. Trust me Ash, he was never the best looking guy, but I hadn't seen him since he was paired w/Meg Ryan on ATWT and he has aged remarkably well. Makes me wonder what he's been up to for the last 20 something years.

Anonymous said...

Why is Greenlee in a big HUFF over Rancid and porn?

These are the same women that pitched a Fusion campaign to those Japanese investors of them DANCING ON POLES!

Fusion is a JOKE!

Laura said...

Ash, how's the mad cow going?

Good news I get the ION channel and they have old Boston Legal episodes on. I recommend this for anyone who likes good writing. I am sure you are sick of Jordan and I talking about it, but old episodes help the mourning process.

For those not in the know, Mad Cow was Shatner's character name for mad cow.

Oh my god it's my favorite tonight Lincoln Meyer!

Laura said...

Oops I have mad cow, I meant mad cow was Shatner's name for Alzheimers.

I think watching the news in Chicago is better than the soaps. Who will Obama appoint next?, When will Gov. Blago resign?, Who will Blago take down next?, Will a Kennedy run for Senate from Illinois?,
will the Olympics come to Chicago, will the mayor and Jesse Jackson Jr, be indicted? Tune in tomorrow.

Shadow said...

The rest of yesterday…

Frankie and Randi are getting down to a porno soundtrack. All I can think is, he’s boldly going where so many have gone before him.

Why is Reese always having to apologize to everyone? And why is Bianca being so judgmental about something that happened before Reese met her? Now I’m no lesbian, but it seems like Bianca is just making up issues. Tamara does a great job of this scene though. Binx should drop to her knees and start tonguing the alphabet.

Tuesday on AMC…

I wonder if Frankie is starting to itch yet?

Angie looks fantastic. The shorter Weave works. She gives the show some heart.

Erica talks a lot about hosting a TV show, but I don’t really remember her going back to work in that capacity. Her 30 days to turn the show around ended like 6 months ago and we haven’t heard about it since. I wonder if she had to take a pay cut on New Beginnings too?

Has anyone ever recovered faster from a stab wound? That cleaver Annie stabber her with had chunks of Erica hanging off it and now Erica’s skipping around Chandler Mansion. Bullshit that she got stabbed in the first place and now Bullshit that she’s preening around Chandler Mansion.

I hope it doesn’t startle Annie when Janet walks back into her room.

Wouldn’t it be great if Tad actually did bring Jamie back with him for Myrtle’s funeral? Surely Tad isn’t going to miss the funeral?

KWAK is all class: “Boiling up some macaroni and heatin’ up some chicken fingers.” If that’s all she gets to eat, Kathy is going to get a badonk a donk.

Frankie to Randi: “I wanted it to be right for you. Hey, do you by chance have any antibiotic ointment or penicillin?”

Greenlee just pulled those Angel wings right out of her ass.

Emma is pretty though. I think it would be fun if she showed some signs of crazy though. She is her mother’s daughter.

Everything about Randi is just so *idiotic*!

David is finally cashing in his favor, but how awkward was that scene on the couch when David was fondling her wound?

Don’t you just hate it when your mom walks in on you and your hooker? I feel like we are getting some insight into Pratt’s sad, pitiful childhood.

OK, ERICA JUST SAID: “From sex trade to supermodel. Noone’s even going to bat an eyelash.” WHO IS THIS WOMAN? The real Erica Kane’s eyelashes would be falling out from revulsion. Bile would be spewing from every crevice. She would be passing judgment as if she were channeling dear Phoebe. She would die before she would allow her name to be associated with that of a ho. This is as close as I’ve come in a while to throwing something at the TV. *THIS*ISN’T*ERICA*KANE*PRATTHOLE! I don’t know who this homeless woman is, but it isn’t Erica.

Adam would NEVER leave David alone with Little A.

Who is David leaving a key for under the pot? Everyone he cares about is dead and gone, so who would be coming to see him? Would someone who lives at WildWind leave a key under a pot? Do people who live in huge mansions have shitty little ceramic planters sitting by the door anyway? *Contrived*!

Ryan, Annie’s husband, can’t get in to see her but Aidan (who I like to call “Special Ed”) sneaks right in and out. Wouldn’t Oak Haven, a place for crazy people, have video surveillance? How dumb are we supposed to be?

That’s what pisses me off lately. Either the writers are lazy or they think we’re dumb or both. My kids can do better pulling together details than Pratt and Co. I know I sound aggravated, but this is all just egregious today. I’m offended at how dumb they must think we are.

“For a married woman you sure spend a lot of time here.” Nice deflection by Amamda. And pretty smooth to ask to see the pics too.

Does anyone know anything about the lady playing Annie’s doctor? She seems a little stiff to me. Aidan lurking around Oak haven is just maddening.

I don’t think KWAK is feeling any of this stuff. She has totally sucked IMHO every since her Baby Doll was flattened.

Norn Cutson said...

*first* i wanna say, Ash & Jordan, i am so sorry that those kids were mean to you when you were growin up.i woulda been on your side!

notes on Tuesday's episode

• mmph, i like seein FRANKIE's skin.

• i dont think those earrings of ANGIE's are very professional. dont they get tangled in her stethoscope?

• oh i love that brown coat on AMANDA!
that is a great look for her!

& here's our PETEY!

• poor EMMA; she's a prop, not a person.

• & here's our ANNIE!

all this "daddy" talk creeps me out...i can tell its givin Pratt a boner.

• KWAK: "Boiled macaroni and chicken fingers."

thats not very nutritious.

no martinis for KWAK, just hot milk, please.

• i wanna see FRANKIE with someone hot...RANDI may be "hot" on paper but the reality is that she's a log.

• ERICA: "Oh, YES, a FACIAL!!!"

• ANNIE: "There's a playroom?!?!?! Can I go??!?!?"

• ok, so now we're gonna see ANNIE's DR in action.

...well, that sure is crappy healthcare.

ANNIE is hidin under the blanket...i'm laughin my ass off...& SO IS SHE!!!!

• Susan Lucci seems like a guest on her own show.

• today we get the serious LI'L A.

• KWAK's on the hunt to score her next hit of hot milk.

• that actress from PASSIONS is tryin to figure out how she can get a love scene with CRYAN.
you can see she thinks thats the path to job security on this show.

• KWAK is jealous of AMANDA!


he is *NEVER* there for EMMA.

no wonder she thinks GREENLEE is the best friends she's ever had, she's the only who pays any attention to her!

all you people who are up in arms about "its *NOT* a thong!!!", why dont you try addressing something that MATTERS, like CRYAN's sh@**y parenting skills?

notes on Tuesday's episode

• how long ago would you have dumped CRISTIAN if:

1. you were SARAH?
2. you were TPTB?

i liked the first CRISTIAN (remember him?), he was so cute and real.

he was *definitley* not a model, but i sure could buy him as an artist.

• ohh TESS is playin BRODY.

• there's that happy li'l HOPE/CHLOE!!!

in an elf costume, no less!

• i dont feel very confident about going to trial with NORA as the prosecutor.

she plays like she's such a sharp cookie when she's really more of a soggy biscuit.

TÉA: "Wait til you see her face when I get you out on bail."

• oh that TESS!

TESS: "It hurts so BAD! UH! UH! UH! UH!"


• LOLA & VANESSA, ***good riddance***...what is the point of these characters? just to give CRISTIAN something to do?

• TÉA is a good lawyer and NORA is a dope.

• TESS: "I dont know how to thank you!"

BRODY: "I do. Have sex with me."


• this VANESSA & LOLA story is a big fat stinker.

see, OLTL has its weak points too (usually involving the VEGA boys)

• love that li'l HOPE/CHLOE!
look @ her chompin on the safety bar of her carseat!

• ha, BRODY's smart!
i'm so glad he outwitted TESS right off the bat!

• aww, MARKKO & LANGSTON are very sweet.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow, I love your icon! Maybe I can be your rival and put up a Heat Miser (my favorite).

As for the Annie's doctor, I admittedly watched Passions for awhile. I thought the actress, MacKenzie Westmore, was very good. Her and Luis were a great couple- of course I lost patience waiting around for them to hook up and jumped ship. Maybe once she settles in she'll get better- but she can be a bit stiff. Sheridan was always a bit uptight, but she had amnesia a lot and thought she murdered someone, so that's expected!

Anonymous said...

When did TIIC forget how to do sexy? I've seen a few attempts recently, but nope, nothing sexy happening here. Not feeling it.

Oh, and TIIC want to show the viewers how sexy and naughty Randi and Frankie are by blowing off their jobs and having a morning diddle... ICK! I'm not buying it.

Shadow said...

Just finished the podcast. Thanks for the nice comments. The thing I like about PVP and PVP Blog is that it truly is a conversational, interactive and integrated experience. It's sort of like a book club, and everyone is respectful of everyone else. Ashley and Jordan, your sort of our Puerto Rican Oprah(s). Except funnier, slimmer, and more entertaining without all the political, preachy, zen BS. Love you both.

Yesterday's episode drove me nuts. Like Aidan. He and Colby are seriously pathetic. It's almost like TPTB acknowledge that Aidan can't act but keep giving him screen time anyway. They have reduced him to playing Peek-a-Boo with Annie at Oak Haven. "Where's Aidan? Here I am under the bed! Peek-a-boo! Now I'm in the corner! Peek-a-boo!"

n69n, you're great at interpreting Aussie speak. How does an inarticulate Aussie say peek-a-boo?

And why is memory loss the new retarded on AMC? I'm in my 40s. I've never known anyone with amnesia or anyone who regressed to any age younger than what they are.

Mentally challenged characters like Stuart (good) or Janet (good/bad) are far more interesting and realistic. Demented characters like Todd on OLTL are fascinating.

These characters look and act normal but they don't perceive things like normal and so they make scary choices with consequences they don't anticipate. Just watching two adults plouncing around playing 'catch me' in a cell is a waste of my time.

Why not give Adam a rest and give Stuart a great story for the holiday? It's not like its going to cost any more to have Stuart on instead of Adam.

Ya'll mentioned that OLTL takes the time to tell its stories while AMC rushes through everything. Randi is a perfect example. It's a ridic, awful story but we're still here watching it. We've all known forever that eventually someone would recognize her or find a gooey picture of her on the internet. The payoff for our loyalty would be a scene where Erica finds out, confronts her and blows of some steam as only Erica can do. Instead, it's a total non-event. Erica dismissed it as something that "could have been a lot worse". If you own an international cosmetics firm and spent who knows how much on a promotion to save your company's ass from bankruptcy, how much worse could it be to find out that the girl you pinned your hopes on is a whore? Not many women lining up at Lacy's get ho'd up for the holidays. Another example where money doesn't matter on AMC and there's no follow through.

Somebody mentioned the possibility of Effen Cryanderthalass getting it on with Annie's new psych. If he has to stick around, I think that would be interesting. She seems capable of handling a douchebag like him. I like that she's older. It might be interesting to see Annie's psych take advantage of Annie's predicament for the chance to get all caught up in Ryan's thong. And may be a good way to redeem Annie a little.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious podcast guys!!! Jordan I feel your disgust!

Why is everything on this show have to be so creepy?

I am cringing at the Annie/Aiden stuff. WTH is this! WHY IS THIS HAPPENING!

And David, I cannot take anymore! The hold he has on all these people is BOGUS!

He threatened Kendall to Erica and she took that crap from him. Shadow you are correct, this is NOT Erica Kane. NO WAY NO HOW.

Why is KWAK Stupid over David! I don't understand.

JUST CREEPY! And it is only going to get worse!

Anonymous said...

I hate to keep giving y'all articles about the state of AMC, but this one is a MUST-READ.
(Just to be clear,this is not a spoiler, it is just the feelings of a frustrated fan)

jordan hudson said...

N69N yes Yorlin the first Christian was a 100% better then david as Christian but we live in a world that wants that model pretty boy. Ahh the days when an actor was hired for there abilitys and not there looks.

I have only seen Monday's epsiode and while I admit it was way better for em then anything last week....why is it that Tess and Brody's almost sex was hotter then randi and Frankie having sex. MY god your a hooker and if that's what you do then boy those Johns did not get there money's worth.

Anonymous said...

Good article find Tori, and keep them coming!!

I knew we were not the only ones hating this CRAP. SO exactly why is Pratt allowed to run a muck. NO ONE IS BUYING WHAT HE IS SELLING!


Shadow said...

Here are some ins and outs details I found. Looks like Frank Runyeoun isn't worth any further debate. Wonder if this is a sign that Rinx aren't stick around long term.

The recently re-signed Michael E. Knight has gotten in some vacation-time as well. Hopefully all the Knight fans caught a good glimpse of their main man, Tad Martin, on Wednesday, December 10. The character, sent on a wild goose-chase by the very bad Dr. David Hayward (Vincent Irizarry), will disappear for a cool month; will Martin's main nemesis, David, have succeeded in turning Tad's family upside down by then? You betcha!

Colin Egglesfield returns to the air during the week of January 12. Egglesfield will reprise the role of Josh Madden for approximately two weeks before the actor and character exits the scene for good.

Tonya Pinkins reprises the role of Livia Frye that same week. The legal eagle will tango with the Martin-Chandler-Carey-Hayward clan.

Don't make much of the spotting of faces from Reese William's (Tamara Braun) past. Frank Runyeon last airs on Monday, December 15 as Forrest Williams, after just two episodes. The show does leave the door open for a future appearance. Fans can expect Reese's former fiancé, Simon (played by Adam-Jon Fiorentino), to follow the same pattern after he first premieres on Tuesday, December 30.

Elizabeth Rodriguez has moved up from recurring to contract status. The move up in status seems odd due to the fact the actress was last seen on October 14; Rodriguez's character will make her next sporadic appearance during the week of January 5.

ktcohn said...

Wanted to introduce you podcast...LOVE! Love AMC but i agree with you that i am getting BORED!!!

Norn Cutson said...

ya know who i hope ends up bein a couple?


Anonymous said...

One Life to live is on fire! So much happen in one episode and on a Wednesday episode at that. I need to start watching oltl after amc.

Anonymous said...

coBoy, I gotta tell ya...
I'm more inconsistant week to week on the blog than AMC is everyday

Well here's some stuff that I wanted to bring up.

Tea = gold. I love my Florencia, and I missed her in her prime, but I'm glad that she's back. Llanview needs her. Ever since Evangeline left, there's been a gaping whole in Llanview. Tea's been there for about a week and already has done more than I've seen than David Hayward's since Tornado alley hit town.

I can't wait for David Vickers to come back to Llanview.

MCE = Gold. Hott. Fun. Crazy. InsAnnie. Yummy. All of the Above.

David Hayward = I'm not exactly sure if I like this. He's messing with Amanda. He's messing with Krystal. He's messing with Tad. He's messing with the hospital. He's messing with J.R. He's messing with Erica. He's messing with Adam. He's threatening Kendall.
WTF Pratt
You are having him screw with everyone in the entire town. Are you always one-dimensional? Do you like the character of David Hayward? You obviously have no respect for the man or Vincent Irizarry, so what the hell do you think that you're doing?

Ryan and Greenlee... Shoot. Me. Now.

Erica...not bad Pratt, not bad.

Taylor and Brot...I guess something organic can taste good even if it is manufactured.

Frankie...and Randi.... God, Frankie could be the biggest star on this whole show if they made him, instead of Cameron Mathison, front and center. And him and Randi Monday and Tuesday? Kinda hot...not gunna lie. She's gorgeous, and she's a better actor in bed than she is out of bed. I'm not even being sexual here. She really is.

Amanda... she's hot. Pratt has seemed to notice. Unfortunately, she cant act, but as long as she's wearing less clothes, I'll be happy.

J.R., they cant write him anymore. Why Pratt?

Jake...Use him more.

Bianca and Reese.... I want sex. LOL sounds bad but it's true. They need to take the next level.

jordan hudson said...

well guys I dont know how much longer I can hang in there. I was okay with Mon and Tuesday's epsiode for soem reason and along came Wednesday and ughhhhh. Then reading your last post shadow got me even more depressed about AMC. Papa Hudson ( He watches all three ABC shows ) told me he is done with AMC. I might have to follow him. IT HURTS TOO MUCH! I dont know why but what Pratt is doing to the show is hurting me even more then Mctavish's last year.

How the hell is this man in charge. How could Brian frons think that Chuck pratt's proposal was better then James and Barbara. Pratt is not even giving us real storylines. Things start and stop or go nowhere. Pointless!!! He has no concept of characterization.

I don't know Bianca anymore. This is not our Binks. he just doesnt know who she is or else he would not be writing her the way he is.

David was brought back to be a one dimensional villan. I know Ashley did not like Robert Gardner. I thought he had great potential and layers that sadly were not used. Yet David is one note and the fcat that he can have free reign over everyone in the hospital after all that he has done makes no sense. The fact that no one challenges him and goes to the Board to complain.... It's like David represents Chuck Pratt having free reign to destroy this show.

And here comes Passions sheridan Crane another character that has no ties to the show really. Better to have her play Hayley or Skyy Chandler.

Guys I just.... it hurts.. this show means so much to me. Yet it hurts more to see Susan Lucci and David Canary being forced to act like step and fetch it.



Anonymous said...

Guys, I'm only on Monday and haven't heard the podcast for the week yet, but MOnday's AMC reminded me so much of REAL AMC.

Brot finally coming around for me. The scenes with him telling Taylor what happened was the best he's done and the most compelling.

Every bit with Reese, Bianca, and Reese's father was so true, and for the first time in about forever, I was INTRIGUED by my soap.

I liked the way they edited the Frandie sex scenes, with the fadeouts.

Drunk Jakegyver was great. Such a waste that RPG and RB never got to hook up or play any more scenes than they did. Smokin'.

HEck, Kate Hall even made the conversation between DBTE Randi and Natalia sound interesting and real.

I don't hold out much hope for the rest of the week. Moments you know are all we get these days. But if Pratt truly wants to know what we're looking for out here, it's more episodes like Monday.

Shadow said...

Jordan, I'm sorry! I didn't mean to depress you. I even made a thong joke and posted that anouncement about Carmen! I will try to be funny and positive about tonites's show. I don't want to get blamed for you not watching anymore. What would we do without your astootness?

jordan hudson said...

shadow lol you didnt depress me,, hearing about what AMC has in store for the future is what is depressing. What is the point of brining on Frank Runyeon as her dad for like four epsiodes. What is the point then of brining back Binks with Resse if we are going to loose them in another month. What is the point of brinign back Josj just to *&^% him and Give his &^%$ to *&^%$#@@. Prathole your killing me with your stupid moves

Anonymous said...

I'm posting a link to an interesting article I read. It's called 'The “New” All My Children, Part 1 — Lifting the Fog of Stupidity' by Marlena De Lacroix. This is only part one of her "review" of AMC. She has just recently started watching AMC again and is giving it positive reviews, along with Pratt.

I don't know how much I agree with her, but I do think that AMC is actually writing a good story for Bianca and Reese. I really don't want to see them go down the Reese/Zach road. It wouldn't be very "groundbreaking" and would upset alot of people! If it weren't for Tamara Braun I wouldn't have started watching it again.


Anonymous said...

Oh, one thing I wanted to say about this week's podcast: you guys didn't bleep anything! Jordan said "shit" at least twice and didn't get bleeped. Is the show too awful to warrant bleeping it anymore, or did you just forget, Ash? ;)

Arizonagal said...

I feel like David Hayward has taken the place of Sledgehammer in the mustache twirling area. He is all sinister and evil and nothing redeems his bad behavior, yet. I doubt it ever will. He's so one note. What really bugs me about the Hayward character is his constant manipulation of women, like we were all gullible fools. Sometimes the misogynistic behavior is more subtle. It's all downright nasty and insulting.

When JordAsh started with their OLTL comments I was really jazzed. I am so happy Ash is watching because I really appreciated her insight. You guys are so smart about the suds, you can pinpoint the problems, dissect them and put them back together as you want them to be and it always makes sense when you do so.

It's the holidaze JordAsh, take a break from the show, the podcast. I'm sure we'd all like that more than you guys just disappearing off into the sunset forever.

I love this blog and the podcast and frankly I just can't imagine my days w/o JordAsh. If you left us, I bet I'd find myself wondering "what are Ash and Jordan doing right now?" Hell, I'd listen to you guys if you did a podcast on Wall Street Week!

Shadow said...

Nothing but positive commentary from me tonight. No negativity...

Boy, that new hospital set that everyone is always at really is nice looking.

The officer looking for Brot is a decent actor. I wonder if he’s a real actor or another veteran?

Tamara B. has a pretty, expressive face and big doe eyes. Makes you want to hug her. And she can act sexy too.

Bianca’s hair doesn’t look stringy today!

Bianca doesn’t look fat today either.

AMC still has the best opening and theme song in the daytime biz.

I love the subtle reminders they use to gently remind us of how special lesbian love is. For example, Jones is loving that hot lesbian display of affection at the casino. He’s smiling and licking his lips in the background.

I like that Reese and Bianca can kiss quietly. No lip smacking, slurping, juicy spit noises.

Whew, thank goodness Ryan didn’t noticed Aidan sneaking by. That hooded jacket was a really smart idea!

The psych to Ryan: “Could it be because what’s happened to Annie is your fault?” She backtracked, but at least she’s still standing up to him.

I’m glad the letters REC on Aidan’s computer are so big so I could easily read them; otherwise, I may not have realized that she was being recorded.

Taylor is on a budget and checking out Kendall’s and Babe’s old places. Who knew they were so thrifty?

Kendall jerked her head TWICE!! She is such a good actress!

Hayward was sort of decent to Zach and Ryan.

Just listen to that pretty oboe playing in the background of the Jack and Greenlee scene.

Poor Taylor is still trying to get over that fall. Too bad she didn’t get stabbed because stab wounds heal really fast.

Hayward is talking to Joe on the phone. I bet Joe is really mad, but we can’t hear Joe’s voice. I’m really glad that AMC has found another way to save some money.

Awww, Rinx are getting to know each other better and exchanging poon stories.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• uh oh, BROT's in trouble.

• poor EMMA.

• ohh, i'm smilin so big coz of BROT!
he's so awesome!

• i'm so glad ya'll are sayin what ive been feeling about BIANCA...& its no fault of Eden Riegel!

i dont feel like calling her BINKS anymore, coz i dont feel affectionate about this person.

• tsk, i dont like REESE talking to her employees like that.

...& i certainly dont think she should be makin out in front of them!

that was more smoochin than they do at home under the christmas tree!

i would have *NO RESPECT* for my boss if they were makin out or playing cards in front of me while i was trying to work.

ZACH mentions MYRTLE & REESE tells about the magical time they had visiting her in deleted scenes.

• CRYAN's got KENDALL a-twitchin'.

• REESE: "I was about as in the closet as you can get!"

BIANCA: "Were you?!?!?"

• what is the point of JERKSON anymore?

• look @ that, we had a moment of *GENUINE ROMANCE*, starring BROT & TAYLOR.

• dipsh*t undercover AIDUMB leaves his ringer on.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• oh man, i'm laughin @ SARAH's sad sack face!!!!!

• BO is Santa!!

• i'm actually applauding BRODY!
i applaud you, BRODY!

• everyone's either out in ANGEL SQUARE or @ hangin in HALLOWED GROUNDS.

• BO gets everybody hot chocolate, plus a hot cider for MARCIE.

• EFFIN' TESS outwits BRODY!!!

• BO & REX talk about fatherhood...BO says MATTHEW is *always* good...but that his room gets a little cleaner, homework gets done a little faster around the holidays.

• damn, they are just draggin SARAH through the mud!

i wonder if the actress did something, and this is the writer's way of punishing her.

• ha ha, TESS is busted!!!

• oh, MARCIE gets to hold little HOPE/CHLOE!


• VANESSA didnt even notice that SARAH left the courtroom, she's so eager to "familiarize herself" with CRISTIAN.

• even tho i dont really care for NATTY KNOCKERS or JARED, i still think this is very romantic.

...& i love everybody down @ ANGEL SQUARE....including LUNA's Angel!

• that was one classy montage.

• oooh who's TÉA talkin to????

thats so good! i cant wait to see who's on the other end of that phone call!

maybe its DAVID VICKERS!

• wow, we got full on special christmas credits!!!!

very lovely lights & it sounds like the cast singing WE WISH YOU A MERRY CHRISTMAS!

Maura said...

That army guy was the pain in the neck husband of denise on Army Wives.. They probably saved some money at AMC by letting him use his Army Wives costume LOL

Shadow said...

Was Luna on OLTL? I used to love her character.

Anonymous said...

Alright, I'm done with Tuesday and Wednesday, and have finished the first half hour of the podcast. (and it's cracking me up that you all haven't really talked AMC much in that half hour; "mad cow" and all)

Tuesday was alright. Thomson's been getting better. Wednesday, though, was more snoozy. I started to lose interest.

I'm disagreeing with y'all though. I like what they're doing with Boob and Reese Cup. I will not like it if they go with her and Zach, but I like this exploration of the past. This to me is proof that when the acting is good and the writing is decent, I can overlook a little bit of ri-dick. (Like Runyon's two epis and why Binks doesn't know some of this crap already)

No one recovers from a stab wound like Erica Kane! Just have Dr. David rub a little NeoSporin on it and it's a New Beginning!

Petey can make my cappucinos and lattes anytime! I only wish they would put him back into something semi-meaty, like his dealings with Adam. Wouldn't it be a scream if somehow they teamed him up with Carmen?

For a brief moment, my heart flickered when Ai-dumb said he's going to DC. REmember I'm working to stay spoiler-free, and even though I usually can't avoid the comings and goings, I thought he might actually go. Shucks, he's just playing Daddy games with Annie.

Annie needs to get off this Daddy kick, though, or she will start to be annoying, rather than the electrifying and thrilling character she has become.

Dr. Sheridumb should just hook up with Ai-dumb, because why in the hello-gorgeous would she leave Ryan and Annie alone? And that nurse who called her down the hall; I hope Dr. Sheridumb gave her a good Angie, because if I was a doctor and some nurse talked to me like that, it would be on.

Taylor is softening, and it really works for me. It's even making Brot better. HE actually smiled.

Amanda gave Krystal the what-for and I love it. It IS a little creepy, but I love that Amanda has this devious streak that DAvid can bring out.

By the way, Milkshake--Funniest. Opening. Ever. Right up there with "Colby Go and Wash Your Hands."

crs 17

PS. Jordan, you watch as much TV as I do, do you watch L Word?

jordan hudson said...

Maura- yes that was Frank, Denise's husband on AMC. Another Army Wives fan here.

Crs-17 When The L word started it was up against two shows I was already watching and this was before the DVR. I heard it was really good.

I had no interest in Queer as Folk after a few episodes. To this day I apolgize to every Brit I meet for what America did to QAF. The British version (which is the origial) is by far superior.

I'm almost done with TRUE BLOOD which I'm loving.

Yes Shadow Luna was OLTL

Well guys today sucked for me as well. I will tell you why.... bad writing. Scenes that start from nowhere. Everything is rushed.
What could have been an incredible dramatic storyline that could have lasted episodes was squeezed into a phone call, where we only heard David's side of the conversation.
Disgusting! I don't buy it!

The great thing today was Reese and Erica and even that was rushed and really went nowhere.

Stop indicating whats going to happen Pratthole and tell us stories.

Susan Lucci- I love you but the Costume Designer should be fired for that hideous,matronly,outfit you were in. Even Opal would not be caught wearing that. The dialogue and performace at the end were not all that La Lucci. I mean Eileen passed away in real life. Dig deep give me something more then crocidile tears. Very disappointed.

I never said I didnt like Rianca. Just that I dont buy the change in Bianca. Everything works despite bad dialogue and choppy scenes. Yet what is the point of me investing myself in Rianca if they will be leaving in two months.

Well Pratthole was obsessed with the moon and now it's milk. I guess he is a big fan of Maureen's song from RENT the Musical.

I hate how Dyas of our lives dumb this show is becoming.

Unknown said...

Ashley and Jordan, your sort of our Puerto Rican Oprah(s). So, Shadow, does this mean we all get a car or, perhaps, Jordash's favorite things. Or, does this just mean we'll get Ryanderthal jumping on a coach yelling that he loves Greenlee?

Melissa said...

To the tune of "Frankie and Johnnie":

Franke and Randy were sweethearts
Dating for months with no sex
Randie said she had her issues
Being an ex ho was complex
She was a cutie, but he ain't gettin' no booty

Even though he was a soldier
And he had been 'round the block
'That's not a problem' he told her
Oh, his poor aching #@$*!
She was a hottie, but he ain't touchin' that body

But then some girl she barely knew
Told her to give it a try
However at this point we don't care
When she finally unzipped his fly
We couldn't care less
that he was tappin' that ass

Shadow said...

I'll choose Jordash's favorite things.

Every time Ryanderthall winces or makes that pained expression of his, I can't help but think its because his thong is twisted or pulling a hair.

I dislike the character of Ryan so much, but the thong helps.

Well, I've spent the day in the hospital. My wife is having surgery. Let me tell you, that PVH is a nice place. This one has great docs and care but otherwise is a dump. No mahogany walls or cappuchino makers here. Just a decrepit waiting area with a couple of hard chairs and an old analogue with Judge Alex and Tyra Banks.

We were in the holding room where they take you before surgery and it was funny listening to people around us. The couple on the left were fighting over whether the lady having surgery needed a catheter. The wife of the lady across from us told her husband, the patient, that his whole family hates him and that nobody would be coming to see him. Then she asked the doctor how long his surgery would take and announced that she had time to do some shopping and meet a friend for Chinese food during his surgery. And she called her friend to meet her and left.

Anonymous said...

~ RUN Reese RUN!!! Get out while you still can! I'm sure having two Kane women all up in your face is hard enough, but wait until the other one wakes up! And why are the writers having Reese act like Zach is some kind of saint? It's annoying!!

~ And did I detect a little Carly coming out of TB when Reese was standing up to Erica? It's about time somebody put Erica in her place! Now Reese knows where Bianca gets her meddling from.

~ Well if Boobianca and Reese decide to have another child, they can just swipe that construction worker's pants because you know he left a donation after watching them kiss! He was creepy!

~ I never realized that becoming Chief of Staff could be done over the telephone. Dr. Joe should have just let his incompetent son lose his liscense instead of handing over a hospital to a mad man!

~ What is up with KWAK and the d@mn warm milk?? Does she not have milk and a microwave at home? BTW, I loved the intro on this weeks podcast. I had to listen to it again because it was so funny!

~ JR Martinez is improving everyday! Him and Taylor actually have great chemistry!

~ Does anyone else find Frankie and Randi's kissing disgusting? They slobber all over each other and he looks like he is trying to suck her face off!

~ I know AMC is really hard to watch right now, but please don't give up only for the sake of the podcast! Your podcast is seriously the only reason I still watch!


Anonymous said...

They mentioned Tara today.
That never happens.

Melissa said...


I hope your wife's surgery goes well and that she is okay.

Eden did a great job today when she found out about Kendall. She's such a natural actress and her work is wonderful, despite the bad writing. I sure wish she wasn't leaving. Stuck with Randy and Trollby and losing Bianca and Greenlee.... that sucks.

Laura said...

Did anybody watch Imaginary Bitches with Eden Reigel. It's out there on You Tube. Very good, Eden looks beautiful and normal sized when she's not next to skinny Tamara. Her husband Andrew Miller is a good writer. They should take over AMC.

I am glad Olivia is coming back. I wish she would sing for Myrtle's funeral. She did at Phoebe's. She's a tony winner. I'd like to see her with Angie and see the weaves go head to head. A weave-off!

I didn't say anything about today's show because it was redic! All of it. It is on but it's not registering with me. But I did love my Tea on OLTL. The Vega boys can move to Pine Valley, and Reese and Bianca can move to Llanview with Taylor and Brot.

I think I am Sorta-Rican after listening to you both so long. That term was used in an interview with someone involved in the Puerto Rican Christmas movie. Can't wait to see it.

Shadow said...

Thanx Crazy Daisy. We actually got the best news possible. She's going to be fine. Whew! That was scary!

I love the idea of a "Weave Off". Best chuckle I've had all day! I love Olivia too. Did they ever explain what happened to Derek?

Anonymous said...

Did y'all hear that rumor that the headwriter of OLTL, Ron Carlivati has been demoted from headwriter? Cuz if thats true, I am done with US soaps!

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow, that is great news!
i know we are all so happy to hear it!

Laura said...

From Soap Central.

All My Children took on Star Wars this week, with Annie Lavery in the role of Luke Skywalker and Aidan Devane as Darth Vader. "Annie, I am your father," Aidan said breathily, in his best Darth Vader voice. No word yet on who will tackle the role of Yoda.

Anonymous said...

This was an awkward, sometimes funny, slice of life kind of day at the hospital so I appreciate having you guys. The Frankie Johnny was great. AMC=Star Wars. That should get Prat's attn! U R all awesome!

Anonymous said...

like crs before me, i had to do it, i am announcing my return to the blog. i have missed all of you and wish u all a happy holidays.
Amc is not doing it for me right now, ive been watching since june 2004, and i cant believe im saying this but i miss mctavish. At least it was interesting with her. I watch it sometimes, but just listen to the podcast, cuz they watch so you dont have to.
Jordan, Norn, Ashley OLTL is hot right now. This is how you right a soap people. Wed's episode was awesome. Susan Haskell has been bringing it in this storyline, Jordan i read in sod that Florencia just wanted to return short term. I am loving me some Tea Delgado.
Jordan what do u think of guiding light right now. Did u see Mr. Clean today, i feel bad bc they have the lowest budget in daytime. Do u like how Ellen Wheeler is running things.
Is anyone watching ATWT, i am loving it right now, but wish it would slow down. Goutman and Babs Bloom want to run that and GL three times a week, not a good idea! I think they have one of the best younger actor sets in daytime after OLTL, i also think that they have the most attractive cast in daytime!
Ashley and all the ladies, i found a Christmas present for u all. Colin Egglesfield in a thong, thong, thong, thong, thong like the thong song. I guess he models underwear for Calvin Klein.
Anyways, merry christmas and happy new years to everyone and i will def be watching myrtle's tribute tomorrow and they better not mess it up!!

Brandi said...

Ashley and Jordan,
Hey guys! I've been listening to your podcast for a few months now, and I absolutely love it! I am the only one that I know that watches soaps, so it's nice to have discussions (I talk back to the podcast) about one of my favorite soaps.

I'm new to the blog, but I wanted to jump right in and share one of the things I think about when I watch the show. Y'know, something that distracts from the pain caused by watching scenes with Randi or the Suxtet. Ok, here goes...

Wouldn't it be great if Adriana and Layla from OLTL relocated their business to the "fashion driven" Pine Valley. She can follow her friend Bianca from Paris. Adriana in her self-entitled "bitchy bangs" mode would be fun to watch with or against Erica. Hmm, Kanes versus Kramers. Layla can be the strong, independent woman Frankie never knew he always wanted. Or, after she went on that geek dating site, she finds adorable Pete Cortlandt and they have awkward but awesome wooing. Petey needs an older woman. Maybe a touch of OLTL magic will get push our little show that could in the right direction.

Just a thought.

jordan hudson said...

shadow, your wife you and yoru family are in my prayers,

jordan hudson said...

Laura THANK YOU. I thought I was alone in thinking that today's episode was like being in the mirror universe on Star Trek.

Tori If the Ron C rumor is true it would not surprise me. It only goes to my theory that Frons is out to kill daytime dramas.

Brandi welcome and yes I agree with you. I actually said along time ago in a podcast that Tika (Layla) would be great on AMC and needed, but at the rate AMC is going downhill, under Pratt, let her stay on OLTL.

Alejandro welcome back beeyotch....lololol hehehe....uh I love Ellen Wheeler. She will always be the only Marly/Victoria Love Hudson from Another World and of course Cindy Chandler from our beloved AMC. I think she did an excellent job turning GL around when she started and she did a great job up until this year. I can't blame her, she is under alot of pressure to cut corners. Her and Goutman. GL and ATWT are not own by CBS but Proctor and Gamble and they are cheap. I'm sure in her mind she thoguht this new format was going to be a great idea; but its horrible. I think she realizes it because the actual filming is looking more like the old days. None of those bizarre far away shots or intense closeups. There is nothing they can do about the small sets or exteriors but they can try and shoot it at least like the old days and I have noticed that.

The big problem with GL, is with almost every show, except OLTL and Y&R. THE WRITING. GL has only two real storylines. REVA and Bill & Lizze. Everyone else is in limbo or just supporting players in these two storylines. Why not really give us a Frank and Natalia romance. Why not use the kids who are so talented and are being let go to make room for two old timers to come back. While I'm all for Grant "Phillip" Alexsander. I dont see why Edmund is needed. cassie and Jonathan are both off the show. Makes no sense to bring him back unless they plan to make him GL's answer to David Hayward.... Yawn. I was so getting into Beth and coop and now he's been let go. DUMB. I have hopes for Shayne and Dinah. If they give them a real storyline.

As for ATWT......oh my I love Paul and Meg. But my god how many times can they play the same exact scenes over and over again. If meg leaves Paul one more time and says "I can't trust you! You will never change", I will shoot the head writer. What a lack of an imagination and it's a shame because Paul and Meg are what got me into ATWT. I do like the Luke/ Brian storyline. Surprised with all the recasts, A new Jade. Who doesn't seem bad, but then I liked the last one and didnt understand why they got rid of her and the character. Now a new Maddie. Again liked the old one, saw no reason to get rid of her. Another new Lucy ( spenser Grammer was a snooze fest) Dusty is annoying So is Denny I mean James Steinback.

OLT I only hope that both T.P.T.B. and Florenzia will fall in love with each other and she will stay on because if this week proves anything is that OLTL needs it's Tea Delgado

Shadow said...

Thursday’s AMC…

I like Hendrickson. He’s very natural and the stuff that he says like “That’s for the CIA to decide” doesn’t sound stupid like Jesse’s cop talk.

Randi’s looks so peaceful and rested.

On my HD playback, Frankie felt a burning sensation when he went pee.

Lots of noisy kissing--like one of them is eating the other one.

One minute Zach is checking on Myrtle for the holidays, which was sweet. Next scene Zach is being all douchey to Reese again. Give the guy an antidepressant already.

Why can’t somebody check on Stuart or Chompers for the holiday?

I hate it when they fake drink tea… or drink fake tea at Chandler Mansion.

Erica: “How many times do I get to plan a wedding?” Ok, that was funny.

I am going to vomit if I hear one more slurpy kiss. The bile is *right there*.

Erica announcing the kick off for the new face of Fusion! Apparently, the main criteria is that the winner not be a whore.

Reese is looking a little healthier. It may just be the looser shirt and bell-bottoms. She’s wearing a tie because she’s the man. I guess.

So glad to see some light on the sets—at Wildwind and Taylor’s place. Chandler’s place is dark and drab.

Taylor and Jake are good today. He does it because “she’s worth it”. Romantic even!

What is with all the buttcleavage? I’m starting to think thong-gate wasn’t an accident. As JR was bending over to put a smiley face on the snowman he revealed that he is a briefs man. He also looks like a burglar in that cap.

Joe was never a pussy and he wouldn’t take that shit from David. Making him step down like this is awful. I want to see Joe in a meaty storyline squash David like a bug.

If a global cosmetics company was really worried about its hooker spokesperson, it would shred the pictures not arrange them neatly on top of the trash can for everyone to see. Those weren’t even dirty anyway.

KWAK’s a dumbass.

I like Brot, but he isn’t staying and it hasn’t amounted to much. It makes it seem like filler.

Zach’s casino doesn’t seem very roomy. In fact it seems rather smallish.

Erica is shopping for a new place. Thank God.

Mama is guarding her cub, but Reese isn’t rolling over. Nice to see Erica have a real conversation. Nice to see a character handle Erica mano y mano.

Reese sticks her boobs out when she stands.

Joe just told Jake “not to worry about it”. He must be going senile because our Joe wouldn’t act like this. Dug the reference to Tara, but did I miss something? She’s having surgery? Have they recently mentioned her before? Would someone who didn’t watch in the 70s even have understood who he was talking about?

At least once every day I have to say how much I like Beth Ehlers and how great and effective she is as an actress.

How is it surprising to Rancid that Fletcher made sex tapes?

It’s like KWAK never had a drink in her life until she met David. She’s loving that eggnog.

Aside from the Joe thing and deafening kissing, everything else generally seems to be in motion today. No stupid Confusion. No lame Fusion stuff. No Greenlee, Aidan, Ryan, Annie business. The rest of the characters are conversing and interacting. The way stories disappear into thin air on this show, they could just drop the RyAss storyline and Aidan and di wouldn’t flinch. It’s a stronger show without them.

Now Bianca could legitimately be pissed.

Does Botox affect one’s ability to shed real tears?

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Thursday;s episode

• ZACH is leavin a message for MYRTLE.
then he makes an ass of himself.

• its SMILIN' LI'L A!

• AMANDA is totally PENNY CENTURY!!!!

• thats my friend Darbi interviewing ERICA!!!
She's part of the SHOOT THE MESSENGER comedy group. She plays EMILY RACKCHECK, here's a clip!

• shouldnt this DAVID & DR JOE thing been A REAL STORY?!?!


a chance for RUTH to be involved?

so we could see scenes played out in the MARTIN home, complete with Christmas tree?

• RANDI givin attitude to ERICA KANE?!?!?

dont tell me she's gettin away with it?

• ERICA's gettin a new penthouse.

ERICA: "I have my eye on several properties!"

• ANGIE: "The new Chief Pain-In-The-Ass has done something shady!"

i'd love to see ANGIE & JAKE scheme together, in a totally non-romantic friendship!


• here comes the milkman.

• ok, i do like that ADAM outwitted DAVID, was 3 steps ahead of him, knew exactly how it would go down.

• see, BROT is a real man.

if it was CRYAN, he would punch out the MP, and go on the run without a second thought.
BROT gets his courage together, and takes responsibility.

BROT would make a good father!

• Eden Riegel is bringin' it home!

...but, Susan Lucci....that's the best you can do?!?!?!?!?!?

notes on Thursday;s episode

• DORIAN's makin her list & checkin it twice.

• here's MAD MARGARET!

i think that actress is crazy, not just the character!

MARGARET: "You can call me anything you want, loverrrr!"

• i really *really* like REX & NOELLE talking about hard financial issues!
I so appreciate it!

i honestly think its gonna help people to talk about it....because people are feeling so much shame about money issues.

• LAYLA: "Oh Honey...Then this Téa has GOT to go."

• hee hee hee, MCBAIN knows about BLAIR pushing TÉA out the window!
i'm glad they showed the clip too!

BLAIR: "C'mon, John...You know I'd never push *you* out a window!"

• i love that look of disgust on MARTY's face!
in fact, this whole scene, of two smart strong women squaring off, is a real treat!


• MO is being integrated into LA BOULAISE.

* this is the most lines LAYLA has had this year.

• DORAIN tells MO about MEL...and mentions that they NEVER FOUND THE BODY!!!!

DORIAN: "Ask them if they can please special order some of those organic clementines; they were heavenly."

• HA! that look on MRTY's face!

• i like that LAYLA...we should have had more scenes of the three of them just hanigng out together, TALIA, LAYLA & SARAH.

LAYLA: "I'm glad *somebody* noticed."

• DORIAN bought that last two blackmarket Z-boxes!

• see, on OLTL, a trial will last @ *least* a week...but on AMC, it will happen in deleted scenes, or during a commercial.

Norn Cutson said...

Shadow said...
How is it surprising to Rancid that Fletcher made sex tapes?

RANDI: "That wasn't in the contract I signed!

Anonymous said...

All I gotta say is that Friday's AMC better be good or it's a true disservice to Eileen Herlie.

Shadow said...

When you think about how hard it really must be to write fresh stories, it makes it even more amazing how much stuff they skip over. Like the Joe/David Chief of Staff thing. It had possibilities. But Joe has been Chief for 30 years or more. You can't undo that in a phone call without so much as a cutaway to Joe's face. And Ruth is no wet rag. She'd be all up in somebody's business over this. They should hav e played that out and then let the Weave and Jake plot and scheme their revolt against Dr. Dastardly. It would have even have been very Melrose Place. Instead we're getting Short Attention Span Theatre. It sucks. I wonder if Joe will mention it at the funeral. Probably not if they shot it out of sequence.

And another HUGE thing n69n is right about--it's the holidays. I want to see the Martin home. I want to see Ruth decorating the tree and talking to Tara on the phone. It would be nice to see open Charlie's card. I want to see Stuart making snowflakes and popcorn tensile with Happy Lil A and Marian. I don't think he's well so Chompers may not be available, but it would be cool to see Opal reminisce about him at the holiday. Just give me some sweet holiday moments.

"Not in her contract". HAHA!

And I guess it shouldn't suprise us that InsAnnie believes Aidan is her father. They both have speech impediments.

Shadow said...

They should rename this "All My BiPolar ADHD Children".

Anonymous said...

I am so enjoying the pod case and have 30min left that i am treasuring. U have made dealing with holiday traffic and my exams bearable jordash. But i loved the idea of a video podcast and felt that as christmas gift to all the viewers you guys could put up a pic so we can put face to the voices we love to heat every week.
Happy Holidays All
peace and love

jordan hudson said...

all I will say is that today's episode could have been worse. It was a tad better then how they handled Phoebe's passing. It could have been better. I was expecting the worse so I was okay with it.
Bye Bye Eileen and thank you for almost 40 years of entertaining us.

Anonymous said...

Friday's episode:

I just finished watching today's episode and boy did I cry. It was beautifully done and it was extremely touching. I almost wished it was longer (though any longer and I would've gone through an extra box of tissues).

It really makes you think, though, about how amazing and powerful AMC used to be back in the day. They were showing all these Myrtle flashbacks and it's unreal how strong the storylines were, and you could see that just from the few seconds that the flashbacks lasted. I wish AMC could go back to that. Do they have old AMC episodes on DVD?

Anyway, rest in peace Myrtle. We all love you and Erica was so right with what she said today, "we've lost the heart of Pine Valley." We'll miss you!

Anonymous said...

Got done with Thursday's ep and the podcast today. No matter the state of the show, you can always count on the podcast for a rockin' good time!

Randi and Frankie have the noisiest kisses.

Beth Ehlers brought her A-game today. And JR Martinez brought his (whom I'm grading on a curve, bless his heart). Please, Pratt, keep these two together, as they bring out the best in each other. Jake makes a great FRIEND.

I love that JOrdan suggested Reese's dad stick around as a love interest for La Looch. That would be FAB.

The whole Blackmail-Joe-to-Be-Chief was so rushed.

KWAK has switched from hot milk to eggnog. Bitch is hittin' the hard stuff now.

That silly KWAK. Pratt wants us to think she had a car accident, when we know she just really hit some bush on the side of the Wildwind driveway.

Speaking of hitting bush, TB has to stick her boobs out like that when she stands up because she ain't got any. (That was so Ashley of me to say)

JR in the ski, no.

At least the Chandler Mansion staff had the good sense to bring the porch furniture in when it snowed. Wasn't it just two weeks ago they were out there having breakfast?

I'm sorry, JordAsh. The show is definitely ri-dick and STILL not where it needs to be, but it is a damn sight better than it's been in a while. B&E were a snooze. The only thing they got was J&A (Hallelujah for the wedding). McTavish was just too dark and twisty. Still NOT appreciating the misogynistic tones this show has and I'm attributing it to Zack. I'm sorry, Ash, but I'm with Jordan when it comes to Zack. Never been a big fan. The man can act, and I love me some Zyrtle, but I've never appreciated the character. Since he's been on, the show has been darker and more misogynistic than it ever has been. As a man, I love watching strong women. I need to see that again in my AMC.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

RIP Myrtle
We will always love and miss you.
I really appriciated the Hubbards being there at Myrtle's boarding house. I'm glad that they remembered that Frankie stayed there back in 2002, but I wish that they had thrown in the scene when Myrtle walked in on him and Simone. That was hilarious, but I understand why they didn't because it was a different Frankie. I also liked Jessie and Angie's take on all of this.

Just one question though...

Where were the Martins? Where was Ruth? Where was Joe? Where was Tad? This woman has been a staple in the community, friend, and mentor to them all and they fail to show up to pay their respects. I realize that the storyline is dictating that they are with Tara who is in surgery (which I'm furious at becuase it effs with everything else Chuck Prasshole) but Joe and Ruth are the last of that generation. (Yes, Erica is an original, but she was young at the time...Joe and Ruth were not[not exactly sure if the character of Ruth was even on canvas at that particular time]). Chuck Pratt, you have single-handedly disrespected the one constant angel that this show has had in the last 30 some years. You should be ashamed of yourself. How do you sleep at night? I hope one day, you will look in the mirror in sheer horror, and wonder, 'What have I done?' Only then will you downgrade from being Chuck Prasshole to Chuck Prabitch.

I am upset to find it boarded up. I think Zach should find someone to run that thing. It really needs to get back to being a regular setting in PV. That's where the Randi storyline should have started. That's where Carmen should have gone to. Forget the Chandlers. Why didn't Erica get Myrtle to put Carmen to work over there? She could have done the housekeeping over there, and we would have gotten a better chance (depending on the health of Ms. Herlie) to see Myrtle. It's a win-win.

Here's the storyline that I am proposing in order to incorporate the house. Erica inherits it, and decides to have it renovated. It gets renovated and she realizes that she cant run the house nor live in it, due to her fab. lifestyle. Out of good will and a suggestion from Jackson, Erica hires Carmen and she lives and operates the house. Brot, Jake, Taylor, Frankie, Amanda, Josh (one could hope), and Randi all move in there.

Problem solved.

Shadow said...

Missing Myrtle…

Everyone is getting their gifts from Myrtle. That was a sweet idea. She was always the gift that kept on giving.

Myrtle’s Boutique! Then and now. It was better then.

Couldn’t they have just altered the opening this once for Myrtle? This is killing me already.

The Celestial Express. Adios Amigos. The passing of the Crystal Ball. Phoebe pulling Myrtle out of the shelter to pose as Kitty’s mother. Petey and Opal having a real mother and son conversation. Finally. A year after Pete came back. I think I’m hallucinating. I’m a total sucker for this stuff!

OMFG! Phoebe: “Don’t you ever dare delude yourself you have any claim to an alliance with the Tyler family.”…“It was my gross error in the first place to involve myself with you…”

Myrtle: “The two months I had with them two kids were the happiest time of my life”.

They had such distinct voices, articulation and personalities. The writing was so personal. God I love these characters. Listen to Phoebe’s sweet snobbery. Myrtle was such a great foil for her.

Carol Burnett is still a huge AMC fan. That was fun when she was on the show.

Damn, they snuck ComaKenall into this one. Is someone plucking her eyebrows? Can’t we have just a little fun with this? Seems like her brows should be getting sort of bushy by now. Maybe they could grow together a little. Or how about a little involuntary gas during someone’s visitation? Of course, Zach would probably take her toot as some sort of sign of communication.

The tube is hanging out of the right side today. The left side never gets a turn now. After so many months with that tube in her throat, she should have a hard time talking when she wakes up. But that’s OK. Being the concerned parent I know she is, she probably learned how to sign for Spike.

“It’s All Worth It”. The Miranda Center. A young, handsome Zach without all the ‘tude.

“Myrtle Fargate. And you had better remember that name kid.”

Zach’s book only has a few pics in it. Even at 100 years old with a funny accent she was easier to understand than Aidumb.

Zach put the brass ring on Kendall. Let’s see if she wakes up with it or loses it.

Wow, Bianca looks stunning today. The carousel thing was dumb. I know they had scenes they could have shown.

The Boarding House! Looks like it’s in foreclosure though. What are those sticky notes on the door. Wow, Les Baxter! He was such a dick! Myrtle wasn’t scared of him though. Used to love it when someone would fire her up.

Myrtle talking to Amanda. Ryan talking to Myrtle. She always called it like it was. She was sort of the voice of the viewer saying what we would if we could. She was the conscience of the show. AMC needs a voice like hers.

Man, Ryan was bony looking back in the day. Not so muscled up. Back in the glory days, maybe the craft service came with a little side of HGH.

Binx took off the jacket and looks like Amazonian again. Weird.

“Why is everbody against me?” Classic Erica at her loveliest. No telling how many times she uttered that line. And Brooke in the background!

I feel sad for Erica. No Mona. No Myrtle. No mother anymore.

Young Binx was sooo sweet and huggable. “The Anti-Erica.” No powerbrow. Even her head was smaller then.

I knew it was going to be the dress. Only Erica could still fit in a dress from 20 years ago.

“Humpf. It’s a bit late in the season for a snow job. But you’re just about in time for the fertilizing season…Honey, I’ll do as I damn well please.”

Ahhh Kelly Tyler with Angie! Put on back on contract immediately! I had the BIGGEST crush on her. It’s official. I’m freaking out. She still looks great. Wish Linc could have made it. “She will be SO missed”. Real tears. How can they see that and not immediately issue pink slips to Rancid and Turdby.

Can’t find Skye. Raye can’t make it. Bitches! Where is Brooke? Can’t we at least have a Brooke flashback?

Lord, who is singing? She sucks! OMG it’s Bianca. Please PTB, do not encourage any more singing Bianca. At least it’s funny bad and that’s not good. At least dub her voice with Bobbie Eakes or someone who doesn’t screech!

Opal and Erica holding hands. Nice. Agnes Nixon looking gorgeous and vibrant! Alright, you can tell that woman still has snap. Put her back in charge!! If she’s consulting then Pratt needs to start listening.

Wine glasses all over my house are shattering.

You can tell Jack thinks the song sucks. Suddenly I sort of like him again.

Erica frowned and put her hand over her mouth. I can’t tell if she’s trying not to cry or fighting to hold in the bile that is going to spew if Bianca doesn’t shut it soon.

Mytle really did have a gift…I really like the theme. This really was good.

8 minutes though. No Brooke or Skye yet. And Kelly didn’t say anything.

Myrtle should have given Bianca some tanning coupons.

What a beautiful episode. No explosions. No hookers. No libidizone. No tunnels. No white candles. No Randi or Colby. No loud kissing. No helicopters. No fake tea. No keystone cops. Could it have been better? Yes. No Brooke. No Skye. No eulogy by Kelly. No Tad. Could have spread it out over a few days. But still moving, sweet, thoughtful.

This was so much better than anything we’ve seen in a while. And the 10,000th epidsode with Aggie was so much better than anything in a while. Who writes these? The tone is so totally different. In a good way.

With so much history in the can, why not have flashback now and then? Surely Erica thinks about Mona now and then. They shouldn’t overdo it, but it would be nice and would help with the budget a little.

By Thorsten Kaye:

Now who will lead
our Carnival
And who will make us stronger
Who will mend our broken sleep
When she is here no longer
For whose part do we stand and bow
What stories do we tell
And will we memorize the day
When great and greatness fell
Say will this valley overcome
And will these shadows fade
And will we lift our eyes to see
The beauty that she made
The disappearing last of her
That leads to worlds unknown
Has left a path to softly tread
When sadness wanders home
I’ll meet thee where the highland winds
Divide wild mountain thyme
Where I will be forever yours…and you forever mine.
AMC 12-19-08

Anonymous said...


Hello Ashley and Jordan,

I have just finished "attending" the funeral of Myrtle Fargate. Just for today, as in real life,
my show, which has been "misbehaving" for quite some time now, knew enough to "show
up" to honor this character, the actress and all its collective history.

Tears, smiles, tears, and just when you've caught your breath long enough to recover during commercials,
more tears again. And when Agnes Nixon came in and blew Myrtle's picture a kiss, I cried the contacts
right out of my eyes.

Now I am a native New Yorker like "you guys", but I've been out here in Sin City
for almost two dozen years, and realized while I was watching that I have "known" Myrtle even longer.
Such is the uniqueness and staying power of soap opera. Now, I have two teenagers. In my generation,
there would have been no distractions for me except to sit beside my Mom in front of our one TV and
watch her absorb such an event and be drawn into it. These days, here's on kid boppin silently with his
Ipod and the other in her room watching something "cooler" (and I'm quite sure cheaper to produce).
When I came home from school back in Long Island, the coolest thing was to see what was going on
in Llanview or Port Charles, And the fact that I shared this all with my Mom, who is gone now, still makes
it a special part of my day, as if she is still here with me telling me who to root for. In the quest for
"connectivity" and instant entertainment, our next generation has lost is patience for the grand story
with the oh-so-big payoff. And with that, we may be slowly but surely losing the most constant, creative,
nurturing, educational, and in the end, meaningful form of entertainment the twentieth century ever produced.

So, as in real life, we say goodbye to Myrtle, and Eileen, and a little bit more every day to the world
we knew.

Here's hoping we all appreciate one another this Holiday Season, and keep it simple enough to be
truly grand.

Cathy in Las Vegas
(but still a girl from NY)

Anonymous said...


Hello Ashley and Jordan,

I have just finished "attending" the funeral of Myrtle Fargate. Just for today, as in real life,
my show, which has been "misbehaving" for quite some time now, knew enough to "show
up" to honor this character, the actress and all its collective history.

Tears, smiles, tears, and just when you've caught your breath long enough to recover during commercials,
more tears again. And when Agnes Nixon came in and blew Myrtle's picture a kiss, I cried the contacts
right out of my eyes.

Now I am a native New Yorker like "you guys", but I've been out here in Sin City
for almost two dozen years, and realized while I was watching that I have "known" Myrtle even longer.
Such is the uniqueness and staying power of soap opera. Now, I have two teenagers. In my generation,
there would have been no distractions for me except to sit beside my Mom in front of our one TV and
watch her absorb such an event and be drawn into it. These days, here's on kid boppin silently with his
Ipod and the other in her room watching something "cooler" (and I'm quite sure cheaper to produce).
When I came home from school back in Long Island, the coolest thing was to see what was going on
in Llanview or Port Charles, And the fact that I shared this all with my Mom, who is gone now, still makes
it a special part of my day, as if she is still here with me telling me who to root for. In the quest for
"connectivity" and instant entertainment, our next generation has lost is patience for the grand story
with the oh-so-big payoff. And with that, we may be slowly but surely losing the most constant, creative,
nurturing, educational, and in the end, meaningful form of entertainment the twentieth century ever produced.

So, as in real life, we say goodbye to Myrtle, and Eileen, and a little bit more every day to the world
we knew.

Here's hoping we all appreciate one another this Holiday Season, and keep it simple enough to be
truly grand.

Cathy in Las Vegas
(but still a girl from NY)

Norn Cutson said...

shadow & cathy,
your posts made me cry just as much as the show, maybe more!

notes on fridays episode - MYRTLE'S MEMORIAL

• the weather report preempted the beginning of the show for a few minutes (this messed up the mood for both AMC & OLTL).

• they also used this set as THE BLUE MOON BOUTIQUE in Llanview. I remember DR RAE twirling around in there saying "Everything here is French!"

• we get OPAL & PETEY together!!!
MYRTLE sent OPAL a crystal ball.

*PLEASE*PLEASE*PLEASE* dont make us wait for special occasions to see them together!

shadow, i am so glad you transcribed so much of that great dialogue!
i started, but in those flashbacks, *EVERY LINE* was good!

in current times, we get one or two good lines every few days, so its not hard to type it up...but with those vintage scenes, i just couldn't keep up!

• i love BIANCA's hair like that!!! va va va voom!!!

• Some of these scenes i'd never seen, like AMANDA with MYRTLE, and GREENLEE with MYRTLE.

• here comes KELLY. this is where i got choked up. because people who remember KITTY / KELLY & LINC are dying off.

• no one can find SKYE, but BIANCA did speak to RAE, who is in London.

• there's AGGIE!!!

• i'm suprised, because as we all know, im a big sap, but i'm not really cryin so much for MYRTLE, i'm crying for the fact that people who remember these characters are gonna die, then people who remember the soap genre are gonna die, then people who remember television are gonna die...we're all gonna die.

so we all better be as creative & as nice to each other as possible, while we can.

• i would never want to hurt Eden's feelings, BIANCA's singing *meant* to be comically bad?
like, as part of the CARNY theme?

• theyve had two shots of AMANDA & PETEY together...i am telling you, there is a totally hot chemistry there between them!!!!

• MYRTLE: "...And trust me, The Angels are on your side!"


notes on fridays episode

• damn STORM WATCH, interruptin' mah stories!

• SARAH: "This situation is...CRAP!!!"

it sure is, girl!

• i like REX & DORIAN!

REX: "If some hootchie mama was trying to get her claws into *my* son, I would *totally* take a page from your book!"

DORIAN looks flattered!

• ha ha, look @ BLAIR all leanin' in for the nasty details!


• SARAH's dumb, CRISTIAN aint worth fightin for.
i wouldve dumped that dopey drama long ago.

• i'm so glad its BLAIR goin after MARTY.
love love love BLAIR!

• oh noooo, temptation is slappin REX in the face!


• VANESSA & LOLA are such a total timewaster.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I agree with you that it was good. But I just wish that the AMC casting department could get off of their lazy butts and turn this into a special reunion-like episode to celebrate Myrtle. They could have given Genie Francis a call (as her niece, Ceara Conner), given Carol Burnett a call (as Verla Grubbs), given the guy who played Red Kilgren a call (Myrtle loved Santa lol), given Julie Barr a call (we want Brooke), and heck, I'm sure that if you explained the situation to Eva La Rue, she would have come back as Maria.


As much as we want some of the old families back, (Tylers, Grays, Santos, etc.), you cant complain entirely about it and say 'look at OLTL because core families are there.' That's not really true either. Woleks are gone. Gordons are gone. Rileys are gone. Gannons are gone. Carpenters are gone. Moodys are gone. Craigs are gone. I mean, that is a lot, A LOT!, of history that has been lost on that show as well. It's basically an equivalent of AMC. The only difference is that we like most of the new age families such as the Buchanons (which came on in the late 70s, early 80s) rather than the Laverys.

Laura said...

I now know why I cried so hard at the end of Friday's episode. I mourned Myrtle and the death of soap of old. The one with good writing and character's like Myrtle who called people on their crap. She was the heart of the show, I know she's dead but can't Brooke come back and be the heart? She could go tell KWAK off and remind her what a jerk David is and what a good guy Tad is. I think I'm going to go cry some more.

jordan hudson said...

Cathy you nailed it. That was the great thing about watching a Soap. Sharing it with friends and family. I still remember my mom, me and four cosuins all watchign that friday epsiode when Erica finally discovered Adam's secret. It ended with a cliff hanger as Adam came down one staircase and Stuart came down the other and we all gasped. After it went to blakc we were all like "Get the F&*% out of here." Those were the days.

Shadow said...

If you ever wondered how Myrlte, Brook, Linc, Kitty/Kelly, Palmer and Carol Burnett came to be in Pine Valley, here you go. This is from the from I cleaned up the typos and a few mistakes in the names. I love how the characters and stories blended.
The stories weren't so fantastic they weren't unbelievable. You weren't tuned in to see cars get thrown around by high wind, you tuned into to see what plan Phoebe was going to hatch next. Just great characters and good stories. Here goes...

Phoebe was a terror on wheels. When Erica could not keep Lincoln away from Kitty, Phoebe took extreme measures. She hired a carnival act, Myrtle Lum, to pretend to be Kitty’s long lost mother, Lucy Carpenter. Myrtle was to convince Kitty to leave Lincoln. The plan was working out until Myrtle began to grow real feelings for Kitty. Also, Mona met Myrtle and knew she was not the real Lucy. She had met Lucy years before at the hospital. Phoebe could potentially lose Lincoln altogether with this revelation. Mona used this as a bargaining chip: she would keep the secret from Lincoln if Phoebe finally agreed to divorce Charles. She realized she loved her son more than she ever loved Charles. She filed the proper papers, but was not ready to sign on the dotted line.

Later that year, Ann would have a break from reality with the death of her own child, Beth Martin. Phoebe was torn because for the first time she was truly helpless. Paul, now Ann’s husband, turned to Ellen Shepard for comfort. Phoebe told Paul that Ann was getting better only because she knew Paul was waiting for her. So, Paul broke off his relationship with Ellen to tend to Ann at Oak Haven. Kitty was diagnosed with a degenerative brain disease, prompting Myrtle to return to Pine Valley. She left Ann and Kitty’s Boutique to Ellen. Phoebe warned Ellen she would never have Paul or any aspect of Ann’s life. Intensive therapy helped Ann to recover, and soon she was home at the English Manor.

Brooke proved to be a bigger handful than Phoebe expected. Phoebe found her having sex with Dan Kennicott in the pool house. She ordered Brooke out. But, Brooke caught Phoebe walking around, out of wheelchair. That was enough for Phoebe to change her mind about her niece. The animosity soon turned to respect. Phoebe thought of Brooke as a viable heir to the English name.

Chuck married his patient, former prostitute Donna Beck. Phoebe still wanted Chuck with Tara, and began to make Donna think she was going insane. Chuck was still angry with Phoebe for the crash and moved out of the mansion with Donna. Kelly Cole, Kitty’s twin sister, arrived in Pine Valley and fell in love with Lincoln. Eddie Dorrance, Kelly’s manager, became Phoebe’s ally in her plot to rid Kelly of Lincoln’s life. Phoebe was going to pay Dorrance to marry Kelly. Unfortunately, Dorrance was found dead weeks shy of the nuptials. Even through a trial with Kelly as the main suspect, Lincoln wanted to marry her. After the wedding, Lincoln moved out of Pine Valley but promised to always be there for his mother. The final nail in the coffin came to Charles’ and Phoebe’s marriage. Dorrance’s friend, Professor Langley Walling ford had wooed Phoebe’s heart. She signed the divorce papers, and married Langley. Mona and Charles finally made plans to do the same.

Myrtle again threatened Phoebe’s happiness. She knew Langley to be someone else, carnival act Lenny Wlasuk. He was a know con-man. But, Phoebe was too busy tending to her tarnished public image to worry about Myrtle. Verla Grubs
(Carol Burnett) showed up at English Manor and claimed to be Langley’s niece. In fact, she was his daughter, a secret again only Myrtle knew. Langley begged Myrtle to keep his secret for Verla’s sake. Myrtle kept her mouths sealed but promised she would tell Phoebe if Langley ever did anything to hurt Phoebe. The last thing she needed was new neighbor Palmer Cortlandt talking about her. The two were people cut from the same cloth, and Palmer became one of Phoebe’s closest friends.

Shadow said...

I'm laughing at the thought of a pint sized Jordan and his mother exchanging WTFs at the end of the Adam/Stuart show. Too funny. But that's the way I was when I was sneaking off to watch the shows alone. My mom didn't watch consistently but I did. There were 3 channels and I'd seen every Bugs Bunny episode 100 times. But on ABC there was Brooke having sex in the pool house. Phoebe behaving badly! Chuck scoring with a hooker! Carney people! Long lost twins! All sorts of secrets and lies.

Daffy, Bugs and the WB gang just couldn't keep up.

Anonymous said...

There's another that could have made an appearance for the first time in months. Stuart....
i really didn't realize how satisfied I am with AMC til now.

Shadow said...

Norn's work gets another well deserved shout out on it seems like some people think the show has improved a little more than those of us at PVP. As I've said before, I think GH is awful. OLTL, even though I didn't care for the rapemance and I'm not an avid viewer, has had some really good stuff going for it this year with Dorian and Viki, but it's always getting trashed in the press. I don't understand that. It does seem generally to me that it's important to people for AMC to succeed. I will continue to hope. They keep throwing Aggie on the screen. Now give the girl a pen and let her write a script.

Anonymous said...

I miss English Manor. I wonder what they did with that old set? Why doesn't Erica put a contract on that place? She could by it from Linc and piss Brooke off. She could return to save English Manor from falling into the hands of the Kane women. Rhe Erica Brooke rivalry could rise from the ashes!

Laura said...

A Christmas present for everyone! According to Daytime Confidential -

We're hearing from several sources that Lisa de Cazotte (and yes it is with an "S") is thisclose to coming to All My Children as an executive producer. Whether or not the former Passions and General Hospital: Night Shift show runner will be second-in-command to current executive producer Julie Hanan Carruthers, or if she will be taking over the show completely is unknown as of yet.

Let's hope Julie Hands out the Crappola is gone. Also congratulations to our beautiful Amanda being named one of the most improved actors on AMC. Here is a nice picture of her.

If I don't get a chance to say it, Merry Christmas to all my friends here. We have such a nice group of people here.

Welcome back Alejandro! You have been missed. Are you still in Iowa?

This year you have all given me such support and I love everyone's astute comments. We are a diverse group from all over the US and Canada.

It's so cold here today, -4. -40 with the wind chill. One more day of work until next year! Can't wait.

Read some spoilers, and I am not amused, but without giving away too much, hoping that my girl Tea has scenes with A. Martinez on OLTL.

YouTube has some beautiful tributes to Eileen/Myrtle from fans. Worth looking for. I also saw her clip from Hamlet. Let's see she acted with Olivier, Phoebe acted with Orson Welles, and now we have hair models who can't act their way out of a paper bag. I am mourning the loss of my old soap. Read the link on Daytime Confidential, says our soap was this close to being cancelled. Hopefully the new person can turn it around, but Pratt is not impressing me.

Have a great Christmas Ashley, Jordan, Taylor and Peter/Pedro, Carlos, and Gucci.

Melissa said...

Hey Cathy in Las Vegas... where do you live? I'm at Buffalo and Lake Mead.

Merry Christmas everyone!!!



Anonymous said...

How many nicknames do we have for Julie Hanan Carruthers? Can we list them? Pretty funny. I hate to wish anyone out of a job, but it's time for her to move on.

Norn Cutson said...

hey, i want to wish happy holidays to Taylor Crawford & Pedro!!!!

my Christmas wish is for Taylor Crawford to call in & give us his response to DI's death!

i hope Pedro is wearin extra socks with his birkenstocks today (maybe with little reindeer on 'em) coz it is *nasty* out!

Laura said...

In honor of Pedro. I had to update my picture. Hope those feet are warm.

Anonymous said...

LOVED the Myrtle episode!
ahh tearss

except.. what was with rebecca budig??!
she almost ruined that episode texting in her lines..

Anonymous said...

Laura, I know exactly what you're talking about. The Chicagoland area has been a frozen hell since about late thursday night. I ran from a friends house to mine today, (about 12 houses down on the same street) and ended up passing out when i got home. It was crazy.

Laura said...

You are a Chicago person too. I am from Iowa but live in the SW Suburbs now.

That ice we got the other night was a pain. Only 1 out of 3 cars are de-iced yet.

Isn't Illinois like a Soap Opera? Blago, Drew Peterson, Jesse Jackson Jr, Rev. Wright, Obama,Daley. At least on soaps murders get solved. Not here.

Anonymous said...

I'm in the NW suburbs and you're right. Crime really does occur all too often. I guess all Illinois politicians are criminals...which doesnt bode well for this country lol....

But yeah, for a while there, I thought that the Richie Novak murder was gunna be a cold the wives of Drew Peterson. Can you believe that that SOB is engaged...again? God, I wish Steve Dahl wasnt fired like a week ago because he gave the best commentary on this stuff.

Shadow said...


Like last week's thong pic, your socks and sandals pic is a crack up. Ha! "Crack" up - thong!

It's even cold here in Texas tonight. I don't know how you guys put up with freezing temps. i do love Chicago though.

Anonymous said...

Shadow, it is nuts. I think for a sweep stunt, a soap should do something as epic as a freeze or a snow storm or something. That would really be something...but instead, we've got Aidumb. Notice the sarcasm?

Laura said...

Discodan, before you were born probably GH had the Ice Princess story. You could probably YouTube it.

Shadow, glad you like the pics. We have an unsolved mass murder in my town of five women from almost a year ago. All killed at a Lane Bryant store. Very sad, but the police here worry if you have sparklers, no lie on the 4th of July. Redic. Chicago is just shy of 500 murders this year. Sad. Mostly young black kids in the city that most people don't get upset about. When it was Jennifer Hudson's family, it brought attention to the senseless violence here.

Enough depressing stuff. Does the new executive producer Lisa have email or facebook. I think she needs to listen to the PVP ASAP. Hire Jordan and Ashley ASAP. I'll consult from Chicago, the rest of you from where you are.

Arizona Gal, I'm glad Bush gave you an extra day off Friday. Stay warm everybody. Socks and sandals would not cut it in Chicago. 40 below wind chills today. Watch Monday night football tomorrow to watch the Bears and Packers fans freeze tomorrow.

Anonymous said...


I love the Ice Princess storyline. The more Cassadines, the merrier I always say. LOL, its just cool that Thaao Penghlis can play a DiMera and a Cassadine. Amazing. Hopefully, tomorrow the bears could be as amazing tomorrow.

Arizonagal said...

Laura and Disco, you guys must be tough to live in that climate. Half my family moved to the Chicago burbs recently. I thought of them today when I saw the weather forecast. 3 degrees with a wind chill of 30 below. My god, I don't know how my So Cal family is going to survive in that weather. Here in the old pueblo today it was 67 and sunny and we walked our pooches in shirt sleeves, a glorious day.

Hey Norn still waiting for your caricatures of JordAsh and company!

SOAPFAN said...

Oh snap I just listened to the! Y'all had me dying.

Oh...Jordan...Alvin's girlfriend's name is Britney of the Chipettes.

That cartoon with red ridinghood...she said "to HAVE SEEE!"

I grew up in the 80's can y'all tell? lol!