Sunday, December 21, 2008

Now Who Will Lead Our Carnival?

Now who will lead our carnival? And who will make us stronger?
Who will mend our broken sleep when she is here no longer?

For who's part do we stand and bow? What stories do we tell?

And will we memorize the day when great and greatness fell?

Say will this valley overcome, and will these shadows fade?

And will we lift our eyes to see the beauty that she made?

The disappearing last of her that leads to worlds unknown

Has left a path to softly tread when sadness wanders home.

I'll meet thee where the highland winds divide wild mountain tyne,
Where I will be forever yours and you, forever mine.

This week was Our Myrtle week. Though we were mixed on the tribute show last Friday, we were glad to see our great dame honored. But with the gaping hole our Myrtle has left, where will we find the heart of the show? Boobianca's sperm-stealing antics take her out of the running. So who will it be? Maybe a new executive producer will come to the rescue? Lots of rumors, folks, and we know you'll keep all of us posted here. (I know I'll be sure to check out Superposter's blog for all of the latest.)

Have a grand holiday, and we'll see you next year!

12/19/08 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

Hey Laura im still in iowa and it is a frozen hell, it is like -1 right now. This is the coldest Dec i can remember. Just finished semester and finals were a bitch. I just applied to the University of Iowa and am hoping to get in as a transfer. I pray that Julie Hanan Crapputhers is gone, so this show can finally improve. I am loving me some OLTL, ATWT, and Y&R, now that is how u write and produce a soap, can Maria Arena Bell come to AMC!! Jordan were u a fan of Hogan Sheffer on ATWT, he is awesome now on Y&R. Jordan what years have u watched ATWT, since when, i just started watching about 2 years ago. The show still has that family feel, no tornadoes or special effects, it reminds me a little bit of Brothers and Sisters. I love me those Snyders. Also when did u start watching OLTL and GL. Happy Holidays everyone, ill be in sunny Mexico til January 5 and am waiting for the warm weather.

Anonymous said...

Yay new podcast! Merry Christmas and happy new year! I love you guys!

Norn Cutson said...


jordan hudson said...

LMao than you Norn for the name os the song. I know it from the Movie CAMP. Which is a must see if you haven't seen it and love musicals and movies about acting and musicals and teen angst in a funny way.

Alejandro I started watching GL slightly before Edege Of Night was cancel and Luke and Laura left Gh the first time together. I needed a new soap to replace them and boy did I find it in GH with Nola and Quintin. Reva and the Lewis clan and the four teens. OLTL I watched off and on since AMC. Even thous my heart was with Another World. I did watch OLTL Religiously During Clair Labine's run and until shortly after Tea left. I gave up when Jill Farren Phelps and Megan Mctavish destroyed it.

Atwt I was kind of always knowing about but didnt really watch reguarly till Meg and Paul got together and Luke came out. I loved the teens then Casey & Maddie etc.

Anonymous said...

My mom got me into soaps too. It used to be AMC, OLTL, Days, and GH, until Days got switched into a different time slot that conflicted with OLTL. She had to choose and she chose OLTL....looking back on that, it was a good choice, but if I'm watchin some soapnet and Days comes on, I can watch it and pick up on the storylines very easily because A.) Everyone in that town is a Brady in some way, shape, and form. B.) DiMeras still cant compare to the Cassadines from GH.

Now, my mom still watches all three just as religiously as ever. She still doesnt like the same characters that she used to: Robin from GH (never shuts up), Bianca from AMC (whiny), etc. She also continues to make fun of Dorian from OLTL, on her many accents.

"Ccchrisssion, I raise you and Aaaaantooooonio in my home as my own, right Ccccarlooooootah. Where is Ahdriahna? La Booooooulayyyyy?"

Norn Cutson said...

one thing i gotta say about last week...

ive always stood up for Lucci, saying "if she *only* had the material, she could deliver"...but last week, i felt like maybe ive been overestimating her.

Anonymous said...

I was so moved by your emotion while listening that I wrote you guys a poem to hopefully keep your spirits high and keep you guys watching AMC.

I hear the tales of long ago
Of pride and love and loss
Where the chills of the cold winds blow
Among the trees and moss

There's pride in the story, pride in the verse
Where angels look down and smile
Always a blessing, never a curse
They hope you stay a while

Though the shadows of the past are gone
Forgotten they won't be
Like a doe to her fawn
Love is all they need

Where times are hard, when times are tough
To keep carrying on,
Take comfort in the love
Of the family's bond

Because the love is out there
So never let hope rot
Because hope is what we pray for
And love is all we've got.

We are the Pine Valley Podcast.

Anonymous said...

if u guys wanna see some real old school todd/marty

This is my favorite Roger Howarth scene ever.

Anonymous said...

I loved how they honored Myrtle, but I want more, More, MORE. Even my wife, who was a big soap watcher in her teens and barely glances at AMC sat down to watch. When Myrtle was talking to Kitty/Kelly in flashback, she turned and said to my daughter, "Now that's when a soap was a SOAP." There's something intangible about that statement, but so true.

I hope Zach keeps that room in the casino the Fargate Carnival Room. I thought the memorial was fitting. Upset Ruth and Joe couldn't be there; even Tad and Jake. AT least they dedicated the whole episode to the memorial, unlike Phoebe who's also had scenes from current storylines. Ugh.

I'm 95% sure that a new EP is on the way. Let's hope Frons has the guts to let her do what needs to be done. AMC has become a mockery as witnessed by taking Passions place on McHale's clip of the week. Where is my intelligent soap?

I haven't seen any epi's from this week or given a download to the podcast, but I wanted to start the blog off with a question:

For all of you, what has been the best period of AMC and the worst?

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Incidentally, did you know TK actually wrote the poem, which was perfect. I've said many times I don't care for Zack, but I'm always Zyrtle, and his scene in the elevator sent me over.

Why can I let a stupid soap get to me this way?

crs 17

Shadow said...

Last week I mentioned my wife's surgery. Your astute comments helped make the waiting a little easier. We got the pathology report today and it wasn't as rosy a picture as they thought. You guys have been great all year and your astuteness has bestowed many chuckled when I needed them. If it's not too much to ask, I'd appreciate it if you could include my wife in your prayers this holiday season. I'm confident she will be OK, but prayers always help.

Blessings to you all this Christmas and in the New Year. Thanks for the camaraderie!

Anonymous said...

Shadow, I'll keep your wife in my prayers.

jordan hudson said...

Shadow of course your wife is in my prayers.

Disco Dan you made me cry and contrary to popular belief that is not an easy task.

Crs 17
Shadow said it I think.....that soaps go through up and down periods and I totaly agree with him. That is the nature of Soaps as there is a change in guard. Sometimes it's behind the camera other times it is in front of the camera. For me AMC was the one Soap that the down never seemed that down. Yes I was sad when Jenny and her crew left, but then I got Cecily and Dixie. When Cecily left I was sad but then came Hayley. For me the first time I realized that AMC was taking a turn for the worse was when they hired two people who have never written a soap before to be headwriters. That was in 2003 and the introduction of Fusion and that hideous "What a woman want's" epsiode. That would be first. Second would be now with what Pratt is doing. Third would be MCtavish 's Satin slayer run. For me those three era's are the only time AMC has been at it's worse. As for the best easy from 1970 to the late 90's. I think AMC was always solid and even when they were a little bit on a down they quickly came back up and was still head above the rest. I loved the Lorraine Broderick era. She was made head writer while Francesa was E.P. and she brought back Liza and Marian. Introduce manly Jake. Gave us the Jake/Liza/Adam triangle. Kevin coming out and of course Maria going over the cliff. I also loved the Culiton's run, with Leo and his crazy brothers and of course Mary Smythe.

Norn Cutson said...

i miss that trashy MARY SMYTHE!

Shadow, ya'll got my prayers & energy!

i am imagining Ashley, Gucci, Jordan, Taylor & Pedro out caroling.
fa la la la la!

Cathy, i loved hearing your letter on the podcast!
i choked up more of over your letter being read by Ashley than i did the actual episode.

i cried a few times during the podcast this week, for a few different reasons.

Jordan, Susan Lucci should hire you as her acting coach, because your goodbye to Myrtle came right from the heart, in such an honest earnest way. you had me hidin my head under the desk @ work (i pretended i dropped something)coz i was cryin so much.

& now i'm home & cryin again from discodan's poem!

i am so glad i found ya'll.

ot: if you wanna see my LIZA MINNELLI illustration...

Anonymous said...

awww well Jordan, it came from the heart, and I really think that we need to stick with not just AMC, but soaps in general.

As bad as dealing with Ryan and Greenlee five times a week, there is hope...

Greenlee's gone.

As bad as the five head is, there are things to be grateful for...

....We have the freedom of a mute button.

In OLTL, among the goodness going on, there are weeds.

Vanessa and Lola.
Rex and Gigi have gotten stale for me lately...they need something to spice that up. Same with Natalie and Jared but I think marriage will do that for them.

In GH, there are certain people that just need to go.....or come back in this soap's case.

Vanessa Marcil anyone?
Genie Francis much?

On DAYS, I think that the entire fandom (and the OLTL fandom for that matter) can speak out and say that Dena Higley should not be running an automobile, let alone a soap.

On Y&R, they need to keep on keeping on, but get Lily Winters and Cane Ashby off of my screen. I hate them.

Arizonagal said...

Okay, this is something that bugs me. I hate that TPTB are writing Brot as this guy who skipped out on the war and assumed another person's identity. This almost detracts from the drama of having him and Taylor rediscovering each other. That would have been drama enough.

God help me, Randi is the new face of DBTE. I don't find the scenes with her and Frankie at all sexy. Zero chemistry, boring stuff.

Haven't seen the funeral yet.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm going to wait to pipe in on the highs and lows of AMC until a few others chime in. Until then, comments on today's epi:

Today was blah for me; mostly because it was so Rylee centered. I just don't care. At this point it would be ideal if Ryan, Greenlee, and Emma all went away together when RB leaves, but I don't think Mathison is leaving, so all of this is rather pointless...nevermind the fact that it's boring as hell. I did see some spark from RB when playing Santa, but briefly I thought of how much funnier and cuter it would be had Ryan been Leo.

Having TAylor in this position really tones her down, and I think we need to see her like this more. Pratt really needs to keep Ehlers as the underdog in these scenarios, as she can come across smug and ingratiating otherwise.

Krystal doesn't care how she gets her dairy. Hot milk, eggnog, cold milk; long as it puts her to sleep!

I've decided. The ABSOLUTE worst thing about Pratt's reign are the fake-out cliffhangers. Let the record show that I said Krystal probably hit a bush lining the Wildwind drive in last week's blog. However, who knew that being in a car accident also gave you the flu? And even though you have the flu, you feel the need to run to the Chandler Manse and give Little A his presents? And even though you gave Little A presents, who gives a shit about watching him open them; just send him with Colby to another part of the house. This off-scene stuff SUCKS, but the fake-out cliffhangers are cheap and manipulative. This is why soaps are distenegrating before our very eyes. WE have to keep raising the stakes higher and higher and higher, because nothing is ever real. Pretty soon, no one gives a fig, because we know it's all a lie.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Nelson Branco, of TV Guide Canada, has compiled his Soapsers of the Year list, which consists of what he feels were the most memorable stories, performances and backstage scandals of 2008. I thought everyone would find this one interesting and this is a direct quote:

"11. Chuck Pratt Jr., AMC’s head writer -- Never underestimate anyone who used to work on Melrose Place. Pratt blew my mind, not with his highly publicized tornado sweeps stunt, but with his Reese-Binks-Zach love triangle and the exquisite Eileen Herlie (Myrtle) tribute. 2009 may be AMC’s best yet."

Maybe this can give us all a little hope! I was just curious of what everyone thought about his view of Chuck Pratt Jr. I ask because I usually agree with most of the things Nelson Branco writes, but I'm still undecided on this. Since I only tuned back into AMC when Tamara Braun came on, I'm not sure how long Pratt has been head writer. If it hasn't been long then I guess I should give him more time before I judge his work.

Tamara Braun, Eden Riegel and Darnell Williams and Debbi Morgan also made the list.

Here's the link if anyone is interested:

Hope everyone has a happy and safe holiday!


Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the link keeps gettimg cut off. Let's try it again:


Anonymous said...

The TK poem was missing some important lines and should read:

Highland Song

By Thorsten Kaye (as character Zach Slater)

Now, who will lead our Carnival
And who will make us stronger?
Who will mend our broken sleep
When she is here no longer.
For whose part do we stand and bow?
What stories do we tell?
And will we memorize the day
When great and greatness fell?
Say will this valley overcome
And will these shadows fade,
And will we lift our eyes to see
The beauty that she made?
The disappearing last of her
That leads to worlds unknown,
Has left a path to softly tread
When sadness wanders home.
I’ll meet thee where the highland winds
Divide wild mountain thyme.
Where I will be forever yours…
and you forever mine.

Shadow said...

Haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet. I have a lot of favorite stories from AMC, but here are a few memorable quotes:

[Leo and Bianca discuss literature]
Bianca: Leo, don't you have any poetry in your soul?
Leo: I've got a few assorted limericks.

Erica Kane: Adam, really. I know that you've been bored, but taking in Mary Smythe? I mean, couldn't you have just taken in a dog from the pound?
Adam: I prefer pure-bred bitches.
Erica Kane: Well then, you got what you wanted.

[Opal demands to know where Palmer was the night she spent in a holding cell]
Opal: I want to know what you were doing while I was sitting in jail fending off the advances of Sheena, the queen of the 5 O'Clock shadow.

[Later, Palmer defends himself when Opal suspects he was up to no good]
Palmer: Opal, you're one to talk. You really are. First of all, you consorted with drug dealers, and then you got arrested for assaulting one of them. How could I top that?
Opal: Has your memory receded along with your hairline?

Erica Kane: [indicating Adam] Oh, this isn't my friend; this is my ex-husband.
Adam Chandler: One of many. I'm third from the end - at least, I think so; I haven't seen Erica for a couple of days.

Dr. Maria Santos Grey: You know, usually evil gatekeepers are three-headed dogs, not two-faced bitches.

Palmer Cortlandt: Opal, you need flash cards to understand the alphabet.

"The last innocent words you uttered were ga-ga-goo-goo!"
--Marion Colby to Palmer Cortlandt

"Phoebe English Tyler Wallingford Matthews Wallingford"

(To a bear) "You can't hurt me! I'm Erica Kane!"

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Monday's episode

• JAKE's a cranky Santa.
meets cutsiepoo w/ GREENLEE.
might be charming if we knew it wasnt doomed.

• Serious LI'L A gives COLBY a present.

• KWAK is havin libidozone withdrawal, but she thinks its the flu.

• poor EMMA is gonna grow up 50 million ways of f@(#%$9@ed up.

• i liked TAYLOR goin to ZACH for help...she & BROT need to mix it up with the town.

• oh, theres my AMANDA.

• EMMA: :"I told Santa Mommy's the one with the pretty hair and the big smile."

GREENLEE dressed as Santa is the most fun EMMA has had in her whole life.

• dont forget the CHARM™ Holiday Gift Set!
Still Available!

• WHOA, how much money does CORRINA make babysittin?
she came stuttin in there with a thousamd dollar haircut like she was the star of the show!

• oh, so now its *cold* milk.
who says Pratt is out of ideas?

• tsk, cant BROT & TAYLOR be happy at least until New Years?!?!?!

• i'm rollin my eyes & chuckling over PHANTOM KENDALL.

you know what, i dont think i missed her voice.

notes on Monday's episode

• TESS all in the straightjacket!

• ohhhh dont tell me REX stole that Z-Box!

• TESS: "Bite me!"

• COLE: "That Téa Del-Whats-Her-Face is mopping the floor with her!!!"

• i think this is a pretty decent doctor.
its too bad ANNIE cant go to ST ANNES and get some *real* healthcare!

• have the cushions in the Llanfair library been reupholstered?

• i am really enjoying how they are in no rush to end these courtroom scenes.

jordan hudson said...

n69n..... Ah yes Anna Stuart the incredible Mary Smythe. One of the scenes I showed Ashley was of Another World and Anna Sturat when she was Donna Love. Ash was gagging. Anna Stuart was amazing as Donna Love on Another World.. Yes Im not even 15 minutes into Monday's show and Ihad to stp and do something else otherwise I will fall asleep.

Anonymous said...

Now that Myrtle is gone, may she rest in peace, who will be the new grand dame of PV, the moral center, the heart and soul. Erica, of course. She inherits that role, whether she likes it or not. It's time for Erica to grow the heck up and take the mantle and don her pill box hat and start dispensing sage advice (remember Dear Aggie?). It's time for Erica to become a woman of a certain age; a mature, wise woman who is loved and respected by all. And... since we all know with Erica, that will NEVER happen, it's time to bring back Brooke. PV needs her.

TPTB, hear my plea.

Anonymous said...

hey i've been a listener for a while, but this is my first post.

Anonymous said...

Well, we are not going to get a podcast for two weeks. While that saddens me, I certainly understand and will allow Ashley and Jordan the well-deserved break (Listen to me Prattle on as if it's MY decision). ;-)

Ashley and Jordan (and occasionally Pedro), I truly hope you know the joy you bring into other people's lives through this podcast. We all have to remember that these podcasts are certainly not done for money, but out of LOVE. Yes, love for AMC, but since they're not loving AMC right now, most certainly love for us fans. We appreciate it.

May the two (and sometimes three) of you have a happy holidays and much happiness in 2009.

crs 17

Arizonagal said...

CRS the best of 2008 for me was the return of all my Hubbards, nothing could've been better than that! Also the brief appearance of Larry Lau who, like Angie, looks almost the same, remarkably. The addition to the cast of Ricky PG and Beth Ehlers was terrific. But I must qualify that. RPB is an amazing actor and could play the holy hell out of Jake, he slipped into that role with such ease and made us forget any other previous Jake incarnation. But I fear TIIC are not going to write well for him and he is in danger of becoming just another sanctimonious Martin jerk. I also highly approve of Kendull's latest coma, as it has silenced her shrill voice, at least for a little while. I am loving the transformation of Blandie into InSannie. MCE has kept me watching.

The bad for 2008, IMHO, the dreadful writing and bad choices of Pratthole. The frenzied "acting" of Cameron Mathison, the most annoying member of the cast. The return of Rebecca Budig, the REAL Greenlee, was totally botched, TIIC blew a huge opportunity and wasted her return. Let us not forget the firing of Ambyr Childers, for no good reason, and replacing her with Brianne Moncrief - HUH? WTF? Randi, the boring hooker showed up with her hypnotic blue eyes, but if don't stare into them too long, something bad will happen to you, look away. 2008 also brought us:

(sing to the 12 days of xmas)

12 Ryan outbursts
11 sightings of ghost Dixie
10 Fusion f*ckups
9 attempted murders
8 killer tornadoes
7 people dying (julia, babe, hannah, myrtle, richie, di, that old lady with the rock necklace)
6 druggings by David
5 months in jail
4 stripper poles
3 returning hubbards
2 lesbians
and a coma for Kendall, thankfully

Anonymous said...

arizonagal, i am on the floor laughing. That is hilarious.

You can add, tweleve pills a poppin'

Look at Annie go!! LOL... oh wait, we cant because the next scene is Ryan and the doctors saying how they have to pump her stomach. WTF lol

Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley and Jordan-I'm a long time listener of the podcast and first time poster. I always nostalgic this time of year and would love to see some flashbacks to Christmases past in Pine Valley. Jordan, please apply NOW to be a writer for the show. I know your ideas to get us out of the mess that the current writers have gotten our show into would be really great. Not to bring politics into it (too much!), but I'm likening it to Obama cleaning up the mess from the last administration! Imagine a PV where the dynastic families once again are the focus of really good storylines. Bring back the Cortlands and all associated with them. Nina, Ross, Bobby, Daisy, Opal and Palmer. Give us our history back! Give us family feuds-Chandlers and Martins and Tylers! give us mystery (remember when Demetri moved into Wildwind?)and love (remember Brooke and Tom's?)and commitment(not 2 month long marriages) and surprises! Knock off the misogyny and murders and ridiculous couples and get rid of Fusion! Give us some real stories! That is my Christmas wish this year. Let's hope Father Clarence hears my plea.

Shadow said...

Loving all the new post-ers! It's fun to see this grow.

Barbinmn-I couldn't agree more about the Coutlands. I'd love for AMC to restore English Manor and the Courtland estate and fill it up with the heirs to those thrones.

I did think of the low point in AMC history. For me, it was the sad and disrespectful termination of Julia Barr who is as much responsible for the success and longevity of the show as anyone. My AMC wish is that they will sack JHC and TPTB will negotiate JB's return. She's the missing link to so many, and so many of the vets are never better than when they are in a scene with her--Adam, Erica and Tad especially.

jordan hudson said...

lol BXGal do you mean that Miss. Tea is working for Ray Montez.....that aint a spoiler because it was on today's show and this is the Pine valley Podcast. When it becomes the Pinevalley/Llanview hour then ......


I dont' know if you saw ATWT but I'm pissed. I'm not one to be all P.C. but considering that ATWT barley has color on their show and what little they have they never use 2 1/2 African americans. The fact that they got such a big nelly to play the sterotype Robbie Sanchez worked my last nerve from his tired accent (as an actor he needs to work on getting rid of his accent) The fact that I know so many talented Latin actors and this is who they picked from his hideous dialogue (calling Margo Mami.Ayi caramba!) He also should have butched it up. I'm all for sisters playing straight characters considering that the straights are almost always playing Gay ( Rianca). Yet he was such a woman. Look at Luke Mcfarlane who plays on Brother's and Sisters and then check him on the series Over There you woudl never know.
Plus all the recast are getting annoying NUMADDIE DREADFUL an insult to the character and the actress who originated the role. The third Craig in less then a year and a half. A New Lily still not use to Noelle. New Casey has been okay . Nu Jade has potential but I still like Elena Goode. And now NULucy who looks stiff like last NULUCY. What the hell is Goutman smoking.

OLTL awesome as usual.
AMC still stuck on the first 15 minutes from Monday's epsiode.

Brown penny U are so right about Erica growing up. It was why I was so happy with Barbara and James and what they were doing to Erica with Carmen and everything. It seemed as Erica was finaly evolving. I look at GL and Kim Zimmer's Reva. Her Character is still fire, still a hell raiser, a force to be reckon with but she is also a woman of a certain age. Just because you get older doesnt mean you ahev to stop being sassy. You can still be Mother earth. Yeah Erica needs to take a cue from Reva and Dorian.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, there is such a huge difference between Reva, Dorian and Erica. Reva is all woman, she can be annoying and a pain in the ass, but she's also smart, she's nobody's fool, she is not afraid to grow old, her life is large and messy and exciting and full of love, laughter, drama. She embraces her age, her body, she still struts her stuff so confidently.

Dorian Lord is smart, mean, loving, loyal as hell to her family, ruthless, kind, sexy, and a real dynamo. She would be a woman of contradictions if you didn't completely understand her motivations. What I love most about Dorian, she's not defined by her relationships with men, she is just one shrewd lady.

And then there is Erica. To Erica (and to Susan Lucci), image is everything. She's vain and insecure. She is fierce when it comes to her children, but she doesn't seem terribly interested in her grandchildren, and god forbid anyone in PV should ever utter the word "grandmother." She's incredibly foolish when it comes to men. She still reacts like a school girl when she gets a smooth line from a man. By now she should be so over that crap. She should be rolling her eyes, instead of tossing her mane about and preening like a pageant queen. She's all style, no substance.

Just my two cents!

Anonymous said...

Oh, I wasn't done yet. I also wanted to say that I do love Erica Kane, but as the years have passed, I have found it frustrating that her character does not evolve. I always felt she should be the next Phoebe Tyler, the next matriarch. How entertaining would that be and how fresh for la looch. Instead, Erica is dumbed down at times, and that is not something you could ever say about Reva or Dorian.

Anonymous said...

Happy birthday La Lucci

Arizonagal said...

I am loving OLTL. When all the babies and puppies were born and Tess became Jess, and Marty discovered Todd's deception, I felt like it was the end of a huge complicated arc featuring most of Llanview and where was the show going to go from there? Felt sort of like finishing a good book and not knowing what to read next.

Well hell, OLTL just keeps on firing winners. Now we have the Tess/Jess/Brody thing going on. The return of Tea, the evolution of Marty from doormat to a woman to be reckoned with, Jess struggling with the baby memories... Ooh, it's all still so good.

The only thing on this show that is boring me silly right now is the Christian/Vanessa story. Christian is not really up to meaty scenes. He has one facial expression, no matter what the situation. I've never seen the guy crack a smile. When he's on, my eyes glaze and if he's on long enough, inevitably, I drool. He is OLTL's version of AMC's Randi. Not much going on behind the eyes.

The jury is out on Vanessa. She's gorgeous, and I think she can act, but most of her scenes are with Christian and she gets caught in his vacuum, so mostly I don't like her.

Going to miss Sarah. Frankly I don't get why she's leaving and Christian is staying. She has acted her little heart out these last few weeks and I appreciate her professionalism. Greenlee could take a cue from her.

Mel Got Served said...

Ugh, Ryan and Greenlee having sex is what I consider the worst Christmas gift ever. And on Monday, their sexual innuendos in front of Emma were awful.

I really hope Insannie escapes and attacks Greenlee for officially stealing her life now. I'm over Greenlee. Her and Ryan need to LEAVE.

Loving the Adam and JR scenes- the map was sweet.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys, guess what?
Eddie Alderson (Matthew, OLTL( was just put on contract and theyre actually gunna give him a storyline. I'm excited. He's a great actor, and with him in high school, this could really be good.

Norn Cutson said...

i got a message from ROXY!!!!
(i sent prints to a bunch of our daytime friends; Ilene Kristen (ROXY) is the first to respond)

Subject: thankyou so

"such a wonderful present.....from such a wonderful artist. You capture such an accurate essence...that it makes me laugh out loud.
sending you lots and lots of holiday cheer.
My best, Ilene"

i just wanted to share the joy with ya'll!

coz my big smile is your big smile!

now i'm gonna watch today's show (& probably frown, ha!)

Anonymous said...

that is amazing!

Anonymous said...

hey jordan, sorry i didn't know that we would find that out today about MISS. Tea! lol.
just a couple thoughts about todays AMC....
I actually fell asleep BEFORE the opening credits!! and the parts i did wake up to were so stupid!
Ryan and Greenlee sex: BORING!!
Krystal going crazy and knocking down the christmas tree was just funny! she probably couldn't make that milk just right like David did!
and question.... how can Aidan just sit on a chair by himself if he is supposed to be admitted in a psych ward?!?!? i don't understand how he could hide in corners with his little hood on!! please let the person he is sleeping with at AMC get FIRED so he can go!!! - that is the only thing i want for christmas!!
i also wanted to get my rest so i could see OLTL. i love those court scenes, but i missed mondays episode!

JORDAN and ASHLEY i hope you read this!!!

Arizonagal said...

Yeah BXgal, Aidan lurking about the loony bin with the hoodie. The only thing that would be more suspicious is if he had on a ski mask. Him running loose in the psych ward is just ridic! And our poor little Insannie, locked up in the Psychoneurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous when half of PV should be in there with her. I'd love to see Aidan the doofus get caught, committed and tethered to a bed. Oh and then Insannie knocks out her shrink, takes her doctor garb and wreaks havoc on the place, finds Aidan and tortures him with an ostrich feather. Yeah, I think I could go there. Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I am soooooooooooooooo FRUSTRATED with AMC but Guiding Light is getting better and I wanted to know what would you think of a possible Natalia/Olivia pairing? I believe that the chemistry between them is SMOKING! I actually think they have more chemistry than Rianca (although Rianca do have some major chemistry).

Laura said...

Thanks for the podcast, waiting to play it as my christmas present to me, since there is not one next week. But the blog keeps me going.

Shadow I am keeping your wife in my prayers just like all of you prayed for my mother in law. Without asking too much information, can we have a first name or nick-name. I don't want to just keep saying Mrs. Shadow.

I had AMC on today when I did Christmas cards (finally) and I had it on again during Soapnet. Believe it or not, I don't remember any scenes except KWAK from before. It just doesn't draw my attention.

Gosh I hope Kendall has a feeding tube, but she looks healthy next to tiny Reese.

Hopefully Aidumb had a thing with Crappola, and he can get fired 10 minutes after she gets shown the door. Our poor Insannie may pull a Greenlee and leave if she has all these scenes with him.

OLTL is now my show, along with Y&R. Great writing, that's all a soap needs. I knew the Tea story, I'm okay because I want to see her mix it up with A. Martinez. The Vega boys are pissing me off. But I love the mom. I am going to start calling Antonio Ass-holio. I saw that name in the boards years ago, eventually he became known as the Hole. I think he is phoning it in because he is leaving.

I was glad to see Alan on GH today, but once again I can barely pay attention. That soap is worse than AMC in my opinion and I have watched it since the day it aired with my grandmother.

Stay warm everybody,can't go to Iowa, stuck in Snowy Chicago, pretty sick of winter already. But I am grateful for what I have. I donated a nice toy and made Jewelry for a family down on their luck today. Made me feel good. Merry Christmas to the nice group of people I have ever met on the web! Enjoy your break Jordan, Ashley, Pedro, and our long lost Taylor.

Anonymous said...

I heard a rumor awhile back that GL was going to pair up Olivia and Natalia for a smoking hot lesbo love fest. I agree, those two women are amazing together and I love the leisurely pace with which their relationship has developed. It all feels so genuine. I love that someone finally got to the core of who Olivia is. However, I also later heard that the rumor was just that, a rumor. Too bad, they would have smoked up the screen!

Anonymous said...

Brownpenny, well I have a source that says that Ellen Wheeler killed the lesbian storyline b/c of her Mormon beliefs.

Anonymous said...

According to Nelson Branco, the Natalia and Olivia pairing WAS supposed to happen! Of course, Ellen Wheeler axed the storyline. Why???...because she is Mormon and she was scared her Mormon community would turn their back on her and the soap, so she killed the storyline. But, kissing cousins doesn't bother them...oh, wait! I now know why Jammy was so popular! ;)

I would have loved for those two to hook up! I'm sorry, but the chemistry they have feels more than just a friendship! They should have gone for it because they need to pull out all of the stops before they get cancelled.

GL is at least getting better. Since we won't be getting Olivia/Natalia then I will settle for Shayne and Dinah because they are smokin' hot!!


Anonymous said...

LMAO posted the same information just a few minutes ahead of me!


Anonymous said...

I think that everyone is on the same page when I say....

Ryan Lavery, Aidan Devane, and Greenlee Smythe Du Pres Lavery Devane need to die.

I don't care how.
I don't care why.
They just need to die.

Norn Cutson said...

i do *not* want GREENLEE to die.
i want her to leave happily with LEO!

Mel Got Served said...

discodan, I totally agree. We just watched Batman: The Dark Knight and I think crazy Annie should go even more Joker and set up Aidan and Ryan to die and Greenlee has to choose. Then, because of a trick, both die! Then Greens leaves PV, either full of shame or takes over Annie's Oak Haven room.

And Norn, so awesome that Ilene wrote you back!

Shadow, keeping you, your wife, and your family in my thoughts this holiday.

Happy Holidays to my PVP family!

Anonymous said...

Preach it Jordan. I watched ATWT and was embarassed, i could of played that part better. Luckily, it was only a one day role. Calling Margo Mami, if someone had said ay papi i would have been rotfl. Jordan u must mean AS THE RECASTS TURN, Goutman will recast anyone, i still cant believe he recast Martha Freakin Byrne, the star of the show. Goutman is dead to me. I believe the numaddie is only short term, i guess Alex Chando got a new webseries on She's not as bad as Brianne Mongrief, and weren't Maddie and Luke bestfriends, now he doesnt trust her, doesnt make sense. At least AMC does something right they let their gay couple have sex, ATWT Nuke still hasnt after going out for over a year. What college cuys dont wanna have sex, redic. I also hear that Lucy is short term, i wish they would do something with Aaron, he hasnt been sen in 2 months, he looks just like Jon Hensley and has a history with Lucy. I so wish i was watching during Hogan Sheffers tenure from 2000-2005, i heard it was awesome then. I guess he and Goutman had a falling out, what a surprise, after winning that show so many Emmys. Ill be gone for a couple of weeks on vacation, and will miss u all. Merry Christmas all.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Tuesday's episode

• look how volumptuous KWAK is!

KWAK: "THis is how ya gonna take care of me?"

• i like AMANDA's angel wings. on anyone else they'd look dumb.

• i love IAN's bodysuit, i'm actually taking notes on the stripe so i can use it in my work...
(i told you about GABRIELLE wearing something i worked on, right?)

its a 2 way stripe (this means it can work either up or down, this saves money...the more directions a print works, the more fabric can be used & the lower production costs)

lt blue

what if KENDALL came back to life but everyone pretended they couldnt see her?

• ANNIE: "I love Christmas. Why didn't anyone tell me."

flatter than a pancake in death valley!

• look @ KWAK!!!

DAVID: "Come here, my Dear
& let me touch
your black brassiere!"

• look @ KENDALL get all bent outta shape coz she doesnt know who REESE is! ha!

• ANNIE's DR: "How did you get in this room?!?"

how would he *NOT* get in that room, your security ****SUX****!!!

ANNIE: "Candy!"

• uh oh, the jig is up on The Milkman Caper!

DAVID: "I was *helping* you!"

• OMG THE MAGIC SHELL IS GONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

tsk, oh AMANDA, you're breakin mah heart.

• ok, i am smilin big over BIANCA's proposal to REESE. it truly did warm my heart.

• wow, you would think CRYAN had never done anything wrong or made a mistake in his life.

on the other hand, if this dr cant put two & two together about finding AIDUMB in ANNIE's room & the pills, then to hell with her.

• tsk, oh AMANDA.

• ANNIE's DR: "This is a top -notch facility!"

yeah, people are payin' to get in.

WHOAH, KWAK trashed Christmas!!!


notes on Tuesday's episode

• WOW, so much drama & its not even the opening credits yet!

• why should CARLOTTA act happy about this?!?!?

she has every right to be pissed.

• STARR takes the stand.

• i like TALIA, coz she's got good ol' common sense.

• i'm laughin over TÉA objecting to *each word* of STARR's testimony!
she's poppin up like a JACK IN THE BOX...

• is this the beginning of MATTHEW's story?

• $250,000...that seems like a really low bail for TODD MANNING!!!

• NORA: "I think this is the beginning of a happy future!"

shut up, NORA.

i *DO* like her doin Hanukkah, though!

& i *LOVE* MATTHEW lighting the menora!

...& how proud NORA is of him!

*that* i love!!!!

• oh & VIKI & JARED peepin around the corner like theyre the 3 STOOGES! ha!

i love OLTL's music montages.
the whole creative team @ OLTL is just excellent.
you can tell in all the detail & craftsmanship that these people love their jobs!

• i love that TÉA is plotting with RAY....but wouldnt they be plotting en Español?

Anonymous said...

As much as we hope and dream for Leo to whisk the green out of PV, it aint happenin. Josh Duhamel's too big of a star, and now he's getting married. He's gunna be far too busy for that stuff. You have a better shot at GH landing Vanessa Marcil....which is basically what Bob Guza is waiting for because God knows I'm still waiting for my sweeps stunt.

But anyways, I really cannot wait for Matthew's storyline. It's going to incorporate Starr, Cole, newcomers named Becca and Justis, and the new teacher, Skylar Joplin (played by Scott Clifton, ex-Dillon from GH). Yes, it is Dr. Joplin's son. I cannot wait!

AMC, well, I want Greenlee to leave. I'm excited for that, and I honestly dont care how they do it. Pratt could screw this up big time, and I wouldn't even care, because I don't know this Greenlee.

As far as Annie, I love you. You complete me.


Arizonagal said...

I am so far behind, I finally watched the tribute to our dear Ms Herlie. I thought it was wonderful. So many nostalgic old clips. Francesca James looks terrific. I thought Bianca's song was lovely. She does have a pretty voice, a sweet voice. Her singing reflects her personality. I think Zach can be a real pain in the ass, and I have hated the way he's treated Reese, but his grief was palpable and more real than anyone else's and he gave an understated yet powerful performance. Almost brought me to tears.

What surprised me was how much I have forgotten. I so don't remember that scene with Myrtle and Amamda. Why was she in the hospital? I did remember the Eek dress episode, vaguely. That was our old Erica doing what she does best, acting like a spoiled little bitch and then regretting it. I loved the episodes where she went to Betty Ford. Is Betty still alive? I never knew Myrt had crossed paths with Les Baxter. He was one scary dude but she stood her ground. No one could ever make Myrtle back down.

Finally, I have nothing to complain about with AMC, I thought it was a respectful, warm, emotional tribute to a really terrific lady and a wonderful actress. RIP Eileen.

Shadow said...

Monday on AMC…

Greenlee: It’s stupid hat day.

Jake is Bad Santa.

Jake: “Let’s talk about your crappy life not mine.”

Let’s go scrooge together? Jake and Greenlee should have scrooged a long time ago.

Greenlee to Jake: “I’ll hold ‘em down. You hit ‘em with your sack.” Talk about misogynistic….

KWAK is sad and pawning the kids off on Opal. Sleeping on the couch. Eating leftovers and leaving the boxes laying around. PJs in her buttcrack.

JR didn’t get Adam anything for Christmas, and he needs to shave his ears.

I gotta say Taylor and that noisy walker are hilarious. Click, click, click. I’m sure it’s not supposed to be funny.

Taylor keeps telling us how great Brot was. I wish Brot would show us how great Brot is. I’d like for him to stick around for a while.

Greenlee: “Ho HO Ho flippin’ Ho.” She shouldn’t talk about Randi like that.

Taylor picking hair off Jake’s peppermint is funny.

Adam: “Could I give you a little Christmas cheer? Scotch?” Right in front of his alcoholic children.

Happy Little Adam today.

Kwak at Adam’s. Since she’s a ho for a sad man, why doesn’t she screw Adam?

David just walked straight into Adam’s den. With security like this, is it any wonder that Adam hasn’t been kidnapped and held for ransom?

Zach talking to ComaKendall is a total waste of time.

Taylor reaching out to Zach. Here I go again: Great actress. Best AMC casting coup in years.

Amanda looks awesome, but she’s not falling for Jake’s apology. He’s looking for someone to hit with his sack as Greenlee said. Poor Amanda needs her mommy. Nothing makes a gal feel better than her crazy, obsessive mother.

JR slammed those wobbly estate doors in David’s face. Maybe they hinges are still loose from the tornado.

Emma is the new Blandie. Greenlee as Santa was sort of cute until Ryanderthal made it dirty and oogie.

Corrina must be the new Randi. Where is she getting the money for those clothes?

Greenlee; “Who knew that Santa had a thing for synthetic fibers.”

Now David pops up in Kwak’s house now. Does anyone lock their doors in PV?

Krystal sucked down David’s milk and now she’s all lubed up.

Taylor: “I think I want to hug you, but my walker is in the way. Click, click, click.”

That butterfly pin was hideous. My wife would be so pissed.

Brot: “I’ll call you.” she just got the mug sprung from jail and this is all he’s got for the girl. His face is fine, but I think maybe a few brain cells may have been damaged.

JR and Another heinous ornament. The scotch tape all over Babe’s picture was funny.

Tuesday on AMC…

Starring Kwak’s Boobies.

Emma is going to be all kind of screwed up if she sees thong daddy milking Greenlee under the tree.

I love the way Kwak holds the sheets on her stomach. We get to see her cups runneth over, but she is apparently confident enough to show her gut.

How obvious is it that Kendall shot those scenes before everybody else?

Lots of smooching and lesbo love. Kendall feels left out. Wow, Zach may be get some triple action lesbian sister love when she wakes up. Luckiest guy *ever*. And totally ground breaking. I don’t think another soap has tried that plotline yet.

“Special spy tricks. I can hack into computers and jump out of planes…” I don’t buy Aidan as a special ops guy, but he’s a credible Retard.

“Drugs! You’ve been givin’ me du-rugs!...Takin’ my clothes off while the phone was ringin’!” Those Carey women weren’t very fast thinkers.

5 second sex with Greenlee and Ryan. No thong today. Just butt cleavage.

Actually, it’s more like 5 second dry humping with Greenlee and Ryan cause he didn’t take his jeans off. I find that layer of cotton bothersome during the act.

VERY COOL—a new Lost preview. Love that show.

David: “Why else would I do it?”
Krystal: “To get inside my head.” See what I mean? Slow thinking. That’s not what he’s trying to get inside…

OMG she took the shell! What a bitch! I hope she realizes how wrong this is.

I like KWAK finally showing some believable emotion. She’s giving that tree hell. People really like acting with trees on this show.

Poor Spike. He can’t hear for shit and now he’s seeing ghosts. He and Emma are going to be so twisted. Can’t wait for them to get SORASd next year!

Greenlee realized she’s a homewrecker and then wrote a note. Don’t know if she ever really had effed Ryan, but she certainly f@cked with his head.

Uh oh, KWAK knocked a candle over. You know that’s how most fires start. Just ask Emma.

Tad should never have left Kwak alone on Christmas Eve. Where the hell are the Martins? Shouldn’t Jake, Kwak, Tad and the whole extended Martin clan be at their house for the holiday? Where’s my warm fuzzy Christmas moment? I hope it wasn’t supposed to be that sex scene that apparently never happened between Ryan and Greenlee. Or the good Angel Kendull.

It’s been OK, but it actually feels like everyone is on vacation.

kat said...

Could someone give Susan Lucci kissing lessons. Who could possible enjoy kissing OR living for that matter, when you are more concerned about how you look OR doing it perfectly. Just jump in there and feel it, do it, be it!! My cat can do a better job...and have more fun too.

Norn Cutson said...

omg i just turned on ch 7 & there was Tappy Phillips, standing in the cold with her hair blowin all around!

Anonymous said...

merry christmas to ashley, jordan, and all the pvp bloggers.

on a side note: my husband was at the mall yesterday (long island) and saw billy miller, aka richie, buying a $300 pen!!! i thought that was funny, i wish he talked to him but he was too embarassed to admit he watches soaps in front of his friend lol.

merry christmas to all, and especially to you ashley, thank you for all you do, and your astooot commentary!

Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas to my PVP family.
Ashley, Jordan, Norn, Shadow, Laura, Arizonagal,Melmel, Alejadro, Taylor, jason, crs 17, chloe, tori, bxgal, brown penny, kim, and everyone else that I've forgotten...

Erica Kane said...

Hello all!! I wanted to pop in and say Happy Holidays to all of you. I have been super busy lately, and I am so behind, but I am off this weekend for my birthday, and I am catching up!! I hope to post more super soon!!
Love to all of you!!
Miss Kane

Arizonagal said...

Merry christmas to - takes a deep breath - Ashley, Jordan, Taylor, Pedro and his birkies, Shadow and his wife, Norn, Luis, Alejandro, Laura, Tori4rmtexas, Elyse and Susan, Terry in Toronto, CRS17, Jason, Discodan, Chloe, BXgal, Barbinmn, Melmel, YC1, Puddin, Brtedi, WMD, Mo, Ktcohn, Ty, Emily, Crazy Daisy, brn penny, Cathy in Las Vegas, Brandi, Leslie, Maura, Crystal, Tallytofu, Kelvin in Dallas, Tess Mallory, Tasha from Brooklyn, Angela, Steph AKA Angel, Lisa in Neb, VincentFan1, JNA08, Superposter, Brian, Mona, Christine, Traci, Angie's weave, Richie's biscuit sized nipples, the vacant stares of Randi and Colby, and Ryan's thong and everyone else i might have forgotten - whew!

I just got back from xmas eve dinner w/my family, it was great. Fewer presents, more love.

You guys are the best group of bloggers ever!

Shadow said...

Merry Christmas, Happy Hannukah, Festive Festivus, Happy Holidays, Happy Kwanzaa,¡FELIZ NAVIDAD!,Happy Eid al Adha, and if I've missed anything "Season's Greetings" to everyone in the PVP community. It's been really fun this year being able to dish with you all about AMC and other stuff. Ashley and Jordan, thanks so much for sharing your astooteness and giving us the a place to gather. May your holidays and the coming New Year be filled with peace, love, and happiness-- a certain "Joie de vivre" as Boobianca might say.

Love to you all,

Mel Got Served said...

Merry Christmas to everyone here at the PVP! I got an imitation Snuggie so all is well this Christmas- LOL. I hope everyone enjoys the family, fun, and food (hey, that's my favorite part!)

And Shadow, I LOLed at your "joie de vivre"- I think you should save that last sentence for your Christmas cards next year.

Anonymous said...

Happy Holidays to ALL my PVP family!!!!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

merry christmas, ya'll!


Laura said...

Ashley and Jordan can we get a Pedro/Taylor update on the next podcast. I care more about them than most of the characters on AMC.

Merry Christmas.

My thoughts, why isn't Kendall thinking I've got to wake up and stop leaving Zach alone with this hot lesbo action! What the fu** is Aidumb up to? And how stupid is this staff? Do they also do security for the Chandler mansion?

I agree KWAK should have been with the Martins.

We never see Opal, but yet she's stuck with all these brats for Christmas?

I agree Beth Ehlers is the best find in years. I loved her with a real actor like Zach. I just love the fact she is not botoxed to death, she has the best expressions.

Greenlee needs to leave ASAP, and she can take Thong boy with her.

Shadow I am off to mass and will say a special prayer to your wife.

Shadow said...

Thanks Laura. We went to mass last night. It was beautiful with the full choir, horns, a nativity play. The Mrs. is feeling better. One more surgery at the beginning of the year and then hopefully we'll be past this. It's just scary anytime you hear the cancer word, but it looks like they caught it early. Was Wednesday's ep new or a repeat?

Shadow said...

News and Notes:

Minshew returns on the set of the soap on Friday, January 9 and will finally appear on the canvas by the end of January.

Colin Egglesfield returns to the air during the week of January 12 to reprise his role as Josh Madden.

That same week, Tonya Pinkins reprises the role of Livia Frye, the legal eagle who will get involved with the Martin-Chandler-Carey-Hayward clan.

Elizabeth Rodriguez, she has moved up from recurring to contract status. Rodriguez's character will make her next sporadic appearance during the week of January 5.

All My Children is offering a paid internship ($8.50/hour) that takes place in its busy production studio. Responsibilities include, distributing scripts and schedules to actors and production staff, copying all production paperwork for the entire crew, sorting and distributing fan mail and office mail, making dubs, delivering tape and other materials to network offices as well as other general office duties and special projects. Interns are responsible for writing a weekly fan mail report, a weekly written episode commentary for our producers, and observing in different areas of production. Additionally, a “Behind-The-Scenes Video Podcast” is produced by All My Children and our interns take part in shooting, directing and editing the segments. The podcast is shot on a Sony PD-170 Mini DV Camera and edited on a Mac G5 utilizing the AVID DV Pro Edit program. It is then made available on iTunes and for our fans.

Interns MUST be current students and are required to work 2 days a week from 9am to 6pm or 10am to 7pm. The studio is located on the Upper West Side (near Lincoln Center).

Students interested in this internship should be reliable, enthusiastic, and team players. Students should have a keen interest or majoring in television production. Knowledge and interest in daytime serial drama a plus.

Mel Got Served said...

Couldn't AMC air a re-run of an old, great Christmas episode instead of having to see Babe die again? I almost watched Days today just because it was a real Christmas episode (and there was nothing I loved more than the Horton Christmas tree)

Anonymous said...

Shadow, if I wasn't an 18-year-old high school senior that still has college ahead of him, that job would be very tempting.

Norn Cutson said...

i uploaded one of my favorite Eartha Kitt songs in honor of her passing.

Laura said...

Shadow, keeping you in my prayers. The C-word can be scary but they have done so much with treatment in the last few years.
Norn thanks for the song. I know you are a big broadway fan, so am I even though I grew up among the cornfields. Lately I enjoy watching old youtube clips. Has anyone seen the video of the devine Miss Gwen Verdon dancing to a Bob Fosse song with two dancers? Beyonce pretty much finally admitted her All the Singles Ladies video came from this.

Some of the ones I just saw - Chita and Gwen in Chicago, Donna McK in a Choras line, Julie Andrews in My Fair Lady. Any othe Broadway Fans out there?

Mel Got Served said...

When I was 7, I was obsessed with A Chorus Line on HBO. I watched it nonstop. So my mother, never having seen it, bought us tickets to see it here in Boston. Needless to say, she was pretty shocked by the song "T**s and A**" (I'm bleeping for the squeamish). But I loved it! I haven't gone to any shows in a while, but I'd love to be able to catch some- but ticket prices are just so high. I did see Phantom in Las Vegas a couple months ago- I did that same day ticket and sat in the 4th row for 50% off- it was fantastic to watch, but obviously not Broadway (one girl used a Cockney accent, which is a bit off for French opera singers!)

Norn Cutson said...

i was addicted to Patti LuPone in GYPSY....i went 6 times!

it was out of control, i didnt even mean to...its just that i*HAD* to see it again!

& again!

my office was close to the St James Theater...i'd be walkin back from lunch, humming SMALL WORLD, and next thing i'd know, i'd bought a ticket for after work!

thankfully, the cast recording was released, so i could listen to it (& act it out) @ home!

GYPSY is closing very soon, Jan 11th. i would recommend *anyone* to do *whatever you have to do* to go see it by then!

i'd always been afraid of Patti, i'm still afraid of her, but that's just part of why i ****LOVE HER****!!!!

jordan hudson said...

Arizonagal - I just want to thank you for the wonderful email. In this day and age when people don't take the time to really express how they feel.... Thank You.

To all of you whatever your holiday of choice is, I wish you all a very happy healthy and prosperous holdiay and New Year.

We have really created a family here and you guys need to know how much it means to me to read this blog and have intelligent discussions about a subject that is so dear to my heart.

You guys make me cry and laugh. Here;s hoping that 2009 will be the year of the rebirth of Daytime drama.

We might have a new E.P. on AMC, GL might sitll be shooting funky but the writing has gone back to riveting and intelligent. The way it was before the switch in format and with Grant Alexsander coming back..... ATWT finally has a recast who is actually good hopefully they will keep her and OLTL you just keep doing what your doing. I will say the word is out and I'm telling you The david Vickers storyline is going to be a hoot!

Guys I can not belive ethat both wed and thursdya was repeats of the tornado. I saw tuesday but still have not been able to get thru Monday without falling asleep.

I'm disgusted with what Amanda did to JR. It was the most repulsive thing to watch and I had to turn away. I'm going to explian why. When Dorian on OLTL did the same thing to Charlie Banks, she was Desperate.

Desperate is what soaps are all about, having characters in corners were there emotions take over and they do things to extreme. She tried to stop him and when it seemed that she was at the end of her rope she did the last thing she could. An act that she knew was morally wrong and she even had to pray for her dead ex husband Mel to forgive her for what she was doing.

Amanda was not desperate. She wants money she doesn't need money it's not like she is without a job or means. Her brother is the heir to the Hunter fortune. She had made her piece with JR. She claims that Babe was her best friend. JR has defnded her and been a real friend to her. So this makes her actions even more pathetic.

This is what I call character assasination. They turn characters to the point that we can no longer identify with them and hate them, ex Cryin and Meanlee.

One of the reasons we always forgave Erica for all her bad deeds was because we could relate to her and why she did things, the longing that moved her to her actions.

Chuck Pratt you are now a worse writer then MCTAVISH!

For all you GL fans while they may not be going all the way with a lesbian storyline. They will address the closeness that is between Natalia and Olivia. I actaully prefer that while I welcome more lesbian and gay storylines. I want them to be more realistic. While having two women explore that is true... I don't buy these two. They have been portrayed as raging heterosexual. I would believe Natlia more thne Olivia being open despite her religious beliefs, she would seem more open and I would love to Dinah to experiment. I could so see Dinah being so over men that she would be open to testing the waters.

Alejandro finally a reacst that works for me. I love the new Lucy while not as flawless looking as Peyton, she is a true natural beauty and most importan the girl can act. That is how you make a first appearance when your taking over a role. Hopefuly ATWT will see how they lucked out and will keep this one.

To Eartha Kitt, I have bene in such a funk since yesterday. I never got the chance to see her perform live. Somehting always happened whenever she was in town. She will always eb the onyl Catowman to em. While Julie Newmar had the best line delivery for this one episode. Eartha was the real deal. We will always have Santa Baby. Brrrrrrrrrrrr

Brian said...

This weeks episode when Amanda took the shell, I was thinking that it was perfect. She would put it in her purse, and then feel so bad about taking it that she would act as though she "found" it on the floor. It would have been the perfect oppertunity to show that Amanda is growing feelings for JR and actually cares for him.

But, NO! The writers decide that Amanda would bring a alchol into the mix and push it on JR. Why doesn't he see this this? She wasn't even casual about it. She SHOULD have set the drink down and "looked" in the other room; leaving JR and the drink alone together. Then, with her slight pushing, he would have done it "on his own", although we would have know it was Amanda at work.

Lazy, careless writers. I know what my wish is this year! New Colby and new (head and daily) writers.

Anonymous said...

So... is anyone still laughing at Krystal falling down the stairs? That has got to be the worst acting job of falling that I have ever seen. I love Bobbie Eakes. Don't get me wrong, but that was terrible.

I dont know Jordan. This JR/Amanda storyline might not be so bad. She made a deal with the devil and always has the option to go back on her deal. She's really motivated by money, despite her fallin for the fallen JR. JR is blinded by his urge to drink and his grief for Babe. It's the perfect mask for David and Amanda. The question is.... will Amanda stick to her guns?

In contrast to the despicable act that Dorian did against Charlie, Amanda's is more underhanded. Dorian still hasnt paid for what she did, and hopefully she will, at some point. Dont get me wrong. Dorian = fire, and I love me some fire. But she still needs to suffer a lil bit. Maybe the frenemies need to butt heads. Who knows?

But again, I'm offtopic. LOL

Anyways, I really think that if Amanda continues to toy with JR behind everyone's backs, David's plan will work, if her conscious doesnt get the best of her. I would actually go so far as to say that this could very well surpass the Charlie/Dorian storyline, if done correctly.

Mel Got Served said...

When Krystal pushed down the tree, it reminded me of an episode of America's Funniest Videos with Christmas tree mishaps.

And what the hell is Aidan's plan? I'm so confused- yet intrigued. Is he trying to ruin Annie, or get Annie to take down Greenlee? Hopefully the latter. I think because I don't have as much history with the show as most of you here, I can't see what the hoopla with Greenlee was- as since I started watching in the era of the original Rylee, you can see why I disliked her. Put her on a trapeze over Fusion and let her jump!

Shadow said...

Christmas in Pine Valley -- With Myrtle 10 years ago:

Anonymous said...

They couldn't even give us the Martins at Christmas. Why didn't we get to see Tad and Kathy's first Christmas as father and daughter and the Hubbard's first Christmas in 20 years.

This show is so depressing. I am not asking for no Christmas Miracle but Damn give me something to smile at in the midsts of all the darkness!

Laura said...

Norn, this picture is for you. I would have been there with you for Gypsy if I was in NY. I was going to fly out for the day from Chicago. I love Broadway. I wish Rosie's show would have been better because she did feature Broadway shows. I know Broadway is hurting with the economy. I only made it to Broadway twice, go to shows here in Chicago sometimes, and hit the bus and truck shows in Des Moines when I was there.

In college I must have listened to Chorus line like every day. I have a lot of Broadway on my IPod.

I listen to it on Sirius and Yahoo music.

jordan hudson said...

OMG who else here watches GL. I know some of you do. Did anyone see today?

Not since Marcy "Liza" Walker and Michael "Jake" Lowery, have I seen a potential Super couple/romance aborted before it's time.

My god Ellen Wheller what are you smoking. You take two steps forward by getting Grant back and hiring Jeff Branson as Shayne. Only to go three steps back by letting John Driscoll go and ending Beth and Coop. When Beth was reading Coop's description of her from his manuscript, I thought I was watching an adaption of a Jane Austin Novel.

I only hope that the rumors are true and that AMC plans on snatching this incredible actor John Driscoll has always been overlooked because the attention was on Tom Pelphrey. John Driscoll is very talented and if he is coming on as Sean....Then my original idea for AMC to steal Beth Chamberlain as Liza would be great because then they could put Liza with Sean. Beth and John have incredible chemistry and history would repeat itself as Liza will do to Colby what marian did to her. Now that is Drama!!

Norn Cutson said...

thanks for the Roxy pic, Laura!

sharp thinking, Jordan!

Arizonagal said...

I LOVED John Driscoll in Book of Daniel. How strange would that be to have another GL actor make the exodus to AMC? And I know you've said it a zillion times, JordAsh, and I totally agree, Beth Chamberlain as Liza. Sigh... if only.

See, we really don't give up on AMC, do we! Sure, we get disgusted, but we also get excited about the many possibilities. Pratt hasn't killed our hopes and dreams yet.

Anonymous said...


You'll have to forgive me. I watch AMC, every day, I'd I'm still a bit confused...How is Aiden able to remain in Oak Haven without anyone dicovering he's not actually a patient? I keep thinking I must have missed something...Or, is it part of those special high definition episodes that Ashley watches?


Shadow said...

Myrtle’s funeral had me waxing nostalgic. These are a few of my favorite things (from AMC):

Randi isn’t the first media starlet to create a porn problem for Erica:

Shadow said...

Regarding my favorite things above:

Drunk Phoebe. Who killed Zach Grayson? Classic Liza/Tad/Marian/Jenny. Classic Erica and Brooke. Erica meeting “Raging Bitch” Barbara. Tom telling Brooke that Laura is brain dead—****BEST BROOKE SCENE EVER****. Tom and Livia dating. Livia was actually more than a courtroom extra and she didn't always have scary worms on her head. The original Natalie and Janet. Love me some Kate Collins.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on Fridays episode

please forgive any typos, i got a baad cold! (that got worse after i finished the shows! i always write my notes while im watchin & type them up the next morning...coz i love havin coffee with you people!)

• Jordan made a good point that AMANDA is not desperate, so these scenes dont have the tension that they should.
we know she doesnt WNAT to do this, but they arent exactly showing her struggling with the decision.

• ANNIE's DR: "Did you got to ANNIE'S ROOM again?"'

why wouldnt he, its not like its locked.

• i had to watch KWAK fall down the stairs five times, in slow motion & backwards!
that was funny!

KWAK is wearin a black thong, she better not be sayin "oh my tshirt just got stuck in my panties!"

• ANNIE's DR SUX. i cant even judge her as an actor because she's such a terrible doctor!
this is th worst mental healthcare since ONE FLEW OVER THE CUCKOOS NEST!

ANNIE, get your crazyass to ST ANNES!
get the help you need, girl!

• was that CRYAN tryin to be funny?

• OAKHAVEN sux. i guess i am gettin a cold, i am in a really bad mood all of a sudden, & its not just the show.
i wanna be excied for DAVID VICKERS but i can barely keep my eyes open.

• i do not like AMANDA being a bad guy...or if she is, we have to SYMPATHIZE with WHY she's doing it. money is nto good enough a reason.

like, i can go along with her doing somethinn bad to JR...but *NOT* to LI'L A!
she *OBVIOUSLY* loves that little boy!

she needs to come out as the hero in this or the payoff aint gonna be worth it.

AMC, we are not just tellin you what *we* wanna see, we're tellin you what would make a stronger show!

• oh, & drunk JR is just stoopit.

• i wish i had me some libidozine to just knock my ass out!

• let me remark once again that the securty @ OAKHAVEN SUXXXXXXXXXXX!!!!!

notes on Fridays episode

• everybody's openin presents @ LA BOULAISE!
love SAM & JACK!
did you see how excited little SAM was!
so cute!

OH here comes MEL!

• oops, ROXY almost blew JARED's game!

• TÉA brought TODD a present..beautifull wrapped, i might add.

• MATTHEW's grown-up voice cracks me up.

• thats interesting that REX, GIGI & SHANE went to church.

• HA HA, ROXY tries to cover by tellin NATTY that CHARLIE & VIKI are gettin hitched!
VIKI's face, ha!

its funny, even tho i dont really care about NATTY & JARED, i still think this propsal story is romantic.

• DORIAN; "HO HO HO? Don't think I dont know what *that* means, Girlfriend!"

• SHANE does an OLIVER! move.


whenever people gives books on this show, they are really good books, like Lewis Carol, Zora Neale Hurston, Langston Hughes, Anaïs Nin....

• TÉA: "You know,'re a real horse's ass!"

• ADDIE: "Those are two wonderful girls. They're going to help those two boys grow up to be good men."

DORIAN: "Thats what happens when you set a good example."

wow, that might be the whole credo of OLTL!

• i like BO & REX talkin fatherhood,

• ROXY: "Granny needs a hug!"

well, if SHANE is so mature about not gettin the Z-BOX, where's the drama?
i guess they culdnt make him bratty about it, or we wouldnt want to see him get it.

• i love how MEL works the psychology on DORIAN to get her to do the right thing.

• even TÉA is gettin fed up with sadsack TODD.
wow, *now* TODD is breakin down.

• JACK, SAM & ADDIE play catch!

• maybe its coz im sick but this seems like a really looooooooooooong episode!
not that im complaining , just hard to keep my eyes open.

• here's DAVID VICKERS, i welcome him with open mouth!

• BEAVER CALHOUN: "I got a message from your PA!"

• DORIAN: "Arent we just the luckiest family in the world?"

BLAIR: "Yes, because we have you!"

Anonymous said...

My favorite things... Dorothy Lyman's Opal. She'd just gotten out of the pool at the Wallingford's and Langley was there. She's flirty and coos "here, feel my heart" and she grabs Langley's hand and puts it right on her left breast. The look on Langley's face was priceless!

Other vivid memories... Mary Kennicott being carried out on a stretcher telling Jeff Martin that it was going to be okay, and then she dies.

Brooke's reaction to Laura being hit by a car on Barbara's watch. Absolutely heartbreaking. I remember thinking it was hard to watch and so real.

Phoebe, being bad, being good, whatever, she was always precious and never boring and I still miss Phoebe.

Brooke stuck in the giant pit of oatmeal (quicksand).

Erica, Skye and Janet plotting against Jonathan Kinder.

Donna coming unhinged after learning that her special baby has died in a fire.

Harold the dog dying. I cried my eyes out during those scenes. Anything Hsrold made me choke up, and where have the pets been since Harold's departure? Doesn't anyone in PV even have a cat, a bird, a goldfish?

More later!

Norn Cutson said...

i just read something on the SERIAL DRAMA site that was interesting....the song BIANCA sung @ MYRTLE'S MEMORIAL was a song that Eileen Herlie had originally preformed in the Broadway musical ALL AMERICAN.

that was a very clever way to include that, but it went right over my head!

Shadow said...

You forget all the great characters whose tenure was shorter but no less great. Barbara was an awesome bitch. Melanie, Dixie's sister. What happened to her? I don't remember. Enid, Greg's snobby mother. Sweet Harold. You know who needs a pet? Amanda needs another dog-something to take care of and make her less selfish (anything except a baby). Joey, Cecily, Julie, Brian, Verla, Myra, Mrs. Valentine, Dan Kennikot, Gloria, Emily Ann. There are so many wonderful people they could bring back to the fold somehow. What if Phoebe left a ton of money or something really valuable to Mrs. Valentine and she moved back and bought English Manor and became a new black matriarch? Can u tell I want English Manor back?

Anonymous said...

Shadow, didn'r Joey become Jake?

Melanie and David moved to Paris, I think.

I also loved Cecily and Nico. Cecily was one source of comic relief.

I think Gloria was committed after trying to poison Adam with tapioca. I think Emily Ann also was committed, can't remember why.

There was also Cecily's mom played by Ann Flood, who was from EON, played Nancy Karr. Anyone remember Mike and Nancy Karr?

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny we like the same things. I loved the Janet/Sky/Erica/ Kinder storyline. Of course I remember Nancy and Mike Karr. BIG EON fan here. Lori will always be the only Jodi and while Maeve is considered the defintive Nicole I loved the last one Lisa Sloane Long Live EON. Raven and Schuyler......

Arizonagal How great was The Book Of Daniel. Damm NBC

anyway finally got through Friday, still have not seen Monday. The show was horrible from KWAK thinking she was the Savage She-Hulk and destroying her home to JR getting drunk ( I kept waiting for him to say Because I'm one wild and Crazy guy) to Amanda attempting to cry ( she looked like she was getting a Brazilian Bikin wax. To the coma inducing Ryan and Greenlee. Thank god for MCE the only joy on friday's episode. How wretched was the dialogue on Friday

Anonymous said...

Let me farthest AMC moment....

(smiles) Gillian....

Laura said...

N69, fyi the song with Eileen is on amazon and Itunes. I used my pepsi points to get it from amazon. It's an mp3 file. I'll see if I can email it to you.

Jordan I used to also watch Edge of Night, I remember Sharon Gabet, Larkin Malloy, the girl from 90210/Full House, Lori Laughin or whatever. I used to work 5-10 in the summer and in college. And my co-workers watched this and Sommerset. I barely remember Somerset or Edge of Night. I think I have watched all the soaps at one time. Like so many people I watched them with my grandmother. We watched General Hospital and As the World Turns. She died in 68, so it was a long time ago. I used to watch Days with my mother in law when she was sick. Sometimes I'd see Guiding Light with Grant Alexander on it. I will probably tune back in for a minute. But it looks like a porn movie with the shooting style.

My favorite all time soap story was BJ's heart on General Hospital. I never taped soaps before, but I taped that week. What a tear jerker. Did anybody else see that one?
I think the Laura dying story on AMC was a fave along with the Odyssey House story on OLTL. That was ground breaking. Dr. Craig's daughter Cathy was on drugs and they went to a real treatment center in NYC. Very Agnes Nixon groundbreaking story. I also like Carla passing for white.

Daytime Confidential says AMC may go to a different studio to save money. Could they move and not give Aidumb and the DBTE's actors the directions!

Shadow said...

Brown Penny, you're right. I was thinking Charlie and I typed Joey.

Man, I just thought of the Thorntons. Haven't thought of them in years. Remember Dottie and her mother Edna Thornton? I don't remember what happened to them ultimately, but I remember how tacky Edna was and how sad Dottie was when she was trying to win Tad.

I'd love to see Ellen and Mark Dalton come back from Hong Kong, if that's still where they are.

Sean Kudahy was a great loser/con man. A little comic relief anyway.

Estelle. Now she was a hooker I truly cared about. She gave her baby Emily Ann to Donna and Benny when she died. Man that was powerful stuff back then.

If I recall Joe's brother Paul is still alive. Anybody remember if he had any kids? I think I recall Anne's baby dying. Maybe he could bring back another leg of the Martin family.

How about if Derek (the REAL Derek, heh) comes back from Hawaii with Danielle. Danielle hooks up with Frankie. Rancid could die tragically and unequivocally. With Derek and Danielle, we'd have more reasons to see Tom and Olivia who, if I'm not mistaken, still live somewhere in PV anyway. Then Sean could return for some of his skuldulgery and Brooke knowing them all so well, could save the day. Perfect! Those were all smart, charismatic characters that gave the community some texture.

Nick was great with Erica but he must like 1000 now.

With the war s/l now would be a great time to bring back Amy Tyler, Linc's ex-wife. She could come back to plot her revenge on Phoebe's estate and be the catalyst for all sorts of comebacks like Brooke or Hillary.

No harm dreaming, right? There is so much rich history to draw from and so many stories to tell that wouldn't involve sperm or tornados...

jordan hudson said...

Laura the BJ storyline was during Claire Labine's turn as headwriter. I was telling Ashley that she is the kind of headwriter AMC needs.

Yes I loved Sharon Gabet as Raven so sad that she left the business. But she found God so......

Oh I loved me some Edna and Dottie. Tasia was great as Dottie. I so was rotting for Tad and her. I never liked Hilary what a bore Carmen Thomas.

Anonymous said...

Best OLTL storyline: Hmmm.... this is really tough. I really liked the Paul Cramer babyswitch, but that's because Paul is my favorite character in the history of OLTL. I still think that it would be very....veryy.... easy for them to rewrite it as Little A is his son, because they hinted that it could have been either of the three choices, and that the DNA tests were ALWAYS tampered with. If Chuck Pratt really, REALLY wants to break JR down, have that happen. See how he copes with raising Paul Cramer's son as Adam Chandler III.

Another viable choice is the one that is happening right now that I have been very patiently been waiting for for the past 3-4 years (Asa used to hint at it before he died). David Vickers, the Buchanon. Sigh... as great of a writer as Ron C. is, he really knows how to drop the ball on all of his secrets. We still dont know who Rex's father is. We still dont know what secret Allison Perkins was keeping from Jessica and Natalie. And finally, David Vickers will find out that he is a Buchanon.

Wow these tangents are crazy... lol

But my favorite storyline, if I had to choose, has to be (as badly as I am about to get booed for it), the reemmergence of Mitch Lawrence and the return of Victor Lord. Let me explain...

In my mind, Victor Lord is a nefarious legend that will live in infamy for his crimes against his family, and for splitting Viki into a million pieces. To see the evil that this man stood for, look into the eyes of his own daughter and make her choose which of her own daughters will live and which will die.... is truly remarkable, and this link will show it.

Another reason that I choosed this storyline was for the character of Todd Manning. Up to this point, the character was a torchered soul who lived with the scars, both physical and emotional, that could move mountains. He had gone to the lowest of lows: raping Marty. He had dealt with the abuse of Peter Manning. He had also found love along the way. He found Blair, and in that love, came their shining Starr. To see the road that this man had traveled and watch as he looks into the eyes of the man that not only gave him life, but the curse of being Victor Lord's son, is profound; to say the least.

My favorite GH storyline....oh, so many to choose from.

I loved the teen storylines with Dillon, Georgie, Sage, Lucas, Diego, and Brooke Lynn. They were so innocent and beautiful. I still think that it was a mistake to kill Sage. It wouldn't have turned Diego into a vengeful perv which wouldntve turned him into killer, which means Georgie would still be alive. As far as Brooke Lynn, I'll never forget when she was going by an alias to hide from her mother and everyone else, she sang Ned and Lois's song, "The Only One I Love" that Ned wrote for Lois when he was pretending to be Eddie Maine. It was beautiful.

But I really think that GH should be split into two different categories as far as fav. storylines: sweep stunts and storylines.

As far as storylines, the return of the Cassadines is hands down, the greatest GH that I have ever seen. To see a scorned Nikolas come forth as Lulu's doner to a oblivious Luke and Lucky, to see the shamed Laura, and to see the sweet smile on the face of Stefan can still make me cry. It was so beautifully written. Especially when Nikoplas defended Stefan to Laura. He made himself known as Cassadine.

As far as sweep stunts, the PC Hotel fire was some of the best stuff that I've seen. The only thing that bothers me to this day about it, is that Scott Baldwin started the fire to steal burried treasure and has yet to pay for it, but w/e. It was simple. No CGI. No flying Zach Slater. Just the town of PC in a burning building, trapped and afraid. Simple and sweet.

Laura said...

Jordan, I loved anything Claire Labine did starting with Ryan's Hope. You and I agree on a lot of stuff especially this. If they can't get her, how about her son Matthew. He worked with her, the apple doesn't fall far from the tree in this case.

Remember when Roscoe Orman the bald black guy from Sesame Street played the pimp Tyrone on AMC? Some co-workers with kids said their kids would yell Gordan when watching AMC. He had to pick and he choose Sesame Street, good choice, don't think he'd still be on AMC. I also loved Billy Clyde Tuggle. I see he is going to be in a Movie with Sarah Michelle Gellar and the girl who plays Tea on OLTL.

jordan hudson said...


Ron C. did not write the show when Alison Perkins came back and had a secret. That was during the writers strike and from what I read . No one knows what the secret was suppose to be those damm scab writers but yes REX is dad when when....I only wish it would wind up being Bo.

jordan hudson said...

Laura that is why OLTl is good Ron C was hired by Claire when she strated on OLTl and he learned from her. When she was let go from OLTL Ron stayed on. her daughter stood on for awhile at Gl after Claire left. Claire gets no respect what so ever. ABC had a choice between Wendy Riche's Port Charles or Claire Labine's shwo which would have been Ned and Lois moving back to Bensonhurst. Boy they choose wrong.

Laura said...

ABC makes bad choices Jordan. Claire Labine is a soap God, right up there with Doug Marland, Bill Bell, Irma Philips, and Agnes Nixon.

I am picturing Aggie on AMC after Myrtle and going up to each bad character and killing them, starting with Aidumb, Rancid, Coldby, etc. She was on telling Viki, I created you, and she kissed Myrtle. She is too sweet to maybe kill them, but she could show them a door or welcome them to Heaven never to return to Earth. A girl can dream. OLTL and Y&R are the only well written shows right now. Y&R has an 80 year old woman front and center, doing the work of her career. But a Bell Family member and Hogan Scheffer are good, also Thom Racina writes sometimes.

I think our DiscoDan should be the intern once he graduates. Some kid making 8.50 an hour could do a better than what we have right now.

When does Olivia return. I am waiting for the battle of the daytime Weaves.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I wonder if this women got the idea for Amc

Anonymous said...

Meant to say from amc

Anonymous said...

LOL Jordan I totally forgot about the writers strike.... my bad, but still. My guess: Rex is the triplet of Natalie and Jessica, but that rewrite would be even a lil bit too much... That or he's David's son, which would make him a Buchanon anyways.

Laura, you are amazing. Thank you so much. Honestly, I would really enjoy writing for a soap and if I ever get the opportunity to start, even as an intern or something, I'll take it.

I forgot to throw in my favorite AMC storyline....hmmm... I know that this might be a bit of a strech, but I'm a lil sketchy past 1999, as far as AMC I'm gunna go with Tad and Simone. That was sweet and fun and simple. It was a younger woman who wanted to try out the legend, and an older man who couldnt help himself. Meanwhile, Tad's getting some from both Krystal and Liza, as well. I liked that a lot.

David and Anna were good. Anything with Leo, because he was my fav characters, (and back then, it extended to Ryan). But Tad and Simone was really cute. Personally, I know the unabortion was hated, but I loved it. I loved the fact that the Kane women monocre. I liked that he threw Erica for a loop, and Kendall and Bianca got a relevant brother (because their other two [Trey for Kendall, Sean for Bianca] were not). He was edgy. He was fearless. And he was scarred, and Babe broke that boy's heart, and I never EVER forgave her for that. It didn't hurt that his real life dad was my aunt's OBGYN and delivered my cousins.

While we're at it, I'm gunna say my favorite Port Charles (Yes, the Gothic soap!) storyline, which is the basic premis of the Vampire vs. Angels storyline. Rafe vs. Caleb. Good vs. Evil. Classic. Even though it didnt get any ratings whatsoever, and basically is as shamefully viewed as Passions, it gave us some stellar actors: Michael Gaston, Kelly Monaco, Thorsten Kaye, etc.

Anonymous said...

And by the way, I am currently in the process of writing a drama of my own, in the format of a novel. I'm almost halfway, but if anyone would like to see what I've got so far...if you are interested, email me at and say that you want one. I'll forward it. The tentative title is called "Serial Silence", but I'm thinking of changing to possibly "Seven Degrees" or something else. If you do read it, tell me what you think and what you think that the title should be.

Norn Cutson said...

thanks to Laura, we have the orginal version of ONCE UPON A TIME, as a duet by Ray Bolger & our beloved Eileen Herlie.

i've uploaded it here, so we can all hear it.

i must say i am much more sympathetic towards Eden's singing now, because its a *very* difficult song & she probably only had 5 minutes to learn it!

once upon a time
a girl with moonlight in her eyes
put her hand in mine
& said she loved me so
but that was once upon a time
very long ago.."

now i'm gonna go listen to our BINKS on youtube & have a cry!

Norn Cutson said...

some fascinating excerpts from the out-of-print book Worlds Without End: The Art and History of the Soap Opera are posted on the blog MARKH's SOAP MUSINGS

here is the beginning:

Is it possible that Irna Phillips, the former schoolteacher who became the doyenne of the soap opera, was somehow influenced by philosopher George Santayana's dictum, "another world to live in ... is what we mean by having a religion," as she created and then developed the daytime serial over forty years? Phillips certainly approached the genre with a spiritual discipline and intensity, and in 1964 even titled one of her creations Another World. More than any other art form, the soap opera creates an alternative world, where the characters and their environment seem to exist in a parallel dimension. Unlike individual works of art—a poem, novel, or film— which require Coleridge's temporary "suspension of disbelief," the serial demands ongoing belief and a daily commitment from the follower. Such surrender to an imaginative universe has engendered a loyalty and devotion that supersedes all rules of engagement: perhaps that is one reason why the soaps and their enthusiasts have been treated with suspicion, and sometimes contempt. The well-made classical work of fiction is conscious of its structure: exposition in the beginning leads to a well-reasoned middle, culminating in the catharsis of the denouement. The never-ending soap, however, is a relentless series of beginnings and middles, without any final resolutions. The soap's characters take on a life of their own, often growing beyond the intentions, and even the lifetime, of the original author. When Guiding Light turned sixty in 1997, the serial had already outlived its creator, Irna Phillips, by twenty-three years. As they say, "life is short, and art is long," but how did an art get this long?

Shadow said...

Friday's episode...I think..

Tad's going to be so pissed. They just finished repainting the house.

Guess we can't afford stuntmen now either. Ya'll weren't exaggerating about KWAK falling down the stairs. It's like she just ran downstairs and flopped on the table. No tuck and roll. Not even a "Oh F@ck!" which is what I would probably yell if I fell down a flight of stairs. Pratt likes trees, tacky ornaments, candles, seashells, the moon and stairs.

Annie's psych isn't much better. That scene where Annie knocked her out and she fell on the bed was lame. Is this chick really supposed to be a good actress? Granted they haven't given her much to work with, but I'm not seeing much personality behind those groucho glasses.

How is it that some wannabe like Greenlee has a cool loft and Erica is a vagrant?

How about if Ryan has an allergic reaction to his bronzer, suffocates and dies?

InsAnnie is bustin' out and whadayaknow, NOW SuperSpy is locked in a room and can't get out. Convenient! Listen to the "Halloween" movie theme song in the background. Did we cut back on the music people too? That would explain why they made Boobianca screech out that song at Myrtle's funeral. But now we have to borrow music from bad movies too?

Drunk JR is a bore. He doesn't have Duchess' chops to pull it off. Granted, Phoebe didn't have to act opposite a pink shell. Why can't he and Adam patch things up and go on a takeover spree? Advance these guys a little. Babe is six feet under but the guy is still doing the same ol' stuff. Put some hair on his balls and let him grow up already!

Who dumps their kids at grandma's on Christmas Eve, the night Santa comes. The one night every kid wants to be in their bed on time? And isn't this Tad's first Christmas with Kathy?

More porno music for Rylee. I'll give them some props for not smacking their lips, but I still find myself pushing back the bile.

The sex scenes on AMC are prudish or boring or vulgar or ridiculous--anything but sexy. The scenes play out like they are written by someone who has never had sex in their life. Meanwhile on OLTL people are hanging upside down naked making sweet jungle love, mastering their domain...Clearly everyone on that show gets it.

Amanda better not leave Lil 'A alone with Drunk JR.

Why is Greenlee taking a bath in a tub full of green jello?

InsAnnie is the only character that is having any fun or seems to have a clue what is motivating them or where they are going. Everyone else seems to be saying their lines with trepidation--unsure of the emotion to convey. I think that's why we have such a hard time now knowing how we're supposed to be reacting. I find myself watching and saying, "Huh!" a lot these day. Like "Huh, that was kind funny. Was that supposed to be funny?"

Friday sucked. No Taylor. Click Click Click....

Shadow said...

SoapCentral called Angie "Old Mother Hubbard". Hah!

Arizonagal said...

Some of my favorite old memories

HoTad the himbo doing the deed with Liza and Marian Colby, and trying to juggle the two women. I miss Tad the Cad.

Ray Gardner terrorizing PV. Don't remember it very well, but do remember that it was genuinely scary. Can't remember the actor's name, but he was so genuinely evil and nasty and, to be honest, really ugly. And then he shows up on GL as Hawk Shayne, Reva's dad, a good old country boy and a funny old coot, and I thought, damn, this guy can act!

I loved Jesse and Angie sitting on the fire escape, just talking and being friends. Mrs. Gonzalez their neighbor, being like a surrogate mom to them. That was back in the old days, when the show had a heart.

Said this before, but Phoebs, Charles and Mona, that was just the best of writing and acting.

Norn Cutson said...

another excerpt:
Nixon began as a dialogue writer on Phillips's Woman in White, a radio serial about the checkered romance between a nurse and a fledgling surgeon. She wrote scripts for early television anthologies and developed the inaugural stories for Search for Tomorrow. Returning to the Phillips fold, she wrote for Guiding Light for thirteen years, eight as head writer, and co-created the defining television soap, As the World Turns. During these years with Phillips the Nixon touch emerges in her treatment of Bert Bauer, the "tentpole" character of Guiding Light. Bert, played by Charita Bauer for thirty-five years, had matured into the homey philosopher of the series by the early sixties, and viewers were stunned when she underwent treatment for uterine cancer. Nixon had struggled with P&G executives and network censors to have Bert first undergo a Pap smear test. Capitalizing on the temporal quality of the serial, Nixon played the cancer story line out over many months, educating her public about the necessity of medical prevention. The soap form and the pedagogical story coalesced perfectly, and the positive viewer reaction suggested a more sophisticated audience than the industry had realized.

Norn Cutson said...

one last excerpt (its worth reading the whole thing):
When characters with such rich, penetrating histories as Victor Newman and Nikki Reed on The Young and the Restless or Alan and Monica Quartermaine on General Hospital confront each other, the viewer fills in the sustained silences and piercing reaction shots that characterize the genre with a keen knowledge of their pasts, thus becoming an important partner in the scene. This deep, emotional involvement in a story that is unfolding day by day over years is ultimately the triumph of the soap opera. No other art form can achieve, much less sustain, this kind of connection with an audience for so long in such a deeply satisfying way.

i think that is such a great point; that serial drama is NECCESSARRILY an interactive entertainment.
if the viewer is not pulled IN to the drama, the show is not doing its job.

& its CHARACTERS & EMOTIONS that pull us in, not a flying car shot on bluescreen.

Shadow said...

n69n-That's definitely something you should send to ABC. That last excerpt is perfect. Of course, I'm not certain Frons and Co. can understand phrases like "pedagogical story coalesced perfectly". Can you dumb it down for them?

Shadow said...

I may have FFd thru it, but did we get any scene acknowledging that it was Christmas beside creepy David Hayward with Lil A and KWAK attacking the tree and burning down the house? Ho Ho Ho! Where were the scenes with everyone wishing eachother Merry Christmas? I would have even taken another trucker Christmas! It felt like TPTB gave everyone time off for the holidays. Maybe that was when they were renegotiating everybody's salaries.

I wonder if New Year's Eve will be a bust too? These characters have all turned into the biggest bunch of Losers. Where's the "joie de vivre"?

Norn Cutson said...

well, MIRANDA plugged in the Christmas tree...

we found out KENDALL's favorite carol is GOOD KING WENCESLAS (which doesnt ring true, i'd beleive it was ZACH's favorite but not KENDALL's, its too serious for her)

AMANDA, JR & LI'L A trimmed the tree...

JESSE & his elves of color...

that & KWAK's tree is about it.

nothing from ERICA, nothin from TAD, ntohing from OPAL, PETEY or any mention of PALMER.

not to mention RUTH or DR. JOE!

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm loving what you've posted, norn, and in the spirit of that post, have any of you ever seen this?

It's a five-part interview on YouTube with Agnes Nixon. IN total, 2 1/2 hours with the queen herself, interviewed by Marlena Delacroix for the national archives. It looks like it was filmed some time in the late nineties, so storyline-wise, we were just coming out of the great Broderick period.

And, I suppose since I started the conversation, I have to answer my own question:

Best Storyline: Who Killed Will? I also enjoyed the Baby Switch and lurved Janet/Skye/Erica/Dr. Kinder. Mattson's Janet was a big fave for me in the nineties.

Worst Storyline: Poisoned Tatoos come to mind, but since I was coming off the high of Broderick, I could let that pass. I would say Dog Boy, but that was mercifully cut short by the transitioning writers. (This was Cascio/Rayfield, I think, if not Culliton, who I cannot believe JOrdan thinks did a good job, because the WORST storyline IMHO, is Culliton's: PROTEUS.)

crs 17

P.S. REmember I've only been watching since 1990, so I didn't get the chance to watch much of the Opal/Palmer/Daisy or Tad/Liza/Marian stuff or Jenny/Greg/Angie/Jesse, although what I've glimpsed looks amazing.

Laura said...

Norn, thanks for uploading the song, but i think only the first 30 seconds run and we don't get to hear Eileen, so if anybody wants this email me at and I'll send you the file. Shh! don't tell the music police. I knew this song from Beyond the Sea when Kevin Spacey did Bobby Darin's version. Tony Bennett also had a hit with this. I agree with n69, a very hard song to sing. I am impressed they included this song in the tribute episode. A nice touch to Eileen's talent.

Yesterday it was over 60 degrees in Chicago. Crazy and not soon enough, fell on my butt on the ice the day before. Better but still aching.

I have 14 mintues of the podcast left, savoring it all week since there is not one this weekend. But it is great as usual.

What the heck is up with SoapNet, I think they have played Mommie Dearest like 3 times in the last 3 months. I love the movie, but come on! My New Year's resolution includes letters to the powers that be!

Laura said...

Just testing my Brian Frons picture.

Shadow said...

Oh yeah! Miranda plugging in the tree. Good King Wincelattewhatever. Is Pratt an atheist or what? This was "All My Children's Lame-Ass Christmas". We got a funeral and a bunch of repeats. He really doesn't get the audience.

Who Killed Will? I loved that too. They should do a new murder mystery. Who Killed Colby has a catchy ring to it with the "K-K" sound. Who Killed Randi? Well, she's already DBTE. Who Killed Ryan? So many people, so much time to savor the story. The catch could be nobody did it. It could be death by thong. Ripped from today's headlines! A decorative metal piece from his thong flies off and sticks him in the eye and he gets a fatal infection. Or he could accidentally ingest it unaware of the dangerously high level of lead in the thong piece and he dies of lead poisoning. They spend months trying to figure out who poisoned him. When they find the offending thong, Livia files a class action lawsuit against famed lingerie company TightyWhities & Co. for selling a dangerous product.

Mel Got Served said...

I only occasionally watch GH, but I watched Friday's ep with the beginning on Robin's wedding, and boy did I get vaklempt. And let's add, I had never seen any of the original material. The flashbacks were perfectly selected. It made me feel like I had watched Robin since the first time the actress stepped into the role as a child. I will definitely be DVRing the rest of the week to watch this wedding. And unlike AMC, GH is letting this wedding last a few days- unlike the reunion of Angie and Jesse who had a 2 episode wedding which the majority was Robert Gardner killing people and NeYo performing.

Shadow said...

Saw this today on Mark H's Soap Musings. I liked the Myrtle ep, but Mark succinctly summarizes some of the concern I had about how it played out:

In the end, as a "visiting" viewer, it was clear to me that this was a departure episode with very little integration into the larger current canvas of the show. Moreover, as a "historical" episode, apart from a few flashbacks, there was very little attempt to link Myrtle into her larger history on the show. No flashback of Lenny/Langley?

There was no greater testament of how separated today's AMC has come from its' history than when "legacy" character (I know some folks hate that term) Petey Cortland had this exchange with his mother:

Opal: She wasn't fooling anybody. This here crystal ball's the real McCoy. She had this from way back when Phoebe Wallingford pulled her out of a homeless shelter to pose as Kitty Shea's mama.

Pete: Who?

It is such a sign of how much AMC has lost its historical throughline that Petey, legimitately, could have no idea whom his mother Opal she was talking about....

I guess the problem I have is that I cannot imagine that Petey could have grown up/SORASd in Pine Valley and never have heard of Phoebe. My goodness...I imagine the Tyler and Wallingford name would be all over everything (e.g., all the off-screen libraries and hospital wings and so forth). And if it is NOT, shame on AMC!

But, I think I also didn't like that that line was a bone to throw younger viewers like Petey...but there was no attempt to explain.

Think about it: Opal had NO connection to Kelly and Linc. They were long gone by the time Jenny and Opal rode into town on a bus. What would she be the one to even mention the Kelly and Linc tale? Why? Because...who else? The canvas has so little connection to its history.

That the Martins couldn't even deign to appear...surely Tad and Jake (I still know him as Joey) and Joe and Ruth had at least a passing familiarity with Myrtle? (Obviously they did). But the show couldn't afford, I guess, an extra day beyond their contract guarantees if they were only going to serve as dayplayers.

Norn Cutson said...

crs 17 said...

Agnes Nixon - Archive Interview

thank you for that link!
what a treat!

Shadow said...

Part of the reason why I liked Myrt and other legacy characters was that they were so feisty. Listen to the dialogue in those flashbacks. It's not only the words it the way the actors gave the words life. They literally lept off the screen. When Myrt was telling off Angie's father I felt like I was standing right there and needed to step back. Erica's fit over the spilled wine--when's the last time she let loose like that? Even sitting perfectly still, Pheobe was electrifying.

I think that's why people are reacting so favorably to MCE's InsAnnie now. Her performance has some kick. She uses her whole body. She makes facial expressions. The reason why I love it when Kate Collins comes back is because she's old style. She's a great actress who draws you in with a bravura performance--almost over the top but not quite. She immerses herself in Janet's crazy head and doesn't care what she looks like. Lucci is too restrained now. She acts like she has brittle bone disease or something.

And so there's Carmen. She gets it. Her personality transcends the screen. AMC used to be full of characters like this. But now it's like everyone is in a Zoloft haze. Occasionally I see the spark in Adam's eye, but where's the passion he evoked back when Babe married JR?

Whether they are vets or not, AMC needs to fill its ranks with people who perform passionately and connect passionately with viewers. There are several getting way too much screen time who look great but don't have a clue.

Norn Cutson said...

"What I was trying to show, what I'm *ALWAYS* trying to show, is the common denominator of humanity, and that what can happen to *that* person can also happen to you."
- Agnes Nixon

Anonymous said...

Shadow, that's because they used to pull soap actors from the silver screens (Warrick-Citizen Kane; Herlie-Hamlet) and stages (also Herlie and Livia/Tonya Pinkins) of yore. Now they pull them from the latest runway or the Ford Agency. A stage actor KNOWS how to work your attention, because they REACT, not just ACT. THat is what is so great about Petey. Watch him. He reacts to what everyone is saying, while Coldby just stands there staring, while I'm thinking, "Close your mouth before a gnat flies in; bless your heart." Watch REACTIONS; that's how you know who your real actors are. The reaction is where it's at; it's what makes you feel like you are living in the community of Pine Valley, instead of watching actors flit and flounce about a studio.

crs 17

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, you inspired me to incorporate the thong into my Ryan death fantasies.

Killer thong, scenario number two: (Doing my best Dr. G impression) Believing in the allure of his sexy underwear, Ryan begins wearing the thong 24/7. Like any good boy scout, he is always prepared for a sexual encounter with Greenlee. The offending thong, meant only for use during foreplay, traps and constricts Ryan's anal sphincter, preventing the expulsion of flatulence. The flatulence, unable to escape, leads to the buildup of methane, sulphur, and hydrogen, three highly flammable gases, in Ryan's bowels. During an evening of inflamed passion with the afore mentioned Ms. Smythe, the offending thong is removed, the dangerous gases are released and ignite in a violent explosion caused by the mixture of the gases with the flickering flames from the 50 or 60 candles Ryan torched in an effort to create the "mood". If only he'd asked someone to pull his finger.

Ms. Smythe rises from the ashes unscathed and, upon discovering her once dead husband, Leo, is alive, leaves Pine Valley to start a new life elsewhere.

Good riddance to both. And for Ryan, perhaps RIP doesn't only mean rest in peace.

Arizonagal said...

Responding to comments by Norn, Shadow, CRS, Jordan, DiscoDan, and others about the acting on AMC. I agree, MCE is showing us what she's got and I'm loving it. I respond to what she's saying, doing, even when the dialog is lame. She draws the viewer in, she has depth. It's like what someone said about allowing the viewers to fill in the blanks. The only thing I'm really not getting from MCE is she's not really getting the broken and damaged aspects of her illness. But, that's a minor complaint.

The same can be said for Taylor, Angie, Jesse, Tad, Petey, Zach, Binx and Reese. The good actors on AMC transcend the bad material.

Ms. Lucci isn't among those actors. She wants to have depth, but when she tries too hard, you see the actor, not the character, not the emotion. I love Looch, and I love Eek, but I never expect as much from her. To me, SL's insecurities show through and dampen the supposed strength of Erica Kane.

Today I was catching up on my suds and I was barely able to stomach the Ryan/Greenlee sex scenes. Not hot, not sexy, just icky and I felt nothing. Ryan's nipples were distracting.

Then I watched GL and caught the scene with Beth and Coop making out in Coop's room. It was all about the passion, the needing, the lust. It was just them kissing and feeling the heat, no sex, no undressing. Just two great characters letting us into their souls. It was hot and I felt so sad to see that affair ending.

Back to AMC, I am very disappointed in Vincent Irizary's acting and I am not loving the return of David. His need to portray evil without a soul sucks. At the end of every one of his scenes he smirks at the camera as if to say, "that's right, I'm bad." I expected more from him. He's so one note.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Shadow you are mistaken when it comes to Spike he can hear once he has his implant in and he did have it in on the show where Kendall's spirit is shown. Spike's hair is growing so it is covering the implant.

jordan hudson said...


Thank you so much for your GL comment....I was in awe Friday with GL. That was just old school Soap Opera. Two characters who are connected and wnating each other but are kept away due to circumstances. The longing looks Coop gives Beth. When she was reading his novel and the way he described her. OMG I was a mess. When she opned the door and there he was and they kissed. The fact that Alan was just downstairs.....Buzz and Liliian trying to stop Alan.....How How How can they end this. I just hope AMC is really grabbing this talented actor sadly they would give him the same crap there giving everyone else.

AMC needs Brooke and Liza back big time. Brooke would be grreat going up against David maybe even a romance. David likes a strong one point he was in love with Liza. Liza is just so needed at this poitn for Tad, jake , Adam and Colby.

Another character that is needed is Trey. David needs a brother to soften him and it would also help for Kendull to have a brother now that she will be loosing the other one for good it seems.

And yes I like the Culitons. Everyone hates the Proteus storyline, it was a rip off of Brooke and her mom. Yet they were responsible for all those characters coming together. I loved that David had a family. I love Trey and Kendal acting like the Wonder twins around town. But even more I loved Mary Smythe. I will never forget the scene wheer Simone was passed out at the bar upset over the whole Roger fiasco. Mary came up behind her grabbed her hair and threatened her in her ear. that was soap opera baby. Ah such a mistake to let her go. Erica needs someone in her league to go up against.

The Ice Princess much fun.... I love Edward's niece Alexandra Quatermaine and her romace with Tony Cassadine. Those were fun days with GH.

melmel so on point with Gh and Robin's wedding. I only wish they would keep Anna and Robert on. the writing seems to be much better as they are dealing a little less with mobs and more on relationships. Hope it last. But I can never forgive Jill Farren Phelps who is Gh's answer to Craputhers for getting rid of Laura and killing off the Quatermaines. She is a nut but 6that is what she does. She gets on a show and kills someone off. GL Maureen Bauer.... AW Frankie Frame Winthrop ...OLTL at least this was a character know one cared about.

OLTL was amazing Friday. Todd and Tea are amazing together considering this was not her Todd. Dorian and her family opening. gifts...just got me. Rex wanting to give Shane a great first xmas. Unlike Tad and Kathy. and the return of David Vickers NAMASTE Everyone this one is a hoot

Shadow said...

Arizonagal said:

...a violent explosion caused by the mixture of the gases with the flickering flames from the 50 or 60 candles Ryan torched in an effort to create the "mood". If only he'd asked someone to pull his finger.

Now that's funny.

AMC could use some funny. I wouldn't mind them bringing back Gillian Spencer and Taylor Miller to care for an ailing Chompers. Daisey was always good for some comic relief. I think GS used to write some for AMC, OLTL in addition to her recurring role.

Bringing back Trey is a good idea. Kendall needs a man in her life she doesn't want to poke. Erica could use Mark as well or at least Tom or Nick--both guys who get her and are over her. I know Erica has Jack but they still want to get horizontal with each other. And he makes me dizzy with all that bobbling.

Anonymous said...

Trey wouldn't be that bad of an idea, except....

1. Erica will still treat him like a second class citizen.

2. Zach won't trust the guy. He already got "burnt" by one of Kendall's brothers.

3. Chuck Pratt will probably have Reese bangin him by week 2.

Anonymous said...

LOL Jordan, I don't know if you remember this, but Tuc Watkins was once on GH. He played Pierce Dorman, a doctor/drug dealer (that Sonny and Jason were coincidentally after), who sued Monica Quartermaine for sexual harassment. After hearing about this charge, she proceded to kidnap him and was about to give him a libotomy (where the doctor basically clears your entire brain). It is hilarious.

Anonymous said...

If TPTB can get John Driscoll as Sean or Trey then I'm all for it. I like Sam Page, but his character failed the first time around, just didn't catch on. Maybe John Driscoll could work his magic. However, with Pratthole and the rest of TIIC, I am not sure Trey would work now.

Another one I'd like to see back on the canvas? Tim Dillon. Now that Amanda is here, wouldn't it be nice if she had her bro around?

Bottom line, bring John Driscoll to AMC and write some good stuff for all the GL refugees. Please don't waste their talents!

Anonymous said...

Hmmm...pondering what y'all are sayin'

We definitely need Liza or Brooke or someone around that age range (but shouldn't Liza be much less younger than Brooke). The only people we have are Erica and KWAK. This is why I liked when b&e brought Barbara back. At least Angie's here, but if we want relationships at this age level, that's not gonna work.

Trey would be OK to bring back, perhaps this GL guy, as you are all saying; I don't know his work. I'm not sure Sam Page wants to be back. Of course, Josh fits the bill here, but it ain't happening. Like Jake and Greenlee, Josh and Greenlee was another missed opportunity. Biggest Waste of a Character in 2008? Greenlee.

Tim Dillon might be fun. Amanda could use a sounding board during this whole Get JR Drunk phase. STill p'o'ed they didn't give Trevor a funeral. He was good comic relief.

I'd love if they brought back Daisy; yes she did write for the show up until about the time McTavish had her first reign. It's not that we don't have comic relief. Tad's good; Opal is great; PEtey is awesome; to me, La Looch's forte is comedy. It's just not being used.

So howzabout since we don't get a Podcast, we have the Annual PVP awards? An awards show simply for AMC. Here are some possible categories:

Best Storyline
Worst Storyline
Best Actor
Best Actress
Biggest Waste of a Character
Best Revitilization of a Character
Best Couple
Worst Couple

Anyone think of others?

Anyone interested?

We could email our responses to Ashley and Jordan. THey could tabulate the votes and announce the winners on a future Podcast?

crs 17

Anonymous said...

I forgot some!

Best and Worst Newcomer
Best Reason to FF
Character you Love to Hate
Character you Hate to Love
Best and Worst Comeback
Best Single Episode
Best Line of Dialogue
Most As-Toot Observation
Moment that made you want to Throw your Shoe at the TV (WE could use the word Ashley says if I knew how to spell it)
Moment You Most Wish Had Been on the SoapNet HD Version Ashley Watches
Best Weave (Ok, joking on that one; Angie wins hands-down unless Livia comes back)
Behind-the-Scenes Moment that Made you NOT AMUSED (Onscreen Moment too)
Slutmetric Scene of the Year

All of these must be from 2008 only. I don't want us to influence each other, so please don't post answers on the blog if you like this idea. I want our honest answers, and if Jordan and Ashley don't want to handle the email, I suppose I can do it. It's just that we already have Jordan and Ashley's email. ;-)


Anonymous said...

Best Storyline: Brot Monroe
Worst Storyline: Aidan Devane...and anything to do with him.
Best Actor: Jacob Young
Best Actress: Melissa Clair Egan
Biggest Waste of a Character: Josh Madden
Best Revitilization of a Character: Annie Lavery
Best Couple: Bianca and Reese
Worst Couple: Ryan and Greenlee
Best and Worst Newcomer: Best- Frankie Hubbard, Worst- NuColby Chandler
Best Reason to FF: Ryan and Greenlee
Character you Love to Hate: David Hayward
Character you Hate to Love: Babe Carey
Best and Worst Comeback: Best- Jake Martin, Worst- Greenlee Smythe
Best Single Episode: OLTL lol...
But seriously... Probably Angie/Jessie's wedding
Best Line of Dialogue: "I'm Erica Kane...Everything I do is breaking news"
Most As-Toot Observation: Anything Shadow has to say
Moment that made you want to Throw your Shoe at the TV (WE could use the word Ashley says if I knew how to spell it): Josh stole money? Are you high Chuck?
Moment You Most Wish Had Been on the SoapNet HD Version Ashley Watches: The insemination and Paris trip
Best Weave (Ok, joking on that one; Angie wins hands-down unless Livia comes back): Rebecca... Angie comes in second....again lol
Behind-the-Scenes Moment that Made you NOT AMUSED (Onscreen Moment too): Petey and Colby knew each other?
Slutmetric Scene of the Year: Are we allowed to use negative slutmetric activity, because if that's the case I got a poem on Rebecca Buddig that makes me want to kill a kitten.
But positive....I'm gunna get punched out for this one, but Randi really is a better actress in bed...I'm gunna say Randi and Frankie.

Tanya said...

Love the show and am sorry to hear you'll be off for a couple of weeks. Guess I'll have to watch AMC instead of having it on in the background while I'm doing housework!

I love how Jordan knows all the old story lines, I've been watching for a long time myself but don't remember it like he does. Dose anyone know of a good book or web site that goes through the whole story from the beginning? My sister gave me a book years ago that had the story, but it's not very detailed, and I can't find it anyway!

Norn Cutson said...

i'm home sick today, so i watched live.

notes on Monday's episode

• oops, AMANDA messed up her eyebrows again.

• tsk, ANNIE was never in "lockdown"

• AIDUMB in the hood is just too dumb.

• ANNIE hears the lip-smackin all the way upstairs.

• KWAK: "Tad who?"

• JESSE's some police chief, not noticing the mysterious hooded figure.

of course, it would be *OAKHAVEN's* responsibilty, not ANNIE's DR, but what the hell do i care.

• some guy named MARK is cleaning KWAK's house.
thats the kind of guy who turns me on in real life...i like somethin to grab hold of!

• how's CRYAN gonna make this situation worse?


• ADAM: "Tatas in his face!"

• Chrishell needs to step up her game to hold her own with David Canary.

• dang, poor EMMA.
the crap that kid has to go thru...

• oh, they've moved PETEY from glasses to contacts.

tsk, PETEY, dont be pourin your heart out to DAVID.

DAVID slips KWAK her next a ziploc bag.

• EMMA: "I prayed and prayed and it worked. You came home."

• ANNIE's DR is on contract?????!?

• ANNIE: "Get out of my house, bitch."

flat flat flat.

• 5 million isnt really "rich" anymore.

• MONGRIEF is so bottom-of-the-barrel i'm not even gonna mention her.

• KWAK is suckin as a mom...OPAL's had the kids two days & now she's pawnin em off on WINIFRED.

• OAKHAVEN is "maximum security"?!?!?!
PUHHH-LEEEEZE! my mailbox is more secure than that crackerbox.

• we get a special end credits montage & its better than the whole episode.

notes on Monday's episode

• DORIAN's got a special gift for LANGSTON...her adoption certificate.


•BLAIR looks goooooooooooooooooooood!

• what's MARTY up to?

• there's RENEE!

they're watching a video of ASA.

• mmMPHh, look at DAVID's arms!

YAY, a flashback to deleted scenes!

• MCBAIN looks so happy to see BLAIR!
they are a good romantic couple!

BLAIR gives MCBAIN an aloha shirt & an original Lester Young album on vinyl...that's a classy gift!

• MCBAIN gives BLAIR tickets to some reosrt...but she doesnt wanna leave the kids right now.

• The Monk On The Plane: "I do not fear losing my life, for I have my soul."

• ASA: "Nora, pack your bags!"

HA HA, The BUCHANANS are flat-ass broke!

• MO: "So...what made you decide you can live without zippers?"

i love how VIKI indulges DAVID, but she ain't buyin it!

• wow they sure spent some money on this NUVARING commercial.

• ASA: "I, Asa Buchanan, leave everything I own to the son I never acknowledged...DAVID VICKERS!"

• DAVID: "I have come here to atone for all my wrongs."

VIKI: "So you're going to be here for quite a while."

• god i hate REX's hair.

she's piiiiiiiissssssssssssssssed!!!!

i may be sick but that had me jumpin up & down right now!!!

• DAVID: "How about a vegan menu?"

• BO: "We're standin' here havin' a conversation with a tv....and its workin'!"

• what is MARTY's game???

• i think this CLOROX 2 commercial is bad...they shouldn't be teachin little kids to run *towards* some strange man in a van!

• DORIAN: "If it isnt the ghost of Christmas Past...two of them!"

• i really like seeing BLAIR & MCBAIn happy!

• CLINT mentions MAX & ALEX....i know ALEX is comin back, but is MAX?!?!?

• DORIAN: "Sun, sand, no extradition treaties...ST BLAZES, I'm on my way!"

ooooh so DORIAN is gonna run into ALEX OLANOV @ ST BLAZES!!!
see, this is *FUN* show!

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Hey DiscoDan, that was nice. Thanks! I’m in good as-toot company.

Let’s see…

BEST ACTRESS: Debbi Morgan does a consistent if not sometimes loud job. If she had the material you know she’d deliver.

BEST ACTOR: This is tough. I know it’s David Canary but he hasn’t had anything good to do all year. Michael Knight and Jesse haven’t moved me much. Petey is funny but his inexperience shows. I enjoyed Billy Miller more than most but his story totally sucked when you think about it. JR bugs me a little sometimes although I bet he’s a really decent person in real life. Joe doesn’t do enough. Honestly, Josh wasn’t on much but he would be my number 2. His material *sucked* and he was still pretty interesting to watch. So I’ll say David Canary. I hope 2009 restores him to his glory. He was sort of just an ol’ fart this year.

BEST NEWCOMER: Beth Ehlers. The girl can act. I’d almost say she’s better than Debbi Morgan, but DM is tried and tested. And then there’s the Click Click Click thing…That cracks me up.

WORST NEWCOMER: Randi ssssuuuuuucks! She’s the WORST NEWCOMER CHARACTER, although that psychiatrist isn’t doing much for me either. WORST NEWCOMER ACTOR: By a landslide….Brianne Mongrief. Drolby. Crudby. Turdby. Turd, Coldby. Appalling that they don’t recast this role. I don’t care if they bring back Ambyr or somebody else. This one doesn’t cut it with anyone they put her with.

THE ONE WHO SHOULDN’T HAVE GOTTEN AWAY: Billy Miller. What a waste. He was interesting.

BIGGEST WASTE OF A CHARACTER: Josh. After all that dumb shit we put up with when they brought him on, we finally warmed up to him and they decimated his character and cast him off. He could have been one of the new legacy characters despite his dubious birthright. They could easily have corrected that though. Look what they did to Skye. She has like 12 fathers. On his heels would definitely have to be Carmen. Geez someone with a personality comes in and they don’t know what to do with her? I bet she ad libs too much for Pratt. Back in Phoeb’s day, you know they shot from the hip some. It was probably easy because Aggie wrote for the character in the voice of the character. The words that came out were words only Phoebe, Erica, Brooke, Opal, Myrtle, Natalie, Daisey, Palmer, Adam, Stuart, Tad etc would say. There was a connection between the writers and the actors that created these magnificent characters. These days the actors look like their passing gas while they say the putrid dialogue that is written for them. I bet there is a memo somewhere ordering them to say the script word for word. Most of the dialogue could be said believable by any of them. Only Opal probably has any leeway. I don’t think Pratt could write her hick-speak very believably. Oops, I’m getting off the subject.

BEST REASON TO FF: I would say Ryan. IMHO he sucks the life out of every scene he is in. His storylines suck consistently. Everyone he is paired with sucks or starts to suck when they have to act with him-Greenlee, Aidan, Kendall. But I do think the problem runs deeper. The Sucktet is the best reason to FF. I see them all in a room together and immediately push the button.

CHARACTER YOU LOVE TO HATE: Ok, I admit it. I love hating Turdby. She is awful. It’s not the girl herself bless her heart. I just see her finding greater success in informercials for corrective dentistry or posturepedic modality medical equipment. Rancid is a close second. They do provide our blog with some of the funniest material. However, I’ll happily bid them adieu when AMC fires them.

CHARACTER YOU HATE TO LOVE: I shouldn’t Love Amanda. She really is despicable, but she’s soooooo hot. And I love her character’s history. I live for those tiny moments when she goes to see Janet. Love Kate Collins! However, it’s one thing to be a hardship case and forced to make desperate choices. It’s quite another to choose to be evil and do things like tempt a recovering alcoholic single parent after the death of his wife who bled out her ass. It’s even worse to steal a kid’s theathell (seashell in Lil’ A-speak).

BEST COMEBACK: Gotta give it to Angie and Jessie. No surprise here.

WORST COMEBACK: Angie and Jessie. Aside from the wedding they totally fucked this up. Propel? Another family? Mother Hubbard? Ridic!

BEST SINGLE EPISODE: It’s a toss up for me between the 10,000th episode and the Vet episode. I’m a sap for the family stuff, so to make it official I’ll say the 10,000th ep. Listening to Erica, Joe, Tad, Jessie, Adam & Aggie say those beautiful words with that gorgeous music playing in the background was divine. It’s moments like that that keep me going. Why couldn’t they do that for Christmas? Instead we got Greenlee and Ryan committing adultery. I’m telling you my death by thong idea is a winner….

MOST AS-TOOT OBSERVATION: I know this may sound like a copout, but let’s face it. This is smart group. Every week there’s a moment of brilliance. If AMC would just pay attention to what we’re saying, it would be a ratings smash. If I have to pick, I think I have to give this one to Jordan who noted that you can’t manipulate a character for the sake of advancing the plot (or something like that). That should be the Golden Rule of Soap. Case in point: Bianca would never have inseminated herself with Zach’s baby goo without Kendall’s approval.

MOMENT THAT MADE YOU WANT TO THROW YOUR SHOE AT THE TV: 1) Every time Randi explained how she was a virtual virgin. 2) When they shot Julia and killed off Sydney Penny. 3) Pole dancing at Fusion (I think that was this year.) 4) Campbell Soup Go Red fashion show.

BEST PROP: I would have given this one to the Weave as well. Taylor’s walker is fast becoming my new favorite. And I have to give props to Amanda’s screwed up eyebrow, but that ‘Weekend at Bernies’ thing was hilarious. So I have to say Babe was the best prop. Babe sitting on the pew. David dragging Babe around the hospital. It was rally inventive, so it’s Babe for me, then the Weave. The Moon, not so much.

WORST PROP: Cassandra’s damn teddy bear.

BEST REVITALIZATION OF A CHARACTER. Hmmmm. Erica had her moments at the beginning of the year. Some of the jail stuff was nice. Cavorting with Carmen was funny. Their friendship was touching until Erica ripped that ugly dress off of her at Adam’s. Angel/Devil Erica was a treat. But I can’t give it to the homeless old gal. Lately she’s been on screen a lot and doing nothing. Bored. If she acts her age this year and steps up I may give it to her in 2009. I’ll say Annie. She went from Blandie to InsAnnie and has been the best thing going for a while.

BEST COUPLE: Greenlee and Jake. I really like them together and it’s one of the few pairings in which she doesn’t annoy me. If that doesn’t count, I’ll say Amanda and Anyone. Amanda and Jake. Amanda and Petey (even though they didn’t realize it). I didn’t even mind her and David. Amanda straddling Jake in that Army jacket….Ahhhh, it wasn’t all bad this year. Even though it was a short scene, the thought of Amanda in that jacket is my SLUTMETRIC SCENE OF THE YEAR. Followed closely by whatever she was doing the time she was walking around in her pink underwear.

WORST COUPLE: Greenlee and Aidan. Even worse than Greenlee and Ryan.

BEHIND THE SCENES MOMENT THAT MADE ME NOT AMUSED: Firing Ambyr. Again, just when I started to like her, they got rid of her.

That sums it up for me.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of being stoned, I'm going to admit something here. While catching up on the soap, I saw a scene yesterday with Colby, she was just doing small talk, but I thought I saw a spark there, something natural and comfortable, like finally she is becoming comfortable with this role. It wasn't forced, she was just normal, and I mean that as a compliment. When she is in a scene with Petey, I am actually starting to see something there, not so DBTE.

Don't get me wrong, I still think the most ridic recast was replacing Ambyr with Brianne. Absolutely a big waste of obvious talent.

In contrast, Randi really and truly is DBTE. What is worse is she makes Frankie boring. Corny Smith is being wasted on this model. So what, so she's pretty, BFD. She is dullsville and has not one grain of talent. Their love scenes don't generate any steam, none!

When will TPTB get it, hire talent for cripes sake. I'm sick of all the pretty, empty, faces.

Anonymous said...

No, no, no y'all. Wait! Vote by email, not on the blog. I want the results to be a surprise, with funny commentary by Ashley and jordan. (Don't you love how I'm volunteering them for this?) ;-)

I've been loving the comments, so far, though. LOL.


Moment that made you want to throw your Chancleta at the TV?

I like keeping the award titles to PVP-speak, like "not aMUSED" and "as-TOOT." So in light of that, I think Worst Couple should be switched to:

Couple that Makes the Bile Rise In Your Throat

What other funky sayings have become part of the vocab on the board other than the ones mentioned?


Laura said...

Most redic moment comes to mind.Hard to name just one, top five redic moment might work. Best character nickname. Worst parent(s)of the year.

Favorite PVP prop Slutmetric or Aidenator?

On today's show -

I was wanting to Annie kill those two, I prayed for her to come home just like Emma did. Of course Ryan will be okay. I loved how she said get out of my house - bitch.

Aidumb is just stupid, looking like ET in his hood.

On a side note. Chorus Line is coming to Chicago, but I might rather see Mary Poppins. Both is the best option, but like others trying to save money. I know, I'll go by myself and only buy 2 tickets. Did anybody see Mary Poppins?

Shadow said...

Oops i'm sorry CRS. I re-read ur post and realized that u said to email rather than post. Sorry. I thought it was a good idea and got excited and just started typing. Dangit.

Anonymous said...

How about Best Blog-Assigned Nickname?

And the nominees are...

Julia Crap-uthers
Coldby (aka Fivehead)
Insannie (formerly known as Blandie)
and Clu-Dumbo (aka Ai-dumb)

And the winner is...

(psst...don't tell, we'll email!)

And for Ashley, Best Back-Handed Compliment

I like changing Worst Storyline to Most Ri-Dick Story

And of course, we must award the "Suck It" Award. LOL, sometimes you all get in my head too much, because now I'm going around thinking to myself, "Suck it!" "Suck it, whomever." I'm going to get in trouble one of these days when it accidentally slips out of my mouth.


Norn Cutson said...

Brian Frons is getting ripped up in a whole nother venue!
not just fordaytime or soapnet, but because of his support for Ben Lyons, alleged "fim critic"!

...& Frons was the only person they could find to defend him!

so now the wider world (including the film industry!) is waking up to the assholism of Brian Frons!

Brian Frons & Ben Lyons...a match made in MEDIOCRITY.

Norn Cutson said...

from the blog STOP BEN LYONS:

Granted, Disney is standing by their decision for now, with one of their bigwigs (Brian Frons of ABC Media) saying "Did he spend 20 years as critic for a major newspaper? No. He's very much of the TV generation who don't spend time reading newspapers. I think we have a guy who is giving the information that audiences want to hear about film to make decisions about what to see."

Ah, the TV generation--we couldn't waste our time with things like newspapers or reading. That's why there has been an explosion of news blogs in the last few years--because nobody wants to read the news anymore.

Nonetheless, at some point Frons is going to be worried about saving his own ass in the face of the "Ben Lyons Hate Storm"

Anonymous said...

OMG! Elizabeth Rodriguez has been fired!
Here's the link:

Here's the excerpt:
Sorry, Carmen fans: insiders are reporting Elizabeth Rodriguez has been fired.

Shadow said...

Monday on AMC...

Starts out with a cup of milk and a KWAK boob.

Adam is sad and lonely. And boring.

Here comes the Keystone cop. Jessie is over the top and the Psychiatrist has no snap. Hard to believe this is the place that has Janet under lock and key. Locked up Dixie. Took care of Anne.

What small animal died on Greenlee's shoulder?

InsAnnie opening her eyes teminds me of that scene in Rambo when Stallone is covered in moss and his eyes suddenly pop open.

One thing about Annie- the girl knows how to make an entrance. And ruin a good boner. I actually felt a little bad for Ryan.

I like this more subtle scary InsAnnie better than over the top InsAnnie. She's really good today. In fact the whole show is better today. They slowed it down and seem to be connecting the dots better. And we actually saw Opal. Opal needs a new love interest. She's always carting all the kids around and warning everyone of their doom. Who's taking care of her?

Ohh, a knife! Stab him! This is our chance! Pull his thong over his head. Forget Greenlee! He's the problem! A husband who forgot you and committed adultery? Oh man...Jessie. This is a one cop town. He's no Uncle PorkChop.

At least Greenlee stood up to InsAnnie for a change. I like bitchy Greenlee not victim or zen Greenlee. Too bad there was no real girl on girl fighting before Jesse arrived. Here's hoping Greens lets it all hang out these last couple of months. I don't think she'll be gone forever. They shouldn't kill her. There's life left in this character if they could just break her away from Ryan and Aidan.

David is amazing. The whole town blew away and is being rebuilt but he found a contractor who painted the house, replaced the drapes, replaced the carpet, cleaned and repleated the upholstery and fumigated the whole house. Overnight. And none of the presents underneath the burning tree seemed to have been scathed. I didn't realize they made fire retardent wrapping paper. Maybe someone at Lacy's or owed him a favor too.

Are TPTB screwing with us now? They finally undork Pete. He looks really great. Colby however looks EXTRA turdish today! That stupid hat and hair flip? it made her forehead look even bigger! I could draw the 50 states and Puerto Rico on that head. Maybe it's an attempt to draw our attention away from the fact that she can't act. RECAST PLEASE. I don't care who it is. Couldn't be worse. And maybe she didn't suck as bad as usual today, but her performance is still pretty high on the SUCKMETRIC.

YEAH! good for Pete! Find somebody hotter. Amanda will do you. She'll do anyone with money. I hope Pete gets it together in 2009. Here's a guy who is heir to a financial empire and has a mother who can foresee the future. Hello Pete. Put the chemistry supplies away. Palmer, as much as I love the character, isn't coming back. Why not show Pete at Courtland Manor or Courtland Enterprises shoring up the family businesses and making his dad proud. They could get so much poignance, comedy and warmth out of Pete helping his family and being all the things that selfish, drunk, murderous, cheating, scheming JR has never been able to be. They could use Pete's success and JR's inability to measure up for the source of some real family conflict, especially in light of their relationships with Tad. We could see Opal be a proud mother. We could see Palmer move on with the peace of mind that the Courtland name and empire are in good hands. Maybe they could rebuild some of the Courtland family in PV. I like this idea. I may have to email this to somebody. As if they would listen.

And there's the credits. We got screwed on the Christmas show so I guess they tried to make nice with a montage of everyone. All right I admit I liked it. I'll give some points for trying to listen and do the right thing. He showed Joe hugging the Real Ruth Mary Fickett. Oh wait, that was Tad. Hard to tell with that mound of gray hair and a little pudge. They look so alike. I know he's supposed to be off finding Jake and Jamie, but since they are really right where they should be. I hope Tad uses the time to stop by a spa, die his hair, maybe get a little restylane, drop some lbs. All in all the special closing was a nice touch. They should do it more often or show more previews hosted by the stars like Erika Slezak did. They really need to push the brand and the stars like Viki, Dorian, Erica, Adam who all the viewers know and recognize.

Shadow said...

Carmen, who knows. There's something more to the whole Carmen saga they we're getting. Maybe Looch doesn't like her. She hated Sarah Michelle Gellar and look how that turned out.

I love this montage of clips and videos of AMC now and then. I hope you will too:

Norn Cutson said...

yeah, also in the new Nelson Branco, the first blind item is Susan Lucci...& i am hurtin for that lady!!!

Norn Cutson said...

actually, i am hurtin for *all of us*...coz it heralds THE END!

its a blind item but its obvious its Looch...they are asking her to take a further paycut in HOPES that she'll just resign.

i cant say enough bad about Frons.

Anonymous said...

Nelson Branco also spoiled how Greens will die....I'm not gunna give away anything. Just sayin.... it's not going to be written well..

I've got some more awards to pass out...


Best Storyline: Death of Nash. It was one of the most heart-wrenching moments that I have ever witnessed in soap. Jessica, breaking down watching her husband die from a fall caused by her sister and her sister's boyfriend, telling her that she'll always be in his heart. I cried. For days.

Worst Storyline: Mendora..... Poor Thom Christopher. He comes back to become a mustash-twirling, one dimensional villian. It's not fair. It really isn't. He has accumulated years and years of emmy-winning character, and Ron C. sends him to throw Sarah Roberts off of a

Although the rapemance was inches away from being number one.

Best Actor: You know....I gotta say. As much as everyone hates the rapemance of Todd and Marty, Trevor St. John has done an amazing job this year. He gets amazing storyline after amazing storyline. Between the search of his son, Sam, to being the crazy dad trying to kill Cole, and then....Marty. Damn you Marty.

Best Actress: There really isn't much of a contest. Viki is the staple in the entire show. She is the light. She is the love. She is the past, and she is the future. Her Texas storyline and her romance with Charlie was so organic and great that it's even being imitated on Y&R (You cannot tell me that Katherine and Murphy beat Viki and Charlie). I'm even glad they brought the Texas crew to the canvas. As well as the Texas storyline, her dealing with Jessica's integration and Tess's reemergence, as well as her amazing performance at her father's grave. It was breathe-taking.

Biggest Waste of a Character: Nash Brennan. As much as his death was a tragedy and amazing writing, I cannot imagine this being a good idea. You not only break-up a super-couple and leave a pregnant young mother destroyed and alone, you villianize Jarred and Natalie for all eternity...(and yes, I know they all got over it, and yes, I love them as a couple, but I can never forget). He could have been the Tad of his generation. It would have been remarkable. Now the only thing that we have to show for Nash is lost dreams....

Best Revitilization of a Character:
Marty Saybrooke. When Christina Chambers was cast as Marty, they regressed her back to the state where she still held animosity towards Todd. Writers tend to forget that Marty forgave Todd, and I really wish that they remember soon, as well as the rest of the town. It's a loop-hole that might help Todd out a bit. When Susan Haskell came in, she actually went backwards on purpose, and it became validated, because of the amnesia and paralysis. Her emotion and obsession with Todd has taken new levels and she will continue to impress.

Best Couple: Tessica and Nash. So many facets of this couple. It started out as Tess and Nash, romancing away from Llanview. Then Nash lost Tess. And then he fell for Jess. Then Jess finally fell for Tess. In all of that love, they created Bree. They had dreams and wishes that were left unfulfilled. They lost their winery; a crushing blow to them both, and Nash lost it. His death caused a ripple effect that will last in Llanview forever. One of my favorite couples of all time.

Worst Couple: Cristian and Vanessa. Are they trying to make us hate Vanessa? Because it is working. I cannot stand her. She shouldnt be allowed in the same state as Cristian. It's also ruining Sarah. She's actually taking it all in stride, acting wise, but they're really ruining a strong character. Someone please deport her sorry ass, and take Lola too. I dont like her, and she's gunna get in the middle of Markko and Langston.

Best Newcomer: Charlie Banks. I never thought that I would be so compelled to like a drunk, since that is one of the most contrived characterizations in soaps. His romance with Viki, and him wanting to be a better person and a better father for Jarred makes me want to like him. What Dorian did to him is despicable, but he overcame it and built the Buenos Dias.

Worst Newcomer: Get Vanessa off of my screen. We'll keep Ray Montez but you can take Vanessa back.

Best Reason to FF: I love Nora. I love Clint. I really dont know about Clora.

Character you Love to Hate: Dorian. There's no bitch on wheels better. Name something that has happened...go ahead. Dorian was probably involved somehow. For her Cramer women...(RIP Cramer men).

Character you Hate to Love: As much as I liked Rex before, he's really toned down his coolness ever since he got older and with Gigi. And he's turning into Cameron Mathison. Save yourself before it's too late Jon-Paul...

Best Comeback: David Vickers. His return right now, is epic. Any return of his is epic. He's going to be a Buchanon. WOOOO!! Now if only him and Dorian could hook up again...

Worst Comeback: Tina Lord. I dont even know who that women was. They didnt write for her at all. It was an atrocity. I could literally cry thinking about the stupidity that they made her go through.

Best Single Episode: The aniversery episode. Hands down best. thing. ever. 1968. Viki in heaven........sigh Mendorra.

Best Line of Dialogue: "I was shooting blanks like Kevin Buchanon." -David Vickers.

Most As-Toot Observation: Holes in the rapemance storyline.

Moment that made you want to Throw your Shoe at the TV (WE could use the word Ashley says if I knew how to spell it): Marty and Todd

Moment You Most Wish Had Been on the SoapNet HD Version Ashley Watches: Were these kids still going to school the last 5 months?

Best Weave (Ok, joking on that one; Angie wins hands-down unless Livia comes back): Noelle. She can kick Angie's weaves ass anyday.

Behind-the-Scenes Moment that Made you NOT AMUSED (Onscreen Moment too): Ramsey made police comissioner

Slutmetric Scene of the Year: Antonio and Tailia

Laura said...

DC has some spoilers about Greenlee leaving. I won't post them here. I am so glad I drew my hateful Brian Frons pic. He needs to go. They also had a good post about watching soaps with your mom's and grandma's. So sad now.

Shadow you cracked me up about Coldby's forehead.

My new idea to improve ratings is to show old flashbacks on that LCD size forehead everytime she is on. It's bigger than the crystal ball and it's the only thing that will get me to pay attention to her.

What's with the missing scenes? Yesterday I was praying Ryan was stabbed, and next thing our InSannie was back at the "secure" insane asylum.

I think a decoration on the thong may have saved him. Redic. How did that little girl knock him out.

Does anybody here watch Y&R? Was away from it for years but I am loving it now. Three of their best actors came from AMC of course. Ex-Cliff, Ex-Billy, Ex-Maggie.

I am so happy my David Vickers is back.

They are showing Nicole Kidman on the View, Coldby's forehead is bigger than hers. Less botoxed, but way bigger.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I am loving me some Y&R now. I never watched until when Billy Miller started. Then I had to read up, and Wikipedia is amazing at it. I do have one complaint though. I dont like any of the Winters. Or Cane. They could go...

jordan hudson said...

Laura I said it before and I will say it again. Brian Frons should be fired and Frank Valenti should be given his job and he will save ABC Daytime.

Guys I just saw Monday's episode and I think Colby said it best."It felt like some Parellel Universe."
The opening with David playing the piano and KWAK lying there made me scream to the TV WTF?

Bizzare dialogue especially Colby and Petey at the end. It was the most bizzare scene in writing and pacing (The acting). All Amanda could muster up, to call David is a jerk.

Darnell what the hell where you doing. Talk about chewing the scenery. His performance with Doctor Sheridan Crane ( who gives new meaning to the word stiff.) was so difficult to watch.

The only bright spot in the fing epsidoe was our beloved Insannie. MCE thank you for entertaining me, may you give your fellow co-stars a clue.

Then came the traditional holiday end credits, can't remember the last time I saw them done so well. Sadly from looking at the trailer you would think AMC is so smoking and not the hot mess it truly is. It saddens me but I feel that Brian Frons is on a mission to get this show off the air so he could repalce it with some Ryan, Ashton, Tyra reality show that wil cost them only a quater of La lucci's salary. A sad day indeed. Brian Frons is Satan personafied.

Then I watch OLTL (Okay saw OLTL and ATWT first). What an epsidoe so much on a Monday's epsiode. The beginning of the New Vickers storyline. Now that's writing and that's timing on line delivery. Tuck had me laughing so hard. Seeing the video tape of Asa was another hysterical moment. the look on the family's face was priceless. Beautiful moments with langston and Dorian. The complicated Todd and Marty. And the hot mature relationship( that so help me if they end it I will picket OLTL)that is Blair and John.

Norn Cutson said...

so they've fired CARMEN before her scenes have even aired, yet ANNIE'S DR is on contract & getting a front-burner storyline!?!?!?


Anonymous said...

Jordan, I am just glad that they dedorked Petey. He is a great actor, but it just wasnt his personality. He's more fun. And he's Opal's son....would the son of Opal (not to mention, Tad's brother), be a dork? I'm smelling a very bad Spinelli impression.

Laura said...

Has anyone read the Amanda spoilers? They could be good. At least they are using her more.

Discodan glad you are enjoying Y&R. You would have loved the Winters when Victoria Rowell was on as Dru. Her sister is pretty good. The best story was when she drank some cough syrup and didn't remember she slept with Neils' brother, Malcolm. Years later it came out Lily was his daughter. The kids on the show are dumb. Neil is okay when paired with better actors. Their new token black model from America's Top model is better than Rancid, though. She is improving. Lily is just plain annoying, and that Devon is bad. Dru needs to come back. But Victoria Rowell really spoke her mind, and the powers in charge didn't like that so much. I love Victoria Rowell as an actress and as a person.

Today -

Zach misses Kendall so much, he just gravitates to the next skeletal body he can find! I do love Tamara Braun. Damn, Ryan and Greenlee are together. Why doesn't Aidumb escape and help Annie finish her job. Where is a tire iron when you need it? WTF- Greenlee is the love of Ryan's life. Hello - what about Gillian. She said no, damn that means Ryan is staying.

I also enjoyed the Scrubs wedding, I grew up on GH and remember when Robin was on the show at 7. Sorasing isn't always needed when you have her and the Aldersons. JR was born the same time as my daughter who is now 19.

Got to go, time to watch a real soap - OLTL. Glad to see Layla more, her weave is hot!

Mel Got Served said...

I absolutely hate the spoilers I'm reading about Amanda. I want to vent, but I don't want to spoil it.

Anonymous said...

Laura, if it makes you feel any better, I am suppose to be the same age as Maxie, and my sister is suppose to be the same age that Georgie would have been. My mom says that her and Felicia were pregnant together. lol

I don't understand the Winters family. I can't even begin to comprehend the family tree, because I honestly do not know who is related and who is who, because none of the relationships are evident at all. I know Neil is Devon and Lily's father...i think, but then you just said Malcolm. This is almost as confusing as picking out someone on DAYS who isn't a Brady.

Melmel, all I gotta say is that Amanda better have saved that moomoo. lol

Laura said...

Discodan, Devon was a foster child. In real life Victoria Rowell was a foster child and wrote a best-selling book about it. I didn't watch it but when I turned on Y&R, I thought the kid had a blue tooth earpiece on, not a cochlear implant. Lily is Dru's daughter, but the biological daughter of Neil's brother. But she consider's Neil her father. She is a weak actress in my humble opinion.

Laura said...

I am home today, watching soaps live. Turned on GH only for the scrubs wedding for it to be off the air for the daily segment of how the Blago turns in Illinois. He has appointed a decent black politician to Obama's seat, then gets a black congressman up there to say, you better appoint him or you are denying a black man to the senate. Juicier than any soap. What a mess we have here.

Arizonagal said...

Tori, that link didn't work, but I take you at your word. Carmen has been fired. Thud. That's it, the other shoe just dropped. Screw this show. This just pisses me off.

So TFIIC don't have anything for her to do? Did the article give any reasons? God, like they need a reason to be totally ass-wiping stupid.

I don't even know why I bother with this crap show anymore. It's a small minded show, no effort goes into developing characters, everyone in this little burg is mean and shallow.

I just felt sick when Amanda gave that booze to JR, when Jake ripped Amanda a new one, when David drugged Krystal, when Greenlee shows up with Ryan everytime he knows he's going to see Annie. Why does she friggin' do that! No one on this show is worth saving. They are all small, selfish, nasty, self-righteous, mean, pointless characters. Yeah, I really want to spend my time watching that sh*t (sarcasm off).

At this point, I continue to watch AMC so I can keep up with the podcast. I am not usually a negative person, but frankly I've had enough. 2009 is just two days away, maybe it's time for a new year's resolution - just say no to AMC. I'd rather watch an infomercial at this point.

jordan hudson said...

Arizongal....I have to say I'm with you. I'm home sick with the flu and was watching AMC at 1PM here in NYC. As it started, I felt like this episode will be tolerable. Yet as the episode went on the more holes starting showing up. As much as I enjoy Taylor and Brot who are they how do they truly connect to Pine Valley. Why couldn't Brot have been Tim Dillon. Jake made a comment that he should ahve went insetad of Tad....DUH. Tad has two kids, his wife just lost her daughter. I know Michael is on vacation...but they should have thought of this before allowing him to take vacation now. David and KWAK I'm not buying at all. The back and forth makes no sense when she was spewing how David's been there for her...Lord give me strength. Joe suddenly appears no scenes with jake grillign him about his stepping down, not even " Hey
Pop how is my sister doing?"

Where was Frankie and Angie for this ceremony. Then we get to the end and all of a sudden it goes to parellel universe...uh did not Babe just die..what was JR doing. The Zach and Resse situation disgusting predictabel and easy way to try and make a story from nothing. I think Bianca deserves a real love after all the aborted realtionships they have thrown her way Lena,Maggie,Frankie,Zarrf and yet again she is suffering with
someone who isnt true.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I knew that it was coming and so I'm watching it on YouTube as we speak. GH always has great New Years episodes so I dont think I'll be disappointed.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, down with the flu? Man, I hope you get better soon. Sounds like you've had a rough month! Stay warm, drink hot tea, snuggle up with your DVR and find something else to watch besides AMC. You know you'll feel better with some OLTL, GL, or have some SOUP with Joel McHale.

Big sigh... I just don't know how all this AMC damage can be fixed. Is it possible to make this show worthwhile again? It just goes from bad to worse.

Anyone know if Pratt is going soon? I have never felt so hopeless about AMC before. Yeah there have been bad years, but for the last few years it's been consistently bad. Once in awhile TPTB throw us a bone, with Jesse and Angie returning, Binx, an occasional reason to tune in. Lately, not so much.

Shadow said...

I don't get it. There is so much talk of canceling AMC everywhere, yet it's a big draw for Soapnet. ABC has promoted it more than usual this year. Looch did DWTS. Who knows what they're paying Pratt or what the tornado cost. They may have cut salaries but they've also gone on a spending spree with new hires: Jake, Taylor, Dr. Psychiatrist (she hasn't made enough impression for me to remember her name), Petey. There have been a slew of others that have come and gone: Carmen, Dre, Sam Woods. I mean, on the one hand it seems like ABC wants the show to succeed. They have to be handing out some decent salaries to get the names they are getting. Good or bad it generated some press this year. Ratings are up a little. The stars are cooperating with salary reductions.

Then there's this Frons guy who, according to everything I've ever read, is demolishing daytime ABC. Fans hate him. I've never seen a kind word from a critic. I know he is cutting costs and all that, but is he really gunning to kill AMC or is that just the collateral damage from his mismanagement and lack of understanding of the daytime audience, or both? The hiring spree, tornado, Pratt etc. Why do all that if he's trying to get rid of the show? Who at ABC makes the decision to spend all that money? Why spend it all if you just want the show to die? I'm just wondering if he has a specific agenda to kill the show or if he's just an idiot and AMC is suffering because he's an idiot. And who at ABC is still rooting for the show. Obviously someone is. If he's such a turd, who is attracting the talent and spending the money on this other stuff?

I'm not wishing anything bad on OLTL, but how is it escaping all this? Granted the writing is good but the ratings are barely any better and it doesn't have the name or brand recognition that AMC does. Outside soap fandom, I don't think Dorian Lord Cramer or Viki Buchanan Whatever register in the minds of the greater population like AMC and some of the old GH stars do. AMC has sucked for years and people can generally still tell you who Susan Lucci is. Can the same be said for the lady they fired that played Marlena on that other soap? I sort of pay attention and I can't think of her name right now. If it could get its mojo back I think AMC could do more for ABC daytime than any of the others. Either someone has too much control and a horrible business plan for the show or there are too many cooks in the kitchen.

Where I live AMC airs a day behind. I never watch it on ABC. I catch on SoapNet at 7:00. Why not demand that the major markets show it on schedule so the ratings can be accurately counted? I bet AMC is a dud here. Why go to the trouble to record yesterday's show when you watch today's show live twice on SNet? Isn't stuff like that more of a problem than some of this other stuff?

The thing that really perplexes me is all the new folks. They bring them on before they really seem to know what the characters are going to do. So the characters languish. (Jake and Taylor, the Psychiatrist) Or they have one idea and can't follow through with the next s/l (Pete, Carmen). McTavish was a nightmare. Barbara and the guy that wrote with her improved the dialogue and character interaction, but were boring. They didn't have any interesting big stories and the show stagnated. The only big story they pulled off, the cochlear implant, was a snooze. Seemed like Pratt initially improved things with some snappy if disjointed dialogue. He got the characters mingling more but then reverted back to McTavish type shit. The tornado was basically pointless. Nothing changed. Babe died uneventfully. Not even KWAK seemed to bothered by it. The Comeback is gone, but that didn't accomplish anything. Zach's bar and beachhouse were flattened, but al the people are just as screwed up as they were before. If you could take away the tornado, not a single thing would be that truly different except the absence of Babe. Honestly, I think McTavish was better at character development than Pratt. He seems like a decent idea guy who falls apart on the details. Soaps are all about the details.

Anyway, I'm just constantly confused when I read this stuff about who makes the calls. Who provides the leadership. How all this money gets spent on the one hand while Frons is cutting costs on the other. How can any show survive under those conditions and how is it that OLTL & GH seem to be evading so much this trauma? I realize Frons has been screwing with the writers at OLTL but it doesn't seem like it's getting messed with like AMC. This Carmen thing is a perfect example. 4 days ago it was all over the place that she's been put on contract. Now today there's the rampant rumour that they fired her. It seems like pandamonium and maybe the reason none of the actors look like they're having any fun. I can't imagine that there isn't some executive somewhere thinking WTF is going on over there? Who's responsible for this management of this mess? I'd be embarrassed if it were my company and I'd make changes starting at the top whoever that is.

I hate to see an old friend like AMC suffer. If I knew who was really calling the shots, I'd send a letter. So many mixed messages coming from this show these days. I'm surprised the actors or somebody haven't spoken up. Sure, they would have to be concerned about job security but apparently there's always Y&R. But seriously, someone ALWAYS speaks up in an entertainment related controversy. I have never understood how we've never really learned the details of Julia Barr's departure. Or why they suddenly killed off Cady McClain after trying so hard to get her back. Or something more about all these salary negotiations. Or something from a pissed off Elizabeth Rodriguez (who from what little screen time she's had doesn't appear to have much to lose).

We did get some details from Agnes Nixon. Billy Miller said a little. But that's it. I wish someone would pull an Erika Slezak and just call it what it is. Throw it all out in the open. Do Susan Lucci and David Canary really need the money? I wish they would just get pissed and throw some daggers where they belong. Get it all out in public and hopefully draw some attention to the fact that somebody be it Frons, Pratt, Carruthers or whoever is a total retard and incapable of managing this show not to mention the ABC daytime schedule.

And then get my show airing on the day it's supposed to air with the type of stories and characters that made it legendary. Seems like that would be the easy part. This is a management issue. Whoever is responsible for it should be fired before the infection spreads to other shows like OLTL and GH.

Sorry for the rant. The Elizabeth Rodriguez news pissed me off. Reading all your comments I just got in a tizzy and needy to vent it out.

Norn Cutson said...

notes on tuesday's episode

• here's TAYLOR. click click click.
...& BROT. sweet.

• KWAK's all slung up with DAVID.
dang, she's hungry for it!

• after all the news today, its really hard to feel any investment in this show.
how long do you think AMC can limp along without Susan Lucci?

• poor ol' JOE. he's too old to be dealin with this crap.

• i knew CRYAN was gonna kiss her damn belly.

• JAKE is bein a dick to the nurses.
never ever date a guy who treats service people like that, ya'll.

• BROT & ZACH...good.

• KWAK is a crappy mom, she & CRYAN get WORST PARENTING awards...the kids go from OPAL to WINIFRED back to OPAL again.

• TAYLOR, BROT & ZACH are the only quality we're gettin today.

• i do have to say that RPG's got purrrrtyyy eyes.


• 30 million candles, barf.

• maybe its coz i'm a sap, but i would *WANT* to spend new years with my new baby...wouldnt you?

• is that SIMON?
he's not exactly a raging heterosexual.

• REESE got all heated over that kiss.

• zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

notes on tuesday's episode

• a million candles on OLTL?!?!? they dont usually do that. i dont wanna see that crap in Llanview!


• whoah, MARTY's all done up!

• TÉA looks goooooooooooooooooood!!!

• MCABIN bought RODI'S!
i dodnt know RENEE was the previous owner, i thought it was the guy who was always givin GIGI a hard time about being late.

hmmm, they seem to be talkin about MCBAIN's dad in Atlantic City a lot.
Roxy spent a lot of time in Atlantic City...ya think they hooked up?

• LANGSTON is a good friend, thats nice to see.

• so MARTY got a room @ THE PALACE.

• mmph, TALIA & LAYLA look goooooooooood!

& i especially like how TALIA throws CRISTIAN out.

poor SARAH.

• tsk, LOLA makin moves on MARKKO, we all saw that coming.

• MCBAIN & BLAIR make a bet, the loser has to sing at the other's bar/club.
you know BLAIR will win, & even if she loses, she'll sing anyway!

• TÉA's got a thing for troubled men...she sounded all hubba hubba for RAY!

• TALIA & LAYLA are fun!
hey, there's FISH! he's cute.
wow, LAYLA's gonna date FISH!
that is genuinely exciting!

• BLAIR & MCBAIN are so romantic.
you know they are gonna end up on that pool table before the night is through.

• can you imagine a triangle with TÉA, RAY & DORIAN?

• i am enjoying watching TODD fall for this.

• so PUDDLE OF MUDD is a real band?
not my style.

• MARTY aint watchin the ball drop; she gonna watch TODD drop!!!

• tsk, that little LOLA is a skank!
after all the kindness & hospitality LANGSTON has shown her?

• oh, SARAH!
go ahead & click!

• tsk, COLE shouldnt be goin thru MARTY;s things like that.

Erica Kane said...

Jordan I so agree with you about Frank Valentini taking over for Frons. Frons needs to suck it in a big way. I have to say every time you cry/get verklempt on the podcast about how good AMC used to be I am crying right along with you. I get the funniest looks at work, one minute I am laughing and then I am crying. I am only one podcast behind now. I am off tommorrow so I can get caught up finally. I put together a little Xmas/AMC anniversary gift for you and Ashley, but I need an address to send it to. Send me an email or get Ashley to send me an email so I can get it sent out.
Love ya,
Miss Kane/Chris

Anonymous said...

From your post to God's Ears, Shadow.

Now, let's all bow our heads and pray...

Agnes Nixon,
Who art in PV,
Hallowed be thy name,

McTavish is done,
Susan Lucci won,
Yet we still suffer in vain.

Give us each day our old soap,
And forgive us our upsets,
As we forgive Pratt who trespasses against us,
and lead us not into your plot holes,
but deliver us from crappy dialogue,
For thine is in joy and sorrow,
In tragedy and triumph,
All My Children,
Forever and ever, amen.

Yea, though I walk through the Pine Valley of Pratt, I shall fear no evil,
for thou art with me,
Thy Ashley, Thy Jordan they comfort me.

crs 17

P.S. Does this mean I'm going to hell now?

Erica Kane said...

Shadow, That was a great post!!! I too wish someone would just come out from the curtain and tell it like it is. Throw it all out there, and just let Brian Frons have it. Maybe we could start a letter writng campaign to get rid of Frons. What do you allo think? If ABC is inundated with letters/postcards maybe they will finally wake up. Help us Agnes Nixon..your our only hope.
Love Ya'll,
Miss Kane/Chris

Laura said...

Jordan get well soon, hope Ryan proposing to Greenlee didn't make you sicker.

Shadow, Brown Penny,and everyone loving your comments. We should do a live blog one night during the SoapNet airing. It would be better that way.

I have decided our Governor is the David Hayward of Politics, a lot of hair, evil, with no shame.

N69 Loved your Llanview best awards.

My only big disagreement is I have to give Layla the best weave hands down.
The girl would look good with a mop on her head.
Here's some additions -

Most improved - Adrianna, just when she got better, they got rid of her.

2nd best comeback - Tea and anytime Asa is on.

Best dog - Little David Vickers of course.

Worst wig - Renee

Best comic relief - David and Alex. Also the little tiny bit we saw Max.

Most missed - Kevin Buchanan. because the actor was hot.

Worst waste of talent - Layla and Lindsey

Most surprising storyline. That Talia was Carlo's daughter. 2nd Tea is working for Ray Montez.

Most Redic storyline, Natalie and Jessica breaking into St. Anne's as nuns. The writers strike is to blame for that one. That story about Rex's dad may never come out.

Best supporting actress - Kathy Brier/Marcie

Best supporting actor - Brian Kerwin/Charlie

Best recast - Michael, this was an emergency unplanned recast. In in a matter of days this guy did really well. The Coldby one was planned and is terrible.

Person most in need of Crest Whitestrips - Marty.

Sorry, couldn't resist that one.

Erica Kane said...

OK Crs-17 I emailed my choices for the PVP awards. Loved the idea!!
Miss Kane/Chris

Arizonagal said...

I dont see Looch speaking up about the sad state of affairs on AMC. As long as she gets to toss her mane and act like a latent teen, she's happy. She is just not that strong an actress. The scenes with her in the hospital were nauseating. Do people really look like that in the hospital? I know I didn't. And then Adam is visiting her and as he turns to leave, she asks him for a kiss. WTF is that all about. I don't see Looch ever really caring about the material she's dishing out. Maybe she's delusional enough to believe she's delivering a quality product, who knows. I would love to see Erica as a smart woman, one who relies on her brains, not her tired old worn out feminine charms. What man wouldn't see through that after 40 years of the same behavior?

Contrast these tired scenes with the drama she delivered years ago, when she was fighting an addiction after falling off that platform, or even more recently when she reacted to Binx coming out. No comparison.

The current crop of - ahem - writers have failed miserably to capture the true essence of the characters. TIIC aren't delivering intelligent scripts, and from what I read on this blog and from Ash and Jordan, that is what we all want. Does anyone feel a connection to the characters?

As I watch today's show there's a scene with Jake unleashing his wrath on some poor nurse, again with the misogyny and the misplaced anger. Zach unleashes on Reese and she keeps coming back for more. Jake verbally abuses Amanda last week, a nurse this week. JR is always looking for a target for his anger. David manipulates Krystal and Amanda and they react by acting like complete tools. When Brot first appeared and Colby was bringing him food, instead of saying thanks, he'd tell her to get the hell out, on a daily basis, and of course she kept coming back. And then there's poor Jesse. TPTB have taken one of their most talented actors and turned him into Derek Frye V4.0. I'm also sorry to see what I expected when RPG came to PV. He is being ruined. He has been morphing from sexy, smart doc Jake to sanctimonious a-hole Jake.

you can almost see the wheels turning in TPTB's little heads. Hey, we'll get Ehlers and Goldin from GL, that'll fix AMC. Yeah, that's it. Then Ehlers and RPG show up and it occurs to TIIC, well now what are we going to do with them?

For too long this show has been riddled with misplaced opportunities. What could have been. Carmen, quirky, fun, interesting, and now, probably gone. Billy Miller, another waste of talent. Who is there to care about? Bring back Brooke, Tom, Liza, Hayley, some of PV's real citizens. Twenty years ago, PV was alive with complex characters, humor, tragedy, drama, and intelligent writing.

Okay, I've bitched enough for today, I am making myself sick! Tomorrow I go back to being a pollyanna

Shadow said...

Tuesday on AMC…

Starting off with Taylor and Brot. Good sign. I like them.

KWAK’s a ho. I might have to start calling her KWAKHO. Ha! I would hyphenate it but it makes it harder to type. You know she’s started the last 3 shows with a boob shot. At least today she didn’t have on a giant black granny bra. She and David look pretty good though. At least David has some sort of nice bedding. Those brown plaid things at Tad’s are pretty uninspiring. I would normally comment on the sex not the sheets but we didn’t get to see that part.

Zach is perpetually in a pissy mood. Obviously he’s not a big believer in Karma.

Dang, that bathtub scene was disturbing. This show is so creepy all the time. I don’t recall AMC ever being this creepy. Lots of crazy but no creepiness.

Considering how unsatisfying Greenlee’s life is, I agree that should just pack up and move. She’s a make-it-happen person or at least she used to be. I would be happy just to see her assess her life and make a hard choice to move on. I don’t even think she needs to be rescued by Leo. No more coming back to life stories for a while. Maybe just her learning that sometimes you just can’t go back could be satisfying if written well. Simple. The idea of her moving on to further the Fusion brand overseas is smart. That way she’s available for short stints—the occasional funeral or holiday special—maybe to run the office the next time Kendall lapses into a coma. It’s nice to see a character just make peace with herself and part to find her happiness without having to succumb to these twisted plotlines. Lilly went to school without being sliced and diced. I was good with that. Killing Greenlee, if that is where this is headed, is pointless.

The opening. On the list of things that annoy me and I don’t understand this is it. I’m ranting today so here goes. Annie hasn’t been a blonde for a year. It can’t be that hard to insert a new picture. No reason to have DeadBabe either. They inserted Bianca in the flyaway. Why can’t Reese have DeadBabe’s spot? They want us to connect with the new characters but they apparently aren’t good enough to be featured in the opening. Doesn’t make sense. Myrtle, though I loved her, has been gone for months. Time to move her to a stillshot with Phoebe in the front of the photo album. Dre left in September and, according to the ABC Soap rag I read in the checkout line at the supermarket today, is no longer associated with the show. His was a FAILED character. He is no longer on contract because he sucked. Why keep his picture up there in lieu of Opal’s or Pete’s. If you have to be on contract to get a picture in there, why not this new psychiatrist lady. She’s under contract and has a major s/l coming up.

To me, that AMC opening is the best in the soap world. Better graphics than OLTL and GH. Tells a bit of a story, though not as well as the falling pictures opening AMC used to use in its opening. It has a classy full bodied theme song. The opening sequence sets the show apart and represents the standard of quality of the show from the very beginning. It was clearly conceived when AMC wasn’t the bastard child of ABC daytime. But a lazy opening sequence full of terminated actors and dead people just emphasizes to me that the lack of attention to detail is a pervasive from beginning to end. Everything that follows the opening I’m sure is a challenge to produce, but the opening is one thing that should be easy to get right every single day.

Click, click, click. Makes me smile. Brot’s face looks better. He’s likeable. This story is so much better than the other stuff. I wonder who writes this and why they don’t write more of the other stuff. I mean, does this represent more of Pratt’s work? Whoever is writing KWAKHO needs to suck it.

David to KWAKHO: “You needed someone to lean on”. Hmmm. I don’t call that leaning. That’s more like inserting.

KWAKHO to David: “No pressure. No expectations. You let me be me.” He DRUGGED her for weeks. Lines like that make no sense and piss me off.

Amanda looks hot today. At least that’s consistent.

Tamara Braun is good. I can see people wanting to do her. She’s just got something. Bianca on the other hand—not so much. For some reason every time they start to kiss I start thinking how Reese would be a great kisser but Bianca just seems like the bad kisser type. You know those kind whose lips have too much spit and are all slippery? Teeth get in the way. She’s bugging me a little this go around. I can’t exactly put my finger on it. They’re talking about eloping. Is that the exit strategy? They need to keep TB.

I really like Jacob Young but JR is such a loser. What could they do to turn it around? I like that JR and Jake sort of called a truce. JR needs a guy friend. He was better when he had Jamie.

Amanda suddenly remembered that Babe hated her not so long ago because she “went after” JR and Jamie. She acknowledges that she’s totally selfish. We’ve all been pointing that out for weeks. Sometimes it does seem some scribe on the show is listening.

n69n you are so right. KWAKHO is an appalling parent. No wonder Babe was so trashy. Not much to like her about her these days. She’s no Julia Barr.

Wow, look at Joe. He looks great today. He’d been looking a little to old manish for a while but today his silver hair is gleaming. He’s got nice new handsome glasses and looks like he had a facial peel or something. And is it possible that he’s getting a real storyline? This man deserves some acclaim after his years of service.

One thing about David today -- at least he’s not twisting his mustache and being all assholio.
Hey Zach—take a bath. Get a haircut.

I must be desperate Rylee aren’t making me vomit today. Did you see him just totally grab her ass when she turned around? It didn’t look planned. Can you they do that? I bet Bob Guinney hated that.

Emma’s getting cute, but who’s she looking at? Seeing her next to Ryan -- she’s so white and he’s so orange.

Reese: “In a little over a year we met, fell in love, had a baby, and got engaged.” And we missed the good part.

Watching Greenlee and Reese I’m thinking that would be a lovely lezbo affair.

I get Jake is under stress but what an ass. He was mean and belittling to Sheila. Not very endearing.

I feel bad for Jake having to listen to Taylor ramble about Brot. That would be hard.

Brot and Zach. Now that’s interesting in a good way.

Tad was reported missing. Who knew he was there to know he was officially missing? He’s just a civilian. Wouldn’t you just love it if Brooke came walking in to see what was going on without a bunch of fanfare?

Joe’s talking sense to KWAK. How can she look him in the eye?

Brot has no experience and a facial injury yet he is capable of making so much more expression and inflection than Rancid and Turdby. He’s interesting, different and kind of relatable. I like the way he came to the show. I’d vote for keeping him around for a while. He’s grown infinitely more than R & T in his short tenure.

David: “Each and everyone resident of PV was affected by the tornados. Homes were lost. LIVES were lost…”. Really? Because I only saw the beach house get flattened. The only person I saw die was Bernie... I mean Babe. There were a lot of people with band-aids on their faces. He should have said something like, “Homes were lost. Everyone had tiny surface scratches on their foreheads…”

Not many people attended that dedication of the Babe Chandler Cardiac Memorial Wing. Maybe that’s because she was really a white trash, baby stealing ho’ who never did anything charitable for anyone.

Now that Jake is out of a job, there’s no reason for Joe to step aside. The Board could easily reinstate him. C’mon Joe. Man up and get your job back.

Taylor is just so cute walking over to Brot. Who wouldn’t want to give her a big hug?

Ryan needs some new schtick. Can you imagine if you were on a date and you were thinking about doing the deed and the person you were fixing to do walked over to a closet and started pulling out 100s of white candles? You peaked inside and saw a closet full of white candles. Maybe you wander into the bathroom and do a little snooping as you might do in the bathroom of someone you were going to boink for the first time and every drawer you pull out or cabinet you open is full of nothing but white candles? This guy has an endless supply. Where does he store them? I don’t think he can do it without a 1000 burning candles. That is OCD.

She slapped him at the hospital. Now KWAK’s having a drink at David’s house. This is exasperating.

Nice that Jake apologized to Amanda and made some peace with JR. Amanda has screwed David, Jake, obviously JR is next. Hope she’s using birth control. She is the go to Ho of PV.

Ball drop. New Year’s kiss. Did Zach stick his tongue in her ear? That is not appropriate. He’s so quick to lick an ear or pony up the sperm. Ick.

OK, Ryan calls Greenlee the love of his life. Isn’t that overstating it a bit? Maybe he hasn’t totally gotten his memory back. He doesn’t remember Gillian.

OLTL is using candles now? Uh oh, the infection is spreading. I’ve read stories about AMC having to share sets with OLTL or even move to a cheaper studio. Do they have to share props too? Next thing you know somebody on OLTL will show up and accost Taylor for her walker and David Vickers will be sporting Ryan’s thong.

You know there are so many good writers out of work now. A lot of them would work for food just to have the chance to write for a network show. I don’t if it’s Pratt or what, but obviously they need to make some changes in the staff. Who knows what Pratt has to deal with to plan a s/l. He’s working around salary negotiations, people dying, etc. But despite all that the dialogue just isn’t very intelligent. In the first 5 minutes of OLTL you become aware of how dramatically better the dialogue is.

By the way Arizonagirl, it may just be the mood I’m in but I really appreciated your feistiness today! I needed that. Thanks!

By the way CRS. Very cool with the Lord's prayer. So much creativity on this site and I don't know of any of us being professional. AMC needs a talented team who can write. Imagine how many hungry talented script writers would give a nut to write for this show. I'm with you CRS. Aggie is the SoapGod or at least AMC's Guardian Angel. We need her stat!

And to all a good night.

Norn Cutson said...

i think the thing with BROT is he TRIES, while RANDI & COLBY are like "we're pretty, we dont have to try."

i am definitley an "A FOR EFFORT" type of guy!

Laura said...

Shadow - Wow, you are amazing.

Arizonagal said...

I am going to start off today with a positive comment. I like Taylor and Brot! It's not the stuff of Emmys, but, there is something there. At this point Ehlers carries most of the weight in these scenes, but Brot is starting to perk up. He's showing us some personality. I so want this guy to succeed. He's not an actor, and it shows, but already I can see he's got more heart, more depth, than some others on this show who DO call themselves actors.

On OLTL, I felt so bad for Sarah. Christian is a dick. I like that TPTB are giving Justis/Sarah some good writing and the opportunity to exercise her chops. I've grown to like her, wish she wasn't leaving.

Okay, I admit I don't catch every episode of every soap I watch, so I might have missed something. Were Marty's intentions to have a genuine date with Todd or was she setting him up? Are her feelings for Todd really so conflicted? I thought she hated him, no?

Wish I had someone to watch OLTL so I don't have to!!

How many of you are working today? My office is a ghost town and I love it!

Happy and safe New Year's Eve to you all.

Laura said...

Arizonagal, my office closes the week between Chrismas and New Years. Just part-time so I don't get paid like the full-time people, but nice to be off. But my federal pension pays me. It would be better if the family wasn't all home with me! Just joking.

My husband did flexiplace for his government job this week.

Norn Cutson said...

hey Laura!

i saw this funny blogpost this morning & thought of you!

Laura said...

Thanks n69, Discodan make sure you look at it, about our wonderful gov.

Anonymous said...

LMAO thank you norn. That was amazing.
That was the single most ridiculous thing ever to watch. I was uncomfortable at that press conference and I was in my living room.

Mel Got Served said...

What are the categories and where do we email our AMC votes? I want in! :)

Norn Cutson said...

why the hell are they repeats *today*?!?!?!
i could understand repeats on jan 1st, but today?

thats just lazy.

suck it, frons.

you know what, im gonna see whats on CBS instead.

Laura said...

Watching Y&R today, pretty good, switched over when I saw it was a repeat.

Norn Cutson said...

i dont wanan get attatched t these Y&R folks, but they do seem to be havin a lot more fun than AMC.

jordan hudson said...

Arizonagal......Yes our dear Marty is setting Todd up for a fall. they have showed scenes of her in her room with tons of printous about Todd. Revenge is on her mind. So exciting!!!!

Shadow you brought up some amazing points. I truly don't understand how Brian frons still has his job across the board rating have not gone up. Fans are outrage at whats going on. I can't believe for one minute that showing horrible old D movies are bringing in hire ratings then episodes of Another World. How many times can one watch 90210,and the O.C. those were shows that you say "what didn't you understand the first time." One tree hill is different. If your not a viewer of OTH then start. Mismanagement when it comes to money, is true. So much money for a writer and special effects. I belive that the trouble began with an Executive Producer who either truly is inept for the job or just doesnt give a hoot. I'm telling you Frank Valenti cares about his show, to the point where I'm sure he getsunder his staff skin. Some might even call it micromanaging. Yet he has the respect of his staff and crew because they put out a good product. If there was a desire to get rid of Ron C. from Frons, it hasn't happened yet. I'm sure that was Frank stepping in and saying something.

Craputhers has never had the best interest of the show. Who hires a head writer ( Mctavish) a third...THIRD time. After this writer was fired twice from this position for outlandish storylines that cause ratings to drop. The E.P. has to have a vision and they work hand in hand with the head writer. So either Mctavish, Craputhers or Frons came up with and the other two okayed killing Dixie off with poison panckaes. How do you tell me anyone cares when a decision like that is given a green light.

I don't see anything that they have done since Pratthole has taken over as a sign of support for AMC.

For instance Frons wont even let Soapnet air the Daytime emmy's.

The only good thing he has done on Soapnet was GH Night shift. That's gone. Also showing us a soap from Canada. MVP, will there be more. Here is an idea you wnat to show movies why not show movies with Soap Stars. As many movies of the week that Vanessa Marcil, Genie Francis, la Lucci have done. Why not show old nightiem soaps, like Flamingo Road, Falcon Crest, Peyton Place,Emerald Point N.A.S., more imports like Eastenders, Neighbours. A network called Soapnet should be celebrating Soapnet. You don't tune into the food network and see episodes of My Big Redneck wedding. Frons is a dumbass and I wish I could mete him and tell him to his face. You Brian Frons are a Dumbass SUCKIT!

jordan hudson said...

Okay bored and was on you tube. Which was your favoirte AMC opening. For me the original you cant even count. That tugs at your heart and will always scream AMC. The next openign 1990 the first time they had the cast pics with the falling pics. I loved that that theme and opening.

Anonymous said...

Ouch Jordan. I feel the same way, but ouch.

I hate the soapnet movies. They are terrible and shouldnt be allowed to exist. I turned on one the other day and saw Steve Martin. That should never ever happen. I love the O.C. I will be the first to admit that it will always be the single shining star in my heart. (I completely ignore season 4). But SoapNet needs to be able to branch out. Run Another World. Run Santa Barbara. Hell, I'd be happy with Passions. As ridiculous of a soap that Passions was, at least it never included Steve Guttenburg. Run Ryan's Hope and Port Charles in time slots that don't include insomiacs. (I kinda really miss PC) Run classic marathons. ANYTHING! Hell, I'd probably even be more satisfied if they threw in a Brianne Moncrief marathon than another dumb D list movie.

This goes even further. I just listened to Daytime Confidentials Top 100 Best and Worst Podcast, and do you know what soap they rated the worst on air in 2008? We're sitting in it, and Frons doesn't give a flying F*** about any of it. As long he gets his Gus and Harley and some lesbian action, he's satisfied. Forget organic chemistry and talented actors. Forget character history and past relationships. As long as he can get his rapemance, CGI tornados, and Brenda-bots, he's giddy. So Frons, from the entire Daytime Community, I can say this with all of the confiedence in the world, Suck it.

Norn Cutson said...

seriously, who is Frons's boss?
they *CANT* be happy with his performance.

i want to write to him & his boss & personally thank Frons for making me turn to CBS today.

Norn Cutson said...

whoa, DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL is rippin the ***HELL*** outta AMC!!!!!

i can't argue with their points.

Anonymous said...

So far today, I've watched Y&R and DAYS, so I've gotten two sides of the spectrem. Good and Bad. LOL

Laura said...

Brian Frons talks Lesbians over lunch.

Says his are cuter than the ones on Gray's Anatomy.

I think he must have a crush on Aidumb, only reason that guy must have a job. Also an online petition to fire him has almost 2500 signatures. I'll be adding mine to it soon. Suck it Frons.

Anonymous said...

Oh and who's gunna be on the blog tonite? Because it looks like I'm not goin out on New Years...darn

Anonymous said...

Max Brady, stay away from your nieces. I cannot believe I am watching this.

Norn Cutson said...


Laura said...

Good discodan, you aren't 21! Sorry it's the mom in me talking. I am going next door. Got the fruit try from Costco, sick of all the unhealthy food from Christmas. Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin on CNN could be good. I wonder if she can get him to come out by midnight! That would be fun.

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