Monday, December 08, 2008

We (Got) Back!

  • You know it's a sad state of affairs when Cameron Mathison's thong is the highlight this week on our beloved All My Children.
  • Brot just doesn't love Taylor anymore - so much so, that he's stalking her.
  • Krystal is back to her old whorish tricks (and we're diggin' how psychotic it all is).
  • Randi and Colby need to go. Period.

We're back! I've been missing y'all -- Jordan's been representin' on the blog, but I'm back now, and for a while until the holidays. Speaking of the holidays, ABC really is trying to get us all into the holiday mood. What would your holiday gift be to the viewers who watch All My Children? I know what my holiday wishes for the viewers would be, but I'd much rather hear yours. Spread your holiday cheer, people, here.

12/5/08 Podcast


Laura said...

Welcome back, Can't wait to listen on the way to work.

Anonymous said...

I wish that the budget cuts got rid of Colby and Randi.

But sadly 4 Colby's salaries do not even equal a Julia Barr salary so they keep all these newbies because it is cheaper to keep em!

Look at the monstrosities over at Day's. They are about to recast with 4 newbies.

Shadow said...

Now that the precedent has been set with all the vets taking pay cuts, maybe they will be able to work something out with Julia Barr and bring her back. I always had a feeling she was the first one whose salary they tried to modify. When that didn't go over well, I wondered if that is when they tried to put her on recurring status. When Cadie spoke up, they killed her. It was obviously all handled very awkwardly and I'm sure it was a bitter pill, but one that now everyone has been forced to swallow. Let's keep our fingers crossed. There are supposed to be a few surprises December 19 for Myrtle's funeral.

Jordan's storyline ideas for Brooke are geniues. Hopefully TPTB are keeping up with the blog.

Laura, your new picture cracks me up. Get it? "Cracks" me up! Ha!

Ashley said...

Honestly, for me, there's no other way to save the show. Brooke would be the new "heart" of the show, and seeing her with Erica again would be priceless. I adore Cady and wish she could come back, but I'd like to see Brooke back before Cady. Since we have crappy writers, they'd probably concoct some crazy-assway to bring Cady back, whereas Brooke's return could be much more simple and realistic. Anyway, I'm livin' for December 19th!

Laura, your picture is now on my desktop! Love love love love love it!

Crystal said...

Hey guys, I wanted to add about the David and Randi thing...I haven't listened to the whole podcast so forgive me if I am repeating anything. Remember when David had to work at the center city clinic. I think it was community service or something. I think he must know Randi from there. I was just waiting for him to tell Erica her new model was a prostitute.

tallytofu said...

Hey guys, listening to the podcast right now. I have to say, I haven't really been able to watch the show full on in a few weeks. I turn it on as background noise if I'm home but I can't actually bring myself to focus on it. I have to tell Jordan that I totally feel your pain. I didn't watch as far back as Jordan & Ashley, but I still have 16 years with this program, and it was awesome when I first started watching. It is downright sad now to watch what is passing as "All My Children" these days. I basically have had to accept that AMC as I know and love it is off the air. This program currently airing at 1pm on ABC is a different show, and one that's not very entertaining.
I still listen to the podcast to keep up and because I think you guys are great! sadly though, the only soap I really follow and look forward to is OLTL.
I've said it before - I would LOVE if this became a joint podcast about both shows, AMC and OLTL. Now that Ashley is watching OLTL, maybe it's something to consider for the new year?
Either way I'm sticking with you guys, regardless of whether or not I stick with AMC.

Ty said...

Welcome back guys! Y'all crack me up with your analysis of Boobianca. lol! She is rather bangin lately. She and Reese are mismatched physically it seems all you see is Bianca's gigantic udders next to Reese's Tiny "Pieces". I guess it's good that Bianca carried the baby, cause the baby would starve if Reese had to feed her. lol!

melmel said...

My personal computer got a big ole' virus so I can't update my iTunes until it's repaired which means, no PVP for now- NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!

And my DVR didn't record AMC Friday and I read my Insannie tried to strangle Aidan. Why must I miss my dream come true?!

discodan said...

I just have a question....

When did Kendall become a saint?

discodan said...

Just an FYI
my favorite Christmas Carol is God Rest Ye Merry Gentleman by Garth Brooks. It's really good. Check it out.

jordan hudson said...

DiscoDan Kendall became a Saint the same time Babe did when Chuck " I love to rewrite history" Pratt came aboard.

Shadow said...

Haven't listened to the podcast yet, but "Boobianca" is perfect!

Melmel, if you can get to the internet and log on to PVP, you can listen straight off the website without Itunes.

n69n said...

hey ya'll!

here's my illustration of BROT.

Laura said...

Ash, glad you like the pic. Jordan, thank you for your astute comments on men's underwear. I remember a guy I dated once, wore a jock strap, big turnoff for me. Beginning of the end I think. I'm with you on this Ash, briefs or boxers, or boxer briefs - period!

Bianca or D-ianca or Double D-Dianca was always busty, they just used to hide it. She is not as thin now, and they are showing. She looks good now. I would die if I had to stand next to Reese. She was very thin when she was on GH, but she didn't have that many scenes with other women.

I am sick of Zach on AMC now. Go to OLTL, bring Marty some poems and teeth whitener, and help her get back her memory. Then John and Blair can be together, and Tea can straighten Todd's ass out.

I too am sad about this show. I watched it some in high school, some in college and off and on since then. My daughter was born the same time as J.R. but she is only 19, I wish I could SORAS her to get the tuition over with! I am just as disappointed with GH right now. OLTL and Y&R are the only shows that have good writing.

I agree with you Jordan, these special effects are nothing. How else can you explain why radio was popular for years. The dialogue and the actors voice were all we needed. I can remember years ago listening to AMC on the radio when I laid out in the sun and you could follow what happened. I wonder if I could do that now?

Jordan I have to take some time and read your ideas. I also think this soap can be saved, but I doubt Aggie's consulting will do it. I am sure they are pissed off at that lady.

ABC will probably sell the hour to syndicators in the near future, and at this point Ellen Degeneres on at 12:00 CST has to be better.

Just venting. How about somebody more creative than me comes up with a form letter from all Pine Valley Bloggers and we'll snail mail it to Brian Frons.

crs 17 said...

IT's CRS, bitch!

Like the legendary Miss Britney Spears, I'm making my comeback to the blog this week.

This show has more holes than Aidumb's head.

MCE is rockin' it. My screen is electric when she's on.

I would love Taylor and Brot more if Brot were more, well, natural, bless his heart. He showed a lot of spark on the View.

Personally I think Randi is getting better. Still dullsville but better.

OTOH, Colby is still positively dreadful in a way that only makes my eyelids itch.

I don't know, guys, haven't heard this week's podcast this week, but I like BE's choices in her mourning.

David. All Evil. All The Time. Blah. At least Amanda gets some play.

I'm starting to think Jacob Young is played out.

I hope I look as good as Ms. Lucci when I get stabbed. Girl is bangin' these days.

IF MCE kills Greenlee, I'll be upset. Not that Greenlee is the bee's knees these days, and kudos for David telling her Leo would find her pathetic, but there have been so many unnecessary deaths on this show lately.

Which brings me to Carmen. A birdie says she's on the way in January. And I am still spoiler-free.

Let's just say I wouldn't mind visiting Bianca's muffin shop.

That was an Elf Dance? THAT WAS AN ELF DANCE?

Kendall in a coma is a nice change of pace. I love Ms. Minshew, but she needed the break.

Where is my Petey?

More crooked-ass Christmas tree Jesse and less dumb-ass cop Jesse.

More Angie. All the Time. More Angie with David.

Is it just me or is Cornelius dialing it back?

Adam and Erica are a great dynamic, but not interested in a romantic pairing.

Any Jake is a good time.

Just want my Myrtle to get a decent Carnie-style sendoff. Preferably with Brooke, Tom, Skye, Kitty/Kelly and a few others from the past.


brtedi said...


I have just a comment or two about Monday's show--

Well, imho, at least RB looks like she's having more fun in scenes w/ CM, than other actors--Today, the way Ryan looked at Greens, it reminded me of a man wanting dessert--and she was a triple layer chocolate cake! While not being a total Rylee fan, the scene did made me laugh...Question is, was it supposed to?...Hmmmm. That's the thing with AMC, a lot of the time, I like the performances, but not necessarily the stories. Regrettably, for me, it's been that way since I started watching about 4 1/2 years ago.

Now, on to Brot. Gee, just when did Brot end up in the hospital? When we last saw him on Friday, he was sitting at the boathouse, in tears, holding Taylor's "missing" engagement ring.

I honestly think, we should send Pratt s new book for Christmas: "Writing Soap Opera Transitions (and Missing Scenes) For Dummies"-LOL!

traci said...

OMG! I just saw Ryan's "Thong" on E!'s The Soup......... tooooo funny!! Sorry but that is just gross.

jordan hudson said...

Crs 17 your back. It's Jordan Bitch....Jacob isnt played out but JR is certainly played out how many times can he play the same exact scenes. It's sad. Laura I'm so with you on GH. I loved this show when Wendy Rich and Clair Labine were in charge. I stood watching when Guza and Pratt started to slowly dismantle everythign those incredible women had doen. But when That demon Jill "LiLith" Farren Phelps came aboard and fired Genie and then Jackie. I stopped watching in protest. I only watch when Genie is on. My god the show is all about the fing Mafia. Im sick of it!!!!!!!!!

Laura correct me if I'm wrong but are you not a Boston legal Fan. Well tonight is the finale. I DVR it and I'm dreading syaing goodbye. I will say it went out with a bang and it's head held high. I have not felt such sorrow since My American Dreams,Men in Tree's and Veronica Mars got the axe before it's time.

Also for all you Jeff Branson fans check out Guding Light at he was amazing on Friday and today Monday's episode. he is so Kim Zimmers son and the chemistry between him and Gina Tongoni (dinah) thats is soap magic people.

n69n said...

notes on Monday's epsiode

• WHY THE HELL do they have major things hsppen...& NOT SHOW THEM?!?!?!?

& so far, the scenes they DONT show seem like the more compelling.

this Pratt does not understand the genre @ fact, you can tell he's PROUD of not understanding it, because he looks DOWN on the whole concept of daytime drama.

seriosuly...i get to see DAVID drug KWAK *TWICE*....but we dont get to see DAVID & ANNIE, as dont get to see ERICA & ANNIE, we dont get to see BROT collapse (can you imagine THAT being a weekend cliffhanger? especially coz it wouldve aired the same day as JR Martinez's appearance on THE VIEW?)

THINK, you damn ABC people!!!

• *sigh* at least they didnt ffwd past AIDUMB & ANNIE.

• damn, i'm bored.

• TAYLOR & ANGIE are nice, i'd like them to be friends.


• that guy givin AIDUMB the polygraph has too much eyeliner on.

• AIDUMB's a dick.

• i wanted to cry when TAYLOR found the ring but im too tired.


notes on Monday's epsiode


• oh man you know its gotta be FREEZING up on the roof of THE ANGEL SQUARE HOTEL.

• i must be in a bad mood coz not even OLTL is gettin me today.

• TÉA is hotter than EVER!

• CARLOTTA hires NOELLE, thats fun.

• oh man, TÉA is *BURNIN* for TODD!!

• awwwww....i felt so bad & then i saw that little HOPE/CHLOE smiling and i felt better.

• oooooh i got the warm gushy-wushies over MCBAIN & BLAIR!

• MARTY's brainstorming revenge.


Ashley, i am so happy to hear about you visiting Llanview!

i wanna hear your perceptions of the individual characters & actors!

tallytofu said...

Norn - Just wanted to say, I love your illustrations! The drawing of Brot is fantastic. I like that you were able to convey the injuries to his face while still maintaining his dignity, and the strength in his eyes. Nicely done!

Ashley said...

Ditto on what Tallytofu said, Norn. Your Brot drawing is one of your best. Your extraordinary talent is how you capture each character's (and actor's) spark.

And HALLELUJAH! CRS-17 is back, beeyotch! I couldn't agree with you more on every single one of your ass-toot comments! ABC should use your points as their BIBLE!

melmel said...

Thanks Shadow. It appears the virus trashed my laptop- so much so that the virus killed my ANTI-VIRUS. So much for that!

Thank god it didn't touch my DVR!

Shadow said...

Everytime I log on to this week's blog I crack up at the picture of Ryan's whale tail Laura has for a picture.

Arizonagal said...

Jeff Branson, ex Special Jonny, is knocking it out of the park on GL as the new Shayne Lewis. Wow, saw his debut last week and he blew - me - away! I was glued to the TV while he was on and at the same time, thinking WHY did AMC waste this guy. He is so talented. Give him the right material and he just nails it. I am so excited to see him on GL and you said it Jordan, it's AMC's loss. And once again I find myself wondering why Special J got canned on AMC and Aidumb is still around?!? Someone explain that to me. Aiden Turner must be working for peanuts, why else would he still be there?

Kelvin in Dallas said...

Is it me, or is Chuck Pratt trying to write AMC like it's a nighttime show. It also seems that he is focusing on sensationalization rather than history.

I agree with most of u about the writing on the show, but I do like some of the things that are going on. I am really loving the Crazy Annie and Ryan story line. Though, it's nothing new, it is entertaining to see her strangle Aidan (DIE A'DUM...DIE!!!).

I don't like how they haven't done their research on certain characters like Babe, Amanda, Kendall, Josh, etc. These characters have a great history on the show (for the most part....except for Josh). I'm tired of them making Kendall and Babe seem as if they were/are saints. It really sickens me to see JR crying and saying how "wonderful" Babe was when she slept with his step-brother when she first came to town. Come on, they weren't even together until she was about 2 die.

Oh well, enough of my bitchin'

Kelvin in Dallas said...

I still think A'Dum is screwing someone at ABC to keep his job. Why else would he continue 2 be around. Sure, he's a good looking guy, but can't act his way out of a box.

Laura said...

Jordan, still in mourning over my last Boston Legal. Did it seem to you it was two shows shown at one time? At the end of one hour, they were on the balcony. I fell asleep at the end, but I have DVR'd all year. I will miss David Kelly's view points and great writing. Did he need special effects and young stupid models? Hell no. Glad my favorite couple in years of TV watching, Denny and Alan got hitched!

Usually I am watching AMC at this time, but our governor getting arrested in Illinois is better than any soap opera, so I am watching the news. The man is an idiot. He tried to sell Barack Obama's Senate seat to the highest bidder. Corruption is nothing new in Illinois, but he acted dumber than Aidumb, who I think pays them to still be on the show.

I'm glad Jeff Branson is doing good. Watched a little of Billy Miller on Y&R today. He is awesome. He plays just a little evil, he holds his own with all the vets. I wonder if Peter Bergmann welcomed him by saying leaving AMC was the best thing I did for my career!

It's like what we have in Chicago - the ex-Cub factor. Once a player leaves the Cubs they become great. The ex-AMC factor has helped many actors. Anybody remember Dorian Stasser on AMC?

I am loving my OLTL lately. Jordan, I think you are right. A gay man knows how to write a soap. Also he doesn't care how good look women look, but if they can act! Let's hope Ron C. doesn't do a day without a gay tomorrow!

Geez all my soaps with be in trouble if they did that! Not to out anyone but several big stars(Men and Women)would be missing.

How about a month without straight writers! Goodbye Guza and Pratt.

Norn, great job as usual. How's the new job?

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Check this out: http://

n69n said...

i watched The Stories with friends tonight, os i didnt get to take notes.

but i want to say that i am *VERY PROUD* of AMC for the BROT & TAYLOR story, i was bawling in front of my friends, & they were getting choked up too.

these were people who dont watch soaps, so i was thrilled for them to see what is *good* about soaps!

the rest of the show, we just had fun making fun of...especially KWAK & BINKS all havin the ecstacitc trip-out on libidozone...

"oooh feeell the babyyyyyy, she feeels sooo goooood...."

that was all a scream, especially DAVID just watchin them trip balls.

& OLTL...OH!!!!
how romantic!!!!
& they were givin us this hot romance on a TUESDAY!!!!
on OLTL, they dont even make you wait til Friday!!!!

all thru the episode, i was saying "what's CRISTINA COMES HOME FOR CHIRSTMAS??!?"...because *EVERY* SINGLE* CHARACTER* in Llanview....even the ones in ST ANNE'S! eagerly awaiting this years showing of the all*time holiday classic CHRISTINA COMES HOME FOR CHIRSTMAS.

& ya know what, they made a classic holiday episode of OLTL!

my friends who dont watch soaps could notice a total difference in quality in not only the writing, but the craftsmanship between the two shows, with OLTL the obvious winner.

they also said that people on OLTL looked like they were having fun & were happy to be there, while everyone on AMC seemed to be in pain.

n69n said...

oh & my ROXY had one of the best lines!!!

REX: "I thought you didnt want him to call you Grandma?"

ROXY: "*MY* Grandbaby can call me anything he likes!"

ha, listen up, ERICA KANE!

Shadow said...

Monday’s episode:

I can tell you this, if I blew $8 million for Ryan and Annie’s brat, I would want Ryan to pay me for the damn tree.

“It’s like he doesn’t know me anymore. Maybe he never did.” How can this be a newsflash to Krystal? It was a marriage of convenience.

Brot is a mess but he’s still got a hot girl. Who’s going to be so difficult in that position? Talk about visiting someone’s muffin shop. Maybe some of that would repair the damage to his face.

On a serious note, I had hoped to learn something about a soldier’s life. I had hoped this story would emphasize the nature of a hero. Instead, he’s shuffling around in supply closets and wallowing in self pity. He found the love of his life and she still adores him. The acting is great. Taylor is awesome. I just expected more out of this.

Emma and Ryan have been showing more chemistry lately, but I bet she seriously hates it when Daddy flashes his whale tail.

BTW, CM says it wasn’t a thong. He said it was just his t-shirt tucked into his underwear. How does that work? I guess his underwear has a picture of a thong on it.

Was there any reason why Jesse showed up at Annie’s hospital room? Too many convenient coincidences on this show. Aidan just happened to get past the one security guard that could be paid off. Jesse just happened to be there when Annie freaked on Aidan…yadda yadda.

David’s got a pocket full ‘o meds again. Just like during the McTravish years.

Taylor and Angie are good together. The file says his name is Mike Sweeney. Taylor says “it’s complicated but his name is Brot”. Guess we’ll learn more about that on the HD SoapNet weekend replay. Seriously though, how hard would it be to make the dick joke we all know is out there and move on?

If these folks only make between $72,000.00 to say $200,000.00, they don’t have much incentive to stay when they get the slightest taste of fame. Let’s hope Randi gets a lingerie or Dark & Lovely contract soon. Surely some orthopedic back brace company or orthodontic overbite retainer company would love to hire Colby as spokesperson. Maybe Geico will hire Aidumb as the gekko’s best friend. In fact, Ryanderthal could replace one of the Geico cavemen! That thong’s gonna hurt though.

As if a polygraph is going to work on Aidumb. First of all, who could understand anything he says. Secondly, I would think lying would come easily to a cool special ed, I mean special ops, guy.

Pratt doesn’t know jack about AMC history, but Thad just referenced killing Madden. He said to Jesse: “He bent the law, OK? I did far worse when I was out there looking for Kathy. You don’t want to know what I did. The important thing is she’s back where she belongs”. Why the eff would they EVER want to remind us that Tad killed Madden? Of all the screwed up ill conceived storylines to banish, I would think that would be the one TPTB would try to bury. Ha! Get it? Bury? Madden?

I’m amazed that Greenlee could muster a giggle at those lame ass Santa jokes. Can’t anyone on this show just shut up and have sex? Jake and Greenlee would be awesome fuck buddies.

Jerkson is a relic. I hope he goes away with Greenlee in February.

I wonder how many times Aidumb had to practice saying “Yes” to the polygraph tester?

Seems like KWAK has had that negligee’ on for days. In addition to salary cuts, I guess the cast are now going to walk about in their pajamas most of the time.

Taylor frowning makes me want to cry. She is so fantastic. The storyline isn’t panning out but her emotions are so raw. She still has the gift of facial expression, unlike her botox'd peers.

InsAnnie sings better than Boobianca.

All these people have money so I expect them to have some decent Christmas decorations. WTF was that green butterfly? That stupid ornament of Babe’s? Guess the decorations were another budget casualty.

To the tune of “I’m Dreaming of a White Christmas”: "Annie’s dreaming of a dead Greenlee…Just like the one under her covers…"

Someone on this show needs to start having fun so I can have fun watching it. They are all miserable. And if they try to act happy, there's somebody dying of a brain tumor or comatose lurking in the background. Where is the levity? The inspirational? The sex? These people are all so *burdened*, it's becoming a burden for me to watch. The editing was sophmoric today too.

I'll end on something positive: "Annie’s dreaming of a dead Greenlee…Just like the one under her covers…"

Anonymous said...

Just listened to the blog...loved it, as always!

~ Jordan...I'm am so with you about Jeff Branson on GL. He is the sole reason I tuned back in before Grant Alexander and David Andrew MacDonald come back. Shayne and Dinah are going to heat up the screen! I just hope he doesn't get his wheelchair stuck in the mud when strolling through the woods of Peapack, NJ.

~ Walt Willy has run his course! When you are the 7th inning stretch entertainment at a Bowie Baysox (which is a AA minor league team of the Baltimore Orioles) game, then it's time to go! I'm not kidding...this happened!

~ LMAO...Ashley is right...real men wear boxers! I don't want to see a guy wearing a thong! Seeing that would completely turn me off!

~ Jake and Greenlee should have totally been hooked up instead of her being wasted with Ryass! Even while telling stupid jokes, they had steamy chemistry!

~ I still love my Tamara Braun even if she is so skinny that she inspires crack whores to diet. Poor TB...she has probably fired her agent! And about Reese...I agree with Ashley. I think when Reese fell into Zach's arms that he thought she was Kendall for a split second. I noticed he lifted the elf hat and when he saw it was Reese, he got uncomfortable. OR he gets hot for elves!

~ ROFLMAO at Boobianca...I literally had tears coming out!

~ BTW...when did Babe become such a saint?? They talk about her like she cured cancer. And who the hell wrote the line for Bianca when she told Krystal that she can't imagine what losing a child feels like?? Um...Bianca thought her baby was dead for about a year! Wake up writers! I'm still mad that they had Bianca forgive Babe for that.

~ Poor Beth Ehlers acts her little heart out even with crappy dialogue! I still see Harley when I see her. :(

~ Sidenote: If I heard someone stirring milk...I would be suspicious! Who stirs milk?

~~ Chloe ~~

n69n said...

also, i had never noticed before how beautiful Beth Ehlers are eyes are!

n69n said...

DAYTIME CONFIDENTIAL has their ABC Soaps podcast posted!

Leslie said...

Chloe! You are a Bowie Baysox fan??? We go all the time! I missed Jerkson, though, dang it!

Jordan - I was just thinking about your sadness over the long lingering death spiral that is AMC. That got me to thinking about the loss of our beloved Myrtle. Now, you look around at the canvas and you see no one with any experience. I mean real experience. We used to have Phoebe/Ruth Warwick; she was a movie star (she was in Citizen Kane). We had Langley/Louis Edmonds; he was a big Broadway star. We had Palmer/James Mitchell; he was a dancer and Broadway & movie star. And, of course our dear Myrtle/Eileen Herlie; she was a big Broadway star. I know there were others, I just can't remember at the moment. Anyway, they all brought their incredible talent to the screen for us to enjoy on a daily basis. I remember from interviews that they were also the real teachers behind the scenes. The younger actors would watch and learn from the masters. That way, the audience and the cast members all won. So, even when the material sucked the big one it was fun just to watch talent strut across our screens. Now, what do we have? A bunch of "I couldn't hack it as a model so why not try my hand at acting" non-actors. Sigh...

I'm curious - what is everyone's earliest memory of AMC? I started watching when I was stuck in a hospital in 1974. My first memory is of Erica getting drugged, hanging out at a disco and wigging out. I think it was Tom that rescued her.

n69n said...

my earliest AMC memory is LANGLEY with OPAL (Dorothy Lyman era!) dressed in a french maid's costume, spread across his lap, & LANGLEY spanking her with WILD-EYED ABANDON!!!!

i will remember it all my life!!!!

brtedi said...

"...BTW, CM says it wasn’t a thong. He said it was just his t-shirt tucked into his underwear. How does that work? I guess his underwear has a picture of a thong on it...."

Hi, shadow! :-)

Thong or not, Cameron Mathison's appearance (both the man and his posterior--LOL!) on the View, today, was very funny! Glad to see, the man has a sense of humor, when it comes to nationally broadcast "wordrobe malfunctions". :-D


brtedi said...

"...All these people have money so I expect them to have some decent Christmas decorations. WTF was that green butterfly? That stupid ornament of Babe’s? Guess the decorations were another budget casualty...."

Shadow, what bugged me about the whole "green butterfly ornament" thing was, it was supposed to be something Emma made in school--and Greenlee took it! Bah!

While I know the whole the whole "moment" was a set up to emphasize "Rylee"--It's just bad form to pinch a child's ornament :-(...

And while were on the topic of decorations, has anybody noticed,on OLTL, at the "Buenos Dias" they still have vases filled with yellow daisies, rather than something more seasonal?--Now, that's what I call budget cuts!


n69n said...

OH i forgot to mention...they had a new BREE yesterday on OLTL!

they sorassed her about 2 years.

& this new one looks like a real brat, as opposed to that quiet serious BREE, who looked so much like VIKI!

Shadow said...

So many to choose from. I just like how complex the character development used to be. AMC told everything from so many different social points of view, and it always seemed like at least one character shared the viewer's point of view, however unreasonable or not it may have been--think Erica' abortion or the way Skye treated Cindy when it was discovered that Cindy had AIDS. We were all freaked in college about that mysterious disease, and there was so much panic about it.

The thing that really got me hooked on AMC was Tara and Phillip Brent and, of course, Erica. It was like Agnes and Erica Slezak said, it was my little window into the grown up world and I was so fascinated by their relationships with each other. I still vaguely remember when Phillip was drafted. Ruth even made an anti-war speech. That made an impression on me even at a young age. Everybody used to talk about "the draft" back then.

Equally, I loved Jenny Gardner and Greg and Greg's snob of a mom Enid. Some of those scenes with Enid and Phoebe were hilarious.

I loved everything with Marian Colby. The murder mystery of Who Killed Zach Grayson was fantastic. That story was huge! Everybody on the show was a suspect. Marian's affair with Tad was just dirty greatness. Sleeping with Stuart instead of Adam back when Stuart served a purpose. All classics!

Another fave was the Phoebe's paralysis and the way she used it to manipulate Brooke. And then the way Brooke manipulated Phoebe when she found out about it. Brooke was a pill in her younger days. All this was at the same time Brooke and Erica were messing with Tom Cudahy. Man, the characters were so developed then. I thought Tom was so cool and he had these two hot women fighting over him.

I was totally caught up in Trevor/Natalie/Janet from Another Planet. Who could forget Nat's days at the bottom of that well? Or those tense scenes with Ross? Or Natalie's throwdown with Erica?

I loved it when Monique Jonville (sp?) came to town and nobody knew it was actually Daisey and that Myra was actually Nina's grandmother not just hired help.

Oh yeah, I was just supposed to pick one. Sorry.

Luis Merino said...

HAHAHA!! Juggy Binks! ... HAHAHA!! Love it!

jordan hudson said...

Laura I just finished watching Boston Legal. I'm disgusted with ABC. How can they can a show that still has so much life in it so much to say with a cast that is just....I cried and I laughed and that is how a show goes out with class. David Kelly was pure genius with his story and dialogue as he cleverly gave ABC and network TV the middle finger in the last few epsiodes. Thou if Brian Frons is an example of the kidn of suits at ABC. It most likley went over their heads that he was insulting them. I will miss Shirley, Denny, Alan and the gang at Crne , Poole and Schmidt more then words can say. How dare ABC showcase that hideous reality show by Ashton and Tyra during Boston Legal. I swear those two are the Devil and his wife. They dumb down television!!!!! UGGGH.

Yes OLTL has been smokign this week and it's only Wednesday from the incredible reunion of Todd and Tea, to Tuesday's Holiday classis (brilliant RON C.) If you have not seen Tuesday's episode people watch it. To the service for Starr's baby today and the return of Andrew Carpenter.

Then there is our AMC...sigh......

Anyway earliest memory is Phil calling Tara funny face and Erica screaching MOTHER to Mona.

Shadow your list was so on point. When I think back to the many years, storylines, characters that I have loved and cherished over the years.... it only makes it hurt more how Craputhers, Frons, Mctavish and now Pratthole are slowly murdering AMC.

We have to unite and stop this people write in. Vocie your opinions. YES WE CAN!!!!! SAVE AMC!

Arizonagal said...

One of my favorite stories on AMC was way back when there was that "love triangle" between Phoebe and Charles Tyler, and Mona Kane. It was such a great use of the older cast and it was fun and engorssing. I remember being young then and never realizing that I was enjoying AMC showcasing the "mature" talent. My God, I used to love those three. Phoebe was a classy woman but she played dirty back then. She never lost her smarts although some of her stunts backfired and ultimately Mona and Charles became a couple.

So are we all just waxing nostalgic and making more of these old memories than they were really worth, OR is AMC just that sucky now?

Shadow said...

Both we're waxing nostalgic and AMC is sucky right now. Man, Phoebe, Charles and Mona had it going on. They are the gold standard in my book. Age didn't matter. If anything, it gave them more character. No extravagances either. Just great storytelling and great acting. The formula is really pretty simple.

Laura said...

Why ABC is a Mickey Mouse network - ABC = Always Boring Crap in my mind.

This was in TV Guide for Jordan and anyone else.

David E. Kelley: ABC Shunned Boston Legal; "Satisfied" with Series Run
By Joyce Eng
Mon Dec 8, 11:41 PM PST

Boston Legal closed its doors for the final time Monday night, ending a five-year run and a two-decade-old era in the process. With its two-hour bow, Legal's goodbye means it'll be the first time in 22 years that television is without a topical David E. Kelley program on air.

But it didn't have to end this way.

"ABC didn't want us back," Kelley told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. "It's as simple as that. They didn't even want us back for this year at all. We had to fight to get back on with 13. It's not a product they care to market."

Even though it was developed as a spinoff of Kelley's critically acclaimed The Practice, he felt that Legal got the bastard child treatment from the Alphabet from the very beginning. "Five years into the show, if anyone has ever seen the show at ABC, they've yet to bring it to my attention," he said.

The apathy stems from Legal's production studio, 20th Century Fox Television — which means ABC does not own the series, giving it more reason to push it off to the side and focus on their on development slate.

Though never a ratings hit, Legal did nab five Emmys, was the stomping ground of over-50 well-known actors and actresses, made more meta-references than you can count, and created a character in and of itself out of a balcony.

And while Kelley would love to have gone for Season 6, he is not bitter at having his Alan Shore-Denny Crane idiosyncratic love affair of sorts cut short.

"I feel satisfied we had run a good course," he said.

What did you think of Legal's series finale? Should ABC have renewed it for another year? What were your favorite moments from the show

Leslie said...

n69n - I remember that scene! High-larious!

shadow - those were all great times. I especially remember the Jenny/Greg story. Jenny running away to NYC and Jessie following and them rooming together. Jenny marry that other super model (what was his name?) but eventually getting back with Greg. Then - the jet ski explosion! Sigh...those were the days my friends, we thought they'd never end...

Say, do you all think its possible to state a coup d'etat and take over AMC? We could storm the ABC studio, break down the door to the writers' room and hold Frons & Pratt hostage and force them to watch good AMC storylines (a la Clockwork Orange). I'm off to search for my torch and pitchfork.

n69n said...

i remember when PHOEBE picked up a lamp in MONA's house, looked at it & sniffed, "HMPH! JUNK!"

brown penny said...

What, Wildwind doesn't have a door bell?

I'm bored with morose Zach. I don't know why Reese tries so hard with that guy.

Closeup of the drugged tea, yeah we get it, the mug is drug. Why would anyone in PV take a drink David offered? Everyone knows his reputation.

Why don't TPTB give David some layers? He's written so one note and VI is capable of so much more than acting like a deranged, smug jerk. No substance to the character.

That little Gaby is one cute baby.

Beth Ehlers is terrific, and when she's in a scene with Brot, she makes him so much better.

tallytofu said...

My earliest memory of AMC is from when I started watching in the summer of 1992. The whole Erica/Dimitri/Angelique/Edmund/Wildwind storyline was just getting started, and that's what got me hooked! I was only 13, and my favorites were all characters in their 40's and older. (Except Edmund who was a bit younger.) In fact, when Kendall was first introduced I thought she seemed a bit out of place because she was obviously so young! Of course Sarah Michelle Gellar quickly proved she could hold her own.

I also recall being intrigued by the fact that a lot of the actors at the time did not look like models, but were talented people playing very unique characters, like Brooke, Opal, Palmer, Mona, Adam, Stuart, Trevor, Myrtle. Joe & Ruth were still featured quite a bit back then, and I remember thinking that they had a such a warmth about them.

Laura said...

Favorite AMC memory, Nick and Erica and Mona together. Also how Paul Tyler went to Llanview for Karen Wlocek. Also how they had the same shrink for both shows. Somebody was always crazy. Just like now Annie/Jess/Brody/Marty/Todd

Have my christmas wishes come true? Is Aidumb leaving for Washington?

Now that Rebecca is dying, the actress can join Andrew and Dorian in Llanview.

Things I am looking forward to - Aidumb being gone! Crossing my fingers!

Kendall and Reese fighting over who is the thinnest!

Myrtle's Service, hopefully with a lot of flashbacks.

David Vickers coming back.

Jess/Tess and Brody.

Roxy babysitting Shane.

Vicki and Charley together.

That spider lady getting her due, and A Martinez returning.

Nothing on GH unless Brenda Marcil returns or Genie Francis. More than fed up, I watched since the day it aired.

News -
Just two weeks after ONE LIFE TO LIVE announced that former ONE TREE HILL star Brett Claywell had been cast in the role of Llanview High's new teacher, Schuyler, comes word that he's already been recast! In a shocking turn of events, OLTL has tapped GENERAL HOSPITAL alum Scott Clifton (ex-Dillon) to play the role! (As Soaps In Depth was the first to report, Clifton had previously tested for the role.) Clifton will make his debut on Friday, January 9. Claywell, meanwhile, will play a police officer in that same episode.

Shadow said...

What is with the weird editing between the opening scenes and the introductory credits? Did they fire those people too? There used to be a soft fade now it’s just a harsh cutover.

Ah, the Hubbards. Natalia and Frankie are best pals now. Gag me. Angie showing some back fat in the red shirt. What is it about Jesse that makes my Gaydar go off?

The unbelievable snowstorm (says Bianca). The wind is whirling. Pratt likes wind, the moon and trashy Christmas decorations. Obviously not hip on history.

And then there is Taylor. She is soooo good. Her dialogue is so much better. It almost makes me wonder if she is just shooting from the hip. Yes, she does have beautiful eyes n69n.

Funny, I don’t remember any auto ads during AMC. They still have plenty of phlem and Walmart ads.

Jesse said, “Not bad my little elves of color”. Ha!

Natalia does have a banging body, but I don’t get the point of Rebecca. She just mopes around dyin’ all the time. No matter how much she cries, I don’t give a shit. There is no connection to her. I really *hate* this whole storyline. I would prefer Jesse and Angie just move forward and forget the past 20 years.

Zach is getting skinny too. Maybe they cut out Kraft services too.

Jake’s always working. Oh, how convenient. Jake and Brot get stuck in an elevator together. Ridic! Why can’t they talk in the stairwell like normal people?

Boobianca is drinking KWAK’s milk!

Boobi doesn’t look so enormous next to KWAK and David. She looks pretty today. And I like David being decent to her.

David: “Pine Valley doesn’t seem to be the same.” No shit!

Cassie’s skipping Christmas. Cant’ blame her. Angie said, “We’ll get through this Christmas and look forward to the next one.” The one where Rebecca is dead!

Arizonagal said...

I am loving Special Jonny/Shayne on GL. LOD from him this week.

Josh "What happened to you!" (he's in a wheel chair)
Shayne "Nothing, it's just a scratch."

Shadow, that was my feeling while catching up on episodes last night. Why is everyone in PV so glum, so sad, so freakin' miserable all the damned time? Maybe that's why everyone in PV is also so damned mean. I want to like these people. God, the writing really sucks in comparison to other suds.

One thing I notice on GL, OLTL, is they have a balance, a blend of suspense, moments of cozy family stuff, they have their raunchy moments, funny moments, not just one heavy depressing moment after another. The people feel like real people, quirky, friendly, good people, who are flawed and make mistakes.

When the lighthearted scenes are the ones with InSannie going over the edge, then we got a problem.

I am just amazed that TPTB don't get this, don't know how to write a soap, don't know how to create characters, can't stay away from ridic contrived situations.

Oh, and I'm glad Jordan is far enough away that I can avoid the bitch slap, but I like Natalia. She's a good actress, she's not DBTE, give her time, she might work out. Randi OTOH, dead dead dead BTE, no improvement, no chemistry with Frankie, nothing going on with that chick, she's robotic, and worse than that she's boring.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Okay, I know there's a lot to complain about, but I have to give props where I see them. The last two days, I actually found myself getting teary eyed watching AMC (and no, it's not from the bad writing... this time).

I was very moved during Taylor and Brot's scenes Wednesday. That woman is gifted, gifted, gifted! Brot is doing well too - he's better and better as the story continues.

I also felt for Natalia today. She did a fairly good job of protraying the agony she is going through with the loss of her mom. I had to make that decision for my grandfather. He didn't sign a DNR, and I was the next of kin. After weeks of no change and his heart too weak for any kind of surgery, I had to sign the paperwork and have them turn off the machines. It's been almost 10 years, and it still haunts me. I like that AMC is dealing with this tough subject, although they could have really made it much better in so many ways.

.... and I still think Rebecca looks like Jenny Gardner!

~ Melissa

brown penny said...

This is from TVguide, not everything on the list is included, tried to keep it relevant and orig list is way longer.

2008 will be remembered as the year the soap opera death knell rang loud and clear. Find out why as TV Guide unveils our best and worst
choices from the wackiest soap year on record!

BEST SOAP OPERA: The Young and the Restless
WORST SOAP: Guiding Light (I disagree big time)
BEST HEAD WRITERS: Hogan Sheffer and Maria Arena Bell, Y&R
MOST MISMANAGED WRITING TEAM: The 5,348 head writers of Guiding Light
WORST CASTING DECISION IN HISTORY: Firing Deidre Hall and Drake hogestyn (Marlena and John, DAYS)
Sri Rao, General Hospital: Night Shift
The writing team of OLTL
BEST QUOTE OF THE YEAR: “I’m Erica Kane — everything I do is breaking news!” — AMC’s writing team
WORST QUOTE OF THE YEAR: "I don't think there is an appetite in this society right now to watch this show five days a week; they don't have the time or the energy." —
ATWT Executive Producer Christopher Goutman
MOST IMPROVED CHARACTERS: John McBain, OLTL; Nikki Newman, Y&R (tie)
BREAKOUT PERFORMER: Elizabeth Hendrickson (Chloe, Y&R)
Justis Bolding (Sarah post waterfall, OLTL)
BEST CASTING: Tamara Braun (Reese, AMC); Lisa LoCicero (Olivia, GH) (tie)
BEST RECAST: Billy Miller (Billy, Y&R)
WORST RECAST: Justis Bolding (Sarah, OLTL)
BEST FEMALE NEWCOMER: Yaya Da Costa (ex-Cassie, AMC)
BIGGEST WASTES OF TALENT: Lesli Kay (Felicia, B&B); Catherine Hickland (Lindsay, OLTL) (tie)
MOST IMPROVED ACTRESS: Melissa Fumero (ex-Adriana, OLTL)
BEST COMEBACK: Debbi Morgan and Darnell Williams (Angie and Jesse, AMC)
BIGGEST CASTING COUP: Ricky Paull Goldin (Jake) and Beth Ehlers (Taylor) dump GL for AMC
BEST STORYLINE: Robert’s colon cancer, GH: Night Shift
WORST STORYLINES: Todd and Marty Rapemance and Mendorra, OLTL (tie)
MOST INNOVATIVE STORYLINE: Bess/Tess/Jess must integrate to solve the Hope-Chloe baby switch, OLTL
MOST SURPRISING EPISODE OF THE YEAR: Reva and Josh’s Always movie wedding finale, GL
SADDEST NEWS: Daytime’s elite passes away, including Beverlee McKinsey (ex-Alex, GL), Eileen Herlie (ex-Myrtle, AMC), and soap creator James E. Reilly
BIGGEST SCENE STEALERS: Tuc Watkins (David, OLTL); Kirsten Storms (Maxie, GH) (tie)
BEST MELTDOWN: Taylor Hayes, B&B
MOST POINTLESS DEATHS: Nash Brennan, OLTL; Logan Hayes, GH; Gus Aitoro, GL (tie)
BEST VIXEN: Melissa Fumero (ex-Adriana, OLTL)
WORST VILLAIN: Thom Christopher (ex-Carlo, OLTL)
BEST PSYCHO: Annie Lavery, AMC
HOTTEST NEWCOMER: Kane Manera (Grady, GL)
COOLEST SWEEPS STUNT: Angie and Jesse’s post-nuptial helicopter ride, AMC
WORST EXECUTIVE DECISIONS: Brian Frons dismantling SOAPnet; CBS declining to air 2009 Daytime Emmy Awards (tie)

Arizonagal said...

Okay, just one burning itching question. Is Aidan really leaving PV and the show??? I have not read anything anywhere.

melmel said...

I love that OLTL is called "Most disappointing soap" then sweeps most of the positive categories- lol.

Hooray for an Insanne victory!

Tess Mallory said...

I'm with you

Laura said...

How stupid is Greenlee to be up in Crazy InsAnnie's grill? Plus I was pissed today, I prayed Aidumb was gone, and there is is with my AnsAnnie.

Loving Tea on OLTL. At the grocery store (Where I get all the news!) I see Kamar is leaving OLTL. I hope Beth Ann Bonner stays. I like her.

Jordan I loved it when Alan Shore said on Boston Legal about moving to another network that cares!

It's going to be a new year, how about a switch. Half AMC and half OLTL. Why torture yourself, at least have something good to talk about.

Question of the day - Who watches AMC mainly to keep up with the Pine Valley Podcast, and who watches OLTL for the great writing and acting? I do.

Laura said...

Thong_gate on the View. Daytime confidential has Cameron M. on the View showing how his black T-shirt looked like a thong. Dang. Looked like one to me.

Anonymous said...

You know, you two were discussing why Zack is being so emotionally abusive to Reese... well we NOW know who was writing (Tamara's) Carly and Sonny on GH, it wasn't Guza, it was Pratt. (Sonnt shooting her in the head, abusing her day -in-and-day-out...

Treating a lesbian, Tamara, like a whipping posts makes him feel like a man!!! What an egotistical piece of crap he is!!

Shadow said...

I still don't get how that was a t-shirt not a thong. Was he squeezing the shirt between his superstrength buttcheeks? Practicing kegels and got a t-shirt wedgie? Forgot to cleanup and it just got stuck? As Adam would say, what a doofus.

jordan hudson said...

Beth Ann Bonner is not going anywhere rumor is Crystal Hunt ex Lizzie GL is coming on as her younger sister. I say bye bye Kamar I wish he would take David with him. So over and never was into the Vega boys. I know too many talented male latin actors who coudl really turn those roles out. While Kama has some talent David is a model......yawn.

I guess I'm crazy because I do not see it when it comes to Natalia. I thought she was horrendous and while I do agree with the fact that the subject matter is important. I feel the way AMC is writing it is making light of the issue.

Guys Im sorry but with the exception of the Taylor and Brot storyline. Everything else is rushed and choppy and going NOWHERE fast. AMC ismore frustrating and disspointing and ruined then GL or ATWT.

Lauar I love th fact that David told the networks off in Boston Legal. Don't know if you read his interview where he was very candid about eveything. Now I know why ABC aired those episodes, they never bothered to see any epsiodes so they most likley did not know he was giving them the finger. GO David Kelly.

My favorit eline was when Jerry cam running into Alan's office and started to jump on the couch. Alan says " Don't tell me, you love Katie" James Spader's delivery left me laughing so hard I had tears coming out. I will miss you Boston Legam R.I.P

dbate said...

I LOVE the song! Have you ever thought of making a cd? I would totally buy one and I know another who would. I look forward to your songs every week.
Thanks for the entertainment guys!

n69n said...

notes on Wednesday's episode

• everything is DULL til ANNIE shows up.

• KWAK is a bad liar.

• ANGIE: "Go to hell."

• boy, DAVID is just playin the dummies of this town like a fiddle.

• aw, JENNY likes KATHY.


• tsk, anyone tuning in to BIANCA & REESE lookin for hot action is gonna be *sadly disappointed*.
they hug...somtimes a friendly peck on the cheek. once in a while they get crazy & there's a quick a kiss you would give you niece or your pet.

• KWAK's addicted to libidozone, she cant wait to get her next hit.

notes on Wednesday's episode

• A lot of smoochin in Llanview!

• this new BREE is a little brat!

• mmmHHmmm, even VIKI's gettin' some!


i wish he'd go to Pine Valley & save CASSIE!


i ***ESPECIALLY*** appreciate that he didnt give her any bullsh*t easy answers like "its gods will" or something like that.

he told here that there ARE no answers...and thats the hardest part.

• tsk, MARTY should be going to HOPE's memorial service with COLE.

if i could go and give support to STARR and MARCIE, you know nothing would hold me back.

• MATTHEW is taller every time we see him!!!
he's even grown since Thanksgiving!

• MARCIE put a beany bear on HOPE's grave.

i'm so glad!

i'm also glad that they are having the memorial on Wednesday instead of i dont have to cry all weekend!

• JESS doesnt know that she knows..but she knows *something* is wrong!

WMD said...

> • MATTHEW is taller every time we see him!!!
he's even grown since Thanksgiving!

Funny you mention that, Norn...I noticed that when Matthew went to give Starr a hug, she was sitting down - unlike all the other hugs they showed Starr getting. I think Matthew has outgrown his off-screen older sister, but the show doesn't want that made obvious just yet.

And, maybe I'm weird, I the only one who *likes* the Todd and Marty story? I can see where some would find it sick, but I think it's fascinating, at a psychological level. Todd really seems to care about Marty (note his comments to Nora as he was being put into his jail cell), despite having raped her *and* kidnapped her. A while ago Vicki went to Todd's house and thought he seemed at peace, and asked him if he had met someone. Yet this was Marty making him happy. I think after everything that's happened to Todd in the past few years, he's finally lost it. He belongs in St. Anne's with his nutty niece.

I'm not buying CM's "t-shirt tucked in" story. It's a thong. He made The Soup, he should be proud! :p That is all. AMC is so dull now.

Anonymous said...

I saw that thing about Cameron being on the View explaining the thong.

I guess that really turned heads, lol. It's amazing that that's what's on like 2 different channels.

n69n said...

that thong got more attention than the tornado.

...& you *KNOW* it cost a helluva lot less!!!

Shadow said...

I'm sure Frons is all over this thong thing. We'll be seeing everyone dropping trou soon, but there can be too much of a good thing. CM's thong or Taylor's thong are one thing. But I fear next week as Tad is bending over to pick a cookie up off the floor, a butt shot will reveal his old man boxers riding up his back. Later in the week Angie will return from spin class with her low rise yoga pants revealing her control top granny panties. And on a very special episode, we see a resurgent Chompers in need of some crack spackle. Ratings gold!

Shadow said...

From Eye on Soaps...
AMC Head Writer, Chuckie Pratt, has a real affection for writing for Melissa Claire Egan (Annie), so despite rumors that have persisted, do not look for her to be leaving the show any time soon. In fact, with the departure of Greenlee coming up in a couple of months, Annie might just get her wish. Pratt intends, at this point, to take Annie through a complete redemption and rehabilitation, salvaging the character like a phoenix from the ashes. He’s supposedly thrilled by her performance and sees Annie’s unraveling as one of his masterpiece works. Now that the character of Aidan has been sacrificed on the altar of his misguided affections, we should be in for a good many psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Sinclair (McKenzie Westmore), who is expected to be a long time player on the show. Seems Chuck is quite taken with her as well.

Shadow said...

Today's ep:

KWAK is a ho' for a sad man, but David referencing all the people he's lost was sort of touching. I just don't know why KWAK always feels the need to touch back. Look where it got her with Tad.

Ashley's 'Emma' is spot on.

How many times can Boobianca say "Oh, if only Kendall was here to see this..."? I thought the point was to make Zach feel better. She's a paranoid, buzz kill today.

Was that Winnifred all hottied up?

Why the hell can't anyone just die on this show? Rebecca woke up after 60 minutes of Natalia bitching about having to turn off life support.

I did think it was funny how quick Angie was ready to pull the plug.

Angie: "Uh, oh yeah, she's waaay dead--gone, deceased, no more, bit the dust, used to be. Now pull that plug honey."

Rebecca: "No she can't be. You've always wanted her gone!"

Angie: "That's not true!"

Frankie in Angie's defense: "Girl, yo' mama is belly up, breathless, cadaverous, checked out, defunct, departed, expired, extinct, inanimate, inert, mortified, offed, rubbed out, snuffed out, spiritless, stiff, cashed in, checked out, decaying, disintegrating."

Natalia: "I don't understand any of this. What are you saying?"

Anonymous said...

Granted, there have been some lapses in my AMC viewing over the past year, but am I crazy or wasn't Annie's dad deaf. If she's having some crazy Daddy issue flashback with Ryan, shouldn't she be signing it?

melmel said...

Maybe Ryan had on one of those onepiece bodysuit/leotards popular in the early 90s!

PS On Wednesday's ep, when Aidan said he was leaving, Rebecca Budig couldn't hold back the smile.

WMD said...

> Granted, there have been some lapses in my AMC viewing over the past year, but am I crazy or wasn't Annie's dad deaf. If she's having some crazy Daddy issue flashback with Ryan, shouldn't she be signing it?

He didn't become deaf until Annie was a teenager or somesuch. She once told Ryan that he was a music teacher before that. (Ouch.)

brtedi said...


Oh, man! When Zach had a 'rage monkey moment'-TK got so into it, he punched a small hole in the wall of the hospital corridor set...Rolf!


Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

OMG Shadow! You made me almost pee myself with your "Chompers crack spackle"! That's why I love this blog. You guys are the best!

I guess we tapped the keg too soon on the Aidumb thing... doggone it. I guess we should have known when they didn't have him turn psycho and mow down a room full of people at B.J.'s. Nobody leaves the show because they are just moving away... unless you're Josh and imbezzeled tons of money.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Oh, and that's not a t-shirt, Cameron! Don't be shy - rock the thong!

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...


I don't remember the Spanish word for slipper, but I just threw a pink, fuzzy one at my TV. If I hear that idiot, slut mama Randy tell gorgeous, sexy, way-too-patient Frankie that she's "just not ready", I will be in divorce court for assassinating a HD television!!!

n69n said...

notes on Thursday's episode

• i wish there was more HEAT between BINKS & REESE.
just a quick little affectionate smooch now & then.

• wasnt CRYAN the one who brought EMMA to the hospital? what did he think would happen? what a douche.

• KWAK's got the munchies from the libidozone.

• ANNIE: "Are you gonna take me to school now, Daddy?"

i bet Pratt gets off on making her say "daddy".

• KATHY likes DAVID.

• EMMA: "You're the best friend I ever had."

• boy, DAVID's sure got the wool pulled over DR. JOE's eyes.

• awww, KATHY says she cries when she thinks about MINI-HANDS JULIA!

• ANNIE: "I'm gonna get *all* gold stars, I promise!"

• have they ever showed KENDALL & ZACH's kitchen? i cant imagine it.

• who the hell's that watchin' KATHY & JENNY??

• poor ol' REBECCA.
she's comin back to life!!!!
its a christmas miracle!!!

actualy i think this is really irresponsible storytelling.

they had a chance to deal with a real issue & instad they pull this cheap crap.

i also feel its disrespectful to anyone who has ever been in that situation, like our own Crazy Daisy.

and people watching who are in that situation now are gonna now have a false hope to cling to.

• KWAK: (staggering) "No more milk for me, right?"


notes on Thursday's episode

• MARTY: "I decided I won't let that son of a bitch Todd Manning keep me from my son."

• SARAH, CRIS & VANESSA THE SPIDERWOMAN all just hangin out in their towels.

• TÉA & CARLOTTA, how sweet.

• ADDIE, JACK & MOE...JACK's bein a BRAT!!!

• CRISTIAN is so DUMB, i dont even think of him as a character.
he's more like a piece of furniture.

i was glad to read what you think of the VEGA BOYS , Jordan.

i *KNOW* there are more talented & sexier actors out there.

i've tried so long to care about them, for CARLOTTA's sake, because i have a lot of affection for her.

i havent seen her so upset since ALEX OLANOV snuck up & scared her in the park (that was when BLAIR was asian!)!!!

does this mean JACK is gonna have a story?

• i finally lost it cryin when MCBAIN & COLE hugged.

• MARTY is @ ST JOHNS, talkin to god.


this is gonna be gooooooooooooooood!

• CRISTIAN got all excited to see TÉA, thats the happiest ive seen him since he was a little teenager.

• LANGSTON is a smart one.
that girl has common sense; rare in soaps.
the actress is really smart too...she's studying microbiology @ NYU.

• i'm worried about JACK. i dont want him to turn out like TODD!!!

• i want a nickle for every time TODD says he "loves" MARTY.

• while REV CARPENTER was talking, i realized another reason why i love OLTL so much more than AMC....its because OLTL fits better with my own moral code, and with my sense of right & wrong.

on AMC, no one ever really pays for their crimes, and no one ever LEARNS or GROWS from their hardhships. they just move on to the next story.

• i just realized the set for ST JOHNS is almost all the same pieces as the set for the courtroom!
its the same floor, same benches/pews....

• WHOA, BLAIR brought JACK to see TODD!!!
gonna be cryin tomorrow!

Steph AKA Angel said...

Cameron Mathison has defended what happened on The View:

Laura said...

Jordan, Yeah I read what David Kelly said, I think I posted it here. I want him to write AMC! Did you know the Alan and Jerry actors went to boarding school in real life. I loved that show, sad with you Jordan.

Back to a show that isn't so good. AMC.

I think Reese's Dad will be good with Erica. But it sounds like he's married to some witch. He shouldn't be worried she's gay, he should try to get her to eat! I cracked up when he said the baby looks like her. Like anybody is as skinny as her after giving birth!

Girl, Angie's weave told Hayward off. Don't mess with the weave! I love my Angie.

If JR is tempted to go back to the booze, why is he hanging out in bars?

What did this mean- Now that the character of Aidan has been sacrificed on the altar of his misguided affections, we should be in for a good many psychotherapy sessions with Dr. Sinclair

Is Aidumb leaving?? If not I may go on the Rock the Soap Cruise if he is there, and push him over!!

I like the idea of storming the studio. Here in Chicago, the employees that lost there jobs did a sit in until they got severence pay.

My list of demands, add your own later.

Fire Pratt, Carruthers, and Frons. Hire Claire Labine. Aidumb, Randy, and Colby have to go. Don't force Taylor and Jake together.

Maybe the New Yorkers could go to tapings of GMA and hold up signs that save ABC Daytime - Fire Frons.

I've got my own protest I want to start here. Resign Governor Blagovich!

Time to go, got to watch a good soap on Soapnet, OLTL

jordan hudson said...

well if the rumors are true Guiding Light has made a stupid move by getting rid of the younger actors on the show. They never really gave them meaty long range storylines and it was sad becasue these younger poeple can act. I onyl hope AMC and OLTL will be smart enouhg to scoop them up. So not amuse that means the end of Beth and COOP. Suck it Ellen Wheeler!

n69n said...

i was explaining PVP to some people @ a party last night.

non-soap people, but in the tv industry (some from ABC), so i was phrasing it in a way they could see the value of PVP.

i told them that the brilliance of PVP is that ya'll have *MADE* the show an *INTERACTIVE EXPERIENCE*...that PVP not only *ENCHANCES* the show, but that many people are watching the show *just* to keep up with the podcast!

because, honestly, i'd have dumped AMC by now if it hadnt been for PVP.

what i value and appreciate so much about PVP is that you are honest, you are *NOT* all about promoting the show, you are not about tearing down the show, you are about honest *CONSTRUCTIVE* criticism.

i'm not interested in promoting AMC, but i love promoting PVP.

melmel said...

Go JR for punching Jake! Don't you call our A-mamd-a a call girl!

And I can't believe I'm saying this... but I'm really intrigued by what Aidan is up to.

BUT when he said "Cross my heart and hope to die" I thought to myself, "No, the PVP crew wants you to!"

And I literally gagged when Emma told Greenlee she was "the best friend ever". Let's hope when Greenlee babysits Emma she doesn't drive near a rock quarry.

tori4rmtexas said...

OMG! I just read some OLTL 2009 previews and Amc 2009 previews and I have just one thing to say for each.

AMC- STINKIN PILE OF CRAP! & HOLD ON, ITS ABOUT TO BE A BUMPY RIDE.(Okay that's two things to say, but it had to be said!)


Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

My letter to ABC ( go to and press campaigns they have all the e-mail addresses there)

To whom it may concern,

As long time viewers and fan of All My Children we feel the core of the show is missing. Fans want to watch the coer families. Although, things progress the basic interest of daytime fans is the same character driven stories. Special effects cost a lot of money and we hate them, they add nothing to the story why not keep stories more closely under wraps , that will creat suspence. Finally bring back the trailers at the end of the show, without the clips for the next episode the shows feel unfinished.

Ways to improve AMC:
1) Fire current head writer Charles Pratt Jr. (we hate him and want Barbara and James back)
2) Get rid of Julie Carruthers, she is horrible at her job
3) Get rid of Brianne Moncrief who plays Colby Chandler, fans hate her and she cannot act.
4) Get rid of Shannon Kane,( Natalia) she is bad actress and Jess would not have a child from another woman, let it be that she has another father, and saying she was his was Jesse way of repaying Rebecca for what she did for him.
5) Keep Melissa Claire Egan (Anne) on the show, she is a great talent and finally has become an interesting character.
6) Leave Kendall and Zack alone, they are grate together and he would NEVER have had a kid with her sister behind her back.
7) Have Zack not be Gabriel's biological father.
8) Keep Bianca and Resse, they are very talented actresses.
9) Keep Taylor and Jake , they are great but stop forcing them together, she would be great with Tad and he would be great with anyone else.
10) We want to see more vets, bring back Julia Barr (Brooke), we want to see Opal more.
11) David has a sole , why is Charles Pratt Jr robbing him of it?
12) Allow Erica to have a new man
13) Where is Carmen? we never saw her after the tornado and have only heard mention of her once, her and Erica have great chemistry and a real friendship, save it!
14) Women like to be friends with other women and do not just hate each other. The women are this show seem spineless all of a sudden and weak. Give us strong women don't just say it, I mean Jesse is walking all over Angie. we want strong women. We also want friendships and not frienemies like Greenlee and Kendall.
15) NO MORE SPERM!!!!, I am sick of hearing about sperm donation, specimens and vasectomies etc... having children is not the aim of every women, and it is GROSS.
16)Get rid of Denis Vasi ( Randie) she is also a horrible actress who serves no point on the show.

This is the way to save the show I love and have grown up with.My mother and I enjoy All My Children, we even listen to fan generated Podcast about it like the Pine Valley Podcast, and write on their blogg. If you want to truly understand your viewers and save this show please read their blogg and understand where we are coming from. I am in no way affiliated with this blogg/ podcast I simply enjoy it and share most of their views about the show.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Check this out to send ur letters, it might be wate but maybe not

but is where all the e-mail address are minus Pratt

p.s. if u read my letter yes Julie Crapothers knows we want her fired. LOL

n69n said...

vintage article about Agnes Nixon!

an excerpt:

"Perturbed by critics who accused soaps of being a wasteland of roiling organ music and shallow emotions, Nixon began to inject social themes into her shows. The breakthrough came in 1968 when she created ONE LIFE TO LIVE, which transported soap opera from the age of innocence and prudery to a controversial new world of relevance and physical love. Suddenly, there were not only pregnant pauses but pregnant teenagers. ONE LIFE had sequences involving premarital sex, drug addiction and racism, and integrated assorted ethnic types into the white-bread Waspiness of Soapland. Nixon even introduced a sympathetic child abuser in order to explain that "these people are sick, not criminals." The show flashed a hot-line number for people seeking help to call after the show. People did.


Her most enduring characters, like TV's bitch goddess Erica Kane, ALL MY CHILDREN's suburban lago, inhabit the unconscious of America. Future sociologists may watch reruns of Nixon's soaps the way students today read Dickens. Indeed, like the didactic lady novelists of the 19th century, Nixon wants to impart a moral with her melodrama. She affirms, "I'm a writer, but I'm also a teacher." That message, in the current patois of network executives translates as "prosocial values," by which they mean virtue triumphant. But Nixon's meaning is subtler: it is the notion that nothing human is alien."

melmel said...

tori4rmtexas, can you post a link to those 2009 previews?

Thanks! :)

tori4rmtexas said...

No problem melmel :)


Elyse in Toronto said...

can u repost the links i tried the AMC one and I got an error.

tori4rmtexas said...

Here's another link to the same post :)

Angela said...

Ryan is NOT wearing a thong. I just saw a YouTube video called Cameron Mathison's Non-Thong and it shows that it isn't a thong. Watch it.

Anonymous said...

Jordan (I love you and Ashley and the PVP,btw), you might get your wish about AMC snapping up one of those young GL actors.

According to Daytime Confidential, John Driscoll could be headed to AMC as a recast Sean Montgomery.

Stealing actors from a show with even lower ratings than AMC accomplishes what, exactly?

jordan hudson said...

I would be so happy if John Driscoll would come on as Sean. And they can bring the kid who plays rafe on Gl to play Enzo Santos.

melmel said...

Thanks Tori! You're so right about the AMC spoilers- YAWN!

PS With Kendall having been in TWO comas in what, 3 years?, she better come out with some more issues than just being pissed at Bianca. I'd imagine some brain function must be lost (again, just a guess here- science is not my thing)

n69n said...

the BEST thing this show could do is have KENDALL wake up FAT.

& then *really* deal with the issues of obesity!

Shadow said...

I still think Kendall should wake up with Cankles. CankleKendall. Or straight, flat hair. No air. Or a lisp. Maybe a little gas. But it's a Pratt world. I'm sure she'll wake up and get back to work in 2 days.

n69n said...

notes on Friday's episode

• JR makes the dumbest faces.
& theyve overplucked the HELL out of his eyebrows!

• AIDUMB: "Oy'm ye Daah-Deayy."

• what a f@#^&@@(*$ irresponsible nurse!!!
i hope she's fired.

• i like that NATALIA gives ANGIE the credit.

• here's TAYLOR, at least we'll get some quality today.

• maybe the writers cant decide whether ANNIE is faking or not.

• REESE's dad seems pretty queeny himself.

• we're jsut gettin that hot AMANDA & JAKE sex *now*?!?!?
what the hell??!?! why didnt they show it *WHEN* they were doin it?!?!

they mustve been saving that for the deleted scenes & decided to throw us a bone.

imagine, theres gotta be tons of hot deleted scenes like that!

• whoa, JR's eyebrows are tragic.

• ZACH: "Start lookin for another job."

it *is* the nurse's fault, i have no sympathy for wasnt her place to notify anyone, regardless of who the patient was!

• REESE has NO SCRIPT to work with, but she's still gettin me choked up.

• FRANKIE: "I'm gonna go with Randi, so I'll see you later."

translation: "i am gonna switch out of this half-assed story into a total crap story"

• ANGIE: "You do *NOT* tell me how to do my job. You are *NOT* my boss. You're not even a doctor!"

DAVID: "Excuse me?!"

ANGIE: "Now, you may have the degrees and the skills, but you don't help people; you only *destroy* them.
But you will *not* destroy me, my career or the people I care about!
And you know what, you better ***STAY*** out of my way!
Got it?"

on one hand, WOOOOOO!!!! i love it!!!
on the other hand, scenes like this used to be the standard, not a reason to jump off the couch and clap.
back then, you just *EXPECTED* it to be good!

& as you can see from the actual transcribed dialogue, the quality AINT in the writing, its in what our gorgeous Debi Morgan brings to the table!

• they need to dirty JR up, not make him prettier.

• thats nice that ANNIE is under such minimum security.

• FRANKIE & AMANDA both are gettin all horny during RANDI's photoshoot.

• i really like Tamara Braun now. imagine what she could do with some *real* writing.

• wow, what if they do a real story about cancer and chemo?

i know, i know, i'm foolin myself.
i'd love to see them try, tho.

but probably where they're goin is "if i can fight cancer, i can fight for Jesse!!!"

• RANDI's story is too dumb to even make fun of.

wastin my time.

• OH you *know* DAVID knows where to buy a heart on the back market any ol' time he wants.

• JAKE: "She doesn't disappoint, if ya know what I mean!"

• i like the hole ZACH punched in the wall.

notes on Friday's episode

• ♥ ♥ ♥ STARR♥ ♥ ♥

• i wish TÉA, VANESSA & CRISTIAN did this scene en Español.

• i dont know if BLAIR is making the best choice as a parent, but i can understand she is *sick* of making excuses for TODD...and we saw JACK was lashing out because he felt he wasnt getting the truth.
the more TODD was removed from JACK, the more likely it would be that JACK would place him on a pedestal.
but now with this face-to-face talk, JACK knows TODD is a total asshole.

that scene kind of reminded me of when my dad left our family to start a new one with girlfriend, and he explained to my little sister and i (& we were just kids) that "you know how when you make pancakes, you have to throw the first few away? well, sometimes families are like that.."

• NORA is playin this scene all wrong. this is no time for wisecracks.

• CRISTIAN & VANNESSA give me an itchy FFWD finger.

• is this the first time VIKI & SARAH have had a scene to themselves?
i guess here's where we'll see if Justis Bolding has learned anything.

i'm not sure why she doesnt work...she can act, but its like she has no concept of making the character her OWN.

and the character of SARAH requires that, because she's never been fleshed out, besides having an interest in music.
(see, OLTL *does* have weaknesses, too)

she missed her opportunity.

• JACK: "Don't you love me anymore?"

its so good to see JACK get a real scene! this little actor can hold his own! this is a talent to nurture.

• omg, there's a hint of the old bitchy MARTY! she's gettin her spirit back!

• JACK: "Do you love Cole's mom more than me?"

thats so funny that JACK would only know of MARTY thru the context of COLE!
but thats so *real*!!!

he doesnt know MARTY, she's just "COLE'S MOM" to him!

• DORIAN: "Risotto Porcini du Maurice!"
omg that sounds so gorgeously delicious!!!

if you ever want the best risotto in NYC, go to RISOTERRIA on Bleeker!!!
its their specialty!
tooooooooooooo gooooooooooooood!!!

STARR's chowin' it down now!
i would be too!

• VIKI: "The thing about your mother is she's *really* a child who never grew up...and at times, that can be charming; but it isnt a lot of fun to be the child of a child."

omg, VIKI just described *me*.
maybe its for the best that i wont have a child.

on the other hand, neither of my parents were mature or responsible enough to be havin' kids, yet i think my sister and i have both made the world a better place.

SARAH: "In the airport, she ran into her ex-husband and shot him!"

VIKI: "WHOA. She sounds like quite a catch!"

ha, Ms. Slezak was doin her NIKI voice there!


- KIDNAPPING; First Degree Felony

- UNLAWFUL RESTRAINT; First Degree Misdemeanor

- FALSE IMPRISONMENT; Second Degree Misdemeanor

- ATTEMPTED KIDNAPPING; Second Degree Felony


- INDECENT ASSAULT; Second Degree Misdemeanor


- SEXUAL ASSAULT; Second Degree Felony

- RAPE; First Degree Felony

Shadow said...

n69n said:

"they must've been saving that for the deleted scenes & decided to throw us a [bone]."

Bone. Get it? Ha!

n69n said...

Oh i forgot to add how SMOKIN' ***HOT*** TÉA was in that final scene!


also: MARLENA DELCAROIX has been publishing my soap illustrations; this week its my ROXY with the SOAP SHRINK's Ilene Kristen interview!

today i'm goin to see Liza Minnelli's show @ THE PALACE, so expect to see my LIZA illustration soon!

n69n said...


even tho this aired on just a regular ol' Tuesday, it was more like an OLTL Christmas Special than a regular ol' Tuesday episode!!!

OLTL has created a Holiday Classic that i know i'll be watching every year around this time!

Happy Holidays, ya'll!

tori4rmtexas said...

Here's an article about Emma Lavery! (It would be funny if it wasn't so sad!)

Arizonagal said...

I got within 15 feet of a bobcat this morning while taking my dogs for a walk in the desert. IT WAS SO COOL! My hubby and I are always commenting on the health of the wildlife near our house. All the wild critters are so healthy they look like house pets.

Anyway, I'd rather see Ryan rock the giant tightie whities than the thong. He could make a hammock, wear them as a vest, make a straight jacket for Annie, all that pee wee herman stuff. It'd give him something to do and maybe he'd leave all the women alone for once.

The ginormous briefs could give the weave a run for her money, no?

Anonymous said...

Thanx for the link Tori!

Read the AMC previews. SO SAD, SO SAD!

I'm not even going to read OLTL, I want to be surprised because I know it will be good!!!

Shadow said...

Watching my son at a Kung Fu belt test. He's a tough guy, but he had to spar with a girl he has a crush on and he wouldn't kick her. So of course she kicked him. A lot. Pretty cute stuff.

Laura said...

Watched some old AMC clips on Youtube this weekend. Made me sad. N69 you made me cry when you wrote about your family life. What a jerk your dad was. The world is a better place because of your amazing talent. Hugs to you, enjoy Liza. Hope she shows up.

jordan hudson said...

I have to tell you guys. I was on you tube last night watching clips of old GL, OLTL, ATWT, of course AMC and especially Another World which was NBC's version of AMC. I cried. How it was all in the writing. Some of the actors were brillaint others not on the same level but a story was being told and the dialogue was rich. I miss daytime dramas. I miss AMC and this Friday will be hard for me to watch. It sounds like they plan on doing a better job then they did when Ruth Warwick passed away.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Off topic we are always talking about weight on the soaps how AMC has some of the skinniest women on the show but you need to look at the picture of Rachel Zoe.

Shadow said...


1996, AMC became the first soap opera to begin each episode with a recap of the previous day and to end the show with a preview.

Shadow said...

Saw this about Josh...

As hinted earlier, Colin Egglesfield will be returning to AMC in the near future, but only for a short time. Dropped to recurring status after Zach learned Josh was embezzeling money from Cambias back in October, Josh went off on the run. So what brings Josh back to Pine Valley to face the possible wrath of his brother in law? Well it could be to see his gravely ill sister. But Josh won't be around long. Colin has been released from AMC and will exit after a handful of shows in dramatic fashion. With all the talk about Kendall's failing heart, speculation is running rampant that Josh will meet with his untimely demise and save Kendall's life.

brown penny said...

Tasha from Brooklyn, I saw Rachel Zoe on the E channel this morning and she's looking absolutely skeletal. Another one looking like the slim reaper got her.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Brown Penny she looks way worse that Alicia who I think is naturally skinny. Rachel Zoe looks like Skeletor from the He-Man cartoon

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...


Thank you for taking the initiative to write to TPTB. You made some great points, and you speak for a lot of us.

These horrible budget cuts are absolutely ruining TV. We'll go back to the horrible all-reality all the time mess we had to endure several years back. I'm so sad about Eli Stone and especially Boston Legal. How sad!


Technoglit said...
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Technoglit said...

Love yah Ashley and Jordan!!!

Just to follow up on the Thongate 2008, did you guys see Cameron Mattheson on the view to dispute the thong? He claims it was his shirt stuck in his pants....check him out on the view from 12/10/08....the discussion starts at 6:55ish into the clip. :)