Monday, February 23, 2009

A Ray of Hope

  • Reese and Boobianca break up! (World's shortest marriage, anyone?)
  • Greenlee is dead (we think)!
  • Dr. Shericlair almost dies!
  • Kendall tells it like it is!
  • Ry-ass grits his teeth!
  • Aidumb mumbles!

People! All My Children was good last week! And contrary to what I' m starting to read on our supa-blog, I enjoyed the Oscars, too -- especially the beautiful Melissa Leo and Amanda Seyfried, two very talented AMC alumnae. Let's dish, here. (And keep those questions coming by emailing us at

2/20/09 Podcast


Anonymous said...

Hey Ashley,

For the past few weeks the podcast has been downloading very slowly compared to before and compared to my other podcasts (yes I do listen to others). Has anything changed in servers or the itunes download process? Right now it's telling me 11 hours to go! That's longer than Bianca and Reese were married.

Waiting patiently

Terry in Toronto

Amelia said...

There were parts of the show that was good. But WHERE WERE MY HUBBARD'S?!?!?!?!

They need to give the Hubbard's a REAL s/l.

kim said...

I've been having the same problem lately Terry, mine says 6 hours. Oh but it's worth the wait, I'm looking forward to the new podcast.

Anonymous said...


melmel said...

I wish it was Reese leaving and not Boobianca. I am soooo tired of Reese. She is on practically every day. And take Zach with you!

The Tad/Jake bromance is amazing. I love any scene with them. Of course, this is AMC so actually enjoying each other is always short-lived, even with family.

Erica looked HOT in the lime green jacket and her hair in a ponytail.

PS In non-AMC news, I'm getting a puppy (click to see pic)!!!! Any pop culture name suggestions, send 'em my way (it's a boy). Right now my list includes: Rufio, Riggins, MacGruber, Probst, Mozby (Moz for short), and Mr. Feeny.

My dad enjoyed the name Chompers, ala Palmer ;)

jordan hudson said...

melmel I'm torn between Riggens and Chompers.

Ashley your nuts the oscar's and that lame queen Hugh sucked it! LOLOLOLOLOL.

I saw today's epsiode snooze fest....and I love how everyone is dumping on Resse. Zach kissed. Ryan told Greenlee. Bianca and Zach went along with the idea of sperm donating and keeping it from Kendall. But everything is Resse's fault including hiring Chuck Pratt and keeping Craputhers as E.P. It's all Resse's fault. She is alaos responsible for weapons of Mass destruction. Jeez

melmel said...

I'm just on Reese overload. I think everyone treats her like garbage, but I am tired of her. Maybe a short coma would make me re-like her too ;)

Thanks for the vote Jordan! I swear naming a puppy may be the most difficult thing I've ever done! All of our other pets have been adopted from other families.

Christine said...

Same download problem here but I remembered from last week so I started early this morning and I should be good to go before leaving work today and enjoy it in the traffic. That's my "spa" moment of the week and I won't leave the office until it's in my ipod, lol!

I agree with Melmel, I would prefer Bianca to stay and Reese to go. I'm tired of the Paris exit she needs to stay in PV for once!

Even if I think Zach as been ridiculously stuupid the past months I don't understand why Kendall can't forgive... yes he kissed and was a donor to her sister but she slept with Aidan... If she has to be angry at him it should be to have killed her brother, which they never talked about!

When I watched Greenlee do the Evel Knievel jump in the river I was wondering who many characters disapeared (read "flushed") over the years? I remember Tad, Leo, Anna and Greenlee. Was there more?
The writer's lack of imagination is always surprising.
How would you make a character disapear? Personnaly I would have made her jump into a dumpster truck on a road below the ravine, the truck continue his ride as you last see the ring with the moonstone... :-)

melmel said...

Oh, PS Did everyone watch Big Love last night? PHENOMENAL!

Shadow said...

Although Eden Riegel and Tamara Braun are not extending their current contracts, which end soon, ABC has just announced that they will be returning to All My Children in their roles as married lesbian couple Bianca (Riegel) and Reese (Braun) later this year in a storyline that promises to "tug at your heart strings."

In a "very special Christmas episode," says ABC, Bianca will be attacked with an ax by Santa Claus and bleed to death under the Christmas tree while Reese is having sex with the UPS delivery man upstairs.

"All My Children fans have become so invested in the character of Bianca over the years, we thought it was time to reward them with a juicy dramatic storyline for her," said new AMC spokesperson Steve McPherson, who was formerly the head of ABC Entertainment until he was demoted after calling reporters "f--ing a--holes" at the TCA Winter Press Tour when he thought his microphone was turned off.

Previously on All My Children, Bianca has passionately held hands with her girlfriend; been sexually assaulted which resulted in a pregnancy; dated an MTF rocker named Zarf; and married a woman who cheated on her with her brother-in-law.

"When it comes to developing characters," McPherson explained, "the writers on All My Children have always adhered to the mantra, 'what doesn't kill you, makes you stronger.'"

"Unfortunately, this development will actually kill Bianca."

But, he stressed, this doesn't necessarily mean Bianca couldn't return for future episodes, "as we think of more ways to give the lesbian fans what they deserve for believing in us time and time again."

The actresses could not be reached for comment, but industry sources tell us they were surprised by this plot twist, and were led to believe their characters were simply dropping in for the holidays to engage in the usual family melodrama.

When asked to confirm the actresses' understanding of events, McPherson was consumed with uncontrollable fits of laughter and unable to respond.

Shadow's comment: They Say ER is coming back after a short break. Who knows. I was googling to see if there was an update and found this. Obviously fake but funny!

Anonymous said...

That's hilarious Shadow! If only Pratt could write that well.

I like the name Chompers too MelMel. I did watch Big Love and it was a terrific episode. That show has really picked up steam this season.

Jordan, BodyBodyWear was a men's clothing boutique chain headquartered here in Toronto. I think they were geared mostly to the gay market if I remember correctly. The company went out of business a few years ago.

I'm so glad that someone is finally agreeing with me that Cameron Matheson is NOT an actor. He may be hunky (and Canadian) but Stratford bound he definitely is not. I have always been so frustrated with his two note delivery. It's either seething (clenched teeth) or shouting at maximum volume.

One Life is soooo good. I can't believe Vaginessa gave up the truth so easily to Christian. The cliff hangers each day are keeping me on the edge. I LOVE it!

This is what good soap is all about.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

Terry...I was hoping it was just here in NY use to love the clothes I still have two pants and two shirts sigh mens wear so tacky. And yes Big Love was just outstanding last night so much happened in one episode. It was so deep and rich...this god. I wnat Nikki to hook up with her boss. I know its adultrey

Yes peopel may not have liked The vagnessa storyline but it was still fun today. With A. Martinez you can't go wrong. But of course the best was David and Dorian and the Grey mare joke lmao lmao

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, just found this on youtube. What do you know about the kettlebell? Seems to be working for Beth Chamberlain.

Wait Terry in Toronto, Cameron Mathison IS an actor, a really bad actor. Damn if the last few episodes haven't proven that once and for all!

Wasn't there a rumor floating about a few months ago that CM was going to take some time off? Please god, let that be true. I'm so sick of Ryanderthal and his tired dramas and his crappy acting. Thonggate can't begin to make up for all the crap we've had to watch.

Jordan, you are so right about Jesse being in the very dead-end chief of police role. I think I said in last weeks blog that it would have been so much better if he'd taken the Prof job. The chief always ends up being a buffoon.

Robin C. said...

You speculated on the Podcast that Erica would be hot with Jake, and a discussion ensued about Erica's previous relationship with Charlie Brent (the Ken Doll version), who was the 25-yr-old Man Of Enchantment at the time. They were actually ENGAGED! I can NEVER remember that storyline without remembering Erica subsequently showing up at the Martin's for a family dinner. Ruth was kind of strong-armed into inviting her. She gritted her teeth, opened the door to Erica and said: "Erica! Welcome to the family ..... AGAIN." I was ROTFLMAOPIMP!! It was PRICELESS!

For newer watchers, Erica was married to Philip Brent, who was raised as Ruth's son, but he was really the illegitimate son of Nick Davis and Ruth's sister, Amy. Erica had an affair with (and a life-long yearning for) Nick. Then she married Jeff Martin. Later came her engagement to Charlie, so you can just IMAGINE Ruth's reaction at THAT point!

So Erica has had sex with all of the following men and has been either engaged or married to all but one of them:

Ruth's son/nephew Philip
Ruth's son's/nephew's bio father, Nick
Ruth's stepson, Jeff
Ruth's grandson/grand-nephew, Charlie

If Erica and Jake were to get it on, I think Ruth's head would explode :-)

tori4rmtexas said...

You guys, I absolutely agree about Cameron being a bad actor and I say instead of all these actors taking paycuts, why don't they cut some bad acting fat. i.e. Ryan, Aidan, Randi, & Colby.
On another note, why dont they SORAS some of those kids because there are waaaaaaaaaaayy too many kids on this show. Lets count em- Spike,Emma, Ian, Kathy, Gabby, Miranda, Jenny, Little A and now Amanda's spawn.(BTW I love kids but All My Children is taking the name of show a little too literally.)
OLTL is and has always been my fav show(been watching it since I was five and I'm 19 now) and I'm glad people are enjoying it right now .

Jordan I am LOVING GL right now, so much that I'm skipping my college classes to run home and watch it live. Here are some of my observations about it right now:
Give Justin Deas another Emmy Right now!
Beth Chamberlain is AMAZING and btw where in the hell did she get that body-ITS INSANE!
Caitlin Van Zandt and Bonnie Dennison are terrible.
Why is Guiding Light doing a lesbian romance 10 times better than AMC?
Mallet & Marina suck donkey balls

Arizonagal said...

Back in the old days in PV there was a strong sense of community. People grieved the deaths of their loved ones and others responded with kindness and a warm casserole. Fast forward to the 21st century and now we have small-minded idiots who respond to deaths with no sympathy, no gentle hugs, NADA! Just in-your-face mean people blaming everyone for the deaths. Zach kills Josh and everyone was practically celebrating because now there's a heart for Kendall - how convenient. Greenlee dyes (supposedly) and instead of grief we see a bunch of macho sh*theads swaggering, posturing, pointing, accusing, and no one accepting blame - all anger, no grief, nothing genuine.

I miss the old days when Grandma Kate would have baked a casserole accompanied by hugs and kind words. Why do we have to endure the constant hatefests? TIIC are missing the mark miserably because they have no clue what the viewers want and they don't see the soap from our side. We are loyal, most of us have watched the show for years and no matter what sh*t they throw at us, we continue to watch. We may not like it, but we stick with it because we truly believe in the abilities of a good writing team to resurrect this show and give it some heart. We don't need tornadoes, we don't need serial killers, we need people we can relate to, people we can have compassion for, people who can act. It's about the characters, not the special effects. Give us some characters we can at least like. TPTB never seem to learn anything from their fiascos.

AMC used to make characters redeemable, now they don't, now characters become hateful and stay that way.

I also hate it when alcohol becomes an excuse for bad behavior. It's dishonest. Zach and Reese would have kissed whether she'd been drinking or not. She's been fighting it since she came to PV and I hate that TIIC brought us a woman who doesn't know her own sexuality, that sucks for the viewers and for Bianca.

Zach, you are an effin rutting in the mud PIG. I am so over Zach. And Cameron Mathison, you are game show host material, as someone mentioned on the blog. Time to move on buddy, you just showed the viewers what a sucky actor you really are.

Anyone have any bets as to when Greenlee will be found alive? Not a spoiler, just know that's the track record on this soap.

Happy Fat Tuesday ya'll - let the good times roll!

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Ha ha Shadow! That was brilliant!!!

Did anyone else get kind of queasy when Ryan kept fevereshly whispering "don't stop, don't stop, please don't stop" to Opal?

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

How can Dre still be in the opening credits, but not Brot? He's the best thing to come to Pine Valley in ages! Dre must be sleeping with the same person who's shacking up with Aidumb.

Anonymous said...

Why can't I find Guiding Light on CBS? I live in Northern California and can't find GL on my TV. I had to go on-line to see that it was on CBS. I searched the whole week, from 8am to 5pm on CBS and GL is not on my TV. Does anyone know why???


WMD said... you watch on KOVR? That station does not air GL at all. (A travesty, but true. The CBS station in Flint, Michigan also does not. Those are the only two.)

Robin C. said...

It is SUCH a cliche on soaps that people can get custody of children based on a parent being unfaithful! Having sex (or not, in this case), has no bearing on whether or not a person is a good PARENT. Unless Reese is going out into the streets and bringing junkies and child molesters home to have sex in front of the kids, it's a moot point!

Considering the INCREDIBLY creepy way David is keeping tabs on Amanda's pregnancy, why doesn't Amanda just go somewhere else for pre-natal care? Frankie isn't even an OB/GYN! I suppose I can see why she has to KEEP seeing him NOW, though, since he's already fudged the records to indicate David is NOT the father and a new doctor would probably not go along with that, but David is so up in her business over it that I'm surprised he doesn't just reach down every time she walks by and do an impromptu pelvic exam while she's still in mid-stride. For that matter, it would not surprise me in the LEAST if he were to walk into an exam room while she IS having a pelvic exam do EXACTLY that, shoving Frankie aside so that he can gauge for himself the gestation period based on the size of her uterus. Honestly, that whole angle of the storyline just makes my SKIN crawl!

You know, as much as I can't stand him, I don't BLAME Ryan for slamming his door in people's faces and ordering them out of his life/penthouse right now. He's still trying to wrap his head around losing Greenlee and all these other people are insistently nattering at him to deal with THEIR PROBLEMS. WTF? Give the man at least a DAY, why don't you? People in PV are so RUDE!

They said before that the downstairs bedroom was made into a hospital room for Kendall. She's home about 1.5 days before she's up and driving all over the place and now she's had the room made up for Zach so she can to up the stairs to their usual bedroom. I wonder if the downstairs bedroom now has a sign on the door that says "FIDO"

Anonymous said...

I just have to say the highlight of OLTL today was Ray calling Vaginessa a "puta mentirosa". I'm glad she's gone. The plot thickens with the whole DNA business. Does anyone know if this is somehow related to 1968? I wasn't watching last year when that time travel storyline played out.

Terry in Toronto

WMD said...

> The plot thickens with the whole DNA business. Does anyone know if this is somehow related to 1968? I wasn't watching last year when that time travel storyline played out.

I think it does. During the time travel, Rex (whom everyone in 1968 thought was Young Bo) had sex with Emma Bradley, David's mother. However, I thought that this event would cause Bo to be David's father. How they're gonna explain Rex should be interesting.

jason said...

Terry I just wanted to say about your comment in the last post about ABC used the Gays, you are so Right!

I've listen to half of the podcast and I have to say Ashley you guys aren't being mean. Jerkson is boring and needs to go and I can't stand Ryan and I'm sorry but CamMat can not act, but is very good at hosting!
I'd love to see a press photo so I can but a face to the voices lol.

jason said...

put* hehehe

And I love Dorian this week

Puddin said...

Can someone help me out? What was the name of the song played during Boobianca's farewell scene on Tuesday? I was boo-hooing as much as she was.

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

Puddin, I was crying my eyes out!

The whole mess is so horrible, and could have been so easily avoidable. I still love Zach, and I like him for Kendall, but he could never be my man. I'd have to kill him and his inability to show emotion and include others in his plans.

I just heard that Thornton Kaye turned 43 - he looks / seems much older (in that really sexy older-guy way). I am surprised that he's as young as he is.

kim said...

WMD you are a genius. that makes total sense. rex is david's father, and totally changed david's dna after the whole 1968 thing. he WAS asa's son before, now he's rex's son. wow, i don't think i would have figured that one out. if it's true.. just a theory! i don't know how this will unfold.

oltl is as good as amc is bad. this week amc totally sucks, i'm sorry.

excellent podcast as usual! i'm so disappointed in the show, but the podcast makes it worth watching.

hey pattie b from freeport.. i live in baldwin, we are neighbors!

DancingElf88 said...

David and Krystal are icky to me. I can't them without getting a little queasy.
Does it make me a bad person if I feel nothing for Ryan and GL's death? I feel more for Opal. At least we get to see more of her.
I kind of like Adam/Reese working together. I feel bad for her actually, she shouldn't have kissed Zach or claimed to be a lesbian if she was confused but she doesn't deserve to have her kids taken away from her.

I love Kendall!! I was not a fan of hers before, but I like how she's giving it to Zach, Bianca, and Reese (even tho I feel for her) because she was wronged. She's HILARIOUS!

I know most aren't fans, but I love Annie/Aiden. I see some chemistry between them and I like that she has a friend.

Jordan and Ashley, here's my question:
It's obvious that an Annie/aiden romance is the works, some people aren't liking the romantic undertones of this story. Aside from your dislike of Aiden, do you find that the romantic undertones are taking away from what could possibly be a great story of a woman overcoming her mental illness?

Anyone else is welcome to answer the question. I'd like to read your opinions.

brown penny said...

WMD I too think you hit this on the head. The whole Buchanan thing seems to good to be true for Vickeroshi, who will end up losing everything to the "real" Buchanans. I don't know why that bums me out, but it does. I love this character and sometimes I feel so sorry for him. He is disrespected by everyone in Llanview. If DNA proves him to be Rex's son, then whaaa?

Will Dorian leave Vickeroshi if he's once again a poor humble man of faith? Will Dorian get her home back from Mo and Noelle?

I'm a relatively new viewer to OLTL, turned on to the show by Jordan about a year ago. What's Vickers' history? Has he always been the down and out con man?

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

AMC / OLTL quick character comparison:

InsAnnie / Vanessa - look exactly alike. Vanessa is Annie's Latina twin... down to the mole!

Jerkson / Viki (aka Twitchy) - obviously went to the same head-bob acting academy. I get dizzy when either of them are on screen.

brtedi said...

Tuesday, February 24, 2009


Dinah shouldn't have deleted the cd. But, remember what Reva said to her? "I'll take care of my little boy. You take care of my big one...Be yourself...." And that's exactly what Dinah did. Rightly or wrongly, she's protecting Shayne no matter what. :-D

At this point, I think, it would be better to have Dinah as a friend/girlfriend rather than an adversary, in Shayne's case...He doesn't know it yet, but in her own way She's trying to 'use her powers for good and not for evil'. ;-)

From the previews, for Wed.,Shayne is not gonna be a happy camper!

Wednesday, February 25, 2009


Why didn’t Krystal use the Pine Valley Inn for the gala? Instead it looks like they converted the medication storage area...I guess, AMC didn’t want to take neither the time nor the expense to put up the ‘proper’ set—JMO.

Oh no! Don’t drink the wine Reese, it’s loaded!

Be carefull Kendall ..Reese is listening!

Why does Annie seen drawn to men, that need to save her?..Hmmm.


brtedi said...

" you find that the romantic undertones are taking away from what could possibly be a great story of a woman overcoming her mental illness?...."

Hey, DE! :-)

I hadn't really thought about that. But at least MCE gets a better performance out of AT...They seem to enjoy working together more than he did, with Rebecca Budig. JMO.


Laura said...

Run Insannie, run! If you are around Aidumb you will turn back into Blandie. Every actress he was paired with are now gone. Most dead I think. And they all were better at acting than him. Aidumb go towards Coldby. You can chase her away and maybe look like a better actor next to her.

I saw the Oprah episode about middle class people living in tent cities today. So sad.

I actually liked yesterday's GH where Maxie dreams she died instead of BJ. I cried at the end. Not watching GH much now. But I loved the BJ/Maxie storyline. Wow Bobbie looks kind of rough.

Isn't GL on the web to watch? I watch Y&R there.

Crystal said...

Aww I was crying about Erica at her mother's funeral. So sad. It is also sad that when someone dies nobody really cares. I am still sick over poor Josh. I don't think anyone has even told Kendall that Zack shot him!

Erica looked beautiful in her red dress! I was glad to see ABC must have got a good bulk discount on Kendall's dresses. She must have one in every color. I am glad they are 'trying' to cover her incision but, come on, can't she wear something else?!

I loved the red scrubs but, they only showed them for 2 minutes...weird, why did they even bother? The guys were all looking pretty hot in their suits. Frankie looked sharp! Amanda is still getting even more beautiful, how is that possible? Must be pregnancy 'glow', lol.

Was I the only one who thought the shirtless Ryan and Opal was weird. I was waiting for Ryan, in his grief, to accidentally fall into her VJayJay over and over, ha. Very strange. At least it would have been interesting.

Oh, and I always take my pills by putting them in a drink to dissolve. *eye roll

OLTL: I agree Star's hair looks weird! Why was Moe being a chef again? I LOVE David so much. I am so glad he is back. Why does that beaver or whatever it is Roxie talks to have red teeth? It creeps me out.

DancingElf88 said...

Brtedi: I agree that MCE makes him a better actor. I always liked his character but didn't find AT to be a great actor. But IDK with MCE he is better. By the by I do love the A-Team as they are called on other boards. I'd like to see Annie be able to stand on her own before depending on a guy to always save her. With BPD...dependence on others is a big thing so I'd like to see her stand on her own before exploring a relationship. but for now, I don't mind them as friends.

Ok Krystal who mixes ALCOHOL with a SEDATIVE?! Isn't that like the number one way to DIE?! WTF!

And I love Frankie and Jake, but honestly in all his Jakegyver-ness shouldn't Super Doc know better than to talk about a secret pregnancy in the hospital where David works? Haven't they ever heard of euphamisms or outside meetings? Oh wait..I forgot, intelligence takes away from plot driven actions..oops my bad.

Why is Adam helping Reese? It's got to be more than the explanation he gave her. It might have something to do with Zach or his investment to Fusion. Things that make you go hmmmmm...

Crazy_Daisy_Designs said...

I'd rather spend all night at the Go Red for Women ball in Llanview than ten seconds in the snoozefest in Pine Valley!

Okay, really... who puts a pill into their own drink?

I have to admit to liking the Annie / Aiden pairing. It's much better than putting him with Greenlee.

richard said...

Melissa Leo.....Was she the murderess of sybil????

Laura said...

No Sean Cudahy killed that evil Sybil who broke up my Cliff and Nina. That man stealing ho. She was the biological mother of Bobby Warner.

Aiden is better with Annie, but compared to what - the vent?

Arizonagal said...

I get that ya'll like Annie and Aidumb but I think MCE deserves way better than that tool. I just don't see him ever sharpening his acting skills. The guy can't act, heck he can't even make a facial expression. His face is carved in stone, no movement, no nothing. Aidumb comes on the screen and my eyes just glaze over. He bores me to tears, no matter who he is with.

There are quite a few single guys in PV, how about MCE with Frankie, Jake, Tad?

How about no guy, just a story about Annie struggling to pull it together once she's out? She doesn't need a man to be interesting. In fact, men seem to make her weaker, more of a victim. Of course, that's because TIIC can't get it right. With the exception of Angie, the women in PV are pretty damned gullible, too easily manipulated.

Speaking of Jake, why did TPTB lure him away from GL if they had no plans for his character?

JordAsh, you have no idea how often I listen to the podcast and think how much better this show would be if you too were writing it. Heck your acting is better too!

Arizonagal said...

Ooops, forgot this. Ashley mentioned Starr's hair. When she was younger and had bangs she was adorable. Either way, she's a cutie. BUT... she got on my nerves just a bit the other day. She is so self obsessed, always talking about her problems. I realize she's been thru a lot more than the rest of us will ever go thru in a lifetime, but enough with the whining already!

The episodes when she was in the lab chewing off Joplin's ear were annoying. Here's a guy who has just as much to bitch about as Starr and yet every time he started to emote, Starr jumped in with her own b.s. I realize it's the writers, but still...

Don't get me wrong, I love Starr. I actually can't think of a character on OLTL that I don't like. I love them all, they are all fascinating, complex characters. JordAsh, are you guys writing OLTL???

arizonagal said...

Oops, posting for my thoughts are complete. Nigel, I can't stand that dude. Okay, I will go away now and stop being a pest.

Anonymous said...

Did the OLTL hair and makeup people listen to this week's podcast? Starr has a new curly hairstyle and right after you ragged on her Ashley.

I don't think the actresses playing Gigi and Talia are that good.

Nelson Branco of TV Guide Canada mentioned the guy who plays Fish. I guess Branco and Jordan both think Fish is cute. I did feel so bad for him today realizing what a wench Stacey is and after he dumped Layla for her.

I think it would be an interesting AMC storyline for Annie to fight to get Emma back. That was always her calling card that she was the perfect mom. I really want to see them back together.

Terry in Toronto

WMD said...

Well, today's OLTL has straightened a few things out. The whole Rex being "David's father" was just a joke on us, remembering what happened during 1968...they lazily turned that into a computer error (and I, a total computer nerd, found the lab guy's explanation hilarious). No no no, Bo is David's father, per the cliffhanger (well done). This is what I thought they would do ever since the time traveling happened; no way will the writers let David and Dorian take all the Buchanan money permanently. David is Bo's kid!

What I can't help but wonder about, though, is how much change Rex (as Bo) put into place. Not only did he sleep with Emma Bradley, but he also convinced her to get away from Asa and go back to Ned Truman. How much of that was supposed to have happened before? And if none of it, when then, in the new alternate history, did Asa and Emma get a chance to hook up at such a time that Asa would think of David as his for all those years? If I'm right, and the writers had done time-travel properly, Bo and Rex would have returned to 2008 to find the whole David debacle nonexistent. Of course, this would screw up some other characters, namely Jared and Natalie, so I guess that's why they didn't do that.

In AMC business...I wasn't watching very carefully, but today, did Reese drink a glass of wine that KWAK put something in? If so, I can just imagine...she does something weird while drugged, and the Kane women yell at her (again!) while she is confused and believed by none. Yawn. (If I saw wrong, good, a potential loser story avoided.)

brtedi said...

"...Isn't GL on the web to watch? I watch Y&R there."

Yes, Laura. It definatly helps of you have high speed internet....Don't even consider it, if you have dial up. :-(


Arizonagal said...

hey Laura, I just "watched" an episode of GL at work at the following link:

Brtedi is right, you need a lot of bandwidth.

Speaking of GL, I hope to God I hear emmy noms for Buzz and Beth. Deas is acting his socks off the last few weeks. What I love about his performances is they are just pulled from inside his soul, there's no thinking about the acting process, he is just in the moment and he's so unpredictable that half the time, lately, I just expect him to keel over. He's actually scaring me. When he's in that zone, he is amazing.

brtedi said...

Good Morning All!

I don’t know why, but this morning I realized what was really wrong with the way “Ryan” is grieving for Greenlee: bad Kirk Douglas moments. The writers obviously don’t know much about grief. Or, at least what the do know, they don’t care to put in their scripts. There are moments, glimmers if you will, of “Ryan” looking lost. But those are too few and far between. Instead we get vengeance filled “Ryan”. Set on going after everyone and everything remotely responsible for Greenlee’s death. (In defense of the actor, what can he do but clinch his teeth, if Ryan is at present fueled on nothing but revenge?)

Since “Emma” hasn’t been staying with her dad, why hasn’t this storyline included us seeing “Ryan” coming downstairs, at least somewhat unkempt? I would have loved to see “Ryan” in a rumpled t-shirt, ratty pajama bottoms and messy hair. The character should have looked as if he hadn’t slept since “Greenlee” died. As ”Ryan and Greenlee” were written, she was supposed to be essential to his life and his heart. If the writers were to remain true to this idea, we would have seen a devastated Ryan in shock—and eventually so overcome with loss, the character would have had to remember how to breathe! Instead what to we get? We see a catatonic, shirtless, Ryan standing out on his balcony in the depths of winter.


GaeaGoddess said...

Okay, I didn’t want to bring this up, but since I haven’t seen anyone else mention it, here it goes…

Has anyone noticed that literally EVERY time that David is near Krystal, he’s always grabbing her head? It doesn’t matter if he’s just giving her a peck on the cheek, or just having a casual conversation with her…he’s ALWAYS grabbing her head. He doesn’t even seem capable of being near her without grabbing her head. It’s not even just when they’re hanging out at Wildwind. It’s at the hospital, at ConFusion…it’s everywhere.

For some reason this makes me GAG. Maybe it’s because that’s the kind of move that a jerky guy makes on a gal when he expects a certain…ahem…oral deed to be performed.

I can’t even listen to what’s going on in their s/l because my gag reflex usually kicks in when I see him do that. It’s probably a good thing that the s/l isn’t very interesting right now because I’m not paying attention anyway. I’m too busy hurling into my popcorn bucket. :P

Anonymous said...

Hey Guys,

I'm in crisis! My pvr didn't record OLTL for some reason today. Does anyone know if it's available online anywhere?

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Terry, here I come to save the day. Go to youtube. Type in one life to live and put uploaded today.

It is there in 5 parts. Here is the first link.

My favorite line of the day was when Roxie said Dorian was David's significant mother!

God I love this show. I now watch Y&R. It's on from 11:30-12:30, and I may watch the last half hour of AMC. I then watch OLTL and no GH.

Anonymous said...

Thanks Laura ... and whoever is the angel who uploads the show to youtube!
Yaaaahhhhhhhhh OLTL.

Terry in Toronto

n69n said...

hey ya'll
i went to the revival of WEST SIDE STORY last night.

just to mention the positives...

Karen Olivio as ANITA is the definite standout...i cant say enough good about her...she was the only one the audience went WILD for in curtain call.

the orchestra is superb & its such a fantastic feeling to hear this music *live*

the dancing is all fabulous,with all kinds of hotness...& THE SHARKS are sooooo much hotter than THE JETS that it just doesnt seem fair.

(thats part of the problem; if CHINO has more charisma than TONY, you need to rethink your casting).

the girl who plays MARIA is Argentinian & she's whiter than me.

& i mean that in every sense of the word.

i kept thinking of the PVPodcast when Ashley was acting out the last scene from WEST SIDE STORY, & how she would've been a better MARIA...& i bet JORDAN would have been a better TONY!

Anonymous said...

I'm a little behind on hearing the podcasts, and have been trying to read everyone's comments from last week and this week-I just have to say that I LOVE hearing everyone's POV and comments on AMC and the other soaps!
I just have to comment on this Friday's epi of OLTL, and the scenes between Todd and Starr-first off, both actors are amazing, and I LOVE how something that happened, what, 3 or 4 weeks ago is STILL on the minds of the principle players, namely, Starr struggling with the fact that she lied under oath for her father. Real emotion, real emotional consequences. With this writing team, I don't doubt that they will refer to this over and over in the months to come. Building and creating story lines that have some link to something that we actually "witnessed"-unlike AMC, where we are asked to fill in the blanks on our own, or listen to 5 minute monologues by the characters explaining what happened (ala Zach's trip to Paris to service Boobianca).
My second comment about OLTL today, is that even though I loved Todd and Starr's scenes, I couldn't help but wonder how much more powerful they would have been if Roger Howarth was still playing Todd. Don't get me wrong, I love TSJ, but RH did incredible work as Todd. I think it would have been really intense, especially since Starr has been played by the same actress since she was very young and RH was still on the show. Ever since Susan Haskell returned to LLanview, I've been longing for Roger Howarth in the role as Todd. I know that Todd had plastic surgery to alter his appearance, but overall, RH was just so much more convincing as as the twisted Todd. What a presence!
I guess I just started thinking about an earlier bloggers question about recasts.
Barb in MN

Arizonagal said...

What a difference a year makes. Last year's Campbell's SoupFest had that lovely fashion show which included the Real Colby, Real Greenlee, Annie, little Emma, Kendall, Erica, Babe and some really pretty red dresses. It was cheerful and upbeat with pretty much no real content.

Lets take a look at what we get this year. We get this dull background piano music that was as boring as bat shit. I've heard better in my doc's waiting room. We get the usual disgruntled whining PV citizens looking lovely, but moping about and sniping at each other. No one is having any fun. And what was up with that bizarre argument between Brot and Taylor? That made no sense at all, though I did notice our boy JR Martinez has really come a long way. He is showing some real acting ability and has already surpassed Aidumb in talent and substance. Bugged me that Taylor has to mention how she doesn't know how to dress up. No surprise seeing as how she doesn't know what an eclair is.

Note to Krystal: Great job KrysDULL. Girl, get thee to a trailer park. You have changed so much since the days when you'd whoop it up with truckers!

Compare AMC's soupfest with OLTL's Go Red Smackdown? No comparison.

David's speech about Babe was barfworthy. I don't remember another character on this show who has been so beatified by TIIC as Saint Babe. And, in honor of Babe and Campbells Soup, from, here is how Babe earned her sainthood:

Had inappropriate relations with her high school algebra teacher to have her grade changed from an F to a C.
Invited a police officer to her room in an attempt to get out of a speeding ticket.
Issued a speeding ticket while driving in California just north of the Mexican border. [2003]
Bigamy; Married JR Chandler while still married to Paul Cramer [2003]
Stole a plastic cow from Benny's Beef & Bun [Oct 14th, 2003]
Adultery; slept with Jamie Martin while married to JR Chandler [Oct 2003]
Blackmail; Told Paul Cramer that she will reveal their marriage if he doesn't fix the paternity tests. [Dec 2003]
Withheld knowledge that "her" baby, Bess, was actually Miranda Montgomery. [2004]
Kidnapped Ace Buchanan and fled to Virginia, Florida and New Orleans [Nov 3rd, 2004]
Arrested for the kidnapping of Ace Buchanan [Jan 2005]
Charged with kidnapping, interfering in the custody of a child, conspiracy, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, endangering the welfare of a child and failure to return a child. [Feb 2005]
Lied to the police by covering for J.R. Chandler, saying she hit Amanda with her car, not JR [Nov 2005]
Lied in court to protect J.R. and to keep him out of jail [Spring 2006]
Held Richie Novak hostage at knifepoint. [Jul 2008]

brtedi said...

Well, I don’t know about the rest of you, but I feel a little bit better about AMC today. I really liked the scenes involving Debbie Morgan working with Bobbie Eaks and Cameron Mathison. I still hold that if the actors are given better writting, they can do the work. Yay!


Elisa Padilla said...

Ashley, Jordan - you have to take a press photo!!! No one is going to go after you. Your fans want to see what you look like, so we can put a face to the voice. You guys are awesome. Jordan - I agree with you - I love when Ashley speaks like the angry Ryan. That was so funny. You rock!


Arizonagal said...

OMG Melmel, I just clicked on the photo to see your new puppy. What a cutie. Did you settle on Chompers? He looks like a little Chompers. I tried to click on the pic a few times at work and because I work for the feds, I can't click on certain sites... Youtube, photobucket. Finally remembered to click at home where someone isn't monitoring every move I make.

BRtedi, you optimist you. I think most of the actors will act the hell out of what they are given. Angie knocks it outta the park, no matter what the drivel. Cameron? I think he is just a bad actor and he's proven it this week. However, I bet he could do comedy. He seems like a naturally upbeat kind of guy. I wonder what all this downer dialog does to his psyche? I'd like to see the dude lighten up!

Crystal said...

You guys can take a picture and have someone draw it. Only someone who can't really draw. Then it would look like you, but not really. Ha ha ha. Ok I probably need to get some sleep.

I am glad the Chandler mansion is still open to the public, lol!

I loved Jake giving Tad a BIG hug at the event, whatever it was.

jordan hudson said...

Barn in MN you are not alone. I feel that without RH playing TODD. TSJ is doing an incredible job. Yet I always find myself at times wondering what it would be like if RH was playing it especially with Tea back.

Our Blog has been quiet this week where are you N69, Shadow, Alejandro....etc, etc. I have been busy with a project. So that is why I have not been around.

Yet I have to say as much as I was excited by last week. I felt this week we went back to zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz! Then my source called me to let me know some stuff thats coming up in the next month and do I even need to say it. I'M NOT AMUSED!

I just don't get it. How can they think the show is in a good place. Even GH is better then this crap. Especially when I come off of watching OLTL and GL. AMC comes across as a joke. A stale, flat joke. ATWT is a joke too, but at least I laugh. Sorry Alejandro but ATWT is just a step ahead of AMC.

Again I point out GL . A show that is going all out to get the viewers back. They certainly have me. I have been mourning Coop along with Springfield. I still get chills and find it hard to believe that Philip is back. Then when I see the new Ad in magazines for GL. That is how you get people back to wtachign and now Krista Teserau the only Mindy Lewis as far as I'm concerned is coming back. Why can't AMC do this.

Anonymous said...

Someone needs to tell the OLTL wardrobe department to STOP putting turtle necks on Clint. I can't concentrate on what he is saying cause all I can see is his double chin!

Zero, zero, zero....that is how much chemistry Nora and Clint have. I assume I am not the only one grossed out when they kiss. It just doesn't work.


Shadow said...

I caught up on Mon and Tuesday tonight. The stuff was/ David bugs me. Wish the baby really was JR or Jake's. David and Kwakho are uncomfortable to watch. Ryan sounded like he was begging Opal for oral. "Don't stop Opal, don't stop". Then Opal was all tonguetied over Ryan's moobs and feeling him up in the doorway. I love Opal even she can't help CM. It's like he received a full scholarship from the Aidan Devane School of Method Acting. He has sunken to new levels of suckness I thought only Aidan and Turdby could reach. Reese is bugging me. She went from hot to not-can she not dress cute anymore and wash her hair? Adam and Erica should never sit at the Confusion bar a/ the lite shining up their noses. And why is pregnant Amanda always in a bar or casino?

discodan said...

hey guys
sorry for not being trying to write a paper on John Steinbeck before monday...gahhh high school, but's sadie hawkins for me tonite, so I'll probably catch up with you guys tomorrow.

As far as AMC, there were some bright spots this week.

Kendall as usual...lately, was great. Loved the scenes with Bianca; that she can't love her sister now. It was great.

I find myself rooting for Reese in every scene against anyone though...I don't know whether its just because I love Tamara Braun or because I feel sorry for Reese. Either way, I hope for the best for the character, although according to spoilers, I honestly never saw what was coming. (There's a hidden pun in that last sentence).

I want Ryan to murder Zach. I actually liked him when he was telling off Erica, Kendall, and anyone else that would listen. I really liked how he listed off the people that he ruined the lives off.

It's good to see Adam alive and in 'silver fox' mode. I'm gunna miss him when he goes on vaca...or whatever this absence is for.

At this point, David has become a constant reminder of the gullibility of Krystal, and I find myself rooting for him to just mess with her head. I still don't want him to mess with JR as much, but that looks like an inevitability at this point.

As far as OLTL, I love David as Bo's son. He respects Bo. It's almost as if Bo has this effect on people that they wanna become better people just for him (Rex for example). I can't wait until he comes back in April. I'm missing Tuc Watkins already.

One of the very best performances that I have ever seen by Kristen Alderson occured Friday. Her and Trevor St. John were just electric. I was in tears watching this beautiful girl grow up right before our very eyes. Amazing.

Stacy's hott, and thank God Vanessa is gone. I hope they keep A. Martinez around because him and Dorian are fun to watch.

brown penny said...

So Jordan dare we hope for the return of the four musketeers on GL? It's time for Rick to have a story. There are no Bauers on GL and they were the original core family on that soap. I'd love to see the original scooby gang hook up again. Bring on some Bauers TPTB.

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny rumors are they are looking to bring back Michelle Bauer if the show gets picked up. The Only Michelle's I liked were rachel Miner and of Course Bethany Joy lenz Gatteio. Rebecca never did it for me and Nancy St Alban or whatever put me to sleep

Arizonagal said...

Joy Lenz's Michelle Bauer was hot hot hot. She was a little vixen. Nancy St Alban too goody goody and bored me to tears. GL needs a women with some "salsa" as Ashley says. Rebecca Budig's Michelle was so bland that when she came to AMC I thought, oh no, and then, who knew, the chick could really act.

Rachel Miner was my donut hole but all my GL buddies say she was great.

Here's a question for ya Jordan, is Michelle the daughter of Hope Bauer?

jordan hudson said...

Arizonagal. Michelle is the daughter of Ed Bauer and Claire Ramesy. I forgot what war torn nation they were in with Fletcher and Maureen, (knowing the AMC writers it would have been Puerto Rico) When Ed & Claire thought they watched Flecther and Maureen killed in an explosion that they witnessed with their own eyes. They were so distraught and in shock that they reached out to each other and had sex. Unlike Kendal and Aidumb. This scene was played very well. Ed and Claire were in shock they reached out and needed conatct with another human being. It was not tawdry. The result was Michelle 9 months later. Ed and Maureen raised Michelle as Claire did not wnat to be a mother. sigh the good old days when stories were thought out.

Thank god for OLTL. The suprsie on Friday that Mr. J and Stacy know each other did not see that coming. Good writing.

discodan said...

Wow, the blog really is dead this week.

Well, Disco has time for a mini-rant of sorts, I suppose.


On AMC, I'm glad to see progress. I know that we have a long way to go, but if the ratings just stay where they are (or maybe go up a little bit), we should be fine. And yes, I too, do not trust the product that Chuck Pratt has created because he has made some McTavish worthy mistakes (tornado, death of Josh, destruction of Carmen and Zach, Rebecca/Natalia, discredation of David, shall I go on?...), but there are some true rays of hope (Kendall, Taylor/Brot [dont't eff this up], [hopefully] Ryan's revenge against Zach, Reese [I like her.])

On OLTL, I have no idea why their ratings are so low. It makes no sense to me. It's the best soap on TV right now. Sigh... people are dumb.

Anyways, I kinda wanted Schyler and Stacy to hook up, but not with them having a past. It seems a bit forced and done once already only better (Chloe and Billy on Y&R...Elizabeth Hendrickson and Billy Miller are so effing hot together!!!). But I have faith in Ron C. He'll come through

On GH, sigh.... I want my Spixie. Spinelli + Maxie = supercouple. Period and Amen. There's no question. They've done everything to lead them to this point, and it doesn't seem like they're going to pull the trigger. WTF!!!!!!!! Bob Guza needs to realize what the fans want. I don't care about Winifred. I don't care about Johnny with Maxie. Johnny is hot with Lulu. Why break that up? That makes no sense to me....unless they were going to pursue Spinlu 2.0, which isn't the case at all. Thatt's the only other acceptable cause. GRRR!!!

On Y&R, Cane is still dumb. Lily is still boring. And Billy and Chloe continue to shine. Chilly forever!

brtedi said...

"...However, I bet he could do comedy. He seems like a naturally upbeat kind of guy. I wonder what all this downer dialog does to his psyche? I'd like to see the dude lighten up!..."

Hi, AZgal! :-)

Honestly, imo, CM does do better work with lighter, more comic moments...I've watched some of his earlier work (from "Ryan's" con-artist days) on youtube...And yeah, I try to be optimistic about the show. I want AMC to continue--and hopefully improve--and I don't like seeing people loose their jobs...So, I hang in there.