Monday, February 02, 2009

A Whole New World

  • Kendall wakes up -- to a whole new Pine Valley!
  • Reese gives her (bitchy) mom what-for -- and Jordan doesn't like it one bit!
  • Erica throws a wedding shower, La Kane style.
  • AMamDa contemplates the complexities of Roe vs. Wade.
  • Krystal and David screw all over David's white couch after Tad throws that heifer out of his house.
More questions, more questions! Anything to get us through this rut that Jordan and I are feeling, courtesy of the latest developments at All My Children. E-mail them to us at, and of course, leave your ass-toot observations here.

1/30/09 Podcast


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Anonymous said...

its not on itunes

Ashley said...

still loading...

Anonymous said...

ok can't wait, you guys make my Mondays better

Anonymous said...

Here's the January episode list from Soap Opera Network. Nice Balance, Happy that Opal is at 11!
01..Rebecca Budig [Greenlee Smythe]...17
01..Vincent Irizarry [Dr. David Hayward]...17
03..Tamara Braun [Reese Williams]...16
03..Thorsten Kaye [Zach Slater]...16
03..Cameron Mathison [Ryan Lavery]...16
03..Eden Riegel [Bianca Montgomery]...16
07..Jacob Young [J.R. Chandler]...15
08..Chrishell Stause [Amanda Dillon]...14
09..Bobbie Eakes [Krystal Carey Martin]...13
10..Susan Lucci [Erica Kane]...12
11..Michael E. Knight [Tad Martin]...11
12..Jill Larson [Opal Cortlandt]...11
13..Melissa Claire Egan [Annie Lavery]...10
13..Ricky Paull Goldin [Dr. Jake Martin]...10
13..McKenzie Westmore [Dr. Sinclair]...10
16..David Canary [Adam & Stuart Chandler]...8
16..Aiden Turner [Aidan Devane]...8
16..Darnell Williams [Jesse Hubbard]...8
19..J.R. Martinez [Brot Monroe]...7
19..Brianne Moncrief [Colby Chandler]...7
19..Debbie Morgan [Dr. Angela Hubbard]...7
19..Cornelius Smith Jr. [Dr. Frankie Hubbard]...7
23..Lucy Merriam [Emma Lavery]...6
23..Alicia Minshew [Kendall Hart Slater]...6
23..Denise Vasi [Randi Morgan]...6
26..Stevie Ray Dallimore [Oak Haven Administrator]...5
26..Colin Egglesfield [Joshua Madden]...5 [Last Aired on Thur. 1/29]
26..Beth Ehlers [Taylor Thompson]...5
29..Alexa Gerasimovich [Kathy Martin]...4
29..Daniel Kennedy [Peter Corlandt]...4
29..Rory & Declan McTigue [Adam Chandler III]...4
29..Levine's & Slomovitz's [Jenny Martin]...4
29..Walt Willey [Jackson Montgomery]...4
34..David Furr [Attorney Jay Stark]...3
34..Shannon Kane [Natalia]...3
34..Vollaro's, Hunter, Ross & Moss [Gabrielle Williams Montgomery]...3 [Not including Blanket]
37..Jenna DiMartini [Corrina]...2
37..Alex, Benjamin & Caleb Eckstein [Spike Hart Lavery]...2
37..Judith Hawking [Judge Cherry]...2
37..Ray MacDonnell [Dr. Joe Martin]...2
37..Laila Robins [Claire Williams]...2
37..Tonya Pinkins [Livia Frye]...2
37..Jonathan Sale [Undercover Cop]...2
44..Jeremy Bobb [Dr. Gordon]...1
44..Laura Bonarrigo [Rebecca]...1
44..Adam-Jon Fiorentino [Simon]...1
44..Chris Henry [Ren]...1
44..Scott Peck, Blake & Caden Padormo [Ian Slater]...1
44..Elizabeth Rodriguez [Carmen Morales]...1
44..Anna Stuart [Mary Smythe]...1
44..Jessalyn Wanlim [Nanny Rachael]...1

Ashley said...

it's there now. hope you like it!!!



Anonymous said...

Why is Jackson still on the show? It's time for Erica Kane to get a new love interest! I thought she was going to hook up with Reese's father?
And BTW I read a spoiler that Reese kisses Zach the night before her wedding.IDK if it's true but if it is I'm disgusted by that, the first gay wedding on daytime and it's ruined by Pratt-hole. As a gay person I'm insulated. Why can't they just have a normal wedding?

Norn Cutson said...

i was really pleased with my ffwding experiment last week...& your recap of everything with ANNIE'S DR & CRYAN just validates it!

sounds like i didn't miss a *thing*!

BELINDA said...

RE: Reese/Zach/wedding/disgusted, etc.:


Not only can Pratthole SUCK IT, he is ungraciously invited to also SWALLOW IT!

Feh and bleh, I say! FEH. AND. BLEH.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I completely agree with Jason, as a gay person I feel disrespected and shafted by how Chuck Pratt-hole is executing the bianca/reese storyline.. I mean if you wanted dramatic tension why couldn't you have reese attracted to another woman.. Its just stupid and its not like I can just go watch another show because gay characters are slim pickens on television... argh!!

okay now to make myself feel better off to listen to the podcast!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Just finish listening and wanted to weigh in on a few things..

First Ashley, I like the whole blow torch thing to get rid of Aidumb.. Haha I would definatly be behind that story line.

Second, yes put Anna Stuart on contract! She is a brilliant actress and even more astonishing she brought out the best in my Rebecca Budig this week and I feel like I haven't seen that side of her in so long. (Damn you Cryan!!) Also, you guys are so right by saying that Erica needs another strong woman to butt heads with because that is when Erica/ Susan Lucci shines on the show.

Third.. Sorry but I am going to have to go with Jordan on the debate of if Reese's mother was wrong for asking Amanda and Randi if they were lesbians.. She was at a lesbian bridal shower! Of course she would assume that their were other lesbians there and the tone of her voice when she asked them was of genuine curiosity not that of disgust or hatred. And I also think that Reese deserved to be slapped because you do not call out your parents relationship and sex life like that no matter how angry you are because that is still your mother.

And lastly.. on the debate of weave or tire iron.. I'm going to have to give it to tire iron cause the way it connected with ritchie's head and killed him even though it is moving as slow as a turtle shows skills. Aidumb, Randi, and Colby should take notes.. lol

Tricia said...

Hi Ashley and Jordan, I am new to both your blog and podcast, and would like to thank-you! It is great to listen to and I love hearing about your opinions on the story's. I am a longtime AMC fan and always will be. My love started with Greg and Jenny and I almost feel like a piece of me died with jenny from that jet ski accident. That was when I really connected and felt like I was part of the show. Now I can't seem to connect with anyone or anything, and I even find myself flipping the channel when certain people (ryan, greenlee, colby and pete mainly) are on. I am so disconnected with these stories. I don't know if that's how a lot of people feel, but that has been my take. Thank-you again for the podcast and keep them coming.

Luis Merino said...

So, as I brought up last week... I have set up a possible new messaging system on this service called Ning.

Chat Room & Message board features have been set up. The message board has been divided into 4 categories:

**AMC (for daily AMC discussions, and character analysis,)

**OLTL (the same as AMC, but for OLTL),

**The Podcast (podcast-specific discussion, & questions for Ashley & Jordan),

**Misc. (everything else, movies, TV, music, politics, life, etc).

I would encourage you to go over there, click around, and see if it is a good fit for the next step w/

If you hate it, let us know, and we'll find something else. If you like it, let us know, so we can move forward with the transition.

Keep in mind also, that the look & feel & design, is all customizable, so try to keep that out of the equation as you evaluate.

If you feel so inclined, register (it only takes about a minute if that).


Anonymous said...

Hi Guys,

The podcast was downloading so slowly this morning and I was delaying as long as I could before I finally had to run out the door. I came back home at lunch just to get it. I couldn't wait! I'm loving it especially the opening. Ashley, you always do such a great job creating and singing terrific songs that are perfect for the show.

I loved Gucci's cameo. When are we going to have Carlos on the show again?

Can't wait for OLTL today. Now Friday's show ended in a cliffhanger which could teach AMC and Pratt a thing or two.

Have a great week!

Terry in Toronto

BELINDA said...

Hey, Jordan! Thanks for the shout-out during the podcast ... glad the ''Villa Alegre'' song is making you so happy! BTW, I'm not a NEW blogger ... just a sporadic one! ;-)

w3w said...

Hi Jordan and Ashley -

Just weighing in on the whole Reese's Mom Debate!!

I'm sorry Ashley, but I agree with Jordan. I think her initial comment was innocent. She was trying to make conversation and it didn't seem rude at all - awkward, yes. SHe was feeling awkward, but she wasn't trying to dampen the party with her comment. it was only after Reese was so rude that the mom starting being rude - and I can't say that i blame her. Reese did embarass her publicly.

Now, for all that was said between the two of them in private...both of them were out of line IMHO!!

Thanks you two for another GREAT podcast. you all do a great job and I appreciate it!

Ashley - I loved hearing about your shopping fetish!! LOL!

My question for you this week is...what do you think all these little kids are going to be like when they grow up/are teens on the show (assuming the show lasts that long!!) Will Emma be warped by her momma's mental illness? Will little A tkae on the Chandler personality, or will he be Careyish? Who will be going together to the PVHS prom? Etc. I can only dream things are going to get better...

Anonymous said...

i haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast, but from what i'm reading i totally agree that reese's mother made an innocent comment, and she wasn't even being rude she was smiling. in fact, i don't think she did anything wrong the whole bridal shower. reese overreacted and it was totally unbelievable imho.

ok here is my question for jordan, what is your opinion of marty on oltl? i honestly can't stand her and i feel like i'm supposed to like her or be on her side, but i really hate her.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jordan about Claire. Her accepting Reese will not happen all the sudden. She was trying to understand. She even said I am still confused about your lifestyle choice. She was not nasty to Randi and Amamda. If she would have came in there and all the sudden did and said everything right that would not be realistic.

Jordan you are right it was all the actress that made those beats happen in that scene that did not exist in the script. When she asked Randi and Amamda you could see the curiosity on her face and in her tone. That had to be the actress doing.

Now Reese deserved that slap.
Now its Kendall's turn to slap her and Zach and Boobs!!!

Anonymous said...

In Jason's post, the list of number of appearances for actors on AMC in January included "34..Vollaro's, Hunter, Ross & Moss [Gabrielle Williams Montgomery]...3 [Not including Blanket]"

Blanket? I'm assuming they mean appearances of dolls in blankets, as opposed to Michael Jackson's third child, right? :-) Poor Blanket is usually NOT included, after all. I think he's out on the balcony. :-)

Anonymous said...

The way I'd like to see Aidumb die is to go the way of The Incredible Shrinking Man. He can somehow ingest one of David's concoctions and start shrinking and using his skills to try to survive things like cats, goldfish, falling food, stiletto heels, curious tots, shrill voices, spiders, etc. He could fall into a Mohito at ConFusion and splash around for a while. Thirsty, he could drink milk at David's and then get REALLY mellow, yet REALLY horny. Finally, he gets eaten by a cockroach. Or he dies from asphyxiation after being sprayed with perfume. His tiny headstone would read:

Here Lies Aidan Devane, Charmed To Death

Robin C.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I almost forgot. You mentioned Aidumb dying because Annie thinks he's Ryan (or Greenlee). I'd LOVE to see him appear in a spaghetti-strapped dress and stiletto heels with long dangly earrings, as seen through InSannie's eyes when she goes to stab because she thinks he's Greenlee :-)

jordan hudson said...

Kim, I don't think we are suppose to like or dislike Marty at this point. It is still to soon to tell where they are going with her.Alle we can do is sit back and enjoy the ride. I think they expect us to have some empathy and understand why she is behaving the way she is. Yet it is hard to when she is hurting so many peeople. First and for most her son. Yet that is what makes OLTL so great right now; complex characters and storylines.

I too was so impressed with the woman who played Resse's mother. That is an actress. Someone who does the work. Creates a character and will play whats between the lines.

I feel right now that this is no way a ground breaking storyline. How is it? It's just yet another gay person getting involed with someone who is only experimenting and not really gay. One of the reasons that I'm not 100% behind Luke and Noah on ATWT. The minute they were having Resse play that she does have a genuine attraction to Zach...they lost me. Much more interesting for Erica to assume and start trouble when all there was is a geuine friendship.

Kind of like when Marty so many years ago to get back at Rev. Carpenter for rejecting her, spread rumors that he was involved with little Gay Billy Douglas. Then show how spreading false rumors would lead to trouble.

Reese could have fallen into the arms of another woman when she couldn't take Bianca thinking she was in love with Zach.

I will say this about today's episode. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Thank god Kendel is back and not a moment too soon. Talk about a powerhouse return. Alicia showed today why I love her. Because as an actress she will find ways to justify even the most ridiculous storyline. Rememebr how convincing she was with that dart on her neck. (ahh the Satin slayer days who would have thought we would ever long for those days.

The minute she told Erica "Oh shut up mother. " I sat up and screamed the REAL KENDALL is BACK. Her tears, the fact that she actually made those wretched lines about Josh being a torutured soul work, shows what a gifted actress she is. Her finest moment was the end that look she gave Zach. You would have thought the girl was a person of color, because that look to Zach said wait till I get your ass home Mother^&%$#!! GIVE THEM HELL KENDALL.

Everytime I think she can't get any worse. How...How can they justify keeping Brianna Mongrief on the show. She was just...I'm at a loss for words to describe how bad she was today. She would not even be cast in a commuinty production of Helen Keller. I can't stomach watching her anymore.

Clint Richie the original Clint Buchanon on OLTL passed away. R.I.P.

Anonymous said...

More comments:

I, too, was disappointed that Brot became an orderly. Not because it's a bad job, but because Frankie made such a big deal about his people skills. Instead, he should be a Patient Advocate, which is a job Dixie used to do. Then he would be interacting with patients on a regular basis and would be able to show true empathy, plus use his knowledge gleaned from being a long-term hospital patient.

The vent on Aidan's side has always stuck out farther than the one on Annie's side, althoug I didn't see a way to close a door on it. What I did notice in that scene, though, was that the vent seems to be on the wrong side of the room. I could have SWORN it's usually on the OTHER side.

When I think of Melissa Leo, the first think I remember is her faking an epileptic fit in front of Nina. She was pretty GOOD at it, too.

The most unforgettable scene on AMC for me was on Thanksgiving of 1981. That's when Curt Sanders beat the SHIT out of his wife, Leora. They lived next door to Joe and Ruth, and Joe and Leora were falling for each other, although they hadn't given in to having sex yet. Joe felt sorry for her and kept patching her up and being sympathetic to her. On that Thanksgiving (they actually showed it ON Thanksgiving Day), Joe rescued her just in time from being beaten with a fireplace poker. It was a horrific, RIVETING scene, and I've never forgotten it. The guy who played Curt did A-1 Steak Sauce commercials, and I could never see him without cringing because of his AMC character.

Laura said...

Great podcast so far, I like to savor it like fine wine and listen to it in little snippets.

RIP Clint Richie, ex-Clint OLTL, died Jan 31. I am surprised Phil Carey outlived him.

Who else is sick about hearing that Jessica Simpson is fat? I'd love to have her body.

Shadow said...

I haven't listened to the podcast yet but you guys have got me pumped for it.

Jessica Simpson may not be a Reese, but she isn't what I would call fat. More than anything I think she is a victim of those unfortunate "Mom Jeans" she has on in those pictures. Not many women would look hot in that getup.

By the way if you haven't seen the "Mom Jeans" skit on SNL, it's hilarious. Check it out:

Laura said...

Watching now, and Angie's hat is acting way better than the weave. Told Krystal off. The hat could give that tire iron a run for it's money.

Arizonagal said...

Ashley, girlfriend you crack me UP! I loved your KWAKho bit. You and Jordan were especially feisty this week. Thanks for making me LOL in my office.

Okay Angie what's with the hat? She looks like the Amazing Angela. The weave is struggling to escape but it's exit is blocked by a rabbit.

Aww, look at that. It's Colby trying to act again.

My Gawd, poor Kendull (and this is the first time I have ever said "poor Kendull") wakes up from a coma and is bombarded with all this bullsh*t news. Josh must have a strong heart. Why should she be happy for Binx? Her own sister impregnated with Zach's swimmers. I would be furious with everyone involved. Why would Zach think he didn't need to discuss this with his own wife? Zach, I used to love ya, but dude, you are DEAD to me now.

Wonder if Josh was buried in that wooden casket he built a couple of years ago.

Petey is so cute, I hope he meets a cute, smart girl soon.

Had porn during the super bowl last night. Talk about a wardrobe malfunction!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Moday's AMC: Random thoughts by me.

- Oh Kendall, how I have missed thee!

- Was it just me or was David answering machine great... "Hi, this is David Hayword, if you are calling with a medical emergency please hang up and dial 911.." no shit David, thanks for the tip lol

-Angie's weave definatley got it's ass kicked by her hat today,no doubt.

-Reese to Bianca (about not telling Kendall) "It's no ones fault."... Actually it is kind of totally Binks fault.

-I'm glad David told Kendall to not be stressed after everyone unloaded all their crap on her.. And he is supposed to be the cheif of staff?

-Poor Petey almost got killed by a sweaty corpse (sorry Adam, but you are looking a little rough around the edges)

-Amanda should give her kid to Boobianca because Lord knows she has enough of a milk supply!

-Why is Jessie's collar all the way buttoned up like he is a crip?

-Reese isn't gay.. Sorry I don't buy.. She wants Zach
(Sidenote on this.. I just don't understand what they are trying to do with this storyline because I really don't believe Reese is gay.. At least with Maggie I could actually tell she was into Bianca and questioning her sexuality, but with this Reese/Zach idk what they are doing)

-Why is everyone acting like Kendall has accepted this whole baby thing.. At least give her 2 seconds to process it before you say that she has "accepted" it.

- "Shut up Mom and tell me what you really think."

- Amanda looked amazing in that dress even though it was kind of ugly.

-"Yeah I shouldn't be with David, but moving Rebecca in with you was a pretty damn stupid decision, Angie. Kind of like when you decided to put that hat on this morning.." I really wanted KWAK to say that to Angie..

-Hats acting is definatly beating the weave this episode.. no doubt.

-There was no Cryan or BoreMe (aka Greenlee) this episode.. YAY!

-Bingo, Tad and Krystal! Kathy isn't deaf like Spike and yes she heard you...

-I'm glad another man referred to a woman as trash this week.. awesome.

-Alicia Minshew is a goddess. When Kendall reunited with her kids, I'm not gonna lie. I teared up.

- Aw, I really want JR and Amanda to hook up and have a little family.. (I hope Chuck Pratt doesn't screw this one up.. or David.. dun dun dunnn)

-Told ya Kendall hasn't accepted it yet...

And on the next All My Children
-Angie's hat holds the town of Pine Valley hostage at gun point..
- Aidumb dies
(A girl can dream can't she?)

Oliver said...

My comment is a compliment - it may take awhile, but it really is a compliment.

As a faithful reader of the soap mags since I was a teen (when dinosaurs roamed the earth) - I was bemoaning how the re-caps in SOD have become so filled with non sequitur that it is impossible to follow. Over the summer someone posted an old recap from SOD in the 80's and I was reminded of how they used to describe the details including what people wore and said in every scene.

Then, I found the Pine Valley Podcast.

I really can't stand to watch a soap on a daily basis, but I am interested in the story. Your podcast's devotion to detailing the story has really helped me understand what is happening in the story. And, the Opal, Jessie and Angie impressions are beyond compare.

Thank you for taking the time to watch so I don't have to = it sounds like it is truly a selfless effort.

Anonymous said...

Hey guys

so basically I decided that its really really tough to watch Adam pining over Amanda's belly. But it does provide one of my favorite phrases that Adam only gets to use when babies are in involved....


Everytime I get a blood test, that's what I'm thinking of. It's hilarious. LOL

Anonymous said...

I hate to play devil's advocate here, but I think I have a valid point. To quote jason...

> And BTW I read a spoiler that Reese kisses Zach the night before her wedding.IDK if it's true but if it is I'm disgusted by that, the first gay wedding on daytime and it's ruined by Pratt-hole. As a gay person I'm insulated. Why can't they just have a normal wedding?

The reason they can't have a normal wedding's a soap opera. When was the last time ANY characters had a normal wedding? I can't think of a single "normal" wedding on daytime, and I've been watching AMC since 1997. Admittedly, it's not always a triangle situation, but something always, always happens.

jordan hudson said...

WMD I cant speak for Jason but for me it's not the fact that there is trouble brewing before the wedding. You are right that is to be expected. But for it to be something so trite as the faux lesbain falling for her girl's sister's husband....yawn. This is not shaping up to be again in Tamara Brauns words ground breaking storyline. Ground breaking would be that Resse kissed Randi, Natalia, Colby, Amanda, Dr. Sheridan Crane and turned them. Anybody but a MAN! It negates the grounbreaking when you go back to the boring old status quo. Bianca has been here and done that move her own.

Anonymous said...

Happy Monday, a new podcast, Yay. JordAsh, you guys just make my week. Thanks for all your hard work.

Kaylea said...

Only one thing missing from podcast, more about OLTL. The song at the beginning was great. I enjoyed the entire podcast, could have been longer.

Thanks for listening so I don't have to.


Anonymous said...

Jason said

"As a gay person I'm insulated."

Does that mean you have a lot of padding (if he's the Jason I think he is, he does NOT)? :-)

I hate to break it to you, but you don't need to be gay to be insulated :-)

Anonymous said...

Oops! I inadvertently attributed the "insulated" teasing to Jason instead of WMD. My apologies!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I completely agree with you Jordan! I knew that the wedding wasn't to go down with out any hitches cause let's face it, this is a soap opera...

But as someone who started watching this show back in 2002 when I was a 12 year old struggling with coming to terms with my sexuality. The character of Bianca meant more to me than I could even explain because it was the only representation of what I was feeling on television. The relationship between her and Maggie (even though it was never fully realized) was at least organic and felt real. I believed that Maggie really truly had feelings for Bianca and really truly didn't know what to do about them. And even when she did finally tell Bianca that she loved her, Binks told her that she was still with Lena, which made for a semi-love triange between 3 women.. Now that was kind of ground breaking. This whole Reese business feels completely contrived and the fact that they are playing it that she has feelings for Zach feels like a complete slap in the face and for Tamra Braun to say that this is a "ground-breaking" storyline.. Like you said Jordan.. But I am sorry Tamra, this is not groudbreaking.. If anything you are putting more dirt on top of the ground. Like I am getting to the point where I wish that didn't even bring Binks back because I feel like they have completely washed away her previous storylines and just made this another trite woman falls for woman, realize the error of her ways and then runs to the arms of a man.. Which I have seen too many times before and I really expected more out of my AMC, but I guess I shouldn't have....

Ginger said...

I would listen to you two talk about wallpaper.

Anonymous said...

>Robin C. said...
Oops! I inadvertently attributed the "insulated" teasing to Jason instead of WMD. My apologies!

It was actually Jason. I was quoting him...I don't correct people's misspellings when I quote them. ;)

jordan hudson> Ground breaking would be that Resse kissed Randi, Natalia, Colby, Amanda, Dr. Sheridan Crane and turned them. Anybody but a MAN!

Reese has been with a man before...given that, I'm not sure why the current situation is so contrived...I would understand if she were still a little mixed up. Now if the whole Simon thing had never happened, I would agree with you. That's where they went wrong.

Luis Merino said...

"Oh shut up mother, and tell me what you really think!" (loved it.)


Any thoughts on the Ning message board? Good? Bad? Ugly?

Should we head in the direction of making the transition? Or find something else?


(Also, Reese/Biana: not groundbreaking, and more of an annoyingly persistent snoozefest)

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone. I'm new to the blog but have been a listener for 6 months. I'm not much of a poster on blogs but I have a great time reading them! Ashley and crack me up! I LOVE Jordan's laugh...makes me giggle...he sounds like he's having so much fun!

Luis I love the new message board format. It's nice to be able to find a particular category or be able to follow a specific topic rather than having to scroll through all messages.

Thanks to all of you for contributing to the Pine Valley Podcast!

Jen Jordan

Anonymous said...

Ginger spoke for me without a doubt. I could listen to Ashley and Jordan talk about wallpaper anytime!

Terry in Toronto

Laura said...

Great podcast as usual. I think the jury is out on Reese's mother. Maybe she was a slut who slept around. Geez we're confused about her, certainly her mom should be. She is the Anne Heche of Pine Valley, not Anne the actress as Vicky/Marley, Anne the person who was a casual lesbian with Ellen.

Brian said...

Did anyone see the spoiler filled promo for AMC this month? It was shown during Tuesday's show. I'll be very upset if they spoiled the end of RB as Greenlee. I know if is coming soon and I was TRYING to remain spoiler free. Why in the HELL does ABC run spoiler filled ads for their own shows? TOO MUCH INFO in this one, if you ask me.

katya said...

Best moment of today's show - Ryan points at Greenlee and says, "String bikini, I'll wear a thong." YES!!

Anonymous said...

Hello Ashley, Jordan and bloggers!

I haven't pooped into the blog except to read lately, (having had
a lot of drama of my own to keep up with, don't ask, wait for the movie).

But I haven't missed a podcast and you guys continue to make my week.

I've been watching this show on and off since it started. I used to find excuses to put off first homework, then phone calls, dishes, bill paying just to watch.
I still have old VCR tapes from when I used to tape every day and watch at night. But now, in the Chuck "Splatt" era, I find all sorts of reasons to ignore or shut off my TV. Did I really hear David telling KWAK that she was "an angel with wings" or some crap like that? I find myself embarrassed to be spending precious time watching this junk.
At least I know you guys are there making lemonade out of lemons.
My heart goes out to the truly talented actors on this show who have to chew through this puke.

I am so grateful that OLTL comes after AMC and not before. Could you imagine eating lima beans AFTER your chocolate chip ice cream? And I was just going to say that I'm hoping it gets better soon, but I've just seen the promos with Greenlee on a motorcycle wearing a veil.Eeewwww.

Here's something to ponder, what must poor "Toastie" Kaye's conversations with Susan (Marty, OLTL)be like at home when they come from work each day? Do they help each other run lines? Who breaks down in tears and who is laughing hysterically? Is TK texting/emailing Frank C every day asking him to resurrect Patrick?
He must be so sick of Zach's total character assassination.

I do agree that both Alicia Minshew and the marvelous Mikey Knight spin straw into gold every day.

Keep up the good work!

Cathy in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

geez, I hope I haven't "pooped" either, lololololol...


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I know the promo they showed today was sooo stupid!! Why did they show that.. Like I don't think I need to watch any of the coming episodes because I pretty much saw everything that was going to happen..

but i do have to admit i got a little chuckle out of seeing greenlee on a motorcycle in a veil.. I mean major LOL.

Luis Merino said...

Brian, I saw the spoiler-filled promo. I was super shocked at how much it revealed. I was like "they're not going to show what's going to happen next ---- oh, they didn't!"

Anonymous said...

I was wondering if anyoe else was having trouble playing the 1/30/09 pod cast via their computer, or if it was just me?


Anonymous said...

"...Angie's hat is acting way better than the weave."

Laura, Angie beter be careful. The sum total of Pine Valley residents could fall into that hat, and be lost forever, Like the Burmuda Triangle...LOL!


Anonymous said...

I can't believe I'm the first to mention this bit about Monday's show: Erica used the line... something like... "Like the scorpion, it's in your nature."

My jaw dropped, becuase that was one of your comments, Jordan! Months ago! About Kendall, I think.

Anyway, I think TPTB do listen to the podcast. Maybe if we play Colby's lines backwards we'll hear, "Chuck Pratt is making me write this crap. Chuck Pratt is making me write this crap."

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

Best moment of today's show - Ryan points at Greenlee and says, "String bikini, I'll wear a thong." YES!!

Yep!...Thongate may linger, for a while.


Luis Merino said...

"I haven't drank in 8 days"

Um, no. Night before last, you were so drunk, you fell off the dock into the water.

I've always had a big problem with how slow time moves in the soap world. It's been almost 2 weeks (in real time) since JR fell in the water. But in Pine Valley time, it's been only 2 days....

THEN, out of nowhere, "I haven't drank in 8 days"...

It's possibly the biggest problem I have with soaps as a whole.

(I have so much more to say about this, but I just won't)

Melissa said...

When did Kathy start loving Krystal and Jenny so much? Last time I checked, she tried to push Krystal off of a ladder and on top of Jenny! Running away because Krystal might take Jenny for good should have been cause for Kathy to order a cake and have a party!

Arizonagal said...

I am so tired of seeing David smirking in every friggin' scene. He has become so one note. He is a bore and a chore.

Amanda is really exercising some great parental instincts. She's gonna be a great mom. "No lets wait to call Tad, I promised Kathy." Brilliant, as usual AmanDUH. I pity this little fetus, with AmanDUH, JR and David in the running as parents.

Of course, KWAKho continues this miserable business by also not immediately calling Tad. Why do the women of PV always listen to David?

Okay bloggers, are you with me? It's time to stop this insane baby boom in PV. I just feel so sorry for these screwed up little kids. The next generation outta be acting like spawns of satan real soon now. And poor little Kathy is back for two minutes and Tad and Kwak are yelling again. I just really feel bad for the kids on this show and their exposure to so much ugliness.

I see Greenlee is working the uber bra, to no avail.

On the HDTV I notice that's some brow ridge Ryanderthal is sporting.

The Weave is still trapped in the chapeau de la cheveux. There seems to be no escape from the bowels of the chapeau.

Why doesn't Dr. Sinfandel just proclaim that Aiden is sane and boot his hairy ass out of Oak Haven?

Opal, think you got enough candles lit? Why did she lie to Greenlee? She should relish being the agent of doom for these lame nuptuals.

When Aiden said he was Special OPS, I am thinking yeah Aidan, really "special". wink wink nudge nudge >;-)

Ah finally a breath of fresh air, Petey shows up. TPTB use this kid, he's just so sweet and entertaining.

Well barf, just saw the previews and may I say I really hate what they are doing to Reese and Bianca. Suck it Pratthole!

Meanwhile in Llanview I have one observation. Tuc Watkins is so terrific. He keeps me guessing, is Vickeroshi for real or is this an act? He is no fool, he's a seasoned con man, so is this all an act? What do you think JordAsh?

Anonymous said...

Not sure if previously posted, but just read that Clint Ritchie, aka the "real" Clint Buchanan on OLTL has died. He was 70 and died after a brief illness. RIP.

Agnes said...

Hello PVP'ers!

My thoughts on "The Great Bridal Shower Debate!"

At the bridal shower, the doorbell rings, Reese's Mom enters:
Erica: Hello, please come in, come in. I'm Erica.
Claire: Yes, I know, I recognize you. I'm Claire.
Erica: It's so nice to meet you. Well, everyone, everyone, look who's here.
Reese is holding up black lingerie she'd just opened, she sees her mother...
Reese: Mother.
Claire: Reese. Oh, just like the one you got at your last shower.

Right at that moment, I'm thinking, "KEEPER! KEEP HER!"
This had an Erica manipulation written all over it and everything that transpired between Reese and Claire from that point on, including the "slap" was spot on. The fact that it creates such delicious controversy in PVP-land makes it a winner. Truth be told, this is probably the first time that I've liked the Reese character and I hope that we continue to see more of these two ladies acting together in the future, they worked it beautifully, imo.

Mary Smythe, Anna Stuart, Mary Smythe, Anna Stuart...who doesn't love this woman??? She has perfected snobbiness to a cream of the crop art form. It's a travesty that she only had 6 lines. But WOW, 6 golden flawlessly delivered lines, they were. I could watch her mix it up all day long.

And that brings me to my next thought, it is utterly deplorable to me that for an entire week of shows, that the stand out scene for me was delivered on a silver platter by non-contracted players. Susan Lucci and Bobbie Eakes should be ashamed of themselves. Phoning it in, is NOT acceptable. I'm sorry, I don't care how bad the writing is(and IT IS), when you are being paid to ACT, get on with it and do the very very best you can. It is this work ethic that makes actors like Anna Stuart, Laila Robins and Michael E. Knight so revered. It's disgraceful that the AMC of days gone by can only be seen as a drive-by glimpse for less than 5 minutes a week.

/getting off my soapbox now...

Ashley and Jordan, I loved listening to your podcast. :) Thanks for being such a brilliant extension to the 5 minutes!

Norn Cutson said...

y ya'll

i havent been watching this week...i got upset with myself last week that i'm draggin my feet on so many projects, when i'm spending so much time on The Stories.
so i'm takin a week off.

Anonymous said...

My thoughts so far this week:

- I'm glad that Kendall's back. I thought I wouldn't miss her but I sure did. I can't wait till she starts cracking the whip!!! Go Kendall!!!

- I don't like this whole thing with Zach and Reese. Dammit! That bony indecisive bi-atch. Stay away from Kendall's man!!

- I liked seeing Erica and Kendall again. It seems like poor Kendall only really connected with her mother after waking up from that coma. Then again, everyone kept giving her all this shocking news. HELLO!!! No stress, people. The woman has a new heart!!!

- I still hate Tad. He's such an a-hole. But I'm glad he wants to share custody with Krystal (the whu-a, lol)

- I hope someone gets to the bottom of this whole Dr. Sinclair thing. She obviously had something going on with Ritchie. I can't wait to find out what. (I miss Ritchie)

- Angie looked nice sportin' the LL Cool J hat, lol

- Angie should kick Jesse's ass, ghetto-style for arresting her!

-Petey looks like a young Matthew Broderick without his glasses. He's cute. Fivehead better give him a chance already.

- Amanda should abort this child now. The baby is barely an embryo and already there are people fighting for it.

Anonymous said...

Quick question. Where did whu-a come from?

I was watching Saturday Night Fever a couple weekends ago, and I swear I heard John Travolta say that. I was like "OMG! That's Ashley and Jordan's word!"

Arizonagal said...

From what I remember of the bridal shower scene, *both* women were out of line. Reese, defensive with her mom about being out of the closet, overreacts to everything ma says. Ma, still stinging from the news that Reese is gay, overreacts to the situation as well. I don't think either woman handled the situation with any class at all.

Reese should have been a bit more gracious for the sake of Bianca and the shower guests. Mom did offer the olive branch by showing up for the shower. Reese could have refused to take the bait and have it out with her mom at a more appropriate time, and there could have still been drama and a little more conversation. This fight was too brief and a little silly.

How great would it have been to have a private conversation in which both women air their genuine feelings. There doesn't have to be a resolution to this, they can continue to do battle, but please TPTB, a little more intelligent dialog for your viewers!

Anonymous said...

Yeah we get it Reese. Mom is the villain here and you are the sweet little victim. Blech. Who's the one locking lips with her soon to be sis in law's husband? No excuse for that. Same thing goes for Zach, who's wife just awoke from a coma. These two are making me ill.

OMG I so agree with JordAsh on this one. Why does it have to be man? Why not sneak a kiss with Randi? She's gorgeous and I'm betting in her vast whooah experience, she's had some girl on girl! This is just typical of Pratt and his gang of clowns to drop the ball on a story and not even realize it. They probably think this is good juicy stuff, which it isn't. Ah well.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Although the writing is usually to blame for the horrible stuff that takes place on this show.. I can't help but feel that the whole reese/zach thing is happening because the heads of ABC daytime (*cough* Brian Frons *cough*) are too afraid/ don't want to fully commit to a lesbian storyline.. which is sad because Bianca has been out since 2000 and has yet to have a relationship that is treated the same as any straight couple on the show.

On a happy note.. I wanted to let everyone (who don't already know) that there is going to be a Kendall Marathon on SoapNet this Saturday from 3pm to 7pm (i think, check your local listings) They are going to show "four of Kendall's best episodes" which is exactly what I need right now.

Unknown said...

Did anybody else note that Lucy Merriam, who plays Emma, had a brief appearance near the end of the movie Marley and Me? I happen to love this little girl and thought she did a great job in the movie as one of the kids.... and it explains her disappearance from the show I s'pose.

Keep the podcast coming... it's what gets me through the drudgery of housework!!!!

tallytofu said...

I'm coming to this so late but... I just watched the scenes from the bridal shower on YouTube. I have to go with Jordan (so sorry Ashley!) that Reese's reaction to her mother was out of line. I thought that Claire's question to Amanda & Randi was awkward, but not insulting. Being gay is not a bad thing! Asking someone if they are gay should NEVER be considered an insult. Now Ashley I know you have no issue with gay people at all, but the idea that asking if two women are gay is a bad thing seems strange to me. I'm sure you didn't mean it that way and I'm not directing this at you specifically, it's just that our society still treats the words "gay" and "lesbian" as insults, and they shouldn't be.
Plus it's not like she said, "oh, are you a couple of dykes too?" or used any other derogatory language. She was clearly uncomfortable, but Reese attacking her for that question made Reese look like a lunatic. Now was Claire's response hurtful and out of line? Of course! But I honestly sympathized with her more than Reese. I totally agreed with Claire when she asked if Reese enjoyed embarrassing her mother, because that's all she managed to do.

The whole scene could have been done better if there was more buildup, and more awkward interaction between Reese, Claire & Bianca, instead of Reese just going nuts on her mom because of one awkward question.

DancingElf88 said...

I really enjoyed your podcast..I always do.
Ashley, I'm going to have to agree with Jordan about the Reese-Claire argument. Her mother was curious and uncomfortable and trying to reach out to Reese. And homegirl deserved a good slap for talking to her mother that way. My family is straight from Africa (really we are) and ain't no way in Satan's hell that I would think of talking to my mother that way without foreseeing my impending death.

So far this week (what I can remember)
I love Annie! I'm not really sure where this story is going either but Annie makes the show for me. I know you're not a fan but I really enjoyed her interaction with Aiden. I liked the way he was protecting her and the way he touched her face. WTF is with Dr.Sheridan Crane Johnson whatever crying? Obviously she was in love with Ritchie I just want her away already.

I must say that Dr. Lurkalot and Sra. Deedeedee ....oops I mean david and Krystal are icking me out. He needs to stop lurking around corners he reminds me of Colonel Mayer from As the World Turns (IDK if you watch that show). I cannot stomach their "love" scenes. And P.S. It doesn't matter if you are C.O.S. doesn't HIPPA prevent doctors from interfering in each other's cases, esp. if the patient is adamant about it? Oy.

Reese is annoying me. i'm sick of her longing looks at Zach and puke puke puke. I'm not a big fan of Kendall but I was happy to see her give Reese the eye of el diablo.

I could actually tolerate RB in her scenes with Erica. Love the sparring and love her white jacket. But Petey made the scene when he had the paper over his head and the panicked look on his face.

Love you guys!

Anonymous said...

Wow! Look at the new people! Fantastic to see!

Anyways guys, my question for this week is what are your thoughts of DAYS getting rid of all of their vets, such as Deidre Hall, Drake Hogestyn, Stephen Nichols, Thaao Penghlis, and Mary Beth Evans? I know you hate DAYS Jordan, and I know that Ashley hasn't strayed far from AMC, but I want to know what you think that this says for soap operas as an industry? Also, if any of these actors or actresses were to come to AMC, what recasted roles would you see them as good fits?

Also, a little birdie told me that Brian Frons is really pushing hard to sign Deidre Hall, and this birdie also told me that AMC is in the lead running? Can anyone imagine that? Marlena vs. Erica! That would probably single-handedly save this show.

Norn Cutson said...

hey ya'll

i got a nice email from Ron C today!
Thank you so much for your amazing illustrations of the One Life to Live characters. The likenesses are really incredible -- I have the Tina one hanging above my desk at work. It was so thoughtful of you to send me a set.

isnt that sweet?

Anonymous said...

this made me smile...

someone hacked onto the wikipedia page of josh madden and wrote a return. hahaha


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I only have two things to say about todays episode..

First, It's soo good to see bitchy Greenlee again.. Today's scenes with Erica reminded me why I love Rebecca Budig and the character of Greenlee.

Second, please Kendall kick Reese's ass... please.

Shadow said...

I'm in the same boat as n69 this week---trying to catch up at work etc so I haven't seen anything this week.

About the Claire/Reese thing-- to me it's just another example of a missed opportunity and how they either sensationalize or trivialize a great idea and then totally miss the point anyway. Last week I wrote about how IMO they have screwed up the Taylor and Brot story (even though I love them both). The whole slap thing to me is proof of how they are doing everything wrong writing for this show. Pratt doesn't think out a complete story. He gets a good idea and just starts piecing together events. I don't think he knows where he wants things to go when he starts a storyline. Back in the day I think Agnes Nixon totally planned the storyline out from beginning to end before it ever hit the screen much like the creators of Lost have planned out the entire end of the series already. Because she did that she could make all the stories mesh. OLTL has that now. Obviously the OLTL writers are planning stories way in advance and know where the stories will take the characters before the dialogue is written and that direction has to make a differnce in the quality of what we see and hear.

I think all this debate is giving Pratt too much credit. It does not appear to me that he's a deep thinker. He thinks of an idea like the first gay marriage and that's it. There is no well thought out plan for executing the story. He just thought it would be cool to have a lesbian wedding. Since he has no real direction or plan for the story now he's just thinking up things for the characters to do to fill time till the wedding. I would put money on it that the the only purpose of that scene was " the slap". All the debate here assumes he wrote that to advance a storyline. I think everything played out just for the purpose of setting up the slap. That's why we can't tell whose actions were justifiable. I also think it's the reason so many performances are being phoned in. None of them know where any of this is headed so they don't know how to act it out. As for Reese, I think Pratt is hedging his bets. Boobianca is leaving at the end of her four months. Reese is staying, but that was only recently decided. All these contract negotiations and short term contracts have to make even harder for Pratt. How do you write a story when you don't know who you are writing for? I think some of these new hires were made defensively in case contract negotiations didnt go well. I bet they had no idea what they were going to do withTamara, Dr. Zarfidan, Rebecca etc. When they hired them. I think all of this is why the stories start and stop sporadically and seem so pointless. It's because they are pointless. Case in point: Annie. No way he knows what he's doing. He's just making up plot points and making them act how they need to for the plot -- just like he needed Reese and her mom to fight so he could get to the slap. The tragedy is that he missed a golden opportunity to show how much Erica has grown since Boob came out and how deep the bond is between her and Bianca. Remember that famous scene with Erica and Brooke where Brooke helped Erica overcome her prediudice? It was incredible. Here was a chance to show Erica championing her daughter and having that same conversation with Claire. The real story for Biancas short term tenure should have been there deepening bond as mother and daughtersith the wedding as the vehicle to show how the characters have grown and matured. Instead what we get is mean spirited put downs and physical violence among people who are completely self involved and unaware of their personal boundaries. Back when Agnes wrote the AIDS storyline AIDS itself wasn't the real story. How there characters dealt with was what drew people in. OLTL works because somebody has a vision, capability and pull to see it thru. At AMC it's like there's too many cooks in the kitchen or nobody really in charge. Whatever the case , ABC has fucked this show up. Reese and Claire? To me just another squandered opportunity to tell what could have been a terrific story.

Melissa said...

Beautifully said, Shadow! You put it exactly how I see it too - this show has no long-term thought as to plot. I've started watching OLTL after Jordan's enthusiastic reviews of it every week, and I really see the difference even better now. OLTL's stories intertwine so beautifully, and the characters seem to work off of one another to make a tapestry of the entire town of Llanview.

To contrast, AMC is so disjointed. New, huge plot points come up one day (David taking over as chief of staff), and the entire thing is handled in two or three scenes. Characters just appear places, and it feels like we as viewers have come into something halfway through it. Where's the start, middle, and finish of anything? I'm sure we all remember storylines that dragged out for weeks, and the deliciousness of the day that the truth was revealed. As Jordan has said in the past, it's the payoff that we waited for.

It's so disappointing. I'm sorry to be such a downer today, but there's no other way to be about this. We have been completely disregarded by the writers and the producer of the show. They either don't know or don't care about the history of the characters.

It feels like we're watching AMC's funeral, and the guy doing the eulogy has never even seen the show.

jordan hudson said...

I will say this even thou the show is bad, seeing performances like Alicia and Michael and yes, even Rebecca today, keep me hanging on.

Yet we have to face facts people. Write in and voice your opinions. Let's save our soap. AMC can rise from the ashes and be the quality program it once was. If I didn't believe that I would have given up on daytime as a whole.

Disco I hate DOOL now. I actually did watch a long time ago when I was a toddler. I use to love the Laura, Bill and Mickey triangle and of course Doug and Julie. My mom was crazy letting a baby wtach these shows lol. It's the quality DOOL that I loved. When the Salem Strangler came on and the vets were kicked out. Yes DOOL has done it before, I stopped watching. Before there was Roman and Marlena there was Marlena and Don Craig.

I can't believe that a show which just asked their queen to take a major pay cut and hired two soap biggies from GL would be able to afford Miss. Hall. I know everyone loves Diedre hall but she is not the worlds greatest actress. Rather they hire Stephen and Mary Beth before Diedre Hall.

Well they have ruined the Rianca couple for me with the knowledge that Resse wants Zach. STUPID! and the commercial showing Rebecca doing her Batgirl impersonation left my stomach upset. Oh give me strength to get thru next week. How can they look at this and think that this is good stuff.

On to happier news. Where are my GL fans. Last week and this week have been hot, good old fashion DRAMA.

The Coop/Beth/Alan storyline has left me on the edge of my seat. Today's epsiode was incredible as Beth lied to Coop and said such hurtful things to make him leave her alone. She did this to save his life. With her back to him she broke down. Coop was amazing as he told his father what happned. Alan was pure evil as he told Beth that he knew about them and threatned Coop's life if she did not marry him. Then to see the amazing preview. I will be home watching it live tomorrow.

As angry as I'am that they have decided to let go of Coop, they at least have the decency to give him a powerful farwell that will advance the storyline. All I will say is that my source told me that Beth Chamberlain will be giving an award winning performance in the weeks to come. Only reinforcing what I have always said this woman is so underappreciated. She should be on nightime and movies let alone getting wooed by other soaps. She is still not back on contract with GL. IF GL does bite the dust then T.P.T.B. at AMC are really idiots if they don't snatch her up as Liza Colby. Hell why stop there, bring on John Driscoll as Sean and Marcy Rylan as Colby and have history repeat itself as Liza sleeps with her daughters man. I have said it before and will keep putting it out there in hopes that it wil come true. If AMC wants another Diva forget Diedre Hall. Kim Zimmer is who they should scoop up as Dixie's long lost mama. Robert Newman as Ross Chandler. As nice as that would eb I do hope that the light will stay on. They really are doing everything they can to get people to tune back in. Next week Philip and I heard a rumor that the fourth memember of the fantastic four will be returning for an episode. GL is starting to feel like 1983 and I'm loving it.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I am loving GL right now. The scene where Coop is reading passages from his book was just Driscoll being so damned good. He was mesmerizing, even though the material was very harlequin romance. I would reserve any excitement about the possibility of Driscoll coming to PV as Sean Montgomery. Why? Because it would be likely he'd be paired up with Trollby again and that would be a total waste of his talent. Look at the way TIIC at AMC have blown RPG's opportunities as Jake. Even when they get quality actors, they screw it up. Driscoll is such a mature young actor, I'd love to see him paired up with someone mature and talented, maybe Annie or Kendall. I am so over Zach, he's damaged goods now.

How great would it be to see some of the GL talent go to OLTL where they would have compelling well written material to chew on.

Also I read a couple of years ago that Beth Chamberlain liked being a recurring character because it gave her more time with her family. She is so freakin' awesome, if she went to another soap, I'd follow her there.

Been watching GL since I was a wee kid. It was my mom's soap and I remember watching it during the BW days with Bert, Dr Jackson and Papa Bauer all sitting around the kitchen table discussing the problems of Mike and Ed.

And next week, Phillip returs, hot DAMN!!

Crystal said...

Loved the show this week!

It just feels like the 'men' in charge can't get that a woman wouldn't want them so they can't write them as only lesbian. They always have to be bi or confused or something. bleh

Anonymous said...

This is all I have to say about OLTL from yesterday.


No, I'm Swedish.

Are you finish?

No, I'm Swedish.

Who are you?

I'm Swedish.

OMG, I was laughing SO HARD!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I really want to write in to the heads of AMC. I'm ready to give them a strongly worded piece of my mind.

Does anyone have addresses/e-mails for Brian Frons, Julie Hanan Carruthers, or Chuck Pratt?

Crystal said...

Amanda I agree that was hilarious!

OLTL has been AWESOME this week. TG for that show, it has been making up for AMC.

Jordan, make Ashley give you more OLTL time this week. You will need it because, it rocks!!!

jordan hudson said...

Amanda and Crystal you are dea on in regards to OLTL. The whole bit with sven the swedish butler was hysterical. Unlike Michale Logan who trashed OLTL. I love you Michael but your taking things way to serious. Ron C. is not insulting Budist. This is one paticular stoy about a man who is a bit of a dim bulb getting involved with this religion/belief. If Ron. C was trying to attack said religion he would not have been to detailed to get all the information right. It is funny because of how David Vikcers the character is delaing with it. It's a funny storyline relax. People need to get a funny bone and chill with the P.C. regime. NAMASTE! Even funnier was how having money has corrupt Our man Stubbs. I was carckign up with Dorina walking in on him and Noel. All this and the Drama that is Todd Manning. Oh Tea you rock my world. Seeing Tea do her thing amkes me feel like it 1997 all over again. Todd and Tea will always be TNT! reagrdless which Todd it is TNT forever. SIGN HER OLTL CONTRACT LONG TERM.

I'm going to slap Natalie down. She is on crack if she think she can just steal her sisters babies.

jordan hudson said...

N69 your in touch with Mr. Ron C. He who is the love child of Douglas Marland/Agnes Nixon/irna Philips/ Harding Leman/Ted CordaI and Bill Bell.

You should send him a note and tell him to listen to our podcast and read our blog considering how much everyone is (okay except Tasha, Susan and Elyse and a couple of others ) OLTL. he deserves to hera how much I praise him and his work.

Anonymous said...

Hi WMD, I'm okay with something happening at the wedding, I just don't like that one of the lesbians that's getting married, is confessing her feeling to a man. Reese has said she is a lesbian, not a bi sexual. Why can't that have Reese's mom stopping the wedding or something? IDK if this is going to happen, I try to stay away from spoilers. Maybe I'm reading to much into, but maybe tptb aren't comfortable with a full on gay relationship.

I'm happy to say that when I was watching AMC on Soap Net last night, I saw a commercial for an All my children marathon on Soap Net. Yes Soap Net is dong a Soap Marathon. Imagine That! It's called "I Hart Kendall" and it's on Saturday from 3pm - 7pm.

Thank You Jordan! I read what Michael Logan said and rolled my eyes. Come on! He's been hating on OLTL for awhile now.
Tea and Florencia Lozano are brilliant. I was sad to read she didn't take a long term contract.

Anonymous said...

Well Jordan, according to my source, AMC is the lead ABC soap to get Ms. Hall. I wonder if they could spin her as a Liza Colby recast and get away with it....

I know that everyone wants Marcy Walker or Marcy Rylan to take the role, but Deidre can hold her own in any situation. I'll give her that.

I still want ABC to snag Don Diamont since Y&R dropped him. I honestly don't see it happening, but one could have a dream..

As far as OLTL, I'm actually loving Natalie right now. Jessica is nuts. Just because you lost months of your life as Tess/Bess and sent your sister and her boyfriend in a panic room with a bomb waiting to die while blackmailing both your aunt and uncle to keep quiet, give birth to a baby by herself, lose the baby, switch the baby with your cousin's, and end up in a mental ward, that does not mean that time stops still. Natalie and Jared have become the only role models to those girls that they could really be proud of. Natalie stopped her life, stopped her career, and possibly stalling her upcoming nuptuals and future children just to protect those girls. She's been brilliant and her boobs just look spectacular. Just saying...

Laura said...

Random comments on Thursday's episode. I will never be as good as N69 and Shadow but here goes.

I can't believe that Zach with all his money can't get Kendall a hospital bed to sleep in. Putting a sheet on a couch, like she is some teenager on a sleepover.

The hat has unleased a shorter weave.

A new day, a new color trenchcoat for KWAK. Bright yellow is not her color.

What's wrong with Erica's voice? Maybe they cut her health insurance benefits along with her pay.

Petey is better without the five-head.

Will the bad news ever end for Kendall? Geez, I don't think my heart could take all that crap. Wait until her husband kisses the other skinny bitch, and she runs over her friend.

Kendall and Reese are so skinny they fit on one couch cushion together.

Now Tad leaves his kid alone with a addict and lets her take her somewhere, knowing where she lives - WTF.

There's Rebecca, did her hair fall out overnight? But the eyebrows look great. It doesn't work that way. But luckily Angie has some extra wigs around the house.

Pill stealing for a Chief of Police? Redic!

Amanda holds her own with Adam.

Oh my gosh Rebecca/Cassie looks like Dorian with her head thing on. All she needs is a saffron robe. Oh the daughter is going to get her a red wig. This is where Angie could come in handy.

An 80 pounder cat fight.

Thank God the vent's not on today. Although I like the vent's acting better than Dr. Sheridan Crane and Aidumb.

A good security company could do some business in Pine Valley at these mansions you can just walk into. What color trenchcoat was KWAK going to change into? And Tad acts surprised she was there. Duh.

Erica won the battle of the lightweights.

They haven't closed up those damn tunnels yet at the Chandler mansion? I guess there is no security company in town yet.

Go Kendall get rid of that Anne Heche wanna-be.

Anonymous said...


OK Jordan, here goes! :-D

On Guiding Light,today it was a "Shayne & Dinah" day- Yay! (Honestly, I mainly watch episodes, when Gina Tognoni and Jeff Branson are featured. The rest of the time you can find me in Port Charles...I watch 2 soaps in the same time period. I think, I'm eligible for a twelve step program designed for soap fans. LOL!)

Line of the day, Shayne to Dinah: "I thought you were gettin' a hoby."-- I think, she has it's called "Shayne" Hehehe.

Reva trusts Dinah to "...take care of her big little boy...." And Reva admitted , she was wrong. --Wow!--Dinah and Reva in agreement?! I don't think that happens very often. Something's going to hit, and it's going to be big!

Who knew Shayne was a draftsman?--Things that make you say, "Hmmmm."

Josh offers Shayne a job, associated with building 2 veterans' hospitals, basically dealing with vets.

Edmund talks with Reva about the loss of Lara...She's quite suspicious.

Edmund offers Shayne the chance to build/ design a children's hosital as a tribute to Lara. Shayne is going to go for it--Josh isn't going to be happy!

Edmund tells Josh about his plans to work with Shayne...Josh looks at Edmund incredulously, furious, as if to say, this man, who has repeatedly wronged my family, now wants to work with my son! “H*ll no!"

Edmund trys to convince Josh his plan is a good idea...Josh still isn't buying any of it. Edmund is livid!

Shayne tells Dinah about the potential plans with Edmund. Dinah doesn't think Shayne should do it.

Shayne: "He (Edmund) treats me just like some guy, who dated his daughter...Not a hero."

And Dinah gives Shayne a look, as if to say,"And just what exactly have I been doing?!"


Anonymous said...

Why is Babe's picture still on the opening credits if she is off the show?

Anonymous said...

Laura said: I can't believe that Zach with all his money can't get Kendall a hospital bed to sleep in. Putting a sheet on a couch, like she is some teenager on a sleepover.

Actually, they said something about that. Kendall told someone that he had set up a bedroom downstairs for her and that there was going to be a nurse/medical assistant to help her at all times. When he put her on the couch, Zach quickly said something about her being able to be on the couch OR in the other room. SHE was the one who wants to be on the couch.

The real reason, of course, is that they don't want to go to the effort and expense of building another set, so I doubt we'll EVER see her in the special room downstairs.

As far as bad news goes, I don't think anyone's told Kendall about MYRTLE yet, so there's more to come.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, I know you don't like Natalie, but she's grown on me. I do agree her behavior is nasty, but she is not normally a mean person, she's just really pissed off, and rightfully so. Tess locked her up in a basement room, had video cameras on her, tried to blow her up, made the moves on Jared. She spent a month being tormented at the hands of a head case. In RL I'm sure that would cause serious PTSD!

Here's what I don't get about Natalie. Why would she want to take on the challenges of a baby and a small child? That is so much work. If that was me, I couldn't hand those kids over fast enough!

Oh my God, there is just so much going on in Llanview right now, I can't remember the last time there was a lull. Love it!


jordan hudson said...

Disco I love you to death but your on somethign if you think Didre hall can play Liza first off she is way to old for the role. Diedre could play Marian Colby recast but not liza. Debbie, Darnel and Didre may be close in agae in relaity but they dont look it in real

As for hating on Natalie well....I do understand where Natalie is coming from but I still don't think that gives her the right to use the kids as a tool to get bak at Jessica. That is the way that the actress is playing it. With the hatred and the evil looks. She is hating on Jess with good reason but has no right to bring in the kids. Vicki lives there she can watch the kids. Natalie should move out with Jarrod but she wants to get back at Jessica and that si godo righting because it is in Natalie's nature. She is self absorbed and always thinks of herself.

Beth and Coop on GL is killing me people. I was crying today as Coop tried to reach out to Beth. Love stories are the best thing for a Soap when you can root for a couple. Beth wake up...If I had Coop telling me those things we would be in Canada right now getting married. John Driscoll is a hottie

Arizonagal said...

Yeah Jordan, John Driscoll is a hottie. Do you remember when he was a victim of a hate crime on Book of Daniel? He was in the hospital and that guy that played the last Bobby Warner was visiting him and they were playing that Cindy Lauper song, Time after Time. That was the last time I cried about something I saw on the tube. Driscoll was so good on that show. Heck, so was Levin Rambin. That girl can play a lot older than she really is.

Anonymous said...

Hey DiscoDan & Jordan,

I'm loving the Natalie storyline and I think as twisted as it is, it's human nature. Natalie likely really does believe that she's doing what's best for those kids. She sees herself as their saviour. Of course Jess wants to reclaim her role as their mom and so they are both feeling a lot of natural resentment for each other around the kids on top of all the stuff about what went down in the basement. This is classic. It's just like in any separation or divorce where the parents are so invested in their own feelings and interests that they are blinded to what everyone else sees is best for the kids.

I think this is brilliant writing and well played by both actresses.

Terry in Toronto

Melissa said...

Why is it that anyone who ever gets injured on AMC has a bloody scratch above their left eyebrow? Every time!!!

jordan hudson said...

Terry I so agree with you on the Natalie/ essica material it's good stuff. As someone who is hoping to be a papa one day, I will bitch slap someone who tells me they are trying to take my kid away from me. lol.

Have not seen the rest of AMC yet. I was in too good a mood from GL and OLTL dont want ruin the glow I'm feeling.

OLTL was hot this week but the scenes that always get me are the quiet ones that just sneak up on you. When Jack brought Starr the doll and said thanks for not sending our dad to jail. Also Starr and Jessica, two cousins catching up and being there for each other. And only us knowing what really happened. OMG when the pay off to this storyline comes it's going to be a doozy.

Blair might have got a great slap in but Tea always wins because she knows how to push Blair's buttons.

Crystal Hunt. Great entrance. So the rumor of her being realted to Talia is wrong. She must be GiGi's younger sister.

How Thorsten Kaye is not in talks with Brian Frons about jumping ship is beyond me. The material he would have on OLTL. To arrive in town straighten out his drug using son Cole. Kick Todd's ass when he finds out what Todd did to his Marty and then for months trying to win Marty back, when she can't remember him, so he turns to his ex lover Blair. ( They almost had a kid together but Blair was in an accident like in her 7 or 8 month) instead he is suck with a Faux Lesbian and sperm donating storylines.

Anonymous said...

Jordan, think about this...

In relation to Marcy Walker, who is 47, Deidre Hall looks very very good for her age. I honestly could buy her as about Michael E. Knight's age, which could play off as Liza. Yes, she may not have the fire of a Colby, but she is as sneaky and crafty as it gets.

Besides, five head needs some guidance. Adam and Tad need to clash over something, other than David, which has gotten tired. Erica needs some sort of conflict around her age, now that Greenlee's headed to that big waterfall in the sky. She technically owns Fusion stock, as a founding member, and who knows? Maybe she had another kid while she was gone.

Regardless of it is Deidre Hall, Marcy Walker, or anyone else, I think that we can all agree that the character of Liza Colby needs to be there.

As far as Natalie,

I dont honestly think that she is using Jessica's kids against her. I personally think that she genuinely loves those kids and that love has blossomed into something beautiful. And since Jared and Natalie have reignited since their engagement, it has proved what I had already known. Natalie is going to be an amazing mother. Jessica just needs to realize that the transition between Natalie to Jessica cannot happen right away. It's going to take time from every angle.

And her boobs still look spectacular. HAHA

Melissa said...

Wait a minute... if Jesse is such a by the book guy that he will arrest his own wife, how is it that he can turn around, plant evidence and blackmail David?

Anonymous said...


"...I dont honestly think that she is using Jessica's kids against her. I personally think that she genuinely loves those kids and that love has blossomed into something beautiful. And since Jared and Natalie have reignited since their engagement, it has proved what I had already known. Natalie is going to be an amazing mother...."

ITA, discodan!

Of course Natalie is protective of the girls. Jess/Tess locked her and Jared in the basement--for weeks--Anyone would be cautious about just handing over a todler and a baby, under those circumstances. I'm surprized Natalie or Vicky isn't their temporary guardian, at least until it has been medically proven that Jess is integrated...When Tess pops up, Natalie will be glad she stood her ground.


Mel Got Served said...

Anyone see Nelson Branco's column this week? February 17 will be the greatest day ever!!

Shadow said...

Monday on All My Swimmers

BOOBIANCA TO KENDALL: Hi! We so missed you! Listen, just a few things to go over. We killed Josh and removed his heart to save you from Another Weekend at Bernies. And I bummed a load off Zach and had a baby….You know…a load-sperm. No I did not sleep with him! That would be totally inappropriate. Geesh, I can’t believe you would even insinuate such a thing.

What the hell is with that hat? Why do they wear hats on this show? OK ladies, do any of you ever wear a hat just for the hell of it?

Adam’s birthday is in May. A Gemini. I knew it. Confusion makes him look 100 years old.

Petey almost crapped his pants!

Shouldn’t Kendall have a bandaid or butterfly stitch or something on her chest?

Zach, Boobi, Kendall, Reese = All My Big Love.

Why can’t pregnant Amanda and recovering alcoholic JR hangout somewhere else besides a bar? She got over morning sickness pretty fast.

KWAK is mouthing off to the Weave. Trailer Bitch is goin down!

AMANDA TO KATHY: Your daddy loves you so much and is so worried that you ran away.

KATHY TO AMANDA: I want a mommy with great boobies like yours.

WORST MOTHER EVER AWARD GOES TO ERICA KANE: CondoneS son's killing. Tells her recently resuscitated daughter that her other cum stealing daughter’s lesbian lover is making a play for her husband.

Anonymous said...


Guiding Light:

Josh suspicious of Edmund's intentions toward Shayne, pays Edmund a little visit. Edmund says something along the lines of: "Where you expecting mr to be pulling the wings off of butterfies, or planning the downfall of western civilization?"

Actually, he wants to "test" Shayne's love for Lara.

Dinah warns Shayne not to trust Edmund.

Reva while at birthing class, runs into Edmund, at the hospital--and finds out Edmund and Shayne are business partners.

Shayne convinces Josh to free up office space, for both he and Edmund,in Lewis construction. Seeing how enthused Shayne is about the children's hospital project, Josh relents.

Dinah goes to Edmond's room, in hopes of finding something incriminating on Edmund. Hidden behind a photo of Lara,Dinah finds medical documentation of Lara's pregnancy...

Edmund catches Dinah, results in hand. He says he will tell Shayne of the pregnancy,later, once he has proven himself "worthy" of Lara. Fearing Shayne will go off the deep end, Dinah asks Edmund not to tell Shayne that Lara was pregnant when she died.

Shayne returns to Edmund's room, to find Dinah there with Edmund. having secured the bank financing for the hospital project. Dinah is invited to work with Shayne and Edmund. Wary of Edmund, Dinah accepts the offer, for Shayne’s sake.

Beth is being forced to marry Alan He knows all about Beth's affair with Coop, but he is detremined to marrying Beth, no matter what!

Coop pleads with Beth, not to marry Alan. Beth is miserable, but plans to follow through with the marriage the next day...Coop calls Beth a coward.

Coop asks Buzz to distract the guards surrounding Alan's home,so he can try once more, to speak with Beth.

Beth asks Buzz to keep Coop away from the weddding, until "...It's too late...." Buzz locks Coop in the basment.

Anonymous said...

Better late than never...On Thursday,Erica and Greenlee are at Fusion, "rumbling" with the office, furniture. Pete, in the middle of it all, spills a jug of water on the floor. Greenlee slips on the spill, falling, knocking herself momentarily uncouscious.

Did anyone notice Susan Lucci has a sore throat/raspy voice?

I haven't been that disaponted in an AMC scene, since the "fight club" secquence a few years ago...At least back then, I was plesantly distracted. JK--It was bad then, too. ;-)

Anonymous said...

Just wanted to say that I love this podcast even though I no longer watch AMC (it's just too horrible). I DO watch and LOVE OLTL so the fact that you devote some time to it at the end of every podcast has made me very happy. Haters be damned! Please don't stop talking about OLTL and I would love a PineView Podcast!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Haha I noticed Susan Lucci's raspy voice! I loved it!

Anonymous said...


Jessica was tolerable yesterday, I have to say. Her and Starr were really good, but all of this product placement on all 3 soaps makes my skin crawl. Next thing you know, we'll have Zach advertising Cambias Birth Control, in which only his swimmers could penetrate. HA

Shadow said...

Apparently birth control is an unheard of concept on AMC. We're more likely to see Cambias Goo Grabber Ziplock Bags, Lavery's Love Lights by Airwick Candles, or Skank- a new fragrance from Fusion Cosmetics.

Anonymous said...

Here's the reason why Reese is not a well liked character:
Friday's Dialogue:

Reese: Come on. God, you know what, honey? I think about all the times that I sat by her hospital bed for months, holding her hand, praying for her that she'd get better, and what? She wakes up now and suddenly I'm her enemy?

Bianca: No, no --

Reese: Bianca, how are we going to get married? All we have been talking about for months is wanting Kendall's blessing. So how are we supposed to walk down the aisle without it? You know what? You know, the truth of the matter is that -- the truth is, we'd all just be better if she hadn't --

Anonymous said...

RIP Phil Carey

Laura said...

Robin C, thanks for clearing up the couch thing. That seems like one stupid thing they explained.

Diedre Hall maybe would be good with Tad, but why pay her big salary when they could get Brooke or Dixie back. She is bit long in the tooth to play Liza. Sorry Days fans. Plus she seems a little over rated to me. She is no Julia Barr.

I was watching an old Ryan's Hope on SoapNet this week and saw Fr. Clarence as the bartender from Ryan's Hope. Now I know where I remembered him from!

The show does seem better with Kendell on it, until the vent-tette comes on. Dr. Richie-lover, Aidumb, vent, and Insannie.

Can't decide who is a worse actor, Aidumb or the doctor. The vent beats them both.

Crystal said...

Ashley, I emailed you...did you get it? Just checking.

Maybe you could put the OLTL stuff after the closing bit. Kind of an extra. I don't know, just an idea. That way if you don't want to listen you don't even have to FF you are already at the end.

Anonymous said...

Any old school Casadine GH-ers out there?

You will appriciate this...

Anonymous said...

I just finished watching the "I Hart Kendall" marathon, on Soapnet.

Things I liked:

1. An earlier Ryan and Kendall episode, that I didn't have to use youtube to see. LOL!

2. Josh! Josh! Josh!--The Collin Egglesfield version. Not, that there was anything wrong with the first guy, but...

3.Josh, at his ornery best, "in lust" with Babe!

4. Alexa Havins!--She bares repeating.

5. "Jonathan & Lily" I was a huge Jily fan... They just made me happy! :-D

6. TK had a short hair and no beard! (I don't like shaggy hair and 'man fuzz'--I guy can grow a beard, if he wants too. But, 'scruffy' just isn't my thing.)


Anonymous said...

Oh, Ashley...How could I have forgotten "Leo", in my formentioned list?!---"Leo" was down right adorable!---And he verbally defended Greenlee to his, (snotty) mother. Josh Duhamel did a great job with his interpretation of the his character. Unfortunately, I wasn't watching during the "Leo" years. Now, I wish I had been.

"...but all of this product placement on all 3 soaps makes my skin crawl."

discodan,I think, OLTL and AMC (and possibly GH) have Campbells Soup/V8 Juice as sponsors. So, they're all tied to the "Go Red" campaign, no matter what. :-(


Anonymous said...

I know brtedi, it just annoys me a little bit. It's like when Steve Burton starts doing Monvie Juice ads with Bradford Anderson and Derk Chetwood. It bugs the crap outta me.

Anonymous said...

I wish Deirdre Hall only the best, but she is no Liza Colby. Yeah she looks great, but like La Looch, it's about 50% genes and 50% surgical intervention. She has that frozen face that Lucci has. I also don't see Kim Zimmer going to PV. I hope this diva stays on GL for many years to come because GL is such a good soap that they better not cancel it this year!

Ashley, those Sober House residents are really sad. Yeah girl, you got me watching. Seeing Andy Dick as a real human and not just a well publicized eff-up was touching. I feel really bad for these people. This show is like a bad accident, you just can't look away from the carnage. What I don't get is the lack of rules at Sober House. Amber should have not been allowed to attend a party by herself where there was alcohol flowing everywhere. WTF? And that Steven guy, he's so messed up that even when he's not high, he sounds like Ozzie Osborne.

The SH residents are a walking talking add for "just say no"!

Anonymous said...

"...Steve Burton starts doing Monvie Juice ads with Bradford Anderson and Derk Chetwood. It bugs the crap outta me."

Huh???---discodan, please clarify. I didn't know they did comercials, except for Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storm, on SOAPnet...


Shadow said...

With traditional ad revenue plummeting it appears product placement is here to stay. Word has it that ABC is looking to expand it’s Daytime branded retail empire. Soon, in addition to Charmed (available in fine drug and discount stores everywhere for only $6.99) we’ll soon be seeing more products committed to helping us live like a Soap Star:

Rancid Randi’z Rearend Rendezvous --Special DVD Boxed Gift Set

Rancid Randi’z Online Booty Chat

How to Find Work That You Love, a new book from the Queen of Media Randi Morgan

He’s Just Not That Into You, starring Annie Lavery and Greenlee Smythe

Angie & Livia’s Wonder Weaves

Sex at Sixty, an autobiography by Erica Kane

The Opal Courtland Institute for Psychic Studies

Hooked On Phonics featuring Aidan DeVane

The Whoo-ah’s Guide to Easy Money: 12 Steps to Marrying Rich, written by Krystal Carey Chandler Martin Hayward

Chomper’s Denture Cream

Arizonagal said...

When Nora had it out with Tea and Todd and called "Bailiff!" I shouted at the TV "Whack his pee pee." One of those lines that'll always stay with me from the hazy daze of yesteryear. Every time I hear someone call for a bailiff I automatically fill in the blanks.

Wow, I am sympathizing with Kendall. I was so glad she told Zach to give the lesbians the boot. Why the hell are they still there? They've worn out their welcome.

That catfight between Eek and Greenlee was not funny, it was pathetic. TPTB write Eek like some developmentally arrested senior citizen. So tired of it. Grow up Eek, and stop handling life's situations like a petulant teen. Not attractive.

Anonymous said...

"...He’s Just Not That Into You, starring Annie Lavery and Greenlee Smythe...Hooked On Phonics featuring Aidan DeVane...."

Shadow, (((snort))) I'm so glad I wasn't drinking coffee, as I read this...I would have choked, from laughing!


Anonymous said...

brtedi, the three of them did a series of internet videos in which they wore the apparel and went back stage of GH. Ingo Radamagar who plays Jax is really angry at them and super against the marketing of a product like that.

Shadow, you forgot something...

The L World featuring Bianca Montgomery and Reese...nevermind.

Anonymous said...

hey all,
I was watching John King 's show State of the Union on CNN and he said that they were going to review what happened on the other Sunday morning shows he sads " what we like to say is that we watch so you don't have to." my question is does John King listen to the Pine Valley podcast?

Arizonagal said...

Shadow, a few more endorsements for our soap stars.

JR Chandler - The Buttmaster by Suzanne Somers, or How to put Junk in your Drunk.

JR Chandler - Sober House, a guide to sober living for celebrities, call 1-800-HASBEEN.

Annie Lavery - want mental health at bargain rates? Check into the PsychoNeurotic Institute for the Very Very Nervous, call 1-800-HOT-MESS

And what the hell, over at OLTL, David Vickeroshi's buddhist robes put the junk in your monk! Call 1-800-ZENGARB.

Arizonagal said...

forgot this one:

David Hayward's BeauTox - Hey ladies, having trouble landing that special man? Need a little chemical persuasion? Let Dr. Hayward help you reel in your stubborn guy with a little nudge from BeauTox (formally marketed as libidozone).

Warning: Severe allergic reactions, difficulty breathing, swelling, diarrhea, stomach cramps, fainting, irregular heartbeat, red, swollen or blistered skin, painful erections lasting more than 4 hrs, blindness, headache, projectile vomiting, and more! YMMV

Anonymous said... reported that, Eva LaRue (ex-Maria) was set to wed businessman Joe Cappuccio this June. But the wedding has been called off. Eva has cited the grooms commitment issues as a big part of the cancelled nuptials, but still considers her almost groom a "good guy."

Shadow said...

Tuesday through Friday on All My Unethical Children

I’m FF’d thru Tuesday – Friday. Interesting the lines and scenes the FF’g stops on:

JR to AMANDA: I’ll teach you how to use a rectal thermometer.

ANGIE to JAKE: Want a V8?

ADAM to JR: Amanda, she loves to spread the joy…That’s all I need to know about the scheming whore.

ERICA to DAVID: He’s the donor. Just the donor.

JAKE to JESSE: Didn’t finish my V8.

KWAKho: New solid colored trenchcoat every time the FFg stops.

KENDALL is home. Zach actually paid for someone to “set up a hospital room for Kendall” at his house which apparently involved shortsheeting his leather soaf. That’s some cheap ass insurance he’s got.

ADAM and ERICA talking about the economy crashing and Adam’s plunging net worth. I’d rather hear and see Taylor and Brot or somebody credibly affected by it. Or it would be interesting to see Adam actually cutting back or cutting off JR or reeling in Colby to try to preserve his wealth. Lip service from Adam and Erica is sort of lame.


THE TRENCH COAT. Did Burlington have a big sale on coats? Buy one get 6 free?


THE SWEATS. Because if you’re sick or crazy on this show you wear gray sweats.

BUT APPARENTLY NOT THE ETHICS: JAKE steals meds from the hospital now. FRANKIE changes the date of conception on Amanda’s ultrasound. ANGIE is a criminal. DAVID Hayward. At least on GH the toxin was a bacteria instead of the staff.

Poor Boobianca. No Lickey Lickey from Reese.

ADAM is starting to look like the SNOWMISER.

GUMBI KENDALL v. GUMBI REESE. KENDALL’s getting her bitch on. Is Reese up for it?


ERICA v. GREENLEE: Erica can barely speak and Jack is going to be pissed.

Greenlee burns Emma. Erica bashes Greenlee. Ryan never gives a shit.

KENDALL to ZACH: I just had a heart transplant. Is it unreasonable not to want houseguests?


DR. ZIMBABWE’s “methods”. She slapped INSANNIE.

GREENLEE’S headwound disappeared.

AIDAN is a better psyche than DR. ZHIVAGO.

GREENLEE to KENDALL: Two comas is my limit.

SPEAKING OF ETHICS, or lack thereof, JESSE and TAD set up DAVID. OPAL fakes a reading. PETE hacks a computer. Does anyone have any honor or integrity on this show?

GREENLEE to KENDALL: They think Rianca is as weird as we do.

JESSE arrests ANGIE for committing a crime then committed one himself to get her off the hook.


Anonymous said...

My kid is really into giant microbe plush toys. They are so cute and fuzzy and full of death. You can get salmonella, the clap, black death, rabies, and on and on and on. If you put the citizens of PV under a microscope, that's what you see. They are breeders for all kinds of evil. Very twilight zone, a higher power (Aggie Nixon, God, Ned Flanders, Batman, take your pick) is looking down on this petri dish called PV and all he/she sees is a breeding ground for tyrants, fools, and murderers. The PVers are a metaphor of the 7 deadly sins - don't ask me to name them!

Anonymous said...

Sorry GL fans but that show is sunk. Way bye bye it is the first show to go

Anonymous said...

Phyllis Lyons (ex-Arlene), was arrested on a felony grand theft charge related to a shoplifting incident. She is accused of stealing a $600 pair of earrings last week in a Montecito, Calif. jewelry store.

Laura said...

I don't know about Monavie, but I can't blame a soap actor for having some extra income these days. For Colin Egglesfield. I hope his shout-out clothing line is doing well.

Watching the Grammy's thinking about who was on the soaps this year. Ne-Yo, Mary J. Blige, etc.

Laura said...

My comment from a few days ago.

RIP Clint Richie, ex-Clint OLTL, died Jan 31. I am surprised Phil Carey outlived him.

I feel so bad I said this. I heard Phil Carey died, but here is some info on it.

Actor Phil Carey (Llanview's feisty patriarch Asa Buchanan) has died! The 83-year old star died on Friday, February 6, just one week after his former co-star Clint Ritchie (ex-Clint Buchanan) also passed away. No known cause of Carey's death has been reported, however, he had been diagnosed and underwent chemotherapy for lung cancer back in June, 2006.

Laura said...

Happy Birthday Feb 9th to Colin Egglesfield. At least he doesn't have to say dumb lines anymore.

Anonymous said...

Laura, I have one thing to sasy about Colin...


Kaylea said...

Crystal said "Jordan, make Ashley give you more OLTL time this week. You will need it because, it rocks!!!"

Just wanted to agree.


Anonymous said...

IS there going to be a new podcast this week?

jordan hudson said...

Sadly there will be no new podcast this week. We will have to entertain each other . Ashley is taking a much needed week away visiting with Mama Mendoza en los Campos of uh Upstate New York, I think or something like that. We should be back next week

Anyway.... for you, evil person, saying GL is gone lol there is always hope. The fact that the ratings went up, even by a nano byte gives us reason to hope. They have until April and with Grant returning as Philip and the focus on the Spauldings, who are being written old School style, gives reason to hope and hang in there. Even if the show does bite the bullet it will go out with class.

Unlike our beloved AMC, which guys hit so many lows last week. That fight with Erica and Greenlee was painful to watch. My heart went out to Rebecca and Susan. Our poor Eden who after the horrid Barf storyline deserved better then a rehash " I think my Lesbian girlfriend likes men" storyline.

God Bless Jill, Michael, Debbie, Darnell, MCE and Alicia for keeping me watching. They at least play the pathetic material with so much heart. It seems as if Kendull went into the coma and Kendal woke up from it. THANK GOD! Go get that hussy Kendalicious.

Yes a sad day time as we lost two great Soap veterans. Asa and the original Clint on OLTL. I can't say much except they will be missed.

Laura said...

Jordan, you will be so proud of me. Watching GL today. It airs at 9:00 in Chicago. I like Philip, a reason to watch. But GL is opposite Oprah in Chicago. It's ratings will never go up here.

Enjoy your week off Jordash!

Shadow said...

Man, the chair fight was pathetic. Erica's too old and Greenlee is an idiot. And can they Man Up Pete a little? He's gone from geek to pussy.

You guys have been working overtime so a little R&R is well deserved. Looking forward to next week!

Crystal said...

Darn, I had emailed you guys a song. 8( Oh well, maybe not much will happen this week and it will still be relevant, ha ha. ;)

Anonymous said...


Say it ain't so Jordan. I'm jonesing for my PVP. I'm in need of Ashley & Jordan to pull me through the week.

I understand. Hope you have a great week off and am looking forward to next week's podcast.

Terry in Toronto

jordan hudson said...

UGGH, I'm so mad here in NYC GL is at 10AM and just as it's near the end bam they interrupt for the tribute ceremony for the pilot who landed the plane in the Hudson. I know that was historic but you couldnt interrupt the Price is Right. Now I have to wiat for the episode to be put online to see how it ends. I hate watchign any of my shows online. I like my big old fashion TV. GL is too good right now.

I can't believe the writing team of ATWT beat OLTL. ATWT has great concepts but the execution is so choppy. I have been so tempted to give up but I love Meg, Lucinda, Barbara, Paul and Luke too much to give up yet but don't know how much more I can take of the terrible storylines they keep throwing at Meg and Paul. Find Luke a real love interest, Noah does not deserve him.

Arizonagal said...

Jordan, here's a link to an IMDB site that has recent episodes of GL. I watch them here, though today's episode probably won't be there for a day or two. Very curious to see Mr. Alexsander's return.

Anonymous said...

I know that I don't have many GH fans in here with me, but today was hot. Literally.

Anonymous said...

Aww I'm gonna miss your guys this week!

Hey Jordan do you listen to Lady Gaga?

Anonymous said...

"I know that I don't have many GH fans in here with me, but today was hot. Literally."

Irony of ironies, discodan,

I, too, watch GH...when I'm not watching GL on "Shayne and Dinah" days--LOL! As a matter of fact, I'm going to watch the eppy you're refering to in just a couple of minutes on SOAPnet, since I wasn't home this afternoon.


Anonymous said...

Hey guys, so sad there will be no new podcast this week. I geeked out on three of them last week, because I was behind. I should've paced myself better. ;-)

Jordan, I heard on another soap site that the reason ATWT won over OLTL is that the ATWT episode submitted was a little more stand-alone. Remember when voting, all members see is the actual script, not the epi. I would think if you're not following the soap (which I'm sure most WGA members don't), it would probably be easier to understand a stand-alone.

I was gearing up for a smackdown, but the chair fight? Weak.

Is there anyway that when the podcast takes a week off we can get a new blog site? It's a pain to scroll through all of the posts. In fact, this may be what you all are working on anyway. It would be nice to organize in some way that you don't have to scroll through every post (and sometimes inadvertently catch something I'm not caught up on!) SEriously, I'm sure I'll read every post anyway; I usually do. LOL

Enjoy your break, JordAsh. We'll post, SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO.

crs 17

Anonymous said...

brtedi I gotta say, I know that a lot people are giving GH flack for this stunt, but I'm likin it a lot. There's an airbourne toxin, the hospital is trying to evacuate all of the patients, the OR exploded (side note: shouldn't the remaining 3 toxins that were in there that were not punctured blown up, thereby releasing the toxin? Maybe it just burnt out. I dont know), The hospital is engulfed in flames, Trevor's lost his marbles, Jason's putting his cape back on, Sonny's running around with a gun, Kate's being dumb only caring about that DVD instead of telling Olivia what is going on, Rebecca is running around scaring people, and I am loving it!!

Spinelli and Winifred are ick tho.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

OMG discodan! I thought I was the only one in here that liked GH so I never brought it up but right now i think the story line is sooo good. I love this whole airborne toxin thing as well. And I don't know if you have read spoilers for GH (if not I won't spoil you), but the story line is only going to get better.. I'm really excited. But as you said Spinelli and Winifred are definitely ick! So are Maxie and Johnny, if my suspicions are correct, are ick as well. I know people want them together, but Johnny should be with LuLu and Maxie should be with Spinelli....

SOAPFAN said...

Aww man, I have been so out of the loop with my soaps! R.I.P. Clint Richie and now Phil Carey (Asa Buch). The REAL Clint and the one and only Asa! They brought so much joy and professionalism to the world of soaps. Real actors, real men.

Ashley! I didn't get a chance to comment on your rousing rendition of "A Whole New World", but I think it has been your best song YET! I ripped the audio to my is so effing hysterical!

AMC has been a mess lately, but for the most part, it had more moments that worked for me...thanks to ALICIA MINSHEW! That vacation must have done her good, cause she has been really phenomenal! I'm sure many of you can remember before she left, she always seemed bored or tired, or on the verge of laughing, but now she is so on point, so focused on the material...even her ANGRY TEAR skills are up! I am so impressed by her. She will have to be my new favorite female character since Greenlee was ruined, and Rebecca Budig just gave one half-assed performance after another.

I love Kendall's reactions, and dealings with Reese. Kendall sensed right away that something was amiss with Reese. Alicia played those parts so subtly, that each scene was real.

On the other side of the spectrum, we have some not so great performances. I think Mckenzie Westmore is playing Dr. Sinclair a bit too literally. There is no subtlety whatsoever...she is REacting instead of acting. We all knew where her story was going from the beginning, thanks to her basically beating us over the head with her hammy acting. Is it the dialogue? Maybe it is..but she also has to step it up a bit and play the parts more subtly. If spoilers are correct, she may not be able to step it up in time.

The Erica/Greenlee stuff started out pretty good. Susan Lucci's Erica, really brings Rebecca Budig's Greenlee to life. It all started to fall apart when that ridiculous staged fight just made no sense. These two 40lb women lifting chairs?! Those chairs must have belonged to Kathy and Emma for their tea parties, cause Erica can barely lift little Ian!

Is it me, or did Petey look really weird and puffy? I had to do a double take and make sure they didn't recast Petey, cause he was looking real he was sick, or maybe had cheek implants. he had a lot of makeup on too. I hope he is okay(Daniel Kennedy)

I chuckled a little when he had to make the cointoss, and I knew he would make it funny. And when he said "You killed her!" I was rolling and thinking "Ding Dong, the witch is dead"

Petey saved the scene for me.

I want to give mad ups to the little actress that played Kathy. She didn't miss a beat! She really showed skill when she interrupted Tad and Krystal's yelling. She owned that scene...that little actress puts some of those others to shame. She went for it, as they say...Bobbie Eakes needs to pay attention lol!

I think it's time to get Annie and Aiden out of that damned sanitarium. The storyline is getting tired.

I think the whole mess with Amanda/JR/David is terribly contrived. I know Crishell Stause ain't no Susan Lucci, but her dialogue has been especially like an afterschool special. They need smarter dialogue with this storyline.

David becomes more and more cartoonish everyday. I also LOL'D at he and Krystal's after sex scene. Usually, you have the woman lying down in bed, covered up, and the guy up and about shirtless...but since Vincent Irrizarry is so round and doughy now, they had DAVID covered up! lol!

The laughter was needed, cause I was wretching and gagging from the thought of David and Krystal together anyway.

It was good to see Opal again, but I hated how Ryan basically used her. Now she will have another death on her conscience! And once again, Daniel Kennedy's Petey looked really puffy! Weird!

Can't wait for you guys latest Podcast!

Laura said...

Tad as a stripper! Those days are gone. Did you notice the shirt he had on underneath. A shout out shirt from Colin Egglesfield clothing line. These shirts are great.

I did watch GH yesterday for some reason and liked it. Not liking it for months now. Guza does do sweeps and big events well. I have watch GH since it started.

Now the old Hannah on AMC will be on Y&R as a love interest for Jack- ex. Cliff Warner. Will Colin be next? God knows they only take the talented ones.

Arizonagal said...

When there's no new podcast 'cause our poor Ashley needs a day off (lord knows she has earned it in spades), I go back into my library of PVPs and listen to an old one. Just counted them, have 100 moldy PVP oldies.

So why would a cardiologist be looking at obstetrics charts? Is that normal? Is the PV hospital the only place to go for a checkup? Ugh, it's all just too contrived. TPTB sure are giving Vincent Irizarry a lot to do and it's all crap. I am so over the mustache-twirling evil and the Svengali-like control he has over all the women. Too lame. Does he have any respect for anyone?

KWAKho nixing the wedding proposal was the first sign of intelligent life in her bodacious bod in weeks. Of course, we know that won't last long.

OMG that Tuc Watkins is such a doll, I just savor every scene he's in. If he ends up broken-hearted I may even shed a tear. One thing I don't get, why is Dorian so bent on getting the BE fortune? Isn't she rolling in her own dough? Is she really going to give up all her "stuff" to Mo? This is the part that really makes no sense to me, though I am enjoying seeing Mo and Noelle in the spotlight. Too funny.

Crystal said...

OMG on Tad today. I am LMAO!

Arizonagal said...

Anyone catch our delectable Will Courtlandt on the Closer last night? This is one guy who just gets better looking with age. Still miss ya Will.

Anonymous said...

MsCaseyshameless, this storyline is pretty amazing, in comparison to AMC's tornado, in my opinion. Spxie and Jolu need to stay in tact, or at least remain friends, but if they decide to go with Jomax, then I really really need my Spinlu back. That friendship was magical.

I've been reading the spoilers on it, and have just one question.

Who keeps giving Jax all of these helicopters?

It is one the single funniest things that I have heard in a long time. According to the spoilers, he's going to crash the first helicopter trying to land on the roof (and of course, Carly is watching), then he gets a second helicopter and tries again. It's better than slapstick, especially since it's Jax.

Anonymous said...

"...Johnny should be with LuLu and Maxie should be with Spinelli...."

Ms. Casey...ITA! Winifred is only a impediment to spinmax.:-)

Now,as for today's AMC:

Aiden found his 'inner Spinelli, hacking into Sinclaire's files. ;-)

Uh oh, Annie 'fessed up!...

David distroyed Krystal's blueprints needed to rebuild, where the "Comeback" had been. I'd be furious, if I were Krystal.... She should have been livid!--How dare David do that?!!!!---Yet, she was very calm, as if to almost say, "Oh, well...It was nothing."--Shame on those writers, for that scene...Bah!!!


Ms.CaseyShameless said...

The GH storyline is a million times better than what I saw on AMC during the tornados!

I just love the chemistry between Spin and Maxie.. I think that they really have a connection that just works really well. And it actually makes it harder for me to watch Petey/Colby scenes because it is soo obvious to me that AMC is trying to copy GH in that respect. And I also don't want Maxie to hook up with Johnny because her and LuLu have finally become friends with one another and I would hate to see that all go to waste.

Haha I laughed out loud when I read the spoilers with the helicopters just because it was Jax.. he crashed the first on today and, even though I am supposed to be taking the crash seriously, I couldn't help but laugh just imagining the second one because it is, like you said, very slapstick. Albeit, unintentionally...

Anonymous said...

Ok I'm watching Modays episode of AMC and Kendall is unloading on Greenlee bout Gabby and she says if you were me how would you feel? UH HELLO SHE WAS YOU!!!! YOU HAD A BABY WITH RYAN and DID NOT TELL HER. Man this show can't remember history for sh*t

Anonymous said...

There are a couple of things that I really dislike about the hospital/biotoxin storyline going on right now...

1. Having helicopters unable to reach the people in the burning building has already been done once already (Port Charles Hotel Fire 2004).

2. They are painting Kate into a corner and I hate it.

3. There aren't enough Quartermaines within the hospital for me to care a lot about the building itself.

4. Why isn't Luke in the building?

5. Where is Bobbie Spencer?

Anonymous said...

OMG OMG OMG. Just watched Tad popping out of a birthday cake dressed as a cop and 'dancing' for Jesse on his b-day. ROTFLMAO

Melissa said...

The chair scene with Greenlee and Erica was hideous - it felt just like the old Jerry Springer episodes when the producers gave the guests folding chairs to hurl.

.... speaking of hurling.... this week is worse than usual.

Everything is so idiotic - Kendall sure has a lot of spunk and gorgeousness what with the whole heart transplant and all... I guess Erica and Greenlee kept her brows waxed and her nails manicured, because other than less blush, she looks fresh as a peach. I should look that good waking up from a nap, much less my second coma!

Is it just me, or did Kendall's bridesmaid dress looks like my old junior high prom dress recut and made to hide a heart transplant scar??

Arizonagal said...

AMC? Got nothing. Not sure what day I just watched but it was a big yawn. FF here, FF there.

Over at GL, Wowsa! May be a day late and a dollar short, but GL has really cranked it up to the max (11?). It's pure soap right now, good old fashioned melodrama and excitement. Great seeing our beautiful ghostly Jenna. Alan Spaulding is back! Scary, controlling, dangerous. No more wimpy nice guy Alan. Beth Chamberlain is chewing up the scenery. Phillip is back and I can't wait to see what he's up to. It's all good at GL. I missed a few episodes. Is Grady gone? Hope so! I hope GL makes it past

OLTL, same thing - chewy ooey goodness right down to the creamy center. The teens on the show have been terrific. Everyone in Llanview is involved in great stories. Amazing how TPTB manage to write gems for everyone, down to the bit players.

In honor of Dorian, I have a new image this week. I finally figured out who she reminds me of - the wicked witch, the mean queen, in the old Snow White movie!

Christine said...

I might get booed for that but I though Colby & Pete scene with the lost eye contacts was not bad. She had a great smile and it was cute. I enjoyed it.

Tad from the cake, a bit weird but I was at the tip of my seat waiting for Michael Knight to remove his clothes, lol!

Can't wait for the next podcast!

Anonymous said...

Does anyone know of a good One Life to Live podcast? I love the Pine Valley Podcast and I love when Jordan is allowed to talk about it....but I need more!

Melissa said...

Ooooooo.....! Sweet new AMC hospital set - I actually love it. Good job on the nurses station.

The birthday party scene was worth all these months of AMC hell. Seeing Tad do, uh, whatever the hell he did, was priceless.

I'm not following the spoilers, but I'll be so pissed off if they get rid of Annie. Oh, who am I kidding? Of course they will. Why keep the best character on the show???

Arizona Gal, you're totally right! Dorian does look just like the old queen in Snow White. Or Cruella DeVille. I'm rooting for her, though. She is a hoot, and the wedding scenes were hilarious!!!

Anonymous said...

hi guys!!! i love your podcast!! i have been listening and lurking around the blog for the past month, and I LOVE IT. I have been watching AMC since i can remember, my grandmother came to the US from Greace in the late 70's and has been watching it since she came here. she would watch me while my mom was at work and I still watch the show I am 27 and I feel like the characters on AMC are like family, crazy as it sounds but i have known Tad and Erica since I can remember..Love you guys keep up the good work you always make me laugh out loud :)

KT from NJ

Anonymous said...

Tad jumping out of the cake and doing his dance was the greatest, i couldn't stop smiling, i loved every second of it!!!

Anonymous said...

Well not to be any type of a spoiler or anything but I will say this...

The citizens of PV are going to be more damaged than a tornado could ever induce.

Anonymous said...

A good podcast would be Llanview Lowdown or Daytime Confidential which covers all soaps.

DancingElf88 said...

I loved yesterday's episode (well parts). Tad popping out of that cake and dancing was HILARIOUS! Finally we get to see some fun, light stuff on AMC. MEK and RPG are wonderful together. I'd love to see a Tad, Jake, Petey, and Opal scene...that would make my life.
But then there are the cons: Where were the scenes where Rebecca was telling Frankie about wanting to die alone? That could've been a great storyline watching Frankie struggle to keep the secret while bonding with Natalia. And also where was the scene with Rebecca saying goodbye for the last time?

Annie cracked! Dang it! I love MCE she keeps me watching despite this kooky storyline. Ryan actually showign compassion for the mother of his child? I was hoping that Annie seeing Ryan's wedding announcement would be the turning point when she gets over that tool..but to no avail. After watching today's episode and seeing her breakout yet again my hopes were dashed. Dr. Sheridan Crane needs to bounce. I CANNOT stand her.

I thought it was amusing how Aiden ruined GL's wedding dress moment--which was an ugly monstrosity just like that awful moonstone ring Ryan gave her. I found it interesting how Tad asked Ryan what he would do if Annie ever got out and just an aside: Where is Emma? Did she take a temporary visit to the Martin attic?

Don't get me started on Krystal and David--ick and creepiness..that's all I have to say.
I loved Angie/David interaction and the Angie/Krystal interaction also. Love me some Angie esp. feisty honest Angie...bring it on.

Kudos to the actress who plays Natalia. I thought her scenes ddealing with her mother's death were subtle and emotional. I liked it.

Anonymous said...

Pardon if someone else has already posted this link.

The Campbells and V8 product placement is beyond ridiculous. Every day! Today Natalia had to throw in a Campbell's reference when reminiscing about her mother who just DIED?!

Regarding the actual AMC content... Go Kendall! Get those traitors out of your face. Binx to France, and Zach to somewhere else if I were you. Thank God for our Kendall! Tell it like it is!!

Enjoy the week off, Ashley and Jordan. Y'all deserve it!

Becky :)

Anonymous said...

2/11/09 GL:

Phillip explains to Alan that he couldn’t stop thinking about the life he left behind and all the unfinished business. Phillip lays his gun down and says he understands why Alan shot him and then walks off. Rick and the medical team frantically work to stabilize Coop while Buzz and Frank watch from the doorway. Beth stands unseen behind them in her stained wedding dress and then hurries away. Buzz takes Coop’s hand and pleads with him to fight. Coop sees Beth and manages a smile when she informs him that she didn’t marry Alan. Buzz asks Frank if Alan tampered with the car and Frank admits Alan called Coop about the time of the crash. Alan tries to get through to Beth but she exclaims that she will never marry him. Phillip and Rick see each other outside the hospital. Rick admits to Phillip that he and Beth were married. Phillip wants to see his kids and is determined to get through to them. Just before Rick wheels Coop out to be prepped for surgery, Buzz asks about Alan’s call. Coop replies that Alan wanted to gloat. Coop says he was saved by a guy in a red sweatshirt who pulled him out of the car. Beth is trying to gather herself and freezes when she sees Phillip. Phillip walks toward Beth but just as he’s about to reach her, she rushes away. Back at home, Alan is startled to find himself in the path of a car with Buzz behind the wheel. Buzz pins Alan against the gate but suddenly Phillip arrives and yanks Buzz away.

Shayne explains to Dinah that today was Lara’s birthday. Dinah warns Shayne about Edmund but Shayne says he enjoys talking to him about Lara. Shayne nudges her out the door just as Edmund arrives. Reva is at the hospital for her last chemo treatment, and Josh notices how beautiful she looks. Frank informs the two of them that Coop was in an accident. Dinah explains to Reva and Josh that Shayne is in trouble and needs them. Shayne answers a call from Reva. Reva asks to see Shayne to make sure he’s okay. They meet at Company and Shayne realizes Dinah told Reva and Josh it was Lara’s birthday. Dinah sees Hoover and learns that Jeffrey is having him follow Edmund everywhere.Dinah tells Edmund that she has no real attachment to Shayne. I presume, this is so Edmund, possibly in the future, doesn't try to use their relationship (whatever it may be, at this point) as an "emotional weapon" against Shayne. In her own way, Dinah is steadfast in emotionally protecting Shayne against Edmund's dubious intentions.--IMHO

jordan hudson said...

Jason not only do I listen to Lady Gaga, I bought and own her CD and will be seeing her perform here in NYC 3/31/09. JUST DANCE!

Sorry kids that I have not been blogging as much. I have been trying to keep up (and failing) with watching my shows. After gettign my DVR down to 60%...I'm back to 95% and trying to make sure I have room to tape everything everyday.

I will say that the product placement is obvious and annoying but if it keeps our shows on the air then place away I say!

Also for some reason I have been able to watch AMC this week and not go into convulsions.....hhmmmm could it be that it was nice to have binks be binks for a few scenes. Yes I love when Bianca went off on her faux lesbian fiancee. That was our Binks. Could it be that Kendell is back and not being a meddling nosy-body but a woman who was betrayed by the people she loves and being the daughter of Erica Kane we know how she is going to handle it. Make them pay girlfriend. or was it the two scene bro-mance of the brothers Martin. To see Jesse, Angie, Frankie, Jake and Tad having fun for Jesse's B'day even if it was short lived. Taylor and Brot having fun. OMG people were having fun in Pine Valley. Or was it that I didn't have to see JR drunk,or Colby's bad acting.

If your not watching GL last week and this week you are missing out on some good old fashion SOAP OPERA people. This show does not deserve to be canceled. I have been a wreck. I have made it a point to be home to watch it live. Not since Angie saw Jesse last year has a seen brought back those old feeligns of watching soaps as a kid then when Beth saw Phillip. As much as I want Beth with Coop and Coop not to die. One can't deny the magic that is Phillip and Beth. ( For those of you that need an example: It would be like Dixie returning not as a ghost but for real...alive) That is what GL has done by bringing back Phillip Spaulding. Grant Alexsander who played Phillip was on AMC for awhile as the evil Alec Macintyre. Beth Chamberlian is acting her ass off. Proving that if your looking for the next Diva ala Strasser, Lucci, Zimmer then all you need is to look at her as well as Tongoni, Lozano, Williamson and Alderman. Soaps are still is not a dying art. It just needs to be done right and the way you do it is to make us care about the characters. Give us something to believe.

Anonymous said...

Amen Brother Jordan! You have crystallized my thoughts perfectly. GL has me glued to the tube. Phillip is one of the most relevant characters on GL. I don't know what mayhem led to his dismissal a few years ago, but the show really suffered from his departure.

When Beth Chamberlain is on the screen I just can't get over the fact that she's not on contract. She just steals every scene she's in. GL has a lot of divas in the making, Beth, Olivia, Natalia.

If the show is canceled, it is going to be a huge loss to daytime drama. So much history will go down with this show and I'll feel like I lost a member of my family!

Anonymous said...

Jordan I am so jealous! I love Lady Gaga, she's sold in Los Angeles. I read that she said this concert is going to be "life changing" lol. Have Fun!
BTW I am loving Kendall right now, a little break from amc did her good!

Anonymous said...

She's sold out* :D

Anonymous said...

I'm watching today's episode right now, and I wish ABC didn't spoil how Greenlee was going to die in the promo's. It could of been exciting, but now it's not.

jordan hudson said...

Brown Penny all we can do is pray for GL.

Jason, I will let you know how Lada Gaga is whats your favoriute song right now Im running Brown Eyes and the Bonus song which sounds like a No Doubt song loving it.

And while I was not crazy about the Pussycat Dolls first single of the new CD. I'm loving " I Hate this Part".

I have to pick up Lily Allen love My Brit girls.

OMG AMC was weird today. Whiel I love and I mean LOVED seeing Erica and Kendall tag team Resse (That's classic Soap and Classic AMC. The kiss between Zach and Resse was just like Twilight Zoneish.

Laura said...

I just got the Lady Gaga CD for free. Sign up with an email you don't use for other stuff for the national guard to say you are interested and you get 50 songs. Got the Rhianna CD, and the Robin Thicke one plus some other songs. I got the brochure from the Guard and in the garbage it went. Probably not what they had in mind, but oh well. There is a recession and I have to be creative to afford stuff.

I watched some today. Ryan and Greenlee are a fast forward. It was okay but no OLTL. At least no 60 year old is pregnant on AMC. How old is that Reva?

Anonymous said...


Has AMC become watchable? we mean u can watch it and NOT fall asleep... is it just us or does anyone agree?

We have to also say that the annie story line is picking up some pace and getting better. MCE has worked her magic and made Aiden step up his game... The boy can act!

Even colby seemed to have a glimmer of life in her eyes for a fleeting moment with Pete.

Fortunately Ryan and Greenlee have brought us down and reminded us that we are indeed watching AMC.

Finally, did anyone else think Natalia (AKA insta-cop) looked like she was laughing while ''mourning" her mother?

BYE BYE Rebecca (both real and reel) you will not be missed!

Anonymous said...

I like the hip vibe from the PVP community here right now. Lady Gaga is hot.

Unfortunately, Zeese is not. But I still love Tamara Braun. Always a place on my TV for her.

BTW, i dont know if anyone was paying attention, but Rachel Melvin (Chesea, Days) was just fired. DC is doing a rumor mill of roles that she could take. Colby was one... I wouldn't recommend it though. Going from a five head to a snapping turtle is not my idea of a good move....but she'd make a great Brooke Lynn on GH, just as long as they don't have her sing, simply because Adrienne Leon is the only one I love...literally.

Talk about hot...

Shadow said...

Holy Shit! Greenlee and Ryan had sex without candles! Reese is a lesbi-ain't!! And Tad has rhythm!!!

jordan hudson said...

Rhianna is not a favorite ( thou I'm glad she seems to be going after Chris Brown. I don't care if she is jealous , a nag or whatever. Your unhappy you break up not beat her up. And just because your step father was abusive isnt an excuse for you to beat on another living person. SUCK IT CHRIS BROWN) But I do seem to always like one song off ever CD. 1) Pon de Replay 2) S.O.S. and 3) My favorite by her Please Don't stop the music. Same thign with Beyonce 1) Naughty Girl 2) Get Me Bodied. Have yet to find one off the new CD but have yet to hear it.

Disco Dan so with you on Adrienne Leon. What a stupid move on GH's part to let her go all those years ago.

OMG OM*G... Guiding Light is killing me. Beth and Phillip....just amazing. The chemistry is still there. Such a smart move on there part to bring him back. See AMC this is what you should be doing by bringing back Dixie or at this point even more so Brooke English.

I want Ya Ya back as Cassie and Natalia gone. I find her so annoying.

OLTL was so Old school today. Loved how everyone's indvidual storyline was flowing and all converged at the Ball. The dialogue was great with funny one liners. So much going on.

Okay off to bed. You guys rock on this blog. Thanks for making me laugh and cry. I truly adore you all. Smooches

Anonymous said...

It wasn't really GH's idea to let her go, Jordan. She kinda had a deal in place at Y&R, and it was entirely her decision. GH just gave the girl what she wanted. But you are right. She is the only Brooke Lynne worth a damn, and in celebration of that, here is two of the most beautiful Brooke Lynn clips ever.

The first one is of her singing "The Only One I Love", a song that Ned wrote and sang to Lois when he was being Eddie Maine, the rockstar.

The second one is the two of them in a duet, singing the song, father/daughter. It's beautiful.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

First, Lady Gaga is amazing.

Second, Rihanna is doubley amazing and needs to throw Bobby.. Opps, I mean Chris Brown to the curb. Because like you said Jordan, I don't care what Rihanna did to him you NEVER lay your hands on a woman..

Third, if it weren't for GH right now. I would be blowing my poor little soap opera brains out because what is going on with AMC is just completly stupid and redic! I can't stand it. The kiss between Zach and Reese wasn't even the kicker for me. It's the fact the Zach is acting like such as ass now. When Ryan confronted him and Zach replied with "What are you looking at?", I yelled at the television. I can't believe that I am actually rooting for Ryan Lavery to do something and I can't believe that I am actually wanting Kendall to get rid of Zach and take care of little Spike and Ian on her own because I actually liked them as a couple when their relationship started But, now after the character assassination of Zach Slater I don't think I can get on that band wagon again.

Anonymous said...

Am I seeing things, or was Greenlee's wedding dress in today's episode ( which as we speak in the West is not over yet)
the same dress as Robin Scorpios on GH? Go ahead and YouTube it. Can the budget really be that tight fr these shows??

Cathy in Las Vegas

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

^ I actually thought the exact same thing when I first saw the dress, but no it is not the same.. Very similar, but not the same.

Arizonagal said...

Hey Ms Shameless, The BFD kiss between Zach and Reese, totally barf-worthy. I was disgusted... DISGUSTED! So does Zach think he's so much man that he's going to convert Reese, who is already a wishy washy lesbian. And Reese, shame on you for betraying Binx. You both deserve each other.

And speaking of people acting like jerks, besides Zach and Reese, I think it was Monday, Ryan at Oak Haven, yelling at the staff "I want to see my wife, right now..." I am shaking my head. This guy is never nice to public servants. I wonder how many waiters have spit in his food? And how many people did Zach verbally abuse when Kendull was in the hospital. He was always ragging on the nurses. Not to mention Jake, who came to PV so noble of ideals, and now is bar hopping and wisecracking his way around town and calling people names. They're all dickheads... All My Dickheads?

AMC drags me down, saps my strength, makes me sad, and sends me bad energy. Would it kill TIIC to write people with a little heart, a few manners, a kind word? How would this impede plot advancement? And for all of you who are thinking "don't like it then change the channel" I watch so JordAsh don't have to. The soap sucks and actually puts me in a bad mood some days, but I still have a dying ember of hope that it will improve.

“A person who is nice to you, but rude to the waiter, is not a nice person” - Dave Barry

Okay, so much for the bad energy. I am loving OLTL and GL and can't wait for them. Didn't even recognize Krystal Hunt. Such a cutie. And my god, there has been more drama on GL this week than I have ever seen on any soap, any time, any where. Mindblowing!!! Does anyone remember when Roger fell over the falls about 100 years ago? That was close, but this is better.

Melissa said...

Greenlee's dress was hideous - I can't believe Rebecca put up with that wardrobe choice.... and she couldn't take off her veil at least, before jetting off down the road? Did they ever establish where she was going?

On the plus side, the most gorgeous part of the wedding was our Erica! She was perfect in that fuschia dress. I also really enjoyed the last scene with Bianca's vows. That was kind of cool.

I actually am excited for Monday - this was a pretty good cliffhanger!

Anonymous said...

- Great cliffhanger today!!! This week has been great, mostly thanks to Kendall. I love it when she's bitchy. It's about time we had a real bi-atch on the show. Granted she has plenty of reason to be this way. I'm totally enjoying watching her.

- On another note, that Tad dance was just plain weird....funny, but incredibly weird. (Well, I guess it was better than watching drunk JR dance) 'Nuf said

- I'm liking Aidan and Annie. They're pretty cute together

- I hate Dr. Sinclair (or ManBrows, as my sister calls her, lol). I hope Annie kills her or atleast that she gets outed already.

- I hate that Jake is like the weird bachelor guy now. He's like that guy that just shows up at people's parties all uninvited, just for the drinks. I don't like what they've done to Jake. This is not the Jake Martin that we all knew and loved.

- Bianca and Reese's ceremony was very pretty and elegant. It was weird cause while I was watching it I was thinking "Wow, this is history-in-the-making. I'm watching the first same-sex wedding ceremony on daytime!" Pretty cool!

- Bye, Greenlee. I really wished you could've stayed on the show, but only if they were going to write your character like they used to, back when you were the real Greenlee, the bitchy Greenlee.

- I LOVED watching Erica and Kendall be evil. LOVE IT!!!! (I'm doing my evil laugh now)

- I actually can't wait til Monday. Could it be, AMC is getting good again? (give or take a few things, of course)

w3w said...

What is it with Milk on AMC? I'm beginning to think that they are advertising for the milk industry!! First it was Crystal with the milk addiction. Now, Amanda is asking for milk at a wedding!!

BELINDA said...

Milk does a body good, don'tcha know?

BELINDA said...

ARRGGGH ... I'm going through podcast withdrawal!!! But y'all deserve a break, so I hope you're doing something fun and/or relaxing! :-)

Even though I don't post often, I gotta say how much I LOVE this board! Even when there's no podcast, the conversation goes on and you can guarantee it will be funny, interesting and informative. It's like a family gathering, only no one ends up drunkenly revealing that who you thought was your mother is actually your sister!

Now ... about the show. HEAVY SIGH.
As Reese exchanged her fork-tongued vows with Bianca, I wanted to care ... I tried to care ... but alas, I didn't give a fat rat's ass. Reese is invited to SUCK IT till death do us part.

When Bianca first returned, I was SO amped that there was finally going to be a REAL gay storyline as opposed to, ohhhh, I dunno ... ZARF? (No offense to the TG community and props to Jeffrey Carlson for being a good sport, but we all know that storyline was TPTB's fumble-fingered attempt to make a lesbian storyline ''acceptable'' by having one of the lesbians be a biological male.)

I was excited by the prospect of our Binky FINALLY finding the kinda love & happiness that Al Green sang about, the kinda love that'll make ya do right, make ya do wrong, make ya come home early or stay out all night long. And OH! how eagerly I anticipated the much-touted ''groundbreaking'' same-sex wedding!

It's a good thing I remembered Willie Shakespeare's warning that the course of true love ne'er did run smooth, and thus retained a healthy dose of skepticism and doubt that this SL would play out the way I hoped. Had I not braced myself, it would've been quite a nasty shock when Pratt basically shat all over his own nest - and us, the viewers - like a diseased dog by making Reese just another textbook, fence-straddling lost-bian (guess-bian? Heche-bian?).

GROUNDBREAKING, my arse. What a waste of opportunity. Suck it, Pratthole, and SUCK IT HARD. Suck it till your head caves in!!!!

But on the POSITIVE tip, Ms. Minshew is doin' the damn thang, ain't she?! I'm a longtime Kendall fan, but I hadn't been feeling much love for her, pre-coma ... from playing meddling matchmaker to Rylee to whatever the hell else she was doing ('cos honestly, I can't even remember), I was getting bored with her. But Miss Alicia came back with a vengeance -- that musta been some honeymoon! OK, so she's the most REFRESHED-looking coma patient in the world and she probably will only need a Band-Aid to cover her heart transplant scar (which will miraculously disappear at some point - YAY, COCOA BUTTER!), but I'm willing to overlook all that 'cos she's putting in some fine work, the best I've seen from her in a while.

And what is UP with everyone dogpiling homegirl with bad news all at once?! "OMG, you're awake, this is the miracle we've been praying for -- oh, BTW, you have a new niece, Zach's the daddy ... donor ... daddy ... whatever, your brother had a personality transplant and now he's dead, you had a heart transplant and now he lives on, and oh, yeah, Babe bled to death from her butt! But OMG, you're AWAKE!"

DAG, y'all ... she's been out of commission for three months! Ever heard of breaking it to someone GENTLY? No wonder Kendall seems "off" and "not herself." (Shut up, Greenlee, just SHUT. UP.) God forbid anyone tell her about MYRTLE.

And LAWDY MISS CLAUDIE, I loved her toast to the happy couple! She PWNED Reese's narrow behind, and judging from the look on her face, Bianca swallowed her tongue and was in need of some Heimlichin', STAT! Zach better invest in a good athletic supporter to protect his boys ... it's ass-kickin' and lollipops day and Kendall is ALL OUT OF LOLLIPOPS.

Anonymous said...

Watching Wed's episode:
Bianca refused to get married without Kendall in attandance...yet she'll take Kendall's husband sperm to produce an offspring, but doesn't see the harm in not telling her that? Idiotic.

Attention wardrobe department - get Bianca a better bra. Those puppies are gonna knock Reese over!

Anonymous said...


I just finished watching today’s episode, on SOAP net. I have a few comments…

First, regarding lingerie:

Chrishell Strause looked beautiful in that little green number, with the lace trim and matching robe…

In contrast, what was up with that frumpy, purple, robe Eden Regal was initially wearing, at the start of the episode!??? Except for the color, my dad used to wear something similar. I’d call that a “man robe”. Considering Bianca and Reese had a bridal shower and are participating in a high end ceremony, one would think any bride would bring along an assortment of slinky, sexy (classy) lingerie to wear on the honeymoon and prior to the ‘big day’, itself. In short, I don’t think, anyone would pack sleepwear that would make them look like a shlub. Thankfully, Eden Regal, later, wore a much improved white kimono similar to Tamara Braun.

Now, on to Ryan and Greenlee…

Unexpectedly, the moment when Ryan told Greenlee they couldn’t get married made me want to bust out laughing! If I were in Greenlee’s place and my fiancĂ© said that, the door would have flown open. Grabbing his hand, I would have pulled him into the room and immediately wanted some kind of explanation…The entire scenario struck me as funny, for some reason.

And on a final note, reguarding Greenlee’s dress, who in their right mind would have hopped on to a motorcycle, without changing first?!


Anonymous said...

Well guys, since the return of Phillip Spaulding on GL, I've tried watching the youtube clips with him in it (dip your feet before you go in).

...I kind of understand what's going wrong with the show.

The dialogue.

Let me explain.

I'm an unbiased person when it comes to watching soaps that I don't really know a whole lot about. I actually kinda got sucked into this promo, because I thought that it was worth a shot.

GL isn't even my only endevour. Once in a while, I'll turn on Greys Anatomy or Private Practice, and see what's up their buttts this week. But I digress.

I had already known about the previous problems that have affected the show already. (No set, Peapod, NJ, hand-held camera, Ellen Wheeler, etc.)

When I first started watching Phillip pull Coop out of that car, I thought that that was kind of cool. (KIND OF SOMETHING LIKE ANNIE SHOULD HAVE DONE FOR ZACH DURING THAT GOD-FORSAKEN TORNADO, INSTEAD OF JUST WALKING AWAY TO FIND HELP), until I saw the get-up that they had Grant Aleksander in. I'm not a fashion guy. I'm kind of an athetic guy...and none of my friends would be caught dead in an Addias sweatship that could go down all the way to your knees. It's embarrassing, and shows everytone that Phillip Spaulding gets dressed in dark rooms.

Now for the hospital scene,


Now for the Church scene...

I wasn't really sure why everything was so awkwward. Yes, I get that the love of his life is marrying his father, but I'm pretty sure that the cameraman caused the awkwardness all on his own because those shots were (as Charles Barkley would say) Turrible. Alan didn't say much, which shocked me. Beth was passing out all over the place. That one dude with the black hair, (Rick, maybe?), was just standing there. The priest was just like double you tee eff towards the whole thing. And when they ran outside....gahhh....more awkwardness. I think that it qualifies for more awkward than a 12-year-old's first pubic hair. LOL

Now for the outside scenes in the cemitary...this is where it gets bad..

Now I'm a pretty simple man. I like nice things, but can appriciate the complexities within life as well. Now hearing this and knowing that Alan, the father, shot Phillip, his son, I was expecting gold. Was I expecting to much? I think that the situation warrented my expectations, if you ask me. And what I get is Alan and Phillip talking like its 1994, and Phillip was a little late on the whole Nirvana movement.

It was bad. But not as bad as what came next. Phillip bent down to look at his own grave (which btw, should have had a creepy factor to it, yet was way too casual for the situation), and Alan can clearly see that Philip has a gun sticking out of the back of his pants. And what does Alan do?

I'll give everyone a hint....


There ya go...ding ding ding. We have a winner!

Sigh... I can't even muster myself to write more about this. Let's think about something more positive...

Greenlee's dead! WOOO!!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Like you said Belinda, Alicia Minshew is definitely "doing the damn thing" lol. I am soo happy that she is back! I guess absence really does make the heart grow fonder. The toast she gave to Reese was pretty much everything that I would say to the character of Reese, you know if I was a character on AMC lol. But anyway kudos Kendall for putting her in her place.. now you just need to kick her ass, and Zach's too.

Also I know a lot of you are happy that Greenlee is dead, but I can't help but think back to the golden days of Greenlee and just be angry with the writers for writing her out like this. No wonder Rebecca Budig has been phoning it in.. her storyline sucks and everyone knows it.

jordan hudson said...

Disco lol your comments regrading GL have some strong truth to it. Could the writing have been stronger, did they really get all they could have from these moments, No! Your right there could have been so much more. For me..... I think where GL was at the beginning of the year with the writing and this is an improvement.

As for Phillip's warddrobe.... Dan come on the man has been on the run in seclusion dealing with his mental illness. Not living it up in Monte Carlo. The way they shoot with the camera.... sadly it is here to say. I have to overlook it otherwise I can't watch the show. How much more powerful the scene in the church would have looked if they were shooting the old way.....sigh.

The one thing I do disagree with you on is Beth Chamberlain. She has been amazing and her passing out is totaly believable with the stress she was under.

Also the camera shot was to show the audience that Philip had the gun in his pants. I don't remember a shot showing that Alan saw it. Why would he be checking his son's ass out dude.

The Bottom line is flaws and all I still enjoyed GL this week more then AMC's silly non-ground breaking wedding of one lesbian and a confused woman who needs to eat something a.s.a.p. With Greenlee riding a motorcycle with her wedding dress on. Your going to rag on Phillip with his red hoddie when Greenlee was lol on a motorcycle with her LMAO LMAO wedding dress on. Dude that was like right out of Passions. I'm sure AMC's next step is to bring on a witch, a little person and a chimp.

Anonymous said...

Hey Jordan,

I realize that Phillip has been living in seclusion, but they could have chosen a better looking sweatshirt. I play a lot of basketball and know athletic wear. That is bottom barrel, when it comes to sweatshirts. It's bad.

I'm sure Beth Chamberlin is a fantastic actress. I dont disagree with you. I just think that the dialogue given for her is choppy at times, and reminds me a lot of Michael E. Knight in the way that the actors have to turn shit into sugar.

There was a camera shot where Alan could clearly see that his son had a gun. There was a giant black thing sticking out of his son's pants. He wouldn't have been checking his son's ass out by investigating that. And yet, there is no reaction to the sight of the gun, probably playing off the fact that yes his son has a gun, but he wont shoot me I'm his It was really bad.

Look at 6:11-6:20

As far as Greenlee's motorcycle going over, the only way it would have been better if it were over the falls, but it wasnt as bad as I had thought it would be.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

^^ it totally show have been over the falls. No doubt.

jordan hudson said...

Disco thansk for the you tube clip you should look at it again. It was exactly as I thought the shot was for the audience. If you look closley to the cut away. Alan is to the side of Philip not behind him so from that angle he did not see the gun unless he was checking out his son's ass. GL still rocked and so did Beth Chamberlain.

Amc dropped the ball. It would have meant more for Leo to come and take Greenlee out of town.

Arizonagal said...

Great post Belinda, we think alike. I am no Minshew fan, her pre-coma behavior was abhorrent, you know, pretty much like everyone else's. But since she came to and kicked lesbo butt, right outta the house, I am loving her subdued and very determined attitude. Minshew is playing it just right. I would have wanted them gone no matter what the circumstances. They should have had some respect for the situation and left before they were asked to leave.

Discoban, I love ya. I always think of Petey when I read your posts. But, I don't care what Phillip was wearing. He's back and the acting was great and here in the desert, he'd be considered dressed up! He's trekking thru the woods, snow and mud, he ain't gonna be wearing a suit, which was all he ever wore before.

I just can't get over Beth Chamberlain and that hard body of hers. She can be breaking down, wearing a robe and a flash of tiny white panties and be hot hot hot. I am girl crushing over her.

Back to AMC, do I detect some improvement? I wonder if Ryan is gonna manufacture a few tears for this latest death? I was amazed at how remarkably unaffected he was when his sis and Gillian died.

Happy valentines day everyone, I love you all, this blog is rockin' and whether I agree w/you all or not, I really appreciate the way we can all feel safe to express our opinions.

Anonymous said...

Jordan Brown eyes is a good song and I think your talking about Disco Fever right? I like all he songs but Eh EH there's noting else I can say is my favorite my right and Beautiful Dirty Rich are my favorite right now.

Anonymous said...


Haven't watched Fridays oltl, but Thursdays many cliff hangers could of been a Friday one, so I'm so excited to see what Ron C. has in store!

BELINDA said...

Oy, I had to stop by for a quick fix of posts by PEOPLE WITH SOME DAMN SENSE after leaving another AMC board where several of the posters are permanently STUCK ON STUPID. Maybe it's not them ... maybe it's ME and my inability to speak fluent MORON.

What I'm sayin' is: THANK GOD FOR YOU GUYS!!!! :-)

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