Monday, February 16, 2009

Just You and I?

  • Bianca and Reese state their vows before the world. (Too bad Reese broke hers before the wedding.)
  • Kendall rips that a-hole Zach a new one, and for the first time in months, I'm cheering at the TV screen instead of throwing chancletas at it.
  • Poor Greenlee might be dead.
  • Rebecca is dead - finally!
  • Krystal and David? I just really don't care.
Your ass-toot questions and commentary made my weeks off from all of you bearable! Thanks for sticking with us, and keep the questions coming at (And feel free, as always, to leave your ass-toot observations on our rockin' blog here.)

2/13/09 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

Ash, I am up battling insomnia and I just wanted to welcome you back! Hope you had a great week off and know how much we all appreciate you.

Anonymous said...

OMG!!! I thought Angie and Krystal was going to so KISS!!! The way they looked at each other was so HOTT!!! I love both Debbi and Bobbie. If they would have kissed I would have been on the floor and up in the TV.. I love the podcast I love you Ashley and Jordan!!!

JnA08 said...

I'm the anonymous person that made the pervious comment. I had to redo my account. Anyway I enjoy your podcast.

Mel Got Served said...

Welcome back PVP! I hope you enjoyed your week off!

PS Fellow PVP fans, I just launched a blog to talk about pop culture, life, etc- please check it out and stop on by! I'm hoping to do a post every week about "my stories." Mel Got Served

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your week off. Looking forward to the podcast and hope you left time for OLTL.

Terry in Toronto

Crystal said...
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Crystal said...

ooops sorry I hit the wrong thing.

Welcome back!!!

Darn, I was hoping I would hear my song I sent. pout. Oh well. I still love you guys!

Anonymous said...

LOL, You people are way the heck too fast for me. I rushed on here to be the first to post. Here's hoping for a great week on AMC!

crs 17

Anonymous said...

Hey all. Jordan i just finished watching GL and it is sooo good right now. CBS better not cancel it. Ashley since this is Greenlee's last week i would love one more I created rhapsody in red moment on next weeks podcast. Why do i miss Sabine so much, she made the show fun to wacth! I did see in the credits that Lisa de Cazotte from GH NS is now a producer on the show, why cant she be EP and finally get rid of that Julie Hanan Crapputhers. Jordan what do u think of ATWT right now and the 5th craig, lucy is coming back on the 26th! I miss the original Craig Scott Bryce but they wrote him horribly with Peg, sorry but i cant stand them, poor Roger Howarth. I read in SOD that David Canary will be gone for a couple of weeks, it makes me wonder if it was true that Susan Lucci wanted him off the show so she doesnt have to take another pay cut. I heard about this on Buzzworthy Radio where the Pine Valley Podcast was on, its a good show. Here is the link everyone should listen to at least the first 30 minutes Navell was on the Soap Cruise with AMC and other Daytime actors along with TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco. There is som ejuicy info and tidbits that make me see some AMC actors in a different light like Miss Susan Lucci who apparently did not like Julia Barr. Anyone here watch Chelsea Lately she will now be on at 11/10c and she recently talked about the Bianca and Reese wedding, i love me some Chelsea. I still cant believe how they are writing Greenlee's exit, and i missed a couple of episodes is Josh even mentioned anymore, has he had a funeral, is Kendall grieving, does she know Zach murdered her brother, if not fu*k u Pratt. Is Erica or anyone even care that he is dead! When did Rebecca die last week, what day, and how did she die were Jesse and Natalia on? Amc is unrecognizable these days! Anyways, have a great week everyone!

Anonymous said...

luis i love the retro version of the amc theme in the opening of the podcast!!

SportsLove said...

Ashley, WELCOME BACK! We have missed you and Jordan. I can't wait to hear your thoughts on this week's AMC. OMG, I almost threw my chancleta at the TV. Thank you for keeping it real. We are huge fans!


Mel Got Served said...

A few months ago, I apologized to Pete Cortlandt for thinking he was just a Spinelli rip-off. Today, I need to apologize to someone else.

An Open Apology to Kendall Hart-Slater

Dear Kendall,

I am so sorry I have been hating on you over the last year. Your return from a coma without brain damage was both miraculous and much needed. A month ago, I wished you wouldn't wake up, fearing it would be nonstop Kendall like before. BUT now I'm hoping it's all Kendall because your character is so good. I hope you take out my new mortal nemesis and screenhog, Reese. Make her life hell and please, kick Zach to the curb. He's passive aggressive, a manipulator, a murderer of your brother, and has a crazy line of relatives. But again Kendall, please forgive me for being so annoyed with you. I forgive you for hogging all of 2008 because you've finally brought something interesting to Pine Valley in 2009!

Yours Truly,

Norn Cutson said...

if somebody is against gay people because of "the bible", they better be gettin their fat asses off the couch & protesting everytime ABC runs a commercial for RED LOBSTER....because the same passage they are basing their prejudice on also condemns shellfish!

so glad to have ya'll back!

Anonymous said...

As much as I loved MCE today and last week, I do have one simple question...

How did she get to Connecticut?

Anyone wanna help me out here?

Shadow said...

Same way everyone gets around PV -- teleport.

Norn Cutson said...


reminds me of this great painting....

DancingElf88 said...

I'm really glad you guys are back! I always enjoy the podcast. Ashley I agree with you about the wedding. Although Reese's snogging session with Zach the night before left me with bile in my throat...the wedding was sweet. And I really loved how the vows were juxtaposed with different scenes. GL riding off into the night with that atrocious monstrosity she called a wedding outfit was ridic!

Jordan i read that you were going to see Lady Gaga in was she? I downloaded her album and i must say that Eh Eh and Paparazzi are my favorite songs.

My questions for you guys are:
1. If you could pair up an AMC character with someone from another soap, who would it be and why?
2. What sort of music do you listen to? Is it a specific genre or are you more eclectic?

jordan hudson said...

N69N thanks for that link. I love Cliff Chiang's work to no end and for him to draw not only Batgirl (who is my favorite from the DCU) but Yvonne Craig as Batgirl...I wish I could own it frame it and hang it on my wall.

Alejandro ATWT has been annoying me to say the least. If it wasn't because I love Paul and Meg, Luke Lucinda and Barbara I would stop turnign the world. It is a stepu above AMC but a very short step up. Just like AMC the storyline's are way too fast pace and choppy. the characters act out character with no explanation for there extreme behavior. Certain characters (Dusty) are being forced won our throats (like David on AMC).

Have not seen GL today saving it for last. Did see OLTL excellent as always. Atwt was just embarrassing to watch. It was cute when they did the last time but this tiem it was just ridic.

AMC all I can say is thank god for those Kane women, Opal and the Brothers Martin. Why can't they understand that we want to see what works the two nano second scenes with Tad and Jake made me laugh. I also loved that Amanda thought she saw David lurking outside. Since she has missed the 529 times he has actually been stalking her. As for Greenlee ....just a waste once again they could have made the viewers happy by giving her a graceful exit but like Josh they went for sensationalism.

Dancing elf. I wotn be seeing lady Gaga until March 30 2009. Will let you know. I love all types of Music. I grew up listening to Celia Cruz to Ella to Dolly and Janis Joplin. I love it all except for music that spews hate. Anything that disrespects women,uses the N word, calls for the murder of the GLBT communinty, cops or anything like that is a no for me.

Shadow said...

Ashley, I liked the Inn set too. It was so nice to see the characters in spacious, furnished decorated rooms rather than that corner at the casino, a corner in Erica's apartment, at ConFusion with the light shining up their noses, next to a vent and without any horrible wallpaper in the background. It's amazing how much of a difference those details make. It made sense for people to be where they were last week instead of having to come up with contrived excuses to bring people into Confusion.

I can't decide if Tamara B. looks anorexic or like a smoker or both. Sometimes smokers get those dark rings around the eyes. Could be allergies. Could be from crying her eyes out every night for the horrible shit she has to act through every day.

Smelly vajajays and bad breath. That's some insight you don't get on Daytime Confidential or anywhere else. Ha! Also why I love this place. You two just throw it out there. Hilariously.

Love the bit of Idol talk. Jordan I couldn't believe they sent the poor black girl who wrote her own song either. The judges get to call back some eliminated contestants this year like they did Jennifer Hudson a few years ago. My guess is we will see her again. I'm sure TPTB think it will be great drama to bring her back. If in fact Luis introduces a new blog format, we could have an Idol page. I'm an Idol geek.

As for Greenlee, why is it that no woman in Pine Valley can drive when they are upset about something? If a girl is pissed when she gets behind the wheel, someone is going over a cliff. Death by Ditch. It's getting tired.

Question: How did you figure out Colin E. was reading the blog and posting under an assumed name? That's interesting.

At least maybe TPTB are going to redeem Annie and stop all this crazy BS. I hope that Adain and Dr. Suckivan duel to death and kill eachother painfully. He's been a little better lately, but I think this is the best he could ever be. He's pushing himself beyond all his linguistic and artistic abilities. In all these years they finally found something he can act against that makes him look OK--a vent and sheetrock. I don't want to see poor Annie recover from her illness just to hook up with his dumbass. Personally, I'm glad they wised up and just sort of quickly killed and dropped Rebecca. Now if they could do the same with Natalia, that would be great.

Hopefully with contract negotiations settled and the staffing situations stabilized, things will get better. Something changed last week. Maybe it was AM. Maybe it's the new producer. But it was a little better, albeit wierd.

There was nothing brilliant in the lesbian wedding. Personally, I'm glad they didn't treat it with kid gloves and make it a "very special lesbian episode". They treated their relationship like all the hetero relationships with lots of sensationalistic drama, etc. The main problem is that the storyline itself just sucked. Had they characters been gay or straight, it was and is a lame storyline.

Again, to me the real missed opportunity was the chance to reward the viewers with a meaningful relationship for dear Binx. She's struggled so much and should be the next Mona or Myrtle in training. It was a chance to show Erica's baby grow up and find true love. A chance for Erica to use what she's learned from Bianca to help other parents who may be struggling to learn from her experiences. Instead it was just your run of the mill lame soap wedding.

But the set at the Inn really was great.

Anonymous said...

"You and I" by Eddie Rabbitt and Crystal Gayle is one of my favourite songs of all time! Thanks so much for playing that and reminding me of Jenny & Greg.

I agree with you guys about the Chris Brown/Rihanna situation. We don't know the facts yet but I have to say it doesn't look good for him. Let's hope that domestic violence gets some air time out of this and one or two families get educated and stop the cycle.

Loving OLTL! It's so well written and continues to surprise me, always in a good way. Jordan, you sang Ron Carlivati's praises for so long and you are so very very right. Why couldn't AMC get a good head writer like that? There is a broad canvas and he's using the full palette to paint the picture. Beautiful.

Terry in Toronto

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Sorry about I agree with Jordan. Reese was going to say it would have been better if Kendall would have never woke up

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

Ashley - Kendall and Ryan hot - eel. Ryan is soo abusive and destroys every woman. Ryan doesn't love anyone but himself

Norn Cutson said...

doesn't that same passage in the bible also say that women shall not wear red?

i hope those people who take it so literally were out on the streets protesting the GO RED BALL!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

also, i wanted to mention that the lady who was taking tickets @ the GO RED BALL was played by Jackie Hoffman, from the Original Broadway Casts of both HAIRSPRAY & XANADU & the tv show STRANGERS WITH CANDY.

i love her!

...& a fun fact: her character on OLTL, EUNICE BURNS, is named after Madeline Kahn's character from the movie WHAT'S UP DOC?

Shadow said...

WHAT'S UP DOC was hilarious. Madeline Kahn was amazing. Definitely gone too soon.

OK, we all agree Chris Brown is a loser douche. Question: Will you delete him from your ipods?

jordan hudson said...

I just saw Monday's episode of GL and now I'm so angry I can spit nails.

How dare anyone say, that this medium is no longer relevant. That Daytime drama is dead. Watch Monday's epsiode of GL to see that when done properly, Daytime drama still has life in it. (No pun intended).

I forgot how powerful an actor Justin Deas is. It's been so long since he has been given the chance to really showcase himself. Then I realized it comes down to the writers. Because no matter how talented a cast you have (and our AMC has more then there share) they can only do so much. It comes down to telling a compelling story. And AMC has deprived us of that.

My heart was breaking as young Coop was trying to tell everyone good bye because he knows he's dying. He can feel it. He attempts to make ammends with Lizzie. Get Beth and Lizzie to talk to each other. Get his brother Frank to be there for there father. Yet I really lost it when he told Beth thank you, for loving him. I'm crying as I type this..... Beth Chamberlain was incredible. John Drsicoll played his scenes just right. Enough for us to believe he is going but still able to play out the emotions.

It was the last scene between father and son that made my heart stop as the tears poured out. When Buzz expressed how much he loved his son and that Coop was the best part of Buzz and Jenna. Then Coop said "Goodnight Dad". That is when my heart stopped as Buzz grabbed him and pleaded with him to hold on.

Now that I have time to reflect...I'm angry at AMC. Not for killing off Josh but for not having the creativity to make it a powerful storyline. And now it seems here we go again. Another exit of a character that could have bene powerful. Instead she flew away on her motorcycle wearing her wedding dress. Sorry but for my taste. I want my show to draw me in and make me feel connected and alive. GL did that for me this morning. No matter if it's writing, art, music, dance, photography, acting etc...if it's art it's suppose to make us feel something. It's someone expressing themselves through there art. Doesnt matter if you love it or hate it... the thing you don't wnat is for people to walk away and feel indifferent. I realize that GL moved me this morning it made me feel. Sadly I realized that Greenlee's depature by Pratthole left me feeling indifferent. Even if it would have been some genric blonde actor who we saw from the back for a second and Greenlee going Leo and they leave together. That would have made me feel more. But once again AMC takes the easy way out.

jordan hudson said...

shadow Chris Brown was never on my ipod. I don't like any of his stuff and now never will. This Ike Turner wannabe gets no sympathy from me. I don't care what his step daddy did to him. At some point you need to know right from wrong and the fact that he allowed his people to immediatley go out there and try to place blame on Rihanna shows what a lowlife he and his camp are.

Mel Got Served said...

Whoooooa, is there a chance any of the AMC cast or crew lurks on this board? There HAS to be some crew, etc who listen to this podcast at least.

I used to post on a Days board and there was one woman who worked at Days (I forget her role), but was eventually laid off, but she had told us on the board many Days cast and crew lurked on the board- even posted occasionally with anonymous screennames.

Shadow said...

I always wonder if Briana 5-head Turdby Turd Trolby Mongrief reads the blog. I would hate for her to misinterpret any of our commentary.

Shadow said...

No argument from me about Brown. I just heard an interesting bit on the radio w/ people debating whether they should delete his existing stuff or just not buy his new stuff. I don't like much of his stuff either, but I do have one or two songs by him and her. When I look at the artists on my ipod, there are a lot of great songs but not many by people who I would want to befriend. All Summer Night by Kid Rock is a great song to run to but he's a total dickhead. I have some great music by a lot of people I would say are trolls. If I delete everything except the ones i think are decent responsible people, it's just going to be full of Josh Groban and The Wiggles (my son likes them). It's hard to run to Josh and songs like Fruit Salad, Yummy Yummy.

Anonymous said...

Hi Everyone,

The women on The View just talked about Bianca and Reese's wedding in their Hot Topics segment. Whoopi said that ABC had gotten lots of mail from people who are up in arms about two women getting married. The View women all supported the wedding as an example of datime being relevant and wondered how come there is never an outcry about characters coming back from the dead and Erica Kane getting married again and again and again. Whoopi thought the two brides looked fabulous.

Do you think all the publicity from this stunt will affect the ratings positively?

Terry in Toronto

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Another great podcast!

First, I'd like to say that I agree with you both about Zach being a completely different character now.. It pissed me off so bad how on yesterdays episode he just came out and told Kendall "Reese and I kissed, that was it, that is what Ryan saw and wanted to tell you about" or something to that extent, he said it like it was no big deal. It was disgusting. It's like he has no respect for his wife and it's like he doesn't understand that what he did was wrong. Kendall needs to kick his ass..

Also I can't believe that they are keeping Reese in Pine Valley.. who is she going to be with? What the hell is she going to do? Does anyone even give a crap about this character? I hope her story line involves Kendall kicking her ass cause that's what needs to happen.. Kendall just needs to pretty much kick everyones ass..

Tamra Braun needs to run away from this show like Eden Riegel is. Eden knows this story line is crap and she is ready to go.. She should go work on season 2 of Imaginary Bitches and leave AMC alone because what they have done to Bianca makes me want them to stop even writing stories for her character because they are all SOOO stupid. I'm over it.
Is it true that they are thinking about casting her as Mac on Y&R?

Greenlee's dead.. And I would really care if the character I had been watching this past year was actually Greenlee, but it wasn't. So I don't care. Like you guys pointed out in the podcast.. It really hasn't been Greenlee since before Rebecca Budig left the first time.. Although I do like how they aren't going to find a body, like with Leo.. That gives me a tiny glimmer of hope the writers might actually know what they are doing on this one. And did anyone notice that Jackson really didn't seem that fazed to find out Greenlee was missing...

Please David stop being such an ass. I used to like your character because you were an ass, but you had some heart. Now you are just an ass and I can't stand you. Leave Amanda alone. This whole stalking thing is really creepy and makes me hate you even more. What gives you the right to watch her through her window? It's gross and weird so please stop.

JR and Amanda should get together. But Amanda needs to fess up to him that it's not his kid and plead with him to go along with it just so David doesn't get the kid. I think that JR would do that because he hates David just as much as (actually even more than) the next person.. So Amanda should tell him the truth and then they can't start a happy family. I would like that story.

I hate to say it, but I am really liking Insannie with Aidum. Even though he is still an idiot I think MCE brings out a good side in him and actually makes his scenes watchable.. I can't wait for them to kiss or hook up or something.. I think they would make a great couple.. But that could just be wishful thinking.. yeah it just might be.

Taylor and Brot.. Need more screen time.. Bottom line.

Jesse and Angie need a smart storyline. You know how many great things they could be doing with these two, but they just aren't.. It's really annoying.

And last but not least.. Colby, Randi, and Natalia need to leave.. Sorry how can they keep these people on the payroll? They act like they are hurting for money, but they are throwing money at "actors" like these.. It's just wrong.

Anyway, thank you Jordan and Ashley for another great podcast. It always brightens up my day and you can't put a price on that.. Even though you guys should because watching a weeks worth of AMC is definitely work..

OMG I got an idea, after firing Colby, Randi, and Natalia, the heads at AMC could pay us all for still watching this crap.. Now there's a great marketing scheme...

Mel Got Served said...

I guarantee Eden wouldn't have returned to AMC if she knew Bianca was going to get married and then annulled in 2 weeks. They both came on for this fantastic love story- thaaaat ends with the marriage over. That's why I felt nothing at their wedding. It wasn't just Reese kissing Zach, it was that you just know what is going to happen so why should we even care?

Anonymous said...

Haven't had a chance to listen to the podcast yet, did not watch the show last week. Just watching today's epi, and I don't think I've ever been more depressed by any show, ever. Pine Valley is inhabited by sneering, vengeful, cheating, lying, stupid, greedy, arrogant and twisted people. I don't like any of them. I'm so sad right now. I think this is it for me. AMC has been my show since 1973, the summer before I went in to 7th grade. Who are these people? Why are they so effed up? Come on. Not a single smile, kind word or anything remotely like a normal relationship exists on this show. Just what should any of us tune in for?
Thank goddess, OLTL is on now.
Ashley and Jordan, I will always be a podcast fan. You two are superb in all your comments and observations, about AMC, other soaps, music, TV, theater, life. I look forward to the podcast, no matter what the topic!
Barb in MN

Shadow said...

Terry, I don't think the lesbian storyline itself will garner as many new viewers as much as the cross promotion on The View may draw in some new eyeballs. Those blowhard sea cows on the View can generate publicity and I don't think it's a coincidence that one ABC show is promoting another ABC show. It's all a part of Frons' diabolical ABC Daytime plan, IMHO.

Shadow said...

BTW, I hate The View. I know AMC is lucky to have such a popular show for lead in, but the minute I hear Joy Behar my gag reflex kicks in.

Shadow said...

The people who complained about the lesbian s/l are probably the same old blue hairs who were offended by Dorian fellating David Vickers. To survive theses shows have to be relevant and push the envelope a little. Ultimately I don't think the s/l was executed well, but I'll give them props for trying. This year AMC effed up a lot, but they did concsciously make an effort to diversify the cast. Too bad they couldn't make it work with Carmen.

Mel Got Served said...

Shadow said: "blowhard sea cows"

HAHAHAHA- Shadow, you crack me up!

Norn Cutson said...

great new interview w/ Kassie DePaiva (BLAIR, OLTL)

Anonymous said...

Ambyr Childers was a Mormon! Now it makes sense why should didn't want to work with Gay people. (Petey?) Glad they fired her.

Laura said...

Glad to have you back. From the web about the actor who plays Brot.

I just wanted to thank you all for your continued support over the last few months. I would not be anywhere without each and every one of you. I appreciate you sharing your stories and sentiments with me - they mean a lot!

Just a heads up - is doing an interview with me on Friday at 3:30 p.m. for their "young people who rock" segment. You can submit questions all week and then the reporter will ask me some of the questions on air. You can participate here:

Thanks again for everything!


Ashley interesting someone who sent those comments to you would put them in an email. They are too afraid to post it here because we would all defend the gays I bet. I would defend anybody, except Rush!

Shadow said...

Idol sucked tonight. Ashley was right. Tatiana looks like she ate a horse. And what a getup! Randy was back to his "Dawg" self. The new judge adds nothing worthwhile. I should have watched M-T AMC.

Anonymous said...

With all of the discussion reguarding Rebecca Budig's exit, for whatever reason, this evening I did a youtube search to locate "Greenlee & Leo" videos. I found an excellent primer for this couple, for those of us who missed out on the "Greenlee & Leo" years. , called "Your Guardian Angel"---

If someone happens to actually watch this, will you please tell me why, at one point, Leo is wearing a tan trench coat, brown fedora and smoking a cigarette, as if he were Humphery Bogart in "The Big Sleep", or some other film noir example? I'm quite curious...Ashley since you're a big "Leo"/JD fan do you remember this scene? Leo scoops Greelee up, off her feet, and she puts on his fedora.


jordan hudson said...

Ambyr was not working when Petey was on. If she did have a problem with working with a gay person it would have to be the guy who played who Sean. Who is a big MO! The guy who played Dre The Vortex seemed like a MO...but not sure.

Once again I realize how the writing on AMC is weak. There is so much that can be done. Instead everthign is done at light speen. With no effort put into details and substance. There is no layers. While I agree an actor needs something to work with. If you have even a grain, you should work it. That is what people like Morgan , Williams, Lucci, Canary,Goldin, Knight, Larson, Minshew and even Braun do.

Yesterday showed how horrendous Walt, Cameron and stone faced Aidumb are. Hey Wiley stop shaking your head your not going to get a tear to fall out. Cameron there is more to acting then yelling. Aidumb you amaze me I did not think it was possible for someone's performance to suck and blow at the same time.

I watch Tuesday's GL. The writers decided to focus the episode on Buzz dealing with the fact that Coop was brain dead and having to make the decision to turn the machine off. Not since his early years on the show has Deas been given such material. Not since the last days of Jonathan and Tammy has GL's writing been so strong. Again I found myself heaving and distraught. The episode was incredibly well done even with the bizzre way they are stuck shooting. I wait patiently for 10AM to come so I can see the next epsidoe as Beth has yet to arrive at the hosiptal to find out that Coop is gone and if the small clip was any indication of what is to come. Then my source was right and Beth Chamberlain is going to give an amazing performance. This is how my soap should make feel. I want to be invested.

Last but not least I stand by my commnet. I don't think Pratt is writing for Debbie and Darnell and that disturbs me to no end. What I'm seeing here is what I see on every Daytime show that has Africna American characters. Storylines that are half ass. That have no depth to them. The characters are one note and are only there so the EP can say we have actors of colors on the show.

One of the reasons Jesse and Angie were called the first Black super couple and in my eyes the only, is because Nixon never wrote them as Black peopel. They were human beings with a real story who happened to be black. So there storyline was equal to there white counterparts. I'm disgusted that Angie and Jesse are basically turning into AMC version of Claudia and her husband whose name escaped me from GH. They were Luke and Laura's " African-Amercian" friends who were on the show for years and never had a storyline to call there own.

Anonymous said...

we agree with Jordan, sorry Ashley but reese was going to say she wished that Kendall had not woken up.
Also, one of the worst recasts ever was the guy who filled in as Mateo for a few months when Marc C went to film a movie.

Shadow said...

How do u know Pete's a Mo? If all that is true about Ambyr I'm glad they cut her loose, but Turdby sucks ass. Hopefully the 3rd time will be charmed.

AMC is totally wasting Angie and Jesse. It was doomed from the start with the dumbass way they wrote them back. They made it worse by trying to flesh out his absence by introducing Rebecca and Natalia. Their efforts to weave (get it- "weave") them into the other stories tanked. They dumbed down Jesse and made a felon out of Angie. They neede to just give them a regular, nonsensational s/l and forget the past 20 years of Jessie's life. Move on and let them be the Martin Family for the 21st century. Recast Cassie with a real actress and stop putting Frankie in ethically challenged situations. He should be our Cliff Warner for the 21st century. So many interesting stories they could tell about a young black professional in today's world. It would be far more interesting to watch him struggle for success and acceptance in this new world than the contrivance of a former hooker gone good.

And how about empowering some of the women in PV. I'm ready for Bianca to grow some balls, get in touch with her inner-Kane and grab life by the horns. No more Bianca in distress. Binx, Kendall and Erica should be the perfect power trifecta. Let Binx be a champion for women and those who have been victimized. Let her return to the Miranda Center and make it a charitable foundation that is a force for the show.

And poor dumb Aidumb. The minute he talks to anything with a heartbeat he looks like an idiot. He was better off with the sheetrock and vent. For some reason, I can understand him better when he's speaking through the vent.

Anonymous said...

Hey Barb in MN,

I'm right with you! AMC sucks the big one right now especially when it is followed by OLTL which is hot, hot, hot! The characters are all so well drawn that I had a good sense of them all within the first week of watching and the action is fast paced but I haven't felt like I'm missing anything that has occured offscreen or during the commercial break. With AMC Jordan and Ashley were saying that it feels like there are bits of scenes missing. On OLTL the storylines are all strong and yet all interwoven perfectly which is a credit to both the writing and the editing. In Pine Valley when one storyline is decided to be important then everyone else's lives just go on hold or cease to exist. Remember when Kathy pushed Krystal off the ladder and then ... oh right. That was never followed up.

I'm totally converted to OLTL and I find myself eagerly anticipating Llanview each day. How many can say that about AMC?

Terry in Toronto

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jordan, I agree with you Pratthole is most definitely not writing for Debbie and Darnell... The fact that we see more Aidum or screen then we do them is atrocious! When with Brian Frons and Julie Hanna Whatevers wake up and realize that Chuck Pratt is a terrible story teller who is wasting amazing character and actors on stupid stories that he think are important.. Actually they probably won't because they are bigger idiots then him.

And I'm not gonna lie but I teared up when Greenlee's ghost visited Kendall yesterday. It made me realize how much I am going to miss that friendship and how much I am going to miss Rebecca Budig. They really wasted her this past year.

I hope Greenlee and Leo met up and are living happily ever after in the big soap opera in the sky..

Mel Got Served said...

Any Bachelor fans here? I love to hate it- for some reason, I got re-addicted. Anyways, this site RealityBlurred, is reporting what the shocking ending is. I'm a bit surprised for sure.

Click here to read- MAJOR spoilers: Bachelor 13 Finale revealed

Unknown said...

Hi Jordan and Ashley! Welcome back! Thanks for answering my question. Now, I can add those 10-15 seconds on to my running total of my 15 minutes of fame (5:45 and counting)! Hee!

Jordan - I so agree with AMC's inability to write for Black characters. But really, TPTB can't write for anything other than White Hetero, or, at least, for any realy length of time. The only current show that does that well is Y&R and that's 'cause (GASP!) they actually write the Black characters like regular people. The same problems, the same love, hate, jealousy, anger, stupidity. Who knew?

Do you remember way back on OLTL when they had that whole storyline around Carla and how she was passing. Then we met her mother and she was outed as a Black woman. It was so controversial and such great TV. She was on for a long time and was always interesting. Sigh...

I remember a good article in Soap Opera Digest a few years ago that talked about this inability to write for minorities and how ridic it is 'cause minorities make up a large portion of the viewing audience. The problem, ultimately, came down to the fact that there is very little minority representation in the management level of the soaps. hearing you guys. I'm not sure if I mentioned it before, but I like listening to you two no matter what the topic. I grew up in NY, but I've sinced moved to DC. But, I miss the NY way of talking (the accents, no BS, right down the line) and you guys make me a little homesick. Oh, and yeah, Jordan - your laugh just puts a smile on my face.

So, here is my question for you two today - when will you hold a Pine Valley Podcast Convention? It could be like ComicCon or one of those other to-dos that they throw in Cali. You could call it, uhm, the PiVaPoCon.

Anonymous said...

oh goodness, I signed on using the wrong account. That's Leslie up above.

Anonymous said...

Oh, I think I could write an essay on Today’s AMC! By the time I’m through, I just might…LOL! Where do I start? I have been watching this show for nearly five years. I think, I’ve been waiting for an episode like today’s all this time.

Let me begin with Tamara Braun and Eden Regal their performances were amazing! Let me just say, I ‘ve been a Tamara Braun fan ever since her days as Carly on GH. (Who could forget the day “Carly” stood up to the heads of the five families, with baseball bat in hand? I know, I surely didn’t. :-D)

Next up, Melissa Claire Egan…Bravo!...And I have to give credit where credit is due, Mackenzie Westmore did a very good job. (The writers finally gave her a good scene—top that with the notion that her character is evidentially leaving—and I was a happy girl!) Before I move on to another aspect of the show, I have to take a moment…Kudos for the return of the tire iron! ROTF!

Admittedly I’m an unabashed “Ryan” fan…That said, I hope both Cameron Mathison & Thorsten Kaye have some well written dialogue coming up. These two actors deserve that. I hope the writers have given both men good material so that each may rise to the occasion…I can’t wait!

I have intentionally saved the best for last…”Vive La France!” Today, I saw a “Kendall” I have basically only been privy to via you tube…Thank you, Alisha Minshew! Evidentally, this is the “Kendall” who returned to Pine Valley, years ago…If it is, I hope she stays exactly as she is!


jordan hudson said...


I agree with you today's episode was actaully okay. While I thought the dialogue was just a tad can't deny that Eden and Tamra played the hell out it. Having Erica and then Kendall rag on Resse was great. That's goood soap. I just wish that the men on all daytime would understand that you dotn need to yell 100% of the time to be dramatic. Aidumb of course ruined everythign he was in. He was awful when he was taunting Ryan. That scene alone shows why he desrves to be canned. Honestly I don't know who he is *&%$#*& to keep his job.

Anonymous said...

"He was awful when he was taunting Ryan."

Hi, Jordan!

Yeah...Aiden really cross a line with his remarks. (Was Aiden actually around when Gillian died?)

That said, Ryan has some regrettable things too...I'm the first to admit, even a favorite character, can lapse into stupidity, on occasion.

Overall, I have to agree with you characters are only as good as the writers, who write them. As fans, sometimes, all we can do is recall when the writing was truly good, keeping in mind how the character is supposed to be. Until then, we hang in there, hoping the writers get a clue.


Laura said...

Brtedi, I agree with your statement Overall, I have to agree with you characters are only as good as the writers, who write them. Except for Aidumb, who could mess up work by William Shakespeare, Hemmingway, F. Scott Fitzgerald, or even J.K. Rowling.

No matter who writes the lines some people can't act. Plus when you can't understand them, it makes it really bad. I agree he is *&+%# someone to keep that job. I don't know if it is Julie Crappola or Brian Frons or both!

Melissa said...

Really? Another motorcycle over a cliff tragedy???

Ashley said...

Hey folks! I've been remiss.... Crystal sent me a really funny song during our week off that I didn't have a chance to share. I'm sorry folks, that I can't use every awesome song that you all send me (and Crystal, I LOVED yours!), I will (and should) always try to share the awesome stuff y'all come up with. Believe me, I know how much damn work it is!

Here's Crystal's song, sung to the tune of "Grease:"

I got a problem and it’s just not right
We got a lovin’ thing, Kendall’s been out of sight
There ain’t no danger we take it too far
Binks is a lesbian and that’s what you say you are

Reese is the Girl

We hang together and we drink champagne
Why don’t they understand, we simply can abstain
Our lips are lying saying it’s not real
As Erica stomps off, on her five inch heels
Reese is the Girl, (is the girl, who likes girls, have you heard)
They can’t prove we’ve got feelings
Reese, it’s not time to explore our emotions
‘Cause we know that Kendall is healing

We tell Bianca that we would not stray
Your sexuality means that there is no way
Engaged to Simon didn’t who you were
You went to Paris France and that’s when you met her

Reese is the girl (is the girl, who likes girls, have you heard)
They can’t prove we’ve got feelings
Reese it’s not time to explain our emotions
‘Cause we know that Kendall is healing

We have so much confusion
You dropped your towel, in my vision
What were you doin’ here?

You packed your bags and threatened to go away
Irrationally, Binks begged you to stay
There is a chance that we can have an affair
Since you really like men, according to your Mom Claire

Reese is the girl (is the girl, who likes girls, have you heard)
I might say I’ve got feelings
Reese it’s not time to compare our emotions
‘Cause we know that Kendall is healing

Reese is the girl (who likes girls, have you heard)
You have said you’ve got feelings
Reese it’s not time to compare our emotions
‘Cause you know that Kendall is healing

Reese is the girl
She likes girls
Who likes girls
Have you heard
She likes girls
Who like girls
Have you heard

Anonymous said...

hey guys

i missed today's episode...darn. ill watch it later. i went on a field trip today to (Jordan, you will appriciate this), Jersey Boys in downtown Chicago. IT WAS AMAZING!!!

Arizonagal said...

My lil old humble opinion here, but the biggest problem with Jesse, besides the writing, is the fact that he's in that stupid cliche role of C.O.P. That role, at least on AMC, is always a dud. TIIC are trying to beef it up for Jesse and surely Darnell deserves the best they have to give, but it's not going to work people. I still wish he'd taken that professor job at PVU. I can think of a lot of situations that could result from that job.

I actually saw a spark in Brianne Moncrief when she had those scenes with Petey. He makes her more appealing. She may be older than Childers, but she sure plays young, more adolescent, so she works better with someone Petey's age and experience. With him, she's displays a sweetness that she never shows with anyone else. Plus I'd love to see Petey in a relationship, doomed though it may be. Even nerds get laid.

I'm glad Greenlee is gone. Her year in PV was a major screw up and in almost every scene you could see she wasn't feeling it. My god, first Aidumb, then Ryan, a recipe for disaster. See ya Rebecca Budig, don't let the door hit ya on the way out.

Something else that struck me, the major characters, esp. Ryan, Kendall, Annie, and many others, rarely have light, humorous scenes. Since Pratthole, and maybe before, their lives have been heavy, melodramatic, bad bad BAD experiences and ruined relationships. When was the last time any of them laughed at a joke or did anything fun? That just makes the characters so draining and one-note.

I do have to give props to Kendall. I have never been one of her fans, but since she awoke from the coma, I am loving this subtle, deep performance. I can actually relate to this understated anger. I would feel betrayed by all those who loved me too. I get it, finally. She's shocked, she's pissed off, and she has every right to be. None (at least not yet) of this Kendall just being a mean beeyotch for the hell of it. It's Kendall, she's pissed and she's coming at ya driving two tons of metal.

And Zach, you are no hero!

Anonymous said...

Jordan, I hadn't realized Aiden smacked Ryan, I caught that part on SOAPnet...He was somewhat worse than I thought! Bah! Ryan didn't "kill Greenlee" And from what I understand, Ryan didn't "kill Gillian", either...AZgal is right, I know now isn't the time, exactly, but the characters do need to 'lighten up', every so often.


jordan hudson said...

Brtedi....uh lol lmoa lmao yeah the slap heard around the corner. What a wuss Aidumb is , my ten year old niece can clock a guy in the face better then that. I'm sorry but after watching today's epsiode. Aiden Turner has taken the number one slot of people I want fired asap. He has taken the place of MonGRIEF! He reached an old time new low of bad acting. Anyone that can make Cameron look like Sir Laurence deserves to be put out to pasture.

I also found certain lines to be weird or awkward. Aidan throwing Gillian in Ryan's face. She was way dead before Aidumb even met her. Why would he even bring her up. Also when Ryan brought up Angie lettign go of Jesse. Since when has Ryan ever been friends with J & A to be using them as a comparison. Yet the line that really rubbed me the wrong way was Bianca saying the Resse?Zach situation was like being raped again. Maybe it's just me but what writer would be stupid enough to compare adultry to the vicious rape that Mctavis wrote for Bianca. YUCK!

Arizonagal said...

Wow, that David Vickeroshi got guns. Yum.

Last week's weddings were a hoot! the James Brown minister cracked me up. Mo and Noelle were too cute. Call me crazy but I really believed Dorian when she said she loved David.

Say it loud, I'm married and I'm proud! Kiss the bride you funky thang.

Lama Bill the Buddhist guy sure seemed like the real thing. PDAs are frowned upon in the temple of tranquility. Karma be damned!

My God I love Robin Strasser. That woman spins gold out of every line. What a difference between the AMC cat fight and the OLTL cat fight. No comparison. Also, no chairs.

RIP Coop, GL rocked the death scenes, incredible acting and great lines. If life was fair Deas and Chamberlain would be getting emmys for those performances.

Anonymous said...

Karma is a bitch! I love Dorian! Oltl is perfection.

Aidumb was so annoying today! Who does he think he is!?
But I did love with he said to Ryan: You are ALWAYS the HERO!
Even though i don't like the s/l both Boobica and Reese were good today. And I am loving still loving Kendall.

I kinda like Dr. Cinclair, but I hope she's not on long term.

Jordan I know you watch Big Love, aren't you excited for next weeks episode, it looks so good! I read that this season only has ten episodes, I hope it's not true.

Anonymous said...

"...Bianca saying the Resse?Zach situation was like being raped again. Maybe it's just me but what writer would be stupid enough to compare adultry to the vicious rape...."

Jordan, when I heard that line, my first reation was,"Huh?--That's wierd. What I strange comparison...While I totally understand why Binks was curled up on the couch, crying--She thought she was starting a new life. A new family--Then it was as if it was gone in a flash...Poof!...

The other thing that bugged me was(if Eden Regal wasn't set to leave) would Binks be so quick to give up on Reese? Would anyone give up on someone they were committed to so soon??? Did Biancha fight to maintain other relationships, or did she simply through in the towel? That puzzles me....


Shadow said...

I think the writers are listening and trying to incorporate some history by referencing Gillian, the rape, and other stories from the past. The problem is they still either don't know the show's history well enough or they aren't giving us enough credit that we remember who was involved in those storylines, or both. I feel like they are trying and I appreciate the effort, but the execution is so sophomoric. And if you are going to refer to the past avoid the s/ls that sucked. They need consultants who know the shows history and who was around for what. Otherwise it sounds like everyone is talking out of their ass all the time. I bet those of us here who havw watched forever know more detail than the current writing staff. Still, I'm curious how it will improve now that the dust is settling on contract negotiations and salaries. All that behind the scenes drama has to make it hard.

Btw, Azgal and brtedi, I haven't watched much this week, but u two are amusing me.
Jordan, astoot as always.

Hope u are all having an awesome week!

Laura said...

I got a postcard from VocalPoint, a service where you can get free samples trying to get me to watch GL on certain days for a chance to win money. They are really trying. I do like Justin Deas. Anybody else remember him on Ryan's Hope? He's not the best looking guy but a great actor. I'd take him over Aidumb anytime. I am so proud I coined that name. It fits so well.

I agree the soap has been better and I am glad Kendall is back, not Kendull.

I am watching Y&R now. Billy Miller is great with all the vets. AMC screwed up by letting him go.

Anonymous said...

I caught a bit of AMC yesterday while waiting for OLTL. I saw Bianca walking out on Reese, a woman in a white coat who I assume is the doctor knocking Annie to the floor and then Kendall throwing Reese out of her house. Didn't seem all that bad but I wasn't persuaded to stick around for a whole episode. OLTL on the other hand was terrific. Even the small bits like Fish sleeping with Stacy and being thrown out in his underwear was better than the major drama on AMC.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

Hey lovlies, I just wanted to leave a comment -- never have before, but I started listening to your podcast via iTunes a few months ago. I fell in LOVE immediately! I've been watching All My Children for 27 years now (yea I consider even when I was a baby.. I'm sure it was on in the background!). My grandmother & aunt got me hooked early on. I remember having them vhs tape it for me while I was in school, so I could watch it afterwards! Anyway I love AMC, but have also started to see the SUCK it's become latley. You guys tell it like it is and it's wonderful. You're both so funny too & Ashley your impressions are SO good & hilarious! If only the writers or producers of AMC could hear you & take your advice! We should start a petition for BETTER WRITERS!

Besides loving listening to your opinions on AMC, I've now started watching One Life To Live again (stopped a few years ago, when I have my son & didn't have enough time to keep up with two shows). I started watching again, so I could basicly know what you're talking about since you like to recap it & I just want to say THANK YOU! At least now I know, when AMC has produced yet another craptastic episode.. I know I'll have a wellwritten/wellacted fantastic One Life To Live waiting for me right afterwards!! *mwah* Keep up the great work!! I look forward to your new episodes every week on my iTunes list! - Jen Hughes in Iowa!!

Arizonagal said...

Hi Jen, welcome. Ha, that's how I started watching soaps too. My mom watched GL and somehow at 6 or 7 I was absorbing all this content, and I remember finding it interesting. I must have been watching my mom's reaction.

I agree, AMC is craptacular, but no matter what happens on AMC, this blog rules and JordAsh and the podcast are a welcome addiction.

Arizonagal said...

What's the dish on Officer Fish? He's kind of an odd bloke and a little mansy pansy for a cop, no? And holy cow, I could not believe what Marty woke up to. OLTL really knows how to surprise ya. I am so excited to see how this all turns out though I pretty much figured Wes was too obvious to be the real bad guy. I'm speculating it's Joplin the teacher, or is that also too obvious?

Ashley, I can't look at Vaginessa anymore without thinking about your comments.

Anonymous said...

Just an imediate oddball comment after watching:

1. Ryan lives in a penthouse, on the top of his building, right?--Why whould he throw a vase off the balcony?--IRL, he'd get sued! Then we hear it crash, almost instantly on to a cement floor! LOL!

2. Who knew Emma had a cat,that died?

On a far more relevant note, before Reese could get custody of either Miranda or Gabrielle, whouldn't she legally have to adopt them? And, if she did wouldn't it have to be done as if she were a single parent?--What do the current laws say about custody issues, in this circumstance?


Anonymous said...

This from Kassie DePaiva who plays Blair on OLTL to TV Guide Canada's Nelson Branco:

To me, it’s all in the writing. Of course, as actors, you have to bring the writing to life and make the material work. At the end of the day, it all starts on the page but ends with you. We, at One Life, have been blessed with our writing team.

How come AMC and Frons haven't figured this out yet?

The full interview can be found at

Terry in Toronto

Terry in Toronto

Melissa said...

Wow. I really enjoyed the Reese / Bianca scenes the last couple of days! Eden did a fantastic job. It's nice to see some passion from the actors on this show.

The Sinclair stuff was idiotic, though. Why did it take Annie so long to fight back, and btw, whatever happened to Ashley's favorite actor, the Tire Iron? I can't remember if Sinclair put it back inside her coat, but if she did, they would have discovered it at the hospital, which would go a long way to explain what happened.

... and can somebody explain to me why Ryan is everywhere but down in the water looking for his bride? I can't believe that he went back to Pine Valley with his woman still missing. STUPID!

Does Kendall and Zack's house have any other rooms in it besides the living room? They even ate dinner in there.

Melissa said...

I just read some of the comments... Ambyr left the show because she was working with a gay actor? She should leave the biz, then, because they're everywhere. Geez! I find it interesting that the blatant sexual situation that her character found herself in wasn't the catalyst, just the gay thing. Hmmmmm

Crystal said...

Arizonagal- I 'think' Fish is a tech guy. I know he was doing all kinds of fancy (cough*impossible*cough) computer things when John was trying to find Marty.

I think Emma was good today and Annie. Maybe they could give Annie a mannequin of Aidumb to talk to in Oakhaven. It would have to be just as good.

On OLTL I thought Marty was great today. I don't really care for her but, I liked her today giving her statement. It almost made me wish Wes didn't die, he really was nice to her. 8( I was dying over David and Dorian walking in with their cowboy/fur get ups yesterday (was it yesterday?) anyway HILARIOUS!

Shadow said...

Monday on AMC…

Why is Boobianca wearing a toga?

Greenlee riding a motorcycle in a veil, wedding dress and leather jacket reminds me of a rodeo clown.

Hmmm, what’s more romantic than seeing a dead girl float in a river while we hear two lovers exchange their wedding vows? That Pratt, such a Romeo.

Death by ditch. That’s a bitch. And why do the Slaters drive an old Jaguar?

THE PREACHER: “You may each kiss the bride.” That was cute.

Ryan hit a fake boulder and it moved. Ha!

Erica toasting the girls sounds like Ashley impersonating Erica. Haha!

How is InsAnnie suddenly sane?

THE RECEPTION: What a lovely, roomy set. Why can’t they have more sets like this? This is sort of what Courtland Manor and English Manor were like in the day.

JERKSON: He’s getting a turkey neck.

I like Tad and Jake together. Why don’t they ever hang with Pete?

They should have found a real lesbian actress to play Reese.

Ryanderthal blames Zach and looks crazy. Maybe he caught it when Annie lost it.

Annie doesn’t need anyone else because she “has Aidumb”. Does she always have to be dependent on a guy?

Ryan totally talks like Captain Kirk.

Erica’s buying property for Rianca. She should buy something for herself and get out of that hideous casino apartment.

Rancid is reminiscing about her life has changed. Last year she was a Center City whore, this year she’s an internet porn sensation. Awwwww.

Jerkson barely reacted to the news. Guess he took tips from KWAK. Too bad we aren’t getting Weekend at Bernies 2.

PRATT TO EDEN: What would you like your wedding dress to look like?
EDEN TO PRATT: Well, maybe something that would make me look really really fat—like a toga!

Anonymous said...

Hey everyone! I finished listening to the podcast yesterday, and I completely agree with you two about the whole Chris Brown/Rihanna thing. It is just awful that Chris' people are trying to justify it by saying she was overprotective and spying on him all the time. You are completely right Jordan, why doesn't he just break up with her if he can't take it anymore.

And I was on and they released the photo taken of Rihanna the night of the beating, and I am warning you - its HORRIBLE. I felt I really needed to see this photo, to completely understand how DISGUSTING Chris Brown is. I immediately cried when I saw this photo of her, and that is saying a lot. I am currently deleting his songs from my ipod, and is destroying his CD that I wasted my money on.

Here is the link, just copy and paste:

Melissa said...

Shadow, as usual, your comments are perfect! As much as I love you Jordan, I agree with Shadow... the toga looked hideous and stupid.

OLTL: Marty was awesome yesterday, except for the kleenex scene where she was clearly wiping nonexistent tears away. Things like that take away from the work. To contrast, Bianca's scenes the last few days were gorgeous - you could watch her eyes and actually see them redden and the tears form. Beautiful, lovely, wonderful work.

Anonymous said...

Ashly & Jordan U 2 R absolutely hilarious!!!!

Im so freakin' happy that Rebecca is dead and Ashly ICAM w/ U. I would never forgive my mother is she did what Rebecca did to Natalia. Rebecca was a selfish a$$ coward.

GaeaGoddess said...

Hi gang...
I'm somewhat new to the Pine Valley Podcast, but I've been watching AMC on and off for the past 30 years. In fact, it took me forever to graduate from college because I refused to schedule classes when AMC was on. (I’ve apparently got my priorities straight!)

After a 10-year hiatus, I started watching again because my girlfriend was flipping channels looking for something to watch while eating lunch, and it happened to be the episode where Jesse came back to PV. (How great was THAT timing?!?) Ever since then, we’ve both been hooked on the show again. It’s taken awhile for us to learn the new characters, and find our groove with everyone, but there is a LOT of info on the Internet to catch us up, and as y’all seem to keep saying, the writing has been a bit dismal so it’s not exactly rocket science. Either way, we’re very much enjoying being a part of Pine Valley again.

I have to admit that we tend to watch the show kind of like the weird little characters from “Mystery Science Theater 3000” though. We’re constantly pausing the show to make comments on how we think that Greenlee looks like a lemur, or that there was a fart sound in the bridal shower scene at Kendall’s house, but it turned out to be one of the party decorators arranging a bouquet of flowers at an inopportune moment… (What can I say…I’ve been away for 10 years, and I’m easily amused by the new stories.)

Kudos to Ashley and Jordan for doing this podcast - I’m already hooked! I found myself franticly checking to see if there was a new download every day when y’all took a week off.

BTW, Lil’ Bo Peep called, and she’s pissed. Greenlee apparently stole her dress to be used as a bridal gown, and then she went and bloodied it up and died in it. Yuk! :P

Mel Got Served said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Mel Got Served said...

Did anyone watch America's Best Dance Crew last night? I thought it was poor timing and tasteless to use Chris Brown and Rihanna songs in a Boys Vs. Girls episode. This is MTV- you could've gotten the rights to any other song. No one put 2 and 2 together? I rant about it on my blog as well. I don't know if they noticed it on the show or not, but it really rubbed me the wrong way.

Melissa said...

WTF was Ryan wearing today??? Did he spill the Nivea Gold lotion all over his jeans and turn them into SHINY PANTS????? ... and did they have a purpley tinge to them? Obviously, Ryan lost a bet with the wardrobe department!

San Fran Jason said...

Hey Jordan and Ashley,

Have you guys seen the pics of Ms Lucci and her hubby Helmut on vacation at the beach. Ms. Lucci is rockin a bikini and showing everyone you can be hot at 62

Anonymous said...

Erica "Bikini Babe" Kane

Check out these photos

Maybe it's time for La Lucci to get a serious cougar storyline now that Jack is out of the picture.

Terry in Toronto

Anonymous said...

So is it really Greenlee's birthday or just another contrived plot out of Pratt-Hole?

jordan hudson said...


Terry and Jasonn wait to you hear the new podcast. we discussed both those comments you brought up. See how we are all on the same page

Anonymous said...

WTF? Catching up on this week's AMC...and just watched Ryan throw a glass vase off his balcony? What the hell? I guess the thought of him killing someone wasn't thought of.

If you were Bianca, would you want JR at the wedding? The boy did try to kill you a few years ago. yes, he was drunk, but he still tried to kill you. And not only was he there, but he was sitting right in front in the first seat?!?!

Glad to see Dr Sheridan go. What the heck was with those dangling earrings? What shrink in her right mind would wear those things around crazy people? Just more for them to grab!

Could Zach be any more of an ass this week? And Reese too - - will they EVER acknowledge their role in what happened. I LOVED Biance letting Reese have it. I was just hoping for a bitch slap. Reese needs it.

I did drop a tear when they told Emma that Greenlee was in heaven - - that she is not just playing with angels like Mittens the cat, but that she was actually an angel herself.

Tee hee - loved it when Angie put the scissors in her pocket. Nice move!

Jessie is REALLY phoning it in this week. Can't say I blame him...but still.

One LIfe to Live - Joradan, do you think Marty is the serial killer?

It was SO tacky that EVERYONE in town go so drunk that they couldn't remember what they were doing. Very tacky. But I LOVED the scene where David kicked them out of the Buchanan mansion. Very well played.

LOVE the podcast - - I am a new listener and you guys are HILARIOUS. You actually make me laugh out loud while listening at work. Keep up the good work! And Ashley, thanks for letting JOradn talk about OLTL. :-)


Mel Got Served said...

I'm catching up on AMC too, I think I know what I'm angry with the Reese/Biance fiasco. I've read other boards and columns and people are saying "Well they had to do something since Eden is leaving." Understand, but then why marry and annul them??? They could have easily called off the wedding a week ago or something. The reason they did this wedding is for ratings- a stunt. They wanted to draw a crowd for the first same-sex marriage on daytime. I could be wrong, but that's how it comes off to me. AMC and Brian Frons love publicity stunts, so of course this wedding would make the news, etc. And then hey, annul it right after!

Shadow said...

Wednesday's AMC

I love how the casino is supposed to be this huge, fabulous luxe place, but Zach walked in, hollers and cleared out the whole place. In most casinos you can barely hear the person speaking who is standing beside you.

Nice scenes between Erica and Zach, Erica and Reese, Bianca and Reese. I still say the journey getting here was all effed up and they totally missed the point, but standing on its own this day's scenes is OK-well acted, good dialogue, good drama. The problem is you can't spend months aimlessly wandering through a storyline with no point of view and then suddenly make it all work in a day's episode. My hope is that the quality of the performance that I'm seeing will continue forward with better, sensibly executed stories. I'm ready to put Dr. Zhivago and Rinx behind me.

Having said that, I almost spit my diet coke when Dr. Zarfillan pulled that tire iron out of her pants. I've always thought she looked more like a man in drag. I paused the tv for a minute. Annie doesn't look scared. She looks turned on as if she just saw the biggest peen ever. Doc said, "Is that what Richie did when you pulled out your tire iron?".."Turn around." She rubs Annie's back with the tire iron. This is the wierdest oogiest scene ever.

OH NO SHE DIDN'T! Bitch hit InsAnnie! Stand up and fight!! Grab that needle and stick it in her eye Annie.

Boobianca went into the bedroom and got the kids and came out with freshly curled hair.

Is Zach is talking to Myrtle's picture. Even as a dead 8 X 10 she's a better actress than Rancid and Turdby.


Ooohhh. Ryan is whispering. If he whispers or yells, then you know he's talking.

Seriously, Cameron cannot inflect any emotion in his speech. He talks like Captain Kirk and the only reason you know his mood changed is because he is screaming or whispering. And sometimes you can tell something by whether he has shaved or not or has a thong sticking out the back of his pants.

Laura said...

Welcome new posters. Jen, I am an Iowan too, but now live in Chicago. Eastern Iowa, Alejandro is from Iowa as well.

You know how they list the actors and how many episodes they have been in, how do the vent and tire iron stack up?

Haven't watched all the episodes, did Kendall ever find out Myrtle died? I would think they would of mentioned why she wasn't at Bink's wedding. I think Binks should go after her hot lawyer.

I am glad a lot of you watch Big Love. One of the reasons I keep HBO.

Any Oscar predictions? I haven't seen most of the movies. I was surprised Clint Eastwood wasn't nominated. I will be surprised if Heath Ledger doesn't win.

Jordan, you mentioned the new podcast. Any chance it will be uploaded early? Please-Please.

Thanks for watching so I don't have to.

Laura said...

From Carolyn Kinsey's column.

Word has it Thorsten Kaye, who plays the aforementioned Zach, has reached an impasse in his contract talks with "AMC." Elsewhere, "One Life to Live" has let BethAnn Bonner go, so Talia will make a dramatic exit.

I'd like to see him leave Pine Valley, sick of Zach right now. But I'd like to see him go back to OLTL. Goodness knows Marty and Cole need some help.

I like Beth Anne Bonner. Antonio is leaving soon too. Let me guess she gets stabbed in the heart!

GaeaGoddess said...

Personally, I hope that Bianca doesn’t go out with the lawyer. The lawyer looks like she’s just as big of a doofus as Reese is (although better looking). Did anyone notice that when Bianca asked Reese to sign the papers, the lawyer was sitting in the background totally striking a pose? Yeah, like that’s a normal thing to do…totally strike a pose (with a “Hey look, Ma – I’m on TV” look on her silly face) when you’re serving someone with annulment papers.

Anonymous said...

OMG! If I have to hear about Campbell's heart healthy soup again...I am going to scream. Okay, we get it. Good for your heart and according to Todd Manning, it's good. Enough already!!!

Anonymous said...

Goodbye to Beth Bonner. I can't stand her. HORRIBLE cop - not realistic at all. Did you see her holding ANtonio's gun at the ball? Redick.

Anonymous said...

Goodbye to Beth Bonner. I can't stand her. HORRIBLE cop - not realistic at all. Did you see her holding ANtonio's gun at the ball? Redick.

Anonymous said...

The Clash's Should I stay or Should i go sung by Zack Slater

Kendall you got to let me know
Should I stay or should I go?
If you say that you are fine
It’s only us until the end of time
So you got to let me know
Is Landview where I should go?

It's always Reese, Reese, Reese
You’re happy when I’m on my knees
One day we are so fine,
Next day your no longer mine
Well come on and let me know
Is it P.V. or should I go?

Should I stay or should I go now?
Is it pine valley I should blow?

If I go there will be trouble
An’ if I stay Ryan will cause double
So come on and let me know!

Melissa said...

OLTL: compare the serial killer stuff to the stupid Satin Slayer on AMC. The OLTL killer is so much more suspenseful and interesting. I'm loving that storyline! It's also fun to have the humorous scenes in there with the serious drama. AMC needs to lighten up! Except for Tad's birthday, which was funny, but a lil awkward too), there is no humor on the show any more.

Am I alone in thinking that Vanessa looks like a Latina version of InsAnnie?

Anonymous said...

YES!! She is a latin version of Annie. I think it is the mole on her face.

Ashely, you are so right, Vanessa does look like she has a dirty you-know-what.


Anonymous said...

This heart health Campbell's soup/V8 etc. stuff needs to stop. It's getting really bad. Carly and Jax were having sex on GH and Max walks in and starts spilling his guts on how his girlfriend Diane is avoiding him because he recommended changing her diet to more healthy food such as (insert product placement). It was one of the most bizarre produce placements that I have ever seen.

Mel Got Served said...

What could've been better is instead of a heart transplant, Kendall's IV bag would be full of V8 Fusion Pomegranate Blueberry and this heart healthy mix would awake her from the 3 month coma.

If we're going to use product place, go the ridic way like 30 Rock ingeniously does.

Arizonagal said...

Eek, that was one scary beaver Roxy was talkin' to. So Roxy's moral conscience is Morris the talking beaver? Wonder what type of rodent is sitting on her other shoulder?

That Nigel is the most annoying friggin butler. I hate that phony sissy accent of his. That dude really makes me bristle. Is it just me? Do ya'll like Nigel?

Shadow said...

Thursday on AMC

It just amazes me everyday that Dre is STILL in the credits. He hasn’t been on the show in over a year. How hard can it be to change that damn picture? Luis pulls out these great openings for the PVP every week and that has to be harder to do! At least Babe is still talked about. Dre is nobody. I know they keep people in the opening while their contract is active be he’s been off contract months. Luis, how hard would it really be to update the opening of this show? It drives me nuts.

Ever notice that when Zach yells he yells with his New Zealand accent?

I worry about the women Aidumb falls for. His girlfriends either die or become terminally boring or both. I don’t want him to hook up with Annie.

Annie was in a max security hospital but they had to take her to PVH for the boo boo on her head. Without a judge releasing her form Oakhaven.

Pay attn to the window in Zach’s house. It looks like a jungle out there. Survivor. The zoo. Not a backyard.

Opal’s cracking me up. Trying to help but making it worse. Good hair today too.

When I think of a casino, I think of Bellagio, Wynn Las Vegas, with luxe blown glass fixtures, etc. and deluxe accommodations. Zach’s casino is full of little fake silk plants in wicker baskets.

JESSIE to AIDUMB: So that was you in the hoodie?. Back to the dumb shit storylines.

Jessie needs to shave or die his beard.

One of the shutters in the casino is broken.

Boobianca got a hot lawyer.

Reese has no legal claim to Gabby unless she adopted her which she didn’t.

Ashley is right. Why does Boobianca only get to wear cheap wool sweaters? And togas.

Guess Kendall doesn’t have to sleep on the couch anymore cause the sheets are gone.

Hey, did Kendall just swallow a piece of protein? There’s something you don’t see everyday. They immediately cut to commercial to give her time to cough it back up.

Tad forgot to take his water pill.

I liked Zach better when he didn’t talk about his feelings.

Too bad we never knew Reese and Bianca when they were in love or falling in love. We only knew them when they were on the outs. Hard to invest emotionally in that.

I HATE Dr. Sharvulidan. Not in the good, “I love to hate a character” way, but the sincerely “I hate this bitch and want her off the show” way.

Shadow said...

Friday’s AMC

Uh oh, Dr. Joe has a bad case of gas.

KWAK found a ring in her Cracker Jack box.

Tad is being a prick. Jake has terminal bed head.

I don’t want to spend very long mourning Greenlee who isn’t dead anyway and will be back when RB needs the dough.

Ryan is sad so he’s whispering.

Erica, who is waaaayyyy too old for a pony tail, and Reese are arguing the finer points of custody in front of the baby in the lobby of THE CASINO. You can see liquor bottles in the background. Because casinos are a great place to raise kids.

It’s OK to use secretly your brother in laws sperm to impregnate secretly yourself, but it’s not OK for your brother in law to secretly kiss your lesbian lover.

I hate Zach but he did give Ryan and Boobianca a choice piece of his mind.

Is Jessie shrinking?

Shazam! Boobianca is at the casino talking to Reese. A few seconds ago she was cussing out Zach.

OOOhhh. Ryan is onto Kendall. You can tell because he’s squinting.

Mrs. Huxtable got fat.

Dr. Joe, Jake and Tad. Very cool. I wish Dr. Joe would find a way to screw over David. I love Dr. Joe and I’d love to see him show Hayward a thing or two. I hope the Babe Carey memorial dedication is a bust and KWAK is a flop.

God, can someone tell a joke?

I guess Erica went shopping with KWAK and got an fugly trench coat too. It’s green. No it’s blue. No it’s green….

Brian said...

What a common week for AMC. Did the wedding not happen in a diff state? Why did Kendall go to PVH? And how come everyone was looking for Green's all night only to have them all wide awake the next day (like JR & Amanda at Babe's gravestone)? What was up with Ryan begging Jesse to help? He is a cop for PV! He has NO pull in another city, let alone state! I screamed when Jesse said he was tempted to take Ryan in. In where? Dumb, dumb, dumb!

Honestly, the only good moments for me were with Bianca and Reese. Although I think the wedding was too over hyped, I liked it. I'm pissed about the Kiss that has been blow out of proportion! Why didn't Zack and Reese get it on in the damn church!?! They just as well have. All they did was kiss (which Zach initiated) and that was it! You would have thought she had gone down on him they way Ryan made it sound. And maybe that's what should have happened. But only a kiss? AH!!!! I wanted more or nothing.

I'm missing Greenlee, but then again, I haven't seen the "real" her in a long time. Sorry, but I agree that RB gave up months ago.

Brian said...

Does anyone get the Hot Sheet from ABC? Someone asked "What happened to Brooke on All My Children?"

Here is the answer:
Brooke, who is editor of Tempo magazine, has been on extended assignment in China -- where she is spending time with her daughter, Laura.

When did this come up? Sounds like they created some past story here. Could this be a hit at a returning character? Or just BS to satisfy fans?

Anonymous said...

Today is Thorsten's 43rd birthday.
So follow my lead and show some love for a great actor who has had his character assassinated and continues to made lemonade out of the moldy lemons they give him week after week by signing the guest book at

Shadow said...

Wow, I would never have guessed TK is only 43. He looks 55 to me. That weird lump between the eyes. The greasey hair. Dude needs a shave, haircut and, I think, would benefit from some botox and restylane. Harsh I know, but I don't think he's presenting his best self.

Brian said...

I have to slightly disagree with the Zach fans. I don't remember him be a straight-up guy. (IMO) he has always been a little shady. It is just now, he is a complete jerk and meshes well with reawakened Kendall. Just wish they would push Zach more into the shades of gray rather than being the mustache twirling jerk. Almost like Ryan. :( Anyways, Happy Birthday TK.

jordan hudson said...

Sadly Brian no....... the last that Brooke was mentioned on was stated that she was visiting her adopted daughter Laura. A visit that has been what feels like a decade. We miss our Ms. Brooke.

Shadow I think what TK should do first is cut off the hair. One of the reason I never thoguht of him as hot is that annoying Fabio look especially when he was on OLTL yikes. Very few men can carry off the long hair look and he ain't one of them.

All caught up on Big Love.....can't wait for tonights episode.

Also if your not watching Friday Night Lights you don't know what your missing.

Anonymous said...

If I look like that when I am 43, just shoot me. TK looks like he stinks - he is just dirty. You are right Jordan, a good haircut and shave will do him some good.

Is he married to Marty in real life, or just live together?


Arizonagal said...

My thoughts on what I've caught to date...

Everybody out, the casino is closed. My bff and I spent the day at a casino on friday, I won nothing, but that place was no noisy with the dinging the clanging and the ringing of slot machines that we just finally got up and left. Where is the casino noise? and is gambling legal in PA? I'm a left coaster, so I don't know, but where in PA does one go to gamble?

Whoever said Annie resembles Vaginessa got that right. Hadn't noticed it before.

Erica was rocking that black cat suit, looking good looch. it is better to look good than to act good, right Looch?

I loved when Kendall opened the door for Reese and said vive le france. good one kendall.

Greenlee driving over a cliff is Zach's fault how? Cameron Mathison, bless his heart, is just not a good actor. He always reacts with anger, never shows grief, nothing complex at that guy, he's all about the posturing and glaring and ooh too scary menacing whisper. Ryanderthal, with his brow ridge pulsing and bulging, is trying to act. Yes, I agree, he is very Shatnerian and can't manage to poop out one little tiny loaf of real human emotion. Give me something real Ryan. Emote you effin trunk monkey!

Wow Dr Sinkhole, is that a tire iron in your pants or are you just an effin crazy beeyotch? Doc Sinfindel is a really tall woman.

i wasn't touched by Zach talking to Myrtle. She would probably have a lot more sympathy for him than anyone else would. I don't feel sorry for him at all. Karma is smacking you right between the eyes Zach. You are just another Cambias loser.

Go Red! Cole is buying more drugs from evil beenie dude. Marcy and whosit are having lunch and bowls of delicious nutritious campbells soup.

Why are Blair and John tramping all over a crime scene? Shouldn't John know better, being a former cop?

Fish gets a v8 fusion which will cure all of his ills. I tried one today, it didn't help me near as much as the aspirin.

Oh STFU Nigel, you silly ass buttler.

Vickers, er Vickeroshi, er David Buchanan is looking might hotchacha in his western garb. He and Dorian make a might fine couple.

Anonymous said...

Didn't Maggie do the same kinda thing to Bianca a few years ago? Wasn't she kinda interested in a man (can't remember who) she was a kind-of "confused" lesbian? Does anyone else remember this?


Shadow said...

Are ya'll hearing these ugly rumors about Dr. Joe?

Anonymous said...

Spill it Shadow. What about Dr Joe? I haven't heard anything.

Anonymous said...

AMC better be getting rid of dead wood like Turdby and Rancid before they let Dr Joe go.

Terry in Toronto

Shadow said...

I read in a couple of places today that Dr. Joe's heart palpitations the other day were no coincidence. I'm hoping for him and Ruthie to retire in Boca but rumors are swirling that Pratthole may be sending him to Myrtle Lane--hence the reason for all the Jake/Tad scenes of late. I WILL BE SO PISSED.

Shadow said...

AZ, it took me this long to figure out STFU. It wasn't on brtedi's list! You guys are getting me up to speed on this whole blogging thing.

jordan hudson said...

The oscars what a snore fest.
Hugh Jackman is a dolt.
Queen Latifa should not be singing standards . My ears are still bleeding from that horrendous rendition.
Yet AMC was in the house...Melissa leo and Amanda Sarafina or whatver her last name is.

Anonymous said...

I liked the oscars, they could of been worse. It was extra gay this year and I don't mean like gay in a bad way, I'm gay! Hugh Jackman didn't do much though, I thought his opening bit was funny and good.

Anonymous said...

wheres the podcast?? I need my jordash fix

Anonymous said...

AMC totally used the gays as a ratings stunt to have the first gay wedding but not a positive gay relationship. That stinks to high heaven and probably will be worse for gays and lesbians than if the show had never brought Binks back at all. Now all people will remember is that the lesbians fought to get married and then promptly broke up. "See" Pratthole and cronies seem to be saying "they want marriage, but they can't handle marriage". Pratt, Frons and Hanan Caruthers are losers. losers, LOSERS!

Terry in Toronto

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

^^ Totally agree with you Terry!

They shouldn't have even brought Bianca back....

jordan hudson said...

Terry thank you for expressing so eloquently what I have been trying to express for weeks on the podcast.

Uh ashley is putting the finsihing touches on the new podcast shoudl be up sometime todya ...I know we did one.

Ashley said...

Now don't be selling me down the river, Jordan! ;) Podcast is a'comin', folks!