Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I'm Pooped

(Not literally, people, but figuratively speaking. To clarify, I feel as tired as Denise Vasi's acting.)

Like Jordan mentioned, I needed a break this week. But we'll both be back in time next week to cover the riveting and shocking developments in Pine Valley! (Uh, the developments aren't really that riveting, but they are shocking - in a not-so-good way - but we'll talk more about that next week.)
For now, perhaps you'll enjoy this oldie-but-goodie: our ass-toot observations on Alex Cambias, Sr.'s first time around Pine Valley, when our little Alicia Minshew had to spend a week as Kendall wkith a hypodermic needle poised to pierce her delicate little neck. (This PVP eppy originally aired on March 9th, 2007.)

And, as always, feel free to share your own ass-toot observations on everything from Nurse Gayle's oversized "Chucky" head to eBabe's (love that Katya!) extremely short pants to JaLu's mercifully brief but overinflated appearances on our little show, here.

3/09/07 Podcast


Arizonagal said...

ah, a moldy oldie, love those. have a great week off JordAsh, we love you and want you to be well rested!

Terry in Toronto said...

Enjoy your time off Ashley & Jordan. We miss you but will keep a light on for your return.

Crystal said...

I watched last week for nothing! LOL

Shadow said...

I'm actually looking forward to hearing this one. Ya'll talk about Kendall with the needle in her neck a lot, so I'm assuming this pcast is hilarious even more than usual. (Plus I haven't watched any of last week anyway!) Have a great week.

Norn Cutson said...

take care, Ash!!!
& enjoy that sunshine!!!!!

Ericka said...

Get your rest, you deserve it. I look forward to listening to the Podcast in the car running my errands so I guess this week my errands will be cut short!!

Marti said...

WTF? Why don't you go the fuck off and do a OLTL podcast, if you don't like AMC? While I agree the Satin Slayer BS is horrible, there's some really good story lines going on. You might think so if you weren't napping during the show. You should probably get your narcolepsy meds filled before the next podcast. I literally jumped up and down when Amanda and Jake kissed. The Zach-Kendall-Ryan storyline is good as well.

If you want to talk stereotypes and bad acting, you might want to listen to your own podcast. Someone pass me the poison pancakes!

SOAPFAN said...

Yes, someone please pass Camryn Manheim the poison pancakes. If you don't like the podcast...then GO BACK TO SOAPCENTRAL!

Laura said...

Geez Marti, leave the hating somewhere else. I love my Ashley and Jordan and other co-hosts. It's not like they get paid for this or anything. I got to stick up for my JordAsh.

Meanwhile at Daytime Confidential they tried to get somebody to recap AMC and they guy didn't seem too happy to watch it.

Anybody here play Mafia wars? Trying to grow my group on facebook.

Norn Cutson said...

Marti, I do not speak for Ashley or Jordan, but your language & attitude are not welcome here.

this is a warm, supportive, friendly, family-like community.

Please take your hostility somewhere else. I'm sorry that you were not able to find what you were seeking here.


Anonymous said...

Marti - I agree with Norn.

Do you not have anything better to do? If you hate something so much, why waste your energy on leaving that hateful message?

You won't be missed here...so goodbye.


Crystal said...

Marti, There is no reason to personally attack people. Everyone is entitled to their opinion. I think Amanda is a slut and I don't care for Jake. Ashley and Jordan actually really like them both. You don't see me getting belligerent about it.

Wow, guns, who done it, Marissa knows and I am...bored. At least the last time I stopped watching AMC it was anger. I have no feelings for this show anymore. Sad. I hope something can be changed and things can be salvaged. I don't know how much longer I can watch this show being trashed.

Ashley said...

Nice to meet you too, Marti! ;) Sounds like someone needs to do their own podcast, get it all out there!

I don't mind criticism, but dag, girl... I always bleep my f-words! Try to
keep it clean, shall we? I don't ever want to delete someone's comments - they're all valid - but I hate F-bombs on my blog.

Thanks for your comments, darlin' - we'll keep them in mind. And I'm glad one of us is liking AMC! I've been with this show since I was in my single digits, so I know what we've had, and it ain't what we got right now. I hope that changes soon. I really do.


BetseyD said...


Your nasty little diatribe was completely uncalled for!

I was also looking forward to to Podcast this week, and I must admit that I was very disappointed to not see it! That being said, I would never even so much as think of begrudging Ashley (or Jordan) a week (or two) off, here or there, when they think that they need it!!!

EVERYONE needs time off every so often - even Ashley and Jordan - and I rather enjoyed the oldie (but goodie) Podcast that Ashley put up for us this week. She did not have to go to the bother of selecting and posting ANYTHING, but rather she did so - so that we could have something to enjoy in the interim.

As far as I am concerned, this Podcast is provided to us by Ashley and Jordan every week, COMPLETELY FREE OF CHARGE, and if they need some time off they should not have to be subject to ANYBODY hurling insults, criticisms or complaints!

This Podcast is nothing short of a real treat to listen to, and I think that I can safely speak for 99.9% of the listeners and posters here, when I state that it is one of the best Soap/Entertainment Podcasts out there! The only other Podcasts, that I feel are even in the same league as this one, are the ones put out by Daytime Confidential!

Actually - if you think so little ("Stereotypes and Bad Acting") of this Podcast, then why are you so damn upset about it not being here this week for you to listen to?!?

Jordan and Ashley are both wonderful people, who are good enough to take time from their busy lives, so that they may provide us all with a good laugh (and great entertainment) over what has increasingly become the ruination of the once great Soap that we all knew and loved.

While it is difficult to have to sit back, and helplessly watch, the day to day destruction of our beloved show - this Podcast, and Forum, has proved (to me, anyway) to be a great source of comfort and validation (a port in the storm, maybe?) to the many of us who come together here, as we all attempt to deal with the harsh reality of what plays out on our T.V.s every day.

So - Marti - not to be rude, or anything, but if you are on here just to insult people and cause trouble - no offense, but you need to pack up and go someplace else!

Just saying...


jason said...

You're rude Marti! No one forces you to listen. *passes the poison pancakes*

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh no, is our nice quiet little board going to start being invaded by all of the "haters" that inhabit all of the other soap boards.. Please say it ain't so!

Ps- Nice one Ash!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Plus, I want to THANK Ashley and Jordan for taking time out of their lives to make a podcast for us to listen to (almost) every week. It brightens up my Monday mornings (sometimes Wednesday mornings lol) and makes watching AMC somewhat bearable. So again, thank you Ashley and Jordan, you don't have an easy job and although certain people (*cough* this "Marti" girl *cough*) don't appreciate what you do, I know I and the other bloggers certainly do. Can't wait till next weeks show!

jordan hudson said...

Well everyone hello.....LMAO

This blog is more exciting then AMC.

HI Marti smooches. I believe that you have the right to your opinion. The only thing is I agree with Ashley. We never throw shade at each other here for someone expressing their opinion. This is a warm community where we all agree to disagree and we learn from each other and communicate. So your welcome. as long as you realize that for everyone even Ashley and I, that's it's all our own humble opinion. And just like a certain part of the body that usually sees no sun, everyone has one.
With that said I agree with Marti, Bless her heart. I have been able to really enjoy AMC these last few weeks.

Again MOMENTS...I enjoy moments and as you all know I'm not going to be happy with the show once the incident happens and the show becomes JaLu 24/7.

Still loving me some Beeker. I love JR too, when hes not yelling (that's how they use to act over at DOOL in the 80's to 90's. Men yelling meant they were showing emotions.

I do agree that the material between Kwak and Ebabe could have been so much more. Then I think to last week and Rancid and today's epsiode was like watchign Sophie's choice so I enjoyed it.

As far as Jake and Amanda...sigh you knwo I want to but I can't. When jake told her last week "I mean what I say." I wanted Amanda to go " So you did mean I was a whore."

KaeKae said...

Ashley and Jordan I hope you are enjoying your time off. I appreciate your dedication to this podcast and all of the time that you spend on it. I look forward listening to it every week.

I noticed that on itunes it still has Taylor Crawford listed. Will you be changing that to Jordan Hudson in the future?

Thanks for all of your hard work! You make watching AMC worth it.

Ashley said...

You know, Kae Kae, I have no idea how to change the name to Jordan Hudson on iTunes! (Taylor set all that upo.) Thanks for reminding me! Anyone know how do that?


Laura said...

I didn't watch today, but lets talk Idol. I think it will be Adam and Chris in the Finals. I don't think Adam was so great in that last song. The way they all said he would make it makes me think that may be the kiss of death. Gokey wasn't so great.

I missed the beginning. Spent the day planting flowers. A beautiful day in Chicago.

Hope you are enjoying your time off, I understand, it's not like you get paid or anything.

What does everyone think about Dorian talking to Langston about condoms. It reminds me how hard it is to be the mother of a 19 year old! I'd like to take a needle and poke it in Lola's eye. Why would you webcast all your evil deeds?

kim said...

@ Marti. it's pretty pathetic to take offense to people's opinions about a tv show. get over yourself. congrats on liking the show, most of us are seeking improvement in amc, but obviously we care about it enough to podcast and blog about it.

summing it up.. GO AWAY and GET A LIFE

Erica Kane said...

I sent you the song I made up...hope you like it. As for Idol I want Gokey gone!! As for AMC, I kind of liked it today when Erica was going off on Adam, it would have been so much better if she would just say my grandchild!!! She is a grandmother in real life why won't she let them call her a granny on the show??? Seems immature to me. I did like the Erica talking to Mona scene from last week...any time they play the Mona card I am all for it.
Martu...I appreciate the fact that you have an opinion and I am glad you are enjoying the show right now, but seriously the tude needs to go. I have watched AMC since I was in utero...and as bad as I think it is right now I would never use my inner bitch towards you just because your opinion is different then mine. I guess it comes down to couth...

Erica Kane said...

I meant Marti not Martu

Crystal said...

Erica Kane, I can't wait to hear your song! If it doesn't get used please post it for us!!!

Shadow said...

I love this blog. It's genuinely the nicest, funniest, most thoughtful group on the web that I gave ever encountered. Obviously, Ashley and Jordan lead by example. Your kind replies to Marti's abusive comments were exactly what I would expect from two compassionate people like yourselves. The tone of civility and understanding here is rare and precious. You raise the bar and make us all strive to be better. For example, I was going to suggest that bitch Marti go fuck herself, but knowing how Ashley frowns on f-bombs I will refrain.

jason said...

I agree with Shadow, this is one of the best online communities on the web. You guys (except the one that starts with m) rock!

jason said...

AMC was really good today. I loved Kwak and Ebabe today and even Davids scenes when he confronted Kwak were good. I hope they give Erica a new storyline soon, I'm sick of her being second fiddle to Adam.
It's about time some one stood up to Bride of Chuckie! I agree with Jordan that if they gave Nurse Gail a back story, (like they did with Dr. Joplin on OLTL) she would have been interesting and not a joke. I'm sick of InsAnnie she's been doing the same thing now for a year, let's give her something new to do.

I still have today's oltl to watch, but I loved Langston and Dorian's scenes. It felt real, though I don't know any parent that would give their kid condoms, but Dorian isn't every parent. Idk what it is about Rachel, but I find her so hot, and I'm gay. She fresh, I hope they give her more to do.

Enjoy your vaca jordash!

One last thing, I know this is old but when Randi was showing Natalia how to arrest someone did anyone else get a lesbian feeling from the two? lol

D-Money said...

Marti, you really need to chill. I have always loved AMC (even when it's hard to) and always will. That doesn't mean that I don't have a sense of humor. Ashley and Jordan crack me up even when I might not necessarily agree with their always ass-tute comments.

Seriously, JordAsh, when I was listening to last week's podcast I laughed so hard that spit diet Dr Pepper everywhere. I'm pretty sure that my husband thought I was having a seizure. Good thing he didn't take me to the hospital...that would have been hard to explain.

Keep up the good work guys and enjoy your time off! :)

Anonymous said...

Watching Tuesday's AMC:

I was enjoying the scenes with KWAK and Ebabe. Until KWAK uttered this stupid line:

"I just pointed without looking"

WTF? They couldn't have come up with something better than that?


Anonymous said...

I just watched todays eposide (tuesday)and I think it was a good one. Everyone was awesome and my heart went out for Zack and Kendell. The only thing to make it perfect is if Ryass was absent from my screen. Hey, I hope the satin slayer gets him or maybe annie will just pop him, steal emma and she and adien can fly away.

Crystal said...

Jason, I agree on the Randi & Natalia thing. Actually, just to entertain myself during their boring scenes, I make up my own dialogue. You should have heard the stuff Natalia was 'saying' when she was holding Randi crying (and I use the term crying loosely) about Frankie. hee hee.

Marti said...

@Norn & Laura It's ironic that you're telling me to leave the hating somewhere else, when you have two podcasters that are hating on the show they are covering. Warm and supportive? LOL. Unless you actually like the show?

@Crystal... No reason to personally attack people on the blog, but on the show it's ok... right?

@Ashley Thanks, nice to meet you too. You know us Zoey types, all rock star trannies up in here. Podcast, probably not, but if a blog is looking for someone to write about AMC, I'm looking into that. Honestly, I just feel like you ARE throwing shade on a show that I've loved since Erica had her abortion.

Ya know what would make a really good song? Sing "F bomb" to Tom Jones' Sex Bomb. :D

I agree that the show isn't what it used to be, but that all goes in cycles. The actors on the show now are pretty solid compared to the days gone by. The writing isn't the best, but at the shows worst, they haven't went to heaven or the old west. And yes that was some OLTL hatin. ;)

@BloggerBetseyD As far as I'm concerned, just because they do it for free doesn't mean they can't be or should be criticized. I wasn't upset that there wasn't a podcast up. More than anything, I was disappointed with the last new one. It was the first one I listened to and d*mn (that bleep was for you, Ashley), it was harsh. Listening to it, I had to wonder if 1. I was watching the same show, and 2. I wondered why these people would watch a show they hate so much.


sorry for interrupting your clique with a blog comment. You people do know the interwebz are a series of tubes, that are searchable, right?

@jordan hudson *kisses* You may be humble, but I'm not. ;) Maybe someone will do a podcast about the drama on the Pine Valley Podcast blog? :D What bit my *ss frankly, was the last podcast was my first, and d*mn was it negative. I threw shade your way because I felt like that's what you were doing to the show (with the exception that you bleeped your f-bombs).

@Kim... please. It's pathetic that I've watched this soap for the past 30 or so years. This comment was small in comparison. The last show didn't sound like it was seeking improvement, but hateful.

@Erica Kane

I love my inner bitch. When god was passing out couth, I thought he said vermouth, and I asked for a whiskey sour.

@BloggerShadow I do F myself as often as I can. Usually while staring into the mirror, but not during AMC. That would be sacrilegious.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, you need Facebook!

Haven't had a chance to watch AMC this week, but I recently started following a few of the stars on Twitter. Denise Vassi (Randi) posted today she was filming a summer promo today. So hooray for a big Randi storyline- haha, I kid!

As much as I was craving a new podcast this week, at least we got an oldie by goodie! Man, I miss me some Josh. And what's kind of funny is a lot of it seems like the same ole' shizz going on now - Kendall with Ryan/Zach, JR's attitude, etc.

This blog has more drama than the show! Ok, a little less- poor baby Ian!

Crystal said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Crystal said...

Marti, right! Now you have it.

jordan hudson said...

Marti hello again,

You have to understand that the same way you have your opinion and by no means am I saying that your wrong. You love the show right now and that's great. And I do agree with you that Daytime drama's have there highs and lows.

I personaly do not like what Chuck Pratt is doing with the show. And I have the right to express that. We live in a country where we have the right to say what we feel without someone hopefully burning our CD's.

No one was on you for the fact that you like the show. You choose to get on the blog and knock us (the host) because we dont like the show right now. Honey I love Chelsea Handler...do I agree with everything she expresses on her show..... No I don't. I watch to be entertained. Ashely and I do a podcast about AMC where we express OUR opinion about the show. Just our opinion. If you don't like the podcast or our blog then you just dont have to listen and write. That's all.

There are plenty of people on here who dont agree with us and those who do. heck Ashely and I often don't agree on stuff in regards to the show.

Constructive criticism is always welcomed. You gave none thou Marti. You were just hating on us because you felt we were hating on the show. Again what you call hating is us expressing constructive criticism about the show. There are plot holes. Characters not acting like themselves and I do disgaree I do no think that right now the cast is as strong as it has been in the past not with people like Turner, Mongrieff, Vasilene and NOTalia who's real name I never bothered to learn.

Yet I will always fight for everyone's freedom to express themselves. Just like Miss California has the right to express herself no matter how ignorant, homophobic, her beliefs are she has the right to express herself.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

I have enjoyed reading all the Blog Comments on the Pine Valley Podcast because usually they are entertaining and/or informative. Obviously, a love for AMC originally brought me to the PVP, but the witty commentary of Ashley and Jordan and the entertaining discourse in the PVP blog community keep me coming back. I enjoy the debate, the humor and the camaraderie that we have developed over time here. The PVP is bigger than any one particular podcast, show or even collection of podcasts and shows. It’s about a group of expressive people who enjoy pop culture and know how to communicate maturely without confusing debate with personal attacks or putting people on the offensive. Ms. Marti, you pride yourself on your lack of couth and humility. At least that is what you believe justifies your complete social ineptitude as so far as exhibited on this blog. It’s pretty simple really. Manners help grease life's highways. I’ve watched AMC since it was a black and white, 30 minute show, which was a time when people were a little less self-centered and “me” focused. People actually cared about being civil and making others feel welcomed in a social setting. Let’s face it, life isn't a free-for-all, and the way you are perceived is the way you will be received. Yes, this is a blog on the internet and anyone can google it and post a message. A random post is one thing, but if you want to be invited to the party, or more importantly, invited back to participate in the party, then you need to watch your manners. Even today, I think most mature people are concerned about a culture that's becoming more vulgar and out of control. My guess is that because you feel anonymous on the internet, your behavior shows less restraint here than it normally would. After all, strangers have no reputations, so less guilt. Your assumptions about PVP; however, are flawed. We may live miles apart and never meet face to face, but we come here regularly. We share more than just our interest in a TV show. When families are sick, we try to be supportive. When people strive for personal milestones, maybe completing a marathon, we do our best to do what we can to help the person achieve success. When we get inspired creatively as Norn often does, we share our creative expression with the people here. You don’t get much more personal than sharing your artistic creations. So, in effect, we’re like pen pals from yesteryear. We communicate regularly here, and it’s always nice to make a new friend so new bloggers are welcome. It’s a snap to log on to a website, throw out an F-bomb and criticize or confront everyone on the blog, especially when you don’t know much about the site or the people who frequent it. In the bigger scheme of real life though, even if you’re an angel in public and a complete whore pit viper on the internet, people eventually catch on to the real you. It’s one thing to express opinions in jest over a tv show or pop culture phenom. It’s quite another to greet people with a barrage of acid comments and blistering criticism. What you lack in social grace, I don’t think you lack intellectually and your last message indicates that you are capable of expressing some thought without headbutting the recipient to get your point across, so I hope you will relax a little and share your thoughts without the big mean girl facade and drama. Otherwise, there’s this nifty little trick we know where we can opt to just ignore your posts altogether—a trick I’m sure you will experience from others in your public life if you can’t learn to edit yourself just a little for your own sake.

DAZE said...

This blog and podcast go way beyond amc. I have been listening since day one and have always agreed with Ashley, Taylor, and now Jordan's commentary, although even if I didn't agree I would not be upset or take it personally. I love reading everyone's comments and this is a great community.

Of course we are all entitled to our opinion, just like Susan and Elyse who often don't agree with the negative comments about amc and are enjoying the show. If "marti" really wanted to just state her opinion, she would have done it in a respectful way.

Many times on blogs or forums someone, for fun, decides to post a really offensive or nasty comment that will divert everyone's attention to them, so they can keep checking back and seeing what everyone is saying and laugh. I suggest we all ignore her and get back to what we all love to talk about, amc, idol, oltl, etc.

I truly love the podcast and really enjoy everyone's comments, whether I agree or not. Let's not let someone with nothing better to do than to try to take over the blog and anger everyone get to us. Ignore her and she'll go away. Great comments Shadow.. as always you have a great perspective.

Marti said...

@Jordan, come on now. You can NOT be serious. I could do a rolling count of the times you both were campy, bitchy queens talking sh*t about the show that wasn't constructive. And the show isn't called "Jordan and Ashley's take on AMC", but the PINE VALLEY PODCAST. I'm sorry you don't like someone being hypercritical of your podcast, the way you are of AMC. You want worn out? The campy queen act went out in 1996. It's the equivalent of the Satin Slayer plot.

@Shadow (or Miss Manners), thanks for the unsolicited advice, but I've made a pretty successful life for myself the last 41 years, without your tome of knowledge. This is my name, so I'm NOT anonymous in any sense of the word.

What's really shocked me, frankly, is the response here. The show consists of gay black and Latina caricatures being bitchy queens. A better name for the podcast would be the two Drag Queen Attitude AMC Revue.

No worries though, I have no desire to post any longer to your little club. I won't listen again, and I won't be back.

jordan hudson said...

Bye sorry your so full of hate that you cant respect that someone is allowed to have a different opinion then yours.

All the homophobia comments you made. GURRLL you must be related to Miss Califonia BWAH BWAH BWAH.
Ashley is going to be so mad at me for this post. lol.

Honestly Marti I could give two figs what you think about The podcast or me personaly ( by the way I'm Latin not Black. Not that there is anything wrong with that) ( that's a joke Marti...relax) I just don't like you attacking and disrespecting the other bloggers. Yes they got on you but you came into there home and took a crap on there floor. So they spoke up. Don't dish out if you can't take it in. GURRRL!!!
Peace love and happiness to all.

I did like today's epsiode of AMC. I honestly could not believe how much I was into it. There was some deep characterization in the writing. Actors were finally allowed to shine and play real moments.

I have to say a tip of the hat to you Ebabe Mirabella Carey you are the best thing to happen to PV well since your original twin hit town.

For the first time I'm really hoping for this storyline to pan out. A hot traingle that could play out for months with twist and turns. I hope Pratthole and his team of simpletons will be able to not blow it. Because the hottest thing for me right now is Beeker?Ebabe/JR/
Rock on.

Ashley said...



('Nuff said.)


Shadow said...

An excerpt from Marti's own blog:

In all the places I’ve ever lived, and of all the places and times, I’ve never felt like I’ve had the kind of family that is portrayed in Rent. It’s not a family of genetics, but a chosen family. A family of friends, that makes your life better, stronger, fuller and ok, in my world…more perverted.Consider your experience here Marti and ask yourself, is it any wonder why that is?

Shadow said...
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Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Amen, Jordan and Shadow, Amen!

Ps Shadow- LOVED the use of "whore pit viper." lol

As for you Marti, this is not "my clique". I am actually a relative new comer to the PVP. However, I have been welcomed with open arms because I conduct myself in a mature and respectful manner when conversing with the others on the blog. You on the other hand are so indignant and self righteous in your post. I find myself sick to my stomach after reading what you have to say because you are just spewing pure hate. I find it laughable that you have "peace" as one of you interest on your blogger profile because what you have posted is the exact opposite of being peaceful.
I am also extremely offended of you characterization of Jordan as a "campy queen" from what I can tell you are a trans-woman, no? Well I am a gay woman and I find it sad that in our own little LGBT community there are still people like you that perpetuate negative stereotypes like those. Jordan is who he is, as you are who you are and I am who I am. He is not trying to put on some act for the PVP, he is just being himself (and I love him for that because I find him extremely entertaining and informative). Unfortunately, it is people like you that make equality for us so hard to achieve. So thank you for that Marti, you are doing a bang up job of casting another negative light on the community with you negative actions.
And please DO NOT come back because, obviously, you were not raised with class. (That's my Erica Kane impersonation...)

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh right! This is an AMC blog.. I almost forgot. Haha. Well, I totally agree with you Jordan. I am really feeling the show this week and it has given me a new hope. Albeit, small tiny hope, but it's hope none the less. Beeker is my new favorite character! I love that he has helped JR regain a soul and fight the urge to go all Adam Sr. by denying anything was wrong with the heart valve. Also, Marissa/ Mirabella is soo good as well. Looks like the AMC casting has finally got it's shizz together because Scott and Marissa are right on the money. They look good and they can act! Finally!
Also today I think Randi did her best acting, while she was on the other end of the phone with Angie. It was brilliant. Def. her best work yet. Lol I kid I kid.
But, all and all this weeks episodes have been pretty solid. I'm pretty much feeling every story line. Hopefully they won't mess it up by the end of the week. But, I guess we will just have to wait and see.

Shadow said...

Did anyone catch Alexa Havins on Law and Order: Criminal Intent last week?

Tonite is the Lost season finale. I have to record it though. Can't wait to see it.

As for Idol, my fingers are crossed for Kris. I guess Adam would be interesting to watch in the finale. I'd be OK if the Hokey Gokey goes home tonight, but he played that dead wife card again with "You are So Beautiful". It's going to be a nail-biter.

Terry in Toronto said...

Just have to say how much I loved Brody dancing with the mop and then dressing up for Jessica. The montage of couples who actually love each other sums up why I watch soaps. It's not about tornados or satin slayers with remote controlled hypodermic needles taped to Kendall's little neck. It really is about L-O-V-E.

.... and we love ya Ashley and Jordan

Crystal said...


Annie's got a gun
Annie's got a gun
Her whole worlds come undone
From lookin straight at the sun


Oh and repeat for Adam ha ha ha

Did Adam just throw that gun in the drawer? Didn't he get already get yelled at for having guns lying around.

I loved the stuff with David today!

Ryan was very minimal. Pretty much just standing in the background. No Natalia. No Randi. All in all a good day.

Bxgal said...


Alexis said...

Did anyone see Oprah today, and the trailer for Precious, omg i think this will win best picture at next years oscars. And Monique, yes Monique was riveting. It is set in Harlem and i cant wait. Jordan let me know if u see this or anyone else.http://popwatch.ew.com/popwatch/2009/05/precious-traile.html

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yes! Alexis, I have been keeping my eye on 'Precious' since I heard about the rave reviews it got at Sundance. I think it looks so extremely good. And it is going to be interesting seeing Monique in a non-comedic role.
Also, I heard that Mariah Carey's performance is really great as well. I know it's hard to believe that Mimi would be good in the movie (hello Glitter lol), but I heard that she shines in this movie. Can't wait to see it. Thanks for bringing it up!

INAHAM said...

Okay, I usually don't post my opinions on any forum, but here it goes. CHUCK PRATT SUX! Trust me, I've seen MCTavish cartoonify 4 soaps (yes I made that word up) but at least she created some great characters (Kendall Hart, The Santos clan etc.). Pratt has literally re-written every characters personality. Here are the biggest offenders

Krystal Carey-I've never been a fan of hers, due to her part in the baby-switch, but I always admired her backbone and her willingness to do anything for her daughter. True, with Babe's death you would expect a change, but now she's a doormat. Plus, the history re-write that Babe was a twin and that she sold Marissa makes her more unlikable. This is suppose to be a heroine?

Opal-Nadine Cooper, I thought Brent/Marian killed you and dumped you in a river. Why have you taken over the body of my beloved Opal. Go away, you meddlesome busybody. My Opal was never friends with Zach Slater and isn't a babysitter.

Liza Colby-Who is this red-headed ho? Sorry, but she's only been on three times, and she has none of Liza's qualitys at all. Jamie Luner is a one trick pony who isn't displaying much depth at all. The breathy voice is so 70's pornstar (not that I would know anything about that) and not at all seductive. She sounds like she's trying to seduce everyone she's talking to (even Colby. Ewww).

David Hayward-Why are they regressing him back to a one-dimensional ass? Sure, he's always been a jerk, but through his relationships with Erica,Liza,Greenlee,Leo,Anna,Vanessa and Bianca (not Dixie. That was gross) we saw his complexity. Now, he's a jerk and a bufoon. What a waste of Vincent Irrizary's talent.

Sure, they're is some good (Erica's return to fabulousness,Insannie,Beeker's hotness) but the bad is so far outweighing the good. Brown and Essensten had some problems, but at least they knew the history, and they did some amazing things with GL (clone storyline not withstanding) in the late 90's,so I know they could've kicked ass if they were given the chance. Wow, this was long. Anyway, that's all folks.

P.S Nadine Cooper was a character on Guiding Light.

Shadow said...

Bring it INAHAM! ITA with everything you said. Hopefully from your fingers to the ABC gods' ears.


brtedi said...

Hi,Shadow! :-)

My hat is off to you and the rest of the bloggers, for your stance against negative postings, against others. As I read the initial post,this morning, that started all of this, my jaw dropped. 'nuff said...

Now on to more serious, earth shattering, topics...AMC...LOL!

One word: Mirabella! I loved how she told David & Krystal, she already had parents--and they couldn't make her into a Babe clone.

On a different topic, did anybody else notice that after Cameron Mathison sat Lucy Merriam down on the bottom step of the Chandler staircase and when Ryan left the mansion, "Emma" was nowhere to be found?--Obviously, they got the kidlette off the set, prior to "Zach" threatening "Adam, Sr."--Good Job! Some scenes aren't meant for little ones....


Shadow said...

Hokey Gokey did the Chokey and he's out! It's Kris vs. Adam in the final two. That should be interesting. Obviously, I'm a Kris fan. I think he has the most realistic shot at a radio career. I guess Adam deserves to be in the finale. I'm sure he'll pull out all the stops. He'll make Katie Perry look tame, although I bet he tries to borrow her Captain America suit from her performance tonight. All he needs is a bob and facial to complete his transformation. So load up on your antibacterial soap and penicillin ( must have provisions when watching Adam Lambert) and get ready for a screamin' good time next week.

Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ERIC said...

wow Marti was the star of this week's blog but i was rolling on the floor @Ty's comment! loved it

& terryintoronto, YEs i loved BRODY & JESS too! so cute, im excited for the baby switch to come out and see where it takes Jess...

also, this murder mystery as obvious as it is, has actually got me captivated ....it reminds me of CLUE and as we all know " the butler didn't do it"
im excited to see it play out...

and yeah im sort of feeling ebabe too

Norn Cutson said...

hear, hear, Shadow!

although i don't think thats gonna penetrate Farti's ninehead.

donna said...

For those of you who may have missed it, a partial list of the Daytime Emmy nominations. AMC did very well, much to my surprise. GO ALICIA MINSHEW!!!!


Lead Actress:
Debbie Morgan
Maura West
Susan Haskell
Susan Flannery
Jeanne Cooper

Lead Actor:
Thorsten Kaye
Peter Reckell
Anthony Geary
Daniel Cosgrove
Christan Leblanc

Supporting Actress:
Melissa Claire Egan
Alicia Minshew
Julie Pinson
Tamara Braun
Bree Williamson

Supporting Actor:
Vincent Irizarry
Jacob Young
Van Hansis
Bradford Anderson
Jeff Branson

The rest will be announced later today.

Mel Got Served said...

Is that for real? Extremely glad about the acting nods, but BEST DRAMA? This only will vindicate Brian Frons' horrible choice of Chuck Pratt.

And for best drama, OLTL and Y&R weren't nominated? Seriously? SERIOUSLY?!

Congrats to the actors as you've been amazing, but Chuck Pratt you don't deserve to be rewarded for this writing.

donna said...

Mel,they are for real, and after my initial happiness for the actors involved, my second thought was:

Pratt is here to stay.


The Best Drama category this year is bizarre, no? No Y&R? No OLTL?

Laura said...

Geez, I stick up for my two favorite podcasters and I get a personal attack. WTF. At least my buddy Norn who I called in on Facebook to back me up was attacked as well. To be in the same sentence and the brilliant and talented Norn is a compliment. I think this is a warm loving community and I hope it stays this way.

Anyway I do like Ebabe, almost as much as i like the nickname. Chris and Adam are very different. It was funny to see all these little girls loving Adam. If I were their mom's, I'd equip them with hand sanitizer and a mask.

It reminds me of loving David Cassidy, but he was really cute. Adam is really gay, not there is anything wrong with that. But I can't see him as a teen idol.

It should be interesting.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

AMC nominated for Best Drama? What? Isn't that an oxymoron or something?

But the good news is that my girls Tamra and Alicia are nominated.. Although I am kind of torn, I have to say I am rooting more for Ms. Minshew to take home the statue. She deserves it.

Laura said...

The nominations are like for the worst soaps. But happy for the AMC people nominated. The one I am maddest about is that Star from OLTL is not nominated. Poor Kristen Alderson.

donna said...

Here are the rest, from Daytime Confidential. Yay!for Cornelius!

The one for Best Writing for AMC made me gag, however. Blech.

Meredith Hagner - As the World Turns
Rachel Melvin - Days of Our Lives
Kirsten Storms - General Hospital
Julie Berman - General Hospital
Emily O'Brien - The Young and the Restless

Cornelius Smith Jr. - All My Children
Darin Brookes - Days of Our Lives
Blake Berris - Days of Our Lives
EJ Bonilla - Guiding Light
Bryton McClure - The Young and the Restless

All My Children
The Bold and the Beautiful
General Hospital
One Life to Live

All My Children
Days of Our Lives
One Life to Live

All My Children
Days of Our Lives
The Bold and the Beautiful

As the World Turns
Days of Our Lives
General Hospital

All My Children
One Life to Live
The Young and the Restless

Mel Got Served said...

OUTSTANDING WRITING TEAM?!?!?! I want to break my computer, but I'm at work and they would fire me. Out-freakin-rageous.'

Again, congrats to the AMC actors all around, but this is just going to be salt in our wounds. Brian Frons will praise Pratt to the high heavens for the damage he's caused. Please pray the episodes they submitted were actually from the Brown/Esenstein era.

Unknown said...

Go Melissa Claire Egan!!! She went form Jordan and Ashley's Blandie to Insannie and now she has an Emmy nomination. Wow...now that is a transformation!

Crystal said...

SHAME on them for those nominations!

jordan hudson said...

I'm NOT AMUSED !!!!!!!

Thou I'm glad that AMC got some notice. I really want to know what material is beign submitted byt the actors and for best show and writing. Considering that if any material submitted in the first half of the year is Barbara and james it would be interestiong to know who is responsible if they win anything.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Well considering that Tamra Braun is nominated for Days, I would assume that all the material recognized is from the first half of the year. But, I could be sadly mistaken. If Pratt wins an Emmy I will cry.

donna said...

I don't know about the other actors, but I did read that both Alicia and Thorsten submitted scenes from the one night stand reveal, from April of last year.

Esensten and Brown scenes.

I hope that pisses off the Pratthole, lol.

Crystal said...

OLTL anyone else notice Lola at the prom AFTER she went home? It was when they called for last dance and she was in the bleachers. ha ha

Oh and did I miss a scene on AMC? I thought eBabe was talking to Beeker when Kwak and David were talking at the cemetary? I noticed it because I thought "oh they usually have someone listen in on these things at the cemetery" but, she was at the yacht club.

jordan hudson said...

what a difference a day makes, After what I thought was one of the best epsiodes of AMC since this DOLT took over as head writer, I watched to day and ughh!!! Enough of Jr always turnign to the bottle for everything. I just don't buy it. He just almost lost little A. I know it's an addiction but some peopel to recover and learn to live with it. What Guiding Light got canceled? Don't tell JR or he will go get a drink. Enough this porr character. I love Jill Larson but OMg if they make her run aroudn town like chicken little screamign " The sky is falling!" one more time.

Melissa said...

Jordan, I agree completely - can't they come up with anything else other than J.R. and that stupid scotch???

Ash, I laughed so hard today when Opal was freaking out... "danger's a'coming!". lol

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

haha it pains me to say because I love Jill Larson so much, but I literally laughed out loud during her scenes today because it reminded me of her and Krystal running around town before the tornados came.. but God love her she acts her little heart out in those scenes.. That's a true talent right there.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Watching AMC today was like Pinve Valley at the O.K Corral, everyone has a gun and they don't seem afraid to use them.

Did anyone see the simpsons movie when the angry mob came after Homer that was what I expected Adam to find every time he opened the door. Next week he will be singing spider pig.

Congrats to all AMC cast member especially Alicia and Thorsten. It is nice to see the shit to shinnola transformation they make is being recognized.

Shadow said...

I actually would love to see Adam, or maybe Stuart, singing Spider Pig. I wish Stuart could live long enough to be a grandpa. Those would be some sweet scenes to watch.

mcfutch said...

(in Opal's voice)
"Oh Lord in heaven! Marti's 'a comin!
Marti's a'comin!"
Nice try, Ash, in taking a week off. Don't you know that Drama NEVER takes a rest? Not in here, anyway. Kudos to all who posted so eloquently on the hater. I am a gay woman who is also insulted that someone in the LGBT community would act like that. Good riddance.
On to more important matters: I am completely floored by the AMC noms and can only think that it was a back-door ploy by TPTB to save the show. And by TPTB I mean influential people in the industry, not necessarily anyone @ AMC. Strong buzz in the industry is that the show is on the brink of cancellation. It just seems strange that it received all of these unwarranted (save acting) nominations when you and I and everyone (except Marti) knows what a stinker our beloved show has become. Call me a conspiracy theorist but if you think about it there may be a thread of truth here. (cue scary music) Anyway, I just popped in to add to the chorus of folk that LOVE what you are doing, Ashley and Jordan, and to tell you we look forward to hearing the podcast next week. xoxo

Michael said...

LOL! Thanks, I now can only hear Ashley’s hysterical parody when Opal starts prognosticating dire events. I missed a new podcast this week. Oh well, I think it was the Enlightened Greeks that taught that delaying gratification was the key to happiness—have a great week and get some rest!

brtedi said...

Anybody taking bets that Lola will 'fess up about the condoms? Dorian & Ray will have to find Marco and Langston---Naturally, these two will be in flagrante delicto...

Where's Gina Tognoni in the nominations?


jordan hudson said...

I need to proof read. I'm such a bad typist. Susan & elyse lmao the O K coral.

Yes it was not just OLTL that was snubbed. Other people were over looked from other shows.

While I will admit that this year is better then last years, it still is insane. How the hell is Alicia Minshew supporting. She deserves to be in Best Actress. No disrespect to Debbie. I'm glad she was nominated and I'm rooting for her but Alicia for the last few years has carried the show. I'm torn now for supporting. I do want Bree to get it because OLTL was so robbed, plus Alicia should be in best but Alicia has some solid performances last year that can go toe to toe with Bree.

It seems to be a poltical thing this year with OLTL and Y&R getting screwed because everyone feels they are the best shows on. Dool has not been nominated in years now all of a sudden they have major nominees...please. I see that show when I'm doing cardio at the gym.....ughh.

Ugly Betty has rocked these last two epsiodes. I love that now that they are in NYC they are using some top notch NYC actors....Baranski and of course my favorite Ms. Peters for example.
For me this has been there best season.

I will say Grey's surprised me. They really stepped it up for this finale. I was crying, surprised and at the edge of my seat with the twist. Which I have to say I did not see coming. Which is weird because I usualy do. I knew Sixth Sense like a few minutes into the movie. It was nice to care about Grey's for me this season has been up and down in quality.

I'm an hour into Lost. Damm Dvr did not tape it and I have to watch online which I hate!

Shadow said...

Same thing happened with our DVR and Lost. What gives?

Finally getting thru last week. Skipping all things Ryan though. I know I'm late getting to this, but I loved Erica in the chapel. Just the thought of Mona elevates the show to a better standard. Erica uttering Myrtle's name while praying to Mona was better than all the tornados Pratt can whirl up. It's far from perfect, but something is a little different. Someone over there actually is demonstrating some sort of clue about these characters. I find it impossible to believe the light is suddenly. Turned on in Pratt's head. Suddenly people are acting again. Kwak is acting less like Susan. Adam is acting like Adam rather than Stuart or a horney teen. Erica is talking to Mona. Jake and Amanda are sweet. It hurts to watch Amanda begin to feel love for the first time and its great to see her find love from a man so simply. Of course we have to pretend we forgot 6 months of him calling her a whore bitch, but ok. I wonder Who is covering for Pratt? Or if someone is ghosting for him? Or did they finally hire better breakdown writers? I have so many other questions. Where did the yacht club set come from again? And why does Jake have such a bad haircut? In fact, why does Opal have such a bad haircut? Whay doesn't Adam get a haircut? Who stuck Kwak's finger in the socket? Erica should lay off the botox. Kendall should avoid the red potato sack dress. Zach really needs to bathe. Beaker is cool. Jr is orange. Needs to lay off the self tanner.
Why don't they delete Greenlee and Dre drom the opening? Where is Marian?

mcfutch said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
mcfutch said...

oops, self-deleted by accident. My bad. Jordan, I was thinking the same thing re; Lead vs. Supporting, But don't the shows determine where they think their actors have the best chance of winning? At least that's my understanding. Lol Shadow, I've been wondering many of the same things myself. Maybe the Hair Dept. has had cutbacks (no pun intended)? I would personally take a Flow-Bee to Tad, Zach, Adam & Cambias Sr. for starters. They are looking mighty scruffy over in Pine Valley...

Erica Kane said...

Jordan did you hear the news about GL's Tammy coming to Pine Valley?? She would make a great Colby recast, but they are making her another NEW character!!! We don't need new characters, Pratt-hole just needs to write for the existing characters!!!

Bxgal said...


but i hope debbie wins!!!!

Shadow said...

Poor Tad does have old lady hair, doesn't he? I love the guy though, but that poofy do of his would look just as well on Mona or Myrtle.

Crystal said...

Spider pig, spider pig
does whatever a spider does.
Can he swing from a web?
No he can't, he's a pig.
Look out!
He is a spider pig.

I am waiting for Adam to start carrying around a pig in clothes through the mansion.


Christine Baranski is just perfection. I want to see more of her on UB. I have been a fan for YEARS.

Anonymous said...

Tad's hair looks just like Bea Arthur's in the early episodes of The Golden Girls.


Melissa said...

I actually liked today's episode. The exterior shots of the Chandler mansion were nice. I've always wondered what it actually was supposed to look like. I also liked the film noir feel to the scenes.

Of course, there were always AMC's patented (or should I say "Prattented") stupid crap like Little A and Emma's room window having no screen or glass! Annie just parted the curtains. I guess we were wrong about everyone going through the tunnels - they just came in through the open window in little A's room!

Melissa said...

Wait, wait, wait... AMC is up for best soap? I love the show, but this reminds me of the Twilight Zone episode with the pig faced people and the gorgeous woman who thought she was hideously ugly. Nothing makes sense! The emperor has no clothes!!! Arrrrrgh

jason said...

Wow can't believe AMC got the most nominations. I really thought this would be One Life to Live's year. They really deserved best soap over amc. I bet AMC sent in the tornado episodes. Kristen Alderson aka Starr Manning was robbed! I'm thrilled Alicia Minshew got a nomination same with InsAnnie. I really hope Jesstessbess wins.

INAHAM said...

This is the worst game of Clue ever! Where are these people getting the guns! Are they just handing them out at ConFusion. This is dumb. A murder mystery needs to be plotted months in advance. These people all came to the conclusion that Adam needs to die this week. WTF! J.R's reason is the most ludicrous though. It basically amounts to "daddy,you don't love me so I'm gonna kill you". Rediculous.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Things that make you go hmmmm....
1) Why does little A have a little girls room. I mean he has [ink sheets etc... Didn't the Chandlers redo the room when they found out that Bess was really Binx's Miranda?

2) Where did Emma get the pink Pj's? She was over for a party not a sleepover, so they must have been little A's again did they just have them hanging around? Or does she keep Pjs at everyone's home in Pv incase they watch her or does she carry a hobo stick with her fav belonging as she never knows where she will be sleeping or staying.

3) Where does everyone in P.V. get their gun licenses? everyone has one and some carry large knives for good measure.

4) what kind of a pathetic life does Adian have if no one notices he has been gone due to being chained to a pipe for over a week

5) why does the basement of ryan's building look like the basement of oakhaven and the house Annie grew up in?

6) Did we miss when Randy and Brot left for Germany? Did we fall alseep? was it a tender goodbye? or was a Pratthole in the story?

7) Does the Academy feel so sorry for the shit the poor AMC actors have had to spew for the past year, that the rewarded everyone they possiblely could? I mean out of the decent actors only little Cathy , Emma and little A were not give a nod. (Note Randid and Trollby do not count)

jason said...

Good day for tv: Dollhouse and Better off Ted have been renewed next season!

imaginethis said...

Hello, I am very new here but not to AMC. I have been watching since it began I believe, wow, I must have been about 2? Just kidding, I enjoyed reading the blog today, way more drama than AMC, lol. Seriously, I just wanted to put my 2 cents in about the Emmy's. WTF!! who in the heck makes these decisions?? no OLTL? AMC the best?? The world has gone mad for sure!

jordan hudson said...

LMAO LMAO "This is the worst came of clue ever" lol lmao lol lmao oh my god my side is hurting from laughing. Im crying as I write this. oh god I needed a good laugh.

Okay you know I have been enjoying AMC the last two weeks but this was the beginning of the end for me it seems. I will say the episode was not as bad as I was expecting. Yet it takes a certain actor to make such bad dialogue work. Knight, Canary, Minshew and yes sit down for this one, Kaye made it work. Eakes and Young did not. Oh god there over acting...talk about chewing the scenery. It hurt me to watch Eakes and Young Friday. I rather have taken the test for Ghonerrea then watch there scenes.

Now the show will turn into JaLu's All My Children. 24/7 JaLu.

Crystal said...

Elyse & Susan, too funny about Bess' room! I cannot imagine manly JR and Adam allowing that child to have a girly room.
I think little A must keep a pair of girl PJs for all his 'lady friends'.
ha ha ha

Shadow said...

I don't know, JR is sort of a girl-the fussy hair, the supple complexion, the moombs. Maybe not such a surprise Lil A has some pink influences surrounding him. Maybe he just moved into his big boy room which was supposed to be Charlotte's room and Adam hasn't had a chance to renovate. He spent his insurance proceeds repairing the tunnels and now he's too broke to man up Lil A's digs.

Let me just say how much I thoroughly love and covet room service. Quiet room. Big country breakfast. Golf in an hour. Swwweeet! Hope you all have an equally good weekend.

discodan said...

is that a discodan sighting? lol
sorry for the lull guys, comp's been on the fritz.

I think that Thursday had one of the best cliffhangers in a very long time. After Ian flatlined and everyone left, I was pissed. HOW THE HELL DO U KILL IAN SLATER? THAT'S KENDALL'S SON!!!

I couldn't take it!

Thank God for Jake-gyver...

As far as the Adam murder, I was so upset. In one aspect, it was done well in the facet of it being a murder. On the other hand, I started crying. THIS IS ADAM FRICKIN CHANDLER!!! I started remembering all of my favorite Adam moments. He made me appriciate family and the family name. His voice needs to be kept on a reel and just keep talking because it is beautiful.

As far as the people involved, why is Upchuck putting Liza in the Chandler mansion? Face it people, the woman that we just saw her shoes and poured water on JR is Liza. Why the hell is Annie chasing Adam around with a gun? Where did Ryan go? Why are they making Michael E. Knight look so old? What the heck is wrong with Kendall's eyeliner? tough questions

Norn Cutson said...

i know its a terrible thing that i;m not participating....but when i read what ya'll say is goin on....DAMN i'm not gonna stop what i'm doing & sit still for 38 minutes of *that* crap!
not even *ONE* minute!

& the nominees for BEST SOAP...*ALL* of them are *KNOWN* as the *WORST*...

i mean, i knew it was all about politics, but DANG!!!!!

Melissa said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Melissa said...

If it wasn't for this blog and our dear friends at the PVP, I think I'd leave AMC for a while for my "doughnut hole of viewership", but if I did that, I'd have nothing to rant about!

Yippe for Better off Ted getting renewed. That is a classic in the making.

Glad that &*()$^ Marti is gone. WTF? She's probably Chuck Pratt's alter ego. Chuck, take down your sister's photo, quit blogging and get to typing your resignation. We'll throw you a big party if you do! Free beer!!!

Mel Got Served said...

Ahhh- stop teasing me with visions of Ryan being murdered if it's just a tease!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Better Off Ted got renewed?!? Yay! Best news ever!

discodan said...

Better news... Castle got renewed!!!


brtedi said...

Hi, discodan!

Long time no blog... ;-) I like Castle, too. At first, I thought it was a retread of "Moonlighting", but it does stand on its own, imo


jordan hudson said...

Yes I'm also glad that Castle and Ted got renewed. Sadly that does not bode well for The Unusuals.

OMG I just saw last week's episode of Gossip Girl. I can't believe that the CW passed on the spinoff but is keeping 90210 and investing in a new melrose place. Yawn. I thought the spinoff would have been great. I love Britanny Snow. G.G. started the seaoson like gangbusters but had some ups and downs in this last quater. I find my self more interested in Rufus and Lily then Dan and Serena. Blair and Chuck are a much more interesting couple then D &S.

Erica Kane said...

Jordan I couldn't agree more...I like Rufus and Lily more than the kids on GG. Blair and Chuck are 1000 times more interesting than Bland and Serena..oops I meant Dan. I am so hoping for a fantastic season finale...I wish Georgina would become a regular instead of recurring. I am so excited that Dollhouse is 99% renewed!! I think it just got better with each episode.
AMC: Lame Lame Lame!! The whole whodunit is going to be horrid!!! That is all I can say about that at risk of bile overload!!!
Idol: I am to the point where I don;t know who I want to win I like them both!!!
Oh well here's to a new podcast this week (I hope)
Miss Kane

Anonymous said...

Jordan, Ashley, I love your podcast, don't change a thing, you both are witty, insiteful, knowledgeable and proud to own your opinions. I respect you both for that! Thanks for sharing your humor, talent and love with each podcast. It's appreciated and you make me happy.

Anonymous said...

hey Erica Kane,

We get GG a day before the US in Canada and it looks like Georgina will be a regular next season and quite integrated with the main ppl

BTW jordash love the snark so keep it coming
this is the best blog/fandom where ppl criticize but no hate and it's not all love all the time so in short I agree with everyone


Robin C. said...

Katya, LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the name eBabe!

JAR is mad because "now David has an all-access pass to this house". What does he mean "NOW"? David has ALWAYS had an all-access pass to the house. He pops in and pops up wherever and whenever he feels like it. Has Security ever stopped him, even ONCE?

I think Jill Larson looks much better with her hair red as opposed to blond. OTOH, the matronly style is nice enough, I suppose, but it's kind of Better Crocker/Phoebe Wallingford-ish. Erica wouldn't be caught DEAD with that hairstyle, at least not for another 20+ years.

I think the angel and engraved lettering on Babe's grave is supposed to be golden, but on MY TV it kind of looks like the color of baby barf after a baby eats pureed peas.

How many of you guffawed when David, with a straight face, told a reporter that they maintain STRICT doctor/patient confidentiality at PVH? BWAHAHAHAHAHAAAAAA!!!! Stop, yer killin' me!

Marissa to Kyrstal: "I just came to give you something."
Me: "A punch in the mouth?"

Krystal sure knows how to dress to kill, doesn't she? The neckline AND the backline on that top plunge pretty far -- far enough that the skin UNDER her bustline shows in the front. She could probably wear that top facing either way and no one would be able to tell the difference.

If your baby dies, you don't go running out that very second to wreak revenge. You STAY there with your baby. You hold him close to say goodbye. You stroke his little face, and pat his little bottom, and hold his little hand, and pour your love and grief out to him! He'll be taken away after a while and this is going to be your LAST CHANCE to cuddle him and be with him before they do that. He's still WARM for God's sake!!! There's time enough for revenge LATER.

I don't understand this at ALL!!! I absolutely understand wanting to get revenge, but running out to kill someone the very SECOND your baby's heart stops just BOGGLES MY MIND!!! It happened so fast that, for all they know, it was a wonky heart monitor! It makes the hatred and revenge toward Adam seem to be MUCH more important to them than their OWN BABY. I could almost accept Kendall doing that -- she never did seem to bond with Ian, and being comforted by Ryan might be more important to her. Zach OTOH bonded very strongly with Ian from the moment Ian was born. Even as angry and vengeful as he is, the REAL Zach would have stayed with the baby not only when he died, but probably until Zach or Ian was dragged away by force, not unlike how Rhett Butler reacted when Bonnie Blue Butler died in Gone With The Wind. Then again, Rhett DID take time out at first to shoot the pony.

Question: What kind of heartless, clueless writers kill off a BABY and dismiss it within 30 seconds? Answer: The Chuck Pratt kind.

On a sad note, Susan Willis, who played Helga Voynitzeva back in the early 1990s, has died. Helga was a HOOT! The character and the portrayal of her was VERY reminiscent of Cloris Leachman playing Frau Blucher in Young Frankenstein :-) RIP, Ms. Willis.

I never noticed it before, but in the nighttime shot of the exterior of PVH there is a silhouette of a man peeping out from behind the left pillar. He's holding something rectangular like a magazine or a clipboard, and then he steps to the left, flamboyantly throws his arms out and JUMPS off of something (presumably a ledge). You can see it in the opening shot of Friday's show. It's also on Youtube (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1LvjLSjDPDc), and I put a frame capture of it on my blog at http://rcboogiechillens.blogspot.com.

There was a continuity error in the PVH scenes. When Ian's monitor first goes into alarm, the nurse quickly lowers the crib rails (only to tell them that she's sorry -- what did she do, unplug him?) A few moments later when Angie and Jake race into the room, they have to lower the crib rails again.

We were wondering what happened to Emma after Ryan set her down on his way out and went in to stop the confrontation. At this point (especially after being knocked out), Ryan KNOWS that someone pulled a gun on Adam in the living room. So why is Emma STILL there or brought there AGAIN? The place is a powderkeg and Ryan KNOWS it!

Isn't ANYONE watching the kids? You'd think Adam would at least remind all the many people trying to kill him that the kids are right upstairs.

Does Stuart still drive a canary yellow station wagon?

So Kendall went over to Adam's without so much as a gun? What did she think she was going to do to kill him once she got there, stomp on him with her stilettos? The same with Zach. You KNOW Zach has guns stashed somewhere (like the Casino), so why did he show up and pick up a gun from the floor, just like Kendall did?

David drills it into Junior Junior that EVERYTHING he does is for him -- EVERYTHING. Nice, if Adam is killed and David did it, then Junior Junior will spend the rest of his life feeling responsible for it.

It looked to ME like Adam might have had a heart attack or a stroke. Thunder cracked at that moment, so we don't know yet. I do hope at least ONE of them managed to shoot someone other than Adam.

Helga would have been PERFECT to have been seen wandering around the Chandler mansion on Friday's show!

Robin C.

Shadow said...

Hope u all had a good weekend. I got ean over by a golf cart and blew my knee out. No shit. Dude wasn't paying attention and plowed right over me. Seems like something similar would be a fitting way to unexpectedly kill off Ryan or Aidumb.

Shadow said...

...ran over by a golf cart...

Terry in Toronto said...

Hope your knee is OK Shadow

Shadow said...

Thanks Terry. I was negligently mowed down by the cart of a jealous peer who was unerved by my masterful game. I still managed to use my keen mental conditioning to fight through the pain and finish the tournament. Now I truly understand how Tiger felt playing after his knee surgery.

Anonymous said...

First of all, I loved the flashback podcast. It was quite hilarious especially since there was so much hope that the new writer would be better than LML....LOL!

The "murder" episode was by far one of the worst episodes i have ever seen on a soap. They all waited in line and took their turns pointing a gun at Adam. I laughed till I peed.


Mel Got Served said...

I posted my SERVING of the Week on my blog and decided to choose an AMC character. Check it out: http://www.melgotserved.com/2009/05/serving-of-week_18.html

I'll miss you Adam Chandler!

Mel Got Served said...

NOOO- Samantha Who? has been cancelled!!!

Shadow said...
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Shadow said...

Robin, remember when they first started publicizing the tornados the rumor was that two people would die. Initially there were rumors that Myrtle would die, but then she really did. Then we found out Babe was going to die. I had read in several credible places that Ian was supposed to be the second death from the tornado, but then AM was renegotiating and ended up taking vacation, so Ian's death was must have been backburnered and Eden/Tamara filled in. Maybe Ian's death has been on the table for a while. Pratthole seems determined to bust up Zendall. This should do it.

Melissa said...

NO!!!!!!!!!!! Mel, you can't be serious! Samantha Who was awesome! That sucks.

jordan hudson said...

There will be a new podcast up in the next 12 to 24 hours Promise. Ash is putting the finsihing touches on it and sorry it"s a little long lmao. with alot of amc and some " But I digress".

kim said...

a little long!!! YES!! don't apologize that sounds good to me. can't wait!

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

So after today's episode: have Nurse Gail and David been having an affair all this time? Now it makes more sense, rather than Gail just pining after David. I love to hate Nurse Gail. She gives me someone I can really hate (besides Ryan and Whyza of course)

And kinda chuckled at the 24-esque different scene blocks midway through the episode.

I will say on Friday's episode, I didn't mind the filming- I liked the camera panning around- it made it sadder for me, like Adam was completely trapped.

jordan hudson said...
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jordan hudson said...

lmao well Kim I have no problem with the tiem thats all Ashley who wants it down to 60 minutes lmao.

Anyway I hate to say it but I like GL's Murder mystery better. They may not have killed off a "Legendary character" but they did off someone who has wrecked havoc on the citizens of Springfield for almost 10 years. So the citizens all have long standing reasons to want to off this villian.

I did not even know they were going to do it. GL will go out in a blaze of glory at this rate.

INAHAM said...

Natalia was in the opening. That means she's on contract. WTF! Really AMC! Your wasting a contract on a character that A)Has no airtime B)Has no personality and C)We don't like her. I mean, come on, manage your money better people. Right now, there are 8 characters I would fire, and 3 I would recast. That's just shameful. On a positive note, Jamie Luner looked gorgeous in her opening credit shot. It made me forget for a second that she's not a good actress and that she's suppose to be Liza Colby. Just a second.

Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

I have no problem with "a little long". I say bring it on. Thanks for the heads up. Now I'll be checking itunes every 5 minutes.

Shadow said...

Bigger is better! Yeah!

jason said...

I love when pvp is long! The longer the better!
Terry haha me too! I check itunes like every 10 minutes every Late Sunday and Monday. haha.

jason said...

Kelli Giddish aka alDIno, is going to star in the FOX series Past Life, which premiers in early 2010. Good to see a girl from the streets get this far. haha I love Taylors impression of Di.

kelvin in Dallas said...

Did anyone see the Nightline a few weeks ago about the demise of soaps? They featured our show, AMC.


J said...

I need someone to help me understand why some unknown figure decided to throw water in JR's face . . . and why Pratt and his merry band of idiots decided that we needed to see it again on the Monday episode. I laughed out loud through most of Friday's episode. I'm not sure if unintentionally campy was their desired result . . .

Anonymous said...

I didn't like Ryan, but now I am on the "I hate Ryan" bandwagon. Just saw Monday's episode and who is Ryan to say that Zach doesn't need to know that Ian was alive??? Who is he to say that Zach killed Adam without even knowing??? Who wrote that crap???


Shadow said...

I was kind of looking forward to Kendall having one less kid to ignore.

SharlaDawn said...

Please don't edit it down! If someone wants it to go faster, they can fast forward it! I love the long shows!

Unknown said...

Doesn't it seem strange to anyone else that no one felt the need to inform Stuart that his twin brother was dead? Not even his own son? Nobody even considered him until JR realized he was the one in the morgue?

Kelvin in Dallas said...

OK, I'm watching Monday's episode now and I still don't understand why Jesse started firing a gun without seeing a target. Is that protocol?

Why is it that no one figured out that Annie turned off the power? Wouldn't the box be the first place someone would check?

So many questions....many will go unanswered. BTW, when did Adam's house design change? I don't ever remember seeing the outside of his house in 20+years.

On another subject, I was going through some of my old vhs tapes and I found a few episodes of AMC that I was thinking about uploading.

I found one from 1998 where Tad was kissing some blonde. The blonde called Stuart a liar because she didn't believe her father had abused her mother. I also saw Marian bringing flowers to Stuart's gallery. Those sets were so nice.

I LOVED Erica's house back then. Does she even have a house now?