Monday, May 04, 2009

Super Genius

Chuck Pratt's genius inspires amazing stories this month, like
  • The Satin Slayer returns to shock Pine Valley with his terrifying ramblings!
  • Liza returns - and she's got a shockingly hot vagina!
  • Brot and Taylor sizzle as Brot travels the country making speeches!
  • Krystal has a shocking secret - and a surprisingly large PayPal balance!

You've done it - you've truly inspired us. Between Shadow's now mandatory signoff ("Fire Chuck Pratt!") to Ms. Casey Shameless' (et al!) purposeful use of the "Fire Pratt!" photo to Susan and Elyse's tireless "Fire Charles Pratt!" efforts, we're hoping to inspire a movement. With the help of our uber-talented Louie2K, we'll be promoting, and we hope you'll spread the word. More on this to come, but for now, we'll take whatever else you've got to say (you know we want to hear it), here.

5/1/09 Podcast


jordan hudson said...

Oh my...I'm the first post....I think...anyway after an unbearable Friday episode, at least for me it was, I enjoyed today.

Scott Chandler made the epsiode for me. His scenes with La Lucci were old school AMC for me. This is what I want to see. Those tight close ups seeing Mr. Mayfield and his facial expressions and... well maybe it was just me but he seem to resemble David Canary doing Stuart. More Mayfield I say. I also would not mind a cougar pairing Scott and Erica.

I also liked Mirabella. Again maybe I'm in a minority, maybe it's because anything is better then the three witches from the Scottish play ( Natalia, Rancid and Turdby).

Also loved the Tad/Jr/Kwak scenes. We even got to see Dr.Joe.

yet enough with Kendell's kids being on the brink of death. She has two of the sickest kids in the world.

OLTL WAS HOTTTTTT!!!! Jess and Brody, Starr and Cole.

crs 17 said...


Will I ever listen to a podcast that begins,

AMC was HAWWWTTT this week!

Sadly, I'm thinking no. This show runs so hot and cold with me. There are times when I think we're back and we're moving and we're on fire, and then other days all the stupidity collides at once and I'm thinking WTF? Today was OK for me. I'll agree with Jordan on the Lucci/Scott scenes (Scucci?)

I'm glad Zack said to Kendall it wasn't her fault she was out when Ian got sick. THANK YOU. She could've been at work or talking to her mom or anything. You can't be with them 24/7. (Although Kendall COULD stand to be with them a little more; I'm still waiting for the storyline where Spike calls Rachel Mommy.)

Marissa's OK for me. I think it'll be interesting if they give her a little David bad-girl personality to bring out sometimes. As Jordan has lamented on many an occasion, every show needs a good bitch.

Ashley and Jordan, I wanna thank you for helping me to stay spoiler-free. I ffed through that bit of the podcast. I find I enjoy AMC much more if I don't know what's about to happen, although years of watching this program and not being nextastupid, I can smell what's about to happen a mile off, and I AM NOT AMUSED. I listen to another podcast too, and they give all spoilers at the end, so listeners can tune out rather than ff, because who knows what I missed. I know you all usually give the OLTL report at that time (which I listen to in full, even though I have zero time to add anything to my viewing schedule; I just love listening to you all)and "a little something special just for us," (especially when it's old school AMC) but consider it and see what you think.

Thanks for all the love you put into what you do, even when you are not liking the show.

crs 17

brtedi said...

What I liked about Monday's AMC, OLTL & GL...

We hear Ryan and Kendall in the shower--a little imagination can be a good thing. :-)

Starr and Cole--Wow!
Brody Jessica play "I've got a secret", romance that is!--Yay!

Dinah and Shayne have a little fun in the sun (Was it just me, or did Gina Tognoni look great in that big hat?!)

Remy & Cristina hit the pool, but not before her luggage! LOL!

Bill & Lizzie--Three fishermen and a bridal party--ROTF!


Bxgal said...

I totally agree! OLTL was HOTTTT!!! the scenes with cole and starr actually made me cry. they seemed so real, it didn't seem like a chore to watch OLTL. I feel like its a chore to watch AMC. its a shame that we cannot have great scenes that are effortless on AMC.

Elyse in Toronto said...

I agree with Jordan I like Miabella Carey, she can act!

Elyse in Toronto said...

WHen will be up and running I tried to check it out but it cannot connect. I hope this was not a joke.

Mel Got Served said...
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Mel Got Served said...

I like Mirabella, but I secretly call her Beanpole- so tall and thin! But that's a good thing. What I like about the character too is her clothes seem more normal and obtainable- she's not wearing the top designer things like the women of Fusion. This adds to the realness of her being a struggling law student. But grossout on the massage!

I was enjoying last week until Whyza showed up at the Slater Shack there. Jamie Luner is OK, but she's just not Liza (and this is from someone who only saw Liza for a few months when I first started watching a few years ago)

This whole rehashing the Satin Slayer thing is stupid. I'm so sick of everything being about Babe, especially since she died like 5 months ago- go away "Saint" Babe!!

Bxgal said...






Bxgal said...

hey.. crs17. what is the other podcast you listen too?

Mel Got Served said...

Thanks Bxgal! Signed AND posted it to Twitter. If you sign it and have a Twitter account, sign in by signing into your Twitter account as it will automatically post a Retweet link in your feed. Hopefully the AMC community will jump aboard this movement.

SOAPFAN said... award for actors who have to dig down deep to make horrible manure work?

Golden Shovel Award?

Sewage Treatment Award?

Sh*t 2 Shinola Award?

Guys, I think the main purpose for the Satin Slayer(Slater)redux, is to maybe throw in some doubt about Dixie actually dying. I think Pratt is tryin to cast doubt about Dixie's death cause maybe she is not dead?

Jamie Luner looked a little raggedy last week. The hair was kind of ratty and the Miss Clairol #445 was wearing off. And she still had on that nasty black dress...I hope she washed it.

ACS reminds me of Sideshow Bob...just a complete caricature of a villain. I expected him to say "Hello Clarice".

I think Annie/Melissa Egan is on her way out. I think that Pratt is going to make Annie the one who commits the big murder accidentally.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Ty, i was going to criticize your theory about Insannie being the one who killed Dixie as being preposterou because she did not have grudge against Babe and at that time she was sane. Furthermore If we remember back then she was our sweet, blandie helping Kendall and Ryan with Spike. BUT then I remember who is writing the shown and realize that anyone even the Dillion's old dog Harold could be Dixie's killer.

SOAPFAN said...

Hey Elyse!

I didn't mean Annie is the one who killed Dixie, or had it in for Babe, I mean Insannie may be the one who commits the upcoming muder of a beloved character.

I hear rumors that Melissa Egan is gonna be written out very soon. It sucks, cause I think the character of Annie has potential. They would have to literally put her in prison to explain why she would ever leave Emma.

I think this whole ACS thing is a way for them to say "since ACS didn't kill Dixie, then she may still be alive"

I still think David has Dixie somewhere under some drug that mimics death.

Elyse in Toronto said...

Hey Ty,
Thanx for the clarification.
I hope that David has Dixie stashed away somewhere, at least then Tad might get a decent SL. I want to see the Cooney-Martins reunited.

Lets hope someone we don't like is the killer like Rancid or Trollby I know it makes no sense but hey this is the Pratt era.

Shadow said...

It's officially out that Crishelle is leaving. Apparently she declined a 4 year contract. The money probably sucked. I hate to see her go. For one thing, she's the last Dillon and closest thing to a vet next to an actual vet. Plus, hers is character with such a storied history. I root for her even when she does dumb stuff. And they are just now starting to use her regularly, although she probably doesn't want to be saddled in a mom role just yet. I 'm also not sure what her kind of success she'll find out there. She's a beauty, but she's got a lot to learn. Pony up ABC and keep our Amanda on AMC. And....


SOAPFAN said...

I hear you Shadow. Crishell probably is not gonna stick around for the basura that they give her to work with. yeah, we see more Amanda, but the storyline is as empty as ever.

I think that for some actors, they need to be challeneged in a good way. All My Children IS challenging, but not challenge that leads to growth.

The challenge is in making the horrid written material believable every day. I bet it takes everything these actors have to make this dreadful stuff work.

Crishell is not Judi Dench, but she is a decent actor. I know she is capable of much more than just looking pretty and sitting on a damn couch. Now, while she's young, pretty, and has firm tetas, she is gonna strike out and try to find work. I think she will be successful.

It's hit and miss in Hollywood with Blondes, that is why Alexa Havins was having such a hard time. There's a glut of pretty blondes out there. Alexa can actually act, but I am guessing casting directors can't see past her blonde hair and sweet face.

Justin Bruening IS a male Bimbo...a HIMbo. He is nothing but a pretty meat stick.

Terry in Toronto said...

I agree that Chrishell is no Dame Helen Mirren but she does have two of the most spectacular mamaries on daytime television.

Ashley, I agree with you about Justin Bruening. I liked him as Jamie especially when he was with Julia. Theirs was a really organic chemistry not the engineered lets-put-them-together-and-test-the-ratings kind of couple. I was disappointed when AMC broke them up and then he left.

I believe that the Satin Slayer's return is further proof that Pratt is noting more than a Frons stooge hired to slay AMC and justify the show's cancellation. That storyline was the most hated and vilified in the press and on the blogs ever and as Ashley pointed out, cost McTavish her job. I think that Frons sat down with Pratt and asked for the worst of the worst ever. "Hmmm, what storyline brought us the lowest ratings ever and lost us the most viewers?" and then "Satin Slayer you say, then we must revive that storyline of course!". I'll never forget the weeks poor Kendall had to appear onscreen with the needle-in-a-bubble scotch taped to her neck. Satin Slayer is back in town to take All My Children the way of Guiding Light.

I also agree Ashley that Zach is a real man on a show that has become devoid of real masculinity. I don't mean the woman-bashing caricatures Pratt has turned the Pine Valley males into, but rather the real men who have a strong sense of who they are and can feel emotion while still taking care of business. Whether you agree with Zach or not you always have confidence that he is a man who takes care of business. ;)

Jamie Luner last week reminded me of of Hannah and her scenes with Zach and then Josh. Don't get me wrong, Jamie Luner is not even a pale imitation of Hannah even though she's trying to work the same hair. Why does AMC get rid of all the hot, interesting characters? Because TPTB want the show dead and gone, that's why.

Terry in Toronto said...

There's now a Q&A from the creators of the Pratt Falls series.

Hilarity ensues

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Another great podcast. Believe me, you guys are much more positive about AMC right now than I could ever be. I agree with ya'll, Friday's episode was a definite nose dive. I know that Monday's episode had some good moments (Erica and Scott), but I don't watch this show for moments. I watch it because I am invested in the characters and I want to see them involved in good story lines, not just being used as plot devices. I am all for He needs to go!

Moving on, I am sorry to those who are fans of hers, but Jamie Lunar cannot act. Her breathy delivery of her lines are on the same level of Cameron Mathison's whisper yelling and teeth gritting. It is just annoying. Thank goodness she has not been on that much, but I know that her storyline is going to pick up and I am not looking forward to that. And also I have a feeling she thinks she is better than Susan Lucci or something. I can just tell that if I met her on the street she would be a Bitch (yes, with a capitol B.)

On to good actresses, Poor Jill Larson. I love her to death and she really does dig deep to pull this shit out of her mouth. All these visions and what she has to play is redick! I feel bad for her. All of her scenes make me wince with pain because I know that she doesn't deserve these shotty story lines. No one does really, but especially not Opal.

In my opinion, All My Children is the worst soap on television right now. (I don't watch ATWT or B&B, so I can't comment on those.) But seriously, this show is just painful to watch. I want to stop, but I can't. It's like a car accident, you want to look away, but you can't because it is somewhat entrancing. However, I still hold out hope that one day AMC will be great again, but with each day that this "head writer" Pratt wields his evil pen, that hope is slowly going away. WHO WOULD BRING BACK THE SATIN SLAYER?!?! I mean seriously, the Satin Slayer? WTF!


Mel Got Served said...

AMC, right now, is worse than when I watched Passions in the early years. At least there were couples to route for, humor (intentionally), and long, planned out storylines (sometimes too long, but it's better than the 3 day SLs we've got here).

I'm telling you, if it weren't for the PVP, I would've switched to another soap by now. I'd love to commit another 5 hours a week to OLTL, but I watch waaaaay too much TV as is (my schedule may rival Jordan's), and because I love this podcast, I continue to watch AMC so I know what's going on.

So ABC, Chuck Pratt, Brian Frons, and Julie Hanan Carruthers, I don't want AMC because I'm a loyal viewer anymore... I watch because I'm a loyal LISTENER to the Pine Valley Podcast.

Luis Merino said...


It currently features THREE, yes THREE, characters that are now DEAD:

One, who is now off the show indefinitely:

And a few that we haven't seen or heard from in AGES:
**Dre the Black Hole

Get with it AMC. Jeez. I kept on holding out thinking...

"Okay, when Myrtle's farewell episode airs, they'll update it."

That didn't happen.

"Okay, when Eden Riegel and Rebecca Buddig leave in February, they'll update it"


"Okay, when Eden comes back and her and Tamara leave for good, they'll update it."

Nope. It's been 6 months.

BELINDA said...

Just thought I'd throw up (pun intended) my new photo while listening to the 'cast! ;-)

Shadow said...

Terry in Toronto said: "I agree that Chrishell is no Dame Helen Mirren but she does have two of the most spectacular mamaries on daytime television. That made me smile.

Ty, I do wish Chrishelle well, but I hope ABC ponies up and talks her into staying. I have this fear they will recast the role with Bucktooth Bianca aka Bucktooth Boogerface with hair extensions because she will work basically for the cost of her braces.

Mel said: "I don't want AMC because I'm a loyal viewer anymore... I watch because I'm a loyal LISTENER to the Pine Valley Podcast." I can't quite say I'm not loyal, but I fast forward a lot. Having said that, the primary motivator is PVP. If it weren't for PVP I'd be a lot less of a faithfull viewer. I sped through it all this Sunday just so I would be aware enough to thoroughly enjoy the podcast this week. Otherwise, I would have skipped the week.

Bxgal said...

everyone who hates chuck pratt sign my petition!!!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Shadow: "I have this fear they will recast the role with Bucktooth Bianca aka Bucktooth Boogerface with hair extensions because she will work basically for the cost of her braces."
Hahaha that was too funny.

But I do agree with both you and Mel. I only still watch AMC just so I will know what Jordan and Ashley are talking about on the podcast. And like you said Shadow, I fast forward through a better part of the show. Mainly, I am just watching to get the jist of things.

SOAPFAN said...

Shadow, I don't think it's about the money, I think Crishell is kind of looking to advance her career. After years and years of being underused...with no end in sight, she is ready to bounce.

lol, MsCaseyShameless...I don't think they will hire a Buck Tooth Boogah Face this time out. I just hope they don't hire some actress that I hate...Like Erin Hershey Pressley. They should see what Alexis Manta(Original Amanda) is up to, and what she looks like. If she looks mature enough, and doesn't look like Blossom...maybe it could work?

I like Marissa/Mirabella. I think the actress Brittany Allen is a great actress. I also like how she plays the character as sweet on the outside, but you can see some real darkness behind the eyes(not to be confused with DEAD behind the eyes). With Marissa, you can see that the bitch inside is just merely covered up by the sweet facade.

I read spoilers that we may get to see her other side. Interesting to see if she takes after David more.

Kendall is a worse mom that Tupac and Biggie Smalls' mothers. She leaves her kids with a shapeshifting Nanny(I still like the old hot Rachel better) to go slut it up with Ryanderthal. Everytime she goes and fills up, her kids get sick...she should pay attention!Janet was a better mom to Amanda.

I hope All My Children survives, if for no other reason than to have the Pine Valley Podcast. I have really come to love Ashley and Jordan's work on here, I will have serious withdrawal if they stop the podcast. If AMC tanks, I hope they continue podcasting about OLTL...I will make the switch just to have Ash and Jordan around!

Shadow said...

Ty said, "if she doesn't look like Blossom". Ok, that's funny. It's true and it's awful, but it's hilarious. That's one way Frons could kill the genre. Recast the roles with ugly people. Suddenly BTB takes over for Eden. Mayim whatever Blossom assumes the role of Amanda. Gilber Gottfried and Jon Lovitz takeover the roles of Ryan and Aidumb, respectively.


Can't say I loved all this, but it's a talented group. I want togag when Kara speaks. She's way too earnest. Talk about somebody trying too hard. And her hair was a don't.

I'm 43. I have 4 kids. I have no idea who Stash is. He has no upper lip.

ADAM: If I looked away, he sounded Ok. If I looked at the TV I became panicked that I would turnto stone looking into his snarling face and manscara. He is like somebody who performs in a small dark club where people do bad things. Then, when he finished, he always purses his lips like a beauty queen.

ALLISON: I liked it. It had a melody. She looked good. It wasn't like Adam's glam rock. I like her.

KRIS: How shitty to have to perform after the duet! The duet where Simon just said you sucked! Unfair! I thought it was quite pleasant actually. If someone told me I had to buy one of these 4 records or die, I would choose this one.

GOKEY CHOKEY: I think I saw phlegm oozing out of the speakers! Dude, ever gargle? His whole performance became irrelevant with that last gurgling, shrill note. Honestly, who didn't see that coming? Buh bye.

THE DUETS: Kris and Danny. Not bad but I don't even remember what they sang. Adam and Allison were great: contrary to Simon's amnalysis, I think she made him better. He was way less oogie and much more accessible. She rocked it. Gotta like the underdog.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

OMG, Lil' Kim just got the boot on Dancing with the Stars! I'm so bummed. I wanted her to go all the way!

Any other fans of the show surprised by this?

jordan hudson said...

Wow two days in a row. I thought today had some old school amc moments. I loved the JR and Scott scenes. At least now they have a reason to be at odds. Thou JR saying Kendall is a dear old friend of mine....yeah after all you did to her and binks spare me Mary.

I loved Adam twisting the knife in Kwak. See that's AMC. I also loved the later scene with Jessie and Angie.

Thank you Adam Mayfield and Mirabella for being a ray of hope.

Laura said...

Loved the podcast, made the ride from Dubuque, IA to Chicago so much more bearable. I am naming Jamie Lunar's character Lizative, because of the Laxative effect she has on Ashley. I am loving the hating of Chuck Pratt.

Shadow said...

One more Idol thought: When Adam said enthusiastically, "She's like my little sister!", I would have loved it if she had exclaimed, "And he's just like my gay big brother!" Not that there's anything wrong with that.

Anonymous said...


NEW YORK, NY- In an innovative writing experiment on ABC's long-running daytime drama "All My Children", the last roughly three to four years of writing has been revealed to be a social experiment in viewer loyalty and response.
The writing team has been deliberately steering the storylines and characters
into the most improbable and unpalatable events and circumstances, in order
to gage the reaction and level of response of the shows loyal fan base. It hasnow been revealed that since around the time the Maddens came to town, there
has been a shadow writing team writing a parallel storyline that will reset in that period sometime after May sweeps. Longtime fans will see veteran Cady McClain
return as Dixie, and although the Maddens will still exist, Josh will NOT be Erica's unabortion, preserving the history of the shows landmark 1970's abortion storyline, and Dr. Madden will not have been murdered by beloved character Tad Martin.
The network was going to wait until after May sweeps to announce the changes, butre alized that since this experiment required the writing to deliberately become progressivelywo rse and unbelieveable, they knew their very savvy fan base would either catch on soon or give up on their shows altogether.
Said ABC Daytime honcho Brian Frons, "The rest of the storyline changes are being kept
under wraps, with strict instructions for no press leaks, in order to preserve the old-fashioned mystery that we know our viewers miss. We're sorry for any grief this experiment caused
our viewers, but please rest assured that this proved to us the worth of our viewers and what their
opinions truly mean to us. This new found knowledge and renewed respect for our viewers will
begin to make itself known in our entire daytime lineup in the weeks and months to come."


The preceding article is merely the fervent pipe dream of the writer, Cathy in Las Vegas.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and my vote for the actors award name is the Rumplestilskin Award. These folks trult spin straw into gold.

Cathy in Las Vegas

Anonymous said...

Does anyone else think Stacy looks like a monkey?

She is very odd looking. That weire nose, thin lips and that HUGE forehead! She gives FIVEHEAD a run for her money!

Oh god, Christian throwing paint. They get rid of Lola and Ray...and keep this idiot?


Anonymous said...

Tuesday's AMC:

Crystal - if you are putting the envelope in the fire, is it really necessary to light it with a match first?



Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Shadow,

You don't need to watch AMC to keep up with the PVP. I haven't watched more than 5 minutes of AMC in the last year and since I switched to OLTL I've been getting week after week of enjoyment without the pain and depression that AMC inspires. Ashley and Jordan are so adept at their recaps that I know I can count on them to watch so I don't have to. These selfless good samaritans are sanity savers in my life.

Nice parallel universe Cathy in Las Vegas. If only it were true.

Crystal said...

Really? Should they let little A have money for his piggy bank? Doesn't he eat anything that isn't nailed down? LOL

What did they do to Mirabella's hair?

So she is the twin. I thought maybe they were trying to throw us off. I guess I shouldn't give them that much credit for trying to be clever. Though, I suppose she could have a different father since they are fraternal twins.

Bxgal said...

sign my petition!!!

Tricia said...

ok I am sorry but Randy's performance as frankie's wife is unbearbably bad. It's discusting that she still has a job. If that was my husband the overwhelming emotion would show. Randy just has the stone cold statue approach apparantly. horrible. sorry just had to vent.

D-Money said...

BXgal...I'll be signing your petition today!

I LOVE Opal! That woman is a riot! On today's AMC: Opal to Jake..."If dumb were dirt, you'd cover about a half an acre."

Does that sound like she might have been talking about someone we all know and despise?


jordan hudson said...

Okay night time shows. Does anyone watch Private Practice. I have to say I endure this show because I love Kate Walsh and the Character of Addison but I hate P.P.. I almost dropped it last season but then Coop got involved with Charloete and they brought on a police officer for Addison so I hung in there. The show this season had some moment few and far between. Yet the last two epsiodes of the seaosn left me feeling like I was watching Melrose Place or AMC. I felt like I missed some epsiodes and the storyline just got so outrageous. I just can't believe this show got picked up but DSM, Pushing Dasies and Men in Trees got the Axe! Bring Addison back to Grey's.

NBc announced, kind of, their new Fall schedule, and the new shows they picked up. Still can't believe no diversity in casting. In some ways we have come along way and yet have so far to go. ABC still is the network that truly is maiking the attempt to reflect the world and when a person of race,religion or sexual orientation is on it's never as a token they are part of the over all storylines. So thank you ABC.

Can't wait for Lost tonight. The show still has it for me.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, I LOVE Lost. It's by far my favorite show.

Let's hope NBC is smart enough to save Chuck.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Addison is my girl! I have tried to watch Private Practice, but I just can't get invested in that show. I miss Kate Walsh on Grey's and I think that the show has suffered since her departure. Her and the rest of the Grey's cast had such a great dynamic, I miss the old days.

jordan hudson said...

MS.Casey Im so there with you. When addison came back to Greys both times you could just see the chemistry with her and everyone on Grey's. The problem with P.P. is casting. The young boy may have abs of steel but he is boring. Never liked Amy brenneman whatever. Taye Diggs only liked him on Kevin Hill. I usually love Tim Daly but this role is so blah. The show was rush and the characters are all either one dimensional or forced. I started to like Charollete and Coop when they hooked up because it was real. And as nice as Audra is she is no Merrin Dungay who was the orginal Naomi and should have stayed Naomi.

Grey's this season started off great but did not like Hahn's dismissal. The young doctors, Melissa George and Denny's ghost...OMG put me out of my misery but the last few epsiodes have been back on track.

Mel I have never seen Chuck. My sister is a huge fan. She is also trying to get me to start Supernatural. I will say a prayer for Chuck because I know what is a like when your favorite show gets the axe before it's time but crap like Full House stays on for 12 seasons.

Mel Im so there with you on Lost. I have never once been dissapointed with this show. The creativity, writing performances it's like watching a freaking epic movie every week with the lush cinematography and the musical score. I'm going to be such a mess when Sun and Jin reunite. Dominic was on The soup last week he was so funny tryign to promote Wolverine but Joel and the cast were all about LOST!

Melissa said...

Jordan, thank you for getting me into Better Off Ted!!! I live for that show! I'm also agreeing with you about Stacy on OLTL. Her character is such a hoot, and the worse she gets, the more fun the big reveal will be. I also give you full credit for getting me into that show too. Love love love it!

Okay, does anybody else think that nurse Gail looks like the bride of Chuckie? When she was at the bar today at the yacht club, she turned her head and there it was! Dead ringer!

Anonymous said...

Hey, Ashley and Jordan, do y'all read Sara Bibel commentary about the Brian Frons interfering with the ABC soaps, she said let the writers and execs do their jobs and butt out. I was glad she said it and is speaking to the fans that is not happy with the state of the industry and it won't be heard, but I glad that she said it and it needs to be said.

Mel Got Served said...

I saw him on the Soup too! So funny. Lost is just so well written, so emotional, so captivating. I've never once been frustrated with pace, lack of answers, etc. because it's about CHARACTERS.

Hear that Pratt, CHARACTERS are what we watch for. Well-developed, interesting characters.

I highly recommend Chuck- it's an action comedy with some romance tossed it. You'd love it, Jordan.

LOVE Better of Ted- it's the new Arrested Development, IMO.

Shadow said...

LOST is the Best!

Michael said...

Jordan’s idea of branching into other commentaries was brilliant. I have been watching AMC on and off for as long as I can recall. It is not in its prime, but I probably like it more than you guys like it right now. It matters little if I agree or disagree with your opinions (I generally agree) but the podcast is fantastic fun no matter what you talk about. Your personalities would shine in any format. I would not be surprised to see you both hosting a “reality show” roundup one day, and it will be off the charts great.

BTW, is offering updates on what’s been happening in Bay City the last ten years. It is a sort of boring format, but I loved AW and heard Jordan say he did as well.

Keep up the great work, and thank you for the incredibly funny, free entertainment.


Bxgal said...

Jordan... your sister is right! you have to start watching Supernatural....

and sign my petition!!

anyways, the chemistry between Jensen Ackles and Jared Padeleki is so natural. they actually seem like brothers.

and I love Lost! i'm watching it right now, and i love how everything is starting to come together.

i also survived AMC without falling asleep!!! i just hated Randi's performance. c'mon! your husband was injured in war!! angie was actually crying. i feel like debbie and darnell make fun of her on set cuz she actually SUCKS!

jason said...

All my Children has been some what good this week. I like Marabella and Scott too. They're both breathes of fresh air. I'm finding the whole Kendall and Zach ian s/l dull so I've been fast fwd. Same with the return of the Satin Slayer, I'm boycotting that s/l. haha.

On to OLTL, Did anyone else notice on Tuesday show that the dna guy Kyle was checking out Mr. J? So i guess the rumor about Kyle being gay is true. I read somewhere that Kyle's last name is lewis and that probably means he is related to Rebbecca. Interesting!

jordan hudson said...

lmao lmao im crying oh the pain from lauhging so hard crazy daisy Bride of Chucky lmao lmao lmao lmao OMG

Okay. whew. Just saw Better off Ted season finale Portia rules and I even like the other Blond who could not stand on Joey. See what can happen when actor has great writing.

Going to go watch Scrubs and Lost now.

Michael, I loved Another World. My top favorite soaps of all time are AW, AMC, EON and SB and that is Santa Barbara not Sunset beach.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Wait a second... the most recent episode of Better Off Ted was the season finale? That is such a bummer! I really love that show. All the characters are perfect. Portia is a dream, she plays a stone cold bitch like no one I have seen before. She is a true talent. And I totally agree Jordan, that girl from 'Joey' was so annoying on that show, but is hysterical on BOT. Has ABC announced if it is being picked up for another season or not?

Shadow said...

Idol Worship...

Kris is safe. Yeah. Next week we'll see him at home with a nice hometown gathering.

Adam is safe. They should have made him sweat it out. He said his favorite part of last night was "his outfit". Tonight he wore skinny pants. The boa was too much I guess. Next week we'll see him at his hometown rally. Bet there's gonna be nekkid people there!

Gokey lives another week to pay homage to his dead wife in Next week's homecoming parade. I can see it now: gokey in a float holding an urn and singing "My Heart Will Go On". Can't wait!

Allison's gone. I'm genuinely sad to see one leave for the first time this season. I actually care. I think she was really a sweet girl with talent. I wish her well.

And they sure are pimping Paula these days. I really wanted to come up with some witty comment abiutvher lip synch performance, but I gotta give the old girl props for putting it all out there tonight. It was as entertaining as No Doubt. Daughtey didn't sound great.

D-Money said...

I've gotta agree with you Shadow...I was sad to see Allison go. That girl has some pipes. I'm sure she'll do good though. Honestly, I wanted to see Adam go. I'm SO tired of hearing him screech every week. It's like nails on a chalkboard for me.

And I also have to agree about Daughtry. I had a huge crush on him when he was on the show and have enjoyed his music but I didn't think he sounded that good tonight.

So, I feel kind of left out of the nighttime show discussion. :) I don't watch any of the shows y'all have been talking about. Probably because I watch so much reality TV. Anyone watch Lie to Me or Criminal Minds? Those are 2 of my current (non-reality) favs.

Chloe said...

Episode 8 of Pratt Falls has just been released!

Also, if you have a Twitter account, you can now follow Pratt Falls!

Mel Got Served said...

D-Money, I watch a ton of reality. I recently started a blog and talked about reality shows on Wednesdays and Fridays- check it out if you'd like www.melgotserved.comLost was insane last night- it's leading to a huge finale, I can tell. John Locke is just so bossy!

Haven't watched the Scrubs finale as I ran out of time, and am waiting for a time to fight back the tears. The "breakup" of JD and Turk will be devastating.

I don't know about you guys, but I think Gokey has a fanbase like no other (well like one other: Taylor Hicks) and he's going to win this show- ZZZZZZ.

Terry in Toronto said...

Jordan I have to disagree with you about Crystal Hunt as Stacy. She is phoning it in and is more one-dimensional than a cardboard cutout. It was so obvious in her scenes yesterday with the kid who plays Shane that he was giving it his all and she was just repeating lines. Now Farrah Fath who plays her sister Gigi is not much better but at least we don't see her onscreen day after day like we do Stacy. This character could be interesting with all the pies that she supposedly has her fingers in but I'm sorry to say that Crystal Hunt just looks bored shuffling around in her chanclettas and underwear.

Jason, I don't think that Kyle was looking at Schuyler because he's into him but because he was wondering why that guy was hanging around the lab. I just took it that Kyle was suspicious and considering all the nefarious stuff he's up to he wants to make sure that no one is on to him. It would be interesting if he was gay and interested in Schuyler who's straight and just not that into him. What are the odds that Frons would approve that storyline?

And I have to say that Brody with his shirt off makes up for all the disappointment of the Morasco fiasco. I am so rooting for him and Jess. They have so much chemistry together both physically and emotionally. Brody Lovette Yum Yum Yum!

Shadow said...

By the way Ashley--I love the classic Warner Bros cartoons too. It's always a treat to hear their voices and your references to them. When I was a kid, I watched AMC at noon and Bugs Bunny/Merry Melodies at 12:30pm. "What's up doc? What's cooking? What's up doc? Are you looking...for Bugs Bunny bunting, Bugs has gone a hunting..."

D-Money said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
D-Money said...

Oh Mel...we definitely have a lot in common. I just checked out your blog and watch nearly all of the shows you wrote about. Here are my random thought/musings:

Amazing Race - my husband is boycotting AR now that the short stunt guys are gone. He was really rooting for them. At this point, I don't care who wins as long as it isn't the deaf guy and his mom. It just seem like he thinks he can be mean to other teams but if someone is mean to him, it's because he's deaf.

I Love Money - Why oh why can't The Entertainer win for a change so he can get out of his parents' basement? I wish It would have surprised everyone and won. That would have been too funny.

Dancing with the Stars - My husband says he has a man crush on Gilles. But who can blame him? :) I love Ty's personality but based on dancing ability, he definitely should have gone home before Lil Kim. And is it just me, or does Lil Kim look like Latoya Jackson?

Celebrity Apprentice - I'm SO rooting for Annie Duke for several reasons. 1. My husband is a poker player, too, and they're not trash. 2. Joan Rivers has been such a hag on this show. I liked her before but not anymore. 3. I respect any woman that can succeed in a male dominated field like Annie does.

Survivor - Coach annoys me to no end and I wish he would leave so I don't have to look at him every week. I agree that JT will probably win and that works for me. I like him.

Tough Love - I watched a few episodes here and there. I wish Jody's relationship would have worked out for her. They seemed like a good match. I read somewhere that the next season will have men in the house. That sounds like it's going to be Tool Academy with a matchmaker.

Have you ever seen Mantracker? It's on the Discovery Science channel. A cowboy (Mantracker) and his partner (different each episode) track prey through the Canadian wilderness on horseback. The twist is that the prey are 2 people. I just started watching it recently and I'm totally hooked. Besides, Mantracker is HOTTT! :)

Thank you Mel for making me feel better that I'm a total reality TV junkie! :)

jordan hudson said...

I'm crying as I write this. Just finished seeing what could be the last episode of Scrubs. If it is, it went out like the class act that it was.

You have to understand why Scrubs means so much to me. Scrubs started on NBC in October of 2001. A month after 9/11. As someone who lived in NYC during that day and it's most, my life was changed forever. I was just going through the motions after what had happened. My favorite T.V. columnist David B. had given the show a great review. I almost did not tune in. I was so glad I did. Because for the first time since that day. I laughed and for that 30 minutes, I was able to just stop thinking about what this country, this city had just experienced and I was able to laugh. For eight years Bill Lawrence's little show has made me laugh and cry. The humor is not everyone's cup of tea but is sure is mine. Witty, touching and never afraid to go there. A talented ensemble and supporting players. A cast that is diverse. Thank you ABC for giving this show the chance to do a proper send off, for treating it with more respect in this one year you then the 7 years that NBC owned it. To Bill Lawrence for what had to be one of the top goodbye epsiodes of show. To the gang at Sacred Heart you will be missed but never forgotten.

Mel Got Served said...

Jordan, should I have tissues ready for Scrubs? I cried at the end of the penultimate episode where Turk called JT and canceled their night together. I love that Scrubs combines the outlandish comedy of JD's fantasies and antics with the seriousness and drama of a hospital. And it's one of the best ensemble casts on TV- not one unfunny person.

D-Money, so glad I have another reality junkie! And one who watches ALL the shows I watch! There's even more shows I do watch but just don't report on. Make sure you stop by the blog often so we can chat about the shows. The Project Runway ripoff starts tonight, so I'll have to try that one out. And Lil Kim DOES look like Latoya- so spot on!

jordan hudson said...

Mel....I cried rivers through the entire episode Mr. Lawrence wrote and directed it. With like I said an ending that was so Scrubs!!! I had to stop an reflect. Could not watch Lost. Needed to just bask in the finale of Scrubs. If ABC does not pick it up ( I think the show could go on) at least it went out the way it should. NBC did not give them enough notice so they could do a proper send off. Thank God ABC realize how great this show is.

Casey the networks announce there schedule toward the end of this month. ABC would be crazy not to pick up Better off Ted. Critics love it and I can't remember the last time ABC had a comedy of this qulity on there network. Dare I say Roseanne unless I'm forgetting about somethign ABC usually went for that TGIF Family Matters/Lopez/Full House stuff. Not what I like in a comdey.

I will be at the GL rally. We really need to do something similar for AMC.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I hope they pick it up. It would be a shame if they didn't allow BOT to grow and find it's audience because like you said, it's a high quality show. In my opinion, it is right on par with 30 Rock and way better than that other NBC "comedy" Parks and Recreations. (I love Amy Poehler, but I think P&R is wildly UN-funny.)

D-Money said...

Hi Mel, I bookmarked your blog and will be stopping by regularly so we can discuss.

So, here are a few thoughts from today's AMC:

The dress Erica has been wearing for the past couple of days is such a flattering color for her. She looks so good that she makes me sick!

I love Jake and Amanda together! I liked them from the beginning and was ticked off when they put Jake and Taylor together (zero chemistry in my opinion). Jake and Amanda are just fun and them watching the Spanish soaps is hilarious. I used to watch them with a Spanish speaking friend of mine even though I didn't understand a word. I loved them though!

Why does every one in Pine Valley choose to spill their deepest, darkest secrets in the most public places? The guys did that at the party when they were discussing the real father of Amanda's baby and now Krystal chooses to tell Tad the true story of Marissa at the Yacht club. Doesn't it ever occur to them that someone might overhear the conversation? Especially Marissa who is walking around there working. Stupid, just stupid.

WMD said...

Hahahaha. I've been on vacation for the past week, so I had to catch up on the previous two podcasts on the airplane yesterday. Partway through, I had to change to Notes mode (it's an iPod Touch) and tap in "lash out at Jordan Hudson for trying to imagine what I'd say...incorrectly." (I also spilled Coke on it due to air turbulence, but it's only dirty, not broken. But I digress.)

Ok, so maybe "lash out" is a bit harsh, after all, I love Jordan and Ashley as much as they love us. But Jordan... Zach + Jamie Luner = Todd + Teá? I'm not THAT crazy, my friend. I do have something to say about that, which I didn't bother with when it happened, but I figure I will now. Equating it to the Zach and J-Lu story is NOT what I had in mind.

Your own counter-arguments worked for me. Todd and Teá were married, they have plenty of history, and Teá was in a dilemma of still being attracted to Todd, to her dismay. So when all that happened, it made sense, even though I wasn't crazy about the idea. But at least it made sense! Jamie Luner walks in from Melrose Place and does Zach right on the blackjack table...well, that made no sense at all. You can't be for it or against it, because there's nothing there. It was a random act with no context. And that, sir, is why WMD does NOT think that the two couples are alike.

As for why I didn't like Todd and Teá's actions a few weeks was all about sex to gain the upper hand, and with Todd Manning, things like that are not funny. Both of them were wrong. I will, however, let it slide, because the two of them are INCREDIBLY HOT together! I used to always say that Todd really belonged with Blair and nobody else, but the past month has me reconsidering - which, considering that the TSJ-Todd hadn't been with Teá until now, is amazing.

On another response to Ashley's scream that went out to me...thank you. <3

katya said...

So if KWAK auctioned off Babe's twin, shouldn't we be calling her eBabe?

Mel Got Served said...

eBabe!!! ROFLMAO!!!! Please, that has to be Marissa's nickname. Perfect!

Melissa said...

Please, please, please let Marissa be David's saving grace! If only he'd become a little more human, I'd be able to stomach his bad side. If TPTB screws this up, they've pretty much lost that character for good.

BTW, has anyone else noticed that Dr. Bender gets paged constantly? He must be behind a curtain with Randie.

Anonymous said...

Criazy Daisy, ITA about the Marissa/David connection. I hope she humanizes him.

I like Marissa a lot. I think she's humanizing Bobbie Eakes and her God-awful storyline.

So sad that, like Jordan, I can't get totally behind Jamanda. The "whore" comment is hard to forget.

Bring back Zendall for real!!!

Becky :)

Bxgal said...

As you watch AMC... remember to sign my NEW petition!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thought you might be interested in this interview with the former Melrose Place star Jamie Lunar.

She's drinking her own kool-aid


Unknown said...

I'm new to the blog and I wanted to let you know that you two crack me up every week!!! I heard the two of you on the Daytime Confidential podcast and you cracked me up so much I thought I'd come check out your site. I listened to one podcast and I was hooked! I've stopped watching the show regularly, but with the two of you and your in depth recaps, I don't have to, thank goodness!

I only started watching AMC when RPG came on because I loved him so much on GL (that is until that ruined his character). Anyway, I thought maybe I'd better educate myself a little on the show so I checked out some clips on youtube for a little history lesson and became an instant Leo and Greenlee fan. I was so disappointed they never explored Greenlee and Jake because like the two of you, I think that would have been so hot. He's the only character who ever could have come remotely close to what she had with Leo. I was so excited when they brought on Beth Ehlers, but I agree with you two that they never should have tried catch lightning in a bottle twice with her and RPG.

Anyway, thank you for all that you do every week! I know that it's hard to stay awake during the show, but please keep going because I rely on your recaps! I must admit Jordan that your hatred for Nurse Gayle made me laugh so hard I had to check out the show one day just see who/what you were talking about and I completely agree with the above poster that she is the Bride of Chucky!!!! So scary! I got one look at her and had to turn the channel.

Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!!


Erica Kane said...

Hey guys just got home from the premiere of Star Trek (the new movie) IT WAS AWESOME!!!!!!! I took a friend who has not ever seen any Trek and she loved it!! There is something for everyone in this movie!! Give it a whirl you wont be disappointed!!

Crystal said...

Courtney, that interview was sickening. It wasn't so bad until she mentioned Pratthole. I couldn't finish watching it after she started talking about hitting Erica.

Katya, eBabe, that's a good one!

Norn Cutson said...


jordan hudson said...

NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!! I was going to say "at least GL will go out in a blaze of glory". Yet after watching this week's episodes I say "NO ITS NOT FAIR". We have to keep the light on. A show does not deserve to be canceled when it turns itself around and gives the fans exactly what we want. GREAT HERA GIVE ME STRENGTH!

Shadow said...

I watched a little AMC last night. I think it was Monday or Tuesday's epidsode. What's with all the close-ups of Marissa's head and butt-shots. Seems like they really like to zoom on her head and ass. At the Yacht Club, I kept getting just one her butt cheek's on the screen with other people in the background. I swear this show is mechanically so wierd sometimes. Maybe my TV was on zoom or something or just the part I watched. Who films one butt cheek? Did any one else notice that?

Check out this story about AMC in Advertising Age:

tgable08 said...

Jordan I couldn't agree more about GL! There is soooo much going on with this show that deserves praise.
-James Spaulding(That guy is sex on a stick!...there's something about him that I just cant put my finger on
-Phillip and Beth
-Bizzie(just cuteness)
-and of course OTALIA!(I dunno why but I LOVE them)

On to AMC, I feel crazy sayin this but I actually enjoyed AMC this week and I actually found OLTL to be atrocious this week with the exception of Friday!(This has to be one of craziest turn of events considered OLTL has always MY show and AMC has been watched by default.

Bxgal said...


its very easy to make an account!!!


Bxgal said...


FIRE CHUCK PRATT - Start A Petition Today

Anonymous said...

Jordan - you touched on it a little on this week's podcase, but can you explain a little more about this Rebecca woman and how she fits in with Powell and the rape case? I didn't watch back then and feel like I am missing something.


Anonymous said...

Crystal, I found that interview to be sickening as well. First of all, she is not making history by slapping Erica Kane...Brooke already did that. Secondly, she gives the vibe that she is not comfortable playing a mother (and it shows), yet I thought her goal was to reconnect with Colby? What happened to that? The real Liza was all about Colby.

Why would Pratt fill her head with this nonsense? Why would they hire someone to play a mother that is obviously not comfortable with it? And why did she go for the role? I just don't get it?


Unknown said...

Ashley, Jordan you 2 are hilarious and its a joy to listen to your podcast every week. The nicknames you have given the characters and TPTB..... they fit like a glove.

I just wanted to tell you that I posted the "Fire Pratt" link at a MB Im apart of and told them to pass it on. Hopefully we can rid AMC of Pratt.

I also think we have to look at the pattern here. We've had 3 HW in less than 4 years. Yet we still have CRAPuthers and Frons. There is the problem, IMO. Until those 2 go (starting w/ Frons), AMC can get 100 HWs and it won't make a damn difference.

Unknown said...

In this terrble economic times I don't wish unemployment on anyone BUT I have to say........... JL has go to go. She is not Liza and what pisses me off is that she could give a crap about the history of the character she'd taking over.
Her interview further pissed me off. She's not making history by smacking Erica b/c boo boo its been done already.
Also JL doesn't seem the least bit interested in playing a mother. Yet Pratt & Co. made of point to say Liza comes back to reconnect w/ who? HER DAUGHTER!!!!!!!!!
Not that Im looking forward to COLDby (Great Nickname) and SLiza (Slutty + Liza = SLiza)

Anonymous said...

All this hype about Jamie Lunar...and she has barely been on. Yes, that is a blessing as we all agree she is NOT Liza....but why all the hype when she's only been on twice? Lame.

Speaking of bad casting - that damn Justin and Becca on OLTL. I just want to go thru the screen and slap them. And, have Becca's boobs gotten bigger? A girl that looks like that as a freshman in high school would NOT be going out with a little runt like Justin. She's had someone like Cole trying to tap that...

I DIED LAUGHING when Jack walked in when Tea had her purple jacket open and Todd just laughed. HILARIOUS!!!!


Anonymous said...

Just read Eden Regal will be running the 1/2 marathon in Disneyland....I was toying with the idea of running that one, but now I WILL!!

Maybe I can catch her around mile 9and we can discuss what a douche bag Pratthole is.


brtedi said...

After hearing the 5/1/09 pod cast I have a few comments:

Honestly, I think, all of the Reese and Bianca scenes had to be completed in one day. That’s why Tamara Braun was stuck in that tan, ruffled, blouse.

One reason I think Alexander Cambias, Sr. had his arms belted down was to make him seem more threatening. And, I also think, the writers wanted us to remember that ACS was classified as quadriplegic (His arms and legs were paralyzed and he had no control of his movements.—Thus his arms would supposedly flop to his sides, unless they were secured…Bah! Plain and simple—it was a bad idea.)

I like Mirabella/Marissa. At first I thought she was going to be a goody two shoes, as she was in the first scene with Scott Chandler. But, when she spoke of being a lawyer, the character had more of an edge, imho. Considering Mirabella is an ‘eBay baby’, Krystal treats her very poorly. You’d think, she’d treat her daughter better, if for no other reason than guilt! Krystal’s insecurities should have more to do with David’s sneaky, philandering ways, which have nothing to do with Marissa.

As per your discussion of Alexa Havens, as an actress, I have a tremendous amount of respect for her. In contrast, “Babe” wasn’t always the sharpest crayon in the box.LOL! That said, I loved watching the actresss in the role. This was Especially true after she made a guest a appearance on “I Wanna Be A Soapstar”. She coached Alex Musser (“Del Henry") in his final scenes, helping him to win the contract for AMC. Alexa Havens was wonderful on AMC!

As for OLTL, next week, I think Matthew will probablt have the opportunity to dance with Destiny. to the dance...I know, he's in a wheelchair, but there's nothin' wrong with grovin' with what you got! :-)

And besides, we all know those ignorant little weasles are going to give both Destiny and Matthew a bad time no matter what they do. So, wouldn't it be more benefitial if Destiney and Matthew stood up for themselves (figuratively speaking) and show those others just how they have risen above petty, ignorant comments?

On to Brody and Jess--Yay! One of the best things, imho, a well written soap can do is set up a senario in which the key couple has to work together in order to combat a common problem--in this case they have to jointly move around the objections of Natalie & Jared...I loved the moment where Brody was attempting to explain 'his intentions' for Jess to Vicky-ROTF!

On to GL:

Shanyne is trying to be noble. But, that expression on his face as he looked in the mirror betrays his true feelings. Down deep he wants to raise Henry. Bravo Jeff Branson & Gina Tognoni!


Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for the heads up Erica Kane on Star Trek. I'm going to see it today. Can't wait!

OLTL is wrapping up the kAD killer and I'm glad. It was a bit formulaic the way it's ending but I love that Jack is the one left to save the day. .... I hope he saves the day.

SportsLove said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Elisa said...

Until Ashley and Louie2K get the "Fire Chuck Pratt" url going, you can sign this petition -

Let's get him off AMC!

imaginethis said...

Ashley, Jordan to show how much I love your astute commentary I just tried to get a google acct 4 TIMES because I could not get the word verification right and I FINALLY got it right and it told me I all ready had an account! LOL Anyway just wanted to say I love the job you do "you watch so I don't have to" because I don't think I could right now. You two are very brave!

Shadow said...


Sometimes, I just gotta get that out of my system.

Bxgal said...

thank you Elise for promoting my petition!!!!


Elyse in Toronto said...

Wow, Eden Riegel sent me a tweet!
I asked her about Pratt falls and she said "edenriegel: @ElyseV Episode 8 = awesome. Portia and Ellen are freaking brilliant!"
Cannot believe it, So Awesome! It is up there with a shout out from Jordash!

Happy Mother's Day to all!

Elyse in Toronto said...

You are very welcome Bx Gal

Anonymous said...

Thanks Jordan, I was in silent denial that AMC wasn't that bad that I couldn't watch it. You turned me on to GL and now AMC is unbearable. Stop the madness... Fire Pratt!!!
PS. I see the next couple coming upon us via GL style. Dead behind the eyes and Natalia.

Anonymous said...

I too LOVE the Jess Brody storyline. Think about it. Think about what you love about OLTL, Jess/Brody, Starr/Cole, Todd/Tia. They all are about LOVE!!!! When will these writers get back to the basics and give us viewers what we want? LOVE in the afternoon damnit!!!!
We've got NO love on AMC and I can't stand to watch.
David/Crystal thier love is contrived and based on grief and is not the true love that makes me believe it. I get glimmers of friend love with Adam/Erika, it's nice to see. The Ryan/Kendall/Zack is UGH. No love there. Jake and Amanda, kinda hard to get past the past with these two. Even tho the actors are doing thier damnest to make it happen, I still don't feel it.
Think about it, when you have all of your main male characters in screwed up or no relationships, people aren't going to be happy. This show sucks now, I can't imagine what it would be like to actually have to work on this show now. Wouldn't you love an actor on this show to say, "I can't wait to read the script to see what's next?" I am sure they say that on GL these days. Not so much here on AMC. Makes me sad... and angry. I love this show and have invested 25+ years in it to see these writers today destroy my main characters the way they have is being disrespectful to me and the rest of us loyal fans. Don't get me wrong, along the way there have been so many stories that have never lived up or were less than spectacular. Now it's like they are writing a science fiction movie, and I know none of the players. I hate it and I want my AMC back.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh no Redblaze18! haha Don't give Pratt ideas. That would be the most horrible thing if they ever did that, especially with those two.. Dead behind the eyes is unbearable and Natalia thinks she can act which is even more sad lol... What would those two even be called? Ratty? haha

Mel Got Served said...

I've been saying I see them pairing Rancid and Not-talentia too.

Shadow said...

BXgal: i signed the petition.


PecanSandi said...

I HATE NotLiza. That is the WORST recast on AMC!
WHY is Ryass getting so much airtime??

jordan hudson said...

Okay All My Kids. Sadly there will be no new podcast this week. Ashley is in need of some R&R, so we will be off and she will post an oldy but goody.

With that said I will have to entertain you on the blog.

This week I was able to watch AMC and enjoy many moments. Yet I know it's the calm before the storm. I will say it again what is coming down the road I'm not in favor of at all.

I digress...... I was telling Ash what is sad, is that so many of the couples could have worked if only Pratt would have held back on the theatrics and go for some real storytelling.

If KWAK and David had over time been drawn together in their mutual grief instead of him drugging her. Something which is still being over looked. If only Jake had never called Amanda a whore, after he dumped he.

I could have been invested in these two couples. As of now the only thing I can get behind is the JR/EBABE/Beeker traingle.
More later.

SOAPFAN said...

Anybody wanna take a trip down memory lane? Check this out. I almost cried when I heard the music.

Unknown said...

Jordan...even though you two aren't doing a podcast this week, next week can you PLEASE ask Ashley to do an impression of the Erica/Nurse Gayle/Adam exchanges from this week? They were priceless and I wanted to hear what you two would have to say about them!

Lines of the week:

Erica to Nurse Gayle: "Go make us some tea."
Adam to Nurse Gayle: "Woman, you are hired help."

mcfutch said...

"I DUTCH OVEN YOU, NURSE GAIL!" is my favorite line of the week! p.s. You owe me a box of Depends, Ashley. Thanks. Thanks a lot.

Shadow said...

Hey, everybody needs a break now and then. When it comes to PVP, all the oldies are goodies! Get some rest Ash!

Ty, it's amazing how much emotion that the old theme song evokes. And those were great pictures. I love the shots of Natalie. I used to have the biggest crush on Kate Collins back in those days. I thought she was gorgeous. I got nothing but love for Ellen and Ross, Myra and Sloan, Julie, and Matt Connely. And that picture of Phil and Tara's wedding? Pictures of Kate "Gran" Martin! The Real Ruth Martin! Nick Davis! Paul Martin! I think I see Ann in there. I don't have my cheaters on to identify everyone, but man I miss those AMC days. How I wish we had a writer who could tell stories like those...


jordan hudson said...


I'm glad you brought that up. The exchange with Erica & Nurse Gail and Adam and Nurse Gail were old school AMC. As was La Lucci talking to Mona. I have to say there was so much that I liked this knew there was a but coming.

It's hard to just ignore what's wrong. See OLTL is not perfect but the difference is that when little holes pop up you can ignore them because your so caught up in the story. For example what Dtox center is Cole in, that he can come and go as he please. Especially when he was mandated by the court. You ignore that because it is more powerful for Starr to help him through it.

On AMC I so buy that Adam would risk little Ian for the all mighty dollar and to save Chandler enterprises. What I don't buy is that he would ever agree to David spending even a nano second with Little A. That move was made so Pratthole would have a reason to add JR to the list of supspects. Once again sacrificing character for plot.

Then there is Jalu and the most stupidest way that she is going to be involved in every storyline. You all hated how Stacy at OLTL had her finger in every pie wait to see you see how Pratthole is worming JALU in. Ayi Caramba! It gives me a headache what is coming up.

Then Rancid and NOTalia. You really see how bad they are when they are with Ehlers, Williams, Morgan, by god even Martinez is better then them.

Also the characters sometimes are given very vulgar lines. You all know how I feel about jake callign Amanda a whore way back then. This weeks line that just grossed me out was when JR told Adam "the next time you want to impress a business partner give them Colby for the night." Gross that is his sister he is talking about...just wrong. Don't believe he would have said that no matter what Adam did.

Shadow said...

Speaking of the old Dutch Oven, I love this this video. It's been around for quite a while, but it makes me laugh every time.

D-Money said...

I know a lot of people don't like Jake and Amanda together because he called her a whore after he broke up with her. While I think he's an ass for saying that, I can buy into their relationship because it sorta rings true for me. Amanda has always wanted someone, anyone to love her. I think she is willing to overlook and forgive just about anything to feel like someone wants and loves her. In her mind, I think that she feels Jake has made up for anything he said about her or how he treated her before. Personally, I wouldn't forgive and forget but for Amanda is just seems to make sense. JMHO, of course! :)


Mel Got Served said...

This poster on Twitter, UrAllMyChildren, posts spoilers all the time, and I just saw this one and had a WTF moment? Could it be true- could she be someone else?

SPOILER ALERT@UrAllMyChildren~ Liza Colby reveals her true identity.

END SPOILERCould it be? Please say this is true! They have more one liner spoilers too:

Unknown said...


I completely agree with everything you said! I was so sick to my stomach watching those scenes with Rancid, the Hubbards, and Taylor and Brot. Poor Beth Ehlers had to sit there and stroke Rancid's hair when she was "crying" over Frankie. I wanted to leap through my tv screen and apologize to Debbie, Darnell, Beth and JR for having to breath the same air as that girl! Better yet, I was hoping Beth would smack some sense into her or pull her hair instead of stroke it. How gross is it that she is relegated to propping up bad actresses on AMC when she was front and center at GL for so many years? Anyway, I digress. Love you!


Unknown said...

Elizabeth ~ ITA w/ you about Blandi.
Denise V is a pretty woman and that's about it. But I'm tired of seeing her pretty non acting self on my screen. I cringe everytime I see her in scenes w/ actors that can read the yellow pages better than her. Its ridiculous!! Its shows you that looks must be the only criteria sometimes.

Melissa said...

Okay this is asinine! How does everyone in PV just break into everyone else's houses?? Ryan's penthouse doesn't even have any tunnels - they're all going through the freakin doors!

Melissa said...

...and, I'm just asking here, but what in the world would make the Bride of Chuckie (nurse Gail) be David's spy / lackey / illicit drug pusher? Nobody is that good in bed, and I don't think they're hooking up anyway. Did I miss the part where he gives her millions of dollars to do this?

Mel Got Served said...

Just watched a fantastic pilot for a market research study. 45 minutes and I get to the end and it's already received enough responses, so I got a free viewing. Anyways, it's called "Limelight" and it's the second coming of Fame. I instantly loved it after a character makes a joke about Leroy and his audition partner (Shirley) from the original movie Fame. I think you'll all love it.

But our favorite DRE-adful teen was in the pilot with a bit part. Maybe an RA/Dancer at the college. Had to share!

Gene said...

Hey, guys again, I hear to write to you do you know that there are a rumor going around to canceled AMC? I want to know what you think about it and I love the slogan, "We watch, so you don't have to". LOL.

Melissa said...

Ok guys, I can't stand it - go HERE: and tell me that isn't the evil spitting image of our NURSE GAIL!

Every time I see that woman, I think of the Bride of Chucky (not the hot one played by Jennifer Tilly, but the creepy one in the link above).

Thanks for humoring me ;-)

Unknown said...

Just watched today's (5-11) eppy on DVR, in 5 mins.
Is it Pratt's sole purpose to make Jesse look like the most incompetent COP EVER?!?! If it is he is succeeding.
Jesse walks out and leaved Scott and JR in the room where a dead body was just found. WHAT?! It seems like a suicide but until there is an autopsy it is classified as a suspicious death. Yet he leaves a room where there could be evidence and so forth w/ 2 ppl who had a history w/ the deceased. My father, husband, father-in-law, aunt, and 2 uncles are cops and the total lack of thought that goes into the police procedure is crazy. I'm not asking for a rundown of teh laws but just an idea that it looks and appears close to reality.