Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Murder, Mystery, and Misogyny

(Not to mention crazy Emmy nominations!)
  • Adam (?) gets killed, and Ian lives to see another day.
  • Unfortunately, Aidumb lives to see another day, too.
  • Emma and Lil' A continue to be ignored.
  • eBabe rocks the screen.

Thanks for your patience, folks. We're so glad to be back! Lots to talk about, so do your thang like you always do here.

5/15/09 Podcast


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jason said...

Welcome back JordAsh! You guys are worth the 2hour download! ;)

Terry in Toronto said...

I can't wait to listen to the podcast. Jordan was teasing us with the "little long" line.

Laura said...

I can't believe somebody up for murder wants an ex-tv producer newbie lawyer representing him. Her only talents seem on the casino table in this incarnation. I hoped she was the murderer, so she'd be gone. Please let it be Nurse Gayle if not fire-crotch.

They had me going for awhile because of Nelson Branco's blind item about David Carnary losing the role of Adam. Ooh is Adam going to be pissed. Actually I kind of like the filming stuff. But why couldn't we have had Stuart and Miriam together again. I hope Tad is different, like the kind that wants to dye his hair different, and get a woman different.

Laura said...

Oh no ten hours. I am not that techy. But I wonder if there is a faster way to get files? Any techies that can help or have a server. Thanks. I will wait for it because it's worth it.

Shadow said...

I'm downloading at the office on a T1 and it has taken longer to download than the last 2 episodes of Lost. I'm not complaining because I love it and I'm patient, but it doesn't usually take long on the T1. Sometimes Itunes will indicate that it's going to take a while but then it just zips right up. That's not happening today. Wonder what could make such a difference? I closed all my apps too.

Terry in Toronto said...

It said 3 hours for me and that was four hours ago. I still only have 13.8 kb of 50.3 and now it's saying 8 hours to go. Ashley and Jordan are worth it though so I'm just going to hang out and wait.

Savannah B said...

Does anyone else think it is completely unrealistic that Kendall leaves her baby, who she thinks is dying, to go shoot someone.

Kendall's thought..."Well, I know my baby is almost dead, but I don't have time to stay by his bedside like a normal mother. Everyone in town is at the Chandler Mansion with a gun so I better hurry up to get my shot at Adam."


Bxgal said...






Laura said...

Idol tonight, they made it almost sound like Guyliner is going to win. I liked his first and 2nd songs. 3rd not so good. I wonder if they will do a Susan Boyle type makeover on him, with derm abrasion. Not knocking his looks, they just seem to make over people - Kelly Pickler=boob job.

Shadow said...

I'm on my 5th hour downloading. This has never happened before. Hey, maybe the show is so popular now it's just dragging down the ITunes server! How great would that be? Thousands of people are trying to download it at the same time. You know Marti the Hag is going to download it this week.

Idol InspirationsCould it be more obvious who they want to win? Obviously the show is in Glambert's pocket. Which is probably filled with all sorts of crusty gooey stuff we don't want to know about.

Why did they have to show Kris in that goofy hat? Because they want him to lose!

Remember Mr. Mooney from the Lucy show? Randy stole his suit.

GLAMBERT: First up singing "Mad World" in all his goth queen glory with some kind of a long jacket cape thing, lots of fog and a big nasty snarl. Maybe he popped a blister and is in pain. I'm glad Simon called him out on the long jacket cape thing.

God Kara, will you shut up!

Hey look, it's Matt aka The Wart in the audience. Looks like he could not be less interested in this. I bet he's actually thinking about his grocery list or the lump on his forehead, anything to keep his mind off the fact that he's a loser, not that there's anything wrong with being a loser.

KRIS: "Ain't No Sunshine". Ha! That was waaayyyy better than Glambert's Mad World. And he played piano too. In a t-shirt. Without a cape. He does have that lip thing he does, but at least it isn't a contagious condition. I give the first round to KRIS!!

GLAMBERT: "A Change Is Gonna Come". Full on Liza ooginess. It's irrelevant to me which team he plays for, he just totally creeps me out with the Glambert-gasmic notes, and the puffy glossy pursed lips, bad complexion, grossly overstylized hair, clothes, etc. People say he's "so Broadway" and I find that insulting to Patti Lupone and all the other Broadway divas who sing so melodically and lovely. This isn't Broadway. I like Broadway. I have Wicked and all sorts of stuff on my Ipod. I just cannot imagine listening to this screechy mess on my way home or on a run.

KRIS: "What's Going On". Surprise! I loved this. It's melodic but a little funky. He played the guitar on this one. Just him without a lot of fuss. Great. Of course the judges were less enthusiastic. Do you think they ever listen to the radio?

THE KARA SONG: Wow, this is bigger turd than all the other Idol finale songs put together. This is worse than "Inside Your Heaven" or whatever that stupid song was they made Carrie Underwood sing who, by the way, was looking smoking hot tonight. She sounded 1000 times better than either of them. White girl can't dance though. Can't somebody teach her a move or two now that she's a superstar? Anyhoo, poor GLAMBERT didn't have a prayer with that song, but as bad as the song itself was, his rendition was worse. Maybe Kara is secretly working for Kris. Or maybe she wrote it for Hokey Gokey. Maybe he could have pulled it off. KRIS's rendition sounded better than Adam's to me, but he sounds like he's fixing to blow his vocal chords on some of the high notes. Maye singing this crap gave him the farts and he was just trying to hold back till he could get off stage.

I wish one of the judges would have manned up and called Kara on that dumbass song! Hurricanes, mountains, boundaries and dreams? Why does every Idol song have to be about Heaven and Dreams?

Wow, Simon did sort of diss that crappy song and Kara said something like "I know". Hmmm. Does that mean she knows this song is shit or was she talking to someone else?

Who is Camryn Manheim sleeping with to get tickets to this every year?

I don't know who will win, but I'm thinking the majority of Gokey fans will go to Kris.

Laura said...

Oh no- said it was done downloading, but not there. Now 18 hours. I'll go to work and maybe only 4 on the T1 line.

Maybe some evil Fronsie is sabatoging our little podcast. The murder mystery has me thinking evil plots. Could it be Pratt with numerous hits that makes so we can't download it. Or Julie Haggie Crapputhers? Or the one from last week who will not be named.

I will not give up until I get my PVP.

Ashley said...

Hey folks --

Sorry about the crappy download speeds. I checked with my ISP, and they gave me some crap like this:

"Thank you for contacting Online Support. Please note that since you are on a shared hosting server there can also be slow loading times due to the activity of other users on your server. This issue can be caused by an application interfacing with the database or the amount of content the site contains. You can improve performance by optimizing the fields and tables of your database."

Thye then gave me a link to "MySQL" to "optimize my database." If anyone knows what the eff they're talking about, please let me know!!


Ashley said...

BTWv - In the meantime, I am trying to work with Tech Support to fix it.

And yeah, I voted for Kris Allen 10 times!!!! I totally agree Shadow - Glambert is just creepy. And his two-toned overdyed jeans made him look like he peed himself.

Shadow said...

It took several hours but I got it! And I love Luis2K's new intro!!


Luis Merino said...

Thank you shadow.

Luis Merino said...

It's been the same day in Llanview for 12 episodes. Does this bother anyone?

Robin C. said...

Regarding the slow downloads, one thing I've been doing is switching to a direct ethernet connection for it, as opposed to doing it wirelessly. I keep forgetting and starting it on the laptop, which I use wirelessly, but then I remember that the d/l has been slower and slower lately, so I cancel it and switch it to my desktop that I always have directly connected via an ethernet cable. Once it's downloaded I transfer it with a flash drive to my laptop where I keep my PVP repository. The direct connection definitely makes a difference in speed, although it's still pretty slow, all things considered.

Ashley, you should contact your ISP where the files are stored and submit a trouble ticket about the extremely slow downloads. There is probably a Support tab on their main webpage, which will lead to something to allow you to do it on-line. You might also be able to do it by sending email to support@whatever_your_isp_is.com. It sounds like people all over the country (and Canada, presumably) are having the same problem, so the problem must be originating where the files are stored. People with high-speed connections should not have to wait HOURS for downloads of that size to complete.

Your ISP may need to move the files to a different server or replace a hard drive or a modem or something. It might be something as simple as defragging a hard drive (they'll know what that means if you mention it) or replacing a bad cable. They might not be aware that something is failing, so it's in their best interests to fix it before a catastrophic failure occurs, which would piss off a LOT of their customers.

If they don't at least investigate it, then you might want to consider moving to a different ISP that has more bandwidth and/or better support.

If you'd like, you can contact me (you have my email address, and if not, I can send it to you) if you have any questions about it. If Taylor handles that kind of stuff for you, you might want to forward this message to him so he can contact them about it.

Robin C.

Robin C. said...

Oops, guess I should have read further to see that you've already contacted Customer Support.

I don't know MySql, so I don't have much advice in that regard. Since you don't know it either, though, it sounds like you don't use it. They made an assumption and sent you a form letter. If you did use it, you'd probably KNOW it.

How do you transfer your files? I transfer mine via an FTP application and simply stick them into a directory and then make simple links to their location. If that's what you do, too, then you probably aren't using MySql.

If Taylor DID set it up with MySql, then maybe he needs to log in and tweak it somehow.

I know that for my own domain, I have a "cpanel" that I can log into to do administration on various aspects of it. The Cpanel application is pretty common for smaller ISPs. You might be able to access it via your domain name followed by "/cpanel". It's worth a shot. Your cpanel ID might be different from the one you use to transfer your files. If you can access it (or whatever is used to do administration for your domain), you might want to log into it and just poke around to see what's there. You don't have to change anything in the process.

Once you are logged in, will probably be a link to "My Sql Databases" or something to that effect. Just click on it and see if something is already set up. Since I don't have one set up on mine, all I see when I click on it is a form to set one up. If I had already had one or more databases set up, then I would probably see detailed info for them, which would at least give me a clue as to whether or not I was using it in the first place.

I suspect that THEY are the ones who need to optimize something. Do they have a support number for you to talk to a human?

Anonymous said...

As a new listener, I really love and appreciate the podcast. You are hilarious and I anxiously look forward to you every week. Sadly, I can't actively comment on the blogs because I don't watch AMC anymore. IMO, it was no longer worth it for me to invest time in the show and characters, when the writers aren't invested in the show and character's history.

I am a major Angie/Jessie fan and my head hurt when I was expected to believe that when Jessie faked his death, he went undercover, was captured and tortured by Papel, escaped and did odd jobs while on the run, went to a mental institution, fell in love with a doctor and got her pregnant....in all of 2 or 3 months. Oh..and then Jessie left his child and baby momma because the baby momma told him to go back to Angie. No, that wasn't it. Jessie left on his own to see if Frankie would live with no intention of going back to Angie. That's when my head hurt. I know that this was over the span of two writers, but Pratt didn't even try to make this story make sense.

Then there was the Bianca pregnancy that made no sense. And Zach making a donation for what reason? By my calendar, Zach and Kendall were doing okay when the deposit was made. But I am supposed to believe that Zach was still mad about the ONS...even though he never mentioned it or acted like it? Or was it that he still felt responsible for Bianca's rape? And why did Bianca need Zach? To give her daughter a blood relative? Well...if they came from the same mommy/egg...doesn't that cover it?

Sorry for the rant. I was thinking about the Emmy nods and it frustrated me because AMC makes my head hurt and is getting so much praise. This podcast makes me laugh. So thank you so very much for that.


Oliver said...

Jordan and Ashley, you have officially become my fictional best friends.

A. I loved The Main Event - I coveted those satin gym shorts for months after I dragged my grandmother to see it when I was 10.

B. Payton Place is the best - my sister is named Allison after the main character and she named her daughter Mia after the actress who played Allison.

C. I love that the podcast is about AMC but still covers everything else that interests me.

D. Ashley's impressions made me laugh so hard I fell off my chair this week.

Please do not take the "haters" too seriously - you are performing a duty to your fans as important as developing a new heart valve for little Ian or getting new bedding for little A.

Mel Got Served said...

Whoever killed Adam (or was it?)... if it's Whyza who is the culprit, I think it will be hard for viewers to ever accept her. We dislike her enough as is. If she killed a Chandler, I think I'd go batshizz crazy.

And what is with this show and people surviving shots to the head??

Tricia said...

welcome back ashley & jordan. Can't wait to listen to the new podcast. You guys are great!

I just have a coupe little tidbits for last week.
1 - that nurse that turned to Kendall and Zack when Ian flatlines and gave them that horrible look and said "Im sorry" was HORRIBLE. I wanted to slap her silly. Sorry for what exactly - sorry she couldnt act the scene. ugggh.

2 - How come nobody seems to care where Stewart is. His brother was shot and killed, and no-one, not even his son, mentions him or wants to go tell him what happened? Hmmmm.

Savannah said...

I am still rolling over Monday's episode. That was funnier than any sitcom I've ever seen. I thought it was particularly hilarious that they acknowledged so many things that you guys have pointed out in the podcast many times.

The bumbling idiot cops, including Jesse. He finally acknowledges that he has no control over Pine Valley when he tells Zach "I"m tired of you running all over me like this" and "You lie to me all the time" Ashley, I cannot wait to hear your Jesse impressions of these genius lines.
Colby's acting - "Daddy? I want my Daddy" Again, can't wait to hear Ashley's interpretation of this.
Krystal "Who shot Adam in the parlor with a gun?" They even acknowledge it's the stupidest game of Clue ever. And I love the way they discuss their motives and who had a gun right in front of a cop.
JR "David practically lives in our walls" Duh. We noticed this months ago.

Your podcast is the greatest. I look forward to it every week. Keep up the good work.

Kim said...

Well I guess this is what you were talking about on the podcast, being able to disagree but still being a part of the family. I love ya Ashley but I am team GLAMBERT!!! i like kris allen too, but adam is everything fabulous and I really want him to win. he represents everything i love, unicorns, glitter, make up, etc.. i voted for him 10 times so i guess our votes negate each other.

also, superposter put up an interview with David Canary and it's awesome, he speaks just how i'd imagined I love it!

Crystal said...

WTF? Why on earth would Liza be using her real name?
Please to explain.

Mel Got Served said...

In terms of the Emmy nominations, I'm sure all of the acting reels submitted were from the Brown/Esenstein era (except maybe Insannie cause Pratt wrote all the really insane stuff), but I guarantee the episodes they submitted for best drama were the stupid tornado. The big, splashy episodes are usually the ones they submit- so Pratt could be/has already slightly been rewarded for his crap. But I don't know if that's definite- but I'm sure it is.

Crystal said...

New Pratt Falls is up.

Anonymous said...

Question on last week's OLTL:

Did anyone notice Tea's clothes that magically appeared? She showed up to Todd's in that purple coat with only her underwear on (that's when Jack walked in). After the scene with Jack and Blair, she walked out to the front porch with Todd (where she unbuttoned it again) and they were kissing when the guy delivered the envelope. Tea pulled her envelope out of her bag, then they went inside and all opened them together. But once she wakes up....she has clothes on under the purple coat......


jordan hudson said...

You should have watched OLTL in the late 70" early 80' not sure what year but they had a masquerade ball that seem to last six months. I'm not lyign to you it was when Asa's wife Olympia showed up. That was the longest day ever on OLTL.

Melissa said...

Tricia, I can't agree more about that hideous nurse! She had ONE line, and she had less emotion than a piece of lettuce.

As for Former MP Star Jamie Lunar, what's with the pregnancy belly? When she shtupped Zack in front of everybody and every camera at the casino, she didn't look pregnant.

Mel Got Served said...

ROFLMAO!! Best Week Ever has a post "Who is More Fabulous: Adam Lambert or ZARF" HAHAHAHAH Check it out here. I better put in my Zarf vote.

tgable08 said...

Ok guys Tues. and Wed. was hauntingly bad on our little show that could. Last week was pretty good but now we are back in the Prattaverse(Pratt's universe)which means that its gonna suck again. Its getting difficult to learn this guys Prattitude(Pratt's attitude)toward this show...does he even watch his own DAMN show?!?!

Alexis said...

As a new member, i just have to ask did anyone watch Glee yet. It was awesome, this is the best and most feel good show i have watched in a while. Jordan please tell me you saw it or anyone else, Jane Lynch is on it, and they have two hotties, Matthew Morrison (ex Adam Munson, ATWT) and the QB Finn (Cory Monteith), a Canadian, and damn those Canadians are hot. http://www.hulu.com/watch/73740/glee-pilot

Mel Got Served said...

Alexis, I loved Glee. I thought it was a little slow at times, but I think it's mostly because it was introducing everyone and the plots. I called it High School Musical if it were a dark comedy- High School Musical meets the movie Election. Jane Lynch is so hysterical, and I love all the musical numbers. Definitely setting up a series recording for this fall.

jordan hudson said...

Alexis are you kidding I have Glee on my Dvr and as soon as I can sit down and watch it straight through in peace with no interruptions. I know its my kind of show.

Guys Im sorry but as much as I have been enjoying AMC. This weeks epsiodes are back to CRAP as far as I'm concern. So many holes. Things that make no sense. Th odd attempt at humor at a time like this. The Keystone Cops of Pine Valley. Little A acting rings around some of the Adults. Horrible Dialogue. Colby screaming I want my daddy. She took the mantle back from Kwak as Bad Actress on A daytime Drama. Also 24/7 JaLU. Great Hera Give me strength.

Crazy Daisy there is a reason JaLu has a bump. I can't say it because it would be a spolier but think about it and you can figure out what she is planning. Then you will be sceaming Great Hera give me strenght as well.

WMD said...

Hey everybody. I work in IT, so allow me to make some educated guesses about what's going on with the slow downloads, based on the comments above me.

1) It's not MySQL. The blog uses a database to organize posts and comments, but the podcast itself is a simple MP3 download. The download slowness is not a problem of calculating database table positions and whatnot, but of bandwidth.

2) It's not a bad hard drive, or a slow one, or a fragmented one. Having dealt with server hardware and software, the hard drives they use put our desktops/laptops to shame. Also, if a certain file is being downloaded a lot, the server will load it into RAM and serve it out of that, speeding it up far beyond what its link to the Internet is capable of.

3) Ashley's canned response from tech support says that the PVP site is on a shared server. This means that multiple websites are on the same server, and the combination of usage is just too much to give everyone a fast download.

4) Many webhosts that use shared servers (in an attempt to make things "fair" between sites on the server) will put an arbitrary cap on a site's bandwidth if it uses "too much" in a certain amount of time. Usually, these measures are reset at the beginning of the month. Considering the number of listeners there are, it's possible that PVP requires more bandwidth than Ashley is paying for. Hosting on a dedicated server with higher speeds, however, is very expensive.

Ok, done. About AMC...everything pointed to Stuart being the one who gets killed. So, does this mean that Stuart, suspicious after seeing InsAnnie, dressed up as Adam to protect his brother? That's crazy stuff. And I liked the game of musical guns that half the town played while at the mansion. Chandler Security, indeed.

Kendall dashing away from Ian defies all logic - even Prattholian logic. I was quite impressed with their courage when they actually let the kid die...oh, wait, they got him back 30 seconds later? Yawn.

OLTL...I've scratched my head at their extremely long days before, but...WTF? Then again, it's an hour show (38 minutes, really), and a day is 24 hours. It's still a faster show than 24. :p I'm wondering, though. I guess Powell's prisoners will be getting out soon, because supposedly Starr gets the news about her baby *this week*, and the commercial for it shows Blair telling her. So they must be done with that. (Fine by me, it's gone on long enough, and honestly, the whole "people telling Todd how evil he is" thing is wearing thin.)

PS: For what it's worth, the podcast now downloads at a reasonable speed...not fast, but it's continuous. I'm getting between 12 and 30kb/sec.

WMD said...

Oh yeah! One other thing about the speed, not as important, but in case anyone's curious: a T1 connection is, contrary to popular belief, not that fast. In fact, most home DSL/Cable internet connections can outpace it. A T1 costs more because the speed it does have is guaranteed 24/7, and the level of tech support is much higher.

A T3, on the other hand...*that's* really, really fast.

Michael said...

Ashley, please do not ever feel the need to apologize for your opinion or download time or anything—you are a superstar and the podcast is a wonderful, free gift for us to enjoy.

Jordan-You met Ellen Wheeler! I love, love, love Ellen Wheeler. The whole Marley/Victoria Love thing on Another World was one of the first “gateway drugs” for my life-long soap addiction and one of my all-time favorite things as well. Also, she was great on AMC as Cindy. Oh, you are also a superstar Jordan—so funny and smart!

I am not a sentimental man, but that little Ruth Warwick clip at the end of the podcast had me misty. What an elegant legend that woman was, and to hear her say such kind things about Susan Lucci was a treat and a half. Thanks again!


Shadow said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Shadow said...

Typical Idol finale. Lots of uncomfortable pauses. Some good performances though. I liked the Alison/Lauper performance. Kiss was cool. I thought Rod Stewart was going to trip and fall and break a hip. Fergie is sort of a skank. Hokey Gokey/Lionel Richie was way gayer than anything Adam dreamed up. In fact, Adam was fun tonight. And how about the Puerto Rican kid tearing it up? Jordan should have been proud. But poor Megan. She sssssucked. I could hear Ashley screaming in my head for Megan to stop. But I'm happy for Kris. I think the judges could have acted a little happier and Ryan should have shut up and just let him sing. He sang well at the end and Adam seemed gracious. Geez, Adam got to sing with Kiss and Queen and Santana. How totally cool is that? And Kara rocked her inner porn star. Bikini girl got new hot boobies. I'd say tetas if I knew how to spell it. I'll tell you though, I don't ever need to see Tatiana Del Torto ever again. Be gone Tatiana.

And lest we forget what really matters here,


Can you believe he put that no talent 5-headed Turdby back in the flyaway shot? Pisses me off. And I don't have time to rant about what a dick I think Pratt is for killing Stuart. I'm sure he thought he was being so clever killing the twin 'tard. Pratt's too stupid to know how much goodwill he decimated by killing Stuart. I hate that this prick is killing a show I've supported for 30 years. The entire Melrose Place cast isn't worth one scene of Stuart painting the moon. The flyaway should be reserved for beloved characters like him or beloved actresses like Eden Regel or better yet Julia Barr. Ok I won't go on my soapbox about Julia Barr this time.


Terry in Toronto said...

Hey Jordan,

I've started watching Chelsea Lately because you suggested it and she is funny. I don't usually like celebrity E things but I love her show.

I have a question about OLTL. Is the kid who plays Jack a boy or a girl. The actor's name is Carmen. Could Jack be portrayed by a girl?

Mel Got Served said...

The thing I don't get most is clearly they have to notice Colby can't act, so why do they keep giving her storylines?? Clearly bring Whyza onto the canvas is to give Colby a SL, but she can't handle it- she's awful! This role just NEEDS to be recast. They need a new actress to bring some life to this character that is the child of 2 legacy characters.

Shadow, I agree about Idol. I didn't really care who won, but now I'm trying to decide if I'm bummed **** (both have 4 letter names, so I won't spoil!) lost or if I'm really as indifferent as I thought I was and I'd be thinking the same thing had the other person won. Was Gene Simmons there though? I'm convinced it was a Gene imposter and not the real deal. But the 2 performing with Queen was awesome- loved that. Keith Urban duet- not so much, but I also don't like country. Steve Martin must've been pissed that he had to play his banjo along with the shrill voice of Megan Joy and the loser Michael Sarver. And when Bikini Girl came out, I said the same thing "New boobs!" (or "bubbies" if you're watching the guilty pleasure that is Real Housewives of New Jersey). And I was Rod Stewart sang "Some Guys Have All the Luck"- but him singing solo was awkward when most other acts were with an Idol contestant.

Onto AMC: killing Stuart is just plain HORRIBLE. I haven't been this offended at a murder since the Salem Stalker killed Alice Horton with her famous donuts (luckily, that was a hoax). I think whoever was the culprit of this murder will potentially be unforgivable, even if Adam was the intended target.

Forgot to add, I loved the moment last week when Ian "died" and Jesse had to hold back Zach and Zach looked over to Kendall and gave her that nod like "DO IT." Thought that was a good moment together and shows they're not as far apart as they think. I don't even know if I love Zendall, but I just seriously detest Ryan.

Terry in Toronto said...

More on OLTL. I am one of the fans who hates the character of Stacy but also the actress Crystal Hunt. She is dead behind the eyes and is phoning in what could be a very juicy role. I'm ready for Stripper Stacy to be gone and I don't care how.

I'd love to see Viki and Dorian have real storylines.

WMD said...

> I have a question about OLTL. Is the kid who plays Jack a boy or a girl. The actor's name is Carmen. Could Jack be portrayed by a girl?

A lot of child actors have unusual names, for some reason. Is there anything else that makes you think it might be a girl? (I've never noticed anything.)

SOAPFAN said...

Ashley, when are we gonna hear more of your parody songs? lol!

Anyhow, Scott almost broke my heart this week. Adam Mayfield is a pleasure to watch. I wish I could say the same about Briane Moncrief. The show REALLY needs to recast Moncrief. She is a horrible actress, and what should be powerful scenes turned into complete agony for viewers.

I am liking Jamie Luner's acting, but she is not Liza...yet. She thankfully made the Colby scenes less punishing. I wish she would tone down the vampiness a little. That big green moo moo thing looked ridiculous with a freaking MINI SKIRT!

The storyline is getting stupid again, and Susan Lucci/Erica's lack of emotion is really bugging me.

jordan hudson said...

I knew I was going to enjoy it but not this much. I cried lol like a little girl at the end. Sometimes we just need a feel good show where the underdogs come out on top. Seeing the coming attractions for the season. I can't wait. It made me feel the same way that the indy movie Camp did. If you have not seen Camp go rent it.

jane Lynch is just hysterical. I still hope that they will release her lifetiem series about a dating servcie on DVD. Also check her out on Starz Party Down. It started slow but this show is hystercial.

Michael Another World is one of my all time favorite Soaps. And Ellen hands down is the Only Victoria/Marly as far as I'm concern. How I wish they would rerun that era. Anna Stuart as Donna Love. sigh.

Yes Terry I hate the E shows too except for The Soup and My Ms. Chelsea. Why because they both make fun of there own network and te whole concept of celebrity and how this world takes it so serious. They are like a reality check. Also Chelsea has no problem making fun of herself. I love her.

Arizonagal said...

Minor nitpick Jordan. Recently you were really bashing DWTS and saying it's a stupid show (not the first time you've done that) and that Fox dance show is way better. Do you even watch DWTS? I agree with you about 99% of the time dude but why you gotta bash people who prefer different shows?! Jordan, like me, you are a bit of a snob. You have a highly informed opinion about everything and I love that about you, but you are really harsh on views that are opposed to yours. Ashley, as usual, you are perfect!

You guys mentioned Christine Baranski on the podcast. Did you know Ms. Baranski is married to Billy Clyde Tuggle? Remember when Billy Clyde spoke the spit would just fly out of his mouth? I remember him getting in Dixie's face and I felt so bad for her, they must have had to mop her up big time after those scenes.

I'm a few days behind, but notice that ONCE AGAIN someone is lurking about in those friggin Chandler tunnels. So I guess there is no concern for security. Wouldn't that be the first place the cops looked after the shooting? PV cops have the intelligence of small appliances.

Lots of corniness but I still found myself enjoying the last few episodes and FFing thru all the crap.

Once, just once, just one friggin time, I'd love to see some cop punch Ryan out for a change. Better yet, take that club and beat the smack out of him and then mace him for good measure. God that guy is a tool.

Anonymous said...

I have to agree with Jordan DWTS can't compare to SYTYCD which is starting tonight!!! btw but I haven't heard jordan put the viewers of the show down as much as the quality of dancing IMHO

Also to fellow GL fans what does everyone think of Marina and Shayne??? I think they need to get together cause mallet and her are sooo boring but shayne somehow makes her interesting. Dinah is good with both M and S so hopefully the quad will happen
And their murder mystery is getting good hoping amc will take some pointers


Crystal said...

Did anything happen at the end of Glee? I saw them singing and the teacher walked in and my DVR cut off.

I am disappointed it isn't on until fall. I need some new shows! Anyone have any suggestions? Anything good coming on for summer?

Alejandro said...

Zarf lives, i miss Zarf. Who is more fabulous Adam Lambert or Zarf, what does everyone think?

Anonymous said...

I am a HUGE GL fan and will hate to see it go. I hope it gets picked up!

Love Otalia!

Dinah and Shane are great together! I will even ignore the fact that she is a MAJOR cougar on this one. When the story is right and the chemistry is there, you care less about those things.

Mallet and Marina - BORING! And to my point above, it bothers me that Mallet was married to her Aunt when she was a baby. Ewww. See? I'm a hypocrite too!

While M&M are boring, I love the new twist to the baby swapping story.

James and the Ponzi scheme is a great storyline as well. Very relevant to today and I love how it will impact many people on the canvas.


Shadow said...

Adam looked way better blonde like his Dad. Who goes from blonde to Goth?

Melissa said...

Wow. We finally have an updated opening montage... I guess all it took is to have miss JaLu, actress extraordinaire to make it happen!

Did anyone else see Stuart swallow in today's epi? Right when Scott went in the room after talking with J.R. It was pretty obvious. Also, his toe tag said that he was 60. I really thought he was a lot older than that.

Jordan, I just figured out the baby bump (forehead slap) so obvious!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Oh Alejandro!! Thank you for that! haha

Zarf is like 50x more fabulous than Adam Lambert could ever dream to be... Oh, I miss Zarf/Zoe now.. I wonder if Pratt could figure out a way to bring her fierceness back.

Shadow said...

And why didn't they put Opal back in the opening? She may not be on contract but she works more than some of them do. And at least people like her.

I haven't even seen the toe tag thing but that pisses me off again! I love Stuart and the only time I get to see him lately is with a toe tag! Why couldn't we have some really sweet, touching scenes with Adam and Stuart first? Or Marian and Stuart? Or Scott and Stuart? Maybe just focus on some good Stuart history before they killed him off so his death actually meant something! You can tell this shitbag writer doesn't have a clue about the sentimental nature of these characters or how we actually care what happens to them. These aren't just nimwitted Desperate Housewife characters who have been on for a season or two. We grew up with these characters for decades, and Pratt is just toetagging the good ones like they mean nothing. Why couldn't he show the newbies how special this character was in the show's history and give us older viewers a chance to stroll down memory lane? It makes me resent JaLu even more, because all this seems contrived for her introduction. Maybe I would have warmed up to her if I had gotten acquainted with her through Stuart's eyes.


jordan hudson said...

The teacher told them he was staying. then they showed scenes from the up coming season. GLEE IS going to ROCK!!!!!!

Alejandro LIVES!!! Ale- what are you thinking about ATWT. Sadly I still think AMC is better right now then ATWT. That's how bad ATWT is right now people.

Courtney I know you agree GL should have gotten the extra year not As My stomach hurls.

GL is so hot right now. The thought of it going is killing me. Not when they turned it around. Not when they brought back Phillip. I want Beth and Phillip. to reunite. Loving the Ponzi scheme storyline as well. James is sex personafied. This actor is the greatest find, very natural quality to his work that I love and he is drop dead gorgeous. Dinah and Shayne. I do agree with you M&M are and always have been zzzzzzz for me. Never liked him as Mallet and Marina is cute but she is not the original. Aubrey was Marina hands down, miss her.

Arizonagal lol I'm glad that people like DWTS. For me I rather watch some real dancers. I could watch DWTS if there was some truth to it. The same problem I have with A.I. Because

America "allegedly" is voting, it stops beign a competition and becomes a popularity competition. On SYTYCD they try not to really go into who the contestants are there home life and what not. All these kids are unknown. They get judged on their performance.

:( and lol it's not just me Ashley bashes my Grey's (which this season has been all over the place) and Brothers and Sisters which I adore. It's all in fun and jest and again just my opinion. I reall did want to like DWTS but they kidn of make fun of themselves. Cloris Leachman ex. I love her but come on. La Lucci might have been a tad stiff but she was takign the thing seriosuly. Big difference from celebrities who are just a big joke and play it for laughs. That turns me off to the competion. Just like that Norman guy form Ai this season. The fact that Tatiana and him are allow to place in the top 20 when there are people like that talented homeless girl who really is serious about this , for me takes away from the credibility of what should be honest and fun competion.

They need to pay Scott more money for saving AMC the last two days. the boy can act.

jordan hudson said...

Casey Shamless- I think I have a new all time favorite Ms. Spears song. I'm so feeling "Unusual" off the Circus...CD. Love the lyrics , the music and her vocie on it. Yes I think it might knock out Piece of me as my #1 favorite Britney Song.

Ashley said...

Hudson, look out!!! I don't bash Grey's. I just don't watch that crappy show. ;)

I think on DWTS, people vote for who moves them. IMHO, the best dancers did end up in the finale (which I am still savoring on my DVR, BTW, so don't tell me what happens!) These "stars" (a bit of a stretch, I agree!) really grow and do amazing things on the dance floor. plus, it's judged by actual dancers, all who have years of experience with dance. I *love* hearing their thoughts on dance, which, to them, is an art form. And I love the makeup, the outfits, the beauty of the dancers' bodies..... So friggin' awesome. I even now watch ballroom competitions on PBS once in a while. Late at night, when Carlos is snoring next to me and drool is spilling out from the corner of his mouth, I dream I'm Edyta, dancing with my beautiful, perfect husband and kicking my 6- foot long legs, and wearing sexy leg warmers.

I do need to set up my DVR for SYTYCD, though. Can you tell that I love dancers!?

(And I love my Jordan's feistiness! He is my most ass-toot friend, and I'm glad for his ass-tootness! Hudson, you rock both on the inside AND outside! Keep them opinions coming!)


Aunti Juli said...

Best way to make new friends, by discussing what you love and hate about the soaps you've each watched for 20+ years (ok 30+). Love your podcast every week. Thanks for turning me on to Pratt Falls.

I was just curious if anyone else thinks it's Adam Mayfield (new Scott) in the National Car Commercial with John McEnroe?

As for the show, sigh.

What keeps me still watching at this point? Tad. Opal. Angie, Jesse and Frankie. I have hopes for Natalia. Poor dear Colby is indistinguishable from one of the mannequins in Pratt Falls!

Petey's whereabouts are unaccounted for. Maybe he shot Stuart for the attention? ("Mama hasn't had a vision about me since I got hit by lightening!")

Last question: did Erica's senator friend win his election? Did the Senate seat him?

Keep it up, love the laughs! (and love the Llanview, but I won't get into that now either.)


Mel Got Served said...

Had to share a So You Think You Can Dance story. Tonight I got home from work and there was one message on our home answering machine- it was my grandmother. She was calling because my grandfather wanted to remind us that the dancing show started tonight and to not forget it. He absolutely loves to watch SYTYCD, though he doesn't love the hip hop music (but does love the hip hop dancing). He's a 70+ guy from Yugoslavia, so it's pretty awesome when he tells me his favorite dancers and numbers. I love that my entire family watches this show! (he also enjoys DWTS- loves the Hough siblings!)

If you love either dancing show, get your butt to Blockbuster or Netflix and rent Mad Hot Ballroom. It's a documentary about the elementary school programs in NYC where in fifth grade I believe the kids learn ballroom dancing and compete. It's amazing, beautiful, and can even tug at the strings of the heart- watch it!

Unknown said...

I'm with you on Grey's! I love that show no matter how many ups and downs it goes through. I still think no season will ever come close to touching the magic of the second season though. Almost every episode of the second season was perfection, from the after Super Bowl episode with the bomb in the body cavity right down to the finale where Denny dies and Izzie lays on the body in the gorgeous pink dress. I think I cried at least once per episode that season.

I think the problem with Grey's (other than all of the behind the scenes drama) is that they brought on too many new characters too quickly and got rid of the ones we loved. I'm still holding out hope that one day Kate Walsh will come to her senses and come back! It's just not the same without Addison. Also, I know primetime shows hardly EVER do this, but I really think they should have recast Burke. If the actor was causing such hoopla just let him go, but don't get rid of a great character. The cardiac surgeons on this show stick around about as long as Murphy Brown's secretaries did.

And...they ruined George! We only saw him for about five minutes an episode this season when he was such an integral character and the heart of the show in the first and second seasons. He got less airtime than Josh and Mini-Hands Julia did before they met their demise.

I digress...but I just wanted to share the love for that show! It started my freshman year of college and I've been hooked ever since.

But...Ashley, I'm also a HUGE Dancing With the Stars fan, so I get your addiction to that as well. Where else are you going to see people making fools of themselves in dance numbers choreographed to big band versions of pop songs? Plus...the costumes are outrageous! I think most people tune in to see what Edyta's NOT wearing every week. Shame Julianne is not going to be on anymore, but I think Chelsie from So You Think You Can Dance is going to take her place as the blonde with the hot choreography.

Love You Guys!

P.S. I have a Sophie's Choice question for you Jordan. When it was announced that Beth Ehlers was coming on the show you were really against making her Liza. Now that JaLu is in the "role" would you rather have her or Beth as Liza?

Bxgal said...

hey jordan and ashley!!!
on your next podcast, could you please give my FIRE CHUCK PRATT PETITION a shout out? So everyone knows about it. not just the people who comment on the blog.

here is the link:



jordan hudson said...


I love your question. Yes the lesser of two evils. Knowing what I know now I would rather have Ehlers playing Liza then JaLu.

You hit it on the nail with the trouble with Grey's. Being part of a t.v. show is like any other job. Your not always going to get along with your co-stars. In no way am I condoning what Mr. Washington said or did. Yet to dismiss him from the show because of it...sometimes you have to do what's best for the show. Losing Burke & Washington not a great move. Thou a tough call. It didn't help that after that things got choppy. Losing Kate Walsh. Then getting such a great character in hahn and then dismissing her. I agree with Heigel thou it was a horrendous descision to have Izzy and George hookup. Totaly did not buy it even thou they were drunk. Straight Men and women can be friends. This year I felt was extreme highs and lows but it ended on a great note and left me at the edge of my seat for the fall.

Anonymous said...

talking about ballroom movies, strictly ballroom is one of my all time favs...it's a mockumentary and if you like movies that are so bad they're good rent it especially since the makers are in on the joke


Kendallfan30 said...

Love your podcast Jordan and Ashley, keep up the good work. I know it's been rough but I have to say that AMC this week has improved. Especially Adam Mayfield who plays Stuart Chandler, good lord, AMC has hit the JACKPOT with that actor. His scenes at the morgue with Stuart had me crying like a little baby. Jacob Young was wonderful as well. If they put Stuart and Marissa together, they will have a supercouple on their hands.

Norn Cutson said...

i got somethin to say!!!

about Miss California & Free Speech!

we all know that you dont REALLY have free speech WHEN YOU ARE ON THE TIMECLOCK...i'm talkin' here about *AFTER* the pageant...

Miss California was cashing her paychecks from the the Miss California pageant (where she was being paid to represent ALL the people of California, not just the ones she agreed with) AT THE SAME TIME that she was cashing checks from NOM (NATIONAL ORGINATION OF MARRIAGE..which is really just one person, Maggie Gallagher...who is supported by tax money).

THAT is what she did wrong.

She can say anything she wants to ON HER OWN TIME.
but when she is ON THE CLOCK, she is REPRESENTING her state.

(again, i am talking about *after* the pagaent, *not* during, when perez purposefully asked her a politcally-charged question.)

i'll tell you, i never thought in a million years that i would think of Shanna Moakler as a civil rights here, but I do!!!

She stepped down because of what she believes is right!

I only wish Nancy Pelosi had that much integrity!

love to ya'll!!!!

Norn Cutson said...

"civil rights herO", not "civil rights here"

DancingElf88 said...

Hi JordASh!
Once again the podcast was wonderful. After about a month-long hiatus I finally started watching the show again and I like some things:
1. Annie and her bangs=HOT! I love MCE and Annie. That scene yesterday with Emma was so sweet.I'm glad Annie is putting Emma first again and has dialed down the crazy. I just need her to get better and come out of the loony bin. And, hold on to your seats, I'm actually going to say a goo thing about Ryan. He finally showed a bit of compassion by letting Annie spend some time with Emma. Granted, that should have happened earlier but considering all the bad things she's done lately...he could've said no and I'm glad he didn't.
2. Scott Chandler= GOLD! I love this guy. He;s sucha good actor and I like him. I wasn;t watching when Scott was on before so I can't compare or anything, but he's awesome. He broke my heart when he was crying over Stauart and reading that poem.
3. Marissa...I like her. She's a good actress. She reads people well and I kind of hope she comes back.
4. David Canary is SPECTACULAR! I hate that they killed off Stuart. But DC rocked his scenes.
I don;t know about Tad and his damn light bulb jokes. But I thought his tango with the dastardly Nurse Poppins was amusing.
JLu of Melrose Place is annoying me. She just up and decided to "be" pregnant without discussing it with Jake? And already blackmailing for a baby? ok...
Why is it that characters always tell their nemesis exactly what they're planning and when thus allowing said nemesis to come up with yet another way to thwart the good guys' plan? *coughAngie&Jakecough*--Really?
I bet the killer is the dastardly Nurse Poppins. She wouldn't know the diff b/t Adam and Stuart and she's a disposable enough character for Pratthole to use as a scapegoat.
I just noticed that they changed the opening credits.
Here's hoping I don't have to wean myself off AMC again.

Savannah said...

Well, AMC is back to sucking, but at least we have One Life to Live!! That show is freakin' awesome right now. Wednesday's episode especially had me bawling. Everything on that show is spot on - the writing, the acting, the pacing....

John McBain's rescue of Blair and Tea was a weak link because the actor is not an action hero and the actress they have playing Rebecca is (was?) atrocious. But everything else is utter perfection.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Jordan, I totally feel you about Britney's "Unusual You". Although, I hated it when the cd first came out, it has since grown on me and I really like. Can't say it's one of my faves, but it's definitely getting up there. Same thing with "Mannequin". Did you hear that her next single is going to be "Radar"? I like that song and all, but it's a Blackout track. I don't get why they are putting it out now, they should have went with "Mmm Papi". What do you think?

And as for DWTS. I love that show. It's so addicting. And I agree with you Ashley, the best dancers did make it in to the finale. I just think it was complete BS that Lil' Kim got voted out before Ty. He had a cute personality and all, but he dance moves were robotic and hers were flawless.
I really want Rebecca Budig to do Dancing With the Stars. It would boost her career and I think she could go all the way. I mean, if Kelly Monaco can win that disco ball trophy, I think Ms. Budig can win, no questions asked. Do all of you DWTS viewers agree?

jason said...

Ms. Casey I agree on Radar, great song, but it's a blackout song. I knew it would a single because why else would it be on Circus? I think MMM Papi would of been the perfect summer song.
I love Unusual You, I wish they would have made that the third single and If u Seek amy the fourth single. Mannequin is a good song, it took a while to get one it's really about.

Mel Got Served said...

So doing my AMC detective work, and while I have a guess who is the culprit, based on clues, Kendall couldn't have shot Stuart. There were 2 guns she could've picked up off the floor- she picked up the gun originally held by Krystal/Adam- the unloaded one. Zach grabbed the other gun (David/JR) and that did have bullets.

However, I definitely don't think those 2 did it. My guess: someone got on a plane from a low-end Los Angeles apartment complex and shot the nicest, kindest person on daytime and won't be forgiven.

Unknown said...

Ms. Casey,
I would love to see Rebecca Budig on DWTS! She'd probably kick butt on there! Good suggestion. The next question would be who to pair her with? They'd probably put her with Mark or Derek because she's so short. Or, they could bring back Alec, Edtya's husband, he's so hot!

Brian said...

Does anyone else think that "star" girl from "Glee" looks just like Anne? I think that do.

Has anyone suggested that ebabe might have tried to kill Babe? What if ebabe knew that Kwak gave her up before coming to PV in 2009? She could have been trying to take revenge (David style).

And could Nurse Gale have been the Chandler Killer? We clearly discovered this week that she is over the moon for David.

Mel Got Served said...

While I hate that in the new credits Colby is the flyaway shot, I do love that it flies away faster than anyone else. I'd like to think it's an inside sign that the editors want her off the screen too.

Brian said...

I have to make a complaint about the Pine Valley police department. Before I start, I just want to say I'm not a police officer; this is stuff I have gathered.

1) When the cops arrived at the mansion, shouldn't they yell "police" before entering?

2) When Jesse see's a man outside (Tad) why does he shoot? He should have yelled at him first. And wasn't 3 times overkill? And cops don't shoot the head, they go for the torso.

3) After shooting Tad, Jesse should have been taken off the case. He has to be evaluated before he can continue working. This can take weeks.

4) Why did Jesse pull his gun on Zack in the hospital? He was unarmed and not a threat to Jesse.

5) The crime scene has been tapered with by all of the people waking in and out. Anything they may have found is lost.

6) Natalia could NO WAY be a cop this fast.

Lastly, why rush the scenes with Tad coming through the surgery ok. It would have been better writing if Jesse had to fret about possibly killing Tad. He should lose his badge over it, IMO. I would have liked to see him sitting next to Tad's bed, begging for forgiveness. It's all Rush, rush, rush.

Christine said...

Thank you JordAsh for another great podcast!
I was happy to see Marian today. Her and Scott scene was great. Is it me but Marian (Jennifer Bassey) got a facelift? There was nooooo lines on her face, heck I have more than hers and I`m half her age!

On another note I though the woman journalist in the courthouse was overacting it, it was funny.

There`s nothing more to add to Colby`s acting... so sad. She`s like a fish out of her bowl (physically, really... check her mouth!)

I though David Canary rocked it in the past days!

I love, love, love So you Think you can Dance. The Canadian version last year was out of this world!


Brian said...

Kelli Giddish stars in new fox show, "Past Life"? What is up with that?

Unknown said...

The girl from Glee does look like Insannie!!! She also looks like Idina Menzel from Wicked and Rent.

jordan hudson said...

Elizabeth, I'm with you I think she looks more like Menzel but I see shades of insannie.

I have to say that Friday's episode was a brief end to the madness that has been AMC since this came of CLUE began. Despite JaLu one note performance as MS. Colby and Mongrief who continues to prove me wrong. Everytime I say she can't get any worse........

I do think more scenes with Marian and Scott were needed. I think the show is still rushed and mising many great moments. Friday was much better then the last few days. Mayfield is a god send to the show. Canary reminded us why he won all those damm Emmy's.

Mel Got Served said...

Actually Jordan, did you read the interview with David Canary from TV Guide? He said that all the years he won Emmys he submitted STUART scenes. So crazy.

I got vaklempt many times this week whenever they grieve Stuart. I didn't mind the Jamie Lunar/Tad scenes, but that because I put out of my mind she was supposed to be Liza. But Liza and Colby scenes were HORRIBLE. Recast the role!!!!

Mel Got Served said...

PS I am in love with Scott Chandler.

Shadow said...

I finally watched the murder episode. I didn't think the ep itself was so awful, but Bobbi Eakes sucked big time. She was snarling like Adam Lambert! Watching JR hurt. I wish KWAK and Adam would have gotten caught up in their passion and screwed eachother's lights out for old times sake.
PV has to be the head trauma capital of the world. People are getting stoned on the head everywhere or coldcocked with a gun. Don't go to PV if you don't want to receive blunt force trauma to the noggin!
Those Fusion bathrooms used to be the roughest spot in town. Now it's Adam's place-breaking and entering (well maybe just trespassing), assault, murder, kidnapping.
apparently you don't go there without a gun.

coolteen13 said...

Just read AMC summer preview and let me tell u its bad. I just want to gorge my eyes out after reading it.

Savannah said...

Laura, I agree that Liza defending Zach makes no sense. If Liza wanted to get on Colby's good side, why would she defend a man who confessed to shooting her uncle/step grandfather while trying to kill her father? And Zach would hire Jackson anyway.

Brian, genius about ebabe - I think she killed Dixie (trying to kill Babe) and she also killed Adam either as revenge for not telling her about her parents or because he found out she killed Dixie. Something about her demeanor has told me she has known Kwak and David are her parents all along and she is pissed off about it. I have no idea, but it would be anticlimactic enough for this show.
Also, right on about the cops. So true!

Marian, Adam and Scott were so, so beautiful and touching. They made the week for me.

Shadow said...

Superposter reported that Chrishell Staus aka Amanda extended her contrac√ĺ and is staying in PV. Yeah! Hope they had to pay her a bunch! Cornelius is sticking around too. Guess the uncertainty of his negotiations are what sent him to Iraq. Hopefully Denise Vasi will get a big head (inexplicably) and hold out for more money and get fired. As a matter of fact, I think Rancid, Turdby and Aidumb should form a slalsry pact on the next go around. Maybe then they'll get fired!

jason said...

I'm happy that Chrishell is staying longer!
So I watched Glee last night, and I LOVED IT! It was worth the hype, I knew it'd be good just cause Jane Lynch was in it but it was fresh good show. Can't wait for it to return in the fall.

brtedi said...

"Also to fellow GL fans what does everyone think of Marina and Shayne??? I think they need to get together cause mallet and her are sooo boring but shayne somehow makes her interesting. Dinah is good with both M and S so hopefully the quad will happen
And their murder mystery is getting good hoping amc will take some pointers"

Hi, Sylvie! :-)

I happen to agree with you about Mallet and Marina being boring, but over at the invisionfree "Shaynah" fan message board, someone said, M&M might have a bumppy road, but they mayn't be estranged for long. The two actors are engaged irl, and they really like working together.

And since we've seen previews of Shayne about to tell Marina he's Henry's biological father--You know she's goona filp out! Bwwwaaaah!

And in this fan's opinion, Shayne and Dinah definately put the 'fun' back in dysfunctional.

Even though he's dead, I hope Edmund starts haunting people--David Andrew McDonals is so much fun on screen!-JMHO

I know it was probably just wishful thinking but, I was disapointed the Lifetime deal didn't pan out....

Shadow said...

I meant "salary pact". Hard to type on a blackberry in the dark.

I saw a picture of the guy who played Edmund in a magazine the other day. Whatever show he is on killed off his character. I hadn't seen him in years and he looked awful. What happened to him?

Bxgal said...

OMG! just saw the promo for Melrose Place 2.0!!

Colin looks amazing!!!

Norn Cutson said...

i saw JARED today @ WHOLE FOODS Columbus Circle, big whoop.

jordan hudson said...

BXGAL Colin looked good. so did Michael Rady. But boy did Nu Melrose look bad. It made Nu 90210 look like Masterpiece theatre.

Kelly Giddesh show looks great but if you see the trailer for it you dont have to watch the episode they show the whole story in the trailer sigh

So GL tells a better Lesbian Storyline and now a better murder mystery and what do they get for it...the axe. I'm still so angry that GL is going.

I'm not anused that Sturat Chandler is dead but Randi, Natalia, Adiumb, Ryan, Colby and JaLu are still alive and wasting oxygen in Pine Valley.Jennifer Basey needs to be on contract.

I might be getting into Y&R.... what Im reading makes it seem that this new E.P. and Head writer are going back to it's roots. Plus all the ex cast members form my other shows are on.

Shadow said...

Funny thing watching JaLu's feet shuffling around Chandler Mansion during the murder episode. I kept waiting for her black panties to fall around her ankles (like they did in the casino) and cause her to trip. Ha!

Unknown said...

Jordan, right now is the perfect time to get into Y&R! The show is the best it has been in years and I'm sure you have plenty of people (including me) who are willing to catch you up on the plot lines if you have any questions. That show is rocking right now. Anyway, just had to let you know that. :)

jordan hudson said...

Shadow lmao you made me choke on the wtaer i was drinking.

Elizabeth- I know the history of the show somewhat but I will grill you with my questions. Any show that wants to keep using veterans and bringing on the children of the core familes is my kind of show. Now with John Driscoll coming on and the sherrif form Veroncia Marrs replacing the actor who just walked out. Clementine Ford as Mac......All I need is Victoria Rowell. Who my friends and I danced with years ago at a post Emmy Party here in NYC. She was so nice we all danced to George Michael's Freedom. I'm usually at the Gym doing Cardio and Y&R is on and it looks good so guess I'm going to drop ATWT and jump on to Y&R. ATWT is just too sad to wtach poor Cady Mclain neither of her drama's show her any respect.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Y&R really is great right now. I am glad that they are recasting the role of Adam because I didn't like that actor anyway. Also Elizabeth Hendrickson rocks it out as Chloe. Clementine Ford had a rocky start, in my opinion, but I feel like she has finally found her footing as Mac. Which is good because I have liked her ever since she played Molly on The L Word. So yeah, bottom line, great time to get into Y&R.

Unknown said...

Grill away! I'll answer whatever I can. I was pretty disappointed about the actor who just walked because he's at the center of one of the show's central storylines right now, but I heard the recast from Veronica Mars is awesome, so I'm excited to see what he brings to the role. I loved Drucilla too and I'm hearing they're thinking about recasting that role soon as well, though it's going to be near impossible to replace VR.

The writing for the show is so good that even their few DBTE actors look good. I'm not sure Colby or Rancid would benefit from better writing at this point, but the few stragglers on Y&R have either learned how to act or have been given material that is so good it makes even them rise to the occasion.

Plus...like you said, they've done a great job recently at using their vets and bringing on legacy characters instead of creating newbie roles that nobody cares about. Makes me wish that Beth Ehlers had taken them up on their offer instead of going to AMC a year ago. I bet she'd be kicking butt on there like AMC's ex-Richie and ex-Maggie are. I digress.

Anyway, can't wait to hear what you think after you start watching the show.


Shadow said...

Read an article about Daniel Kennedy. He's a full time real estate agent in Manhattan except for the 1-2 days a week he works at AMC. He says he's hedging his bets in case AMC goes the way of GL.

Mel Got Served said...

Elizabeth, Michael Mulhaney from Veronica Mars is AWESOME. I'm tempted to tune into Y&R more because I will watch almost anything with a Veronica Mars alum. And it's funny because recently I said "What is Sheriff Lamb up to?" and sure enough, 3 days later he's signed onto Y&R.

Shadow- I am dying about the panties. I hope down the line there is a spoiler "A pair of black panties is found in the Chandler Mansion, creating waves through all of Pine Valley."

jordan hudson said...

OMG I finaly saw Prayers for Bobby. Ms. Weaver was outstanding. the movie had me crying so much. What a powerful story.

I have a week to make a dent in my DVR. Because come June the summer shows start...sigh

Anonymous said...

Brian - Your comment about the way they should have played out Jesse shooting Tad was GREAT! This would have been a great storyline to play out for Jesse and Angie dealing with Tad being in the hospital and Jesse potentially losing his license. Then you can have a mental doctor look at Jesse's history and maybe even bring back some of those Papel issues (although I am not really sure I want to bring that back up). Opal would actually get good material, we would see the revival of the Martins, Jenny would get some meaty dialogue because Krystal can use this to take custody...OMG the potential is endless and Pratt completely overlooked it.

Jordan - Y&R IS HOT!!!! It is an ensemble cast. They make full use of the character's history (usually - no soap is perfect). The veterans are used as much as the younger crowd...in some cases they are used more. My only pet peeve with Y&R is how they treat the Winters family, the only black family on the canvas and they haven't really had a story worth anything in a very long time. There are always rumors about Dru coming back or being recast, but I have lost hope on that one. I think there would be too much backstage stuff with Victoria Rowell. Also, Y&R has introduced a gay character and we will see how it goes. I love the fact that the character said he was gay so matter of factly and it wasn't a big reveal or anything, it was just a part of life. He hasn't gotten much screen time yet, but only time will tell.

Anonymous said...

by the way, that last anonymous post was Courtney. Oops.

Robin C. said...

Jordan said "I'm not ANUSED that Sturat Chandler is dead but Randi, Natalia, Adiumb, Ryan, Colby and JaLu are still alive and wasting oxygen in Pine Valley."-

OMG, I am LMAO! I can't believe no one caught your amusing typo! I LOVE typos like that :-) That's right up there with Shadow's comment about Liza's panties :-)

Laura said...

Loved the podcast listened to it on the way to Iowa. Listened to the song Don't stop Believing from Glee on the way back. I loved Glee. I like most love Jane Lynch. She needs a bigger role.

Y&R is good started watching it again after a long break, but rumor is Melody Thomas Scott won't take her pay cut. Clementine Ford may have been good on L-Word, but I don't like her on Y&R. I am glad they fired that homophobe who wouldn't do gay kissing. The story is since he broke his contract he may never work again. Y&R will be the first soap I can think of with two openly gay actors. Clementine Ford, and Thom Biertz (sp) on. No wonder that little creep left, maybe he thought he'd catch something, because of his stupid fears.

My little DWTS side note, how cool is Marie Osmond raised a Morman saying, I am Christian and I accept my gay daughter.

I thought about Billy Clyde too when you mentioned Christine Baranski on the podcast.

Kind of behind of AMC, because of going out of town and all. But I doubt I'll watch it after hearing all your comments. Maybe Marian, and that's about it. I am so pissed they didn't have her and Stuart together. Fire Pratt, Julie Crapputhers, Judy Blight Wilson, and Frons. And all the DBTE actors.

An interesting side note, a neighbor of mine went to the private Catholic High School with Chandra Wilson and Collin Egglesfield. Chandra was very nice and smart. Collin was very cocky and made a smart aleck comment about my neighbors house being small when he brought her home. But a lot of people are jerky in high school. Interesting Chandra and Colin went to school together.

My sad news, I got back and saw someone I know very well son on the news for stabbing his four year old half sister. He is 18 in jail and he was supposed to graduate Thursday. He has a 10 million dollar bond. My heart goes out to my friend, she basically lost two kids. Thanks for letting me post that, I just am in shock

Norn Cutson said...


brtedi said...

"I know it was probably just wishful thinking but, I was disapointed the Lifetime deal didn't pan out...."

Well, this is a first.I'v never quoted myself, as part of an ammended post...LOL!

I happened to be purusing the latest issue of "Soap Opera Digest",this evening, as I was in the magazine aisle of a nearby, Longs Drugstore. As I did so, I spotted an interview with Robert Newman of GL.

Basically, he talked about the end of the show. But then he said, he didn't know if the show would be 'picked up' or not--I wish I had the article quote--This somehow gives me the slightet glimmer of hope that GL might continue on another network--not ending up with the same fate as Edmund Winslow (dead in the water,that is. LOL!)


jordan hudson said...

LOL I know I really need to proof read. I'm the worse typist. I type with two fingers. lol

Well I have to admit that I had never been a Y&R viewer at nay point in my life. Though I do know the main outline of it and it's history. One of the reasons that I'm going to start watching is that since Maria Tina Arena bell I don't know her name yet. Seems to be using the vets, characters that are connected to the core families. I like that in a soap. She also seems to be telling stories.

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Happy memorial day from you friends in Canada!
Jordash happy fleet week!

jordan hudson said...

Sad that my first Y&R episode today, with a show I never truly watched. Characters I don't truly know. Half a cast of actors I know and love and some who can act but I don't like got me more engrossed then AMC has after that debacle last week.

So here's to Y&R thanks for giving me a juicy afternoon and saving me form having to watch greenlee in the ravine. Yeah what is up with ABC giving us re runs today . They are so CHEAP!

Thanks My Susan and Elyse.

Unknown said...

Yay! Glad you enjoyed it Jordan! Now we'll have something else to compare notes about.

DancingElf88 said...

I'm glad you're liking Y&R. I watch that show too, mostly for Billy and Chloe who are rocking it. Except, I don't like how Billy is treating Chloe. Haven't seen AMC yet today, is it worth it at all? Happy Memorial Day!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...


Yeah, but Billy is a playboy by nature (the only one who ever truly reigned him in was Mac) and Chloe kind of deserves it. She had less than stellar intentions when she got together with Billy in the first place. Even though she has been kind of redeeming herself lately, it doesn't change the fact that she was quite the conniving little thing from the get go. Regardless, I do agree that they are rocking it. I love their whole storyline!

Unknown said...

I really wish they would put Billy and Chloe together and keep them together. it's obvious that he's still in love with Mac but I don't think they have as much chemistry together as he and Chloe. I'd love for him to see Chloe for the conniving little thing she is and appreciate her and love her more for it instead of pining after his high school sweetheart who got away. But now that it's possible that Sharon is pregnant with his baby who know what's going to happen with Billy's love life. That's why I love Y&R so much, it always keeps you guessing.

DancingElf88 said...

I agree that Chloe kind of deserves it, but I can't help it I love her and I just don't like how he's treating her. I admit that Mac has gotten better but I still find her bland compared to how intense Billy is when he pines for her. What is going on with this Cane/Phillip thing? Is Lily going to be hurt again and become the victim once again? I'm sad that Jack and Billy's relationship is going to blow up with the whole Sharon thing. I'm excited though.

tyjuniorweb said...

I think this podcast is in part the reasons "All My Children's" ratings are up. You guys dangle the good and bad in front of us so well that we have to see for ourselves. I actually watched a full week last week after a 2-month break. It wasn't terrible, but I didn't appreciate whoever wrote in that material for JaLu in the hospital with Jake throwing around history to try to validate this story with Amanda's baby.

Welcome back from your break and happy memorial day. See ya in Itunes.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

I know, I love Chloe too. And I agree that her and Billy have great chemistry together. I do want to see them together, but I don't mind seeing her go through a little anguish first, not only because she deserves it, but because it makes for great scenes. Like today when she patted Billy's face and said something about getting guys young, so you can train them, it made me laugh out loud. I also can't see where Sharon's whole baby thing is going to go... It's getting so good!

I love how this blog has almost become a blog about every other soap besides AMC... need I say it... FIRE PRATT!

Alejandro said...

Jordan and everyone, glad to know i was missed. I am still listening to the podcast religously. Sorry i havent been posting, i just started a new summer job and just finished the spring semester. I start summer classes Jun 8-Jul 28. Then i start at the University of Iowa this fall, and i am soo excited. G, great school, plus the bar/party scene is awesome. I think i am doing three majors accounting, Spanish, and international business. I also hope to do a semester abroad in spain next year. Jordan i gave up on ATWT in April and i do not miss it, it was really bad when i stopped. GL i try to watch, but have no time. AMC and OLTL i dont watch right now either. YR does look really good right now, so Jordan i would love some commentary on the podcast on what you think, now they are doing everything right, plus it looks great in HD. Why are the other shows not in HD, they dont look so great on an HD tv, only GH and YR. Zarf/Zoe is greatly missed, i always got a laugh out of that, and Ashley's recaps about it, i cant believe i have been with the PVP since the beginning, it has already been 3 years. Thanks everyone, this blog really is like a family, good thing Marti isnt here. Even though im not watching the soaps and trying to detox, i will always listen to the podcast and the blog.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

I never want any child to die and am glad Ian is back he is too cute sorry.

Tasha from Brooklyn, NY said...

First off thanks for the shout out and I hope you had a great weekend. I like that Zach is protecting Kendall and that they are working their way back to each other because that means the sickness that is Ryan and Kendall will be over.

Adam! It is really is you fault that you brother got shot too much power. Please I don't believe that Kendall shot Stuart. I think it could have been drunkie hit the bottle anytime I have a problem JR

Liza and Colby OMG painful is to easy a word to use .

Anyway did anyone attend the GL rally on Friday I was going to go but then remembered that is payday so sorry GL. Jordan I agree ATWT is horrible as much as AMC is not great ATWT is worse. I saw it today and then turned to the Bonnie Hunt show. I am so tried of the baby story on OLTL give that poor child to Marcie or leave it with Jessica but don't give that poor child to Starr and Cole. That poor baby would be the most screwed up child on any show if that happened

Shadow said...

Last MondayJessie doesn’t seem too distraught having just shot his BFF. The guilt should be overwhelming to him.

JR to JESSIE: “Gawwwwddddd!” when Jessie asked him if he had been drinking.

Nurse Chuckie is a big fat whore and is probably the one who shot Stuart.

KENDALL: “Oh thank God! You’re alive!”
IAN: “No shit Ma Where the fu*K you been?”

So basically everyone in PV is capable of murder and/or is a murderer.

JR should be crying with snot coming out of his nose now that he thinks his Daddy Warbucks is dead--allegedly?

Natalia is on a crime scene investigation? She’s dressed like a parking meter attendant.

TURDBY: Needs her “Daddy”. Everyone else is looking at her like, “Oh, you poor little stupid ball of turdness.”

The Soapnet promos they put on the screen during the show are getting huge!

Wasn’t Turdby drinking and drugged on Bella when Dixie died? Maybe Turdby killed Dixie in a stupor.

Everybody is bantering back and forth about who killed Adam, but nobody is bawling it.

Ryan must be really, really unpopular with the PV police department. He’s always smacking them around.

Shadow said...

Last TuesdayERICA’S left teta is about to pop out.

OPAL’S silver shirt looks like something out of Lost In Space. You know, her son just got shot in the head. Why don’t her some juicy scenes of anguish? She lost him once because of Ray. Her daughter died way too soon. People should be freaking out! Where are Joe and Ruth and Pete?

JAKE says Tad the Cad will rise again. Guess he is clairvoyant too?

NATALIA is absurd in that police getup.

You know I read that this “mystery” is going to last all summer--all effing summer long. It better have lots and lots of flashbacks of Stuart.

Jordan, I loved your idea of Adam or Stuart suffering from Alzheimers. How amazing would it have been to see Adam care for an ailing Stuart? Or to have Skye come back and help Marian and Stuart? The strain it would cause on Marian. That could have all been so complicated and interesting. And real. Instead we have this dumb bullshit. Pratt killed Stuart for the sake of advancing a dumb plotline. It just lights me up that Stuart, one of the most sentimental and historied characters in AMC’s long run got gunned down by mistake in a lame whodunit storyline. I read that even Julie Hannan Carruthers fought with Pratt to prevent the death of Stuart, a character 20 years in the making. David Canary said it only cost an extra $24 for him to play Stuart. Pratt is sooo stupid!


I’m nervous that Beaker is going to hookup with Natalia. Cassandra? Maybe. Natalia? I hope she dies soon in the line of fire.

I hate those commercials of the dancing bears with toilet paper stuck to their butts.

JALU has the worst fake baby bump ever. And apparently only one black dress.

Now Jessie is crying. It’s amazing how much more he and Angie convey through a simple hug compared to all the words out of all the other mouths in PV.

The promo for ‘Southern Belles” almost totally covers up Erica. That’s wrong.

Annie has a stupid song for Emma like Dixie’s stupid song for JR.

SoapNet says ABC is celebrating “more Emmy nominations than any other network” and AMC with “more nominations than any other show”. Ugh.

Shadow said...

Last WednesdayTad took a bullet to the brain and all he has is a headache. People in PV have amazing heads.

JALU: Walks into help Zach. Wonder if they will have sex on the conference table?

Aidumb is the worst special ops agent ever. He’s being held captive by a girl.

Tad now not only looks like Bea Arthur, he’s acting like Bea Arthur’s one woman show. Again, where are Ruth and Joe?

Everybody says JALU looks too young for the part, but I think she looks weathered and used.

PV has to have the worst cops ever. They never searched the attic? Gimme a break. And Natalia lets Ryan in the mansion? Yeah! I hope she gets fired!

JR said: ”Poor Uncle Stuart. He was the kindest gentlest man in the world. He’s never hurt a soul. ” So Pratt had him killed.


JALU is faking a pregnancy. Guess she failed her ethics course. Her biz card says “One Atlantic Avenue, Pine Valley Yacht Club, Pine Valley”. No phone number or email from what I could tell but it had the scales of justice.

Can someone push Tad’s morphine button?

I think I can almost see Erica’s nips.

TAD to LIZA: Is it really you? Nope, it ain’t.

Just when it got good with Beaker crying over Stuart, they cut to a commercial, then to JALU’s saggy tetas.

Beaker has giant earlobes.

Shadow said...

Last ThursdayAlright, I’m exhausted but I’m going to try to watch another episode. I swear though, Tad better mumble anymore non-sensical shit again. I hated that.

Huh, what is Cliff doing talking to Richie? I didn’t know they knew eachother! Oh wait, it’s Y&R.

Amanda has her hands on the small of her back. That’s how you know she’s pregnant.

Liza is kissing Tad. It’s like, “Hi, I’m Liza Colby and this is my vagina, Juicy Lucy”. KWAK: You know how every time they mention Eden Riegel on Pratt Falls they play that music? Every time KWAK speaks they should play a collective “DUH” in the background.

Now JR says Adam would never hurt Stuart but a while ago he was accusing Adam of murder.

Could JALU look any less pregnant?

JALU said Marian would be labeled a “sex addict” today. Today we call JALU a “skanky ho”.

Dead Stuart looks really awful. And Damn! Those bunions must hurt.

Beaker to Stuart: Something about a toy and the sun going down. He’s sniffing but I don’t see any real tears.

Neither Liza or Amanda are swollen, irritable, squishy tetas, nothing.

InsAnnie is banging hot. Banging, get it?

Aw man, now Tad is dancing in the hallway.

Worse scene than JALU and the Turd? Jalu and Jessie.

Laura said...

Shadow, Cliff and Richie are discussing him staying with Maggie on AMC East. Zach's ex Hannah is upset that Cliff is back with his wife. She may jump out the window again. LOL

I love Y&R and OLTL now, only soaps worth watching. Only watch AMC sometimes because of podcast.

But the question is who is a worse actress, that hoochie chick with Neil on Y&R or Rancid. Both beautiful black girls choosen for their looks not their talent. I can't stand either one, and want a real actress like Victoria Rowell on one of my soaps.

I saw the Bea Arthur show, her last appearance, and Tad looks worse.

Oh yeah, the dumbest thing ever. Why does Adam have a shirt and a tie on in a hospital bed. Is it to let us know he is not the corpse? Redic.

Everyone in that hospital gets a gown. And at the hospital usually brain or heart surgery.

Anonymous said...

Hey all you americans you have a puerto rican on the supreme court!!! Congrats
I guess i won't be too upset that they interrupted GL for that breaking news


Laura said...

I also came here for the congrats on the self proclaimed New Yorkrican on the Supreme Court. The supreme court is more diverse now than a lot of soaps!

I am imaging her in Ashley's voice issuing her rulings. But I'm glad it's a woman and hispanic. They've got enough old white men there.

Shadow said...

Listening to Daytime Confidential's podcast about the top AMC characters and Jamie gave the PVP community a shoutout after calling for Julie Crapputhers termination. Very nice guy.

Laura said...

Thank god for Y&R. They broadcast late in Chicago 11:30-12:30, so I only have to watch 1/2 hour of AMC. Nurse Gayle going out of town for a patient. Are they trying to make us think Dixie is alive when we all know she is on ATWT.

jordan hudson said...


Peter Bergman was amazing and Billy Miller was just a sight to be seen. Elizabeth Hendrickson was awesome....yeah AMC real smart lettign these three actors get away. IDIOTS!!

I can't believe how easily I was swept into Genoa City and it's inhabitants. Goodbye Oakdale, you ruined my beloved Meg and Paul. I can't even take the gay storyline it's so preachy and annoying. My god Elizabeth Hubbard is getting more respect from a European Soap that wan't her.

Now don't get me wrong. There are people who I don't like on Y&R. Never liked Sharon case. Dissapointed with Clemtine Ford (hoping she will get better in the role.) Not a fan of Lilly. But will take these three women over Coldby, Rancid and NOTalia any day of the week.

Also to see Jill, Nina, and Kay reuinted at Phillip's gravesite awesome use of history.

Hail Hail to Y&R and Tina Arena Maria bell or whatever her name is. Someone who can actually be a head writer.

Suck it Pratthole.

jason said...

I use to watch Y&R in the summer when I was kid with my mom.I'm tivoing it on Soap Net tonight, to check it out again. My mom also starting watching it again a couple months ago.
Is there going to be a podcast this week?

DancingElf88 said...

So glad you're getting into Y&R. I have yet to see today's episode, but I'm excited. I'm not a big fan of Lily either but I will take her over Coldby. I feel you about ATWT. But I do love Luke and Noah, I really only watch when they're on because everyone else besides Damian and Lucinda annoy me.
Haven't seen AMC yet...hopefully it doesn't suck.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Yay, Jordan! I'm glad you are liking Y&R so much right now Jordan. I started watching it religiously (before I was on and off) a couple of months ago when it became painfully obviously that Pratt was not going to release his claws from AMC and I have to say I am so happy that I did! I also do not like Lily at all. I think she is a good actress and all, but the character annoys me to no end. I have never understood her appeal, but like you said I'll take ever over Colby or Randi any day. Also, I think that Clementine Ford is getting better (albeit, extremely slowly), but I think she is finally feeling the role which is good. Now she just needs to find more chemistry with Billy Miller and it will be all good.
Thank god Y&R snatched up all the good talent from AMC because it has proven to be a great move. Hendrickson as Chloe has to be one of my performances this year.

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

*one of my FAVORITE performances this years..

I need to learn to proof read lol

mcfutch said...

You said it, Jordan. AMC wasted the talents of SO MANY great actors, it's hard to keep track. Jeff Branson is another who comes to mind. Cady McClain, of course. I love that Liz Hendrickson is thriving on Y&R. She was NEVER appreciated on AMC and is such a little spark plug of talent. Kudos to those who have ESCAPED from Pine Valley relatively unscathed.

Anonymous said...

Yay on Y&R!!!

I am so lukewarm about this Lily, she acts as if she hasn't experienced life....but any person that has gone through what she has been though would be a little more jaded. I LOVE Sharon and Phyllis!

Clemetine Ford in the role of Mac isn't going well because the writers are pushing her to be with Billy. IMO - they have no chemistry. She has more chemistry with other people and she really has chemistry with Chloe (Elizabeth Hendrickson) - interesting.

I will just leave my love for Mac/Billy with the former actors that played them.


Shadow said...

I'm starting to feel like Ashley and I are the only two people watching AMC.


discodan said...

I'm so glad that you guys are sipping the Y&R Kool-aid!

I love Billy...in general, but I also like Chloe, and I like their relationship/dynamic right now. But in the end, I still want Mac and Billy together, simply because they have history, feelings, and chemistry. You can see that Mac still wants Billy, even though she has this thing with Raoul. I disagree with you, Jordan, on this aspect. Yes, Clementine Ford hasn't hit with a huge number of viewers, but you have to keep in mind that she hasn't been used as much as many of the other newer character appearances, such as Billy or Chloe.

As far as Jack, I feel bad for him as far as Sharon, but he's better off. I like his chemistry with Mary Jane...aka Hot Hannah, another ex- AMC star. They're pretty hot, not gunna lie, plus there's some mystery with her, because she may be working for Victor.

Speaking of Victor, not digging him and Ashley right now. Any time Ashley is in a scene with Victor, it's like all of the air in the room has been sucked out, and she suddenly can't act.

It's a shame that Chris Engen is out as Adam. I feel bad for him, but according to his Myspace blog, he has obviously had enough of the Soap scene. Plus, his storyline is Pratt-esque.

I'm intrigued with the return of Philips III and IV coming. John Driscoll is going to make an amazing Phillip IV, and I'm interested in him and Cane clashing. Fun stuff... And maybe this will light a fire under Cane, because his character is so boring.

I can't stand the Winters family. Terrible. Terrible Terrible.

That's my Y&R for ya!

Ms.CaseyShameless said...

Regarding Chris Engen, he may be tired of the soap scene, but regardless of what your storyline is you stick it out and finish your contract. What he did was extremely unprofessional and I would be surprised if anyone would be willing to take a chance on him again. He cost production a lot of money and the co-stars a lot anguish. If he really desperately wanted to leave, he should have done it in a professional way. Not just start calling in sick. It's just childish.

Okay Im done with my rant.

Laura said...

Yeah Y&R was hot. I love Billy Miller. He is better than the other actor. David Tom. But the other Mac was better. Jack and Billy or as Shadow calls them Cliff and Richie are great together. Billy is so good as a Jack mini-me.

David Tom also was on OLTL and AMC. He was Dorian's nephew who was married to AMC's babe and snatched the baby for Kelly Cramer.

I don't like what they are doing to Ashley. I like her. Like I said 2 soaps worth watching Y&R, and OLTL. I started watching GL, but why get into it now.

Anonymous said...

Sorry if this has been addressa above, but.....

will there be a new podcast this week? When will it be up? I need my weekly dose of Ashley and Jordan!!!!


jordan hudson said...


Ashley was away and did not get back in time for a podcast. But we should have one up for this week and we will cover the highlights of last week. Sorry for that!. Her and Carlos needed to get away for the holiday and visit family.

Lily is not a bad actress, I just don't like her character. Same thing with Phylis's son not a bad actor but just does not grab me.
I don't despise Clemintine Ford. It could be she is not use to the rigors of daytime. Many an accomplished actor in screen or theatre can be overwhelmed when it comes to daytime. Right now she reads flat. She as an actress needs to paly up her longing for Billy. Because god knows Mr. Miller is turning it out. In two episodes I saw I can se this man is longing for this woman. A modern day Jane Austen scene. Yeah I'm loving me some Y&R baby! Told Ashley all about it today. her response " How the hell you going to add another show to your plate?" lmao

Terry in Toronto said...

Thanks for letting us know Jordan. I'll stop checking itunes every five minutes now.

Watched OLTL today and just have to say that beyond hating the character of Stacy, Crystal Hunt is sleepwalking through the part like she's taken a years worth of sleeping pills.

Michael said...

Love OLTL, but does Jessica-Tessica-Bessica-Messica lug those clunky glasses around just in case she has to go all “multiple personality” on us, or is it more of a Clark Kent/Superman kind of thing?

Eager for the next podcast,

Laura said...

Amp, she must keep the glasses and wig together. Good point, but Adam in the bed with the shirt and tie is stupider.

Kelvin in Dallas said...

Did anyone else enjoy the scenes with Adam and Stuart? That scene was very powerful and shows how David Canary is one of the best actors to ever grace the television screen.

jordan hudson said...

UGGH AMC today...... How was that Dolt of a cop with Jesse at funerla and also with Natalia and Erica at the police station at the same time....hmmm twins? This show is so all over the place. The big problem is that the writers are focusing on shock with no depth. The stuff we should be seeing is the town mourning the loss of Stuart. We should be seeing more Marian and Scott. We should be seeing everyone grieving. they all had a connection to Stuart. The fact that everyone is going about their business as if nothing annoys me to no end. I'M NOT AMUSED!. If your going to kill Stuart off then at least milk it for all it's worth.

I honestly can't take the bad dilagoue. especially the writer who thinks he is a standup comedian and keep trying to write funny material. Hey shit for brains....ITS NOT FUNNY! Enough with knock knok jokes and stuff like David saying Jerk instead of Jake. How old are these writers. My 8 year old nephew can come up with better putdowns. UGGHH!!!!

I really can't stand JaLu. There is no trace of Liza whatsoever. More to the point is that history has been written. She is evil for kidnapping Colby and...enough enough.

The one great moment today was Alicia's performance when she told Adam off after he attacked her. That was incredible.

Yet that was it. Tad regressing not into it! David stalking Amanda enoguh already. Natalia's mere existence. Erica ordering for Ryan to be brought to her and Natalia runs off and does it. Please. the worse scene was the end. When Kendal finds out the truth about Zach and JaLu. Horrible and she was going to hit a pregnant woman. This show just disgusts me at times!

JSpear8 said...

I agree Jordan. The thing is the old Kendall would not take being double crossed so lightly. She is a Kane woman. Its not above her to slap the crap out of Liza for what she has done. Hell truth be told J.Lu needs to be slapped, preferably over and over again. lol

Erica attacked a pregnant woman a in a closet a long time ago, and she even chased the mother of the pregnant woman out of the closet as well. The killer part was that it was all over a man! lol I will have to give you the link to that you tube clip.

I kind of disagree with Liza being evil for taking Colby. Adam was FAR from a saint especially during that time. I can see why Liza would go on the run instead of letting Adam corrupt her. I mean look at how Hailey turned out with her drinking problem. Look at Skye for God sakes. I would have taken my daughter as well.

Ja Lu voice is starting to sound a little more like the old Liza, but the hair has just got to go. Its disrespectful to the old character to keep her a red head.

Shadow said...

I'm finally all caught up on AMC. It's amazing how many missed opportunities there are. Pratt spends too much time on the hokey who dunnit aspect rather than the loss of Stuart and what that means for the Melrose Valley residents. Just about the time I get caught up in a sweet Marian/Scott scene or riveting Adam performance, he cuts back to Keystone Jessie or Turdby and it's all I can do not to ffd.

As for JaLu, here's my deal. She's just not that great of an actress. She looks good but she's better suited for tequila ads. She can only convey two emotions: skeptical and horny. And let's face it, nobody likes a skeptical horndog. She obviously has never been pregnant and has absolutely no clue how to portray a pregnant woman. She hasn't adjusted her body movement at all to reflect the pregnancy. Her lines are all flat with hardly any change in her intonation. It has very little to do with her age or color of hair. She just isn't a Heather Locklear or Alicia Minshew. She'll be gone in a year.

Best line of the week though goes to Turdby after Liza described how she panicked in the mansion: "Wow, you must suck as a lawyer".

I hate the winky jabs the writers throw in to let us know how stupid most of this is-like when Kendall told JaLu they needed to catch up so JaLu could tell her how she managed to become a lawyer. Feels like they are poking fun at the show-as if they are turning it into a parody of itself.


Marian and Adam are amazing. Real sobbing! Real emotion! No comparison to the new hires and some of the more experienced cast who can't muster a tear, make a facial expression or are DBTE.

Mel Got Served said...

What I like most is to make sure we viewers know this is Liza, they are jamming her history into every piece of dialogue possible. As someone who didn't see a lot of Liza, it's interesting to hear her misdeeds (i.e., accusing Jesse of rape), however the way they are incorporating it is like "LOOK EVERYONE, IT'S LIZA."

I will say something nice: I love Jamie Luner's hair (NOT Liza's hair). When I'm pushing 40, I hope my hair has that much shine.

And good thing they killed Stuart because the actor was demanding such a high salary. Definitely a money saver. Waaaait a minute...

Mark said...

So I took my lunch today to watch Stewart's funeral when broadcast instead of on DVR with the benefit of FF.

I thought the Tad sing-along was one of the best moments on AMC in years. As bad as so much of this show is, its scenes like this that keep me FF'ing my way through the show.

I guess it begs the question whether I am missing out on other scenes as I FF and finish the show in about 15 minutes...sadly, probably not.


DancingElf88 said...

I agree with you about the sing along. I actually felt an emotion besides apathy or anger. I'm still pissd that they killed off Stuart but the 15 minute funeral was touching. I still hate JLu
Annie and Kendall in the same cell? It promises to be interesting, but knowing these writers they'll eff it up somehow.
I caught the last bit of Y&R and that Sharon/Jack scene was so heartfelt and touching. I also liked that Devon apologized to Neil.

jordan hudson said...

Oh well...Have yet to see AMC. I had to see my Y&R and OLTL first. Y&R day four and still impressed wiht Tina Arena Maria Bell and her writing team. The scenes with Peter Bergman and Michelle Stafford and Sharon Case were not only incredibly written but the acting was outstanding. I was so blown away by these two scenes. That my friends is old School Soap Opera.

Then on OLTL. Bess is funny. OLTL writers can handle black humor in a storyline. Bess had me spitting up as she in only true cold emtionless Borg fashion told Nash's parents that he was dead. It kills me that Star and Cole did not get nominated. I was ready to burst out into tears and it ended just as Blair told them. Needless to say I will be a crying mess tomorrow.

Justin I think you misunderstood me. I totaly was with Liza on her descision to run with Colby. It's Pratthole who has rewritten history by having it seem like Liza was the evilone for taking Colby away from Adam. I hate where they are going with this storyline for JaLu.

DancingElf88 said...

Your podcast make me want to watch OLTL so I caught the episode today. Bess was funny with her emotionless delivery about Nash's death. With this whole Jess/Bess/Tess thing...who is who because I'm a wee bit confused. I like Layla...today I heard her talk about Evangeline (her big sis, right who's in a coma?). I liked the actress, Renee Goldsomething..they should bring her back.
So Marty undivorced Cole? Did that happen when she saved him from the accident? I've seen some episodes but few in between. But I like what I've seen so far.

katya said...

Is it just me, or was Petey *great* today?

Mark said...


I have taped the past three days of Y&R since your initial review. I have only ever watched AMC and OLTL (got hooked in college, but saw them periodically for 40 years as my sister watched them).

I don't want to get hooked on another soap - life is too busy, but I can justify it with DVR, I suppose, since AMC is now a 15 min commitment with FF. OLTL is too difficult to FF except commercials (and Stacey scenes) - so that is a 30+ min commitment. Maybe another 30 min isn't onerous.

For me, the FF really started with the death of Simone. Why are they killing so many of my favorites - in the past couple of years we've lost Simone, Dixie, Richie and Stuart -- all good actors who I rarely FF'd. But I'm stuck with Colby, Natalia, Randi, et al that just make me retch (or is it wretch?).

JLu would have made a very good Sky. Adam had just as much animosity with Sky as he did with Liza - why kill the Liza character when you don't have to? I just don't get it.

Anyway, thanks to you and Ashley for the effort you put into the podcast, the blog, and this community.

Let's just hope that someone at the network listens to the podcast or reads the blog and has an "A Ha" moment: good writing + good acting = ratings = advertising revenue.

How hard is that?


Anonymous said...

Jordan and PVP family

Maria Arena Bell (Headwriter Y&R) did an interview with Nelson Branco and I thought it was very interesting. I know this is a mostly ABC crowd, however, I thought that you might like Maria's approach to soap writing. She was also asked about the Daytime Emmys and how she feels about the reels that were submitted. Nothing groundbreaking, but she is definitely one of a kind.


brtedi said...

"Dinah and Shane are great together! I will even ignore the fact that she is a MAJOR cougar on this one. When the story is right and the chemistry is there, you care less about those things."

Hello Anonimous!

IA, and if you think about it, in terms of the actors real ages, it becomes even less of a big deal. According to IMdb.com, Gina Tognoni's birthday is: November 28, 1973. Jeff Branson's birthday is: 10 March 1977.

4 years,isn't all that much of an age difference,imho


brtedi said...

Did anyone else think the the greenery on Stewart's casket was just seriously lacking?--IRL, don't people (most of the time get flowers along with the greenery that goes atop the casket????


Eric said...

" ill wait until the litter is born"


Anonymous said...

Jordan - I am so glad you are watching Y&R now! Can't wait to hear your opinions. Ashely will have to give you 5 more minutes at the end. (Just don't cut back on your OLTL time she gives you!)

I started Y&R 5 months ago because I needed something to watch at the gym at 11am. And I am not disappointed! I started watching OLTL in college because my roommate was Roger Howarth's cousin. And they have not disapointed me in 15 years!

AMC is the only one I started watching for no reason other than I liked the characters and was intrigued. It has been a very long 15 years with them.....too many disappointments to count. Tears are welling up right now....


jordan hudson said...


lol you are going by the actors age not the characters age. Dinah is really much older then Shayne. Dinah was introduced in the early 80's and she was already in her late teens. Shayne was born in 89 so in terms of the show Dinah is suppose to be almsot 20 years older then Shayne . Meow! cpugar indeed but they are hot!!!!!

Elyse and Susan in Toronto said...

Pine Valley PA must be crime capital of the USA if you have read the spoilers!

Anonymous said...

Hi, all bloggers!

I don't see a lot of comment here about the funeral. It was forgettable, I guess.

First of all, it was only about 20 minutes of airtime. Why? If you're going to kill of a major character, Pratt, at least allow us to mourn him! In the old days, funerals took three days. Am I right?

I really didn't like anything about that funeral...

1. I didn't like that there was no mention of Haley or Skye. Couldn't they atleast send flowers? Did I miss that?

2. I didn't like the creepy sing-along. I thought it was perverse, and every time I saw Marians's grief-stricken face juxtaposed with Adam's happy-go-lucky singing I felt... weird. So many things seemed wrong there!

3. I didn't like that Adams didn't speak at the funeral. Why not?!

4. I didn't like that Marissa was there. Why?!

5. And finally, I didn't like the random 9-11 tie-in. Show more Stuart in the old days scenes!!

Sadly dssatisfied...

Anonymous said...

Just saw Scott in a National Car rental commercial.

Jordan - do you watch Big Brother?


jason said...

Haven't really been into watching amc this week. I've only watched Thursdays and fast fwd. every part except for scenes involving Stuart and Tad's puppet show lol. I liked the funeral, including the song. The song seemed very all my children to me. Tad was hilarious on Thursday. I finally figured out what my problem with Former Melrose Place Star Jamie Luner is, she chews up the scenery. She overacts. I can't stand her.

Bree Williamson is amazing. I love when she gets play Tess and Bess. Friday's episode was jam packed and I can't wait to see who events unfold.

Jenny I love Big Brother! Big Brother is when summer starts and ends for me lol.

Mel Got Served said...

I am a Big Brother fanatic. I call it a guilty pleasure, for sure. Every year for Father's Day I buy my dad the Live Feeds and we watch them non-stop. I recommend Jokersupdates.com for live feed blogging 24/7.

INAHAM said...

Does anybody think Natalia Hubbard is suppose to be daytimes first contract mentally challenged role? I mean, the girl is definitely not playing with a full deck. How else could you explain Erica telling her to get Ryan out of jail and her just doing it. WTF! She ain't even check with her boss, I mean dad, to see if that was okay. Erica is not your boss or mom (even though they share the same skin tone) you don't have to listen to her. FIRE CHUCK PRATT!

Mel Got Served said...

I was thinking that same thing about Natalia. Is she the dumbest cop EVER? Does she not realize allowing a random person to talk to someone in custody could be to formulate a new alibi, etc? Natalia sucks. She's a horrible plot point that they need to forget ever existed (like they did to Cassandra- it's like she never existed)

Shadow said...

Natalia is awful. She's black Nurse Chuckie. The only point of those two now is to facilitate the idiotic plots. Yhey are always the convenient vessels to advance the storyline because Pratt can't write worth a dang. Natalia running off actually made me laugh. Remember the way Phoebe ran on Friends? And then there's the poof of hair sticking out of the cap.

I loathe this goofy Thad too. Tad the Cad didn't do lame jokes and puppet shows, and singing for the retard at the funeral was appaling. Marian wasn't crying over Stuart's death. That was the actress sobbing over how shiteous this show has become. Marian forgive Adam so easily. I don't think so. And no flashbacks of Marian and Stuart? And where was Joe? In fact, how come there were so few people in attendance? Who was that black lady sitting beside Winifred? Did Mrs. Valentine have a daughter? Where were Livia and Tom? Anybody? Watching Adam sing to Tad's song was ludicrous. And Jessie trying to arrest people at the funeral? Puhlease. And Kendall trying to hit JaLu with that bony arm? Redick!

And you are right. A funeral for someone like this should go on for days.

And 9/11? Could that have been more overought? There were so many other ways to have that conversation.

And Marian's face? I love her, but lay off the surgery.

And JaLu. She actually makes Turdby look professional.


brtedi said...


"lol you are going by the actors age not the characters age. Dinah is really much older then Shayne. Dinah was introduced in the early 80's and she was already in her late teens. Shayne was born in 89 so in terms of the show Dinah is suppose to be almsot 20 years older then Shayne . Meow! cpugar indeed but they are hot!!!!!"

Now, I get it. Back in the day, Dinah could have easily burped Shayne---But, these days, they're makin' out---ROTF! (And IA, Jordan, they are steaming up the screen, aren't they?)


JSpear8 said...

Hey Jordan,

What ever happened to Hailey Vaughn's mother Arlene Vaughn? I just saw a clip of her on you tube and wanted to know if she reminds you of Krystal in a way?


brtedi said...

"If they put Stuart and Marissa together, they will have a supercouple on their hands."

Hey, KF30--Good to be posting with you, over here! :-)

IA, about Marissa & Scott. It all depends on Pratt's pacing though--These two need a nice s-l-o-w burn, not the Towering Inferno.


Shadow said...

Seriously, does anyone know who the black lady was who was sitting beside Winifred?

Mel Got Served said...

Holy s! What if it was LAKREESHA THE COOK?!?!?!?!

jordan hudson said...

The last time we saw Arlene was during the early years of Adam and Liza what could have been a fun old fashion triangle was aborted and Arlene left town.

Everyone there should be a new podcast late Monday or early Tuesday if every think falls into place. Thanks for being so patience we are experiencing some scheduling diffulties but soon all will make sense. It should be a wild podcast with so much to talk about. Miss you all smooches!

Shadow said...

I didn't think about Lucreti.

Jordan, you keep saying "it will all make sense soon". This is a better mystery than who killed Stuart. I'm guessing a wedding or something.

mcfutch said...

That podcast can't come soon enough after the rough weekend I had. Calgon, er, JordAsh, take me away!

Robin C. said...

OMG, I watched Thursday's show on Sunday night and could not BELIEVE it when Tad started in with the High Hopes song at Stuart's funeral!! Why? Because on May 10 I had sent Ashley email about that EXACT song, saying that maybe we should name the award for great acting with crappy material something like the Rubbertree or High Hopes award. I then quoted the most well-known first verse of it, pointing out that President Kennedy had used it during his presidential campaign and that Shirley on LaVerne and Shirley would sometimes get LaVerne to sing it when things looked bleak.

Has ABC been intercepting my email? The coincidence is uncanny!

Shadow said...

For his next casting coup, Pratthole will announce that "take no shit" Lenny and Squiggy have been cast in the roles of the DA's cousin Darryl and his other cousin Darryl.

Crystal said...

A mystery, eh? Perhaps some podcasters have another gig? That is my guess. 'Confidential' perhaps???

jordan hudson said...

God I MUST PROOF READ before i hit send. Yes a new podcast is a coming and be warned it's the longest one ever, I think lmao. With many laughs and a few tears. Also you will all understand why we have been late. So I hope you enjoy it as much as we had doing it.

Unknown said...

Are you still loving Y&R? It is so intense right now! You picked a great time to start watching the show.

jason said...

Ooo longest podcast ever!? Can't wait, it's gonna be epic lol.

Laura said...

One Life to Live was a good today. AMC not so much. I hate that blue top KWAK was wearing. But Y&R is good. Daytime Confidential all thought Peter Bergmann was performer of the week. They also called Ja-Lu worst recast. I hate her in this role. I'm about ready for them to put an Oprah produced Jenny McCarthy talk show on instead.

On a side note it was the girl who played Star's 18th birthday. Here is her email, she's been great lately.


Oh my God, the worst show ever was on, switched back and forth to it from SoapNet, I'm a celebrity get me out of here. Our ex-gov's wife is on. I think Spidei or whoever they are praying for her made me sicker than the bugs.

Of course it wouldn't be a reality show without a Baldwin there. I don't know most of the people.

Laura said...

Oh I almost forgot, noticed the new credits today. No Dre, and Brot was there. Too bad about Frankie being in Germany for awhile, but I don't miss Rancid.

Gene said...

Hey guys, do you guys feel that tiic is making you not care about soaps anymore and they just put anything and the fans will just watch because the head bosses doesn't care and it will be cancel around five years anyway? I want to know, Jordan and Ashley, do you just go through the emotions of just watching just of habit and you feel that nothing will change at all. I hope that something happen to save this industry but I don't know if anything will change.

Cool said...

Okay today's was just okay for me. How old is Colby? Why should she care how she was conceived? I know I don't. What is going on with Tad? He should have slammed the door in Crystal's face!

jordan hudson said...

Of course woman...lol after that ending Friday I was on pins and needles waiting for Monday's episode of Y&R. It so did not dissapoint. OLTL was also hot. I can't get enough Jess/Tess/Bess and Brody.

AMC ughh the only thing worse is the crap that they are doing with ATWT and the horrible things Jill Farren Phelps is still doing to my GH. Gh is just gone for me don't think I can ever get back into it talk about rewriting history Luke and Holly have a son please!

Michael said...

GH! I did not know you watched GH, Jordan. There are some things that show does well, but they cannot write for their supporting cast. And, what is this Ethan dude? I call him “Captain Mumbles.” Is it just me or is he trying to do some horrible “Jack Sparrow” impersonation? I can’t understand a word he says. Luke—the character’s appeal was always that he was a sort of a bad, weak guy, but he tried to be a good man because of his love for Laura. Now, he is just a drunk and a reprobate and the show thinks we find this delightful and funny. It isn’t. Nearly every major character is completely amoral on the show. Where is the play of light and dark—good and evil? Where is this show’s heart?

jordan hudson said...

I use to watch GH. I loved Luke and Laura and think the Claire Labine/Wendy Rich years were the best. I stuck with it until Phelps came on and turned the show to a piece of crap. Getting rid of Zeman and Francis. Killing off Quatermaines. The show went the route of choppy plot driven storylines. I was invetsed in what I thought was going to be a hot teen triangle with Lucas/Brooklyn/and Alcazar's son and boom the show changed and got insane. I was liking Carly and Liz's brother. Robin Mattson as Heather and Jed Allan as Edward and then boom Phelps destroyed GH.I could no longer watch and only coem back when Genie returns. yet the way they have rewritten history has me so mad.

Shadow said...

AMPH, I don't watch GH but I like the way you write. Always nicr to see your posts.

And Laura, holy crap what was that blue moomoo thing KWAK had on? And her hair is so stringy. Something is up with her. She is a total mess these days. She looks awful and her acting is awful. Maybe she's just worn down from the hideous material they have given her since Pratt took over.

I didn't think AMC was too bad, but it doesn't make any sense if you have watched the show for any length of time. It's interesting how all the characters are morphing personalities for whatever Pratt has planned next. Adam and Liza suddenly and inexplicably acknowledge eachother's parenting skills. Love how Liza walks into Chandler Mansion like she still has a key. Colby suddenly acts like she's 5 worrying about her mommy and daddy issues--making the booboo lip and all that. She actually plays younger better than older. Tad has gone goofy and sort of Stuart-ish. KWAK suddenly splits from David. Him druggung her, abusing her, drugging Adam, kidnapping Lil A etc. didn't concern her much, but he makes an offer to buy a baby and suddenly she has scruples. JR and Scott suddenly are pals. Adam is acting reflective and remorseful and needy. Opal is acting normal--no visions of doom or chicken little stuff. David suddenly is showing remorse and his softer side. Something about gnawing off the paw of a rodent in the woods. Amanda suddenly feels a little sad for poor pawless David.

Pratt shouldn't have to reinvent every character on the show to advance his next big plotline. I don't mind a little course correcting now and then but this is over the top. The dude can't helm a show like this. And from what I am reading Julie H. Crapputherd knows it. She tried to save Stuart. She is the one who is fighting ABC to pony up for Chrishelle. I'm know JHC fan, but it seems she's the less clueless of the two. So we have to star somewhere. I say,


jordan hudson said...

OH thank you god for Tina Marie Arena bell and the young and the restless.
Now I understand. While I do admit every once in awhile I have to go to mute to see what Erica Bradeen said. The man can act. Even more is that he doesnt need to yell to get his anger across. Sometimes less is more. Y&R shows that. The scenes yesterday between Jack and Victor were intense and not a voice was raised. God I love adults. Today Jill,Victor Gloria and her husband were just great. Classic Soap scenes.

I do not care for the ffrightful four. While I like Greg Rikkart. Romaliti, that brit/aussie girl and Daisy de le Hoya do nothing for me.

Then there is my Stacey Haiku our beloved ex Hannah who is so much fun on Y&R. She would have made a better red head Liza Colby

Laura said...

So Y&R fans is Mary Jo actually Diane or who is she? Maybe some ex of Paul's or the brothers.

Arnie Becker a priest? I suggest you facebook people become friends with some of the Y&R people, they kind of give you inside info.

I watched the last half of AMC. Mad at Zach because the actor is a Red Wings fan, and they killed Chicago. Waiting for Erica to open up Ja-Lu's closet and see 20 black maternity dresses hanging up with different sized baby bumps.

INAHAM said...

I don't know for sure, but the general consensus is that she is Patty Williams,Paul's sister and Jack's first wife. She was last played by Andrea Evans (ex-Tina).

brtedi said...

Hi, AMPH--

ROTF! "Capt. Mumbles", on GH, is on of my least favorite things going on with the show-- Ack!I postpone eppys 'til SOAPnet You're not the only one to think that...Marlon Brando in the God Father movies comes to mind

For now, I tape GL. GH comes later

As for today's AMC, go Beaker...Good shot! It's about dang time Krytal got her head on straight!--That was a good scene between Bobbie Eakes and Vincent Izary (spelling?)

Oddly enough, I actually appreciate, that Ryan suggested Kendall marry Zach...At least he's trying to think of something, to protect her. JMHO


Crystal said...

Man, David can pack the food away! I counted two pizza boxes, two chicken buckets and 5 chinese take out boxes. From one night! LOL

Anonymous said...

Hey maybe Tad is the new Stuart. He is starting to act like Stuart--you know always the optimist....finding the joy in everything.

Anonymous said...

Where is the new podcast??

I need it to get thru my workday!!

I need my Ashley & Jordan fix - - I am going thru withdrawls!!


Erica Kane said...

I am right there with you Jenny...I am so going thru withdrawal!!! I wanted the podcast to listen to today at work, I hope it is up in time for tomorrow's work day!!

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